In Náhuatl, our Name Means Community Sacred House of Energy

We are a group of men, women and families
who are affirming, reconnecting and remembering
the traditional ancestral methods
in which people empower
their own healing.

Through reaffirming ancestral beliefs of the healing process, we affirm the holistic treatment of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. 
Through reconnecting to our Mother Earth and Father Sky, we reconnect to one another by honoring and respecting all life: animal, mineral and plant, so our equilibrium in this universe may be restored. 
Through remembering that we are conduits of higher sources of cosmic energy, we have faith in the ancestral methods of our abuelitas and abuelitos in relearning how to heal ourselves, each other, and our communities, by sharing this medicine with our present and future generations. 

“Traditional medicine is the sum total of the knowledge, skills and practices based on the theories, beliefs and experiences indigenous to different cultures, whether explicable or not, used in the maintenance of health as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or
treatment of physical and mental illness” ~World Health Organization (WHO), 2003

Contact information: Email: or phone 505-510-1586