The Kalsi Ascendency

Welcome to the Holosite of the Kalsi Ascendency, a faction established to be a home to old friends and a place to meet new ones.
The Kalsi Ascendency's leaders,Prince Jack Kalsi and Archduke Leo Iscander bought El-Star Essentials, a smuggling group, from Dane Star and renamed it, providing the Ascendency a true faction once again. With Sovereign Jack Kalsi leading and Hand of the King Archduke Leo Iscander as owner this faction as provided the house a logistical backbone from which to handle it's business, and a front from which to operate.

We provide both sales and services, focusing sales on starship, weapons, and alternative medical good and services to transport, consulting and investment bonds. For a full list of services and contacts select Services from the menu to the left.

The Kalsi Ascendency has it's roots in many groups, from Alion Nova Guard and Galactic Medical to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Many friends who have taken many roads over many years now unite with three goals, three words. Family. Profit. Conquest.

Now Hiring!

The Kalsi Ascendency is looking for workers and friends. Pay starts at 500,000 credits plus bonuses and benefits visit our careers page for more opportunities.