Chapter 49

Iconoclast Judaism

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49(1) Purport- 49(2) Talk Points

(1) Camp of Judaism Protestantism & Hinduism

Jews would join the side of Protestants and Hindus in the global clash of civilizations, because the continued existence of the state of Israel no longer in the national and religious interests of Wahhabi Islam and Papacy. Though religious dogma and fundamentalism would apparently put Jews on the side of the fundamentalist Semite Wahhabi Islam and Judeo-Catholicism, the interests of Jewish State of Israel, would find greater comfort in the camp of tolerant Protestant United States and Hindu India.

(2) Pharisee Vs Sadducees Clash in Judaism

Pharisees opposed the aristocracy of the Jewish priests, just as Protestants opposed the authoritarianism of the Pope and Catholic Clergy. There is no Pope among Jews. Reformation of Judaism led by Pharisees succeeded and Judaism became an egalitarian religion and it has remained so. The term “Judaism” was first introduced by Greek speaking Jews to distinguish their civilization from the way of life known as Hellenism practiced by surrounding pagans. Judaism as it has emerged today is the product and result of periodic ideological conflicts between Pharisees and Sadducees, which sought to interpret or alter Jewish traditions in one manner or other. The historic dispute between Pharisees and the Sadducees was essentially the clash of democracy against a priestly autocracy, in which the democratic traditions carried by Pharisees was triumphant.

Jewish Mysticism inherited the Pharisees belief in Soul. Kabbalah movement in Judaism believes in Soul. There always existed among Jewish people who leaned heavily on Egyptian and later on Greek civilization and borrowed extensively the concept of Soul. The Jewish reign of 142 BC to 70AD marked by the establishment of the Pharisees and Sadducees as two rival sects. The Pharisees represented the masses. The Pharisees tried to break the control of the Temple priests and to make the people more independent of priests. Pharisees strove for permission to execute within Jewish home certain rites which had hithertofore was executed by priests within the temple. Pharisees believed in the survival of the soul. The concept of soul had taken root in common people. The concept of soul believed by Greeks, Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians. Pharisees fought for highethical standards. A controversy over the title to the throne led the Pharisees in 63 BC to ask aid of the Roman General Pompey, who made Palestine a Roman province.


The Orthodox Judaism didn’t recognize the doctrine of soul, therefore Pharisees were considered by Sadducees as heretics. The aristocratic party of the Sadducees, the official caste of priests, found their followers mainly among the wealthy and the old aristocratic families. The common bond of the Sadducees was more of the social conservatism than one of religious orthodoxy.


The cardinal principle of the theology of Judaism is pure monotheism, whih rose out of the rebellion against idol worship. Iconoclast Jews emerged victorius against Cult of Baal, the Golden Calf. Jezebel, wife of Ahab, the sone of Omri, brought from Phonecia the cult of Baal and from then on the continuous conflict between Jewish religion and Baal cult developed. Baal the Golden Calf is the Nandi Bull of God Shiva of Hindus. After the death of Solomon (died 970 or 930 BC), the Levi the priestly class created the Kingdom of Judas, which consisted of tribes of Judas, Levi, and Benjamin. Kingdom of Israel consisted of rest of tribes.


(3) Jew’s God of the Old & God of before

Old Testament talked about the God of the Old or God of Before, ‘Ihy qdm’ in Hebrew during 200 BC to 200 AD, which was very similar to Hindu concept of Almighty. Old Testament Bible, Deuteronomy 33:26-27, speaks about God of Jews before Judaism conceptualized monotheism and became iconoclasts. “There is none like unto the God of Jeshurun, Who rideth upon the heavens in thy help, And in his excellency on the sky. The eternal God (or: God of Old) or (God of before) is thy refuge, And underneath are the everlasting arms: And he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; And shall say, Destroy them.” (Deuteronomy 33:26-27). The bracketed addition is Kugel's. To make a reviewer's point, the same phrase -- 'lhy qdm in Hebrew -- might be translated ''the God of Before.' 'The God of before what? The God of before the time when God came to seem omniscient and omnipresent and the world came to seem a single thing in which he could always be imagined as present but from which he would always be experienced as absent. God imagined and experienced in this way is the God of the later books of the Hebrew Bible as well as of the New Testament; and he remains, by and large, the ''standard'' God of our culture. (James L. Kugel, THE GOD OF OLD: Inside the Lost World of the Bible, 270 pp. New York: The Free Press. $25). Jews scripture Book Of Johore is very similar to Hindu scriptures Upanisads.


But a distinctly different God is discerned, in presumably early biblical passages in which human beings by turns imagine God as absent -- so truly absent that he needs to be informed of what has gone on while he was away -- and experience him as present, so truly present that he can be seen and touched as easily as the man he typically appears to be in such moments. These are the demonstration passages for the God of Old, a deity who, hologrammatically as it were, can be invisible one moment and visible the next, depending on your angle of inspection. Now you don't see him, now you do. Kugel, the Starr professor of Hebrew literature at Harvard University, is the author of a prodigiously learned book several times as long as ''The God of Old,'' published in 1997 under the title ''The Bible as It Was.'' That title stood in audible contrast to the Bible ''as it is' namely, the Bible as experienced in the usual straightforward modern way without the padding, embroidery or adornment of its supplementary legends and ancillary texts. There are a great many of these, an entire literature of which, in that book, Kugel showed himself magisterially in control. Kugel's God ''of old'' is not the God of Kugel's Bible ''as it was.'' The period that concerned Kugel in the earlier book lasted from about 200 B.C. to A.D. 200. God as he was worshiped then was the normative God for that book. In a strange way, he remains normative in this new book as well, yet the author is determined to explore early ''deviations'' from what would later become the theological norm. Whether the God imagined in the oldest imaginings that the Bible has preserved for us to read is preferable to God as he was later imagined is itself a matter for either aesthetic judgment or theological preference or some blend of both. Early is not necessarily better than late. Moreover, in one controverted biblical case after another, early is not even necessarily early. The dating of texts is a nightmare from which biblical history will never awake.


(4) Protestants’ War on Circumcision

The circumcision of the Christian male newborns is the Jewish plot to enhance the social acceptance of Jews in the American Christian society. There is a direct correlation between the rising acceptance of the Jews as part of the American Christian society, and the practice of the circumcision of the newborn boys, which peaked in the 1960’s at 90 percent of the newborn boys, when Dr. Henry Kissinger emerged as the major shaker and mover in the White House. The circumcision of the newborn boys is the theological weapon deployed by Jews to develop alliance of Abraham’s religions, namely, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, even when there is nothing in common in terms of scriptural theology, among three religions. By promoting practice of circumcision of male newborns, the Jews sought to upgrade the social status of Jews and Muslims in the American political and social arena. Jews promoted the medical practice of circumcision of the newborn boys, to enhance social status of Jews among American Christians, even when Christianity rejects the concept of male circumcision. Just as Hellenic Jews hijacked the leadership of early Christian Church and imposed Old testament over Christian Bible, even when Old Christianity, Jesus Christ and Apostles had rejected, the Law, Torah and Old Testament. In the eyes of the Protestants the circumcision of the newborn is the violation of the human rights and result of the Jewish-Islamic conspiracy to impose Judaic religious principles on Protestants and Catholics, as Christianity does not accept the practice of circumcision. American Jews have used the medical hospitals to promote Judaism by enforcing circumcision procedures on newborn Protestant babies, even when Christianity does not accept the practice of circumcision. Circumcision of Protestants and Catholics is a relatively recent phenomenon in the United States. The practice of Christian circumcision began in the late 19th century and peaked in the 1960’s at 90 percent of newborns. Circumcision rates vary widely. Circumcision rates of the newborns are highest in the Midwest, about 80 percent, and lowest in the West, under 40 percent of the newborns. The circumcision is not common elsewhere. In Canada the circumcision of the newborns rate is 17 percent and in Britain 5 percent. Elsewhere in Europe, in South America and in non-Muslim Asia, the procedure is rare. About 60 percent of the newborn American boys, were circumcised soon after they are born, in 1997.  


(5) Circumcision is Genital Cutting

The practice of circumcision is absolutely barbaric. The law should abolish circumcision of newborn males with healthy foreskin. Only a competent male once he reaches adulthood, and not his parent, should be able to consent to circumcision. Only 3 in 1,000 American men not circumcised at birth chose to have the circumcision procedure in the adulthood. Christian-Jewish relations are damaged by the conspiratorial practice of genital cutting of the male newborns by circumcision. Most American newborns undergo the circumcision operation when they are days old, which is similar to genital cutting of girls in Africa. Circumcision is wrong as a matter of law, medicine and philosophy. Children of both sexes should be entitled to bodily integrity. The absence of an exhaustive medical briefing about the risks and benefits of circumcision is tantamount to a lack of informed consent. No sensible parent would willingly subject a child to circumcision knowing what it entailed. The move to ban male circumcision parallels the efforts to prevent genital cutting in girls, a practice prevalent in Africa that reduces sexual pleasure. In 2002, Arizona, Missouri, Montana and North Carolina joined six other states-California, Mississippi, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon and Washington- that do not offer circumcision for any reason, including religious beliefs. This trend could be the miracle bullet that kills this thing, the evil practice of circumcision of newborn boys. Insurance coverage signals a certain attitude about medical appropriateness or necessity.


(6) Are Jews Favored Children of God?

Though Jews claim to be the favorite child of God, the history tells that God more often punished Jews than rewarded Jews during last 2000 years. Did God punish Jews because they strayed away from true religion? Why there are so few Jews in the world? In the global clash of races Jews of Israel and Hindus of India would fight on the same side of the battle lines. In the global clash of religions Jews and Hindus would be on the same side of the battle lines in their wars against Islamic terrorism. Jewish Israel and Hindu India destined to sign Defense Pact and develop common military front against Islam.


(7) Oil Colonialism Supports Palestine State

Is Israel’s Labor Party Amran Mitzer, spy of the foreign Big Oil to engineer the secession of the Muslim Palestine, to make the oil-rich Gaza strip offshore sites the American Oil Colony? Former Labor Party Prime Minister of Britain Harold Wilson, rumored to be the agent of American Big Oil that he ordered the unilateral withdrawal of British forces east of Suez, to create independent states of Qatar, Brunei, and United Arab Emirates, could become American Oil Colonies. So long as Saudi Arabia does not carve out Shiite-majority Al Hasa Province as separate independent state, Jewish Israelis should not create a Sunni-majority Palestine State.


(8) Jews Zeus Jesus

Do the terms Jews Jesus and Zeus have anything in common? Is Greek God Zeus, known as God Indra in India known as God Yahweh to Jews? Does the Book of Johor of Kabbalah have lots in common with the Hindu Upanishads? Do Jewish scriptures have anything in common with Hindu Vedic scriptures? Why did God cause so much misery, hardship and Holocaust on Jewish people? Did the past acts of Jews contribute towards the hardship God apparently inflicted on the Jewish people? Why Jewish state of Israel forced to partition Jewish lands of Israel to carve out the Islamic State of Palestine? Why can’t Jews of Israel force Muslim Palestinians leave Israel and settle down in empty lands of Saudi Arabia, just as Pakistan expelled Hindus from Pakistan by force in 1947, and Kosovar Muslims expelled Orthodox Serbs. Are Jews the chosen people of God, and whose God is that God? In Old Testament Prophet Joshua justified the death of the goddess worshippers as will of the God of Jews. Can goddess worshippers argue that the expulsion of Jews from the Holy Land at the beginning of the Christian era was the Goddess’s retribution against Jews for stealing the lands of the goddess worshippers in the Jordan valley? Jewish state of Israel cannot defend itself against determined Islamic invasions, without the help of the United States, except by resorting to nuclear weapon technology that they may have acquired from Los Alamos weapons labs.


(9) Jews Looted Pagan Temples

Nomad Jews conquered the goddess worshipping societies in the Jordan Valley during times of Prophet Moses and Joshua. Hellenic Jews joined forces with Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius I (d. 395) to loot the gold-laden rich pagan temples in Greece, Rome, Egypt and other parts of the Roman Empire. Damascus Jews joined forces with Prophet Muhammad to loot Christian Egypt, Syria and Libya. Bolshevik Jews joined forces to loot the wealth of Russian Romanov Tsars and aristocracy. During early Christian era, there were 6 million Jews and only 100,000 Christians. Jews joined early Christian churches to hijack the leadership of the early Christian churches and imposed Old Testament over Christian Bible. Jews crucified Jesus Christ and stoned to death Apostle James, the elder brother of Jesus in 64 AD.  


(10) Status of Jews in USA

Jews were second-class citizens in United States during 1950s. Jews became legitimate members of the Christian ruling elite in United States during 1960s, primarily due to the efforts of Secretary Henry Kissinger, who secured the ties of the Jews with Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy. Secretary Dr. Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Secretary Madeleine Albright has been the most important Jews in America, in terms of their impact on American foreign policy. Just as spymaster Lavrenti Beria symbolized Stalin’s regime, Henry Kissinger symbolized the Nixon Administration. Vatican didn’t recognize the state of Israel as late as 1995, and presently favors Muslim Palestinians over Jews. Jews and Israel can depend upon the continued support of Hindu India in Israel’s ongoing war against Islamic terrorism.


(11) Jewish Nuclear Weapons

Jewish State of Israel has stolen American nuclear weapons technology and nuclear weapons component and needs the continued Jewish majority in partitioned Israel, so that Jews could control and deploy nuclear weapons as a sovereign state of Israel. Pope John Paul II advocates the Muslim rule over Christian Holy Land, because Orthodox Christians are overwhelming majority amongst Christian population of Holy Land. Vatican dreams to takeover the Orthodox Christian holy properties in the Holy Land under Muslim control, by forging Catholic-Sunni alliance in the Middle East.


(12) Demography Has Doomed Jewish Israel

Frightening as Palestinian terror is to Jews, it does not threaten Israel's existence. Palestinian demographics do threaten Israel, as long as Israel holds all the land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan. Within a few years, there will be a Palestinian majority in that land, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan and Israel will either cease being a Jewish state or cease being a democracy. A recent poll showed a majority of Israel's Jews favoring a Palestinian state. The demography has doomed the State of Israel, unless Israel risks the alienation of the West, to militarily expel all Muslim Palestinians from Israel to Saudi Arabia. Israeli Left, and Israeli Labor Party believes that Israel cannot survive a prolonged occupation of Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza strip, and that only partition of Israel can guarantee the Jewish majority in Israel, as Jews are just barely a majority, if one includes the Palestinian territories. Without Gaza strip and West Bank Jews would be 80 percent of the population of Israel. Just as Muslim Pakistan and Bangladesh expelled Hindus, should Jewish Israel expel Palestinians from Jewish State of Israel to Jordan’s West Bank and Egypt’s Gaza strip? Why should Palestinian Muslims have more rights in Jewish state of Israel than they get in Muslim states of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE? Since no Muslim nation practices democracy, then why shouldn’t Muslim Palestinians deny the right to vote in Israel? Just as Kosovo Muslims expelled Serbian Christians, so why shouldn’t Jewish Israelis expel Muslim Palestinians from Israel, to the Muslim states of Saudi Arabia and Jordan and Lebanon?


(13) Alliance of Jews, Evangelicals & NeoCons

Jews would be alongside Protestant religious right in the global clash of races. Many Americans claim that United States invaded Iraq and might invade Syria and Iran in future to promote the national interests of Israel. Protestant Evangelicals have entered into alliance with Orthodox Jews to put the power of United States promote the cause of Israel. Pentagon conquered Israel to eliminate Saddam Hussein the principal threat to Israel. Pentagon might also overthrow regimes in Syria and Iran the two remaining irritants to Israel. Israeli prime minister pleased to have the backing of an American constituency more hawkish than most of his Israeli voters. American Jews, including leaders who once wanted nothing to do with the Christian right point to an important new political alliance. With Israel facing a danger to its existence Jews should welcome the help of a group that loudly proclaims its love for the Jewish state. Accepting the embrace of conservative Protestant evangelicals poses problems of principle for Jews and Israel, in return for an illusory short-term payoff. Jews would do better to follow the Hebrew maxim "Respect him and suspect him," maintaining a polite distance and publicly delineating Jewish differences from the Protestant Christian right, even while at times supporting the same policy steps. It's no accident that Protestant Evangelical support for Israel often comes bundled with efforts to proselytize to the Jews. By ignoring the theology of Protestant Evangelicals Jews both demean themselves as well as condescend to Protestant conservative evangelicals. Jews then also risk undermining decades of dialogue with Catholics and mainstream Protestants who have undertaken the difficult task of reassessing Christianity's attitude toward Jews. The foreign policy of Bush Administration formulated by prominent Jews and Republican Neo-Conservatives, determined to maintain Israel’s hegemony in the Arabian Peninsula. Israel would emerge as the predominant power in the Arabian Peninsula, whenever United States imposed regime change in Syria, Iran and Iraq. Protestant Evangelicals and Orthodox Jews should create independent Holy Christian State of Christine in Holy Land as the lands of Holy Land belongs to Christians not Muslims.


(14) Israel’s Catholic Relations

The destruction of Israel could be in the national interest of the Vatican-Mecca Axis of Monotheism. Vatican joined forces with Askenazi Jews to demand the creation of independent State of Palestine, so that Vatican could gain control over Christian Holy properties in Holy Land. Jews have every reason to speak with Protestant conservative evangelicals in forthright interfaith dialogue, plainly stating differences as well as points of agreement. In the political realm, however, Israeli and Jewish interests are better served by working with politicians and religious groups that champion renewed American diplomatic efforts to end bloodletting in the Holy Land. The Protestant Christian right's position, on Israel and Palestine exemplified by Sen. James Inhofe's that Israel should keep the West Bank "because God said so." The Vatican argues that Evangelicals’ support for Israelis support for hard-line United States’ policies that could endanger Israel in the name of fundamentalist Protestant Evangelical theology and Neo-Conservative foreign policy. Papacy might have an interest in weakening the security of Israel after the independent Muslim State of Palestine came into existence, as the Vatican recognized the State of Israel only in 1995. The conquest of Iraq by Protestant United States harmed the theological interests of the Papacy and national interests of the Vatican State, France, Germany and European Union. Pro-Protestant Jews welcomed the Neo-Cons foreign policy of Bush Administration. Pro-Catholics Jews supported Vatican, France, Germany and Russia for their opposition to the American invasions of Iraq. This the argument the author makes in this chapter.


49(3) Israel, Palestine, Christine

(1) Holy State of Christine in Holy Land

Holy Orthodox Christian State of Christine should be carved out of the Holy Land and Muslim Palestinians should be evicted from Christian State of Christine, to neighboring Muslim lands in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The Holy Land belongs to neither Jews nor Muslims. Holy Land belongs to Orthodox Christians. Neither prophet Moses nor Prophet Muhammad ever walked on the lands of Israel. However, Prophet Jesus Christ was born in Holy land and he walked, taught and lived in the Holy Land. Christians have greater claims over the lands associated with Jesus Christ than either Jews or Muslims. If Israel is to vacate the lands and give them to Muslims, they should better give the lands to Orthodox Holy State of Christine. Muslim Palestinians can be resettled on the empty lands of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. Why Jewish Senator Joseph Lieberman advocates the creation of the independent state of Palestine in Israel? Why neither Catholic, nor Jewish nor Protestant politicians demand that Holy State of Christine carved out of the Christian Holy Lands, where Jesus walked and preached? Neither the state of Israel nor Palestine ever existed in 2000 years. The concept of Islamic state of Pakistan, based on the concept of two-nation theory based on religion was the conspiracy hatched by British Secret Service M1, to create a geographic barrier between Indian Empire and the oil fields of Iran and Iraq. The concept of the Zionist state of Israel was a conspiracy of British M1 secret service, to create a Jewish geographic barrier in the Islamic landmass of North Africa and Arabia. M1-inspired riots took place in West Pakistan and in Israel almost hours to each other in 1947. The concept of the Islamic state of Palestine is the CIA creation to deny the just right of Orthodox Christians in Holy Land to demand Holy Christian State of Christine. Orthodox Christian State of Holy Christine should be carved out in the Christian Holy Land. The present geographic lands of Israel, belongs to Orthodox Christians. The Holy Lands belong neither to Jews nor Muslims as it belong to Christians, and the Orthodox Christians are the overwhelming majority among the Christians in Holy Land Christian population. Muslim Palestinians should be surgically removed from Holy Land and resettled in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and the Holy State of Christine declared in the Holy Lands.


(2) Leftists Conspire to Partition Israel

Why Jews want to partition Israel and handover Jewish lands to create independent Muslim Palestine State? Why Amram Mitzna, leader of Israel’s Labor Party demands that if negotiations fail to yield peace within a year, Israel should unilaterally withdraw from the territories and impose independence on a reluctant Palestinian leadership. Why Labor Party wants to create Muslim state of Palestine on reluctant Palestinian leadership in Israel, just as it imposed Muslim state of Pakistan in 1947, on the reluctant Muslim leadership in the Indian Subcontinent? Why the CIA trying to woo Muslim separatists in Kashmir for secession amongst reluctant Kashmiri Muslims? What is the secret game plan of western Christian nations to carve out Muslim states in Democratic Israel and democratic Kashmir province of India? Why are the national interests of Orthodox Christians neglected in Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Egypt?


Leaving Palestinian territories is not a concession to the Palestinians it is in Israel’s most vital and urgent self-interest. If Jews do not withdraw from Palestinian territories, Jews will soon be a minority in their own countries. Labor party advocates that Israel should unilaterally withdraw from the territories and impose independence on a reluctant Palestinian leadership. President Boris Yeltsin imposed independence on Muslim Central Asian Republics to avoid white Slav Russians become minority in the Soviet Union. The cause of the disintegration of the Soviet Union was the demographics, with consistent decline of white Slav Russians President Boris Yeltsin of Russian Federation had no option but to demand the secession of the Russian Federation from the Soviet Union, even if it meant the independence of the former Soviet colonial possessions in Central Asia, and Eastern Europe.


It appears that Goddess Isis, whose lands were usurped by Jews led by Prophet Joshua, used her powers to close the wombs of Jewish women, causing the decline of Jewish population in Israel vis-à-vis Muslims. Prophet Joshua gloated over the defeat of the goddess-worshipping cities, and justified their destruction as the will of God of Jews, in the Old Testament. Similarly, Christians and goddess worshippers gloated over the expulsion of Jews from Holy Land as the will of Christian God and Goddess Isis. Muslims also, justified the superiority of Islam over Judaism as they could militarily conquer Jewish lands in the Middle East.


Pagan God punished Jews by mass expulsion at the beginning of the Christian era. Pagan Goddess punished the patriarchal Jews that returned to the Holy Land after 2000 years in wilderness, by closing the wombs of the Jewish women, forcing the Jews to partition Israel to hand over Muslim Palestine state to Muslims. Demopolitics demands the creation of Muslim Palestine state. Jewish Israel cannot survive a prolonged occupation of the Muslim Palestinian lands in Israel. Only partition of Jewish Israel can save the Jewish state of Israel. The core of Israel-Palestine conflict lies in demographics. A Jewish democratic state of Israel can survive as a democratic state only with a Jewish majority. Without Palestinian territories, Israeli Jews are about 80 percent of the Israel’s population. With the Palestinian Muslim territories as part of Israel, Jews are just barely a majority in Israel. An Arab majority in a Jewish State of Israel that includes the Palestinian territories is all but inevitable, with the Palestinian birthrates in the territories among the highest in the world. So if Jewish state of Israel does not give up the Palestinian territories, it will face a choice: relinquish either democracy or the ideal of the Jewish State. Granting Palestinians in the territories the right to vote would turn Israel into an Arab state with a Jewish minority. Not allowing Palestinians to vote would result in a form of Apartheid. Perhaps Israel should look at the Kosovo and Balkans and militarily push all Palestinians out of Israel into Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, just as Muslim Kosovars expelled Orthodox Serbians from Kosovo. No Muslim state boasts of democracy. Perhaps Muslim Palestinians should lose their right to vote in Israel, as no Muslim nation can have a democracy. Why should Palestinians accept the status in Israel, they voluntarily accept in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE? Why should Palestinians have more rights in Israel, then they get in Muslim states of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE? Disenfranchisement of Palestinians offers a logical solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts in democratic Israel. Palestinians should lose their right to vote in Israel. Palestinians should not misuse the democratic right to vote and democratic freedom to destroy democracy in Israel. Muslim Palestinians should not expect nor more freedom, and political rights in Jewish State of Israel, than the political rights and freedom Muslim Palestinians receive in the Muslim Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE. Why should enemy Jews treat Muslim Palestinians in Israel better than the fellow Arab Muslims in Saudi Arabia Kuwait and UAE treat Muslim Palestinians?      


Suicide bombing allows Yasser Arafat to get away with his doublespeak. Mr. Arafat condemns terrorism just enough and in English to keep himself from becoming a political outcast in the West. Mr. Arafat failed to condemn terrorism just enough in Arabia to let Palestinians know that he will not move to sop terrorism. Had Yasser Arafat moved quickly to limit suicide bombings, Israelis might have concluded that he favors partition of Israel. Pro-terrorism attitude of Yasser Arafat raises the specter that he seeks to replace the Jewish state of Israel with Islamic state of Palestine. Yasser Arafat employs doublespeak to undermine Israel.


Suicide bombing allows Ariel Sharon to get away with his doublespeak. Ariel Sharon talks peace but builds up the Jewish settlements. Ariel Sharon talks of negotiations just enough to maintain the support of America and Israeli moderates. Ariel Sharon raises the specter of terrorism more than enough to foment Israeli anger and conceal the strengthening Israel’s hold on the Palestinian territories. The Jewish settlement in the West Bank would delay the partition of Israel. Ariel Sharon does not want to build the fence around the Gaza strip, as then any Jewish settlement on the other side of the fence would have to be abandoned, whenever the fence around the Gaza strip become the border.


The two-state solution presented at Camp David in 2000, during Clinton Administration would have given Palestinians control of almost all of the West Bank and the entire Gaza strip. Yet Yasser Arafat rejected it. Arafat believes that Israel cannot survive a prolonged occupation of Palestinian territories, as only partition of Israel can save the Jewish state of Israel. The Israeli Left and Israel’s Labor Party agree with Yasser Arafat that only partition of Jewish State of Israel can save the Jewish and democratic character of Israel. Both Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat want to blur the Green Line, the pre-1967 border, thereby undermining the prospect of territorial partition. Neither the West Bank nor the Gaza strip belongs to Israel and Palestinians. West Bank belongs to Jordan and Gaza strip belongs to Egypt. After the declaration of the independence of the State of Palestine, Egypt would be at liberty to invade Gaza strip and establish Egyptian control and sovereignty over Gaza strip, and Jordan would be at liberty to invade West Bank and establish Jordanian sovereignty and control over West Bank. Neither the Gaza Strip nor the West Bank belongs to Israel to hand it over to Palestinians.


Israeli Labor Party appears to be pro-American oil colonialism that seeks to pacify Muslim control over Palestine so that American oil companies could exploit the oilfields recently discovered in Muslim lands of Palestine. Just as British Labor Prime Minister Harold Wilson granted independence to reluctant Brunei, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain so that American oil companies could establish American oil colonialism over former British colonies. History is repeating in Israel.


49(4) Future of Jews

(1) The Blood Libel of Jews

Pope Urban II summoned the knights of Europe to take part in the First Crusade in November 1095. One of the first armies to leave Germany for Jerusalem attacked all of the Jewish communities along the Rhine Valley. To Christian Crusaders it seemed absurd to march 3,000 miles to fight Muslims, when Jews, the people who actually killed Christ were alive and well on their very doorstep in Europe. As Western Christians invented a new identify for them, Jews became the demonic "Other.” The Blood Libel is a belief that Jews used the blood of Christian children to make matzos at Passover, and it first surfaced in England in 1191, when Richard Lion-Hear took the Cross and prepared to lead the Third Crusade. The image of the Jew as the child-slayer revealed an almost Oedipal Christian fear of the parent faith. When Hitler started his Crusade against European Jewry, the ground was ready due the Millennium of Christian Anti-Semitism. When the first Crusaders captured Jerusalem in July 1099, the Christians slaughtered some 30,000 of Jerusalem’s Jewish and Muslim inhabitants in two days. At the Haram al-Sharif, an exultant witness reported that the blood reached the horses’ knees. (Karen Armstrong, The Crusades, even now, p 74-75, The New York Times magazine, Sept 19, 1999)


(2) America is a Republic Not a Christian Empire

Patrick J. Buchanan in the book, “A Republic, Not an Empire” (Regnery Publishing) analyzes the history of American foreign policy and questions whether Hitler sought war with the West or was driven to it. Hitler made no overt move to threaten United States vital interests after his initial victories across Europe in 1939 and 1940. After World War II, Jewish influence over American foreign policy became almost an obsession with American leaders. Hitler was primarily interested in building a German empire to the east, not westward toward the United States. Hitler offered no physical threat to the United States as of late 1940. Discussing the power of the Israeli lobby over United States foreign policy, is not only legitimate, it is necessary. It is preposterous to suggest Germany had any real power to threaten the United States after Hitler’s air force was defeated in the battle of Britain. The German threat was past history. British and French declarations of war after the German invasion of Poland served mainly to distract Hitler from his strategy of attacking Russia and thus saved the soviet Union for Communism. Had Britain and France not given the war guarantees to Poland, there might have been no Dunkirk, no blitz, no Vichy, no destruction of Jewish populations. United States will commit a grave error by committing American forces in scores of nations in regions where it has never fought before. Buchanan’s opinion makes sense. Is Buchanan a hot-blooded right-wing wordmonger? Patrick J. Buchanan is a competent thinker and represents a sizeable section of public opinion, and his opinion on Hitler merits attention.


(3) Shake Heaqven & Earth

Louis Rapoport, writes in his book “Shake Heaven & Earth” (Gefen), that there are incontrovertible evidence that everybody who was anybody knew about the extermination of European Jewry during World War II, and knew early on. The governments and people in the free world stood by and did nothing. Allies are guilty of inaction in the face of the massacre of the Six Million. Rabbi Stephen Wise, the Court Jew, collaborated with FDR in allowing the Jews of Europe to die. Rabbi Wise kept the Nazi plan to kill the Jews secret for three months under orders from the Roosevelt Administration. When Rabbi Wise finally revealed that 2 million Jews had died, and he did it with no fanfare. The New York Times printed it on Page 10 the day after Thanksgiving 1942. Had FDR announced it, it would have been Page One. The great playwright Ben Hecht, and Peter Bergson alias Hillet Kook awakened America to the Holocaust, and in 1944 finally got FDR to establish the War Refugee Board in 1944. The 1943 Moscow Declaration of German War Crimes signed by FDR, Churchill and Stalin, the Jews were left out. The allies would punish the Germans for killing everybody else, but not the Jews. The question is what drove such policies. The policy makers figured that if they saved the Jews, they would have to take them in, and nobody wanted Jews. Allied argue that the only way to save the Jews was to win the war. America won the war, and the Jews were dead. Why Albert Einstein, and other nuclear scientist Jews, demanded that Jews be given right to settle in the United States, in exchange for Jews transfer of nuclear technology to make the first Atom Bomb? Why Albert Einstein and other Jews did not bargain with Hitler to save Jews, in exchange for the nuclear weapons technology?


(4) Catholics Led Nazi Holocaust of Jews

Did German Christians massacre European Jews to punish them, for their role in the massacre of 30 million Russian Orthodox Christians, during the regime of Joseph Stalin? Why Communism not condemned as genocidal doctrine, like Fascism and Nazism? Why Communist symbol of hammer and sickle not denigrated as evil symbol as Nazi’s Swastika? German massacred Jews, as Christian religious acts, not as Fascist political and imperial act. Only a fool would kill the race of brilliant scientists that was developing Atom Bomb for German war machine. Fascism is an imperial doctrine. Hitler wanted to create a German Empire. Hitler massacred Jews as a Christian. Did European Christian nations consent to Christian Hitler’s genocidal plans to punish Jews for the murder and crucifixion of Jesus? Christians kept Jews in ghettos all over Europe. Imperial Hitler would have kept them alive as factory worker to produce weapons for nazi war machines. Catholic Christian Hitler massacred Hitler to punish Jews for the death of Jesus, and for the destruction and massacre of ancient civilizations by Prophet Joshua. So long as Jews venerate the massacre of conquered races by Prophet Joshua, they should not complain similar massacre of Jews by victorious nations. Why to blame Fascism, Nazism and Swastika for the massacre of six million, when the massacre was planned and executed by Cross wearing German Catholics or Protestants. Christianity is responsible for the death of German Jews as Hitler was a Christian, so were all the soldiers of Third Reich. Why is Hindu symbol of Almighty God Swastika denigrated for the death of Jews when Jews were massacred by Cross wielding German Christians? Hitler did to Jews, what prophet Joshua did to the Goddess worshipping matriarchal civilizations of Jordan. Those who condemn Prophet Hitler should also condemn Prophet Joshua for murder of men, women and children of the civilization of goddess worshippers. Why to denigrate Hindu-Buddhist Swastika when Jews were massacred by Cross wielding Christians, who venerate Prophet Joshua and his genocidal writings in Old Testament as part of Holy Bible? Should not Jews also offer apologies for the men, women, and children of the defeated nations that Prophet Joshua massacred? It is the Eternal law of Almighty God that those religions that expand by sword perish by sword.


(5) Karl Marx: Genocidal Jewish Prophet

Karl Marx did not produce a political philosophy. Prophet Karl Marx produced a philosophic concoction to camouflage the Religious genocidal agenda, in the garb of a secular materialist doctrine. The basic objective of Prophet Joshua was to create a religious doctrine to galvanize his followers to wage genocidal wars against matriarchal civilizations of goddess worshippers. Prophet Joshua wanted to usurp the lands of Jordan in the name of his followers. Similarly, Karl Marx wanted to usurp non-Jewish lands, by denying them the right of private property, and then massacring them under the garb of Anti-Right purges. Prophet Joseph Stalin massacred 30 million Orthodox Christians, not to consolidate his political power, as these condemned people presented no political threat to Joseph Stalin. Stalin executed 30 million Orthodox Russians not for political reasons, but to implement the hidden agenda of the Marxism and Communism, that is to massacre the non-Jews, to promote the agenda propagated by Prophet Joshua in Old Testament. Joseph Stalin massacred Orthodox Russians, not what they do to Stalin or to Communist revolution, but what they believed in being Orthodox Christians. Similarly, Prophet Mao Zedong caused the death of more than 60 million Buddhists, and Taoists in China, not to pursue his political agenda, but to implement the secret religious agenda of Prophet Marx. Mao massacred the Chinese Buddhists, similar to what prophet Joshua would have done. Similarly, Prophet Pol Pot massacred 2 million Cambodian Buddhists including the entire class of Buddhist Monks, not to promote the political agenda of Khmer Rouge but to promote the secret religious agenda of Prophet Karl Marx. Note that Prophet Stalin, Prophet Mao and Prophet Pol Pot did not murder any Jews or Catholics. Hitler knew about the secret religious agenda of Prophet Karl Marx and Stalin, and he held Jews responsible for the murder of 30 million Russian Orthodox Christians. Is it coincidence that neither Jews nor Catholic media criticized the religious genocide of 30 million Orthodox Christians by Stalin, 60 million Buddhists by Mao, and 2 million Buddhists by Pol Pot? Why Jewish and Catholic Press did not demand the war crime trials for religious genocide of Orthodox Christians, and Buddhists by Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. Why did Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot justify, by Jews and Catholic media, in terms of political and revolutionary necessity commit the religious genocide. The contemporary Torah written by living Rabbi is secret. Some living Rabbi may explain the genocide of Prophet Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot, in laudatory implementation of commands dictated by God of Jews, or Christians in the language it explained the acts of Prophet Joshua. The followers respected Karl Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot as Prophets of the modern age. Why Catholic Press is silent, on recent persecution of Buddhist Falun Gong sect members, by Communist China, for not what they have done, but for what they believe in? Why the world is silent again?


(6) Future of Russian Jews

Followers of Prophet Karl Marx destroyed Russian civilization and caused the unnecessary death of 30 million devout Russian Orthodox Christians. Jews caused the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Jews have played very important role in the rape of Russian economic resources. Jews have misused their influence in Russia to strengthen United States and to weaken Russia. Even privileged Russian Jews, over-night transferred loyalties and allegiances to the West, and became willing instruments for Western imperialism, and contribute towards the disintegration of Russia. Jews did not learn the lesson of Hitler’s Germany. German scientists worked to build Atom Bomb for United States, not for Germany. Russians are furious that Russian Jews got their education in Russia and using their contacts to destabilize Russia. Jews are helping United States to dominate Russia. There is a possibility that Russian Jews may face a Nazi era type persecution in future Russia. Our advice to Russian Jews in the United States is simple, be neutral in Russia-United States competition. Immigrants should not become the agent provocateurs against their motherlands during first generation of their emigration. Immigrants should be loyal to the new country of their adoption but not to the extent of destroying the land of their birth. Russia could expel all Jews from Russia and import more than 20 million Indians to fill the gap to develop Russia as a new economic power. It may not be prudent for Jews to destabilize Russia any further, lest Russians retaliate against them, in the manner Germans retaliated against Jews. Russian origin American Jews should remain neutral in Orthodoxy-Catholic wars. Jews should remain neutral in the Russia-United States rivalry. United States did not provide any solace to Nazi victims before 1944, and United States will not provide any help to Russian Jews, in case Russia retaliates against Russian Jews. The economic problems in Russia are direct result of the philosophy of Jew Karl Marx. Only Russian Jews could emigrate abroad, non-Jew Russian did not emigrate abroad. Russian American Jews control Russian Mafia and were instrumental in the rape of Russian resources. Like False Communist Prophet Karl Marx, Russian Jews have produced many false Capitalist Prophets in Russia who are out to rape Russia’s wealth again. Small animals should not take sides in any war between Lion and Tiger. Russians have not forgotten that Jew Prophet Karl Marx and Communist Jews caused the death of more than 30 million Orthodox Russians.


(7) Jews Neve Apologized for Murder of Jesus, James the Just and other Apostles

Christians deserve an unconditional apology from Jews for the heinous crime committed by Jews Rabbis that condemned Jesus and crucified the Son of God. That Jesus resurrected makes the civilization’s crime of Jews more heinous. Let us just pause and reflect had Jesus the Son of Christian God, not murdered by Jews, what more spiritual truths he would have unfolded? Jews caused his death by Crucifixion to punish him for declaring the Kingdom of god is at hand. Jesus declared that God is a Father, has a form and can have a son.


(8) Hostile takeove of Christianity by Jews

Jews caused the death of Jesus. Due to the Crucifixion of Jesus, the followers of Jesus dispersed. It took more than four centuries for followers of Jesus to become a force again. Jesus hijacked Christian church after the death of Jesus and forced Old Testament on Christian Church. Jews not only murdered Jesus; they also used the martyrdom of Jesus and his resurrection to promote Old Testament. Jesus resurrected to create a new Religion, a new concept of god, and new way of salvation, which would destroy the dominance of Jewish Religion. Jews Rabbi used their financial and political influence to impose Old Testament on Christian Church. The religion preached in Christian Bible, the New Testament is the total negation of the Old Testament. If the religion of Jesus Christ is Religion than the religion of Jews, or the religion propounded in Old Testament is Anti-Religion or Irreligion.


(9) Jews Looted Hindu Pagan Templesof ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Asia Minor

Who destroyed the temples of Gods and Goddess in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome? Jews destroyed the agricultural matriarchal civilizations of ancient Jordan, destroyed their temples, desecrated their Gods and Goddess, massacred their men and women, and occupied their lands, property, animals and virgin girls. Prophet Joshua’s writings justify the genocidal acts of mass murders. Jews hijacked the Christian Church, imposed their patriarchal, anti-goddess, iconoclast doctrine on Christianity, to carry on the iconoclast agenda of Prophet Joshua, to burn and break the religious icons of Egypt, Greece, and Rome in the name of Christ. Jews murdered Jesus, and by hijacking Christian Church, continued their iconoclast murders and genocide in the name of Jesus Christian Egypt and Greece. During first three centuries of Christian era, the women priests led the Christian Church in the Arabian Peninsula. Early Christianity was a matriarchal religion, as only female followers of Jesus remained in the land, which continued to spread the message of Jesus, while all male followers ran away to save their lives. The original Bible was compiled in Aramaic not in Hebrew. Aramaic Bible did not contain any reference to Old Testament. Early Christianity was very hostile to Old Testament and Judaism. Jews traders had significant presence in Rome and were well versed in Greek. Jews financed the early male Christian leaders to promote patriarchal anti-Goddess Christian theology, in exchange for the inclusion of Old Testament. Jews influence over male followers of Christian Church resulted in the vast destruction of ancient temples in Egypt, Greece and Rome.


(10) Jews First Diaspora

Did God punish Jews for causing the death of Jesus Christ? Did God punish Jews for causing genocide and destruction of ancient matriarchal civilizations of Ai, Makkedah, Hazor, Goshen, Anakim, Hebron, Debir, Anab, Aphek, Madon, Kedesh, Tappuah, Libnah, Dor and Gad. Jews should not eulogize the massacre of subjugated nations in Old Testament. Otherwise, any nation say Muslims, that defeats them in future wars, would be justified in imposing on them the treatment of swords, their Old Testament describes to honor Prophet Joshua. Thos who massacre by swords, should not weep when are defeated and victors put them to sword. Religions that expand by sword would die by sword, unless they repent and inscribe their repentance in their scriptures.


(11) Iconoclast Prophet Karl Marx

Communist Manifesto is just a secular camouflage to hide his real genocidal religious agenda. Karl Marx was not a political leader and he was a religious preacher. Karl Marx was a prostitute-philosopher, an iconoclast who produced a silly philosophic concoction to provide a secular justification to implement his Prophet Joshua type obsession for destroying and massacring non-Judaic religions. Karl Marx propounded that the religion is the opiate of the masses. Marx sought to undermine the ancient religions. Karl Marx meant that only Oriental religions are the opiate of the masses. Marxists doctrine on Religion turned out to he a weapon of Marxist iconoclasts for undermining Hinduism and Buddhism. Did Karl Marx, a Jew, inform his fellow believers that his comment that Religion is the opiate of the masses applied to only non-Judaic religions? It is no accident that any Russian Jew, who held top Communist positions, became a fanatic practicing Orthodox Jew, immediately on touching any Western airport, well versed in Jewish Dogma and practices. It exposes that Bolshevik Jews continued their religious studies and practices in secret, while destroying the Orthodox Church.


(12) Pharisees Vs Sadducees Clash

The history of Judaism is the conflict between Pharisee sect and Sadducee sect. Pharisee derived from Aramaic Perishayya and it represented Persian-Iranian origin Jews that emphasized strict interpretation and observance of the Mosaic Law. Sadducee derived from Sanskrit Sadhu, meaning wandering mystics, originated from India and represent Kabbalah mysticism. The real scripture of Jews is Book of Johor, the holy book of Kabbalah mystic Jews. Old Testament is the military record of the Jew race, and Book of Johor and Kabbalah is the mystical, Upanisad-based, theological foundation of Judaism. It is likely that Kabul mysticism; Book of Joho will become the dominant Sect of Judaism by 2010. Under the leadership of Kabbalah Sadducees and Book of Johor as the principal Holy Scripture of Jews, Judaism will present a very serious challenge to Christianity and Islam. Kabbalah Mysticism and Book of Johor would revitalize Judaism.


(13) Reflections on Covenant & Mission 2002

During August 2002 American Rabbis and Roman Catholic bishops issued “Reflections on Covenant and Mission,” a document in which the bishops disavowed attempts to convert Jews to Christianity. Such efforts were no longer theologically acceptable declared the Bishop’s Committee for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, part of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


“The Catholic church has come to recognize, that its mission of preparing for the coming of the kingdom of God is one that is shared with the Jewish people. The decision flows from the recognition that the Jewish people, too, abide in covenant with God. Put another way, your road to salvation is as good as mine. Catholic recognition of Judaism’s theological legitimacy is not new. In United States the Catholic Church has generally stopped trying to convert Jews as a result of a movement that began with the Second Vatican Council nearly 40 years ago, which formally rejected the belief that the Jewish people were responsible for the death of Jesus and affirmed the closeness of the two religions.


Early in 2002, the Vatican released a document that recognized the moral value of the Old Testament and declared that the Jewish wait for the Messiah was not in vain. Even as the Catholic Church affirms that the covenant between Jews and God is valid, it also declares that Jesus is the only mediator between people and God. While the Catholic Church regards the saving act of Christ as central to the process of human salvation for all, it also acknowledges that Jews already dwell in a saving covenant with God.


49(5) On Jewish Aggression

(1) Bene-Israel Jews of India

Bene-Israel Jews of India first arrived in India in 176 BC or before the Common Era, in the Jewish method of reckoning. Escaping the religious persecution of Antiochus Epiphanus, three groups of Jews came to India. The most prominent, and the largest group of immigrant Jews were Cochini Jews, then came the Bagdadi Jews who settled in Bombay and Calcutta.

Bagdadi Jews came from Syria. Finally, Ben-Israel or Sons of Israel came to India who settled near Bombay's coastal area. Why Jews came to India? Because trade between India and Israel was thriving at the time. India's many religions made India a safe heaven and ensured that Jews would not be persecuted. The Zamori of Calicut welcomed the Cochini Jews to Kerala, India's southernmost state. Because the South India was a center for the trade in spices, indigo and silk, Jewish businessmen proved invaluable to the Zamorin, who made Jews a part of his administration, army and culture. The Jews got special privileges from Zamorin. Proof of this special status still survives in the copper plates written in Malayalam enshrining the Jews' powers and rights. Cochini Jews and Bagdadi Jews have left for Israel. The Bene-Israel is now the largest group of Jews in India, and they now settled in Nargaon, near Bombay. India is the only country in the world, where Jews did not face any bias, discrimination, ghettos the Progrom or the Holocaust.


(2) Levite Jews are Aryans

The Levite priests, who had historically been in charge of safekeeping of Torah, were of Aryan descent. Kabbalah mysticism of Sadducees Jews is very similar to Upanishads. Aryan invaders from Punjab-Iran promoted patriarchal Vedic religions to defeat the matriarchal religions of Egypt, Babylon and Jordan. Jews are the descendants of a single patriarch who adopted Vedic Aryan’s patriarchal religion to create a nation for his descendants, by polygamy. Jews adopted Aryan tradition of composing the scriptures, by the leader of the clan, to promote consensus. Jews Prophets adopted the concept of a written Scripture, which Vedic Aryans gave to the world, to promote a common military strategy of civilization’s conquests. Aryans were also nomadic shepherds that roamed the mountainside. Jews God Yahweh is the desert version of Indra, the God of Thunder. Hindu India will oppose the destruction of Judaism, Israel by Muslims. Jews are of Aryan descent and Hindus will fight alongside Jews to defeat the coalition of Muslim forces. India will deploy nuclear deterrent to deter any Islamic preemptive nuclear strikes against Israel. India will not allow Pakistani nuclear attack on Israel. India cannot permit the Arab conquest of Israel.


INDO-ISRAEL DEFENSE PACT: India would provide nuclear umbrella over Israel. India seeks a military and naval base in Israel, or Golan Heights, or Southern Lebanon, to deter Arab terrorist attacks and future Arab invasions. In the civilization’s wars, Jews will fight alongside Hindus against Islam.


FOR 2000 YEARS JEWS LIVED IN INDIA & CHINA: India and China are the only two countries, where Jews have lived for 2000 years without any persecution. India will always welcome Jews, if ever they need help.


(3) Kabbalah & Sadducees

Hindu India will propagate Book of Johor, Kabbalah Mysticism, the most sacred scripture of Sadducee Jews, to be included as part of Christian Holy Bible to replace Old Testament. The spiritual strength of Jews lies in Kabbalah mysticism. Jews should dethrone Pharisees and enthrone Sadducees as the principal priestly sect of Jews. Old Testament is the historical record of social and military history of Jews. Kabbalah is the mystic way of direct self-realization of God Yahweh. Book of Johor, the Kabbalah Jews Holy Book, is the spiritual essence of Judaism. Armed with Kabbalah, freed from the Pharisees obsession of Mosaic Laws, the Jews will face the challenge of Evangelists and Jews for Jesus. Without Kabbalah and the Book of Johor, the future of Judaism is in doubt. By excluding the Book of Johor, the Torah itself is weakened, Tiara is less worthy if the brightest and biggest diamond is taken out and cast aside. Sadducees Cabalists’ Book of Johor is the Brightest jewel in Torah. Jews should not cast aside as worthless; the brightest jewel of Judaism, just because Pharisee priests are at war against Sadducee priests because they fear the loss of believer's gold. Kabbalah and Book of Johor bind Hindus and Jews in unbreakable civilization’s wedlock.


PROMOTE SADDUCEES: Pharisees and Sadducees are two principal priestly sects in Judaism. The Sadducees adapted the spiritual insight of Upanishads and Hindu Sadhus in Judaism. The Book of Johor is the most significant scripture of Jews. Kabbalah (Cabala) Jews are mystics and related to Hindu Yoga and Persian Sufism. Sadducees were descendants of Hindu Aryan tribes that invaded the Middle East. Currently Pharisees are the dominant sect of Judaism. The Pharisees priests adapted the scriptures of Prophet Zoroaster, Prophet Magi, and Prophet Mazdak. Islamic nuclear threat would widen the scriptural rift between Judaic and Islamic civilizations.

(4) Hillary Clinton is Not a Witch

Black Gnostic Christianity is opposed to the Jews Media giants in presenting women politicians as witches. News day Editorial page, cartoon by Marlette, on Tuesday November 23, 1999, showed First Lady Hillary Clinton, the Senate candidate from New York as a Witch in black dress, with a cleaning broom. Hillary was shown as Witch, with a broom and black robes, conical hat, whose figure shown to have melted when exposed to Jewish reality in form of Cleansing Holy Water in the bucket.

(5) Jews Role in Inquisitions

The Jews media depiction of enterprising Hillary Clinton as Witch whose political image disintegrating when exposed to Jewish reality in New York polity, suggests that Jews and Jew converts to Christianity played very important role as executioners during Catholic Inquisitions. Did Jews hoodwink Papacy and misused Papal Bull to torture and burn millions of women to loot the property of rich women, burnt as witches? Jews gangsters misused Theodosius I Edicts in 394 to loot the Temple properties and burn priests of Mithra and Isis, like Witch burning trial of Witches during centuries of Inquisition. Legal experts should give opinion on whether the depiction of Christian Hillary Clinton as a Witch carrying broom and in black robes, merits prosecution of the Jews and Jews media barons for Crime Against Humanity, for Crime against Womanhood. Should religions that denigrate women, banned as women-bashing evil cults? Depiction of women as Witch is a Crime against Humanity and deserves death sentence for the guilty. Any religion that condemns Christian Hillary Clinton as Witch cannot be a civilized Religion. Any religious leader that provides scriptural justification for condemning any woman as Witch deserved strict sentencing under Crimes Against humanity.

(6) Albert Arnold Gore’s Clinton Fatigue

Al Gore could have become the next President of the United States had he discarded Clinton's foreign policy. Democrats have called in the symbolic moral cavalry to save them from Bill Clinton’s legacy of moral indiscretions. Indiscretion extends from Monica Lewinsky, to military aid to Colombian paramilitary white death squads, to military support to the genocidal leader of Rwanda Paul Kagame, to NATO air war against Yugoslavia, to promoting independent Palestine State, to legitimize military coup against popularly elected government of President Nawaj Sheriff in Pakistan.


By making Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman his running mate, Al Gore had picked someone as far away from his president as he could go and still stay within his own party. Because Albert Arnold Gore failed to present a radically new foreign policy worldview, discarding disastrous Clinton's foreign policy cost him the election. Gore-Lieberman ticket failed to get votes because it failed to declare its opposition to Kissinger’s foreign policy.

(7) Reject Kissinger's Legacy

Would Mr. Bush implement the new version of Kissinger-World-Plot? Secretary Kissinger implanted Christian Pol Pot in Cambodia, to expedite the liquidation of 2 million Buddhists in Cambodia, as a prelude to Christianize Laos and Cambodia, in the name of strategic alliance with China, even after the dismal military defeat in Vietnam War. Henry Kissinger as the political adviser in Indonesia, raises the specter of Cambodian-type massacres in Indonesia. Henry Kissinger explained to Mao Zedong that United States did not enter Vietnam War to tame China, or to harm Communism. Kissinger explained to Mao that United States entered Vietnam War to destroy Buddhist-Hindu character of South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Kissinger explained that just as Christian Chiang Kai Sheik handed over reigns of political power to Mao Zedong, rather than to Buddhist warlords in China in 1948, similarly Christian president of South Vietnam handed over power to Communists and destroyed the political base of Buddhist Monks. Kissinger explained to Mao, that the essence of Marxism and Communism lies in the destruction of the Eastern Religions, and the worship of materialist Devil, the antithesis of God. Mao explained that China persecuted 60 million Buddhists in China, as Communism, the religion of Devil requires the worship of Devil by human sacrifices.


Even after the defeat of the United States, Kissinger and Mao entered into agreement to annihilate the Buddhist monks in Cambodia and Laos, as prelude to transform Cambodia and Laos into Christian and Communist society. Bolshevik Jews, Communists and Roman Catholics identified the destruction of Buddhism, as the common grounds of mutual interest in South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma.


Kissinger, it was feared would become prominent again in Bush Administration and reenact the Cambodia-type massacres in Colombia, Indonesia, Congo and Nigeria. Hindus, Buddhists and Pagans should support politicians to sabotage Kissinger’s world Plot. The strategic alliance of United States and China cemented during Cambodian massacre. The strategic alliance of Polish Catholic Church and the CIA cemented during the agreement of President Reagan and Pope Paul II on Poland. It produced global alliance of Vatican, United States, Chinese Communists and Bolshevik Jews. Communists entered the coalition governments along with pro-Vatican and pro-Mafia political groups in Italy. The financial interests of Semite De Beers Cartel in Africa resulted in the massacre of pagan Ugandans and pagan Hutus by Christian Tutsi tribesmen in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo. Kissinger was also responsible for the deaths of Christian Nigerian tribes in breakaway Biafra. The massacres in Cambodia, Laos, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and Congo by Christian leaders exposed the ugly side of the Catholic religious right conservatives. Religious right conservatives unless checked could embark upon world wars to annihilate paganism worldwide. Hindus, Buddhists and Pagans oppose Bush-Cheney Republican presidential ticket, not for what Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney have done, but what they might do, if they get elected on the pro-Life, anti-abortion, anti-women, pro-Evangelical, and pro-Catholic religious right platform. Moderate WASPs, Mestizo Catholics, colored Christians, Pagans, Buddhists and Hindus not only supported Gore-Lieberman ticket, and Hillary Clinton’s senate bid, but also supported Republican Senator McCain’s crusades against Republican Agents of Intolerance.


US military aid to minority white apartheid regime in Colombia and the military aid to paramilitary white death squads raise the specter of Vietnam-type war in Colombia-Peru. Albert Arnold Gore should have opposed Clinton’s foreign policy towards Colombia and Congo, because Republican Bush-Cheney team heartily adopted Bill Clinton’s anti-Israel, anti-Mestizo, anti-Congo, pro-China, pro-OPEC and pro-De Beers foreign policy agenda. Brown Catholics, Mestizos, Mulattos, Voodoos, Hindus, Buddhists and Pagans should vote for moderate Protestant- Orthodox Jewish Democratic Party ticket in Election 2004, only when Democratic Party openly rejects Bill Clinton’s foreign policy, which caused War in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador.


Failure of Democrats to pursue totally new foreign policy of the United States will result in the emergence of the new Third Force in American politics. New Administration should categorically declare that it would jettison the anti-Israel, anti-Buddhism, anti-Mestizo and anti-Hinduism foreign policy of the Clinton Administration. Foreign Policy of President Bill Clinton and the theft of nuclear weapons secrets from Los Alamos had been more harmful for the United States than the Monica Lewinsky affairs. Distancing from the moral digressions of President Bill Clinton did not make Albert Arnold Gore Mr. Clean, since he continues to pursue Bill Clinton’s foreign policy agenda. In that event non-whites should support Third Party presidential candidate.


Sephardic Jews and Orthodox Jews did not align with moderate Protestants to elect Gore-Lieberman ticket to White House in Elections 2000. Without the support of Orthodox Jews, Protestants may lose their leadership to Catholics in United States. Catholic domination over United States would greatly harm the cultural and political interests of Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism and Protestants worldwide. Hindus and Buddhists should support the Orthodox Jews-Protestant coalition to reinforce the Protestant character of WASPs United States. Hindus, Buddhists and Pagans believe that religions of Judaism and Protestant Christianity are superior to Roman Catholicism. Judaism is the mother of Christianity and Protestantism is the original Christianity of Apostles. The moderate Jews and moderate Protestant voters support Democratic Party and find common cause against agents of intolerance. The choice of Joseph Lieberman by Albert Arnold Gore as his Vice President didn’t cement the historical ties of the Jews with moderate Protestants. Jews were victims throughout history and especially during Holocaust in Germany. However, the possibility of Jewish Joseph Lieberman, becoming the president of the most powerful Christian nation in the world, within 60 years of the Holocaust, is a turning point in history.


(8) Christians Misused Roman Freedom

Roman Emperor granted Christians the freedom to worship Christianity, first time during Constantine in 320’s, and in less than 60 years later, Emperor (d. 395) banned all non-Christian religions by sword. Emperor Julian sought in vain to restore the old Roman religion of Vedic God Mithra. Had Emperor Julian not lost the war against God Mithra-worshipping Persians, Europe would have remained Hindu. New Administration should abandon US support for the creation of independent Palestine State. United States should recognize the dominant role of Israel in the Middle East and encourage the alliance, or abler confederation of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and Israel bound by common bonds of Semite ethnicity and ancestry.


United States and India should work towards Israel-Saudi Arabia Defense Pact so that the oil-wealth of the Semite Saudi Bedouin not looted by fellow Muslim Egyptians, Iranians or Afghans. Democratic victory would not have resulted in India-Israel defense pact so that Israel and India pool their military muscle to tame Islamic terrorism. On the contrary had, Albert Al Gore been the president of the United States on 9/11 he would not have declared war on terrorism. He being a member of the Christian religious right conspiracy would have increased support to the Wahhabi Arabs worldwide.


Christians in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia demanding right of secession to create new Christian States in North Africa and Mediterranean Arabia. Before the conquest by Islam, North Africa and Arabia, including Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Turkey were Christian nations, and with the rise of Christian nations, these Christians demanding right to secede, to create new Christian sovereign states.


When Croatia and Slovenia could secede from Yugoslavia, then why United States deny the just demands of Christians in Nigeria, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and turkey to secede and form Christian-majority states in the Middle East. Carving out new Christian states in the Middle East would resolve the problem of Islamic terrorism in the world and safeguard the security of Israel. Similarly, Christians in Malaysia and Indonesia should be supported to carve out new Christian states. It would also resolve the problem of Afghan Mujahideens in Kashmir. India and Israel should create a buffer of sovereign Christian States in the Middle East to promote peace between Islam and Judaism.


(9) Shephardic Jews Vs Askenazic Jews

The leader of the Shas Party, the Baghdad-born Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, leader of the Sephardic Jews, whose emigrated from the Middle East and North Africa, whose political power has grown in Israel, said that six million Askenazic Jews who perished in the Holocaust died because they were reincarnations of sinners. Shas party holds 17 seats in Israel’s 120-member Parliament. Askenazic Jews emigrated from Central Europe and Eastern Europe. Jews from Asia and Africa have different worldview than the Jews from Eastern and Central Europe. Askenazic Jews have exploited the Holocaust to claim leadership of Israel. The dream of the election of Joseph Lieberman as the Vice President in Gore’s Administration elevated Sephardic Jews into political prominence and promote better ties of Sephardic Jews with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE. Sephardic Jews would take pro-Saudi Arabia, pro-Russia, anti-Palestine, anti-Vatican, and anti-Bolshevik Jews positions in world affairs. As Vice President Joseph Lieberman would support Asian Sephardic Jews more than European Askenazic Jews. America’s Russian Orthodox Jews and Israel’s Sephardic Jews would not conspire against Vladimir Putin’s Orthodox Russia. The nomination of Joseph Lieberman as Vice President gave impetus for the Mayoral victory of Mike Bloomberg.


Bolshevik Jews shunned by Jews in Israel and United States. Bolshevik Jews destroyed Czarist Russia in 1918 Revolution, destroyed the Soviet Union in 1989, and looted Russia’s wealth by siphoning away $200 billion foreign exchange. Jews would do great disservice to Israel, if emboldened by the election of Joseph Lieberman; the Jews join forces with CIA to destabilize Orthodox Russia. Sephardic Jews do not want to become pawn in super power rivalry. Sephardic Jews realize that small animals gain nothing by taking sides in Elephant vs. Lion wars.


Sephardic Jews would support Joseph Lieberman and Democratic Party. Askenazic Jews are more likely to support Bush-Cheney Republican ticket and are more likely to join forces with Evangelicals and Catholic religious-right conservatism. Sephardic Jews would befriend Protestants more than they would befriend Catholics. Sephardic Jews resent the role Pope John Paul II played in Jewish Holocaust. The Sephardic Jews of Asian and African origin represent the religious-right political movement in Israel just as India’s ruling coalition led by BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) represents the religious right political movement in India. The Askenazic Jews from Eastern and Central Europe represent the political interests of the Bolshevik Jews. Bolshevik Jews dominated the Communist Politburo in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Soviet Union.


The Askenazic Jews representing the Bolshevik Jews profit by exploiting the Christian guilt for Holocaust, and they want to profit in Europe and United States and would be first to leave Israel in times of crisis. Sephardic Jews are sons of soil and they have a vested interest in developing closer ties with Arab leaders to profit by managing the oil-wealth of Semite OPEC cartel. Sephardic Jews speak Arabic and formed the elite in Iraq, Syria, Iran and India before the birth of Israel and do not suffer from Ghetto mentality. Sephardic Jews speak Arabic, just as Hindu religious right political movement use Hindu and regional languages for political discourse. Askenazic use Russian and European languages to conduct political discourse.


Askenazic Jews are more likely to be domestic equivalent of the ‘Shtadtlan’ of Eastern Europe’s ghettos, the communal diplomats who pleaded the Jewish community’s concerns to the crown. Askenazic Jews are more likely to support Papacy and Republican Party, because they dream to have better future under United Europe. Askenazic Jews like Bolshevik Jews would not believe in the narrow nationalism and patriotism and would prefer to dilute the sovereignty of Israel to join European Union. Sephardic Jews would never join European Union. However Sephardic Jews would agree for the Israel-Saudi Arabia Federation, to protect thinly populated Semite Saudi Arabia and Semite Kuwait from invasions by populous Egypt, Aryan Iran and Aryan Afghanistan.


(10) War Crimes of Bolshevik Jews

Bolshevik Jews are willing activists working for the Elders mentioned in the ‘Protocols of the Meetings of the Elder of Zion, (1905)’ the treatise which was not authored by Jews. Theist Orthodox Jews are pro-Lieberman and engaged in competition with atheist Bolshevik Jews. Atheist Russian Bolshevik Jews more likely to support Republican Party’s Bush-Cheney presidential ticket, join forces with Henry Kissinger, pro-China, pro-Communism, pro-Evangelical, pro-Catholic religious right, pro-extreme conservatism, pro-Colombian right wing death squads, and anti-right wing political movements. Theist Russian Jews are Orthodox Jews and shun polluting influence of Marxist, leftist ideologies and they condemn Bolshevik Jews and Askenazic Jews to be domestic equivalent of the ‘Shtadtlan’ of Eastern Europe’s ghettos. Orthodox Russian Jews ostracized by secular, Christianized, atheist Bolshevik Jews.


Jews of Russian origin are divided in two groups, the dominant group had been atheist Bolshevik Jews who patronized Spymaster Prime Minister L.P. Beria (1898-1953) and were responsible for the deaths of 30 million Orthodox Russians. Atheist Bolshevik Jews pulled the plug on Soviet Union and engineered its disintegration in alliance with Vatican and United States. Bolshevik Jews responsible for the siphoning of the $200 billion Russia’s foreign exchange to salt them away in German, and Swiss banks. Bolshevik Jews have entered into close political alliance with Papacy and United States and is reflected in the recent Communist-partnered coalition government in Italy. Bolshevik Jews are opposed to the restoration of Monarchy and Savoy dynasty in Italy. Bolshevik Jews seek future in European Union more than in Israel and USA. Multi-party politics in Israel appears to be mirror of multi-party politics in India. The Congress Party though headed by Hindus was counter part of Bolshevik Jews in India. Now white Italian Catholic Sonia Gandhi has taken over the leadership of Congress Party, hoping to reestablish European Christian rule over India. Italian White Catholic Sonia Gandhi conspiring to bring down Hindu-society of India, attempting to Christianize it just as Bolshevik Jews massacred 30 million Orthodox Russians.


Catholic Sonia Gandhi and Marxist Jyoti Basu, Chief Minister of West Bengal defended the massacre of 2 million Buddhists by Catholic Pol Pot and Christian Khmer Rouge. Roman Catholic Church, Bolshevik Jews and their allies in China, Marxists in India, Catholic Church leaders in India, and Henry Kissinger defended Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge. Russian Orthodox Jews, Sephardic Jews, Hindu religious right, and moderate Protestants vehemently oppose the massacre of Buddhists in Cambodia, and demand that even Christian Khmer Rouge soldiers should be tried for Crimes against humanity in Cambodia.


The Russian Orthodox Jews would join forces with Sephardic Jews to demand that United States should jettison anti-Israel and pro-Palestine policy of Clinton Administration. Westernized Christianized and Socialist Jews are more likely to support Republicans, Pro-Life and pro-Evangelical movements. Jew is not a single monolith social bloc in America and Israel, as becomes apparent by the shifting fortunes of the multi-party political coalitions in Israel. It is high time that Sephardic Jews and Orthodox Jews should form the government in Israel and promote Israel to be the dominant political power in the Middle East.


Sephardic Jews and Orthodox Jews would organize Jewish community on anti-Bolshevik Jews platform, so that Israel becomes a natural state in the Middle East, securing its destiny as the sons of the soil. Semite Saudi Arabian Bedouin prefer Sephardic Jews and hate Askenazic Jews, as for them Askenazic Jews are polluted by atheist Communist ideology. Since Askenazic Jews make their fortune in the West, they should allow Shas Party, Sephardic Jews and Orthodox Jews form government in Israel.


The Sephardic vs. Askenazic conflicts and Westernized Bolshevik Jews vs. Orthodox Jews would create two mutually hostile political and social groups in Israel and American Jewish community. Sephardic Jews and Orthodox Jews would support Republican Party and work towards maintaining Protestant character of WASPs United States. Askenazic Jews and westernized atheist Bolshevik Jews would vote for Republican party and work towards Catholic domination over United States and support independent Palestine States, as it would allow Askenazic Jews control over OPEC oil wealth. However, Semite Saudi Arabian Bedouin would agree for closer ties with Israel only when Arabic speaking Sephardic Jews and Orthodox are at the helms of power in Israel. Sephardic Jews and Askenazic Jews represent two separate nations, and they pursue diametrically opposed worldview of Israel.


(11) De Beers Caused Civil Wars in Africa

Askenazic Jews support the De Beers Diamond cartel in causing civil war in Africa to maintain De Beers diamond monopoly in Sierra Leone, Congo, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Sephardic Jews are more antagonistic to Arabs than Askenazic Jews are, primarily because Sephardic Jews are the sons of the Afro-Asian soil and Askenazic are sons of European soil. Judaism as religion is closer to Islam, than to Christianity. Jew Rabbis have closer affinity to Catholic Church than to Protestant Church. Jews have historically supported Catholics versus Protestants in Middle Age. This resulted in the alliance of Bolshevik Jews, Askenazic Jews with Roman Catholics and Sunni Muslims. Askenazic Jews recently developed rift with Catholics, after Jews accused Pope Pius XII to be accomplice of Hitler in Jewish Holocaust. Christian world did help Muslim Nigerians commit genocide of Christians in Biafra, Nigeria in late 1960’s, which resulted in the surrender of Christian Biafra to Muslim forces. The scene is repeated in East Timor, where the Christian Australian forces, forcing Christians in East Timor to join back Muslim Indonesia. Henry Kissinger as political adviser to Indonesia president, would prefer persecution of Christian East Timoreans in Indonesia by Muslims, just as he supported Muslim Nigerian assault on Christian tribes in Biafra. The answer is Oil.


(12) Damascus Jews & Arabs in 7th Century

In the seventh century, Damascus Jews had financed the nomad Arab Bedouin camel riders to loot the properties of Gentile Christian Civilization of North Africa and Arabia. Damascus Jews aligned with urban Arab traders and nomad Arab Bedouin to create a new Semite religion based on Monism. Semite Jewish Christians favored Christian doctrine of monist nature of Jesus Christ. The Gentile Christians favored the Dualism nature of Jesus Christ. Damascus Jews exploited the Christian controversy about the divine nature of Jesus Christ, One Nature versus Two Nature of Jesus Christ. Like India, in Middle East the philosophic debates between religious sects believing Monism versus Dualism nature of divine determined religious controversies. Jesus preached Christianity among Jews and Saint Paul led the mission of spreading the message to Gentiles. The 12 Apostles and other Saints, the Apostolic Council decided that Christians may not observe Jewish Law and not follow Torah, creating a new religion free from Jewish ethnicity. There was constant conflict between Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians. Gentile Christians outnumbered Semite Christians by nine to one. The whole North Africa and entire Arabian Peninsula had become Christian by the time Islam took birth in 640 AD.


Damascus Jews financed, in exchange for the share of the loot, the Arab warring parties to invade the Christian oasis and towns in Syria, Egypt, Libya, and North Africa to conquer Christian civilization. Semite Christians followers of Monism supported Jews-financed Muslim invaders, in exchange for freedom to practice Christianity. The Dualism Christians and Gentile Christians lost the wars and their lives and the whole North Africa and Arabian Peninsula became Semite Arab land. Church of Rome did nothing to help the Christians in North Africa and Arabia, in 7th Century, because the Hellenized Jews had hijacked the Early Christian Churches, and they rejoiced at the demise of Gentile Christianity in North Africa and Arabia. Just as Gentile Christians were wiped out in few decades in 7th Century, the black Christians face demise in Africa, due to the greed of De Beers cartel. Absentee landlords had forcibly evicted Irish farmers from the agricultural lands, which were turned to sheep farms to grow wool.


(13) Depopulation of Black Africa

Similarly, De Beers Diamond Cartel backed by Bolshevik Jews, Catholic religious right and Evangelicals conspiring to depopulate black Africa to gain control over the oil, diamond, gold, and mineral resources of Africa. Sephardic Jews and Orthodox Jews should join forces with Protestants and Democratic Party to foil the anti-pagan and anti-black genocidal policy of De Beers. Sephardic Jews, Protestants and Hindus should support black leader Robert Mugabe, for expediting the confiscation of white-owned farmlands, mines, and industries. United States is for Protestants, Israel is for Jews and Africa is for Blacks, other nationalities should not attempt the dethronement of Protestants, Jews and Blacks in USA, Israel and Africa, respectively.


49(6) Jesus Rejected Judaism

(1) Bolshevik Jew Lavrenti Beria (1899-1953)

Bolshevik Jews led by L.P. Beria (1899-1953) massacred 30 million pious Orthodox Jews to appease the Communist deity materialist Devil. Bolshevik Jews have escaped punishment for Crimes against Humanity. Bolshevik Jews and Judeo-Communists massacred 60 million devout Buddhists, not for what they did, but their religious belief in Buddha. Judeo-Christian Pol Pot, emboldened by the support of Henry Kissinger and Mao Zedong massacred 2 million Cambodian Buddhists. War criminal Bolshevik Jews and their descendants using Nazi Holocaust media-hype to camouflage Crimes against Humanity of Bolshevik Jews. Hellenized Jews looted ancient temples in Greece, Asia Minor and North Africa, by ganging with the supporters of Emperor Theodosius. Syrian Jews financed Islamic invaders after 640 AD, to share the loot of the Christian properties in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, and Libya. Jews and Muslims destroyed the North African Christian civilization and looted Christian properties. Holy Land Jews stoned to death Apostle James the brother of Jesus in 62 AD.

(2) Jews Hijacked Christianity

Hellenized Jews of Jewish Diaspora hijacked the leadership of Christian Church of Rome to market Judaism, the religion of Christ-killers and Apostles-killers in the colored bottle of Christianity. Jewish War and the bar-Kokha revolt snapped Christianity's ties with Judaism. Compared with the New Testament, the Jews Old Testament seems to be talking of a quite different God. Marcion had stripped the New Testament of all those parts concerned with justifying Christianity to the Jews. Since Jewish texts do not jibe with the Pauline tradition, so Apostles made a complete break with Judaism. Early Christians condemned the adherents of Orthodox Judaism as Christ-killers who consorted with demons. In about 62 AD, Jews Rabbi Ananus, the new high priest, seized Apostle James, Pope of Church in Jerusalem, the brother of Jesus Christ. Rabbi Ananus brought Apostle James and others before the Sanhedrin where they were condemned for breaking Jewish Law, then taken out and stoned to death. The Apostolic Council decided Christians should not observe the Jewish Law, and Old Testament.

(3) Jesus Taught Hindu Theology to Jews

Jesus has been to most Christians, a product of Palestine. Christians believe that Jesus was born in Palestine, lived there, and died in Palestine. Any religious training he received was a part of the Jewish tradition. Modern research finds fault in this assertion. Ancient Tibetan texts reveal that Jesus spent 17 years in India, the Orient. The Buddhist texts reveals, that from the age thirteen to age twenty-nine Jesus traveled to India, Nepal, Ladhak, and Tibet as a student to study religion under Hindu Yogis, and Buddhist Monks.

(4) 17 Lost Years of Jesus

Nicolas Notovitch first discovered the manuscripts in 1887. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in the Lost Years of Jesus, gives the documentary evidence of Jesus' 17-year journey to the East. Jesus Christ studied the customs, language and religion of Hindus and Buddhists. Why did Jesus feel compelled to undertake this journey, before his Palestinian mission? "May be the teachings of Jesus told to John substantiated in turn the teachings of Gautama or the Vedas," says Elizabeth Prophet, p.351.

(5) Zoroaster & Christianity of Jesus

Jesus accepted Zoroaster as the Prophet. "Saint Zoroaster is the only just one admitted to the privilege of communion with the Supreme Being," Notovitch, The Life of Saint Issa, op cit p 227.). Jesus at the age of fourteen crossed northern Sindh and entered the sacred land of the Aryans. At Jagannath, Jesus became a disciple of the Brahmins. Jesus began reading, learning, and expounding the Vedas. Next Jesus lived for six years in Rajagriha, Kasi, and Kapilvastu. Jesus learned Pali thoroughly and studied Buddhist scriptures. Then he toured Nepal. Then he arrived in Persia, where the doctrines of Zarathustra were followed. Jesus returned to his homeland Palestine, at the age of twenty-nine and began spreading the word of peace among his oppressed countrymen. (Elizabeth Prophet, p.261).

(6) Jesus Rejected Judaism & Torah:

Jesus Christ had rejected the spiritual traditions of Jews, and rejected the Torah. God sent Jesus Christ to preach in Palestine the superior religion of Zoroaster, Buddha, and Veda. Jesus Christ taught the concept of God the Father, Kingdom of God, Holy Trinity, which negates the Semite religion of Jews. Jews Crucified Jesus for teaching the religion of Zoroaster, and Buddha to Jews. Jesus Christ combined the teachings of Zoroaster and Buddha. Jesus died as a Buddhist. The 'Black Gnostic Christianity,' 'Early Christianity,' Gnostic Christianity, Arian Christianity, Coptic Christianity,' and 'Ethiopian Christianity', accepted the spiritual traditions of Zoroaster, Buddha, and Yoga to understand the esoteric principles underlying the teachings of Jesus Christ, who had attained Self-Realization and enlightenment.

(7) Jews Fooled Barbarian Conquerors of Rome:

The races of the white German Goths, and Frank barbarian conquerors of Roman Empire, were not spiritually advance enough, to grasp the esoteric teachings of Jesus Christ. The Jews controlled the trade of Franklands after Byzantine Navy blockaded the export trade of white Slaves to Syria, and Egypt, imposed Old Testament on barbarian Europeans. White Goths, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Lombard, and Franks sold as Slaves in the Brown Christian nations of Egypt and Syria. Egypt and Syria propagated Gnostic and Coptic Christianity, with heavy doses of Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Hinduism. Jews exploited the hatred of Franks and Germans against Egyptian and Syrian Slave traders, who brutalized White European Slaves, to reject the Christian doctrine of Early Gnostic, Coptic Christianity. The Catholic Christianity the official religion of the barbarian kingdoms developed the Catholic dogmas around the foundation of Torah, and accepted Old Testament as the part of Holy Bible. Had Jesus Christ been present he would have admonished Christians for including Old Testament as a part of Holy Bible? It is the reason that Holy Koran declares that Christians have lost their original Bible. Barbarian Gothic conquerors of Western Roman Empire were not civilized when Jesus preached in Palestine, so they accepted the teachings of Jews traders who imposed Torah as part of the Christian Bible in the form of Old Testament.


(8) Jesus Preached Buddhism

If Jesus Christ ever returns to earth, then he would demand expunging of Old Testament from Christian Holy Bible, and the inclusion of Zend Avestha, Kabbalah Book of Johor, and Dhammapada as integral part of Holy Christian Bible. The Almighty God in Holy Trinity, according to Jesus Christ is 'Ahura Mazda.' The Holy Ghost in Holy Trinity, according to Jesus Christ, is Shakti or Tao of the Almighty Goddess. The Son in the Holy Trinity, is the Enlightened being, which has realized that the Soul residing in his heat is the fragment of the very Almighty God that creates the Entire Creation. Jesus Christ taught the perfect religion, which was lost and corrupted when the barbarians conquered the Roman Empire. Barbarians conquered the Roman Empire, and the Jews misled them.

(9) Jews Looted Gold of Ancient Temples & Churches:

Jews modified the anti-Judaic teachings of Jesus Christ, to harness the military power of barbarians, to destroy and loot the gold of the ancient temples of Zeus, Jupiter, Isis, Artemis, and Churches of Gnostic, Arian, Coptic and Eastern Christianity. Jews joined the supporters of Emperor Theodosius, during 350-400 AD, to burn and loot the ancient temples in Greece, Rome, Syria, Egypt, and Asia Minor. Jews joined and financed the Muslim invaders after AD 630s to loot the Pharaoh Temples, Gnostic-Coptic Christian Churches in Syria, Egypt, and North Africa. Jews financed Muslim invasions to loot the gold of Zoroastrian Fire Temples in Persia. Jews aligned with Roman Theodosius, Barbarian Germans and Franks, to loot the temples of the God Mithra, Zeus, Jupiter, Artemis, and Venus in Greece, Rome and Western Europe. Jews also aligned with and financed Semite Bedouin Muslim soldiers to loot the gold of the ancient temples of the ancient religions of Isis, Zeus, Artemis, and Churches of Gnostic, Arian, Coptic and early Christianity. Jews financed the Muslim conquest of Persia to loot the gold of the Zoroastrian Fire Temples of Persia. Jews caused the destruction and looting of the temples of the ancient world.

(10) Jews Looted Russia:

Jews financed Karl Marx and Jews Bolsheviks to loot the gold and property of Russian aristocracy, causing the brutal death of over 30 million Orthodox Christians. Secretary Henry Kissinger expanded the Vietnam War even when United States had lost the War, to devastate Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam by using Yellow Orange Chemical warfare weapons. Jews were responsible for the murder of 2,000,000 Monks and Buddhists in Cambodia. The royal family of Laos was murdered. Jewish Marxism justified the death of more than 60 million Buddhists in China, due to anti-Right Campaign of Mao Zedong.


(11) Roman Edict of Theodosius I of 395 AD

Roman Emperor Theodosius' Edict, who died in 395 AD, that banned the Pharaoh's religions, the religions of Isis, Zeus, Jupiter, and Mithra as the religion of pagans and devils. It unleashed the genocidal frenzy in Europe, Asia and Africa. The gold, artifacts of many thousand temples of Goddess Isis, God Mithra, Zeus, Jupiter, were looted and destroyed by Christian thugs. After 1500 AD, similar Inquisition era edicts against Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs justified the massacre, looting and destruction of temples in the North and South America. During Inquisitions, many million white European men, women, children were tortured, burnt on stakes to force white European give up the practice of worship of Goddess Isis, God Mithra, and yoga tantra practices of Hindus, Buddhists, Maggi, Mazdak, and Zoroastrians. Without Inquisitions West Europe would have remained Hindu and continued worshipping goddess Isis and god Mithra. Would Europe become Hindu again? Would White Europeans again worship sun god Mithra? Would white European women again worship mother Goddess Isis? Hindus believe that the religions that expand and propagate by sword or guns perish by sword and guns. Hindu Holy Gita unequivocally declares that True Dharma, the Hindu Dharma would triumph over the Irreligion, as well as over the false religion of Asura. Christianity is the religion of Asura. Hindu scriptures speak about ongoing battle of Gods and Demons. The clarion call of the Southern Baptists is the wake up call for the party of gods to take up arms against the party of demons. Gita declares that Hindu religious warriors will be victorious. Gita says that the war of religions is the open gateway to heaven.


(12) Jews Role in Inquisitions

The Jews media depiction of enterprising Hillary Clinton as Witch whose political image disintegrating when exposed to Jewish reality in New York polity, suggests that Jews and Jew converts to Christianity played very important role as executioners during Catholic Inquisitions. Did Jews hoodwink Papacy and misused Papal Bull to torture and burn millions of women to loot the property of rich women, burnt as witches? Jews gangsters misused Theodosius I Edicts in 394 to loot the Temple properties and burn priests of Mithra and Isis, like Witch burning trial of Witches during centuries of Inquisition. Legal experts should give opinion on whether the depiction of Christian Hillary Clinton as a Witch carrying broom and in black robes, merits prosecution of the Jews and Jews media barons for Crime Against Humanity, for Crime against Womanhood. Should religions that denigrate women, banned as women-bashing evil cults? Depiction of women as Witch is a Crime against Humanity and deserves death sentence for the guilty. Any religion that condemns Christian Hillary Clinton as Witch cannot be a civilized Religion. Any religious leader that provides scriptural justification for condemning any woman as Witch deserved strict sentencing under Crimes Against humanity.


(13) Jews Hijacked Catholic Church

The religion of Roman Catholic Church is Judeo-Christianity, the religion of Jews in the bottle of Christianity. Hellenized Jews had hijacked the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. There are total 15 million Jews in the world, including 6 million in USA, 3 million in Israel and 3 million in Russia. Patriarch Abraham left Mesopotamia about 1900 BC and settled in Canaan, Israelites lived in slavery in Egypt until 1200 BC. For 200 years after the exodus from Egypt, Jews fought Canaanites, Philistines. During 700 BC, Assyrians conquered the Middle East. During 586 BC, Babylonians destroyed the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and enslaved Jews again and removed them to Babylon. In 539 BC, King Cyrus of Persia captured Babylon and allowed Jews to return to Jerusalem. In 167 BC, Jews overthrew Syrian rule, and Jews celebrate the event as Hanukkah. Sadducees accepted only the written law of the Torah. Pharisees added their own interpretation to Torah. Essenes stressed the importance of personal holiness and urged their followers to withdraw from society. Jews revolted in AD 66 and drove out Romans from Jerusalem. In 70 AD, Roman Titus conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the Second Temple of Jew in Jerusalem, and took Jews as captives to Rome. Anti-Semitism increased about 1100 AD. During 1200's and 1300's almost all the Jews were driven out. In 1492, Spain expelled Jews. Marranos were Spanish Jews who pretended to convert to Christianity but continued to practice Judaism in secret. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabelle established special court called Inquisition to punish suspected Marranos, the converted Jews, for not following true Catholic Christian teachings. However, Jews took over the leadership of Inquisition and used it to torture and burn on stakes Christian women, children and men.


49(7) Conclusion Israel’s Destiny

It is the tremendous effort that successive generations of Jews made in United States to achieve full acceptance as Americans, identifying with the national cause and hoping that in so doing the accretions of prejudice would be stripped away. United States during the Second World War had refused entry to the shipload of Jews escaping Nazi Holocaust. Jews were second-class citizens in United States in 1950s. The rise of Dr. Henry J. Kissinger as the foreign policy maker during Nixon administration was a major event for the Jewish race in America. Dr. Kissinger failed to enter either Senate or Congress, even when he was the most visible diplomatic and political figure worldwide. Dr. Kissinger’s eminence helped Jewish people control American media as he had control over the access to the White House. The selection of Joseph Lieberman by Albert Al Gore as the vice President running mate on the Democratic Party’s presidential ticket in 2000 was a turning point in the 2000-year history of Jewish peoples. It is very likely that Jewish American would occupy the Oval Office in not so distant a future. Many Jews are Senators and Congressman in the Capitol. Jewish politicians have come to age in United States. The Sandy Weill’s control over Citigroup, the largest insurance, banking, and investment-banking conglomerate is the second epoch making event for the Jewish people. Jews have come to control the Wall Street in United States.


Why did the Jews succeed in United States to gain full acceptance as Americans, while they failed in Germany to gain full acceptance as Germans? The reason being that United States is a Protestant-majority WASP country, not a descendant of the Catholic Holy Roman Empire, as Germany is. The ritual-murder accusation was an age-old European Catholic standby in which Jews were held to murder Catholic youths in an avid search for blood to be baked with the Passover matzo. The ritual-murder accusations and the Jewish Ghettos were more common in Catholic continental Europe than in Protestant Britain and United States. The Vatican didn’t recognize the Jewish state of Israel as late as 1995. Immediately after the election of President George W. Bush, American Catholic Bishops demanded that independent sovereign state of Muslim Palestine, including all the Christian Holy properties, should be carved out of the Jewish State of Israel. The real cause of the anti-Semitism is the conformist tyranny, that is why totalitarian organized religions, Catholic Church and Wahhabi Muslims more anti-Jews than non-denominational Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and pagans.


Orthodox Russians are anti-Semite because of the history of Bolshevik Jew Lavrenti P. Beria, the notorious Stalin’s Spymaster who caused the death of 30 million Orthodox Russians. Present-day Russians are annoyed that Russian Jews in alliance with Russian Jews that emigrated to the West siphoned more than $200 billion from Russia to the Western financial institutions. Russians are annoyed because they feel that Russia-born Jews that emigrated to the West have not returned the favor to the land of their birth. Because of the Judeo-Marxist heritage Jews in Russia had more freedom, while Jews in Europe lived in ghettos, but Russian Jews in the Wall Street have not used their skills and resources to enrich Russia. These are justified concerns and Jewish leaders should undertake suitable measures to redress Russian grievances. If America-born Jews were to do to America what Russia-born Jews in America did to Russia, Americans would turn far more hostile towards Jews, than Russians are.


The Germans and the Jews: it is of course impossible for that verbal combination not to evoke the mid-20th-century catastrophe that overcame both peoples in Germany, a catastrophe in which one group was the unforgivable perpetrator and the other the victim. However on cannot overlook the role Bolshevik Jew Lavrenti Beria played in German psyche. Adolf Hitler was seriously concerned that if ever Bolsheviks get political power in Germany, than led by Marxist German Jews, the likes of Lavrenti Beria would massacre German race, like they did to Orthodox Russians. How can present-day Jews of world guarantee that had Communist Party acquired power in Pre-War Germany, the agents of Lavrenti Beria would not have massacred millions of Germans? If Germany’s Adolf Hitler was evil, so was his contemporary Bolshevik Jew Lavrenti Beria. What is the guarantee that Marxist Jews would not have done to Germans what Judeo-Marxist Pol Pot did to the 2 million Buddhists in Cambodia, and what Judeo-Communist Mao tse tung (Mao Zedong) did to 60 million Buddhists? Germany had lost one-third of its population in Counter Reformation Thirty Years War (1618-1648) Germany simply couldn’t have risked the massacre of Germans at the hands of Lavrenti Beria. Catholic Church has justifiable grudge against Jews, because Jews stoned to death Apostle James the elder brother of Jesus, besides causing the death of Jesus. Just as Pope John Paul II apologized for the misdeeds of the Roman Catholic Church during the two Millennia, it is high time that Jewish leadership should also apologize for the genocide some Jews have committed, likes of Lavrenti Beria. Many Germans support Hitler, because even if he was wrong, at least Germans are alive while 2 million Buddhists are dead in Cambodia. The murder of 30 million Orthodox Russians, murder of 60 million Chinese Buddhists, and murder of 2 million Cambodian Buddhists, burning of or torture of 9 million witches during Inquisition, murder of 2 million pagans in Uganda, murder of 1 million Hutus & Tutsis in Rwanda & Burundi, murder of 50 million Incas, Mayas and Aztecs, murder of 5 millions South Asians during 1947 partition of India, and the ongoing Muslim terrorist attacks on Hindus and Jews are criminal acts which must not go unpunished. Let us set up the Historical International Criminal Tribunal to pass judgment on genocides that took place in history and to recommend how the organizations that perpetrated it are punished. Let all the sides to the dispute unravel the mystery of the past genocides with an open mind, with the view that remedial actions are undertaken that these heinous crimes are never repeated again.


Jews should also apologize for producing the shit-philosophy of Karl Marx eulogized by media as great philosophy of Marxism and Communism, as it caused more misery and harm than any other act of Devil. Marxism and Communism, Leninism, Stalinism and Maoism are neither a political nor an economic philosophy, but the devil’s religion, in which Communist party leadership appeased and worshipped Devil by executing millions of innocent civilians in the Soviet Union, China and Cambodia. Jewish leadership must work toward buying the evil doctrine of Marxism and Communism, lest the history taint Jews with the blood spilt by Devil’s doctrine of Communism and Marxism.     


49(8) Zionist Cabal & Iraq War

(1) Saudi Semite attack on 9/11

Protestant neo-conservatives control the policy making of the Bush administration. From the times of Secretary Henry Kissinger the Christian Religious right conservatives and Neo-conservatives joined forces with the American Oil Colonialism to conspire new American Empire in the aftermath of the 1975 defeat in the Vietnam War and 1964 Bill of Rights. Jewish Orthodoxy convinced the pro-segregation and Christian religious right conservative conspiracy that they are more royalists than the king and would promote the interests of American empire and American oil colonialism more effectively than their Protestant counterparts, because of their control of the financial markets and the media. Neo-conservatives are the political forces in America and Israel that demand the Iron Fist as the answer to all problems. The Neocons are at the highest levels of the American government. No body can argue that US State Department filled with "Arabists" who hated Israel.The top officials and advisors in the Bush Administration are all Neocons. Some like Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and David Wurmser actually worked for Israeli think tanks, writing papers on how the U.S. and Israel should take apart and reconstruct the Middle East. Extreme Christian religious right wing forces and extreme Jewish right wing forces and their powerful American financial backers and American Big Oil pushing President Bush to invade Iraq and other oil-producing countries to establish American oil colonies. Disarming Iraq is only a start in Middle East. The Arab and Iranian cultures were irrational and that nothing could be done to “improve the collective mental health of Arab societies," to wean them from terrorism. Wahhabi Arab countries should be given a stark choice: they can have sovereignty or jihad in its secular or religious forms, but not both. To tame and neutralize Islamic terrorism, United States can legitimately invoke the right for preemptive strikes on terrorist targets in the Islamic world. President Bush justified in invading the Middle East's most hostile and deranged regimes, Wahhabi fundamentalist regimes, whose citizens launched 9/11 terrorist attacks on America, namely, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen and UAE. Preemptive strikes to establish American Oil Colony in Iraq not justified, because not one Iraqi citizen participated in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America. Preemptive strikes to establish Oil Colonies not justified, unless United States seeks to set new norms of International law, by allowing all great powers the right to establish oil colonies to guarantee the secured supplies of oil, necessary for their economic and industrial survival. The U.S. ruling class is overwhelmingly Protestant Christian and the Protestant fundamentalism that inspires it is Pat Robertson's evangelism, and Papal fundamentalism not Jewish Orthodoxy. Our argument is angry but precise. When the Left denounces Sharon we mean Sharon. When Congressman Moran assailed an obvious foreign influence he didn’t allege some all-powerful secret plot, as described in the Meetings of the Protocols of the elders of Zion. Neither Protestant neo-conservatives nor American oil colonialism would undermine the economic interests of Big Oil to promote the geopolitical interests of Israel, however it may express its oil interests defined in terms of the survival of Israel.


When Congressman Moran and like condemned Israeli apartheid and Jewish domination of American media and financial markets, they denounce the Jewish superiority in controlling the campaign donations to influence the electoral outcomes in Federal and state elections, not the idea of Zionism or that Jews should only live in Israel and should not enjoy every human right, including the right to become the President of the country they settled in, even when they represent only 2 percent of the population of America. Congressman Moran with that owed it to Americans to tell them the whole truth, that part of the President Bush’ war drive against is being fueled by a wacko militarist clique from Jewish Israel and its interlocking bands of American Jewish and Christian supporters. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is not delirious for the war on Iraq, as only after Iraq leveled the Palestinians will give up hope for independent Palestine State. Zionist lobby wants Untied States to destroy the secular liberal regimes of Lebanon, Syria and to destroy the principal challenger to Wahhabi Saudi Arabia the Ayatollah-run Iran. Ariel Sharon forgets that terrorist attacks in Israel won’t stop unless Wahhabi clergy lost their power base in Mecca & Medina and Wahhabi Al Saud monarchy overthrown in Saudi Arabia.


(2) Rep. Jim Moran on Jewish Lobby

Rep. Jim Moran and Pat Buchanan should be complimented for their courage and dedication when they pointed out the harm the Zionist Cabal doing to United States. Jews have no right to shut them up. It is insane to hurl the charge of anti-Semitism at them. If Jews start calling patriots like Re. Jim Moran and pat Buchanan as modern day Hitler, then they are doing great service to Hitler, by making him praiseworthy in the United States. It is very true that if it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, United States would not be doing this war on Iraq. One simple glance at any Jews-owned newspaper in United States would prove the argument Jim Moran and Pat Buchanan made against Zionist Cabal. The leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough in the United States that they could change the direction of where this war on Iraq is going and US lawmakers think that influencing Jewish community has every right to influence the policy making of the White House over Iraq, and they should exercise their right.


Secretary of State Colin Powell told a US House Appropriations Subcommittee that the drive to compel Iraq to disarm stretches back over two administrations and 12 years of United Nations resolutions. It is driven by our own national interest. US policy "is not driven by any small cabal that is buried away somewhere, nor by a small group of individuals. Among the US goals are helping the U.N. to "do its job" and concern for the Iraqi people. The subcommittee chairman, Rep. Jim Kolbe wanted to clear up media suggestions that American supporters of Israel and Israel itself were driving US strategy. Rep. Jim Moran apologized for making comments asserting that influential leaders of the Jewish community were pushing the country toward war with Iraq. The northern Virginia Democrat Rep. Jim Moran remarked at a March 3 ’03 forum at a local church that Jewish support for war with Iraq was helping the administration move toward an attack. Moran, 57, told a crowd of about 120 people: "If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq we would not be doing this. The leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough that they could change the direction of where this is going and I (Moran) think they (Jews) should."


It is true that Jews control the foreign policy of the United States. United States could become a real danger to the world, if a Jewish President gets elected as the president of the predominantly Protestant United States, in the 21st Century.


(3) Can Zionist Cabal Rule Oval Office?

An immensely wealthy and powerful American Republic hijacked by a small cabal of individuals. Wherever you look in the Congress there are the telltale signs either of the Zionist lobby, or the right-wing Christian Conspiracy, or the military–industrial complex, three inordinately influential minority groups who share hostility to the pagan world, unbridled support for American Oil Colonialism, Military coup leaders, and an insensate conviction that they are on the side of the angels at war against forces of evil. President Bill Clinton once described the Zionist lobby as stunningly effective and better than anyone else lobbying this town Washington DC. Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker labeled Zionists the most effective general interest group across the entire planet. If the Zionist lobby did not exist, America would have to invent it. Rep. Richard Gephardt believed that if it weren’t for the Zionist lobby fighting on a daily basis, the close relationship between America and Israel would not be. Senator McCain argued that Zionist lobby has long played an instrumental and absolutely vital role in protecting the interests of Israel with the American government. Zionist lobby is like most political conspiracies, a set of concentric circles within circles. The two innermost circles are known as the President’s Cabinet and the Chairman’s Council, whose members take part in special events with members of Congress in elegant Washington locations. President Jacques Chirac agreed that the American Jewish Committee is the most important and powerful Jewish organization in the United States.


Congressman Moran argued on March 3, ’03 that the Jewish lobby is encouraging America to seek war with Iraq. Pat Buchanan believed that a cabal of polemicists and American public officials are colluding with Israel to ensure that our country (United States) in a series of wars that are not in America’s interests. It is wrong for Jewish lobby to unite and deny the rights of Rep. Jim Moran to expose the threats Jews pose to the security of the United States, by calling for Jim Moran’s removal from Congress and forcing DNC to marginalize and condemn him. What if Rep. Jim Moran is right, as were many detractors of Secretary Henry Kissinger who suspected the role of certain secret cabal in the genocide of 2 million Buddhists in Cambodia, camouflaged under the name of Khmer Rouge? The Protocols of the Meetings of the elders of Zion outlined the existence of such a Cabal, which may no in final analysis by Jewish, but some other group that used the name of Jews. In the interest of the security of the United States one should study the possible conspiracy, involving small cabal of individuals, representing the inter-mingling and conflicting interests of Zionist lobby, Christian religious right conservatism, Neo-conservatism, Military-industrial complex, Big Oil Colonialism, Diamond & Oil Cartel, and the Papacy. It is morally wrong and undemocratic to condemn Congressman Moran, or Pat Buchanan with anti-Semitism i.e. a hatred of Jews for their faith, heritage, or ancestry. The truth is, those hurling these charges harbor a passionate attachment to Israel a nation different from United States and they act on an assumption that, somehow, what’s good for Israel is good for America. Why should one believe that somehow there is a confluence of national interests between Protestant-majority secular America and Jewish theocratic Israel? Zionist Cabal might have conspired the President Bush’s war on oil-rich Iraq, and the liberation of Iraq would be the first of a series of wars in the Middle East that could ignite the Clash of Civilizations, a war many believe would be a tragedy for Protestant American Republic, and undermine the Axis of Monotheism developed between Vatican and Mecca.


(4) Predator Jewish Cabal

Jewish Cabal lobbied to propagate President Bush’s obsession to attack Iraq. Iraq was doomed the day George W. Bush got elected in the 2004 elections. It is stupid to argue that Jews Cabal decided the war on Iraq more than the American Big Oil. President Bush and Dick Cheny and not Jewish Cabal are responsible for America’s war on Iraq. President Bush and Dick Cheney are oil veteran and not impressionable kids or politicians for hire that Jewish Cabal could buy and fool to lead America to war on Iraq. Just as Bolshevik Jew Spymaster Lavrenti Beria profited by murdering 30 million Orthodox Russians on behalf of butcher Joseph Stalin, Jewish media whole heartedly supported war on Iraq, simply because supporting Administration’s imperial policies would help Jews increase their stronghold over America media. The Jewish philosophy of Communism influenced most of the 20th Century. The Jewish innovation of the Oil Colonialism would influence most of the 21st Century and herald the new age of colonial empires. President Bush is no puppet of Jewish Cabal, though he might have found it expedient to accept their wisdom that America, facing unprecedented economic downturn could enter the era of unprecedented prosperity by allowing American Big Oil establish direct colonial administrations over oil-producing OPEC nations in the Middle East, Africa and South America. Jewish lobby and Republican neo-conservatives have realized that War means profits and America’s colonial occupation of oil-rich Iraq to establish American Oil Colony over Iraq, would push Wall Street stock indices to unprecedented heights. Jerusalem Jews got Jesus Christ crucified and stoned to death Apostle James the elder brother of Jesus I 64 AD and other Christian Apostles and leaders. Hellenic Jews forced their entry into the early Christian churches and hijacked its leadership and imposed Oil Testament as part of the Christian Bible, even when Jesus, and Apostles had rejected the Jewish Law and Jewish scriptures. Hellenic Jews numbered 6 million people within Roman Empire and they joined forces with iconoclast Christian forces unleashed by Christian Roman Emperor (d. 395 AD) that rampaged and looted the gold and wealth of the pagan Hindu, Mazdaic, Zoroastrian temples in Greece, Rome, Egypt and Syria, in the fourth century, when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. Damascus Jews financed the Muslim raiding parties that conquered and looted the riches of the Christian Civilization of Egypt, Libya and Syria during Mecca and Damascus Caliphate. Prophet Mohammed had earlier confiscated the assets of the Jews. Damascus Jews made the pact with Muslims and Muslims accepted the Jewish dietary practices and circumcision and Jews agreed to finance the Muslim raiding parties that would loot the wealth of the Christian Egypt and Syria in exchange for the share of the loot. Jews developed the doctrine of Communism and Bolshevik Jews use it to rape and loot the wealth of Czarist Russia and Central Europe. American Jews were second-class citizens in the United States as late as 1950s. However, the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the rise of Secretary Dr. Henry J. Kissinger gave great impetus to Jewish control over media and the Wall Street, when Jews signed the pact with the pro-segregation, anti-affirmative action, white American conservatives. The alliance of Jews with white conservatives made Jews the mainstream Americans as White conservatives realized that they are more conservatives than they are. Orthodox Jews cemented ties with Protestant fundamentalism to evolve Protestantism-Judaic orthodoxy axis to challenge the threat of Vatican-Mecca axis of Fundamentalist Monotheism. Jews cemented ties with Protestant fundamentalism to develop political ties of financial capitalism with oil colonialism. Wall Street Jews aggressively promoted the concept of American Oil colonialism to prove that America no longer needed to promote the interests of Wahhabi Arabs to secure oil. American oil colonialism realized that American economy would profit more if America directly established colonial control over oil-producing Arab world. Why should American Big Oil pay to the corrupt Arab rulers $20 or more per barrel, when they could take it for $ 2 per barrel if America exercised political and military control over OPEC nations. European colonial powers, namely, Britain, France, Portugal, Belgium had given independence to colonies, simply because colonies no longer produced net cash incomes to the ruling elite of the colonial powers. The colonies in the oil-producing nations would be cash cows for the colonial rulers, and colonialism became economically viable in the 21st Century. Jewish Karl Marx showed the way to confiscate the property rich Russians, which Bolshevik Jews took with gusto. Jews showed to the American Protestant capitalists the unheard of incomes that could be made by American Big Oil capitalism, through the route of American Oil Colonialism to maintain America’s economic and military hegemony in the 21st Century. Wall Street Jews taught America’s Big Oil that wars on OPEC members to establish American oil colonies would push Dow Jones Index to more than 30,000 in few years, from its present 8,000 range. 


(5) Jewish Lobby’s Role in US’s Iraq War Policy

Colonization of the OPEC nations could provide permanent security to Israel and unprecedented growth to the American economy. Israel lost its military edge over Palestinian terrorist attacks and fear of Iraqi gas attacks. Israel found a common cause with the greed of America Big Oil, arguing that if American Big Oil acquired political control over the governments of OPEC nations, Wahhabi terrorists would lose the support of OPEC nations. The alliance of Israeli Orthodox Jews, Saudi Wahhabi Sunni Muslims and American oil colonialism, intend to impose the Wahhabi rule after the American conquest of Iraq, as they brought down the secular governments of Iran’s Shah of Iran, Bangladesh’s Mujibur Rahman, Pakistan’s Nawaj Sharief, and recent induction of Islamic prime minister of Turkey. Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait do not present any threat to Israel. Wahhabi Prince Talal instrumental in arranging Wahhabi Saudi Capital for Jewish-owned Citigroup. Orthodox Jews have excellent relationship with arch-fundamentalist Wahhabi Sunni Muslims. Jerusalem-Riyadh Axis supported the downfall of secular liberal Muslim regimes of Shah of Iran, secular Nawaj Sharief of Pakistan, secular Mujibur Rahman of Bangladesh, and secular Turkey. Damascus Jews harnessed the power of fundamentalist Saudi Bedouin to loot the riches of Christian Hindu Egypt, Syria and Libya in 7th century AD, the first century of Islam. Jewish media lobby that came to control US media during reign of Secretary Henry Kissinger, determined to lead protestant America wage war on Iraq to establish American Oil Colonies, seeks to enhance the survival of Israel with the destruction of Iraq and imposition of Wahhabi type regime in Iraq. American Oil Colonialism would convince the Wahhabi clergy in Mecca and Medina that Wahhabi control over Islamic society would continue, when Saudi Arabia came under the colonial occupation of American Oil Colonialism. American Colonialism while in control of the government in Riyadh could safeguard total religious control over Mecca and Arab women to Wahhabi clergy. So long as Arabia governed by Wahhabi Shariah, the American oil colonialism could buy the allegiance of the Wahhabi clergy for one-tenth the amount Arab rulers make currently.


(6) Jews Can’t Fool George W. Bush

Zionist Cabal did not fool, cajole, of bribe President Bush and Dick Cheney to invade Iraq to serve the national interests of Israel, because the Bush oil presidency and Bush oil administration would establish American Oil Colonial Empire, not to become the servants of fiefdoms of Jews and Israel, and would like to buy Jews rather than be bought by Jews. President Bush no impressionable kid that the shrewd Zionist Cabal would bribe, threaten or blackmail to invade Iraq. The decision to invade Iraq is President Bush’s personal decision and he alone responsible for its rewards and retributions.


Jewish lobby supported President Bush’s war on Iraq just like many million patriotic Americans, but they were not powerful enough to influence the oil colonial policies of President Bush and Dick Cheney. Obviously, Jews loved the America’s war on Iraq, because it would allow Jews to rape the Arab oil. Jews were at the forefront of the Christian marauding army of looters to loot and steal the riches of pagan temples of Greece, Rome, Syria, Libya and Egypt when fanatic Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius I (d. 295 AD) issued the edict to ban the pagan religions throughout Roman Empire. Jews were at the forefront of the traders that bought the loot of the Muslim raiding parties that invaded Christian Egypt, Syria and Libya during Mecca Caliphate and Baghdad Caliphate. Bolshevik Jews were the top looters of the Russian wealth and property after the 1917 Communist Revolution in Russia and subsequent communist takeovers in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Czechoslovakia. Russia Jews led the Russia Mafia and the predator Russian Capitalism during Gorbachev era and during Boris Yeltsin that stripped Soviet Union and Russia of its cash and riches and stashed them in Swiss banks. American Jews were at the top of the marauding Wall Street Firms that looted billions of the investors hard earned money in United States and raised the specter that Mafia moved into Wall Street after taking over global drug trade. As was expected Jews are ready, eager and willing to move into Arabia to loot the riches of the OPEC nations. Well it is the destiny of the predator Jews to loot and hunt the wealth created by others for the benefit of Jews, and there is nothing wrong in it. Every other ethnic group would do that if only they could.


49(9) Protocols of Elders of Zion & US Election 2008

(1) Papacy not Jewish Cabal represents the Hidden Hand of the World Ruler

Jews do not lead the secret organization identified in the Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion, as Roman Catholic Church is that organization, acting through some of its secret wings.


The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scene. Protestant character of the WASPs United States is under threat in the Election 2004. Pro-Life, anti-women activists have hijacked the Republican Party as well as the Reform Party.


Democratic Party’s ticket is the only chance to safeguard the Protestant character of the WASPs United States. It would be sad day for the world if Protestants lose the political leadership of the WASPs United States. The Secret Powers mentioned in the ‘Protocols’ have descended on the Protestant United States to disintegrate it, as prelude to destroying Protestantism worldwide. We want to defend Protestant Christianity and defeat anti-women forces. Presidential election of 2000 is not about economic policies as it is about Christian Sects and role of women in Christianity. Unless Protestants wake up, the Protestant Reformed Christianity of the Apostles could disappear from the face of the earth in the 21st Century.


The only statement I care to make about the ‘Protocols of the Meetings of Learned Elders of Zion’ is that they fit in with what is going on in the Christian world and in American presidential politics 2000. However, the real authors of the ‘Protocols’ are the secret sects that has never been mentioned in the ‘Protocols.’ Perhaps the original title of the ‘Protocols’ was ‘Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Jesuits.’ Jesuits were expelled from Spain, Portugal and France. The ‘Protocols’ claim that the map of the course of the Symbolic Snake is shown as follows: The snake in the third stage was in Madrid in the time of Charles V, in AD 1552. The snake in the fourth stage was in Paris about 1790, in the time of Louis XVI. The snake in the fifth stage was in London from 1814 onwards after the downfall of Napoleon. The snake in the sixth stage of the snake was in Berlin in 1871 after the Franco-Prussian War. The snake in the seventh stage was in St. Petersburg. All these nation states and kingdoms the ‘Symbolic Snake of Protocols’ symbolizing the ‘Hidden Hand of Protocols,’ traversed have had the foundations of their constitutions shaken. Constantinople is shown as the last stage of the Symbolic Snake’s course before it reaches Jerusalem. Vatican destroyed the power of Ottoman Empire and replaced the Islamic rule of the Ottomans over Turkey by secular Christianized military rule over Turkey, permanently destroying the power base of Islam on the very seat of the Caliph of Islam. The occurrence of the ‘Young Turk Revolution’ headed by Kemal Pasha Ataturk represents the Catholic Revolution in Turkey. The overthrow of King Faisal in Iraq and its replacement by secular Christianized rule of Saddam Hussein represent Catholic domination of Iraq. The persecution of Sunni Kurds represents the persecution of the race of Salauddin, the scion of Kurds, who liberated Jerusalem from the control of Crusaders after Third Crusades. Vatican succeeding in liberating the Jerusalem from the Islamic rule and gave it to Ashkenazi Bolshevik Jews, who had cooperated with Papacy during the destruction of Orthodox Russian Monarchy. The recent 2000 visit of Pope John Paul II to Jerusalem represented the first ever visit of the Roman Catholic Pope to Jerusalem, and it symbolizes the conquest of Jerusalem by Catholics. The ‘Protocols’ represents the key, which explains that 1999 Synod of Asia declared the Catholic dream to re-Christianize North Africa and Mediterranean Arabia, as these nations were Gentile Christian nations before Islamic warriors conquered them. The ‘Hidden Hand’ and ‘Elders’ mentioned in the ‘Protocols’ does not represent the ‘Board of Deputies,’ or ‘Jewish Parliament,’ or ‘Universal Israelite Alliance,’ but the secret society based in the Vatican itself. The ‘Hidden hand’ controls and nominates College of Cardinals and Popes. The ‘Hidden Hand’ controls others and is not controlled by others even it is not controlled by known and visible entity in the Roman Catholic Church. The ‘Hidden hand’ could have been responsible for the death/murder of Pope John Paul II in 1978, which served only for 34 days. The selection of Poland-born, non-Italian Pope, and his longest duration of reign has fundamentally changed the ethnic character of the Papacy and the College of Cardinals. More than ninety percent of the voting members of the College of Cardinals directly owe their position to John Paul II. The next Pope would be the puppet of the ‘Hidden hand of the Protocols,’ and unleash apocalyptic game plan to implement the ‘Hidden World Plot.’


The ‘Protocols (1905)’ are 95 years old, and they have fitted the world situation and the role of organized Church up to this time. The ‘Protocols’ helps us understand the role of Religion in world politics. The ‘Protocols’ could not be authored by Jews to explain Jew world Plot, because the authors of any seditious literature are never foolish of leaving their name in bold print, especially in the era when Jews were persecuted in Ghettos. Jesuits, the secret society of the Vatican, could be having some seats as ‘Elders of the Hidden hand.’


Normally the author of any seditious literature, like ‘Protocols,’ would be the very secret organization, never mentioned in the seditious literature. The very fact that ‘Protocols’ never mention Jesuits and Papacy, though it mentions Masonic Lodges, it point the finger towards Vatican as the author of the ‘Protocols.’ Catholic Secret societies commissioned the Protocols, during the imprisonment of Pope in Vatican from 1870 to 1928. Pope John Paul II has publicly acknowledged the spiritual relevance of Fatima Prophecy of 1907. The Fatima Prophecy and Protocols of the learned elders of Zion, both point out the prophecy of the fall of Russian Orthodoxy and Russian Czarist Monarchy.  Vatican’s plot to undermine United States by hijacking US presidential elections, in the light of the wisdom and strategies had been lucidly explained in the Protocol.


The world ‘Protocol’ signifies a précis gummed on to the front of the document. These Protocols reveal the concerted plan of action by the Roman Catholic Church developed through the ages and perfected by Papal Secret Societies, during the seclusion of Pope in Vatican from 1870 to 1928. Authors of ‘Protocols’ commissioned Karl Marx and Fredrick Engel to produce secular materialist doctrine to front the Communist Religion of Devil for destroying the Eastern Religions, namely Orthodoxy and Buddhism. ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,’ ‘Fatima Prophecy,’ and ‘Communist Manifesto’ were commissioned by same ‘Elders’ who authored the Manual for the Inquisition. Right wing Protestants argue that the likely ‘Elders’ or ‘Directors’ of the ‘Hidden Hand’ alluded to in the ‘Protocols’ might include Henry Kissinger, and secret leaders of Vatican, pro-Life movement, Jesuits, CIA, De Beers, OPEC, Mafia, and Bolshevik Jews. Albert Arnold Gore forced to nominate Orthodox Jew, because then only Democrats would succeed in taming the Elders of the Hidden Hand in the Election 2000. The US presidential election 2000 is turning point in the history. These Elections represent the bold move of the ‘Elders of the Protocol’ in the Holy Year of Jubilee, to bring United States under the influence of Vatican. It is prelude to bring the entire Protestant and Orthodox Christian world and Sunni North Africa under the sway of Roman Catholic Christianity in the 21st Century. The right-wing Protestant alumni of Bob Jones University are ready and willing to defeat the conspiracies of dark forces represented by the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion.’ Protestants believe that Vatican had commissioned the ‘Protocols,’ and it outlines in detail the ‘Catholic World Plot.’ United States is the principal target of the forces alluded to in the ‘Protocols,’ because the downfall of the Protestant United States, paves the way for the ‘Vatican World Empire’ during 21st Century. Only Hindu India and Protestant WASPs stands as obstacles to the ‘Vatican World Plot,’ as all other powers including Russia and China are effectively neutralized. It is no wonder that Hindu India and Protestant WASPs emerged as the principal threat to the ‘Catholic World Plot.’ It explains, why democratic, capitalist United States prefers atheist Communist China and terrorist Sunni Pakistan to democratic, capitalist, Hindu India. Anti-Communist right wing political movements in Hindu India, Protestant United States, Austria and Italy should join forces to defeat the unholy anti-Hindu and anti-Protestant coalition organized by the ‘Hidden Hands of the Protocols,’ and help the victory of Gore-Lieberman presidential ticket. The political legitimization of pro-right Protestant WASPs in United States, pro-right Monarchists in Italy, pro-right Hindu fundamentalists in India, and pro-right Falun Gong Buddhists in China, tames the evil forces alluded to in the ‘Protocols.’


(2) Hidden Hand of Protocol’s Foreign Policy

The ‘Hidden hand of the Elders of the Protocols’ has targeted the popular presidencies of the United States to break the will of the democratic Secular popularly elected politicians. President Richard M. Nixon was one of the brightest politicians in the American history. President Bill Clinton has been one of the most savvy, popularly elected politicians in the modern history. The Enemies of the United States targeted impeachment proceedings against the two most popular presidents in the US history, to blackmail future presidents to accept the suzerainty of the ‘Hidden hand of the Elders.’ Impeachment proceedings against President Nixon and President Clinton had been the result of the Catholic extreme religious right conspiracies, because Nixon and Clinton dared to challenge the Papal World Plot. President Nixon had been a declared anti-Semitic, from the times he prosecuted leading Jews for the theft of Atomic Bomb technology thefts. However, Henry Kissinger, National Security Adviser, became Secretary of State, and totally restructured the foreign policy of the United States, based on the bedrock of pro-Semite geopolitical perceptions, which continues to this date. President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton adopted pro-independent Palestine State foreign policy. However, under Madeleine Albright United States blatantly bombed Yugoslavia to inflict $40 billion civilian infra structure damage. Secretary Kissinger overthrew the government of Buddhist Prince Sihanouk, and caused the 2 million Buddhist deaths in Cambodia and Laos. Had there been no Impeachment proceedings, United States would have destroyed neither Buddhist Cambodia, nor Orthodox Christian Yugoslavia. Henry Kissinger might plan the Cambodian-type operations against Hindu-majority Bali Islands and Christian East Timor.


(3) Hidden Hand Stage-Managed Prez Reagan

The ‘Hidden hand of the Elders’ might have influenced the foreign policy making of the Reagan Administration, after he was rendered ‘Apparent Airhead’ during last 7 years of his two-term presidency. Pulitzer Prize writer Edmund Morris writes in his new biography of President Reagan, “Dutch” that after the 1981 assassination attempt President Reagan was an ‘Apparent Airhead.’ However, he retained ‘useful intelligence,’ but he deleted all data that threatened to encumber him. The relentless banality not to say incoherence, he displayed in his press interviews, bothered everyone. President Reagan did not pay any attention to issues other that, (a) Contra Aid, (b) Strategic Defense, (c) moral warfare against Communism, (d) restoration of American national spirit. The Great Communicator was an Apparent Airhead. A commission should be set up to investigate: Whether certain extra-constitutional body exploited the brain damage of President Reagan. The liberation of Catholic Poland, Catholic Croatia, Catholic Slovenia and Catholic Czech, and the support to anti-Pagan Contra mercenaries shows a shift in US policies.


United States as the world’s leading Christian power, inherited the patrimony of Byzantine Emperors, which kept Pope under control. When head of the state of the world’s sole super power, subject to the checks and balance of the Impeachment, then it makes sense that Pope and Cardinals should also be subject to the checks and balance of Impeachment. Similarly, the office of the Independent Counsel Robert Ray should be subject to the check and balance of Impeachment. The obsession to Monica Lewinsky’s sex affair, by Independent Counsel Robert Ray, reminds of great similarity of the obsession of Catholic Inquisition Judges with the sex. It suggests that the Independent Counsel Robert Ray and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, might be representing the pro-Pope lobby in the United States, determined to subvert the secular power of the elected President, to make Oval Office subservient to Vatican. The success of Independent Counsel in jailing President Bill Clinton after he leaves the office, would result in the break up of the United States, and ignite Protestants versus Catholics Counter Reformation Civil War in the United States. Only American people have the right to punish the popular President. Prosecution of popular Protestant president Bill Clinton, after he leaves office, on frivolous sex-grounds, would give birth to Fascist political movements in the United States. Then in 2004 Elections, Fascists represented by Bob Jones University would capture political power in the United States, by winning the US presidency, with the declared manifesto to make South America Protestant-majority, Protestant continent. Those who support the prosecution of President Bill Clinton by Impeachment and by Independent Counsel Robert Ray should also support the democratization of the Vatican and the institutional procedures for the Impeachment of Pope and Cardinals. There should also be Independent Counsel type institution to supervise and prosecute any wrong doings of the Vatican. Are the Impeachment proceedings of Nixon and Clinton, result of the ‘Hidden hand of the Elders of the Protocol?’ Impeachment and Independent Counsel menaces the democratic structure of the WASPs United States. To protect the protect the democratic character of the WASPs United States, the Protestants would demand the democratization of the Vatican, and promote closer ties with the pro-monarchy, pro- right political movement in Italy. Protestants in United States should not allow non-democratic forces to exploit the political freedom and elections in United States, to destroy the democratic rights of the Protestants.


(4) Semite Marxism As Religion of Devil

Marxists and Communists are Devil worshippers and Marxism is the blood thirsty Devil’s Cult. The so-called philosophy of Marxism, Communism, Bolshevism and Maoism represented the Semite dialectic camouflage over materialist religion of Devil that demanded human sacrifices by the revolutionaries to please devil. The celebrated philosopher Semite Karl Marx was a shit-philosopher who produced the shit-philosophy of Marxism, as a camouflage to justify the historical tendency of the Jews to loot the property of the non-Semite Civilizations. The Jewish lobby and Jewish thinkers painted the shit of Marxism in the golden paints and studded it with brilliant jewels so that the Marxist shit could pass as great philosophy of the age.


How, otherwise one can explain that while Bolshevik Jews destroyed Orthodox, Catholic, Buddhist and Islamic religious education and infrastructure, it secretly propagated the studies and religious practices of Judaism. Every Bolshevik Jew that landed in Western airport surprised his Western hosts by his firm Jewish religious convictions, deep scriptural knowledge of Torah and invariably joined the religious sects of Orthodox Jews. Semite writers eulogized the shit philosophy of Karl Marx, as it camouflaged the iconoclast monotheism under the cloak of secular doctrine. Semite Marxism and Communism was a religious cult of Devil, and Semite Lavrenti Beria massacred 30 million Orthodox Russians to please his materialist Devil deity. Communist Beria, Communist Mao and Communist Pol Pot murdered millions to worship dialectic Devil by human sacrifices. The atheist philosophy of Marxism and Communism camouflages the Religion of Devil under the veneer of dialectic materialism, which had put the religious Idealistic materialism of Hegel on its head.


First, Karl Marx was a prostitute philosopher hired by the British Empire to produce philosophic concoction to destroy Russian Czarist Empire and Buddhist China. Semite thinkers throughout history devised iconoclast monotheist doctrines to justify the loot of the wealthy civilizations of their times. Marxism and Communism was the Devil’s religion, designed by the iconoclast Jews to loot the Russian Civilization. Marxism was not a political philosophy, but a religious cult, that justified the looting of the property of the non-Semite civilizations. Semite theologians devised Judeo-Christianity to loot the ancient temples of Egypt, Greece and Rome. Semite theologians devised Semite Islam to loot the property of Christian Syria, Egypt and Libya. Semite theologians devised Religion of Marxism to justify the looting of the property and wealth of Orthodox Russia, Buddhist China and Orthodox Eastern Europe.


Second, the West undermined the Buddhist Monarchy in China and Vietnam and imposed the rule of Communists to destroy the Buddhist Civilization of China and Vietnam, to make them vulnerable to Christian proselytizing. The West promoted Communism and Marxism in Russia to destroy the Slav Russians. It is no wonder that Bolshevik Jew spymaster Lavrenti Beria sent more than 30 million Russians to death until 1953, and no Western nation demanded war crime trials for Beria, even when Nazi Holocaust resulted in Nuremberg War Crimes trials.    


Third, the Third Reich at the end of the First World War supported Vladimir Lenin’s return to Russia. Without the help of Germany Bolshevik Revolution would not captured power in Russia. Germany had the foresight that Communist rule over Russia would weaken Russia. Mao Tse tung was supported by America in China. United States forced Chiang Kai sheik to abandon final attack on Communist stronghold in Manchuria, and encouraged pro-Chiang military leader of Yunnan province in south China, to surrender to Communists. United States supported the rule of atheist Communist Mao in Mainland China and rule of Christian Chiang Kai sheik in Taiwan to destroy the political power of the Buddhists in China.


Fourth, Semite Bolshevik Jew spymaster Lavrenti Beria financed the Nazi hunters so that the world’s media spotlight might not focus on the Holocaust of Orthodox Russians and Orthodox East Europeans engineered by Lavrenti Beria in Russia and his minions in Eastern Bloc, which continued 8 years after the end of the Second World War until 1953. Jewish media hyped the Nazi Holocaust of Jews to hide and camouflage the Bolshevik Jews Holocaust of Orthodox Russians, which continued unabated till 1953. The failure to prosecute Bolshevik Jews for crimes of genocide resulted in the genocide of 2 million Cambodian Buddhists during Pol Pot regime and genocide of 60 million Chinese Buddhists during evil regime of Mao Tse tung in China.


(5) Genocide By Bolshevik Jew Lavrenti Beria

Stalin's Jew Lavrenti Beria the Spymaster, the Bolshevik Jew mass killer that massacred 30 million pious Orthodox Russians and his gang has escaped prosecution for war crimes and crime of genocide. Those who prosecute Austria's pre-1945 holocaust should also investigate pre-1955 massacre of Christians by Bolshevik Jew Lavrenti Beria, the famous Stalin's spymaster, whose follower Christian Pol Pot also presided over the genocide of 2,000,000 Buddhists in Cambodia. Justice demands that all mass killers of whatever ethnicity and religious background and Church should face the same standard of genocide, war crimes and massacre. By focusing on Austria, the other bigger criminals escape. How come no western investigator talked about the massacre of 30,000,000 Orthodox Christians by Bolshevik Beria, who continued to slaughter millions long after Hitler was dead? How come the West kept quite on Bolshevik Jew Beria and Christian Pol Pot of Khmer Rouge in Cambodia while Beria and Pol Pot were killing with open knowledge of the Western media? Did Beria bribe the Western investigation agencies that kept quite on the genocide committed by Beria, Pol Pot and Idi Amin? Bolshevik Jew Lavrenti Beria was the greatest Evil person of 2nd Millennium and still no one talks about the genocide committed by Bolshevik Jew Beria. Why?



49(10) Conclusion




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Kalki Gaur, “GNOSTIC BIBLE” (2006)

Kalki Gaur, “POPULIST MANIFESTO” (2006)

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Kalki Gaur Books are as follows:

Kalki Gaur, “GLOBAL CLASH OF RACES” (2006)






Kalki Gaur, “GNOSTIC BIBLE” (2006)

Kalki Gaur, “POPULIST MANIFESTO” (2006)

The complete text of 5,000 pages of Books by Kalki Gaur available for free download at following Kalki Blogs for academic and non-commercial usage.

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