Chapter 38

Bush-Rice’s Agenda of NeoConservatism

“Global Clash of Races-Diplomacy of Civilizations” © (2006) Kalki Gaur

38(0) Purport- 38(1) Talk Points

(1) USA is 21st Century’s Agency of History

One. The Neo-Conservatism believes that the demise of Communism in 1989 and the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991 symbolized the victory of the inclusive tolerant ideologies, victory of the Capitalism, victory of the Democratic Utopia, and the victory of Protestant Christianity. The Protestant United States is the hegemon Christian King of the world in the 21st Century. The United States is the agency of History. The Manifest destiny of the United States in the 21st Century is to export Democratic Utopia, Reformed Christianity and English language worldwide. Democratic, tolerant and inclusive United States and India emerged as revolutionary agency of the history in the first quarter of the 21st Century. Neo-Conservatism advocates the crusades of democracy inside Tehran, Mecca, Beijing and the Vatican. Neo-Conservatism believes that if Republican President could repeat anti-communist agenda of President Reagan, then the demise of Communist China and rise of Buddhist Capitalist China would become a reality.

WHITE HOUSE MAY LEAD CHURCH: Two. In the 21st Century the Sword of pro-diversity inclusive tolerant Religions is mightier than the Sword of exclusive intolerant iconoclast Religions, it might tilt the Religious balance of power. The Neo-Conservatism believes that the Christian White House should also provide leadership to the Christian Church irrespective to its sects, dogmas and denominations. The Christian White House should lead and direct the Christian Church lest extremist fundamentalist sects and cults mislead the Christian world towards Armageddon or Apocalypse. The rise of Protestant as the sole super power of the world is a turning point in Christian history, and it obliges the White House to lead warring diverse Christian sects and Churches those of Roman Catholics, Russian Orthodoxy, Protestants, Non-Denominational, Gnostics, Apostolic, Coptic, Ethiopian Christianity into a democratically elected inclusive tolerant single Unified Christian Church, single Unified Christian Holy Bible, single Unified Christian Theology that allow all diverse presently mutually hostile Christian sects to co-exist. Neo-Conservatism shall restore Gnostic Gospels of Apostles Judas, Thomas, Philip, Mary Magdalene and Sophia to its rightful place as Canonic Gospels in Holy Christian Bible. Neo-Conservatism shall restore all heresies as canonic Christian dogma and only Christian laity would decide what Gospels, Dogmas and Theologies to follow as Christians. Neo-Conservatism advocates that Christian Church property should be held in the name of the Christian laity and Christian laity should direct elect priests, Bishops and other top officials of the Church. The totalitarian theocracies of the Vatican, Mecca and Tehran became outdated in the 21st Century.


DISBAND OPEC OIL CARTEL: Three. Neo-Conservatism advocates the dismemberment of OPEC oil cartel, as OPEC is as illegal as Italian Mafia or Colombian Drug Cartel or De Beers Diamond Cartel. Break up of the OPEC cartel shall lower global oil prices. The Arabists conspired to set up OPEC cartel to make Big Oil and Oil producers rich. OPEC harms national interests of the United States and India. Neo-Conservatism advocates that OPEC countries are partitioned into multiple independent states and brought under the colonial occupation of American Colonial Empire.


ENERGY SECURITY BY PETRO-COLONIALISM: Four. Neo-Colonialism accepts petro-imperialism as lesser evil than the petro-terrorism of the Semite OPEC oil cartel. American colonialism becomes morally right and morally good provided it lowers the gas bill at retail gas stations. American colonialism becomes morally right and morally good provided Pax-Americana averts the looming specter of Christian-Islamic wars of Armageddon and Apocalypse. President Bush unleashed a new age of Petro-Colonialism during American invasions of Iraq, and no power can put the genie of colonialism back in to the bottle.


USA-INDIA EXEMPLAR POST-NATION-STATES: Five. The Neo-Conservatism believes that the union of 25 states of Europe symbolized that the third world countries organized around artificial arbitrary colonial boundaries would merge into continental-size post nation-states following example of democratic India as the Exemplar post-nation-state. The model of European Union is not an Exemplar post-nation state. It is foretold that more than 100 sovereign independent states would lose their sovereign status and become part of either Colonial Empires or join into regional confederations and federations. By 2025 only such continental size states or empires that have more than 3 million square miles area and population of more than 150 million would survive as independent entities. President Bush’s civilian nuclear agreement with India underscores emerging USA-India strategic ties to contain rising China, as only India could check any future Chinese expansionism in Taiwan, Southeast Asia or Australia.


AXIS OF TOLERANT INCLUSIVE RELIGIONS: Six. The Neo-Conservatism believes that Gnostic Mysticism, Kabala Mysticism, Sufi Mysticism, Yoga Mysticism, Taoism and Buddhist Mysticism represent true religions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Confucianism and Buddhism respectively. All such religions of sword that expanded by sword would meet its end at rival sword of inclusive tolerant religions in 21st Century. Neo-Conservatism seeks to leverage the spiritualism and mysticism of Gnosticism and Sufism to reform Christianity and Islam respectively. The return of Israel in the Holy Land after 2,000 years of Diaspora signals that ancient religions, ancient cultures and ancient civilizations would return to Egypt, Syria, Mecca, Greece and Rome in the 21st Century. United States and India as the agency shall leverage the predominance of the hegemon at the White House to restore tolerant inclusive religion, culture and society in the Middle East. It is the manifest destiny of Republican Neo-Conservatism to restore to Gospel of Judas and Gospel of Mary Magdalene and Gospel of Thomas to its rightful place among canonical Gospels of the New Testament.


MIGHTY SWORD OF INCLUSIVE TOLERANCE: Seven. For the first time in 2000 years the Sword of inclusive tolerant religions mightier than the combined swords of exclusive intolerant iconoclast patriarchal religions in 2006. The voters of United States and India should decide how best to leverage the preponderant military, economic, cultural and political might of the Sword of inclusive tolerant religions to permanently reform intolerant exclusive iconoclast patriarchal religions, societies, cultures and civilizations in the 21st Century, and to legitimize the new role of Revolutionary United States and India as Agency of History. Islamic invaders invaded India and imposed 700-year Islamic rule in India.


VATICAN-MECCA-BEIJING AXIS: Eight. Neo-Conservatism warns Bush administration against the emerging Axis of fundamentalist Islam, fundamentalist Papacy and extremist Communist China. It is no accident that while India rejoiced President Bush’s visit to India and signing of civilian nuclear deal with India, only Catholics, Muslims and communist opposed President Bush’s visit to India. It is no accident that pro-Papacy, pro-Muslim and pro-China Senators, Congressmen and Media oppose President Bush’s civilian nuclear agreement with India.


DISBAND OPEC OIL CARTEL: Nine. Neo-Conservatism argues that Big Oil bribed Arabists at the White House to establish OPEC Oil Cartel. OPEC oil cartel harms the national interest of United States. The rising oil price harms American economy. The fat profits of Big Oil harms national interest of the United States. Neo-Conservatism believes that the purpose of American Petro-Colonialism in the Middle East must result in reduced gas prices at American gas stations. Semite OPEC oil cartel is greater an evil than Italian Mafia cartel, Catholic Colombian Drug cartel and Semite De Beers Diamond cartel.


PAPACY THREATENS WASP DOMINATION: Ten. Neo-Conservatism opposes any Papal design to undermine the WASP character of the United States. American WASP civilization is under assault by Papacy. Papal institutions have exploited the freedom the Protestant democracy and new Catholic immigration to the United States, to engineer the Catholic domination of the White House to bring about the downfall of the hegemon Protestant power of the world. American Civilization became corrupted by its own success that is American Success. American History can be explained in terms of Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406) theory of cyclical social developments, enunciated in “Meqaddimah.” It states peoples gain civilization, are corrupted by their (own) successes. Corrupt civilization in turn succumbs to invasions of another ascendant culture and civilization. Moral corruption caused the decline of Roman Empire. The political domination of the Democrats and Republicans in United States could also end, if the third party’s presidential candidate advocates the new moral order of the American polity.


CHANGE KHOMEINIST REGIME: Eleven. Neo-Conservatism advocates regime change in Tehran as a strategic goal. Neo-Conservatism warns that failure to enforce change of Khomeinist regime now, then America will have to fight an even bigger and costlier war against a nuclear-armed foe. Indian Prime Minister declared that nuclear Iran is not in India’s national interest. President Carter engineered the overthrow of Shah of Iran, because Shah’s regime sought a nuclear capacity with an eye on making the Soviets deem it too risky to attack Iran. Nuclear Iran under Shah would have dominated Middle East and would have pushed Saudi Arabia to sidelines.


SWORD OF ANCIENT RELIGIONS: Twelve.  Should Hindu India use the Sword of tolerant inclusive Hinduism to reclaim Persia for Zoroastrianism, to reclaim Indonesia for Hinduism, to reclaim Greece, Rome and Egypt for ancient gods and goddesses? Should Protestant America use the Sword of inclusive tolerant Hegelian Gnosticism, Protestantism and Reformed Christianity to reclaim Europe for Gnosticism, Apostolic, Arian and Reformed Christianity? Should United States and India use the Sword of inclusive tolerance to restore Mysticism and Sufism throughout Sunni and Shiite Islamic world? Should United States use the sword of inclusive tolerance to restore Book of Johor and Kabala Mysticism throughout Judaic world? Should United States use the Sword of inclusive tolerance to engineer the regime change in Communist China, Communist Cuba and Communist North Korea? Should United States and India use the Sword of inclusive tolerant Religion restore the rule of Buddhism and Taoism in land of atheist intolerant iconoclast patriarchal Judeo-Communist China? Should the United States use the might of Sword of inclusive tolerance to guarantee the women of the Middle East the freedom and liberty? Should sword of inclusive tolerant democracy defeat the Shiite tyranny and restore the rule of Zoroastrians in Iran? The ball is in the court of American voters in the Election 2008 and in Indian elections and the decision of voters shall determine the direction of history in the 21st Century.


(2) Dr. Rice is Richelieu Raison D’etat

KISSINGER DIDN’T FOLLOW RAISON D’ETAT: One. Republican Neo-Conservatism rejects former Secretary Dr. Henry Kissinger’s claim that the diplomacy he pursued represented realism as defined by Richelieu’s Raison D’etat, because Secretary Kissinger implemented the hidden religious agenda of amoral iconoclast patriarchy in garb of Realism. While Cardinal Richelieu opposed Papal designs in the 30-year Counter Reformation Wars and subordinated the Papal Catholic interests to the national interests of France, Secretary Kissinger promoted anti-Buddhism Papal interests in Cambodia, Laos and South Vietnam to the detriment of national interests of the United States. Secretary Zbingniew sacrificed national interests of the United States to promote Papal monotheist interests by overthrowing Shah of Iran to impose the theocracy of Ayatollah Khomeini. Secretary Madeleine Albright sacrificed the national interests of the United States when she promoted Papal interests to disintegrate Slave Orthodox Yugoslavia to engineer the secession of Catholic Slovenia and Catholic Croatia from Yugoslavia. The diplomacy of Kissinger-type Realism promotes the national interests of the iconoclast patriarchal Vatican at the cost of the national interests of the United States. Secretary Condoleezza Rice is a true Realist in terms of the Richelieu’s Raison D’etat. Secretary Rice’s Realism rejected the Kissinger-type Realism, because the realism of Raison D’etat requires that Diplomat must not use the foreign policy to promote any hidden iconoclast patriarchal religious agenda. Raison D’etat requires that foreign policy conduct of a Diplomat must only promote the national interests of a nation, and must never use the foreign policy apparatus of a nation for promoting the interests of a Church or Papacy, even when the interests of Papacy may coincide with that of the State. Secretary Kissinger followed the policy of Balance of Power but misinterpreted the Realism. Secretary Kissinger put upside down the Richelieu doctrine of Raison D’etat and used it to promote the religious interests of the Papacy and religious right conservative conspiracy but justified it in terms of the balance of power interests of the United States. In nutshell the foreign policies of Secretary Kissinger, Secretary Brzezinski and secretary Albright used the Richelieu’s doctrine of Realism to promote the religious interests of the Papacy and religious right conservative conspiracy, but used the Richelieu’s doctrine of Balance of Power to justify the implementation of hidden religious agenda through the foreign policy apparatus of the White House. In short Secretary Kissinger, Secretary Brzezinski and Secretary Albright acted as the spies or agents of the Pope inside the White House and caused great harm to the national interests of United States defined in terms of secular power. When policies of Secretaries Kissinger-Brzezinski-Albright judged in terms of secular national interests defined in terms of national power then they might have inadvertently committed high treason against the United States, as they misused the infrastructure of the United States to promote the hidden agenda and interests of the religious right conservative conspiracy and Papacy.


Richelieu’s Raison D’etat (1624-1642)

RAISON D’ETAT AND BALANCE OF POWER: Two. With the concept of unity under Papacy, the emerging states of Europe needed some principle to justify their foreign policy independent of Papacy. Cardinal de Richelieu, the First Minister of Catholic France found it in the concepts of Raison d’etat and the balance of power. Each depended on the other. Raison d’etat asserted that the well being of the state justified whatever means were employed to further it. The national interest supplanted the medieval papal notion of universal Catholic morality. The state need not formulate the foreign policy to promote the religious interests of Roman Catholicism and Christianity. The purpose of the Diplomats pursuing the raison d’etat is to pursue national interests of the State neither the ideological goals nor the papal religious Christian interests. The Raison d’etat principles made the diplomats free from any obligation to the Pope and Roman Catholic Church. Richelieu came into office in 1624, when the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II was attempting to revive Catholic Universality, stamp out Protestantism, and establish Holy Roman Empire’s control over the Protestant princes of Central Europe. Cardinal de Richelieu was the First Minister of Catholic Kingdom of France from 1624 to 1642, during the period of Counter Reformation Thirty years Wars (1618-1648). Richelieu’s 18-year reign as First Minister of France blunted the Pope and Habsburg Holy Roman Empire’s attempts to destroy Protestant Reformation and Lutheran Movement, during 30-year religious war in Europe, in which more than one-third population of Germans died. The Counter Reformation War was one of the most brutal and destructive wars in the history of the mankind. By 1618, the German-speaking territory of Central Europe was divided into two armed camps, namely the Protestant Camp and Catholic Camp. In the crucible of this conflict, Cardinal Richelieu grafted the principle of Raison d’etat on French foreign policy, a principal that the other European states adopted in the century that followed.


38(2) US Election 2008

(1) Church Threatens Secular USA

USA AS AGENCY OF HISTORY: One. Neo-Conservatism believes that United States after the January 2001 inauguration Bush Administration became an Agency of History. The principal agenda of Neo-Conservative Republican administration is to export Democratic Utopia and Crusades for Democracy including the heartlands of extremist murderous religions and ideologies. 


NEW AGE OF REFORMED CHRISTIANITY: Two. The Neo-Conservatism believes that the demise of the Communism and the Soviet Union resulted in the rise of Protestant Democratic United States as the hegemon of the world and the White House emerged as seat of the hegemon Christian King of the 21st Century. The unprecedented hegemony of the United States signals the hegemony of Democratic Utopia as well as the hegemony of inclusive tolerant religions and Protestant Reformed Christianity over extremist fundamentalist theocratic Vatican and Mecca.


HEGEMON CHRISTIAN KING AT WHITE HOUSE: Three. Neo-Conservatism believes that the Protestant President of the United States is the hegemon Christian King residing at the White House can no longer shirk his historic role to unify Christian Churches as well as Christian Holy Bibles, so that Universal Church representing all Christians of the world is led by democratically elected officials of the Church. The White House should lead the Christians of the world to unify Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Gnostic and Non-Denominational Christian Sects and Bibles into an inclusive tolerant pro-diversity democratic universal Christianity, universal Christian Church and universal Christian Bible.


ISLAM IS THREAT TO TOLERANT AMERICA: Four. Neo-Conservatism believes that Islamic religious extremism and fundamentalism represented by Mecca and Tehran as well as theocratic fundamentalism represented by Papacy represents twin threats to the inclusive tolerant Christianity represented by Protestant United States.


RISE OF DEMOCRATIC UTOPIA: Five. Neo-Conservatism believes that the Democratic Utopia is undermined by the murderous Communist ideology represented by China.


GLOBAL ALLIANCE OF INCLUSIVE TOLERANCE: Five. Neo-Conservatism advocates global alliance of inclusive tolerant pro-diversity religions as well as global alliance of democratic nations to defeat the growing nexus of iconoclast patriarchal intolerant exclusive religions and murderous political ideologies. The strategic alliance of inclusive tolerant democratic United States and India is a turning point in history and creates Washington-Delhi Axis of Right and Good.


9/11 BARBARIAN INVASION OF CIVILIZATION: Six. Neo-Conservatism believes that Islamic attacks of 9/11 represents the barbarian Islamic attacks on civilized United States and is the warning by Muslims that the American Civilization may meet the fate of ancient Egyptian and Persian Civilizations.


CHURCH CONSPIRES AGAINST STATE IN USA: Seven. Neo-Conservatism believes that extremist Papacy conspiring to undermine Protestant United States in 21st Century by misusing the liberty and the freedom of inclusive Protestant democracy to undermine the democracy as well as Protestant leadership of the United States. Neo-Conservatives reminds that Papacy had conspired with the barbarian king Alaric to destroy the Roman Empire and Roman Civilization. Republican Neo-Conservatives fear that Papal-agent once elected as the President of the United States might turn out to be 21st Century’s Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius (died 415) to destroy Protestantism and Protestant leadership of United States. The principal constitutional objective of 1777 US Constitution was to constitutionally foil any future designs of Papacy to undermine inclusive tolerant Protestant Reformed Christianity.


VATICAN-MECCA-BEIJING AXIS: Eight. Neo-Conservatism wants to alert American public to the dangers that arch conservative Papacy or Islamic fundamentalist terrorism or Communist China presents to inclusive Protestant democratic United States. Republican Neo-Conservatives are determined that United States shall not meet the fate of Roman civilization, ancient Egypt and ancient Persia. Inclusive tolerant Protestant United States is locked into a moral combat with exclusive intolerant Mecca, Tehran, Vatican and Beijing. It is an article of faith for Neo-Conservatism to export Democratic Utopia to Mecca, Tehran, Vatican and Beijing.


CATHOLIC-PROTESTANT DEMOGRAPHICS: Nine. The 4th Century Church of Rome misused the welcome of Roman Emperors to Christianity to destroy the Roman Empire and Roman Civilization within a century of the end of Christian persecution in Rome. Similarly, Papacy might conspire to bring down the Protestant United States, the 21st Century’s Christian hegemon of the world. The challenge of the Republican Neo-Conservatism is to meet the electoral threat of changing demographics that brings in more Catholic immigrants than Protestant immigrants to the United States.


DEMOCRATIZING PAPACY: Ten. Neo-Conservatism argues that by democratizing Papacy and by democratic institutions within Roman Catholic Church that allows for the periodic direct elections of Catholic priests, Bishops, Cardinals and Pope for a fixed period of 5 years by the Catholic laity worldwide, the Papal menace over Protestant Christian hegemon America.


GLOBAL VICTORY OF INCLUSIVE TOLERANCE: Eleven. Neo-Conservatism argues that the demise of intolerant exclusive patriarchal iconoclast Communism and demise of the Soviet Union declares the victory of Protestant Reformed Christianity, the victory of Democracy, the victory of capitalism, the victory of inclusive tolerant pro-diversity moderate religions, ideologies and philosophies.


DECLINE OF INTOLERANT RELIGIONS: Twelve. Neo-Conservatism argues that the demise of Judeo-Marxist Communism signals the pending decline of extremist fundamentalist intolerant Judeo-Christian Catholicism as well as the decline of Judeo-Semite Wahhabi Islam. The demise of Communism signals the rise of Hegelian dialectics that declares that history moves forward. The rise of Hegelianism asserts that Philosophers are better suited than priests to interpret Scriptures, edit Christian Bible and decide Christian Theology. Neo-Conservatives wants hegemon Christian King at the White House to unify warring and divergent Christian sects of Catholicism Orthodoxy Protestantism Gnosticism and Non-Denominationalism into an inclusive tolerant democratically elected Universal Christian Church and Universal Christian Bible that include Gnostic Gospels of Judas, Thomas, Philip, Mary Magdalene and Sophia of Jesus Christ. Neo-Conservatism argues that the rise of Protestant United States as the sole super power signals the victory of Protestant Reformed Christianity over Roman Catholicism as well as Orthodoxy. The hegemon Christian King at the White House use leverage the might of the hegemon to force divergent Christian sects into a single tolerant inclusive pro-diversity non-iconoclast democratically elected Universal Christian Church, Universal Christian Bible and Universal Christian Theology, so that any Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Gnostic, Apostolic and Non-Denominational Christian laity or believer could worship at any Christian Church and read the Gospel of his choice from the Universal Christian Bible as well as vote for elections for Christian priests, Bishops, Arch-Bishops, Cardinals and Pope at regularly held free and fair elections for Christian Churches. Neo-Conservatives believe that the property of the Christian Churches are held in trust for the Christian believers and laity and laity have unrestricted right and duty to elect officials and priests of the Christian Church.


RELIGIOUS ROLE FOR WHITE HOUSE: Thirteen. Such American presidents as Democratic President Carter or Republican President George Bush should directly play active leadership role in the management of Catholic and Protestant Churches after they demit the White House.


PAPAL CONTROL OVER WHITE HOUSE: Fourteen. Neo-Conservatism advocates constitutional changes in the Constitution to ensure that incumbent President at the White House is not a hidden agent of the Papacy. Neo-Conservatism advocates constitutional changes to ensure that outgoing President should get a leadership role in Roman Catholic Church as well as Protestant Church to ensure that Christian Church enhances rather than limits the world role of the United States. A retiring Catholic President of the United States would make an excellent Pope of the Vatican and Roman Catholic Church. American President must rule over Christian Church so that extremist fundamentalist Church may not mislead the Christians to Apocalypse and Armageddon. Neo-Conservatism argues that the orders of Italian King of House of Savoy the succession of Popes had been the prisoners of the Vatican from 1877 to 1929.


BAN USAGE OF CHURCH PULPITS FOR POLITICS: Fifteen. Neo-Conservatism advocates that Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Evangelical Church should use pulpits neither to influence the voting nor to promote priests as candidates in elections. The Church and the Priests should keep out of politics. It is against democratic traditions that Christian priests have come to dominate the political leadership of the Blacks in the United States. The growing numbers of priests, pastors and reverends serving as Senators or Congressmen at the Capitol presents great threat to American democracy.


CHURCH MAY CONSPIRE AGAINST AMERICA: Sixteen. The Neo-Conservatism believes that the Protestant United States should not become a victim of any conspiracy of extremist fundamentalist Church. The White House and the Capitol must take preemptive counter measures to foil any conspiracy to cause the demise of the secular United States the fate similar to that of the demise of Roman Empire in 415 AD or the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991.


USA MAY LEAD UNIFIED CHRISTIANITY: Seventeen. The Neo-Conservatism believes that the President Bush and Secretary Condoleezza Rice created new history by developing strategic ties with India. The Neo-Conservatism believes that the in the 21st Century the Sword of Democracy and the Sword of inclusive tolerant religions and ideologies is mightier than the swords of tyrannies and the swords of intolerant exclusive iconoclast religions. Neo-Conservatism seeks to educate American public about new leadership role the new Christian hegemon at the White House could play in the ongoing clash of civilizations, clash of religions, clash of ideas and clash of races, by leveraging the might of the sword of inclusive tolerance. In the 21st Century the ideas, religions, societies and cultures represented by forces of Sword of Exclusive Intolerance or Extremism may decline or demise if they dared to challenge the mightier Sword of inclusive tolerance and Centrism. Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Christian Church, Arab Sunni Islam, Iranian Shiite Islam, and Judaism are all religions of Sword and Communism is the Ideology of Sword. Gnostic Christianity, Reformed Christianity, Mystic Christianity, Kabbalah Mystic Judaism, Sufi Mystic Islam and all Oriental Religions are not the religions of Sword, but the Sword of these tolerant inclusive religions became mightier than the Swords of all intolerant exclusive religions of Swords in the 21st Century. Neo-Conservatism is the political philosophy that discusses how to leverage the might of the Mighty Sword of Inclusive Tolerance to shape the world in the 21st Century and to bring about verifiable reforms and institutional changes in the religions and ideologies of the Sword, to avert the descent of a New Dark Age or Apocalypse or Armageddon in the world.


(2) Clash of Ideas in Election 2008

IDEOLOGY MUST WIN VOTERS IN ELECTIONS: One. The ideology of Neo-Conservatism can remain relevant for Republican Party only if it can prove its relevance in the electoral battleground of America and the policy making battleground of the White House and the legislative battleground of the Capitol Hill. The political ideologies and philosophies compete with rival ideologies in the level playing ground of American polity. American elections provide the level playing ground for the market valuation of rival ideologies. For Neo-Conservatism to remain relevant as the reigning ideology of the 21st Century, it must prove its bona fides in the political election process in the United States, especially in the 2008 presidential elections.


SECOND ADMINISTRATION IS UN-FIRST TERM: Two. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should help incumbent Republican President George Bush secure his role and place in American history by prioritizing his second term agenda, which is un-first term and which is defined by pro-India policies of Secretary Condoleezza Rice.


CONDOLEEZZA RICE AS 2008 RUNNING MATE: Three. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should help black woman secretary Condoleezza Rice secure the vice presidential slot in the dream ticket of the Republican frontrunner in 2008.


PRO-WASP NEO-CONSERVATISM: Four. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should clarify that WASPs have regained control of the Neo-Conservatism agenda and purged it of hidden Jewish or Israeli agenda and that the Neo-Conservatism has replaced the WASP Conservatism and Compassionate Conservatism as the darling of the Protestant Anglo Saxons.


NEO-CONSERVATISM IN 2008 AGENDA: Five. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should help the Republican presidential frontrunner in 2008 define his campaign to meet the challenge of the Democratic front-runner.


PRO-IMMIGRANT NEO-CONSERVATISM: Six. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should win over new immigrants, minorities, Women, Blacks, Latinos and Asians to reinforce the Protestant Anglo Saxon leadership of the United States.


NEO-CONS REJECTS APOCALYPSE: Seven. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should attract the votes of Prophetic Christians and religious right conservative conspiracy without alienating the voters that are repelled by the eschatological Apocalyptic Armageddon doctrines.


WHITE HOUSE TO LEAD CHRISTIAN CHURCH: Eight. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should reinforce the Christian view that leader of the most powerful Christian nation at the White House, has a legitimate role as the leader and guide of the Catholic Christianity as well as Protestant Christianity and that the American President should lead the Christian Church leaders rather than be led by Christian Clergy.


DEMOCRATIZE PAPACY: Nine. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should help develop democratic institutions in Papacy, Roman Catholic Church, Protestant Church and Orthodox Church so that Christian laity may directly elect the priests and officials of the Church.


SOUTHWARD SPREAD OF PROTESTANTISM: Ten. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should help Denominational Protestant Church win new converts from Catholics and Orthodox Christians and expand Protestant Christianity south of the border to the southernmost tip of Argentina.


WEAN LATINOS AWAY FROM PAPACY: Eleven. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should weaken the loyalty of American Catholics towards the foreign Potentate, the Pope, and weaken the loyalty of American Muslims towards the foreign Potentate in Mecca, and weaken the loyalty of American Jews towards the foreign Potentate in Israel.


EXPORT ENGLISH SOUTHWARD: Twelve. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should export English language south of the border in Hispanic America.


AMERICAN CONTROL OVER OIL & GAS: Thirteen. The doctrine of Conservatism should reinforce the geopolitical foundation of preeminent power of the United States, by ideologically justifying American control over world’s oil and gas reserves, since the gas and oil accounts for more than 80% of the world’s total natural resources, minerals, metals, non-metals produced in the world.


SUPPORT BIG OIL: Fourteen. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should justify the economic interests of American Big Oil. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should justify America’s preemptive strikes against Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Islamic terrorism.


INVASIONS TO DENUKE ISLAMIC BOMB: Fifteen. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should justify American invasions of Iran to keep nuclear weapons out of the reach of Iranians and Saudi Arabians.


PETRO-COLONIALISM VERSUS APOCALYPSE: Sixteen. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should justify any present or future designs of Pax-Americana and Petro-Colonialism as a lesser evil to avert the specter of Armageddon or Apocalypse.


USA-INDIA STRATEGIC TIES: Seventeen. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should justify the emerging USA-India strategic ties as a turning point in the history. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should justify the Crusades for Democracy as moral imperative for the United States.


USA AS AGENCY OF HISTORY: Eighteen. The doctrine of Neo-conservatism should help United States become an agency of history to export Democratic Utopia worldwide. The doctrine of Neo-conservatism should provide rationale and justification for American preemptive attacks on adversaries.


PRESIDENTIAL FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Nineteen. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should advocate that American Presidential form of government is better than British Parliamentary form of government.


NEO-CONSERVATISM REIGNING IDEOLOGY: Twenty. The doctrine of Neo-conservatism should emerge as the reigning political ideology and philosophy of the 21st Century. Global Neo-Conservative political parties should be formed worldwide to implement Neo-Conservative Capitalist Democratic agenda worldwide.


CRUSADES FOR DEMOCRACY, ENGLISH: Twenty-one. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should advocate that the manifest destiny of the United States in the 21st Century is to export Democracy, English Language and Protestant Christianity south of the border towards the southern tip of Argentina and Chile. The manifest destiny of the United States in the 19th Century was the westward expansion of the continental United States from the Atlantic Coast towards the Pacific Coast.


REFORM US ELECTION PROCESS: Twenty-two. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should advocate that the United States Constitution should be amended to make it more democratic and to reform the election process in the United States.


ANTI-COMMUNISM: Twenty-three. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should advocate that America and India should join military and political forces to wage a global war on Maoist terrorism.


BAN LOYALTY TO FOREIGN POTENTATES: Twenty-four. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should advocate that the United States remains the welcoming destinations of the immigrants of the world but the immigrants must not remain loyal to the foreign Potentates after they become the citizens of the United States.


VICTORY OF INCLUSIVE TOLERANT RELIGIONS: Twenty-five. The doctrine of Neo-conservatism should advocate that United States use its might on the side of inclusive, tolerant ideologies, cultures and religions and oppose the murderous, intolerant, extremist, anti-women fundamentalist ideologies and terrorist religions, cultures and societies.


RISE OF HEGELIAN DIALECTICS: Twenty-six. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should advocate Hegelian dialectic and philosophy of history, where history continually progresses in the future by continually resolving the inner-contradictions of the past and present history. The doctrine of Neo-conservatism should advocate that the hegemon United States should judiciously use its power to neutralize the designs of the murderous intolerant ideologies and extremist fundamentalist religions to turn the clock back and to descend the looming barbarian New Dark Age on the civilized world in the 21st Century.


BLACKS & LATINOS IN PARTY OF LINCOLN: Twenty-seven. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should attract Blacks and Catholic Latinos into the Republican Party while neutralizing the growing influence of the Papacy over Catholic voters.


(3) Elections Define Ideologies Philosophies

US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS 2008: One. The doctrine of Neo-Conservatism should help define the electoral agenda of the Republican Dream ticket in 2008 presidential ticket. The Republican dream ticket shall include as vice presidential running mate black woman Secretary Condoleezza Rice to stop the democratic juggernaut of Senator Hillary Clinton. In American politics the presidential elections of 2008 provides a level playing field for competing political ideologies, philosophies, political agendas, religions, interest groups, pressure groups and political parties to woo, seduce, cajole or brainwash the electorate or coalition of voting groups to gain control of the White House, the Congress and the Senate. The success of a business in a Capitalist economy judged by its profitability, market capitalization, revenues and shareholders’ value. Similarly the political value of the ideology of Neo-Conservatism of the Global Clash of Races, determined by the role it play in influencing the outcome of US Presidential Elections 2008. Any political philosophy or a political ideology or a political agenda that fails to influence election results requires revision to remain relevant for politicians and policy makers in a democratic society. The United States presidential elections 2008 is an anvil that shall determine the political capital of the Ideology of Neo-Conservatism and Global Clash of Races shall play an important role in leveraging WASP’s Neo-Conservatism to install a Republican Presidential ticket in the White House in 2009. The dream Republican presidential ticket in elections 2008 shall be a white Protestant frontrunner with black woman Secretary Condoleezza Rice as vice presidential running mate, which shall stop the juggernaut of Democratic presidential front-runner Senator Hillary Clinton.


UNIVERSALISM OF NEO-CONSERVATISM: Two. The second Bush Administration that is un-first term has transformed Neo-Conservatism to suit the political interests of WASP Protestants by purging it of narrow Jewish Israeli agenda as well as Kissinger-type amoral iconoclast patriarchal agenda. The Neo-Conservatism now represents the mainstream Protestant agenda. The Crusades for Democracy worldwide including the Islamic Middle East, China and Papacy is backed by the might of the Protestant United States presents a turning point in history and catapults the local agenda of Republican Neo-Conservatism into a reigning philosophy and ideology of the 21st Century, in the age where Communism and religious fundamentalism stands discredited. President Bush and Secretary Condoleezza Rice should seize this moment in history and make Neo-Conservative United States the agency of History and exporter of Democratic Utopia in the 21st Century.


NEO-CONSERVATISM IN INDIAN ELECTIONS: Three. President Bush’s civilian nuclear deal with India is a turning point in history and could bring India into American camp and on the same side of the clash of civilizations in the 21st Century. The political experience of Republican Neo-Conservatism is applicable to Capitalist India after the demise of Communism in the Soviet Union and the rise of foreign direct investment led capitalism in China. It is in India’s national interest that a Republican Neo-Conservative presidential ticket wins the presidential elections 2008. Otherwise the presidential victory of the democratic frontrunner in 2008 elections foretells dark clouds on emerging USA-India strategic partnership. Neo-Conservative India aligned with Neo-Conservative United States may leverage the political resources of the world’s largest democracy with those of the world’s oldest and richest democracy, to successfully export Democratic Utopia worldwide in the first two decades of the New Millennium.


DEMOCRATIZING CHINA ISLAM & PAPACY: Four. The Neo-Conservative Republican United States and secular democratic India should pool its resources to export Democratic Utopia to Islamic Middle East, China and the Papacy in the first two decades of the 21st Century. The Neo-Conservatism and Democratic Utopia provide a solution of totalitarian extremist religious fundamentalism, dictatorial theocracy, and murderous Communist Ideology. The Mecca-Vatican-Beijing Axis of Medieval represents the global Axis of intolerance, extremism, totalitarianism and tyranny that threatens the descent of looming New Dark Age on the world civilizations, because of their belief in Apocalypse, Armageddon and murderous ideologies. The United States- India alliance of inclusiveness, tolerance, moderation and democracy pools the resources of the dominant Occidental power the United States and leading Oriental power India. The USA-India alliance helps counter-balance the Rising China, Islamic terrorism and Iranian Nuclear threats. From the perspective of Indians and Protestants the global Crusades for Democracy would lose its raison d’etre if democratic Crusades excluded sovereign states of oil-rich Islamic Middle East, the Vatican and Communist China.


MENACE OF IRANIAN & SAUDI NUKES: Five. The acquisition of nuclear weapons by either Shiite Iran or Sunni Wahhabi Saudi Arabia would turn the Armageddon Wars in favor of Islam and against Catholics in the Middle East. Neither Protestant United States nor Hindu India can stand on the sidelines and allow Islamic barbarians acquire nukes. Saudi Muslim Bedouin warriors leveraged the mobility of Camel Cavalry to overtake Egyptian Infantry modeled on Roman foot soldiers and destroy the Christian civilizations of Egypt, Libya and Syria and Zoroastrian Civilization of Persia, financed by the Damascus Jews. Central Asian Ottomans leveraged the cannon technology to overwhelm fort-based defenses of maritime Byzantine Orthodox Christian Empire or Eastern Roman Empire. Uzbek, Tajik and Kyrgyz Mughal invaders leveraged the cannon technology to overwhelm Hindu cavalry and established Islamic rule in Hindu India. Throughout history barbarians have capitalized on civilization’s reluctance to emerging barbarian threats to invade civilizations and to destroy civilizations. The inclusive tolerant secular civilizations of United States and India must pool its military, economic and political resources to make Arabian Gulf as Indian Lake and to enforce Gunboat diplomacy in the Persian Gulf. Up to 1947 Indian Empire exercised Gunboat Diplomacy in the Persian Gulf and controlled 100% of Iranian oil and 48% of Iraqi oil. Up to 1965 Indian Rupee was the official reserve currency of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Muscat, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain and Iraq. The USA-India strategic alliance would reinforce Indo-US domination of the Arabian Peninsula and Iran and make Arabian Sea an Indo-US Lake and reassert Gunboat diplomacy in the Persian Gulf. It is in India’s national interest to bring oil-rich Arabian Peninsula, Iran and Caspian Central Asia under Indo-US Pax Americana.


NEW MONGOL EMPIRE: Six. The rise of China resurfaces the threat of New Mongol Empire, which at its ruled over most of Europe up to Danube and the entire Islamic Empire. Buddhist Mongol Empire conquered Baghdad Caliphate and brought nations of Islamic Caliphate world under Mongol Rule. Buddhist Mongol conquerors of Baghdad executed the last Caliph of Islam in 1240 AD. Batu (Kipchak) Empire of Golden Horde wanted to cross Danube and depopulate German lands of Holy Roman Empire to convert lands into grasslands for Mongol Horses. Mongol General Batu Khan was the nephew of Mongol Emperor Agate who in 1229 succeeded Emperor Genghis Khan as the ruler of Mongol Empire. In 1236 Batu Khan led an invading Army into Europe and reached Danube River. He had planned to cross-Danube River to conquer German tribes and depopulate the region, to empty the lands for grazing purpose for feeding Mongol horses. Batu Khan had planned to massacre the entire German race in 1230's, just as Spaniards massacred the Native Americans. The rise of China makes continued white-rule over continental-size Australia untenable. Only the Indo-American Alliance can contain China and keep Australia under continued Anglo-Saxon occupation in Australia or keep China from occupying ASEAN countries or oil-rich Caspian Central Asia. It is neither in the national interests of India nor United States nor Russia to permit China’s expansionism to colonize Caspian Central Asia or Southeast Asia or Australia. India, United States and Russia must pool resources to foil the evil imperialist designs of the New Chinese Mongol Empire.


MENACE OF PRO-CHINA MAOIST TERRORISM: Seven. Neo-Conservative America should widen its war on global terrorism to include war on Maoist Terrorism. India and United States should launch Crusades for Democracy inside Communist China to foil Chinese designs to export murderous Maoist Utopia to India, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. China finances Indian Communist parties and Maoist terrorism in Nepal, India, Burma, Laos and Cambodia to create a Red corridor in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Geopolitically the war being waged by Maoist rebels represents the gravest threat to India's internal security and democracy since independence in 1947. The Maoist Terrorism in India like the Islamic terrorism in the United States had evolved into a major force that threatened "Indian democracy and Indian our way of life. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, “A war being waged by Maoist rebels represents the gravest threat to India's internal security since independence. The Naxalite movement had evolved into a major force that threatened "our democracy, our way of life. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the problem of Naxalism is the single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country. There seems to be unanimity on the fact that we need to give the problem a very high priority. The Naxal movement, named after the town of Naxalbari where it emerged in 1967, had spread to 160 of the country's 604 administrative districts and drew support from "deprived and alienated sections of the population". Naxalites are trying to establish 'liberation zones' in core areas where they are dispensing basic state functions of administration, policing and justice. It is a cause for concern that civil administration and police are periodically absent in some of these areas." Maoist cadres were now better trained, and the movement increasingly militarized, with "superior army style organization", he said. Police say there are more than 20,000-armed Maoist rebels in India with hundreds of thousands of supporters, operating in a "Red Corridor" from the country's southern tip through its central and eastern forests and up to Nepal.  There are "possible external links", a reference to loose ties with powerful Maoist rebels operating in Nepal. Prime Minister told ministers from 13 states affected by Maoist violence that they needed to do a better job of intelligence gathering and coordinating security operations, as well as beefing up and modernizing their police forces. At the same time, Singh lamented India's failure to deliver social justice and development to its poorest regions a neglect that had alienated people and helped feed the Naxalite Maoist terrorism. India’s strategy, therefore, has to be to walk on two legs, to have an effective police response while at the same time focusing on reducing the sense of deprivation and alienation."


IRANIAN NUKES THREATENS APOCALYPSE: Eight. Neo-Conservatism advocates strong preemptive actions to denuke Islamic nuclear threat to the civilized world. The Neo-Cons of the White house must not shirk their historical mission to invade Iran, to demilitarize Iran and to dismantle Iranian nuclear facilities and bring Iran under the colonial occupation of Indo-US Pax Americana. President Bush justified invasion of Iraq on grounds of Iraqi WMDs. President Ahmadinejad declared that it has WMDs. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that Iran has completed the full cycle of enrichment of uranium under laboratory conditions and that Iran has officially joined the countries with nuclear technology. India shall support American invasions of Iran, because Iran had supplied troops to Humayun to invade India and establish Mughal Empire in Hindu India. Nadir Shah had invaded India and massacred one million civilians in Delhi. The White House should develop detailed invasion plan for Iran. American diversionary groups should work in Iran preparing the ground for American invasions. The American military operation should include a series of strikes against atomic facilities and the White House should not rule out the possibility of a nuclear strike or chemical attack against Iran. President George W. Bush should undertake preemptive strikes against Iran, as Ahmadinejad is the “Hitler of the 21st Century.” Neo-Conservative President Bush is an agency of History, a geopolitical messiah a history maker, whose mission should be to rid the world of the new Hitler and new Nazis, the President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad led Shiite Theocracy of Iran. President Bush and Secretary Condoleezza Rice should not shirk their responsibility to take any actions to remove the Iranian regime. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated that Iran is announcing that Iran has completed the full cycle of enrichment of uranium under laboratory conditions. Now Iran has officially joined the countries with nuclear technology. Iran's atomic activity is like a waterfall and it cannot stop it now. Iran stated that 164 centrifuges were working at the atomic center at Natanz. There are plans to build 3000 centrifuges before the end of the year to implement the next stage.” Iranian officials said that they were able to enrich uranium to the level of 3.5 percent uranium 235 content. Just as Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein fell apart, the theocratic regime of Iran shall fall apart during American invasions of Iran. President Bush should declare that the United States would not intervene if the modern youths and women of Iran decide to publicly hang Iran’s pro-Ayatollah Mullahs and their henchmen in the aftermath of Allied victory in Iran, to permanently eradicate the evil Shiite theocratic extremism from Iranian politics and society. Nuclear Theocratic Hitler of Iran requires decisive preemptive strikes by the civilized world against barbarian Iranian theocracy. Any delay in the invasion, conquest and colonization of nuclear Mullahs led Iran threatens the very survival of secular world civilizations. Persian Gulf must again become a Civilized Lake and civilized nations must reassert the right to exercise gunboat diplomacy in Arabian Gulf and Iran and to control the oil and gas reserves of Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.


PROTESTANTISM VS PAPACY CLASH IN USA: Nine. Neo-Conservatism backs the ideal of Reformed Religions and Reformed Christianity such as are inclusive, tolerant and accepts diversity and increased role of the laity in the Church. Anglo Saxon Protestant Founding Fathers of the United States in 1775 inserted the constitutional wall separating the State and the Church, because they feared the Papacy would undermine the United States. The Protestants have historically feared that the Catholics owe greater allegiance to the foreign potentate Papacy than to the President of the United States. The steady flow of new Catholic immigrants from Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland and other parts of Europe has made Catholics very powerful political force in the United States and almost succeeded in installing Democratic Catholic John Kerry, the grandson of Czech Ashkenazi Jew as President of the United States in 2004 elections, but for the slim Republican victory at Ohio. The illegal Catholic immigrants from Mexico outnumber illegal immigrants from any other country by 9 to 1. The real unspoken issue in the great Immigration debate is the electoral impact the regularization of the Mexican Catholic immigrants. Protestants are correctly worried that Papacy conspiring to bring about the disintegration of the United States by engineering Catholic-Protestant communal riots. Papacy engineered the Protestant-Catholic riots in Ireland to bring about the secession of Catholic Ireland from Great Britain in 1919, when British Empire was at its zenith. Neo-Conservatives argue that Republican Party can win over the Catholic Latino voters. Catholic vote bloc presents a threat to the Protestant leadership of the United States, so long as Papacy remains undemocratic, totalitarian and tyrannical. Neo-Conservative Republic President should take the lead and undertake Crusades for Democracy in the Vatican, Papacy and Roman Catholic Church to institutionalize the direct elections of Pope, the local clergy, Bishops, Cardinals, and other officials, by Catholic laity worldwide, by one man one vote principle. Protestant Neo-Cons should undertake Crusades for Democracy in the sovereign State of Vatican, so that laity periodically elect, select and remove officials including Pope, Bishops and Cardinals. So long as Papacy, the Vatican and Roman Catholic Church remain totalitarian, tyrannical and undemocratic, the Catholic laity’s loyalty to the foreign Potentate remains great threat to the territorial integrity, political stability and security of the secular United States. Totalitarian, undemocratic Papacy and the Vatican conspiring to misuse the democratic freedom and election process in the Protestant United States to undermine the Protestant leadership in the United States to the great detriment of Protestant Christianity in the West. In the eyes of Conservative WASPs and Neo-Conservatives the totalitarian Papacy presents single greatest threat to the WASP leadership of the Protestant super power of the world. Unless checked, Papacy would engineer the secession of Catholic-majority regions of the United States to form Catholic United States, just as Papacy conjured up Holy Roman Empire out of the ashes of the Roman Empire. Papacy engineered the secession of Catholic Slovenia and Catholic Croatia from secular Yugoslavia. Papacy might conspire to do the same in the United States, if ever WASPs become complacent. Protestant United States and Hindu India should pool resources to undertake Crusades for Democracy inside the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican and Papacy. Neo-conservatives realize that succession of Popes had been the prisoners of the Vatican from 1870 to 1929 at orders of the Italian King Victor Emmanuel II, who divested the Pope of all temporal and secular powers. In 1940 Pope had less powers and less wealth than Dalai Lama of Tibet.


APOCALYPSE & PROPHETIC CHRISTIANS: Ten. Neo-Conservatism rejects the Catholic and Islamic doctrines of Apocalypse and Armageddon. Republican Neo-Conservatism correctly believes that only American Petro-Colonialism in the oil-rich Middle East would avert looming Apocalypse and Armageddon wars. The Arabian Peninsula and Persian Gulf should again become an Indian Lake to ward off the looming threats of Apocalypse in the Middle East. The eschatological scriptures of the Papacy as well as have Mecca, lead the Middle East to the Apocalypse. The Apocalyptic doctrine of the Vatican foretells the victory of Christianity in Armageddon wars. The Apocalyptic doctrine of the Mecca foretells the victory of Islam in Armageddon wars. It is estimated that more than thirty percent of American Catholic Christians and sizeable Protestant voters believe in the End of Time Eschatology, Apocalypse and Armageddon. The underlying principle of Apocalypse is that in the 21st Century of New Millennium the Armageddon Wars shall result in Apocalypse and Rapture that will transform the Holy Lands and the Middle East into Christian lands and cause the demise of Islam in the oil-rich Middle East. The acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran and Saudi Arabia likely to ignite nuclear Armageddon Wars that Muslims believe would result in the victory of Islam and the Second coming of Mahdi. Nuclear-armed Mullahs of theocratic Iran likely to cause nuclear holocaust, unless prevented by preemptive attacks from America and India. The United States and India should restore democracy, liberty and freedom in the Middle East and Iran by imposing Petro-Colonialism in the Middle East. Arab and Iranian women and educated youths representing more than 70% of the population, would welcome American Petro-Colonialism in the Middle East. Failure to bring Middle East under Pax Americana would result in the loss of more than 100 million lives due to looming Armageddon Wars. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia can provide ten million administrators and bureaucrats to administer and manage the petro-colonial infrastructure in the Middle East and Iran. Ottoman Caliphate administered by Christian Serbs and Bosnian Muslims. Alternately, the Middle East can be brought under the rule of Mughal Caliphate based in Delhi and administered by European and American Christians.


WORLD WORSHIPS THE GOD OF OIL-GAS: Eleven. Neo-Conservatism advocates that the Hegemon of the world to control the oil and gas reserves of the Middle East. The oil and gas account for more than 85% of the total mineral, metals, nonmetals and forest resources produced in the world, depending upon the price of oil. The demigod of Oil has arisen and claimed its rightful status in the new world order. President Bush inadvertently unleashed the genie of Oil-Colonialism during America’s invasion of Iraq and started a new age of oil-colonialism in the world and the genie of Oil-colonialism cannot be put back into the bottle. If Pax-Americana refused to establish petro-colonial empires in the Middle East, then either China or India or Russia would move in and fill the vacuum. It is a moral imperative for America to establish oil-colonies throughout Islamic OPEC world, especially in Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Oil producing nations would prefer to be ruled by American Colonialism than by Chinese Colonialism or Indian Colonialism. American colonialism is lesser an evil than any other alternative colonial empire.


SOUTHWARD EXPANSION OF ENGLISH AND PROTESTANTISM: Twelve. The Manifest destiny of the Neo-Conservative America in the 21st Century is to export English language and Protestant Christianity south of the border to Mexico, Central America and South America, to bring Hispanic America under the umbrella of English-speaking Protestant Christian Churches. With proper support of American capitalism, it is possible to convert 200 million Catholics of Hispanic America to English-speaking Reformed Christianity in the first half of the 21st Century. The Manifest destiny of the United States in the 19th Century was to expand westward from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast. The Manifest destiny of the United States in the 20th Century was to undermine European colonialism and European murderous ideologies of Fascism and Communism. The Manifest destiny of the United States in the 21st Century is to under take the Crusades of Democracy and Capitalism worldwide and to export Protestantism and English language south of the border to southern tip of Argentina, to bring the entire Hispanic world under English-speaking Pax Americana and Reformed Christianity. Led by WASP Neo-Conservatives the Reformed Christianity and Protestant Churches shall overtake Roman Catholic Christianity.


RULERS TO CONTROL PRIESTS & CHURCH: Thirteen. Neo-Conservatism advocates that the political rulers should lead and control the priests and politics should control and guide the religion. Neo-Conservatism rejects the designs of the clergy to control politics. Neo-Conservatism advocates that since the United States is the hegemon among the Christian powers of the world, the ruler of the hegemon at the White House should have final authority on the Christian Scriptures and he should work toward creating a unified Christian Bible that is common to all Christian Churches, including Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Gnostic. Neo-Conservatism believes that Reformed Christianity should include all Christian Gospels, including Gnostic Gospels of Apostles Judas, Apostle Thomas, Apostle Philip, Apostle Mary Magdalene, Gospel of Sophia of Jesus Christ, and Gospel of Truth. Neo-Conservatism believes that the Universal Christian Church should be inclusive, tolerant and bring down he walls that separate the Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Gnostic Churches and allow Christian laity to directly elect leaders of Christian Church. Historically the Catholic Christianity as well as the Orthodox Christianity has been the exclusive, iconoclast, patriarchal Religion of Sword. The Protestant Christianity as well as Gnostic Christianity has been inclusive, pro-diversity religion of Peace. Since the Sword of Protestant America is the mightiest in the Christian world, it is a moral imperative that the White House takes the lead to unify the Christian Bibles and Churches and allow Christian laity to direct elect the Church leaders. Neo-Conservatism advocates that the Christian Ruler at the White House should guide the Christian Church and compile a new inclusive Christian Bible common to all Christian Denominations and Sects. Incumbent Christian Ruler at the White House should foil any conspiracy of the Clergy to undermine the political leadership of the Religion. In the 21st Century the sword of the inclusive, tolerant non-iconoclast non-patriarchal Reformed Non-Denominational Protestant Christianity mightier than the sword of Islam, the sword of Papacy, the sword of Orthodoxy and the sword of Zion. It is high time that Catholic Pope, Orthodox Archbishop and Bishops of Protestant Church bow down to the Christian Hegemon, the President at the White House and seek his guidance to unify Christian Churches, Gospels, Sects, Denominations, Theologies and Holy Bibles. Secular Rulers advised by Hegelian Philosophers should have final authority to interpret Scriptures. Interpretation of Scriptures is a proper jurisdiction of philosophy and politics.


LINCOLN’S PARTY SEEKS BLACKS LATINOS: Fourteen. The Neo-Conservatism and Compassionate Conservatism of President George Bush succeeded in 2000 and 2004 elections, to wean away Blacks and Latinos from the stronghold of the Democratic Party just as President in 1980 and 1984 had succeeded to wean away the Neo-conservative Democrats from Democratic Party. Lincoln’s Republican Party invaded Southern States and won the support of Blacks. The Democrats supported pro-Slavery Southerners and conspired to keep Blacks disenfranchised. Only after Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the 1964 Bill of Rights and won the allegiance of Blacks in America and surrendered Southern States to the Republican Party. Just as Democrats after the Civil War conspired to deny the Blacks their rights, similarly Kissinger-Brzezinski-Albright Axis of iconoclast patriarchy and religious right conservative conspiracy, conspired to deny the rights of Blacks and Latinos during Carter and Clinton administrations to promote Ashkenazi Jews at cost of Blacks and Latinos in major Democratic States such as New York, California, Florida and Illinois. The Democratic Party has come under the control of Jews, religious right conservative conspiracy, Masonic Lodge to the detriment of Blacks and Latinos, which provides Neo-Conservative Republicans attract sizeable chunk of Latino and Black voters. President Clinton succeeded in replacing the Black leadership of the Democratic Party by Wall Street’s financial leaders and Ashkenazi Jews, that culminated in Democratic Al Gore choosing Senator Lieberman as his vice presidential running mate in 2000 ticket. President Bush by selecting black woman Condoleezza Rice and black Collin Powell as Secretaries of State declared that the Republican Party is ready to woo and do business with Blacks and Latinos, at the time when Blacks and Latinos were ejected from positions of power and authority from the Democratic Party in New York, California and Illinois.


SWORD OF INCLUSIVE TOLERANT RELIGIONS: Fifteen. Now in the 21st Century the Sword of tolerant inclusive polytheist religions is mightier than the swords of intolerant exclusive iconoclast religions. The tolerant inclusive religions of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and Ancient Persia lost because they hesitated to use the mighty Sword of inclusive tolerant Religion to defeat the Swords of intolerant iconoclast exclusive Religion s. The Civilizations of America and India represent the civilizations of tolerant inclusive pro-diversity religions. America and India as the agency of history must wage wars on Islamic terrorism and Maoist terrorism respectively. Murderous Religions of Sword and murderous Ideologies of Sword must not misuse the freedom and liberty of democracy and tolerant civilizations to destroy the democracy or civilization itself. Neo-Conservatism advocates that the United States should use overwhelming preemptive attacks on Mullah-ruled Iran to restore the democracy, freedom and liberty to the Iranian people, who should have the freedom to prosecute and punish Mullahs and their henchmen to restore the Pahlevi-era modern culture and society of Iran, when Tehran was the Paris of the East. The mighty sword of United States should break the Sword of fundamentalist Islam to permanently eradicate the evil extremism and fundamentalism from Iranian culture and the society. Should women of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia get the legal right to whip any Mullah or fundamentalist male those seeks to demonize women and force women into servitude. Women of Iran will welcome the American colonial occupation of Iran, provided colonial administration restores the rights of Iranian women and replace Shariah laws with Western legal system. Neo-Conservative Petro-colonialism in Iran should advocate the freedom and equality of women in the Iranian society and outlaw the temporal and secular powers enjoyed by Shiite Mullahs in Iran. The demonizing and suppression of women in Iran and Wahhabi Arabia provides great opportunity to bring OPEC oil producers under the benign rule of American Oil colonialism. Just as post-1500 European colonialism modernized and civilized Africa, the American oil colonialism in Islamic Middle East and Iran would modernize and civilize the Islamic world. President Bush’s Crusades for Democracy should leverage the might of the Sword of inclusive, tolerant pro-diversity Religions to defeat the Sword of exclusive intolerant Religions and to eradicate the menace of Islamic terrorism or tyranny throughout the Islamic world. United States and India should use power or force for promoting agendas that are morally “right” or “good.” United States and India should never use power or force for promoting agendas that are morally “wrong” or “bad.” The use of force for establishing petro-colonial empires that guarantees the freedom of women, and democratic elections in the newly acquired oil-colonies is morally good and morally right. American Colonial occupation of the oil-producing Islamic world is a moral imperative for the United States.


38(3) Issues In 2008 US Elections

(1) Selling the Ideal of Petro-Colonialism:

PAX-AMERICANA OIL-COLONIAL EMPIRE: One. The first priority of the Bush administration is to sell the idea of American Oil Colonialism to American public, because without wide spread support of Petro-Colonialism, the United States would fail to maintain long-term control over Islamic Oil and gas reserves, while keeping a lid on ever increasing oil prices. Smaller countries in Europe, Holland, Portugal and England could maintain great colonial empires in the past because Dutch, Portuguese and English societies accepted the noble ideals underlying the imperial push for colonial empires. Neo-Conservatism rejects the religious agenda of Jewish or Catholic or Evangelical or Prophetic Christians’ religious right conservative conspiracy. WASP Neo-Conservatism advocates the ideal of American Oil-Colonial Empire throughout the Islamic oil-producing world on grounds of the economic and military requirements of America’s energy security in the age of ever-increasing oil consumption and ever-declining oil and gas reserves of the world. The secular imperialism of Pax-Americana Oil-Colonialism has no hidden Christian agenda typically associated with Ashkenazi Kissinger-Brzezinski-Albright type amoral realism.


PETRO-COLONIALISM AVERTS APOCALYPSE: Two. Secular nations including India would lend military support to establish and administer American Colonial Empire in the oil-producing Middle East only if Pax-Americana based on secular imperialistic principles and excludes any hidden Christian agenda. American Petro-Colonial Empire is morally ‘right’ and morally “good” only so long as it includes the agenda of emancipation of women, democratic crusades and excludes any hidden Christian agenda. Only American Petro-Colonialism can avert the looming specter of Apocalypse and Armageddon. Apocalyptic Christians believe that Armageddon shall reestablish Christian rule over the Islamic Middle East. Apocalyptic Muslims believe that nuclear Iran and nuclear Saudi Arabia shall ensure Islamic victory in Armageddon wars. Apocalyptic Jews believe that nuclear holocaust shall allow Jews loot the wealth of oil-rich Islamic nations, as Damascus Jews had looted the wealth of ancient Egypt and Persia during Islamic invasions. India supports the Neo-Cons dreams of Petro-Colonialism so long as it is secular imperialistic approach to secure energy security of the United States and India and to reduce oil import bills of the United States and India. American Oil Colonial Empire should modernize the society and culture of the Middle East but outlaw religious conversion of Muslim men to other religion. Neo-Conservatism ideal of Oil Colonialism seeks secular imperialistic control over Muslim oil and gas reserves and has no design to convert Muslims to another religion. While the secular petro-imperialism is morally right and morally good, the Christian religious proselytizing imperialism in oil-producing Middle East and Africa is morally wrong and morally bad. While the secular Neo-Conservatism Oil-colonialism for protecting American energy security is morally right and morally good, the ideal of American occupation of Islamic world for protecting Israeli security is morally wrong and morally bad. America should use its military preponderance to promote America’s naked national interests and energy security but must not carry any hidden Israeli or Christian agenda.


SOUTH ASIAN ROLE IN US COLONIAL EMPIRES: Three. To ensue that American Petro-Colonial Empire remains profitable and productive, the Pentagon should outsource to South Asia the colonial administration, government services, bureaucracy, police and Judiciary and pay a fixed percentage of the total oil and gas output of the oil colonies, as a flat fee. The American Colonial Empire should hire one million or more South Asians to man the government administration, bureaucracy, judiciary and educational institutions in the Middle East. Indian Empire created and financed the British Empire and Pax-Britannia and paid the salaries of British Army worldwide. India in partnership with Pakistan and Bangladesh has the proven capability to maintain peace, law and order in American colonies. Pentagon should outsource all aspects of colonial administration to India and pay in terms of a fixed percentage of total oil and gas production of the oil-colonies. American Oil-Colonialism would be highly profitable and not cause any financial burden on US Exchequer provided the White House outsource the entire colonial administration to India and Pakistan on a fixed fee basis payable in terms of the percentage of the total oil and gas production of the oil colonies.


TRUMAN’S WANTED PIECE OF BRITISH EMPIRE: Four. President Truman asked British Prime Minister to hand over half of British Empire in exchange for British War Debt. Churchill refused. United States worked towards disintegration of European colonial empires after the Second World War simply because the United States had no colonial empire of its own. President ordered covert operations to defeat incumbent Prime Minister in the parliamentary elections in England, and brought about the electoral defeat of the most popular prime minister. The sabotage of election of Winston Churchill highlighted the efficacy of foreign covert operations to undermine the democratic elections in the parliamentary system. At the start of the 20th Century the United States created American colony in the Philippines that resulted in the brutal deaths of more than 400,000 people in the Philippines. American experience in the colony of Philippine had be very brutal and it established that the United States craves to be a brutal colonial power and wants to establish colonies of its own. The United States has tried to establish colonies in Cuba, Grenada, Haiti, Panama, Puerto Rica and Guam. During 19th Century the whites of the United States eliminated the Red Indians and took over their lands and expanded the 13 colonies from the East coast to include all lands of the Red Indians to reach the Pacific Ocean. It is very likely that the Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa shall meet the fate of Red Indians, and it is predestined. Those who oppose the manifest destiny of Pax Americana are ignorant of the 19th century history of the United States. The religion, culture and civilization of Incas, Aztecs and Mayas was far more advanced than the Arab Civilization and culture and Bedouin of Saudi Arabian Peninsula were primitive barbarians as late as 1960.


AMERICANS WANT OIL-COLONIAL EMPIRE: Five. The American public is ready for the idea of American colonial empire in the Middle East provided Pentagon outsource the entire colonial administration, bureaucracy, police and judicial administration to countries like India that have a proven track record in administration of British Colonies. The American public shall vote for Neo-Conservative agenda of Oil-Colonial Empire in the Middle East if it results in the decline of gasoline prices at the gas stations to below $0.75 /gallon. Every world power had an Empire of its own, so why should tolerant inclusive sole super power be any different. United States must establish Colonial Empire to cover Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Algeria and must outsource the entire colonial administration to Indian companies on a fixed cost basis payable in Oil and gas. Any failure to establish American Oil Empire in the Middle East would result in the Iranian nuclear attacks on Christian Europe and ignite the Apocalypse and Armageddon.


PRIME MINISTER HAROLD WILSON A CIA SPY: Six. The CIA bribed British Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson that unilaterally gave independence to all oil-rich colonies west of Suez, even when Trucial States UAE, Muscat & Oman, Qatar and Bahrain never wanted independence. It is high time that United States reestablished colonial empire throughout Arabian Peninsula and Iran otherwise the acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran and Saudi Arabia present great strategic threat to the civilized Christian world. The Arabists at the White House organized Wahhabi Bedouin of Arabia to engineer the revolt of Arabs against the Ottoman Empire. The Arabists at the White House engineered the independence of former British colonies in the Persian Gulf and helped form the OPEC oil cartel. Now the American chicken has come to roost and threatens the very survival of American economy and Civilization. The Saudi Arabia bribed the Arabists working for the White House to overlook the clandestine Islamic trade in nuclear components and technology orchestrated by Dr. A. Q. Khan of Pakistan.


PARTITION OIL-PRODUCING NATIONS: Seven. United States should engineer the partitioning of Iraq, Iran, UAE and Saudi Arabia into six separate sovereign states each total of 24 new sovereign oil-producing states in the Middle East. Partition Iran on ethnic lines and should recognize the independent nationhood to ethnic majority regions of Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Baluchistan and other ethnic groups in Iran. Partition United Arab Emirates into separate sovereign states of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah etc. Partition Saudi Arabia into separate Kingdoms of Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Mecca, Medina and Al Hasa. India was partitioned in 1947 and Yugoslavia was recently partitioned, so it makes sense that multi-ethnic Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iraq are partitioned. Smaller oil-producing states shall be more amenable to American influence and colonial administration.


SECULAR COLONIALISM IS MORALLY GOOD: Eight. The concept of American Oil Colonialism is morally right and is lesser an evil than the morally wrong and morally bad Apocalyptic and Evangelical designs of Christian religious right conservative conspiracy in the oil-producing Middle East and Holy Land. President Bush released the genie of Colonialism during American invasions of Iraq in 2003 and created new history and started a new age of Colonial Empires in the 21st Century. The might of Saddam Hussein Army proved to be Paper Tiger and Iraqi Army were defeated almost without any bloodshed. Iranian Army shall desert barbarian Mullah rulers of Iran and join the American invading troops to help establish American colonial Empire in Iran. United States should allow Iranian women and youths to undertake thorough cleansing of Mullahs and their henchmen in Iran to permanently eradicate the extremism and fundamentalism from Iranian society, culture and religion. Tehran would regain its traditional place as the Paris of the East under American Colonial Administration. America must either establish colonies throughout the Middle East or allow other great powers to establish colonies in the oil-producing nations. The people of the former oil-rich territories of the Ottoman Empire would prefer to live American colonial occupation than under tyrannical fundamentalist extremist Islamic regimes. The people of the former Soviet oil-rich Caspian Central Asian republics would prefer to confederate with India rather than return to Russian occupation. The thinly populated oil-producing nations have lost raison d’etre for sovereign nation states.


BIG-OIL TYPE NEW EAST INDIA COMPANY: Nine. American Trans National Corporations (TNCs) and Multi National Enterprises (MNEs) and Big Oil should develop in India Colonial Management Companies to provide on a turn-key and fixed cost basis the colonial administration, bureaucracy, Judiciary, police and military services to guarantee that American oil colonies shall generate guaranteed profits for United States. The Robert Clive of East India Company created Bengal Empire for British Empire in India, without any help of the British Crown and managed and administered the Bengal Empire from 1787 to 1857. Cecil Rhodes created British colonies of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and Zambia.


DEMISE OF SMALL NATION STATES: Ten. The merger of smaller European States in to European Union foretells the demise of the post-colonial concept of nation states drawn out of the artificial colonial boundaries. It is very likely that more than 100 sovereign nation states that exist in 2006 shall lose its sovereignty before 2020 AD and only such nation states that are continental in size, having an area of more than 3,000,000 square miles and population of more than 150 millions would survive as independent nations, rest would be forced to merge in regional federations, confederations or come under the rule of regional colonial empires. The disintegration of European Colonial Empires due to the Second World War was a great mistake and harmed world civilization. It is the manifest destiny of the United States to take over the responsibility to colonize and administer as American Colonies more than 30 countries during next 20 years. India made a mistake of leading Non-Aligned Nations that allowed newly independent nations assert their independence from United States, the Soviet Union and other European colonial powers. Non-Aligned Movement has historically harmed India’s national interests during second half of the 20th Century. India should abandon its support to Non-Aligned Movement and assert its role as a World Power in the new world order.


(2) Low Gas Prices to Justify Colonialism

WARS FOR OIL JUSTIFIED BY $60 BARREL OIL: One. American public would elect a Republican ticket advocating the oil-colonialism provided Neo-cons promise that the gas bill at American gas stations would drop below $1.00 per gallon because of oil colonialism. The economic profits of oil imperialism over comes the moral reluctance to use military force to establish oil-colonialism throughout the Arab oil producing Middle East. The cost of production to produce Arabian crude oil is only $1 per barrel in the Arabian Peninsula. The post-1500 European Colonialism was the direct outcome of the Middle East Ottoman Empire’s insistence to charge unreasonable profits for sale of India-origin spices to European buyers. Indian spices were crucial for the preservation of meat for consumption during winter. The Middle East OPEC oil cartel has hiked up the prices of crude oil thereby disrupting world economy. The oil-colonial empires of the 21st Century are the direct outcome of the Middle East OPEC oil producers to charge ever increasing higher crude oil prices. For major oil importers the increased cost of oil imports made the military option of wars for colonial occupation of oil producing Arab nations very cost effective. For countries like United States, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Britain it makes sense to undertake military operations to establish oil colonial empires rather than pay for the oil to thinly populated tyrannical oil regimes. The greed of the oil producers shall result in the enslavement of oil producing nations by oil colonial empires of great powers. The economic cost of military invasions and permanent colonial occupation and colonial administration is far less than the cost of oil imports. For major powers the cost of invasions and military occupation of Iran, or Kuwait, or UAE or Saudi Arabia or Libya or Algeria would be far less than the cost of paying for its oil. The military occupation of oil-colonies makes great economic sense in the age of rising oil prices and rising costs of oil imports. The moral cost of military occupation of oil-producers is lesser an evil than the cost of economic disruption of the industrialized economies of the oil importing nations.


GUARANTEE LOW GAS PRICES TO CONSUMERS: Two. Whether American public would accept or reject American preemptive attacks to establish oil-colonial empire depends upon whether the American oil colonialism would result in retail gas prices drop to $1.00 per gallon. American oil colonialism should reduce the profits of American Big Oil companies and pass on the profits of oil-colonialism to the American consumers. American oil colonialism should restrict the profits of the Big Oil companies to less than $3 per barrel of crude oil. American oil colonialism should pay 15% of the oil production of the oil colonies to pay towards the cost of colonial administration, justice, police and military infrastructure. The American oil colonialism should pay $3 per barrel royalty to the former rulers and for investments in the colonies. Neo-Conservatism advocates oil-colonialism as a practical way to bring down the retail gas prices to under $1.00 per gallon.


PARTITION OF OIL PRODUCING COLONIES: Three. Great powers should agree to Partition of Oil Producers to peacefully divide oil and gas reserves of weaker and thinly populated oil producers. Let great powers come to a diplomatic understanding and agree to partition the oil-producing Islamic world and African oil producers into spheres of influence of great powers, similar to the 1885 Partition of Africa. The colonial occupation of the thinly populated Arab and African oil producers is a small price to pay for the continued economic progress of the world economy. The world’s leading civilizations have a moral imperative to bring oil and gas reserves of barbarians under colonial occupation of the civilizations.


HEGEMON’S RIGHT OF OIL COLONIALISM: Four. Neo-Conservatism advocates that United States is the sole super power of the world and as Hegemon the United States has every right, authority and power to undertake preemptive strikes to bring oil-producing nations under the rule of American oil colonialism to secure America’s energy security. So long as the United States uses its military capability to establish secular petro-colonialism and not for promoting amoral iconoclast patriarchal Christian religious right conspiracy agenda, the oil colonialism is morally right and morally good.


(3) Crusades for Democracy in Mid East

USA-INDIA CRUSADES FOR DEMOCRACY: One. American voters in 2008 elections would support Neo-Conservative Colonialism in the Middle East, as it would avert Christian-Islamic Armageddon and Apocalypse. Only American colonialism in the Middle East would avert the looming Apocalypse and Armageddon. President Bush and Secretary Rice changed history by winning over India in Neo-Conservative Crusades for Democracy worldwide, including Middle East, China and the Vatican. United States is an agency of History and led by revolutionary President Bush destined to export Democratic Utopia in the Middle East, to avert the looming Christian-Islamic Armageddon and Apocalypse. Pax-Americana colonialism in the Islamic Middle East is morally right and morally good, as it alone would avert the Christian-Islamic Armageddon and Apocalypse.


CRUSADES FOR DEMOCRACY IN MID EAST: Two. It is no accident, only in the oil-rich Arab countries of the Middle East, the West supported theocratic tyrannies continue to defy the global trend of democracies and freedom of women. It is the manifest destiny of the United States the agency of history to use preemptive force to impose democracy and freedom of women throughout the Islamic Middle East. American and British secret services mobilized Wahhabi fundamentalists to engineer the secession of Saudi Arabia and Iran from the Ottoman Caliphate. The Arabists at the White House helped organized the OPEC oil cartel to artificially inflate global crude oil prices. It is wrong to say that Arab nations are unsuitable for democracy. The American colonial occupation of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Libya would modernize Middle East and lay the foundation of democratic nation building and infrastructure. United States should establish oil-colonialism throughout the Mid East for at least for one hundred years. The American oil colonialism becomes morally right and morally good provided it results in the lowered price of unleaded gasoline at the retail gas stations to under $1:00 per gallon. American public would reelect Republican presidential ticket with black woman Condoleezza Rice as vice presidential running mate, if Neo-Cons promise American voters that retail gasoline price would fall below $1.00 per gallon on account of American oil colonialism in the Middle East.


MUGHAL CALIPHATE IN MIDDLE EAST: Three. It is in the national interests of India to promote American colonial occupation of Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia. British and American secret services engineered the partition of Indian Empire in 1935 and second partition of India in 1947. Before 1935, oil-rich Burma was part of India. The secession of Pakistan was engineered to create geographical buffer between India and oil-rich Iran. In 1946 Indian Empire controlled 100 percent of the Iranian Oil and 48% of the Iraqi oil. Before 1964, Indian Rupee was the official reserve currency of Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Iran. The permanent solution of the Islamic Atom Bomb is the unification of India and Pakistan so that the nuclear arsenal of India and Pakistan are jointly administered by South Asian nuclear deterrent. India and Pakistan should take over Iran so that Iran is permanently demilitarized and brought under the control of India. The nuclear Iran threatens the survival of world civilization and disturbs the Sunni-Shiite balance of power in the Middle East. The entire oil-producing Middle East brought under the colonial occupation of Pax Americana and its entire colonial administration, bureaucracy, judiciary and police outsourced to Mughal Caliphate for a flat fee basis as percentage of total colonial oil output payable in kind. Muslim invaders established 700 years of Muslim rule over Hindu India and since now Sword of India is mightier than Islamic Sword, it is moral imperative for India to establish oil colonial empire in the Middle East in partnership with United States. India should offer its services to administer and manage the American Colonies so that America instead of Big Oil could profit by producing oil and gas cheaply to enrich American economy and to reduce energy bills of American consumers.


(4) White House may Guide Church & Papacy

CATHOLICISM IS RELIGION OF SWORD: One. Republican Neo-Conservatives wants Catholics to support Republican nominees even when Pope supports Democrats. Neo-Cons want to break the hold of Pope over Latino voters. Neo-Conservatism advocates that the White House should undertake Crusades for Democracy inside the Roman Catholic Church to bring about the unification of Christian Bible and Christian Churches and to end the Great Schism. Neo-Conservatism believes that once Christian Churches are reorganized as democratic institutions, where Christian laity directly elects the priests, Bishops, Cardinals and even Pope, the unification of various Christian sects may become a reality. Neo-Conservatism advocates that since America is the dominant Christian power of the world, the White House should lead and direct the Roman Catholic Church, Protestant Christian Church, Gnostic Church and Non-Denominational Church worldwide. Papacy opposes Republican President Bush and would oppose the Republican frontrunner in 2008 elections. President Bill Clinton formally recognized Pope John Paul II as the representative of God on earth during his visit to the United States. It is in the political interest of the Neo-Conservatives to undermine the political and electoral influence of the conservative and pro-Democrats Papacy over Catholic voters in the United States. The Orthodox Christian Church and Roman Catholic Christian Church are the religions of Sword and dominant Christian Rulers have historically controlled the Church and left indelible impact on the selection of Gospels, heresies and content of the Holy Bible.


WHITE HOUSE IS LEADER OF CHRISTIANS: Two. In 21st Century the Christian White House if the seat of most powerful Christian Ruler, hence it is natural that Ruler seated at the White house should have a final say in the selection of the contents of Christian Bible, Christian Theology and leadership of Christian Church including Papacy, Prophetic Christians and Evangelicals. Since Roman Catholic Church plays a direct role in American political process, so it is natural that White House should also directly play a leading role in the Papacy and other Protestant Churches. It had been a historical privilege of dominant Christian rule of an era to settle theological disputes within and outside the Christian Church and decide about the content of the Holy Christian Bibles. Since Roman Catholic Church takes a direct interest in American electoral process, it is natural that the dominant Christian King at the White House shall exercise his secular powers to bring about changes in the Christian Churches and settle theological differences and bring about the unification of Catholic, Protestant and Gnostic Churches, so that all Christians are able to worship the single Bible and attend the unified Christian Church. Republican Neo-Conservatives do not accept President Bill Clinton’s view that Pope John Paul II was the representative of God on earth. Republican Neo-Conservatives believe that since American President at the White House is the most powerful Christian King of this age, thereby the Pope and leaders of Protestant Church must accept American President’s leadership position in all Christian Churches in the United States and worldwide. American President at the White House stands at higher pedestal than Pope in America and in the Christian world. Neo-Conservatives remind Christians that even a smaller King of Italy of House of Savoy could keep succession of Popes, the prisoners of the Vatican from 1870 to 1929. The WASP Neo-conservatives reject the notion that Pope is the tallest leader of the Christians in the world, and that he is no taller than the leaders of the leading Protestant Denominational Church.


38(5) Immigration Crisis

(1) Religion in Immigration Crisis

PROTESTANT-CATHOLIC DEMOGRAPHICS: One. The real emotive but unspoken cause that made the diverse legislations on immigration so explosive is its impact on future elections. The immigration issue shall disturb the Catholic–Protestant demographic balance in the United States. The Ashkenazi Jews and Russian Jews want to increase the immigration from Eastern Europe and Russia but want to limit the non-European and non-Christian immigration to the United States. Emigration of Protestants from Europe to America has declined and reached a plateau. More than 40 percent of total undocumented aliens in the United States are Catholic Mexicans or Catholic Hispanics and for the first time 40 percent of Latino Catholics voted for a Republican presidential candidate in 2000 and 2004 elections for President Bush.


PAPAL INFLUENCE OVER LATINO VOTERS: Two. Neo-Conservatives argue that pro-immigration President Bush may result in higher than 40 percent of Latino Catholic votes for republican presidential ticket in elections 3008. It would be in the national interests of Hispanic people to declare that their voting behavior in American elections neither influenced by Roman Catholic Church nor Papacy. So long as Catholic Latinos and Hispanic voters continue to be influenced and manipulated by Roman Catholic Church and Papacy the Protestant Americans can justify their opposition to grant citizenship and voting rights to Catholic Mexican and Hispanic illegal aliens or undocumented workers. Any demographic sift of


ASIAN IMMIGRATION HELPS NEO-CONS: Three. The increased Asian immigration does not affect the Catholic-Protestant electoral demographics. Immigration reforms should increase immigration from East Asia and South Asia as Asian immigration helps American high technology and American economy. Increased immigration from China and India would reinforce WASP leadership of Protestant America and foil any Papal conspiracy to take over United States.


CATHOLICISM MENACE TO FREEDOM: Four. Israelis want to partition Israel to create a separate State of Palestine out of the former occupied lands of Gaza bank and Dead Sea, and Palestinians want to leverage their demographic growth. Protestant Americans are scared of the demographic growth of Catholic population and Catholic immigrations that might allow a Papal-Agent occupy the White House to cause havoc in the Christian world, similar to what Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius I (died 415) did to Roman Civilization. It would be suicidal for Protestants to allow Catholic take over the control of Protestant Super Power to destroy the Protestant Church itself as 21st Century replay of Counter Reformation Wars that killed 30 percent population of German Holy Roman Empire. WASP paranoia of Papacy’s designs is well founded on historical reality.


(2) Empty Australia Canada Siberia

WHITE OCCUPATION OF AUSTRALIA: One. Neo-Conservatism believes that the specter of Malthusian disasters can be averted only when White Anglo Saxon rule empty continents of Australia and Canada allow open immigration of people from overpopulated India and China without limit. Australia and Canada must not remain White-ruled continental size states in the age of overpopulation. It was an accident of history that White Anglo Saxon Protestants got control over continental size Australia, Canada and the United States. The legislative debate on immigration in the Capitol Hill must take into consideration the rights of foreigners to emigrate to United States, Canada and Australia, as these lands belonged to Native Americans and Aborigines.


CHINESE INVASIONS OF AUSTRALIA: Two. China has legitimate claims for empty lands of Eastern Siberia and Australia. Russia’s Slav-dominated Eastern Siberia is home to only 40 million people. Anglo-Saxon dominated Australia is home to 25 million people and Canada is home to only 30 million people. Continued occupation of agricultural lands by white colonialists presents a great threat to world peace.


ASIAN EMIGRATION TO SIBERIA AUSTRALIA: Three. The global warming has revitalized Eastern Siberia. Just 25,000 years ago Siberia was a home to mammoth elephants. Siberia can easily become a home to 400 million people. Australia can also become a home to 500 million people. Canada can become a home to 400 million people. The immigration legislation in the United States, Australia and Canada must take into account the special immigration needs of overpopulated India and China for emigration to empty lands of Siberia, Australia and Canada. Neo-Conservatives believe that in order to avert the global clash of populations, The four continental size countries, namely, United States, Australia, Canada and Russian Siberia should annually welcome one million Indians and one million Chinese each, total of 8 million Indians and Chinese annually.


38(6) Apocalyptic Oil Crisis

(1) Oil Prices Beacons Petro-Colonialism

PETRO-IMPERIALISM TO LOWER OIL PRICES: One. Neo-Conservatism justifies the American Oil Colonialism in the Middle East, only if it leads to lower gasoline prices for American consumers and lower profit margins for Big Oil companies. American consumers must profit by lower, under $ one per gallon gasoline prices at gas stations. The profits of Big Oil do not help America in the age of globalization of capital. Big Oil must not walk away with big profits, by controlling American ruling elite with bribes and campaign donations. America must not pay for the colonial crude oil that it produces in its American oil colonies more than $5 per barrel. American Big Oil must not make more than $2 per barrel profits on colonial crude oil. The purpose of American Petro-Colonialism is to enrich America and lower the gasoline prices for American consumers.


OUTLAW OPEC OIL CARTEL: Two. Neo-Conservatism advocates the use of American power to disband and outlaw OPEC oil cartel. The dissolution of Oil Cartel would end the OPEC monopoly over oil production. In the absence of OPEC cartel the smaller oil-producing nations would increase their oil production creating a market glut that will lower the world prices of Crude Oil and Gas. Neo-Conservatism believes that OPEC Oil Cartel is an evil cartel and causes misery in the world. Semite OPEC Oil Cartel is an evil cartel just like Italian Catholic Mafia and De Beers Diamond Cartel. 


$160 BILLION SAUDI OIL INCOME: Three. Neo-Conservatism advocates American Petro-Colonialism in the oil-rich Middle East and Iran. India controlled 100% of Iranian oil and 48% of Iraqi oil before 1947. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Muscat, Oman and Yemen belonged to Indian Rupee zone and kept their foreign exchange reserves in Indian Rupees before 1965. India exercised Gunboat diplomacy in the Persian Gulf and Iran before 1947. Oil-producing Arab countries have become wealthy but are vulnerable to foreign military invasions. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made an estimated $160 billion in 2006 in oil export revenues, based on an average price of just over $60 for London Brent crude with Saudi oil output of around 9.6 million barrels per day. OPEC members have held back when supplies were seasonally more plentiful to keep prices artificially higher. Higher oil prices are not based on economic realities but due to "political concerns in the market place. The Saudi Kingdom has launched a $50 billion plan to boost its production capacity to 12.5 million barrels per day by 2009 and maintain spare capacity of at least 1.5 million bpd. Saudi Arabia is OPEC's largest producer and currently has the largest spare capacity as well. Kuwaiti income posts record 42 billion dollars in 2005. Record revenues are 56% up on $27.4 billion posted in year-earlier period in 2004. Kuwaiti Oil revenues soared to 40.4 billion dollars, up 60 percent on last year and more than threefold the budget estimate of 13.3 billion dollars. Kuwait has been pumping around 2.6 million barrels per day, above its OPEC quota of 2.247 million bpd. The assets of GCC banks totaled a whopping $645 billion last year, up 28 per cent over 2004. The rise in the assets of the Gulf banks was 17 per cent in 2004. The increased wealth of the Arabian Gulf countries, coupled by their thin population base and non-existent military capability made these oil-rich golden birds ripe for foreign colonization. No golden bird could ever fly free in skies. The unprecedented rise in oil prices makes the wars for oil colonial empires cost effective and a cheaper alternative to paying for oil imports. Failure of the United States to establish Oil-Colonial Empire in the Mid East would open the ground for China or India to establish colonial empire in the Mid East. The United States must not shirk its manifest destiny to establish American Colonial Empire in the Mid East in the first quarter of the 21st Century.


POST-1970 POLITICAL STABILITY: Four. Neo-Conservatism wants to periodically change regimes in the Middle East to practice the policy of divide and rule to establish American colonial empire in the Middle East. The United States embarked upon a long-term strategy to colonize Arabian Peninsula after First World War. The United States stage-managed the exit of British Empire from Arabian Gulf. The United States created OPEC oil cartel to hike up the oil prices. The United States arranged the assassination of arch-fundamentalist pro-terrorism King Faisal of Saudi Arabia and 1995 coup in Qatar. All rulers in the Middle East own their position to the United States. Ayatollah Khomeini was a CIA spy. Saddam Hussein was a CIA spy. Colonel Gadhafy was a CIA spy. British Prime Minister was a CIA spy that stupidly gave freedom to the British oil-producing colonies of Brunei, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain independence, without their ever asking for it in 1971. Harold Wilson announced in 1969 that by 1971, Britain withdraw from all colonies east of Suez. During the 1980s and 1990s and early 2000s, the domestic politics of the Gulf States were remarkably quiet for countries undergoing profound socio-economic changes. There has been some domestic political debate in Kuwait. In Saudi Arabian spectacular violent episode the 1979 takeover of the Mecca Mosque by extremists, showed internal instability. After 1971 the Arabian Gulf has been too stable politically. The Assassination of King Faisal in Saudi Arabia and Qatar's July 1995 change in ruler was the first such transition in any of the GCC countries in 15 years. Some of the Arabian Gulf rulers have been in power for 30 years. The rebellion in Sharjah by the UAE defense Minister was crushed. The theocratic sheikhdoms and Monarchies in the Arabia region are shaky and could fall, whenever the United States gave any nod to regime change in any Mid East country.


ARAB PAY PENTAGON’S OPERATIONS: Five. Neo-Conservatism argues that America must not transfer sensitive military technology to the Middle East nations. Neo-Conservatism rejects Pentagon’s policy that provides for American soldiers for hire under military Burden sharing Agreements with the OPEC nations, to protect oil-wealth of terrorist Arab and Iranian regimes. Neo-Conservatism advocates the direct military action to establish American colonialism in the Middle East, so that America need not pay for the oil it extracts from the Arabian fields, while rest of the world pays for the Arab oil at the price established by world markets. American Big Oil and Pentagon should get suitable political role in the OPEC countries, as without Pentagon’s support few of the OPEC nations would survive as independent nations. Arab OPEC nations need America more than America needs OPEC nations. OPEC must reimburse Pentagon for military Burden Sharing. The Pentagon should not undercharge the Arabian GCC States for America’s military expenses in the Gulf, because Pentagon won’t have risked American lives in Arabia had there been no oil. Pentagon should fully milk the Arab GCC States as a cash cow that can provide the money to solve Pentagon’s budgetary problem, and help maintain the American defense industrial base through arms purchases. This checkbook approach to the security relationship is unsustainable, as military aircrafts sold to OPEC nations can also carry nuclear missiles. The American security ties with Arab GCC nations could not be based over the long run on soldiers-for-hire. The United States commits its forces where its national security interests are at stake, not where there is money to be made. Overemphasis of the financial side of the relationship is corrosive of domestic support for the USA-GCC military relationship. The American commitment to the Arabian Gulf region must be based on a corresponding commitment of the Arab GCC citizens to the defense of their own states. The USA-GCC military relationship must be bonded in blood not money. The GCC citizens must be prepared to die defending their countries before the American public will accept risking the lives of American sons and daughters lives in defense of GCC states. America believes that if Arab citizens are not willing to die for their country then they have no right to remain independent and free. The entire Arab population of Arabian Gulf is less than the population of Canada.


MYTH OF ARAB MILITARY POWER BUSTED: Six. Neo-Conservatism believes that Iranian Army is no match to American troops and Pentagon must undertake preemptive attacks on Iran, before Iran could develop nukes. Iranian Army will fold and Iranian Mullah will run away when American troops invade Iran. Iran has never been a military power. No Arab nation is a military power. Mullah led Iran is a military weakling and can be destroyed easily. Pentagon in a series of brilliant and extremely short military campaigns destroyed the myth of Islamic military autocratic regime of Iraq, without any loss of American lives. The military success in Iraq wars established that Arab nations are vulnerable to foreign invasions and ripe for western colonial imperialism. The Iraq war was the end of the first phase in Iraq War, the elimination of geographically identifiable enemy powers. The principle of the nation-state based on Ahab theocracy was introduced to the Arab-Islamic world following the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire and subsequent decolonization. The organization of a nation-state under the cultural blanket of Semite Wahhabi tribalism inevitably led to tyranny by ethnic or religious groups.


(2) Decline of Sword of Islam

MECCA & MEDINA INTERNATIONAL CITIES: One. Neo-Conservatism believes that oil-producing Saudi Arabia should have no political control over Mecca and Medina the Holy cities. The Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina should become separate sovereign state independent of Saudi Arabia. The government of Mecca and Medina directly elected by Muslims of the world. Neo-Conservatism advocates the secular American Oil Colonialism and wants that Muslims of the populated Muslim nations such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey and Nigeria should control religious institutions of Mecca and Medina. The political role of Wahhabi clergy in Mecca and Medina should not exceed the share of Ahab Muslims in world population of Muslim that is no more than 2 percent.


ISLAM IS THE RELIGION OF SWORD: Two. Neo-Conservatism believes that thinly populated oil-rich Islamic world is militarily weak and vulnerable to foreign invasions. However, the acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran or Saudi Arabia presents the specter of nuclear attacks by barbarians over civilizations. The world civilizations must undertake preemptive attacks on Iran to bring Iran under the civilized rule of Oil Colonialism. The religions of sword that expand by sword die by the sword, when the sword of rival religion becomes mightier than their own sword. Islamic tradition has two warring sects Sunni and Shiite both oppose Western culture and rights of women. Arab extremists claim the divine right of Muslims to take possession of the overwhelming wealth of the West, just as they looted ancient civilizations of Egypt, Syria and Persia. The Arab and Iranian aspirations and self-image compel them to challenge the global balance of power, and they believe the Koran’s promise that they are destined to rule over the world. Islam just like Christianity and Judaism is an exclusive intolerant iconoclast patriarchal Religion of Sword that considers itself to be the only correct monotheistic doctrine. But there is a remarkable difference as Roman Catholic Christianity and Orthodox Christianity left the Jewish Torah more or less intact and added Christian Gospels sacred texts to the texts of the Jews, except Gnostic Christians that had totally rejected Old Testament and Torah. Muslims have a different approach, they believe that Christians and Jews have conveyed Allah’s message incorrectly and have falsified the Koran, which they called Bible of Christianity. Muslims believe that Moses was an Islamic prophet, as was Jesus, and Jews and Christians corrupted the Islamic message of Moses and Jesus. Sunni and Shiite radicals do what orthodox interpretation of the Koran bids them to do: to humiliate falsifiers and infidels, obtain their weapons and possessions, and establish the Kingdom of Allah, the Islamic Caliphate. Extremist Wahhabi Muslims believe that it is the divine obligation of True Muslims to gather and to break the power of Christians and Jews. Wahhabis Islam promises wealth and power to Muslim clergy in countries that in which Muslims live are poor, weak and embittered. The Sword of inclusive tolerant religion is mightier than the Sword of Shiite Islam and can defeat the Shiite Religion of Sword in Iran and restore Zoroastrian rule in Iran.


DECLINE OF ISLAM BY SHIITE-SUNNI WARS: Three. Neo-Conservatism seeks to create 40 new independent oil-producing states by partitioning Iran, Iraq, USE, Saudi Arabia and Libya into six or more states each. Neo-Conservatism wants to deploy the classical policy of divide and rule, by exacerbating Shiite-Sunni communal wars and inter-ethnic warfare in Middle East and Iran to partition every major oil-producing country into six separate sovereign state. American should establish American Colonial Empire in the Middle East and expel Ahab Mullahs from the Middle East and had over all mosques under direct control of Muslim Sufi Mystics. Sufi Islam would take over the leadership of the Islamic world from Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Since the beginning of Islam, Sunni and Shiite compete violently for the spiritual and secular heritage of Mohammed. In 21st Century their fixations are that the Christian West enjoys preponderant military and economic domination as well as Western culture corrupts the hearts of Muslim women with ideas that spells doom for Islam. Though Mullahs argue that the Christianity is decadent, godless and cowardly and will eventually succumb to the power of the true faith of Islam, the truth is that Sunni and Shiite Islam is decadent and cowardly and will succumb to the true Islamic faith of Sufi Mysticism.


(3) Crusades for Democracy in Mid East

ALGERIA DESTROYED TERRORISM: One. Neo-Conservatism believes that Islamic terrorism is a religion of sword and an ideology of sword and by sword it is eradicated. Secular government of Algeria used military power to destroy the menace of Wahhabi-type Islamic terrorism and put down its Islamic insurgency in the 1990s. The Algerian insurgents had been more brutal than those in Iraq, beheading bus passengers at roadblocks on a regular basis, making Algeria one of the most dangerous places in the world. Then the killing stopped, and the country promptly faded out of the world news, seemingly without explanation. The suppression of the insurgents had been a simple military success story. Government forces, with the full support of a population devastated by constant terrorism, the psychological equivalent in Algeria of a 9/11. Followed by internationally monitored elections and a steady trickle of European investors back to Algiers, Algeria was back on its feet. To fight the global menace of Islamic terrorism, US cannot afford to remain locked in conflict limited by European and Papal courting of Islamic terrorism, and instead should use force for fighting an enemy that kills both civilians and soldiers without compunction.


DEMOCRATIC FORCES CAN RULE IRAN: Two. Neo-Conservatism believes that the majority of Iranian youths and Iranian women, want to overthrow Mullah’s regime. Iran is ready to evict Mullahs. Most if not all Mullahs would run away from Iran when faced with imminent American invasions, because they fear that Iranian women and youths would publicly hang Mullahs and their henchmen, for their crime of destroying modern Iran. Ayatollah Khomeini was a CIA spy implanted by President Carter to rule Iran, as President Carter belonged to Christian religious right conservative conspiracy, who hated secular Shah of Iran. United States should undertake preemptive attacks on Nuke-armed Mullah led Iran. Most of the Iranian people inside Iran and outside hate and opposes the Mullah’s regime, but the moderates and democrats are utterly powerless, because President Carter and succession of American presidents refused to support the pro-democracy political movements in Iran. All key positions in Iran are occupied by Mullahs and their henchmen, an insurgency by democrats or a violet ‘velvet’ revolution backed by American forces from its bases in Afghanistan and Iraq would bring down the Mullah-rule Iran without much blood-shed. Iran supports for Islamic terrorism and groups in Iraq and preparing a nuclear showdown with the West, because Mullahs realize that only in conflict with the West it can blossom and realize Islamic Apocalyptic religious ambitions. The central objective of Iran is to use its oil reserves to break America’s domination of Islamic oil and gas reserves. America’s strategy shall be to take direct control and ownership of oil and gas reserves of the Middle East by establishing American Colonial Empire in the Middle East.


(4) Destroy Islamic Nukes

FAITH BASED GEOPOLITICAL AMBITIONS: One. Neo-Conservatism advocates that American Colonial control over the oil and gas reserves of the Middle West would end the menace of Islamic faith based geopolitical ambitions of the OPEC nations, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Oil is the Achilles-Heels of the Islamic militancy in the Middle East. The American Colonial occupation of Middle Eastern oil and gas reserves would cause the demise of Semite Ahab Sunni fundamentalism in Arabia and Ayatollah’s Shiite fundamentalism in Iran. United States must undertake preemptive attacks to prevent Islamic Apocalyptic faith based geopolitical ambitions of oil-producing nations. Unless the US undertakes preemptive military action, Iran will soon acquire a nuclear bomb and pursue Iran’s faith-based geopolitical ambitions. In Iran, the Mullahs have created a fanatical concoction of Iranian nationalism and Shiite religion. Iran is a true Islamic power and it is capable of developing. Iranian nuclear arsenal would enable Iran to dominate the entire Arabian Gulf region and bring Mecca and Medina under Shiite control and enforce partitions of Shiite-majority provinces of Saudi Arabia and UAE. In 1990, Saddam Hussein targeted the Arabian oil reserves, but made the mistake of attacking Kuwait before Iraq could complete Iraqi nuclear program. The Iranian Mullahs have learned military lessons of America’s Iraq war. It is hard to foresee Mullahs’ fanatically religious course the moment Iran possess nuclear weapons. The Cold War never reached boiling point because the principal adversaries kept sight of their economic and political interests, and were conscious of the disaster that would overtake them were they ever to loose their self control and their reason. No one knows how a nuclear weapon Islamic nation would behaves as Iranian Mullahs have openly declared their belief in the End of Days and when Mullahs advocate prefer death by martyrdom to life in a modern civilization.


SPECTER OF TWIN NUKE-OIL BOMB: Two. Neo-Conservatism strongly advocates the preemptive attacks on Atom Bomb seeking mullah-ruled Iran to establish American colonial rule in Iran.  President Bush must invade and occupy Iran, before developed nuclear weapons. Bush administrations must also dismantle clandestine Saudi Arabian nuke program. The potential ideological and political use of oil by Nuke armed Iranian and Arab Islamic regimes presents an existential threat to the civilized Christian world. The danger of nuclear war would prevent the West from intervening militarily to secure oil supplies. The use of oil as strategic weapon by Islamic powers will result in economic and military debilitation of the Christian world. Christian America and Europe are currently engaged in a twin race against time, the prevention of the Iranian Atom bomb and the global war against Islamic terrorism.


OIL-COLONIALISM CHECKMATES TERRORISM: Three. Neo-Colonialism believes that the foreign colonial occupation of Islamic Oil and gas resources would permanently solve the problem of Islamic terrorism. Pox-Americana’s Oil Colonial Empire in the Middle East would dry up the cash for Islamic fundamentalism, Islamic terrorism and emancipate Muslim women and establish modern Islam. Extremist fundamentalist Islam considers the oil and gas reserves beneath the Muslim desert sands to be a gift from Allah. Muslim terrorists want to prevent Christians from stealing Muslims' oil. Muslim terrorists call for attacks on oil installations, called on the holy warriors to concentrate their campaigns on the stolen oil of the Muslims, most of the revenues of which go to the enemies of Islam. Terrorist argue that the enemies of Islam' exploit oil with incomparable greed, and Muslims have to stop that theft with all they can, to save this fortune for the nation of Islam. In his speech no. 17 Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini noted: “Wealth lies in the hands of the East. Oil, this important resource, is in the hands of the East, in the hands of the Muslims that which lie in Islamic lands. The world has progressed because of these important reserves of oil. Others need this oil. Every country, which has progressed, has done so through these reserves, every country, which has won a war, has done so because of oil. These oil reserves are in your hands. Thanks to God, Iraq has oil, Iran has oil, Kuwait has oil, and Hiram has oil. This is one of the astounding things, the oil is in the hands of the Muslims so others should come and bow down before you, they should kiss your hands, kiss your feet and buy these reserves at the highest price; you shouldn't bow to them.”


MILITARY SOLUTION OF ISLAMIC TERROR: Four. Neo-Conservatism believes that the United States and India should initiate an emergency program to prevent an Islamic Nuclear Armageddon and Nuclear Apocalypse. The urgency of the present situation cannot be downplayed. In 2006, it is 1941 again. In 1941, the full might of American industry mobilized to produce the weaponry needed to defeat the Nazi hell. Iran's Mullahs following lead of Ayatollah Hominy want to use the oil weapon as soon as Iran has acquired nuclear weapons. In the Nuclear Oil strategy devised and cultivated by Sunni and Shiite political Islam the control of the supply of oil plays a crucial role. Now in the 2006 the threat of an Iranian nuclear bomb is becoming increasingly real and Mullahs are acquiring greater control over the oil weapon. The United States and India should not rule out the preemptive attacks before Iranian nuclear threat becomes a reality.


OIL WILL CAUSE ENSLAVEMENT OF MUSLIMS: Five. Neo-Conservatism believes that OPEC Arabs and Iranians should lose control over oil and gas resources under direct American colonial occupation of the Middle East. Oil will turn out to be a twin curse on Islam, as Oil would result in the enslavement of Arab race and emancipation of Muslim women. Thinly populated oil-rich Arab oil producing countries are typical golden birds that could never fly free in air as independent. The geopolitical destiny of all oil-rich Arab countries is the safety and security of golden cage of Americana-Americana Oil Colonialism. In the Middle East, Islamic oil gift has been more of a curse than a blessing. Oil has fuelled tyrannical regimes and prevented the development of diversified economies producing wide ranges of goods and services. The Middle East can become modern and democratic will have the chance to enjoy the gift of freedom and become increasingly immune for apocalyptic Islamic radicalism only after Pax Americana establishes oil-colonial empires in the oil-rich Middle East and oil is no longer a scarce commodity manipulated by Semite Oil Cartel. In the Arab Middle East, oil is the tyrant's currency. The tyrannies in the Islamic world would end only when Islamic world brought under the colonial occupation of Pax Americana. The gold of Incas, Mayas and Aztecs caused their doom at the hands of Christians. The gold of OPEC nations would cause their demise at hands of Oil-Colonial Empires of the 21st Century. If the Arab OPEC nations and Iran want to survive as a nation or a society or a culture, they should welcome the safety of American Golden Cage of Colonialism, otherwise Arab race shall meet the fate of Incas, Mayas, Aztecs, Native American Indians and Australian Aborigines. Christian nations tolerated the oil-rich Arab nations so long as they remained a pawn in the hands of American policy makers. The Arabists at the White House mobilized Wahhabi theocracy, engineered the independence of Oil-producing British colonies in 1971, and launched the OPEC Oil Cartel. Now the Israeli Arabists at the White House shall draw a final curtain over the Arab world. Now the chicken has come to roost. It is right time for Christian hegemon at the White House to militarily export Democratic Utopia and to enforce emancipation of women in Arab OPEC countries including, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait. Neo-Conservatism advocates that the entire oil-producing Islamic world should come under Oil-Colonial Empires.


PARTITION MUSLIM OIL-COUNTRIES: Neo-Conservatism advocates the diplomacy of divide and rule in the Islamic Middle East to promote communal rivalries among warring ethnic sects and tribes to bring about multiple partitions of Iran, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Nigeria to form more than 30 new independent states. Iran should be partitioned into independent states of: Persia, Azerbaijan, Assyria, Kurdistan and Baluchistan. Iraq should be partitioned into separate states along the ethnic boundary lines, Sunni Arabs, Shiite Arabs, Kurds, secular Arabs and secular Shiites. United Arab Emirates should be partitioned into separate Sheikhdoms that presently form the part of the Federation of the UAE, namely Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ul Al Qwain, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. Saudi Arabia should be partitioned around tribal ethnic boundaries and cities, namely, Kingdom of Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Dammam, Mecca, and Al Hasa. Indian Empire was partitioned and Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Maldives. If India could be partitioned then Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and United Arab Emirates should also undergo partition to facilitate the rise of American colonial Empire in the Mid East.




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