Chapter 44

Ancient Religions Gods & Goddesses

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44(1) Purport- 44(2) Talk Points

44(3) Entire Ancient World Hindu -Hindu Egypt Greece Rome

Entire Ancient World was Hindu

Ancient world worshipped Almighty Creator in the form of Goddess. God was a woman in every ancient civilization of the world, in ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Chinese, Incan, and Mayan and pre-Vedic Hindu civilizations. In East Europe goddess temples and artifacts 35,000 years old have been unearthed. In the ancient world only female priests had the authority to worship the deities. The ancient world was matriarchal goddess worshipping agricultural civilization. All goddess are derived from the same Hindu concept of universal mother, known as Kali, Isis, Innanna, Astarte, and Hera. All Occidental religions, Islam, Judaism, Christianity are patriarchal religions and they do not claim any lineage to the Goddess worshippers of the ancient world. However Hinduism is Goddess worshipping religion. The ancient Egypt worshipped Goddess Isis, and the veneration of cow in India is related to the worship of Isis. All ancient goddess religions are forms of contemporary Hinduism.

God Maha Asura of Hindu Vedas, God Ahura Mazda of Zoroastrians, and God Ossir of Pharaohs, represent the same pre-Vedic male god. Pharaohs of ancient Egypt worshipped matriarchal Asuri Hinduism and their god named OSSIR is the same as ASUR. Ancient Greeks and ancient Romans worshipped patriarchal Hindu Vedic Gods. God Zeus of Greeks, God Jupiter of Romans is the very same God Indra of Hindu Vedas. God Zeus, Jupiter and Indra are three names of one King of gods, the wielder of thunderbolt. Zoroastrian God Mithra is the God Varuna and God Sun of Vedic Hindus. Inca, Maya and Aztec civilizations worshipped the gods similar to those of Hindus. Mahayana Buddhism is 95% Hinduism. Hinayana Theravada Buddhism is 85% Hinduism. Japan’s Shintoism is 90% Hinduism. The religions of ancient Egypt, Syria, Babylon, Greece and Rome, destroyed by sword, may stage a comeback and roll back the expansion of Monotheist Religions in the 21st Century.


The Goddess Isis of ancient Egypt is the same as Devi of Hinduism. The Ivara is the male term for god and “Isi” is the female term for God. Indian, Persian, Egyptian, Chinese, Babylon, Greek and roman civilization followed the same universal religion which is practiced in India and China even today. All Goddess of ancient world in all civilizations, whether Egyptian Isis, Greek Hera, Hindu Devi hara represented the same female Goddess. Apostolic, Gnostic Arian Christianity preached by Jesus Christ and 12 Apostles based on oriental religions, Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. These are the arguments author makes in this Chapter.


44(4) Old Gods Don't Die

(1) God & Goddess are Immortal

Gods are immortal, while men are mortal. Gods do not need solid food to sustain their bodies; thereby their celestial bodies do not decay. Religion is the body of philosophy, rituals and beliefs and these cannot die even if it loses is body of believers. According to Hindu Veda, Brahma the God of Creation takes birth and undertakes Tapa-penace to reveal the science of creation. Religions cannot be die, just because barbarian invaders used swords to destroy religious temples, to murder priests, and to force vanquished people follow new religions. The religion and worship of God Viracocha of Incas, God Zeus of Greeks, God Jupiter of Romans, God Aman-Re of Pharaohs, and Mother Goddess Isis, Astarte, and Innanna would again resonate throughout the world. Hinduism is the eternal Religion and all other religions would merge into Hinduism. Every religion of the past has taken birth in Hinduism. Every god in every other religion is the manifestation of Hindu Divine. Whole world was Hindu in the past and the whole world would again become Hindu in future.

(2) Role of Dravidians Aryans Jews

The history of Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam explained as historical interaction and competition among Dravidian, Aryan and Semite races, in the ancient history. Dravidians is bown-black race with straight hair live in southern part of the Indian Subcontinent. The ancestors of the Goddess worshipping Dravidians were in maritime contact with the maritime civilizations of Indus Valley, Egyptian Pharaohs, Babylon, Polynesians, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, Korea, Australia, South and North America. Dravidians built megaliths in Britain and Western Europe. Dravidians were sea faring peoples, worshipped goddess, and developed agricultural economies. Egyptian Pharaohs, Babylonians, Phoenicians, were of Indian Dravidian origin. Ancient Egyptians, Libyans and Ethiopians belonged to Dravidian races. Hand-held weapons, Sword, and spears were their principal weapons.


Fair skin Aryan race originated in Punjab, Afghanistan and Iran, and they worshipped male-only Vedic gods. Aryans expanded by land, southward in India, northward to Eastern Europe, and westward to Egypt, Greece, and Asia Minor. Classical Greek and classical Roman civilization was Hindu Aryan civilization. Punjab, Afghanistan, Iran, Asia Minor, and Greece interconnected by continuous stretch of land were part of Aryan civilization. Aryan civilization was the civilization of cow-herders, sheepherders and hunters. Aryans worshipped male gods, and the highest god was the god of thunder and god of sun. Vedic God Indra, Greek God Zeus, and Roman God Jupiter were kings of gods, god of thunder, and carried similar thunderbolt. The military weapon platform of Aryans was war-chariot, and archery was the main weapon. Projectiles and arrows were their principal weapon. Aryan cow-herders were not tied to the lands and their mobile economy coupled with the mobility of war charioteers allowed them to selectively attack and destroy goddess worshipping, Dravidian, agricultural townships at will with devastating results. Hykos, Mittani, Assyrians were Aryan people. Aryans destroyed the hegemony of ancient Egyptian Empire.


Semite people were the desert nomads, who served as slaves under Egyptian Empire. After the exodus from Egypt under the leadership of Moses, they became military power under the leadership of Prophet Joshua. The sheep-herding economy of Jews allowed them unprecedented mobility, and polygamy, as women were very productive as sheep-herders. It allowed Jews to afford large harems. Every male member of Jews became a trained soldier, ready to organize raiding parties to surround and conquer, the agricultural oasis, and to loot and capture the women of the defeated peoples. The constant mobility of the shepherd Jews allowed them protection against retribution. Desert became their defensive shield, as agricultural societies could not sustain hot-pursuits in deserts.


Diaspora Jews established Jewish settlements throughout the known world, after the destruction of the first temple by Babylon Empire in 567 BC and after the destruction of the second temple by Roman Empire in 70 AD.


Shepherd Jew warriors became the Afghan warriors of the ancient times. Every Afghan male became the warrior for hire and Opium and Heroin allows them financial stability during warring campaigns. Nomad Jew Warriors became a menace to the settled agricultural communities, just as the Afghan Mujahideen terrorists finance their worldwide terrorism by global Opium-Heroin trade.


(3) India, China, Incas Survived Centuries of Foreign Rule:

 Ancient world was cosmopolitan. Every religion of the ancient world was a part of Hinduism. Hinduism has borrowed from them. We can say that pre-2000 BC world was a Hindu world, 4,000 years ago. Only Indian and Chinese civilizations survived centuries of foreign rule, because of their large population base and fertility of their womenfolk. India represents the civilizations of the past. Every religion of the past had its origin from Hinduism, its traces found in Hinduism. The term 'Hindu' & 'Hinduism' is not an Indian term. All religions that took birth in India are Dharma, the generic Sanskrit term ‘Dharma' meaning 'Religion.' Hindu scriptures do not use the term Hindu.


(4) Ancient God & Goddess were Hindu

Hindu civilization will organize a coalition of non-Christian, non-Islamic and non-Judaic religions under the umbrella of Universal Hinduism. Hinduism is an all- inclusive religion. God Krishna declares in Gita that all religious streams and rivers find their fulfillment in the vast expansion of Great Ocean of Eternal Religion. The thesis is that every god and goddess of every ancient religion of the world is a Hindu god and a Hindu goddess. We want to follow a third party to define the various religions of the world, so that we may argue that every religion so defined is also an integral part of the vast fabric of Hinduism. We will extensively follow the book by Hallie Iglehart Austen, titled, The Heart of the Goddess: Art, Myth and Meditations of the World’s Sacred Feminine. Elizabeth Hallam has authored a good book, Gods and Goddesses: A Treasury of Deities and Tales from World Mythology. We will borrow the definitions of these two authors to define the various Gods and Goddesses to study whether they can be inducted into Hindu pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, without compromising Universal Hinduism.


(5) Goddess Worship 30,000+ Years Old:

From roughly 30,000 to 3000 BC, men and women honored the Great Goddess in all the five continents of the world. Women and men lived in partnership rather than domination. The conquest of the Aryan male horse-riders that originated in Iran and Punjab subjugated the Goddess civilization of India. There was not any female Goddess in the Vedic Hindu pantheon. Iranian Aryans led the conquest of patriarchal Zoroastrian religion to overthrow the matriarchal agricultural civilizations of Babylon, Mesopotamia, and Egypt.


(6) Post-Aryan Resurrection of Kali in India:

The Goddess worship of Mahakali, Durga, Devi, Lakshmi became popular in India. Hindus accepted the philosophy of Vedas and resurrected the pre-Aryan Gods and Goddess. The rise of Goddess in India caused the split in the split between Hinduism and Zoroastrianism, between Deva and Asura. Deva came to represent trickster in Zoroastrianism. Similarly, Asura came to represent demoniac in Hinduism. Prophet Zoroaster is the Patron-Prophet who laid the spiritual foundation for the peoples of the book.

(7) Devil derived from Devi

The term ‘Devil’ derived from Hindu term for Goddess ‘Devi.’ From the Christian perspective the civilization’s war between forces of God and Devil, will take the form of war between God and Goddess. In the early Christianity, Mary the Mother of God was worshipped in the Church and had equal status with Jesus Christ. During Inquisition era, ‘within a period of a few centuries, an estimated nine million (9,000,000) women, men and children were executed as witches.’ (H.I. Austen, The Heart of the Goddess. p40)

(8) Hindu Mother Goddess Hathor, Isis, & Hanuman Thoth

After the victory of the ancient Goddess religion over Vedic gods in India, the modern Hinduism is similar to the pre-Christian religions of ancient Egypt, Babylon, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome. Hindus are cow-worshippers. Egyptian Cow Goddess is the universal mother, a protector of the dead. The term ISIS in Sanskrit means female goddess. The term Isvar means male god. The term ISHTA means the deity invoked. The Goddess ISHTAR in Sanskrit means the feminine divinity that one seeks. Similarly, Greek Goddess Esther means the goddess that one seeks. The term PTAH means in Hindi father and is even today pronounced as PITAH. The term OSSIR is Egyptian transliteration of the Sanskrit term ASUR meaning a ‘divine-being’ that is worshipped in ancient Iran and India. Hindu monkey god Hanuman is Indian manifestation of Egyptian god Thoth. Both gods are the gods of wisdom, knowledge, and are secretary of gods, and the removers of evil spells. God Re is the Hindu god of sun worshipped in Rig-Veda.

(9) Hindu Kingdoms of Mitanni, Hittites, Hurrians

THE HURRIANS: The Hurrians were the people of prodigious power and expansive force, who had begun as early as 2200 BC to press into northern Mesopotamia, from Iran and Caucasus. By 1800 BC they had reached the Persian Gulf. The Hurrians set up a short-lived but powerful kingdom, Kingdom of Mittanni (1500-1250 BC), Southwest ward of Lake Van (in the area called Kurdistan, at the juncture of Syria, Turkey and Iraq, which included Haran. In a treaty signed 1400 BC between Mittani and neighboring Hittites, when later conquered the former, the names appeared Hindu Vedic Aryan Gods, God Indra, God Mitra, god Varuna, and two Ashvins. Hurrians led by aristocratic chariot fighters of Indo-Aryan stock. Aryan Hurrians introduced to the Near East the new war machine of the light two-wheeled battle car drawn by two horses. The war chariot was developed in the Aryan zone during 2000-1750 BC., and appeared within the next 300 years in almost every part of the ancient historic world, entering Egypt with Aryan Asian Hyksos kings (1670-1570 BC), Greece during 1500-1250 BC, and in China in 1523 BC with the Shang.


THE HITTITES: The Hittites were related to Hurrians, but surpassing Hurrians both in diplomacy and war and became the rulers, presently of the better part of Turkey. The apogee of their rise, about the time of Hammurabi, and their abrupt collapse at about the time of Homer’s Trojan War, (1750 –1150 BC).


THE KASSITES: They descended from Elam-Persia around 2000 BC. The Kassites occupied the riverine lands of Babylonia proper. They were part of the Aryans from India. Kassites worshiped Hindu Aryan Vedic Gods, Surias (Surya-Sun God), Maruttas (Marut-the Wind god), and Burias (North Wind). (Joseph Campbell, Occidental Mythology, The Masks of God p.120-122).


(10) Revival of Aztec Religion in Mexico

Teotihuacan Aztec Sun Temple is reborn with belief in the sun's power in Mexico. It is likely that Aztec Indians might reject Christianity and return to the ancient ways and ancient religion of Mayas and Aztecs in 21st Century. The massive Temple of the Sun at pyramids of Teotihuacan with its 248 steps reaching skywards, was built in about AD150 from some three million tons of brick, stone and rubble. It became the central religious centre of the classic era, which lasted for almost 500 years till 650 AD. In its heyday Teotihuacan was the hub of an Aztec empire thought to stretch to Guatemala and Belize in the south. Aztec royalty from Tenochtitlan - the ancient citadel at the heart of Mexico City - believed it was the place where the ancient gods had sacrificed themselves to start the world turning." While the spring equinox has long been celebrated at the site in Teotihuacan, in recent years attendance has rocketed. The Aztec temples designed to soak the power of the equinox sun staging a comeback in the 21st Century. The equinox brought out the positive energies latent at Teotihuacan. Aztec religion centered on sun and moon deities, and now the love affair with the sun is enjoying a revival in Mexico. Wearing a scarlet headband and amulets, the Nahuatl shaman invoked the spirit of the "blessed creator" at dawn yesterday, as he raised an eagle-plumed staff over tens of thousands of pilgrims who had traveled to the ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan to soak up the power of the equinox. The long-abandoned site, 30 miles northeast of Mexico City, was founded early in the first millennium, and became Mexico's most successful pre-Hispanic city-state, with a peak population of 200,000. Up to one million men, women and children filed solemnly up the steps of the Temple of the Sun and the Moon throughout Saturday and Sunday; 22nd & 23rd March 2004, at the nearby smog-wreathed capital staged its first festival at Pyramids of Teotihuacan in modern times to mark the arrival of spring 2004. Many Mexico City residents trekked toward the Temple of the Sun, to feel the good vibrations of this Holy place and a sense of peace with yourself and the world around you. The massive influx of people began about 1990, after a television show claimed that the equinox brought out the positive energies latent at Teotihuacan. In 2004 between 800,000 and one million people visited Teotihuacan temple over the course of the weekend. In an attempt to stagger the flood of visitors, access was limited to paying visitors on Saturday - the day of the equinox - while the site was thrown open to the public on Sunday. But fragile archeological gems such as the Tepantitla palace, with its delicate frescos, remained closed.


44(5) Phallus Deity Shiva Osiris Adonis Dionysus

(1) Phallus Deity

Phallus is the male genital organ. Its physiological function made the phallus one of the most important symbols in the mythologies of ancient civilizations all over the world. In many ancient civilizations, phallus is the only existing religious symbol. As such, it became the symbol of creative power, not only of man but of nature generally. Ancient Egyptians connected the worship of phallus with the worship of Osiris. Ancient Phoenicians connected phallus with the worship of Adonis. Ancient Greeks connected phallus with the worship of Dionysius. In Egyptian religion, mother goddess Isis is a conceiving female mother earth, and god Osiris the male generating principle. Phoenician Adonis or Tammuz is the male generating principle of growth and connected with the female Aphrodite. Greeks associated Dionysius with Adonis the phallic deity. In Greek mythology, Dionysius finally became the god of the vine, of social pleasures. The more primitive the natural religion was the more the allegorical character of the phallus was lost and its direct biological character emphasized. The development of some Asiatic and African religions is the proof of the important role of the phallus as a religious symbol and of surprisingly similar forms of worship and celebration.

(2) God Priapus

God Priapus in classical Greek Mythology is a god of the countryside and fertility, connected with phallic worship. He is supposed to have been an ugly god, although a son of Dionysus and Aphrodite.

(3) Cambodian Siva-Kali

The 'Pasuputa' enjoyed a vogue in India and elsewhere in Southeast Asia around the fifth and sixth centuries AD. These wandering ascetics preached that personal devotions to Siva was more rewarding than meticulous attention to brahmanical rituals or to the law of destiny, or karma. Kings devotion did not require the intercession of the Pasuputa. Self-made Hindus were perceived as superior men, vehicles of Siva, the god who ceaselessly descended onto the holy mountain. The transmission of Siva’s potency via the King and his ritual acts to the people and the soil was an important source of cohesiveness in Cambodian society. It has also been a source of continuity. As late as 1877, human sacrifices made to a consort of Siva (Kali) were at Ba Phnom, at the beginning of the agricultural year, took place. These had the objective of transmitting fertility to the region. (P.18)

(4) Hari-Hara

Occasionally, two Indian gods blended with each other, as Siva merged with Vishnu to form Hari-Hara, a composite deity much favored by Angkorean kings. The passage that refers to Siva’s continuous descent onto ‘Mount No-Tan’, also mentions a Bodhisattva, or Buddha-to-be. Hindu temples were built near sites favored by pre-Indian celebrations. The ideas of continuity of habitation and a continuity of sacredness had deeper roots in Cambodia than in most of India. If ancestors became Indian gods in times of centralization and prosperity, the gods became ancestors again when the rationale for Hinduism and its priestly supporters disappeared. Thus at Angkor, and in Cham sites in Vietnam, Indian images and temples were worshiped in recent times as mysterious products of the ‘Nak Ta’. This is partly because the language village people used in their religious lives remained to large extent unchanged from the pre-Indian era to colonial times.


SHIVA CULT: The most enduring cult is the cult of the Lingam, or stone phallus. This widely diffused motif and the cults associated with it exemplified links between ancestor spirits, the soil where they and lingam grew, and the fertility of nearby soil for agricultural use. Because of the territorial aspect of the cult, a lingam removed from place to place ceremoniously, but was potent in one place at a time. The notion that the lingam was a patron of a community, it was closely supervised by local overlords and in the Angkorean era by the King. As early as the fifth century AD a cull honoring a mountain god at the hill of Lingaparvatta in southern Laos, now known as Wat Ph’u, involved human sacrifices. The site was notable because it contained an enormous natural lingam, some 18 meters (59 feet) high. Lingaparvatta, like Ba Phnom patronized as an ancestral site by several Angkorean kings. (David Chandler, p.18-20)


44(6) Pharaohs' Gods

(1) God Re

Egyptian God Re, an all-powerful and invincible sun god, began his life in the primeval waters. Hindu Rig-Veda worships Sun. For a long time he resided in the heart of a lotus bud, and kept his eyes tightly shut so as not to lose his brightness. One day he arose in all his shining glory and became the god ‘RE’. He first created human beings from his tears. Re’s secret Mantra, known to no one but himself- until the goddess Isis learnt it – had the power to give or take life when spoken aloud. ‘RE’ represented as a man crowned with the solar disk. ‘RE’ also shown with the head of a falcon surmounted with the URAEUS the sacred golden flame-splitting cobra that destroyed the god’s enemies. Obelisks are the symbols of his cult.

(2) God Ptah

Egyptian God Ptah created the Gods by his thought and the earth by the power of his spoken word. Ptah worshipped as god to handicrafts. God Ptah is the sculptor of the world, after having created his own body; he created all living beings on a potter’s wheel. Ptah is the god of artists and artisans, designer metal workers, sculptors and craftsmen. Ptah is the third most important deity after AMUN- ruler of the air, and the sun god RE. The term Ptah is similar to Hindi term ‘PITAH’ meaning father. Ptah depicted as a man swathed like a mummy, with a shaven head or a skullcap. Ptah wearing the beard of the gods, and holding a scepter with the Ankh, symbol of life and the creative forces of the universe.

(3) God Atum

Egyptian God Atum is a self-created deity. ATUM is the first being to emerge from the dark and endless watery abyss that girdled the world before creation. A product of the energy and matter contained in this chaos, He created divine and human beings through loneliness. Alone in the universe he produced from his own semen SHU, the god of air, and TEFNUT, the goddess of moisture. Atum called the lord of Heliopolis.

(4) God Amun

Egyptian God Amun is the god wind and ruler of air. He is the chief deity of Thebes. His name means ‘the hidden’ or ‘invisible’. God Amun created the sky and the earth with his thought. He is the god of Egypt and the king of the gods. He is associated with the great sun god RE as AMUN-RE. In 1354 BC, a young pharaoh Tutankhamen acceded to the throne and declared the cult of Amun to the official religion of the Empire. At modern Karnak, stands the Great Temple of Amun. Even Alexander the Great recognized his power and consulted his oracle. Amun owned three-quarters of the wealth of all the other deities combined. The great temple built by Rameses II in 1250 BC, at Abu Simbel in Nubia is dedicated to Amun and RE. Pharaoh Rameses II gave eighty thousand slaves to service Amun temples at Karnak and Luxor. Rameses II gave 12,000 slaves to service great god RE at Heliopolis. Amun is the only Egyptian god served by priestesses. God Amun is associated with the mystery of creation, and believed to have made the air, which gave life to humans. Amun has human form, often sitting on a throne. Amun body is the colors of Lapis Lazuli. He wears the crown of a sky god, topped by two ostrich feathers. He is also a fertility deity with a hugely erect phallus or in the shape of a ram. Amun is a magician and a healer. He offers protection from lions, snakes, crocodiles, and ensured fair play for the poor. God Amun also called Amon, Ammon, and Amen. God Amun also holds the Ankh, symbol of life in one hand and the scepter of royal power in the other.

(5) God Osiris

Egyptian God Osiris was the oldest child of Sky goddess Nut and the Earth god Geb. Osiris was the first ruler, the first Pharaoh. Osiris spread civilization across the world, not by war, but by the power of his songs. Osiris resurrected and began his eternal life as god of the underworld. Osiris is the king of the dead. Osiris is the supreme judge in the underworld. Osiris wearing the Atef crown welcomes a dead soul. Isis and her husband Thoth are by his side. Osiris the god of fertility and vegetation has green color body. Osiris wears the distinctive Atef crown. In his crossed arms holds the scepters of royalty, the flail and the crook. Osiris is a king of the underworld and a fertility deity. The death and resurrection of the god symbolizes the succession of the seasons and hope for another life after death. Osiris was the most loved and venerated of all the gods, and his cult spread far beyond Egypt, to Greece and evens Rome.

(6) God Geb

God Geb is the Egyptian Earth god. Most cultures regard the earth as a divine mother. Geb represented as a man stretched out on his back, with a green body that represents vegetation germinating. His phallus is in perpetual erection in an attempt to reach the vagina of the Sky goddess Nut. Sky goddess Nut forms a celestial arch above earth god Geb. The incestuous twins separated on the orders of their grand father Re-Atum. God Geb is the ruler of the world. God Geb greatly feared for his laughter that provokes earthquakes. Geb was a benign fertility god, who provided all living creatures with nourishment.

(7) God Thot –Monkey God

Egyptian Monkey god Thoth portrayed as a squatting baboon or as an ibis or ibis-headed. Monkey god Thoth credited with the invention of hieroglyphic writing, the measurement of time and the foundation of law. He wears a crown representing the crescent moon supporting the full moon disc the moon is the instrument the Egyptian use to calculate time. His chief temple was at Dhouit later Hermopolis. As the secretary of gods, he was responsible for all calculations, kept the accounts, controlled the archives, and wrote the laws and the book of magic. Thoth learned to cure all wounds when he acquired the mastery of many spells, including one that ensured that love would return. Thoth’s knowledge was so comprehensive that it won him his name, which means ‘three times great.’ Thoth as the judge in the underworld supervised the balance of the scales, which determined the fate of the deceased. Thoth is a conciliator, always good, true and impartial. The wife of Thoth is goddess Maat. Egyptians thought that baboon represented great wisdom.

(8) God Seth

Egyptian god Seth was the evil deity representing the forces of chaos. Seth embodied fury, violence, crime, and destruction. Seth was the lord of desert, and responsible for drought, heat, hunger, and thirst. Seth was the son of the sky goddess Nut and the earth god Geb, brother of Isis, Osiris and Nephthys. Seth was eventually defeated. Hykos were his followers and foreign invaders. Hykos tried to impose their cults on Egypt. Horus drove out Hykos. Horus is the symbol of order and good. Seth had been supported by Re in his contest with Horus for the throne of Egypt.


44(7) Greek-Roman Gods

(1) God Zeus- King of Gods

Greek God Zeus is supreme among the deities of the Greek pantheon. Zeus ruled heaven and earth from Mount Olympus. Zeus controlled the rain and caused lightening to flash the earth. His most famous attribute is his thunderbolt. He possessed an aegis, a shield that could terrify his enemies. Zeus is the personification of justice. Zeus is the son of Rhea, a Titan, and her brother Cronos. Zeus married his sister Hera. The supreme deity of the Greeks portrayed with remarkable consistency in all the images. All show him bearded with copious locks.

(2) God Jupiter- King of Gods

Roman God Jupiter also known as Jove, the all-powerful Sky god of the Romans. In earliest times he is a manifestation of the sky, worshipped at the full moon and closely related to his Greek counterpart Zeus, and his Hindu counterpart Indra. The all-powerful Jupiter holds a scepter, symbol of regal authority, and a thunderbolt, an attribute he shared with Zeus, his Greek counterpart.

(3) God Apollo

Greek God Apollo is the brightest and best of the Greek deities, as skilled as he is beautiful. Apollo is associated with the sun. Apollo is the patron of music and prophecy, archery and healing and the protector of shepherds and their flocks.

(4) God Poseidon

Greek God Poseidon is one of the three great deities of ancient Greece. Poseidon the Sea God is the brother of God Zeus the supreme god, and God Hades the king of the underworld. Poseidon shown as an old bearded man travels through the depths of the ocean in a chariot pulled by magnificent golden sea horses. He wields a mighty trident that can stir sea into sudden storms. The Roman Neptune is an early god of water who identified with Poseidon. The two deities share the same attributes, a trident, and a chariot drawn by splendid sea horses.

(5) God Dionysus

Greek God Dionysus is the god of fertility, wine, and ecstasy. Hounded by Hera, Dionysus wandered the world until he reached India, where he studied under Silenus, leader of the satyrs. He learned the use of vine and ivy, which are both an intoxicant when chewed and a symbol of immortality. Dionysus worshipped as the great remover of inhibitions. The fertility cult of Dionysus, is associated with wine and release of natural impulses, and celebrated in secret mysteries and rites. His attribute is a staff entwined with ivy. His male followers were satyrs, women devotees were known as bachhae or bacchantes and his ritual orgies were bacchanalia.

(6) God Hermes

Greek God Hermes was the god of spoken word and the lovable master of chance. Zeus allotted him the duties of making the treaties. Hermes was the god of trade and commerce. As god of travelers and of fertility Hermes bust rested on pillars, known as herms, carved with impressive male organs that were set up at every crossroads. God MERCURY was the Roman counterpart of God Hermes.

(7) God Eros

Greek God Eros embodied the power of sex and amorous desire. He is blond and playful; a winged boy armed with a golden bow and arrows, which he shoots into the hearts of gods and mortals to awaken them to desire. Eros is the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and he assists he in her intrigues and affairs. CUPID the Roman god of love, generally representing as the god of carnal love, holding a torch identified with Eros. The Eros and Cupid identified with god KAMA DEVA of Hindus.


KAMA GOD: Kama, the Hindu god of love, was the first deity to be born. He sprang directly from the heart of the creator god Brahma. As the embodiment of the carnal desire, he was a powerful force from the very start of the creation. RATI the goddess of sexual desire and affection was his consort. PRITI, the goddess of pleasure was another consort.

(8) God Mars

Roman god Mars, god of war, was of far greater moral stature than his Greek counterpart god Ares. Romans held Mars in the highest honor second only to the supreme god Jupiter. Mars is married to Venus, the goddess of sexual love and beauty. Mars had one of the twelve months March dedicated to him.

(9) God Ares

Greek god of war, Ares was violent, unscrupulous, amoral, and merciless. Ares’ chariot pulled by Phobos (fear) and Deimos (terror). Ares was the first god to stand trial.


44(8) Goddess of Egypt Babylon & Greece

(1) Hathor cow Goddess- Universal Mother

The Egyptian Cow Goddess Hathor is the goddess of childbirth and death, peace and love, music dancing and drinking. Cow Goddess Hathor is a fertility goddess, the Universal mother who brought forth the world, including the sun, Horus. Cow Goddess Hathor called upon to assist at childbirth. Goddess Hathor welcomes the dead to their new life in the underworld, giving them food and drink and carrying them on her back. Goddess Hathor has the form of a cow or a woman wearing a crown of cow horns with a solar disc between them. Her sacred plant is papyrus. The rattle or sistrum is her sacred instrument. Hathor temple at Dendera gave homage to her in her role as goddess of music, dancing and sexual love. Hathor connected with healing. The religion of cow goddess Hathor grew and extended far beyond Egypt. Her realm included Nubia. Hathor worshipped as funerary Goddess has the form of a cow leaving the western mountains or underworld. Hathor was the protector of the dead. Hathor is shown as handing out refreshment from her seat in a sycamore tree to a priestess who, with the soul bird enters the underworld. The cow goddess Hathor is the great nurturer and suckled pharaohs and even humans directly from her udders.

(2) Goddess Maat

Egyptian goddess Maat is the goddess of truth and justice, is the daughter of RE, the sun god. Maat embodies cosmic harmony. Maat maintains order on earth and heaven, and rules over the seasons, night and day, and the movement of the stars. Maat is the regulator of religious rites, and presides over decrees, legal acts, and social relationship. In the underworld the goddess of truth plays he most important role. In the halls of two truths, Maat sits in judgment on those who have died. Their hear, or conscience is weighed on he scales against the feather of truth and Maat alone decides their fate. If the heart is heavy with sin and tips the scale, then a monster devours him. That monster is part-crocodile, part-lion, and part-hippopotamus. If the scales balance then paradise is the reward.


(3) Goddess Isis

Isis was the greatest goddess of ancient Egypt. Isis became a goddess of immense magical power by tricking the Sun god RE to reveal his secret Mantra, which contained the power of life and death when said out loud. The power of Isis then surpassed all other gods, including the great sun god. Isis was the daughter of Nut and Geb, and married her own brother Osiris, the first king on earth. Isis was the personification of the throne. Isis is the ideal mother and the protector so the dead. The religion of the goddess Isis grew to overshadow all other Egyptian goddesses. Isis worship continued at her Philae temple, well into the sixth century AD. Isis kneels on a sarcophagus, and protects the deceased with her outstretched arms. Goddess Isis was known as AU-SET.

Song of Isis

I am Isis the nature, the universal Mother, and the mistress of all the elements. Isis is primordial child of time, sovereign of all things spiritual, queen of the dead, queen also of the immortals, the single manifestation of all gods and goddesses that are. Though worshipped in many aspects, known by countless names, and propitiated with different rites, yet the whole round earth venerates me. Both races of Ethiopians and Egyptians worship with ceremonies proper to my godhead call me by my true name, Queen Isis.


PRIMORDIAL GREAT GODDESS: On the wall of Nofretari’s tomb, in the Valley of the Queens at Abu Simbel, says as follows. ‘Isis speaks: come, Nofretari, beloved of the goddess Nut, without fault, that I may show you your place in the sacred world.’ A Millennium and half later, Isis’s worship was still strong, having spread throughout the Roman Empire even in England. Apuleius describes the original, pre-Dynastic Isis- Isis as the primordial Great Goddess of Egypt, mother of the deities, sun and world. The hieroglyph for Isis’s name means ‘throne.’ Goddess wears the solar disk and horns of Hathor. Isis revered as a savior, who ensured the fertility of the land.


(4) Goddess Inanna

Celebrated for 3500 years, Inanna was the most important deity in Sumerian civilization. Inanna is the goddess of the Earth and fertility. Inanna was the queen of heaven and a goddess of death and rebirth. Later known throughout the Middle east as ISHTAR, Inanna comes to us from a period of transition from matrisitc to patriarchal culture, which began about five thousand years ago. Inanna represented with her foot on a lion, her head crowned with horns, wings, and thunderbolts sprouting from her shoulders. The eight-pointed star of Venus, a worldwide symbol of death and rebirth, shines behind her.


STORY OF INANNA’S DESCENT: Inanna’s tale is the oldest tale we have of the journey of death and rebirth. It precedes and influences the stories of Persephone, Orpheus, and Jesus by millennia. When you begin to descend to the underworld, you must pass through seven gates. At each threshold, the guardianship strips you of one of your symbols of selfhood. You must give up your ego-selfhood, to become a transformed. Fully naked and alone you face the Queen of death and die. After three days, spirits sprinkle you with the food and water of life and you are reborn- yourself, but different. You rise again, ascending to the skies. You are now complete, for you have integrated the knowledge of heaven, Earth, and underworld.

Song of Inanna

Lady of all the essences, full of light, good woman clothed in radiance that heaven and earth love. You are a flood descending from a mountain. You are a Primary One, Moon Goddess, Inanna of Heaven and Earth. (2300 BC poem by priestess Enheduanna)

(5) Goddess Ishtar

Ishtar is the Babylonian descendent of the Sumerian Inanna, worshipped around 1600 BC. Like Inanna, the Ishtar goddess is an all-encompassing Goddess of birth, death, rebirth, and passionate sexuality. A 1600 BC Mesopotamian text declares, Who could be equal to Her (Ishtar) greatness, for Her decrees are strong, exalted and perfect? Both are associated with the planet Venus, the morning and evening star. Biblical heroine ESTHER is another form of Ishtar. Through her association with pomegranate and the lily, Ishtar linked with Astarte, Lilith, Persephone, Aphrodite, and Mary. Ishtar related to Canaanite Goddess Ashtoreth or Asherah. In early sacred sexual practices of the Goddess was an important part of the celebrations that honored the female. If practiced with reverence, sexuality can be a joyful path to deep spiritual liberation. A sexual relationship becomes less an attachment to an individual person and more mediation towards union with the Goddess. The early rites of Ishtar also encompassed death and rebirth, for in sexuality we are born, die and are reborn. Our conception occurs in sexual union. When we make love in a sacred manner, we surrender our egos, and from such lovemaking we emerge physically and spiritually renewed. In such sacred sexual practices, we invoke the Goddess.


SONGS OF ISHTAR: Holy Mother Ishtar, teach me to love my body just as it is. Made from your earth, I am sacred. Help me remember the pleasures of my physical being and the joys of my senses. Remind that in the artistry of adoring myself, I celebrate your beauty. O shining one, Ishtar, teaches me to worship the Goddess in myself. (H.I. Austen, The Heart of the Goddess. P130). In the transition to patriarchy, male priests co-opted these rites as they established control over sexual priestesses, who in some cases became slaves.

(6) Goddess Hera

Greek goddess Hera was the sister and wife of Zeus and the goddess of heaven. Hera is the ultimate personification of womanhood, goddess of marriage and the protector of the childbirth, the home, and the family. Hera was also jealous and quarrelsome. However, Hera never unfaithful towards her husband, succeeded in conceiving by her, out of desire or hate. Her children were Monster Typhon, alone capable of overpowering Zeus. God Ares, the god of war was her son. Goddess Hebe, the goddess of youth was her daughter. Hephaistos, the lame and ugly god of fire, the husband of Aphrodite was Hera’s son. Women venerated Hera and relied on her to make their marriages happy, long lasting and fruitful. Hera carries a scepter and wears a diadem. Her sacred nails are the peacock and the cow. Goddess JUNO, was Hera’s Roman counterpart, is goddess of fecundity. Her month June considered the most favorable for weddings.

(7) Goddess Nut

Egyptian goddess Nut is the ancient African goddess of the Cosmos, surviving from before the enforced unification of Egypt’s Upper and Lower Kingdoms in about 3000 BC, by the people of God Horus. In a painting in the temple of Hathor, Nut arches protectively yet gracefully over the Earth. From the horned crescent at her feet grows the Tree of Life, venerated throughout the ages. Rooted in the soil and spreading its branches against the sky, the tree unites the earthly and celestial aspects. On Nut’s horizon sits Hathor cow-headed goddess. As the creator of the Sun Nut is the Mother of Life. Her name represents both womb and water pot. Nut teaches us that darkness is necessary for light. Consuming life gives life. Death brings rebirth. Out of the vast darkness of the void, which is her womb, all existence arises. (H.I. Austen, The Heart of the Goddess. p.34) Nut the Cosmic Goddess gives birth to the sun and nourish the Earth with the moisture from her breasts.


NUT GODDESS OF REBIRTH: In the Theban sarcophagus, Nut, the Egyptian goddess of Death and Rebirth, welcomes the dead noble woman into her arms. The symbols of Roman zodiac surround Nut, and the scarab of rebirth rests between her feet. Her robe decorated with the diamond glyph of fertility, water, the womb, and the serpent. In the Goddess-centered cosmology, the life, death, and rebirth are all phases of a single never-ending cycle. Goddess Nut often stands on both sides of the mortal thresholds. In death, whether physical or spiritual, we return to the mother who gave us the life. She is waiting to comfort and nurture us, for she is the Mother who offers us regeneration. This rebirth is the promise of the Goddess. You have known Nut as the night sky, the constellations revolving through he as you dreamed. When you die, she takes your should and places it in the sky as a star. Then when the time is ripe, when you have rested long enough in her darkness, she will give you life again, as surely as she gives birth to the sun each morning. (H.I. Austen, The Heart of the Goddess, p.80)

(8) Goddess Selket

Egyptian goddess Selket is the Goddess of magic. The Scorpion goddess Selket is one of the most graceful and powerful figures to come to us from Egyptian culture. Goddess Selket protects birthing and nursing mothers. Selket escorts the dead to the underworld and instructs them in its customs. As the Scorpion, Selket is associated with the autumn equinox, when she sends the sun Horus to his midwinter death and rebirth at the hands of Isis. Selket could incarnate as a swallow. Scorpions honored in the goddess art of Mesopotamia, the Americas, India, and Egypt. We pray to Selket to teach us the way, how to let go our fears of passion and transformation. Selket let me give myself to your passion, for when I deny my feelings and do not express them, I poison myself. Help me know the transformation that comes from truly loving others and me.

(9) Goddess Artemis

Greek Goddess Artemis is the Goddess of the moon and of the hunt, and the twin sister of God Apollo. Artemis is an ancient goddess, even in 700 BC she is worshipped as the mistress of animals. At the temple of Artemis at Brauron, near Athens, noble Athenian maidens called bears became members of her cult when they reached puberty. The Artemis in a deity form with many breasts is worshiped her as symbols of fertility. Artemis is also orgiastic goddess, in whose honor men and women performed phallic dances. At Delphi, the Artemis goddess led the dances of the muses and graces. Artemis is also a bearer of light. Many of the myths that surround Artemis applied to Diana, the Roman goddess of woods, forests, and the moon, which is also the protector of virginity. Her name comes from Diviana, ‘the shining one’.

(10) Goddess Bastet

Egyptian goddess Bastet also known as Bast identified with Artemis. She is the daughter of the sun god RE, and the mother of all the pharaohs. She is the sun god RE’s instrument of vengeance. Bastet is the goddess of pleasure and joy and the symbol of sexual love. The cat goddess Bastet is approachable and loved music and dancing. She also gives protection against diseases and vermin. Her festival celebrated with dancing and music was the most magnificent in Egypt.

(11) Goddess Aphrodite

Golden Aphrodite born of the sea is the Greek goddess of passionate relationship, well being and the creative force. She is the Queen of Heaven as Aphrodite Urania. She is the Goddess of All the People as Aphrodite Pandemos. Her particular flowers are rose and lily representing the vulva. Her special fruit is the apple of fertility. Aphrodite is the Goddess of the Waters, the source of life and element linked with the emotions. Aphrodite, the daughter of Zeus and nymph Dione was the goddess of love and beauty. She reigned over the hearts and senses of all men, gods, and mortals alike. Ancient Aphrodite was born fully-grown but naked out of the aphros or foam. The foam formed when the Titan Cronos castrated his hated father Uranus, and threw the phallus into the sea where it floated in white foam and engendered Aphrodite. Aphrodite, the goddess of love was one of the earliest of the Greek deities, her worship continued into the Christian era and beyond. Aphrodite believed to have originated in West Asia and she was the Greek version of ASTARTE, an oriental goddess of love and fertility. Aphrodite’s attribute is a dove, the symbol of love. Goddess VENUS was Aphrodite’s Roman counterpart. Her son Aeneas regarded by Romans as the founder of their race. Julius Caesar and Nero claimed to be her descendents. Aphrodite is the only Goddess portrayed nude in Greek art. Her nakedness lacks self-consciousness, as does her attitude towards sexuality. As Aphrodite Kallipygos, the Goddess lifts her robe to admire her own full buttocks. It does not look vanity, but seen as life appreciating itself. When we are in love with life, or any aspect of it, we shine with the light of Aphrodite. As the descendent of Ishtar and Inanna, Aphrodite is associated with Venus, the morning, and evening star, which bear he Roman name.

(12) Goddess Athena

Greek goddess Athena is the goddess of wisdom and intelligence. Athena is the principal deity of Greek pantheon. Athena was the special goddess of Crete and Mycenae. Athena sprang to life fully formed from the head of her father, the supreme god Zeus. Hephaistos the smith god assisted at the birth with his ax. Athena was Zeus’ favorite, and remained always a virgin. Athena’s temple at Athens, the Parthenon was the principal center of her worship. Athena was the goddess of battle, but unlike Ares, the god of war, she relied on intelligence rather than brute force to achieve her ends. Roman goddess MINERVA, protector of doctors, teachers, and craftsmen and known as goddess of wisdom and arts, came to be associated with Athena. Minerva was the special goddess of Rome, in her warlike attributes.

(13) Goddess Tiamat

The oldest recorded account of the creation of the universe, a Babylonian text says that ‘when above the heavens had not been formed, when the earth beneath had no name, TIAMAT brought them forth. Tiamat was the Mother of the Gods, Creator of all. The 1700 BC Babylonian text, tell the story of the Goddess MAMI, who made the first person out of clay and blood. From roughly 30,000 to 3000 BC women and the Goddess were given honors in all the five continents of the world. Women and men lived in partnership rather than domination.

(14) Goddess of Willendorf

Goddess worshipped in Austria, and from Pyrennees mountains to Siberia, 25,000 years before Christian era, and deities found in Willendorf Austria. The Great Goddess of Willendorf is woman’s faceless, egoless primal shelf, peaceful in her body. The great goddess of Laussell, France, 20,000 BC, was carved in limestone over the entrance to caves, painted red, the color of life, blood and rebirth. With her left hand she points to her belly, and in her right she holds a horned crescent marked with thirteen lines, the number of moon cycles n a solar year.

(15) Catal Huyuk Goddess- Birth Goddess

The Asia Minor in 7000 BC worshipped the Goddess shown giving birth on a lion throne. The art of Catal Huyuk reflects the indivisibility of Birth mother and Death mother. They are both guardians of the gateway to earthly existence; one does not exist without the other.

(16) Cycladic Goddess

From the Cyclades Islands off Greece, the Cycladic culture dating from 4500 to 2200 BC venerated the goddess of Trance, Death and Rebirth. Like the great Goddesses of Willendorf Austria and Laussel France, the Cycladic Goddesses have no facial features, implying an emphasis on what we call altered states of consciousness. These deities relate to the death and rebirth aspect of the Goddess, since the death of the ego, even if temporary, is necessary for deep meditation and trance-work. The pubic triangle on almost all Cycladic female images emphasized and in some cases painted blue. The interiors of the large, womb-shaped bowls are painted red, the color of the blood of life. The placement of figures and bowls in graves indicates an integration of birth and death, just as the trance-like nature of the statues implies an experience of all aspects of consciousness. (H.I. Austen, The Heart of the Goddess, p.94)

(17) Minoan Snake Goddess

During 1600 BC priestesses in the Island of Crete learned mastery of snake power, the enlightened use of our primal energy. The Cretan civilization, which many scholars consider the inspiration for the Atlantis, was the last outpost of Goddess culture in the Mediterranean. Women were apparently at the center of the society. Minoan culture experienced 1500 years of peace. It is possible that the answer to the success lies in the Snake Priestess'’ ability to tap this primal wisdom and integrate into daily life.


MEDITATION FOR SNAKE POWER: Visualize this priestess in front of you, her breasts proudly bared, in each raised arm she holds a living snake, whose sensuality and hypnotic gaze she has studied for a long time. When she is fully with you, let her merge into you. Allow the transformation energy of your priestess self to rise through you. Feel your connection with the powers of earth, sea, and sky. How do you see the world around you when you are the Snake Priestess?


ORACULAR GODDESS OF YUGOSLAVIA: The Clay deity of Goddess from Klicevak, Yugoslavia dates from Bronze Age, yet she carries the artistic heritage of matristic Old Europe of 7000-2500 BC and even of the matrifocal Upper Paleolithic era of Eastern Europe.


The Oracular Goddess seems to represent a female whose chakras, or power centers, are all receiving and transmitting energy and information. The top of her head, or crown chakra, and the bottom of he body are both wide open so that earth and sky energy flows freely through her. Snakes identified with prophecy spiral around her throat. She wears the triple necklace. Her breasts and ears resemble giant receivers, while her eyes, throat, and nipples are radiating concentric circles. This goddess has a transcendent nature beyond time and place. Embodying the power of creation by sound, singing the world into being, she is like VAC, the Hindu Goddess of Speech, or Spider Women, who bring the named world into existence through the very power of their song and world. Goddess of Trance brings knowledge from other realms. (H.I. Austen, The Heart of the Goddess, p.98) In a remarkable example of the continuity of spiritual expression throughout most of human history, a Paleolithic artist engraved a very similar image on a mammoth tusk some ten thousand years before the early deities of the goddess.

(18) Dreaming Goddess of Malta

During 3000 BC, there was elaborate system of goddess temples on the Island of Malta. Offerings surround the Malta Goddess. She sleeps in the pose recommended for Tibetan dreams yoga-on her right side, with her hand under her head. There are similar reclining women in the Upper Paleolithic cave of La Magdeleine in France, carved into the rock on either side of the entranceway. Some of the Goddess’s temples on Malta are underground, with a series of more than twenty natural and human made caverns, carefully shaped, rounded, and painted red. The niches carved in the chambers, and used for either sleeping or burial. They were part of a ceremony of dream incubation, a practice that survives in the Mediterranean today. Tended by priestesses and insights, the supplicant could emerge with insights and healing from the Goddess. Dream incubation is an ancient art, practiced all over the world. The sleep of the Goddess is a conscious dreaming practice, whereby we enter the dark unknown, to bring its treasures back into our daily waking lives. The shape of the Maltese temples intensified the experience. They were in the form of the Goddess’s body, with her womb as the ritual inner chamber and her vaginal opening the entrance and exit. The practitioner could have the experience of ceremonially giving up the old self or dying, and being reborn with new wisdom from the Goddess.


(19) Goddess Euronome

The bird-headed snake Goddess Euronome was worshipped during 4000 BC in the pre-classical Mediterranean cultures. The female Bird-headed Snake Goddess deity made of terracotta dates pre-dynastic Egypt. It emphasizes the power and beauty of the female body. It reflects the ancient knowledge that human and divine are one, just as she integrates the earthy snake and celestial bird. She is the Great Goddess down blessings on her worldly self. The Goddess celebrates the life incarnate. Like the Goddess-Creatrix, birds are central figures in creation myths from all over the world. The Celtic Triple Goddess of maiden, Mother and Crone frequently depicted as a crane. The symbol of African Senofu tribe is the bird-woman KONO, their female ancestor. In Hopi creation myth, a little wren assists two Goddesses in bringing life to earth.


SONG OF EURYNOME: In the beginning, Eurynome, the Goddess of All Things, danced upon the waves. From the waves stirred up behind she made the serpent Ophion. Ecstatically she danced, and Ophion curled around her. Not long thereafter, she took the form of a dove and laid the Universal Egg upon the waters. As she instructed, Ophion curled seven times around the egg, until it hatched and all the things of the world, the stars and planets, the mountains and rivers and all the living creatures, came pouring out. It is the pre-Classical Creation Myth.


ISIS AS AGRICULTURAL GODDESS: The Tassili rock paintings at Aouanrhet, Algeria dates to 6000 BC, represents the early representation of Isis as agricultural goddess and Libyan Goddess Antinea. Goddess Athena is the Greek manifestation of Antinea. The Tassili figures seem to represent ancient Amazon tribes. Dance magically reweave the fabric of life, and is an essential way of celebrating our bodies and spirit. Dance has been banished from Judaic, Christian and Islamic religious life. Dance is beginning to reclaim its place as one of the most important forms of worship, in the age of civilization’s wars.


44(9) Indigenous Tribal African Goddess

(1) God Unkulunkulu

The Zulu culture in South Africa worship God Unkulunkulu as the Supreme Creator God. Unkulunkulu created the universe, including all living things. Unkulunkulu was himself the first man, and was the great ancestor, or first Zulu. He was a patriarchal God.

(2) God Olorum

The Yoruba people of Nigeria worship god Olorun, as the Almighty creator God. Olorun means the ‘owner.’ Creator Olorum Invisible, but Omnipresent. Olorun created the universe, night and day, the seasons, and the destiny of every human being that lived on earth. Olorun is the greatest of all gods, and he owns the sky. Olorum is the supreme god who sees inside as well as outside men’s hearts. Only Olorun can give life to the men that Orisha Nla made out of clay. Olorun also created death. Earlier, people were unable to die, even when they became old and feeble.

(3) God Orisha Nla

The Yoruba people worship God Orisha Nla as the Sky God. At the commands of Supreme God Olorun, the Sky God Orisha Nla went down to earth to lay a good foundation, planted trees, sent the rain, made sixteen human beings out of clay.

(4) Sun God Nzambi

The Bacongo people of Zaire (now), worship Sun god Nzambi. God Nzambi is the ruler and sustainer of the universe. Nzambi is the supreme judge after death. Nzambi protects and orders men, avenges injustice and shows kindness to all, even the most destitute. Sun God Nzambi created the first mortal couple and endowed it with intelligence. Nzambi created an androgynous being in the form of a palm tree; it eventually separated into two. The First androgynous Man-woman depicted carved out of wood with the head and breasts of a woman on one side and a bearded head on the other.


(5) God Leza

God Leza worshipped as the chief god in Zimbabwe. God Leza worshipped as the high god in Zambia. God Leza is the God of rain. God Leza controls the lightening, thunder, rain and thick clouds. By lightening, he exposes himself. Thunder means that Leza has belched. When people see shooting stars, they say that Leza is looking at the earth to see how his children are faring. God Leza gave seeds for plantations to the first men on the earth.

(6) God Bes

God Bes was the Egypt’s most popular household deity. Bes was a lecherous, rude and comical dwarf. Bes is fond of music, singing, drinking, and all human pleasures. Bes brings prosperity to married couples, encourages lovemaking, assists in childbirth and wactches over children. The image of Bes was in every home, carved on bedposts and mirrors and painted on bedroom walls. Bes has a large bearded face, wide projecting ears, and a protruding tongue. Bes wears a leopard or lion-skin with tail. Bes was also god of cosmetics and all forms of female ornament. When Egypt fell to the Romans, in about 31 BC, the roman army adopted this genial god, and adapted his Egyptian dress to that of a legionary. Bes the protector, was always pictured full face, because his ugliness deters evil spirits.

(7) Goddess Akua Maa

The Asante women of Ghana worship Goddess Akua’maa to ensure the continuity of their matrilineal, or descent through the female line. These images resemble the shape of the Ankh, the ancient Egyptian symbol of life, related to our contemporary symbol for woman. All of life depends on the female and her moon cycle, reflected in the peaceful lunar face of the Akua’ba.

(8) Goddess Mawu

The people of Benin (Dahomey) worship Goddess Mawu as the creatrix of life and the mother of deities. The Mawu theology contains the Sekpoli, which is similar to the concept of soul. It teaches that since we are all part of Mawu, fighting and aggression are self-destructive. The worshippers pray, ‘May the moon-faced Akua’ba inspires me to pray for the daughters, who are healthy, both physically and spiritually, that the mother-line may continue. May I know that to love life, I must love the female.’

(9) Goddess Woyengi

Nigerian Ijo people worship Goddess Woyengi. Goddess Morther Woyengi stepped down to earth in a lightening flash. She began shaping the earth into people, lifting each to her nostrils and giving it the breath of life. She worshipped in their ears, ‘You can choose to be a man or woman. You can also choose the life you want.’ Man and woman felt power and character stream into them. Goddess Woyendi then took them to two streams and said, ‘The stream on this side leads to luxury; the stream on that side leads to ordinariness. You chose the kind of life you want.

Woyengi’s children began floating or swimming in the stream of riches and the stream of ordinariness. The waters carried them away to irrigate the world with the human race.

(10) Goddess Ala, Maleeoo, Gwandusu

Woman is like God, because she gives birth to the people, says the African proverb. The Ibo people of Nigeria worship Goddess ALA, as ruler of all living beings and dead. Ala is the giver of children and crops. The Senufo people of the Ivory Coast worship Goddess MALEEOO, the Ancient Mother, the creator of culture, who teaches her daughters how to maintain harmony among people. The Bamana people of Mali worship Goddess MOUSSOU KORONI KOUNDYE, who created plants, people, and animals. She dissolves her form to become air, wind, and fire. The Bamana people follow the sect of GWAN and call their Goddess deity GWANDUSU. Gwandusu is the Primordial Mother of African legends. Gwandusu term implies a character that embodies extraordinary strength, ardent courage, intense passion and conviction, and the ability to accomplish great deeds. Gwandusu’s pose is reminiscent of Egyptian statues of goddess Isis nursing Horus, and the Sumerian description of Goddess Inanna with her consort Dumuzi. The African sculptures of women holding chief’s stools reflect the power of women as the source of all life and culture.


TRIPLE GODDESS MOON: The people of Gabon worship the Goddess Moon via the medium of ancestor mask. The goddess Moon signifies the Triple goddess, to evoke the unified cycle of birth, death, and sexuality/ rebirth. Africans view death more as a transition than an ending. Funerals are often similar to initiation rites, for death considered the beginning of another form of existence. Many of the dead referred as Ancestors and serve as intermediaries between the living and the ultimate deity, who is distant and unknowable. Painted wooden ceremonial masks of Gabon represent an idealized female ancestor who returns to the land of the living to take part in the funerals. Bone-white is the color of healing, the spirit world, and death in Africa. White was the color of death, and black was the color of life and fertility, in pre-patriarchal Neolithic Europe,

(11) God Baron Samedi

The people of Haiti followers of Voodoo religion worship God Baron Samedi, the god of the dead. Dressed in a black tail coat, and top hat with dark glasses shielding his eyes, he stands at the crossroads that souls must pass on their way to GUINEE, the land of origin. He is the king of the cemetery spirits. He is also the deity who animates the dead and turns them into zombies, bodies without souls who do the bidding of their masters. He is renowned for his love of rum and is as lecherous as he is greedy. He has the right to appear at the ceremonies in honor of other gods or LOA, where he devours the offerings made to them. He is the manifestation of African god LEGBA. He is also a GHEDE.


44(10) Chinese Goddess

(1) Izanagi & Izanami

Japanese god Kunitokotachi is the supreme heavenly being. Izanami is the Goddess of the underworld. Kagutsuchi is the god of fire. Ameriatsu is sun goddess. Tsuki-yomi is the moon god. Susanowo is the god of Storms.

(2) Goddess Ameratsu, Goddess Allat

AMATERASU – ALLAT: Amaterasu, the sun goddess is one of the supreme Japanese deities. Amaterasu illuminates the world and is as beautiful as she is compassionate. In most primal cultures, the Sun God is female. Cherokee worship Sun goddess IGAEHINDVO. The Celtic fire goddess was bright. Goddess AL-LAT is the sun goddess of Arabs. Goddess Akewa is the sun goddess of the Argentina’s Toba tribe. Amaterasu Omikami, the Great-Goddess-spirit, Creatrix Goddess of the sun, weaving and agriculture is the most ancient Japanese deity. As in the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, without the Goddess all life begins to wither and die.

(3) Sky God Shang Di

Chinese god of sky has been the most powerful god for 3000 years in China. He causes eclipse, thunder, lightening, and rain. Shang Di created the universe from chaos. Shang Di abstract controls intelligence. Shang Di is supreme God. He is called Yu Huang Shang Ti.

(4) God Shou Lao

Chinese god Shou Lao controls the destiny of the entire mankind. Shou Lao identifies with the star Canopus, the second brightest star. Shou Lou fixes each person’s time of death by inscribing it on a tablet at the time of his or her birth. He can change the time of death, if parents entreat him properly. Worshipped as part of the people’s birthday celebrations, he is usually shown smiling, holding a peach, and with a white crane or a turtle. Shou-Lao is called Shou Hsing, Shou Xing, Lao Tou Zi, and Nan-Ji Xian-Weng.

(5) God Tsai Shen

Chinese God Ts’ai Shen is the god of riches. He appears as a visitor bringing gifts for those willing to admit him to their homes and offer him due reverence. He is also Cai Shen, Ts’ai Shen Yeh.

(6) God Yen Lo Wang

Chinese god Yen-Lo Wang is the ruler of the dead. He is the Hindu god Yama. He is also YEN-LO. Yen-Lo-Wang is the first man to die and to find his way to the underworld, a land of ghosts. He is the fifth of ten terrifying judges of the dead. With his nine colleagues, he determines the fate of the dead in the underworld. The Chinese God of Death has a green demonic figure in the red robes of an emperor.


(7) God Ti Ts Ang Wang

Chinese God TI-TS’ANG-WANG delivers the purified souls into their next incarnation. Ti Ts’ang Wang dispatches the souls back to the world via the revolving wheel of the law, into a future incarnation.

(8) God Amida

Mahayana Buddhist God Amida is a Bodhisattva, one of the divine beings who, although worthy of nirvana and therefore absorption into Brahma, remain with human beings to help them to salvation.


(9) Goddess Kwan Yin

Goddess Guanyin (Kuan-Yin or Kwannon) is the most universally beloved of Chinese Goddesses. Like Greek Artemis, Kwanyin is a virgin Goddess who protects women, offers them a religious life as an alternative to marriage and grants children to those who want them. Like Artemis she is the deity of the wild places. Goddess Guanyin realized by meditating upon full moon. Goddess Kwan-Yin made immortal by Buddha because of great spiritual wisdom. She is also KUAN-YIN, KWANNON, and GUANYIN. Kuan Yin is depicted with a halo and sitting on a Lotus, which is a symbol of purity. She holds a vase filled with dew of compassion and a willow branch, and emblem of beauty. She is shown in many arms, symbolizing extent of her intercessory powers. As a Bodhisattva, an enlightened being, she helps men and women attain deliverance. Compassionate and merciful Kwan-Yin, through her compassion and purity elicits devotion in China and Japan unmatched by any other god and goddess. She gives help and guidance freely and liberally with no need for recompense and receives none of the usual offering of food and wine. Kwanyin can quell the power of lightening and remove venom from snakes. In general all the Bodhisattvas are considered to be without gender. They combine the spiritual virtues of both sexes. Since the 10-11th century AD Kwanyin evolved from the Indian male Avalokiteshvara, is conceived or and accepted as female. Guanyin depicts the ideals of female beauty.

(10) Goddess Tara

Goddess Tara is the primordial Great Goddess of Central Asia. Tara is the fierce Goddess of the Underworld. Tara is the Earth goddess of plants, animals, and human beings. Tara is the heavenly Goddess of wisdom and spiritual transformation. Like Pragyaparamita, Tara is the spiritual mother of all the Buddhas. She vowed to always reincarnate as woman. As a Tantric deity, Tara is a full Buddha, as perfectly enlightened as the historical Shakyamuni Buddha is.



44(11) God-Devil Wars and Deva's War on Asura

(1) Asura –Deva Wars

Hindu gods are at constant war with demons. Goddess Durga slays demon Asura Chanda. God Vishnu slays more than one demon. Goddess Durga appears to be the greater enemy of the Asura-demon race. The Asura were a very ancient and aboriginal pantheon of deities, who later became Asura-demons in the popular Vedic imagination. The Rakshasa were cloud-demons, who could take any form, and were constantly menacing the gods. Rakshasa haunt cemeteries, disturb sacrifices, animate the dead, harry and afflict the mankind in all sorts of ways.

(2) Hindu Mysticism

Mysticism allows the practitioner direct access to God, without the intermediacy of the Priests. Jews have Kabbalahh mysticism, Christian have Gnostic mysticism, and Muslims have Sufi mysticism. Hindu mysticism was a reaction against detailed and practical ceremonial of the Vedas. Upanishads describe mysticism, while rituals described in the Karma-Kanda section of Vedas. For Hindus there is only one Absolute Reality, Absolute Being, and One Reality. The pantheistic doctrine of Ekam Advitiyam, the One without Second posits a countless pantheon of gods, great and small, and a rich demonology, but it has to be understood that these are merely illusions of the soul and not realities. Upon the soul's coming to fuller knowledge, its illusions are totally dispelled, but ordinary man cannot understand the impersonality of the Absolute Being.

(3) Gnosticism

Gnostic Christian doctrines were an admixture of Indian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Christian deeds and Jewish Kabbala. The term "Gnostics" derived from the Greek, meaning, 'to know.' The term 'wizard' and 'witch' also indicate in their original meaning, ' those who know.' Simultaneously with Christianity, the Gnostic sects assumed a definite form, in the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire. From Alexandria, the center of mystic learning, much of their distinctive beliefs and rituals were derived. Gnosticism to a certain extent became affiliated with Mithraism. Occidental Christianity also owes much to the sheltering kindness of Mithraism. Gnostic Sects celebrated the Grecian mysteries of the Eleusinian and Cabiric celebrated sects down to the late date. They were looked upon as heretics and sorcerers by Christian Church and were the victims of relentless persecution. In Persia Gnostics were put to death. Some Gnostics embraced Islam and transmitted their doctrines to the Dervish Sects. Manicheism founded by Manes, who belonged to the order of the Magi. The Manicheism gave birth to various sects, Paulicians, Cathari, Albigenesis, Lollards and Carbonari. The first Gnostic of eminence was Simon Magus, contemporary with Christian Apostles. The Simonian Gnostics interpreted the Creation as symbolic of the gestation of the fetus, the temptation of Eve and the Garden of Eden having a like character. The CAPROCRATIAN Gnostics, one of the Gnostic sects, derived their mysteries and rites from Isis worship. The Ophites Gnostics adopted Egyptian rites, and included much of the serpent symbolism. Gnostic Marcian sect led by leader Marcos.

(4) Devil

The conception of Satan as we understand it today is almost purely Hebrew, Christian and Islamic. Devil is a name derived from the Greek Diabalos, slanderer. Devil is the Christian name for the supreme spirit of evil, the enemy of God and man. In Hinduism and in ancient religions there is no conception of evil, and the gods are neither good nor bad, as we conceive these terms, but may possess good and bad attributes at one and same time. Thus, we have very few traces of beings, which are evil, in ancient religions. In Egypt and Babylon, figures like Apepi and Tiawath, are by no means rulers of the infernal regions. God Yama who decides fate of beings in Hell is the God of Justice and is totally impartial and without malice. The Hades of the Greeks is merely a ruler of the shades of the dead and not an enemy of Olympus or mankind. In Mexico, Mictalantecutli, the lord of Hell, is a much more directly Satanic figure. It is not likely that before the captivityof Jews in Egypt, Hebrews believed in any specific doctrine of evil spirits, the original idea of a Satan that of an adversary or agent of opposition. In later Judaism, we find the conception of Satan strongly colored by Persian dualism. The Asmodeus of the Jews Book of Tobit is the same as Aeshara Daewa of the Ancient Persians.

(5) Devil Worship

Hindus have never worshipped devil. Hinduism does not accept the concept of devil. No ancient religion worshipped devil. The worship of Devil is the Zoroastrian, Judaic and Christian phenomenon. The worship of Satan or diabolism is spasmodic and occasionally epidemic. It dates from the early days of dualism when the opposing deities Ormuzd and Ahriman symbolized the good and bad principles respectively. Many Christian sects have periodically indulged in the Sabbatical orgies of witchcraft and the evocation of the "Evil One" for making a pact with him. The "Cultus of Lucifer" and the members of the "Church of Lucifer" regard the deity they adore as the evil principle and are Satanists. Some members of Church of Lucifer look upon Satan as true god in opposition to Adonai or Jehovah. They regard Adonai and Jehovah, as an evil deity who with fiendish ingenuity miscreated the world of man to the detriment of humanity. It has been asserted by many writers such as Archbishop Meurin and Dr. Bataille that Freemasonry is merely a mask of Satanism. (Lewis Spence, An Encyclopedia of Occultism, 1988, p 122-124). When applied to the ceremonies of Pagan Barbarous races in Africa, Asia and America devil-worship is a misnomer, as the devils adored by them are deities in their eyes. The Uapes of Brazil worship JURUPARI, a fiend-like deity, to whom they consecrate their young men. The Chinese placate devils as do the people of Burma and Cambodia, but in no sense can their oblations to evil spirits be classed as worship. The gods of ancient religions and pagan civilizations cannot be regarded as devils simply because they were so labelled by Christian missionaries. No pagan religion has ever worshipped devil, in the world. Devil worship rites have been conducted only in certain sects in Zoroastrianism, Judaism, and Christianity. The concept of Devil doesn’t exist in Hinduism. Prophet Zoroaster was the first Prophet to declare concept of Evil and the Devil as the counterforce to God.


44(12) Comagene Kurd King Antiochus

(1) Mount Nemrut Comagne Kingdom

The statues on Mount Nemrut provides a remarkable rich picture of the Comagene Kingdom, which existed from 162 BC to AD 72, and of the King Antiochus, who raised Comagene Kingdom to its great heights and built the Nemrut monuments. Hidden in a chamber deep inside a mountain in remote southeastern Kurd region of Turkey, guarded by giant busts of gods and kings carved more than 20 centuries ago, lies the tomb of an ancient King Antiochus. The Mount Nemrut Monuments has been called the eighth wonder of the world. It is totally unique. Nowhere did a king build such an elaborate holy monument and tomb so high up on a mountain. It may be comparable to the grave of Tutankhamen. (Stephen Kinzer, On a Peak in Turkey, Closing in a Fabled Tomb, Karadut Journal, New York Times, July 8, 1999, p. A4).

(2) Zeus-Oromasdes Mithra-Apollo

King Antiochus worshipped God Oromasdes- known as God Zeus by Greeks, and by Hindus as God Indra. It is the same as Persian God Ahura Mazda. King Antiochus called his God Zeus-Oromasdes. Thus, Hindu god Indra, Greek God Zeus, Zoroastrian God Ahura Mazda and Commagene God Oromasdes are the same god of Thunder. King Antiochus worshipped God Apollo-Mithra, the god of Sun.

(3) Kurd Commagene Kingdom

The chambers carved into Mount Nemrut, which towers above Turkey's Kurdish region 500 miles southeast of Ankara. Among the towering artifacts on the mountaintop are two rows of statues, each nearly 30 feet high and made up of six-ton blocks that depict King Antiochus and the Hindu Gods he worshipped. Commagene Kingdom was a border kingdom between the Roman and Persian Empires, and King Antiochus gave each of his gods both Greek and Persian names.


There is a also a series of magnificent relief depicting Antiochus's ancestors and scenes of his shaking hands with gods to seal the treaty under which he believed he ruled. Behind one set of relief is a long and extraordinary revealing inscription in which the King explains his philosophy, set down rules for posterity, and appeals for divine protection.

(4) King Antiochus Commandments

"After taking over my father's dominion, I announced, in the piety of my thoughts, that the kingdom subject to my throne should be the common dwelling place of all the gods." " I have taken forethought to lay the foundation of this sacred tomb, which is to be indestructible by the ravages of time, in close proximity to the heavenly throne."


The giant heads that lie scattered on top of Mount Nemrut were first discovered in 1881. King Antiochus created a new religious culture, 2000 years ago, with its own monumental shrines constructed at unimaginably high costs with masses of people laboring for decades under most severe conditions. One of the most wondrous panels on the mountaintop depicts a life-size lion together with stars, planets and a crescent moon. Astronomers and historians have determined that their configuration marks the exact moment of King Antiochus's coronation, showing it to have taken place within ten minutes of 7.30 P.M. on July 14, 109 BC. This is the oldest horoscope in history.


International Nemrut Foundation has, been formed by Dutch engineer and architect Maurice Crijns, the foundation director. Tomm Utecht is the German geophysicist scientist. The foundation has approached private sponsors for a five-year $4 million project that is to culminate in the opening of the tomb of King Antiochus.


44(13) Inter-Religion War of Sects

(1) Ban on Darwinism in Kansas Schools.

The Kansas Board of Education recently voted to discourage the teaching and eliminate questions about the subject from student evaluation tests and curriculum the Darwin’s theory of Evolution, Big Bang, and cosmology’s unifying vision. Catholic Church is conspiring to take over United States by overthrowing the stronghold of Protestants. The Reformation Age started by Protestants in Medieval Europe resulted in the suppression of Counter Reformation. Perhaps the Protestant leadership will realize that the real enemy of Protestant Church is not Orthodox Eastern Church but Catholic Church. Anglo Saxon Protestants created the civilization of the United States and Canada to provide freedom to the European immigrants from the oppression and persecution of Catholic Papacy. Catholics represent only 23 percent of the American population, and the majority of American Catholics are Hispanics. United States and Canada are predominantly Protestant Anglo-Saxon nations. It will not be in the religious interests of Protestant Denominations if Papacy gains total control over the White House.


(2) US War on Ex-French Colonies.

English speaking America and Canada are on a collision course with French speaking civilization. United States intervened in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi to eliminate French influence over French speaking world. France and United States would be adversaries in the twenty-first century. The secession of French speaking Quebec from English speaking Canada will transform inter-Atlantic alliance of Western Europe and United States. Canada will deploy nuclear weapons to meet the threats of imperial United States. Hindu India should enter a defense pact with nuclear Canada and nuclear Quebec to protect them from southern threats. It will destabilize the world’s balance of power, if United States gobbles up Canada. United States intends to colonize Canada in the early part of twenty-first century. India and France will support Canada and send troops to foil the United States’ invasions of Canada. India and France will join forces to limit American influence in the French-speaking world.


(3) 2000's Similar to AD 1800's

The twenty-first Century shall be similar to nineteenth-Century. The Colonialism and Imperialism will resurface in the twenty-first Century. President Eisenhower wanted Britain to hand over half of British Empire to United States. Then the colonies in Africa would not have gained independence in the twentieth Century. Britain refused the American request. United States supported the de-colonization of European Empires only when colonial powers refused to hand over their colonies to United States. The South African Apartheid type racial discrimination existed in United States until 1965, when President Ben Johnson signed the Bill of Rights, guaranteeing Blacks the voting rights. United States will recreate a colonial empire in the twenty-first century. Nuclear Hindu India needs to arrive at a national consensus, whether India should support or oppose Pax-Americana. The author favors that India should militarily support the creation of American Empire, just as Indian Army fought to build British Empire, only when India gets a fair share of the Empire. India supplied 3,000,000 soldiers to the Allied Forces during the Second World War, and 1,500,000 soldiers during First World War. India did not get its fair share of the spoils of the First and Second World Wars.


44(14) Hindu India is Balancer

(1) Organization of Buddhist States

India, China and Japan should lead the formation of the Organization of Buddhist States (OBS). The OBS will include India, Japan, China, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, and Bhutan. The OBS shall have fifteen (15) sovereign Buddhist states as members. Buddhist factor will determine the foreign policies of the Buddhist nations. The Catholic, Protestant NATO bombing of helpless Orthodox Serbia have jolted the secular Hindu and Buddhist civilizations and Buddhism has become a major force in the Buddhist world again. It is no accident that Falun Gong Buddhist Law sect has more than 100 million followers in China. India is the undisputed leader of the Buddhist world. The 15 member Organization of Buddhist States will check religious conversions and revitalize Buddhist Sangha to reconvert Christians to Buddhism in China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The 15 member Organization of Buddhist States will follow the leadership of China that does not recognize Pope as the supreme leader of the Catholics in China.


(2) Keep Christianity out of Asia-Africa

Organization of Buddhist States (OBS) may sign a religious pact with the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) to keep Catholicism and Protestantism out of Asia. Christians monopolize Europe, North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Similarly, the continents of Asia and Africa belong to Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and tribal indigenous religions. If Christian desire to convert Asian and African souls then they could buy the privilege of proselytizing in Asia and Africa, exchange for the land of Australia.


(3) Islam not a Threat to Hinduism:

Militarily no Islamic nation presents any threat to major Hindu and Buddhist nations, namely India, China and Japan. Neither Hindus nor Buddhists convert to Islam, nor Muslims convert to Hinduism and Buddhism. Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism do not present any proselytizing threat to one another. Catholic and Protestant missionaries present fundamental threat to Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu civilizations.


(4) Islamic Terrorists on CIA Payroll:

Saudi Osama Bin Laden dreams to become the Ruler of Saudi Arabia by overthrowing the Monarchy of the Al Saud family. CIA has bank rolled Muslim fundamentalists in Iran, Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt and Kashmir. Muslim Mullahs would overthrow the Al Saud Monarchy in Saudi Arabia, just as they overthrew the regime of Shah of Iran. Saudi Arabia had never been an independent state. The land of Saudi Arabia belongs either to Egypt, Iraq, Iran, or Pakistan.


(5) Catholics Threatens Hinduism:

Catholic and Protestant Christianity is a principal enemy of Hindu and Buddhist civilizations. Christian missionaries have converted more than one-third of the population of South Korea. United States intervened in the Vietnam War not to oppose Communism, but to enforce the rule of Christians over Buddhists in South Vietnam. Catholic Pol Pot massacred 3 million Cambodian Buddhists to Christianize Buddhist-Hindu Cambodia. Christians and Communists have joined forces in China to suppress 100 million Buddhist followers of Falun Gong. In the age of civilization’s wars, India should train 5 million Buddhist monks and Hindu preachers to meet the Catholic challenge.


(6) Devil's Emperor Theodosius I:

Roman Emperor Theodosius I inflicted a deadly wound on the ancient religion of Egypt, Greece, Babylon, and Romans. The Roman Edict said that no Roman subject, whether magistrates or private citizens, however exalted, shall worship an inanimate idol by the sacrifice of a guiltless victim. The acts of sacrificing and the practice of divination declared a crime of high treason against the state expiated only by the death of the guilty. The rites or Pagan superstition abolished as highly injurious to the truth and atrocious of religion. (J. Campbell, Occidental Mythology, p.393.) Theodosius the Great died in 395 AD and exactly fifteen years later the Visigoths, under Alaric ravaged Rome. The Dark Age began with Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius. The ancient religion of Egypt, Greece, and Rome destroyed by sword by Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius. Christian Theodosius destroyed the ancient temples in Egypt, Greece, and Babylon. Islam could conquer Egypt and North Africa because Christian Roman Emperors destroyed the Egyptian civilization and ancient Egyptian religion by sword. United States will disintegrate if it uses its military and economic resources to promote Vatican’s Catholic agenda.


(7) Pakistan's Patrimony of Ishmael in Arabia:

Abraham’s elder son Ishmael became the patriarch of Muslims and Isaac became the founder of Israel. Pakistan has inherited the legacy of Ottomans and Caliphate. Sunni Pakistan should be encouraged to conquer all Sunni nations from Morocco to Iraq. Iran should take over all Shiite lands. It is not against India’s interest if Urdu the language of Pakistan replaces Arabic as the lingua franca of the Islamic world. Seat of Islam shifted to Baghdad after the Prophet. Mongols conquered the seat of Islam. Ottoman Turks inherited Mongol legacy and conquered the Islamic world and the seat of Islam shifted to Istanbul. Sunni Pakistan can easily conquer every Sunni Islamic from Morocco to Iraq.


(8) Pakistan Recreating Timur's Empire:

Pakistan has Sunni manpower to intermarry Arab women to extend the frontiers of Pakistani civilization from Islamabad to Rabat. Pakistan should take over the Arab oil fields and lead OAPEC. Iran and Pakistan would partition Turkey to carve out independent Aryan Kurdistan. Partition Iraq and Kurd occupied areas made parts of Kurdistan and lands of Shiites part of Iran. North Africa before the rise of Islam did not belong to fair skin Semite Arabs. Brown races of Pakistan, Iran, and black Africa have ruled North Africa thousands of years before the rise of Christianity and the rise of the White races.


WESTWARD EXPANSION PROMOTES PEACE: Hindu India will support Sunni Pakistan and Shiite Iran in their joint westward conquest of the Islamic world in Arabia and North Africa. Pakistan is destined to rule the Islamic world for the next 500 years. Urdu is destined to replace Arabic as the lingua franca of the Arab world. Black African and Brown Pakistani races will regain control over the lands of North Africa and Arabian Peninsula. Ishmael and Isaac created two separate civilizations. Similarly, sons of Muslim Pakistan will create a new empire in the West. Sons of Hindu India will lead the Indianization of Southeast Asia. To maintain peace and avoid Indo-Pak nuclear wars, Pakistan as a land power will look and expand in the West and India as a maritime power will look and expand in the East.


(9) Global Shiite Sunni War:

More Shiite Muslims have died at the hands of Sunni Muslims than at the hands of non-Muslims. Sunni Islam is at war against Shiite Islam. The massacre of Shiites by Sunnis in Afghanistan, torture of nomadic Shiites in Iraq has reawakened Shiite Iran. Shiites realize that after the massacred of the Prophet Ali and his followers at Karbala the Sunni Islam is the principal mortal enemy of Shiite Islam.


(10) Hindu Sufi Alliance:

Hindu India should support Shiite Iran in its war against Sunni Islam. India should help Shiite Iran overthrow the Sunni Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Pakistan should become the easternmost frontier of Sunni Islam. Hindu India should help Shiite leaders convert Sunni Muslims in India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia convert to Shiite Islam which reveres Sufis. Variant of Sufism is dominant in Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh. Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia are outside the influence of Arabic language. Hindi and Sanskrit provide the common link among Urdu, Bangla and Bhasa Indonesia. The frontiers of Kurdistan will separate the Arabic world from Aryan world. It is in the interest of India to promote Shiite Islam headed by Aryan Iran.


(11) Catholic-Orthodoxy Nuclear War:

The barbaric NATO bombing of civilian infrastructure of Serbia has convinced every Orthodox Christian that the principal enemy of the Orthodox Church is the Catholic Church. Orthodoxy and Catholics are engaged in a mortal combat. It is likely that Serb will launch a Thermonuclear device, stolen from Russia on the Vatican to revenge for the destruction of Orthodox Holy sites in Kosovo. Orthodox and Catholic war in twenty-first Century will cause the loss of 100 million white European lives.


(12) Catholic War on Protestants:

From the Age of Reformation and Wars of Religions, Catholic Church had been and will remain in future, the principal enemy of the Protestant Denominations. More Protestants have met the gruesome death at the hands of Catholics during Protestant-Catholic Wars, than were killed by non-Christians. Unless checked the Protestant-Catholic religious war will flare up again and millions would die. In the new rounds of Protestant-Catholic War more Catholics would die, as there is no Catholic World Power. Protestant nations are more powerful than Catholic nations. Protestant-Catholic Religious War will start in the United States. White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) Americans will take up arms in protest against Papal conspiracy to take over the Presidency of the Protestant United States. Protestants are iconoclasts, while Catholic Church worship deities of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. Anglo-Saxon Protestant world is colliding with Hispanic Catholic World in South America.


(13) Hindu-Protestant Alliance:

Hindu India should negotiate civilization’s alliance with leaders of various Protestant Denominations. Hindu India could align with Protestant Church to convert Catholics into Protestant denominations. China opposes the Papal claim as the supreme leader of the Catholics on the earth. Transnational loyalty of the Catholics is a threat to Asia’s nation states. Protestant Denominations can meet the challenge of Catholic by aligning with the Asian nationalism. After the publication of the Southern Baptist policy that condemned Hindus as Worshipers of Devil, India should align with Catholic Church to erase Protestant Denominations from the face of the Earth.


(14) Catholic Trinity is Negation of Torah:

Catholic Trinity of God, Holy Ghost, and Jesus Christ as Son of God is the total negation of Judaism and Islam. The Catholic concept of God as Father of Jesus Christ promotes the concept of God with a Form. Catholic concept of God is total negation of the Islamic concept of Allah and Judaic concept of Yahweh.


CATHOLIC TRINITY OF GODHEAD: Catholic concept of God as Father with a form, and Jesus Christ as Son of God is very similar to the Hindu concept of Ishvar-God. Catholic and Hindu concept of God with a form are similar. Perhaps in the Civilization’s war, Hindus and Catholics should join forces to convert Muslims and Jews into accepting the Catholic concept of God as Father with a form and with a Son. Perhaps Hindu and Catholic civilizations should militarily align in the next World War to impose Catholic concept of God as Trinity over Islamic and Judaic civilizations. It may not be against the civilization’s interest of Hindus, to promote Catholic concept of God as a Father with a Form. India can align with the Vatican to promote Godhead of Christian, constituted by persons of Trinity of God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, among Sons of Abraham in the Protestant, Judaic, Sunni and Shiite worlds. World should not have so many religions. Perhaps Hinduism and Catholicism should militarily align to impose Catholic Trinity concept of Almighty Godhead over Protestant, and Islamic worlds. Hindu India can align with Catholics to help Pope realize its goal to become the Supreme leader of the Sons of Abraham on the earth. Let us discuss how Catholics will reward Hindus for this help.


(15) Hindu Catholic To Promote Holy Trinity Concept of Godhead

The Hindu Civilization may join forces with Catholic Civilization, to wage a common civilization’s war against iconoclast Islamic civilization. It may not be against the civilization’s interests of Hinduism, if Catholics succeed in occupying North Africa and Arabian Peninsula. Catholic conquest of the Sunni Islam will remove Islamic threat to Hindu India. Military balance favors an outright Catholic victory. Non-Arab Ottoman Turks ruled Arab Sunni World for more many centuries. The religion of Catholicism can militarily conquer the religion of Sunni Islam in North Africa and Arabian Peninsula. The Vatican responded to the threat of Reformation, by Counter-Reformation and War of Religions against Protestants. The Holy Pope aligned with President Reagan to destroy Communism in Poland, Eastern Bloc, and the Soviet Union. Papacy can conquer Islam to bring North Africa and Arabia, in the folds of Catholicism, to fulfill the dreams of Crusaders. Hindus and Catholics will be military allies in the wars against iconoclasts.


(16) No Permanent Enemy of Religions

The major civilization’s players in the world politics are Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Sunni, Shiite, Judaic, Hindu, Buddhist and Tribal civilizations. Every civilization is at war with one another. There is no solidarity on basis of Christianity or Islam. There is no Christian solidarity, there are Catholic solidarity, or Protestant solidarity, or Orthodox solidarity. Catholic Church is the principal enemy of Orthodox Church. There is no Islamic solidarity, there is either Sunni solidarity or Shiite solidarity. Sunni civilization is the principal enemy of Shiite civilization. Catholics align with Sunnis to destroy Orthodox Church in Kosovo, Bosnia, Ethiopia, Armenia, Greece, Lebanon and Egypt. Catholic Church employed Ottoman Muslims to destroy and enslave Orthodox Christians. Arab Sunnis align with Catholics to destroy Arab Shiites and Afghan Shiites. Hindu and Buddhist civilizations will enter short-term civilization’s alliances with one of the civilization’s adversaries to promote the civilization’s interests of Hinduism and Buddhism. India will also promote the demo-political interests of over-populated Asia. India will promote the racial interest of Brown races and Aryan race. As a Geo-Cultural Balancer Hindu civilization will join the weaker side to redress the Geopolitical world order.


(17) Shifting Civilization’s Alliances

To promote the mergers of Occidental religions under the common Trinity concept of Godhead as Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Hindus may support Catholic conquest of the civilizations of the Sons of Abraham. To promote India-Pakistan nuclear peace, Hindu civilization may align with Islamic civilization to keep Christianity out of Asia and Africa. To promote India-China alliance, Hindu civilization may align with Confucian civilization to keep Christianity out of Far East and Southeast Asia. To promote India-Russia alliance, Hindu civilization may align with Orthodox Church to elect a common world Patriarch of Orthodox Churches in Russia, Eastern Europe, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia and Egypt. Hindu India may encourage Indian Catholics to follow Orthodox Church. India may promote an Indian as Orthodox Pope and allow Orthodox Church to take over Christian trust properties in India. Polish Pope transformed Italian Papacy into a global political powerhouse. Similarly, Indian leadership of Russian Orthodox Church will catapult Orthodox Church into a dominant Christian Church. Under Indian leadership Orthodox Russian Church will overtake Catholic Papacy, and Orthodox Christians will outnumber Catholics in the world in next five years. Indian support to Shiite Iran may allow the followers of Prophet Ali, to conquer Sunnis, to revenge for the murder of Prophet Ali.


(18) Africans Rejects Christianity & Islam

Blacks are very proud of their heritage. Africa was the cradle of civilization on the earth. Hindu gods Siva, Rama, Krishna, and Goddess Kali originated in Africa, and have black complexion. As late as sixth Century the Black Africans inhabited the North Africa. Black owned the fair skin Arab slaves and white skin European slaves. The ancient religion of Egypt was an African religion. Black peoples built Egypt’s Pyramids. Black African civilization and religion was superior to Islamic and Christian civilizations. More than 50 percent population of Africa follow the ancient tribal religions and worship indigenous gods and goddesses. Black Africans are increasingly rejecting the religions imposed by the descendents of the slave traders. Indigenous tribal African religion is not inferior to Islam and Christianity. Black Africans hired white European slaves and Semite slaves thousands of years, before the beginning of Christian era. Christians should not monopolize political power in Africa. More than 50 percent black African population worship tribal indigenous goddess. Justice demands that half of the rulers in Africa should belong to the followers of indigenous religions. Hindu India will encourage the partitioning of black Africa to carve out independent states for the followers of indigenous tribal religions. Hindu India supports the rise of black tribal religions in Africa to keep Christianity and Islam out of Africa. Whole of Africa belongs to blacks. Tribal Africans may reject the religion, culture, and civilization imposed by slave traders. Tribal black Africans believe that Black Civilization was superior to White Civilization. Africans believe that tribal African religion is as good as, or superior to Christianity and Islam. Black races have a fundamental right to reject white Gods, and to worship Black Gods, without any fear and intimidation from Christians and Muslims. Hindu civilization will provide total civilization’s support to black tribal civilization.


(19) Civilization’s Allies of Hindus:

Islamic Holy book Koran declares that Christian Bible is false, as the teachings of Jesus Christ are lost, and Christians lost the original Bible. There is no compromise possible between Catholic Bible and Sunni Koran. Islam categorically rejects Catholic Trinity of Godhead as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Jews categorically rejects the Catholic Trinity of Godhead. Hindus would support Catholic Godhead Trinity over Islamic Allah, and Judaic Yahweh. Catholic Trinity of God with a form, Power of God, Divine Man is similar to Hindu Trinity. Hindu trinity if Almighty God Purusa, Almighty Goddess Shakti, Divine Human (Krishna, Rama, Buddha). Catholic Trinity is not an iconoclastic religion. Catholics honor the deity form of Mary and Jesus. Hindu and Catholic Civilizations could align to promote Trinity Godhead over Islamic and Judaic world. In the looming civilization’s wars, Hindus and Catholics would align their military and missionary force to promote Catholic Trinity godhead in North Africa and Arabian Peninsula. Islam is the principal enemy of Christian Trinity Godhead. Catholic, Hindu & Buddhist civilizations can align in the forthcoming civilization’s war to promote Trinity Godhead over sons of Abraham. Hindus and Catholics will be civilization’s allies in the forthcoming wars of religions to impose Trinity Godhead over civilizations of iconoclasts.


HINDU OPTIONS IN WAR OF RELIGIONS: Hindu India has no permanent enemy in the shifting coalitions in civilization’s wars. Hindu India will decide which religion to support, in light of its impact on the civilization’s interests of Hinduism and Buddhism, and demo-political interests of over-populated Asia. Hindu India has Buddhism as permanent ally due to common origin of Hinduism and Buddhism. Hinduism and Buddhism are the two sides of the same coin. Hindu India has three options in the wars of religions.


(20) Revival of Protestant-Catholic Wars:

Protestant Church has declined because it forgot that the principal enemy of Protestants, Reformation movement, and denominations is Papacy that had launched Counter-Reformation during the time Protestant Church took birth. Reformation led to the splintering of Christianity into countless denominations, due to the machinations of the Vatican. Vatican caused schisms within Protestantism as a part of its Counter-Reformation measures. The mainline Protestant denominations in America have suffered appallingly from a lack of definition, doctrinal or otherwise. It is no longer easy to distinguish readily between, say, a Presbyterian and a Congregationalist, or a Methodist and a Lutheran. The ecumenical movement the impulse to unite all Protestant followers of Christ, intensified during the cold war. American Protestants who in 1950’s considered themselves the guardians of middle-class respectability, wanted to adopt a more corporate management style, to avoid a duplication of efforts and to present a united front against the perils of Communism. The fall of Communism necessitates the redefining of the common enemy of Protestant movement. The ecumenism has collapsed beneath the weight of its own pretensions. Ecumenism aspired to unite all Protestants, but in so doing it ratcheted its doctrines down to the lowest common denominators of agreement: peace, justice and inclusiveness. History demonstrates that most durable religions in America have been exclusive not inclusive religions, with very carefully delimited theological distinctions. Protestant Ecumenical movement while counting the trees has lost sight of the forest, the dogma and purpose of the Reformation that distinguished Protestants from Catholics. Protestantism can again become a vibrant world religion, when it become true to its roots and preach the principals that gave birth to Protestant Denominations. Protestants should focus on anti-Papacy and anti-Catholicism as the core of Protestantism. According to every empirical index-attendance, membership, giving- mainline Protestants have declined since the mid-1960s, while more conservative, evangelicals have grown. Developing the Protestant doctrinal plank around anti-Papacy and anti-Catholicism the Protestants will have little trouble articulating what they believe and what distinguishes them from Catholics and Orthodox Christians. Anti-Papacy dogmas will check the decline of Protestantism, mobilize Americans under the anti-Papal clarion call of Protestants, and clearly define the theology of Protestantism, and end the era of uncertain sounds emanating from mainline Protestantism. Tragically, in an increasingly pluralistic American society mainline Protestants are the only group lacking a voice. Mainline Protestants have exchanged their anti-papacy theological and historical heritage of Reformation for a mess of potage, an ideology so calculated not to give offense. Its very blandness is offensive. These Protestants-Lutherans, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Congregationalists, Methodists, Evangelicals- must regain the courage of their convictions that launched the Age of Reformation in Europe. The salvation of Protestants lies in a recovery of their own Reformation traditions rather than in the chimera of Catholic-Protestant unity. The principal enemy of Protestant Church is the Catholic Church. The Vatican must not get away its final conquest of Reformation initiated by Protestants, by bribing the leadership of the denominations to lead for the final merger of Protestant Church into Catholic Church under the leadership of Pope. Hindu civilization will not allow the final triumph of Papacy in the Counter-Reformation civilization’s war against Protestants in the United States. White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASP) Americans must not allow the Counter-Reformation conquest of the White House. Protestant Church should unleash the forces of Reformation and seek alliance with Hindu and Buddhist civilization to convert Catholics into Protestantism. Hindu civilization would welcome Protestant civilization to wage a common war against Catholic civilization, to win Catholic souls for Denominational Church.



44(15) Goddess In Nuclear Age

(1) New Role of Women in World Religions

The wars of religions and clash of races is fought on the issue of the role of women in a society. Should women be equal to a man or be in bondage and servitude to men, determines, which side of the battle lines one nation is?


Catholic women have fundamental right to be elected as Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Archbishops and Priests. The shaving of the head of the Nuns violates the human rights and represents the slavery of females in the Catholic Church. In the ancient matriarchal world, only female priests controlled the temples. Then male eunuch religious workers joined as assistant priests. Then came the patriarchal revolution when male priests took over and used female religious workers as temple prostitutes. The United Nations Human Rights Commissioner should undertake investigation to find whether the female religious workers Christian Churches, Jaina temples and Buddhist temples forced into servitude and slavery and forced to save their hair against their wishes. The 50% of the properties owned by the Christian churches, Muslim mosques, Hindu temples, Sikh temples, Buddhist temples, Zoroastrian temples and Jewish synagogues worldwide should be set aside to be managed, controlled and operated by female religious workers belonging to these religions, sects and denominations, without any interference of their male counterparts. Women religious workers and leaders have a right of equal opportunity in all religious institutions. The 21st Century would witness a Woman Pope as head of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome, the Woman Grand Mufti of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the Woman head of the Shiite sect in Iran, the Woman President and head of the Southern Baptist Church, as the woman head of leading Hindu sects in India, and as woman head of leading Buddhist sects in India, China, Japan, Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka. No world religion would continue to deny the rights of woman believers to head the religious institutions. The forces of matriarchy are in clash with the archaic forces of patriarchy that seeks to force women into servitude and bondage. The ongoing political clash of anti-women pro-life anti-abortion forces with those of pro-women, pro-choice and pro-women forces represents the ongoing historical battle of pro-patriarchy and pro-matriarchy forces. The goddess is making a surprise comeback in the 21st century throughout the Third World, which may result in the resurgence and return of the ancient goddess religions in Egypt, Persia, Greece, Italy, Peru, Mexico and Sub-Sahara Africa. The conflicts over the role of women in Islamic, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist societies shape the Global Clash of Races. Iconoclasts have historically forced their women into bondage and servitude to men, while idolaters have historically given high social status to women in their societies.


Patriarchal religions, promoted by pastoral nomad shepherds namely Judaism and Islam imposed their will on the Goddess religions in the agricultural societies, because their ability to military conquer and destroy isolated agricultural communities. Nomad shepherd had the military advantage of mobility, so they could pick their targets at will. The man exercised its domination over women by virtue of the brute power of its muscles and hand held weapons. The development of nuclear weapons has equalized the military capability of woman and man. Goddess throughout history represented the unprecedented destruction power visualized in Atom Bomb. The name of Goddess is Shakti, meaning power or energy. In the age of nuclear weapons the religions of goddess, the matriarchal oriental religions would resurrect and overtake the patriarchal Occidental religions, the Goddess would reign supreme and overtake patriarchy.


(2) Rise of the Goddess Religions

Goddess was the presiding deity throughout the ancient world. South Indian Dravidian race worshipped Goddess Devi and it maintained civilization’s maritime links with ancient civilizations of Egypt, Kush, Persia, Babylon and Phoenicians. War Charioteer Aryan race of Punjab, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran worshipped male-only Vedic gods and propagated patriarchal Vedic religions throughout Greece, Iran, and Rome. In India Goddess Devi, Maha-Kali and Durga have replaced Vedic male-only gods in Hindu India. Similarly, in China and Japan Goddess Kuan Yin and Cannon has replaced male Buddhist and Taoist deities. It implies that God, as woman would replace male-only God patriarchal religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Roman Catholic Church worships Virgin Mary, female deity to intercede on behalf of the Catholic believers. The development of nuclear weapons erodes the male muscle superiority over women. It is inevitable that Goddess would triumph over male-only Semite religions.


CIVILIZATION’S WAR: The Civilization’s war is the religious war, where the goal is to enforce the conversions. The victor will impose his religion on the people of the defeated nation. Any decisive victory of one side would result in the elimination of the religion of the defeated coalition from the face of the earth. Smaller civilizations will cease to exist after the successful conclusion of the Civilization’s World War. The war of civilizations is the war among Civilizations of Goddess on one side, at war against patriarchal Civilizations of Male God on other side. Followers of Almighty God as male would take up arms against followers of Almighty Goddess. Hinduism, Buddhism and Paganism are the religions of Goddess.


(3) Atom Bomb is Goddess Bomb:

A nuclear weapon erodes the physical muscular advantage, man enjoyed over a woman in the war. Indian nuclear weapons would revitalize the concept of Almighty God as a Woman. When Judaic nomadic sheep farmers and hunters overthrew the agricultural civilizations of Goddesses, then Male concept of God overthrew the notion of Goddess. Indian nuclear weapons revive the ancient Religion of Almighty Goddess. The Religion of Almighty Goddess predates the Religion of Almighty Male God by more than 100,000 years. The conflict of future will be the conflict between the Civilization of Goddess and the Civilization of the male God. India Atom Bomb will resurrect the ancient Religions in Middle East and South America.


(4) Atom Bomb is Knowledge Bomb:

The Indian Atom Bomb is the knowledge bomb. It empowers the Hindu Civilization to assert equality vis-a-vis Christian civilization which has more natural resources and more land mass but less population mass. The Nuclear weapons undermine the materialist interpretation of History. A nuclear weapon is a knowledge-Bomb. It is the knowledge or technology not the material resource that generates the awesome nuclear weapon power. The Nuclear Age reestablishes the Idealistic Interpretation of History. Nuclear weapons are ideal in the information age, as it established that the knowledge and technology would determine the future of wars. Large armies would no longer determine the outcome of wars. The androcentric patriarchal civilizations would accept the androgynous concept of God such as that of God Shiva. God Shiva manifested in the world, in a half man-half woman deity form called Ardh-Nari-Eswar form, to prove that Kali is the real energy that empowers the universe.


The success of Indian software programmers indicates that the Indians would lead the world in the Information Age. Equal status of man and woman would enhance the role of Hinduism in human civilization. Barbarians conquer the civilizations, but over a period, the Civilizations reorganize and perfect the modern military technology. The worldwide expansion of the Religion of the dominant Civilization, is usually the result of the military rise of a Civilization. The Indian Atom Bomb would promote Indian ancient civilization that had been under foreign rule since AD 1200. Indian Atom Bomb allows India to disseminate its Religion and civilization worldwide in the information age without any restrictions.


(5) Atomic Goddess versus God:

The religious impact of Atom Bomb is that it equalizes the role of man and woman in war. In the nuclear age, women will demand that God have an androgynous form, or the form of a Woman. Nuclear weapons prove that God as a Woman would not make God less powerful. The real impact of Indian Atom Bomb is that it thrusts the agenda of Goddess and God as a woman as the central edifice of the conflicts of future and the Clash of Civilizations.


Goddess Mahakali is the source of Shakti-Power. In the ancient agricultural matriarchal civilizations, women played the leading role as the women discovered writing. Goddess Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of learning. For more than 35,000 years women alone were the chief priests. The Kingship resided with chief priestesses selected in the female line in Pharaoh Egypt, Babylon and Inca Empire. Judaic nomadic hunters imposed the male domination over women. Jews military conquest of Arabian Civilization of Goddesses established the domination of religions of God as man. Aryan invaders destroyed the religion of Goddess Diti of pre-Aryan India. Four holy Vedas do not mention any Goddess. Modern Indian Hindus worship pre Aryan Goddesses. None of the male Vedic Gods is popular in modern Hinduism. Perhaps a similar trend would follow in Christianity. Goddess Mahakali is the Goddess of War, and She personifies the power (Shakti) of God Shiva, the God of Destruction.


The Oriental Religions, Hindu Civilization and Chinese Civilization believe in the concept of Almighty Goddess. The rise of Indian and Chinese nuclear weapons suggests that the conflicts of future will be Conflict between Civilization of Female Goddess on one side and the Civilization of Male God on other side.


(6) Atom Bomb is Religious Weapon:

Indian Atom Bomb would revitalize Hinduism, Buddhism and ancient religions of Goddesses. Indian nuclear weapons would enhance the status of women in the World Religions and revive the civilizations and religions of all conquered peoples in the world. Throughout history, any major change in military technology has invariably affected the balance of power between religions and civilizations. Nomadic patriarchal Jews conquered the agricultural civilization of Goddesses worshiping Middle East. Jews burnt all the Goddess temples and militarily lowered the social status of women in the society. Emperor Julius Caesar burnt the great library of Alexandria, which was the main depository of the ancient manuscripts, representing almost the entire knowledge of the ancients. Romans forbade the worshiping of Goddess Isis. Romans also destroyed the temples in Greece and banned the worshiping of Goddess Hera and God Zeus. Spanish military victory in South America destroyed the ancient religions of Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. Christianity asserted its superiority over religions of Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs because it had conquered its lands. Islam asserted its superiority over Hinduism, during 500 years of Muslim rule over Hindu India, and imposed Arabic script on Indian languages. Christianity asserted its superiority over Hinduism, during 200 years of British rule over Hindu India. Indian nuclear weapons would empower Hinduism. Hindus that converted to Islam and Christianity during foreign rule would embrace their ancient Religion.


(7) Feminist Bomb

Indian Atom Bomb empowers Hinduism, Hindu Civilization and ancient Religion of Goddess. Any major change in military technology influences the Religions and the spread of Religion and Civilization. The Occidental Prophets and theologians wrongly assumed that God is a male not a female, because man dominates over a woman. Nuclear weapons erode the military edge that men have enjoyed over women in warfare. Since India had been under Islamic and British rule, does not mean that Islam and Christianity is any superior to Hinduism. Hindu India can militarily conquer every Islamic nation. Hindu Atom Bomb reestablishes Hindu Civilization on an equal footing with Christianity and Islam. Hindu Atom Bomb would help worldwide expansion of Hindu Civilization, Indian languages, Indian Culture and Buddhist Culture worldwide.


(8) Shakti of Goddess:

Hindu concept of nuclear weapons is the manifestation of the power of Goddess Mahakali. Indian Atom Bomb is the manifestation of Shakti (literally meaning Power). The Word Shakti symbolizes the Almighty in the female form. Hindu scriptures declare that Without the Power of Goddess Shakti even God Shiva (the God of destruction) is just a "Shava" (dead body). Atom Bomb is the Knowledge Bomb and it does not depend upon the brute muscle power. It was on the strength of the muscle power of the nomadic shepherds and hunters, that the Patriarchal Religions of Judaism and Islam destroyed the matriarchal agricultural societies of the Ancient Religions of Goddess. Indian Nuclear Nukes empowers the Women of the world seek equality with Men. Ironically, it was a woman Indira Gandhi who led India to the nuclear path, which her male successors failed to tread.


(9) A-bomb Resurrects Religions of Goddess:

Four Hindu Vedas do not mention even a single Female Goddess, even when the pre-Aryan ancient India worshiped the Goddess Diti. Nomadic Vedic Aryans called the worshipers of Diti the Daitya (barbarians). Today very few Indians worship the gods mentioned in Four Vedas. Non-Vedic Goddess Kali, Devi, Durga has become more popular. In Chinese Buddhism the main deity, Kwanyin is the dominant Female Goddess. The Supreme Tao represents the almighty in the female form, not in a male form. In Hinduism, female Goddess Kali represented the power of War. Patriarchal Judaism led by nomadic tribes established the power of their Religion by selectively conquering the agricultural Civilization of Goddesses, by means of weapons and subjugation of the women.


(10) Gospel of Mary Magdalene

The Vatican view of the role of women in religious leadership is veering toward the Islamic view of the role of women. It would not be in the interest of Hinduism and Buddhism if the Islamic and Catholic views on the role of women in Religion and society coincide. The convergence of Catholic and Islamic view on the role of women could portend war. Indian Atom Bomb would empower Christian women, in their struggle for a leadership role in Christian Church. Catholic Church ordains only men as Priests. The women will challenge the domination of men in the Church. Christian Women would demand the election of female Priests, Bishops, Cardinal and female Pope by the Christian women in Christian World. Christian women would convert to other world Religion that equally treat man and woman. Millions of Christian women would convert into Hinduism and Buddhism during 21st Century. The religious conflicts of the future in the Christian World would be over the role of Gospel of Mary and Apostle Mary.


(11) Ancient Goddess Religions Resurrecting:

Nuclear India would help resurrect the Religion of Goddesses and enhance the religious role of women in Christianity. Mary Magdalene discovered the empty tomb of Jesus. Mary led the struggle against Apostle Peter over leadership roles for the women in the Christian Church and women's right to Prophecy. Only female followers of Jesus stayed courageously at the side of Jesus during the crucifixion. Only women were the first to discover the empty tomb. Women were the first to experience a vision of resurrected Jesus and to recognize Him, while male followers, including Peter failed to recognize the Resurrection of Jesus. Mary and the female followers of Jesus stayed with him until the end. The declaration of Mary as the Apostle Mary Magdalene will take place; once more women become Catholic Priests and Gnostic Bible becomes popular. Nuclear India would support this trend.


(12) Revival of Arian Gnostic Christianity:

Women led Christianity during its first five Centuries. “Gospel of Mary” was the predominant part of a Christian Bible until the Sixth Century. Apostle Mary Magdalene competed with Apostle Peter for the leadership of Christianity. The new interpretation of the bible by women Priests would result in the inclusion of Gospel of Mary in the New Testament and elevate the status of Mary Magdalene to that of an Apostle. Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus could acquire the attributes of Goddess. Nuclear India should support the feminist Christianity. Nuclear India would empower Christian women to oppose the June 1998 Southern Baptist Convention statement of beliefs that a wife is to submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband. India would support the demand for female priests in Catholic Churches.


(13) Role of Woman in Islam

Islam restricted the number of women a man could marry to four, while contemporary Jews could marry any number of women. Christianity advocated one man and one-woman marriage. Even in Judaism, the Jewish women lived sexual lives similar to their Gentile counterparts. In Arabia Goddess Al-Lat was the dominant Goddess of Mecca before the advent of Islam.


(14) Revolt of Christian Women

The Conflict of Future would be the Conflict between Christian and Muslim women revolting against male dominant Christianity and Islam. India Christian Church shall give Christian women a greater role and more power. The election of a woman as the Great Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church, will tempt Catholic women to join Orthodox Church, then Eastern Church would attract many Catholic women. India supports the Magna Carta of Feminist Christian Church. Just as Christian missionaries target the lower caste Hindus for conversions, similarly Hindu and Buddhist missionaries would target Christian women for conversions to Hinduism. Elevation of Mary Magdalene as the Apostle and Virgin Mary as Goddess would bring Christianity and Hinduism closer to each other. Hinduism would compete with Christianity.


(15) Women Wielding Nuclear Nukes:

The development of tactical nuclear weapons, also known as Nukes, would bridge the military gap between the Men and Women. An Afghan female pilot with ten nuclear nukes could eliminate the entire Taliban forces in Afghanistan that reduces the Afghan women to serfdom and bondage. Women invented writing in the ancient Babylon to keep temple records. Indian Atom Bomb would empower women all over the world to assert equality with men. Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of learning in Hinduism. Goddess Mahakali embodies the destructive energy in war.


(16) Rise of Ancient Religions and Indian Bomb:

India is now the Second Super Power. For India, the weaponization and deployment of Nuclear Weapon, is a moral imperative. Indian nuclear weapons signal the Phoenix like a rise of pre-Christian era ancient Civilizations and ancient Goddess Religions of the Brown Races. Brown Races ruled for thousands of years the entire civilized world in all the five Continents before the Christian era. Ancient brown races worshiped modern Hindu Goddesses and Gods in all ancient Religions. Ancient Civilizations have survived only in India, China and Inca Peru. The ancient Religions that survived are Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrian, Shintoism and Taoism. Ancient Civilization and ancient Religions survived in India, Peru-Inca and China, and these account for half of the world population. Swords of Islam destroyed the Religion of Goddess Isis, Astarte, and God Ra, God Mithra in ancient Egypt, Assyria and Babylon. Swords of Christianity destroyed the Religion of God Mithra, Zeus, Jupiter and Goddess Isis, Hera, Astarte in Europe. Christian invaders destroyed the advance Religion of Incas, Mayas and Aztecs that worshiped Sun in the New World.


GODDESS IN CHINA AND INDIA: India would lead the Ancient Universal Religions. India and China would resurrect the Religion of the Ancient Goddess. The Goddess Religion competes with Christianity and Islam on a level playing ground. Almighty Goddess would expose, in the 21st Century the spiritual fallacy of the Prophet revealed patriarchal Religions of Islam and Christianity. The Civilization of ancient matriarchal Oriental Religions would compete with the Civilization of patriarchal Occidental Religions. The Conflicts of Future would be the Conflict between Civilizations of Patriarchal Religions and the ancient civilizations of matriarchal Religion of Goddesses.


44(16) Role of Sex in Politics and Role of Women in Church

(1) Monica Lewinski –Clinton Scandal

Clinton Administration is dirty not because of Sex scandals, but because it rewarded Communist China for stealing nuclear weapon technology from Los Alamos, and for bombing Kosovo to divert US media coverage of Chinese nuclear theft scandal. Sexual abstinence of Joseph Lieberman does not make him Mr. Clean, if he continues to support the use of US military might to suppress Mestizos in South America, and supports the market domination of De Beers’s diamond Cartel, OPEC Oil Cartel, and Citigroup’s financial Cartel. Bill Clinton did nothing wrong by having sex with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. Any fat woman like Monica would deem it her honor to sleep with handsome president Bill Clinton. It is the social privilege of handsome man to have consensual sex with beautiful women. Why fundamentalist media did not criticize the sexual indiscretions of Catholic President John F. Kennedy, while they pounced on the sexual indiscretions of Protestant President Bill Clinton 30 years later. Republican Newt Gingrich while criticizing Bill Clinton for sexual promiscuousness was actively involved in similar extramarital affairs with his secretary.


Sex-crazed Inquisition-era type Witch-hunter Independent Counsel Ken Starr helped Bill Clinton by deliberately overlooking the criminal culpability of Bill Clinton for allowing Chinese Spy Dr. Wee, to continue stealing US nuclear secrets, even after FBI identified him as potential spy. One must respect Communist China for perfecting the art of bribing American politicians by selective campaign donations. Indians and third world residents felt good when they learnt that American politician could be as corrupt as any other politician in the Third World. Those who criticize President Bill Clinton for sexual indiscretions should emigrate to Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan. One should not criticize Politicians and heads of the governments for sexual indiscretions.


(2) Sex Experiments of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, the Man of the Millennium, slept naked with dozens of naked underage minor girls, in his Sabarmati Ashram openly for many years. If after having consensual sex with dozens of unmarried under-age minor girls, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi could be honored as ‘Father of Indian Nation’ and ‘Mahatma of Saint,’ then Bill Clinton should be also honored as ‘Saint.’ All those who criticize Bill Clinton for Monica Lewinsky affairs should demand that Gandhi should lose its title of ‘Mahatma,’ and declare M.K. Gandhi a pedophile rapist, and that all statues of India’s Mahatma Gandhi be broken worldwide. Those who honor M.K. Gandhi, as a Mahatma, even after knowing that he frequently had sex with dozens of minor girls, during his experimentation with Truth and Brahmcharya, should also call President Bill Clinton a living Saint. Only a devil would argue that a man could be a saint just because he is sexually prudent. One could be most immoral, while being sexually prudent or sexually correct. Many Inquisition judges misused and tortured women and were rewarded with sainthood. Why should Bill Clinton be judged differently? Many Inquisition era judges tortured, raped and burnt thousands of women as witches, were honored and anointed as Saints by Catholic Church. Then why should they single out Protestant Bill Clinton for punishment for sexual misconduct? Prosecuting popular and successful President for sexual misconduct would destroy the United States.


(3) Impeachment or Inquisition

Independent Counsel Robert Ray has empanelled a new grand jury to look into the Monica Lewinsky case. Mr. Ray convened the new grand jury in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in July 2000, and informed the three-judge panel that oversees his work that the Lewinsky investigation is its principal focus. Ray said he empanelled the new panel in July to carry on the Lewinsky aspect of the investigation. Does its democratically elected President represent Independent Counsel’s Crusades against President Bill Clinton, just the tip of the iceberg, of the ongoing struggle between worldly powers of the Protestant United States and the power of the Pope, head of the totalitarian, non-democratically selected Roman Catholic Church. After the elections are over, the Attorney General Janet Reno should dismiss the Independent Counsel Robert Ray.

(4) Non-President Hillary Clinton

We oppose the Media giants in presenting women politicians as witches. News day Editorial page, cartoon by Marlette, on Tuesday November 23, 1999, showed First Lady Hillary Clinton, the Senate candidate from New York as a Witch in black dress, with a cleaning broom. Hillary shown as Witch with a broom and black robes, conical hat whose figure was melting when exposed to patriarchal male reality in form of Cleansing Holy Water in the bucket. We denounce the attacks on Hillary. We support Hillary Clinton as future Senator from New York, because she is more competent than most other male Senators and Congressmen in the Capitol Hill. That Hillary Clinton deserves to be the next President of the United States in 2004 causes extreme reactions of lesser competent male politicians and media journalists.


We want Hillary to be the next Senator and next President of the United States in the next elections. The patriarchal male chauvinist religious leaders leading the Crusades against Hillary Clinton, because they admit privately Hillary outshines President Bill Clinton. Enemies of Hillary enemies wonder that Bill Clinton could outsmart all politicians during two-term presidency, his better half could become their real nightmare and might bring down the male domination throughout the Western Christendom.


President Hillary Clinton would be the perfect antidote to the male chauvinist pigs (MCPs) of the Western Christian world. The MCPs realizing that their imminent demise have harnessed all their financial and media resources to condemn Hillary Clinton as a Witch. Male Inquisitors wants to burn Hillary Clinton on political stakes, just as Saint Joan of Arc, the mother of England was burnt as Witch by Inquisitors.


(5) Women As Pope and Gospel of Mary

As Presidential Candidate of 2008, Hillary Clinton should demand that women should represent 50 percent of the Catholic and Protestant clergy, Archbishops and Cardinals. The election of Hillary Clinton as Senator and then President would encourage the demand that future Pope of the Vatican should be a woman.


All woman in the Christian world, whether Protestants, Orthodox or Catholic should support Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s victory would pave the way inclusion of the Gospel of Apostle Saint Mary Magdalene in the Christian Holy Bible. During Early Christianity and Apostolic Christianity, women outnumbered men in Christian Churches and financed the male Christian believers. It is because of the support of the women that Christianity could survive as a religion, in spite of persecution of Christians by patriarchal anti-women Jews Rabbis.


Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans and Mestizos should support Hillary Clinton, in her Senate race, and demand that she should declare in advance her candidacy for the Democratic Party’s presidential primaries for 2004 elections. Hillary, fight, fight, fight and we are with you all the way till you get victory, let not MCPs distract you from your mission to secure for Christian women their rightful status in the Christian world. Women of the world are with you and enlightened men are with you. Hillary Clinton will outsmart Bill Clinton as political animal.


Hillary Clinton’s election as president of the United States in 2004, would encourage Christian women demand equality with men, for top leadership roles in Protestant, Orthodox and Catholic Churches. Hillary Clinton’s Senate race is the first battle in the Christian women’s war against male domination of the Christian churches worldwide. Hillary’s election war is less a war of politics, but more a war of Christian religions. Electoral victory of Hillary Clinton shall pave the way for the resurrection of the matriarchal Gnostic Apostolic Christianity, which illuminated the world during Jesus Christ and Apostles.


44(17) Future Role of Women

(1) Sexual Geopolitics

The central moral struggle of the 19th century concerned slavery. The central moral struggle of the 20th century pitted democracy against Nazism, Communism and other despotic isms. The preeminent moral challenge of the 21st Century will be to ease the inequalities faced by women in Christian and Islamic world and to decisively act against the brutality unleashed against women in the Third World. The patriarchal religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam institutionalized inequalities against women. Christian and Muslim women would increasingly convert to Buddhism and Hinduisms to realize their dream to worship God as a woman and to attain social, religious equality with men.


The First and Second Millennium in Christian era witnessed the rise of patriarchal religions and subjugation of women and subjugation of the concept of God as a woman. During 21st Century the concept of god as a woman and concept of equality of woman with man, will gain wider acceptance even amongst Europeans and Americans. The institutional and spiritual subjugation of woman is the Achilles Heels of Christianity and Islam. Hindu, Buddhist & Pagan nations should wield the weapon of women’s equality and empowerment of women to direct attack the Achilles Heels of Christianity and Islam, to gain victory in the Clash of Civilizations and ongoing War of Religions. Unless Christianity especially Catholic Church and Islam accords equal status to Christian and Muslim women respectively, the Buddhism and Hinduism would win the wars of religions and the Clash of Civilizations during 21st Century.


In direct contrast to Catholic and Islamic worlds, the Hindu and Buddhist societies grant institutional equality of man and women, even when sporadic brutal attacks continue on women. Hinduism and Buddhism believe in the concept of God as a woman, and it provides the spiritual basis to accept equality of man and woman. In contrast, Jewish and Muslim scriptures spiritually legitimize the inferior status of women. During first century of Christianity, Jesus preached matriarchal form of divinity, so that woman of the family presided over Passover feast. Then the Gospel of Apostle Mary was the most popular Gospel, eclipsing Gospels written by male Apostles. It is no wonder that Jews murdered Jesus Christ and Apostle James, the elder brother of Jesus, and thereafter imposed patriarchal Old Testament on Christian Bible by sword, even when Jesus had unequivocally rejected the authority of Torah and Law. Jesus Christ wanted Christian women to have higher social status and social freedom they then enjoyed in Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Mazdak and Maggi societies. Unless white Christians reject Old Testament as part of Holy Christian Bible, white Christian women would continue to be subjected to bondage and servitude. Torah, Old Testament and Koran equally subjugate women and justify the subjugation on scriptural authority.


Patriarchal Roman Catholic Church conspires to subjugate Christian women into bondage and servitude to men. New leadership of Southern Methodist Baptist Church has joined the Vatican’s bandwagon to subjugate the white Christian women to servitude. On the issue of subjugation of woman to man, the Pope John Paul II, no more liberal than Saudi Arabian Wahhabi fundamentalists, when one take into consideration the relative social development of Saudi and Italian societies. Catholics want to subjugate white Christian women to servitude status, which reminds us the atrocities Catholic clergy caused to millions of white women in Europe during Inquisition. American Religious Right Conservatism seeks to force Christian women into bondage. Pro-Life political forces represent the militia of Pope John Paul II, seeking to subvert secular socio-political infrastructure of WASP’s United States.


The central issue of the US Presidential Elections 2000 pitted Pro-Life & Anti-Abortion forces against Pro-Choice & Pro-Abortion forces in United States, due to the direct intervention of Pope John Paul II, on the side of Anti-Abortion forces. The Pro-Choice and Pro-Abortion forces won the electoral battle. The recent issue of pedophile Catholic priests became hot media event, because pro-woman and pro-Protestant forces seek changes in Vatican, to overhaul its anti-woman theological baggage.


Taliban, Al Qaeda and Wahhabi fundamentalism find common cause with Roman Catholic Church on all issues related to the subjugation of women and institutionalizing the inequality of woman vis-à-vis man. It is no accident that Catholic and Sunni leaders had joined forces to impose anti-women Islamic Shariah law throughout Northern Nigeria, Indonesia and Afghanistan.


EMPOWER MUSLIM WOMEN. India should actively campaign against imposition of Shariah law, and against inequitable laws designed to subjugate women, and against female circumcision practices in Islamic world and Africa. Hindu India can defeat the looming threat of Islamic terrorism by supporting Muslim women in their fight to gain equality with men and to end the imposition of inequitable customs and practices throughout the Islamic world. India might support the enthronement of a Queen as sovereign monarch in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to give deathblow to anti-women Islamic practices and customs. Before the advent of Islam, Mecca and Medina were centers of matriarchal religion and matriarchal society. Goddess Al Lat a form of Goddess Innanna and Astarte and Devi was the presiding Goddess of Mecca. Decline of Islam would resurrect the ancient Goddess religions of Arabia.


India should retaliate against Islamic terrorism by systemic support and empowerment of Muslim women, encouraging them to launch frontal attack on fundamentalist Islam. The Sufi Mystics worship Allah in its feminine aspect. The victory of Sufi Mysticism over Sunni Wahhabism during Islamic wars of religious sects shall result in the exalted status of Muslim women.


Should Muslim women of Afghanistan be authorized to use weapons to punish the fundamentalist Taliban leaders, for their crimes against Afghan women? Should Afghan women given legal authority to beat all such pro-Taliban men as tortured Afghan women during Taliban regime? Afghan women should be allowed to punish Taliban men, and provided with suitable military escort, to publicly beat Taliban men. Should Afghan women given legal authority to whip Taliban men that tortured women during Taliban rule? A Christian power that conquers a Muslim nation, could win over the loyalty of Muslim women, if it gives Muslim women legal authority to whip Muslim men. With the use of modern weapons women can also kill man. Any notion of superiority of man over woman is false in the age of modern weapons. Modern weapons no longer require muscle power for its effectiveness. Saudi Arabian women soldiers with suitable weapons and supported by foreign army, can effectively enslave Wahhabi men into bondage and slavery.


India may deploy military force to guarantee rights of Muslim women throughout the Islamic world. In the Clash of Civilizations, Hindu India and Buddhist China might provide arms to Muslim women to overthrow terrorist Islamic Fundamentalism. Hindus, Buddhists and Christians should plan to empower hitherto exploited Muslim women as a political weapon to castrate the menace of Islamic terrorism.


The patriarchal Occidental religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism based subjugate women because at the times when Judaism was born, from the time of Abraham to King David, Matriarchy and Goddess ruled the Arabian Peninsula. Hindu India and Buddhist China shall put its weight behind the Muslim & Christian women to give fitting blow to patriarchal, male-dominant Christian and Islamic civilization and religions. Just as Christian and Muslim missionaries focus on lower castes of Hindus for conversions, Hindus should focus on Muslim & Christian women for conversions. Subjugation of women is the weakest point, the proverbial Achilles Heels of Islam and Christianity. The blessings of Almighty Goddess, the Omnipotent Creator would help Hindus win the War of Religions, resulting in the universal victory of God as a Woman.





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© 2006 Copyrights All Rights Reserved Author: KALKI GAUR

Kalki Gaur Books are as follows:

Kalki Gaur, “GLOBAL CLASH OF RACES” (2006)






Kalki Gaur, “GNOSTIC BIBLE” (2006)

Kalki Gaur, “POPULIST MANIFESTO” (2006)

The complete text of 5,000 pages of Books by Kalki Gaur available for free download at following Kalki Blogs for academic and non-commercial usage.

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