Chapter 50

New Age of Fascism

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50(1) Purport- 50(2) Talk Points

Marxism and Materialistic dialectics dominated the late Age of Pisces, Hegelianism and idealistic dialectics shall dominate the Age of Aquarius and 21st Century. The 21st Century shall be the age of philosophies of Fascism and Populism. German idealist philosophy of G.W.F. Hegel provides the foundation of the philosophy of Fascism. Fascism as a political philosophy is superior to the communist philosophy, just as Hegelianism superior to Marxism. Hegelian dialectics is superior to Marxist dialectical materialism. The philosophy o Fascism would regain its rightful place world’s leading philosophies in the 21st Century. The 20th Century witnessed the demise of the shit-philosophy of Marxism and Communism. The Wilsonian idealism of democracy and capitalism doesn’t have the philosophical structure to rank as leading world philosophy. Fascism is the reigning political philosophy of the 21st Century. India should financially and politically support the Fascist political parties in Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Britain, Germany and Spain to destabilize transnational European Union and transnational Church. France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Italy would have Fascist governments in the first quarter of the 21st Century. Led by Fascist governments Europe would regain its rightful place in the world as world power. Fascist Italy would abolish Papacy and abrogate the sovereign status of the Vatican and abrogate the 1929 Concordat. Fascist India would reunify Indian Empire and undo the wrongs of the 1947 Partition of India. The principal characteristic of the Fascism is that it traces its ideological roots to non-Semite Aryan Oriental philosophy and traditions. Fascism rejects the Catholic, Judaic and Islamic ideal that priests should rule the society. Fascism rejects the Marxist ideal of dictatorship of the proletariats. Fascism rejects the Catholic ideal of dictatorship of the Pope and Papal infallibility. Fascism opposed to theocracy. Fascism is opposed to the proverbial name and the hidden hand of the real rulers, mentioned in the Protocols of the Meetings of the Elders of Zion. Fascists worship Swastika as the symbol of real God.

Capitalism, Communism, Populism and Fascism are the four principal political and economic philosophies in the world. Ideology and philosophy competes with Religion for the control over the mind of the people. Just because Hitler murdered 6 million Jews can’t be used to ban Fascism, because Bolshevik Jew Lavrenti Beria murdered 30 million Orthodox Russians and Mao caused the death of 60 million Buddhists and Communist ideology, Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism did not get banned, even when they committed more horrible crime. Unlike transnational Roman Catholicism, Communism, Europeanism, Capitalism the Fascism based on the nationalism of a specific nation and it promotes national interest even to the detriment of the interests of transnational Church, European Union, international solidarity etc. Fascism seeks to revive the past civilizations and resurrect ancient religions, ancient cultures, and ancient civilizations. Egypt, Greece, Italy, Peru, Mexico and India are the ideal candidates for the Fascist ideologies. Fascist Egypt would revive the Pharaoh’s civilization and ancient Egyptian religion. Fascist Greece would resurrect ancient Greek religion and classical Greek Civilization. Fascist Italy would resurrect the religion of God Jupiter and Roman Civilization. Fascist Mexico would resurrect the ancient Maya religion and Maya civilization. Fascist Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia would resurrect Inca religion, Inca language and Inca Civilization. Fascist India would recreate Greater Indian Civilization in Southeast Asia. Fascist China would make China Buddhist Super Power. Fascist Japan would make Japan Buddhist super power. Fascist America would make Protestant Christianity the dominant Christian sect throughout Hispanic America. Fascist Britain would recreate British Empire in partnership with India, and form federation with Canada and Australia and move its capital from London to Canberra, Australia. Fascist Persia would recreate the Zoroastrian Persian Civilization. These are the arguments author makes in this chapter.


50(3) Rise of Fascism in 21st Century

There are only four distinct world philosophies, namely, Communism, Capitalism, Fascism and Populism. Fascism as a political philosophy stands in the 21st Century as equal among other world philosophies, Communism, Capitalism and Populism. Internationalist Marxists and European Unionists have waged war on Fascism and Fascist parties as they alone stand in their way to subjugate the European nation states. However Fascist political parties provide a viable alternative to the pro-European Union political parties, which is backed by the Roman Catholic universal church.


Communists and Papacy have wages war on Fascism using Jewish Holocaust as the beating stick, because the political philosophy of Fascism alone stands in the way of Holy European Union becoming the Holy Roman Empire, guided by the Universal Catholic Church, just as Holy Roman Empire accepted Papal powers in the Medieval Dark Age. Germans hatred of Jews not invented by Fascism, it has existed throughout history and continues to this date. Why blame the philosophy of Fascism, for the basic trait of anti-Semitism of German race and anti-Semitism inherent in the Roman Catholic religion. Germans have hated Jews during Nazi period and also throughout history, from 13th Century onwards and at least during last 250 years and Germans continue to hate Jews in the 21st Century. Post 1945 Germany tried to prove they are better than Nazi Germans by disowning and banning the Nazi doctrine to avoid paying war reparation for the Jewish Holocaust. Germany of 2002 is as much anti-Semitic now as it was during 18th and Century.


The depth and persistence of the hatred of Jews in Germany has existed historically, during last 250 years of the Jewish life in Germany, as Amos Elon describes it in book, “The Pity of it All, a History of Jews in Germany, 1743-1933” Metropolitan Books, 2002. The underlying tragedy of both German and Jews was the German failure to throw off the shackles of an authoritarianism that existed apart from German anti-Semitism but fed off it and intensified it as well. The conformist tyranny that the Germany was unable to put into the past is exactly what prevented the emancipation of the Jews. Catholics Germans and Catholic Europeans have historically indulged in ritual-murder accusation of Jews. Helmut Walser Smith, in “The Butcher’s Tale” describes the anti-Semitism inherent in Germany and Roman Catholicism and the blood libel of Jews as a shameful DarkAge shibboleth. The ritual-murder accusation was an age-old European standby in which the Jews were held to murder Christian youths in an avid search for blood to be baked with the Passover matzo, dating back to the 13th century, and it had the stink of medieval benightedness to it.


The blood libel was a shameful Dark Age shibboleth, a product of ignorance and fanaticism. Just by condemning the philosophy of Fascism does not clean the anti-Semitism sins of the present day Germans and European Catholics. The ideology of Fascism has nothing to do with the Nazi Holocaust of Jews, just as the ideology of Communism was not banned and denigrated by the massacre of 30 million Orthodox Russians by Bolshevik Jew Lavrenti Beria and the massacre of 2 million Buddhists by Judeo-Communist Pol Pot. The Jewish media that hypes Nazi Jewish Holocaust remains totally silent about the Bolshevik Jew Lavrenti Beria-led Orthodox Holocaust in Soviet Union and Judeo-Communist Pol Pot-led Holocaust of Buddhists in Cambodia.


Swastika is to Hindus, Buddhists and Jaina what Cross is to Christians and Crescent is to Muslims. There is no sin attached to the Holy symbol Swastika, which is the most sacred symbol of the Oriental world, the Hindu Buddhist and Jaina symbol of Almighty God. Just as Christian Cross didn’t get polluted because Columbus, Cortez and Pizzarro and Catholic Church used it to eradicate Native Indians, Incans, Mayans and Aztecs. Neither the Hindu Buddhist symbol of Holy Swastika, nor the nationalist philosophy of Fascism needs to be denigrated by the evil act of one politician. The acts of Hitler cannot condemn the Hindu holy symbol of Swastika, as Hitler was neither a Hindu nor an Indian. The acts of Hitler cannot condemn the philosophy of Fascism as neither Hitler nor Germany had any monopoly over the nationalistic ideas of Fascism. The philosophy of Fascism is as relevant in the 21st Century as it ever was. The ideas and philosophy do not die, just because some leader misuses it. Neither the political philosophy of Fascism and Hindu-Buddhist holiest symbol Swastika any way tainted because Hitler had used it as symbol of Nazi Germany. While the ideology and philosophy of Communism is proved to be false the philosophy of Fascism shall become the second most dominant philosophy of the 21st Century second to only Capitalist Democracy.


50(4) Fascism as diplomatic tool

(1) Fascism is Anti-Fundamentalism

Can India neutralize the political threat of European Union, transnational Papacy and Christian Religious Right Conservatism, by supporting and financing pro-right nationalist European Neo-Nazi and neo-Fascist political movements? Was Nazism and Fascism the Aryan nationalistic response to the Semite internationalism of Judeo-Communism and the genocidal acts of Bolshevik Jew Lavrenti Beria? Why was Communism not banned like Nazism and Fascism in Europe, even when Beria and Stalin caused the death of 30 million Orthodox Russians, and Mao Tse tung (Mao Zedong) caused the deaths of 60 million Buddhists and Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge massacred 2 million Buddhists in Cambodia? Why the shit-philosophies of Communism, Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, and Maoism not banned, even when they caused more deaths than the Nazism? Semite Communism, Soviet Bolshevism and even present day Russian Orthodoxy does not recognize Hinduism as a religion, while it recognizes Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Catholicism and Orthodoxy as valid religion? Shouldn’t Hindu India favor Nazism over Communism because Adolf Hitler prided in his Aryan ancestry and worshipped Hindu symbol of God Swastika? Wouldn’t Christians support a despot if he were to worship Christian Cross over other despots who denigrate Christian Cross? Was Hitler genuinely afraid that if German Communists ever capture political power, they would enact the Bolshevik-Jew Beria-type mass executions of Protestant Germans in Germany, to permanently damage the dominance of the German race in Germany?


Indian empire provided 3,500,000 soldiers for Allied Powers in the Second World War and 6,500,000 soldiers in the First World War, and what did India get in return? Nothing, instead of rewarding India allied Power punished India by partitioning Indian Empire. Indian Empire was partitioned into India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma and Maldives Islands. On the other hand Hitler’s Germany even when it lost the War was reunited in the 1980s. Even Stalin had offered to reunify Germany in 1950 in exchange for its Neutrality. Had Indian Empire fought for Axis Powers, Hitler would have won the war and German Armies would have joined forces with Japanese across India. Hindu India consider Judeo-Communism greater evil than Aryan Nazism and Aryan Fascism. Aryan Fascism and Neo-Fascism backed by forces of nationalism and patriotism is natural enemy of internationalism of Judeo-Communism, Judeo-Christianity, and Europeanism.


In the global clash of races the national interests and ideological interests of Hindu India, Buddhist Japan and Orthodox Russia coincides with the political interests of nationalistic, anti-internationalism of Neo-Nazism and Neo-Fascism in European Union. Muslim and Christian nations, atheists and Communist nations support anti-Hindu secular socialist forces and Muslim and Christian forces in India, primarily to discredit Hinduism in India. In the post-Cold War world, Hindu India, Buddhist Japan, and Orthodox Russia should politically support the pro-Right wing nationalist political parties and anti-European Union movements in Austria, Italy, France and Britain, to foil the anti-Hinduism conspiracy of Christian Religious Right Wing Conservatism. The extreme Neo-Fascist nationalist, pro-Right political movements in Europe are at the extreme opposite end of the political fulcrum than Catholic Religious Right Conservatism and Counter Reformation movements. The political challenge of the Christian Religious Right Conservatism, and the challenge of Europeanism can be tamed and neutralized by promoting nationalistic, patriotic pro-Right political forces in European Union. Fascism provides a political tool to check and tame Communism and pro-Left movements in Europe.


The Communism, Socialism and Marxism belong to Judeo-Christian heritage. Marx’s dictum “Religion is the opiate of the masses,” meant that non-Judaic and non-Catholic religions are the opiate of the masses. On the contrary Nazis venerated Aryans and worshipped Hindu symbol of God-Swastika. European Fascists, Nazis, neo-Fascists and neo-Nazis would join with Hindus and Buddhists in the global clash of races and world war of religions. Hindu India should support and propagate Fascist and Nazi ideology in Europe to develop political support among white Europeans willing to fight Catholics and Muslims on the side of Aryans, Hindus and Buddhists. In the Hindu-Catholic wars, Hindu-Islamic wars and Hindu-Communist wars, the European neo-Fascists and neo-Nazis would join the war on the side of India, Hinduism and Buddhism. India salutes Fascism and Nazism for their support to the cause of pro-Aryans and anti-communist wars. The author seeks to identify the neo-Fascist and neo-Nazi political movements in Europe that could be cultivated to open a common front against Communist internationalism, Catholic internationalism and Islamic internationalism, by harnessing the primal force of patriotism, nationalism and racism in Europe. This is the argument the author makes in this chapter.

(2) Fascism Aryan Hinduism

Fascism, Communism and Democracy are the three principle political philosophies of the modern age competing for the allegiance of the souls of the modern men and women. Nazism and Second World War credited with the demise of the Age of Christian Colonialism and Imperialism. Christian Adolf Hitler caused the death of 6 million Jews in Europe. Spy-master L.P. Beria (1899-1953) and Bolshevik Jews were responsible for the massacre of 30 million Russian Orthodox Christians. Christian Communist Mao Zedong was responsible for the deaths of 60 million Chinese Buddhists. Christian Pol Pot of Communist Khmer Rouge responsible for murder of 2 million Cambodian Buddhists. Catholic Spaniards and Catholic Portuguese were responsible for the massacre of 90 million indigenous Indians, Incas, Mayas, Aztecs and Amerindians in Central and South America. Protestants Anglo-Saxons massacred more than 20 million Native American Indians, in United States and Canada during 19th Century. Christianized Kemalist Turks massacred 400,000 Armenian Orthodox Christians in Turkey after the First World War. Protestant United States at the start of the 20th century during 1900-1904 murdered more than 200,000 Filipinos, for Christianizing Philippines. Present-day Mexico murders Maya-Indians in Chiapas and Brazil burns Amazon Indians alive during forest fires. European Union maintains silence over Crime against Humanity committed against 8-million Roma-Gypsies by Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Romanians and Albanians. United States encourages Turkey to massacre Kurds. The author raises the issue to explain why Jews, Catholics and Protestants are ganging against Nazism and Fascism as a philosophy. If the Jewish Holocaust makes Nazism and Fascism evil philosophy, then why massacre of Orthodox Russians by Bolshevik Jews failed to make Communism and Judaism evil philosophies?


Hindu India, and Orthodox Russia should encourage Fascist-Nazi political parties in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Britain to support the forces of nationalism and patriotism in Western Europe to undermine the internationalism of European Union and Roman Catholicism. Fascism and Nazism philosophies promote civilization’s alliances among Aryan races. India, Iran and Germany represent Aryan race. Hindu India would militarily align with Fascists and Nazis in Western Europe.

(3) Aryan Race

The term Aryan, derived from the Sanskrit ARJA, lord, a scientific tribal name applied to certain peoples of the Caucasian race, especially inhabitants of the Punjab and of the Iranian plateau. Aryan term also refers to the Indo-European language-speaking group. The actual modern languages descended from this group include Persian, Afghan, Hindi and Indian languages. Sanskrit and ancient Persian tongues considered Aryan languages. However, since the term Aryan often misused, all these languages now grouped under the term Indo-Iranian. By extension and misrepresentation, Nazi Germany came to consider Aryan the peoples of German origin. Nazi Germany claimed that Germans, belonging to Aryan race, were superior to "non-Aryan' peoples, namely Semitic, and Mongolian peoples, especially those of Jewish descent. (World Scope Encyclopedia, Vol. I, 1962)

(4) Victimization of Aryans

Throughout ancient history, the East represented civilization and the West represented barbarians. Aryans War charioteers and cow-herders from India-Iran, moved via land to south in Indian Subcontinent, moved westward to Arabian Peninsula, and moved northward to Eastern Europe.


Catholics persecute Romany Gypsies in Europe because they are Aryans, their Romany language has Sanskrit words, and follow Hindu rituals. The 8-million Roma-Gypsy peoples are descendants of Aryans that civilized Eastern Europe in ancient times. The Kurds in Turkey are Aryans of Iranian descent. Claiming discrimination and segregation of their children in Czech schools, the 18 Gypsy family filed a complaint against the Czech Republic with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, in April 2000. The Gypsy parents say their children have been wrongfully transferred to schools for retarded pupils, losing their chance to obtain further education and pursue an adequate career.


Catholics and CIA engineered the downfall of Aryan Monarchy of Shah Reza Pahlavi. United States arranged the death of top five leaders of Iraqi Kurds in the helicopter crash and the arrest of the top Kurd leader in Turkey. In the wars of ideologies, Fascism and Nazism are the civilization’s allies of Aryans. Hitler lost of the war because he underestimated the role India would play the role in the Second World War. India contributed more than 3.5 million men during the Second World War and 1.6 million men in the First World War. The Salary of every British officer paid by Indian Empire. United States Army had 730,566 enlisted men during First World War in 1918 and 7,275,000 enlisted men during Second World War on November 1944.


(5) Policies of Fascist Parties

Fascist Egypt would aim to restore the ancient civilization and religion of Pharaohs. Fascist Egypt would reclaim Egypt’s patrimony over Arabian Peninsula and claim custodial rights over Islamic Holy cities of Mecca & Medina. Fascist Egypt would restore the temples of Goddess Isis, God Ossir and Horus and other ancient gods and Goddesses.


Fascist Iran would aim to restore the ancient civilization of Zoroastrian Persia and make Zoroastrian religion the second official religion of Iran and make Persia the second official name of Iran. Fascist Shiite Iran would aim to bring Mecca and medina under the control of Shiite Iran.


Fascist Greece would aim to restore the great ancient Greek Civilization and ancient Greek religion of God Zeus, goddess Isis. Fascist Greece would terminate its ties with European Union and develop closer ties with Austria and India.


Fascist Italy would restore the ancient Roman Civilization and ancient Roman Religion of God Jupiter, God Mithra and Goddess Isis. Fascist Italy would abolish the sovereignty of the Vatican and enforce structural changes in the Catholic Church to make Church more responsible to the laity. The Catholic Laity would directly elect the Bishops, Cardinals and Pope for the fixed period terms every five years. The Fascist Italy would break-up the worldwide empire of Catholic Churches. Fascist Italy would allow the ordination of women as priests.


Fascist Germany would leave Nato and demand the closure of American bases on German soil. Fascist Germany would develop nuclear weapons and develop close military ties with Japan.


Fascist Japan would declare Buddhism the State religion of Japan. Fascist Japan would develop nuclear weapons and developed closer military ties with India, Germany, Peru and Russia.


Fascist China would declare Buddhism as China’s official religion and seek Chinese domination of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Fascist China would help the disintegration of Russia. Fascist Buddhist China would develop closer military ties with India and Germany.


Fascist India would declare Hinduism as India’s official religion and undertake overseas Buddhist and Hindu missionary works on very large scale. Fascist India would bring Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia and Australia. Fascist India would militarily unite the Subcontinent.


Fascist Russia would declare Orthodox Christianity as official religion. Fascist Russia would reclaim Russian patrimony over former Christian lands in North Africa and Arabian Peninsula. Fascist Russia would develop closer military ties with Germany, Japan and India.


Fascist Turkey would aim to recreate Ottoman Empire and occupy Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and impose secular modern Turkish Laws over Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. Fascist Turkey would impose modernization of Arab society and banish Burqa and guarantee the rights of Arab women and equal opportunities for Saudi Arabian women.


50(5) French Fascist Le Pen

(1) Le Pen Fascism is French Mainstream

The new right-wing parties may sometimes be called post-fascist, but they do not seem to be vulnerable to attempts to associate them with the old fascist movements of the 20th century. Jean-Marie Le Pen's second place in the first round of the French presidential election has shocked political circles across Europe. Although he failed, and even united other parties against him, Mr. Le Pen's relative success has made it easier for parties with all or part of that agenda to succeed elsewhere. Le Pen got 4.8 million votes in the first round of French presidential elections 2002.


The far right will hope for a boost in forthcoming elections in the Netherlands and Germany. The Le Pen effect may take other forms, too. Yet Mr. Le Pen can claim that the first round vote two weeks ago showed him to be the second most popular politician in France. The genie is out of the bottle. A taboo has been broken. The extreme right, with its anti-immigrant and in some cases racist policies, has become more respectable. With the elevation of Mr. Le Pen to sole contender with Mr. Chirac for the Elysee Palace, Europe's far right made its single biggest advance in 50 years. Europe was "Hit by a thunderbolt. It was a warning to the whole of Europe and a lesson to be heeded. Since the suicide hijackings of 11 September, fears of terrorism and prejudice against Arabs and Muslims may be feeding the appeal of the far-right parties.


Le Pen ridiculed mainstream political leaders. The victory of Jacques Chirac over his far-right rival Jean-Marie Le Pen has shown that French voters may install a neo-Fascist government in France in near future. Mr. Le Pen's campaign has placed the right-wing agenda in the media spotlight. He ridiculed mainstream political leaders, calling Mr. Chirac a liar and a thief.


EUROPEAN UNION: France’s Le Pen promised to restore France's true independence by withdrawing from the European Union and the euro zone, to restore border controls and cut the number of immigrants, to make France for the French. This resurgence of French national feeling may impact on the EU's current effort to re-define its own purpose and way of working through a broadly based European Convention. The events in France throw doubt on the claim that a full political union would resolve the concerns of European citizens. The possibility will have to be considered that it would instead lead to a popular revolt on a much bigger scale, and that what European countries need is the flexibility to propose different solutions to problems as they arise in different places. Mr. Le Pen wants to restore the French franc and take France out of the "Europe of Maastricht," which he says is an infringement on French sovereignty.


NATIONAL FRONT PARTY: National Front Party (FN) is the Neo-Fascist party of France. Even diehard supporters did not expect Mr. Le Pen to do so well. Almost 4.8 million people cast their votes for


LE PEN’S VOTERS’ PROFILE: Who are the French voters who turned Mr. Le Pen from an also-ran, stirring up discontent beyond the pale of civilized politics, into a proud finalist? Jean-Marie Le Pen in French Presidential Elections 2002. Mr. Le Pen's supporters tend to be older and poorer than average. They worry about crime and feel that the political establishment is not listening to them. E Pen came first in seven other regions out of France's 22, mostly in central-eastern and northern areas. National Front FN is entrenched in urban parts of the country where people feel threatened by street violence and economic uncertainty. Typical Le Pen supporter is a male about 20% of men's votes, and 22% of voters aged 50-64 voted for Mr. Le Pen.


Le Pen did particularly well in southeastern France. Geographically, Mr. Le Pen did particularly well in parts of southern and eastern France where immigration and unemployment are high. The leader of the National Front (FN) achieved his best scores in Alsace and Provence, taking more than 23% of the vote in both regions, well ahead of other candidates. But Mr. Le Pen was also able to mobilize supporters beyond these traditional strongholds. National Front FN activists in Marseilles were not able to celebrate in style, having simply forgotten to put the champagne in the fridge!


France’s vote confirms that the National Front FN is entrenched in urban parts of the country where people feel threatened by street violence and economic uncertainty. The main exception to this pattern is the Paris area, where Mr. Le Pen came third. France is a highly centralized country: voters living near the capital may not feel as ignored by mainstream politicians as others, and may be more likely to vote for them. Mr. Le Pen did least well in the less urbanized west and center of the country. Insecurity The typical National Front FN supporter is a male: Mr. Le Pen scored about 20% of men's votes, and only 14% of women's. Le Pen's success triggered protests around France. Voter of Le Pen also tends to be older than average. According to a poll published by Liberation newspaper, 22% of voters aged 50-64 voted for Mr. Le Pen. National Front supporters also tend to be less skilled and poorer. Almost a quarter of those earning less than 1,500 euros ($1,360) a month cast their votes for Mr. Le Pen.


UNEMPLOYMENT: Le Pen did extremely well among the unemployed - an amazing 38% of them voted for him. Mr. Le Pen, in short, captured the votes of those who feel economically insecure and marginalized. With French unemployment stuck around 9% of the workforce, the FN leader has a large pool of potential voters to tap into. Many voters perceive a link between crime and immigrants; that combines with anxieties about job security, blamed on globalization or sometimes the EU, and with disgust at political corruption. Unemployment France's persistent problem of unemployment has been rising over the last few months and currently stands at 9%, with about 2.5 million people out of work. Mr. Le Pen says each French person should be given a job, via small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in preference to foreigners.


LAW & ORDER & CRIME: Jean-Marie Le Pen, however, was able to capitalize most on insecurity in the most basic sense: fear of violence. Law and order concerns, and three-quarters of those who voted for Mr. Le Pen told pollsters that the rise in street crime was their main worry dominated the campaign. Mr. Le Pen recommends zero tolerance and a referendum on the death penalty (abolished in 1981), the construction of more prisons - to create 200,000 places - and youth detention centers. Law and order Known as "l'insecurite", crime is a key concern of French voters, with figures released in January showing a leap in crime statistics of nearly 8%.


IMMIGRATION: Only 30% stressed immigration, Mr. Le Pen's original stock-in-trade issue. The support that Mr. Le Pen won may well lead the next French Government to take a tougher line on crime, immigration and defending French interests in the European Union. Immigration Mr. Le Pen wants the immediate expulsion of illegal immigrants, to restrict the right to seek asylum, re-instate border control and establish what he calls "national preference" in all areas including housing, unemployment and social security in general.


GLOBALIZATION: Mr. Le Pen says he wants to restore France's prestige abroad by refusing to bow to what he calls the dominance of the US in the United Nations.


CORRUPTION: Mr. Le Pen says he wants to restore "the power of the people" by making increased use of the referendum where important reforms are concerned, and by "ending lobbies of all kinds".


TAXES: Taxes. Mr. Le Pen wants to put an end to income tax, reduce tax on SMEs and abolish inheritance tax so that small businesses can pass from father to son. He also wants to cut down on all type of public spending - i.e. that of the state and other public bodies.


SOCIAL SECURITY: Social Security (Pensions & Health) Social security and in particular the current pension system based on redistribution - today's workers pay for today's pensioners - is in need of reform as the number of pensioners rises faster than the number of workers needed to support them. Mr. Le Pen wants to preserve the redistribution system by encouraging economic activity and the birth rate, as well as give people a choice between the two systems above.


HEALTHCARE: Mr. Le Pen wants to split health care contribution between French and foreigners, and wants "the same social protection for all French people".


VICTORY OF EXTREMISM: National Front’s Mr. Le Pen's success shows that if the mainstream political parties fail to deal with domestic issues, there are other plenty of extreme groups ready to pick them up. European politicians shall learn what lessons are applicable to them.


ANTI-MUSLIM COALITION: fears of terrorism and prejudice against Arabs and Muslims may be feeding the appeal of the neo-Fascist far-right parties. The Netherlands' Pim Fortuyn rails against Muslims.


LE PEN POWERFUL CAMPAIGNER: That means first of all disentangling the specifically French reasons for Mr. Le Pen's success. Phenomenal He is a powerful campaigner, experienced and adept at working the crowds. The Socialist candidate, Lionel Jospin, by contrast, was uninspiring, and the left-wing vote was split - a veteran Trotskyite attracted substantial support for a platform to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat. Then there is the French system of two rounds of polling: this encourages people to cast votes for a protest candidate on the first round in the usual expectation that he or she will not in fact be elected.


VICTORY OF POST-FASCIST RIGHTIST FORCES: But the result also reflects unmistakable trends across Europe as a whole: a general move to the right and the rise of new populist parties with an anti-immigrant and anti-crime message. This latter phenomenon has appeared even in traditionally liberal societies like Denmark and the Netherlands. Different figures, same issues, the key issues, in any case, are the same across Europe. Huge advance Already before last month that had happened in Austria, Italy, Denmark, Belgium and parts of Germany. With the elevation of Mr. Le Pen to sole contender with Mr. Chirac for the Elysee Palace, Europe's far right made its single biggest advance in 50 years.


(2) Joerg Haider of Freedom Party Austria

In 2000 in Austria, the far-right Freedom Party of the erratic populist Joerg Haider entered the government. As a result, its European Union partners boycotted Austria for several months; France - ironically - played a leading part in that campaign. France led EU sanctions against Austria over far-right leader Joerg Haider


(3) Silvio Berlusconi of Italy

Last year the left-of-center government in Italy was voted out of office. The new Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, formed a coalition including Gianfranco Fini's National Alliance, now respectable but with roots among Mussolini's fascists. The elegant Mr. Fini looks down on Mr. Le Pen as a crude figure. Scandinavia heads right. There have been other more recent blows to the left in Europe. They were defeated in Norway last September, and in Denmark in November the Social Democrats were voted out. There, the anti-immigration and anti-European Union People's Party became the third largest in the country.


(4) Pim Forttuyn of Holland

In the Netherlands, another anti-immigration party is campaigning strongly for next month's parliamentary election. A homosexual and former Marxist leads this party, Pim Fortuyn List. It is quite a different beast from the French National Front and indignantly rejects comparisons with Mr. Le Pen.


(5) Vlaams Block Party of Belgium

On the other hand, the leader of the right wing Vlaams Blok in Belgium, which took a third of the vote in Antwerp two years ago, described Mr. Le Pen as a brother in arms. Mr. Le Pen himself, after all, in his most notorious remark, once referred to the Nazi death camps as a detail of history. But it is the domestic issues that really count. Mr. Le Pen's success shows that if the mainstream political parties fail to deal with them, there is other plenty of extreme groups ready to pick them up.


LESSON TO FRANCE: Second chance The National Front has another chance to make it felt in France's parliamentary elections next month. French leaders have been taught a lesson in humility - they will have to be less bossy towards the rest of Europe than usual, at least for a time and those attitudes could prove infectious.


SOCIALIST PARTY TO CENTER OR TO LEFT: French leaders have been taught a lesson in humility. They will have to be less bossy towards the rest of Europe than usual, at least for a time. The biggest surprise of the French presidential election is probably not the moderate rise in support for the National Front, but the huge drop in support for the governing Socialists. Hollande is the temporary leader. This is only the second time since 1958; the year France's strong presidency was born - that the left has been knocked out of the second round in a presidential election. There are two main groups within the party: the traditionalists who feel that, in order to win, Socialists must return to their left-wing roots and reformists who think the party needs to move towards the center. Proud history Socialists not only represents a major political tradition in France: they feel they have been at the forefront of political and social progress for more than two centuries. The electoral success of Fascism and the demise of soviet Communism permanently changed the Socialistic political landscape in France.


50(6) Dutch Neo-Fascist Lijst Pim Fortuyn (LPF) Party

Pim Fortuyn was Netherlands on hope for the future, and Holland is now lost. Pim Fortuyn was the most popular Dutch politician of his time. The success of Pim Fortuyn is the evidence of Western Europe’s rightward swing and the emergence of fascist forces in Europe. At the time of his murder, the week before the Dutch Parliamentary elections in May, Pim Fortuyn was the leading candidate to become the new Prime Minister of Netherlands. On May 6th 2002, nine days before the Dutch Parliamentary election, de Volkskrant published a survey taken by an independent polling firm. It predicted that Lijst Pim Fortuyn Party (LPF) would be the largest Party in Dutch parliament, making Fortuyn the presumptive Prime Minister of Netherlands. That afternoon, Fortuyn gave a two-hour radio interview at a media complex outside Amsterdam. He walked out into the parking lot where his car was waiting and was shot at six times. He bled to death before paramedics could get him into an ambulance. The circumstances of the assassination, the first of significance in the Netherlands since 1584 was baffling. The murderer Volkert van der Graaf was part of a larger conspiracy of the Eurocrats. After Fortuyn’s murder, the election went ahead as scheduled. Pim-less, the Lijst Pim Fortuyn won twenty-six seats, which was more than any of the parties belonging to the purple coalition, but seventeen fewer than the Christian democrats. Subsequently the Lijst Pim Fortuyn Party was invited to join a new government to be headed by Jan Peter Balkenende. In the negotiations, the LPF Party managed to secure control of four Ministries, including the Ministry of Immigration and Integration.


The slogan of Pim Fortuyn was “I say what I think and I do what I say!” His slogan was “At your service,” and many of his followers have his slogan tattooed in English over their shoulders. He wanted to close Holland’s borders. The Netherlands is full. Islam is a backward religion. Moroccan boys never steal from Moroccans. Pim Fortuyn was often lumped together with such reactionary xenophobes as Jean-Marie Le Pen, Jorg Haider and Belgium’s Filip Dewinter. As far as I am concerned, no Muslim will ever come in Netherlands.


Fortuyn was born in 1948 in Velsen, northwest of Amsterdam, and Christened Wilhelmus Petrus Simon-Pim for short. He was brought up as Catholic. In the mid-sixties, Fortuyn went off to the University of Amsterdam to study sociology, and became a Marxist. His first job was at the University of Groningen, where, for sixteen years, he read Mao and taught courses on revolutionary theory. In 1988, he lost his teaching job, and moved to Rotterdam, and there he seems to have exchanged dialectical materialism for materialism straight up. He opened a political consulting business, drifted to the right, and became a columnist fro the Dutch weekly Elsevier. Eventually he worked his way onto the pundit circuit, and, much in demand as a corporate speaker grew wealthy. The notion of becoming a politician seems to have occurred to Fortuyn only in 2000 in the New Millennium. Fortuyn was not planning a traditional Dutch campaign, as soon became clear. In august 2001, he joined a new party, called Leefbaar Nederland (Livable Netherlands), which coincidently was looking for a leader. For six months Fortuyn used the Leefbaar Nederland Party to increase his visibility, then he made a forceful statement on Muslim immigration. He said, “As far as I am concerned, no Muslim will ever come in.” this was precisely the sort of comment he had promised not to make upon taking over the Leefbaar Nederland, so he was kicked out of the Party, reminding him of his broken pledge. That didn’t bother him. It got a lot of press. Fortuyn was a brilliant media manipulator. He was a genius performer, a pop-star kind of populist. Within days of his departure from Leefbaar Nederland, Fortuyn announced the creation of another new political party, Kijst Pim Fortuyn Party. The Lijst Pim Fortuyn’s parliamentary slate included an ex-beauty queen, an optometrist, a chauffeur, some students and a businessman who dealt in pornographic web sites. From the outset, Fortuyn predicted that he would be the next Prime Minister. In the March 2002, Rotterdam held its municipal elections a slate of local candidates headed by Fortuyn ran on an anti-crime, anti-immigrant platform. It came in first, defeating the Labor Party, which had run he city almost without interruption for eighty years.


In the foreign press, it was indicated several times that Fortuyn was an extreme-right-wing figure. Henk Krol, editor of Gay Krant, does not believe that Fortuyn was an extreme-right-wing politician. Fortuyn was a populist. Fortuyn tried to explain things as easily as possible to a general public. Within a year, a large part of the Dutch population admired Pim Fortuyn. Dutch like when people are a little bit different. Dutch are very Calvinistic, as long as it is in the rules Dutch likes it. A fortune-teller told Fortuyn that his end would be terrible and that he would have a violent death.


For the eight years leading up to May 2002 election, the Netherlands was run by what was known as the ‘Purple Coalition.” The coalition was made up of parties that should, in principle, have been antagonists, the left-leaning Labor Party, and the conservative Liberals. It also included a third smaller party called Democrats 66 Party, the colors of the three groups combined actually made brown. In The Hague, this kind of arrangement wasn’t considered particularly unusual. The Dutch, refer to their peculiar brand of politics as the “poldermodel” from the word polder; a piece of land that, through enormous collective effort, is reclaimed from the sea. On the matter of immigration, the official stance of the Purple Coalition was that there was nothing in the immigration issue that matters. Immigration and to a lesser extent asylum seekers are a taboo subject in the Netherlands. In Netherlands it is extremely important always to be politically correct on ethnic issues.


Dutch fascism focuses on anti Islam, just as Nazism focused on anti-Judaism. Fascism is an Aryan philosophy and opposed to Arab culture, race, civilization and religion. Anti-Arabism is the crux of Dutch Fascism. Fortuyn had no interest in accommodating this polderized consensus on matter of immigration and asylum seekers. In Holland, homosexuality is treated the same way as heterosexuality: in what Islamic country does that happen? How can you respect a culture if the woman has to walk several steps behind her man, has to stay in the kitchen and keep her mouth shut? Unlike Le Pen et al, who lace their xenophobia with anti-Semitism, Fortuyn claimed Jews, or at least secular Jews as his allies. In his book, “Fifty Years Israel, But for How Long” Fortuyn worried that the Jewish state as a democracy might not be able to survive the threat posed by fundamentalist neighbors. Christianity and Judaism have gone through the process of enlightenment, making them creative and constructive elements n society. That didn’t happen in Islam. There is a tension between the value of modern society and the principles of Islam. The Netherlands is full. Islam is a backward religion. Moroccan boys never steal from Moroccans. As far as Fortuyn is concerned, no Muslim will ever come in Netherlands.


50(7) Specter of Nazi Austria

(1) Haider's Shadow Falls to the East

The Czech parliament chairman, Vaclav Klaus in a letter of solidarity to chancellor, said Mr. Jorg Haider was a lesser evil than the attempt by the European Union to speak out against the sovereign decision making of one of its members. Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, even invited chancellor Schussel to Hungary. Their latter-day Austro-Hungarian axis materialized in April 2000, Mr. Schussel's first trip since becoming chancellor, to any country either in the European Union or aspiring to membership. In the Hungarian government, Viktor Orban has shown a growing willingness to accept the parliamentary support of the far-right leader Istvan Csurka, whose party staged a rally protesting the sanctions against Austria. In the Hungary's media war, Istvan Csurka's party helped the Viktor Orban's government take over the boards that oversee the largely tax-payer-supported media. The rise of fascist Austro-Hungarian Union becomes a distinct possibility. The threat of US Secretary of State Madeline K. Albright becoming the next President of Czech Republic has unleashed fascist forces in Czech Republic and stroked anti-Semitic feelings.

(2) Chirac Line vs. Action Francaise

The supranational application of the Chirac Line, is no longer possible. In 1998, Jacques Chirac, the conservative president of France, expelled from his party powerful big-city mayors who accepted the help from Jean-Marie Le Pen's Action Francaise, the model party for European xenophobes. Now many post-Communist leaders find the Chirac line hard to accept, much less apply. The end of Communism in Eastern Europe and coalition governments of Communists with Catholic parties gave increased legitimacy to neo-fascist political parties throughout Europe. The old Continent's new democracies realize that the national sovereignty must align with fascist forces to meet the threat of transnational European Union, Communism and Catholicism.


Haider's shadow falls to the Eastern Europe, where the far right accommodated. Since the far right Freedom Party of Jorg Haider entered the Austrian government, the rejection of Western Europe is surprising for its unity and fervor. The opposing unity of resistance, in post-Communist Central Europe, inspired by the European Union's sanctions against Austria, is even more surprising. Austria's neighbors in Eastern Europe engage in calculated cooperation with extreme rightists. European Union's homegrown supranational actions do not find much support east of Austria.


(3) Austria as Womb of Beast

England hates Austria, because at the end of the Third Crusades (1189-1192) King Richard I, the Lion-Hearted, on the way home was shipwrecked, seized, and held for a ransom of 100,000 Pounds Sterling in Austria. Every man in England, clergy and lay, had to pay half of his income to secure the release of King Richard I. Even wool owned by religious orders was seized and sold in Flanders for cash.


Hitler was an Austrian. Austria is 'le ventre de la bete,' the womb of the beast. A rupture with Austria has happened before: when the nation elected Kurt Waldheim president in 1986 after it was disclosed that he had served with Hitler's Army in the Balkans in World War II. Austria put under virtual diplomatic boycott. During Kurt Waldheim's six-year term as President, Austria received almost no American or West European visitors of note except for Pope John Paul II. Italy had a neo-Fascist party in its government in 1994, and Europe did not threaten to blackball its diplomats. Many West European countries have had Communists in the government who made excuses for massacres of Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot. Why Neo-Nazism treated as pariah, while Communism caused more genocide and massacres than Nazism, is tolerated. Why Mein Keimph treated as devil's work and more evil work Communist Manifesto considered good? The French newspaper Liberation, has been unabashed about casting the Nazi shadow over the current Austrian political coalition of Mr. Schussel and Mr. Haider, by headline "The Brown Waltz" a blending of Vienna's classical dance and brown-shirt storm troopers. There are now fundamental accepted European values, and that line crossed, when someone who expressed sympathy for the Third Reich, allowed in the government. European leaders are asserting the right to judge who is a democrat. European diplomats have repeated their accusations that Mr. Haider was a racist, a xenophobe and a Nazi sympathizer.

(4) Freedom Party of Jorg Haider's Specter in Austria

Putin's Russia would exploit the cleavage in European Union caused by the rise of Freedom Party in Austria. The Freedom Party of Jorg Haider and the People's Party headed by Foreign Minister Wolfgang Schussel would form government in Austria. The Peoples Party lost to the Freedom party by only 415 votes. Many Austrians worried by rising immigration, embraced the message of the Jorg Haider, pushing the Freedom Party's share from 5 percent in 1983 to 28 percent in elections in October 1999. The Freedom Party came in second with 27 percent of the vote. The People's party failed to rebuild its 13-year-old alliance with the pro-labor Social Democrats, who came in the first in the October vote. It is widely acknowledged that if the option of calling new elections were uses, Mr. Haider would probably win and become the Chancellor of Austria. Members of the European Union regard Mr. Haider as xenophobic and extremist, and an apologist for the Third Reich. Mr. Haider declared that the Freedom Party has no sympathy for totalitarian regimes or Nazism. Austrians have expressed frustration that other nations would dare dictate whom Austrians should elect. In its 700-year history as a nation and empire, Austria spent seven years in the Third Reich. The European countries condemning Austria have had full diplomatic relations with Stalinist, Maoist and fundamentalist dictatorships, Pol Pot's Cambodia and Augusto Pinochet's Chile. The European Union's pressure on Austria is outrageous, and quite alarming. The rules for censuring a member of the European union passed in a treaty, negotiated in Amsterdam in 1998. However, the thinking then was to have the rules ready in case European countries were admitted and then had military coups or began persecuting their citizens. Mr. Haider has called for a curtailment of immigration to Austria - over-foreignization. He advocates the halt to the expansion of the European Union as a way to keep Eastern Europeans from entering Austria. America is opposing the Freedom Party to express its strong opposition to any statements or actions that expresses sympathy for the former Nazi regime or explain away in any way, shape or form the terrible tragedy of the Holocaust.


In the recent 2002 national general elections in Austria, Mr. Haider’s Freedom Party’s share of the vote fell to 10.2% from 26.9% in the 1999 elections. However, his loss became the gains for his coalition partner, Center-right People’s Party of Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel, got 42.3% of the national votes up from 26% it received in 1999. The social Democrats conceded the defeat but it increased its votes marginally to 36.9% from 33% in 1999. The Green Party also marginally increased its votes to 9% up from 7.4% in 1999.

(5) Austrian Neo-Nazism Anti-thesis of European Union

Jorg Haider's unpredictable personality matches Austria's complex self-image as the one time seat of a vast empire later reduced to a Nazi state and now to an Alpine chalet on Western Europe's frontier. Mr. Haider often says what many other Austrians feel but dare not say. Support to Mr. Haider is strongest in the Alps, and in the streets of liberal Vienna, hostility to him is strongest. Austria's neo-Nazism has exposed the fault line of European Union. Rise of Nazism in any European nation would cast doom over European Union. Austria had never been a team player. Austria joined the European Union only in 1995, after the isolation of the Waldheim era and the European unity fostered by the fall of the Berlin Wall. Austria pulled away from the Neutrality it had to promise to get Soviet troops to withdraw in 1955, thus ending 10 years of allied occupation after the Second World War. Like fellow member Sweden, Austria still clings to that neutrality when it comes to NATO. Austria had always been half-hearted on defense policy. Austria is a sensitive strategic area. Austria has joined NATO's so-called partnership for Peace, but has not applied for NATO membership. During NATO air war on Serbia, Austria refused to let NATO planes fly over to bomb nearby Yugoslavia. France has always being hostile and a little bit contemptuous of Austria.


The Austria's Social Democrats, in opposition in Austria, after decades in power, apologized for providing haven to former Nazis after World War II. The Social Democrat’s new leader, Alfred Gusenbauer, said it must be deeply ashamed of the way it welcomed ex-Nazis to its ranks. Several served in the cabinets of the former Social Democratic Chancellor, Bruno Kreisky.


Germany is still sensitive about annexing Austria under Nazis in 1938. Prompted by memories of World War II, Germany and France led the revolt against what they described as an intolerable xenophobia of Mr. Haider. Their alarm heightened by fears that an empowered Mr. Haider could infect Germany. Germany could rise up to tap the same anti-immigration sentiments that swelled the ranks of the Freedom Party.


France had difficulty containing the far-right party of Jean-Mamrie Le Pen, has similar concerns. In Belgium, extreme nationalist parties have grown powerful by exploiting tensions between Flemish and French citizens. The stand against Austria had particular meaning in Denmark, where the anti-immigration Danish People's Party is the third most popular. European reprisals make it less likely that the Danish People's Party invited to govern with a conservative coalition.


Secretary Albright said that there should be no place in a European government for a Party that does not distance itself clearly from the atrocities of the nazi era and the politics of hate. Many European countries have anti-fascist laws that restrict free speech and freedom of association. Germany's Constitution bans the Nazi Party. Hitler's "Mein Kampf" is banned as are Nazi insignia and uniforms. Germany, France and Holland have laws to prevent people from asserting Holocaust never took place. In Italy, where Mussolini ruled for 21 years, the Constitution forbids the resurrection of the Fascist Party. Fascist symbols and anti-Semitic statements are also illegal. The whole business of building the European Union based on the notion of 'never again.' In Austrian politics, the color of the Social Democrats is Reds. Black is the color of the conservative Peoples Party.

(6) Neo-Nazism Is Achilles Heel of NATO & EU

Several European countries are alarmed that the Austrian coalition could break the General Consensus that moderate Right in Europe should not ally with the extreme Right. Such alliances in countries like Germany or France would have a shattering effect on the broad thrust of postwar politics, threatening further moves toward European integration. President Putin of Russia and Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee should agree that the disintegration of European Union and disintegration of NATO promotes the national interests of Orthodox Russia and Hindu India.


United States and CIA had bribed Indian politicians and elected MPs to pass no-confidence motion against the coalition government of Shri Vajpayee while NATO waged air war against Serbia. The CIA had also bribed Communists and elected members of Russian Duma to pass a No-Confidence Motion against President Boris Yeltsin, while NATO air war was in full swing. India and Russia should finance Neo-Nazi parties in Austria, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Britain, and provide them Satellite Broadcasting facilities. Britain and France are concerned that Germany might achieve peacefully what it had failed to accomplish through arms in First and Second World Wars.


President Vladimir V. Putin, had been a KGB spy operating in East Germany, understands that the Neo-Nazism is the Achilles Heel of European Union. India, China and Russia should develop close strategic relationship with Jorg Haider, whose nominee Herbert Scheibner is now the Defense Minister of Austria. India should seek military bases in Austria and provide nuclear umbrella over Austria. Hindu right wing party should develop close party-to-party relationship with the Freedom Party of Austria, German far-right parties, French far-right party of Jean-Marie Le Pen, Belgium extreme nationalist parties, and anti-immigration Danish People's Party. President Putin and India should join forces with far-right political parties to promote European coalition of Far-Right political parties opposed to the expansion of NATO and European Union. The nationalism of far-right political parties is opposed to the internationalism of Catholicism and Communism.


The ultra-nationalists do not want the European national sovereignty undermined by the Leftists and Catholics. Vatican is undermining nationalism in Western Europe aiming to create Holy Roman Empire backed by the transnational Communism. The nationalism propagated by Austria's Freedom Party challenges the internationalism of Roman Catholicism and Communist International. Freedom party represent the patriotic peoples of Austria who are scared of the menacing internationalism of European Union, likely to degenerate into demoniac Holy Roman Empire in 21st Century, reviving the fear of mass executions of Inquisition. To those drilled in the bedrock principle of free speech, Europe's attempt to muzzle democratic leader elected with 27 percent of the popular vote. Russia and India should join forces to help far-right political parties defend the vulnerable sovereignty of the European nation states, threatened by internationalism of European Union. India and Russia oppose the rise of European Union Empire. India and Russia shall defend the right of patriotic far-right politicians challenging the menace of internationalism eroding national sovereignty. India, Russia and Austria shall lead European patriots and nationalists demolish the menacing internationalism of European Union and NATO. The internationalism of European Union promoted and financed by global organized crime syndicates generating annual incomes of $1,000 billion worldwide. The internationalism of EU is supported by Communists, Socialists and Far-Left who consider sovereignty of nation-states the mortal enemy of international Communism. The internationalism of EU supported by the Vatican, as Roman Catholic Church is Western Roman Empire in disguise. The far-right nationalist political parties like Jorg Haider's Freedom Party are the only hope of the sovereign nation states in Europe. President Putin understands the evil internationalism of the Communist Soviet Union that worshipped Cannibal Joseph Stalin as God. Hindu India and Putin-led Russia should support Austria's Freedom Party type far-right supposedly Neo-Nazi political parties and cast its lot with the ultra-nationalists of Western Europe to dismantle evil internationalism of the European Union. India and Russia must not miss the Golden Opportunity for dismantling the European Union and NATO by supporting Neo-Nazi movements in Western Europe, as Neo-Nazism is the Achilles Heel of European Union. India and Russia can dismantle European Union and NATO by investing few hundred million dollars in patriotic far-right ultra-nationalist political parties in Austria, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and Spain. The ultra-nationalists, far-right patriots in Western Europe would align with Orthodox Russia and Hindu India to preserve the glory of sovereign nation-states and to dismantle internationalist menace of European Union.

(7) America Fears German Far-Right

United States declares that democracy is about more than elections. Democracy is also about shared values. United States will not stand by idly if other anti-immigrant, far-right parties try to join other coalition governments in Europe. There is a concern whether the extreme hateful right could emerge in Europe. There are extremist-Rightist political Parties that exist in many West European countries especially Germany and France. America is scared that the inclusion of the anti-immigrant Freedom Party in the new Austrian government could inspire similar groups elsewhere in Western Europe.


It is very likely that in Germany, the troubles of the scandal-ridden Christian Democrats could create a political vacuum that far-right parties might exploit. Washington has stood silent while Japanese cabinet officials have expressed sympathy with the invasion of China and Korea during World War II. Washington has stood silent while far-Left governments have come to power in Western Europe.


The February Opinion polls suggest that Mr. Haider's party, has now increased its support to 33 percent of Austrian population. Freedom party has clearly benefited from a widespread feeling that Austria being punished unfairly.


(8) Kohl as Nazi-in-Cupboard

Every patriotic German in year 2,000 is an ardent fan of Adolf Hitler. No German hates Adolf Hitler, for the Second World War. Germans criticize Adolf Hitler for losing the Second World War and for forgetting the main purpose of Nazism- victory in War at any cost. Former Chancellor Helmut Hohl was a secret admire of Nazi past, and he force President Ronald Reagan to lay flowers at Nazi war-graves. The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) under Chancellor Helmut Kohl, and their allies indulged in extremists' rhetoric of intolerance and racism, in their populist campaign against Germany's liberal political asylum laws. The followers of CDU and their allies blamed people of color for the problem of joblessness in Germany, which in new Eastern German States hovers around 20 percent. It is Kohl's legacy that many young German peoples gravitates toward xenophobic movements on the right-wing fringe. Helmut Kohl's CDU relied upon a populist discourse that strategically targeted the far-right constituency. Kohl's CDU appealed to nationalist nostalgia and "Germany First" jingoism. Kohl's CDU clearly saw Germany as a "volksgemeinschaft," or homogenous ethnic community. Christian Democrats staunchly opposed citizenship for non-Germans living in Germany- even for their offspring born and schooled in Germany. The CDU and the Christian Social Union functioned as umbrella organization for a hodgepodge of conservative interest groups, including some unsavory movements that refused to severe links and, in some cases, active sympathies with the Third Reich era.


Former Chancellor Helmut Kohl was a mini-Nazi in the cupboard. Helmut Kohl sold himself as Nazi with good-looking mask to empower Germany achieves peacefully, what it failed to accomplish through arms- the domination of Europe, through the European Union. Helmut Kohl pushed through the reunification of Germany in record time, and on terms favorable to Germany that were unimaginable during the Cold War. Less than a year after the Berlin Wall fell on Nov. 9, 1989 Germany was one again. Germans revere Helmut Kohl as the Hitler who succeeded and won the war peacefully. Helmut Kohl's role in the secession of Catholic Slovenia and Catholic Croatia smelled Hitler's eastward expansion.


(9) German Children Not Indians

The campaign slogan of a leading Christian Democrat, Jurgen Ruttgers, in North Rhine-Westphalia has been the slogan "Children not Indians"- a derisive reference to a proposal that skilled Indian software engineers should be allowed to fill jobs in Internet-related industries. This campaign slogan of Jurgen Rutgers, of Christian Democrat party condemned as "racist" by European union Watchdog Committee. European Monitoring Center on Racism, said "German politicians should have learned more than other from history."


(10) Specter of Nazi-led European Union

Now, with the CDU discredited and in disarray, the field is open now for new, rightwing groups to move in on its turf. This scenario is all the more relevant in light of the current drama in Austria, the womb of the evil, where Jorg Haider's far-right Freedom party recently joined Austrian conservatives in coalition government. Many German Neo-Nazis and Nazis-in-cupboard have watched the steady rise of the Freedom Party with pride and nostalgia. Very soon, German far right will establish itself in post-Kohl Germany. One of the main reasons there is no Jorg Haider in today's Germany is simply that no such charismatic leader has emerged in German politics. If a Haider-style leader were to appear at this sensitive moment in Germany, there is little doubt he would attract a massive following in Germany. In the eastern German states, in particular such demagogy could catch on quickly. Neo-Nazi United Germany would either disintegrate the European Union, or transform the European Union into expansionist European Empire. Neo-Nazi Germany led European Union is not against the national interests of Russia and India, as German domination of EU would greatly reduce American influence and role in the EU and NATO. India and Russia should support Nazi political movements in Germany, Italy, France and Austria that could birth to Nazi European Union. Nazi European would challenge Monroe Doctrine and compete with United States in Canada, Quebec, Mexico and South America. Nazi European Union would promote democracy and freedom in the World by clipping the wings of over-arrogant sole super power of the world, the United States. India should provide nuclear umbrella over Germany against American preemptive nuclear strikes.


(11) Austria-Turkish Hatred

In the basement of the History Museum of Vienna the head of the Turkish Grand Vizier, Kara Mustapha is preserved. The public no longer allowed seeing this Austrian trophy, a souvenir of the last Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1683. However, this severed head says much about European identity, Austrian history and the vagaries of nationalism. The darker reality includes Christian Vienna's long rearguard action against the Turkish infidel. The dawn of the 21st Century finds Europe in a crusading mood. The 18th, 19th & 20th Centuries saw a collective European suicide that handed control of the world to the United States. To the patriotic Austrians the Turkish infidel is back, no longer on the horseback but in the form of the immigrant guest worker. No wonder Europe threw a fit. Europe is scared that Jorg Haider could represent the rise of new Hitler. Both Hitler and Haider are six-lettered name beginning with "H."


There is real concern in Europe that it could shatter the general European consensus that center right parties like French Gaulists or Germany's Christian Democrats do not go to bed with the extreme right. European bureaucracy who favor a federalist Europe perceived a unique chance to advance the Federalist cause, through a new form of interference, in the member state's internal affairs to weaken their sovereignty. Democracy is about more than elections, it is also about shared values. Europe is engaged in a unique historical experiment involving an unprecedented voluntary surrender of national sovereignty, most recently the control of currency. As the integration continues, the question what European identity is on the European continent whose immigration population grows daily becomes more pressing.


The immigration issue brings Austrians back to the Grand Vizier's head. In twice beating back the Ottoman Turkish armies at the gates of Vienna, the Hapsburg Empire was defending Christian Europe. However, the Hapsburg Empire was profoundly multinational. Vienna compared to Babel.

(12) False European Patriotism

After World War II, came the trend for European Union to build what Churchill in 1946 called the United States of Europe. European union is now a hybrid without a name and some characteristics of a supranational state. Can European Union inspire European patriotism? Mr. Jorg Haider says that European Union cannot inspire European patriotism. You are not at home any more. Jorg Haider wants to throw back the clock. About 1.5 million immigrants pour into West Europe every year. It seems that the European's sense of identity must change to reflect growing political union and mixed populations. However, European states have never really seen themselves as lands of immigration, like United States and Canada. The recent invitation to Turkey to join the European union reflects a broad push to make Europeans see themselves differently, as Christian-Islamic civilization. Europeans do not even agree on the history that defines them. In Mr. Haider's view of history, the Waffen SS saved Europe from Communism. Hitler's Pope, Pope Pius XII feared the Communist threat and role of Bolshevik Jews. France's Jean-Marie LePen agrees with Jorg Haider. European Federalists wants to whitewash and falsify the history of Europe to make European history clear to make European identity clear. European Union wants henceforth to be on the side of liberty, democracy, human rights, the rule of law and an end to ethnic persecution. It was for these values that NATO says it went to war in Kosovo. However, left-leaning, bleeding heart, globalist bureaucrats have no monopoly on historical truth. The battle for a pan-European identity, able to accommodate both Christianity and Islam, has only just begun.

(13) Morality vs. Democracy

The European Union (EU) has downgraded its relations with Austria. This decision by 14 governments of the European Union against the 15th member has provoked a furious debate about the meaning of national sovereignty in a unifying Europe. Whether the demands of what appears to be an emerging new international order based on a morality, can take precedence over the democratic expressions of people's will? Is this the start of some new procedure that two big Catholic states, Germany and France, tell other European Union members what governments they should have?


The untransparent, unfair and counterproductive methods used against Austria are unacceptable to Austria. The European Union took six months to impose the first timid sanctions on Slobodan Milosevic. However, in three days EC imposes sanctions on Austria. French President Jacques Chirac spoke of an Austrian rupture of the European Union's contract. These statements reflect a growing determination to turn European Union that was long essentially a trade bloc into closer political community. European Union is seeking some aspects of a federal state, one bound by a shared determination to ensure that Europe puts its terrible 20th century firmly behind it.

(14) Leftist EU is anti-Neo Fascist

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said the principles applied in Austria would also apply in Italy, if necessary. European Union would have to intervene if Neofascists were again sitting at the Italian cabinet table. EU cannot allow itself to lower the standards it has set. The Italy's rightist National Alliance led by Gianfranco Finni joined an Italian government in 1994. Italy's Foreign Minister Lamberto Dini, accused German leader Schroeder for superficial, unjustified and arbitrary judgment, arguing Mr. Gianfranco Fini was not Mr. Haider. European Union is determined to suppress any Neo-Fascist views, even if the author has never passed from words to deeds. European Union is heading towards Vatican sanctioned Inquisition of Neofascists. It was no accident that Vatican supported anti-Mussolini rebels and caused the death of the Fascist leader. On Feb 19, more than 100,000 people gathered in Central Vienna to protest the formation of Neo-Fascist government in Austria, emphasizing on the anti-immigration theme. They marched past through the streets before assembling in the vast Heldenplatz, scene of Hitler's first speech to the Austrians after the Nazi invasion of 1935, which was widely supported by Austrian people. Hitler's face or caricatures of it were in evidence on most banners denouncing Mr. Haider. Leftist artists and intellectuals throughout Europe, who refused to condemn the genocide caused by Catholic Communist Pol Pot in Cambodia, attended it. It included Austria's state employees, factory workers, professionals and students mobilized by Social Democrats, who even paid people to go out and protest. The demonstration against Mr. Haider would have no lasting impact on Austrian politics. Those from the Old Left, the generation of the 1968, can have a good romp with the young and the Internet generation. Austria will return to normality and get on with the work that has to be done, which is to dismantle the Leftist superstructures in Austria, to cut the public sector and deregulate the economy, to unleash Thatcherite revolution in Austria.

(15) Legitimizing Far Right

The formation of an Austrian coalition government made up of Mr. Haider's Freedom Party and the conservative People's Party of Wolfgang Schussel has legitimized the Far Right in European polity. Several European countries, including Belgium, Italy, Germany and France face the problem of how to deal with far-right parties. They are deeply concerned that Mr. Haider's inclusion in government could make it more difficult to stop alliances of mainstream conservatives and extremists. It was good for Austria's long-blocked democracy to have a change after three decades of government by coalition of Social democrats and conservatives. It seems clear that the arrival of Mr. Haider's party in power has abruptly politicized what has been a largely apolitical Austrian youth. The government has vowed to cut the public sector, deregulate Austria's highly bureaucratic economy, promote capital markets and generally bring something resembling a Thatcherite revolution to Austria.

(16) Fascism Anti-thesis of Europe

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder declared that European union would have to intervene if Neofascists were again sitting at the Italian cabinet table. The far-right National Alliance led by Gianfranco Fini had joined Italian government in 1994. Fascism is the Achilles Heel of European Union. The politicians of the far right should join forces and promote anti-immigration Neo-Fascist political parties in Belgium, Italy, France, Germany and India to bring down European Union. Neo-Fascist European states would check Vatican's megalomania. The Vatican promoted Internationalism of European Union directly clashes with patriotic nationalism of Fascists. Fascists and Nazis condemn the growing internationalism of European Union and Romanism for its unprecedented intrusion in the political affairs of a member state. Patriotic Neofascists and Internationalists Leftists are on warpath in European Union. Vatican financing the anti-fascists and European internationalists hoping European Union would become modern version of Holy Roman Empire. Catholic Church wholeheartedly supports the transformation of the trading bloc into closer political community. Vatican seeks to transplant national States by transnational Christian Super State. Anti-immigration policies of far-right political parties contradict the move towards the European Union. Hindu India, Orthodox Russia and Buddhist China should join forces to promote Neo-Fascist far-right political movements in Western Europe to undermine the evil organism of Catholic-dominated European Union. Hindu India and Orthodox Russia have common national interest in undermining the Catholic France and Catholic Germany dominated European Union. The Neo-Fascism is the Achilles Heel of European Union. Alliance of far right political parties would withdraw from European Union and reestablish patriotic national states in Italy, Belgium, France, and Germany.

(17) Fascism is Enemy of Vatican

The philosophy of Fascism and Nazism vehemently oppose erosion of national sovereignty by transnational religious organizations, transnational political federations. Fascism is engaged in mortal combat with transnational Roman Catholic Church and European Union. Fascists believe in racial purity, the Aryan purity. Germans and Austrians are proud of Aryan Indian blood that civilized barbarian races of Western Europe. Fascist Germany, Fascist France and Fascist Italy would abolish the sovereignty of the Vatican, and bring papacy under control of the Cabinet Minister of Religion. Fascism and Nazism are the natural civilization’s allies of Hindus in their wars against Catholicism. Hindu India should finance Fascist political parties in Italy, Austria, Germany, Britain and France. Vatican played very important role in the death of Fascist Mussolini.

(18) Rise of Fascism Nazism

Perhaps next Nazi-Fascist President of Italy would bring Rome again under the rule of God Jupiter and Goddess Venus. No wonder that Catholic Europe rose as one man to oppose the coalition government of Jorg Haider and Freedom Party in Austria. Rise of Fascism and Nazism in Austria, Italy, Germany and France would end the Catholic menace without the Wars of Religions. Rise of Fascism and Nazism in Western Europe is moral imperative in 21st Century, as Fascism would tame Papacy. Fascism is the antidote to Papacy. Hindus and Buddhists would defeat the Papal menace by financing Fascist-Nazi political parties in European Union. Nationalist Nazis would destroy transnational Catholic supra-nationalism. Hinduism would join forces with Fascism and Nazism to tame the menace of Papal internationalism. Patriotic Fascist ultra-nationalism would defeat the Papal Supra-nationalism. Fascist and Nazi politicians should militarily impose Protestantism over Catholicism throughout European Union, especially over Martha Catholic region of Western Europe. Aryanism is the fundamental tenet of Nazism and Fascism.


Fascist and Nazi Christians would impose Arianism Christianity over Catholicism, to reestablish the predominance of Christianity of Jesus Christ and Apostles throughout the Christian world, by eradicating the Judeo-Christianity of Christ-killers and Apostle-killers. Hindus and Buddhists would support the forces of Fascism, Nazism, Arianism, Gnosticism, Marcionism and Patriotism, to eradicate the supra-nationalism of Papacy and European Union. Rise of Fascism and Nazism in Europe would put an end to the looming Wars of Religions. Fascism and Nazism is form of divine intervention to end the menace of Wars of Religions. World War for promoting national interests is preferable over Wars of Religions. Fascist and Nazi imperialism lesser evil than Catholic proselytizing wars. In support of Allied Powers, India provided 3.5 million soldiers during Second World War and 1.6 million soldiers during First World War. During Third World War, Hindu India would provide 10 million soldiers to fight alongside Fascist and Nazi powers in Europe to reestablish the leadership of Aryan race in Europe. India, Pakistan and Iran belong to common Aryan race that ruled the ancient world. India remembers that Subhash Chandra Bose victimized like Jorg Haider of Austria. Even every opposition party MPs avoided Atal Behari Vajpayee when he had to resign within 21 days after sworn in as the Prime Minister. India sympathizes with Jorg Haider and wishes that his Freedom Party shall win absolute majority in next elections, and he would establish Fascist government in Austria and finance Fascist political parties in Germany, France, Belgium, Britain, and Italy.

(19) Rise of Rightists-Fascism in Italy

Rightists gain in regional elections in April 2000 in Italy. Italy's center-left Prime Minister, Massimo D'Alema, submitted his resignation to the President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi at the Quirinal Palace, who told him to consult the Parliament. But the prime minister's newly invigorated center-right are jubilant and want him to leave office right away. On May 21, 2000, Italians would vote in a referendum that seeks, to create a bipolar electoral system.


(20) Forza Italia - Northern League Alliance

Italy's center-right opposition leader, Silvio Berlusconi, received huge backing in the elections on Sunday as his coalition won 8 out of 15 regions. The regional election results, underscored the strength of the Polo, the center-right bloc, as well as the popularity of its leader, Silvio Berlusconi, a media tycoon who was elected prime minister in 1994. Mr. Berlusconi, tumbled from power less than a year later, when under pressure from United States, Umberto Bossi, leader of the separatist Northern League, pulled out. This time Umberto Bossi, who has scaled down his rebel platform from separatism to greater federalism, again joined forces with Silvio Berlusconi's enter-right Forza Italia. Forza Italia, aligned with other center-right parties, also won key regions to the south, including Lazio, the province of Rome. This was the first time that Italians voted directly for the regional Presidents, who are akin, if slightly less powerful, to governors in the United States. The Center-right coalition, Forza Italia and Northern League coalition won 8 out of 15 Regional Presidents. Forza Italia took 9 regions in 1995. Massimo

(21) MassimoD'Alema

Italy's Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema's center-left coalition was trounced in regional was trounced in regional elections by the center-right coalition le by the "Go Italy Party" of the media baron Silvio Berlusconi. Italian politics is a perfect illustration of what happens when you move from cold-war politics to globalization politics and the parties do not quite adjust. However, in this new play, Italian parties are still wearing their old masks, and are jumbled together in left-right coalitions that make no real sense. Mr. Berlusconi's center-right group has Thatcherite free-marketers along with Northern Leaguers, who want to secede from Italy, as well as former fascists who want to help the poor South and hate the European Union (E.U.)

(22) Weakening of Anti-Austria Front

At least 6 of the 15 members of the European Union, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Finland and Denmark have expressed a readiness toward suspending sanctions imposed on Austria. These countries want to think over the sanctions imposed to protest the inclusion of Jorg Haider's rightist Freedom Party in the Austrian government. Paris, Brussels and Berlin are determined to set a moral standard for the European Union by making clear that parties like Freedom Party are welcome in any European government. The downgrading of relations with Austria crimps the activities of Austrian Ambassadors represent an unparalleled intrusion in the internal affairs of a member state. EU punished Austria despite the fact that Freedom Party, Jorg Haider's historical revisionism and anti-immigrant bigotry have remained at the level of words rather than deeds, and Germany under Christian Democrats adopted similar anti-immigration rhetoric.


Belgium facing its own problems with the rising rightist party called Vlaams Blok insists that until the Freedom Party leaves the Austrian Government the sanctions should not ease. President Jacques Chirac is reluctant to seek a compromise, as Jorg Haider had called him "a pocket Napoleon." Germany is also reluctant to condone the rise of a rightist party in Europe. Ex-East Germany and Central European candidates of membership in European Union, traumatized by long subservience to Moscow, dislike the erosion of sovereignty under imperial European Union. In Germany, the Christian Democrats have been vehement in their denunciation of the sanctions. The German Green Party condemns the sanctions as overreaction of France and Belgium. No wonder that the revolt of the six European nations, emboldened Jorg Haider to vow to make Freedom Party, now the second force in Austria, "No. 1." He called Mr. Schroeder an "opportunist."

(23) Menace of European Federation

A European federation means nothing less than a European government and parliament that effectively exercise legislative and executive powers within the European Federation, similar to European Empire. German foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, proposed the creation of a European federation with a directly elected president and parliament sharing executive and legislative powers, which are real. Alternative to the European federation would be paralysis. Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy have been most ready toward a vision of a United States of Europe, the vision cherished by Napoleon the Great, Alexander the Great, William Kaiser and Adolf Hitler. Out of these six founding members, Italy wants the sanctions against Austria to ease. Christian Democrat party and Green party of Germany wants the sanctions against Austria to ease.


The direct election of the President of European Federation shall result in the election of a Fascist leader as the president of the European federation. Fascists like the idea of "a politico-economic union of Europe headed by Protestants." Britain and Scandinavian states oppose the idea of European federation.


50(8) Rebirth of Colonial Empires in 21st Century

(1) Rise of Fascism

Fascism would become the most popular political philosophy in the world in the 21st Century, simply because imperialism and colonial empires would make a comeback in the 21st century. Political parties would adopt fascism as the guiding principles of state policy to make concepts of imperialism and colonial empires palatable to the people in the post-Cold War age. Colonial empires destined to stage a comeback so would the political philosophy of Fascism.


(2) Rebirth of Commonwealth Empire

Patriotic Englishmen are furious that Communist leaders of British Labor Party dismantled British Empire while promoted Soviet Empire in the Eastern Europe. Ultra-nationalists condemn Prime Minister Harold Wilson, of Labor Party that dismantled British Empire East of Suez. Britain should not have given independence to Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Brunei. Had Englishmen shared British Empire with Indians, then British Commonwealth in form of British-Indian Empire, or Commonwealth Empire would have remained intact today and continued in 22nd Century. It is insulting that British Monarch treated like Maid of German Chancellor in the European Union. India and England should merge to form a Union and reconvert Commonwealth of Nations into a transnational sovereign Empire, jointly ruled by England, India, Australia and Canada. Commonwealth Union would replace United States as the dominant super Power of the World in 72 hours. Sun never set on the British Empire. British Empire built by Indian soldiers and English generals. The political Union of Commonwealth States shall become the preponderant super power of the world and lead the world in the Third Christian Millennium. India welcomes England, Canada and Australia to transform Commonwealth of Nations into European Union type sovereign, political, and economic union. The Sun will never set again on the Commonwealth Empire, and led by India, England, Canada, and Australia it shall be the pre-dominant military and economic power of the world throughout third Christian Millennium. England, Canada, India and Australia must realize that Commonwealth is more powerful than United States, NAFTA, NATO, OAS, and European Union. Leaders of the Commonwealth nations should outgrow sibling rivalry and politically unite in the Commonwealth Union, to rule the world.

(3) Let's Recreate British Empire

Empires and Colonies would stage comeback during early 21st Century. NATO air-war on Serbia signaled the return of the Age of Empires and Colonies. World would witness the Partition of Africa before 2005 AD, to rival the Partition of Africa of 1885. India and Britain should form strategic partnership to secure advantages in the new Colonial Age. India and Britain should prepare to carve out British Empire and Indian Empire during the Second Imperial Age. India and Britain can join forces to create World Empire jointly led by Britain, India, Canada and Australia. Communists and socialists that dominated the ordinary people of British Labor Party conspired to disintegrate British Empire to expedite the rise of Communist Soviet Union. Communist spies in Britain transferred nuclear weapons secrets to Soviet Union. Vatican conspired to expedite the decline of Britain and India after the Second World War. Communist not only scuttled British Imperial traditions, they also sabotaged Indian attempts to inherit the imperial mantle of the British-Indian Empire. Vatican implanted Kemal Pasha Ataturk in Turkey, who disowned Ottoman heritage of Turkey. Being a British Agent, Jawaharlal Nehru as Prime Minister of India, abdicated Indian heritage of British Indian Empire and engineered India's defeat in 1962 War with China. Communist and Socialist agents in Britain misdirected British media to weaken and destroy the imperial traditions among Englishmen. Communists conspired to undermine English sense of pride in the Empire. Soviet Spies infiltrated British Labour Party and imposed anti-nuclear and anti-colonial agenda in British politics. Encouraged by Khrushchev’s exercise of nuclear deterrent against Anglo-French invasion of Suez Canal, the Labour Party worked towards the dismantling of the British Empire, so long as Australia and Canada remained under Anglo-Saxon colonial occupation. The Labour Party dismantled British Empire to perpetuate Anglo-Saxon controls over vast continent size Australia and Canada. Britain worked towards demise of Apartheid in Rhodesia, Namibia, and South Africa to perpetuate White man's control over Australia and Canada. Imperial Britain is in the national interest of India and Russia. India can develop close strategic alliance with imperial Britain. Britain and India should join forces to create Commonwealth Empire to include beside Britain, India, Canada, and Australia some major Commonwealth nations. India supplied 1.5 million soldiers in the First World War and more than 3.5 million soldiers in the Second World War to defeat Axis Powers, even when India was under British rule. Persian Gulf was an Indian Lake. Indian Empire was the dominant power in the Indian Ocean Region. Indian Empire ruled Burma, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Trucial States, Oman, Yemen and Qatar. Indian Empire controlled the affairs of Hong Kong, Malaysia and Brunei. Nuclear Hindu India would welcome alliance with Britain to recreate British-Indian Empire. It pains Indians to see British Monarch serving as Maid for Yankee President and German Chancellor. Had British Empire used Indian Army to defeat the revolt of 13 colonies of United States, Indians would have inflicted defeat on the United States and Canada would have become the dominant power of the North America? Had Britain shared power with India, British Empire would have been intact even today and remained intact even in 22nd Century? Indian Army made British Empire worldwide. Hindu India seeks strategic alliance with Britain to recreate British-Indian Empire in 21st Century, in the new Age of Empires and Colonies.

(4) Recreate French Empire

Nuclear Hindu India seeks strategic partnership with France to recreate French Empire in form of Indo-French Empire. Nuclear France realizes that the principal enemy of France is not Russia but United States. United States first colonized Philippines in the first decade of the 20th Century. After the Second World War, United States entered Vietnam War to replace French Colonial influence in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. United States has undermined French influence in Iran, Haiti, Comoro Islands, and French Africa. India and France could develop strategic relationship to develop joint military bases in Madagascar, Congo, Algeria, Tunisia, and Niger. India-French Empire shall focus on Africa and promote French language at the expense of English. India and France should work towards secession of Quebec from Canada. Sovereign, independent Quebec should develop nuclear weapons to deter future American invasions. Independent Quebec shall join France and European Union to secure its independence. French military and nuclear bases in Quebec would redraw the Global Strategic Map. Would United States invade Quebec to crush pro-secessionist movements? United States would not threaten nuclear attack to deter French military and nuclear presence in independent Quebec? France-Quebec Defense pact would bury Monroe Doctrine for ever. Quebec shall be the brightest jewel of the New French Empire.

(5) France Support for Quebec

France will back Quebec in whatever political path it chooses, independence or continued federation with Canada. Referring to the 7.4 million inhabitants of the former French colony, spokeswoman for president Jacques Chirac of France told visiting Quebec's Premier, Lucien Bouchard, "It is up to Quebec to make up its choices." Hindu India supports the secession of Quebec from Canada. Independent Quebec should join European Union and deploy French nuclear weapons to defend Canada from invasions of United States.

(6) Recreate Russian Orthodox Empire

To maintain peace and stability in Euro-Asian continent the frontiers of Indian and Russian Empires should meet again. Transcontinental railways should directly connect India, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Hong Kong and Singapore. Asian Transcontinental Railways would replace air-transportation for movement of people in Euro-Asian-African continent. Transcontinental Freight Trains would replace ships for movement of cargo in the Euro-Asian Heartland. The menace of Islamic terrorism, justifies increased Russian political, military and economic role in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Afghanistan and Kurdistan. Recreation of Russian Empire is not against India's national interest, provided Indians gain open immigration rights to Eastern Siberia. Russian domination of the former-Soviet Muslim Republics in Central Asia would be India's national interest. Eastward expansion of NATO is not in India's interest. Russian conquest of former Soviet territories would promote India's national interests, provided it increases Indian presence in these nations. India would seek military base facilities in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan to project India's power in the Islamic world.

(7) Recreate Buddhist Mongol Empire

Buddhist Mongols created the largest Buddhist Mongol Empire in the World that stretched from the Pacific Coast of China, to German borders on Denube, to Egypt. Buddhist Mongols brought entire Chinese world, entire Orthodox world, and entire Islamic world under the rule of Buddhist Mongols. Hindu South Indian Empires should have aligned with Mongols to consolidate the Buddhist domination of the Christian and Islamic worlds. South Indian Hindu Empires ruled South East Asia, missed an historic opportunity to join military pact with Buddhist Mongol Empire. South Indian Hindu Armies joining Buddhist Mongol Army would have conquered the entire world to bring them under unified Buddhist-Hindu rule. Armies Hindu South Indian Empires in alliance with Buddhist army of Mongol Empire would have easily conquered whole Islamic, Catholic, Orthodox worlds and Buddhism would have replaced Islam and Christianity in Africa, Asia and Europe around 1240 AD.


50(9) Clash of Evil Secularism

(1) Secularism is Catholic Weapon in East

Jews and Catholics have misused the materialist doctrine of atheist Secularism to destroy Russian Orthodoxy, Chinese Buddhism and Indian Hinduism. Jews and Catholics have used the very Secularism to protect and promote Judaism in Russia, Christianity in China, India and Cambodia. Judeo-Christians, Judeo-Socialists and Judeo-Communists have deployed Secularism in Turkey, India and China to undermine Islam in Turkey, Hinduism in India and Buddhism in China. Western powers imposed Secularism in Turkey, and undermined secular monarchy of Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran. Britain and Russia forced King Reza Shah from power in favor of his son Mohammed Reza Pahlavi in 1941. The CIA overthrew the secular government of Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh, because he was the promoter of Persian nationalism, as his mother descended from Persian Kings. The CIA again brought down the secular government of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, and installed Ayatollah Khomeini in power in 1979.


United States opposes secular regimes in Algeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen. Why Western powers did not support secular forces in Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, the offshoot of Ottoman Empire while it imposed the dictatorship of secular Army in Turkey.

(2) Secularism Not in Catholic homes

Jews and Catholics share a common goal of reducing the morally crippling effect of secularism on children. The Pharisees of Judaism, Clergy of Catholicism and Mullahs of Islam have a common goal of legitimizing the political role of theocracy. Protestant fathers of United States separated State and Church and banned the religious prayers in schools to give birth to secular United States. The increased Catholic immigration from Martha region of Europe and Hispanic America allows Vatican to exploit the Catholic Vote-banks to transform WASP United States to Catholic United States. Catholics and Jews have joined forces to destroy the secular foundations of the United States.

(3) Kabbalah Sufism Gnosticism

Judaism, Catholicism and Sunni Islam oppose the crippling effect of Mystic Kabbalah, Mystic Gnosticism, and Mystic Sufism as mysticism allows the believers to directly connect with the divine without the intermediacy of the Rabbi, Bishops and Ayatollahs. Secularism is the mortal enemy of Judaism, Catholicism and Sunni Islam, as Secularism does not tolerate the political role of religious clergy. Bolshevik Jews used Secularism to massacre 30 million Orthodox Russians, and Judeo-Communist Mao Zedong employed Secularism to massacre 60 million Buddhists. Catholics employed Secularism in India to destroy Hindu and Buddhist temples and to remove Hindu priests from all positions of political and social power.

(4) Need for Secular Italy, Israel

Why Bolshevik Jews immigrants oppose secular Israel? Why Judeo-Communist Italians oppose Secular Italy and democratization of Papacy? Why NATO and Vatican oppose secular forces in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait? If secularism is good for Muslim Turkey, then why it should be bad for theocratic Saudi Arabia, and modern Algeria and Iran? Christian Priest and Jews Rabbi should be debarred from holding elected public office, especially the US Senate and House of Representatives. Tenured Catholic, Protestant, and Judaic priests should not hold any secular public office in the Western Christendom.

(5) Alliance of Secular Nations

Secular India, Russia and China should promote global alliance of Secular forces to impose secular governments worldwide. India, Russia and China should politically intervene to overthrow theocratic regimes worldwide and install secular leadership worldwide. Fundamentalism and theocratic regimes is the scourge of the mankind and secular forces should deploy political, financial and military force to impose secular political regimes throughout the Southern Hemisphere. Theocratic regimes should lose their sovereignty under International Law.


50(10) Central Governing Body of European Union

(1) Demise of European Union

France’s Le Pen, the Fascist presidential candidate that got the second largest votes in the first round of presidential elections 2002 promised to restore France's true independence by withdrawing from the European Union and the euro zone, to restore border controls and cut the number of immigrants, to make France for the French. This resurgence of French national feeling may impact on the EU's current effort to re-define its own purpose and way of working through a broadly based European Convention. The events in France throw doubt on the claim that a full political union would resolve the concerns of European citizens. The possibility will have to be considered that it would instead lead to a popular revolt on a much bigger scale, and that what European countries need is the flexibility to propose different solutions to problems as they arise in different places. Mr. Le Pen wants to restore the French franc and take France out of the "Europe of Maastricht," which he says is an infringement on French sovereignty.


The menace of European Federation with directly elected president strokes the passion of Fascism in Europe. European Fascism mobilizes the social forces of nationalism and patriotism to defend the sovereignty of the European nation states against the forces of transnational ideals propagated by European Union and Roman Catholic Church. The threat of European federation makes Fascists the mortal enemy of Roman Catholic Church. The threat of European Federation forces the political leaders of India, China, Japan, and Egypt to bring the nation states in Asia, Africa and Australia under the Federation of Asia-Africa-Australia. What is good for the First World cannot be bad for the Third World. The menace of European federation will unite the Third World to create the Federation of Asia-Africa-Australia, led by China, India, Japan, Iran, Egypt and South Africa. Leading Third World leaders should learn from the European Union led by Germany and France, to create Asia-Africa-Australia Federation led by China, India, Japan, Iran, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa.

(2) Empire or Federation of Europe

On May 14, 2002, in direct challenge to nationalism and nation states in Western Europe, Joschka Fischer, the German foreign minister, proposed the creation of a European federation with a directly elected president and parliament sharing real executive and legislative powers. His appeal for the foundation of a federation in which power would shift from national governments to a central European administration comes at a time when the 15-member European Union is pondering how to manage its expansion. It is certain to cause concern in states like Britain that are wary of any dilution of their sovereignty. A European federation means nothing less than a European government and parliament that effectively exercise legislative and executive powers within the federation. The alternative in an enlarged European Union would be paralysis. The European Union now finds itself in an awkward halfway stage where the introduction of a single currency, the Euro not accompanied by any similar integration of its political institutions.


The European Union is also at a crossroads with respect to its expansion. The current institutions whose apex body Council of Ministers from the 15-member states, meet periodically to make decisions generally requiring unanimity. The Council of Ministers has already become strained and ponderous. The answer is simple. European Union shall grow from an alliance of states to real parliament within European Federation. Germany is aware that the word federation is like waving a red rag to a bull for many in Britain. The six founding members- Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy- have been those most likely to work toward the vision of a United States of Europe that would be a true federation. The countries that joined later- like Britain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece- have been skeptical. Germany wants the eventual enactment of a constitutional treaty what would set out which powers shifted to the new European executive and parliament, and those that remained at national level. At present, European Parliament has limited powers. European Union should move toward "a politico-economic union," through which issues like the environment, immigration, security and foreign policy decided at a European rather than national level. The 11 members of the European Union should then sign a first accord introducing a government that speaks with the single voice of the European Union on the greatest number of questions possible, a parliament and a directly elected president. This would provide the locomotive for the formal shift to a federation.

(3) Fascism Antidote to European Union

Britain, Italy and Austria would become Fascist nations, to check the menace of European Union. India, Russia, China and Japan should support fascist political parties in Europe to protect nation states in Europe against erosion of national sovereignty. India and China should expedite the political unification of Asia, Africa and Australia to meet the challenge of European Federation. Federation of Asia-Africa-Australia becomes a reality, whenever India and China take the lead to consolidate Third World nations under Federation of Asia-Africa-Australia.

(4) New Federation of Asia-Africa

India and China shall learn from the transformation of European federation and propose a directly elected president for Asia and Africa. India and China would play role similar to those of France and Germany for creating a single political federation of Asia and Africa. What is good for white Europeans nations cannot be bad for black, brown, yellow Asians and Africans. India and China should take leadership to unify multitude nation states in the Third World, in Asia and Africa to create a political federation of yellow, brown and black races, a political federation of Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and Pagan nations. Germany and France dominate European Union, similarly the Federation of Asia-Africa would be led by India and China. Germany and France forgot their historical racial and national animosities to realize the common goal of United Europe, the very goal that was foremost in the mind of Napoleon, William Kaiser, and Adolf Hitler.


India, China, Japan, Egypt and South Africa should use political, economic and military influence to create the Federation of Asia-Africa-Australia. The Asia-Africa-Australia federation will have directly elected President and directly elected Parliament, sharing real executive-legislative powers. The ancient civilizations of India, China, Persia, and Egypt were part of the same ancient world civilizations that dominated the world in pre-Christian era. The entire ancient world worshipped the similar goddesses and gods and inter-connected by maritime routes. India, China and Egypt would join forces to unite all nation states in Asia, Africa and Australia to form the political federation of Asia-Africa-Australia, headed by directly elected Prime Minister and directly elected Parliament.


50(11) Conclusion

(1) Legacy of Pim Fortuyn- Dutch Fascist

The principle leadership of European Fascism consisted of Austria’s Jorg Haider, Belgium’s Filip Dewinter, Nethelands Pim Fortuyn, and France’s Jean-Marie Le Pen. On May 6th 2002, nine days before the Dutch Parliamentary elections, De Volkskrant published a survey taken by an independent polling firm. It predicted that Lijst Pim Fortuyn (LPJ Party) would be the largest party in Parliament, making Fortuyn the presumptive Prime Minister. At the time of his murder, Pim Fortuyn, the week before the Dutch parliamentary elections, was the leading candidate to become the new Prime Minister of Netherlands. In spite of the murder, Pim-less the Lijst Pim Fortuyn (LPF Party) won twenty-six seats in Dutch Parliament and invited to join a new government headed by Jan Peter Balkenende. The LPF Party managed to secure control of four Ministries.


(2) Fascism in 21st Century

Fascism and Communism competed for the allegiance of the people of the world throughout 20th century. The dawn of the Third Millennium witnessed the demise of the false-doctrines the shit-philosophies of Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Leninism, Stalinism, and Maoism and the unprecedented resurgence of the pro-Right political movements worldwide, especially in Austria, Netherlands, France and India. Fascism and its main tenets of nationalism and patriotism is the reigning philosophy of the 21st Century. The colonial empires shall stage a comeback in the 21st century and the Fascism, Nationalism, Patriotism, Raison d’etat and National Interests shall determine the state-to-state relations and the conduct of diplomacy. The false doctrines of the Internationalism, Supranationalism, Europeanism shall stand exposed as euphemism for subjugating the independence of the nation states to religious and ideological theocracies. Judeo-Communism, Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism and Maoism is religion of Devil, where cannibal leadership of the Communist Party appeased great Devil by human sacrifice of millions of human beings in Russia, China and Cambodia. Fascism is based on Hegelian dialectics and idea of good and seeks inspiration of the divine to make world better for nation states, harnessing the constructive powers of selfless nationalism and patriotism. Marxism turned Hegelian dialectics upside down and sought Devil to amass wealth for the Communist Party leaders by the massacre of the good and competent people in the society and imposing the leadership of the scum and scoundrels. Just as Muslims conquered and massacred the ancient Hindu civilization of Egypt, Syria and Libya and looted its wealth and women, similarly communists looted the wealth of the Russian and Chinese Civilization to benefit the usurpers. Fascism demands that the Communists and Marxists worldwide, should be prosecuted for crime of Genocide as they massacred 30 million Orthodox Russians, 60 million Buddhist Chinese and 2 million Cambodian Buddhists, just to name a few.


(3) Fascism is Enemy of Islam

Fascism is pro-Aryan doctrine and opposed to the religion of Islam, because Islam is opposed to Aryan religions. Fascists in France, Netherlands and Austria opposed to the immigration of the Muslim Arabs and Muslim Turks, because had Christians not stopped the Ottomans at the gate of Vienna, the Christianity would have died in Europe. When Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates and Qatar do not give citizenship to the expatriates, under any circumstance, then Arab Muslim must not be allowed to become the permanent resident and citizen of the West European states. Only when Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE start giving citizenship to the foreign expatriates, then only should the Arab Muslims allowed to become permanent resident and citizen of European states. Fascists realizes that Arab Muslim emigrated to Egypt, Syria and Persia as workers before the invasion and sided with the Arab invaders and helped conquer the lands that gave then shelter and help.


(4) Turkey in EU means End of Europe

Europeans realize that it is in the national interest of United States to sabotage the European and Christian character of the European Union by forcing the entry of Muslim Turkey into the European Union. Turkey would always promote the interests of the United States in the European Union. The entry of Turkey would erode the preponderance of France and Germany in the European Union. Mr. Giscard d’Estaing, reflecting a sentiment in Western Europe, told Le Monde that Turkey was not a European country and that inviting it into the European Union would mean ‘the End of Europe.’ Mr. d’Estaing is heading an effort to draft a constitution for a newly integrated Europe. France realizes that the real motive of the United States is to sabotage the future of Christian United States, by forcing the entry of populous Muslim Turkey as the Trojan horse of the United States in European Union. Fascist Europeans argue that unless WASP’s United States allow a Black President sit in the Oval Office, it has no right to meddle in European affairs and impose the entry of Muslim Turkey in to European Union. Unless Turkey restores the Byzantine Christian character of the Constantinople Istanbul it has no right to apply for he membership of the European Union. Just as Albanians joined with NATO to destroy the Orthodox Christian character of Kosovo and Bosnia, the Sunni Turkey would work towards destroying the Protestant Christian character of the European Union. Muslim Turkey has no future in Europe. Muslim Turkey should focus on modernizing barbarian Saudi Arabia on lines of secular Turkish laws. Rather than trying to make Europe backward like Muslims, turkey should attempt the modernization of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE to replace Wahhabi Orthodoxy with Kemalism. 


(5) Islam is Backward in Fascist view

Pim Fortuyn representing the Dutch Fascism argued that Christianity and Judaism have gone through the process of enlightenment, making them creative and constructive elements in the society. That didn’t happen in Islam. There is tension between the values of modern society and the principles of Islam. How can one respect Islamic culture if Muslim women have to walk several steps behind her man, has to stay in the kitchen and keep her mouth shut. European Fascists want to close the borders of Holland, France, Belgium, Germany and Austria to Arab and Turkic Muslims and declared Islam a backward religion. European Fascists aim to launch Christian Crusades and win back the former Christian lands of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Algeria back to the fold of Christianity just as Spain and Portugal brought back into Christian Civilization after 800 years of Moor’s rule. European Fascists argue that Islam expanded by sword and militarily conquered, destroyed and looted the ancient Christian civilizations of North Africa and Mediterranean Arabia and Asia Minor. European Fascists determined to bring back Mediterranean North Africa and Mediterranean Arabia back into the fold of Christianity during 21st Century. European Fascists would deploy European Crusades to militarily reconvert Middle East to non-denominational Protestant Christianity. European Fascists believe that religions that expand by sword ultimately die by the sword. European fascists believe that Islam generally and Wahhabi Islam in particular is very backward religion and it is the moral imperative of the Christian European Union to reform Islam and to modernize Islamic societies and militarily guarantee the rights of the Muslim women throughout Arab world. European Fascists wants to conquer and convert the Arab world and make it part of Europe. Anti-Islamism is the defining principle of European Fascism in 21st Century, especially after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, just as anti-Semitism was the defining principle of European Nazism before the Second World War. European Fascists claim the Jews, or atleast secular Jews as its Allies. Anti-Semitism no longer defines anti-Semitism. European fascists are worried that Jewish State of Israel as a democracy might not be aable to survive the threat posed by its fundamentalist Muslim Arab neighbors. Jews and European Fascists would be political, military and ideological allies in their common wars against militant Islamic terrorism. Protestant European Fascists seeks to promote common bonds between Christianity and Judaism to make united Common front against Wahhabi Islam.


(6) Fascisms Resurrects Ancient Religions

Communist China kept India under check by manipulating Indian trade union movements, which increased the cost of production of Indian goods. China and Soviet Union supported communist parties world wide as instrument of foreign policy. India should support and finance fascist political movements in Western Europe to oppose Communist leadership. Fascists oppose the European Union and demand State control over the Church. Fascist party led governments would by their very nature become friendlier to Hindu India. Fascist movements are by nature anti-Islam and it makes them friendly to Hindu India. Fascist China would abolish Communist infrastructure and restore Buddhism to glory. Fascist Iran would restore the religion of ancient Persia. Fascist Egypt would resurrect the ancient Hinduism of Goddess Isis, and God Ossir and Horus. Fascist Greece would restore the ancient religion of God Zeus and Goddess Hera. Fascist Italy would restore the ancient religion of God Jupiter and reestablish the customs and traditions of the Roman Civilization and abolish Papacy. It is n the national interest of Hindu India to promote Fascist political parties and Fascist political movements worldwide. The European Fascist movements seek to break up European Union and curb the powers of Papacy.


(7) Fascist Jorg Haider

President Jacques Chirac adopting neo-Fascist to assert the national pride of France, to check the future rise of far right politicians in France. President Chirac realized that if he can’t become napoleon, he stands no chance to hold on to power in France. Austria’s example closely watched by other European governments that recently felt threatened by the far Right surge. The Netherlands, Belgium and even France saw electorates registering their frustration with mealy-mouthed consensus politics by supporting the far Right in protest. The Right’s spring high water has now become mainstream. Mainstream parties have all seen the danger of neglecting awkward issues such as national honor, immigration and have been more responsive to voter worries. Extremists everywhere have lost credibility, cohesion and votes. Jorg Haider blazed the trail for the European far Right. But Conservative Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel was among the first European politicians who understood how to handle this trend towards far Right, and his alliance with the far right paid off handsomely in 2002 Elections.


The fascism has taken deep roots in Austria’s politics. Jorg Haider’s gamble to split the Freedom Party to boot out moderates that challenged his leadership paid off in Austrian Elections 2002 and his detractors are no longer in position to deny Freedom Party seat in the Coalition government with the Conservative Party. President Thomas Klestil swore in the new officials. Four months after bringing down the Austrian government and forcing early elections in November 2002, the extreme right leader Jörg Haider got his toe back into the Austria’s national government again in Feb 2003. The Christian democrat chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel's People's party formed coalition government with Mr Haider's Freedom party, despite Freedom Party being hammered at the polls in November 2002 polls. Backed by Joerg Haider's anti-immigrant party, a conservative-led coalition Government assumed governing power in Austria in Feb ’03. It is the second coalition government formed by Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel's People's Party to lead Austria’s Central government alongside the far-right Freedom Party. The 18 new government members, however, represent a reduced role for Haider's group a reflection of Freedom Party's poor showing in the national elections 2002. The 1999 ruling coalition between the two parties collapsed in September 2002 after an internal struggle within the Freedom Party led key party members to resign. That 1999-2002 coalition had caused U.S. and European concern over Heider's open praise of some aspects of the Nazi era. During the earlier governing attempt, the European Union imposed seven months of diplomatic sanctions on the country, while Israel withdrew its ambassador and has not yet replaced him in 2003. Haider, who led the party from 1986 to 2000, has no official role in the Vienna government, but remains a dominating force behind the scenes. Jorg haider widely seen as having spearheaded the fall of the last government in 2002 through his strong opposition to the work of moderate party members of Freedom Party serving in the Government. Jorg Haider had left behind in Vienna a group of ministers who together with their coalition partners, the conservative People's Party of Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel managed to accomplish a few things. They slashed spending, briefly eliminated the deficit, and wrested control of government-owned enterprises from the “old proporz system,” which for 50 years had divided plum public-sector jobs between socialist and conservative party loyalists.


Jorg Haider proved that Fascist leaders should not hesitate to split the party to maintain its ideological purity and to purge the moderates that team up with its coalition partners. Jörg Haider always regarded his far-right Freedom Party as a kind of personal possession. Jorg Haider triggered its near demise, in a dizzying two weeks, the self-styled puppet master of Austrian politics split with Freedom Party's top government ministers, broke up the ruling coalition with the Conservative Party of Wolfgang Schussell, and announced his intention to seek a return to the leadership of the post-election Coalition government in early elections expected in November ’02, but abruptly changed his mind, fearing assassination, as happened to Dutch Pim Fortuyn. Appearing on Austrian TV, Haider claimed he had been approached and threatened outside a restaurant in Klagenfurt. Invoking the name of murdered Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, he gave up his claims for the top job of Chancellor in Austria. Jorg Haider had to give way to violence, because anti-Fascist forces using violence to undermine people’s preference for Fascism in Europe.


Conservatives have no option but to sleep with the Fascist Freedom Party in the same bed. Conservative Wolfgang Schussel learnt the art of buying political influence by causing split in its coalition partner. Austria's conservatives have outmaneuvered Jörg Haider. The overwhelming victory of Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel in Austria’s 2002 general election is a triumphant vindication of his risky tactic of embracing the far Right in order to smother it. His conservative People Party has won 43 per cent of the vote, its best result since the Second World War; by contrast, the Freedom Party, led by the flamboyant Jörg Haider, has seen its vote collapse from 27 per cent to a marginal 10 per cent, the biggest drop ever seen in Austria. The result could mean the end of power for Herr Haider, whose silky plausibility has long haunted the European mainstream. When Herr Schüssel formed a coalition Government in 1999 with the Freedom Party (FPO), Austria shunned by its European partners. The disgraceful hypocrisy of this opportunist move backfired: support for Herr Haider and his policies soared and Austria’s isolation deeply angered a country that has always seen itself at the heart of Europe. But Herr Schüssel kept his nerve, and skillfully exploited the differences between the FPO moderates and Herr Haider’s anti-immigrant, anti-Europe core voters. By embracing Susanne Riess-Passer, the moderate who succeeded Herr Haider as party leader, and associating the FPO with unpopular but necessary economic retrenchment and pro-business policies, Schussell engineered a split in the party. The populist Herr Haider could not accept the disciplines of responsible politics; and his vanity could not accept any rival. His decision to force his party out of the coalition played into the wily Herr Schüssel’s hands: with the FPO squabbling and the opposition Social Democrats dithering, he was able to present his conservatives as the only party capable of governing a position strongly reinforced by the lack luster post-Election performance of Herr Schröder in neighboring Germany.





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Kalki Gaur Books are as follows:

Kalki Gaur, “GLOBAL CLASH OF RACES” (2006)






Kalki Gaur, “GNOSTIC BIBLE” (2006)

Kalki Gaur, “POPULIST MANIFESTO” (2006)

The complete text of 5,000 pages of Books by Kalki Gaur available for free download at following Kalki Blogs for academic and non-commercial usage.

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