Chapter 59

“Nuclear Weapon Doctrine” Kalki Gaur

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American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine: Decline of Sea Powers, Rise of Space Power & Nuclear Geopolitics.

Contents             3

Preface             6

Part 1:              13

Civilizational Realism Theory

Ch. 1. Civilizational Theory of World Politics 11

(1) Eight Principles of Civilizational Geopolitics

1st- Ancient Civilizations are Eternal 13

2nd- Wars of Religions                       15

3rd- Threat of Barbarians                    21

4th- Rise Fall of Weapon Systems            23

5th- Rewrite Civilizational History 27

6th- No Permanent Enemy              29

7th- Ancient Vs New Religions            30

8th- Iconoclast Communism             33

(2) Faulty Realist Theory             37

Part 2:              44

Indian Nuclear Strategy

Ch. 2. Buddha Is Smiling                      41

Nuclear Buddha is Smiling and Flying

White House has collapsed

India Enters Satellite Launch Market

Submarine Exposing Radar Technique

Satellite Launching Failures in USA

Ch. 3. Doctrine of Peaceful Nuclear Explosion             49

(1) Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Doctrine

(2) Nixon’s Nuclear Threat to India in 1971                        51

Ch. 4. Atom Bomb is only a Diplomatic tool

Not a military Weapon                       55

Use Atom Bomb Diplomatically Only

Hiroshima A-bomb was a War Crime

Would China Invade Siberia or Australia

Ch. 5. Nuclear India Fights New Overseas Wars    61

(1) Policy Before & After Atom Bomb

Why Nuclear India would fight more Wars

(2) Overseas Military Operations            64


Chapter 59                               67

Ch. 6. Hindu Indian Nuclear Weapons Doctrine            67

(1) Threats to India                 67

(2) Failure of MAD Doctrine-Role of Nuclear Nukes in Sea War     69

(3) Retaliatory Weapons Needed            72

Ch. 7. Depopulation of Nuclear Aggressor Doctrine            75

(1) Nature of DNA Doctrine            75

(2) DNA Doctrine Deters attacks 78

(3) DNA versus MAD Doctrine            79

Ch. 8. Nuclear India’s New Defense Doctrine            82

(1) Draft Nuclear Doctrine                       82

(2) New Defense Doctrine                       84

(3) Geo-technology of War     85

(4) High Mountain Warfare            87

(5) Reorganizing Indian Army 88

(6) Invasions of Barbarians             92

Part 3:              100

American Nuclear Doctrine

Ch. 9. Multipolar Indian Nuclear Doctrine                       94

India Adopts American Military Doctrines

(1) Hindu Deterrent in War     94

(2) N-deterrent against Bio Arms    97

(3) N-weapons & Army Tactics 98

(4) Counter Insurgency War            100

Ch. 10. Cold War American War Doctrines

American Warfighting Doctrines             103

(1) New Wars in New Age- Media in Trinitarian Wars103

Interventionist Doves - Clausewitz's Trinitarian War - Media & War -

(2) President's Doctrine                       105

Abandonment of Vietnam- Carter's Doctrine- Wars of National Liberation - Escalation Dominance -President Bush's Nuclear Threat - Usable Nuclear Weapons - Army manual 100-5, Flexible Response - Holy War Slaughters - general Wars - Limited Wars

Ch. 11. Cold War American Nuclear War Doctrines                      110

(1) Bipolar MAD Deterrence            110

(2) Flexible MAD Doctrine            112

Nuclear Sea Wars - Limited Nuclear Options

(3) Offense Dominant Counter Force &Counter Control Doctrine            114

PD-59, Countervailing Strategy - PD59 for Russia, China, USA, France -

(4) Doctrine of Classical Damage Limitation         16

(5) Defense Dominant Damage Limitation Doctrine             117

(6) Nuclear Arsenal Size Affects Policy 18

Ch. 12. Post Cold War American Nuclear Doctrine            120

(1) Post-Cold War Deterrent            120

(2) Bottom-Up Review             122

Nuclear Posture Review 1994 -US will Use Atom bombs- Weapons of last Resort Doctrine- Existential Minimum Nuclear Deterrent- De-Nuclearization - De facto No first use Policy-

(3) US War-fighting Doctrine            124

Strategic Offensive- Principle of Mass- AirLand Battle Doctrine- SeaLift Amphibious Warfare- Naval Warfare NDP1- Joint Pub 1-Naval Expeditionary Forces-From the Sea - Air Combat Command- Aerospace Doctrine - TRADOC-FM100-5- Balance of Fear

(4) Air Power in Kosovo War             132

(5) Rapid Response Infantry Brigades- End of the Abrams Tanks   133

(6) Overseas Storage of A-bombs  133

(7) New Age of JDAMS                   136

(8) Cyber Warfare Command Center  136

Part 4:              145

Pakistan & China



Chapter 60                   133

Ch. 13. Islamic Nuclear Threat to Hindu India 133

(1) No Fear of N-attack                      133

(2) Pakistan Dreaming Pan-Islamic Empire            142

(3) India responds to Nuclear Threats             144

Ch. 14. Chinese Nuclear Espionage                     152

(1) Spy Wen Ho Lee- Nuclear Warhead Designs

(2) Spy Qian Xuesen- Father of Sinic Bomb-ICBM

(3) Spy Peter Lee- Radar, Missile & Space Secrets

(4) Spy Shen Jun - Hughes gave China Secrets

(5) China's Nuclear Proliferation

Ch. 15. Chinese Nuclear & Space Strategy            162

(1) Chinese Nuclear Strategy            157

(2) China’s Space Astronauts            158

(3) China’s Defense Doctrine            159

Ch. 16. Secession of Tibet: Tibet is New East Timor   168

(1) China Vulnerable in Tibet    162

(2) Civilizational Was is On            164

(3) Communism if Force of Devil            167

(4) Buddhist will Overthrow Chinese Communism            169

(5) China Rejects Papal Leadership of Chinese Catholics170

(6) China Under Foreign Rule     172

(7) Geopolitics of Foreign Rule in China175

Part 5:              189

Civilizational Warfare

Ch. 17. Geopolitical Cause of Wars            184

(1) Linguistic Warfare                        178

(2) Population Warfare            179

(3) Economic Wars                181

Economic Infrastructure Warfare- Global Manufacturing War - Share of Military Capability

(4) Global Drug Warfare            182

(5) African Religious War            183

Ch. 18. Theology of War of Religions192

(1) God Vs Communism                 186

(2) God Vs Devil War                     187

Theological Warfare- Proselytizing Warfare -

(3) Revenge of the Goddess War     188

Idolaters Vs Iconoclasts Wars

(4) Theological War on Catholic Bible Errors 191

(5) Total Wars of Religions            193

(6) War for Expansion of Religions            195

(7) Catholic Thought Control Warfare 196

(8) Cow-Cremation-Circumcision Wars of 3Cs             197

Ch. 19. Good Vs Evil Nations Wars    205

(1) Zoroaster's Evil-Good Idea            199

(2) Edict of Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius             200

Ch. 20. Apocalyptic Age War             209

(1) Apocalyptic 20th Century            203

(2) End of Time Catholic Eschatology 204

(3) Age of New Religions              206

Part 6:              220


Chapter 61                               214

Geopolitics of Weapons

Ch. 21. Indian Doctrine of Weapon Platforms

End of the Aircraft Carrier Age      214

Ch. 22. Antiship War Ends Age of Sea Powers218

Ch. 23. Depopulation Wars of Neutron Bombs             223

Ch. 24. Light Mobile Infantry Super PGM-IT Infantry 231

(1) New Age of Infantry                     224

(2) PGM-IT Armed High Mountain Warfare             228

(3) African Jungle Warfare            231

Ch. 25. Total Missile Defense & Star War Weapons            240

(1) KALI 5000 Beam Weapon            233

(2) High Resolution Satellites            235

(3) US THAAD Defense                        237

(4) Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle Missile Defense            241

(5) US Missile Defense to modify ABM Treaty  243

Ch. 26. Cyber Warfare in Computer Age              252

(1) US Cyber Keyboard Warfare Command Center 245

(2) Malicious Code Warfare            246

Cyber Weapons- Key Board Warfare

(3) Black Money & Secret Banking Warfare                        247

Ch. 27. End of the Age of Tank Warfare               256

Ch. 28. End of the Age of Expensive Bombers            260

Ch. 29. Joint Strike Fighter                                        264

Ch. 30. Miniature Hydrogen Bomb W-88                 267


Chapter 62                               272

Part 7:                          282

Future of World Wars

Ch. 31. Future Flash Points                                          272

(1) NATO-Serbia WMD War 263

(2) Clinton's Doctrine and New Colonial Empires            265

Dump Clinton’s Human Rights Wars

(3) Russian Adriatic Sea Naval Bases                 266

(4) Chinese Invasions of Australia            267

(5) Genocide of Animist Africans            268

(6) Barbarian Afghans & Kurds of Asian Steppes Heartland                                 270

Ch. 32. India’s Draft Doctrine of Credible Minimum Nuclear Deterrence            283

(1) Draft of Indian Nuclear Doctrine                                   264

(2) Indian Nuclear Doctrine of Maximum Credibility275

Ch. 33. Rise and Fall of New Weapons Platforms            293

Ch. 34. Geopolitics of Asian Heartland Barbarians            298

Ch. 35. India’s Tibet War                                             303

(1) Genocide of Buddhists                     289

(2) Secession of Tibet                        292

Ch. 36. CTBT is Dead             310

(1) US Senate Kills CTBT                   296

(2) Post CTBT Nuclear Order            297

(3) America Modifying 1972 ABM Treaty              301

Ch. 37. Revamping Modern Army                          317

(1) Rapid Response Infantry Brigades- Demise of Abrams Tanks            303

(2) New Age of Nuclear Military Bases               304

(3) New Age of Joint Direct Attack Munitions JDAMS                       321

Ch. 38. Future of War Conclusions                              323

(1) Likelihood of Nuclear Wars    307

(2) Star Wars Weapons                      324

(3) Second Strike Capability            324

(4) Secession of Tibet                        325

(5) Chinese Invasions of Australia & Indonesia            326

(6) Return of the Age of Colonial Empires                        327

(7) Rise of United Europe as anti-US Power              328

Ch. 39. AIDS is Like Plague White Biological Warfare Weapon            330

(1) Belgium used HIV-1 virus in Polio vaccine to Depopulate Congo  330

(2) Edward Hooper's "The River".              332

Ch. 40. New Russian Nuclear Doctrine            338

Ch. 41. Geopolitics of Third World War     343

(1) NATO's Kosovo War started WW III            343

(2) Australia & Siberia Causing World War III            345

(3) OPEC Cause of World War III            347

(4) Geopolitical Issues in World Wars 349

End                                          351




Chapter 58

(00) Preface

(0)(1001) Outline of Nuclear Doctrine


Purpose of the Book

Hindu Perspective

PERSPECTIVE OF HINDU CIVILIZATION: The purpose of these books is to develop the philosophical basis for conceptualizing the Hindu-Buddhist world -view. Hinduism and Buddhism are heading towards merger in twenty-first century. Hindus represent one-sixth of the world, Buddhist represent one-fourth of the world. Hindus and Buddhists together represent 40 percent of world population. The purpose of the author is to define the politics and manifesto of the Rightist Pole of Indian polity. These books are the part of the Populist Manifesto, outlining the philosophy of the Hindu Populist Party of India. The author is a candidate for the post of the Prime Minister of India. The present ruling party Bhartiya Janata Party has given up its Hindu political agenda to secure the national alliance. Author wants to present himself as the candidate for the Hindu rightist alternative to the present government. These political writings make religious comments only for political electoral purposes to galvanize Hindus in India and Buddhists in China. The comments on religious theology are made from the political electoral perspective only, and they are meant for Hindu and Buddhist audience only. These books also provide investigative tools to western scholars to conceptualize the mind-set of Hindus and Buddhists. These books do not have any proselytizing agenda.


Southern Baptists

CHALLENGE OF SOUTHERN BAPTISTS: Southern Baptists in October 1999 published a pamphlet asking its laity to pray for the conversion of Hindus during Diwali. The pamphlet begins by saying, "More than 900 million people are lost in the hopeless darkness of Hinduism. Pray that Hindus who celebrate the festival of lights would become aware of the darkness in their hearts that no lamp can dispel."  Southern Baptists have launched programs aimed at converting Hindus to Christianity. This book is a response to the Southern Baptists. The author presents the response of the Hindu Buddhist civilization to the theological religious wars launched by Christians. In the nutshell the Hindu response is that the whole world was Hindu 3000 years ago and may be before the end of the twenty-first century the whole world would be Hindu again. Prophet revealed Religions would merge into the Universal Eternal Religion of Hinduism, just as rivers that take birth on the snow clad mountains merge into the vast expanse of the ocean at the end of their journey through the land. Perhaps new religions have a life of 1500 years to 2000 years. Hindus desire to declare that Hinduism has existed from the beginning of the history and would continue to exist even when this creation dissolves in Pralaya at the End of the Time. Hindu scriptures revealed in the minds of the seekers at the beginning of the new cycle of creations. This can't be said about Christianity. Hindus should accept the challenge of the Christian Southern Baptists and make suitable response. 


Nuclear Geopolitics & Future of War:

FOUR BOOKS HAVE COMMON GOALS: The First book is "AMERICAN NUCLEAR WEAPON DOCTRINE: DECLINE OF SEA POWERS & RISE OF SPACE POWERS- NUCLEAR GEOPOLITICS AND FUTURE OF WAR." It discusses the nuclear strategy, military doctrines, and Indian nuclear doctrine. It studies the rise and fall of military weapons platforms. It discuses military lessons of Afghan war against Soviet forces, as well as Kargil War, and exposes vulnerability of China in mountaneous Tibet. Would Tibet Mountain warfare troops defeat Chinese occupation of Tibet by disrupting the vehicular transportation along the three mountain roads that connect Lhasa to Kashi, Lanzhou and Chengdu. Would China allow the secession of Buddhist Tibet peacefully?


End of Barbarians' Millennium:

The Second book is GLOBAL CLASH OF RACES: WHITE ICONOCLASTS’ WARS ON BROWN YELLOW BLACK IDOLATERS. The Clash of Religions in Hindu Buddhist Worldview seeks to develop the philosophic basis of the civilizational worldview and perspective of the Hindu and Buddhist world. It includes India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Mongolia, South Korea, North Korea, China, and Japan. Hindus and Buddhists represent half of the world population. The Clash of Religions seeks to resurrect the ancient civilizations of Zoroastrian Persia, Pharaoh's Egypt, Zeus' Greece, Mayas Mexico, Incas Peru, and Buddhist China.


Holy Gita for Moksa via War of Religion:

The Third book is "MOKSA VIA WAR IN HOLY GITA." It also includes the translations of Isa and Kena Upanisads. It gives world to word translation of the Holy Srimad Bhagwad Gita was revealed by God Krishna to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra during Maha Bharat War. The military interpretation of the scriptures could mobilize the large Peoples' Religious militia to fight religious wars.


Populist Manifesto: God's Reply to Devil's Communist Manifesto.

The Fourth book is "POPULIST MANIFESTO.FOR CIVILIZATIONAL MILITIA." The false doctrine of Communism by Prophet Karl Marx caused the deaths by starvation and executions of 30 million devout Orthodox Christians in Russia, 60 million devout Buddhists in China, and 2 million devout monks and Buddhists in Cambodia. The world needs a new political doctrine and a new system of government for the reorganization of economy, society and culture. Populist philosophy is the solution of the problems of India, Russia and China.


EXPLORING HINDU BUDDHIST WORLDVIEW: The Clash of Religions is an attempt to develop a logical worldview of Hindu and Buddhist civilizations. It looks at the world history and world politics from the perspective of world religions to prepare Hindu civilization to meet the challenges of Civilizational Wars. It studies the geopolitics of Indian nuclear weapons doctrine. It studies the revolution in military technology, revolution in warfare, specially the role of Precision Guided Munitions in ending the age of aircraft carriers, the decline of sea powers, and the rise of super infantry and rise of land powers. India is strategically equipped to lead the world in the next Millenium. Hindu nuclear India will befriend and compete with match Protestant United States in next century. 


Clash of Civilizations:

CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS: The Clash of Religions is the Hindu-Buddhist response to the Clash of Civilizations and the remaking of the world order. Its author professor Samuel P. Huntington declares that Buddhism although a major religion has not been a basis of a major civilization. Author agrees in the Preface that his experience, seminars and discussions exposed him to all major civilizations except Hinduism. The front page of his book carries only three symbols, the symbols of Christian Cross, Islamic Crescent, and Chinese symbol of Harmony. How Hindu civilization should promote its interest by emerging as the ‘Civilizational Balancer’ in the global civilizational wars, by temporary alliances among Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Sunni, Shiite, and Buddhists civilizations? Hindu civilization has no permanent 'Civilizational Enemy.'


Future of War Technological Race:

FUTURE OF WAR TECHNOLOGY: The Clash of Races is the response of Nuclear India to the geopolitical insight explained in ‘the Future of War’ by George & Medredith Friedman, one of the best geopolitical writing of this century. Paradoxically, the same revolution of precision-Guided Munitions that increased American power on land and air threatens to decrease the American power at sea. The Pax Americana in place at sea since 1945 is threatened and American dominance of the oceans undermined, as American aircraft carriers have become vulnerable to PGMs attack. The USS Stark sank attacked by Iraqi Exocet anti-ship missile. Should Nuclear India align with other land powers to sink 95 percent of world’s merchant ships, fishing trawlers, and tankers to destroy the civilian maritime economic infrastructure?


No Secret Agenda:

OPEN AGENDA: This book has no secret agenda. It is not an academic research publication. It is a political writing to develop a New World view of Hindu, Buddhist, Maya, Inca, and Orthodox civilizations to meet the challenge of Protestant and Catholic Christendom. It could some day become part of the Manifesto of major political parties in India, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Congo, Angola, and other Third World countries. It suggests various measures that can help the leaders of United States and India to deter the looming Civilizational War. The author acknowledges that it has borrowed extensively from the writings of major western authors. Scholars earlier developed many ideas highlighted in the book whose debt the author openly acknowledges. The author has not used classified original sources, and freely used publicly available secondary sources. Almost every idea expressed herein has been published in one form or other, in books, articles, and newspapers. At times, the author has taken the Marxist liberty of putting the authors view upside down. Author will be satisfied if the book helps any reader become the ruler of his country. The author reminds readers that every comment about various religions reflects the perspective of a democratic politician during campaign trail. The author has no desire to convert even a single Christian or Muslim to Hinduism or Buddhism. This is not a religious work. It is a political work. It raises emotions, hoping that will translate into votes for the candidates that support the Populist Manifesto presented in this book. The philosophy and idea presented in the book is a common heritage of the mankind. Presidents, Prime Ministers, and politicians are welcome to borrow and modify these ideas at will. Diplomats Promote Interests of Religion in World Politics


Rise of Idolatry:

RISE OF IDOLATERS: Holy Gita justifies the worship of Gods and Goddesses and deities. Holy Gita is the scripture of Idolaters in their war against Iconoclasts. The political use of Gita lies in raising an army of Hindu Militia Army to fight Islamic Mujahideens. Gita is an instrument of mass mobilization of Hindu Militia for overseas military operations.


Right Pole of Indian Polity:

HOLY GITA DEFINES RIGHT POLE OF HINDU POLITY: Hinduism is world’s most advance religion. No religious scripture can compare with Sri Bhagwad Gita. The purpose of this book is to outline the essential principles of Hinduism to define Hindu polity. God Krishna revealed Gita to explain Arjuna's religious dilemma at the beginning of War at Panipat. Arjuna reasoned that how would he avoid the reactions of the Karma by killing his closest relatives in the War. God Krishna declared that if he kills his enemies as a duty to Krishna then the reactions of killing would not bind him. The Religious-War, the Dharma-Yudha is the open door to heaven-Svarga. God Krishna warned Arjuna that the path that avoids the Dharma-Yudha would lead to Hell. The purpose of Gita is to motivate soldiers in the war. Gita advocates the formation of Hindu volunteer Militia to fight the menace of Afghan Islamic Mujahideens. Hindu soldiers should fight Islamic Mujahideen as a part of their religious duty, without any hope of salary.


Black Civilization Superior to Arab Civilization:

SLAVERY & GENOCIDE OF BLACK AFRICANS: Islamic conquest of North Africa was spear headed by Semite nomads Bedouin of Saudi deserts. Before Islam entire Africa, North Africa, West Africa, East Africa worshipped Goddess Isis, Hathor and God Ossir, and Horus. Semite Bedouin camel riders massacred the brown civilization of North Africa. Arab used the economy of Slave Trade to massacre the superior civilization of Nubia, West Africa and East Africa, to destroy the superior religion, civilization, economy, kingdoms, and culture of Black West Africans. The ancient civilization and religion of West Africa was superior to Arab civilization and Arab religion. Arab civilization of Saudi nomad Bedouin was a barbarian civilization when compared to the advanced, wealthy civilization of West Africa that worshipped the Egyptian Gods and Goddess. Black race had hired, bought and sold White slaves and Semite slaves for thousands of years. Black African race was far richer and more advanced than the Arab Bedouins before the rise of Islamic Empires were. Black African race was far richer and more advanced than the West Europeans before the rise of Roman Empire. Ancient Religion of West Africa is the adaptation of religion of Pharaohs and to them is more advanced than Christianity and Islam. Black Africans are determined to reject Christianity and Islam and resurrect the ancient Religion of Goddess Isis and Hathor, God Ptah, Asur, and Horus. Hindu and Buddhist Idolaters could militarily align with Black Negro Tribal idolaters to protect Africans from the religions imposed by descendants of slave traders. Goddess Isis will again rule Africa after the looming civilizational world war. The wars raging in Africa are the result of the conspiracy of the Christians and Muslims to impose Islam and Christianity over Tribal Africa that worships Goddess. The civilizations of Idolaters should military confront the civilizations of Iconoclasts to protect Africa’s Black Tribal Civilization. This book seeks to develop the Idolaters’ worldview, to help India, China, Hindu and Buddhist nations formulate common civilizational foreign policies to protect the interests of Idolaters worldwide.


Communism is Executioner's Version of Judaism:

COMMUNISM IS ICONOCLAST JUDAISM: Prophet Karl Marx produced a philosophic concoction to provide a secular doctrine to implement Prophet Joshua’s genocidal doctrine of annihilation of non-Judaic civilizations. Communism is not a political doctrine; it is a genocidal religious doctrine to provide a secular justification of massacre of the Right and confiscation of the private property to enrich the Jewish invaders. Catholic Joseph Stalin murdered 30 million pious Orthodox Christians. Catholic Mao Zedong murdered by starvation 60 million pious Buddhists. Catholic Pol Pot murdered 2 million pious Buddhists including 50000 Buddhist monks. Religions of the world should united to overthrow the Evil Empire in China to install a Buddhist government in China. President Jiam is conspiring to massacre millions of followers of Buddhist Falun Gong. President Reagan revolutionized warfare by showing how dictatorial Communist regimes would fall when confronted by organized religion. The fundamental purpose of Indian Foreign Policy shall be to overthrow the Communist Regime in China and to install Dalai Lama and Li Honghzhi led Buddhist government of China. Mao launched anti-Right Campaign in 1957 to punish millions of Buddhists for not what they did, but for what they believed, even when they posed no political threat to the Communist Rule in China. Should the God’s believers launch Anti-Left Purges to prosecute Communists in Russia, India, Korea, Laos, Cambodia and Burma.


BARBARIANS OF ASIAN STEPPES: The Precision Guided Munitions allows Armed Mobile Infantry to undermine the power of mechanized Army in Asian Plateau that includes Tibet, Afghanistan, and Kurdistan. The military lesson of Afghan invasion of Kargil, shows the new realities of Mountain warfare. It suggests that China would lose Tibet, if India supports Tibetan Commando Army. Tibetan commandos can easily disrupt the Chinese roads that links Lhasa to Kashi and Hotan in Sinkiang-Xinjian, and links Lhasa to Chengdu, and links Lhasa to Lanzhou. The revolution in Precision Guided Munitions (PGM), Global Position Satellites (GPS), Wireless Personal communications Systems, Wireless Internet, Long lasting condensed prepared food products, and religious fundamentalism, has reactivated the barbarian forces of the Asian Plateau. China will lose Tibet and Sinkiang. Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, and Bhutan will confederate to give birth of Hindu-Buddhist barbarian force to united Asian Plateau under a single war confederacy. Muslim Afghan Fundamentalists will conquer Turkey, and oil-producing Arabian Plateau under command of Pakistan and Iran to shift the center of Islam to Islamabad.


Christianizing Islamic World:

CATHOLICIZATION OF MUSLIM WORLD: Only one religion will survive the end of twenty-first Century. Catholic concept of Holy Trinity is the total negation of Judaic concept of Yahweh and Islamic concept of Allah. Catholics have castrated the Islamic world. The rich oil-producing nations are under the patronage of Christian nations and survive at the sweet will of the United States. Catholics would Christianize Muslim girls in Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania. American troops helped the Christianization process in the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Christians represented in South Korean population 3 percent in 1951 and 50 percent in 1980. Bosnia, Kosovo, and Albania will become Catholic nation before AD 2015. Majority of Muslim women in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey would prefer to marry Christians if allowed to do so. Indonesia still has Hindu culture, under Islamic camouflage. Indonesia is heading towards disintegration. Indonesia women would marry Hindus, Buddhists and Christians if allowed to do so. Christianization of Indonesia is a distinct possibility. The rising trend of anti-women Islamic fundamentalism, is the result of increased challenges posed by educated Muslim women. Educated Muslim women will bring down the Islamic world if supported by Christians. It is likely that 300 million Muslim women could marry Christians and other non-Muslim men before AD 2020, provided the Western military bases in Muslim nations encourage the modernization of Muslim women. Hindu India and Buddhist China could support the Vatican in the future Christianization of the Islamic world. Muslim Women in Kuwait, Bahrain, Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia would lead other Islamic nations in marrying Christian men. Islamic Civilization is based on the suppression of women. Role and Status of women provide the foundation stone for Islamic civilization. Afghan and Iranian women were very modern and liberal during the rule of Shah of Iran. It explains why Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran and Taliban in Afghanistan subjugated Muslim women to servitude, to consolidate their political power base. In the looming civilizational war, the Christian armies help Muslim women exercise freedom of choice in marriage. Islamic civilization would crumble, whenever Muslim women acquire the freedom to choose and marry the men of their choice.


Christian Holy Trinity is Idolatry

HOLY TRINITY’S WAR ON ICONOCLAST ISLAM: The Christian concept of Holy Trinity of Godhead describes Almighty God as Father the Creator, Son of God Jesus, and Holy Ghost or Spirit. Christian concept of God as Holy Trinity is superior to Jews Concept of Yahweh and Islamic concept of Allah. Christian nations rule the world. There is no significant Muslim military power in the world. Christian theologians have borrowed the concept of Holy Trinity of Godhead from Hinduism. In the looming civilizational war, Christian civilization would join forces with Hindu civilization to promote the concept of Holy Trinity among Muslims and Jews. Hindu India and Buddhist China would prefer a Christianized Islamic world, to eradicate the menace of Islamic fundamentalism.


No Permanent Enemy:

NO PERMANENT CIVILIZATIONAL ENEMY: There is no Permanent Enemy of Hindu Civilization in the looming Civilizational War. Hindus would align with Christians to overthrow Evil Communist Empire in China, to install a Buddhist government in China, headed by Dalai Lama and Li Honghzhi. Proselytizing Hindu India could align with Vatican to propagate Hinduism and Catholicism among atheist Chinese Communists. Hindu India could align with Iran to promote Sufism as the predominant religious sect of Islamic world, to convert Sunnis to Sufism. Hindu India could align with Sunni Pakistan to create a Pakistani Islamic Empire that includes Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, UAE and Turkey, to decisively shift the center of Islam to Islamabad. Hindu India could align with Sunni Saudi Arabia to keep Christianity out of Asia and Africa. India could align with Atheist Communist China to limit the influence of Pope over Indian and Chinese Christians. Hindu India could support Chinese invasions of Eastern Siberia and Australia. Hindu India would support the selection of ethnic Chinese as the future President of Indonesia, future Prime Minister of Malaysia, and future President of the Philippines. Hindu India could support the expansion of China, provided China goes Buddhist. It estimates that future Chinese Empire would include Eastern Siberia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia. Hindu India could support the anti-Arab revolution in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Syria, Saudi Arabia, by non-white Brown peoples of non-Semite races. Hindu India could support Brown Mexicans, who represent 85 percent of Mexican population, to expel White Spaniards and white Hispanics from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Hindu India would support the reestablishment of Inca civilization in Peru, where unmixed Inca Indians represent 53 percent of Peru population. Hindu India has no permanent enemy in the Civilizational War. Hindu India will support a civilization and oppose other civilization to promote the civilizational interests of Hindu India, as defined by the Geopolitical Theory of Civilizational Interests in the World Politics.


PERMANENT FRIENDS IN ANCIENT WORLD: Only Hindu and Buddhist civilizations are permanent friends. Communist China is the civilizational enemy of Hindu civilization. The civilizations of Lamas Tibet, Sufi Iran, Zoroastrian Persia, Aryan Kurds, Pharaohs Goddess Isis worshipping Egyptians, Zeus worshipping Greeks, Jupiter worshipping Romans, Borobodur worshipping Indonesians, Angkor Wat worshipping Cambodians, Incas, and Mayas are permanent civilizational friends of Hindu civilization. All ancient civilizations that worshipped ancient Gods and goddesses are all permanent civilizational friends of Eternal Hindu civilization. India would go to war to reestablish ancient civilization and ancient religions in Egypt, Greece, Peru, Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma, Tibet, and Laos.


BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL: Prophet Zoroaster was the wisest of all Prophets of the world. Philosopher Nietzsche wrote in 1883-85, ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra.’ These excerpts show the way out of the civilizational war and religious wars looming on the horizon of the mankind. Prophet Zarathustra was the Father of all the occidental Prophets of the Middle East. The religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the offshoot of Zoroastrian Religion. The idea of Monotheism and the concept of Devil took birth in the lands of Iryan, now called Iran, inhabited by the Airyan people, now known as Aryans. The people of Iran and Punjab gave birth to Oriental as well as Occidental religions. The Clash of Civilizations is the result of the eschatological, apocalyptic and teleological reasoning.


THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA: Many lands and many peoples did Zarathustra see. Thus, he discovered the goods and evils of many peoples. No greater force did Zarathustra find on earth, than the good and evil? No people could live unless it had values, but if it wants to preserve itself, it must not have the same values as its neighbor. Many things that one people call good, another called ridiculous and shameful. Many things Zarathustra found, which in one place were evil and bad, but which in another place were adorned with purple honors and called virtuous and good.


Secession of Tibet:

LIBERATION OF TIBET: "Nuclear Geopolitics and Future of War," concludes that the recent technological advances in precision guided munitions and information technology transforms the balance of power in high mountain warfare in favor of light mobile infantry commandos. China would lose the war in Tibet. Indian and Tibetan commandos can easily disrupt the vehicular transportation in Tibet. Tibet will fall and secede from China. The reestablishment of Buddhist Lama government in Tibet would be the crowning feature of the next decade.


READER COMMENTS: Comments are welcome by Email. The selections of the reader comments would be included in the next edition. If you want to write a article defending any of the positions presented in this book, please e-mail it to us and we shall try to publish it.









Part I: Civilizational Realism Theory

(00) Chapter 1 Civilizational Geo-Politics Theory

(0)(1002) Civilizational Realism Theory



What impact new theory of international realism, the theory of civilizational geopolitics, influences the evolution and development of Hindu India's nuclear doctrine and war strategy? The civilizational objective of the War Strategy of Indian Empire during British rule was to promote the interest of the Western Christian civilization. The civilizational objective of Hindu India's military and military doctrine, and war strategy shall be to expedite the decline of the Sea Powers and to end the dominance of the White European Christians. The civilizational impact of Indian nuclear doctrine shall be significant in promoting self-esteem among pagan civilizations and indigenous Americans. The rise of Hindu nuclear India is the rise of goddess religions, rise of pagan civilizations, and rise of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. Rise of Aryan India signals the global resurgence of brown races, and Aryans. This is the argument author develops in this chapter.  


THEORY OF CIVILIZATIONAL GEOPOLITICS: This book purports to present a ‘Theory of Civilizational Geopolitics’ of World Politics. The test by which such a theory judged is not a priori and abstract, as historical, empirical, and pragmatic. Judge the theory of civilizational geopolitics by its purpose to bring order and meaning to the mass of daily world news, to explain the rise and fall of civilizations and world powers. The civilizational geopolitical eyewear allows the Diplomats and Rulers to bring order and meaning to the daily world events, in light to its impact on civilizations, world order, religion, culture, economy, and technology.


Defective Realist Theory of International Affairs

MYOPIC REALIST THEORY: The Diplomats trained in the Realist theory of International politics failed to foresee the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Realist theory explains the behavior among nations, but fails to grasp the long-term impact of the state behavior on the state itself.  The myopia of the political realism bringing the world to the brink of a world war. The term ‘World Politics’ emphasizes major events affecting the future of the world. The term ‘International Politics’ concerns international behavior of nations, and overlooks the long-term impact of the diplomacy, other than its impact on national security. The term ‘International Affairs’ also includes events other than behavior of states. The main signpost that helps political realism to find its way through the landscape of international politics is the concept of interest defined in terms of power. The Realist Theory can not help the partitioned nations define their world role in the light of their common historical experience. Realist theory can not help India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh diplomats draw upon the historical legacy of British Imperial Policy to define their present day policies. Similarly, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan are baffled in using the wisdom of Czars and Soviets to present day diplomacy.


War on Iconoclasts

TRINITY GODHEAD’S WAR ON ICONOCLASTS: The Realist theory fails to exploit scriptural differences to promote civilizational and national interests. The Christian concept of God, especially Catholic concept of Trinity Godhead, God as Father, God as Son, and God as Holy Ghost has following qualifications. Trinity concept believes that God has a Form, since Formless can not be a Father or a Son. Trinity Holy Ghost is the Formless, Omnipresent concept of God that is present throughout the Creation. God as Father represents the Omnipotent God as Creator of the universe. God as Son represents Jesus as the manifestation of God. Trinity concept of God is similar to Hindu concept of God. Christian Trinity godhead is condemned by Jews as blaspheme, idolatry. Jews and Muslims condemn Trinity godhead as opposed to Monotheism of Islam and Judaism. God of Christians is different from the concept of Almighty in Islam and Judaism, but similar to concept of God in Hinduism. Christianity is nearer to Hinduism than it is to Judaism and Islam. Catholics and Hindus shall be Allies in the forthcoming civilizational war, and pool resources to impose the Catholic Trinity Godhead over Islamic and Judaic Civilizations. Hindu troops could help Vatican Pope launch Crusades in Arabia and North Africa to bring the ancient civilizations of Syria, Turkey, Egypt, and Libya into the folds of Christianity. Women of Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Libya, and Algeria prefer to be part of Western Civilization, rather than fundamentalist Saudi Arabia. Once United States and NATO troops, establishes permanent military bases in the Arab world, the Christianization process will become a stampede. Hindu India should promote the Christianization of North Africa and Mediterranean Arabia, even if it is against the national interest of India. Christianization of the Islamic world may create a bigger Christian threat to Hindu Civilization. Realist theory would support Hindu India join forces with Islamic fundamentalists. The Civilizational theory equates Islamic fundamentalism with barbarians, which requires the alliance among civilizations to stamp out the evil of barbarism. Kautilya-Chanakya theory of Mandala states that the neighbor of your neighbor is your friend. Islamic Civilization has been at war against Christian civilization. Hindu-Christian civilizational alliance, and subsequent Christianization of North Africa, Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, will eliminate the menace of Islamic fundamentalism to India, China, and Russia. 


Genocide in Civilizational Warfare

EXPLAINING GENOCIDE: The Realist theory fails to explain the genocide perpetrated by Catholic Joseph Stalin in Soviet Union, Catholic Mao Zedong in China, Catholic Pol Pot in Cambodia, Sunni Idi Amin in Uganda. Stalin was responsible for ordering the execution and starvation deaths of more than 30 million Orthodox Christians. Mao was responsible for deaths of 60 million Buddhists. Christian Pol Pot caused the deaths of 2 million Buddhist Cambodians. Muslim Idi Amin and Christian Tutsi military of Uganda murdered one-fourth population of Tribal Ugandans, who followed tribal animist religions. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin had monopoly of power and they committed mass murders not to promote their political, real-politick agenda, but to promote their hidden religious agenda. Their political talk was a ploy to camouflage their genocidal religious agenda. Stalin executed Orthodox Christians, Mao and Pol Pot executed and starved to death Buddhists, and Idi Amin and Christian Tutsi soldiers massacred Tribal Ugandans, to realize the common goal, to baptize these nations.  Mass-murders communists have justified their genocidal game plan in terms of Realist theory. By overlooking the civilizational and religious implications of the policy, the Realist theory inadvertently legitimizes the rule of genocidal, anti-religious, devilish Communists. The Realist theory can not explain the anti-Right purges launched by Mao Zedong in 1957 in China. The Realist Theory can not explain the on-going genocide of Buddhist Falun Gong’s members, by Communist rulers in China. The theory of Civilizational Geopolitics explains that Communism is not a political doctrine, as Communism is a genocidal religious doctrine, planning to massacre the non-Judaic and non-Catholic civilizations of the world. Civilizational theory advocates that World War Crimes Court prosecute Communists for Crime of Humanity and War Crimes for murders committed by Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. The Civilizational theory advocates the worldwide political ban of Communist Parties and subsequent trial of every Communist for War crimes and crime of genocide. The civilizational theory advocates that Hindu India, and Catholic-Protestant United States should join forces to install a Buddhist government in China, by overthrowing Communist regime in China. Realist theory can not explain why India and United States will join to install Li Honghzhi future President of China.


Birth of Inca Maya Indian States

BIRTH OF NEW TRIBAL STATES: The Realist theory is inadequate to conceptualize the birth of new sovereign States in Africa along tribal ethnic frontiers. The Realist theory could not foresee the breakup of the Soviet Union. The Realist theory cannot help us understand the disintegration process underway in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia that is giving rise to numerous new sovereign states of Native American Indians, Mayas, Aztecs, Incas, Amerindians, and Australian Aborigines. The theory of Civilizational Geopolitics allows a better understanding of the future international politics in the future. The civilizational theory will avoid the problem of ethnic cleansing in case of the disintegration of the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. Civilizational theory helps solve the problem of nuclear proliferation in case of the disintegration of the United States. The peaceful transfer of the populations from the native, black, Hispanic, Catholic and Protestant regions, and peaceful redistribution of military equipment, will avoid full-scale wars among Brown-Black-White races in the Mexico, and Brazil.


Asian rule over Australia

REDISTRIBUTION OF WORLD’S CONTINENTS: The realist theory fails to explain the main conflict of the next century, the redistribution of the continents of the world. White race is no longer predominant race in the world. Thereby, the continued occupation of North America, South America, Siberia, and Australia by peoples of White European is against the cannons of justice, and is the primary cause of the looming Civilizational War. The civilizational theory suggests that White civilization need to make suitable compromises to promote civilizational peace on this planet. Soviet Union shall surrender half of Eastern Siberia to China and India. Australia shall become the common heritage of the mankind and immigrants from all over the world shall be welcome in Australia and New Zealand. Australia, New Zealand, and Siberia shall cease to be White man’s lands in the early part of 21st century. Central America and half of South America belong to Incas, Mayas, Aztecs, Amerindians, and Native American Indians. Civilizational theory supports Native American tribes, Incas, and Mayas shall lead indigenous peoples of the world.  


Civilizations Do not Die

CIVILIZATIONS DO NOT DIE: The Realist theory can not explain how few thousand Muslim warriors could conquer the whole of North Africa, Syria, Iraq almost the entire civilized occidental world. The Realist theory can not rule out that the suppressed civilizations may resurrect and re-conquer their ancestral lands and expel the race of invaders. Ancient civilizations of Libya, Egypt, Syria, Mesopotamia, Babylon, was not inhabited by Semite Arabs. These regions were inhabited 2000 years ago by Black Africans with curly hairs and Black South Indian Dravidian with straight hair. They called their God Rab. Even Jesus used world Rab to describe Almighty. These people were the people of ‘Rab’, their civilization was matriarchal, agricultural, and goddess worshipping civilization. The fair-skin Arabs were nomads, shepherds and served as slave workers. The homeland of Semite Arab race was Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, and Jordan. The Arab people called Arab, meaning A-Rab, the people who do not worship the God/Goddess Rab. Muslim Arab warriors conquered the nations of Egypt, Syria, Libya, and massacred their men-folk and took over their women-folk. The native colored peoples of Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Turkey who had been suppressed by fair Semite Arab race, would revolt and expel Arab men, and discard Arab language. They would resurrect their ancient Aramaic language, the language spoken by Jesus. The civilizational theory explains that Hindu India support the original ‘Rab’ peoples of Middle East to expel Arabs from Mediterranean Africa and Arabia. The Realist theory fails to explain the aspirations of the subjugated civilizations. Whole world was Hindu 3000 years ago. Black-Brown Dravidian race of South India dominated every civilization from Morocco to Australia to South America. All world religions are likely to merge into vast ocean of Hinduism during the next Millennium. The rise of India as Neutron weapon power signals the rise of the Brown races of the world. Brown race account for the majority of population in Egypt, Iraq, Arabia, Iran, Central Asia, Sinkiang-Xinxian, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Pacific Islanders, Mexico, Central America, Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Brazil. Brown-White racial wars will herald the expulsion of the minority white Hispanic peoples, from Mexico, Brazil, Central America, Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. India will support the cause of the brown races. Brown races outnumber the Yellow, White, and Black races of the world. Estimates suggest that Brown races account for the 40 percent of the world population. Brown race is destined to rule the world by the end of the 21st century. The Civilizational theory of International politics seeks to develop a common worldview of the Brown peoples of the world.





(0)(1003) Eight Principles of Civilizational Geopolitics


1st Principle- Eternal Civilizations

Civilizational Geopolitical Realism believes that world politics, like world history in general, governed by objective laws that have their roots in material nature, human nature, and the rise and fall of civilizations. In order to improve human civilizations it is first necessary to understand the eternal geopolitical laws by which the civilization lives. The operations of these laws being impervious to our preferences, diplomats, rulers, and policy-makers will challenge them only at the risk of failure. Human nature, in which the laws of politics have their roots, has not changed since the beginning of human civilization, when the philosophers of India, China, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Inca-Peru, Maya-Mexico endeavored to discover the Universal Eternal Laws of Nature.


Civilizaitonal Interests

The main signpost that helps Civilizational Geopolitical Realism to find its way through the landscape of World Politics, World History, World Religions, and World Civilizations is the concept of ‘Civilizational Interest.’ Civilizational Interest defined in terms of civilization’s share of world’s Power, Wealth, Resources, Lands, Population, and Trade.


This concept provides the link between reason trying to understand civilizational politics, world politics, world history, and the facts to understand. It sets Civilizational Geo-Politics as an autonomous sphere of action. It understands Civilizational Geo-Politics apart from other academic spheres. International Affairs understood in terms of interests defined in terms of national power, for protecting the freedom of states and governments. World Economics understood in terms of interest defined as wealth and private property. Foreign Diplomacy understood in terms of interest defined as interest of national ruling elite. It is illusion to assume that every politician, diplomat, and policy makers is qualified, enlightened, and patriotic to promote civilizational interests at the cost of personal political and financial interests. Most of the politicians, diplomats and policy makers are corrupt, dishonest, incompetent, or simply traitors, who camouflage high treason, theft of public property, and policies promoting personal aggrandizement, electoral interests, party politics, bureaucratic interests, as national interests, and societal interests.


Statesmen Pursue Personal Interests

We assume that World Statesmen think and act in terms of Civilizational Geopolitical interest defined as Civilization’s share of world Power, Wealth, Resources, Lands, Population, and Trade. That assumption allows us to separate true World Leaders that determine the flow of world history, from mobs of career diplomats, elected officials, politicians, bureaucrats, and exploiting rulers. World history in general, and civilizational history in particular is made by select few. The theory allows us to retrace and anticipate, as it were, the steps a World Statesman, a Historical Person, a History Maker-past, present, or future- has taken or will take on the world scene, to make New History. The theory allows the Enlightened Rulers tap the geopolitical force of the nature to carve out a new future world. The quality of motives of true World Statesmen determines the quality of World Politics. The quality of motives of World Statesmen determines whether the human civilization is heading towards higher civilization. The civilizational impact of the major policies determines, whether a particular world leader belongs to Divine Empire or Evil Empire. The long-term civilizational impact of policies determines, which World leader placed on high pedestal and honored, or violently overthrown and publicly hanged.

Civilizations in History


World Outlook of Civilizations

WORLD OUTLOOK OF WORLD CIVILIZATION DOES NOT DIE: History records the influence of World Politics as a part of Civilizational Politics. Civilizations have been a single permanent future of human history. Nations come and go, but civilization remains forever. Civilizations never die. Human Civilizations represent a world-view, a view of life, and a conception of religion. Civilization is an idea superimposed on a geographic reality. The idea of the vanquished civilization lie dormant for thousands of years, but it invariably resurrects, overpowering the barbarian invaders that overtook it. World Politics becomes intelligible only when studied from the civilizational perspective.


Civilizational Geopolitics believes that world politics like history in general, governed by geopolitical laws that have roots in history and human civilization. In order to improve civilizations it is first necessary to understand the laws, by which civilizations undergo the cyclical rise, fall, and again arise. The operation of the historical geopolitical laws being impervious to human preferences, diplomats will challenge them only at the risk of failure.  


Rational Theory for Objective Laws

Geopolitics believing as it does in the objectivity of the laws of history, must also believe in the possibility of developing a rational theory that reflects these objective laws. Human nature, in which the laws of world politics have their roots, has not changed since the classical philosophies of China, India, and Greece endeavored to discover these laws. Scholars generally agree in their identification of the major civilizations in history and on those that exist in the modern world.


Total Number of Civilizations in History

On the total number of civilizations that have existed in the entire human history, there are little differences. Quigley argues for sixteen (16) clear historical civilizations, and very probably eight (8) additional civilizations. Arnold Toynbee placed total number of civilizations at (23) twenty-three. Spengler specifies eight (8) major civilizations in history. McNeil discusses nine (9) civilizations in all of history. Bagby also sees nine (9) major civilizations. Braudel identifies nine (9) civilizations. Rostovanyi identifies seven (7) contemporary civilizations. Melko concludes twelve (12) major civilizations in history, seven- (7) of which no longer exist, and five- (5) do exist. Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, ancient Crete Carthage, Ancient Greece, Maya/Aztec, Andean Inca civilizations Melko says no longer exist. Major world civilizations are (1) Indian-Hindu, (2) Chinese-Mahayana Buddhist, (3) Inca-Maya-Amerindian, (4) Protestant-Catholic, (5) Orthodox, and (6) Sunni-Shiite Muslim civilizations.  


Civilizations of India and China

Foreign policies of India and China can be evaluated in terms of its impact on the Indian and Chinese civilizations. China and India have had a single civilization throughout history. The foreign policies of Mughal India did not harm Indian civilizations. During Mughal times power of Indian civilization increased. The foreign policy Indian Empire during British rule did not harm the power of Indian civilization. The economic and social policies of British rule immensely harmed Indian civilization. The foreign policies of South Indian empires created greater India in Southeast Asia. Historically Tibet, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia had been under Hindu Buddhist influence for many centuries. The foreign policy of Mohandas K. Gandhi, and Prime ministers Jawaharlal Nehru, and Indira Gandhi harmed Indian Hindu civilization. Similarly, the foreign policy of Chiang Kaisheik and Communist China has harmed Chinese civilization and helped Catholic-Protestant civilization. Communist Chinese leaders are misusing the military and police power of China to weaken Chinese civilization. Foreign policies of Pakistan and Bangladesh harm the Indian civilization, without helping the Sunni-Shiite Islamic civilization. Foreign policies of Catholic Joseph Stalin harmed the Orthodox civilization. Foreign policy of Boris Yeltsin did not harm the Orthodox civilization. Foreign policy of President Bill Clinton has harmed the Protestant civilization of America. Russian invasions of Napoleon, William Kaiser II, and Adolph Hitler did not harm the Catholic civilization. Defiance of Slobadan Milasovich against NATO bombing greatly strengthened Orthodox civilization even in defeat and economic disaster. Prime Ministers Atal Behari Vajpayee has repositioned Hindu Indian civilization as a major player in the civilizational balance of power. Nuclear weapons make Pakistan the leader and Caliph of the Islamic civilization. During next decade, the Western Europe will become an insignificant adjunct to the Super-American Civilization. The rise and fall of civilizations does not mean that the world civilization die forever.  






(0)(1003) 2nd Principle: Civilizational Interests



World Politics Reconfiguring

CIVILIZATIONAL INTERESTS: World politics is reconfiguring and along cultural lines. Peoples and countries with similar cultures are coming together. Peoples and countries with different cultures are coming apart. Alignments defined by ideology and great power relations are giving way to alignments defined by culture and civilization. Sate boundaries will coincide with cultural ones: ethnic, religious, and civilizational. Cultural communities are replacing Cold War blocs. The fault lines between civilizations are becoming the central lines of conflict in global politics.


Multi-Civilizational Order

Global politics is both multi-polar and multi-civilizational. Modernization is distinct from Westernization and is producing neither a universal civilization in any meaningful sense nor the Westernization of non-Western societies.


A civilization-based world order is emerging. Societies sharing cultural affinities cooperate with each other. Efforts to shift societies from one civilization to other are unsuccessful. Countries group themselves around the lead or core states of their civilization.


Shifting Civilizational Balance

The balance of power among civilization is shifting. The West is declining in relative influence. Asian civilizations are expanding their economic, military, and political strength. Islam is exploding demographically with destabilizing consequences for rich Muslim nations with smaller populations. The non-Western civilizations are reaffirming the value of their own cultures. The Catholic and Protestants, Western Christendom’s universal pretensions increasingly bring it into conflict with Orthodox, Sunni, Buddhist, Hindu, and Tribal civilizations.  


Humans are moving into an age when different civilizations will have to learn to live side by side in peaceful interchange. The alternative in this overcrowded little world is misunderstanding, tension, clash and catastrophe. The futures of both peace and Civilization depends upon understanding and cooperation among the political, spiritual, and intellectual leaders of the world’s major civilizations.


An international order based on civilizations is the best safeguard against war. Conflicts between civilizations dominate the world politics. The Clashes between civilizations are the greatest threat to world peace. The critical distinction between people are not primarily ideological or economic, it is cultural. The culture and cultural identities, which at the broadest level are civilizational identities, are shaping the patterns of cohesion, disintegration, and conflict in the post-Cold War world. Avoidance of a global war of civilizations depends on world leaders accepting and cooperating to maintain the multi-civilizational character of world politics.


Proselytizing Menace

THREAT OF PROSELYTIZING RELIGIONS: There is no fundamental right of religious conversions. Catholic missionaries can not demand any right to proselytize in multi-ethnic societies, due to their heritage of Inquisition, when Catholic inquisitors burnt, tortured, and killed millions of helpless men and women for exercising their human right of religious freedom. Catholic and Protestant missionaries are demanding unfettered right to evangelize and baptize tribal Indians, without allowing freedom to Hindu missionaries to convert Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, Mayas, Incas and Aztecs.  Christians are criticizing India for restricting conversion of Hindus while keeping silence over the death sentences handed to Christians in Pakistan for Blaspheme. Why Christians do not criticize the restriction on religious conversions in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and UAE. India will demand the right to preach the ancient religions of Greece and Rome, God Zeus-Jupiter-Indra, God Apollo-Mithra-Surya-Ra, Goddess Isis-Innanna-Kali-Kwanyin to the European Christians.


Christianity's Moving Frontiers

MOVING FRONTIERS OF CHRISTIANITY: The moving frontiers of Christianity causing civilizational conflicts. Led by United States the oceanic frontiers of Christianity are banging on the Buddhist civilizations of Japan, Korea, China, Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. United States intervened in Philippines to expel Spanish causing the death of 600,000 Filipinos. United States uses the soldiers at military bases to soften local inhabitants by converting them into Christians by first turning them into prostitutes to serve military bases. The young bachelor soldiers at the military bases in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, South Vietnam, Okinawa, and Japan have converted many Buddhist girls into Christians by prostitution or marriage. It is no accident that Christians accounted for 3 percent of South Korean population in 1953 and more than 50 percent in 1980. Christian missionaries have eliminated Hinduism from the Northeast states of Nagaland, Tripura, and Meghalaya. United States imposed the rule of Christian Chiang Kaisheik over China, even when Christians accounted for less than 3 percent of Chinese population. Westward movement of Christian frontiers threatens world peace. Hindu civilization will militarily intervene to put a stop to the westward expansion of Frontiers of Christianity in Asia. Hindu and Buddhist missionaries must be given full access to preach Hinduism and Buddhism among Native American Indians, Mayas, Aztecs, Incas, Amerindians, and Australian Aborigines. Otherwise, Christian missionaries should not proselytize in Asia. 


Assault on Tribal Civilizations

CHRISTENING OF NORTHERN AFRICA & ARABIA: Frontiers of Catholicism is moving southward from Bosnia and Kosovo to Mediterranean coast of Africa and Asia. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk eliminated Turkey as an Islamic power. The CIA had installed Westernized Saddam Hussain in Iraq, and M. Gaddaffi in Libya to keep Islamic forces at bay. Major Islamic nations Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Algeria, Libya are ruled by secular Westernized elite and their women follow Western customs. It is likely that Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Libya, and Algeria could become Christianized and Westernized, provided Christian military bases guarantee the freedom of marriage to Christians to their women-folk. Ancient civilizations of Egypt, Syria, Libya, and Turkey condemn Saudi Arab Bedouin nomads as barbarians, and hate them for Arab conquest and destruction of ancient civilizations. Syria and Egypt will reject Islam and adopt Catholicism to get even with Saudi Arabia. Hindu India will encourage the Christening of Mediterranean Islamic world to remove Islamic threat to Hindu civilization. Mediterranean Northern Africa shall reject the Islamic culture, religion, and Arabic language to reassert the non-Arab heritage of North Africa. North Africa is the Soft Belly of Islam, and Hindu India will join forces with Holy Pope to launch Catholic Crusades to bring back Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Libya, and Algeria into the folds of Catholicism. Christianizing Islamic North Africa and Arabia will remove Islamic threats to India. The 30 million Christians can raise well-trained army of 1,000,000 Christian Crusaders to lead the Army of Holy Pope to bring North Africa and Arabia under the banner of Catholic Trinity of Godhead. Under the able leadership of Holy Pope, the God’s Representative to the Sons of Abraham, the one million strong Indian Christian Army will overpower iconoclast forces, to bring North Africa and Arabia into the folds of Catholic Church. Catholics believe in polytheist Trinity-Godhead, venerate the images and statues of Jesus, Mary, and Saints. Catholics and Hindus believe in polytheism, and idolatry. Catholics and Hindus shall unite in their struggle against iconoclast, expansionist Islam. Catholic concept of Trinity-Godhead is similar to Hindu concept of Trimurti-Godhead, and both oppose iconoclast religions of idol-breakers.


Jesus Preached Hinduism

COMMON-HINDU-CHRISTIAN HERITAGE: Jesus Christ gave his sermons in Aramaic. In what is now Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Palestine, Aramaic was for centuries, between 900 BC until 700 AD the language of daily life, and it was thriving at the time of Jesus. Aramaic was the language spoken by Jesus. Jesus gave all his sermons in Aramaic. Hebrew was not the language of daily life. Hebrew was reserved for religious worship. Jesus never used the term ‘God,’ he used the term ‘Rab.’ Jews have distorted Christian Bible to suggest that Old Testament should form a part of the New Testament. The Study of the Christian Bible in Aramaic language suggests that the religion preached by Jesus was the total negation of the Judaism. The Christian concept of Trinity Godhead, God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost was Blaspheme by Judaic traditions, that is why Jews executed Jews on the Cross. Jesus was preaching to Jews the wisdom of the East, the wisdom of Zoroaster, Maggism, and Hinduism. Jesus belonged to the Sadducees Jewish priestly sect that opposed the Pharisees. Pharisee emphasized strict interpretation and observance of the Mosaic Law, a hypocritically self-righteous approach.  The Aramaic term is ‘Perishaya’ meaning Persian of Farsee. The term Sadducees derived from Sanskrit term ‘Sadhu’ meaning wandering saintly person not attached to temple hierarchy. Jesus was a Hindu Yogi and he attempted to reform the religion of Jews by giving them Hindu insight. Judaic Old Testament expunged from New Christian Bible, when read in conjunction with Sadducees’ ‘Book of Johor,’ will remove many misconceptions about Catholicism. The chief theologian of Catholic Church Pope Saint Augustine, was a trained Maggian priest and he encouraged the wholesale adoption of Maggian, Zoroaster, and Vedic theology into Catholic theology. Catholic Church adorned with deities and statues of Jesus, Mary, and Saints resemble Hindu temples, and elicits iconoclast diatribes of Jews, Muslims, and Protestants. Hindu civilization is willing to provide muscle for widely propagating the Catholic concept of Trinity Godhead with a form of a Father and a Son, in Islamic and Judaic world. Vatican will succeed in imposing Catholic Trinity of Godhead over the Islamic and Judaic civilizations before the end of the 21st Century. Catholic conquest of Islamic and Judaic civilizations under the unifying banner of Trinity Godhead is not against the interests of Hinduism and Buddhism.  Hindu and Buddhist religious warriors are willing to work under the banner of Holy Pope to impose Catholic concept of Trinity Godhead over Islamic and Judaic civilizations.


Trinity Godhead is Hinduism

GODHEAD TRINITY Vs MONOTHEISTS ICONOCLASTS: The concept of Godhead determines the choice that the religions and civilizations make in choosing allies in the civilizational war. Monotheist iconoclast religions join hands to wage against religions and civilizations that believe God has a form, and display the images of God in paintings and statues in the Churches and temples. Iconoclast fundamentalists condemn the Catholics, Hindus and Buddhists as Idolaters and polytheists. Trinity concept of Godhead, God as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is very similar to Hindu concept of Trinity of God. Catholics venerates the statues and paintings of Mary and Jesus Christ, just as Hindus and Buddhists do. Catholic concept of God as Father and Son means that God has a form and a body. Catholic concept of Trinity Godhead is the total negation of Judaic concept of God Yahweh, and Islamic concept of Allah. Catholics eat pork and have no religious significance of circumcision. Jews do not recognize Jesus as a Messiah. Muslims do not believe that Christian Bible is a divine scripture. Hindus and Catholics will join forces to wage war against Islam and Judaism to impose Catholic concept of Godhead as Trinity over Islamic and Judaic civilizations in Arabia and North Africa.


Jesus Rejected Judea Traditions

CATHOLICISM IS NEGATION OF JUDAISM: The Catholic theology developed by Pope Saint Augustine was the negation of the Judaic traditions. Saint Augustine was a Maggi priest before he became Christian. Catholics borrowed many spiritual traditions from the Iran’s Zoroastrianism, Maggianism, and Hindu Vedas. Jesus spoke the Aramaic language. In what are now Syria, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories, Aramaic was for centuries the language of the daily life, and it was thriving at the time of Jesus. Hebrew was reserved for religious worship. A part of the original Bible and part of the Dead Sea Scroll written in Aramaic will shed new spiritual insight into real Christianity. Those Christians studying the Bible in Aramaic language will find that the religion propounded by Jesus was not the continuation of Judaic traditions, rather the total negation of Judaic traditions. Jews caused the murder of Jesus. Neither Jews nor Muslims would accept Jesus as the Son of God. The very idea that the Almighty God may have a Son is blasphemy for Muslims. Given a chance, Sunni Muslims will desecrate the Catholic paintings and statues of Mary, Jesus and saints. Pakistan sentences Christians to death, for violating Shariat laws against blasphemy.


Catholic Conquest of Islam

LOOMING CATHOLIC WAR ON ISLAM: President Bill Clinton is wrong in arguing that the West does not have problems with Islam but only with violent Islamic extremists. Fourteen hundred years of history demonstrate otherwise. The relations between Islam and Christianity, both Orthodox and Catholic have often been stormy. Each has been the other’s Other. The Capitalist Vs Communist conflict is only a fleeting and superficial historical phenomenon compared to the continuing and deeply conflictual relation between Islam and Christianity. More often, the relation has been one of intense rivalry and of varying degrees of hot war. The historical dynamics of Islam and Christianity often found the two communities in competition, and locked at times in deadly combat, for power, land and souls. Across the centuries the fortunes of the Islam and Christianity have risen and fallen in a sequence of momentous surges, pauses, and counter-surges. 


History of Islamic Expansion

RISE OF ISLAM: The initial Arab-Islamic sweep outward from the early seventh to mid eighth century (650 AD to 750 AD) established Muslim rule in North Africa, Iberia, the Middle East, Persia and northern India. Then for 200 years, the lines of division between Islam and Christianity stabilized. Then in the late eleventh century Christians reasserted control of the western Mediterranean, conquered Sicily, and captured Toledo. In 1095, Catholics launched the Crusades and for 150 years, Catholic potentates attempted to establish Christian rule in the Holy Land, losing the last Christian foothold in 1291. Then Ottomans appeared on the scene. They first weakened Byzantine and then conquered much of the Balkans as well as North Africa, captured Constantinople. In 1453, and besieged Vienna in 1529. For almost a 1000 years from the first Moorish landing in Spain in the late seventh century, to the second Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683, Christian Europe was under constant threat from Islam. Islam is the only civilization, which has put the survival of the Christian Europe in doubt, and it has done that at least twice.


Decline of Islam

DECLINE OF ISLAM: By the 1500, however, the tide had begun to turn. The Christians gradually recovered Iberia, Spain and Portugal completing the task at Granada in 1492. After the 1683 within a century, the Ottomans transformed from the scourge of Christendom to the sick man of Europe. After First World War Britain, France, and Italy dismantled Ottoman Empire. Some ninety-two (92) acquisitions of Muslim territory by non-Muslim governments occurred between 1757 and 1919. By 1995, sixty-nine (69) of these territories were again under Muslim rule, and about forty-five (45) independent states had overwhelming Muslim populations. The 50 percent of wars involving pairs of different religions between 1820 and 1929 were wars between Muslims and Christians. The parallel concepts of ‘Jihad’ and ‘Crusades’ not only resemble each other but also distinguish these two faiths from other major world religions.


Egypt Syria Libya As Christian Land

CHRISTIANIZATION OF NORTHERN AFRICA: The Westernization of Turkey is step towards secularization and subsequent Christianization of Turkey. CIA helped Saddam Hussein overthrow the King Faisal’s regime, to replace an Islamic regime by a westernized secular regime. Colonel M. Gaddafi’s regime replaced a Monarchy. Catholic civilization is at the peak of its glory. The West has undermined the Islamic power base in North Africa and Arabian Peninsula. Catholic Crusades have the brightest chances of success during early part of the next decade. Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Turkey had historically been a part of the Mediterranean civilization rather being a part of the part of the desert Bedouin civilization of Saudi Arabia. Islam has lost its vitality in Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey. Catholicization and Christianization of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Algeria became militarily possible. India has 30 million Christians in India. India can easily raise a Christian army of 1000 000 soldiers to join the Pope led Crusades against Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, and Algeria. Catholicization of Mediterranean North Africa, and Mediterranean Arabia will be in the national interest of Hindu India. Islamic civilization has declared an open war against Hindu civilization. Hindu civilization shall respond to the Islamic invasions by threatening the soft belly of the Islamic world in Arabia and North Africa. Hindus have no desire to convert Muslim into Hinduism. Catholic North Africa and Catholic Arabia shall remove Islamic fundamentalist threat from India. Orthodox Church lacks the guts to Christianize Arabia. Catholic Church and Holy Pope shall join forces with Hindu civilization, and use Indian military force to Catholicize and Christianize Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Algeria. It shall remove Islamic threat to Christianity and Hinduism.


Christianity Threat to Asia

FRONTIERS OF CHRISTIANITY IN ASIA: The frontiers of Christianity are moving westward from the Pacific and South China Sea coastlines. United States intervened in Philippines to impose Christianity, and the ensuing unrest caused the death of over 600,000 Philippines at the hands of US marines. Beginning with the colonization of the Philippines, the American policies towards Asia promote Christian interests. United States military intervention in the Vietnam War promoted the interest of Christianity, to entrench one-million Christian refugees from North Vietnam to capture power in the predominantly Buddhist South Vietnam. Catholic President Diem committed crimes against by using military force against Buddhists. Catholic Archbishop committed war crime by denying the right of Buddhists to celebrate the 5000-year birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha. United States expanded the Vietnam War into Cambodia and Laos to destroy Hindu-Buddhist civilization of Cambodia and Laos. United States is partly responsible, for the massacre of 2000,000 Cambodian Buddhists at the hands of Christian Khmer Rouge. United States used the military bases in Vietnam and South Korea to convert South Vietnamese and South Korean girls into Christianity, by softening Buddhist girls by prostitution. Northeast India has been Christianized, and Christianisation threatens the security of India. Christians accounted for 3 percent of South Korean population in 1950 and 50 percent of population in 1980. It became possible primarily due to the presence of the large US military bases in South Korea. Presence of soldiers promotes prostitution and consensual sex and marriages that helped the conversion of South Korean girls into Christianity. Christians promoted the cause of girls and helped abolish the evil practice of tying the feet of girls in China. Christian girls were instrumental in the Christian conversions in China. Christians account for 3 percent of the population in 1999.  


CHRISTIAN CONVERSIONS IN INDIA: India can allow the conversion of poor tribal people only when United States allow the conversions of native Americans into Hinduism. There is no fundamental right of conversions. The conversion of Muslims in Pakistan will result in death punishment. Saudi Arabia does not allow the conversions of Muslims. India should not India Christian missionaries access to India’s tribal belt, when Hindu missionaries are not allowed full access to convert Australian Aborigines, Brazilian Amazonian Indians, Amerindians, Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs.  Only when Hindus missionaries have full freedom to convert Saudi Muslims then only can Christian demand access to Indian tribal belt.


Proselytizing War in Africa

BATTLE FOR CONVERSION IN AFRICA: Africa south of Sahara is the battle ground for religious conversion. Proud black Africans are rejecting the religions imposed by slave traders to follow the ancient Egyptian religion and the tribal religions. Hindu civilization will provide civilizational support to Tribal African religion to revitalize them, to give tough challenge to Christianity and Islam in Africa. More than 50 percent population of black Africa follows traditional tribal African religion.


Pope & Dalai Lama Debate

HOLY POPE & DALAI LAMA DEBATE: Vatican says that Buddhism is not a religion because Buddhism does not believe in God. Buddhists reply that the spiritual state of Maha Buddhahood is spiritually higher than that of Christian Holy Ghost. Enlightened Gautam Buddha was more spiritually advanced than Jesus Christ was. These two diametrically opposed view point can be resolved by a direct debate between Catholic Pope, the representative of Catholic god on earth, and Dalai Lama the spiritual head of Buddhism. This proposed debate televised live worldwide, where each side shall give a sermon of 20 hours each, and answer questions from the worldwide audience.


Pair of Opposits in History

PAIR OF OPPOSITES DRIVE HISTORY: History propels by the historical pair of opposites. The paired opposites are: (1) God Vs Devil, (2) Civilizations Vs Barbarians, (3) Forces of Good Vs Forces of Evil, (4) Sons of Abraham Vs Sons of Braham, (5) Arab Vs Rab, (6) Polytheists Vs Monotheists, (7) Idolaters Vs Idol-breakers Iconoclasts, and (8) Land Powers Vs Sea Powers.


The Occidental term of ‘Devil’ derived from Hindu term for goddess ‘Devi.’ Al is the Hebrew suffix for feminine. The imagery of Devil with horns Derived from Goddess Hathor, the cow Goddess of ancient Egypt. The Term Abraham derives from A-Braham, where Braham signifies Hindu term for God. The term Arab derives from A-Rab, where ‘Rab’ is the Aramaic term for God. The prefix A signifies the negation of the term in the suffix. 


Dravidian Hinduism

RISE OF BARBARIANS: Prophet Joshua defined the expansionist strategy of Jews, the descendent of a single Patriarch. Fair skin, Semite, Jews were the shepherds, hunter-nomads of Arabian deserts. Jews served as slaves for Egyptians.  Egyptian Pharaohs belonged to brown Dravidian race. Brown-black Dravidian race was the dominant race of the earth and it ruled all nations from Morocco to South India and Sumatra. Whole world was Hindu ruled by Indian race of dark Dravidians.


JUDAIC-ISLAMIC-COMMUNIST EXPANSION: The military strategy of Prophet Joshua was to surround isolated cities and settlements, defeat them in wars, execute all males and married women, and take all women and movable goods. Polygamy and the massacre of the defeated male population allowed the phenomenon growth of a single family into a nation of many million Israelites. Prophet Mohammed followed the military doctrine of Prophet Joshua. All goods looted after the military victory divided into five equal parts, and one part belonged to the Commander, second part to the Muslim society, and 3 parts or 60 percent divided among all soldiers equally. Muslim armies surrounded the oases, cut of the water supply and then attacked the settlement. All men who refused to accept Islam, were executed and women taken by Arabs. Islam and Judaism were spread by sword. Muslim outnumbers Jews, because while Jews only allowed virgin girls to live, while Muslims allowed defeated men to become Muslims.  Karl Marx followed the footsteps of Prophet Joshua to develop a secular doctrine to massacre non-Judaic and non-Catholic civilizations. Catholic Joseph Stalin massacred 30 million Orthodox Christians. Catholic Mao Zedong caused the death of 60 million Buddhists and Taoists. Catholic Pol Pot caused the death of 2 million Cambodian Buddhists. Communist manifesto is not a political philosophy; it is a manual of mass-murderers, an ingenious justification to deprive millions of their private property. Prostitute-Philosopher Karl Marx produced a political concoction to justify genocide to ancient non-Judaic civilizations. Communism is a religion of Devil. The Communists deserves treatment as Evil Religion, and punished as Witches in Inquisition type trials. Communists represent the barbarian force of the history. Civilizations should develop a military strategy to root out the menace of future barbarians. Any war between Civilization and barbarians results in genocide of the defeated civilization. Neutron bombs and tactical nuclear weapons used by the civilization in the next civilizational wars between Civilizations versus barbarians would depopulate the loser. It is for this reason that nuclear technology should not spread among barbarians.


Incas & Mayas Superior to Christians

Spanish and Portuguese barbarians conquered and destroyed the civilization of Incas, Mayas, Aztecs, and Native American Indians. The culture, religion and civilization of Incas and Mayas was far more advanced than Spanish, Portuguese and Catholic civilizations. There were 90 million indigenous Indians in North America and South America during 1500 AD, around one-fourth population of the world, more than the whole population of West and East Europe. Spaniards and Anglo-Saxons massacred 90 million Indians during their occupation of North and South America. Had they not been massacred native Americans would have been more than 1,500 million in 2000 AD. The present population of unmixed indigenous people is around 60 million, and one third belongs to Incas.  There are more than 60 million mixed-Incas, and Mestizos in South America and Mexico. At least half of the landmass in North and South America and Australia shall be reserved for indigenous peoples. Hindu India will provide its military support to help realize this goal.






(0)(1004) 3rd Principle: Barbarian Threat


New Dark Age

LOOMING GLOBAL DARK AGE: Global Crime Syndicates, Drug Cartels, Terrorists, Mercenaries, Apocalyptic Religions, and Iconoclast fundamentalists represent the threat of barbarians to human civilization. Their role is similar to that of Devil in religion. Worldwide, civilization seems in many respects to be yielding to barbarism, generating the image of an unprecedented phenomenon, a global Dark Age, possibly descending on humanity. The rise of transnational corporations producing economic goods is increasingly matched by the rise of transnational criminal Mafia, drug cartels, and terrorist gangs, violently assaulting civilizations. Law and order the first prerequisite of Civilization appears to be evaporating in many civilizations.


Barbarian Threats

BARBARIAN THREAT TO CIVILIZATIONS: Throughout history, the constant battle has been going on between barbarians and civilizations. Mighty Civilizations trample the lands of the barbarians, and expel them and take over their lands and resources. Barbarians attack civilizations and if they succeed they massacre the males in the civilization and take over the lands and resources of the civilizations. Civilizations absorb the barbarian military technology, improvise upon it, and use it to conquer the lands of the barbarians. In the greater clash, the global real clash, between Civilization and barbarism, the world’s great civilizations with their accomplishments will hang together or hang separately. Civilizational allies should nip the evil of barbarians in the bud. The clash of the world outlook of civilizations and barbarians is the driving force of history. Civilizations should not allow the transfer of military technology to barbarians. The depopulation of barbarian civilizations to protect the civilized civilizations is moral, militarily expedient, and permissible under civilized Laws of Wars.


The sheer chaos paradigm of world affairs may become a reality. The global breakdown of law and order, rule by armed gangsters, failed states and increasing anarchy in many parts of the world. A global crime wave led by transnational Mafia and drug cartels, religious and civilizational violence, and rule by gun may prevail in much of the world.


RISE OF GLOBAL DRUG CARTELS: The vast size of the worldwide income of the organized crime and drug cartel influences the policy-making. The gross annual income of the organized crime is estimate at 1,000 billion a year and half of it generates in the United States. The gross income of the drug trafficking is 600 billion a year and half of it generates in United States.   


Modern Opium War

AFGHAN & BURMESE OPIUM: Drug dealers who finance election campaigns in United States determine United States foreign policy. Ninety-seven -97 percent of the opium is cultivated in areas controlled by the Taliban, the military group supported by Pakistan and United States. The production of Opium in Afghanistan jumped from 2310 tons in 1988 to 5,060 tons in 1999. While Burma-Myanmar produced in 1998 1,320 tons, and 10 percent less this year. The Afghanistan’s emergence as the leading producer confirms a trend toward concentrating drug production in fewer countries. Islamic threat to India is the result of non-involvement of Hindus in the global drug trade.


Drug Cartels Rule America and West:

OPIUM DETERMINES AMERICAN POLICY: American intervention in Cambodia and Laos during Vietnam War was influenced by the Drug trade in the Golden Triangle that includes Burma, North Thailand, South China, Laos, and Cambodia. American support to Islamic fundamentalism is influenced by the lobbying by Afghan and Pakistani Drug Cartels.  American prosperity is dependent on the $ 300 billion annual incomes generated by the Drug trade in the United States economy. Drug Cartels influence policy making at the White House and at the Capitol by judicious use of campaign donations and outright cash bribes to politicians, and officials. It is possible that one day Drug Cartels will determine who shall be the next President of the United States, or even next Pope. United States is not friendly to India because Indians and Hindus play no significant role in the Global Drug trade. China earns more than 70 billion dollars annually by global drug trade. Global drug trade is monopolized by Catholic and Sunni Drug cartels. India played leading in the Opium War against China. Drug Cartels own more than 2 trillion dollars in assets in the United States. India could earn more than $ 100 billion annually; it successfully intervenes militarily to disrupt the opium production and stockpiles in Afghanistan, Burma, Laos, and Cambodia. Drug trade can be effective instrument of warfare to destabilize the Western Civilization. Drug addiction is the Achilles Heel of the United States and Western Europe. Drug Cartels could become a potent weapon in civilizational warfare to undermine the preponderance of the West.  Heroin and Cocaine is peaceful nuclear weapon that can destroy the Western civilization. India, China, and Pakistan could join forces to convert the Western civilization into drug addicts to permanently damage industrial and technical supremacy of the West.


Crush Chinese  & Afghan Drug Trade

DRUG WARFARE IS SIVA’S WEAPON: Hindu God of Destruction is also the God of Drugs and narcotics. The global drug cartels can damage the dominance of the Western nations. Heroin and Cocaine Bombs would be more effective than nuclear weapons against Western civilization. China has launched the Opium War against the West. Casino has become the Great Bison for Red Indian Tribes in America. Opium is the great weapon for Chinese and Sunni drug Cartels. India financed its initial industrial modernization at the end of Nineteenth Century, China has financed its industrial modernization in 1980s and 1990s by Opium and Heroin. Islamic Fundamentalism aims to finance its conquest of the world by Drug trade. Lure of Gold led to the destruction of the ancient world in North America and South America. The lure for the Gold provided the impetus of the Catholic Crusades and conquest of the New World. The $600 billion annual income of the global drug trade determines the foreign policies of many Western countries, China, Pakistan, Mexico, and most of the Islamic nations. India should use military force to prosecute the ruling Junta in Burma, and Afghanistan to disrupt Chinese and Muslim domination of the Global Opium-Heroin Trade. India should use armed forces to secure for Indians its share of $200 billion annual income from global drug trade. French courts convicted Gen. Manuel Noriega and his wife in absentia of laundering $2.7 million in drug profits through French banks for Colombia's drug cartel in 1988 and 1989. The French courts gave them both 10-year jail sentences and ordered them to pay $33 million in fines. This legal precedent allows Indian courts to convict the ruling Junta in Burma and Afghanistan and give them 10-year jail sentences.


UN REPORT ON AFGHAN OPIUM PRODUCTION: Benefiting from a bumper harvest and wider cultivation, Afghanistan more than doubled its production of opium in the last year (1998). Afghanistan now accounts for three-quarters, 75 percent of the world opium crop, according to the United Nations report the opium production in Afghanistan jumped to an estimated 5,060 tons from 2,310 last year. Afghanistan record output could flood Western Europe, the primary market for heroin refined from Afghan opium. Based on a customary 10-to-1 ratio for refining opium into heroin, the jump in production could mean as much as 270 additional tons of Heroin on the world drug market in coming months. Myanmar-Burma, which for years was the leading Opium producer, reaped an estimated 1,320 tons in 1998. Burma had reduced its output 8 to 10 percent over the last year. Small quantity of opium planted in Colombia, Laos, Thailand, and Pakistan. Afghanistan’s emergence as the leading producer confirms a trend toward concentrating drug production in fewer countries.  Colombia produces most of the Cocaine. Colombia has increased its cultivation of Coca leaf, while Peru and Bolivia have curtailed their planting. Opium harvested in 18 of the 31 provinces of Afghanistan. Ninety-seven (97) percent of the Afghan opium is cultivated in areas controlled by the Taliban, the militant Islamic movement that dominates Afghanistan, and supported by Pakistan and the United States. During Taliban, rule Afghan farmers increased the planting of more poppies in 43 percent more acreage than last year. Taliban actively encourages the cultivation of poppy as a cash crop and even levies an agricultural tax.





(0)(1004) 4th Principle: Changing Weapon Systems


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights

Geopolitics of Weapons

GEOPOLITICS OF WEAPONS SYSTEMS: Diplomats should realize the limits of Diplomacy and the limited role diplomacy plays in the rise and fall of civilizations. Inventor of new Weapon System can contribute more towards the rise and fall of civilization than the Princes and Diplomats. Diplomats should learn to read the geopolitical trends that transcend Machiavellian politics. Diplomats should not embark upon grandeur real-politic schemes much more than the geo-politic potential of their nation states. Leaders of the major civilizations alone should play major role in world arena.


Revolution in Weaponry

Rise and fall of world civilizations and Great Powers is the result of revolution in weaponry and warfare. This age of Ballistics is ending, and world is entering a fundamentally new period, the Age of Precision-Guided Munitions (PGMs), the smart-weapons that will antiquate the way of making war. Revolution in Modern Warfare is upon us. Friedman’s ‘the Future of War’ beautifully explains the manner American innovation of precision-guided munitions will result in the end of the age of tanks, aircraft carriers, and manned bombers. American PGM revolution itself ends the American domination of the seas and the economic preponderance of maritime nations. American military innovations are digging the grave of American Sea power. No amount of diplomatic finesse can halt the decline of American Sea power. The total destruction of global maritime economic infrastructure with the use of anti-ship cruise missiles by the coalition of major land powers will not violate post-Kosovo Laws of Wars.


Wars will take place. While warfare will continue to dominate and define the international system, the dramatic transformation is underway in the manner in which world wages a war. Precision-guided munitions (PGM) correct their course after firing. The Precision- guided munitions innovation ranks with the introduction of the Phalanx, the War chariots, and the Firearms Guns and cannons, as a defining moment in human history. The phalanx catapulted Greece to glory. The war chariot led to Aryan invasions of Egypt, Babylon, Mesopotamia, and built Persian Empire. The cannons equipped war ships created Maritime Empires. The firearm-guns allowed the Europeans to conquer Red Indians. Horse-riding shooters of arrows while galloping created Mongol Empire extending from Pacific coast to German frontier on Danube.


It took centuries for firearms to move from the periphery of the battlefield to the core. There is a deep chasm between the advent of technology and its implementation in doctrine and strategy. In due course, the older technologies of armor, manned aircraft, and aircraft carriers will pass away. This process is underway, but the new technologies can only supplement and not yet supplant existing technologies. We are speaking of a generation-long shift. Aircraft Carriers and tanks will become obsolete due to the American innovation of PGMs, but no alternative weapon system exists to replace them today, so they will continue to play significant role for some time.


New PGM Age

On the eve of 2000 AD, we are witnessing the end of a five-hundred-year epoch, the epoch of Maritime Europe, the epoch of Sea powers, the epoch of guns, cannons and tanks, the epoch of battleships & Aircraft Carriers. The 2000 AD is the beginning of a new epoch the epoch of precision-guided munitions, the epoch of land powers, the epoch of IT & PGM equipped Smart Mobile Educated Infantry.


Ship Cannons' Role in Colonial Empires

The great event for which the historians remember the twentieth century was the collapse of the European imperial colonial system. It began with the cannon equipped ships and disputes of the Spain and Portugal during the 15th century and ended with the two world wars. Nearly five hundred years of history, a history written by European warriors and merchants came to close. Soviet Union was the great Eurasian power that had managed for the first time to unite eastern and central Europe under a single rule, after the Mongol Empire. The ongoing global conflict of Land powers versus Sea powers is the major driving force of human history. Sea powers United States and NATO remained militarily vulnerable to Eastern Bloc tank invasion throughout the Cold War period. The Clinton’s Doctrine that justifies the NATO intervention in foreign lands based on a wrong premise that United States Air Force can defeat major land powers because of sir superiority.


The argument that war is obsolete because of growing global economic interdependence is unsupportable. World War I broke out because global economic interdependence was very high, and Germany did not have its fair share of global trade. The precision-guided munitions and anti-ship cruise missiles allow the major lands powers to sink more than 90 percent of major merchant fleets, fishing trawlers, barges and petroleum tankers in cost effective manner. Vasca da Gama’s ship cannons in 1502 allowed the sinking of all coastal Asian merchantmen, to monopolize the maritime trade in Indian Ocean. Land powers can end the Age of Sea powers by sinking major Western civilian Merchantmen, Fishing Trawlers, and Oil Tankers. The intercontinental railways can provide the necessary transportation of goods across the continents of Euro-Asia and Africa. World-wide destruction of civilian shipping, fishing and maritime infrastructure will enrich land powers at the cost of sea powers, and is permissible under post-Kosovo Laws of War. India, China and Russia could align to sink 95 percent of world civilian merchantmen, ships, trawlers, barges, boats, and tankers to ground global maritime trade. It will result in massive investments in developing intercontinental railway network to provide mass-transportation of goods and people in Europe, Asia and Africa. It will make India, China, and Russia to become richer than United States and Western Europe. Land powers must not miss this geopolitical opportunity for permanently damaging the maritime civilizations and economic domination of the maritime nations. An investment of $10 billion in anti-ship cruise missiles will cause more than $20 trillion worth economic damages in the Western world, and add $5 trillion in GNP to India, Russia, and China within 2 years. It is a win-win situation.


World understands the Great powers by their technology. The walled cities of ancient eastern Mediterranean, the civil engineering of Rome, came to symbolize their power. Each was unprecedented and each unique to its particular civilization. Steam engine defined British culture, the very texture of what it meant to be British. American civilization is also founding itself on the unprecedented technology of the computer and Internet. The computer does not deal with thought as the contemplation of the good or the pursuit of beauty. The computer expresses the quintessential pragmatic, non-philosophical spirit. More than auto or television, the Internet-computers redefines both thought and daily life. It will also redefine war. Internet has created a global village. Computers and Internet generates wealth by Ideas only. India and United States shall be the leading economic, military and political power in the information age. Shortage of lands and lack of natural resources will not hamper India’s quest for its place under the sun in the Internet age. War’s encounters the technological revolution of the information age, the Internet, the computer, and new weapon technologies to redefine the manner the national power of Great powers.


Goliath Defeated by David's Projectiles

David’s defeat of Goliath with a sling, in principle is not different from an air strike by an aircraft firing antitank missiles. Slings and antitank missiles are weapons originating in the politics of the moment and designed to influence political life. However, in addition to being political, both are also technical events. In the tenth century BC, maritime power Philistines had seized the coastal plains of the Levant, driving the Israelites into poorer hill country of the interior. Israelites represented land power. Heavy bronze-armor and iron spears were the central and immutable basis for military power. The key to Philistine military power was industrial strength, which also increased the power of their economy, a case of ancient industrial-military synergy.


Goliath’s task, his offensive mission, was to hurl the javelin and cut with the spear. He had to carry over 220 pounds of brass mail and a shield.  The armor was purely parasitic. It did not increase his ability to carry out his offensive mission. David could die, if he wandered into Goliath’s kill zone. David himself was the weapons platform, providing mobility, target acquisition and fire control. The weapon was a sling, the projectile was a pebble, a radically new system that was light but capable of long range and great accuracy.


Geopolitical Lessons: The geopolitical lessons are as follows:


New Innovations look Less Sophisticated

(1) New technology frequently appears less sophisticated than old technology. In fourteenth century, guns appeared to be frail against fortification. In the twentieth century, the battleship appeared to be apex of technology while the aircraft that flew against it seemed flimsy and primitive.


Life Cycle of Weapons Systems

(2) Each weapon system or general culture of weapon has a life cycle. It begins with the simple purity of the offensive and culminates in a weapon system overwhelmed by its own defensive measures. In the end, the effort required to defend the weapons dwarfs the offensive power of the weapon.


Limits of Usefulness of Weapons

(3) Weapon systems reach their limits of usefulness when the cost of defending them is so great that it precludes purchasing other necessary weapons or cripples the economy.


Illusions of Victory

(4) Victory in war breeds the illusion that existing weapons systems will always be effective. At its high point, just before the disaster, the last generation’s technology appears invincible. Parasitization is always under way. The pace of counter-measures and the ability to design defenses against counter-measures determine the length of the life cycle. A successful military is one that can constantly overthrow old weapons and doctrine and integrate new ideas and personnel without social upheaval.


Doctrine of Relentless Offensive

(5) The technologies that succeed in defeating the previous reigning weapons system share one characteristic, a simplification of warfare, returning to the heart of warfare, the relentless offensive.


Death of Stealth Bombers

Serbs brought down two stealth bombers during recent NATO bombing raids on Serbia. The B-2 stealth Bomber, which in order to carry a destructive payload of about twenty-five tons, needs defensive measures costing over $1 billion each. NATO bombing of Kosovo did not prove the superiority of the NATO air power. Kosovo war signaled the end of the age of expensive manned bombers. It signaled the end of the age of expensive air power.


Immobilized Heavy Armored Cavalry

The weight and cost of defensive apparatus the medieval knight became immobilized. Then with the abolition of the personal armor a social revolution in military took place. India provided more than 3,000,000 soldiers for the allied forces during the Second World War.


The Soviet Union’s illusion that ICBMs and tanks were strategically decisive led to its disaster. The monster ICBMs became technologically obsolete. The 5000 tank force diverted scarce economic resources. India’s new tactical nuclear weapons warhead designs may be superior to that of the Soviet Union. When the Soviets insisted on building some 5000 tanks a year during the 1960s, down to 3500 in 1989, they were forcing capital investment in steel, engines, and coal industries past their price.


The expensive Air defense system on the aircraft carrier battle groups is a sign that carrier is now at enormous risk from its enemies. As a weapon moves towards senility, it continues to function, but its effectiveness declines and its cost soars until caring for it become an unbearable burden.


Lessons of Afghan Mountain Warfare

The military lessons of war of Afghan Mujahideens in Afghanistan War against Soviet troops, and against Indian forces in Kargil War in Kashmir, Indicates that a revolution is underway in High Mountain Warfare. Mercenaries motivated by the greed of loot, equipped with modern man-carried missiles and modern guns can pin down the regular troops. The future lies in the drafting university students to provide compulsory military service for light mobile infantry. Light mobile-armed infantry shall be equipped with PGMs, shoulder launched missiles, all-terrain vehicles, GPS location indicators, pagers, cellular phones.


Black Powder

Black powder, an explosive made from charcoal, sulfur, and saltpeter, creates a powerful explosion. Only in fourteenth century, the military application of this chemical became apparent. One was a simple explosion to destroy strong fortification. Explosives used in cannons and in guns. Cannons allowed Ottoman Turks to conquer Byzantine Empire. Turks used guns to conquer India.


Ship Cannons

Ship Cannons allowed Europeans to establish colonial empires. Only large countries could build more and better ships. It allowed Britain to replace France as dominant colonial power. Holland started the colonial race. Bigger Portugal overtook Holland. Spain beat Portugal in the colonial race. France beat Spain. United States replaced Britain as the dominant maritime power.


Three Weapons Platforms

Three principal weapons platforms emerged between the American Civil War and the end of the World War I:

(1) BATTLESHIP: Powered by coal and then by oil it fired huge projectiles to destroy other ships and for shore bombardment, to project power to the colonies.

(2) TANK: Powered by petroleum it is an anti-infantry weapon and a platform for transporting infantry.

(3) BOMBER: Powered by petroleum it delivered its explosive charge by dropping it.


Weapon Platforms in WW

These three weapons platforms dominated the military world between 1914 and 1941, and with the substitution of aircraft carriers for the battleship, continue to dominate the battlefield today. The basic task of the weapons platform is to carry the projectiles into the range of the target. From World War II onwards the availability of petroleum has determined the outcome of battles, campaigns and wars. Petroleum determined Hitler’s strategy in World War II. Patton’s drive into Germany in 1944 halted by a lack of oil. The threat to the world oil supply led the United States into Persian Gulf War of 1990-91.  


US thrust on Weapons' Innovation

American decision was to move from mass production of weapons to innovative technology. Due to innovations, American defense research and development became a terrific goad to American industry. The 1990s saw a surge of American technology transfers from defense to the civilian sector, reminding us of the 1950s. The transformation of fire-control systems, extending range and precision beyond what the unaided or minimally aided eye could achieve was one indication of the technical revolution that was taking place. Another, far more dramatic and historically significant was the introduction of a non-ballistic projectile, a projectile whose trajectory was not determined at the time of explosion in the tube but during the flight itself. Smart projectiles maneuver to the target, using television cameras, lasers, and radio signals. New projectile does not follow the law of ballistics. In theory, it could not miss a target, as it could readjust to the evasive maneuvers of the target. Theoretically, there is no distance limit on the cruise missile.


DELIVERY OF PROJECTILE EXPLOSIVE: The purpose of weapon system is the to deliver projectile and explosive to the enemy target. Cannon delivered explosives to destroy fortifications. Archery delivered arrow-projectile to kill the human target from a distance. The purpose of elephant force was to break down the doors of forts. The purpose of tanks is to deliver projectile explosives on enemy targets. The purpose of Ship-cannons and battleships was to deliver projectiles to enemy coastlands worldwide. The purpose of aircraft carriers is to use aircraft to drop bombs on the enemy targets located deep in the interior. The purpose of bomber aircraft is to drop explosives on the enemy. The offensive of Infantry is to fight the enemy in combat. The offensive role of the Airforce is to drop explosives on the enemy targets. The offensive role of the Navy is to deliver explosives on the enemy coastlands. The offensive components of weapons platforms are not very expensive. The counter-measures to the weapon-platforms lead to counter-counter-measures that attach expensive defensive measures to the offensive-weapons platforms. The weapons system becomes obsolete when the defensive add-ons over-burden the weapons platforms.  


Mobile Infantry

MOBILE INFANTRY: Aryan war chariots allowed vast mobility to the arrow shooting charioteers to shoot enemy from distance. War chariots as armor allowed the dispersion of foot soldiers. Elephant force provided the armor defense to the soldiers; it acted as tanks to disperse the foot soldiers. Elephant played the armor role before the invasions of Alexander the great. The Mongols perfected the art of shooting at full gallop. Saddled horse riding warrior expanded the operational range of the Mongol Infantry. The development of all-terrain vehicles, GPS location technology, PGMs herald the age of educated super soldiers, and armed mobile infantry. Like Mongol army horse-riders the mercenary armed mobile infantry will dominate Eurasian and African continent. Ship equipped with cannons acquired the global mobility to project imperial force over coastlands worldwide. The terrorists, drug cartels, Islamic fundamentalists are acquiring the similar global mobility to destabilize nations and to impose fundamentalist social order. The purpose of the ballistic missile is to deliver explosive projectile on the enemy targets. The purpose of cruise missile is to deliver a smart explosive projectile on the enemy target, and it is smart as it maneuvers to seek the targets after the launch. Amphibious landing force allows the transport and delivery of infantry soldiers on the enemy front-line. The deployment of new weapons system that allow the soldier transcend the geographic limitations and project force at vast area leads to world empire. The PGM-armed light mobile infantry will create new empires in Afro-Eurasian continent. The development of smart lethal cruise missiles will end the age of expensive tanks, expensive bombers, and expensive aircraft carriers. The new purpose of the Air force and Navy will be to transport PGM-armed light mobile infantry to the enemy frontiers. The air-combats dogfights and ship-to ship combats will no longer be major objective of the Air Force and Navy, as anti-aircraft and anti-ship operations can be performed by anti-aircraft missiles and anti-ship missiles, more efficiently in very cost-effective manner. The PGMs will end the age of Sea Powers and herald a new age of land powers.


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights





(0)(1005) 5th Principle: Rewriting World History


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights

History Writing is Political Act

REWRITING HISTORY- FALSEHOOD Vs TRUTH- PATRIOTS Vs TRAITORS: Writing of history is a political act. Every civilization has a historical perspective that helps develop a consensus about world-view of the civilization. Every age rewrites history. History writing is an art of recreating the past in the light of the victor. History writing is a very effective instrument of civilizational politics. Confessions may be good for the soul, but making a clean breast of prior calamities can be dangerous for a dictatorial regime. Communist history is sheer propaganda. Without clear-cut historical perspective, no nation can develop long-term foreign policy. Hindu world-view should help rewrite Indian history to highlight the bright side of Hindu civilization. Indian history rewritten from a Hindu perspective will guide 850 million Hindus in the next Millenium. Hindu history of Asia will empower Hindus in conceptualizing civilizational expansionism in the next Millenium. Indian history written by Christians, Muslims and Communists can not do justice to Hindu aspirations. Hindu history of Greater India helps define Hindu destiny of Hindu civilization in the next Millenium.


Kemalism in Pakistan

SECULAR PAKISTAN: Punjabi Prime Minister introduced Islamic Shariat Law in Pakistan. The new ruler of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf, who assumed the title of Chief Executive after the Oct 12,1999 coup that toppled Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, expressed his respect for Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He said, 'As a model, Kemal Ataturk did a great deal for Turkey. I have his biography. We will see what I can do for Pakistan." Kemal ruled Turkey for 15 years. Ataturk is widely respected in Pakistan but is criticized by fundamentalist Islamists because of his secular policies. The Jamaat-i-Islami has threatened the imposition of secularism in Pakistan in the name of Kemalism. Jamaat said that Pakistan's destiny is Islamic Revolution. Rewriting history of the Islam would organize secular forces in the Islamic world to overthrow the dominance of Islamists. Kemalism should be promoted to check the Islamic menace. 


FALL OF SOVIET UNION: Chinese Communists are convinced that Michael Gorbachev’s decision in 1987 to allow candid probing of Soviet history helped speed its downfall. Hindu India should rewrite Indian history to propagate Hindu and Buddhist civilizational expansion in Southeast Asia and Hindu Aryan expansion in the Arabian Peninsula. Buddhist Chinese history will demonize Sun Yatsen, Chiang Kai sheik and Mao. Hindu Indian history shall demonize Emperor Ashoka, Aurangzeb, Christian rulers, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nehru. Orthodox Russian history will demonize Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin. Serb history shall demonize Catholic Pope.  The public removal of Lenin’s statue represented the fall of Communism in the Soviet Union. Similarly, the removal of all statues of Mahatma Gandhi will represent the fall of Congress and Socialism in India. The removal of all statues of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Turkey will represent the fall of Kemalism in Turkey.


Christian Mao was a Mass Killer

MAO & REWRITING CHINESE HISTORY: Chinese historical scholarship, journalism, and public speech must still adhere to that 1981 document, the “Resolution on Certain Questions in the History of Our Party since the Founding of the People’s Republic of China.” Communists force Chinese journalists and historians to reflect the spirit of the 1981 resolution that the Anti-Rightist struggle was a necessary one. In the Anti-Rightist, campaign of 1957, more than half a million people purged, and branded as enemies of the revolution. Mao is the undisputed founding father of the Communist revolution and remains the essential source of the Communist party’s claims to legitimacy. Yet, Mao was also the source of bizarre and sometimes murderous campaigns that crippled the development of China. In the Anti-Rightists campaign of 1957 and the follow up upheavals, more than 60 million Buddhists starved to death. It was much like the mass murders unleashed by Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot in Cambodia, and Joseph Stalin’s murder of 30 million Orthodox Christians. Mao’s economically idiotic Great Leap Forward, in the late 1950’s caused the famine deaths of tens of millions of non-Communist Buddhists. The Cultural Revolution unleashed a reign of terror stretching from 1966 to Mao’s death, in 1976.


1981-DOCUMENT OF DENG XIAOPING: Deng Xiaoping who created today’s more open and vibrant China, was the first leader to wrestle with the Mao problem. As he gained power in the years after Mao’s death, Deng was intent on preserving stability while reviving the economy through market reforms. However, even as he pointed China on the capitalist road, Deng knew he could not afford to repudiate a Communist legacy that was, after all his own foundation of power. Least of all could he take down the big Mao portrait in Tiananmen Square, so Deng presided over an artful revision of official history. Since he could not afford to jettison the Communist legacy, he set out to explain the most glaringly disastrous events as aberrations. The 1981 during Cultural Revolution document say that Mao was a gross violator of his own thought. These erroneous these document say were inconsistent with the system of Mao Zedong thought. The 1981 resolution says that the 1957 anti-Rightist purges were definitely needed. It shows that the present Chinese leadership is not repentant on the massacre of 60 million Buddhists by starvation. It explains that Chinese supported the massacre of 2 million Buddhists by Pol Pot. It is necessary to note that Jyoti Basu Bangla chief minister does not criticize Pol Pot for murdering 2 million Buddhists in Cambodia. 


Mahatma Gandhi a British Spy

GANDHI & REWRITING INDIAN HISTORY: Mahatma Gandhi remains 50 years after his death, the key-source of the Congress Party’s claims to legitimacy. Privately many congress leaders acknowledge that Mahatma Gandhi was not a Mahatma as he used to sleep naked with minor under-teen girls. Scholars argue that Mahatma Gandhi was a British spy hired to sabotage the dominance of Punjab and Bengal in Indian Freedom movement. Political leaders agree that Mahatma Gandhi partitioned India and caused the death of Hindus in the communal riots that ensued and prohibited the swift response of Indian forces. Mahatma Gandhi like Mao Tse Tung was an evil person, who caused fundamental damage to Hinduism and India. However, subsequent governments portrayed him as father of the nation, because the continued legitimacy of Congress party depends on the historical legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. Political destruction of the historical legacy of Mahatma Gandhi is a moral imperative for the rejuvenation of modern India. New political movements shall arise that would demolish the historical legacy of Mahatma Gandhi to permanently damage the legitimacy of the Congress Party. In the Ramayana epic, God Rama failed to kill Ravana even when he cut his heads many times. Then Sugriva advised Rama that he should burn the ambrosia residing in the navel of Ravana then Ravana’s severed heads would not regrow. Similarly, to check the menace of the Congress Party, demolish the historical role of Mahatma Gandhi, and Jawaharlal Nehru. Anti-Gandhi and anti-Nehru rewriting of Indian history is a legitimate political instrument to capture political power in democratic India.


ROLE OF BUDDHISTS & HINDUS IN POLITICS: Present Chinese regime does not repent for the murder of many million Chinese Buddhists, during the Anti-Rightist purges of 1957. The 1981 document says that the anti-Rightist purges of 1957 were definitely needed. Chinese brutal crackdown on Falun Gong, the Buddhist spiritual movement shows that China is an evil Empire. Indian Communist party does not criticize the massacre of 2 million Cambodian Buddhists at the hands of Pol Pot.


Karl Marx a Prostitute Philosopher

KARL MARX A PROSTITUTE PHILOSOPHER: Every Marxist that left Soviet Union to any Western land became overnight practicing Orthodox Jew, even when they upheld the Karl Marx dictum that religion is the opiate of the masses. Joseph Stalin ordered the executions or deportation of more than 30 million Orthodox Christians. Mao Zedong caused the death of many million Buddhists. Pol Pot murdered 2 million Buddhists in Cambodia. Nehru also launched Anti-Right purges in India, to weed out fundamentalist Hindus from positions of power. Was Karl Marx a rabid Zionist iconoclast like Prophet Joshua who produced a philosophic concoction to develop a secular doctrine to massacre non-Judaic and non-Catholic civilizations? If the evidence point to such a conspiracy, then should religious government massacre the Communists in return? Is Communism a religion of Devil? Should millions of Chinese Marxists, socialists purged, persecuted, sent for re-education, or burnt alive on stakes, in anti-Left purges by the new Buddhist government of China?


China Is Under Foreign Occupation

CHINA IS UNDER FOREIGN RULE: Chinese civilization under Communist rule is not a free and independent country. China is under a colonial rule of Westernized Communists. Communism is a Religion of Devil worshippers. Communist party has no mass base and is an oppressive regime, trampling the fundamental rights of the Chinese people. The religions of the world have a moral responsibility to their God to help Chinese people overthrow the Communist Evil Empire. United States should help the confiscation of the illegal assets of the Communist party leaders in foreign banks. The fundamental objective of India’s foreign policy is to overthrow Communism in China. India aims to install a Buddhist regime in China. Dalai Lama shall become the Chairman of China. Li Honghzhi shall become the President of China. India should transfer Neutron Bombs to Taiwan to help Taiwan defend against Communist aggression. India and United States should join forces to overthrow Communist party rule in China.  An investment of $100 million can overthrow the Communist regime in China. United States should confiscate the foreign assets and deposits of Communist party leaders. Religions of God should join forces to overthrow the Evil Communist regime in China. Falun Gong has 100 million followers in China. India and United States should recognize Li Honghzhi as the President of the Provisional Government of China.  After the fall of communism in china, India and America shall help Buddhist undertake massive Anti-Left purges in China to remove Communists from all positions of power and influence.


Li Hongzhi as Future President

BUDDHIST GOVERNMENT OF CHINA: Buddhist China and Hindu India shall be close civilizational allies. India should compile a new History of China from Buddhist perspective to develop a common Chinese world-view.


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights






(0)(1006) 6th Principle: No Permanent Enemy


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights


No Permanent Enemy or Friend

NO PERMANENT CIVILIZATIONAL ENEMY: Every civilizational promotes its interest and has neither a permanent civilizational enemy, nor a permanent civilizational friend.  Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Sunni, Shiite, Hindu, Buddhist, and Inca-Maya civilizations enter temporary civilizational alliances to promote their civilizational interests. There is no single Christian or Islamic civilization. Catholic civilization aligned with Sunni civilization to put Orthodox Christians in Greece, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, and Lebanon under Muslim rule to settle their civilizational disputes with Eastern Church. More Shiite Muslims have died at the hands of Sunni Muslims than at the hands of non-Muslims. Catholic Church is the principal enemy of Eastern Church. It is likely that Serb will start the religious word war by dropping a thermonuclear device stolen from Russia on St. Paul’s Cathedral in Vatican. Catholic-Protestant war of religions will ignite in the twenty-first century to rival the Catholic massacre of Protestants during wars of Counter Reformation. Leaders of Protestant Church have realized that Denominations should focus on Anti-Papacy the core principle of Reformation, to boost active membership in Protestant Church. Shiite Iran seeks to conquer Saudi Arabia. Sunni Taliban militants in Afghanistan periodically massacre Shiite Afghans. Bangladesh and Pakistan desire to conquer Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, and Yemen. The non-Semite brown Egyptians who constitute a majority in Egypt, hate Semite Arabs. Brown Egyptians desire resurrecting the religion of Goddess Isis. The civilized Egyptians, Libyans, Algerians, Syrians, Palestinians, and Lebanese hate barbarian uncivilized nomadic Bedouins of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, and Oman. Barbarian Saudi desert roaming Bedouin horse-riding invaders destroyed the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Iraq.   


Egypt & Iran Claim Saudi Arabia:

Given a chance, the non-Arab brown Egyptian race will conquer and colonize Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, to resurrect the pre-Islamic religion of Goddess Isis. Hindu India has no permanent civilizational enemies, and no permanent civilizational friends.  Hindu civilizational will exploit the animosity among Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant civilizations to promote Hindu civilizational interests. Hindu civilization will support Shiite Muslim civilization to check the fundamentalist expansionism of the Sunni civilization. Hindus shall exploit inter-Christianity and inter-Islamic conflicts to promote Hindu civilizational interests. Hindus shall exploit the mortal combat of Islamic and Christian civilizations to expedite the Catholicization of Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Algeria, and Libya.


India is Civilizational Balancer

HINDU BALANCER CIVILIZATION: Christian Civilization split into three warring Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox civilizations. Islamic Civilization split into two warring Sunni and Shiite civilizations. Buddhist civilization split into Atheist, Confucian, Taoist, Shinto, and Hinayana civilizations. Hindu Civilization on the contrary has consolidated under a single monolithic diverse Civilization.  Hindu India has emerged as the civilizational Balancer in the global civilizational balance of power. As a single sect, Hindus outnumber the Catholic, Sunni, and Buddhist sects. Hindu civilization is the Juggernaut, the Leviathan among warring civilizations of the world. Christianity has lost its military edge due to its split among Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox civilizations, the three warring civilizations in mortal combat with one another. Islam has lost its military edge due to its split into Sunni and Shiite civilizations. The rise of Afghan barbarian syndrome will overthrow the monarchy in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and bring the Islamic heartland under Aryan control. Aryan India may not object to the Afghan, Kurd, Iran and Pakistani conquest of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, U.A.E., Bahrain, Oman, and Yemen.  Hindu India may also support Holy Pope led Crusades to Catholicize Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Indonesia and Malaysia. Hindus may support Catholics to impose Trinity Godhead concept over the civilizations of the sons of Abraham. Hindus may enter civilizational alliance with Muslims to keep Christianity out of Asia and Africa. Hindus may align with the animist Tribal African to empower black Africans reject Islam and Christianity, the religions imposed by slave traders. Tribal Africans worship the version of Goddess Isis. Hindus may align with Inca, Maya, Aztec, Native American, Amerindian, Aborigine, and Eskimo civilizations to roll back Christianity among pre-Columbus civilizations of North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Hindus may align with Protestants to roll back Catholicism and Hispanic culture in South and Central America. Hindus may align with Orthodox Eastern Church to convert Catholics in India, China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Burma into Orthodox Christians.  Hindus may align with Atheist Communists in China to nationalize Catholic Church to deny Papal claims to be the Supreme head of Catholics in Asia.  Hindus may align with Shiite Iran to convert Sunni Muslims. Hindus may align with Chinese Mahayana Buddhists to merge Hinayana Buddhism of Burma, Thailand, and Sri Lanka in Mahayana Buddhism.


Shifting Civilizational Alliances:

CIVILIZATIONAL CHESS GAME: The civilizational geopolitics theory of International politics help avert the looming civilizational wars, by explaining to civilizational leaders that religious wars will bring doom to their respective civilizations. The civilizational theory helps Catholic and Sunni leaders realize the limits of their power. It helps understand the changes in the global civilizational balance of power. This book explains the various chess moves and the forecasts the checkmates after many moves. There is no inevitability of the civilizational war. The leaders of the false religions will ignite the global civilizational war to check the conversion of their womenfolk into superior religions.


Hindu Mercenary Militia:

HINDU MERCENARY ARMY: Indian regular armed forces shall not intervene in the Civilizational War. India should allow the public funding of Private Mercenary Armies (PMA). The retired army personnel shall join the PMA’s. The PMA’s chartered on lines of British East India Company, will finance its operations by sharing the loots and war-spoils. The PMA’s chartered to levy taxes, and to provide law and order, judiciary, and local self-government.


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights





(0)(1006) 7th Principle: Ancient vs. New Religions


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights


Warring Sons of Abraham

PERMANENT TUG OF WAR: An Eternal War has been going on between the ancient world of Goddess worshipping matriarchal civilizations and patriarchal civilizations of male Gods.


NUCLEAR POWER OF SONS OF BRAHAM: The populous Land Powers of Asia have acquired the technology of nuclear weapons.  Protestant and Catholic nations should learn to treat with respect India and China as Hindus and Buddhists represent half of the world population. The sons of Abraham should learn to treat with respects the sons of Braham. The Priests of the Abraham should no longer condemn the Hindu and Buddhist religions as religions of Devils, because Devi stands for the Almighty Goddess in India. The sons of Abraham worship their God in male form. The sons of Braham in India and sons of Tao in China worship their almighty God in female form. Sons of Goddess and sons of Braham have never destroyed any religion and civilization by force. The sons of Abraham and the Catholic and Protestant civilizations have nothing to fear from the sons of Braham. However, the Sons of Abraham must realize that the sons of Braham and Sons of Goddess have nuclear weapons and necessary military power to retaliate against foreign invasions. Sons of Braham and Goddess will not fear exercising their right of self-defense, to use nuclear weapons and neutron bombs to safeguard their civilization.


SONS OF ABRAHAM & SONS OF BRAHAM: The term ABRAHAM derived from a Sanskrit word BRAHAM. The term A-BRAHAM means Non-BRAHAM. The Sanskrit term BRAHAM means almighty god, as well as the Brahmin class of priests. The terms Abraham means the person who is the negation of Braham, either the negation of almighty Braham, or the negation of the Brhamin priests. It explains that the civilizations of the Sons of Abraham, are, were and will remain in Clash with the civilizations of the Sons of Braham. The Christians, Muslims and Jews belong to the civilizations of the Sons of Abraham. Rest of the world, including Hindus, Buddhists, Mayas, Aztecs, Incas, and worshippers of Goddess and followers of ancient and indigenous religions of ancient Egypt, Greece, Babylon, and tribal religions, belong to the civilizations of the Sons and Daughters of Braham. United States led the civilizations that are the sons of Abraham. United States is the principal power leading the coalition of Catholic, Protestant and Sunni Civilizations. Sunni nations represented by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Jordan, Tunisia, Bosnia, Turkey, and Albania accept the leadership of United States. India represents rest of the world. India leads the civilizations of Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Aztecs, Mayas, Incas and indigenous and tribal religions. Hindus and Buddhists represent more than half of the world population.


Asura Vs. Deva Wars:

ASURA VERSUS DEVA: The term ‘ASURA’ in ancient Veda, means a divine being with large body frame. Asura is the presiding deity in Iran. The Zoroastrian term for the Almighty God is AHURA MAZDA, is also called ASURA MAZDA, meaning Great Asura, or Great Divine Being. Zoroastrian The language of the Zoroastrian Scripture ZEND-AVESTHA is ancient Sanskrit, the language of Rig-Veda the first Veda. Zoroaster mockingly insulted INDRA-DEVA, the king of Hindu demi-gods. Zoroaster called INDRA DEVA an evil doer as Indra challenged the supremacy of Asura Divine Beings. ASSYRIA the ancient name of Syria meant the land of Asura. OSSIR the high Egyptian god is the same as ASUR. The term for SET, the Egyptian god that dethroned god OSSIR is similar to Sanskrit term SAT, meaning truth.


Devi Vs. Devil Wars

DEVI VERSUS DEVIL: Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians, and Muslims developed the concept of Devil because of their fear of the awsome power of the Goddess Devi. The theological basis of occidental Religions is to oppose the power of Goddess Devi. Jews used the term Devil to present the male version of the power of Goddess Devi. The Judaic term DEVIL derived from Sanskrit term DEVI meaning Goddess. The highest Egyptian Goddess was the Cow Goddess HATHOR. The Goddess of Earth in ancient Egypt was GAIA. The term GAIA derived from Sanskrit term GAIA, meaning cow. The same term is a popular Hindi term for cow. The concept of Great Mother derived from HATHOR, and GAIA. It explains that Devil represented with horns and earlier version of Devil was feminine.            T


Zoroaster Teacher of Moses, Jesus

WISDOM OF ZARATHUSTRA WILL SAVE THE WORLD: Zoroaster discovered the goods and evils of many peoples. There is no force on the earth greater than the force of good and force of evil. Many things that one people call good, another call ridiculous and shameful. Many things that in one civilization called evil, the other civilization honors it with purple colors. Men gave to themselves all what they call good and evil. Men did not find the good and evil at some place, they did take it from some one else. The idea of good and evil did not drop on them as voice from the heavens. Man himself is the value giver that is why he is a Man. The values are the result of value giving, without value giving the nutshell of existence will be hollow. India and United States should sit together and decide the values of the next Millenium.


Wherever one finds life, one finds the will to power. Even in the servant one finds the will to be master.  That the weaker should serve the stronger is the persuasive will of the weaker, which wants to be master over the still weaker. A smaller gives it self up to the greater so that it can have joy in its power over the smallest. The greatest gives it self up and risks for the sake of power its very life. Weaker west European have joined under the banner of the United States to taste domination over smaller nations, that they had to give up after the disintegration of the colonial empires. United States the greatest power on earth is risking the very life of the United States, to maintain its domination in the world. United States could disintegrate if it fails in its attempt at world domination. It shall be disastrous for the United States to use its military and economic power to pursue Vatican’s goal for the Catholic domination over the world religions.  


Opposing Catholic Domination of World

INDIA OPPOSES CATHOLIC DOMINATION OF WORLD: India might support the American domination of the world, but will oppose the Catholic domination of the world. Russia may accept the domination of secular American. Orthodox Russia may exercise the nuclear deterrent to scuttle the American Holy Empire. India and United States may cooperate in overthrowing atheist Communist rule in China. India and United States will be adversaries if United States supports the Communist persecution of the Buddhists to propagate Christianity in China. India will lead the coalition of Hindu, Buddhist, Orthodox, and Indigenous Tribal civilizations. United States will lead the coalition of Catholic, Protestant and Sunni civilizations. The world survive the Third World War because both India and the United States are English-speaking, multi-ethnic diverse  


Reagan-Pope Conspiracy

REAGAN DOCTRINE AND FALL OF COMMUNISM IN CHINA: United States and India should join forces to create a joint Super Power of Religions to bring down the atheist anti-people oppressive Communist regime of China. United States should not support the massacre of Buddhists in China, hoping that the destruction of Buddhism will promote Christianity in China. Once United States allow Communists to destroy Buddhist religion, then what will stop the Vietnamese Communists to destroy Christianity in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.


Papacy Causing Ethnic Cleansings:

PAPACY CAUSE OF ETHNIC CLEANSING: ‘Until, the war got underway Bosnian Muslims were highly secular in their outlook, viewed themselves as Europeans, and were the strongest supporters of a multicultural society and state. Historically, communal identities in Bosnia had not been strong.  Serbs /Croats, and Muslims lived peacefully together as neighbors; inter-group marriages were common; religious identifications were weak. It was said that Muslims were Bosnians who did not go to mosque, Croats were Bosnians who did not go to the cathedral, and Serbs were Bosnians who did not go to the orthodox Church.’(The Clash, p.269) The human disaster of Bosnia is the direct result of Papal and German interference in the affairs of Yugoslavia, as they conspired to carve out Catholic Croatia and Catholic Slovenia out of Yutgoslavia.  Vatican and Catholic support for Croatia included NATO support to the ethnic cleansing and the violations of human rights and the laws of war by Croatia. The Catholic nations directly supported in 1995 the Croatian Army’s attack on the Serbs of Krajina, who had been there for centuries, and drove thousands of them into exile in Bosnia and Serbia. Germany supplied hundreds of military volunteers for the Croatian Army.


Ignoring the massive Croatian violations of the U.N. arms embargo, the United States provided military training to the Croatians and authorized top-ranking retired U.S. generals to advise them. The U.S. and German governments gave the green light to the Croatian offensive into Krajina in 1995. American military advisers participated in planning this American-style attack on Krajina, and provided them intelligence from American spy-satellites. It proves that catastrophe caused in Yugoslavia, was created by Catholics and Protestants not by Muslims.


CATHOLICS IGNITED HINDU-MUSLIM & INDO-PAK CONFLICTS: Similarly, the Hindu-Muslim conflict in India and Kashmir caused by Catholic nations. Muslim nations do not cause India and Pakistan conflict, the Catholic and Protestant nations cause Indo-Pak conflicts. India, Pakistan, and Iran belong to the same Aryan race. Hindu and Islamic civilizations should explore a Global Hindu-Islamic alliance to keep Christianity out of Asia. The developing nexus between Catholics and Sunnis is not in the civilizational interests of Hinduism. India should promote Wahabi Islamic fundamentalists in Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia to overthrow pro-Western Muslim regimes in Turkey, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh should align to banish Catholic missionaries from the Subcontinent. Asia belongs to Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. India can rope in so-called rogue Islamic nations to develop a Global Anti-Catholic Front to banish Catholicism from Asia and Africa.  Nuclear Hindu India demands that Western Christian nations should pay reparation to India for partitioning India in 1947.  Catholics are the principal threat to Hindu, Buddhist, and Orthodox civilizations.


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights






(0)(1007) 8th Principle: Iconoclast Communism


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights


Communism is Jew World Plot

KARL MARX WAS A PROSTITUTE-PHILOSOPHER: Russian Jews remained fanatic Orthodox Jews and helped Bolsheviks destroy Eastern Christianity. Vatican Agents had hired Karl Marx write an Iconoclast atheist ideology, which may destroy Orthodox Czar and Eastern Christianity. Soviet Communism effectively destroyed Russian economy, and Russian Orthodox Church. Did Joseph Stalin secretly convert to Catholicism? Catholic Joseph Stalin perhaps murdered 30 million Orthodox Russians not because they were enemy of the Communist State but because they were devout Orthodox Christians. Jews became top leaders in Soviet Communist system, because they were more influential in the West than other ethnic Russians. Jews played a very important role in raping Russia during Soviets. Jews made billions in the recent massive flight of Russian capital to the Jew controlled Western financial system.


Communism is Iconoclast Zionism

CATHOLIC-COMMUNIST LINKAGES: The Catholic-Communist linkage explains that Christian Chiang Kaisheik handed over power to Communist Mao Tse-tung so that other Buddhist-Confucian warlords may not stake their claims. Similarly, Christian President Diem of Vietnam arrested Buddhist monks, sealed the Buddhist temples, seized the assets of the Buddhist temples, to guarantee that Buddhist Vietnamese will not take over power. Even when United States signed the withdrawal agreement with North Vietnam, it did not transfer power to the Buddhist Vietnamese who constituted 85 percent of the population. United States engineered coup overthrowing the Buddhist government of Prince Sihanouk, and then handed them over to Khmer Rouge. American coup disarmed the Buddhists and handed over the nation to well-armed Christian led Khmer Rogue. Christian President Diem introduced the policy of compulsory relocation of Buddhist South Vietnamese into newly built villages. The forced transfer of population has great similarity to Khmer Rogue transfer of population in Cambodia. Catholics have aligned with Communists in Asia to undermine Buddhism, unlike Poland where Catholics destroyed Communism. Hindu India will retaliate at civilizational level, if Catholic and Protestant civilization join forces with atheist Communists, in destroying Falun Gong in China. Catholic-Protestant support to Communist China against Falun Gong will start the Global Civilizational War. Then Hindu, Buddhist, Orthodox, and Indigenous Tribal Civilizations will enter in a War coalition to jointly wage wars against the coalition of Catholic, Protestant, and Sunni civilizations.


Devil's Emperor Theodosius

EMPEROR THEODOSIUS & PRESIDENT CLINTON: Roman Emperor Theodosius inflicted a deadly wound on the ancient religion of Egypt, Greece, Babylon, and Romans. The Roman Edict said that no Roman subject, whether magistrates or private citizens, however exalted or however humble maybe their rank and condition, shall in any place of worship an inanimate idol by the sacrifice of a guiltless victim. The acts of sacrificing and the practice of divination by the entrails of the victim declared a crime of high treason against the state, expiated only by the death of the guilty. The rites or Pagan superstition abolished as highly injurious to the truth and atrocious of religion. (J. Campbell, Occidental Mythology, p.393.) Theodosius the Great died in 395 AD and exactly fifteen years later the Visigoths, under Alaric ravaged Rome. The Dark Age began with Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius.


Kemal was a Spy of Vatican

ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF TURKEY: Christianized Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a Vatican implant to undermine the Islamic basis of Turkey. Westernized Kemalists have committed periodic genocide of Orthodox Christians Armenians and Sunni Kurds. India should support Islamic forces in Turkey. Secular, Westernized Turkey is not in the national interest of India. India should support Islamic fundamentalism in Turkey, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, to give a serious blow to Western influence in the Islamic world. The CIA had engineered the coup against King Faisal in Iraq, to install a Westernized, Saddam Hussain in power. India should provide military support to Sunni Kurds and Islamic Fundamentalists in Turkey to bring down the Westernized Kemalist Government of Turkey. Partition Turkey into two sovereign states, the Islamic State of Kurdistan, and the Islamic Turkey. The rise of Islamic states of Turkey and Kurdistan will drive a wedge in Catholic and Sunni alliance. Similarly, a fundamentalist Islamic regime in Saudi Arabia will transform Saudi Arabia into an archenemy of Western Christendom.


SLAVE TRADE AND RELIGION OF NEGROES: Arab and West Europeans used the Slave trade to destroy the great Black civilizations of West Africa to impose Islam and Christianity over Black races. Arab camel riding warriors massacred black and brown men from North Africa to impose Islam over ancient Black civilization of goddess Isis. Arab invaders became slave traders to make profit by selling African men they earlier killed during Islamic conquests. Slave trade sought to sell as slave, civilized Africans and to capture their women for Arab homes. No geographic barrier separates China from the barbarians of the Asian steppes in Outer Mongolia. Similarly, no geographic frontiers separated Black African civilizations from attacks by Arab barbarians.


Tribal Africa Worships Pharaoh's Goddess

ANCIENT AFRICA WORSHIPPED ISIS: The Advance Black civilization of West Africa was part of the Pharaoh’s Egyptian civilization and worshipped goddess Isis and Hathor and God Thot, Ossir and Horus. Black West African civilization and religion was superior to that of Semite Arab civilization and predated Islam by thousands of years. Historically, the black civilizations of Mali, Ghana, and Nigeria were richer than Arab civilization. Black African civilization was more advanced than Arab civilization as well as white European civilization. For thousands of years, the ancestors of black west Africans hired, bought and sold white West European slaves and Semite Arab slaves, in the open slave markets of North Africa.


Africans Rejects Islam & Christianity

BLACK AFRICANS REJECTING THE RELIGION IMPOSED BY SLAVE TRADERS: More than 50 percent population in Africa believes in traditional, indigenous tribal religion. They are neither Muslims nor Christians. Black Africans are rejecting Islam and Christianity as Slave traders imposed it on Africans. Indigenous pagan tribal African religion worships Goddess and is identical to Hinduism in religious practices. Nubians worship ancient Egyptian God and Goddess. India desires to bring pagan Africans into the fold of Hinduism. Hindus worship monkey god Hanuman, which Africans worship as Thot. Hindus worship elephant God Ganesha. Pagan African religion and Hinduism are identical. Africans believe that Black African religion and civilization was superior to that of Christianity and Islam. Hindu India shall aid Black Africans feel pride in their ancient religion and culture that we purposely destroyed by Christian and Muslim Slave traders. The civilization of Mali, was more advanced and wealthier than contemporary European Christian civilization. European Christians destroyed great African civilizations south of Sahara, just as they destroyed the civilizations of Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. Arab Muslims destroyed advance black African civilization in North Africa. The ancient Egyptian civilization was a civilization of Black and Brown races. India shall support pagan Africans, to capture political power in Southern Africa. Pagan African politicians should alone represent pagan Africa. There is not even a single ruler in Africa belonging to the Pagan civilization, even when pagans represent more than 50 percent of Africa’s population. Hinduism declares that Hinduism is paganism and accepts Pagan gods as part of Hindu pantheon of gods. Hindu India seeks to bring more than 100 million black Africans into the fold of Hinduism during the first decade of next century. It is no accident that highest Hindu God Shiva, God Rama, and Goddess Kali are all black. Hindu civilization will militarily support pagan black African civilization resurrect their ancient civilization and religion. Catholicism is the principal threat to black African pagan tribal civilization.


ANTI-CHRISTIANITY INDIA-CHINA ALLIANCE: Hindu and Buddhist civilizations shall declare a civilizational war against Catholics and Protestants, provided United States supports Communist suppression of Buddhist Law-Falun Gong sect. United States may support Communist massacre of Han Buddhists hoping it will expedite the Christian proselytizing in China. Communist Chinese leadership may tempt United States with an offer to promote a Christian leader in China, in exchange for Western support in the prosecution and suppression of Buddhists and Taoists in China. Hindu India will give counter-offers to Chinese communists to undermine Catholic-Communist nexus. Communist China does not accept that Pope is the real head of Chinese Catholic Church. Hindu India and Communist China can explore the possibility of evolving an anti-Catholic alliance in Asia. The trans-national allegiance of Catholics and Catholic priests presents some danger to national security.


EMPEROR THEODOSIUS & PRESIDENT CLINTON: Roman Emperor Theodosius inflicted a deadly wound on the ancient religion of Egypt, Greece, Babylon, and Romans. The Roman Edict said that no Roman subject, whether magistrates or private citizens, however exalted or however humble maybe their rank and condition, shall in any place of worship an inanimate idol by the sacrifice of a guiltless victim. The acts of sacrificing and the practice of divination by the entrails of the victim declared a crime of high treason against the state, expiated only by the death of the guilty. The rites or Pagan superstition abolished as highly injurious to the truth and atrocious of religion. (J. Campbell, Occidental Mythology, p.393.) Theodosius the Great died in 395 AD and exactly fifteen years later the Visigoths, under Alaric ravaged Rome. The Dark Age began with Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius.


NATO & Clinton's Evil Doctrine

CLINTON’S DOCTRINE AND NATO: Similarly, President Bill Clinton has declared that NATO forces will be used to intervene in civil wars in other countries throughout the world, even when the territorial integrity of the NATO members is not threatened. Clinton doctrine abolishes many doctrines of International Law. Clinton Law will take precedence over International Law and the United States. Christian President Bill Clinton is the new incarnation of Christian roman Emperor Theodosius. Roman Empire was then the largest military power of the world, similar to the present day United States. Barbarians would destroy the Empire of the United States within 15 years of the enactment of the Clinton Doctrine, before 2015. Barbarians had conquered Roman Empire, 15 years after the death of Emperor Theodosius.


Evil Super Power

EVIL EMPIRE: Due to the influence of the Vatican, the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant United States is perceived as an Evil Super Power by Hindu, Buddhist, Orthodox, and indigenous tribal civilizations.  There are only 60 million Catholics in the United States, about 23 percent of the population, many of them of Hispanic ancestry. Unless White Protestant Americans take the leadership of the United States and curb the growing Vatican influence over United States, the world faces the specter of Global Civilizational War. Hindu and Protestant civilization will join forces to tame and deter the Catholic and Communist threats to world peace, averting the looming civilizational war. Religion must not become the greatest threat to world peace. An international order based on religions and civilizations is the surest and fastest way toward global annihilation. In the Clash of civilizations Protestant United States and Hindu India will hang together or hang separately. The futures of peace, civilizations, and religion depend upon understanding and cooperation between Protestant United States, and Hindu India, the two leaders of colliding coalitions of civilizations. United States is the sole leader of Catholic, Protestant, and Sunni civilizations, and India is the leader of Hindu, Buddhist, Orthodox, and Indigenous Tribal civilizations. Both United States and India should remember the wisdom of Zoroaster the Prophet of Persia, who said that what may be called good, virtue or divine in one civilization may be condemned as bad, evil or devil in other civilization. The civilizational war between the sons of Abraham and the sons of Braham is not preordained, it can be averted by the wise leaders of United States and India. The civilization of Goddess can nourish and sustain the patriarchal civilization of male God.


Banning Religious Conversions

BAN RELIGIOUS CONVERSIONS: World needs religious freedom not religious conversions. Religious Proselytizing should become a Crime against Humanity after January 1, 2000 AD. People of the world should have freedom to adopt any religious practice they like. After the beginning of the next Millenium, no one allowed to change its religion, even if he or she follows any religious practice. Religious missionaries will have full freedom to preach their religion. The people will take the religions of their parents and spouses, even when they follow very dissimilar religious practices. They may choose any religious practices and beliefs of their choice, but they shall not change their religions.  The demographic shift in the believers of religions, cause wars.  To deter looming civilizational war, make the act of religious conversions a War Crime, as well as the Crime against Humanity. Crime of Proselytizing should carry mandatory death sentence in the Next Millenium. Every man and woman shall have full freedom to adopt any belief, practice and scripture, but he and she cannot change the religion of their parents or spouses. Practice of religion is a private act, between the individual and the God. Membership to a religion is a social and political act. The demography of religions should remain same. This simple act will avert the looming civilization war.


Fading of the West

FADING OF THE WEST: Western civilization is in decline, its share of world political, economic, and military power going down relative to that if other civilizations. The West’s victory in the Cold War has produced not triumph but exhaustion. Russians accepted the defeat in the Cold War and even the disintegration of the Soviet Union, because Russians realized that Communism promotes poverty. NATO did not win a victory in Kosovo. NATO air bombing exposed the vulnerability of west European nations. Many countries can conquer these ex-colonial powers. The recent advances in precision projectiles will end the Age of Aircraft Carriers. The development of anti-personnel tactical Neutron bombs allows the depopulation of continents, without destroying industrial infrastructure. 


MAKE VATICAN A NORMAL STATE: The Vatican must realize that there is no Catholic nuclear power in the world. There is no Catholic super power in the world. The Vatican should become a normal state, with its own army and independent foreign policy. The Vatican should conduct its religious foreign policy, taking into account its military power. The Vatican should not play a diplomatic role more than its military and economic capability. The Vatican dreams of Catholic conquest of the world can never become a reality. United States is a Protestant power, not a Catholic power. President of the United States is too powerful, to become a Knight- Errand of the Emperor Pope. The Vatican must realize that Hinduism, Buddhism, Orthodoxy, Protestantism, Judaism, and Islam does not recognize Catholic Pope as the representative of God on earth.  Highest leader of every world Religion deserves similar protocol. No religious scriptures shall condemn the gods of other religions.  Restrict apocalyptic religious theories to promote civilizational peace. The End of Time doctrine and the Visions at Fatima that forecast that ‘Russia will convert’ caused Catholic invasions of Orthodox nations. Russian Orthodox Church should find its own destiny, without any hostile Catholic interventions.


NEED FOR CIVILIZATIONAL UNDERSTANDING: Catholics and Protestants should not attempt Christianizing the nation of 1,200 million Buddhists, Taoists and Confucians. Catholics and Protestants should not disturb Hindu cultural influence over Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, China, Koreas, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.  Catholics and Protestants should not use force to proselytize and convert the black indigenous tribal civilization.  Christian leaders should focus on improving the quality of Christian civilization, without wasting resources in destabilizing multi-ethnic Hindu, and Buddhist civilizations. Let us all listen to the wisdom of Prophet Zoroaster again. All the religions of sons of Abraham have taken birth in the Zoroastrian and Maggi religions of Persia. Prophet Zoroaster links the sons of Abraham with the sons of Braham. Let all ancient religions, and ancient civilizations revive, reborn and resurrect. Many Religions can survive in this world of 6 billion people.


God Buddha & Holy Ghost

POPE SAYS BUDDHISM IS NOT A RELIGION: Pope Paul II has publicly stated that Buddhism is not a religion, because Buddhism does not believe in God. Catholic Pope calls Buddhism an atheist philosophy, which is not a religion. Thereby, Pope calls Buddhists atheist, non-believers.  He made this statement to encourage Catholic and Protestant missionaries to increase their proselytizing efforts.  Buddhist and Hindu religious leaders have responded to this challenge of Pope Paul II as follows. Enlightened Buddha is greater than Catholic God and Catholic Holy Ghost. Living Buddha was greater than Jesus Christ.  Christianity is not a religion; it is just a compilation of dogmas stolen from ancient religion of Egypt, Zoroastrians, Maggi, Buddhism and Hinduism. Buddhist scriptures are far more profound than Christian Bible. How to solve these conflicting claims?  


Pope- Dalai Lama Debate

POPE JOHN PAUL II & DALAI LAMA DEBATE: Catholics and Buddhists can solve the problem, whether Buddhism is superior to Christianity, or Christianity is superior to Buddhism, by organizing the open public debate between Pope John Paul II and Dalai Lama. Telecast alive this debate of the Millenium, on major Television networks Radio stations and Internet. The people of the world, who shall cast their vote via Internet, should choose debate the winner of the Pope-Dalai Lama debate, to decide whether Buddhism or Christianity is the more advance, superior religion. Settle the religious wars of the future by open public debate. Christians and Buddhists should have full freedom to convert to the religion of the winner of the Pope-Dalai Lama debate. Hindus will full support to Dalai Lama.


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(0)(1009) On Realist Theory


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights


(i) Civilizations in World Politics

REALIST THEORY OF WORLD POLITICS: Hans Morgenthau’s Realist Theory of International Politics states that nation states formulate their foreign policies to promote the national interests. Diplomats formulate foreign policies to promote national interests. Diplomats do not promote personal interests, or the personal interests of the rules at the expense of the national interests. Chanakya also known as Kautilya developed the first Realist doctrine of the Statecraft. According to realist theory states are the primary, indeed, the only important actors in world affairs, the relation among states is one of anarchy, and hence to insure their survival and security, states invariably attempt to maximize their power. If one state sees another state increasing its power and thereby becoming a potential threat, it attempts to protect its own security by strengthening its power and/or by allying itself with other states. The interests and actions of more or less all states of the post-Cold War world can be predicted from these assumptions.  The realist picture of the world is a highly useful starting point for analyzing international affairs and explains much state behaviors. States are and will remain the dominant entities in the world affairs. The governments of the states give priority to insuring the external security of their states. This statist paradigm provides a realist picture and guide to global politics.


LIMITATIONS OF REALIST THEORY: First, the statist paradigm assumes all states perceive their interests in the same way and act in the same way. Its simple assumption that power is all, is just a starting point for understanding state behaviors, but does not get one very far. Second, States respond primarily to perceived threats, and values, culture, and institutions pervasively influence how states define their interests. States with similar cultures and institutions will see common interests. Second, in the post-Cold War world, states increasingly define their interests in civilizational terms. They cooperate with and ally themselves with states with similar or common culture. They are more often in conflict with countries of different culture. States define threats in terms of the intentions of other states. The perception of the threatening intentions powerfully shaped by cultural considerations. Countries in both worlds increasingly see threat from societies that are culturally different. Third, while states remain the primary actors in world affairs, they suffering losses in sovereignty, function and power. States heading towards the gradual end of the hard, “billiard ball” Nation States. Nation State, which purportedly has been the norm since the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, the emergence of a varied, complex multi-layered international order more closely resembling that of medieval times.


Dynastic Politics

DYNASTIC THEORY OF REAL POLITIK: Before First World War, the dynastic considerations determined world politics. Bismarck represented this culture. Machiavelli developed the concept of Real Politick to explain the behaviors of the Princes. During Mughal Empire the dynastic interests not the national interests determined the foreign policies of the states. Indian rules of States during British rule promoted dynastic interests. The Nehru Dynasty during the regime of Prime ministers Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and Rajiv Gandhi promoted dynastic interests at the cost of national interests of India. Similarly, Prime ministers Morarji Desai, and V.P. Singh, promoted the socialistic electoral dynastic Interests at the cost of national interests. Indian national movement under the leadership of Mohandas K. Gandhi promoted the Christian imperial interests and harmed Hindu India.


THEORY OF CIVILIZATIONAL INTERESTS: Samuel Huntingrton’s Theory of Civilizational Clash states that conflicts between civilizations would dominate the future of world politics. Not only clashes between civilizations are the greatest threat to world peace, but also an international order based on civilizations is the best safeguard against war. People increasingly define themselves on the bases of ancestry, language, religion, and customs. In the post-Cold War world, the critical distinction between people are not ideological or economic, they are cultural. World politics is being reconfigured along cultural lines, with new patterns of conflict and cooperation replacing those of the Cold War.  The hot spots in world politics are on the ‘fault lines’ between civilizations. Witness the fighting in Bosnia, Chechnya, the Transcaucasus, Cedntral Asia, Kashmir, the Middle East, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Aztec Chiapas, Inca Peru, Maya Guatemala, Aborigine Australia, Black-Hispanic United States, and many other places. The Asian population explosion, economic rise of Asia, and demand for independent statehood and increased political awareness of Indigenous Canadians, Native Americans, Aztecs, Mayas, Incas, Amerindians, Amazonians, and Australian Aborigines is changing global politics, and leading to continental-wide wars. These developments challenge Western dominance, promote opposition to supposedly universal Western ideals, and intensify inter-civilizational conflicts over such issues as nuclear proliferation, human rights, and democracy.  It emphasizes the need for people everywhere to learn to coexist in a complex, multi-polar, multi-civilizational world.


Two Worlds in Conflict

TWO WORLDS OUR-THEIR: The tendency to think in terms of two worlds recurs throughout human history. People are always tempted to divide people into us and them, the in-group and the other, the other. The two worlds are the civilization world and the barbarian world. Muslims have traditionally divided the world into Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, the abode of peace and the abode of war. American scholars divided the world at the end of the Cold War into Zones of Peace and Zones of Turmoil, the former included the West and Japan with about 15 percent of the world’s population. The Scholars have analyzed the world in terms of the Orient and the Occident, North and South, Center and Periphery. The rich societies attempt to colonize poor traditional societies. The West did this for four hundred years. Some of the colonies rebelled and wages wars of liberation against the colonial powers, who may well have lost the will to empire. The decolonization has occurred and colonial wars of liberation have been replaced by conflicts among the liberated peoples. An international class war between the poor South and the wealthy North is far from reality.


Civilizaitons Vs Barbarians

IDEA OF CIVILIZATION & BARBARISM: The idea of civilization developed by eighteenth-century French thinkers to represent the opposite of the concept of barbarism. Civilized society differed from primitive society because it was settled, urban, and literate. To be civilized was good, to be uncivilized was bad. Spanish Catholic Cortez, who conquered Mayas and Aztecs as well as Pizzarro, who conquered Inca Empire, represented barbarian civilization. Prophet Joshua represented nomadic hunters and herdsmen were barbarians, since he conquered and massacred the settled, urban and literate agricultural civilizations of Goddess worshippers. Robert Clive represented barbarians. Afghan Mujahideens represent barbarians.


MAJOR CIVILIZATIONS: Arnold Toynbee first placed the number of civilizations at twenty-one (21) then at twenty-three (23). Quigley argues of sixteen (16) clear civilizations and eight (8) additional civilizations. McNeil discusses nine (9) civilizations in all history. Bagby sees nine (9) major civilizations, or eleven (11) to include Japan and Orthodoxy. Braudel identifies nine (9). Rostovanyi identifies seven-(7) major contemporary civilizations. Melko identifies twelve (12) major civilizations, seven of which no longer exist. The seven (7) civilizations that no longer exist are: (1)Mesopotamian,  (2) Egyptian, (3) Cretan, (4) Classical Greece & Rome, (5) Byzantine, (6) Middle American Maya & Aztec, (7) Andean Inca. The five (5) civilizations that exist are (1) Chinese, (2) Japanese, (3) Indian, (4) Islamic, (5) Western.


Birth of the West

BIRTH OF EUROPEAN CULTURE: European Christendom began to emerge as a distinct civilization in the eighth (8) and ninth (9) centuries. For several hundred years, however, it lagged behind many other civilizations in its level of civilization. India, China, Byzantine, and Islamic world far surpassed Europe in wealth, territory, military power, and artistic, literary, and scientific achievement. Between the eleventh (11) and thirteenth (13) centuries, European culture began to develop. The end of the fifteenth Century, 1500, witnessed the final conquest of the Iberian Peninsula from the Moors. In the course of European expansion only Russian, Japanese and Ethiopian civilizations, all three governed by highly centralized imperial authorities were able to resist the onslaught of the West and maintain meaningful independent existence. Similarly, Thailand, Afghanistan, Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia maintained meaningful independence. In large measure, the rise of the West depended upon the exercise of the force, upon the fact that the military balance between the Europeans and their adversaries overseas was steadily tilting in favor of the former. The key to the Westerners’ success in 


CULTURAL BOUNDARY IS STATE FRONTIER: Spurred by modernization, global politics reconfigures along cultural lines. Peoples and countries with different cultures are coming apart. Alignment defined by ideology and superpower relations is giving way to alignments defined by culture and civilization. Political boundaries redrawn to coincide with cultural boundaries, ethnic, religious, and civilizational. Cultural communities are replacing Cold War blocs, and the fault-line between civilizations are becoming the central lines of conflicts in global politics.


HINDU BASIS OF INDIAN FOREIGN POLICY: Indian foreign policy in twenty-first century shall aim to promote Indian culture, languages, civilization, and Hindu Religion. Southeast Asia had historically been a part of Greater India. Indian foreign policy shall promote Hindu and Buddhist interests in Greater India that includes Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  India will do its utmost to establish Buddhist Governments in China, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Tibet, and Mongolia. India and China belong to same Buddhist civilization. India should align with Catholic civilization to bring down the atheist, anti-people totalitarian Communist regime in China. India, Pakistan, and Iran belong to common Aryan Civilization. India, Pakistan, and Iran shall join forces to carve out an independent Aryan Kurdistan in Turkey. The Religions of Peru’s Inca Indians, Mayas, Aztecs, and Australian Aborigines are all similar and related to Hinduism. Hindu India has civilizational interest in carving out independent sovereign states of Eskimos, Native Americans, Aztecs, Mayas, Amerindians, Incas, and Aborigines in North America, South America, Australia, and Siberia. India welcomes the Clinton’s Doctrine as it legitimizes Indian intervention in Turkey, Chiapas Mexico, Guatemala, Peru to protect the fundamental rights of Kurds, Aztecs, Maya, and Inca to have sovereign independent statehood, respectively.


USA & India Cold War

INDIA & USA HEADS CIVILIZATIONAL COALITIONS: United States and India represent the coalition of civilizations that are heading for violent collision. The Clash of Religions and the Clash of Civilizations will cause Third World War. It is the responsibility of the Christian leaders of United States, leading the Western Christendom, to understand Hindu and Buddhist world-view to avert the Third World War. Nuclear India now has a population of One Billion, one-sixth of the mankind. South Asia represents one-fifth of the mankind, and population over 1.2 billion more than that of China. Hinduism and Buddhism have taken birth in India. China will have a Buddhist government before 2001 AD. India got its first Hindu government in 1998, fifty years after independence. In many ways India and United States are identical twins, both are English speaking, multi-cultural, multi-religious, tolerant, democratic societies, with the institutionalized separation of State and Church. It is very important that the leaders of India and United States should consolidate their control over the civilizational coalitions they represent. Hindu India and Protestant United States should understand the inherent theological conflicts that give rise to the Clashes of Religions and Civilizations. United States and India should jointly guide the world, so that world may not have to face the specter of the Third World War. 


Buddhists Under Colonial Rule

COMMUNIST CHINA IS UNDER FOREIGN RULE: China is not an free independent nation under the rule of the Communist party of China. The 1957 Anti-Rightist Purges by Mao Zedong, the Cultural Revolution that caused the death of 60 million Chinese Buddhists. Deng Xiaoping ‘s 1981 historical document asserts that the Anti-Rightist purges of 1957 were necessary. The Chinese crackdown on Buddhist Falun Gong sect that boasts a membership of more than 100 million followers indicates the following. China ruled by a foreign colonial power, and the communists are agents working for a foreign religion. Chinese Communist operatives are stooges and working towards implementing the total destruction of the Chinese Civilization. Karl Marx was a prostitute-Philosopher who produced a false philosophic concoction to provide secular justification of the massacre of non-Judaic and non-Catholic civilizations.  The Communist Doctrine is a criminal doctrine. All Communist party leaders should prosecuted as war criminals for crimes against humanity. India should support the Chinese Buddhists, Taoists, and Confucians to overthrow the evil communist regime in China. Post-communist Buddhist government of China should be encouraged to hang every Chinese Communist for Crimes against Religion.


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Part 2 Indian Nuclear Strategy

Section 1: Failure of Peaceful Nuclear Doctrine

Section 2: From Defensive to Retaliatory Doctrine

Section 3: Developing Nuclear Superstructure


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(0)(1010) Chapter 2: India’s Smiling Nuclear Buddha


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India is a legitimate world power. In AD 1750 India contributed towards 24.5 percent of global manufactured goods, more than Britain, Russia and United States. Throughout history, India has never used force, swords and guns to promote Indian religions and civilizations, unlike Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The monopoly of four White Christian nations over nuclear weapons threatened the existence of non-Christian and non-white nations and civilizations. White United States used nuclear weapons against Japan, over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even when the survival of United States was not at stake. Henry Kissinger threatened the use of nuclear weapons against India, after Pakistan surrendered in 1971 war, had Indian troops invaded western Pakistan. Germany, Netherlands, China and United States transferred nuclear weapons and nuclear weapon capable missiles to Pakistan to threaten the survival of Hindu civilization. The CIA or Chinese secret services were responsible for the crash of the plane carrying Indian nuclear scientist Homi J. Bhabha, to scuttle Indian nuclear program. Indian Prime Minister Lala Bahadur Shastri poisoned in Tashkent, because he had given green signal for the development of Indian Atom Bomb in 1965. These are the arguments the author seeks to develop in this chapter.   


Buddha is Smiling

BUDDHA IS SMILING: When India successfully completed its underground nuclear explosion, in 1974, a code message was sent to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, which read “Buddha is smiling.” This code word has religious connotations. Buddha’s smile represents that he is happy as he has attained Enlightenment. With the first underground nuclear test India was happy that it has joined the ranks of nuclear weapon powers and unlocked the secrets of nuclear weapon technology.


SMILING BUDDHA TEST: That India can build nuclear weapons has been an established fact since 8:05 AM, 18 May 1974 (IST), when India exploded a 12 Kt plutonium bomb 107 meters underground in the Rajasthan Desert. This test, code named “Smiling Buddha,” was conducted at the test site located at 27.095 deg N, 71.752 E. The test site is usually identified as being ‘Pokaharan’ (or Pokhran). It is the name of a town that is 24.8 km southeast from the test site. The test site is 1.5 km southwest of the abandoned village of Malka. The crater produced by this detonation of a plutonium implosion device was 47 meters wide with a crater depth of 10 meters.


POKHRAN TEST WAS A BOMB: “The Pokhran Test was a Bomb. I can tell you now. An explosion is an explosion, a gun is a gun, whether you shoot at someone or shoot at the ground. I just want to make clear that the test was not all that peaceful,” said Raj Ramanna, Former Director of India’s nuclear program, on 10 October 1997.


Neutron Bomb or Peaceful Explosion

PEACEFUL DOVE IS A NEUTRON BOMB PROJECT: The US nuclear weapons lab conducted its research on Neutron warhead design under the project code-named ‘Dove.’ The fission-fusion neutron warhead design, is a modified version of the nuclear warhead used for Plowshare project and for large scale landscaping project. Indian nuclear explosion designed to have low level of harmful long-lasting radioactive effects. It is safe to argue that the peaceful nuclear strategy designed to use controlled nuclear explosions to produce neutron bomb warhead.


BHABHA ATOMIC RESEARCH CENTER (BARC): The Smiling Buddha device designed and largely fabricated at BARC, Trombay near Bombay. The plutonium was also produced at BARC by irradiating uranium samples in the Canadian-supplied 40 MW CIR (Canadian-Indian Reactor) heavy water research reactor (also called CIRUS). The reactor began operating in 1960, and can produce 6.6-10.5 kg of plutonium a year, at a capacity factor of 50-80 percent. The reactor is not under IAEA safeguards.


When Did India Decide

DECISION TO DEVELOP A-BOMB: The design for A-Bomb had been developed by 1971, when Indira Gandhi decided to proceed with the manufacture and test of the nuclear device. India probably began its development of a nuclear device shortly after China tested its first nuclear weapon in the mid-60s. It took another two years to separate, purify, and fabricate the plutonium metal, and to manufacture the implosion lens systems and associated electronics. The explosive lenses were made at the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). The neutron initiator was a Po-210/Be type code-named “Flower,” which took a long time to design and assemble. The 1974 Bomb was almost certainly an experimental test device, not a weapon in deployable form.


India Matched Chinese Technology

INDIA NOT BEHIND CHINA IN 1964: India was not far behind China in 1964, when China exploded its first nuclear bomb. Recently declassified documents prove that United States agreed that Indian nuclear weapon technology was not far behind that of China even in 1964. The illegal transfers of classified American technologies helped China explode its first Atom Bomb in 1964. A Chinese Spy stole significant parts of this technology, in 1950s. On the other hand the technology for India’s underground nuclear explosion in 1974 was indigenously developed. India did not become a nuclear weapon power, unlike Russia, China and Pakistan because of the success of its intelligence services. India was ahead of China in nuclear technology in 1964, when China exploded its first Atom Bomb. In response to the first Chinese Atmospheric Atomic bomb test, Dr. Homi J. Bhabha,  (Chairman of Indian Atomic Energy Commission) had declared that India could also explode its own Atom Bomb in 18 months. Dr. Bhabha estimated the cost of Rs. 18 lack only. Dr. Bhabha suggested that India could test its atom bomb, either underground without releasing radioactivity in the atmosphere. Dr. Bhabha also hinted that India could test its Atom Bomb in a test tube also. This shows that India was far ahead of China in 1964, in nuclear weapons technology. Dr. Bhabha had the capability to develop tactical nuclear weapons of a small yield, and he had the expertise to make simulation tests of the A-bomb in the lab without actually exploding it. Indian Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri apparently had given a green signal to the scientists to exercise the nuclear option after 1965 India-Pakistan war.


Murder of Dr. Homi Bhabha

MURDER OF DR. HOMI J. BHABHA: The conspiracy to murder Prime Minister Shastri was hatched by Communists during the 1965 Tashkent Summit, because Shastri had decided to exercise the nuclear option. Indian Communists organized the Shastri murder conspiracy, as nuclear India could destabilize Chinese preponderance in Asia. It is very likely that Western secret services arranged the murder of Homi J. Bhabha in a plane crash, as United States had realized that India has the necessary technical expertise to develop nuclear arsenal in 1966. It is also suspected that Dr. Bhabha was murdered by Western intelligence murdered Dr. Bhabha by causing the air crash in January 1966. The recently declassified U.S. Department of State documents recognized India’s capability to make and deploy atom Bombs. United States then embarked upon an extensive covert campaign to dissuade India from exercising the nuclear option. It explains that United States would accept India as a nuclear weapon power, and its objections are just part of its global campaign to dissuade new entrants to the nuclear weapon powers club.


Shastri Asked Dr. Homi Bhabha to make Atom Bomb

By early 1965, there was a secret effort by the father of India's nuclear program, Homi Bhabha, to convince Washington to provide him with peaceful nuclear explosive, or the blueprint to make one. Apparently, Dr. Bhabha had been unable to deliver an indigenous Indian nuclear weapon in 18 months, he had predicted. He made these entreaties in February 1965,when he came to Washington and met Under Secretary of state George Ball. According to a memorandum of a conversation bertween Bhabha and Ball, Dr. Bhabha steered the conversation to the dilemma India faced regarding what to do to counteract the noise of Communist China's nuclear explosion. Indian needed to make some dramatic peacerful achievement to offset the prestige gained by Communist China. Dr. Bhabha explained that if India went all out, it could produce a nuclear device in 18 months, with a US blueprint it could do the job in six months. Soviet assistance had played a very important role in quickening Chinese capability. George Perkovich, director, Secure World Program, W. Alton Jones foundation, argued so in his 597-page new book, "India's Nuclear Bomb: The Impact on Global Proliferation."


1950 Xian Xuesen Stole US Secrets

CHINESE NUCLEAR SPY OF 1950: Qian Xuesen played a very important role in the Ballistic missile and space programs of the China. China exploded its First Atom Bomb because of the success of its espionage of U.S. nuclear secrets. Currently deployed Chinese ICBMs targeted on the United States, uses in significant part, on U.S. technologies illegally obtained by China in the 1950s. In the 1950s, Xian Xuesen, an U.S. military officer, and associated member of the design team for a U.S. ICBM program (the Titan missile program) emigrated to China and illegally gave U.S. missile and missile-related technology to China. (Cox Report). Without the stolen U.S. nuclear secrets, China would not have successfully exploded its first Atom Bomb.


ROLE OF QIAN XUESEN IN CHINESE NUCLEAR PROGRAMS: Chinese ballistic missile and space programs received substantial assistance during their early development from Qian Xuesen (also known as Tsien Hsue-Shen). Qian Xuesen trained in the United States had worked on classified U.S. missile programs, including the TITAN ICBM program. During the 1950s, allegations arose that Qian was spying for China. After negotiations between the U.S. and China governments, Qian Xuesen allowed to return to China in 1955. Four other Chinese members of the Qian’s Titan design team also returned with him to China. Qian became the chief project manager of China’s CSS-4 ICBM. Today CSS-4 has a range more than 7,400 miles. Starting in 1981 China deployed CSS-4 in silos. The improved version CSS-4 Mod 2, has improved throw-weight that could allow China to deploy multiple warheads on the CSS-4 Mod2, rather than the single warheads that are currently carried on the CSS-4.


India could Make Bomb in 1966

USA RECOGNIZED INDIA’S NUCLEAR CAPABILITY: The United States Department of State sent a Airgram on March 29, 1966, on the subject Possible Indian Nuclear Weapons Development. The Airgram read as follows: Although there is no evidence that India has decided to develop nuclear weapons, a nuclear device could probably be ready for testing within a year following such a decision. India possesses all the basic facilities necessary to produce plutonium. Its research and nuclear power programs are small-scale but well advanced. It has uranium metal, fuel element fabrication facilities, and a heavy water plant, and the capacity of the recently completed plutonium separation plant (30 tons of fuel annually) apparently exceeds present requirements.


CANADA INDIA REACTOR: In the event of a decision to develop nuclear weapons, construction of a test site would be started well ahead of the anticipated date of the initial year. As a signatory of the Limited Test Ban Treaty (LTBT), India would presumably test underground. If so, construction of the test site would require tunneling or extensive or extensive drilling operators. The Canada-India reactor is capable of producing enough plutonium for one or two normal-yield weapons annually, although India has agreements with both Canada and the United States to employ the reactor for peaceful purposes only. The fuel, it has been reported to be removed from the reactor after an average burnup of only 450-600 MWD/t, which is significantly lower than the 900MWD/t burnup for which the reactor was designed. While these circumstances alone do not indicate that India has made a decision to develop nuclear weapons. It hints strongly that India is producing the suitable material. It would permit the rapid implementation of such a decision. Electronic neutron generators and high-quality detonator components- likely used in the first Indian nuclear device- are readily available on the open market in Western Europe. The testing of high-explosive shapes, a necessary step toward the development of a nuclear weapon, will be carried out over a period of several months. (Joyce Battle: India and Pakistan-On the Nuclear Threshold, National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 6). (http:// www. Seas. Gwu.edu/ nsarchive/ NSAEBB/ NSAEBB6 /indes.html).


MINIMUM DETERRENT: Indian suggests that Indian pro-bomb group has good argument that the costs Involved in testing first device ($30-$40 million) well within India’s financial capabilities. Development of a small program is also feasible, (1-2 weapons 20 Kiloton range per year at annual cost $20-30 million). Atomic Energy Commission, Chairman Homi J. Sethna has pointed out, India cannot just detonate one or two devices and stop. A small nuclear bomb program is worse than no program at all, because it would invite preemptive Chinese attack. In terms of Sethna’s own figure, 150 bombs are required (needed) for a credible deterrent. (May 24, 1966 US State Dept. Telegram)


Project Plowshare of 1965

PROJECT PLOWSHARE: As of late 1965, there has been a great deal of speculation, due to remarks made by Dr. Bhabha. India might elect to embark on a Plowshare device development program as a cover and rationalization for a nuclear weapon program. World Bank had shown interest regarding the role nuclear excavation might play in solving some of India’s basic river problems. India was launching the Nuclear Desalting project. Indian authorities suggested that a dual purpose nuclear power plants, for dual purpose power and desalting projects, should be located at the port of Kandla, Madras and Calcutta.


Shastri Decided to make A-bomb

SHASTRI WANTED TO MAKE ATOM BOMB: Prime Minister Shastri and his supporters needed three things, if they were to have good chance holding their own against pressures for an Indian Bomb, on the eve of China’s second atom bomb test. One is an effective international nonproliferation agreement on which Indians, West and Soviet can agree. Second, Shastri badly needs to be able to demonstrate to his countrymen and Afro-Asians as follows; that India has achieved at least as much in the field of science and technology as Chicoms China. It would offset the increase in prestige, which came to China as result of their nuclear testing program. Third, Shastri needs some kind of security assurance against Chicom China nuclear attack. India’s dilemma is probably caused in part by their realization that public acceptance of any assurance alone would destroy much of basis for non-alignment and affect their relations with Soviets. Do Indian’s believe that a parallel Soviet and US assurance would probably meet the problem? The best US but limited information is that so far India had little success with Soviets. Shastri did however discuss assurance question with Harold Wilson and has publicly mentioned need for protection from nuclear powers several times. India never directly raised the question of nuclear security assurance with USA. (US Embassy in Tel Aviv Telegram. Feb 27,1965)


Plutonium Reactors

PLUTONIUM PRODUCTION REACTORS: India has developed indigenous plutonium production reactors. On 8 august 1985 the 100 MW Dhruva was commissioned, it is based on the Cirus design and can produce 20-25 kg of plutonium a year. It is now producing 16-26 kg of plutonium annually at a capacity factor of 50-80 percent. The additional possible source of plutonium is a number of unsafe-guarded CANDU power reactors, including Madras Atomic Power Stations (MAPS-I, and MAPS-II), and Kakrapar Atomic Power Station (KAPS). Like CIR and Dhruva, the CANDU reactors are heavy-water moderated natural uranium reactors that can effectively produce weapon-grade plutonium. The possible production by MAPS is more than CIR and Dhruva combined, although the fuel burnup produces lower grade plutonium that is less desirable for weapons. Each power station reactor can produce up to 160 kg/yr, at a 60 percent capacity factor. Supergrade plutonium produced at BARC by short irradiation periods when mixed with MAPS plutonium extends the plutonium supply.


PLUTONIUM SEPARATION PLANT: The separated plutonium for the 1974 test was produced at the separation plant in Trombay, capable of processing 50 tons of heavy metal fuel/yr. The construction on the first facility began in the 1950s and it began operating in 1964. The Power Reactor Fuel Reprocessing (PREFRE) facility, Tarapur, began operating in 1979. It has a nominal annual capacity of 100-150 tons of CANDU fuel. The Kalpakkam reprocessing facility is a much large plant.  SIPRI has estimated that India had produced 420-450 kg of weapons-grade plutonium through the end of 1995 (70-100 bombs worth). India used about 100 kg of plutonium for fuelling two plutonium reactors. Estimates are that India has 1000 kg of unsafeguarded reactor-grade plutonium. China provided the 110 tons of unsafeguarded moderator, Heavy Water, for Dhruva and Madras I and II.


CENTRIFUGE ENRICHMENT PLANT: India has plans to build an enriched uranium reactor and a domestically fueled nuclear submarine. India has acquired and developed centrifuge technology and built centrifuge plants in Trombay and Mysore in the 1980s.


LIGHT WEIGHT WEAPON DESIGN: BARC acquired in 1980s a vacuum hot pressing machine, suitable for forming large high-quality berryllium forgings, and large amounts of high purity berryllium metal. India manufactured tritium and developed designs for fusion-boosted weapons.


MISSILES PROGRAMS: India developed short-range missile PRITHVI, having a 250-km range, 500-kg payload. AGNI has a 2500-km range and 1000-kg payload. Both are capable of carrying light nuclear weapons. India is developing an ICBM-class missile called Suriya. Agni successfully launched on 22 May 1989 from the Chandipur test facility, about 250 kms southwest of Calcutta at Balasore. The two-stage missile impacted at 1000-km downrange in the Bay of Bengal. Agni is the Hindu god of fire. Agni is 18.4-meter long, 1.3 meter wide, has the launch weight of 16,000 kg. It has two-stage propulsion. The first stage solid propulsion is based on the Indian Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-3) used in satellite launches since 1979. The Second liquid-fuel motor is the shortened version from the Prithvi.


Aborted Test of 1995

ABORTED 1995 NUCLEAR TEST: During the fall of 1995, India changed its position on the CTBT from supporting it to opposing it. India argued that while the five nuclear states possessed weapons, a ban on nuclear tests is discriminatory. On 15 December 1995, the New York Times reported that India might be preparing for a second nuclear test. The US spy satellites recorded activity at the Pokhran test site.


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(0)(1011) White House has collapsed-Pokharan II


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POKHARAN II NUCLEAR TEST: After the first series of successful nuclear test the prearranged code message was sent to Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, “White House has collapsed.” It suggested that Indians keep secrets and can conduct nuclear tests without CIA knowing it. It also suggested that nuclear weapon power India would change the Unipolar world order. It is no wonder that President Clinton did not like it. The “Vintage 98” obviated the need for any further tests. India tested the tactical thermonuclear device yielded 45 kilotons. It was not inferior to the thermonuclear warhead design (W-88) that Chinese spy stole from Las Alamos Labs. Perhaps in the low yield tactical thermonuclear warhead design technology, India is not far behind United States and China. United States has 80 nuclear warhead designs, but India has perfected three (3) warhead designs and these three nuclear warhead designs, matches the best warhead designs that United States and China has. Perhaps India is ahead of Russia in tactical thermonuclear warhead design capability. India could do it without resorting to nuclear espionage.


Fusion-Boosted Device

FUSION BOOSTED FISSION DEVICE: On May 11, 1998, India tested a fission device, an advanced thermonuclear device with a fission trigger, and a sub-kiloton device. The thermonuclear device was a two-stage device, with which you have a fission trigger, which detonates or implodes the second stage. In the advanced thermonuclear device, the first stage is a fusion boosted fission device. The sub-kiloton device was 0.5 kilotons. The fission device yielded 15 kilotons. The thermonuclear bomb yielded 45 kilotons. The first round yielded a total 60 kilotons.


Sub-Kiloton Explosions

SUB-KILOTON EXPLOSIONS: On May 13, 1998, India conducted two more sub-kiloton devices. All three were graded 0.5 kilotons, 0.3 kilotons and 0.2 kilotons. Five Pokharan II explosions produced 4.5 times the yield of Pokharan I. Pakistani tests yielded 18-19 kilotons. These explosions provided India with a tremendous scientific database. The fact that the yields matched what we expected gave us great confidence in our computer programs. These five (5) tests went so well, that India called off the proposed sixth explosion. A vintage-98 technology obviated the need for more nuclear weapons tests. Besides, everything used for conducting the nuclear explosion is Indian made.


Three Types of Warheads

THREE TACTICAL NUCLEAR WARHEADS: Americans did more than a thousand tests, and developed seventy (70) to eighty (80) types of nuclear warhead devices. India settled for three (3) designs of nuclear warheads. Now no one can deny that India had three (3) robust devices on which to base a nuclear arsenal.


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(0)(1011) India enters satellite launch market


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INDIA JOINS BIG SPACE CLUB: India on Wednesday 26 May 1999 entered the multi-billion dollar international space market with the successful launch of the four- stage Polar Satellite launch Vehicle (PSLV) at 11.52 from Sriharikota Spaceport. Apart from placing the Indian Remote Sensing satellite OCEANSAT, (IRS-P4) weighing 1050 kg in its designated orbit, PSLV also put the South Korean satellite, KITSAT-3 weighing 110 kilograms, and the German satellite TUBSAT weighing 45 kg.


Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle:

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C2), from the SHAR Center, Sriharikota with three satellites namely Oceansat (1,050 kg) and as auxiliary payloads Kitsat-3 (107 kg) and Tubsat (45 kg). The satellites were place in a 727-km polar sun-synchronous orbit. The two auxiliary payloads mounted on the equipment bay of PSLV diametrically opposite to each other, balances the main payload mounted on top of the equipment bay. In the flight, sequence first injected IRS-P4, followed by KITSAT-3 and DLR-TUBSAT respectively.


PSLV-C2: It is the fifth flight of the vehicle and the second operational flight. The first operational flight of PSLV, conducted on September 29, 1997 was used to place the Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS-1D), in polar sunsynchronous orbit. PSLV launches Indian Remote Sensing satellites. The follow on satellites in the IRS series, IRS-P5 (CARTOSAT) and IRS-P6 (RESOURCESAT) are already planned for launch using PSLV-C3 and PSLV-C4 flights respectively. India offers the PSLV vehicle for launching satellites of other agencies either as auxiliary payloads or as main payloads depending upon the capacity of the vehicle.


PSLC-C2: It was launched was 44.5 meters tall and weighed 294 tons. It had four stages and used solid and liquid propulsion systems alternately. The first stage was one of the largest solid propellant boosters in the world and carried 138 tons of propellant. It had a diameter of 2.8 meters. The motor case is made of indigenous maraging steel. The booster developed a maximum thrust of about 4,630kN. Six strap-on motors augment the first stage thrust. On the ground the four strap-on motors gets ignition. Each of these solid propellant strap-on motors carried nine tons of indigenously produced Hydroxyl Terminated Poly Butadiene (HTPB) fuel and Ammonium Perchlorate oxidizer. Each of these motors produced 662 kN thrust.


Vikas Engine

VIKAS ENGINE: The second stage employed indigenously manufactured Vikas engine and carries 40.6 tons of liquid propellant-Unsymmetrical Di-Methyl Hydrazine (UDMH) as fuel and Nitrogen Tetroxide (N204) as oxidizer. It generated a maximum thrust of about 725 kN. The third stage used 7.2 tons of HTPB-based propellant and produced a maximum thrust of 340 kN. Its motor case was made of ployaramide (Kevlar) fiber. The fourth and the terminal stage of PSLV had a twin engine configuration using liquid propellant. With a propellant loading of 2 tons (Mono-methyl hydrazine +N204), each of these engines generated a maximum thrust of 7.4 kN. The Metallic Bulbous Heat Shield of PSLV, was 3.2 meter in diameter, was of isogrid construction to protect the spacecraft during the atmospheric regime of the flight.


CONTROL SYSTEM: PSLV control system includes the following. (1) First Stage, Secondary Injection Thrust Vector Control (SITVC) for pitch and yaw, reaction control thrusters for roll and SITVC in two strap-on motors for roll control augmentation. (2) Second Stage; Engine gimbals for pitch and yaw and, hot gas reaction control for roll. (3) Third Stage, flex nozzle for pitch and yaw and PS-4 RCS for roll. (4) Fourth Stage, Engine gimbal for pitch, yaw and roll and, on-of f -RCS for control during the coast phase. The inertial navigation system is a strap-down version with guidance system resident in the equipment bay. It guides the vehicle until the injection of spacecraft into orbit.


ONBOARD INSTRUMENTS: The main on-board instrumentation packages used for telemetry, tracking, and command are as follows. (1) PCM/S-band telemetry system. (2) S-band Range and Range rate transponders. (3) C-band transponders, besides a host of power and signal conditioning packages. PSLV employs a large number of stage auxiliary systems for stage separation, heat-shield separation and jettisoning etc.


DEPLOYMENT: In the sequence of deployment of the satellite, IRS-P4 separation occurred first after the fourth stage thrust cut off. KITSAT-3, separates after a yaw maneuver of 40 degrees in the same direction. The sequence of separation of the three satellites their orientation at separation and the time and velocity of separation were so planned to avoid any possibility of recontact among these satellites or with the spent fourth stage.


FLIGHT DURATION: The flight duration from lift-off to separation of the last satellite, namely, DLR-TUBSAT, was about 18.5 minutes. Telemetry, Tracking & Command Stations at Sriharikota, Thiruvananthapuram and Mauritius are supporting PSLV-C2. ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) with its Spacecraft Control Center at Bangalore will monitor and control the Oceansat-1 satellite after launch. ISTRAC network of ground stations located at Bangalore, Sriharikota, Lucknow, Mauritius, Indonesia (Bearslake and Biak) and Wilhem (Germany) will support the IRS-P4 mission.


Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle:

GSLV: The ISRO is developing a Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle, GSLV, for placing 2,500 kg INSAT class of satellites in geostationary transfer orbit. GSLV will be a three-stage vehicle, the core being solid booster as in PSLV, the second stage being a liquid propulsion system as in the PSLV, with a propellant loading of 37.5 tons. The upper stage will be a restartable cryogenic engine with a propellant loading of 12 tons (liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen). The higher propulsion efficiency of the cryogenic stage in terms of its specific impulse makes it suitable for the upper stage of GSLV. Specific impulse achievable with cryo fluids is of the order of 450 sec. Compared to 300 sec of each storable and solid fuel, giving significant payload increase. For every one second increase in the specific impulse, the payload gain is or the order of 10 kg. Therefore, the development of a cryogenic stage using liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen is important for large launch vehicles. The initial flights of GSLV will use Russian-supplied cryogenic stage; indigenous development of a cryogenic stage is going on at ISRO for use in the subsequent flights. Many of the major developments and facilities established by PSLV will be used, for GSLV also, with modifications where required. The first development test flight of GSLV will take place in 1999-2000.


INDIAN GSLV IN JAN 2000: India would cross significant milestones in the space sector in the year 2000 when it launches the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle in January and develops its own cryogenic engine in the first quarter, Vikram Sarabhai Space Center announces. The cryogenic engine would be used in the second or third launch of the GSLV until 2002. The maiden launch of GSLV was scheduled to be conducted in January 2000. The GSLV, which was capable of carrying satellites weighing up to 2,500 kg, intended to put satellites in orbit 36,000 km above the earth. The country was at present making use of cryogenic engine of GSLV # 8217s supplied by Russia and GSLV #  8220. The making of India GSLV# 8217's own engine will take us to a position of self-reliance in the space sector.  The decision to develop our own engine came in 1992 and got approved in 1994 after which our scientists have been working with the aim of fulfilling this project. India had a unique position among developing countries through its achievements in space sector. Pictures from the country’s Satellite 8217 s remote sensing satellites were the finest. In Satellite 8220 India is making a small beginning in commercial operations. Satellite 8221’s pictures taken by satellite for military purposes would be of 2.5-meter resolution and this would be improved further.


Military Satellite Imagery

POOR SATELLITE IMAGERY: The Subrahmanyam Committee, looking into what led to Kargil, has been told that India's satellite imagery is ``incapable'' of providing any tactical military information. In addition, that so acute is the problem of cloud cover that in certain operational areas, satellites can transmit only two days of clear data in a year. Experts of the Delhi-based Defense Image Processing and Analysis Center (DIPAC) recently told the Subrahmanyam Committee that Indian Remote Sensing satellites can provide only broad terrain information and changes and cannot be relied upon to provide any vital IMINT (imagery intelligence). To get ``continuous coverage,'' the DIPAC has said that a range of systems is needed, including Synthetic Aperture Radars (SARs), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and a `constellation of imaging satellites.'' Committee members were shown a comparison of pictures taken during the Kargil war by Indian Air Force (IAF) reconnaissance planes as against those obtained by the Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites. DIPAC officials said that induction of a single satellite with 1-m resolution (existing Indian satellites have a 5-m resolution) would not give continuous coverage and would face the problem of cloud cover. Thus, the stress on constellations and the need for induction of SARs, which could be mounted on transport aircraft to get strategic information, even during inclement weather and during the night. On the question of comparative capabilities, the DIPAC reported that most countries treated their satellite-related work as secret. However, it was understood that China had acquired indigenous capability for 50-cm resolution (for photo imagery) while Pakistan had no indigenous capability yet. It was only to be assumed that Pakistan commercially purchased some high-resolution data. At the same time, the existing arrangements made by India for commercial purchase of high-resolution and high-spectrum data have been described as `inadequate to meet service needs.'' Thelong-pending question of having a separate cadre for a sensitive and highly specialized agency like the DIPAC also came up for discussion. It was pointed out that a proposal for having a separate DIPAC cadre was made by the Defense Secretary in 1995 but has since been hanging fire. Personnel from the three services man the DIPAC and a longer tenure for its analysts and software engineers has been mooted at several earlier reviews. Questioned about their ``wish-list'' by members of the Committee, DIPAC officials said any upgradation in their systems was linked to the satellite program of the Department of Space and the induction of India's own military satellite. It is understood that a suggestion has now been made for greater interaction between the newly formed National Security Council (NSC) and the DIPAC.


(iv) Submarine-Exposing Radar:

SEASAT is a new kind of satellite that made images by bouncing radio waves off the planet. Known as SeaSat, this radar craft saw land and sea in striking new ways, its images revealing narrow lines in the ocean-tracings left by the passage of ships and submarines. It somehow managed to distinguish signs of deep turbulence from the regular froth and heave of the sea. Seasats feats came to an abrupt end in 1978 when the spacecraft failed unexpectedly after 100 days. In 1988, inspired by SeaSat, the United States launched its first radar satellite. The research program found deep-sub imaging an incredibly difficult challenge that required among other things, a lot of computing power. However progress was sufficient. In 1994, Richard E. Twogood, of Livermore National Laboratory, told the Congress, about the discovery of phenomena that appear to be very important to the sensing of surface effects produced by undersea disturbances. There is a global debut of commercial radar satellites. RDL Space Corporation, in Culver City, Calif, wanted a Federal License for a satellite with one-meter resolution, or about three feet resolution. But Company got the approval for selling the imagery with resolution no greater than 5 meters or about 16 feet, and it plans to launch its satellite in 2002. Canada is planning to overstep that boundary with a radar satellite that has a resolution of 3 meters or about 10 feet.


OCEANSAT-1 Remote Sensing:

India is one of the leading countries in the world to have an operational end-to-end system in satellite remote sensing. India has currently IRS-1B, IRS-1C, IRS-P3, and IRS-1D operating in orbit providing valuable data to the user community on a continued and assured basis. The follow on satellites in the IRS series, IRS-P5 (CARTOSAT) and IRS-P6 (RESOURCESAT) are already planned for launch using PSLV-C3 and PSLV-C4 flights. India’s Marine Satellite Information Service (MARISA) provides information for a) estimating Sea Surface temperature, b) mapping of coastal zone at different scales. IRS-P4 (OCEANSAT-1) is placed in a polar sunsynchronous orbit of 720 km at an inclination of 98.28 degrees with the local time of equator crossing in the descending node at 1200 hours. Oceansat-1 is carrying two payloads on board, Ocean Color Monitor (OCM) and Multi-frequency Scanning Microwave Radiometer (MSMR).


Ocean Color Monitor Camera

OCEAN COLOR MONITOR: OCM is a camera operating in pushbroom scanning mode, using linear array Charge Coupled Devices as detectors. The camera has 8 narrow spectral bands operating in the visible and near infrared bands. Camera has a spatial resolution of 360 meters and a swath of 1420 km. OCM thus provides the highest spatial resolution compared to any other contemporary ocean satellites. It can be used in the following areas for: a) measurement of phytoplankton; b) identification of potential fishery zones; c) delineation of ocean currents and eddies; d) observation of coastal pollution; and e) prediction of shoreline changes.


RADIOMETRY: The MSMR is a passive microwave radiometer, operating in four (4) frequencies, (a) 6.6 GHz, (b) 10.65 GHz, (c) 18 GHz, and  (d) 21 GHz, in both vertical and horizontal polarization. MSMR can be used to derive geo-physical features as follows: (a) Atmospheric water vapor, b) Sea Surface Temperature, c) precipitation over oceans, d) ocean surface winds, e) cloud liquid water, f) inputs to medium range weather forecasting, and g) studies related to mixed layer depth, air sea exchanges, ocean circulation models, etc. MSMR is also a unique sensor in the international context as not other passive microwave radiometer is operating in the civilian domain today. Particularly the 6.6 GHz is not available in any other sensor currently.


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(0)(1011) US Satellite Launching Failures


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AMERICAN SPACE DISASTERS IN 1980’S: Analysing the database of the United States space flights, it is found that there had been about 60 significant launching failures since 1990. Space historians say the recent 1998-89 run of ill fortune reminded them of a period in mid-1980s, when everything seemed to go wrong. The calamities included the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger, in which the seven-member crew died. The back-to-back failures of two Titan rockets. The destruction of a pair of military reconnaissance satellites also tok place. Lightening struck the Atlas rocket in flight, destroying a US Navy satellite.



FAILURE OF TITAN-4 MILITARY ROCKET: American launching industry in a typical year has 20 to 25 launching of unmanned booster rockets. Some three dozen military and civilian launchings are scheduled from the United States in 1999. The string of mishaps began August 12, 1998 when a TITAN-4 Rocket, the most powerful used by the United States Armed Forces, exploded 41 seconds after liftoff, destroying a $800 million communications intelligence satellite along with the $340 million rocket. The Air Force review board blamed damaged electrical wires for the disaster, which went undetected before the flight. The two other TITAN-4 setbacks at a cost of about $1 billion each, occurred in April 99, apparently for dissimilar reasons. On April 9, 1999, an upper stage deployed from the Titan-4 as expected, but apparently, parts of it failed to separate properly between multiple firings, putting a missile warning system in a useless orbit. This booster, made by the Boeing Company, is the same type that is to propel the Chandra Observatory.  On April 30, 1999, a TITAN-4 Rocket’s with a different upper stage, the CENTAUR, malfunctioned and put a military communications satellite in an orbit thousands of miles too low, where it is doubtful it can ever be used. The Centaur went awry nine minutes into the mission because of inaccuracies in computer flight software supplied by the manufacturer of the rocket, the Lockhead Martin Corporation. The software was loaded before the flight, and the problems went undetected by the normal verification process.


Civilian Satellite Launching Business


FAILURE OF THE DELTA-3 AND ATHENA-2 ROCKET: On August 26, 1998, Boeing’s new DELTA-3 rocket exploded 71 seconds after liftoff on its maiden voyage. It destroyed the GALAXY-10 Communications Satellite. It was a $225 million disaster, caused by a design error in its first-stage guidance system. On May 4, 1999, the second stage of another Delta-3 rocket did not fire long enough after restarting in space, putting a $145 million ORION communication Satellite into a lop-sided orbit thousands of miles too low to be useful. Controllers are looking into ways to salvage part of the $230 million mission by using the satellite’s internal fuel to nudge it higher.



ATHENA-2 ROCKET: On April 27, 1999, the Athena-2, a relatively new small rocket made by Lockhead Martin, failed to place a private earth-imaging satellite into orbit after launching from the Vanderberg base. A 1,300-pound protective payload shroud failed to separate from the $25 million rocket, dragging the satellite back down into the atmosphere, where it burned up.


CAUSE OF AMERICAN ROCKET FAILURES: The American rocket business suffered from too few experienced engineers and technicians, particularly those at mid-career, who were being stretched too many projects. A dearth in hiring in the industry in the early 1980s has resulted in a cadre of well-educated new engineers in 20s and early 30s. The seasoned group over age 55 who are approaching retirement, but few in the gap between these clusters. Another reason is an over-reliance on computer simulations and modeling in creating new products and a reduction in testing actual hardware. Americans seem to have convinced themselves that they do not need that luxury today and it shows. Boeing does a lot of testing of components and subsystems and is highly confident of the results. This analytical approach gets risky when used for a complete launching vehicle. It would require firing test rounds of new rockets without paying cargo, an expensive prospect for the manufacturer. Main reasons for the launch failures has been quality control of the hardware, specially that of propulsion and ordinance systems. Not a lot of this is real rocket science.


AMERICANS SHOULD OUTSOURCE LAUNCHERS: India has emerged as a credible player in the commercial satellite launching business. Most of the cause of the American launching failures has been the defective hardware in the propulsion and ordinance system. It makes sense that, the United States should outsource from India the hardware components or even the complete launching service.


(vi) Dual Capable Delivery System

INDIAN NUCLEAR DOCTRINE: Indian nuclear forces will be based on a triad of aircraft, mobile land-based missiles and sea-based assets. For effective employment, the unity of command and control of nuclear forces including dual capable delivery systems shall be ensured. Space based and other assets shallbe created to provide early warning, communications, damage/detonation assessment.


COMMERCIAL NUCLEAR & SATELLITE INDUSTRY: India should develop the peaceful nuclear explosion industry to profit by its neutron bomb arsenal. Nuclear weapons require periodic upgrading and dismantling, thereby making it prudent to use old neutron warheads in nuclear excavation and Plowshare projects. Similarly, commercial satellite launching subsidizes the development and testing of rockets used in ICBM.


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights






(0)(1012) Chapter 3: Doctrine of Peaceful Nuclear Explosion


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights


Dr. Homi J. Bhabha advocated the concept of Peaceful Nuclear Explosion, because he knew that the technology underlying the development of Russian Neutron Bomb and peaceful nuclear explosion are the same. The prerequisite of the peaceful nuclear explosion, lie in the absence of long-standing dangerous radiation. Peaceful nuclear explosions should not make the lands, dangerously contaminated with long-lasting radiation. The technical parameter of Neutron Bombs requires that shortly after the explosion of neutron bomb, the radiation level of dangerous radiation should become low. The post-explosion radiation level should be enough, for the troops to move in to capture enemy positions, and for the workers to move in to start the industrial plants left undamaged.  Dr. Bhabha wanted the peaceful nuclear explosions to develop a stockpile of radiation bombs, tactical neutron bombs.


Stupid members of the Indira Gandhi government interpreted the peaceful nuclear explosion doctrine to abandon the deployment and development of Indian nuclear explosion capability. Chinese spies had infiltrated Indian defense and foreign policy establishments, who undermined India's nuclear explosion capability, from 1971 to 1998.  Had India not exploded the nuclear devices under the leadership of Atal Behari Vajapayee, the NATO would have invaded India, after the Kosovo war, to carve out Christian-majority areas in Northeast as Christian states. There is no peaceful nuclear strategy.  Peaceful nuclear weapons power uses nuclear weapons to deter aggression. Even aggressive nuclear weapon power, does not use nuclear weapons to exercise nuclear deterrent. Nuclear weapon deployment capability promotes peace by deterring aggression. The very concept of peaceful nuclear strategy adocated by Indira Gandhi was stupid and it harmed India, by allowing Pakistan to catch up with India. This is the argument author develops in this chapter.


Nuclear Power Since 1974

INDIA WAS A NUCLEAR WEAPON POWER IN 1974: Atom Bomb is a weapon and it does not cease to be a weapon, just because if someone calls it a peaceful nuclear explosion. Possession of nuclear weapons makes the possessor a potential nuclear target. India had joined the ranked of nuclear weapon powers in 1974 and refused to wear the protective shield of weaponization and deployment. Predictably, it made India a target of a preemptive nuclear strike. Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Doctrine had made India a stunning beauty with a diamond tiara going naked amid the rapists. Indira Gandhi harmed Indian national interests by declaring the 1974 Underground Nuclear Explosion a Peaceful Nuclear Explosion not an Atom Bomb.


INDIA DID NOT DEMAND HEGEMONY: Peaceful Nuclear Doctrine weakened India’s position in the world and cemented the alliance of China and Pakistan. India was very naïve in not using its nuclear capability to demand preponderance in South Asia. Surprising no subsequent socialist government changed this disastrous policy. India had only to issue a Press Release that Indian 1974 explosion was an Atom Bomb. India refused to accept the power and prestige to which a nuclear weapon power is entitled. Congress Party was worried that if Indian people realized that the nuclear weapon power India is a great power, they would demand to use that capability for the resolution of the Kashmir and Tibet problems. Why did India reject the glory of a great nuclear power?


IT WAS A CONSPIRACY: Was it a case of policy failure or a result of the conspiracy by the Marxist Lobby? The Indian policy to designate the 1974 underground nuclear explosion as not an Atom Bomb was a result of A Marxist or Islamic conspiracy to allow Pakistan many decades to recoup to become a rival to India. The Marxist policy makers got scared of India’s success in 1971 War and 1974 nuclear explosions, which had made India a preponderant power of South Asia and challenger of China. The policy not to use Indian nuclear weapon capability, was a result of Marxist conspiracy to make India complacent so that Pakistan may catch up with India with help of China.


3(i) Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Doctrine:

NO Doctrine of PNE:

ABSENCE OF PNE DOCTRINE: India’s PNE Doctrine, Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Strategy failed to promote India’s influence and prestige in the world, primarily because no Indian strategist developed a well defined Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Doctrine of Nuclear Deterrent. The Institute of Defense Studies & Analysis (IDSA) published some booklets, New Delhi, on India’s Peaceful Nuclear Strategy. IDSA defended India’s right to conduct underground a nuclear explosion, but failed to develop a Peaceful Nuclear Strategy for use by Diplomats or Military. Therefore, India gained neither diplomatic nor military advantages when India emerged as a Nuclear power in 1974.


LOSS OF OPPORTUNITY: Peaceful Nuclear Doctrine instead of promoting Indian national interests harmed Indian security. Indian PNE Doctrine caused India irreparable harm and loss of international opportunity. Indian policy makers failed to make a diplomatic use of India’s nuclear Capability for enhancing India’s national interests.


BULLOCK CART TYPE INDIAN DIPLOMACY: Indian scientists produced Mercedes Car for Indian Diplomats, but Indian Diplomats and policy makers like illiterate farmers, preferred promoting Indian national interests through bullock carts type instruments of foreign policy. Indian Diplomats did not understand the nature of nuclear weapons, so they failed to make the diplomatic use of the nuclear capability for enhancing Indian national interests. The caliber of Indian diplomats should match those of the Indian nuclear scientists, if India is to realize best returns on investments in nuclear weapons program. Only those who understand the mechanics of the car engine compete in the car racing events such as Indy 500. Indian diplomats should undergo training to understand the nuances of the nuclear strategy. Promoting some nuclear scientists into the IFS Cadre may be prudent.


DEVELOP NEW NUCLEAR WEAPONS DOCTRINE: India needs to develop an Indian Nuclear Weapon Doctrine & Strategy, to enable Indian diplomats use nuclear weapons as an instrument of Policy. India should induct and deploy nuclear weapons in Foreign Policy by means of a National Nuclear Weapon Doctrine & Strategy. Indian nuclear doctrine enables the Indian Diplomat make a diplomatic use of the Nuclear Weapons, to realize the national objectives of India. The Credible nuclear doctrine will deter aggression so that the Indian military may never need to use nuclear weapons in a future war. Failure to develop a credible Indian Doctrine of Nuclear Deterrent would sabotage the deployment of Nuclear Weapons as an instrument of Indian Foreign Policy. Nuclear Weapons are too dangerous to be a war-weapon. Nuclear Weapons should only be used diplomatically to realize India’s national goals. Failure to develop credible Indian Nuclear Weapon Doctrine would render India’s Nuclear Weapons diplomatically Impotent and India would fail to emerge as a potent and credible Nuclear Weapon Power.


FAILED TO DETER PAKISTAN: Indira Gandhi promoted the Doctrine of Peaceful Nuclear Explosion that failed to deter Pakistan from challenging Indian hegemony in the subcontinent. On the contrary it emboldened Pakistan to conspire a Chinese, Islamic hegemony in South Asia. Pakistani aid to terrorists in Kashmir, genocide of Hindus by Pakistani and Afghan mercenaries in Kashmir, Bomb blasts in Bombay by pro-Pakistan Muslim criminal Dons, are all pieces of the puzzle to create a non-Hindu Government in India. Pakistan wants to be Mohammad Ghouri the invader and Jaichand the traitor, who aligned with the foreigners to bring down the Hindu Kingdom of India. Congress Party and Communist Party in their drive to woo Indian Muslim votes unwittingly became a willing pawn in this anti-India grand design. We can call a congress Party and Communist Party Marxist the Jaichands of the twentieth Century.


NUCLEAR WEAPON IS AN INSTRUMENT OF POLICY: India should develop a Doctrine of Nuclear Deterrent, only then, we can induct Nuclear Weapons as an instrument of Indian Foreign Policy. Only then, Indian diplomats may use nuclear weapons diplomatically to realize Indian foreign policy goals. Indian Nuclear Weapon Doctrine is essential so that the Indian military may never use nuclear weapons in a war.


WHY INDIA DID NOT DEMAND HEGEMONY: India conducted an underground nuclear explosion in 1974. A Prime Minister Indira Gandhi called it a Peaceful Nuclear Explosion, rather than an Atom Bomb. This policy harmed Indian national interest. India’s unilateral declaration that India’s 1974 nuclear explosion is not a Bomb but a Peaceful Nuclear Device  (PNE) was a blunder. India could have diplomatically used its capability to induct and deploy nuclear weapons as a diplomatic bargaining tool to demand international recognition of Indian hegemony in South Asia.


INDIA CAN BUT WILL NOT MAKE BOMBS: Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Doctrine states, that India can make nuclear weapons, but will not make nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, India would not sign N.P.T. and CTBT, as these two treaties discriminate in favor of five nuclear weapon powers.


Why 24 Years Gap in N-testing

24 YEARS GAP IN SECOND TESTING: It was a grave mistake not to call the 1974 underground nuclear explosion an Atom Bomb. It was also a mistake not to conduct more nuclear tests. India made a serious mistake by not calling it an Atom Bomb and by not conducting any farther nuclear explosion tests. India should have conducted more nuclear tests, and then the outcry of the international community would have been minimal.


CHINA-USA-PAK NUCLEAR COOPERATION: Indira Gandhi’s Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Policy that refused to call the 1974 underground nuclear explosion an Atom Bomb, harmed India’s national interests. It cemented an anti-India alliance between Pakistan and China and USA. It gave an impression that India is too indecisive and docile to emerge as a nuclear weapon power. PNE Doctrine hastened the China-Pakistan-USA nuclear cooperation.


PAKISTAN POLICY USED ITS NUCLEAR CAPABILITY: On the contrary Pakistan diplomatically exploited its nuclear capability and demanded parity with India. Pakistan threatened that it would develop nuclear weapons. India conducted a nuclear test and gained nothing during last 24 years of restraint, while Pakistan realized all the benefits of a near-nuclear power to gain parity with India.


Decline of Indian Hegemony

INDIAN HEGEMONY DECLINED AFTER PNE: great powers before the 1974 Explosion recognized Indian hegemony in South Asia. Indian hegemony in the South Asia declined in 1980s even when India was a nuclear power, because Indian Diplomats could not diplomatically wield its nuclear status. India lost many diplomatic advantage just because of its failure to call the 1974 a PNE device and Atom Bomb.


DIPLOMATS’ LACK TRAINING IN STRATEGY: The reason for this fiasco may have been that during 1974 in the entire Indian Foreign Service (IFS) cadre not one officer had studied nuclear Strategy. It is high time that Indian Foreign Service (IFS) should conduct crash courses in Strategy, Nuclear Diplomacy, and Nuclear Strategy.


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights








(0)(1013) Nixon & Kissinger threatened Indira Gandhi with Nuclear attack on India:


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights




Vietnam War was anti-Hindu War:

The purpose of the Vietnam War was to undermine Hindu influence over South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma. Vietnam War was a religious war waged by Christian United States to impose Christianity over Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand, who had been under Hindu influence. Henry Kissinger threatened to use nuclear weapons against India, had Indira Gandhi used forces to liberate Kashmir after the surrender of Pakistan in 1971 War. Secretary Kissinger could be promoting Zionist agenda to escalate the South Vietnam War to South Asia, as he had expanded it to cover Laos and Cambodia. United States, Vatican and Protestant Church supported Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge in the massacre of Buddhists in Cambodia.  Vietnam War was not an imperial war. It was a war of religions against Hinduism. 


MISUSE OF NUCLEAR DETERRENT: Why did President Nixon during 1971 War, threaten India with a nuclear attack had India pursued to liberate Kashmir after the liberation of Bangladesh? United States had lost in 1971 the Vietnam War. Nixon’s threat to use nuclear weapons against India was the result of a demoralized Great Power. United States threatened India with nuclear weapons realizing that the United States army was powerless against Vietnamese and would be powerless against Indian Army. Helpless and defeated United States had no option but to threaten non-nuclear India with a nuclear strike. Nuclear India would teach the United States a good lesson, if ever threatened India again at nuclear level.


DEFEAT IN VIETNAM DEMORALIZED USA: United States was badly losing the War in Vietnam War during 1971. The United States would have lost the war in South Asia had US troops landed in the Subcontinent. The defeat of the United States in the Vietnam War convinced Nixon that the US Army would fail to win any major land war against any major Asian Power. Henry Kissinger realized that the Vietnam War signaled the Decline of the White Army and the inability of rich White Infantry to defeat any major Asian Infantry. Dismal defeat in the Vietnam War convinced the Western military strategists that the days of White military supremacy are over. In future western power would only play an effective role in the war as a Maritime Power or Air Power.


NIXON REALIZED THE IMPOTENCE OF US ARMY: During 1971, the United States was in no position to guarantee the integrity of Pakistan, in the event of a determined Indian attack on Kashmir and West Pakistan. After the humiliating defeat in the Vietnam War the United States realized the limitations of the United States Army to deliver a victory in any future major Land War. President Nixon realized the impotence of United States military power after the defeat in Vietnam War. After the total surrender and defeat of Pakistan in the 1971 Indo-Pak War, the United States threatened the use of Nuclear weapons against non-nuclear India. Because Nixon was told, that any conventional US military intervention in South Asia would have been useless.


US POLICY OF DIVIDE AND RULE: Pakistan’s surrender during 1971 Indo-Pak War made India the dominant regional power of South Asia. After the defeat in Vietnam War United States would not deploy American soldiers in overseas crises, unless other allied powers joined the deployment of these troops. During late seventies and the eighties the United States Army did not militarily intervene in any conflict. Then the United States merely provided military assistance to one adversary in regional conflicts, to avoid human losses. Therefore, the United States supported the terrorist organizations and even drug dealing political organizations. American military was defeated in the Vietnam. The Afghan War, the success of Narco-terrorists and Mujahideen, cemented the ties of terrorists and drug barons with the CIA. This policy culminated in the political alliance of NATO and CIA with Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which like Afghan Mujahideen or Taliban was a Muslim terrorist organization, and a part of the Drug cartels. The Drug shipments could finance the purchase of arms, and the salaries of the terrorists.


US INFANTRY CANNOT SHIFT BALANCE OF POWER: United States realized that the involvement of conventional military forces of the United States would fail to shift the balance of power against India in South Asia. The United States tacitly consented to China Pakistan nuclear cooperation, so that India might not consolidate its predominance in the South Asia.


INDIA AND THE A-BOMB IN 1974: India should have declared that it exploded an Atom Bomb in 1974, then USA and China would not have aided Pakistan’s nuclear weapon program. Because India decided to keep its nuclear weapon status in the cupboard that USA and China raised the specter of Indo-Pakistan nuclear war to scare Hindu India from pursuing a nuclear path. It is important that most of the American media responded to Indian nuclear explosions with a comment that Pakistan is also nuclear and plans to conduct nuclear tests in a very future. How did the USA know that Pakistan would explode a nuclear bomb within days, because it takes more than 30 days to set up the nuclear blast? There was a conspiracy that the United States and China wanted Pakistan to explode a nuclear Bomb before Indian nuclear tests.


Chinese Nuclear Aid to Pakistan:

PAKISTAN WAS NO MATCH TO INDIA: Indira Gandhi refused to reassert India’s nuclear weapon power status. India’s failure to assert its nuclear weapons status, gave credence to the United States-China conspiracy, to transfer selected nuclear technologies to Pakistan, so that the truncated Pakistan could emerge as a rival to India. By 1974, Pakistan had given up all pretenses of being a challenger to India.


CHINESE NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY TO PAKISTAN: Indian policy failure to call the 1974 explosion an Atom Bomb gave Pakistan a new diplomatic opportunity to compete India. China proposed to the United States that Pakistan would restore balance of power in the Indian Subcontinent, if Pakistan becomes a nuclear power.


URANIUM ENRICHMENT PLANT: Western powers including Germany and Netherlands facilitated the theft of the state of art Uranium Enrichment Plant technology by Pakistan. Chinese Uranium enrichment technology was not as advanced as the technology stolen by Pakistan. India does not have this technology even today. China transferred missile technology and crude Atom Bomb designs to Pakistan in exchange for the Uranium Enrichment Technology.


SOVIET DEFEAT IN AFGHANISTAN: The United States and China realized the military capability of Pakistan after the Soviet defeat in the Afghan war. China argued that a nuclear Pakistan would check the westward and northward expansion of Indian influence. After the defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, Pakistan got the virus of Islamic Phobia. Pakistan boasted that Muslims have ruled Hindus for 1,000 years in India and thus is a superior race and so Muslims could psychologically defeat Hindus once Pakistan develops nuclear weapons. Pakistan boasted that the Pakistani nuclear weapons programs deters Hindu India from undertaking nuclear weapons, if India knew that Pakistan would follow their lead to develop an Islamic Bomb, which is likely to be used against India.


AFGHAN WARS AND PAKISTAN: United States and China transferred nuclear weapon technology to Pakistan as the continuation of the Afghan War. They assumed that nuclear Pakistan would defeat nuclear India just as it defeated the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.


INDIAN DOCILITY ON KASHMIR: India’s failure to hang Muslim terrorists in Kashmir promoted an image that Hindu Indian is a weak race. The western powers were convinced that the threat of a nuclear war with Pakistan would scare weak Hindu India and lead to the abandonment of its nuclear weapons option.


WEST INCITES INDO-PAK NUCLEAR WAR: Therefore, US writers began forecasting that South Asia would become an arena of a nuclear holocaust by 2005. They have promoted this viewpoint in many prestigious journals in USA. Many scholars forecast Indo-Pakistan nuclear war in a future. Why did White Christian scholars predict a nuclear confrontation between Brown Hindu India and Brown Muslim Pakistan? South Asia is one fifth of the humankind. South Asia has the population of 1.4 billion plus. The white Europeans could cause a nuclear Holocaust in South Asia to reduce the world’s overpopulation problem. There was a White Christian conspiracy to incite Pakistan to make preemptive nuclear strikes against the Hindu Nuclear Power. Christians helped to develop Islamic Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons, to incite a nuclear confrontation between the Hindu and Islamic Nuclear Weapon Powers. Indian scholars should also forecast Islamic nuclear strikes against European targets, to disperse nuclear cloud from South Asia.


India vs. China in Nuclear Race:

INDIA EQUALS TO CHINA IN NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY: In the aftermath of Chinese nuclear explosion in 1964, the United States recognized that India also could conduct nuclear explosions. During 1950s, India was more advanced than China in nuclear technology.


INDIA COULD MAKE THE BOMB IN 1965: Dr. Homi J. Bhabha was India’s top nuclear scientist. After conducted its first Chinese atmospheric atomic explosions that India could also conduct a similar atomic test within 18 months at very low cost. India’s nuclear weapon technology in 1964 was not very far behind China. Dr. Bhabha declared that India could conduct an atmospheric nuclear explosion test in 18 months and India could conduct a nuclear bomb test in a laboratory test tube. Dr. Homi J. Bhabha was one of the greatest nuclear scientists of the world. Dr. Homi Bhabha indicated that India had the capability to make the simulations of the nuclear bomb test in a test tube and in computer simulations.


MURDER OF THE DR. BHABHA: Because of this statement, an airline bomb blast over Swiss Alps murdered Dr. Homi J. Bhabha. No one ever recovered the wreckage of the plane. India should investigate whether Dr. Homi Bhabha’s plane was bombed to derail India’s nuclear weapon program. India should investigate whether Chinese and Pakistani secret services and /or CIA was involved in the bomb last of the Bhabha’s plane. India should investigate why was Dr. Bhabha not provided with top security protection in the aftermath of Chinese nuclear tests. Why did Dr. Bhabha travel by the commercial Airline? Was it a case of a security lapse? The murder of Dr. Bhabha took place not long after the death or murder of Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri in Tashkent. There could be some connection between the death of Shastri and Bhabha, as Shastri was reputed to have ordered the exercise of the nuclear option. Conspirators murdered Lal Bahadur Shastri in Tashkent because he had decided that India should make Atom Bombs. It is a coincidence that China exploded an Atom Bomb two (2) years after defeating India in a War, while India exploded a nuclear device three (3) years after defeating Pakistan in 1971. World’s reaction to Chinese Atom Bomb was different from its reaction to Indian Atom Bomb.


Policy Options:

MURDER OF THE DR. BHABHA: Whether Homi J. Bhabha was murdered by a Bomb planted on the airline plane planted by Chinese, Pakistani or Western Secret Services? India should set up the commission to investigate the deaths of Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri and nuclear scientist Dr. Homi J. Bhabha. Lal Bahadur Shastri was murdered because he ordered the exercise of India’s nuclear option after the Indo-Pak War of 1965.


P.N.E. DOCTRINE MADE INDIA A NUCLEAR TARGET: India should develop in-house training programs in nuclear strategy for Indian diplomats to avoid similar policy blunders. Nuclear weapons lying in a cupboard may cause a preemptive strike by hostile enemies. Nuclear weapons fail to deter a preemptive nuclear strike unless we deployed and inducted them by the defense forces.


DEPLOY NUCLEAR WEAPONS: India should assert its rights as a legitimate nuclear weapon power. India should go on with the weaponization of nuclear devices. Nuclear Weapons promote peace, because they are awesome lethal weapons. Nuclear weapons promote peace only when inducted and deployed by the defense forces.


HOLLAND TRANSFERRED ENRICHMENT TECHNOLOGY: United States approved Chinese transfer of nuclear weapon technology to Pakistan. Holland and Germany consented to the theft by Pakistan of uranium enrichment technology. How else Pakistan could obtain contraband nuclear components?


GERMAN CONSPIRACY: Germans loaded the Heavy Water reactor destined for Indian Kalpakkam Plant on a Pakistani ship. Pakistan stole and transferred the complete equipment to Pakistan. It was a German act of contraband trade not an act of German stupidity that Germany shipped the Heavy Water Plant, a very sensitive nuclear equipment destined for India on a Pakistani Ship. Perhaps German smugglers working together with Pakistani pirates hijacked the shipment to build clandestine German nuclear weapons. It could be a conspiracy of the United States and Germany conspired to transfer the Heavy Water Reactor technology to Pakistan in violation of the US Laws.


GERMAN NUCLEAR SMUGGLING: Germany could be involved in the illicit trade in nuclear weapon technology. It is no accident that many confications of Soviet origin shipments of enriched uranium took place in Germany. Germany would develop nuclear bombs secretly. Germany could emerge as a nuclear terrorist nation in near future. The frequent indirect involvement of Germans in numerous illegal dealings in nuclear weapon components is scary. 


CHRISTIANS INTRODUCED NUCLEAR VIRUS: The Christian nuclear powers, supplied classified nuclear weapons technology to Pakistan to checkmate Hindu Nuclear Bomb. India should not worry about the likely misuse of Islamic Nuclear Bombs against European and Christian targets. Christian Nuclear nations conspired to develop Pakistan as Nuclear Weapon powers to threaten Nuclear Hindu India. Watching western Europe suffer from Islamic Nuclear Bomb attack would be interesting and befitting reply to their heinous designs over South Asia.


ASSERTIVE NUCLEAR INDIA: India should give up its Nuclear Brahmcharya  (abstinence). India should enter the ranks of Great Powers as a warrior not as a poet. India should abandon the attitude of a vegetarian power but assert as a meat eating power. Pakistan could have launched a preemptive nuclear strike against India, as China had transferred long range missiles with nuclear warheads to Pakistan. India would serve the cause of peace by developing a credible nuclear arsenal and second strikes retaliatory capability. Nuclear weapons promote peace only when we have weaponized nuclear weapons. India can be safe only after the deployment of nuclear weapons by the armed forces. Sophisticated long-range missiles and submarine launched SLBMs provide India with second strikes retaliatory capability. India should discard the Indira Gandhi’s Doctrine of Peaceful Nuclear Explosion. India should play the Nuclear weapons game as per rules of the generally accepted military Doctrines of Mutual Assured Destruction and Nuclear Armageddon. India should develop Indian version of Nuclear Weapons doctrine to provide a framework of India’s response in case of nuclear war. India could not change the rules of the nuclear game. India is a new entrant. India should play the nuclear weapons game according to the rules of the nuclear war game. Nuclear doctrine influences the behavior of nuclear weapons powers. Entering during 1974, the nuclear war zone with, neither an Indian nuclear defensive shield nor a nuclear sword was simply suicidal or stupid on the part of India.  


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights








(0)(1014) Chapter 4: Atom bomb only Diplomatic Not a Military Weapon


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights




INDIAN NUCLEAR DOCTRINE: India will not be the first to initiate a nuclear strike, but will respond with punitive retaliation should deterrence fail. The use of nuclear weapons in particular as well as other weapons of mass destruction constitutes the gravest threat to humanity and to peace and stability in the international system.  In the absence of global nuclear disarmament, India’s strategic interests require effective, credible nuclear deterrence and adequate retaliatory capability should deterrence fail. India shall pursue a doctrine of credible minimum nuclear deterrence. Indian doctrine advocates retaliation only. The fundamental purpose of Indian nuclear weapons is to deter the use of and threat of the use of nuclear weapons by any state or entity against India or its forces. India will not resort to the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons against states, which do not possess nuclear weapons, or are not aligned with nuclear weapon powers. Deterrence requires that India maintain the will to employ nuclear weapons and nuclear forces.


NUCLEAR BARBARIAN THREAT TO CIVILIZATIONS: Spread of nuclear technology among semi-civilized fanatic states, led by half-literate politicians threatens the continued existence of the Homo Sapiens. United States encouraged China to transfer Atom Bomb technology and ready to use long range nuclear weapon’s capable missiles to Pakistan for use against India. The purpose of the author in this chapter is to teach the semi-literate politicians the fundamentals of nuclear doctrines and nuclear diplomacy so that they may not blow up the world like the proverbial monkey with a sword.


DIPLOMATIC USE ONLY: How to use Nuclear Weapons diplomatically, to realize national objectives? The diplomatic use of nuclear weapons assures that they nuclear war will not be necessary. 


NUCLEAR WEAPONS DIPLOMACY: What is an impact of Nuclear Weapon on the art and practice of Diplomacy? How to train the practitioners of traditional diplomacy into the art of nuclear diplomacy? How should India behave as a nuclear weapon power? In what manner does the old practice of diplomacy change due to Indian nuclear arsenal?


USE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS IS A WAR CRIME: How to make the military use of nuclear weapons illegal and punishable as a War Crime? United States would decline as a Super Power, if by means of an International Treaty, the preemptive uses of nuclear weapons should be banned, just as was done to Bacteriological, Biological and Chemical weapons. International Court of Justice should pass a ruling that any first use of Nuclear Weapons for preemptive nuclear strikes would be a War Crime according to International Law.


Use Atom Bombs Diplomatically

TRAINING THE DIPLOMATS: Indian Foreign Service should conduct seminar courses to train the Diplomats in the fundamentals of nuclear strategy, to fine-tune the skills of Nuclear Diplomacy. India after having exploded a Nuclear Bomb must learn how to use the nuclear weapons diplomatically.


POLITICAL WEAPON: Nuclear weapons deter aggressors. Atom Bomb is a Political Weapon. Atom Bombs are not for militarily use. Nevertheless, India should not forswear its right to use the nuclear weapons in case of a nuclear war. Atom Bombs are effective for political and diplomatic purposes. Do not use Nuclear weapons militarily. 


NOT JUST A BIG BOMB: Atom Bomb is just not a Big Bomb. Even a small yield Atom Bomb called Nukes is an Atom Bomb. Even smaller, yield nuclear bombs would result in nuclear retaliation. While the use of a higher yield conventional bombs, much higher than the yield of nuclear nukes would not result in nuclear retaliation. During war, adversaries may use big size conventional bombs legitimately. Nevertheless, using even a low yield Nuclear Nuke is illegal. First Use of even low yield Atom Bomb would be a War Crime.


FOR DEFENSE ONLY: Use Atom Bombs only for defense. Use Atom Bombs for defense only. Do not use atom bombs for aggression. Offensive use of a Nuclear Weapon would not only be illegal, but also be a War Crime and could cause a World War.


NOT MEANT FOR ILLITERATE POLITICIANS: Illiterate Politicians must not use Nuclear Brinkmanship. Do not allow illiterate politicians to make bellicose nuclear statements. Illiterate or semi-literate politicians, Mullahs, or terrorists should not indulge in nuclear diplomacy. Only highly educated, diplomats, reasonable and sensible leaders should indulge in Nuclear Diplomacy. Belligerent politicians, fanatic religious leaders, and terrorist nations must not gain access to Atom Bombs. 


GORILLA LIKE HOSTILE GESTURES: Just as a Monkey with a sword cannot protect the owner, so the possession of Atom Bomb by foolish leader would destroy the very nation that possesses them. Diplomatic use of nuclear weapons resembles bellicose gorilla gestures, gorillas use to keep control over territorial areas. If a nation led by an irrational leader possesses Atom Bombs, it becomes a great threat to the world. Millions can die if we allow foolish politicians control over Atom Bombs. Adversaries would use it as an excuse to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against foolish nuclear nations, led by illiterate fanatic rulers.


DETERRENT ROLE ONLY: Political use of nuclear weapons includes the diplomatic use of nuclear brinkmanship to deter an enemy. Nuclear brinkmanship help realize the limited well-defined objectives, by convincing the adversaries about its destructive consequence. It allows the adversary to withdraw without causing conflagration.


World Safer with 7 Nuclear Powers

NONWHITES ARE ALSO RESPONSIBLE: The world is safer with the six (6) nuclear powers than with (P-5) nuclear powers. India has challenged the presumption that only white Christian States could be responsible legitimate nuclear weapon powers. Four (4) of  five (P-5) Declared Nuclear Powers, are Christian, White, and European Colonial Powers. The White races are less than one fourth of the world population. All four (4) White nuclear powers had committed in the past, the genocide of indigenous peoples during their colonial expansion. White colonial nations have massacred the Brown races in North & South Americas, Siberia and Australia during the last 200 years. China the fifth nuclear weapon power is an Atheist, Anti-Buddhist power. China has aligned with other Christian Powers to undermine Buddhism in China.


WORLD SAFER FOR BUDDHISM & HINDUISM: Nuclear India would make the world safer for Buddhism and Hinduism. However, for the fear of nuclear India’s support to Buddhism, the white Christian nuclear powers would align with atheist anti-Buddhist China to undermine Buddhism in China. Indian Bomb is an insurance against it. It proves that the world is safer with six or seven nuclear weapon powers than with five nuclear weapon powers.


INDIA DETERS FUTURE GENOCIDE: Indian Atom Bombs deter the White European nuclear powers, from using nuclear weapons to conspire for a Malthusian solution to the problem of Brown & Black overpopulation. Indian Atom Bomb would deter all four white nuclear weapons powers from even contemplating the genocide of nonwhite races by nuclear weapons. Europeans used the Plague virus to eliminate the indigenous populations of Americas. Nuclear India would deter any future genocide of nonwhite non-Christian nations by the Europeans.


BROWN ATOM BOMBS: Indian Nuclear Bomb would deter all White European conspiracies to commit genocide against Black or Brown races in the future. Indian Atom Bomb would deter any future genocide of Non-Christian Brown or Black races by dominant White Nuclear Powers. Justice requires that India represents Brown races, which is one third of the humankind and India also represents 900 million Hindus, so India must be recognized as a full member of the exclusive Nuclear Club. India itself is one sixth of the humankind. The world is safer because now India is a nuclear weapon power.


(ii) War Crime of Hiroshima Nagasaki Atom bombs

FIRST STRIKE IS A WAR CRIME: Any use of nuclear weapons for a Nuclear First Strike is a War Crime. Whenever any ruler orders the nuclear strikes against other Nation, then the International Court of Justice should prosecute that head of the Government for War Crimes. Those rulers, even of declared five nuclear powers, found guilty of war crimes should be tried as war criminals, and sentenced to death.


A-BOMB IS POWERFUL ONLY WHEN NOT USED: Any use of Atom Bomb in a War is a War Crime. Atom Bomb is not just a big Bomb. It is Atom Bomb because it realizes its objective without a war. If a nuclear weapon is used, it is the failure of nuclear deterrent. 


TRUMAN’S WAR CRIME: President Truman committed a War Crime by ordering that Atom Bombs be dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, because Japan had not threatened a nuclear attack on USA. Any preemptive nuclear strike by a nuclear weapon power against a non-nuclear nation is a war crime. Truman would not have dropped the Atom Bombs over White Germany under similar circumstances. Race played a very important role in the first use of Atom Bomb against a yellow nation by the white power. The use of first Atom Bomb more an act of bravado less the national necessity, in the Second World War, as Japan would have lost the war even without the nuclear attack. President Truman used Atom Bombs against Japan because he failed to understand the nature of the Nuclear Age. Japanese people are concerned that the first use of Atomic Bombs over Nagasaki and Hiroshima violated the Laws of War, but courts have not said so as yet.


JAPAN’S ATOM BOMBS: Japan has developed nuclear weapons secretly. During the Government of Prime Minister Tanaka, who was the grand son of the wartime Prime Minister of Japan, Japan stole a huge stockpile of weapon grade Plutonium, and declared it was missing from Japan’s Fast Breeder Reactor. The stolen weapon grade Plutonium was enough to make 50+ Atom Bombs. Japan has used it to make a secret stockpile of nuclear devices. Japan has a huge stockpile of nuclear waste materials, which when reprocessed would make 5,000 Atom Bombs. Japan has Satellite launching capability and Mitsubishi has developed the technology to build ICBMs. Japan is rumored to have secretly built 50 Atom Bombs made out of the weapon grade Plutonium found missing in the Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactor, during the government of Prime Minister Tanaka.


FIRST USE OF AN ATOM BOMB IS WAR CRIME: Japanese people demand that the International Court of Justice should pass a ruling on the legality of the first use of Atom Bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. President Truman had committed a War Crime by ordering the use of Atom Bombs over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. India should request that the International Court of Justice decide about the legality of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bomb. It would be prudent that the United States apologizes to Japan for the Nagasaki and Hiroshima Bombs. It is widely feared that the first Atom Bomb that ever lands on United States cities will carry a Japanese tag.


JAPAN DESERVES A SENATE APOLOGY: Japan deserves an apology from US Senate and Congress. US Senate and Congress passed a Resolution apologizing about the internment of Japanese origin peoples during the Second World War. Japan needs a similar gesture about the use of Atom Bomb over Japan. It would soften Japanese anger over Nagasaki and Hiroshima Bombs. Japan is a Great Power and has a proven capability of developing nuclear missiles. Japan has secretly developed nuclear weapons. It should be remembered that Japan before the outbreak of the Second World War had made huge Air Craft Carriers in hidden underground ports, in violation of the post First World War treaties. It is very likely that Japan would develop nuclear weapons in violation of the NPT and CTBT.


TRUMAN WAS WRONG IN USING BOMB: Truman used Atom Bombs over Japan without giving Japan any chance to surrender. Truman was worried that if he declared the destructive potential of the Atom Bomb, then Japan would surrender and the United States would lose an opportunity to show to the world the real power of USA. Besides Truman wanted to take a revenge for Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor. There was no justifiable need to use Atom Bomb on Japan. President Truman might have committed a War Crime by ordering the Atom Bomb attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Let International Court of Justice, Hague; decide whether President Truman committed a War Crime. 


Nixon’s Nuclear Threat to India:

INDIA’S RIGHT OF SELF-DEFENSE: President Nixon committed a War Crime by threatening a nuclear attack on India during 1971. Indian nuclear test is the legitimate exercise of the Right of Self-defense by India. The United States had threatened India at nuclear level during 1971 War, while India was a non-nuclear state and was not even at war with the United States. Nixon threatened a nuclear strike against India during 1971, had India continued to liberate Kashmir after Pakistan’s surrender in Bangladesh. Indians and Hindus are baffled that while Nixon and Kissinger were humbly bowing down to China after a humiliating defeat in the Vietnam War, they threatened a non-nuclear India who was not even at war with USA. The United States never threatened Nuclear China with Nuclear attacks even in the face of a humiliating defeat in the Vietnam War. United States will not have threatened India had India exploded an Atom Bomb earlier.


DEMAND FOR A SENATE INVESTIGATION? US Senate should conduct investigation about why Henry Kissinger advised President Nixon, to threaten India with nuclear attack in 1971, if India had continued to liberate Kashmir. The United States should make public all secret official records on this issue, to promote honest relationship with nuclear India. India would like to know whether the fact that India is a Brown and a Hindu nation, influenced the decision of President Nixon to make a nuclear threat to India.


DID NIXON & KISSINGER COMMIT A WAR CRIME? President Nixon’s threat to use Atom Bombs against India during 1971 Indo-Pak War could be considered a War Crime. President Nixon’s nuclear threat against India does constitute a War Crime. President Nixon’s threat was the primary motive for 1974 Indian underground nuclear explosions. India’s 1998 nuclear explosions are the direct result of US transfer of advanced satellite technology to China, which have vastly improved the accuracy of Chinese ICBMs.


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights








(0)(1015) Chinese Invasions of Siberia or Australia:


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights




KOSYGIN THREATENED CHINA IN 1974: Soviet Premier Kosygin sought the consent of USA, to launch preemptive strikes against China, during his talks with Henry Kissinger and President Nixon. Luckily, President Nixon refused. It provided the basis of the US-China Entente during the Nixon era.


WOULD CHINA INVADE SIBERIA? What would be the geopolitical basis of the fast emerging US-China Military Alliance? The dream of overpopulated China to conquer the empty lands of Siberia forms the Core of the US-China Strategic Alliance. Siberia was a part of Mongol Empire. Siberia is not a White man land. Napoleon and Hitler attacked Russia from the West and Japan in 1905 conquered the eastern coastal areas of Siberia.


WHY AMERICA IS INCITING CHINA? The US is goading China to attack Russia to reduce Chinese threats to Australia, just as Britain and the United States encouraged Hitler to attack the Soviet Union to delay German Invasion on England. Henry Kissinger in his article published in Times Magazine referred the coastal areas of Siberia as northern province of China.


RUSSIA IS IN RUIN: China would invade Siberia in future? Russian economy is in ruin. Russian Army is demoralized. Chinese economy is booming. China has huge foreign exchange reserves. China after the return of Hong Kong has emerged as the dominant power in Asia. China could be in the expansion mode. China cannot get a better chance. Only the threat of Russian retaliation of conventional Chinese at nuclear level could check China. The nuclear deterrent of the United States against Russia is credible enough to deter Russian nuclear attack against China, in case of full-scale Chinese invasions of Siberia.


RUSSIA CANNOT DEFEND SIBERIA: Russian Army could not defend Eastern Siberia against Chinese invasion. China could use its foreign exchange reserves to finance secessionist movements in Siberia. China could support the secessionist movements in the Siberian provinces to deter Russia’s use of nuclear weapons against China. 


SHOULD INDIA FIGHT CHINA IN SIBERIA? Only Indian Army could defend Siberia against Chinese invasion. Russia would use Diplomacy to redirect Chinese expansionism southward toward Indonesia and Australia. China would either expand northwards in Siberia or expand southwards toward Indonesia and Australia. Russia would need one million Indian immigrants in Siberia, to develop a solid defense shield against Chinese invasions.


Foreign Policy Options

JAPAN’S SECRET NUCLEAR ARSENAL: Japan has developed nuclear weapons out of the weapon grade Plutonium stolen out of the Experimental Fast Breeder Reactor project. Japan repents that it signed the N.P.T. and CTBT. Japan’s hostile reaction at Indian and Pakistani Nuclear explosions were some ruses to wriggle out of the N.P.T. and CTBT obligations. India should provide Nuclear Umbrella over Japan. India should petition International Court of Justice, to give an Opinion on the legality of the use of Atom Bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.


INDIAN MILITARY BASE IN SIBERIA: Indian Nuclear Strategy should define Indian response to Chinese invasions of Siberia. United States could deter a Russian nuclear response to Chinese conventional attack on Siberia, just as Nixon had deterred Kosygin’s plan to make preemptive nuclear strikes against China during early 1970s. The growing cooperation between USA and China could encourage Chinese invasions of Siberia. Russia should encourage the emigration to Siberia by a million Indian soldiers, to protect Russian Siberia against Chinese incursions. 


WORLD WAR III FOR SIBERIA OR AUSTRALIA: Only Australia or Siberia is a land very large enough to absorb millions of Chinese people. The United States encourages the Chinese invasion of Siberia.  


USA TRANSFERRED MIRV TECHNOLOGY TO CHINA: China has got American MIRV technology, as a result Chinese nuclear deterrent could deter the Russian use of nuclear weapons against a Chinese invasion of Siberia. China in post Hong Kong Era would emerge as an expansionist, dominant Asian power out to conquer Siberia or Australia. China has overtaken Russia as an economic and military power. China is ripe for expansion. United States encourages China to expand into Siberia to divert Chinese expansionist drive away from Indonesia and Australia. United States has transferred, sold, and allowed Chinese spies to seal sensitive missile, rocket, and MIRV and satellite technologies to China, to incite Chinese invasions of Siberia.


CHINESE NUCLEAR ESPIONAGE THREATENS AUSTRALIA: Chinese spies have stolen Trident II, W-88 miniaturized nuclear warhead designs, Neutron Bomb designs, satellite and nuclear missile guidance system, and submarine tracking technology from the USA. Because of espionage of nuclear secrets, neither the United States nor Britain could deter Chinese invasions of Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. It is highly unlikely that the United States and Britain would risk a nuclear war to defend against Chinese invasions of Australia.


AN INDIAN A-BOMB IS A BROWN-BUDDHIST BOMB: India should promote Indian Atom Bomb as a Brown Bomb and as an Aryan Bomb. Indian Atom Bomb would deter genocide of Brown & Black Races. Indian Atom Bomb would protect Brown and Black world against future genocide. India should also promote Indian Bomb as a Buddhist Bomb and as a Hindu Bomb. Indian Nuclear Weapons Doctrine would deter any international conspiracy to undermine Buddhism and Native Tribal Religions. Indian Atom Bomb would protect the Buddhist and Tribal cultures and civilizations.


NIXON’S WAR CRIME: Henry Kissinger and President Nixon committed War Crimes in 1971 by threatening India with a nuclear attack. India should raise this issue on international forums. India should demand an apology from the US Senate and Congress for US Threat to India with a nuclear attack during 1971 Indo-Pakistan War.


USA IS AN IRRESPONSIBLE POWER: How could we trust the United States President with a Nuclear button if he is willing to use Nuclear weapons, against a non-nuclear nation who is not even in conflict with USA? India should challenge the legitimacy of the United States as a nuclear power.


INDIAN NUCLEAR RETALIATION: India’s nuclear strategy should clearly define Indian nuclear response if in future conflict either China or the United States pose a nuclear threat to India.


DETERRENT ROLE OF NEUTRON BOMB: Indian nuclear deterrent relies on neutron bombs to deter preemptive nuclear strikes. Indian Neutron deterrent will deter United States as it has a proven capability to cause unacceptable loss of human lives in many non-nuclear states of the Western Christendom. India will not target the populations of the United States, Britain, and France to avoid the danger of nuclear escalation.


INDIA NEEDS A CREDIBLE NUCLEAR ARSENAL: India should develop a credible nuclear arsenal, with effective delivery system. India should develop the second strike retaliatory capability, to deter any surprise preemptive nuclear strike. India needs a sizeable deployable nuclear arsenal. Otherwise, the diplomatic use of nuclear weapons will not be credible enough. Diplomats do not use Nuclear weapons in a war only because they are a credible deterrent in peace times. India would be able to diplomatically use nuclear weapons, only when it embarks upon a large scale nuclear weaponization program, deploys nuclear weapons and develop a submarine launched SLBM network. India would need a nuclear arsenal of around 3,000 deployable nuclear nukes and Bombs and 1,000 submarine launched SLBMs. India should deploy 1,000 pure-fusion neutron bombs, and 1,000 fission-fusion neutron bombs.


ASSERT INDIA’S NUCLEAR POWER STATUS: India should diplomatically use its nuclear weapons to carve out a special role for India in the New World order. As a nuclear weapon power, India would have global interests and global responsibilities.  


CONVENTIONAL THIRD WORLD WAR: China would ignite the Third World War by its invasions of either Australia or Siberia. White Russian rulers of Siberia would abstain from nuclear strikes as China; the adversaries also possess credible nuclear weapons. White colonial powers would give up Australia and Siberia only in case of a nuclear stalemate. India requires a credible nuclear arsenal to deter European nuclear strikes in the Third World War. India should not oppose Chinese invasions of Indonesia and Australia. United States and China are strategic allies, so India would gain nothing by militarily opposing Chinese invasions of Australia. The United States and Britain may mischievously delay Chinese invasions of Australia by encouraging Chinese invasions of either Siberia or India.


NEUTRON DETERRENT TO ISLAMIC A-BOMB: Indian Neutron Bomb arsenal will deter the Islamic preemptive nuclear strikes. Indian doctrine declares that Indian nuclear doctrine states that India will retaliate by launching neutron bomb attack on the coalition of Islamic nations that launched preemptive nuclear strikes against India. India will survive the nuclear strikes and in retaliation will cause the loss of over 40 million Muslim lives in the Islamic world. Any Islamic preemptive nuclear strike could result in the annihilation of the entire Islamic world. Any Islamic nuclear attack on the Hindu world will result in unacceptable human losses in the entire Islamic world. It will be in the civilizational interest of the Islamic world that they check the Islamic nuclear power. If the land of one billion contaminates by nuclear attacks, then India will depopulate the lands of one billion Muslims to resettle Indians in Muslim lands. India will survive the nuclear attack and retaliate to depopulate the civilization of the nuclear aggressors.


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights








(0)(1016) Chapter 5: Nuclear India Fights New Overseas War


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights




LIMITED WARS IN POST-COLD WAR AGE: During Cold War Great Powers avoided regional wars fearing that the escalation might lead to nuclear exchange. Britain and France humbly withdrew their forces from Suez Canal in the face of Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev’s exercise of nuclear deterrent in 1956. United States is gearing up to undertake frequent military interventions in the early part of the twenty-first century. India should also develop its military doctrine to wage five (5) simultaneous limited wars worldwide.  India has inherited the legacy of the British Empire, just as Russia had inherited the legacy of the Mongol Empire. India should prepare for military operations in Cambodia, Burma, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Congo, Somalia, Angola, and Peru.


INDIAN NUCLEAR DOCTRINE: Indian doctrine of credible minimum nuclear deterrence is the policy of the retaliation only. India will not be the first to initiate a nuclear strike, but will respond with punitive retaliation should deterrence fails. India shall maintain highly effective conventional military capabilities to raise the threshold of outbreak of both conventional military conflict as well as that of threat or use of nuclear weapons.


NUCLEAR PROGRAM IS VERY EXPENSIVE: The development of nuclear weapons would eat up larger chunks of National Defense Budget and shrink the budgetary allocations for Personnel and Salaries. As a nuclear weapon Power India would need to fight more, conventional wars worldwide, to keep adversaries under check. How would India fight more overseas conventional wars with shrinking salary allocations of the Army?   


POLICY CHANGES AFTER THE EXPLOSION: we could define the problem as: How would Indian Foreign Policy undergo reversal after the Nuclear Tests? How to formulate the New Foreign Policy after the Nuclear Tests, so that it would be the continuation of Past Policy, even when it is the complete reversal of policies? How should Nuclear Indian Foreign Policy discard the Nehruvian and Socialistic baggage that in the past throttled the performance of India’s Policy?


A-BOMBS REDUCE THE ALLOCATION FOR SALARIES: Deployment of Nuclear Weapons diverts a larger chunk of the Defense Budget to the nuclear weapons program. Nuclear Power would get involved more frequently in far away regions, to enhance its nuclear deterrent. The problem is how to use conventional military involvement in regional conflicts to deter the use of nuclear weapons militarily! The problem of the nuclear weapon doctrine is to enable the nuclear weapon power could fight multiple conventional wars. Fighting regional wars stabilizes the regional balance of power, so that a nuclear nation may never fight nuclear wars!


HOW TO PAY FOR LONG OVERSEAS WARS: The problem is: How to pay for the long drawn out wars, while the Nuclear Defense Budget reduces the percentage wise allocation for the salary of the Army personnel? How Nuclear India would engage in actual military hostility average of 90 days a year, rather than 72 days it fought during last 50 years, without going bankrupt? How to pay for the increased long drawn out military involvement? India fought four wars during last 50 years in 1948, 1962, 1965 and 1971, and the total number of days of actual full-scale hostilities was around 18 days each say 72 days in all. India also fought the insurgency war in Sri Lanka to crush Hindu Tamil Tigers LTTE, who were fighting persecution by Buddhist Simhala Army.


GUERILLA WARFARE: India should not fight Mechanized Warfare in overseas conflicts, but use light infantry to wage Guerrilla Warfare. Indian Army should jointly wage wars along with Private Army, Guerrilla Army, Mujahideen Army, Revolutionary Army, LTTE Tamil Tigers, where political partisans would fight the War for their political and religious beliefs. The role of the Indian Army would be to supply small weapons and to provide general tactical support. The regular Indian Army should not be involved in a long-term direct combat, in overseas conflicts. India supported Mukti Bhahini in Indo-Pak war of 1971. India could contract Tamils of LTTE to conduct covert operations in East Timor in Indonesia. India could induct RSS Cadre for military operations in Afghanistan. India could induct Nepali Gurkhas for operations in Tibet. India could hire Somalia’s Warlords for operation in Sudan or Ethiopia and induct the Kurd Rebels for operations in the Middle East.


SELECTING A WARRING FACTION: India should develop close military relations with major adversaries in overseas conflicts. India should develop direct personal relationship with the military leaders of competing factions involved in the overseas conflicts. India should take sides in civil wars in Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, and Malaysia.  


Policy after the A-bomb Test reverse of Policy before the Test:

NEW POLICY FOR NUCLEAR AGE: As a nuclear weapon power, India should have new foreign policy. Indian Foreign Policy the Day After the Nuclear Tests, should be the reverse of the Indian Foreign Policy Day Before the Nuclear Test. India should erase all traces of Nehru’s influence from the Indian Foreign Policy of the Nuclear India. Indian Foreign Policy the day after the Nuclear Weapon Test should make a total break with the Indian foreign Policy before the nuclear blast. The Foreign Policy of India under Prime Minister Atal Vajpayee should be just the reverse of the Foreign Policy of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Morarji Desai, and Rajiv Gandhi.


DISCARD NEHRU’S FOREIGN POLICY MODEL: India should discard Nehru Foreign Policy Model while formulating the policies of Nuclear India. The Nehru Model of Indian Foreign Policy failed to promote India’s national interests. The Indian Foreign Policy during the subsequent governments of Indira Gandhi, Desai, and Rajiv Gandhi also failed to promote Indian national interests. The reason being that Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Morarji Desai, VP Singh, PV Narasimha Rao, Deve Gowda, I.K. Gujaral have all resorted to the Nehruvian Model of Indian Foreign Policy. Because of the Nehruvian model, they all failed to project India as a major power in the world politics.


PROSECUTE THE MARXIST LOBBY: India should prosecute the Marxist Lobby that formulated pro-China policies. Neither the caliber of the Indian Prime Ministers, nor the competence of the Indian Foreign Service is to blame for foreign policy disasters. Indian Foreign Policy makers betrayed India, by promoting Chinese national interests at the cost of India. Indian decision making appears to have been hijacked by committed Marxists, who are fiercely loyal to China who have sabotaged every policy option that could have made India a Great Power. Nationalist BJP Government should weed out these agents, from the current policy making apparatus. New Makers of Indian Foreign Policy of Nuclear India should question every policy adopted and promoted by Pro-China Socialist policy makers of the earlier Governments. We should simply discard Nehru Model.


INDUCT HOT BLOOD IN INDIAN POLICIES: India should inject Hot Blood in Indian foreign Policy. Nuclear India’s Foreign Policy should differ from Nehru’s Foreign Policy just as the Hot Blood Congress differed from the Cold Blood Congress in the pre-independence era. We should discard all socialistic traditions in formulating the new Foreign Policy of Nuclear India. We should transfer many senior officers in the Ministry of External Affairs to IAS and posted in India, to bring in knew thinking and the new blood. India needs to follow the Foreign Policy of Hot Blooded Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose rather than Cold Blooded Jawaharlal Nehru.  


MERGE IFS WITH IAS: we would require that Administrative Reforms carry out the new Nuclear Indian Foreign Policy. Merge Indian Foreign Service (IFS) with Indian Administrative Services (IAS). Induct new blood into Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Recruit at least fifty (50) percent of the officers above the level of Directors, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the IAS Cadre. Recruit around twenty (20) percent of IFS Cadre from Business and Academics. Transfer seventy (70) percent of the IFS Cadre to the IAS and posted in India. Do not sacrifice Indian National Interests at the altar of bureaucratic turf wars. Indian Foreign Service should develop a mechanism to punish senior officers for carrying out disastrous policies. How could IFS Cadre monopolize Foreign Policy unless it would willingly face prosecution for disastrous policies? Chinese and Pakistani Diplomats most often outwit Indian Diplomats. Pakistani Diplomats promote national interests more effectively than their Indian counterparts, could the former be more patriotic than the latter? In case India and Pakistan united to form a new Federation than bright Diplomats of Pakistan should head the Foreign Policy of the Subcontinent. It should be a sad criticism as IFS attracts the best that India could offer.


India would Fight More Overseas Wars to Avoid Nuclear Wars

PEACE ACROSS BORDERS: In the Days before Indian and Pakistani nuclear Blasts the purpose of Indian and Pakistani Armies was to stare at or fight across the common borders. Nevertheless, in the Days After the nuclear blasts, the military doctrine of both Pakistan and India would undergo a fundamental change. The Army would compete for a sphere of influence in Asia and Africa. The Army would decisively change the conventional balance of power by fighting low level military battles outside the Subcontinent. A decisive defeat of Pakistan by India across the Kashmir borders could destabilize the nuclear Balance. The total defeat of Pakistan in Afghanistan will not disturb the Indo-Pakistan nuclear Deterrent. 


FIGHT MORE OFTEN IN OVERSEAS LANDS: The nuclear Deterrent restricts the direct military conflicts between the nuclear weapon powers across the common frontiers. Nuclear Deterrent encourages the direct military competition in neighboring and distant countries. Nuclear Deterrent would deter the direct military confrontation across the common frontiers of the two nuclear States, but legitimize their direct confrontations in the Proxy Wars in third countries. India and Pakistan should engage in direct confrontations in Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, Kurdistan, East Timor, Jaya Irian, Sumatra, Cambodia, Ethiopia, but avoid direct confrontations over Kashmir across common frontiers.


DEVELOP OVERSEAS LANDING CAPABILITY: The Nuclear India’s Navy should provide intervention capability of Indian armed forces beyond the frontiers of India. India should build Naval Landing Capability to transport 100,000 Soldiers at a time, across the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. Nuclear India should participate in regional conflicts from Afghanistan, Cambodia, Burma, Lebanon, Kurdistan, Somalia, East Timor, Jaya Irian, Cyprus, and Azerbaijan to stabilize the regional balance of power.


MANY LIMITED WARS: Indian defenses force need overseas landing capability to project India’s power outside the subcontinent, on the African and Indonesian coasts. India’s direct military engagements with Pakistan and China outside the subcontinent would become more frequent in the post nuclear weapon era. India would fight many limited wars with Pakistan and China in the neighboring region outside South Asia. The theater of future Indo-Pakistan and Indo-China Wars would be in South East Asia, Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.


INDIA TO FIGHT MORE OVERSEAS LIMITED WARS: Nuclear Deterrent would not mean Peace or absence of conventional Wars. Nuclear deterrent means the less likelihood of across the common frontier War in the Subcontinent. Nuclear Deterrent means the more likelihood of limited conventional Wars in distant lands. India should maintain peace in the subcontinent to avoid a nuclear conflagration and engage more often in overseas conflict areas. Nuclear India should engage military forces outside the Subcontinent to compete with Pakistan and China all over the world. The theater of Indo-Pakistan Wars would shift from the common frontiers to Afghanistan, Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Lebanon, Georgia, Kurdistan, Somalia, East Timor, Jaya Irian, Banda Aceh, and Sumatra. India would fight China not across Tibet borders but in Burma, Mongolia, Taiwan, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, and perhaps in Siberia and Australia.  


INDIA TO DESTABILIZE ALLIES OF ADVERSARIES: Nuclear India’s should promote instability in Asia to keep its adversaries off balance. Nuclear India’s Foreign Policy should learn to move chess pieces round the world, to win many local military victories to weaken China and Pakistan, so that India may never fight a nuclear war with either China or Pakistan. Nuclear India should intervene to destabilize the allies of India’s adversaries all over the world, so that China and Pakistan may never become too powerful to threaten a direct attack on India.


NUCLEAR POWERS HAVE WORLDWIDE INTERESTS: Do not use nuclear weapons in a war. The nuclear weapons become potent only when they are not used. Nuclear Weapons being very lethal and potent entitle the nuclear Weapon power to project its power by low level military interventions worldwide using conventional weapons.


NUCLEAR STATES FIGHT MORE OVERSEAS WARS: Now Nuclear India has legitimate worldwide interests and worldwide responsibilities. Nuclear India would undermine its security environment, by avoiding overseas conflicts. Nuclear India should fight many Wars. Nuclear India could no longer afford non-involvement in overseas Wars. Just because India should not fight across the borders with its nuclear neighbors, fighting Pakistan and China militarily in every crisis of the world is obligatory for India. Nuclear India would have no option but to militarily compete with Pakistan and China all over the world.


NON-NUCLEAR POWERS FIGHT BIGGER WARS: A non-nuclear power could not justify its worldwide military intervention. Non-nuclear India could avoid involvement in foreign conflicts but had to fight four Wars, 1948, 1965, 1971 Wars with Pakistan, and 1962 War with China. Nuclear India should no longer fight major conventional War across Pakistan and China borders, as it could result in a nuclear conflagration.


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights







(0)(1016) Ch. 5 (ii) Nuclear India’s Likely Overseas Military Operations


Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights




INDUCT LTTE-RSS-NCC INTO ARMY: India could no longer afford non-involvement in overseas conflicts. India should learn to play the factional politics. India should support certain factions fighting for supremacy in Afghanistan, Burma, Cambodia, Lebanon, Somalia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kurdistan, East Timor, and Jaya Irian. It is more effective to support a faction, to supply small weapons, to provide financial support to a warring faction, while they do the fighting. Indian troops should avoid direct combat. Wars of the future would be Revolutionary Wars where various political factions would fight to capture political power. India should choose and support the winning faction. India should militarily support organizations like Bangladesh Mukti Bahini, LTTE Tamil Tigers, Kurdistan rebels, and East Timor Rebels. India should contract with Tamil Tigers LTTE to undertake covert operations in East Timor in Indonesia. We should induct Rastriya Swayam Sewak Sangha (RSS) in Indian Army to lead military operations in Afghanistan and Burma. India should also induct Sikh Cadre, Nihangs to lead military operations in Afghanistan and Burma and East Timor. India can recruit Kurd rebels to undertake military operation in the Middle East. India should allow the development of Private Armies of Non-Resident Indians. India should develop Taliban type of religious Military organization for conducting political and religious subversive operations abroad. 


LEARN OVERSEAS FACTIONAL FIGHTING: During seventies and eighties China militarily competed with the United States and the Soviet Union by supporting different warring factions in Africa in Angola, Namibia, Mozambique and Congo. Great Powers would respect India more if we were to show that India also is adept in the art of factional conflicts. India would plan the military understanding with various warring factions in Afghanistan, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Lebanon. When India successfully intervenes in overseas factional conflicts, against other competing Great powers, then America would recognize India as the Second Super Power.  



 Afghanistan would be a theater of future India-Pakistan Wars. India should get actively involved in the factional fighting in Afghanistan. India should oppose the Taliban Regime in Kabul, as it would make Afghanistan an in reality Colony of Pakistan. The success of Taliban in Afghanistan would alarm Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Iran would oppose Taliban and support other warring factions. India’s successful military intervention in Afghanistan would realign Central Asian balance of power in favor of India, curtail the influence of Pakistan and Iran in the region and checkmate Chinese dreams to conquer the oil producing Arabian Gulf.



Burma would be a theater of future India-China Wars. India should learn to play factional politics in Burma and support a new winning coalition to capture power in Burma. India should warn ASEAN nations that the westward expansion of ASEAN to include Burma is against Indian’s national interest as Burma is an integral part of South Asia. India should interfere in Burmese politics, overthrow the Military regime in Burma, to organize new elections, and to reestablish a democratically elected Buddhist government of Burma. The Burmese Nobel laureate should become the Prime Minister of Burma, even if she is a Christian so long as Buddhist monks have a major share in political power in Burma. India should promote insurgency in the Chin State, adjoining to Mizoram and in Richen Coastal State of Burma. Why India pushed back the Burmese students, who entered Indian borders seeking help for installing the democratic Government in Burma? While Burma provides sanctuary to Naga insurgents, why did India refuse to support opposition to military dictatorship in Burma?



SUPPORT DISINTEGRATION OF INDONESIA: Disintegration of Indonesia would make India a preponderant Naval Power of South and South East Asia. India should support Mrs. Sukarnoputri as the next President of Indonesia. India should support Christian rebels in East Timor and encourage the secession of Hindu Bali Islands from Indonesia. Sumatra Island, the biggest island of Indonesia is 50 miles from the Nicobar Islands. India should support the secessionist movements in Sumatra. Disintegration of Indonesia would reestablish Indian dominance in South East Asia. Indonesia is the Sick Man of Asia. Partition Indonesia into five sovereign nations to promote prosperity.


EAST TIMOR: Indonesian Army invaded the Christian East Timor, while it was a Colony of Portugal and annexed it the next year. India should support the independence of East Timor, Jaya Irian, Banda Aceh, Bali, Lombok, and Sumatra. India supports Austrailan peacekeepers in East Timor. Indonesian Army leaders should be tried for war crimes. Jaya Irian should also become independent. India should send troops to East Timor.



India should replace Vietnam as the protector of Cambodia. Cambodia is India’s gateway to South East Asia. India should sign Defense Pact with the present regime in Cambodia and guarantee protection against the Khmer Rouge. Indian Army should hunt the followers of Pol Pot and bring them to justice as War criminals for the Crime of Genocide. Cambodians worship Shiva as Lokesvara. Angkor Vat is the great temple of Vishnu. South Indian Hindu empires ruled Cambodia for many centuries.


New Colonial Empires

THE 21ST CENTURY SIMILAR TO 19TH CENTURY: Nuclear India would follow the Foreign Policy of British Indian Empire. Nuclear India would behave more like the Indian Empire of 19th Century. India’s relations with Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan would be determined by 1907 Pamir Settlement between Russian and Indian Empires. Indian Foreign Policy in 21st Century will implement the geopolitical lessons of the Indian Imperial Foreign Policy of 19th Century Asia. India would assert to transform Arabian Sea into an Indian lake in alliance with either Iran or Saudi Arabia. India should intervene in Afghan War to expand into Central Asia, so that the Central Asian hordes may not invade India through Khyber Pass, as they have done for thousands of years. India would need to fight Wars on Burma to check Chinese influence. Future would be the repeat of past policies in neighboring Asia. With the disintegration of the Soviet Union the Geopolitics of Asia would determine the Foreign Policy of India in the next Century just as it had influenced in the past 19th Century.


BACK TO COLONIAL POLITICS: The military intervention of NATO and USA in Yugoslavia suggests that European powers may recreate Colonies in the 21st Century. Trading companies laid the foundation of overseas Colonial Empires. Robert Clive of East India Company conquered the Bengal Empire. Cecil Rhodes conquered Rhodesia as a company. India should promote Indian Multinationals with political expansionist agenda to become a force in the coming era of neo-Colonialism. United Europe and the United States could conspire to partition the world to create neo-colonial Empires.


BUDDHISM IN THE CLASHES OF CIVILIZATIONS: India and China would be Allies in the Age of Civilizational Wars and in the Age of Religious Wars. Chinese Mahayana Buddhism is 85% similar to Hinduism. India, Japan, and China should join forces to launch the Organization of Buddhist States (OBS) in Asia. Hindu India would oppose Vatican’s assaults on Buddhist religion and civilizations.


INDIA AND AMERICA IN THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS: Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee declared that NATO’s bombing of civilian targets in Serbia justifies India’s exercise of nuclear weapon option. Hindu Nuclear India and the Protestant United States would be adversaries in the Age of Civilizational War. Hindu India would oppose the Vatican’s conspiracy to undermine Buddhism in China. The Vatican has undermined Buddhism in South Korea and Vietnam. Hindu civilization would support Buddhist civilization against Christian assaults. Hindu India would have adversarial relationships with Protestant United States and the Vatican. Western Christendom would conspire against Hinduism and Hindu civilization. Hindu nuclear weapons deter Western conspiracy against Hindu and Buddhist civilizations. India by successfully deploying tactical nuclear weapons has foiled the conspiracy of the Vatican, NATO, and the United States for intervention in the Subcontinent. Indian nuclear weapons check the growing influence of the Western Christendom in South Asia.


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Kalki Gaur Books are as follows:

Kalki Gaur, “GLOBAL CLASH OF RACES” (2006)






Kalki Gaur, “GNOSTIC BIBLE” (2006)

Kalki Gaur, “POPULIST MANIFESTO” (2006)

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