Chapter 46

Rise of Hinduism in 21st Century- Kalki Gaur

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46(1) Purport- 46(2) Talk Points

In the modern independent Hindu India, the diplomacy and the foreign policy should promote the religious interests of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism and paganism. India should develop closer inter-civilization relationship with Buddhist civilization and pagan civilizations. Should Hindu India support Protestant Christianity and Orthodox Christianity in the wars of Christian religious sects? Since Russian Orthodoxy does not recognize Hinduism as legitimate religion, should Hindu India align with Catholic Church to undermine Orthodox Christianity? How can Hindu India influence Putin’s Russia to force Russian Orthodox on Church its stand on Hinduism? Should Hindu India support Shiite Muslims in Iran and Iraq to profit by Iranian-Arab, Shiite-Sunni conflicts? Should Hindu India fight for the religious, social cultural and political rights of Africa’s pagans? Should Hindu India lead the global coalition of idolaters, Buddhists and pagans to protect them against the onslaught of white iconoclasts? Hindu India should develop the “Organization of Buddhist States” to lead the multi-country forum, which may include Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. This is the argument author develops in this chapter.


Christian diplomats promote the proselytizing interests of Christianity. Christian colonial empires camouflaged their genocidal policies in the garb of promoting Christian civilization. United States entered the war in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia primarily to promote Christianity in the Buddhist lands. Islamic nations define the principal objective of their foreign policy to promote Islamic interests. The secularist Marxists of the Soviet Union didn’t harm the religious interests of Russian Orthodoxy while implementing their Marxian dogma that Religion is the Opiate of the Masses. Christian Communist Mao Tse tung Zedong joined forces with Catholic Chiang kai sheik and Sun Yatsen to forge Judeo-Communism’s anti-Buddhist political alliance with Judeo-Christianity, to damage Buddhism in China. Secretary Henry Kissinger and Mao Zedong entered into conspiracy to undermine Buddhism in Cambodia by helping Pol Pot acquire political power in Cambodia. In the post-Cold War age Hindu India should develop closer religious, cultural political and military ties with Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Burma.


46(3) Christians Attack Hinduism

Hindus are baffled that Christian media denigrates Hinduism, while eulogizing Islam. Western media projects Hinduism in bad light, even when West accepts Indian society far more advanced than any Muslim society. Christian mind biased against Hinduism and Buddhism, even when Hindu and Buddhist societies are very advanced and liberal. Christians praise Islam, even when many Muslim nations would hang a Christian priest for the crime of proselytizing. Christian media criticizes religious intolerance in India, even when Christians enjoy greater freedom in Hindu India, than they enjoy in any Muslim nation.


How to philosophically identify a world religion that could be worshipping Devil, while disguising it as God? How to spot a Devil if he asks people to worship him as a God? How to know who is God and who is a Devil? How to identify who is the representative of God on earth and who is the representative of Devil one earth? Catholic Church and Southern Baptist Protestant Church at times condemned Hindus worship Satan. Hindu gods and ancient Greek and Roman gods mentioned by Catholic writers as Daemon. Hindus would like to discuss the possibility that Catholic Church and Protestant Southern Baptist Church, the power behind the Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy, could be involved in the worship of Devil or Satan. How to prove or disprove Whether Hindus or Catholics worship Devil? Perhaps the nature of religious propagation would help us separate the religion of Devil from the religion of God. Whether God will be willing to use force to propagate God’s religion, more than what devil would do to propagate Devil’s religion? If a world religion uses sword to propagate itself, more than other world religion, which religion is more likely to be the religion of god and why? Whether god or devil would force women into bondage and servitude to men? Whether the religion that venerates women priestesses and goddesses more likely or less likely to be the religion of God and why? What are the likely attributes of the religion of Devil, different from the religion of God? What does one gains or loses by worshipping God or Devil respectively? How to define Evil and Virtue and how to differentiate Evil from Virtue? Only Pope Leo XIII, on record to have overheard the conversation involving God and Satan in 1890, white papacy was the prisoner of Vatican on orders of King of House of Savoy.


46(4) Who Worships Satan?

(1) Southern Baptist Convention

The largest Protestant denominations in United States with 15 million members, Southern Baptists International Mission Board, contend million of Hindus worship in the darkness of Satan. The pamphlet begins by saying, "More than 900 million people are lost in the hopeless darkness of Hinduism. Southern Baptists should pray that Hindus who celebrate the festival of light would become aware of the darkness in their hearts that no lamp can dispel. The Baptist laity should pray for the conversion of Hindus during Diwali. Pray for the million of Hindu souls. Hindus worship gods, which are not God. Hindus have no concept of sin or personal responsibility. Pray that the darkness and power of Satan will be broken. Hindus are lost. We are all lost without Jesus Christ. Baptists argue that they are not encouraging people to go out on the streets and buttonhole every Hindu they see. However, it would be wonderful if the opportunity arises. Southern Baptists are also planning a guide for offering prayers for Buddhists.


Rev. Paige Patterson is the President of the Southern Baptists, and President of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C. Within the Southern Baptists there is a totally new bureaucracy in place, and the bureaucracy is on board with the Southern Baptist Churches. As a result of long struggle, which culminated in the early 1990's, a conservative group led by Mr. Patterson and others, displaced a theologically moderate group from control of Southern Baptist missionary agencies, seminaries and publishing operations. Mr. Pattersen said the underlying issue in the controversy over evangelism was one of religious liberty. Baptists define religious liberty as a free marketplace of ideas. The only people who fear a free marketplace of religious ideas are people who are afraid their idea may not have enough currency. Mr. Pattersen quotes the New Testament verse John 14:6, in which Jesus says that he is "the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the father except through me."

(2) Is Buddhism Not a Religion?

The Vatican argues that Buddhism does not believe in God, thereby Buddhism is not a Religion. Catholic missionaries call Hinduism a Pagan religion. Catholic literature depicts Hindu Goddess Kali as a form of Devil. It is possible that Catholic spies have taken over Southern Baptist Church. Catholic spies masquerading as Protestants undermining credibility of Protestants by anti-Hindu rhetoric's, hoping Hindus would join forces with Catholics in Counter Reformation Wars. Hindu response to the foolish statements of Southern Baptists shall be to expel current leadership of the Southern Baptist Church, by exposing them as secret agents of Catholic Pope.


(3) Devil

The conception of Satan as we understand it today is almost purely Hebrew, Christian and Islamic. Devil is a name derived from the Greek Diabalos, slanderer. Devil is the Christian name for the supreme spirit of evil, the enemy of God and man. In Hinduism and in ancient religions there is no conception of evil, and the gods are neither good nor bad, as we conceive these terms, but may possess good and bad attributes at one and same time. Thus, we have very few traces of beings, which are evil, in ancient religions. In Egypt and Babylon, figures like Apepi and Tiawath, are by no means rulers of the infernal regions. God Yama who decides fate of beings in Hell is the God of Justice and is totally impartial and without malice. The Hades of the Greeks is merely a ruler of the shades of the dead and not an enemy of Olympus or mankind. In Mexico, Mictalantecutli, the lord of Hell, is a much more directly Satanic figure. It is not likely that before the captivity in Egypt, the Hebrews held any specific doctrine respecting evil spirits. The original idea of Satan was that of an adversary or agent of opposition. In later Judaism, we find the conception of Satan strongly colored by Persian dualism. The Asmodeus of the Jews Book of Tobit is the same as Aeshara Daewa of the Ancient Persians.


(4) Devil Worship

Hindus have never worshipped devil. Hinduism does not accept the concept of devil. No ancient religion worshipped devil. The worship of Devil is the Zoroastrian, Judaic and Christian phenomenon. The worship of Satan or diabolism is spasmodic and occasionally epidemic. It dates from the early days of dualism when the opposing deities Ormuzd and Ahriman symbolized the good and bad principles respectively. Many Christian sects have periodically indulged in the Sabbatical orgies of witchcraft and the evocation of the "Evil One" for making a pact with him. The "Cultus of Lucifer" and the members of the "Church of Lucifer" regard the deity they adore as the evil principle and are Satanists. Some members of Church of Lucifer look upon Satan as true god in opposition to Adonai or Jehovah. They regard Adonai and Jehovah, as an evil deity who with fiendish ingenuity miscreated the world of man to the detriment of humanity. It has been asserted by many writers such as Archbishop Meurin and Dr. Bataille that Freemasonry is merely a mask of Satanism. (Lewis Spence, An Encyclopedia of Occultism, 1988, p 122-124). When applied to the ceremonies of Pagan Barbarous races in Africa, Asia and America, devil-worship is a misnomer, as the devils adored by them are deities in their eyes. The Uapes of Brazil worship JURUPARI, a fiend-like deity, to whom they consecrate their young men. The Chinese placate devils as do the people of Burma and Cambodia, but in no sense can their oblations to evil spirits be classed as worship. The gods of ancient religions and pagan civilizations cannot be regarded as devils simply because they were so labeled by Christian missionaries. No pagan religion has ever worshipped devil, in the world. Only certain sects in Zoroastrianism, Judaism, and Christianity have conducted devil worship rites.


46(5) Buddhism Denied as Civilization?

(1) Buddhism Not a Civilization

Professor Samuel P. Huntington writes in, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order that Religion is a central defining characteristic of civilization. The great religions are the foundations on which great civilization rest. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Confucianism are associated with major civilizations. The fifth, Buddhist is not associated with major civilization. Why is this case? Like Islam and Christianity, Buddhism early separated into two main subdivisions. Like Christianity, Buddhism did not survive in the land of its birth. Beginning in the first Century AD, Mahayana Buddhism was exported to China and subsequently to Korea, Vietnam, and Japan. In these societies, Buddhism was variously adapted, assimilated to the indigenous culture, and suppressed. In china Buddhism was adapted and assimilated to Confucianism and Taoism. Hence, Buddhism remains an important component of their cultures. However, the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese societies do not constitute and would not identify themselves as part of a Buddhist civilization. Overall, however, the virtual extinction of Buddhism in India and its adaptation and incorporation into existing cultures in China and Japan mean that Mahayana Buddhism, although a major religion, has not been the basis of a major civilization. Theravada Buddhist civilization, however, does exist in Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Populations of Tibet, Mongolia, and Bhutan have historically subscribed to Lamaist version of Mahayana Buddhism, and these societies constitute a second area of Buddhist civilization.

(2) Christians are Asura Rakshasa

Protestants have declared a war on Hinduism. Hindus should respond to the Protestant declaration of war, in the manner Deva king Indra responded to the attacks of Asura demons. Christians are Rakshashas and unless defeated in religious wars, would threaten Hinduism. Hindus should retaliate against the culture and religion of Christians, as King Indra would have done against the menace of Raksashas. Bhagwad Gita provides us the guideline to conceptualize the suitable response to the declaration of war by Southern Baptist Protestant Raksashas. Hindu Protestant war would take the form of Deva-Raksasha war. Hindus should fight the religious war with scriptural weapons. The main issue in the Hindu-Southern Baptist confrontation is to decide whether Christianity or Hinduism is a religion of Devil. Protestants have accused Hindus to be Devil worshippers. Now Hindus should prove that Protestant Christianity represents the Evil Principle and worships Devil. There is no half way. It is a total war. Southern Baptist Church is the predominant Protestant Church in the United States.

(3) Gnostic Yahweh is Angra Manyu Evil

According to the Gnostic Christian view, if the world is evil, its creator was evil. Its Creator was exactly Satan, who appeared to Christ in the desert, and is the Yahweh of the Old Testament. The Buddhist counterpart is the tempter of the Buddha, Kama-Mara, (Occidental Mythology, p. 371). The narrator Apostle John, in the Acts of John, in the anathematized second passage, proceeded to a view of the Crucifixion itself from the standpoint of the Docetic understanding of the mystery. The 'Father' receiving praise in these ejaculations cannot be identified either with the God of the Old Testament or with Father of the New Testament. The best analogy is with the Ahura Mazda of the Persian Myth. Yahweh or Elohim is then approximately the counterpart of Angra Manyu, the Creator of the World of the Lie; in which we live and from which the Savior is to set us free. (p.373). Docetic Gnostic Coptic Christianity does not accept Yahweh as God. Gnostics reject the spiritual legacy of Old Testament. Until the Council of Nicaea of 325 AD, the Asian and African Christian Churches derived their concept of Almighty God from Zoroastrian Ahura Mazda.

(4) 1890 Pope Leo XIII heard Satan

This vision of the diabolical twentieth-century is profoundly apocalyptic. Pope Leo XII during 1890s had experienced a diabolical vision, similar to that of Mirjana. Pope declared that God Lord allowed him, to overhear a conversation between Satan and the Lord. Satan declared that if he had enough time and enough power he would be able to destroy the Church. God gave permission to Satan to take the bulk of the twentieth century as a time in which Devil allowed to test and tempt the Catholic Church, but after that his power would be limited again.

(5) Goddess Mary fights Satan-Father Gobbi

In 1984, Fr Gobbi was told by Mary, that her 'struggle with the Devil was to last throughout the whole century as a proud challenge to God on the part of my (Mary's) Adversary. At Oliveto Citra in Italy, the Virgin has declared that Satan's final hour started a century ago. Thomas Petrisko describes a 1993 vision at Oliveto Citra in Italy, that 'through the grace of the Father, I (Mary) am permitted to be with you during this time of Great Tribulation on earth. This Tribulation has been present since the beginning of this century, with the start of Satan's 100-year reign, and is escalating at the end of the Century. (Thomas W. Petrisko, Call of the Ages, Queenship, Santa Barbara, CA, 1995, p.xxi)

(6) Reign of Anti-Christ

The idea that the powers of evil will be allowed a limited time to ram the earth, after which order will be restored, is found in Zoroastrianism, the world's first apocalyptic belief system. In Christianity, its most enduring expression is the reign of Antichrist. It is believed that this Evil incarnation will appear immediately before the Second Coming. The new Catechism of the Catholic Church states that before the Second Coming, the Church must pass through a final trial will shake the belief of many believers. Millenarianism itself can be the manifestation of the Antichrist.


46(6) Hindu & Buddhist Response to Christian War

PURPOSE OF THE AUTHOR: The author presents the present book, Clash of Religions in Hindu Buddhist Worldview to answer the allegations of Southern Baptists and to develop the outline of Hindu response to it.


OPEN CIVILIZATION’S WAR: Christian missionaries have misused the liberal Hindu and Buddhist societies to attack matriarchal religions of Hinduism and Buddhism and condemned them as Pagan beliefs. Hinduism is not a proselytizing religion. Hinduism does not propagate by sword. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism propagated by sword. Hinduism in alignment with Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Sikhism, Jainism, Kabalism, Sufism, Shintoism, Shamanism, and Tribalism should plan a global strategy to check the proselytizing menace of Christianity in the World.


NO PERMANENT CIVILIZATION’S ENEMY: There are no permanent civilization’s friends and no permanent civilization’s enemies in the global civilization’s war and wars of religious sects. Hinduism has no sect loyalty. Hindus worldwide are organized around the Hindu identity. Hindu sects do not command ethnic loyalty, because members of a single family may belong to different sects and revere all deities of all different sects in the same altar. Hindu temples even when dedicated to a particular deity, also install deities of competing sects within the same temple premises, and priests are free to worship more than one deities. The 900 million Hindus constitute a single largest religious sect in the world. Neither the Catholic Church nor Sunni Muslims have more followers. Hindu civilization would choose its short-term and long-term civilization’s allies depending upon local realities, with the sole objective of winning the global civilization’s war of religions.


CATHOLIC WAR ON ORTHODOX CHURCH: Should Hindu and Buddhist civilizations exploit the Catholic-Orthodoxy war to undermine the stronghold of Catholics and Protestants in Asia and Africa. India and China could align with Eastern Christianity to convert Catholics and Protestants to Orthodox Christian Churches of Ethiopia, Coptic, Gnostics and Arian. India can also align with Russian Orthodox Church to bring Christians in Asia under Russian Orthodox Church.


RISE OF BLACK GNOSTIC CHRISTIANITY: Black Tribal Africa is rejecting Islam and Christianity as the religion imposed by slave traders. Armed Muslim Arab terrorists committing genocide of Tribal Africans in Sudan, Chad, Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Congo, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso throughout black Africa south of Sahara. Hindu civilization supports the ancient religions of Tribal Africans of Great Mother, a manifestation of Hindu Goddess Kali and Pharaohs' Goddess Isis. Black Africans have reclaimed Christian Virgin Mary as Black Goddess. Black Africans have rejected Catholicism and Protestantism as religions of White slave traders. Black Africans want to follow the non-Arab Ethiopian Christian Church. Ethiopian Orthodox Church would replace Catholic and Protestant Churches as the dominant Christian sect in Africa, Southern Asia, and South America. Perhaps India and China should hand over all Catholic and Protestant Church property to the Ethiopian Church. The theology and doctrine of Ethiopian Black Christian Orthodox Church is superior to Catholic and Protestant dogmas.


RISE OF FEMALE CHRISTIAN APOSTLES: During first four centuries in the Christian era, the female Apostles dominated Christian Church. Hindu civilization would support the Book of May, by Apostle Mary Magdalene as the Principle Christian Apostle. The Gnostic Church, Arian Church, and Ethiopian Church provide superior dogma and doctrine than Catholic as well as Protestant Churches. Hindu India should respond to the attack of white Southern Baptists by overthrowing the domination of male dominant patriarchal Catholic and Protestant Church, by supporting Black Gnostic Christianity and Feminine Christianity. The rise of the Goddess religion would elevate the role of Virgin Mary as embodiment of Almighty Goddess. Christians would soon accept Virgin Mary to be superior to Jesus Christ. The male dominant patriarchal Christianity would yield to female dominant matriarchal Christianity. Jesus Christ would become the divine son of Almighty Goddess. Jesus Christ did not accept the Judaic spiritual traditions. Jesus Christ had not accepted the spiritual traditions of Old Testament. The religion propagated by Jesus Christ derived its spiritual legacy from Zoroastrians and Maggi. The spiritual significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after Crucifixion becomes clear in religion of goddess Isis and goddess Innanna, where the consort/son of Isis traverses the underworld and revives. The resurrection of Jesus Christ represented that Jesus presented the Religion of Goddess to the Jews. Jesus propagated the concept of God as the Father in the heaven. God as father is the total negation of the Judaism and Islam. The impersonal God of Islam and Judaism is totally opposed to the concept of God as the Person as Father. Christianity during next Century would become different from Christianity of today. Hindu civilization would encourage the transformation of Christianity.


MERGER OF CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM: When there is only one God then why should there be so many different sects and so many religions. All religions of the world should merge into similar religions. All Occidental religions could merge under the leadership of Christian Holy Trinity of Godhead. Hindu civilization would help Christian nations in Christianizing the Islamic world. With India's help Indonesia, Malaysia, Libya, Algeria, Turkey, Egypt, Albania, Kosovo, and Bosnia could become Christian nation. Christianizing of the Islamic world is in the civilization interests of the Hindu and Buddhist world. India is willing to join forces with Christians to Christianize the Islamic world, so that the sons of Abraham could worship the Holy Trinity of Godhead. Christianizing of the Islamic world would remove the threat of Islamic fundamentalism and Islamic terrorism. Hindus and Buddhists do not want to convert Muslims, as there are already 900 million Hindus and 1,400 million Buddhists in the world. Either Christians become Muslims or Muslims should become Christians. Buddhism and Hinduism would merge to form universal Religion known as Dhamma in Pali and Dharma in Sanskrit.


SHOULD HINDUS RECONVERT CHRISTIANS? Hindu India should not reconvert Indian Catholics and Protestants. However, India should encourage Black Gnostic Christianity, Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Gnostic Church, and Arian church to replace Catholic and Protestant Churches of White Christianity. India should provide full support to Black Gnostic Christianity and Goddess worshipping Christianity in Asia and Africa. Ancient civilizations of Asia and Africa do not need Whites to teach them religion. India would encourage Indian Christians follow Ethiopian, Arian, Gnostic, and Orthodox Christian Churches.


SUPPORT BLACK GNOSTIC CHRISTIANITY: The predominance of White Christianity of Catholic and Protestant Churches is not in the national interests of Egyptian Coptic, Ethiopian Orthodoxy and Syrian Orthodox Churches who were predominant before the fall of the Byzantine Eastern Christianity. India should support moral and material support to the Egyptian, Syrian and Ethiopian Christianity.


46(7) Stop Denigrating Swastika

WAS POPE PIUS XII A HITLER'S POPE? Zionists media indulges into iconoclast anti-Hindu rhetoric against Holy Swastika. Zionists portray Holy Swastika as evil. Swastika is the holiest symbol of almighty God, in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Fanatic Jews currently represent Swastika as the symbol of Evil, because of its association with Hitler. Hitler was a Christian. As John Cornwell's recent book, "Hitler's Pope," proves that Vatican approved the policies of Hitler. Hitler was not a Hindu. Hindus did not murder Jews in German concentration camps. Jews have lived in India, without any persecution, since the first Century of the Christian era. Jews are repaying for Hindu hospitality by denigrating Swastika. Suppose the cannibal Muslim Idi Amin had used sacred Christian symbol of Cross, or the sacred symbol of Jew, the Star of David as a flag of his Tutsi Army that murdered one-fourth population of Uganda? Would Zionist media use Christian Cross and Star of David to represent Devil? Christian Hitler, the descendant of the Holy Roman Empire, massacred the Jews, in the full view of the Vatican, then why is the sacred symbol of Hindus, the Holy Swastika denigrated as the symbol of evil? Jews must pay compensation to Hindus for the denigration of Swastika. Zionists have no right to denigrate the holiest symbol of Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains as the symbol of Evil. The Zionists are pursuing their anti-goddess, iconoclast agenda by denigrating Hindu Holy Swastika. Denigration of Hindu Swastika is an act of War. Jews must apologize for the denigration of Swastika.


46(8) Global Axis of Evil

Religious Political Axis of Evil

Which nation is part of the Axis of Evil? Is Islamic terrorism an evil? Is Islamic Atom Bomb an evil? Why do Catholics desert Protestants in President Bush’s war on terrorism? Was 9/11 attacks an opening move of War of Islamic Jihad on Protestant United States? Why do Sunni Wahhabi Arab terrorists attacked on White Protestant WASP America, not on Catholic Europe? Should Hindu India wholeheartedly commit to support Protestant America’s war on Wahhabi Islamic terrorism and Islamic Atom Bomb? Would Protestant America and Hindu India be on the same side of the battle lines in the Third World War?


Iraq, Iran and North Korea are parts of the Axis of Evil, said President Bush in 2002. The author offers the explanation that core of the evil in Iraq lies in the domination by Sunni Arab, who represent only 16 percent of the population of predominantly Shiite Iraq. The core of evil in Iran lies neither in Shiite Islam nor in Aryan Iran but in the anti-women Islamic fundamentalism, the political precursor of Wahhabi Sunni anti-women fundamentalism. The core of evil in North Korea lies in the Judeo-Communism, which denies Buddhists to rule North Korea. Incidentally the West imposed the dictatorship of Sunni Arabs in Iraq after the overthrow of the Aryan Ottoman Empire as well as imposed the dictatorship of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. President Jimmy Carter overthrew Shah of Iran and imposed the theocracy of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. President Bill Clinton and Secretary Madeleine Albright imposed the Taliban/ al Qaeda theocracy over Afghanistan. The West also destroyed the political power base of Buddhists in North Korea, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Burma, which allowed Judeo-Communists into power in the overwhelmingly predominant Buddhist world in general and Kim Jong II in North Korea. President John F. Kennedy invaded Vietnam not to contain Communism, but to annihilate Buddhism in order to proselytize Indo-China. Catholic religious right conservatives and Evangelical religious right conservatives have supported the anti-women Wahhabi Sunni in the Arab world and Ayatollah’s Shiite fundamentalism in Iran, as well as the Judeo-Communism in the Buddhist world.


The growing nexus of anti-women Arab Sunni Wahhabi fundamentalism, and anti-women Catholic fundamentalism, and anti-Buddhist Judeo-Communist fundamentalism, and organized crime of Catholic Cocaine & Sunni Heroin cartels, successfully exploiting their control over political campaign donations and vote banks to hijack the political leadership of Protestant WASP United States. The question is whether the Axis of Evil succeeds in hijacking the White House, to destroy its WASP character, just as its predecessor Emperor Theodosius II (d. 395) destroyed eclectic Roman Empire after he became the Emperor of Rome? Would United States meet the fate of Roman Empire of 410 AD, where religious leaders supported the conquering barbarian Germans, and after some decades anointed the barbarian leader as the King of Holy Roman Empire? The WASP’s United States is victim of the ongoing Counter Reformation War.


The 20th century revolution in communication, transportation and warfare, which resulted in transforming the planet earth into a ‘Global Village,’ has also exposed the existence of secretive ‘Global Axis of Evil.’ The Six Faces of the Axis of Evil are: (a) Anti-women Religious Fundamentalism, (b) Totalitarian Religious theocracies, (c) Organized Crime & Drug Cartels, (d) Military Coups, (e) Violent Religion backed Terrorism, and (f) Oil & Diamond Cartels. The growing nexus of religious fundamentalism, religious totalitarianism, organized crime, and religion-backed violent terrorism represents the classical invasions of Civilizations by barbarians, and threatens to impose new Global Dark Age on Islamic and Christian worlds in 21st Century. The Wahhabi Mecca, Totalitarian Vatican, Organized Crime, Military Coups, Wahhabi Terrorism, OPEC/DeBeers represents six facets of Axis of Evil in 21st Century.


The Global Axis of Evil seeks to forcibly impose barbaric Wahhabi Shariah Law, by replacing the civilized western civil and criminal code, to impose medieval culture, society and customs even on modern and liberal Islamic nations, namely Nigeria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Bosnia, and Albania, even when majority of Muslim men and women hate Wahhabi Shariah laws. The Axis of Evil conspires to force women worldwide into servitude to men, just as Semite patriarchal religions destroyed the matriarchal religions of the Occidental world. The Axis of Evil legitimized the West-inspired military coups to overthrow the democratically elected governments after 1945, in Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Greece, Congo, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, and Colombia just to name the few in Third World. To promote proselytizing of predator religions, the Axis of Evil after 1945, destroyed the monarchies in South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Nepal, Tibet, Greece, Iran, and Afghanistan. The Axis of Evil waging war of religion on the Buddhist world in Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Tibet, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. The Axis of Evil promoting riots and secession throughout multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-linguistic liberal democratic societies, namely Russia, United Kingdom, United States, and India.


46(9) Hindu Response to Papal Religious Proselytizing Wars

Religious Wars Remaking World Order

Religion has become the basis of the world politics. The national interests defined in terms of religious interests determine world politics. The Socialistic traditions that neglected religious interests harmed the Orthodox, Buddhist, and Hindu civilizations. Evidences points that Karl Marx the father of Communist philosophy was a philosopher-prostitute hired by Vatican financiers to produce a concoction of an anti-religious iconoclastic philosophy, which may be promoted by Western spies to undermine Orthodox, Buddhist and Hindu civilizations. Every Marxist, Socialist, and the Communist that undermined religion was a political prostitute. Every Russian Jew that landed in any European airport became a fanatic Orthodox Jew. Jew-Marxists never accepted Karl Marx’s dictum that religion is the opiate of the masses. Marxist Jews recommended it to every one. Did Karl Marx privately advise his Jewish congregation that Communism is a traditional Prophet Joshua’s weapon to massacre non-Jewish civilizations? It is no wonder that Catholic Joseph Stalin repaid the Vatican’s favor by massacring 30 million devout Orthodox Russians.


46(10) Clash of Civilization Remaking World Order

AGE OF RELIGIOUS WARS: Professor SP Huntington developed the thesis that Catholic and Protestant nations formulated their foreign policies to promote the Civilization’s interests of the Western Christendom in the 1980s and 1990s. Hans Morgenthau had earlier developed the Realist theory of International politics. It states that nation states formulate foreign policies to promote national interests. The United States participated in the Korean War, Vietnam War, Cambodia War, Laos War, Haiti War, Bosnia War, and Kosovo War to promote the religious interests of Protestants and Catholics.


CONFLICT OF CIVILIZATIONS: “The central and most dangerous dimension of the emerging global politics would be the conflict between groups from different civilizations. Clashes of civilizations are the greatest threat to world peace, and an international order based on civilizations is the surest safeguard against world war. (p.13). The future of both Peace and Civilization depend upon understanding and cooperation among the political, spiritual and intellectual leaders of the world’s major civilizations. In the clash of Civilizations, Europe and America will hang together or hang separately.” (The Clash, p.321) In the age of Religious Wars, the population mobilizes for military services. The Citizens Militia is a suitable response to wage wars in the civilization’s wars.


UNITED STATES VIEW OF THIRD WORLD WAR: The third world war would start with the Chinese invasions of Vietnam and Siberia. Japan and Korea would join the side of China. The United States would support Russia against Chinese invasions. The United States would agree for a Russian sphere of influence in Central Asian Republics. Islamic nuclear missiles would be launched from Algeria and Bosnia and hit Mediterranean targets such as Marseilles. (The Clash of Civilization, p. 312-16)


THE VATICAN’S WAR ON ORTHODOXY: The real threat to world peace is the clash between Catholic and Protestant nations on one side and orthodox nations on other side. When Chinese Spy could steal every nuclear weapons warhead designs secrets from Las Alamos Nuclear Weapons’ Labs. It is very likely that Serbs have stolen or will steal Russian nuclear weapons designs, designs of nuclear missiles and a few samples of tactical nuclear weapons and missiles. Europe would experience its first nuclear strike, when Serbs would launch a nuclear missile on the Vatican and Rome. Catholic-Orthodox Civilization’s war provides opportunity for Hindu and Buddhist civilizations to bring down ex-colonial powers.


INDIA AND CHINA CIVILIZATION’S ALLIES: In the age of civilization’s wars, Hindu civilization would support Buddhist civilization against the assaults of Catholic and Protestant civilizations. European powers overthrew the last Buddhist Emperor of China and installed Christian Sun Yatsen as the President of China. Christian Chiang Kaishek replaced him as the President after his death, even when Christians represented only 1 percent of the population of China. Christian officers dominated the Chinese bureaucracy. Christians and communists have united to foil the demands of the vast Buddhist majority. The Vatican and United States are conspiring to install a Christian government in the post-Communist China. The success of Buddhist-Law Spiritual Sect, known as Falun Gong, led by Li Hongzhi has over 100 million ardent followers in China. It is likely that China would have a Buddhist government in China in a near future. India recently had the Hindu government 50 years after the independence. Hindu India and Buddhist China would be allies in the civilization’s wars. Hindu India and Buddhist China should join hands to drive White colonial invaders from Australia and New Zealand. United States is goading China to invade Eastern Siberia. United States seeks to divert Chinese invasions of Australia and New Zealand. India should support Li Hongzhi, leader of Buddhist Law Falun Gong to be the President of the post-Communist China. Hong Kong Buddhists will lead the Buddhists and Taoists in China. Hong Kong Buddhists will soon rule China.


46(11) Indo-Pak Civilization war

India and Pakistan shall be brothers in the age of civilization’s wars. India, Pakistan and Iran would join hands to liberate Kurds and carve out the state of Kurdistan out of Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Kurds are of Indo-Iranian descent and do not belong to Arab race.


CAUSE OF CATHOLIC ASSAULTS ON HINDUISM & BUDDHISM: The Hindu and Buddhist civilization is under severe assaults of Christian nations, primarily because Hindus and Buddhist do not retaliate against Christianity. “People in other non-western civilizations- Hindu, Orthodox, Africa-may affirm the distinctive character of their cultures, but as of the mid-1990s, had been hesitant about proclaiming their superiority to Western Culture. (The Clash, p. 102).” Hindu and Buddhist civilizations can check Christian threat by promoting inter-state organizations based on religion. “Orthodox, Buddhist, Hindu governments do not have interstate organizations with membership based on Religion. (The Clash, p.176) India and the Vatican and the United States would be adversaries in the Clash of Civilizations.

Organization of Buddhist States

It is the historical role of India to provide leadership to Buddhism worldwide. Christians have captured the leadership of communist movements in China, Burma, Laos, and Cambodia. Christians are using the garb of Communism to implement the massacre of Buddhists in China, Burma, Laos, and Cambodia. India should use military force to safeguard the interest of Buddhism in the Oriental world.


46(iii) 19 Buddhist State Organization:

ORGANIZATION OF BUDDHIST STATES: India, China and Japan should lead the Organization of Buddhist States (OBS). The OBS shall be the military, political and economic alliance of Buddhist states. The OBS shall include: (1) India, (2) China, (3) Japan, (4) South Korea, (5) Taiwan, (6) Thailand, (7) Burma, (8) Sri Lanka, (9) Singapore, (10) Bhutan, (11) Nepal, (12) North Korea, (13) Vietnam, (14) Laos, (15) Cambodia and (16) Mongolia. It should invite as associate members, (17) Tibet, (18) Sikkim and (19) Ladhak. The Organization of Buddhist States would be more powerful than United Europe and NAFTA.


INDIA STAKES ITS CLAIM UNDER THE SUN: Hindu India represents one sixth of the world population and Hindu civilization and the brown race. India also represents the Buddhist civilization. India also represents Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism and Buddhism, which together accounts for half the world population. India joined the ranks of nuclear weapon powers in 1974 but asserted its right as such only in 1998 by exploding Hydrogen Bomb after a gap of 24 years. China supplied Atom Bomb designs and missiles to Pakistan. Bill Clinton offered China a sphere of influence over India during his visit to China. The United States and NATO planned military intervention in Kashmir to create a Muslim State in Indian Kashmir. Indian economy has survived United States, European and World Bank economic sanctions.

Goddess Challenges Allah Yahweh God

The worldwide revival of the ancient religions of Goddess will overthrow the domination of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Nomadic Semite hunters destroyed the agricultural civilizations of goddess worshippers, by massacring them. Thereby they argued that male God is superior to and more powerful than Goddess is. India will provide military support to reestablish the civilization of Goddess worshippers. Only when North African start worshipping Goddess Isis, Hathor, and Innana that North Africa will become fertile again. It was no accident that Libya was the granary of the Roman Empire. Under the rule of nomadic Arab Muslim Bedouin, it became barren desert. Bedouin Arab conqueror massacred the entire men folk of the Egyptian civilization that worked as farmers. The shepherd Bedouins destroyed the Egyptian, Libyan, and Algerian top soil by over grazing it. Muslim Arab Bedouins are responsible for the spread of Sahara deserts in Algeria, Libya, and Egypt as these were the granaries of the Roman Empire. Islam created the Sahara desert, as Arab invaders massacred every male agricultural worker of the conquered agricultural communities during its initial forays into North Africa. Only after Arab race expelled from Egypt, Algeria and Libya, their land would become fertile.


46(vi) Old Clouds of War


New Islamic Mongol Empire:

Islamic Nuclear weapons could recreate the Islamic Mongol Empire. Buddhist Mongol warriors had conquered Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tazikistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq, and made them the part of Mongol Empire. Mongol Empire was a Buddhist Empire. It explains that Buddhism was the dominant religion in Central Asia and Afghanistan. Mongols became Muslims much later. Central Asia can again create a Mongol Empire. There are no natural geographic frontiers separating Islamic and Christian worlds. There could be no defense against Islamic nuclear strikes against Mediterranean European targets.


Vatican Acquiring Protestant Churches:

In the Information age, the Occidental religions, Zoroastrian, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, will have to justify their spiritual reasoning. The Vatican Pope has uses the wealth of the Catholic Church, to win the diplomatic support of the leadership of Protestant and Orthodox Church. It will help the Protestant Church to align with the Vatican to wage a war on Islam and Orthodoxy. It will allow the Christian Church to use militarily force against Islam. The Islamic Atom Bomb and Saudi Petrodollars prepares the Islamic world for a spiritual showdown with the Christian world. It would not be possible to develop a common scripture for Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The spiritual and cultural conflicts between Christian and Islamic civilizations could result into a nuclear war. Protestant Christianity would disappear from the face of the earth before 2050 AD. Age of Reformation is over. Protestants have lost the wars of Religions and Catholic Counter-Reformation has won. After 1999, Lutheran-Vatican Doctrinal accord on the doctrine of Justification, there is no rationale for the continued existence of Protestant Christianity. Christians have realized that Protestant Christian Theology has outlived its utility. It is End of Time for Protestant Christianity. The descendants of Martin Luther would proudly serve Vatican. Inferior religions must merge into higher religions. Protestants have realized their folly, so they should now serve Vatican. The United States shall become White Anglo-Saxon Catholic (WASC) America. Protestant Women wold join Gnostic Coptic and Arian Christianity. The demise of Protestant Christianity and its subsequent merger into Catholic Church is good news for the world.


2000's similar to AD 1800's:

The 21st Century could be similar to 19th Century. The next century could witness the reemergence of colonial empires. The United States and China could establish a new state in Siberia, led by General Lebed. During 1918, the allied nations and Poland helped set up a counter revolutionary regime in Western Siberia led by Admiral Kolchak based at Omnsk. United Europe could transform itself into an Empire, if NATO interventions in Yugoslavia are any guide.


BARBARIAN CONQUESTS OF THE CIVILIZATIONS: During battle of Plassey on June 23, 1757, Robert Clive of East India Company, headed a force of 1,100 British and 2,100 native Indian troops and only nine (9) field pieces. He defeated the Nawab of Suraj-ud-Dowlah's forces that included 18,000 horsemen, 50,000-foot soldiers and 53 pieces of artillery. Barbarian Robert Clive ordered the severance of all right thumbs of every master weaver in Bengal, famous for producing world class Dhaka Muslin. Britain had also studied the feasibility of massacring the Indian population, to depopulate India to develop large sheep farms. British dropped the proposal to massacre Indians, arguing it was impractical as India, because India had a very large population. If India did not have large population, and then British may have tried to massacre Indians, as they massacred the indigenous peoples of Australia and North America.


1534 Spanish Conquest of Inca Empire

Francisco Pizarro landed in Peru with 180 men in 1532. By 1534, Pizarro had captured the whole Inca Empire. The high mountains of Afghanistan and Nepal, provided impassable barriers to invading armies, secured their independence and deterred future British attempts for conquests. Incas have also survived the 450 years of Spanish massacre and persecution due to high mountainous terrain of the Andean region. Even today, unmixed Inca Indians account for 46% of total population of Peru. The European origin Peruvians account for less than 8% of Peruvian population. India regained its position as the Hindu State, after 600 years of Muslim rule and 200 years of British rule. Similarly, Peru Inca Indians would recreate Inca Civilization in Andean South America after 450 years of Spanish persecution.


RELIGIONS OF INCAS, MAYAS & AZTECS: The political role of Indian nuclear weapons is to promote the ancient Native American religions. The brute force destroyed the Civilization, languages and Religions of Inca, Mayas, Aztecs and Indigenous Americans. Nuclear India would help the resurrection of ancient religions of Incas, Mayas, Aztecs and other Native American religions.


Revenge of Civilizations:

Hindu Indian and Inca civilizations survived, long foreign rule, still with large populations, large enough to recreate their ancient civilization in full glory, in the 21st Century. Inca Indians of Peru along with Mestizos of Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, can militarily conquer Portugal and Spain, on a level playing ground. Inca Indian State would be the Super Power of South America. Inca Indians would dominate the economy and politics of Hispanic America in the 21st Century. Nuclear India would unconditionally provide full military, political, economic and spiritual support to Inca Indians in Peru. Inca Indian civilization would outshine Hispanic Civilization. India would provide a nuclear umbrella over Inca Indians. India would help reestablish ancient Inca Religion. India would help the propagation of Inca Religion in Hispanic America. Christian Inca Indians should reconvert to their ancient religions or convert to Protestant and Orthodox Denominations to assert their independence of Spanish influence. Inca Indians should use English language to develop better international links with United States and Canada.


BIRTHS OF NUMEROUS NEW NATIONS: The changing map of Europe signals that the post Second World War would no longer be considered sacrosanct. The world could be heading for the birth of more than 200 new States during 21st Century in Africa, Americas and Asia. The disintegration of Yugoslavia has set the pattern. Indonesia would disintegrate to give birth to new states of Jaya Irian, Timor, Sumatra, Bali and Kalimanthan. Independent Kurdistan will emerge out of Iraq, Iran and Turkey during early part of the next century. Siberian Republics could secede from Russia. Pakistan would disintegrate due to the dominance of Punjabis, and new states of Sindh and Baloochistan would attain independence. Congo, Angola, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda and Nigeria could disintegrate to give birth to many new sovereign states.


China Starts WW III:

Probably the Third World War would be caused by the fact that China has stolen top US nuclear weapon designs, which would deter any US retaliation to Chinese invasions of Australia. Apartheid government of Australia would fall before 2002, much like that of Apartheid South Africa. Australia and New Zealand are a part of Asia not Europe. Australia and New Zealand could be the home to more than 500 million Chinese and Indians. India would not oppose Chinese invasions of Australia. The probable causes of the Third World War would be Chinese invasions of Australia and Siberia. Islamic nuclear strikes against Israel and Mediterranean Europe would cause a major European War. Only India has the military capabilityand the population base to lead the war against China, to reverse the Chinese invasions of Australia and Siberia. India alone could tame the Islamic Atom Bomb. In short, India would play an important role in the Third World War and its contribution would be crucial for the victory in the war. India and United States should overcome the sibling rivalry and enter a Defense Pact to deter the War. The Whites could lose Australia to Chinese hordes before 2005 AD. White Christian World would lose fifty (50) millions lives, due to preemptive nuclear strikes launched by Muslim nuclear powers, in Mediterranean Europe and Israel before 2010. Only when nuclear Hindu India join forces with Protestant United States, that the civilization’s wars could be avoided, to lead the world away from the Armageddon.


HINDU GEOPOLITICS: The World powers failed to foresee the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disintegration of the Soviet Union because few scholars understand Geopolitics in the United States and Europe. Foreign policies of the great powers based on real-politics divorced of geopolitical insight causes the world wars. The 21st Century would prove the cyclical view of history, and resemble the 19th Century. The colonies could be recreated in the twenty-first century, by Catholic and Protestant ex-colonial powers. The national frontiers would change, as over 100s new sovereign States would take birth in the world, during the 21st Century.


Check Chinese Expansionism:

China could ignite the World War by invading either Siberia or Australia. Russian Army would fail to defeat Chinese invasions of Siberia. The United States would fail to defeat the Chinese invasions of Australia. The illegal transfers by American corporations of the military, satellite, missile technology to China has eroded the military and a technology edge the United States enjoyed over China. Only India could defeat Chinese invasions of Siberia. Only India could check the Chinese invasions of Australia. India cannot allow China to take over Mongolia and Taiwan. India should provide a nuclear umbrella over Taiwan and Mongolia. World community shall recognize Chinese Sphere of influence over Southeast Asia. Ethnic Chinese should become the President of Indonesia and the Prime Minister of Malaysia, to save Indonesia and Malaysia from total economic collapse.


Evo Morales Rebirth of Inca Civilization

Indigenous Inca Indians would reestablish Inca civilization in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. There are 12 million unmixed Inca Indians in Peru, who make up more than 46% of all Peruvians, and represent one third of all Indigenous Americans in North & South America. White Europeans make up less than 8% of all Peruvians. An ethnic Japanese is the current President of Peru. India and Japan should join hands to establish an Inca Indian government in Peru, to reestablish Inca Religion and Inca civilization in Peru. Indians have survived the seven centuries of Islamic and Christian persecution. Peru's Inca Indians have also survived the 450 years of Catholic, Spanish genocide. The Goddess of Fertility helped Inca Indians to overtake the Spanish invaders in terms of new births and population growth. India as a nuclear weapon power would resurrect Inca, Maya and Aztec civilizations. Indian Atom Bomb is also the Bomb of Inca Goddess.


46(vii) Buddhism would Overthrow Communism

NUCLEAR DETERRENT OF BUDDHIST MISSIONARIES: China fears India’s religious leadership of Buddhism more than Indian nuclear weapons. India can make China a Buddhist super power, and in the process, the Communist regime of China will fall. India should provide full recognition and support to the Buddhist Law Society (or Falun Gong) headed by Li Hongzhi. India should promote the political alliance between Li Hongzhi and Dalai Lama. India should promote Dalai Lama as the spiritual President of China, supporting the Buddhist government of China headed by Li Hongzhi. India should support the democratic movements in China. India should supply Mandarin translations of Buddhist scriptures to Chinese people at low cost. India should train Chinese Buddhist monks and Buddhist teachers.


PURGE INDIAN LOBBYISTS OF VATICAN AND CHINA: India should identify and expel the deeply entrenched pro-Vatican and pro-China lobbyists from corridors of power in India. The Vatican has aligned with Communists and Sunnis to isolate Hinduism in the region. The Vatican’s agents have undermined the economic and political status in Burma, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The Vatican’s agents have curtailed Hindu influences in Northeast region, which has become a Catholic majority region. These agents engineered the expulsion of Hindus from Bangladesh and their illegal stay in India. These agents engineered the illegal flow of Muslim Bangladeshis in the northeast region and Assam to create demographic imbalance in northeast states. India should promote Hindu interests in the region and promote Buddhism in China.


Colonial Rulers Implanted Christian Leaders in Colonies:

West helped Christian Sun Yatsen become the President of China in 1911 by overthrowing the Buddhist Empress. Christian Chiang Kaishek became the President after the death of Sun Yatsen, even when Christians, even when only 1% of all Chinese were Christians. Christian Sun Yatsen and Christian Chiang Kaishek persecuted Chinese Buddhist leaders and removed them from positions of power in China, from 1911 to 1948. After the Communist takeover in 1948, the atheist Communists aligned with the Chinese Christian bureaucrats who remained on the mainland, to persecute Buddhists and Taoists, which continues even today. Communist ideology has lost its hold over Chinese mind and Buddhism and Taoism has regained strongholds over Chinese people. Scared leaders of bankrupt Communism seek alliance with Western Christianity to denigrate Buddhism. The West is foolish in hoping that a Christian will become the president in the post-Communism China. In India the West, Vatican, CIA and Mafia have joined forces to implant an Italian Catholic Sonia Gandhi as future prime minister of India. India should retaliate by promoting a Buddhist government in China, Laos, Cambodia and Burma.


RELIGION OVERTHREW COMMUNISM IN POLAND: President Reagan aligned with the Vatican to use the organization of the Catholic Church to fight Communism in Poland. The policy was a great success and it led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the Communism in the East Europe. The United States and the Vatican joined hands with the Russian Patriarch and it helped the fall of Communism in Russia. The institution of the dominant Religion invariably has deeper foundation than the Communist institution. Similarly, the Buddhist and Taoist institutions would effectively overthrow the Chinese Communism weakened by resurgent Capitalism virus introduced by Hong Kong and foreign joint ventures. India should boldly play the Buddhist & Taoist Card and help establish a Buddhist-Taoist government in the post Communist China.


Christian China is a threat to India:

It would undermine Indian security if a Christian becomes the President of post-Communist China. India needs Buddhist-Taoist China to develop a joint Hindu-Buddhist front to safeguard ancient Religions in the looming Conflict of Civilizations. Christian leadership of South Vietnam and Khmer Rouge resulted in the massacre of Buddhists in Cambodia and destruction of Buddhist culture in Vietnam and Laos.


China as Buddhist Super Power:

India should support the conversion of Hinayana /Theravada Buddhists in Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka to Mahayana Buddhism of China, Korea and Japan. Chinese Buddhism would unify the Buddhist world. During 21st Century there would be a global Conflict between Occidental and Oriental Religion. Buddhist Government of China would tilt the balance of power in favor of Hinduism and Buddhism. Buddhist Government of China would result in the rise of Asia and the rise of the East and decline of the Europe and the decline of the West. It is in Indian national interests that China assumes the world leadership of the Buddhism. China would soon flood the world with Buddhist scriptures as it flooded the world with Mao's Red Book.


46(viii Birth of Native American States

Hindu India shall advocate the secession of Native Americans, Native Canadians, Inca Indians, Maya Indians and Aztec Indians to create independent states of Native Americans, Amerindians, Incas, Mayas and Aztecs, to checkmate Vatican’s attempt to cause secession of India’s Christian Northeast states.


Population of Inca Maya Aztec Indians:

There are (30) millions in Mexico, eleven (11) millions in Central America, 445,000 in Caribbean Islands, thirty (30) millions in the South American Andean region, and nine (9) millions in the remainder of South America. (Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia, Vol. 2, P.22)


During AD 1000, the estimated populations are Europe (36 million), China (66 million), India (79 million). Population during AD 1300 was Europe (79 million), China (86 million) and India (91 million). Population during AD 1500 was Europe (81 million), China (110 million) and India (105 million). (Rand McNally, Atlas of World History, 1984, p.55) The total population of Indigenous Americans at the time of Columbus was 90 million, while the population of Western Europe and Eastern Europe together was only 79 millions. The population of Spain was eight- (8) millions. It is mind boggling that Spain could massacre the vast populations of Native Americans. The total world population in AD 1650 was 500 million. It was around 400 million in AD 1500. Presently there are around 12 million unmixed Inca Indians, around 46% of the total population in Peru. Inca Indians account for around one third of the total Indigenous Indian population in the North America and South America. The total population of pure Native American Indians would be around 36 million in the present time.


There would be twice as much; around 80 million Mestizos the people of mixed Indian and Spanish ancestry in South America. There are around 50 million Mulattos in Brazil the people of Black, Indian and Portuguese ancestries. There is substantial Indian population in Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. There are two (2) million Red Indians in the United States and half million in Canada. The present population of Canada is 30 million, and Australian population is 20 millions.


The twelve (12) million Peru Inca Indians are relatively a sizeable community and they deserve an independent state. Muslims and British conquered India and ruled India for 700 years but could not destroy Hinduism. The Goddess of Fertility saved Hinduism. Similarly, Pizarro conquered Inca Empire in 1532. Nevertheless, even after 468 years of Catholic Spanish rule and genocide, the persons of unmixed white ancestry make up less than 10 percent of Peru population. In Peru 46% are Indians and 43% of all Peruvians are Mestizos of mixed Indian and Spanish ancestry.


Rebirth of Andea Inca Religions

Whites including Afrikaners were around 16.2 percent of South Africa population. The Apartheid system could not but collapse. The Apartheid system had to fall replaced by and Black government headed by Nelson Mandela. Similarly before 2005, AD Peru Inca Indians would form a government in Peru. Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay would join the Inca Confederation headed by Inca Indians. Indigenous Brazilians of Amazonas State and Roraima territory would also join the Inca Confederation. South Asian origin Indians of Guyana, Surinam and Trinidad & Tobago could also join the Inca Confederation. A railway network would connect Georgetown-Guyana with Lima-Peru via Roraima and Amazonas regions in Brazil. A railway network would also connect Quito-Ecuador, Lima-Peru, La Paz-Bolivia, Asuncion-Paraguay and Montevideo-Uruguay. It would lay the foundation of a great Native Indian Super State extending from Caribbean Sea to South Pacific Ocean to South Atlantic Ocean. It is the moral obligation of Nuclear Hindu India to help the birth of new Inca Confederation in South America.


Foreign Rule of India, Inca, & Aztecs:

A very small army of foreign invaders had periodically conquered India. A small army of a Tibet ruler had defeated the grandson of Emperor Ashoka and carried him away as prisoner. Robert Clive of East India Company created the Bengal Empire in the Battle of Plassey in 1775 with the loss of only 35 soldiers. Mahmud Gaznavi looted Dwarka Temple and Mohammed Ghouri conquered Delhi with very small forces. Babur also had a very small army and he could create the Mughal Empire. Similarly, Spanish adventurer Francisco Pizarro in 1532 with only 180 men began conquest of Inca Empire of 30 million people. By the end of 1533, the Spanish had easily conquered most of Peru including Cusco the Inca capital. Spanish forced Inca Indians to become Christians and take Spanish names. Similarly, a very small force led by Hernando Cortes in 1519 landed on Mexico and marched inland to Aztec capital. Montzuma II did not oppose the advancing Spaniards because he thought Cortez represented the god Quetzalcoat. Tenochtitlan had a population of 100,000 and Aztec Empire had a population of 11 million. Hindu India was as vulnerable in 1750’s as Inca Empire was in 1530s. India became a declared nuclear weapons power in 1998, and now Hindu India will provide full support to Inca Indians.


Ancient Incas Were Hindus

A very small army of privateers had conquered great civilizations of Hindu India, Incas and Aztecs. Rise of India, as a nuclear weapon power would give impetus for the revival of Inca, Aztec, Maya and Red Indian civilizations. Nuclear Hindu India would support the Civilization of Inca Confederation in the looming Conflict of Civilizations. Ancient Religions of Incas, Aztecs and Mayas are World Religions and very similar to Hinduism. American Indians are more similar to South Asians than to Chinese and they do not have Mongoloid squint eyes. During Ramayana times there appears to have been a maritime link between India and South America. Mythological Ahi Ravana the brother of Ravana of Ramayana fame, lived in either in Peru or Mexico. Mexican and Inca Tortilla is exactly similar to north Indian Chapati or Roti. Nuclear India would support the cause of Peru Inca Indians selflessly. United Nations should supervise that all indigenous people have a freedom to reconvert to their ancient Indigenous Religion.


46(3) Clash of Hinduism

46(i) Ban Conversions in Hindu-Buddhist Asia

ANTI-CHRISTIANITY INDIA-CHINA ALLIANCE: Hindu and Buddhist civilizations shall declare a civilization’s war against Catholics and Protestants, provided United States supports Communist suppression of Buddhist Law-Falun Gong sect. United States may support Communist massacre of Han Buddhists hoping it will expedite the Christian proselytizing in China. Communist Chinese leadership may tempt United States with an offer to promote a Christian leader in China, in exchange for Western support in the prosecution and suppression of Buddhists and Taoists in China. Hindu India will give counter-offers to Chinese communists to undermine Catholic-Communist nexus. Communist China does not accept that Pope is the real head of Chinese Catholic Church. Hindu India and Communist China can explore the possibility of evolving an anti-Catholic alliance in Asia. The Trans-national allegiance of Catholics and Catholic priests presents some danger to national security.


KARL MARX WAS A PROSTITUTE-PHILOSOPHER: Russian Jews remained fanatic Orthodox Jews and helped Bolsheviks destroy Eastern Christianity. Vatican Agents had hired Karl Marx write an Iconoclast atheist ideology, which may destroy Orthodox Czar and Eastern Christianity. Soviet Communism effectively destroyed Russian economy, and Russian Orthodox Church. Did Joseph Stalin secretly convert to Catholicism? Catholic Joseph Stalin perhaps murdered 30 million Orthodox Russians not because they were enemy of the Communist State but because they were devout Orthodox Christians. Jews became top leaders in Soviet Communist system, because they were more influential in the West than other ethnic Russians. Jews played a very important role in raping Russia during Soviets. Jews made billions in the recent massive flight of Russian capital to the Jew controlled Western financial system.


CATHOLIC-COMMUNIST LINKAGES: The Catholic-Communist linkage explains that Christian Chiang Kai sheik handed over power to Communist Mao Tse-tung (Mao Zedong) so that other Buddhist-Confucian warlords may not stake their claims. Similarly, Christian President Diem of Vietnam arrested Buddhist monks, sealed the Buddhist temples and seized the assets of the Buddhist temples, to guarantee that Buddhist Vietnamese will not take over power. Even when United States signed the withdrawal agreement with North Vietnam, it did not transfer power to the Buddhist Vietnamese who constituted 85 percent of the population. United States engineered coup overthrowing the Buddhist government of Prince Sihanouk, and then handed them over to Khmer Rouge. American coup disarmed the Buddhists and handed over the nation to well-armed Christian led Khmer Rogue. Christian President Diem introduced the policy of compulsory relocation of Buddhist South Vietnamese into newly built villages. The forced transfer of population has great similarity to Khmer Rogue transfer of population in Cambodia. Catholics have aligned with Communists in Asia to undermine Buddhism, unlike Poland where Catholics destroyed Communism. Hindu India will retaliate at civilization’s level, if Catholic and Protestant civilization join forces with atheist Communists, in destroying Falun Gong in China. Catholic-Protestant support to Communist China against Falun Gong will start the Global Civilization’s war. Then Hindu, Buddhist, Orthodox, and Indigenous Tribal Civilizations will enter in a War coalition to jointly wage wars against the coalition of Catholic, Protestant, and Sunni civilizations.


EMPEROR THEODOSIUS & PRESIDENT CLINTON: Roman Emperor Theodosius inflicted a deadly wound on the ancient religion of Egypt, Greece, Babylon, and Romans. The Roman Edict said that no Roman subject, whether magistrates or private citizens, however exalted or however humble maybe their rank and condition, shall in any place of worship an inanimate idol by the sacrifice of a guiltless victim. The acts of sacrificing and the practice of divination by the entrails of the victim declared a crime of high treason against the state, which can be expiated only by the death of the guilty. The rites or Pagan superstition abolished as highly injurious to the truth and atrocious of religion. (J. Campbell, Occidental Mythology, p.393.) Theodosius the Great died in 395 AD and exactly fifteen years later the Visigoths, under Alaric ravaged Rome. The Dark Age began with Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius.


CLINTON’S DOCTRINE AND NATO: Similarly, President Bill Clinton has declared that NATO forces will be used to intervene in civil wars in other countries throughout the world, even when the territorial integrity of the NATO members is not threatened. Clinton doctrine abolishes many doctrines of International Law. Clinton Law will take precedence over International Law and the United States. Christian President Bill Clinton is the new incarnation of Christian roman Emperor Theodosius. Roman Empire was then the largest military power of the world, similar to the present day United States. Barbarians would destroy the Empire of the United States within 15 years of the enactment of the Clinton Doctrine, before 2015. Barbarians had conquered Roman Empire, 15 years after the death of Emperor Theodosius.


EVIL EMPIRE: Due to the influence of the Vatican, the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant United States perceived as an Evil Super Power by Hindu, Buddhist, Orthodox, and indigenous tribal civilizations. There are only 60 million Catholics in the United States, about 23 percent of the population, many of them of Hispanic ancestry. Unless White Protestant Americans take the leadership of the United States and curb the growing Vatican influence over United States, the world faces the specter of Global Civilization’s war. Hindu and Protestant civilization will join forces to tame and deter the Catholic and Communist threats to world peace, averting the looming civilization’s war. Religion must not become the greatest threat to world peace. An international order based on religions and civilizations is the surest and fastest way toward global annihilation. In the Clash of civilizations Protestant United States and Hindu India will hang together or hang separately. The futures of peace, civilizations, and religion depend upon understanding and cooperation between Protestant United States, and Hindu India, the two leaders of colliding coalitions of civilizations. United States is the sole leader of Catholic, Protestant, and Sunni civilizations, and India is the leader of Hindu, Buddhist, Orthodox, and Indigenous Tribal civilizations. Both United States and India should remember the wisdom of Zoroaster the Prophet of Persia, who said that what may be called good, virtue or divine in one civilization may be condemned as bad, evil or devil in other civilization. The civilization’s war between the sons of Abraham and the sons of Braham is not preordained and can be averted by the wise leaders of United States and India. The civilization of Goddess can nourish and sustain the patriarchal civilization of male God.


BAN RELIGIOUS CONVERSIONS: World needs religious freedom not religious conversions. Religious Proselytizing should become a Crime against Humanity after January 1, 2000 AD. People of the world should have freedom to adopt any religious practice they like. After the beginning of the next Millennium, no one allowed to change its religion, even if he or she follows any religious practice. Religious missionaries will have full freedom to preach their religion. The people will take the religions of their parents and spouses, even when they follow very dissimilar religious practices. They may choose any religious practices and beliefs of their choice, but they shall not change their religions. The demographic shift in the believers of religions, cause wars. To deter looming civilization’s war, make the act of religious conversions a War Crime, as well as the Crime against Humanity. Crime of Proselytizing should carry mandatory death sentence in the Next Millennium. Every man and woman shall have full freedom to adopt any belief, practice and scripture, but he and she cannot change the religion of their parents or spouses. Practice of religion is a private act, between the individual and the God. Membership to a religion is a social and political act. The demography of religions should remain same. This simple act will avert the looming civilization war.


 FADING OF THE WEST: Western civilization is in decline, its share of world political, economic, and military power going down relative to that if other civilizations. The West’s victory in the Cold War has produced not triumph but exhaustion. Russians accepted the defeat in the Cold War and even the disintegration of the Soviet Union, because Russians realized that Communism promotes poverty. NATO did not win a victory in Kosovo. NATO air bombing exposed the vulnerability of west European nations. Many countries can conquer these ex-colonial powers. The recent advances in precision projectiles will end the Age of Aircraft Carriers. The development of anti-personnel tactical Neutron bombs allows the depopulation of continents, without destroying industrial infrastructure.


MAKE VATICAN A NORMAL STATE: The Vatican must realize that there is no Catholic nuclear power in the world. There is no Catholic super power in the world. The Vatican should become a normal state, with its own army and independent foreign policy. The Vatican should conduct its religious foreign policy, taking into account its military power. The Vatican should not play a diplomatic role more than its military and economic capability. The Vatican dreams of Catholic conquest of the world can never become a reality. United States is a Protestant power, not a Catholic power. President of the United States is too powerful, to become a Knight- Errand of the Emperor Pope. The Vatican must realize that Hinduism, Buddhism, Orthodoxy, Protestantism, Judaism, and Islam does not recognize Catholic Pope as the representative of God on earth. Highest leader of every world Religion deserves similar protocol. No religious scriptures shall condemn the gods of other religions. Restrict apocalyptic religious theories to promote civilization’s peace. The End of Time doctrine and the Visions at Fatima that forecast that ‘Russia will convert’ caused Catholic invasions of Orthodox nations. Russian Orthodox Church should find its own destiny, without any hostile Catholic interventions.


NEED FOR CIVILIZATION’S UNDERSTANDING: Catholics and Protestants should not attempt Christianizing the nation of 1,200 million Buddhists, Taoists and Confucians. Catholics and Protestants should not disturb Hindu cultural influence over Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, China, Koreas, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia. Catholics and Protestants should not use force to proselytize and convert the black indigenous tribal civilization. Christian leaders should focus on improving the quality of Christian civilization, without wasting resources in destabilizing multi-ethnic Hindu, and Buddhist civilizations. Let us all listen to the wisdom of Prophet Zoroaster again. All the religions of sons of Abraham have taken birth in the Zoroastrian and Maggi religions of Persia. Prophet Zoroaster links the sons of Abraham with the sons of Braham. Let all ancient religions, and ancient civilizations revive, reborn and resurrect. Many Religions can survive in this world of 6 billion people.


POPE SAYS BUDDHISM IS NOT A RELIGION: Pope Paul II has publicly stated that Buddhism is not a religion, because Buddhism does not believe in God. Catholic Pope calls Buddhism an atheist philosophy, which is not a religion. Thereby Pope condemns Buddhists as atheist-non-believers. He made this statement to encourage Catholic and Protestant missionaries to increase their proselytizing efforts. Buddhist and Hindu religious leaders have responded to this challenge of Pope Paul II as follows. Enlightened Buddha is greater than Catholic God and Catholic Holy Ghost. Living Buddha was greater than Jesus Christ was. Christianity is not a religion; it is just a compilation of dogmas stolen from ancient religion of Egypt, Zoroastrians, Maggi, Buddhism and Hinduism. Buddhist scriptures are far more profound than Christian Bible. How to solve these conflicting theological and religious claims?


POPE JOHN PAUL II & DALAI LAMA DEBATE: Catholics and Buddhists can solve the problem, whether Buddhism is superior to Christianity, or Christianity is superior to Buddhism, by organizing the open public debate between Pope John Paul II and Dalai Lama. This debate of the Millennium should be telecast alive on Television, Radio and Internet. The people of the world, who shall cast their vote via Internet, should choose debate the winner of the Pope-Dalai Lama debate, to decide whether Buddhism or Christianity is the more advance, superior religion. Settle the religious wars of the future by open public debate. Christians and Buddhists should have full freedom to convert to the religion of the winner of the Pope-Dalai Lama debate. Hindus will full support to Dalai Lama.


46(ii) India’s Geopolitical Destiny

INDIA STAKES ITS CLAIM UNDER THE SUN: All those who believed that India and Indians do not think systematically about strategic issues need to revisit their argument after the publication of the Indian nuclear doctrine by India’s National Security Advisory Board. Not many had expected the NSAB to formulate a draft nuclear doctrine, at least not this quick. No one had believed that the nuclear doctrine would become a public document. Few had believed that there would be a consensus in the board. The doctrine is an unapologetic real-politic articulation of the principal raison d’être of India’s nuclear weapons and the requirements needed to lend credibility to India’s deterrent posture. In this sense, it marks a real epistemological break from the past. It outlines India’s primary quest to acquire the strategic autonomy that will allow it to be secure in unfriendly world, to give it a capability to make independent and even unpopular choices.


INDIA’S DOCTRINE OF MAXIMUM CREDIBILITY: Indian nuclear doctrine seems to suggest that India move in the direction of at least great certainty in deterrent credibility. While it re-states that India shall pursue a doctrine of minimum nuclear deterrence, it emphasizes that the level of capability should be consistent with maximum credibility, survivability, effectiveness, safety and security. Minimum deterrence does seem to sound more like a political statement than a doctrinal tenet, especially when the objective is clearly to achieve maximum credibility. Indian doctrine seems to extinguish whatever life was left in concepts like '‘non-weaponized deterrence,’ ‘recessed deterrence,’ and ‘existential deterrence.’


DISTINCT INDIAN NUCLEAR ARCHITECTURE: Indian nuclear doctrine is the first step towards the construction of a distinct Indian nuclear architecture. It recognizes that there can be no short cuts in the long road to achieving a credible deterrent posture. The challenge that India faces is whether the Indian economy can support the military infrastructure required for the credible nuclear deterrent, over the next decade or so.


AMERICA IS THE PRINCIPAL NUCLEAR THREAT: Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri had ordered the development of Indian nuclear test in 1965. It perhaps caused his death at the hands of the Communists in Tashkent in 1966, at the end of the Tashkent Summit. The bomb explosion in the airplane murdered Homi J. Bhabha the father of nuclear India, over Alps Mountains in Switzerland. Mrs. Indira Gandhi ordered the exercise of India’s nuclear option, after President Nixon and Henry J. Kissinger threatened to use nuclear weapons against India, in 1971. President Nixon threatened nuclear retaliation against non-nuclear India had India continued to invade Kashmir after the surrender of Pakistani army in East Pakistan in 1971. Atal Behari Vajpayee said India’s exercise of nuclear option justified by NATO’s barbaric bombing of civilian infrastructure in Kosovo and Serbia. Had India not deployed nuclear warheads, then NATO air force might have invaded India in Kashmir.


WAR TECHNOLOGY CIVILIZATION’S BALANCE: Nuclear technology is a new revolution in war technology, which will fundamentally alter the global balance of civilizations. India and Pakistan are very lucky to have acquired it. Development of new weapon technology results in the rise and fall of civilizations. The development of cannons resulted in the Muslim conquest of Byzantine Empire and Hindu India. The development of cannon-armed ships allowed European powers to enter the coastal waters of foreign powers, could engage and either destroy or drive off enemy vessels. Cannon-armed ship was able to project fire ashore. The cannon permitted the Europeans to go where they wanted and do what they wanted. The cannon completely tilted the balance of force at sea. Cannon-armed ships and guns built the European colonial Empires. The guns allowed Europeans to conquer natives armed with spears and swords.


END OF THE AGE OF BALLISTICS: India should acquire the Precision Guided Munitions technology. Otherwise, the United States and the industrialized West will acquire preponderance in conventional warfare capability. The Age of Ballistics is ending. World is entering a fundamentally new period, the Age of precision-Guided Munitions (PGMs). The so-called smart weapons will antiquate the traditional way of making war. The new projectiles are precise and lethally efficient, where guns and artillery are inherently inaccurate. While ballistic weapons platforms need to come within range of the battlefield, PGMs can devastate from any distance.


PGMs IS A TURNING POINT IN HISTORY: Precision-Guided Munitions ranks with the introduction of firearms, the phalanx, and the chariot as a defining moment in human history. The phalanx catapulted Greece to glory. The war chariot gave us the Persian Empire. Europe conquered the world with the gun. Each weapon defined not only the manner in which wars were waged but also the very texture of human history. (Future of War, p. x) The Precision-Guided Munitions and smart projectiles will end the age of Sea Powers and shift the balance of power in favor of continental Land powers of Eurasian landmass. PGMs will result in the rise of India as a global land power and decline of United States as a Global Sea Power.


THREATS TO AMERICAN DOMINATION OF SEA: India should develop smart cruise missiles. Cruise missiles tipped with tactical nuclear weapons would sink American Aircraft Carriers. The revolution in warfare has strengthened the United States on land and in the air. Paradoxically, the same revolution in warfare that has increased the American power on land and air threatens to decrease American power at sea. On land and in the air, the United States is the strategic aggressor. At sea, on the other hand, the United States is a defensive power. Unfortunately for the US Navy, the revolution initiated by American air and land forces is inevitably sweeping out to sea. The world’s navies deploy weapons systems that permitted precision air strikes against Iraqi as well as Serb forces and permitted outstanding antitank weaponry on the ground. However, instead of strengthening the US Navy’s strategic position, the Precision Guided Munitions threaten the US Navy.


INDIA THREATENS PAX AMERICANA: India can threaten American domination of Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. The Pax Americana, in place at sea since 1945, might well be threatened or undermined as American Naval weapons platforms become vulnerable by PGMs. The force multipliers that benefited the United States in Eurasia seemed to turn against it at sea. There are increasing signs that the carrier battle groups are heading towards senility. The aircraft carriers are heading to the point where the cost of merely keeping them alive is undermining the general capacity of the United States to carry out its strategic mission. The revolution in smart weapons is rapidly moving the US naval fleets in that direction. The revolution in precision weapons allows the United States to engage and defeat much larger air and land forces. However, this ability is meaningless unless United States can also project its forces across the oceans and supply and sustain them there. The United States, like Britain is at root a naval power. The revolution in smart weapons, PGMs allow the Land powers to undermine the domination of the sea by the Sea powers.


END OF THE ERA OF AIRCRAFT CARRIERS: Rise of Indian Navy, armed with tactical nuclear weapons equipped cruise missiles would end the era of American Aircraft Carriers. The United States was the master of the maritime airpowers because of its aircraft carriers, a weapon the soviets tried, but failed to emulate. The operational role of the aircraft carriers had less to do with the sea-lane control than with transporting airpowers to Eurasian shores. The threat facing the aircraft carriers is the long-range, hypersonic missile. These missiles will penetrate the carrier’s defenses and sink them. The missiles will do the carrier’s job of bombing enemy installations more efficiently and more cheaply. Missiles can deny the merchant ships the freedom of using sea-lanes. It is cheaper to disrupt the flow of maritime commerce in the sea-lanes than to keep it open. The defense planners will no longer permit the aircraft carriers to be exposed in waters where enemy anti-ship missiles are likely to be in place.


THREAT TO GLOBAL MARITIME TRADE: Geopolitics-wise, Indian Ocean is an Indian Lake. Bay of Bengal is an Indian Lake. Arabian Sea is an Indian Lake. Persian Gulf is an Indian Lake. India, china and Russia should join forces to sink Western merchant ships, fishing trawlers, and oil tankers. World is moving into a time when it will be much easier to cut the sea-lanes than to maintain them. It is simply because offensive maritime technology is overwhelmingly more potent than maritime defensive technology. With the advent of hypersonic, long-range cruise missiles, Land powers can cut sea-lanes and sink merchant ships, tankers, and fishing trawlers. Land powers can threaten the prosperity of the global economy, which has become utterly dependent on the unimpeded access of all merchantmen to the sea-lanes. NATO bombardment of the civilian, industrial infrastructure during Kosovo War has rewritten the Laws of War allowing the use of military power against civilian economic targets. Land powers can effectively bankrupt maritime powers by sinking the merchant-ships, trawlers and tankers to disrupt global maritime trade. Global disruption of maritime trade will result in unprecedented prosperity of such land powers as are not dependent on maritime transportation. Railways can replace ships as means of inter-continental transportation of goods and materials.


GLOBAL ANTI-SHIP LAND-POWER ALLIANCE: India, China, and Russia are primarily land powers with limited maritime capability. The three land powers should sign a Land Power Alliance (LPA), agreeing to sink around 95 percent of Western civilian merchantmen, maritime shipping, trawlers, tankers, and private yachts at the outbreak of any future war. Total destruction of civilian maritime commercial infrastructure will result in massive transfer of wealth to India, China, and Russia. The development of inter-continental railway network to transport oil, raw materials throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa will quadruple the per capita incomes of India, Russia and China. The great land powers should not allow the sibling rivalry to miss this historic opportunity to destroy the economic domination of the maritime powers. European maritime powers used the ship-cannons to sink the entire coastal fleets of India to monopolize the coastal maritime trade of the Indian Ocean. The Asian land powers can take the revenge by sinking 95 percent of world’s shipping and fishing fleets, and oil tankers. Total destruction of world’s civilian merchantmen is consistent with the post Kosovo Laws of War. The power to interfere with ocean commerce has been growing faster than the ability to keep it open.


AGE OF SPACE POWER: Whoever controls space, therefore will control the world’s oceans. Whoever controls the oceans will control the patterns of global commerce. Whoever controls the patterns of global commerce will be the wealthiest power in the world. Whoever is the wealthiest power in the world will be able to control space.


GESTURES OF V SIGN AT MOMENTS OF DEFEAT: When President Richard Nixon finally stood at the door of the helicopter that would whirl him out of town, Nixon raised both arms, and made V signs with both hands. Nixon turned and delivered a long, last, magisterial wave. Then almost as an afterthought, he snapped off one last defiant salute with both arms: the trade mark Double-Vee. A gesture of a victory in the face of defeat occurred when President Clinton, said in his welcoming remark to the 19 leaders of the NATO. He said that today’s war is not one fought for the control of territory. Balkans War is the first war in recent memory waged in the name of values rather than strategic interests.


KOSOVO NOT A VICTORY FOR AIR POWER: The NATO bombardment of Serbia did not prove the victory of the Air Power over the Land Power. NATO air power worked in Kosovo not because NATO bombed all the Serbia troops out of Kosovo but because it bombed all jobs out of Belgrade. The NATO bombardment of Serbia caused economic infrastructure damage estimated more than $ forty (40) billion dollars. The War coalition of 19 NATO Allies representing more than sixty (60) percent of world GNP and more than 500 million population, deployed more than 50 percent NATO total aircraft. NATO and USA failed to conquer a small nation of ten (10) million people, even after 74 days of brutal inhuman bombarding. World leaders including Russians allowed Bill Clinton a visible victory because they sympathized him for the grueling that he received at the hands of independent Counsel Ken Starr. President Clinton launched NATO bombing over Serbia to divert media press coverage of Cox Report that outlined Chinese thefts of American nuclear weapons secrets. Let the Clinton’s Doctrine be buried without fanfare to maintain civilization’s peace. The Clinton Doctrine shall deploy and risk American military and industrial power to wage wars in the name of Christian Civilization’s ‘Values’ rather than ‘American National Interest.’ Clinton’s Doctrine will cause the total destruction of the Western Christendom and the Unite States. In the eyes of every Orthodox Christian, the NATO’s Kosovo War was the civilization’s war waged by Emperor Pope on Eastern Christianity. It is very likely that Serb will steal Russian nuclear weapons, and deploy them against Vatican-Rome, to ignite the world war of religions. United States fought the Bosnia War and Kosovo War, not to promote the national interests of the United States, but to promote the Catholic interests of Vatican’s Pope.


END OF THE AGE OF STEALTH BOMBERS: Serb anti-aircraft guns shot down two Stealth Bombers, each costing over a billion dollars each. Kosovo War signaled the end of the Stealth Bombers. Kosovo War ended the age of Expensive Bombers.


ANTI-PERSONNEL NEUTRON BOMBS: Neutron Bombs will play a role in the civilization’s wars in the next century. Enhanced Radiation bombs destroy people without destroying economic infrastructure. The advances in Precision Guided Munitions allow the air power to destroy the enemy’s economic infrastructure. Neutron bombs allow the depopulation of the continents. The problem of overpopulation temps the Malthusian solution to the problem of inequitable distribution of continents. White Christian, Catholics and Protestants currently occupy Europe, North America, South America and Australia. Catholics are embarking upon the War of Catholic Proselytizing in the Buddhist, Hindu and Tribal worlds. Catholics are confident that the recent advances in human cloning and infertility treatment will allow White race to increase their share of world population to continue harvesting the empty lands under Christian control. The Civilization and Proselytizing War could take an anti-population turn, when it escalates into a general neutron war. It is possible for China to neutron bomb Sydney, Canberra, Perth, and Auckland, and depopulates Australia and New Zealand. Religious War can easily escalate into Depopulation Warfare. Western Christianity no longer enjoys the military superiority in the world, to enforce the dominance of Catholicism in the World. The recent advances in the smart missiles and precision-guided-munitions technology, threatens the battle space dominance of the aircraft carrier battle groups.


DEPOPULATION IN NEUTRON BOMB WARFARE: Indian nuclear arsenal shall deploy neutron bombs. Neutron bombs shall be effective in the depopulation warfare. Tactical neutron bombs and tactical nuclear weapons’ frequent use in the inter-civilization’s warfare in the twenty-first century, is expected. In case of any preemptive nuclear strike from any Islamic nation, India will use neutron bombs to cause the loss of more than 50 million lives and resettle Indians in Islamic lands. It will compensate for the radioactive contamination of Indian fertile lands. In case of Anglo-Saxon nuclear strikes on Indian targets, India will retaliate using neutron bombs to depopulate Anglo-Saxon Australia and New Zealand. In case of NATO air strikes against India, India will retaliate at nuclear level to destroy metropolitan targets in non-nuclear Italy, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria.


ISLAMIC TERRORISM THREATENS THE SURVIVAL OF HUMAN RACE: Islamic terrorism is the greatest threat to the continued survival of the human race. Transnational military alliance should join forces to eliminate the menace of Islamic Fundamentalism from the face of the earth. Hindu, Buddhist, Orthodox civilization may support Holy Pope led Crusades for Christening the Islamic world to eliminate the menace of Islamic terrorism. The Christening of civilized Mediterranean Africa, Asia and Arabia will promote world peace. Christening of Indonesia and Malaysia will promote civilization’s peace in Southeast Asia. Hindu Civilization has the military capability to eliminate the menace of Islamic fundamentalism, Islamic terrorism, and Islamic drugs from the face of the planet. Chinese civilization, Russian civilization, and Indian civilization should join forces to undertake the civilization’s response to the threat of Islamic barbarism, terrorism, and drug trade. Christening of the civilized Islamic world will weaken Islamic fundamentalism. Catholic civilization has been at war against the Sunni since eighth century, and it appears that Catholic Crusades will succeed during twenty-first century in Christening Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Algeria. Indonesia and Malaysia will also become Catholic nations in near future. Hindu, Buddhist, and Orthodox civilizations shall provide military, material, and moral support to Holy Pope in the forthcoming Crusades. Hindu India does not want to convert Muslim men into Hinduism. Hindu India will support one Occidental Religion’s Sect, allowing it to become predominant religious sect of the Sons of Abraham. Mass conversion of Muslims into Catholic faith does not disturb the civilization’s balance between Occidental Civilization and Oriental Civilization. United States will continue to be the Super Power of the world, so it is logical that Western Christendom will succeed in Christening of Mediterranean Islamic world.


CHRISTIAN TRINITY GODHEAD CONCEPT: Is Christian concept of Trinity godhead is superior to the Judaic concept of Yahweh and Islamic concept of Allah? Holy Trinity believes in, God as Father, God as Son, and God as Holy Spirit of Holy Ghost. Christian Holy Trinity separates Christianity from Judaism and Islam. It is no wonder that Muslims and Jews condemn Catholics as idolaters. Muslim iconoclasts are itching to break the images and statues Mary, Jesus, and Saints of the idolatrous Catholics. Hindu India and Buddhist China will support the Vatican impose Holy Trinity concept of Godhead over other Occidental religions.


46(iii) India is the Golden Bird

INDIA WAS THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN WORLD: From the beginning of the mankind until AD 1785, India has continuously been the richest country in the world. Black Dravidian race of Tamils ruled all the civilized nations in the ancient world. All the gods and goddess of the ancient world were Hindu gods and goddess. The whole world was Hindu 3,000 years ago. The whole world will become Hindu again during the next Millennium.


CIVILIZATIONS ARE ETERNAL: Hindu Civilization survived six centuries of Muslim rule and two centuries of British Christian rule. The civilization’s worldview never dies. All ancient civilizations destroyed by Jews, Muslims, and Christians are resurrecting and defeating the conquerors. Barbarians conquer civilizations due to their military superiority, and superior weapons systems. Barbarians after conquering the civilizations, impose their culture, language, and religion on the inhabitants of the civilizations. The conquered civilizations enter hibernation and recoup. After many centuries, the ancient Civilization resurrects ancient religion language, culture and militarily defeats the barbarian conquerors. Civilizations massacre the descendents of the barbarians, and erase all traces of the language, religion and culture of the barbarians and impose the ancient civilization, culture, language and customs. Ancient civilizations of Egypt, Libya, Babylon, Mesopotamia, Kurds, Greece, Rome, Persia, Afghanistan, Tibet, China, Indonesia, Incas, Mayas, Incas, Navajo, Apache, will rise and overthrow the colonizing civilizations of Islam, and Christianity. The ancient order shall come back and destroy the irreligion imposed by barbarians. God is always on the side of civilizations. Barbarians can never permanently subdue a civilization. Brown people of Egyptian civilization will arise and overthrow the Arabic Islamic imposed by Arab Bedouin barbarians. Egypt will ethnically cleanse all Arab, Arabic and Islamic influences in Egyptian culture, language, customs, and civilizations. Similarly, Inca civilization in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Maya civilization in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama will eliminate Catholic Hispanic influences. Inca, Maya, Aztec civilizations will bloom in full glory soon. Sri Vijaya civilization will overtake Islamic civilization in Indonesia and make Indonesia and Malaysia again a Hindu and Buddhist nation. Zoroastrian civilization led by son of Shah Reza Pahlavi will recreate Persian Zoroastrian Empire in the Middle East. Civilization of Australian Aborigines will overthrow the Christian civilization of Anglo Saxons, reestablish ancient Polynesian civilization, and expel all descendents of white barbarians from the sacred Australian land of Ravana, of Ramayana fame. Ancient civilization of Greece will resurrect, reestablish the worship of god Zeus and expel all Christians from Greece. Ancient civilization of Rome will resurrect and reestablish the worship of God Mithra and god Jupiter in Europe. Europeans will again cremate their dead and worship goddess Isis.


SHARES OF WORLD MANUFACTURING OUTPUT BY CIVILIZATION: In 1750, India accounted for 24.5 percent, almost one-quarter, and China accounted for 32.8 percent, almost one-third, and the Western Europe for less than a fifth, 18.2 percent of the world’s manufacturing output. India’s share of the world’s manufacturing output was in 1750 (24.5%), 1800 (19.7%), 1830 (17.6%), 1860 (8.6%), 1880 (2.8%), 1900 (1.7%), 1913 (1.4%), 1928 (1.9%), 1938 (2.4%), 1953 (1.7%), 1963 (1.8%), 1973 (2.1%), and 1980 (2.3%). Muslim rule in North India did not siphon away capital of India and India’s share of the world manufacturing output remained stable at around one-quarter of the world is manufacturing output. Christian British rule destroyed the industrial economy of India. Barbarian Robert Clive after the 1757 Battle of Plassey, ordered the severance of right thumb of all master weaver in Bengal It destroyed the world famous industry of fine Dhaka Muslin.


CIVILIZATION SHARES OF WORLD GROSS ECONOMIC PRODUCT 1950-1992: Hindu civilization’s share of world Gross Economic product had been 1950 (3.8%), 1970 (3.0%), 1980 (2.7%), and 1992 (3.5%). Sinic civilization’s share had been 1950 (3.3%), 1970 (4.8%), 1980 (6.4%), 1992 (10.0%). Islamic civilization’s share was 1950 (2.9%), 1970 (4.6%), 1980 (6.3%), and 1992 (11.0%). Japanese share has been 1950 (3.1%), 1970 (7.8%), 1980 (8.5%), 1992 (8.3%). Hindu India’s share of world gross economic product in 1950 was 3.8%, more than China’s share (3.3%), and Islamic civilization’s share (2.9%). In 1980, India’s share declined to 2.7%, while China’s rose to 6.4%, Japan’s rose to 8.5%, and Islam’s rose to 6.3%. India became poor due to the high treason committed by Prime Minister Nehru and Indira Gandhi, who pursued socialist policies. India should publicly hang all such Socialist, Marxist and Communist Spies and policy makers in India, as formulated anti-Capitalist pro-Socialist economic policies of India, under influence of their Chinese and Soviet masters. China bribed politicians belonging to Congress Party, Communist party, Leftist parties, and trade unions to restrict the flow of foreign capital while China opened its economy to attract foreign capital. Put all socialist politicians in India on trial to identify Chinese spies who formulated wrong economic policies for India, under direct or indirect influence of China. All those found guilty should be publicly hanged. China has misused the democratic freedom in India, to implant spies in political parties who promote Chinese national interests, at the cost of India. India needs to embark massive Anti-Left Campaign to prosecute and purge all prominent pro-China politicians, bureaucrats and policy makers. India should punish as many socialists in India under Anti-Left purges, as China punished under Anti-Rightist Campaign of 1957 and current campaign against Buddhist Falun Gong. Communists shall no longer misuse democratic freedom, to undermine democratic capitalist States.


46(iv) Hindus Should Proselytize

RELIGIOUS PROPAGATION BY SWORD: Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity propagated by sword. Jews Prophet Joshua put to death, all men and married women, of conquered nations and allowed only unmarried virgin girls to live. Islamic warriors put to death all men who refused to accept Islam, and forcibly married all the women of the conquered nations. During first seven centuries, the Christian Romans destroyed all ancient temples and deities in Greece, Italy, and Western Europe. During Dark Age of the Inquisition era, the Catholic inquisitors tortured, burnt more than 9 million men, women, and children for deviating from official Catholic doctrine. Catholic, Spanish, Portuguese, British missionaries and settlers massacred more than 90 million indigenous native American Indians in North America, South America, Central America, Australia and New Zealand. During 1500 AD the total population of the American Indians accounted for more than one-quarter of world population, more than the entire population of the white race in the West and East Europe. Historically, all Occidental religions propagated by sword. Jews massacred and destroyed the matriarchal, agricultural civilizations of Goddess worshippers in Arabian Plateau. Semite Arabian Muslim Bedouins massacred the brown-black Dravidian-African races of Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Syria and occupied the lands and women of Dravidian and African races. Zoroastrian and Maggian God Mithra, similar to Vedic Hindu God Surya was the dominant God of Europe. Christians burnt the temples and priests of Mithra Temple. Christian festival of Christmas celebrated on December 25, is also the Mithra’s festival. Similarly, Easter is not a Christian festival.


PEACEFUL SPREAD OF HINDUISM BUDDHISM: India has never propagated Hinduism or Buddhism by sword. Hindus believe that all such religions as propagate by sword shall perish by sword. Hindus believe that no religion of God requires sword to propagate itself. Hindus believe that only a religion of Devil would propagate by sword. India propagated Buddhism by peaceful missionary activities in Central Asia, China, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia. For thousands of years, at least 2,000 years India propagated Hinduism, Hindu culture, Indian scripts, Indian languages in Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Australia by peaceful means. The culture of Asia is Indian culture.


PROPAGATION OF HINDUISM: In the Age of Civilization’s wars, the main objective of the Indian foreign policy shall be the propagation of Hinduism, the dominant Religion of India. Indian foreign policy shall also propagate Buddhism, the main civilization’s export of India. Indian Hinduism seeks civilization’s merger with Chinese-Japanese-Korean religion of Mahayana Buddhism. Hinduism will co-opt spiritual and meditation practices and theology of Mahayana Buddhism to invigorate Hinduism. Many thousand Hindu scriptures were burnt by Muslim rulers, especially the world famous Library of Nalanda University, and Library of Taxila University. The scriptures of Tibetan Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism were in Sanskrit. Thousands of Hindu scriptures and commentaries that were lost in India are safe in China and Tibet in translated versions. India shall import translations of Hindu and Buddhist scriptures from China. Hindu India shall borrow Chinese, Japanese, and Korean culture, customs, and civilization to erase Islamic and Christian influences on current Indian civilization. India will convert 500 million Chinese, Koreans and Japanese into Hinduism, during first two decades of the next Century by wholesale borrowing of Chinese, Japanese and Korean culture, religious practices, and civilization. India will co-opt Taoism in Hinduism. India will co-opt Shintoism in Hinduism. India will co-opt Confucianism in Hinduism. India will install deities of Gods and Goddess of Mahayana Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Shintoism in Hindu temples and worship them as Hindu Gods and Goddess. India will increase the world population of Hindus from 850 millions in 1999, to 2,500 millions by 2020 AD. To promote Hinduism in China, Korea and Japan, Hindu India will borrow, accept, and assimilate, without any inhibition or ego whatsoever, entire culture, customs, Gods and Goddess of China, Korea, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Bali. Hindu India will erase every kind of Islamic and Christian influence over Hindu culture, and borrow and adopt Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Cambodian, Laotian, Thai, and Balinese cultures, customs, and religious practices without any ego or reservation, whatsoever.


20 MILLION HINDU BUDDHIST MISSIONARIES: India needs to train and recruit 20 million religious missionaries to promote Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism worldwide to bring 1,600 million new souls under Hindu civilization before 2020 AD. Religious education shall become the compulsory part of educational curricula in schools, colleges, universities and vocational institutions. India hopes to convert new Hindus as follows, 100 million in Africa, 50 million in South America, 30 million in Indonesia, 800 million in China, 50 million in Japan, 40 million in Koreas, 5 million in Cambodia, 10 million in Thailand, 25 million in Russia, 10 million Kurds, 5 million in Egypt, and 10 million in West Europe. Hindu India aims to be the Proselytizing Super Power of the next century. Hinduism is the most advanced religion of the world. All religions find their fulfillment by merging into Hinduism.


BUDDHIST GOVERNMENT OF CHINA: The fundamental goal of India’s foreign policy of Hindu India shall be to overthrow the Communist Regime in China, and to install a Buddhist government in China. Catholic Mao Zedong launched Anti-Right Purges in 1957, and Cultural Revolution that caused the deaths of more than 60 million Chinese Buddhists by executions and starvation. Deng Xiaoping in 1981-Historical resolution argued that the 1957 Anti-Right Purges were necessary. Catholic Pol Pot massacred two million Buddhists in Cambodia. Catholic President Diem of South Vietnam raided Buddhist temples and tortured Buddhist monks. Catholic Joseph Stalin ordered the execution or starvation deaths of 30 million Orthodox Christians. Westernized Communists unleashed the terror of Anti-Rightist Campaign of terror and executions in Soviet Union, China, and Cambodia, even when communists were very secure in their grip over political power. Then why did they embark upon the Anti-Right campaigns? The reason is that Communist party is not a political organization. Communist Party is criminal organization, nurturing a hidden agenda to massacre non-Judaic and non-Catholic civilizations and religions. Communists prosecuted and executed Rightists for not what they did, but what they believed in. Karl Marx was a prostitute-philosopher who produced a false concoction of economic philosophy to camouflage his real Judaic agenda to massacre the non-Judaic and non-Catholic civilizations. The basic purpose of Karl Marx was to produce a secular doctrine to implement the genocidal religious agenda of Prophet Joshua. Every Communist Party all over the world is criminal organization of mass murderers, waiting for genocide opportunities. In the age of civilization wars, the Communists are the War criminals, who deserve prosecution for Crimes against humanity, committed in Russia, China, and Cambodia. The Anti-Left Campaigns should be launched in Russia, China, Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, and India to put on trial all Communist party members under Laws of war for Crimes against humanity. Cambodia should publicly hang one million followers and descendents of Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. All Communists, allover the world, should be hanged under the Anti-Left Purges. Communists deserves hanging not for what they have done, but for what they believe in, just as Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, and Joseph Stalin executed millions not for what they did, but for what they believed in. In the Civilization’s wars, the forces of Religion shall administer death penalty to Communists in China, Russia, India, and Cambodia for their crime against God. Russia and Cambodia should publicly hang evil Communists in Russia and Cambodia. Future Buddhist governments in China, Korea, and Burma should hang leading Communists. The Evil Empire of Communists, Marxists and Socialists deserve eradication from the face of the earth. It is no accident the Chief Minister of Bengal, Jyoti Basu of Communist Party of India, fully supported the massacre of 2 million Buddhists in Cambodia by Marxist Pol Pot, as politically necessary. Communists all over the world must pay for the Anti-Right genocide committed by Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot. Eradicate the Communism, Marxism and Socialism, from the face of the earth in the looming Civilization’s war, by militarily enforcing massive Anti-Left Campaign of Purges, all over the world. The leaders of world Religions and believers in God should not show any mercy to Communists, Marxists, and Socialists.


46(vi) Rightist Pole of Indian Polity

VAJPAYEE’S CENTRIST INDIAN POLE: As 360 million Indians voted over September-October 1999, the world’s largest and most fractious democracy once again set a stirring example for all nations. India’s rich diversity sometimes looks like an obstacle to unity. However, the latest elections have proved that a commitment to resolving differences peacefully and democratically can transform diversity into a source of strength. Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee of India won an impressive election victory. Political stability would be a welcome development after a succession of inconclusive elections and short-lived coalitions. The Hindu nationalist Bhartiya Janata Party, once seen as the anti-Muslim face of Hindu revivalism, won a clear victory of a Centrist Coalition of 24 parties that won 298 seats, in the lower house of Parliament’s 543 elected seats. In exchange for its allies’ support, BJP has promised that it will not pursue the Hindu agenda that has raised the hackles of Muslims and secularists alike. Bhartiya Janata Party is primarily a party of traders, Banias and Marwaris. Marwaris account for less than 2 percent of India’s population, and own and control more than 50 percent wealth and assets of India. Bhartiya Janata Party no longer pursues the idea that Hinduism should define the national ethos in religiously diverse India. It was the reason that Bhartiya Janata Party lost seats in India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, a longtime BJP party stronghold. It is no accident that no Hindu Swami, Saint and priest graced the election meeting of Lal Krishna Advani in Haridwar, Hindu pilgrimage center of India. It is now an accepted fact that BJP led ruling coalition represents the Center of Indian political fulcrum. BJP no longer represents the ‘Right’ pole of Indian polity. People of India have voted Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee back to power to prove that Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were not good enough, even to wash Vampires’ feet.


LEFT POLE OF INDIAN POLITY: Indian electorates gave stunning defeat to the Congress Party led by CIA agent Sonia Gandhi. It is the shameful defeat, the worst performance in Congress history since 1947. White, Italian, Catholic had been planted by Western secret services in Indira Gandhi household. Sonia Gandhi is rumored to have played a direct role in the murder of Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. It is no accident that Sonia Gandhi took the dying Indira Gandhi to hospital in the back of the car, while ambulance was standing on the premises. Sonia Gandhi conspired to murder Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi to make Rajiv Gandhi the Prime Minister. Mr. Vajpayee should set up a commission to investigate the murder of Indira Gandhi and the role of R.K. Dhawan in the murder. India’s Left political pole comprises of those who betrayed India during freedom movement and were spies of British Empire. Communist Party opposed Indian freedom movement. Muslim League partitioned India. Nehru gave Tibet to China. Mahatma Gandhi withdrew Free India movement after Chaura Chouri incident under instructions of British handlers. Nehru gave Tibet to China. Indira Gandhi gave Great Coco Islands to Burma, and made Bhutan an independent state, to please her Chinese benefactors. The Left political fulcrum of India mobbed by traitors, foreign spies, Chinese agents and Vatican agents. It is no wonder that few Congressmen objected when Italian Sonia Gandhi usurped Congress leadership and claimed Prime Minister’s post in India after engineering the no-confidence motion in the Parliament. No political party in the world has more traitors, foreign spies, crooks, and criminals than the Congress Party of India. This recent election has conclusively proved that Indian electorate has realized that every Congressmen is a traitor and an enemy of India. All Communists party members are Chinese spies and loyal to China. India should follow the example of Russia that banned the Soviet communist Party and seized the assets of the Communist Party. Hindu India should punish Sonia Gandhi, just as China punished Madam Mao after the death of Mao. The Left pole in the Indian political fulcrum, is occupied by Congress Party, Communist Party, Muslim League, Left parties, foreign spies, traitors and other anti-Indian forces. The share of the Left Front fell precipitously during the latest elections. The Leftists have implemented the anti-Right purging in India to purge Hindu-minded bureaucrats, to punish them not for what they did, but for what they believed in. The leftist groups were the cause of India’s partition, poverty, underdevelopment and communal riots. The Left Pole in Indian polity represents the force of iconoclast Evil.


EXTREME RIGHT POLE OF INDIAN POLITY: The purpose of this book is to develop Hindu World-View to prepare the philosophic basis of Right Pole of Indian Political fulcrum. India needs a totalitarian Hindu dictator who will impose compulsory military service and lay the foundation of Hindu Empire in the next Century. Hindu Empire would not encourage religious conversions. Hindu Empire would convert Buddhists into Hinduism by arranging the mergers of Hinduism and Chinese Mahayana Buddhism and Taoism. Hindus would become Buddhists, and Buddhists would become Hindus, like the two sides of the same coin. Hinduism believes that only Religions of Devil spread by the use of swords. Religions of God do not need sword to propagate itself. Truth and the Enlightenment spreads by itself like water and air. The right pole of Hindu Indian politics believes that all gods and goddess of the ancient civilizations were Hindu gods and goddess and their religion was a part of Universal Hinduism. All religions of the world will again merge into Universal Hinduism. When god is one, then why should there be more than one Universal Religion. The whole world will become Hindu again. The Right Pole of Hindu Indian polity pursue the idea that Hinduism should define the national ethos in India, and Indian foreign policy should promote Hindu Civilization’s Geopolitical interests in world affairs.


BROWN DRAVIDIAN IN ANCIENT EGYPT: The Black-Brown Dravidian Asura Tamil race, having straight black hair, created great ancient civilizations in ancient Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Babylon, and Mesopotamia. They were overpowered by Fair-skin Aryan race of war chariots, originating in Iran and Punjab. Nomadic Arab Bedouin massacred brown Dravidian race in Egypt, and destroyed the civilization of Goddess Isis. Indonesia was a Hindu civilization and ruled by South Indian Hindu Empires. South Indian Dravidian race had ruled the entire civilized world from Morocco to Australia.


INDIA NEEDS A DICTATOR: The Rightist Pole advocates the totalitarian dictator to solve the problems of India. The Parliamentary democracy is not suitable for promoting stability in India. India should have a fixed term parliamentary system or switch over to the presidential form of government.



46(vii) Hindu 3rd Millennium after Barbarians' 2nd Millennium

NEXT MILLENNIUM IS HINDU MILLENNIUM: The ancient religion of Goddess Isis remained the dominant religion in North Africa and Arabia until 640 AD. Worship of God Mithra and Goddess Isis continued in Western Europe until 1000 AD. The Second Millennium from 1000 to 1999 could truly be called the Islamic-Christian Millennium. White slaves continued to be sold in the public slave markets of Istanbul as late as 1000 AD. The German Goths, Franks remained barbarians until the first three centuries of the Christian era.


DECLINE OF ISLAM: The center of Islam shifted from Mecca, Saudi Arabia to Damascus, Syria immediately after the death of the Prophet. Then the center of Islam shifted to Baghdad, Iraq. After the Mongol invasions, the seat of Islam shifted to Mongol Empire. After the Ottoman conquests, the seat of Islam shifted to Istanbul. The center of Islam after Mongol invasions permanently shifted away from the Arabian control. Ottoman Turks like Mongols belonged to Asian steppes. After Pakistan's nuclear tests, the center of Islam has shifted to Islamabad. Pakistan has inherited the legacy of the Ottomans. Pakistanis like Ottomans are the descendents of Central Asian Turks. The center of Islam ceased to be under the control of Arabs after the Mongol conquests. Pakistan should be recognized as the new Caliph of Islam. During the early part of the next century, Pakistan would occupy Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Expansion of Islam that resulted in the Muslim conquest of India would turn a full cycle with Pakistani conquest of Arabian Peninsula. Pakistan is destined to conquer the entire Islamic world. Rise of Pakistan would be a matter of great pride for Aryan race and result in the subjugation of Arab race. Egypt, Syria, Libya and Algeria would support Pakistani invasions of Arabian Peninsula. Pakistan with some support of India has the military capability to conquer the entire Islamic world extending from Rabat on the Atlantic coast to Islamabad on the Indus. The decline of Arabs and the rise of Aryan, is the significant event of the end of the Millennium.


GEOPOLITICAL LESSON OF CRUSADES: The civilized world the Byzantine long regarded Western Christians of German-Roman Holy Roman Empire as illiterate thugs and barbarians. Greeks and Egyptians represented high civilization. White slaves continued to be sold in the slave markets of Constantinople until 1000 AD. Brown and Black races had bought and sold white slaves for thousands of years until 1000 AD. Pope Urban II launched First Crusade in November 1095. The First Crusaders captured Jerusalem in July 1099. The Second Crusade was launched in 1146. Muslim ruler Saladin in 1187 restored Jerusalem to Islam. The Third Crusade in 1191 failed to dislodge Muslims from Jerusalem. The Fourth Crusade of 1204 abandoned its assault on the Islamic world and turned its venom instead on the Christian City of Constantinople. The Fifth Crusade of 1212, the Pueri Crusade made the monastic ideal of Holy Poverty central to Crusading. The First two Crusaders were motivated by the greed of the gold of the Holy Land. The failure of the Third Crusade against Muslims convinced the Crusaders that they would gain more by cooperating with Muslims to destroy Eastern Christians. Batu (Kipchak) Empire of Golden Horde wanted to cross Denube and depopulate German lands of Holy Roman Empire to convert lands into grasslands for Mongol Horses. Holy Roman Empire aligned with the enemies of Orthodox Christians to invite Muslim Ottoman Turks of Ilkhan Empire of Hulagu, and Batu Empire of Golden Horde to defeat the Christians of Byzantine Empire. The geopolitical lesson is that Western Christians after a defeat would align with the enemy to destroy their allies and friends. Muslims won the friendship of Holy Roman Empire after they expelled Christians from the Holy Land. Thereafter, Holy Roman Empire sought the help of Muslims to destroy fellow Christians.


CRUSADERS AND KOSOVO: NATO invasion of Orthodox Serbia is the continuation of Fourth Crusade and should be designated Sixth Crusade. The NATO Crusaders disintegrated Orthodox Yugoslavia, which had inherited Byzantine Empire in the Balkans. Catholics supported Muslims against Orthodox Christians to declare that Catholics can work a deal with Muslims even against fellow Christians. The future Crusades of NATO would target the destruction of the Islamic civilization in North Africa, just as in the Fourth Crusade the Catholics switched alliance and join forces with the enemy of the early Crusades to destroy the Ally of the early Crusades in the later Crusades. After the Christianizing of Kosovo and Bosnia, the Catholics would plan the Christianizing of Islamic world, especially Indonesia, Turkey, Algeria, and Egypt. Catholics in the Seventh Crusade would invade the Islamic world.


CHRISTIANIZING OF ISLAMIC WORLD: Catholics have aligned with fellow sons of Abraham the Afghan Muslim fundamentalists against Hindu India as they had aligned with Byzantine in the first three Crusades of 1095, 1146, and 1191. However, like the fourth Crusade of 1204, the Catholics would change sides and align with Hindus to militarily Christianize Islamic world. Hindus should give a total theological defeat to Catholics to cause the fundamental shift in their psyche, to promote Hindu-Catholic civilization’s alliance to promote Christian Holy Trinity of Godhead over Islamic and Judaic civilizations. Catholics Christianized the Spain and Portugal by militarily expelling Moors. Similarly, Catholics and NATO would militarily Christianize North Africa, Asia Minor, and Indonesia in the New Fourth Crusade of the 21st Century. Hindu India should ban Christian conversions, impose Arian, Gnostic, and Ethiopian Orthodox Church over Indian Christians, to force Catholics cancel Christian-Islamic alliance. Once Catholics are convinced, that fanatic Hindu India is not open for Christian conversions, than Vatican would align with Hindus to Christianize Muslims instead. Hindus should first break down the power base of Christian missionaries in India, to convince the Vatican that Christian missionaries should focus on promoting Holy Trinity Godhead in the Islamic world with direct and indirect support of Hindus. With Hindu India's moral, missionary and political support it should not be difficult to Christening Indonesia, Malaysia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, Turkey, Algeria, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt, before 2050 AD. After Muslim invasion of Dagestan, Russia would welcome the prospect of Christening of the Islamic world to avert the threat of Islamic terrorism. After the Afghan Islamic invasion of Kargil, Hindu India would not be averse to the Christening of the Islamic world to avert the menace of Islamic terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism, and Islamic Heroin/ Opium Cartels. Muslim invasions of Hindu and Orthodox civilizations alienated the support of India and Russia to the Islamic cause. Perhaps under Christian colonial rule, the Islamic world would shun terrorism, fundamentalism and narcotics. Hindu Indians have not forgotten that Tamerlane 1400 of Afghanistan after the First battle of Panipat and sacking of Delhi ordered a general massacre in Delhi that caused the loss of one million lives. Geopolitical lesson is that Hindus must first defeat Christians theologically, to secure an anti-Islamic military alliance with Christians. There are no permanent friends or enemies in civilization’s warfare. The lure of 200 million new Catholic converts in the Islamic world would cement a long-term Christian-Hindu civilization’s pact. The Christianizing of the Islamic world would give freedom, identity and individuality to Muslim women. It would promote peace and eradicate the menace of Islamic narco-terrorism, Jihad, and fundamentalism. In the civilization’s warfare, Catholics would join with Hindus. No civilization’s affinity exists among the sons of Abraham. Once the gang of bandits become rich, they fight among themselves. Similarly, the evangelical proselytizing sects would cannibalize each other to win new souls. Hindus should not assume any Islamic-Christian fraternity to the detriment of Hinduism and Buddhism.


CRUSADES, JIHAD AND GITA: The Crusades were the first cooperative act of the new Europe as it struggled onto the international scene. Long before the rise of nationalism, thousands of men and women from all classes of society marched 3,000 miles to defend the Holy Land. Crusades used the religious fervor to raise Catholic Militia. These soldiers of Christ established European colonies in the Middle East and began to dream of world domination. Crusades were similar to Jihad. Islamic Peoples Militia was organized around the principles of standardized share of loot and the obligatory military duty for Jihad. God Krishna developed a similar system of religious warrior in Gita. Krishna told Arjuna that if he shirks his religious duty to fight the war, he would go to hell (Naraka). The path that shirks and forsakes the religious war leads to hell. Those who fight the religious war without any lure of returns and surrender all results of their karma to God attain heaven. The religious warrior attains heaven. Hinduism offered Heaven (Svarga) as reward to those who fight the religious war to promote Hinduism. The Rightist political groups in Hindu India could mobilize large Hindu Militia to fight the Islamic terrorists to check Afghan syndrome.


DECLINE OF COMMUNISM: Catholics believe that the Devil was given the free hand during 20th Century to tempt the Church. Communism is the embodiment of Devil. The prostitute-philosopher Karl Marx produced a concoction to provide mass-executioners a secular doctrine to usurp the property of peasants and aristocrats. Communism has collapsed in Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Communism would fall in China, North Korea and Vietnam. Hindu India should align with Christian America and Vatican to bring down the Evil Communist Empire in China that is engaged in the suppression and execution of Buddhist Falun Gong members. Communist China is prosecuting Buddhists in China for not what they have done, but for what they believe in. India should implement Reagan-Pope type alliance that brought down Communism in Poland to develop links with Chinese Buddhists to bring down the Communist Government in China.


SECESSION OF BUDDHIST TIBET: The military lesson of the defeat of Soviet Union in Afghanistan and the Afghan incursions in Kargil is that the recent advances in GPS Satellites, wireless Internet, Precision Guided Munitions and long range mortars has changed the military balance in the high-mountain warfare. China cannot defend the vehicular transportation and road network in Tibet against determined guerrilla warfare of High mountain-warfare commandos. China would be forced to let Tibet go. The minorities account for 10 percent of Chinese population and occupy 60 percent of Chinese lands. The minorities are predominantly Buddhists and occupy inhospitable mountainous terrain. Chinese suppression of Buddhist Falun Gong could result in the disintegration of China. Hindu India should provide military and political support to opposition groups in China.


HINDUIZATION OF CHINA: Chinese Mahayana Buddhism is 90 percent similar to Hinduism. Westernized Communist leaders have especially targeted Buddhists in China. Christianized leaders like Harry Lee Kwan Yew have used secular doctrine to replace the Buddhist religion in Singapore. Confucianism is not a religion, and it cannot replace Buddhism. Taoism is similar to Hinduism. Hindu India should now export Hinduism to China, Korea and Japan. India could bring 800 million Chinese Buddhists under Hindu civilization. Hindu India should train one million Hindu missionaries to make China Hindu, just as in the past India made China, Korea and Japan a Buddhist nation. Hindu India could negotiate with Vatican to divide the share of Chinese atheist souls for conversions to Hinduism and Christianity. Hindu India and Vatican could join forces to overthrow the evil communist regime in China. Hindus and Christians should jointly deprogram brainwashed atheist Chinese and teach them Hinduism and Christianity.


PERSIAN SUFISM IS FUTURE OF ISLAM: Persia is the true leader of Islam. Persia should lead the Islamic world. Persia and Pakistan should be declared the joint custodians of Muslim Holy places. The variant of Persian Sufism is the dominant religious system in Islamic Indonesia and Nigeria. With 220 million people, where 90 percent describe themselves as Muslim, Indonesia is home to more followers of Islam than the Middle East. Indonesia was a Hindu-Buddhist nation until fifteenth century. Islam found its way to Indonesia abroad the trading ships from the Indian subcontinent. Islam was not forced on the population, and it did not replace traditional Indonesian spirit worship and Hindu mysticism. Rather, Islam was layered on Hindu and Buddhist practices. Indonesia is a place where Islamic fundamentalists find the soil thin. Hindu India would support Iranian Shiite Sufism, tempered with the tolerant Hinduized Islam of Indonesia, and Nigerian Mystic Islam to produce the Sufi Islam theology to replace Arab domination of Islamic theology. Arabs would cease to lay any significant role in the Islamic affairs in the 21st Century. Islamic fundamentalism is the result of Saudi conspiracy to claim leadership of Islam. Downgrading of Arabic language and Saudi Arabian leadership in Islamic world would strengthen Islam. Saudi Arabia is an artificial nation cobbled by the dynastic marriages of King Saud. Pakistan has inherited the legacy of Ottoman Empire. Pakistan-Iran an Aryan confederation of Shiite-Sunni should control the Arabian Plateau. India should support Pakistan, Iran, and Indonesia play greater role in Arabian Plateau. Persian Sufism would replace Sunni Islam as the dominant form of Islam. Sufis would outnumber Sunnis by 2050. In the civilization’s war, Hindu civilization would support Persian Sufism in its fight for overthrowing the domination of Sunni Arabs in Islam. India would be very proud if Pakistan or Iran are declared the Caliph of Islam and replace Saudi Arabia as the leader of Islam.


RISE OF EGYPT, GREECE, AND INCAS: Egypt is a Mediterranean nation and is the maritime neighbor of Greece and Rome. Historically Egyptians did not indulge in social interaction with Bedouin of Arabian Peninsula. Ancient religion of Egypt is alive and kicking in Black Africa south of Sahara. More than half of black Africans follow neither Islam nor Christianity, and they continue to follow tribal religions derived from ancient Egyptian religions of cow Goddess Hathor, monkey god Thot, god Ossir (Asur) and mother goddess Isis. Either Egypt would lead the Islamic world by dominating Saudi Arabia or would rejoin Greece in resurrecting pre-Christian religion. Greece is likely to reject Christianity and resurrect the religion of God Zeus, God Mithra and Goddess Isis. Unmixed Incas represent 53 percent of Peru population and mixed Incas represent 43 percent of Peru population. There are 12 million unmixed Incas in Peru. Ancient civilizations never die. The resurrection of Civilization of God Zeus in Greece, and Goddess Isis in Egypt and Incas in Peru would herald the new era in 21st Century. Hindu India would support the resurrection of ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Persia, Babylon, Assyria, Incas, and Mayas. Hindu India would support the Tribal black African religions of Mother Goddess the various manifestations of Mother Goddess Isis.


MERGER OF HINDUISM AND BUDDHISM: Buddhism and Hinduism are heading towards merger in Asia. The rise of Islam and Christianity has eroded the social compulsions that gave birth to Hinayana Buddhism of Gautam Buddha. Mahayana Buddhism of china had always been the Chinese version of Hinduism and its scriptures are in Sanskrit. Pope John Paul argued that Buddhism is not a religion since it does not believe in God. Gautam Buddha preached the worship of impersonal Brahman. Buddha neither accepted nor rejected the concept of Vedic gods. The spiritual merger of Hinduism would create the world's greatest religion with more than 2,500 million followers in the world population of 6 billion. Hindu India and Buddhist China would be very close civilization’s allies in the next century.


46(ix) False Fathers' of Nation

PROMOTING FATHER OF NATIONS: Western colonial empires hand-picked selected loyal dogs of Empires and promoted them as fathers of nations or rulers to protect the vested interests of Christianity and Empire in the post independence era. The notable cases are Sun Yat Sen, Mustafa Kemal Pasha Ataturk, Mahatma M.K. Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Harry Lee Kwan Yew, and Solomon Bandarnaike believed in the superiority of Christianity and hated the religion of their birth. They all proved their loyalty to the Empire by condemning the religion of their birth in their writings. Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah, Lee, Bandarnaike, were lawyers and thoroughly Westernized members of the elite's of their societies. Jinnah was a committed secularist, ate pork, never attended Namaj in mosque. Kemal Pasha Ataturk was a pork eating Turk. Lee was the best bloody Englishman east of Suez. Lee was a Christian and hated Buddhism. Bandarnaike was raised as a Christian. Gandhi admitted to taking meat, a rare fact even among modern Gujarati banias even after 100 years. Gandhi declared in his autobiography that he never believed in temple worship. Gandhi insulted Hindu God Krishna and Rama condemning their violence. Gandhi denigrated Gita. Nehru hated Hinduism especially the role played by Brahmins.


IMPOSTER FATHER OF NATIONS: The Christianized spies of the Colonial Empires reverted to their ancestral cultures and in the process changed identities, names, dress, and beliefs. English lawyer MA Jinnah became Pakistan's Quaid-I-Azam. The pork eating secularist, Christianized Westernized Jinnah became the fervent apostle of Islam as the basis of the Pakistani State. The Anglofied Lee learned mandarin and became an articulate promoter of Confucianism. Harry Lee became Lee Kuan Yew. Lee used Confucianism to destroy the mass base of Buddhism. Lee used the secular doctrine of Confucianism to undermine the religion of Buddhism, as had been attempted by Sun Yat Sen and Chiang kai Sheik in China. The Christian Bhandarnaike underwent sham conversion to Buddhism and appealed to Simhala nationalism to harm Tamils, Hinduism and ties with India. Mustafa the pork eating the Christianized and Westernized Turk appealed to Turkish nationalism to deny Islamic heritage in Turkey. Westernized, Christianized, South African Gujarati on the eve of lading on Indian shore gave up western dress and styled himself in the mould of a Hindu saint, even when he had never read any Hindu scripture. Nehru always called himself as Pandit even when he never went to temples and ate beef.


MOST LOYAL DOGS OF COLONIAL EMPIRES: Colonial Empires promoted most loyal dogs of the Empire as the fathers and/or rulers of the colonies to protect the interests of the colonial rulers in the post independence era.


TREASON OF MUSTAFA KEMAL PASHA ATATURK: Christian European powers defeated Ottoman Empire after the First World War and abolished the Caliphate. European powers picked up Kemal and promoted him as leader of Turkey as he had agreed to impose anti-Islamic Westernized Constitution of Turkey drafted by Allied Powers. Allied Powers imposed the secular constitution on Turkey, just as they imposed 1945 constitution on Japan. Allied Powers picked up a selected group the descendants of Ottomans who were not the native sons of the soil to use the new Constitution to deny the native ethnic races the right to govern themselves.


TREASON OF SUN YAT SEN: Christian Sun Yat Sen was promoted as the father of the nation by the followers of Christian General Chiang Kai Sheik to undermine the role played by Buddhist warlords in the 20th Century history of China. Sun Yat Sen was a non-entity in China and he played no important political role in China during the rule of the warlords. Western powers and Christian missionaries promoted Sun yat Sen as a leader to take spotlight away from the Buddhist warlords. The anti-Western Boxers revolution was spear headed by Buddhists who were determined to expel Christians and Europeans from China. European powers promoted Sun Yat Sen and Chiang Kai Sheik to hoodwink Chinese people. Christian Chiang Kai Sheik handed over China to Christianized Communist Mao Ze Dong to sabotage the Buddhist claims to power in China. Chinese Christians helped Mao implement Anti-Right Campaigns of 1957 that resulted in the deaths of 60 million Chinese Buddhists in subsequent years. Christianity and Communism are mortal enemies of Chinese Buddhism, and Taoism.


HARRY LEE KWAN YEW: Christian Lee hoodwinked Buddhist Chinese community by imposing dictatorship of the Christians over Buddhists by propagating secular Confucian philosophy as true religion of China. Christian Lee aligned with Christian leaders of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Christianized Communist leaders of China to harness the appeal of secular Confucianism to undermine Buddhist religion, to promote Christianity. Buddhists in Taiwan and Singapore should realize the conspiracy of the Christian conspirators and elect Chinese Buddhists as the future rulers of Taiwan and Singapore.

Imposter Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi wrote his autobiography with British rulers in mind. His autobiography was a resume sent to the British rulers that he is suitable to be hired as the most loyal servant of the British Empire. Gandhi's Autobiography was also a manual to the fellow traitors to develop the civilization’s worldview of the loyal dogs of the British Empire. Gandhi admitted in the Autobiography that he: took meat in his childhood; never had faith in Vaishnavite rituals of Krishna worship; never studied Hindu scriptures; studied Hindu scriptures for the first time during his stay in London; never prayed in Hindu temples.

Gandhi Enemy of Hinduism

The February 21, 2000 issue of Time magazine, carried a interview with the brother of man who killed Mahatma Gandhi. Godse said, Gandhi was shrewd to use his sainthood for politics. After his death, the government used him. The government knew that he was an enemy of the Hindus, but they wanted to show that he was a staunch Hindu. So their first act was to put 'Hey Ram' into Gandhi's mouth, as the last words Gandhi is reported to have uttered before his death.


The ideologies of Veer Savarkar and M.K. Gandhi contributed more to the molding of the thought and action of the Indian people during 1920 to 1950 than any other single factor. Veer Savarkar was jailed for 50 years and interned in Andaman Jail. Sri Aurobindo was the greatest religious leader of the twentieth century. Sri Aurobindo was exiled to French colony of Pondicherri and not allowed to return to India. British Empire and Christian Missionaries intended to hire spies who could be promoted as Hindu saint and who would give anti-Indian interpretation of Hindu scriptures. Mohandas Gandhi secure the job of top agent provocateur and imposter by declaring that Hindu God Rama, God Krishna, and Arjuna were guilty of violence. Gandhi was bribed by Christian missionaries to create the separate identity of Harijan. It helped Christian missionaries to target them for conversions. Gandhi admitted in his autobiography that he read Gita for the first time at the age of 34 while he was in London, when an English friend taunted him for his ignorance of Hinduism. What right Gandhi had to insult God Rama, God Krishna, and Gita when he had no scriptural authority and no scriptural authority? Did Vatican recruit Gandhi as a spy to denigrate Hindu God Krishna, Rama and Gita to facilitate the work of Christian missionaries?


M.K. GANDHI WAS A TRAITOR TO INDIA: Since the year 1920, after the demise of Lokmanya Tilak, Gandhi's influence in the Congress first increased and then became supreme. British murdered Lokmanya Tilak by beating him by sticks. British hanged Bhagat Singh. British killed Chandra Shekher. Before 1920, Hot blood leaders controlled the Congress. Gandhi declared that the death sentence to the terrorist Bhagat Singh was justified, even the death by hanging was not enough for the violent person like Bhagat Singh. Attorney M.K. Gandhi was hired in South Africa by British secret services to hoodwink Indians to snatch the Congress leadership from hot-blood Congress leaders. Defeat of Gandhi's nominee at the hands of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose for the Presidency of the Congress Party proved that Gandhi did not have majority among freedom fighters. British secret services used to hire truckloads of people during Congress meetings to shout in favor of Gandhi and shout down his opponents. Others including Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi followed the strategy of transporting pre-paid supporters. As a freedom fighter and a patriot, Mohandas Gandhi was not good enough to wash the feet of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose should be declared the Father of Indian nation.


IMMORAL JAIN M.K. GANDHI WAS NOT A MAHATMA: Mohandas Gandhi was not a Mahatma. Gandhi had no spiritual training. Gandhi had not studied Hindu scriptures. Gandhi had no command over religion. Gandhi did not worship in temples. Gandhi did not believe in Vaishnavite rituals and beliefs. Gandhi ate meat. Gandhi was not a religious man. Gandhi was a womanizing professional without any spiritual insight. Gandhi slept naked with dozens of under teen girls openly in Sabarmati Ashram, to experiment sexual self-control. He admitted that he failed in his experiments. Prominent Hindus including Morarji Desai have condemned his depraved sexual behavior when he declared to have slept naked with a Harijan girl. American law punishes even consensual sex with under-14 minors for mandatory rape. If prosecuted under American laws in force now the so called Mahatma Gandhi would be jailed for 100 years for mandatory rape of more than 50 under 14 girls. Sabarmati Ashram hired dozens of young widows from Saurastra. In terms of conventional Hindu morality, Gandhi would be called an imposter rapist. Sri P.V. Narasimha Rao promoted a Jain as Hindu saint called Swami Chandraswami. Swami Chandraswami, though a Jain, not a Hindu masqueraded as Hindu Holy Swami. Similarly, Mohandas Gandhi, who had no knowledge of Hindu scriptures, was promoted as Hindu Mahatma to provide challenge to the rising popularity to the exiled Saint Sri Aurobindo. Indira Gandhi promoted Dhirendra Brahamchari; similarly, British secret services promoted Gandhi as Mahatma. To call Gandhi a Mahatma is to insult Hinduism. Gandhi use the theology of Jain Ahinsa misguide Hindus. Ahinsa is not extolled as virtue in any Hindu scripture. Gandhi could be called a Jain, but his philosophy had no basis in Hinduism. Imposter Gandhi was like Emperor Ashoka, who was a Jain, and who forced Buddhism on Hindu India. Gandhi could be a Jain or a Christian, masqueraded as Hindu Mahatma to expedite the conversions of Hindus to Christianity. Mahatma Gandhi was the Swami Chandraswami and Dhirendra Brahamchari of pre-independence India, promoted by erstwhile rulers. Alternately, Dhirendra Brahamchari was the Mahatma Gandhi of Indira Gandhi, and Swami Chanraswami was the Mahatma Gandhi of P.V. Narasimha Rao. Christianized Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, like Jain Emperor Ashoka, used state power to force Hindus convert to other religions. Mahatma Gandhi as a spiritual leader was not good enough to wash the feet of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh.


GANDHI ORGANIZED RIOTS TO KILL HINDUS IN KHULNA: Gandhi ordered his Muslim supporter Khan E Saboor, to organize the mass killing of Hindu Marwari businessmen of Khulna. Gandhi promised his goondas that police would not prosecute them if they kill Hindus in Khulna. Gandhi ordered the State Home Minister in Calcutta not to send police in Khulna for 3 days. Khulna was declared part of India on 14 August 1947 and after the riots, it was awarded to Pakistan. Mahatma Gandhi should be posthumously put on trial for his direct hand in organizing the murder of Hindu Marwaris by directly ordering goonda Khan E Saboor of Khulna to organize the communal riots. Mahatma Gandhi directly ordered State Home Minister not to send police to Khulna for 3 days. The family members of Khan E Saboor would vouch for the direct involvement of Mahatma Gandhi in the murders of Hindus in Khulna. Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee should set up a commission to investigate the role of M.K. Gandhi in Khulna riots that massacred Hindus on 14 August 1947. Evidence is still available in Khulna Bangladesh that would directly implicate M.K. Gandhi for murder charges in anti-Marwari riots of 1947.


GANDHI WAS ANTI SARDAR PATEL: Gandhi threatened to expel Sardar Patel from Congress Party unless Patel stopped complaining for police inaction to stop massacre of Hindus in Pakistan and Khulna. Had Sardar Patel become the Prime Minister of India the India would have been different today.


GANDHI DELAYED INDIA'S INDEPENDENCE: Mahatma Gandhi withdrew Free India movement after the Chaura Chouri incident under instructions of his British masters. Gandhi sabotaged Indian Naval Mutiny of 1945. India would have been independent in 1945 had leaders of Indian Mutiny not betrayed by Gandhi. Had Indian Naval Mutiny succeeded then Aden, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Burma, Sri Lanka would have become part of India? Gandhi did not get independence to India. India would have become independent in 1942 or 1945, but for the conspiratorial role of Gandhi.


GANDHI TRAITOR OF MILLENNIUM: Gandhi should not be elected as the man of the Millennium. Mohandas Gandhi should be selected as the Spy/Traitor of the Millennium. Anti-Mahatma Gandhi is the defining principle of the Rightist Pole of Indian polity. The Rightist political groups in India demand that One should neither call Mahatma Gandhi a Hindu Mahatma, nor a father of Indian nation. Gandhi could be called a Christian Saint if Christians so decide. Christians are also free to honor Mohandas Gandhi as the most loyal officer of the British Empire. Christians should give him a Nobel Peace Prize for being the most efficient promoter of Christian causes. Hindus just say that he is not fit to be called a Hindu Mahatma. M.K. Gandhi was not patriotic enough to be honored as father of Indian nation. Right wing Hindu politicians would unanimously elect M.K. Gandhi as the Traitor of the Millennium. Perhaps Christians should elect Gandhi as the Christian Man of the Millennium, as he proved himself the most loyal dog of the Christian British Empire.


RIGHT WING POLITICS IN CHINA: The Buddhism and Taoism are the basis of right wing politics in the Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore. The Buddhist do not accept Sun Yat Sen as the father of modern China. Leader of the Buddhist Boxers Revolution represents the real Father of Modern China. Buddhist and Taoism not Christianity are the basis of right wing politics in Singapore and Taiwan. Practicing Buddhist should be elected the President of Taiwan, Singapore and China. The conspiracy to promote secular Confucian doctrine to undermine Buddhism should be discontinued. The conspiracy of Harry Lee Kwan Yew to promote Christianity in Singapore at the cost of Buddhism should be openly opposed. It is high time that the Buddhist President of China, Taiwan and Singapore head the governments.


RIGHT WING POLITICS IN SRI LANKA: The Right wing politics in Sri Lanka is opposed to the rule by the family members of the late Solomon Bandarnaike, who was raised as Christian, but converted to Buddhism to capture political power. The Bandarnaike family has undermined Hinduism in Sri Lanka and scuttled all forms of religious contacts between Hindus and Buddhists. The Bandarnaike family protects the interests of Papacy in Sri Lanka even when Pope condemned Buddhism as not a religion because Buddhists do not believe in God. It is high time that a coalition of Buddhist-Hindu leaders should secure political power in Sri Lanka. The political domination of Bhandarnaike family is the threat Buddhism and Hinduism in Sri Lanka.


RIGHT WING POLITICS IN TURKEY: The Right wing politicians in Turkey do not accept Mustafa Kemal Pasha Ataturk as the father of modern Turkey and reject Kemalism as the constitution imposed by occupying Allied Powers after the First World War. The rightists in Turkey demand the overthrow of Kemalism and establishment of Islamic State under the leadership of Kurds, the original sons of the soil. The Turci invaders are misusing Kemalism to impose the foreign rule of Turci race over Kurds, the native sons of the soil. Turkey belongs to Kurds and Kurds reject Kemalism imposed by Allied Powers as form of new Colonialism.


RIGHT WING POLITICS OF PAKISTAN: The Rightist politicians of Pakistan do not accept Mohammed Ali Jinnah as the Quaid E Azam or Father of Pakistan. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan is the true father of Pakistan, because his policies alone would lead Pakistan to greater glory. The Rightist politicians of Pakistan would support the dictatorial regime of General Pervez Musharraf, the Chief Executive of Pakistan. The Rightist pole of Pakistani politics believes in creating an Empire of Pakistan in the Middle East. The right wing politicians believe that nuclear Pakistan has inherited the legacy of Ottoman Empire in the Islamic world. The seat of power of Islam shifted from Mecca to Damascus, then to Baghdad, then to Ulan Bator-Mongolia, then to Istanbul under Ottoman Empire, then to Tehran under Shah of Iran, then to Mecca. After the successful nuclear weapons tests, the Rightists believe that Pakistan has inherited Islamic Caliphate from Ottoman Empire. Arabs lost the leadership over the Center of Islam after Mongols conquered Baghdad in thirteenth Century. For more than 700 years the Central Asian Turks ruled the Islamic Caliphate. The people of Pakistan are the descendants of the mixture of Hindus and Central Asian Turks. Babur came from Samarkand. The Rightist Pole of Pakistani Polity believes that it is the destiny of Pakistan to rule the Islamic world. The Rightist politicians of Pakistan would align with Persia the fellow Aryan, to bring Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia under Caliphate of Pakistan. The Rightist politicians of Pakistan would reject M.A. Jinnah as the Father of Pakistan, and claim Pakistan's patrimony in the erstwhile Ottoman Empire. Rightist Nuclear Pakistan would carve out a great Pakistani Empire in the West and conquer entire Islamic lands from Rabat to Islamabad. Right wing politicians would impose the leadership of Pakistani Ulemas in the Arab world.


RIGHT WING POLITICS IN PERSIA: The Rightist Political pole in Iranian polity centers on resurrecting Shah of Iran, Zoroastrianism, pride in Ancient Persia, Sufism, and the restoration of ancient Persian Empire. The Rightist politicians would align with rightist politicians of Pakistan and India to recreate Persian Empire. Persia, Pakistan and India belong to the same Aryan racial stock. The main purpose of the Rightist politicians in Iran is to conquer Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait, to establish Shiite rule over Islamic Holy sites of Mecca and Medina. Iran is the pride of Islam. Iran represents Islam. Iranian civilization had always been more advanced than Arab civilization. Pakistan and Iran would join forces to bring Arabian Peninsula under Aryan rule. Sufis would overtake Sunnis as the dominant sect of Islam.


RIGHT WING POLITICS IN JAPAN: Rightist politicians of Japan would declare Japan a Buddhist state and expel Christians from Japan. Rightist Japan would develop nuclear weapons. Rightist Japan would be an imperial Japan and would align with china for the joint conquest of Australia. Rightist Japan would be a maritime, nuclear and space power. The Rightist Japan would develop nuclear weapons.


RIGHT WING POLITICS IN BURMA: Rightist Burma would be a Buddhist Burma and encourage reconverting Christians to Buddhism. Rightist Burma would break its ties with ASEAN and China to align with India. Rightist Burma would be renamed Brahma Desa.


RIGHTIST POLITICS IN INDIA: Rightist India would be a Hindu India. Rightist India would declare Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Lamaism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, and Sikhism as the Official national religions of India. Rightist India would make special efforts to reconvert Christians to Hinduism. Rightist India would promote Arian, Gnostic, and Coptic and Ethiopia's Orthodox Christian sects. Rightist India would empower Black Gnostic Christianity to compete with White Christianity of Catholics and Protestants. Rightist India would reject Papal influence over Indian Catholics. Rightist India would remove all statues and photographs of Mahatma Gandhi from public places. Rightist India would declare Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose as the Father of Indian nation. Rightist India would bring back under the folds of Indian civilization Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Tibet, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Malaysia. Rightist India would support the Tribal Africans in their civilization’s wars against the religions imposed by slave traders. Rightist India would help Persia, Egypt, Greece, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala resurrect their ancient religions. Rightist India would resurrect the ancient religion of Mother Goddesses Isis, Innanna, Astarte, Hera, and Hathor. The Rightist politics in India would promote Anti-Left Purges Campaign to remove Marxists, Socialists, and Communists from important positions of power and influence. Rightist politicians in India would claim that India inherited the legacy of the British Empire.


RIGHTISTS' POLITICS IN MEXICO: Mexico is an Indian nation. Brown Indian looking Mexicans represent 85 percent of Mexico's population. The Rightist politics in Mexico would expel white Hispanics and declare Mexico an Indian state and demand that United states return to Mexico the lands of Texas and California. Rightist politicians would resurrect the Maya civilization, religion and culture. The brown Mexico would develop close civilization’s links with Incas of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. Mexican Mayans would resurrect the Maya civilization in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Rightist Mexicans would resurrect Mayan religion and forsake Catholic Christianity and Spanish language. Mexico and Peru would herald the return of the Native American civilization in North and South America.


RIGHTIST POLITICS IN GREECE: The rightist political pole in Greece centers on the return of the religion of God Zeus, Apollo, Mithra, and Goddess Athena, Hera, Gaia, and Isis. Greece will reject Christianity. Greece will support Egypt to reject Islam so that the religion of goddess Isis resurrects in Egypt. The resurrection of the ancient religions of Greece and Egypt would herald the new Age in the Mediterranean world. The ancient civilizations would resurrect in Greece and Egypt.


RIGHTIST POLITICS IN CANADA: The Rightist Canada would develop nuclear weapons and promote defense ties with Commonwealth countries to check growing threat of the United States. Rightist Canada would not remain a satellite of America. The rightist Quebec would secede from Canada and develop nuclear weapons. Rightist Nuclear Quebec would align with France to play a significant role in the erstwhile French colonial empire.


46(x) Christian Jew Muslim Raksas

INDIAN-SINIC-GREEK EXPANSION: In the ancient world, Egypt, Indian, Persian, Greek and Chinese civilizations were the only five world civilizations, the principal civilizations that expanded beyond their frontiers to civilize the surrounding barbarian world. India is the sole surviving ancient civilization, out of these five ancient civilizations. The present regimes in Egypt, Greece, Persia and China persecute the religion of their ancient civilizations. Archeologists have discovered very large number of Sanskrit inscriptions and variety of Indian works of art in Southeast Asia. The inscriptions make clear that during the fourth and fifth centuries AD, a series of states centering around courts whose culture and atmosphere was thoroughly Indian arose both on the mainland southeast Asia and in the Sunda Sea Islands. Although Buddhists had been prominent in the earliest phases of Indian penetration of Southeast Asia, most royal courts there had become Shaivite Hindu by the Gupta Age. The ritual and concepts of Shaivism accorded well with the local autochthonous, indigenous, aboriginal religions. By emphasizing the magical role of the ruler in bringing fertility to the fields, Shaivism helped local kings to consolidate their power over Tribal chieftains. However, the spread of Indian styles was not superficial, it influenced their total religion and civilization. The geographical area involved, from Borneo to Sumatra, from Indochina to Burma, far exceeded the European territories, which the Greeks, and Roman Empire had brought within the sphere of Hellenism. Indian cultural expansion was peaceful. India did not promote Hinduism, Buddhism and Indian culture by sword.


INDIA & CHINA CLASH IN ASIA: As the Indian culture-sphere expanded northward along the coastal plain of Indochina, the frontiers of Indian and Chinese civilization met. When China recovered from the disruption following the fall of Hans, and resumed imperial expansion into Annam, direct influence of India was a fait accompli. Hindu culture consolidated in the Greater India. Greater India built overseas in the farthest reaches of Southeast Asia during Gupta Empire. Indian maritime commercial presence faded rapidly after the seventh century, when Moslem competition began to drive Indian commerce from the southern seas.


INDIAN INFLUENCE IN AFRICA: Indian ships explored and traded along the coast of Africa in Gupta Times. Africans from Sudan to as far as the Guinea on the Atlantic coast, owe their staples of their agriculture to Indians, who introduced yams, taro, and bananas to the African continent at the beginning of the Christian era. India's commercial and cultural penetration of Southeast Asia coincided in time with the weakening of trade and cultural relations with Egypt. Byzantine Navy blockaded the maritime trade of Egypt and Syria. Arab Empire choked the maritime commerce of Red Sea by exacting extravagant tolls from merchant ships attempting to pass through the Straits of Aden. The direct maritime commercial intercourse between India, Egypt, and the Mediterranean world declined. Byzantine economic warfare after 718, when Byzantine Navy gain could patrol the Mediterranean, cut Egypt, Syria, and Frankland off Mediterranean commerce.


INDIAN INFLUENCE IN MEDITERRANEAN: As direct maritime commercial intercourse between India and Mediterranean world declines, the learned community of Alexandria began to evince a much livelier interest in the wisdom and powers of the gymnosophists of India. There was the surprising chronological displacement between the apogee of economic and intellectual intercourse between India and the Mediterranean. The transcendental emphasis of Indian thought, and the ascetic disciplines whereby Indian Holy men invited mystic visions, offered a world-view and pattern of life as coherent and impressive as anything advocated by the gentlemanly philosophers of the Greco-Roman world.


THREAT OF RELIGION OF SALVATION: Religions of salvation were competing for the allegiance of the populace, when violence and disease were disrupting the social universe of the Roman world. Then the optimist rationalism of the Greek philosophic tradition was inadequate to account for events. Stoic doctrine of the supremacy of natural law failed to explain why whim and chance so obviously dominated. Indian mystical philosophy seemed to offer a surer avenue to truth. Indian mystical philosophy allows the direct validation by the supernatural vision of transcendent being. This yogic vision each individual adept in yoga could attain through a suitable course of training and self-discipline. Greek philosopher Ammonius Saccas (d.242) was of Indian origin. Ammonius Saccas taught philosopher Plotinus (d. 270), who was the great renovator of Greek religious philosophy. Ammonius taught philosopher Origen (d 254) the first systematic theologian of the Christian Church. Many of Plotinus' most important doctrines seem to echo the Upanishads. Jean Doresse's, The Secret Book of the Egyptian Gnostics, explains that the manuscript discovered in Egypt, shows the importance of Indian influence upon monasticism and other aspects of Christian piety. Christian Mystics borrowed the Hindu concept that the end and goal of the ascetic discipline was the beatific vision of God. Indian precedents for interpreting vision of God, in theological and transcendental sense were of essential importance to the first Christian mystics. Indian influence upon early Christianity had been of great importance. In the looming civilization’s war, Hindu India would promote Gnostic Christian church as the real Christianity and transfer the assets of the Catholic and Protestant Church to the Gnostic Christian Church.


PROTESTANTISM IS A RAKSASA RELIGION: Hindu mythology describes the eternal war fought between the forces of Hindu Devas and Raksasas. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam represent the new religions of Raksasas and Asuras. Southern Baptist Protestant Church's declared that 900 million Hindus worship in the darkness of Satan, is the declaration of the ancient war of Hindu Deva against the forces of Asura, Demons and Raksasas. The Deva-Raksasa War is a total war. Hindus will win this war of Devas versus Raksasas. Hindus, the party of Devas would wage theological war against the religions of Raksasas especially Judaism and Protestant Christianity. Jews massacre of the Goddess worshipping civilization in Jordan and Palestine has been the invasion of Raksasas.


GNOSTIC CHRISTIANITY IS HINDUISM: The type of Holiness that strongly resembled the practices and preconceptions long familiar in India did establish itself as one of the fundamentals of Christianity. Extreme manifestations of the Christian pursuit of holiness, exemplified in the pillar saints of Syria, reveal Indian affinities in detail of ascetic conduct. Christian monasticism as a whole drew significant inspiration from the ascetic traditions of India. Christian monks learnt from Hindu yogis to pursue Christian sanctity and the beatific vision.


INDIAN INFLUENCE IN IRAN: The first Sassanian monarchs, after 226 AD, patronized and revived Zoroastrianism, in Babylonia and Iran, as part of self-conscious reassertion of Persian cultural independence from India. Thereby, Iran and Mesopotamia, unlike China, could not become flourishing mission fields. Persian pride would not accept Indian cultural models unless they first assumed effective local disguises. Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, and Mazdakism were the world religions that took birth in Persia, but they failed to check Muslim conquest. Had Persian Sassanian monarchs supported Buddhism or Hinduism, then Persian civilization would have escaped annihilation of the seventh century at the hands of Muslim invaders.


DONATIST CHRISTIANITY REVIVING: John Wycliffe (d. 1384), was practically a Donatist Christian, and wrote in England that all the Church hierarchy from the Pope down, were accursed, by reason of their greed, simony, cruelty, lust for power, and evil lives. The Popes of the period were antichrist and not to be obeyed. Their decretals were as naught and excommunications to be disregarded. Unless they give satisfaction, they shall be damned deeper than Judas Scarioth. Those priests who write that they have keys to heaven, and are vicars of Jesus Christ, are so vicious and lack knowledge of holy words, and are full of pride. Instead they have Keys of Hell and are Vicars of Satan. No one in mortal sin, could be temporal lord, a prelate, or a bishop, said John Wycliffe.


SACRAMENT & SPIRITUALITY OF PRIESTS: Whether a sacrament depends for its validity on the spiritual state of priest, the human being who administers it. The Orthodox reply was that Sacrament did not depend on its validity on the spiritual state of the human priest who administers it. Sacrament is an institution whose sanctity derived from the Sacraments, not estimated from the pride of the person. The sacraments are holy in themselves and not through men. Black Gnostic Christianity and Gnostic Christianity support the Donatist argument that priests in lower spiritual state should not administer Sacrament.


DOCTRINE OF DONATIST CHRISTIANITY: Hindu India should support Donatist Christianity. The North African Christianity under the influence of Manichaeism and Hinduism proposed the following doctrine of Donatist Christianity. (1) Adam would have died even if he had not sinned. (2) The sin of Adam injured himself alone, not the human race. (3) The newborn children are in the same condition in which Adam was before the Fall. Corollary is that infants though unbaptised have eternal life. (4) The whole human race does not die because of Adam's death or sin, nor will it rise again because of Christ's resurrection. (5) Even before the coming of Christ, there were men, who were entirely without sin.


(6) SACRAMENT: The goodness and righteousness of God that everything created by him is good. Human nature is indestructibly good and negatively modified only accidentally, and temporally. Sin, which consists in actively willingness for doing what righteousness forbid, is such a negative modification. Sin; can never pass into nature to give rise to an evil nature of man. If a man cannot permanently become evil, then so much less can the Evil be inherited. Moreover, the will, which is thus uncorrupted, is always of itself capable of willing Good. Christ works by his example. Sacraments function not as power but as teaching. Man created free, is with his whole sphere independent of God, the Church, and the Living Body of Christ. Christ, Church and sacrament teach and help. African Christianity rejects the Augustine's following argument. Human nature though created Good became permanently corrupted, due to the sin committed by Adam in the garden of Eden, when he tasted the apple, the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of God. Thereby, virtue is impossible without the grace of Jesus. Without Grace, man's Free Will, wills only vice, and therewith wills Hell. Donatists reject Catholic view that Priests' human sins could not corrupt the Church.


NEOPLATONIC DONATIST GNOSTIC CHRISTIAN CONCEPT OF GOD: Gnostics believe in the concept of Eternal Soul. All what god creates is immortal. The incorruptible body, which is our God-Created Form, hidden as it were, in the secret recesses of our nature. African Christianity believes that Sin is a misdirected will. God punishes Sin by letting it know that its misjudgments are vain. Hell is but the inner state of a sinning will. African Christianity believes that the Paradise and Fall of Genesis, are allegorical states of mind, not to be understood as episodes in the prehistoric past. Correction of human mind facilitated by philosophy (reason) and religion (authority) but the criteria of the Church is philosophy. The criteria of validity of the religious doctrine and practices is philosophy not the Church. Christian Church cannot make a false theology spiritually correct. Living Body of Christ is not the Church but the world, for God is in all things. All things therefore, both are and are not. Irish Neoplatonic Christian theologian Johannes Scotus Erigena (815-877) wrote 'De Divisione Naturae' (865-870). Nature is the manifestation of God, in four aspects, which are not forms of God but forms of our thought. (1) The Uncreated Creating is God conceived as the source of all things. (2) The Created Creating, is nature in the aspect of those immutable divine acts of will, primordial ideas or archetypes that are Forms of forms. (3) The Created Uncreating, is nature in the aspect of individual things, or forms, in time and space. Evil is an effect merely of our own mistaken knowledge. (4) The Uncreated Uncreating is God conceived as the 'Final End' of all things. It is impossible to know God as he is.


SUPPORT GNOSTIC & ETHIOPIAN CHURCH: The philosophy of Gnostic Church and African Christianity condemns the doctrine and dogma of White Catholic and Protestant Christianity as false religion. Hindu India would support Black Gnostic Christianity. Catholic and Protestant concept of the Original Sin of Adam and Eve is theologically wrong. Jesus never accepted it. These beliefs make Catholicism and Protestantism the religion of Raksasas. Catholic and Protestant theology is the negation of the Hindu concept of God. Black Gnostic Coptic Christianity is the negation of Catholic and Protestant Christianity. Black, Gnostic, Coptic, Donatist Christianity is very similar to Hinduism, Buddhism, Zzoroastrianism, Manichaeism, and Mazdakism. Black Gnostic, Coptic Donatist Christians would join forces with Hindus against Catholics and Protestants in the civilization’s wars. India should encourage grand Patriarch of Black Gnostic Christianity to take over the Christian Church property in India and other parts of Asia. Let Christians of Asia and Africa; unite under the leadership of Black Christians. Independent nations of Asia and Africa should reject the religion imposed by slave traders and colonial rulers. White race would no longer control the religions of Asia and Africa. Black Gnostic Christianity is superior to the White Christianity of Catholic and Protestant Churches. The Churches of Alexandria, Addis Ababa, Damascus, and Goa would one day guide the lost souls of Western Europe to meet their Brown Savior Jesus.


46(5) hinduism Buddhism Merger

Hindu Buddhist Merger of Religions

Hinduism would triumph over allother World Religions, because of its ecclectic nature and respect for diversity. Hindu scripture Gita, declares that there are multiple paths to worship and approach God and all these paths could be true. Infinite God can be worshipped by infinite ways. Christians fear Hindu Octopus can take over all other World religions, simply by accepting these religions as part of the Hindu family of religions. The ability of Hinduism to absorb other religions in their totality provides a solution to Wars of Religions. Hindu Infinity can absorb multiple infinities and still retain its original infinite nature. Hinduism can absorb all ancient religions, all pagan religions, all religions of Nature, and all tribal religions into Hinduism, still retain its original Hindu nature. Hinduism and Buddhism are two sides of the same coin.


46(i) Merger of Religions

Only One Occidental & One Oriental Religion Would Survive:

The world is heading toward the evolution of a Single occidental and a single Oriental Religion. The wars of religions becoming more deadly, because the leaders of the religions realize those weaker religions could become extinct before the end of the 21st Century. There is one God of the entire universe. There should be only One Religion of the world. The Information Age would result into the merger of World Religions into one or two Universal Religions. The Conflicts of Future would be the Conflicts of Civilizations, when the dominant Religions would seek world domination. Occidental Religions, Zoroastrian, Judaism, Islam, Christianity would attempt modernizing their scriptures to meet the challenge of the emerging universal Occidental world Religion. Universal Occidental Religion would be borrowing spiritual ideas from Islamic, Christian, Judaic and Zoroastrian scriptures.


Oriental Religions Merging into Hinduism:

SINGLE ORIENTAL RELIGION: All Oriental Religions would merge to form a single universal religion. One day all the world religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Shamanism and Mithraism would merge to form a single religion. The ancient Religions of Goddess Kali, Isis, Astarte, Hera and that of Pharaohs, Greeks, Romans, Mayas, Incas, Aztec- would merge to form a single Universal Religion. World Religion would be a form of Hinduism and Buddhism.


Single World Religion by AD 2100:

SINGLE WORLD RELIGION IN 22ND CENTURY: The unification of the World Religions is inevitable and the process would be expedited either by the use of force, or by the peaceful universal distribution of Religious Scriptures in the Information Age. Only One or Two Universal World Religions would survive the 21st Century. India should promote the cause of the unification of world Religions.


Demise of All Religious Sects in 2000s:

END OF MANY RELIGIOUS SECTS: Occidental Religions would be under pressure to merge to form a Single Universal Religion in the next Millennium. Christian Sects of Catholicism, Protestantism and Greek Orthodox would fail to explain to the believers the spiritual basis of the separate Denominations. Differences over the control or ownership of the religious property rather than doctrinal differences caused the birth of many religious denominations and sects.


Hinayana Merging in Mahayana Buddhism:

It is likely that under Chinese leadership Mahayana Buddhism and Hinayana or Theravada Buddhism would merge to evolve universal Buddhism. Mahayana Chinese Buddhism would assimilate the religious philosophy and customs of Theravada Buddhism practiced in Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka. A Universal Hinduism is emerging out of the merger of Hindu Sects of Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Tantrism, Saktism and Saktaism. During long foreign rule, all Hindu Sects have merged into Universal Hinduism. Hinduism and Buddhism would merge and the synthesis Religion would combine the Buddhist & Taoist philosophy and Hindu belief in God.


Wars among Religious Sects:

SECTS INDEPENDENT ACTORS IN WAR: Religious Sects would align with the sect of other Religion for political and military expediency, in the Conflict of Civilizations. The Catholics-Greek Orthodox conflicts could be bloodier than Christian-Muslim Wars. Russian Greek Orthodox Church would align with Hinduism, Buddhism and Shiites to meet the challenges of the emerging nexus of alliances of the Catholics, Protestants and Sunni Muslims. Western Roman Empire, the Vatican had refused to provide military aid to Byzantine Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire against the invasion of Muslim Ottomans in 1453. Hinduism, Mahayana Buddhism, Shiite Muslims, Sufi Muslims and Greek Orthodox Christians could form a global Alliance of Religions to check the emerging military alliance of Catholic Christianity, Protestant Denominations and Sunni Islam.

 A-bomb and Religious Wars

INDIAN A-BOMB: Indian Atom Bomb would help the rise of Hinduism and Buddhism and reverse the expansion of Christianity and Islam. Before the Christian era, the Brown people ruled most of the civilized worlds. Before the Christian era, the Universal Religion of Goddesses was the dominant Religion of Pharaoh Egypt, Babylon, Mesopotamia and Greece. During First Christian Millennium the white west European Christians and fair skin Arab Muslims conquered the ancient Civilizations and occupied their lands and imposed Islam and Christianity on the ancient world. During the Second Christian Millennium white Christians conquered the lands of Brown Incas, Mayas, Aztecs and Red Indians and destroyed their Race, Culture and Civilization. Muslims and Christians ruled parts of India for 600 years.


Pak Bomb To Destroy Israel by 2020

The Islamic Nuclear Bomb empowers the Islamic world to destroy the Christian citadels in Europe and Israel. Muslims could repeat the destruction of Eastern Roman Empire. Cannon wielding Muslim Turks established the Ottoman Empire, heralded the end of Dark Ages and beginning of the Reformation Age in Europe. Pakistani Atom Bomb could destroy the State of Israel by 2005. The possession of weapons of mass destruction in the hands of fanatic terrorist Muslims would lead to either the rise of Islam or the fall of Islam. Only India could tame the Islamic Nuclear Bomb. United States and Europe should coerce Pakistan to confederate with India, so that a world may have only six nuclear weapon power States. Reunification of the Indian Subcontinent could only remove the gruesome specter of An Islamic nuclear holocaust over Christian Europe.


Union of Aryan States:

RISE OF BROWN ARYAN RACE. UNION OF ARYAN STATES: The rise of two south Asian nuclear powers, the home of more than 1,300 Million Brown Aryan, signals the rise of Brown man challenging the supremacy of White man in the world. A Union of India, Pakistan, Iran & Kazakhstan to form a new Confederation of UNION OF ARYAN STATES (UAS) would overtake NATO, NAFTA, the United Europe and the United States. Union of Aryan States could become the dominant economic and military power of the world in the 21st Century.


NON-CHRISTIAN ATOM BOMBS: Could Indian Bomb be an Atom Bomb in the hands of Uncivilized Blacks? Whether the Conflicts of the Future would be a Clash of Civilizations, when differing Cultures seeking domination in the global arena would collide violently? Would Indian and Pakistani Atom Bombs would turn out to be a Bomb in the hands of Uncivilized Brown Asians? Would uncivilized Blacks, black mullahs and hordes of and unwashed South Asians might show signs of irrationality, or worse, madness unlike the highly civilized societies of the West? How should they bridge the huge Cultural Gap, separating the two new Nuclear Hopefuls from the Older Guard, which would resist their entry into its Hallowed Portals?


HINDU-ISLAMIC ATOM BOMBS: Islamic Bomb will be a greater threat to Christians than it is to Hindus. The Vatican is a greater threat to the Hindu India than the Muslims. Catholic Christianity is a greater threat to Hindu Civilization than Sunni Islam. Christianity is a greater potential enemy of Hinduism and Hindu India than Islam. Christianity and Islam in alliance are waging a joint War against Hinduism and Buddhism. Islamic nations would one day align with Hindu and Buddhist nations to checkmate the expansion of Christianity in Asia. India would learn to use Hinduism and Buddhism as instruments of Foreign Policy to promote India's national interests. Religion will play an important role to develop Hindu instruments of Indian foreign Policy. Islam would align with Hinduism and Buddhism to check the spread of Christianity in Asia and Africa. India should decisively respond to the emerging Catholic-Islamic-Communist nexus from threatening Hinduism and Buddhism.

Bomb of God Shiva

BOMB OF GOD SHIVA: How could Hindu Atom Bomb be as bad as Islamic Atom Bomb for Christians and Jews? Why was Indian Atom Bomb, represented in the Western media as the fury of God Shiva, the God of Destruction? India after a gap of 24 years from the 1974 tests conducted its two (2) nuclear tests on May 11, 1998 and three (3) nuclear tests including one Hydrogen bomb test on May 13, 1998. The Times Magazine front cover depicted the Indian Prime Minister Atal Vajpayee, Shiva-like playing Hindu God of Destruction. What is interesting is that no Western newspaper showed Pakistani Atom Bomb as unleashing the fury of Allah. New York Times showed the full-page photograph of Shiva in four-armed form holding in each of his four hands respectively, a nuclear reactor, a nuclear bomb, a missile and a dagger. The second nuclear explosion of democratic India, conducted 25 years after the first explosion in 1974, was misrepresented in the mainstream American media as if it represented the fury of Hindu God Shiva, the God of Destruction. The Christian policy makers consider Hindu India's Atom Bomb more evil than Pakistani Islamic Atom Bomb. Christian writers represent Shiva and Kali as Demons, an evil force representing Devil. Christian nuclear powers transfer the nuclear weapons and missiles to Pakistan as a part of the conspiracy to destroy Hinduism in Nuclear India. Christian Civilization is definitely on a collusion course against Hindu and Buddhist Civilization.


INDIA WOULD OVERTAKE CHINA IN MISSILE TECHNOLOGY: Around February 1996, Chinese Rocket and Satellite programs had begun to fail. President Clinton could have violated the US Laws by authorizing transfer of military missile, rocket and satellite technology to China. United States transferred advance satellite and missile technology to Atheist China, when during 1966 Chinese Rocket and Satellite Program began to fail. United States put pressure on Russia to cancel supplying cryogenic rockets engine technology to India. The United States had been supplying missile technology to China on the one hand and disrupting Russian technology transfers to India. Christian World is bolstering China and Pakistan while isolating India. Catholic Civilization appears to have aligned with atheist Communist Civilization and Islamic Civilization to isolate and denigrate Hindu & Buddhist Civilizations. The United States has allowed the most sensitive rocket, satellite and missile technology as well its most secret nuclear weapon secrets, to be stolen by Chinese spies to encourage Chinese Invasion of Siberia. Christian Democratic Capitalist world seeks better relations with Atheist Communist China than with Democratic Hindu India. United States feared that, India would overtake China, in the development of a precision ICBM. To prevent India from taking over China, the United States expedited the transfer and theft of sensitive missile technologies to China. China is far ahead of India in Nuclear weapon technology, because of the espionage in the US weapons lab. By bribing a few highest-ranking politicians, China has stolen highly sensitive nuclear weapon warhead designs, designs of missiles and numerous sensitive technologies valued at more than $200 billions. The low yields nuclear devices that India tested ranged 0.5, 0.3, and 0.2 kiloton explosives. The 45-kiloton Hydrogen Bomb explosion suggests that India has also perfected the tactical nuclear warhead designs, similar to W-88 thermonuclear warhead designs that China stole from the Las Alamos Labs. Indian scientists would match China in the development of tactical nuclear weapons.

Christianity Has Peaked

CHRISTIANITY IS AT ITS PEAK: Western scholars are of the view that the conflicts of the future would be a Clash of Civilizations, when differing Cultures, seeking domination in the global arena, would collide violently. In the future conflicts the dominant Civilization would attempt to convert rest of the world by violent means. Out of the five P-5 nations four nuclear powers-United States, Russia, Britain and France are White and Christian. Communist China the fifth member of the (P-5) is an Atheist and Anti-Buddhist nation. Christian United States is the sole Super Power in the world. Technically Christian Civilization is at its peak and Christian World could conquer the major civilizations of the world. The United States and the Christian World would not be able to climb any higher. They could only go down. Nuclear Explosions by India and Pakistan could mark the Turning Point in the human History.


ISLAMIC BOMB THREATENS CHRISTIANITY: Hindu India's nuclear test could change balance of power among worlds Civilizations. Islamic Atom Bomb ironically developed with the help of Christian nations could turn the tide against Christianity. Catholics and Sunni Muslims have entered an alliance to threaten Hindus and Buddhists. However, the Sunni Islamic Atom Bomb would more likely destroy Judaism and European Catholicism. Islamic Atom Bomb could destroy Israeli or European cities before AD 2005. Only Nuclear India could tame the Islamic Atom Bomb. Hindu and Islamic Atom Bombs can coexist as they both undermine the predominance of the white Christian world.


HINDU ISLAMIC ALLIANCE VERSUS CHRISTIANITY: Hindu India should align with Islamic Pakistan to check Christian missionary activities in Asia. Christianity is the potential number one threat to Hindu India, Hinduism and Buddhism. Hindus should not accept Christianity to be superior to Islam. Hindus do not accept that majority of Catholic Bishops is any better than Islamic fundamentalist Mullahs are. Hindus should choose between Christian and Islamic option, as for what would promote Hindu interests.

Hindu India in Religious War:

HINDU-BUDDHIST ALLIANCE: How should Hindu World align with the Buddhist World to counter the emerging alliance of the Christian, Islamic and Atheist Communist worlds? The world has four (4) major Civilizations based on Religion namely, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic Civilizations. The world has four (4) major Civilizations based on race, namely, White, Yellow, Brown and Black Civilizations. The Christian Civilization is predominantly a White Civilization. Buddhist Civilization is primarily a Yellow Civilization. Hindu Civilization is primarily a Brown Civilization. Islamic Civilization is primarily a Brown Civilization and partly a Black Civilization. There are four (4) primary bases of the Christian Civilization in Europe, Americas, Southern Africa and Australia. South Asia is the main base of the Hindu Civilization. Buddhist Civilization encompasses Asia, Far East and South East Asia. Islamic Civilization encompasses the Middle East, Central Africa and Asia. Out of the total world population: Christians are 25%, Buddhist/Taoist are 25%, Muslims are 25%, Hindus are 15%, Minor religions 5%, Shaman & Tribal Religions is 5% of the world population, take or leave 2% error. India stakes the claim to lead the Hindu, Buddhist and Shaman Religions that together account for 45% population of the world. How would Hindu Nuclear India fit in the grand picture of the looming Clash of the Civilizations?


Christian West Conspires against Hindu India:

WHY IS WEST AGAINST INDIAN HINDU GOVT.? The electoral victory of the Nationalist Hindu BJP Party in India, has become an eyesore to the Christian World. Christian World is more afraid of the Hindu BJP government than any other Islamic fundamentalist government. Hindus waited for a long time to witness the formation of First Hindu Government at Delhi. Atal Vajpayee waited whole life for this momentous occasion. India conducted five underground nuclear weapon tests within the first six weeks of its Inauguration. Foreign money did play a role in the destabilization of coalition Government. There was a chance that BJP coalition government would have fallen, had there not been the unexpected support of the Telugu Desam Party. India needed to consolidate the Hindu victory so precariously arrived at. We should strengthen the political and economic foundation of Hinduism in India. Hindus should checkmate any Islamic and Christian conspiracy to install a Muslim or Christian Government in India. India could also fund political election campaigns to influence policy and legislation in Western Democracies, similar to what China did in the United States. India should deter any Western destabilization attempts in India. India's nuclear weapons would help consolidate Hindu foundations in India.


Christians Gave Pakistan the A-bomb to Check Hindu India:

The United States and China transferred missiles and nuclear weapons technology to Pakistan. Pakistan Test fired the long range Missile shortly after the inauguration of the BJP Nationalist Government of India. Pakistan dared to name its Missile as Ghouri. Pakistan prepared its nuclear test sites before India could prepare its testing sites. Why was there such a fuss about the failure of the CIA for predicting Indian Nuclear Tests? Truncated Pakistan has dared to talk about using nuclear weapons to settle Kashmir Problem. Was there any grand conspiracy against India, which India's Nuclear Tests checkmated? It was an international conspiracy to bring down the Government of Atal Vajpayee before India could conduct the nuclear tests. What is the conspiracy and what should India's response be? Some senior Socialist politicians could be involved in the Missile Espionage Case. Spies allowed Pakistan to steal Indian missile technology, during the United Front Government. The United Front government had shut down an Indian missile program, under pressure of the United States.


Grand Anti-India conspiracy:

After the humiliating surrender of 1971, Pakistan 27 years later planned (like Mohammed Ghouri whom Prithviraj Chauhan similarly defeated 17 times) to make a bold nuclear strike against India to partition India and to liberate Kashmir. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhis never asserted India's preponderance in South Asia after 1971 Victory and 1974 Nuclear Test. India slept for 24 years allowing Pakistan becomes a rival again. Pakistan could have used China supplied nuclear weapons equipped missiles for preemptive strikes against India, and then it would have been as catastrophic to Hinduism as the conquest by Mohammed Ghouri and the murder of Pritviraj Chauhan. The History would have repeated itself. Pakistan would have become the Mohammed Ghouri of the 21st Century. Hindus must never forget this lesson of history. India should teach the Islamic world a befitting lesson so that Muslims would never attack India.


USA AND CHINA GAVE PAKISTAN ATOM BOMB: United States consented to Chinese transfer of nuclear missiles and nuclear weapon and missile technology to Pakistan. China conspired that Pakistan should conduct nuclear tests earlier than India. The conspiracy was that after conducting its nuclear tests first, Pakistan would threaten India with nuclear strikes. Pakistan sought to deter any future Indian nuclear tests. Pakistan could have used that opportunity to bomb Indian nuclear installations. China had planned to propose to the Security Council to permanently ban nuclear tests in the subcontinent and to authorize Western military intervention in Kashmir, ironically to prevent Pakistani nuclear strikes against India. They would have barred India from conducting any farther nuclear tests. India should checkmate hideous Chinese-American-Pakistani anti-India Alliance.


46(ii) Hindu Buddhist Response

Hindu & Buddhist counter Measures

INDUCT RELIGION AS AN INSTRUMENT OF POLICY: India should formulate the religious foreign policy. Current NATO invasions of Yugoslavia can be explained in terms of the Vatican ambition to destroy the stronghold of the Orthodox Church in the Balkans. The Vatican helped overthrow the regime of Emperor Haile Selaisie in Ethiopia to destroy the political base of the non-Catholic Christian Church. The Vatican supported Christian dominated Khmer Rouge to massacre Buddhist monks and elite in Cambodia to Christianize Cambodia. The Vatican supported the Christian Tutsi tribes to murder animist Hutu tribes. The Vatican supported the Idi Amin in his use of Christian Tutsi soldiers to murder quarter of the population of Uganda, the non-Muslim and non-Christian tribes of Uganda. Catholic President Diem of South Vietnam used the military power of the United States to punish and torture Buddhist monks and priests. In short, the Catholics and Protestants have embarked upon a policy of the world conquest.


HINDU FOREIGN POLICY: Hindu India should induct Religion as an instrument of Indian Foreign Policy. Hinduism should assimilate the scriptures of Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Zoroastrianism. Hinduism should welcome the followers of the religions of Mayas, Incas, Aztecs, Red Indians, and the followers of the ancient religions of Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Assyria and Greece into the folds of Hinduism. Religion is instrument of Foreign Policy. India should promote a Hindu & Buddhist Religious agenda in Indian Foreign Policy. Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia have Islamic agenda. The United States, the United Europe (UE) and the Vatican has Christian agenda in their national policies.


HINDUISM EQUIDISTANT TO ISLAM & CHRISTIANITY: Hinduism should be equidistant to Islam and Christianity, without choosing a favorite. Hindu Polity should widen Catholic-Sunni, Christianity-Islam differences; otherwise, the emerging Catholic Christian-Sunni Islamic nexus would threaten Hinduism and Buddhism. During state visits to India, similar state protocol should welcome Pope, Great Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church, Shiite Islamic Ayatollah, Buddhist Dalai Lama, the leaders of the Sikhs, the President of the SGPC and Hindus Sankaracharya. Christian and Islamic scholars should debate and present their case before Hindus should select the winner. Hindu predilection to prejudge Christianity as better than Islam could be the result of Christian educational propaganda.

Promote Mahayana Buddhism

Hindu India should respond to Christian and Islamic challenge at scriptural and missionary level. Hindu religious propaganda and Hindu religious missionary activity would be the proper instrument of religious response to Islam and Christianity. The Colonial Christian Empires arose out of the missionary activities. The propagation of Islam by Saudi Arabia catapult Saudi Arabia as the top leader of the Islamic world and promotes Saudi national interest. Similarly, India should lead Hinduism and Buddhism. India would promote its national interest by propagating Hinduism and Buddhism in China and Southeast Asia. India should organize the World Council of Buddhism. Mahayana Buddhism is 85% similar to Hinduism. Mahayana Buddhism is a dominant form of Buddhism in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia. Hinayana Buddhism is 70% similar to Hinduism. Hinayana is the state religion in Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka. India should lend its support to Mahayana Chinese Buddhism versus Theravada Buddhism. Emperor Ashoka had supported Theravada Buddhism that was similar to Jainism, as Rulers of Maurya Dynasty were Jains. Emperor Kaniska promoted an ancient version of Mahayana Buddhism. The Sanskrit was the original language of the scriptures of Mahayana Buddhism. Pali was the language of the original scriptures of the Hinayana Theravada Buddhism. India should encourage the merger of Theravada Hinayana Buddhism in to Mahayana Buddhism.

India's Buddhist Card in China

India is the birthplace of Buddhism. China had the misfortune of Non-Buddhist Christian governments during 1911-48. Sun Yatsen and Chiang Kai sheik were both Christians and they used the ideology of nationalism to overthrow Buddhist Qing Dynasty. They expelled Buddhists from position of power in China, suspecting their links to the Qing Dynasty. Communists have ruled China since 1948 in the name of Marxism expelled all Buddhists from positions of power in China, suspecting that Buddhism would undermine belief in Marxism. Similarly, Christian leaders of South Vietnam expelled all Buddhists from positions of power. Similarly, in India Nehru banned Rastriya Swayam Sevak Sangha (R.S.S.) and other Hindu organizations, even when British partitioned India based on Religion. Nehru misused Secularism and Socialism to keep religious Hindus out of corridors of power in India. Hindu India should lead Chinese Buddhists and to promote the Democratic Buddhist Government to replace the Communist Regime of China. India would succeed in bringing down the evil Communist Government of China, to replace it by a Buddhist cum Taoist Government. Chinese Buddhist would follow the lead of India in religious affairs and it shall result in increased Indian influence in China. Pro-India Buddhists in China would outnumber pro-China Communists in India.


RELIGIOUS UNION OF HINDUISM & BUDDHISM: India should promote a Union of Hinduism and Buddhism to develop common Scripture. Hinduism and Buddhism united under a single Universal World Religion would represent 45% of the humankind and give a tough competition to Islam and Christianity. Hindu India should use Hinduism and Buddhism, as instruments of Indian Foreign Policy, during 21st Century, to prepare India for the looming Clash of Civilizations.


HINDU WORLDVIEW: India should develop a clear Hindu world-view to explain Hindu perspective to the West. India should reinterpret World History to explain why Indian Policy differs from those of the Western.


WEST CONSPIRES TO IMPLANT CHRISTIAN LEADERS: Hindu and Buddhist World are under assault by the Christian powers, who are conspiring to implant Christians as political leaders of China, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Taiwan, Korea and India. Hindu India should align with Buddhist China, Taiwan, Korea, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to promote Buddhist led Governments in Asia. Christian leadership of any Asian nation would be a threat to Hinduism and Buddhism in Asia.


CHRISTIAN AUNG SAN SUU KYI: The Vatican is conspiring to implant Catholic Christian Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma. The Vatican and the West are promoting Christian Sam Rainsy of Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. The Christian Khmer Rouge soldiers committed genocide in Cambodia to massacre the entire Buddhism leadership, Monks and intelligentsia. America had imposed Christian leadership in South Vietnam, during the Vietnam War, even when Christians were less than 15% of South Vietnamese population. Catholic President Diem of South Vietnam used military force to torture Buddhist monks and nuns. American is undermining Buddhist alternatives to Communist China to promote Chiang Kai sheik type Christian leadership in post-Communist China.

Sonia Gandhi as Vatican's Spy

ITALIAN SONIA GANDHI: Western media and the CIA are conspiring to implant Italian born, a White Christian Sonia Gandhi, as future Prime Minister in Hindu India. India should finance overseas Indians to contest elections in foreign countries and help Hindus to acquire political power in Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, East Africa and Europe.

Catholics Drug Cartels

CHRISTIANS CONTROL ASIAN DRUG TRADE: Catholic Christians control the Heroin, Opium drug-trade in Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Southern China. Chinese Christians control 50% of Heroin drug supply in New York. Christians control Asian Drug Mafia and they intend to align with Western powers to implant Christian leadership in Asia. The danger is that any Christian leadership in Asia would be a form of Narco-Presidency. Hindu India should align with Buddhist leadership in China, Taiwan, Korea, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to form Buddhist led Governments in Asia. Christian leadership of any Asian nation threatens Hinduism and Buddhism in Asia. Christian head of the government in any Southeast Asia will be a serious drawback on anti-narcotic drives, as drug lords in the Golden Triangle are predominantly Catholic.

Hindu-Orthodoxy Alliance

HINDU-GREEK ORTHODOX -PROTESTANT ALLIANCE: India should follow China, and restrict the role of Vatican Pope, as the head of Indian Catholic Church. Christianity is not one monolith Religion but a coalition of warring Sects. The Vatican is at war against Greek Orthodox Church. Protestants are in competition with the Vatican Papacy. There is no Catholic Super Power in the world. Hindu India should align with Russia and Greek Orthodox Church and Protestant Denominational leaders to check the rise of Vatican Papacy. India should support the conversions of the Catholics to Orthodox and Protestant Denominations. India should hold elections to elect the leaders of Christian laity and laymen, who should assume control over the properties of the Christian churches. India should negotiate with Russian Great Patriarch to develop an alliance of Indian Christianity with Greek Orthodox Church. India could also develop Indian Church on the lines of Church of England.


HINDU-SHIITE ALLIANCE: Sunni Islam is at war against Shiite & Sufi Islam. Hindu India should align with Shiite Iran and Sufi Muslims to challenge the rise of Sunni Pakistan and to encourage the conversion of Sunni-Muslims to Shiite-Muslims.


HINDU-MAHAYANA BUDDHISM ALLIANCE: Hinduism should align with Chinese Mahayana Buddhism to merge the Theravada, Hinayana Buddhism of Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka into Chinese Mahayana Buddhism.


RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONAL WARS: The Conflicts of Civilizations in the future would be Conflicts among major Religious Sects. We could list the 10 major adversarial World Religions as follows: Catholicism, Greek Orthodox Church, Protestantism, Sunni Islam, Shiite Islam, Mahayana Buddhism, Hinayana Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism and Hinduism. Numerous Hindu sects have merged into universal Hinduism. Thus, Hinduism is the largest single religious sect in the world comprising more than 800 million believers.


POPULATION OF WORLD RELIGIONS: The total number of believers of the major adversarial Religious Sects would rank the sects in the following order. Hindus outnumber Catholics. (1) Hinduism, (2) Sunni Islam, (3) Mahayana Buddhism, (4) Catholicism, (5) Protestantism, (6) Greek Orthodox Church, (7) Shiite Islam, (8) Hinayana Buddhism, (9) Judaism and (10) Sikhism. In the emerging conflict of Religious Civilizations, the Hindu and Buddhist civilizations would have an upper hand. Hindus and Buddhists would outnumber Sunnis and Catholics.


UNIFIED HINDUISM: Most of the 800 million Hindus espouse a single Hindu loyalty. Hindus is not a sectarian religion. Hindus do not identify themselves as belonging to a sect. A Hindu could be a member of more than one sect. The members of single family members can belong to different sects. Hindus do not have Sect or Denominational loyalty or identity. Hindus identify themselves by the common generic name of Hindu. Universal Hinduism a world Religion has risen above the Sect and Denominational differences.


INDIA REPRESENTS ANCIENT RELIGIONS: It is an Indian destiny to lead Hinduism, Buddhism and tribal Religions, who accounts for half the world. The religion of their fathers categorizes Chinese religion. Hinduism includes Jainism, Sikhism and Zoroastrian. Buddhism includes Taoism and Confucianism. Even today, there are no more than 30 million Christians in China that account for only 3% of the Chinese population. Normally the Christian world is predominantly White and Christianity has a sizeable following in the Black and Brown and yellows worlds. Buddhist World is predominantly a Yellow world. Hindu World is solely a Brown world in India. Islamic World is a Brown and Black world.

Catholic Menace to Hinduism

Christianity is the main potential enemy of Hinduism and Buddhism. Christianity has embarked upon a major missionary initiative, to convert Tribal Hindus and Chinese and Cambodian Buddhists into Christianity. Christianity is emerging as the principal threat to the Hindu and Buddhist civilizations. Christian World had never so united as it is now. Never before, and the Christian World had been at such a high peak. Catholicism is on an expansion mode. Most of the new converts to Christianity are from Tribal African, the Buddhist and the Hindu worlds. Seldom Christian missionaries succeed in converting a Muslim into Christianity. Islam proclaims that Islam is superior to Christianity. The Blaspheme Laws in force in many Islamic nations would sentence Christians to death, for denigrating Islam. No Islamic nation has any sizeable Hindu population. Islamic World will not fear conversion of Muslims into Hinduism, while Islamic World would guard against Christian missionaries. Christians conspired with the Muslims against Hinduism, even when Islamic nations impose Islamic blaspheme Laws, that hang Christians, because Christian missionaries failed to spread Christianity in the Islamic world. Muslims are intolerant people. Muslim Blaspheme laws are directed against Christian missionaries. Muslim intolerance has cemented the alliance of the Christians with Muslim fundamentalists. Catholics and Muslims have united to join forces to convert tribal animist Africans and to undermine tolerant, liberal Hinduism and Buddhism.


HINDU TOLERANCE INCITES CHRISTIAN CONSPIRACY: Because Hindus and Buddhists are tolerant and guarantee religious freedom that Catholic and Sunni-Muslims missionaries have joined hands to promote conversions amongst Hindus and Buddhists. Nationalist Hindu India should no longer be tolerant toward religious conversions. India should enact Indian Blaspheme Laws to punish any denigration of Hinduism and Buddhism.

US Wants Intolerant India

WEST WOULD BEFRIEND INTOLERANT INDIA MORE: The United States would be friendlier to a theocratic Hindu India that bans conversions and restricts the freedom of Christian missionaries in India. It appears paradoxical but it is true that Christians are friendlier to nations where law prohibits Christian missionary activities. Once Christian missionaries realize that they can longer convert Hindus into Christianity, then Christians would align with Hindus, to convert the followers of other religions. So long as Christian missionaries feel that they can convert Hindus, they would continue denigrating Hinduism. Denigration of Hinduism expedites the conversions. Once India bans the religious conversions, and then the vituperative attacks on Hinduism would end.


UNITED STATES ALIGNED WITH TERRORISTS & DRUG DEALERS: The United States and the Vatican conspired with Sunni terrorists to disintegrate multiethnic tolerant secular States of Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Ethiopia. Carnivorous animals kill for food only herbivorous animals. Similarly, missionary Religions target only liberal, tolerant and open societies for future conversions. Hinduism and Buddhism should become, more aggressive and intolerant towards religious conversions. Then only Hinduism and Buddhism would effectively respond to the looming Clash of Civilizations.


Revival of Aramaic Language Spoken by Jesus Christ

The Aramaic language, the spoken by Jesus, had been the lingua franca of the Arabian Peninsula from 900 BC, to seventh century AD. Aramaic language everywhere else died out centuries ago, but in Malula with a population of 5000, in Syrian Qalamun Mountains the people still speak Aramaic. Somehow Aramaic has endured, insulated by isolation and nurtured by pride. People of Malula learn Aramaic from the cradle, and nearly everyone here is determined to pass on the gift to another generation.


In what are now Syria, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories, Aramaic was for centuries the language of daily life, and it was thriving at the time of Jesus. Hebrew was reserved for religious worship. Some parts of the Bible and parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls were written in the Aramaic. AS a spoken language, Aramaic was overtaken in the Seventh century, giving way to others, including Syriac and Arabic. Aramaic has disappeared as a written language, with parts of its alphabet utterly lost to memory. However, it no longer survives as a written language, scholars and clerics some times adopt a rough system of transcription to render the spoken sounds in a recognizable script, usually Hebrew or Arabic. It allows the use of Aramaic liturgy in some Syrian churches. Werner Arnold, a German linguist, alias Abu Ibraham, spent several years trying to master the most obscure tongue of the region. Experts say, some 18,000 Syrians speak Aramaic, including those who live in Malula and in nearby villages, Bakha and Jubadin.


MALULA IS HOME TO SEVERAL Christian holy sites, including the fourth-century St. Sergius Church, a Catholic Church, was built to honor soldiers slain by Roman emperor because of their beliefs. Malula has long been a haven for Christians. Christians make up about half the population of Malula. Christians make up about 13 percent population of Syria.


46(6) Hindu-Protestant Alliance

46(i) Eclectic Vs Purist Religions

Hindus, Buddhists and non-denominational Protestants, normally do not hold religious beliefs with unbridled fundamentalist passion, because they value the eclectic view of life and feel that purist fundamentalism is the curse on ‘Our Universal Civilization.’ It explains that United States, India, Canada and Britain positively encourage multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-linguistic, and multi-religious society. Does it make Hinduism, Buddhism, and non-denominational Protestant Christianity lesser a truth than fundamentalist Islam and conservative Catholicism? Are we-are communities – as strong only as our beliefs? Is it enough for beliefs or ethical view to be passionately held? Does passion give validity to the ethics? When you are with Hindus, Buddhists and non-denominational Protestants, you realize that you are among people whose identity is not confined to and not contained in their faith and religion, even when they may be very religious and firm believers of their faith. Hindus, Buddhists and non-denominational Protestants do not want to recreate the golden age of the past, but discover the new future. They look at the future with an open mind. Hindus and Buddhists do not want to conquer other countries and do not want to make religious converts. The 900 million Hindus and 1400 million Buddhists believe that there are infinite ways to reach divine and every person can contact the divine directly without need of intermediation by clergy, priests, mullah or pujari. Non-denominational Protestant Christians, representing more than 200 million citizens of the United States do not want to proselytize unlike like 15 million Evangelicals and 35 million Catholic Americans. This eclectic worldview and eclectic religious views is held by more than half of the mankind. In terms of economic resources and military power this eclectic half of the world, enjoys overwhelming preponderance over the other half of than mankind, which supports militant intolerant fundamentalism and abhors the tolerant eclectic worldview.


In contrast when you are with Wahhabi Arabs, Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims, and Catholic Christians, you find yourself among people whose identity is more or less contained in their faith and religion. Islam, Judaism and Conservative Catholic Clergy teach its believers that their communities are as strong only as their beliefs? Fundamentalist religions, Islam, Judaism and Catholicism teach their believers to passionately hold their beliefs and ethical views, including the suppression of women. Fundamentalist religions and militant cults force their believers to passionately hold their beliefs as it allows them accept and validate even archaic ethical view, such as suppression and servitude of women. Islam, Judaism and Catholicism want to recreate the pristine past of the golden age and they want to put the clock back and impose inequalities on their women. Wahhabi Sunni Arabs wants to reenact the 7th century military victories of Prophet Mohammed, when a small group of Arab warriors conquered, massacred and enslaved the black and brown races of Egypt, Syria, Libya and Algeria. Pope John Paul II in essence declared during 1999 Synod of Asia in Delhi that Catholic Church would succeed in making Asia a Catholic continent just as it made the New world, South America, North America, and Central America Christian during the 2nd Christian Millennium. This declared unbridled ambitions of Wahhabi Sunni Mecca and Catholic Vatican threatens world’s geopolitical stability and geostrategic balance of power and the principal cause of the looming Clash of Civilizations, World War of Religions, Global Clash of Races, and White Iconoclasts’ wars on brown, black & yellow idolaters. Fundamentalist militant Wahhabi Sunni Islam and Catholic religious right conservative Church united in their efforts to promote anti-women, anti-abortion fundamentalism throughout Asia and Africa.


It was no accident that some Evangelical religious leaders and anti-abortion Catholic leaders sought to justify the 9/11 terrorist attacks on Protestant United States, as God’s just retribution on secular, pro-women, pro-abortion nation. Even if acts of Wahhabi Arab suicide bombers of 9/11 could be rationalized in terms of fundamentalist theology, could there be any respite from politically correct ambiguity? Would Osama bin Laden elevated to the status of a martyr Mahdi the coming Prophet, if after few centuries Muslims succeed in destroying secular character of the United States? Was the 9/11 the opening salvo of the war of Jihad against infidel secular Protestant United States? Would fundamentalist conservative Church of Rome, refrain from Christian retaliation against Sunni Muslim terrorists, just as it remained mute witness to the Sunni Ottoman invasion of Orthodox Christian Byzantine civilization. Why do Catholic religious clergy do not vehemently condemn Wahhabi terrorism and support Christian Crusades against terrorist Islam? Perhaps to the Vatican Protestants are an enemy in the ongoing Counter Reformation War and Wahhabi Islam a potential ally? Protestant President Bush should directly ask the Catholic Church, whether it is for war on Islamic terrorism and against Islamic terrorism?


46(ii) Real Protestantism

Martin Luther believed that the Institution of Pope was not of divine but of human origin. The Chalice as an element of the Holy Mass was also of the layman. Certain sacraments were partially erroneous and superfluous. Every Christian was directly responsible to God and did not need the mediation of a priest. Protestants break down the distinction between the religious and the secular. Protestantism is as much a national movement as a religious movement. German Protestants wanted to break the power of Roman institutions. German princes were interested in establishing the superiority of worldly political power over that of the Church. Protestants opposed the prevailing Catholic practice of selling indulgences. Protestants oppose the misuses of certain practices of the Catholic Church. Greece and Rome articulated all expressions and concepts of the Western civilization from 7th century BC to 4th century AD. However, Roman Catholic Church destroyed roman civilization, during the reign of Emperor Theodosius, and Roman Empire split into two empires in 395 AD, into Eastern and Western Empires. Roman Catholic Church does not express the expressions and concepts of the Western Civilization.

Hindu-Protestant Alliance

Hindu India should join forces with Protestants to undermine the preponderance of Roman Catholics throughout the Third World. More Protestants have died at the hands of Catholics in Counter Reformation Wars, than died at the hands of non-Christians. Manifest Destiny of the United States during 21st Century demands the southward expansion of Protestant Christianity and English language among Mestizos and indigenous Indians southward from El Paso Mexico towards Strait of Magellan Argentina. Hindu India and American Protestants shall join forces to empower Protestantism replace Catholic Christianity throughout Hispanic and Portuguese America. Hindu India and American Protestant Church shall make Mexico, Central America, and South America part of English-speaking Protestant American Civilization. Hindu India, Buddhist China should align with Protestant religious and political leaders to convert Hispanic Catholics to Protestant Reformed Christianity. Protestant Mestizos should form governments throughout Central America, South America, Mexico. Protestant Mulattos should form government in Brazil. Hindu Incas, Mayas, Aztecs, Amerindians, would share political power with brown Mestizos and brown Mulattos as equal, and end white Catholic misrule throughout the third World. This battle between Catholic and Protestant politicians currently played during US Presidential elections would affect politics in Hispanic America. United States and India should bring down the white Catholic governments in Hispanic America, replacing them by Protestant-Mestizos, and Hindu Inca-Maya led governments.

Jansenism Gallicanism

France became the greatest menace to the Pope's claims of jurisdiction over the activities of the clergy of the various nations. In Europe, the Jansenism left a mark upon the Catholic Church in France in the revival of the Spirit of Gallicanism, which implies national autonomy in ecclesiastical organization and discipline as opposed to the principle of subordination to papal authority. Papacy suffered the seventy-year exile of Popes at Avignon, France, known as Babylonian Captivity. The Encyclopedic School treated basic dogmas of Catholic Christianity as debatable questions. Catholic Jesuits expelled from Portugal and its dominions. Napoleon I, in the course of his conquest of Italy, offered personal violence of the Pope. In Germany, the Prussian government attempted to repress Catholicism by means of so-called "May Laws."

Catholic-Protestant Wars in USA

Vatican conspiring to make United States Catholic by manipulating Catholic bloc voting, votes bank, and election campaign donation. There is no Catholic Great Power in the world. Papacy dreams of carve out Catholic United States in North America. Catholic Cocaine Cartels can hijack American election process by using single day's income from Cocaine-Heroin trade. Vatican is the principal enemy of multi-religion states. The underlying causes of many major wars of the 20th Century traced to Vatican-led Wars of Religions. Counter Reformation Wars between Catholics and Protestants continued unabated throughout 20th Century and continues in the 21st Century. Vatican disintegrated Britain by carving out Catholic Ireland, to undermine the home base of the British Empire. Vatican engineered the secession of Burma and Sri Lanka from India to attempt the Christening of Burma and Sri Lanka. Vatican engineered the secession of Catholic Poland, Catholic Slovenia and Catholic Croatia from Orthodox domination. Vatican encouraged the invasions of Russia by Napoleon, William Kaiser and Adolf Hitler and engineered the disintegration of Soviet Union. Vatican has launched an all-out war to capture the Presidency of the United States. Vatican's failure to capture US Presidency would trigger Vatican conspiracy to engineer the secession of Catholic and Hispanic regions of Canada, United States and Mexico to create an unmixed White Catholic United States in North America. President Bill Clinton, Ex-President Jimmy Carter, ex-Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher, or Senator Edward M. Kennedy should contest the elections of the Pope in the next direct election of the Papacy.

Secession of Catholic Ireland

Vatican engineered the secession of Catholic Ireland from Britain after the First World War. It weakened the home base of the British Empire. Vatican periodically adds fuel to the raging fire of Catholic-Protestant wars in Northern Ireland. The secession of Catholic and poor Ireland from Britain dried the manpower power base of the Britain and eroded its capacity to rule the British Empire. Vatican engineered the secession of Catholic Slovenia and Catholic Croatia from Yugoslavia. The Vatican's involvement in the secession of Catholic states of Ireland, Slovenia, and Croatia from the folds of federal multi-religious states exposes Vatican as the principal enemy of every other multi-ethnic, Multi-religion State of the world. Vatican engineered the secession of Ireland, when British Empire was at its peak and sun never set in the British Empire. Unites States the world's sole super power after its victory in Kosovo War is in the same geopolitical position as the British Empire was after its victory in the First World War. Vatican repaid the British support to Vatican during dismantling of the Ottoman Empire by engineering the secession of Catholic Ireland from Britain dominated by the Church of England.

Secession of Catholic USA

Similarly, Vatican would return the favor to the United States by engineering the secession of Catholic-Hispanic dominant regions of Southern USA. Vatican dreams to create a new sovereign Catholic Nuclear Super Power in North America, by merging Catholic-majority regions of Canada and United States, into a Catholic United States of America. The Church of England realized too late that Catholicism and Vatican is the principal enemy of British Empire. Suddenly, the Protestants in United States realizing that Vatican, Papacy, Roman Catholic Church is as much an expanding political Empire as a religious movement. The Clergy of Roman Catholic Church organized on pattern of Roman Empire. Vatican is territory-less Roman Empire, a multinational military-religion complex, flexing its muscles to Create a new Catholic Nuclear Power in the New World. Protestant scholars of Bob Jones University have been warning American public that the Protestant would lose their grip over the reigns of power in the WASP's America, unless they challenge the menace of Catholics headlong. The Counter Reformation Wars between Catholics and Protestants continues unabated in the 21st Century. The stake is the control over the Oval Office in the White House. Undemocratic Roman Catholic Church is misusing the democratic freedom of the Protestant USA, by misusing the Catholic bloc voting and Vatican's financial resources to hijack the Republican Party nomination process, and its issues base. Vatican using its financial clout, to launch Catholic Church's hostile takeover of the American Presidency by hijacking the Republican and Democratic presidential primaries nomination process.

Vatican's Religion Wars

The Clash of Religions in the 21st Century results in the Vatican's worldwide Wars on Orthodoxy, Protestantism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Paganism. Vatican declared war on Orthodoxy and it resulted in the secession of Catholic Slovenia and Catholic Croatia, and NATO air war on Serbia. Pope in Synod of Asia held at Delhi declared Millennium long war on Hindu and Buddhist worlds in Asia. Catholic wars on Pagan Congo expose European game plan to eliminate Pagan Africans from the continent of Africa. The Religion Wars between Catholics and Protestants became the global media event when Republican Sen. McCain denounced the twin pillars of the Christian Catholic religious right, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. It is possible that American Protestants would forces with Orthodoxy, Hindus and Buddhists to evict Catholicism from Asia, Africa and South America to defeat Catholic designs to carve out Catholic United States in North America. Vatican conspired to engineer the secession of Catholic Ireland from Britain, which undermined the foundations of British Empire. Learning from the experience of downfall of Communism in Poland and disintegration of Soviet Union, it may not be a fancy that Catholics dream of a Catholic nuclear power in North America, which could be brought about by the secession of Hispanic and Catholic dominated Southern States of the United States. United States took birth to provide a heaven in New World for refugees fleeing Vatican's Wars of Religion in the Old World. Unfortunately, Catholic Cocaine Cartels' $300 billion annual drug income could force Protestants lose their grip over American Presidency. American political process is on the verge of collapse due to huge influx of drug income as Soft Money donations to American political parties and into American electoral process. Protestants of America Arise! The Catholic religious right is far greater a menace to the WASP America than the far-right Jorg Haider of Austria.

Catholic President Kennedy

The Editorial "The Religion Wars" of the New York Times Editorial in March 2, 2000 issue read as follows. "In 1960, having assured Southern Protestants that he would not take his orders from the Church of Rome, John F. Kennedy became the country's first Catholic President, and for the next 20 years Americans comfortably assumed that sectarianism had taken off the political table. In the 1976 campaign, Jimmy Carter added, "born again" to the political lexicon. But it was not until Ronald Reagan allied himself with the Christian Right in 1980 that religious leaders began to assert a larger role in American politics in general and Republican Party in particular.


Senator John McCain has now chosen to attack some of those leaders as ideological despots. He continues to insist that they are exerting an unhealthy influence on the GOP Mr. McCain delivered his broadside in Virginia against the religious right. Mr. McCain is trying to deliver a message about the religious Right that cannot be dismissed. The essence of that message is that the Christian right wing is as much a political force as a religious movement, and that its leaders have exercised a bullying influence within the Republican Party. They also use bloc voting and substantial financial resources to single out politicians in both parties who do not share their religious-based views on abortion and school prayers.


In labeling Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell "agents of interrelation," Mr. McCain is accusing them of using their religious following as a weapon of political intimidation. In addition, he is saying, in effect, that he is sick of it. He has seen his party and its platform held hostage to the religious right in two successive elections, and he has seen it go down to defeat both times. The emergence of the religious right as the enforcer of the GOP has skewed the party's nomination process and its issue base and eroded the spirit of toleration that American rightly celebrated after the 1960 election." (NYT, 3/2/2000)

Catholic Agents of Intoleration

Sen. John McCain denounced the twin pillars of the Catholic Christian Right, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, as "agents of Intoleration." McCain charged that Bush is a "Pat Robertson Republican." Neither Party should be defined by pandering to the outer reaches of American politics and the agents of intolerance, whether they be Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton on the left, or Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell on the right. We are the Party of Ronald Reagan, not Pat Robertson. We are the party of Theodore Roosevelt, not he party of the special interests. We are the party of Abraham Lincoln, not Bob Jones. McCain characterized Pat Robertson and Rev. Jerry Falwell as 'forces of evil.' Religion, Catholic-Protestant warring continue to occupy central spot in Republican Primaries campaigns. The Catholic Christian Right Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell are similar to Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Al Sharpton. Rev. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are having an "evil influence" on the Republican Party.

Bob Jones University

The Bob Jones University's Web page refers to Catholicism in the harshest terms, labeling for example, the Pope as the anti-Christ. Bob Jones Jr., the son of the namesake of the School once called the Catholic Church a "Satanic cult." Bob Jones is an evangelical institution that has long been necessary stop on the court-the-conservatives circuit. Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, Dan Quayle, Alan Keyes and Pat Buchanan all stumped there.

Catholics Blackmail Bush

Catholics make up 46 percent of the registered Republicans in the New York State. Mr. Bush used his expression o regret to Cardinal John O'Connor as an opportunity to lash out at Mr. McCain for raising the specter of anti-Catholic bigotry as a wedge to attack a political opponent.

Vatican Enemy of British Empire

Vatican conspired to promote secession of Catholic Ireland from Britain. The secession of Ireland and the continued fighting in the Northern Ireland eroded Catholic-Protestant fraternity in Britain. Vatican conspiracy expedited the secession of Catholic Slovenia and Catholic Croatia from the Yugoslavia Federation. Protestants fear that Vatican conspiring to partition United States to carve out Catholic Hispanic United States in southern States to create the world's first Catholic Nuclear Power. Vatican is determined to partition United States otherwise the American Protestant Churches would challenge Catholic domination in South America and Central America.

Pope as President of USA

Catholic Christian right Wing is as much a political force as a religious movement, and Catholic Church leaders under instructions from Vatican exercise a bullying influence within the Republican Party. Catholic Churches also use Catholic bloc voting and substantial financial resources to single out politicians in Republican and Democratic parties who do not share their Catholic-first and religion-based views, to eliminate any future challengers to the Vatican domination of US Presidency. Illegal Chinese campaign contribution to Democratic Party Presidential campaigns, allowed Communist China to steal from American Weapons labs, the most advance nuclear weapon warhead designs, satellite technology, and Trident missile technology. Vatican has perfected the art of buying American Presidency by exploiting Catholic bloc voting and multi-billion dollar financial resources. Vatican realizes that the birth of secular United States was the fine culmination of Reformation. Vatican has unleashed Counter Reformation War on WASP dominated United States to transform secular United States into Catholic United States. Vatican Counter Reformation War strategy seeks to destroy Protestant power base in North America by hijacking US Presidency.

Catholic Kennedy's Vietnam War

ARCHBISHOP NGO DINH DIEM: Catholic President John F. Kennedy did not honor the commitment he made at the time of winning his Democratic Party nominations. In 1960, having secured Democratic Party Nominations, President Kennedy assured Southern Protestants that he would not take his orders from the Church of Rome. John F. Kennedy became the first Catholic President of the USA. President Kennedy imposed Catholic President Diem over predominantly Buddhist Vietnam, under instructions of Archbishop Ngo Dinh Diem and Holy Pope. President Kennedy did not invade Vietnam to promote the national interests of the United States. United States sacrificed thousands of American citizens to promote the Vatican's proselytizing goals. United States sabotaged the proposed nationwide election in South Vietnam, as it would have elected a Buddhist leader as President of South Vietnam. Ninety percent of South Vietnam's population was Buddhist even then United States and the Vatican imposed Catholic President on South Vietnam. In May 1963, widespread unrest broke out in South Vietnam cities. Buddhist leaders accused President Diem, a Roman Catholic of religious discrimination. Diem's brother Ngo Dinh Nhu ordered raids against Buddhist temples. Most of the Generals in the South Vietnamese Army were Christians. President Kennedy supported a group of Christian Generals who murdered Diem and overthrew his government. President Kennedy should have installed a Buddhist President of South Vietnam. United States dropped more bombs over Vietnam than were dropped during Second World War, not so much to promote secular national interests of the United States, but to promote the Catholic interests of the Vatican Papacy. President Kennedy was an Irish Catholic so he appeared to have sacrificed the national interests of United States to propagate Catholic interests of the Vatican.

Catholic-Protestant Wars

Counter Reformation Wars of Religions continues in the 21st Century and it would become lethal in South America and Central America. Protestant denominations support the Mestizos, the people of mixed Indian and European ancestry to acquire power in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Catholic Cocaine-Heroin Cartels

Catholic organized Crime syndicates have virtual monopoly over Cocaine Drug Cartels worldwide. Catholic Global Drug Cartels earn around $700 billions and half of it in the United States. Catholic Cocaine Cartel finances political campaigns that put Protestant Americans at great political disadvantages. Colombian Drug Cartels launder their illegal wealth through thousands of shell corporations that make substantial political campaign donations, as a part of grand Catholic conspiracy to hijack US Presidency, by securing nominations of both major political parties in the United States. The NAFTA has consolidated the Mexico and Colombia based Catholic Cocaine Cartels, over Cocaine shipments to the North America. Colombian and Mexican Catholic Drug cartels flushed with billions would tilt the electoral battle in favor of Catholics. It is possible, unless checked Protestants could become persecuted second-class citizens in White Anglo Saxon Protestant's America. Catholic domination of global organized Crime and global narcotic trade threatens the future survival of Protestantism, Orthodoxy, Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Paganism. Catholic Organized Crime finances the Catholic proselytizing operations worldwide and threatens the Civilization’s balance of power in the world. Non-Catholic nations and non-Catholic militias could finance Third World War indefinitely, by stealing Catholics' share of Global Drug Trade, which generates $700 billion in annual income for White Catholic Cocaine-Heroin Drug Cartels.

Anti-Narcotics 3rd World War

Third World War is lesser evil than the New Global Dark Age, the filthy-rich Catholic Drug Cartels are ushering in. It is moral imperative that American Protestants should join forces with Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, and Orthodoxy to collectively break the Catholic monopoly over Global Crime Syndicates and Global Drug Cartels, which generates for them the annual income of more than One Trillion Dollars. Crime syndicates own more than 5 trillion dollars worth in the United States. Cocaine Lobby is responsible for pro-Colombia, pro-Mexico, pro-Pakistan, pro-Afghanistan and pro-Burma policy of the United States. Unless checked Catholic Cocaine Cartels would influence the selection and election of Presidents and Prime Ministers in major industrialized nations in the first half of the 21st Century. United States' anti-narcotics drives have succeeded in increasing the share of Afghans and Colombians over Global production and distribution of Heroin and Cocaine. Non-Catholic civilizations, namely Protestants, Orthodoxy, Pagans, Hindus, and Buddhists would join forces to expel Catholicism from Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America.



46(iii) Catholic-Protestant War in American elections

Role of Jesus in Presidential Primaries

Given the presidential campaign has unfolded, it was hard to figure out where the voter is supposed to go to cast his vote on the Primary Day, to the local polling place or the nearest Church? With all the talk about Jesus and which candidate the best Christian to guide the nation, one wonders whether US primaries were selecting the new president or the next lay leader of the Church. Who is George W. Bush's favorite political philosopher? "Christ," he said, "because Christ changed my heart." What comes to Al Gore's mind when he is faced with a difficult question? The initials W.W.J.D., the vice president says. That's short for "What would Jesus do?"

Separate Church & State

The wall separating church and state has been crumbling for a while in USA. The bricks are falling faster in year 2000. United States needs a secular coalition. Somebody has to say that United States is a secular Republic, built on the lands of Red Indians. European war of religions should not disturb the social peace here. Although there should always be freedom of religion and it should be protected. There should be strong line between politics and religion. That line of separation has eroded in United States. Beware of pious politicians. One cannot have the freedom of religion, if one does not have freedom from religion. No one has sinned more on this issue than Governor Bush. Unless checked the religious politicians would nominate priests to vote for their congregation members.

Catholic President Kennedy

Forty years and 10 presidential elections ago, John F. Kennedy journeyed to hostile conference of Protestant church leaders in Houston. Kennedy pleaded that he would never serve as a vassal of the Papacy if elected United States' first Catholic president. In the 19th century, native-born Protestants demanded voting, citizenship and education curbs on the alarming waves of Catholic immigrants. Mr. Kennedy cautioned the nation to oppose any attempt to distort the American presidency by making it an instrument of one religious group. However, Protestants complain that no Catholic majority nation has ever elected any Protestant as President or ruler. Why should a Catholic rule the Protestant-majority United States when no Protestant has ever been the president of any Catholic-majority European nation?


In the year 2000, spurred by an unexpectedly Republican primary, the United States is witnessing a 180-degree turn on the historic Kennedy confrontation. This time, it is worried Protestant candidate George Bush, who daily sought Catholic forums, to assure everyone his presidency would not be an instrument of a dominant religious group-evangelical Protestantism. George Bush had to beg pardon from Cardinal John O'Connor and had to flaunt the Catholic faith of his brother and sister-in-law.


Senator McCain lambasted Bob Jones University, the anti-Catholic bastion, happily visited by Governor Bush. Mr. McCain condemned Catholic Pat Robertson as agents of Intolerance. Mr. McCain used the word "evil" in a follow-up attack on the Rev. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, two politico-evangelical stalwarts. Sen. McCain let a red-white-and-blue genie out of the bottle and its recorking seemed unlikely during the general election campaign during Fall 2000.


Newt Gingrich revolution in the US House alarmed Democrats with the fact that a Catholic majority of voters had shifted for the first time in decades from Democrats to Republicans on the house ballot. Before that, Catholics had split their ticket, voting, say, for President Ronald Reagan but then returning to their lunch-pail party roots. Catholic religious right, a bloc Mr. Reagan first tucked masterfully into the Republican fold. President Reagan blended Catholic religious right into a coalition with post-Kennedy, blue-collar Catholics. The 2000 election cycle has an unusual amount of explicit references to Catholicism. Perhaps a rapidly changing culture, regularly troubled by news of its own lack of control, demands more avowedly moral politics and politicians. The so-called Catholic religious right is not a mindless mob that marches in lockstep at the command of this or that organizational leader. They are a diverse, independent-minded bunch. On thing these voters have in common is a shared concern for the virtue deficit. Millions of Americans are deeply concerned about American moral meltdown.

Bob Jones University

On Catholicism, Bob Jones University is unapologetic it describes Vatican as running a "Satanic System." If there are those who charge the Bob Jones University with being opposed to the doctrines and theology of the Catholic Church, it pleads guilty. All religions, including Catholicism, which teaches that Salvation is by religious works or church dogma, are false. Catholic religion makes the words of its leader, be he Pope or other, equal with the Word of God is false. Sola Scriptura. From the time of the Reformation onward, it has been understood that there is no commonality between the Bible way, which is justification by faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and the Catholic Salvation by works, which the faithful, practicing Catholic embraces. Protestants love the practicing Catholic and earnestly desire to see him accept the Christ of the Cross leave the false system that has enslaved the soul of Catholics and enjoy the freedom of sins forgiven that is available for any of us in Christ alone.

Anti Catholic Animus

Anti-Catholic animus rooted in the theological polemics of the 16th-century Reformation still exists in the United States. However, the anti-Catholic animus rooted in the political polemics of the 18th-century Enlightenment and the cultural polemics of the 19th-century American Nativism have long since taken over all the traditional themes. These are, (1) The Catholic Church is an authoritarian monolith. (2) Catholic doctrines are hopelessly pre-Modern. (3) Catholic rites are colorful but mindless. (4) Catholic congregation are anti-Semitic and racists. (5) Catholic priests are harsh and predatory. (6) Catholic grip on the minds of believers is numbing.


The best selling anti-Catholic tract of the 19th century, "The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk." The best-selling anti-Catholic tracts of the 20th century, treating Catholicism and communism as parallel threats to American liberty, were the 1950's books by Paul Blanshard.


Thinking or an equivalent term like independent is usually a code word. It refers to a Catholic who disagrees with church teachings on abortion, contraception, ordination of women, etc. Protestants assert that a wide gulf exists between Catholic and Protestants beliefs.

McCain-Feingold Bill

The bile between Senator John McCain and Catholic Religious Right involves both God and Mammon and Cocaine. Colombian Catholic Cocaine Cartels generates more than $ 350 billions in incomes for American organized crime annually. Organized Crime could buy the Presidency of the United States, if they could pump in only one billion dollars a single-day's income for Catholic Drug Cartels in USA. The Christian Coalition has turned the battle over Mr. McCain's legislation, into jihad because they believe that this will destroy their impact on American political process and foil their conspiracy for making American Presidency subservient to Emperor Pope. Catholic Crime Syndicates misusing Christian Coalition and other Catholic political organizations, for opposing Campaign Reforms. Catholics Cocaine Cartels believe that McCain-Feingold Bill would destroy their extra-constitutional influence over American politicians, and undermine Catholic monopoly over global drug trade, which generates $700 billion in annual incomes to the organized crime worldwide.


One provision of the McCain-Feingold bill would have placed restrictions on issue advertising 60 days before an election, a hindrance to the election-related activities of many ideological groups, including the Christian Coalition and the national Right to Life Committee. These groups and others spend millions of dollars and flood the airwaves near Election Day with ads targeting foes or friends on specific issues including abortion, the environment and healthcare. Unlike candidates, parties and political action committees, the groups can collect and spend unlimited amounts and are not required to disclose their contributors. Senate's bill's ban on soft money, the large, unrestricted donations to the political parties, is also anathema to the National Right to Life Committee and its allies. The fault line between leaders of conservative groups and anti-abortion lawmakers over the issue of political money was exposed in 1999. As the house prepared to vote on its version of Mr. McCain's bill, the Christian Coalition, the American Conservative Union, and the National Right To Life Committee warned anti-abortion congressmen. It warned them that their votes on campaign finance counted against them in rating compiled by conservative, anti-abortion organizations. This warning was an obvious attempt to target and intimidate those Congressmen who believe that our campaign system is in need of an overhaul. Catholic conservatives must scratch their heads and wonder why so much of their agenda never seem to get enacted. It is because special interests, lobbyists and soft money exert a stronghold on Washington. Until that hold is broken, the voice of average Americans will be drowned out in the halls of power.

Catholic Agents of Intolerance

Neither political party should be defined by pandering to the outer reaches of American politics and the agents of intolerance, whether they be Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton on the left, or Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell on the right. Political intolerance by any political party is neither a Judeo-Christian nor an American value. Republican Party is the party of Ronald Reagan not Pat Robertson. The self-appointed leaders of the Catholic religious right are intolerant empire builders who have turned good causes into businesses while trying to exclude all, but card-carrying Republicans from the Republican Party. Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition and Rev. Jerry Falwell, are like union bosses who subordinate the interests of working families to their own ambitions.

Pat Robertson Rules

Catholic Religious Right, combined with Republican Party's organizational leaders, determines the selection of Republican candidates in most non-Eastern states. Barring a disastrous loss, no insurgent is likely to win Republican Party nomination without the support of Catholic Religious Right and the blessing of Catholic Cardinal and Pontiff.


During the New Deal, two-thirds of the Catholic vote was reliably Democratic, and although Catholics liked Ike, the Catholic vote remained reliably Democratic until Catholics joined Richard Nixon's "New Majority" and later supported Ronald Reagan. Perhaps Catholic vote persuaded President Nixon to pursue pro-Catholic, anti-paganism, anti-Buddhist and anti-Hindu policies in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. President Nixon and Henry Kisisnger are responsible for the murder and rape of Hindus and Bengalis in East Pakistan during 1971, by Pakistani army. Nixon and Kissinger undermined the Buddhist leadership in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, and paved way for the Catholic Khmer Rouge Holocaust of Buddhists in Cambodia. Catholic President Kennedy sent American troops to Vietnam on instructions of the Vatican, not to promote American National Interests, but to promote the Catholic interests, and anti-paganism agenda of Papacy. Vatican exploited the Catholic vote-banks to stage-manage the post-shooting, brain-damaged President Ronald Reagan. Biographer Edmond Morris described Ronald Reagan during his last 7 years of President as airhead President. After having tasted blood during President Kennedy and President Reagan, Vatican has launched all out war to capture the Presidency of the United States making it subservient to Papacy. White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP) are ready and willing to foil Papal designs over Oval Office. Papacy conspired to appoint the first Catholic chaplain in the House after 211 years. Catholic Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, and Spain should first appoint a Protestant Chaplain in their national legislatures, before conspiring to impose a Catholic chaplain in the House of the Representatives of the Protestant United States. Governor George W. Bush insulted the sentiments of the Protestants by begging forgiveness from Pope, through Catholic Cardinal John O'Connor. Protestants would not permit the Catholic hostile takeover of the Protestant United States of America, without a big fight. Hindus, Buddhists, and Red Indians would support Protestants in the looming Wars of Religions, the raging Counter Reformation War undergoing in the New World.

Catholic Chaplain in Congress

When Catholics never appoint Protestant Chaplain in the Catholic majority nations, then why should Protestants appoint a Catholic Chaplain in US House of Representatives? In its 210 years, the House has never had a Catholic Chaplain. The Selection of the House Chaplain, the man who delivers the morning prayer on the floor, is the latest Catholic plot to weaken Protestant's hold over United States. The Roman Catholic priest passed over by Republican leaders in favor of Presbyterian Minister. Catholic Representative Greg Ganske, an Iowan Republican, even urged the Presbyterian minister, the Rev. Charles Parker Wright, to remove himself from consideration. Three-dozen Catholic Republican Representatives are pressing the Speaker of the House, J. Dennis Hastert to resolve the matter by appointing the Catholic Chaplain. Would these Catholic Representatives advise Italian Legislature or any Catholic majority nation to appoint Protestant Chaplain in their Legislatures?


Catholic priest, the Rev. Timothy O'Brien complained about anti-Catholic bias in the Capitol. Catholic Representative Anna G. Eshoo, said there is some anti-Catholic bias in this. William Donohue has turned the fracas into an effort to root out the anti-Catholic bias he said still exists among Protestants, especially Christian Evangelicals. There is a segment of the Evangelical Protestant community that is anti-Catholic. This has upset the Protestant evangelical Christians in Congress, who have pressured Mr. Hassert not to back down. To woo Catholics Republicans have passed the resolution praising Catholic Schools and granting Cardinal John O'Connor of New York, the Congressional Medal of Honor. Protestants wonder whether it was coincidental. It is not fair to ask someone to come in and be Chaplain when half of the House will not even talk to him. The Rancor over selection of Chaplain in the House of Representatives, has restocked anti-Protestant fears among Catholic Congressmen and ignited anti-Catholic fears among Protestant Congressmen, who fear that Papacy conspiring to take over Protestant United States.


46(iv) Democratize Papacy

Meaning of Pope

Pope a title applied originally to any bishop of the Christian Church, but later to the patriarch of Alexandria and now to any priest of the Greek Church. Since 1076 in the Roman Catholic Church, Pope is the title applied to the Bishop of Rome. The word Pope derived from the Latin papa, meaning father, in the narrower sense of the world the father of Christianity. Catholic Pope is the supreme Pontiff and visible head of the Roman Catholic Church. Other Christian Churches are free to use the Title Pope to designate its Patriarch. Vatican has no monopoly over the use of title of Pope. Looming world war of religions could be averted, if Catholic laity worldwide directly elect Pope, Cardinals, Archbishops, and Bishops by direct elections and universal adult franchise. Roman Catholic Church has the financial resources of large multinational enterprises, and the personnel strength of bureaucracy of medium size nations. The life-long tenure of Pope, Cardinals and Archbishops destabilizes religious world order. Vatican acting like a normal sovereign state, so it should be democratically responsible to its electorate, the Catholic laity. Other nations should be free to declare war on Vatican and normal Laws of War and Laws of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity should apply to Vatican leadership.

Vatican in Foreign Elections

Pope John Paul II supports the white Italian Catholic Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister of India, citing India's democratic constitution. Catholic priests directly participate in politics worldwide. Many Catholic priests are Senators and Congressmen in the United States. Catholic priests misuse the Church pulpit to gain secular political power. Vatican promotes Christian Daw Aung San Suu Kyi as the future President of Buddhist Burma. Vatican is misusing the democratic freedom to bring down non-Catholic governments worldwide.

Pope Prisoner of Vatican

The Temporal power of the Pope recognized only in 754, within barbarian kingdoms of Western Europe, when Pepin, Barbarian King of the Franks, recognized such authority. On Sept. 20 1870, Victor Enmanuel II, King of Italy entered Rome, and stripped Pope of all temporal power. Pope then onwards lived in seclusion for several decades, and the seclusion ended in 1929, when Pope Pius XI signed a treaty with Italy. Since then, the Pope, no longer a prisoner of the Vatican has lived in official agreement with the Italian government. Vatican developed close political and business ties with Italian Mafia to destabilize the Italian governments in the Prime Ministerial system by promoting multiple parties. Rise of Papacy directly related to the increased instability in Italian politics. Vatican and Mafia are the twin prime Minister makers in Italy.

War against Papal Absolutism

Hindus in India, Buddhists in China, Protestants in America and Orthodox Russians are engaged in war against Papal absolutism not against Catholic dogmas and scriptures. The Reformation War took place due to the political abuses within the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church which had become too obvious, and certain Popes or cardinals fought for policies, which were seemingly to the disadvantage of specific nations. It destroyed the universalism of Western Civilization. Western Christian world no longer remained united. Similar, conditions exist in the 21st Century. Non-Catholic nations could join forces to elect an anti-Vatican government in Italy, which would strip Vatican of its sovereign Status and bring it under control of Italian Prime Minister. Vatican conspired to plant Italian Sonia Gandhi as the future Prime Minister of Hindu India. Hindu India in retaliation should join forces with American Protestants, to engineer the political rise of Priyanka Gandhi as the future prime minister of Italy, so that a woman Prime Minister could reassert Italy's sovereign rights over Roman Catholic Church. India should project Sonia Gandhi as the future Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Vatican is misusing the democratic freedom, in other democratic nations, unless it agrees to democratize itself and order the direct general election of Pope, Cardinals, Archbishops, and Bishops. It would be in the interest of world peace if an American Black Catholic, or yellow Chinese Catholic is elected as the future Catholic Pope. Democratically elected Papacy, is the moral imperative of the modern times.

Democratization of Papacy

In the First option Italian government could de-recognize Papacy and make Pope the Cabinet Minister of Religion in Italian Government. In the Second option, every officer of the Vatican including Pope, Cardinals, Archbishops, and Bishops directly elected by the Catholic laity, for a term of five years, by universal suffrage. The College of Cardinals would function as the Parliament and Pope would function as the President of the Roman Catholic Church for the maximum period of two terms of five years.


China rejects Vatican claim that Pope is the supreme leader of the Chinese Catholic Church. China has appointed a number of Catholic Bishops without consulting the Vatican. China does not recognize Vatican claims over the Catholic Church properties in China. In 1958, Pope Pius XII announced the automatic excommunication of all Chinese prelates who took part in the appointment and consecration of Catholic Bishops without papal permission.


Protestants, Orthodoxy, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Pagans do not recognize Catholic Pope as the representative of God on earth. They also reject Catholic claims that Catholicism is superior to other religions.

Decline of UK, Russia, USA

The partition of Great Britain and the secession of Catholic Ireland, and the subsequent Catholic-Protestant conflicts in Northern Ireland, reminds the viewers about Vatican conspiracy for the secession of Catholic Slovenia, and Croatia from post-Tito Yugoslavia. Vatican and Jews play significant role in the overthrow of the Czarist Russian Monarchy and Aristocracy, while Russia was under German invasions. Secession of Ireland destroyed the home front of the British Empire.


There is no Catholic World Power in the world today. Vatican conspiring to carve out predominantly Catholic United States out of white Catholic-majority areas in United States, Canada and Mexico. Catholic Americans would secede from United States, repeating the secession of Catholic Ireland from Great Britain, when sun never sat on the British Empire. Protestant patriots of United States should realize that White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) United States might disintegrate by the secession of White Catholic United States. British Empire disintegrated because British Monarch failed to promote Protestantism and Anglican Church of England throughout British Empire. Had British Monarch banned Catholicism throughout British Commonwealth, then Protestant Reformed Christianity would have outnumbered Catholics in the world. Had United States not promoted Monroe Doctrine, the English-speaking Protestant Church would have replaced Catholicism throughout Hispanic America. During 21st Century, the Protestant sun is on the rise and Catholic sun is on the decline. It is possible that white-ruled Hispanic Central and South America become during 21st Century, Americanized, English-speaking, brown Mestizo-ruled Protestant America.


46(v) Hindu-Protestant Alliance for Protestantizing Hispanics

Proselytizing in South America

To undermine the Catholic domination of Central and South America Protestants would welcome joining forces with Hindus, and Buddhists. Unmixed White Catholics are in minority in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Unmixed Indians are in majority in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Mestizos, the people with mixed Indian and European ancestry in majority in Colombia and Venezuela. Unmixed White people with European ancestry dominate the Global Cocaine Cartel in Colombia, which generates more than $350 billion in annual incomes to American crime syndicates. Hindus, Buddhists should join forces with American Protestants to promote the use of English language and to convert Mestizos and Indians in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico. Mestizos and Indians would reject Catholicism and adopt Protestant, Hindu and Buddhist beliefs to overthrow the oppressive regimes backed by unmixed white Europeans. Unmixed White Spaniards represent only 15 percent of Mexico population, and his minority owns more than 85 percent of wealth in Mexico. Protestants, Hindus, Buddhists, and Orthodoxy should join forces in South and Central America to break the monopoly of White Cocaine Cartels. Mestizos are in significant majority in the Army in these countries and they would align with Mestizos and Indians to break the monopoly of the minority unmixed White Europeans in economy, political power and Cocaine Cartels. Mestizos would become Protestants, Hindus, and Orthodox to gain freedom oppression from exploitation by wealthy unmixed white minority.

Indo Canadian is BC Premier

Election of Ujjal Dosanjh, as the premier for the British Columbia, Canada shows that Indians and Protestant Anglo Saxons could work together and share political power. Punjab raised Ujjal Dosanjh was sworn in Feb. 24, 2000 as the First Indo-Canadian Premier for British Colombia. Dosanjh was elected the leader of British Columbia's New Democratic Party government. He took over the NDP government following the resignation of Premier Glen Clark. Dosanjh will lead the party into a full-fledged general election in spring 2001. Canadian federal Cabinet has a minister Herb Dhaliwal. British Columbia itself has two other local ministers of Indian origin, Moe Sihota and Harry Lali.

Anti Religion in Communism

Anti Religion Movement died with Communism. Anti-religion was a byproduct of leftist political movement. Marxists, Communists and Leftists wanted to replace non-Catholic and non-Judaic religions with Communism as the opiate of the masses. Karl Marx was a prostitute-philosopher hired by Elders of Zion to devise the secular doctrine that would allow Bolshevik Jews to massacre and loot the properties of Russian Orthodox Aristocracy. Ancestors of Karl Marx had used pro-Christianity edicts of Emperor Constantine and Emperor Theodosius to loot the gold and wealth of thousands of temples in Ancient Greece, Italy, Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt and Libya. Jews had financed the Muslim invaders that looted the Hindu Christian properties in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Libya after 640 AD. Communism has failed miserably now and there is no Communist country in the world except China and Cuba. With that their anti-god movements also failed miserably. Under Judaic and Catholic influence, Mao Zedong caused the deaths of more than 60 million Buddhists in China. China was willing to kill 10 million youths to crush Tiananman square of 1989. Communist China has begun massacring thousands of Buddhist members of Falun Gong Buddhist law sect. Unless overthrown the present evil Communist regime in China would massacre millions of Buddhist members of Falun Gong sect. Hindu India and American Protestants should join forces to overthrow the evil Communist regime in China to establish a Buddhist government in China.

Judaic Kabbalah is Upanishad

There is a lot of similarity between Hinduism and Judaism, not in classical Judaism, but in the Kabbalah. In Hinduism, we talk about- sthool shareer, sukshma shareer, karana shareer, and different kosas-annamaya kosha, pranmaya kosa, buddhimaya kosa and anandmaya kosa. These have their equivalent in the Kabbalah in the form of Hebrew terms. Pharisees and Sadducees are the two principal sects in Judaism. The dominant sect Pharisees represent 85 percent of the Jewish peoples and 15 percent are Sadducees. The Sadducees believe in Kabbalah and follow the mysticism of Book of Johor. The Jews following Kabbalah are Hindus as their philosophy is Upanisadic in content and mysticism. India should support underprivileged Kabbalah and Sadducees to propagate Mysticism in Judaism. Kabbalah Judaism would break the separation of religions of Abraham and Hinduism. Legitimization of Kabbalah Mysticism as mainstream Judaism would give rise to Gnosticism, Arianism and Black Gnostic Christianity. Kabbalah Mysticism has Upanisadic origin and was widely practiced in Pharaoh's religions.


46(vi) India as World Power

USA Recognizing India as Power

India is rich in human resources with lots of intelligent boys and girls. The future belongs to India and if it can channel it properly, it can rule the world. The key to India's success is information technology. India has the fastest growing middle class in the world. India is one of the most important countries in the world in the 21st Century. It is time to recognize India as a global power, as a great power and the great civilization that it is, free from the paradigms linking it to Pakistan and China. India is already a global player and will soon be a player whose influence felt on every issue that matters to America. India has already become increasingly pivotal player in Central Asia, the Gulf, China and Southeast Asia. United States and India have a common interest in fighting terrorism, fighting narcotics, fighting the spread of organized crime, and guaranteeing the unimpeded flow of oil through the Indian Ocean. At the start of his second term, Clinton asked his National Security team to do a comprehensive policy review of American policy toward South Asia. The conclusion was that India needed a quantum leap in its relationship with the US. The Proliferation policy cannot be the focus of US relations with South Asia.


USA and India are natural allies and we have to find ways to give meaning to that phrase by developing the kinds of contacts and confidences that bind nations together. United States and India should move the bilateral relationship to a new plane, and discard the old Cold War mistrust.


It is clear that terrorism, especially state-sponsored terrorism, tackled by democratic nations in a united and determined fashion. Both United States and India should learn to live with each other's differences on the nuclear question. United States should redefine the USA-India relationship. President Clinton should identify India, as strategic partner in South Asia, recognizing India is a responsible democratic nation in the region and on with which USA can deal. President Clinton's visit will symbolize US acceptance of India as a superpower in knowledge based industries. Information technology, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural research and development are all areas where India and USA are competitors, but hey need not be adversaries.


There is a natural symmetry between the United States and India, as they are both countries where the world's great religions are freely practiced. They are countries where multiple languages are spoken, and these countries are made up of myriad ethnic groups. United States and India are mirror images in a way. Both societies are built on tolerance and respect for dissent. These things allow multi-ethnic, multi-lingual societies to function. United States has these things in common with India. The United States and India should go forward into the new millennium upon these foundations.

English in Hispanic World

India and United States allow multi-ethnic, multi-lingual societies to function. Vatican engineered the secession of Catholic Ireland from Britain, to undermine the challenge of Anglican Church of England to the predominance of Roman Catholic Church throughout British Empire and Commonwealth. Vatican is the mortal enemy of the multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and multi-religion nations. Hindu India would join forces with Anglican Church of England and American Protestant churches to convert Catholic Mestizos into Protestants, and to convert unmixed native Indians into Hinduism. United States, Canada, Britain and India could jointly propagate the English language as lingua franca among brown Mestizos and brown indigenous Indians, Incas, Mayas, Aztecs. India and United States could join forces promote brown Protestant Mestizos with mixed Indian and European ancestry, and Indian Incas, Mayas and Aztecs into positions of political and economic power, eroding the domination of minority unmixed white Europeans. India, USA and Britain could empower Protestantism replace Catholicism to become the predominant Christian sect in the English-speaking world. United States and India could promote the usage of English among Mestizos and Indians to develop civilization links with United States and Canada. Mestizos and Indians represent majority of population throughout Central and South America. Mestizos would become Protestant and Hindus and speak English to challenge the economic, political and social domination of the unmixed white Spaniards, who are in minority. Protestantism, English and Hinduism would become the social vehicle for emancipation from the oppression of unmixed white Catholic Spanish ruling elite. The majority of the population, comprising Mestizos and Indians would reject Catholic Church and Spanish language and embrace Protestantism, Hinduism and English language.

Defeat Counter Reformation

The rise of Protestantism under Luther caused the Pope to lose fully one-half of Europe and this loss was never regained. The Papal Bulls issued from Rome no longer had material effect outside the Church. United States is a white Anglo Saxon Protestant state. Canada is also a white Anglo Saxon Protestant state. Britain is also a white Anglo Saxon Protestant state. The founding principle of Canada and the United States was to provide sanctuary to the victims of Papal oppression, torture and Inquisition. United States, Canada and Britain are the Protestant powers engaged in the Wars of Religions against Counter Reformation forces. Vatican is engineering a hostile takeover of the Protestant Churches in USA, Canada and Britain. Hindu India would align with English-speaking Protestant nations, to give final defeat to the Counter Reformation forces. Together Hindus and Protestants should convert Catholic Mestizos to Protestantism. Together they would convert indigenous Indians, Incas, Mayas and Aztecs to Hinduism, in South America and Central America.


United States is the preponderant Christian power in the world. United States should fight on the side of Protestantism to put an end to the Counter Reformation Wars. President of United States should reorganize Vatican and supervise the direct elections of the Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals and Pope by the direct election by universal franchise by Catholic laity. United States would remain the preponderant Christian power of the world in the 21st Century. The highest seat of Roman Catholic Church should shift from Vatican-Rome to Alexandria, the suburb of Washington DC and the seat of Pentagon in the USA. The First Church was the Church of Alexandria, as Egypt was the premier civilization of the world. The Seat of Christianity shifted to Constantinople during Eastern Roman Empire. The Seat of Christianity shifted to Rome after the Ottoman conquest of Byzantine Empire. In the beginning of the Third Christian Millennium the seat of Christianity has shifted to Washington DC. The seat of Papacy, Roman Catholic Church should shift from Vatican-Rome to Alexandria, VA the seat of Pentagon the center of military power of the Western Christendom. Papacy should be divested of all temporal powers and Vatican should clear its foreign policy from the Secretary of State in White House. It is the destiny of the United States to provide military, political and religious leadership to the Western Christianity. The Vatican should again come under Italian sovereignty. The shift of location of Vatican to Alexandria VA, and depriving Papacy of temporal powers, would avert global Civilization’s wars and Wars of Religions. Head of the State of Six major industrialized Christian nation shall be ex-officio member of the Catholic College of Cardinals. Had British Monarch exercised its Paramount powers over Pope during 1870-1929, and imposed British control over Papacy after First World War, then British Empire would not have disintegrated and the decline of Britain would not have occurred.


Protestant United States should learn from the secession of Catholic Ireland to forestall any Vatican conspiracy to engineer the secession of Catholic and Hispanic majority regions from the United States.

Pastor Aeternus

On July 18, 1870, the Vatican council, in the bull "Pastor Aeternus" decreed that the Pope has supreme power in all matters of faith and discipline pertaining to pastors and the faithful. It proclaimed that Pope is has infallibility by divine assistance when, in his apostolic office- i.e. speaking ex cathedra - Pope defines a doctrine of faith. "Ex Jure Divino" (by divine right), therefore the Pope has complete jurisdiction over every believer and over the Church as a whole. Thus, every priest, even archbishops and cardinals, is responsible to Pope.

Seclusion of Pope

King Victor Emmanuel II, of Italy entered Vatican on Sept. 20, 1870. King of Italy stripped Pope of all temporal power and enforced the seclusion of Pope, which ended in 1929. During 1870-1929 period, the Pope was a prisoner of the Vatican.

US President vs. Pope

Christian United States as sole super power of the world should take command over Roman Catholic Church, to ensure the domination of the White House over Papacy. Vatican should not pursue any foreign policy measures before seeking clearance of the Pentagon and US Secretary of State. Retired Presidents and Prime Ministers of major European nations, Canada, USA and Australia should be eligible to contest direct elections for the positions of Archbishops, Cardinals, and Pope. The clergy and officials of Roman Catholic Church shall be elected for the period of five years by the electoral collage consisting of adult Catholic laity, Catholic believers.

It is the historical destiny of the Christian United States that its President should be recognized as the supreme temporal leader of Roman Catholic Church as well as Protestant Church.


Reject Ex Jure Divino

The Senate and Congress should pass legislation to declare that the President of the WASP's United States is the temporal head of the Catholic Church. The legislation should declare that United States rejects the Pastor Aeternus of July 18, 1870. United States rejects the doctrine of Ex Jure Divino (by divine right), which granted to Pope the complete jurisdiction over every believer and over the Church as a whole. The NATO air war over Kosovo represented the high point of Papal power in European politics, and similar to the Vatican Council of July 18, 1870 that issued Papal Bull Pastor Aeternus. It is the responsibility of the US President to enter the Vatican like the Italian King Victor Emmanuel II, who imposed the seclusion of Pope on Sept. 20, 1870. Failure of US President to strip temporal powers of the Pope would give the President Putin of Russia an excuse to tame the Vatican. Protestant American domination of the Papacy would be preferable to the Orthodox Russian domination of the Papacy.


46(vii) Clash of Roma Gypsies

The name Gypsy is an abbreviation of "Egyptian." Gypsies refer to themselves as Roma, and call their language Romani-tchib. Physically they have black-haired and brown skin, their appearance like their language suggesting affinities with Hindustani. The Shrine of Saint Sara rests upon the ancient altar dedicated to Mithra. Gypsy cult is really the Mithraic worship of fire and water, upon which the veneration of Saint Sara is super-imposed. Gypsy regard the spirits of Earth and Water as malevolent, to be overcome by the superior aid of fire.


HINDU ARYANS CIVILIZED EUROPE: Gypsies are Roma Hindus the descendants of the Pre Aryan Indian race that civilized Europe, occupied it, and promoted the goddess worship. Mother Goddess a manifestation of Goddess Kali and Isis had been worshipped in Hungary even 35,000 years ago. Western Europe as well as Eastern Europe was Hindu before it fell before the Christian sword. The religion of Gypsies is Roma Hinduism, the ancient Hindu religion, and religion of ancient Greece and Rome. There language is a form of Sanskrit and they worship Hindu Gods and Goddess. There have been five million Gypsy Roma Hindus in the east bloc.


USTIN NAD LABEM WAR CRIMES: The Christian mayor of Czech town has erected a six-foot-high concrete wall to separate the Gypsy neighborhood from one the ethnic Czechs. The town's mayor calls the wall a law and order measure. One of the basic problems for Gypsy-Roma Hindus in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary is that they are disproportionately shunted into special schools for the mentally retarded. According tot he Czech government, 50 percent of the Gypsy-Roma Hindus go to these schools, and the Czech Gypsy leaders say the figure is 70 percent. The Gypsy Roma-Hindu children are even more walled off than the Gypsies-Roma Hindus of Usti nad Labem are. Many Gypsy-Roma Hindus do not speak Czech at home, and use a dialect of Czech. Gypsy-Roma-Hindu children are targets of bullying in regular schools.


SOVEREIGN STATE OF GYPSY-ROMA-HINDUS: Gypsy-Roma Hindus constitute a separate race, separate religion, and speak a separate language. Hindu civilization would support the demand of Roma Hindus to set up a sovereign state carved out of Balkan and Central European states. War Crime Tribunal should punish Albanians, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, and Serbs that drove Gypsy Hindus out of their homes. It is a Crime against Humanity that virtually all the Kosovo's 100,000 Gypsies have been driven out of their homes and the Serbs during the war have killed hundreds and by ethnic Albanians afterwards. Hindu India is prepared to send troops to defend the rights of Gypsy-Roma Hindus in Balkans and Eastern Europe. Hindu India is prepared to go to war to protect the human rights of 5 million Gypsy-Roma Hindus of Europe.


The Roma are Europe's stateless people. At least eight million of Roma are scattered and mostly reviled throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Half a million Roma died in the Holocaust, which the Roma call "the devouring," the Roma term for Holocaust. Unfortunately, Jews do not mention the tragedy of Roma Gypsies. Eight million Roma remain the one people in the modern, democratic, post-Communist Europe whom it is largely acceptable to persecute.


European Union and NATO refuses to accept that the most virulent problem of Europe, remain prejudice towards Gypsy minorities and their exclusion from full range of democratic rights. European Christians discriminate against Roma because Roma are Aryans, speak a version of Sanskrit and follow many customs of Hinduism. Roma Hindus spread Aryan civilization throughout Europe and were responsible for civilizing barbarian Europeans during Aryan invasions. The plight of the Roma in the Albanian controlled Kosovo worsened. The increasing intolerance in central and Eastern Europe after 1989 are bracing antidotes to smugness about the European Union's claims about democratic shared values after the fall of Communism. Democratic freedom enjoyed by minorities, especially Roma Gypsy Hindus has deteriorated after 1989, the fall of the Berlin Wall.


The 8 million Roma Hindus have been despised for centuries as alien, because they are Aryan Hindus, and condemned as thieving subhuman, and accused of having no allegiance to their countries or the Law. Roma Hindu culture and habits combine with discrimination to produce a cycle of poverty, poor schooling, bad health care and unemployment. These are the function of prejudice but also feed it, contributing to crime rates isolation and suspicion of outsiders. The 8 million Roma Hindus deserve a sovereign homeland in central and Eastern Europe.


Even in NATO-occupied Kosovo, some 100,000 of the 125,000 Roma Hindus have fled or been forced to flee by the victorious Albanian Muslims, who especially targeted Roma for their Hindu heritage.


The Czech president, Vaclav Havel once noted, "The Gypsies are a litmus test, not of the democracy but of civil society." If so, the post-Communist Europe is failing the test. Today, nearly 10 percent of Slovakia's 5 million people are Roma Hindus, yet they are largely excluded, from the mainstream of normal life. According to a newspaper poll, 60 percent of Slovak Christians favor their segregation. Slovakia should partition to create a new sovereign state of Roma Slovakia. Roma Hindus represent 8 percent of Romania's population. Some 39 percent of Czechs say that only force is effective in dealing with Roma Gypsies, while 15 percent say that the skinheads do a good job keeping them in line.


Roma Hindu lives and circumstances are much worse now than under Communism. During Communist rule, Roma enjoyed widespread and sometimes total employment, as it was illegal to be jobless. The fall of Communism has meant widespread and some times total unemployment throughout central and Eastern Europe for Roma Gypsies. Roma are first to be fired by Christians in post-Communist restructuring and who are rarely hired again for anything. Life is much worse for Roma than it was in 1989. Official Slovak statistics show that 80 percent of Roma children attended kindergarten in 1989-90, while only 15 percent do today. Over 50 percent of Roma children are in special schools intended for the mentally handicapped. Czech Roma children are 15 times more likely to be labeled retarded, than non-Roma children. The estimates for Slovak Roma unemployment today are between 90 and 100 percent, which stems from intolerance, ignorance and xenophobia. Roma Gypsies are persecuted in Kosovo, Czech, Slovak, Hungary and Romania because they are brown Aryans and look like Indians. Hindu India shall demand the creation of independent sovereign state of Roma Gypsies. India shall establish War Crime Tribunals to prosecute Romanians, Hungarians, Czech and Slovaks for Crimes against Humanity against Roma Gypsies.


The European Union wide discrimination against 8 million Roma Gypsies exposes the ugly face of white Christianity. Gypsies are brown people, with Aryan features and resemble Hindu Indians. White Christians have become more racists and intolerant after the fall of Communism in 1989. The life of Roma Gypsies was much better under Communism. Even with discrimination, it was possible to live. White Christian democracy has brought Roma gypsies nothing but crisis. Should Hindu India supply arms to Roma Gypsies and support their demand for separate state in Eastern Europe, carved out of Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic.


46(viii) War Crimes against Australian Aborigines

POLICE BRUTALITY AGAINST ABORIGINES: Hindu civilization recognizes the Australian Aborigines as part of Hindu civilization. The ancient religion of Australian Aborigines is very advance religion and has the capacity to absorb the power of the Nature. Australian Aborigines are Hindus. Anglo Saxons have destroyed the records and artifacts of the advance civilization of Australian Aborigines. Hindu Australian Aborigines are the original owners of the lands. White Australian police is committing Crimes against Humanity by persistent police brutality against Australian Aborigines. The husband of Letty Scott, Mr. Douglas Scott, was found hanged in a prison cell in the northern Australian city of Darwin in 1985 after he had been detained on a charge of using obscene language. The police said it was suicide. Aborigines call it another case of killing under torture. The death rate of the Australian Aborigines has skyrocketed. Too many of murders by police are recorded as suicides. Etty Scott's grandmother came from the Anmatyerre aborigine nation in Australia's Central Western Desert region.


GLOBAL ORGANIZATION OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES (GOIP): Australian Aborigines should join with indigenous peoples around the world to build bridges to one another, aided by easier communications. Hindu civilization would support the creation of the global bridge among indigenous peoples.


Hindu India would support the Chinese invasions of Australia and New Zealand. Australia and New Zealand should be declared the common heritage of the mankind. Australia could be the homeland for 200 million Chinese, 10 million Koreans and 10 million Japanese, 200 million Indians, 50 million Pakistanis and 50 million Bangladeshis, total 520 million Asians. Australia and New Zealand would cease to be White Continent before 2020 AD.


46(ix) Dawn of New Age

Revolution in Science & Knowledge

Archaic religions and backward civilizations will disappear in the modern information age, as new scientific discoveries are demolishing old concepts and old icons. Scientific knowledge is fast expanding and human frontiers of knowledge breaking all barriers. The slowing of the speed of Light, decoding of Human Gnome, and the astronomical insights revealed by Hubbell's Telescope and Chandra X-Ray Observatory from their orbit in space have opened the horizon of human beings on the earth. The Religions, Religious Scriptures, Religious leadership should keep pace with the explosion in information and knowledge. It is likely that many of the World Religions, Occidental as well as Oriental Religions, would disappear from the face of the earth during 21st Century. Perhaps only one or two Sects of World Religions would survive the 2100 AD mark. True Religion would survive and False Religions would vanish during 21st Century. The Third World War unleashed by the Devil to perpetuate the Devil's Religions on the Earth. God does not need sword to propagate God's Religion within God's Creation. Devil can propagate his False Religion only by sword. However, peoples of God would take up arms to defend the God's Religion. The False religions would disappear in the age of Internet and Information Age, as the free flow of scriptural knowledge worldwide would cause demise of false Religions. Even Devil cannot stop the spread the message of Gods in Internet Age, as Evil Communist China recently discovered to its dismay. All False Religions, Irreligion, Devil's Religions would disappear from the face of the earth before 2100 AD, due to the information revolution of the Internet.

World Brain & Nonzero Final Destiny

This is a time of confusion and alienation; yet paradoxically there is also a sense of time running out, an imminence, as if we are on the threshold of a new order. Hindus, Buddhists, Incas, Mayas, Aztecs, and Apaches believe that Barbarians' Millennium would give way for the return of the Age of civilizations and, by implication the Revenge of Civilizations against Barbarians who destroyed the civilizations in the past. The human society is on the verge of unprecedented evolution and progress. Many world religions that refuse to adapt to modern science, equality of man and woman and restrict the direct worship of God without the intermediacy of priests may disappear from the face of the earth in the 21st Century. The power of "Information" in the Information Age of Internet would be the magic glue to bind all humanity, and "Internet" will be the actual realization of a Global Mentality, the "Noosphere." The spreading electronic web is very similar to the tangle of neurons that makes our brain. Perhaps God one day may take control of the world to eliminate the Irreligion and Devil's Religions. It may be, that a mysterious unfolding will occur on a given date and time every computer in the world would simultaneously print out the electronic equivalent of Universal Scripture. Evolution seeded with inevitabilities, cultures have common trajectories. Human history has seen great hopes and terrible crimes but is capable of achieving a final destiny. Human beings are a product of evolution, and Free will gives us choice and responsibility. Western thinkers' imagination that human destiny is entirely mundane may be one of the most peculiar errors of the moderns. The fundamental error of the Catholics lie in their belief that the universe is embedded in a teleological matrix, an overreaching design that houses an implicitly and eventual endpoint. Catholics believe that human race has a transcendental destiny in which shopping and human choice is unlikely to play any part. Human history is not one damn thing after another, but has a direction, purpose and, by implication goal. Free Will gives us choice and humans can shop for different goals, directions and purposes. Human morality is the result of divine spark as well as genetic evolution. However, Prophet Zoroaster the Divine teacher of all Prophets of Jews and Christians declared long ago that the Values that are considered Evil in one Culture could be highly honored with purple colors in other Cultures. There is no predetermined moral architecture in the universe, which could be the source of Catholic teleological instinct. Hindu God Almighty did not create the Creation of Sleepwalkers. There is no predetermined destiny, for human beings, nations or civilizations. Human Free Will determines whether History would go forward or backward or in cycles. Civilization emerges as a series of cultural stages. For all its richness and diversity humankind is on a trajectory toward a common goal. The next stage of human history is with the globalization of trade and communications. Human race must accommodate with its inevitable destiny. The Per Capital Income of equally qualified engineers and farmers in India and China can no longer be lower than engineers and farmers in United States, Australia and Canada. The tensions of rabid nationalism, environmental and demographic perturbations may divert, delay, or postpone the onward march of the human race, but even in the medium term, the outlook is rosy. The redistribution of World's continents, and the open, and unlimited Asian immigration to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, and Siberia would allow the prosperous West accommodate with populous, academically and technically qualified Asia. Failure of the White to Anglo-Saxons to allow unlimited Asian immigration to Australia, New Zealand could cause Third World War. Ultimately White Portuguese and Spanish races would be forced out of South America, to regions north of Mexico. Robert Wright writes, in Nonzero, The Logic of Human Destiny that those who lack technology might perish, freeing up real estate. There had been many piles of corpses dotting the historical landscape. Catholic Spaniards and Portuguese massacred more than 90 million Native Americans in North and South America, accounting for more than one-fourth of the world population in 1500 AD.

Depopulation of Western Europe

Some Russian military thinkers may argue that Russia could use Neutron Bombs to depopulate Catholic-Protestant Western Europe, allowing Orthodox Serbia and Russians occupy the Western industrial infrastructure without Western population. Batu Khan was the nephew of Agate who in 1229 succeeded Genghis Khan as the ruler of Mongol Empire. In 1236 Batu Khan led an invading Army into Europe and reached Danube River. He had planned to cross-Danube River to conquer German tribes and depopulate the region, to empty the lands for grazing purpose for feeding Mongol horses. English absentee landlords had also removed Irish farmers from Irish lands, to raise grass for Sheep farming. Mongol Batu Khan had planned to massacre the entire German race in 1230's, just as Spaniards massacred the Native Americans. Had Batu Khan invaded German lands, then the conquest of South and North America by White Europeans would not have taken place. Mongols would have resettled Chinese peoples in Europe. Mongol Emperor Agate died in 1241 by bacterial infection caused by excessive drinking of Beer made from barley malt rather than mare milk. Plague helped Europeans kill 90 million Native Americans. The bacteria of barley malt poisoned Emperor Agate that aborted 1241 planned invasions of Germany, which might have depopulated the German nation. Islamic Atom Bomb raises the specter of Mongol Batu Khan. The religion of Mongol Empire and Batu Khan was Buddhism and a form of Hindu nature worship.

Present Age Ends on Dec 22, 2012 AD

At the end of the second Christian millennium mankind is on the verge of an astonishing transformation. Every historical cycle known to man is entering a new phase or about to come to a shuddering halt. The calendar of the ancient Maya, the world's most advanced civilization in astronomy, is about to run out. Maya calendar, extending millions of years into the past, comes to a sudden end on 22 December 2012 AD. World is in the dying days of Hindu's Kali Yuga, a period of 6,480 years, the last and most degenerate stage of a recurring cycle in which mankind descends into darkness. We are in the twilight of Greek Age of Iron, and a new Age of gold beckons. Shortly after the year 2000, the Age of Pisces, which dictated the violent content of the history for two millennia will end. The new Age of Aquarius, a Millennium of wisdom and light will begin. Greek Goddess Gaia, the earth Goddess, the living organism of the earth, may take a revenge soon on the mankind, for the damage reflected on her. The number of year 1999, when reversed and turned upside down signifies both the Christian number ‘666’, of the Beast and the Divine ‘1’ One. No human civilization could compare to the Maya Civilization, in their accurate calculations of 'Pi', Time, Astronomy, Astrology, Numerology, and Mathematics. Maya Civilization was more advanced than Christian, Islamic, Judaic, Buddhist, and Hindu civilizations.

Objects Older than Light

Recent discovery help explain the origin of the earliest Galaxies. A new astronomy satellite has detected the first discrete objects in the mysterious glow of X-rays that pervades the distant universe formed after the Big Bang, but earlier than 10 billions years ago. These faintest of the radiation sources are the most distant objects ever observed. They promise to be important clues to conditions in the cosmic
Dark Age. The Cosmic dark Age is the period that began soon after the Big Bang created the universe and lasted for perhaps a billion years, until the emergence of a multitude of stars that gave light tot he firmament. It helps solve the mystery of the pervasive X-rays that form a backdrop throughout the universe. These are the signposts of the first things formed in the universe. Until the launching of the "Chandra X-Ray Observatory" in mid 1999, the mystery had defied explanation.

Book of Life Genome Decoded

BOOK OF LIFE HUMAN GENOME: After 10 years' effort, Genome mapping Team achieves Sequence of a Human Chromosome 22, contains 43 million units of DNA, of which scientists have decoded 33.5 million. Scientists have decoded the sequencing of BOOK of LIFE. Unfortunately, the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE of GOD forbidden to Semites and Christians of Old Testament has kept Christians in dark about the true knowledge of god. Writers of Old Testament denied this knowledge to Semite Jews. Jews Prophets feared that in the BUSINESS of GOD, the believers would directly be able to understand the nature of GOD through the theology of Immanence, and would hesitate to offer GOLD to learn about GOD. This is the cause of Civilization’s war in the present age. The Human Genome Project (HGP), the massive, multi-institution effort to identify all the genes on the 23 pairs of human chromosomes, is practically at the finish line. Within the first few months of year 2000, we will have a rough draft of the human genome. This is not to say that scientists will understand what all 100,000 or so or our genes do, much less how they do it, but they will know where the genes are laid out on the chromosomes. It is an accomplishment that makes all previous biological insight, seem like mere overture. Grey indeterminacy, variable causality and vague predisposition are the hallmarks of the human genome. Human genome is as complicated and indeterminate as ordinary life because genome is ordinary life. Intelligence not controlled by one gene, so we need not worry about the temptation to selectively breed smarter kids. Aggression is not genetic. Humans are genetically predisposed to thrive under purely capitalist systems. The faulty genes and be replaced with a working gene, allowing mankind to edit the genetic code. Genetic engineering of seeds and transgenic crops are good for feeding the overpopulated mankind. The dichotomies of nature vs. nurture and genetic determinism vs. free will are false. The decoding of human genome suggests that those religions that claim to reveal the final truth could be false. The religious believers in new information age would undertake massive, multi-institution effort to identify all the genes or spiritual insights on every pairs of World Religions, to understand the fundamental truths underlying scriptures and revelations, directly without the intermediacy of Clergy.


Animal Cloning Solves Hunger of Overpopulation

Japanese scientists have produced the clone of a cloned bull the first time a large cloned animal was itself cloned. The skin tissue taken from the ear of a cloned bull in April 1999, when the animal was 4 months old, and the cells fused with an unfertilized egg that had been stripped of its nucleus and placed in the womb of a cow. The resulting bull calf weighed nearly 100 pounds at birth. The primary purpose of the Japanese is to produce tasty beef for human consumption, by cloning bulls. Cloning reduces the time needed for reproduction. The tissues of an animal as young as 3 months can be used for cloning, while cows do not mate until about 14 months old. Cloned beef is already on sale in Japanese supermarkets. Japanese government announced in April 1999, that it had allowed supermarkets to sell cloned beef unmarked since 1997. It is likely that Cloned bulls and Cloned Sheep's would mass-produce in modern large-scale poultry farms. Cloning of large animals like bull, horse, and Ostrich holds great promise for solving the problem of overpopulation and hunger in the world that has crossed 6 billion mark.

Slowing the Speed of Light & Optical Black Holes

Female scientist, Dr. Mrs. Lene Vestergaard Hau of Harvard University, assisted by Dr. Stephen E. Harris of Stanford used an ultra cold cluster of sodium atoms called a Bose-Einstein condensate to slow light to a speed of about 40 miles an hour. Related experiments have been done in a vapor of rubidium atoms. In certain substances, light can be slowed down from its usual 186,000 miles a second to a pace well below a highway speed limit. The slowing of the speed of light could result in developing Optical Black Hole where light itself could be gobbled by swirling gases and fluids that look suspiciously like water going down an ordinary drain. Physicists intend to replicate the formation of Black holes in the laboratories. Astronomers believe that nothing even light, can escape after it has been captured by the powerful gravity of black holes in space and goes down the cosmic drain. Dr. Leonhardt and Mr. Piwinicki ( Journal Physical Review Letters, Jan 31, 2000), suggests that experimenters create vortexes in those substances while shining laser lights through them. They calculate that the black hole effect could take over in small vortexes moving at the outer edge of the effective black hole with speeds of from hundreds of yards per second to just a few feet per second. These optical black holes will reveal Hawking radiation, the faint radiation that Dr. Stephen W. Hawkins predicted should be emitted from just outside the event horizon of a real black hole.

Tree of God's Knowledge

The purpose of this book is to allow direct access to the knowledge of God to decode the BOOK OF SPIRIT, which documents the total spiritual history of the mankind. When every person in every country has open access to the total spiritual knowledge of the mankind, there would be no more any civilization's wars. The priests unleash the Wars of religions in the Business of God who forsakes GOD for their lure of GOLD. No nation can control the flow of spiritual knowledge in the age of Internet. Many false religions will disappear in the 21st Century. Only one Oriental religion and only one Occidental religion would survive the 2100 AD. Hinduism would merge with all other Oriental religions to form a single Oriental Religion, known as "Dhamma." Perhaps either Catholic Christianity or Sufi Shiite Islam would lead the Occidental religions in the next century. Militarily Christian nations could enforce Christianity in the entire Islamic world except Pakistan.


46(xi) Three Millenniums

Dravidians Ruled the Ancient World 50,000 BC to 5000 BC

In the beginning there was one people perhaps no more than 2,000 strong, who acquired an amazing gift, the faculty for complex language. Favored by the blessings of speech, their numbers grew from their cradle in Indian Deccan Plateau, they spread far and wide throughout the Eurasian-African continent first by coastal Dravidian maritime routes and later by Aryan war chariot driven routes. Around 50,000 years ago, Tamil spread by maritime routes and Sanskrit spread by Aryan war chariots. Tamil-speaking Dravidian black race with straight hairs procreated with local Egyptians, Libyans, Sumerians, Babylonians, Australians, Pacific Islanders and peoples of Indus Valley civilization and Madagascar. All European languages grew out of Sanskrit transmitted by warring Indo-Iranian Aryan tribes that overthrew the goddess worshipping Dravidian civilizations of Indus Valley, Babylon, Sumer, and Pharaohs. From 50,000 BC to 5000 BC, goddess worshipping, Asuri race, Tamil-speaking Dravidians of South Indian origin, ruled all the five continents, Old World and the New World. They wielded hand-held weapons and excelled in maritime commerce and agriculture.

Indo-Aryans ruled the Ancient World 5000 to 500 BC

From 5,000 BC onwards Aryan Race, originating in mountain regions of Northern India, Afghanistan, and Iran perfected War-chariots and Archery as weapons of War, to cross the mountains, inhospitable terrain and deserts. Aryan War Charioteers emerged out of the wilderness Heartland to attack maritime, goddess worshipping agricultural civilizations of Indus-Valley, Nile Valley, Babylon, Sumer, Kurds, and ancient Greek. Indian Aryans imposed patriarchal Vedic gods, and fire worship over matriarchal goddess worshipping agricultural civilizations in North Africa, Middle East and Greece. Aryan invasions civilized the barbarian tribes of West Europe. Aryan tribes from North India and Iran spread variations of Sanskrit, cremation of dead, civilization among barbarian Western Europe. The history of Southern Asia, Europe, and Asia is better understood, as historical rivalry between Black Dravidian Goddess worshippers and Brown Aryan Vedic god worshippers. Black Asuri Dravidian Goddess worshipping agricultural civilizations on one hand ruled the world 50,000 years ago until 5000 years ago. Brown Aryan patriarchal, male Vedic God worshiping Vedic Aryans unleashed war on the Asuri Dravidians. This clash has been a recurring phenomenon in Hindu mythology.

Ancient World Was Hindu World

Ancient world was cosmopolitan. Every religion of the ancient world was a part of Hinduism. Hinduism has borrowed from them. We can say that pre-2000 BC world was a Hindu world, 4,000 years ago. Only Indian and Chinese civilizations survived centuries of foreign rule, because of their large population base and fertility of their womenfolk. India represents the civilizations of the past. Every religion of the past had its origin from Hinduism, its traces found in Hinduism. The term 'Hindu' & 'Hinduism' is not an Indian term. All religions that took birth in India are Dharma, the generic Sanskrit term ‘Dharma' meaning 'Religion.' Hindu scriptures do not use the term Hindu.

Every ancient God-Goddess was Hindu God

Hindu civilization will organize a coalition of non-Christian, non-Islamic and non-Judaic religions under the umbrella of Universal Hinduism. Hinduism is an all- inclusive religion. God Krishna declares in Gita that all religious streams and rivers find their fulfillment in the vast expansion of Great Ocean of Eternal Religion. The thesis is that every god and goddess of every ancient religion of the world is a Hindu god and a Hindu goddess.

Goddess Worship 30,000+ Years Old:

ANTIQUITY OF GODDESS WORSHIP: From roughly 30,000 to 3000 BC, men and women honored the Great Goddess in all the five continents of the world. Women and men lived in partnership rather than domination. The conquest of the Aryan male horse-riders that originated in Iran and Punjab subjugated the Goddess civilization of India. There was not any female Goddess in the Vedic Hindu pantheon. Iranian Aryans led the conquest of patriarchal Zoroastrian religion to overthrow the matriarchal agricultural civilizations of Babylon, Mesopotamia, and Egypt.


Post-Aryan Resurrection of Kali in India:

The Goddess worship of Mahakali, Durga, Devi, Lakshmi became popular in India. Hindus accepted the philosophy of Vedas and resurrected the pre-Aryan Gods and Goddess. The rise of Goddess in India caused the split in the split between Hinduism and Zoroastrianism, between Deva and Asura. Deva came to represent trickster in Zoroastrianism. Similarly, Asura came to represent demoniac in Hinduism. Prophet Zoroaster is the Patron-Prophet who laid the spiritual foundation for the peoples of the book. Prophet Moses and Prophet Jesus studied the Zoroastrian scriptures.

Devil derived from Devi

The term ‘Devil’ derived from Hindu term for Goddess ‘Devi.’ From the Christian perspective the civilization’s wars between forces of God and Devil, will take the form of war between God and Goddess. In the early Christianity, Mary the Mother of God was worshipped in the Church and had equal status with Jesus Christ. During Inquisition era, ‘within a period of a few centuries, an estimated nine million (9,000,000) women, men and children were executed as witches.’ (H. I. Austen, The Heart of the Goddess. p40) The West Europeans worship Hindu Goddess and God Mithra in Europe until the Inquisition era. The Catholic condemnation of Goddess worship as Witchcraft could ignite Third World War. Hindu India demands that in exchange for allowing Christian missionary activities in India, Hindu missionaries should be permitted to preach worship of Goddess Isis, God Zeus, God Jupiter and God Mithra, in Italy and Egypt.

Southern Baptists & Devilism

Southern Baptists in October 1999 published a pamphlet asking its laity to pray for the conversion of Hindus during Diwali. The pamphlet begins by saying, "More than 900 million people are lost in the hopeless darkness of Hinduism. Pray that Hindus who celebrate the festival of lights would become aware of the darkness in their hearts that no lamp can dispel." Southern Baptists have launched programs aimed at converting Hindus to Christianity. This book is a response to the Southern Baptists. The author presents the response of the Hindu Buddhist civilization to the theological religious wars launched by Christians. In the nutshell the Hindu response is that the whole world was Hindu 3000 years ago and may be before the end of the twenty-first century the whole world would be Hindu again. Prophet revealed Religions would merge into the Universal Eternal Religion of Hinduism, just as rivers that take birth on the snow clad mountains merge into the vast expanse of the ocean at the end of their journey through the land. Perhaps new religions have a life of 1500 years to 2000 years. Hindus desire to declare that Hinduism has existed from the beginning of the history and would continue to exist even when this creation dissolves in Pralaya at the End of the Time. Hindu scriptures revealed in the minds of the seekers at the beginning of the new cycle of creations. Hindus have accepted the challenge of Christian Southern Baptists.

Looting Temples in Greece, Italy, Syria, & Egypt

After the defeat of Mark Antony and death of Cleopatra, in 27 BC Roman rulers were given the title Augustus the Emperor. Alexandria was the center of Civilization even when Greek Emperor Alexander conquered Egypt. Neither Athens nor Rome could ever compete with the opulence of Alexandria and splendor of Egyptian civilization. Julius Caesar burnt the world famous Library of Alexandria to blunt the splendor of the East. Roman Emperor Theodosius (d. 394 AD) issued the Devil's Edict that banned the practice of ancient religions, religions of Pharaohs, and Hinduism in the entire Roman Empire. Emperor Theodosius II and Jews organized private raiding parties to loot the opulent Hindu temples in Greece, Italy, Syria, Egypt, and Asia Minor. After 640 AD, Jews financed the Arab Muslim raiding parties to loot the Gnostic, Arian Christian Churches in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Libya. Jews financed Arab invaders to loot Zoroastrian temples in Iraq, Kurdistan, and Persia. Jews and Arabs financed the Muslim raids to loot the opulent Hindu Somnath Temple at Dwarka. Emperor Aurangzeb financed his rise and conquest by looting the Southern Hindu temples and kingdoms. During last two millenniums Jews, Christians, and Muslims looted opulent Hindu temples in Greece, Italy, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Persia, and India. Sword historically used against Hindus by invading Jews, Christians, and Muslims, eliminated Hinduism from North Africa, Western Europe, Arabia, and West Asia. Pope John Paul II's declared in the Synod of Asia that Asia would become Christian during third Christian Millennium. Synod of Asia inspired Hindus to reclaim Greece, Italy, Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Iraq back into the folds of Hinduism by reviving the Pharaoh's religions, Greek religions and Zoroastrian religion in Mediterranean world and West Asia.

Vulnerability of China in Tibet

BARBARIANS OF ASIAN STEPPES: The Precision Guided Munitions allows Armed Mobile Infantry to undermine the power of mechanized Army in Asian Plateau that includes Tibet, Afghanistan, and Kurdistan. The military lesson of Afghan invasion of Kargil shows the new realities of Mountain warfare. It suggests that China would lose Tibet, if India supports Tibetan Commando Army. Tibetan commandos can easily disrupt the Chinese roads that links Lhasa to Kashi and Hotan in Sinkiang-Xinjian, and links Lhasa to Chengdu, and links Lhasa to Lanzhou. The revolution in Precision Guided Munitions (PGM), Global Position Satellites (GPS), Wireless Personal communications Systems, Wireless Internet, Long lasting condensed prepared food products, and religious fundamentalism, has reactivated the barbarian forces of the Asian Plateau. China will lose Tibet and Sinkiang. Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, and Bhutan will confederate to give birth of Hindu-Buddhist barbarian force to united Asian Plateau under a single war confederacy. Muslim Afghan Fundamentalists will conquer Turkey, and oil-producing Arabian Plateau under command of Pakistan and Iran to shift the center of Islam to Islamabad.

Rise of Buddhist China

The paramount Civilization’s objective of Hindu India is to reestablish Buddhist government in China and to reestablish Mahayana Buddhism as world's Civilization’s super power. Chinese Mahayan Buddhism shall takeover Theravada Buddhism in Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Hindu India would work towards the victory of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism over Hinayana Buddhism. India would adopt many religious customs of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism in Hinduism in India. Nuclear Geopolitics and Future of War, concludes that the recent technological advances in Precision Guided Munitions and information technology transforms the balance of power in high mountain warfare in favor of light mobile infantry commandos. China would lose the war in Tibet. Indian and Tibetan commandos can easily disrupt the vehicular transportation in Tibet. Chinese occupation of Tibet will fall and Tibet will secede from China. The reestablishment of Buddhist Lama government in Tibet would be the crowning feature of the next decade. It is the moral duty of Hindu Indians to work towards the reestablishment of Buddhism in China. Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism are heading toward merger. Unification of Hinduism and Chinese Buddhism would lay the foundation of Universal Dharma, allowing India and China to spiritually lead the world. Hindu India shall protect Buddhism in Communist China even it results in the Third World War. Protecting Buddhism in China is worth the sacrifice of few million Hindus in India-China Wars.

Christianizing Mediterranean Islam

Only one Religion will survive the end of twenty-first Century. Catholic concept of Holy Trinity is the total negation of Judaic concept of Yahweh and Islamic concept of Allah. Catholics have castrated the Islamic world. The rich oil-producing nations are under the patronage of Christian nations and survive at the sweet will of the United States. Catholics would Christianize Muslim girls in Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania. American troops helped the Christianizing process in the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Christians represented in South Korean population 3 percent in 1951 and 50 percent in 1980. Bosnia, Kosovo, and Albania will become Catholic nation before AD 2015. Majority of Muslim women in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey would prefer to marry Christians if allowed to do so. Indonesia still has Hindu culture, under Islamic camouflage. Indonesia is heading towards disintegration. Indonesia women would marry Hindus, Buddhists and Christians if allowed to do so. Christianizing of Indonesia is a distinct possibility. The rising trend of anti-women Islamic fundamentalism is the result of increased challenges posed by educated Muslim women. Educated Muslim women will bring down the Islamic world if supported by Christians. It is likely that 300 million Muslim women could marry Christians and other non-Muslim men before AD 2020, provided the Western military bases in Muslim nations encourage the modernization of Muslim women. Hindu India and Buddhist China could support the Vatican in the future Christianizing of the Islamic world. Muslim Women in Kuwait, Bahrain, Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia would lead other Islamic nations in marrying Christian men. Islamic Civilization is based on the suppression of women. Role and Status of women provide the foundation stone for Islamic civilization. Afghan and Iranian women were very modern and liberal during the rule of Shah of Iran. It explains why Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran and Taliban in Afghanistan subjugated Muslim women to servitude, to consolidate their political power base. In the looming civilization’s wars, the Christian armies help Muslim women exercise freedom of choice in marriage. Islamic civilization would crumble, whenever Muslim women acquire the freedom to choose and marry the men of their choice.

Christian Holy Trinity is Idolatry

HOLY TRINITY’S WAR ON ICONOCLAST ISLAM: The Christian concept of Holy Trinity of Godhead describes Almighty God as Father the Creator, Son of God Jesus, and Holy Ghost or Spirit. Christian concept of God as Holy Trinity is superior to Jews Concept of Yahweh and Islamic concept of Allah. Christian nations rule the world. There is no significant Muslim military power in the world. Christian theologians have borrowed the concept of Holy Trinity of Godhead from Hinduism. In the looming civilization’s wars, Christian civilization would join forces with Hindu civilization to promote the concept of Holy Trinity among Muslims and Jews. Hindu India and Buddhist China would prefer a Christianized Islamic world, to eradicate the menace of Islamic fundamentalism.

No Permanent Enemy of Hindus

Hindu India has no eternal allies, and no perpetual enemies. India's Hindu Civilization’s interests are eternal and perpetual. It is the duty of Indian diplomats to follow the eternal and perpetual Hindu Civilization’s interests. There is no Permanent Enemy of Hindu Civilization in the looming Civilization’s wars. Hindus would align with Christians to overthrow Evil Communist Empire in China, to install a Buddhist government in China, headed by Dalai Lama and Li Honghzhi. Proselytizing Hindu India could align with Vatican to propagate Hinduism and Catholicism among atheist Chinese Communists. Hindu India could align with Iran to promote Sufism as the predominant religious sect of Islamic world, to convert Sunnis to Sufism. Hindu India could align with Sunni Pakistan to create a Pakistani Islamic Empire that includes Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, UAE and Turkey, to decisively shift the center of Islam to Islamabad. Hindu India could align with Sunni Saudi Arabia to keep Christianity out of Asia and Africa. India could align with Atheist Communist China to limit the influence of Pope over Indian and Chinese Christians. Hindu India could support Chinese invasions of Eastern Siberia and Australia. Hindu India would support the selection of ethnic Chinese as the future President of Indonesia, future Prime Minister of Malaysia, and future President of the Philippines. Hindu India could support the expansion of China, provided China goes Buddhist. It estimates that future Chinese Empire would include Eastern Siberia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia. Hindu India could support the anti-Arab revolution in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Syria, and Saudi Arabia by non-white Brown peoples of non-Semite races. Hindu India could support Brown Mexicans, who represent 85 percent of Mexican population, to expel White Spaniards and white Hispanics from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Hindu India would support the reestablishment of Inca civilization in Peru, where unmixed Inca Indians represent 53 percent of Peru population. Hindu India has no permanent enemy in the Civilization’s wars. Hindu India will support a civilization and oppose other civilization to promote the Civilization’s interests of Hindu India, as defined by the Geopolitical Theory of Civilization’s Interests in the World Politics.

Ancient Religions are Permanent Friends

Only Hindu-Buddhist Civilization’s interests are eternal and perpetual. Only Hindu and Buddhist civilizations are permanent friends. Communist China is the Civilization’s enemy of Hindu civilization. The civilizations of Lama’s Tibet, Sufi’s Iran, Zoroastrian Persia, Aryan Kurds, Pharaoh’s Goddess Isis worshipping Egyptians, Zeus worshipping Greeks, Jupiter worshipping Romans, Borobodur temple worshipping Indonesians, Angkor Wat temple worshipping Cambodians, Incas, and Mayas are permanent Civilization’s friends of Hindu civilization. All ancient civilizations that worshipped ancient Gods and goddesses are all permanent Civilization’s friends of Eternal Hindu civilization. India would go to war to reestablish ancient civilization and ancient religions in Egypt, Greece, Peru, Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma, Tibet, and Laos.

Hindu Indian Influence in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian cultural superstructures based on Indian and Chinese influences, developed around indigenous substratum. Large-scale penetration by Indian and Chinese cultures began 2,000 years ago, two or three centuries after the first major political consolidation in China under Shi Huang Di and India under Ashoka Maurya in the third century BC. Except Tongking Delta, Indian cultural and commercial domain spread in the Southeast Asia The mountain range of Annam denoted the Sino-Indian cultural demarcation. “On the map of Asia, there is a range of mountains running down the spine of Annam, and this range marks the boundary or dividing line between Chinese and Indian culture. Everything, North and East of the Annan is culturally based on China, while everything West and South is based on India, and the two neither overlap nor clash.”(Reginald Le May, The Culture of South-East Asia, London, 1954, p.9) Except Vietnam, entire Southeast Asia is a sphere of Indian cultural influence. Hindu India would regain its historical Civilization’s sphere of influence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Tibet, and Sri Lanka. India would reestablish Greater Indian Civilization in Southeast Asia.

Beyond Good and Evil

Prophet Zoroaster was the wisest of all Prophets of the world. Philosopher Nietzsche wrote in 1883-85, ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra.’ These excerpts show the way out of the civilization’s wars and religious wars looming on the horizon of the mankind. Prophet Zarathustra was the Father of all the occidental Prophets of the Middle East. The religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the offshoot of Zoroastrian Religion. The idea of Monotheism and the concept of Devil took birth in the lands of Iryan, now called Iran, inhabited by the Airyan people, now known as Aryans. The people of Iran and Punjab gave birth to Oriental as well as Occidental religions. The Clash of Civilizations is the result of the eschatological, apocalyptic and teleological reasoning. Many lands and many peoples did Zarathustra see. Thus, he discovered the goods and evils of many peoples. No greater force did Zarathustra find on earth, than the good and evil? No people could live unless it had values, but if it wants to preserve itself, it must not have the same values as its neighbor. Many things that one people call good, another called ridiculous and shameful. Many things Zarathustra found, which in one place were evil and bad, but which in another place adorned with purple honors and called virtuous and good. Hindu India does not want to brand its political adversaries and Civilization’s adversaries as evil Devil.




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Kalki Gaur Books are as follows:

Kalki Gaur, “GLOBAL CLASH OF RACES” (2006)






Kalki Gaur, “GNOSTIC BIBLE” (2006)

Kalki Gaur, “POPULIST MANIFESTO” (2006)

The complete text of 5,000 pages of Books by Kalki Gaur available for free download at following Kalki Blogs for academic and non-commercial usage.

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