Chapter 22

War on Islamic & Maoist Terrorism

India’s War on Islamism-Maoism

“Global Clash of Races-Diplomacy of Civilizations” © (2006) Kalki Gaur

22(1) Purport

(1) War on Terrorism Prevents Apocalypse

President Bush’s war on Islamic terrorism prevents Iranian nuclear ambitions and scuttles Iranian dream to win the Armageddon wars in favor of Islam. Christian and Islamic End of Time eschatological teleological doctrines foretells Christian-Islamic Armageddon wars and Apocalypse, which America can prevent by establishing American Colonial Empire throughout Islamic Oil-producing countries. Neo-Conservatism advocates that President Bush should establish Petro-Colonial Empire in Iraq, Iran and other parts of the Middle to checkmate the looming specter of Apocalypse and Armageddon in the Middle East, a region that caused rising oil prices, rising Islamic terrorism and presently seeks nukes to undertake preemptive nuclear strikes against Christian targets to win Armageddon Wars in favor of Islam. Iran has Uranium deposits and Iran has learnt the Uranium enrichment technology and acquired centrifuges. Technically Iran can produce large number of uranium nuclear weapons. Unless United States undertakes preemptive attacks on Iran to demilitarize Iran, the nuclear Iran threatens the world civilization. India and United States should jointly invade Iran and establish a secular democratic government in India.

One. The United States should undertake preemptive attacks on the breeding grounds of Islamic terrorism inside oil-producing Arab countries to destroy the home bases of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. The Partition of Oil-Producing Nations into colonies of world powers shall prevent the looming specter of Apocalypse and thereby Petro-Colonialism is a lesser evil than the Clash of fundamentalist Religions of Swords.


Two. United States should establish American colonial empire in the Middle East to preempt other world powers seeking to establish oil-colonial empires of their own in the Middle East. The 21st Century shall be similar to the 18th and 19th Centuries, and Colonial Empires will regain its historic roles as the principal actors in the International system. In 21st Century more than 120 sovereign independent countries shall lose their independence and become part of the Colonial Empires led by world powers, such as the United States, China, India, Japan, Germany, France and Britain.

Three. Russia and China would support albeit encourage United States to invade and occupy nuke-seeking Iran provided United States permitted Russia and China to establish a few oil colonies of their own.


Four. The multiple partitions of Iran would destroy the power base of Iran. Iran should be partitioned into spheres of influences of great powers and brought under the colonial occupation of world powers.


(2) Sword of tolerant inclusive Protestantism

The Islamic terrorism extremism and fundamentalism represents the power of the Religions of Swords. In 21st Century the Sword of inclusive tolerant Religions and democratic Ideologies is stronger than the Sword of exclusive intolerant iconoclast religions and murderous ideologies. In the 21st Century the civilizational Sword of diversity inclusion and tolerance namely, the Sword of Protestant America and the Sword of Hindu India in 2006 mightier than the Sword of Papacy as well as the Sword of Islam.


One. United States must break the sword of intolerance of Ayatollahs in Iran. In the 21st Century a global alliance of the swords of inclusive tolerant religions and eclectic ideologies shall break the swords of exclusive intolerant religions and murderous ideologies, to give deathblows to forces of extremism, fundamentalism, murderous intolerance and tyrannies.


(3) Maoist Terrorism Threatens India

India and the United States should undertake two-pronged preemptive attacks on Islamic terrorism and Communist terrorism. India is under triple attacks of Communist Maoist terrorism, Wahhabi Islamic terrorism, and Organized crime. India is under attack by growing Beijing-Mecca-Drugs Nexus.


One. A war being waged by Maoist rebels represents the gravest threat to India's internal security since independence. The Naxalite movement had evolved into a major force that threatened "our democracy, our way of life. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the problem of Naxalism is the single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by India. There seems to be unanimity on the fact that we need to give the problem a very high priority. China finances Indian Communist parties and Maoist terrorism in Nepal, India, Burma, Laos and Cambodia to create a Red corridor in Southeast Asia and South Asia.


Two. Geopolitically the Maoist Terrorism in India like the Islamic terrorism in the United States had evolved into a major force that threatened "Indian democracy and Indian way of life. The strategic alliance of inclusive tolerant democratic Protestant United States and Hindu India is a turning point in history, and it counterbalances the global alliance of murderous ideology of Communist China and Islamic intolerance extremism and fundamentalism, by undertaking crusades for democracy in China and in the Islamic world.


Three. It is no accident that only Muslims, Communists and Catholics opposed President Bush’s March 2006 visit to India and continue to oppose Bush’s nuclear deal in the US Congress and Senate.


Four. In the clash of civilizations the Protestant United States and Hindu India are on the side of the inclusion tolerance and democracy. Those who are not on the side of inclusion tolerance and democracy are against it and against United States.


Five. United States should allow China to establish an oil colony in one of the oil-producing countries to wean China away from supporting Iran. The growing Beijing-Mecca-Drugs Nexus threatens to descend New Global Dark Age on the Earth and undermine the dominance of the Protestant United States, the sole super power of the world in 21st Century. The W’s (aka President Bush) wise Indian outreach has hitched a rising India to the United States, as India is where future is, as by 2050 Communist China either could break up into feuding fiefdoms or replaced by Buddhist China, and by 2050 Indian economy shall be four times the size of Japanese economy.


(4) Crusades of Democracy & Tolerance

The sword of democracy freedom tolerance and freedom of women can undermine Islamic terrorism in the Islamic world and also undermine Communist tyranny in Tibet and non-Han dominated mounatineous regions of China. The demise of Communism heralds the victory of Republican Neo-Conservatism and Protestant Reformed Christianity as new Agency of History, to export Democratic Utopia and religious tolerance worldwide to wage wars on extremism fundamentalism and intolerance worldwide, to fruitfully leverage the might of the sole super to create a tolerant inclusive 3rd Millennium. United States as well as India is the new agency of History and Democracy and Neo-Conservatism is the reigning ideology of the 3rd Millennium.


One. The enemies of tolerance inclusion and democracy conspiring to hijack the Presidency of the United States to secretly implant a Papal agent in the White House so that Emperor Theodosius I type president may use the executive powers of the White House to destroy United States itself, as happened to the Soviet Union in 1991 and to the Roman Empire circa 415.


Two. United States and India, the world’s first and third largest economies and military powers must be ever vigilant against the ever-widening global nexus of religious extremism fundamentalism intolerance and murderous ideologies and organized crime.


Three. The Beijing-Mecca-Crime Nexus has waged a war of civilizations against United States-India Axis of democracy diversity tolerance and inclusion. The multi-level clash of civilizations reflected in, clash of political parties in elections, clash of religions, battle for the leadership of religions, clash of ideas, conflict of generations, clash inside civilizations societies and religions.


Four. Democratic tolerant inclusive India is the Exemplar State in the post-Nation State international system of the 21st Century. Neo-Conservatism is the reigning ideology of the 21st Century. The United States as well as India is the Agency of History in the 21st Century destined to export Democratic Utopia and Crusades of Democracy to Beijing, Mecca, the Vatican and worldwide.


(5) Great Powers Write International Law

America by Right of Unilateralism has right to amend International Law, to empower civilizations and world powers greater freedom to use unrestricted excessive force against terrorists. United States has unbridled rights under International Law to invade Atom Bomb seeking Iran. United Nations had allowed United States to invade Iraq on grounds of WMDs. Iran has unilaterally declared that it has WMDs. The international law now obliges United States to invade Iran and occupy Iran and demilitarize Iran and dismantle its nuclear capabilities.


One. The Great Powers have the right and power, under International Law, to declare by an International Treaty that tyrannies or terrorist nations may lose their right of independence and sovereignty, and terrorist societies may lose their Human Rights and Freedom.


Two. Civilizations and world powers cannot permit barbarians and terrorists misuse the internation law to disturb peace in the world. The Unilateralist policies of President Bush and American invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan and North Korea are legally valid under International Law.


Three. The leading world powers, namely, United States, India, China, Russia, France and Britain should establish Colonial International Law that allows world powers to establish petro-colonial empires by occupying oil-producing nations. The White House if it so decides, can legitimize the right of Great Powers to invade Oil-producing country to establish Colonial Empire, and if accepted by other world powers, automatically amends the International Law to make Colonial Empires as principal actors of the International System in the 21st Century, as it had been during 18th and 19th Century.


Four. International Law is whatever Great Powers agree by means of Treaty. International Law is whatever President Bush determines should be part of International Law, and if other great powers or the United Nations implicitly or explicitly accept it. The International Law is not revealed by a Prophet or descends from heaven. The International Law is what great powers of the world agree what International Law is, by agreement. Normally the dominant power has disproportionate power to determine the International Law for the world as normally great powers accept the lead of the dominant power. Just as any legislation of the Congress and Senate acquires the force of Law when signed by the President, similarly whatever Great Powers decide becomes International Law. The United Nations legitimized American invasion of Iraq and recognized America as the Occupying Power, and this act of the United Nations heralded a new age of Colonial Empires in the 21st Century.

These are the arguments author makes in this Chapter.


22(2) Talk Points

(1) Maoist Terrorism Threatens India

India is under triple attacks of Communist Maoist terrorism, Wahhabi Islamic terrorism, Catholic terrorism and Organized crime. India is under attack by growing Beijing-Mecca-Vatican-Crime Nexus. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, “A war being waged by Maoist rebels represents the gravest threat to India's internal security since independence. The Naxalite movement had evolved into a major force that threatened "our democracy, our way of life. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the problem of Naxalism is the single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country. There seems to be unanimity on the fact that we need to give the problem a very high priority. China finances Indian Communist parties and Maoist terrorism in Nepal, India, Burma, Laos and Cambodia to create a Red corridor in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Geopolitically the war being waged by Maoist rebels represents the gravest threat to India's internal security and democracy since independence in 1947. Hindu India’s three-pronged global war on terrorism includes, war on Islamic terrorism, war on Maoist terrorism, and war Catholic terrorism. India and United States have a common enemy in war on Islamic terrorism. The growing nexus of Islamic terrorism, Maoist terrorism and Catholic terrorism became a public knowledge, when only Muslims, Communists and Catholics opposed Christian President George Bush’s visit to Hindu India in March 2006. Pro-Islam, pro-Vatican and pro-China lobbyists and caucus in the Senate and Congress presenting tough challenge to ratify President Bush’s civilian nuclear deal in the US Media, Senate and Congress. Since India faces triple challenge of Islamic, Maoist and Cathlolic terrorism, it is prudent for India to undertake joint measures alongside Protestant United States to export Democratic Utopia and undertake Crusades of Democracy to Mecca, Vatican and Beijing.


(2) Twin Terrorism of Maoism and Islamism

The Maoist Terrorism in India like the Islamic terrorism in the United States had evolved into a major force that threatened "Indian democracy and Indian our way of life. The strategic alliance of inclusive tolerant democratic Protestant United States and Hindu India is a turning point in history, and seeks to counterbalance the global alliance of murderous ideology of Communist China and Islamic intolerance extremism and fundamentalism, by undertaking crusades for democracy in China and in the Islamic world. It is no accident that only Muslims, Communists and Catholics opposed President Bush’s March 2006 visit to India and continue to oppose Bush’s nuclear deal in the US Congress and Senate. In the clash of civilizations the Protestant United States and Hindu India are on the side of the inclusion tolerance and democracy. Those who are not on the side of inclusion tolerance and democracy are against it and against United States. The growing Nexus of Beijing-Mecca-Vatican threatens to descend New Global Dark Age on the Earth and undermine the dominance of the Protestant United States, the sole super power of the world in 21st Century. The W’s (aka President Bush) wise Indian outreach has hitched a rising India to the United States, as India is where future is, as by 2050 Communist China either could break up into feuding fiefdoms or replaced by Buddhist China, and by 2050 Indian economy shall be four times the size of Japanese economy. Democratic tolerant inclusive India is the Exemplar State in the post-Nation State international system of the 21st Century. Neo-Conservatism is the reigning ideology of the 21st Century. The United States as well as India is the Agency of History in the 21st Century destined to export Democratic Utopia and Crusades of Democracy to Beijing, Mecca, the Vatican and worldwide.


(3) Asia is the Future and Europe is Old

The 21st Century is an Asian Century and India and China are the leaders of Asia. In geopolitical terms, all of Europe is old, the world’s most tourist friendly museum piece. In the mind’s eye of the Neo-conservatives, Europe should be hung with an enormous sign: “The future used to happen here.” It is wrong to say that Germany and France is Old Europe, while former Soviet colonies the East Europeans or Poland represent New Europe, as the whole Europe is old, with ageing population and declining birth rate. The trend lines in terms of economic and military power all say “Asia.” The future is happening in Asia, for better or worse. The geopolitical stakes in Asia are much higher than the stakes in Europe. The top world civilizations and top world powers of the 21st Century are: Protestant United States, Buddhist China, Hindu India, Buddhist Japan, Western Christian European Union and Orthodox Russia.


(4) USA created Islamic Terrorism

The Pentagon deployed the Diplomacy of Deception when it declared America’s War on Islamic terrorism. American oil colonialism and British Empire promoted Wahhabi fundamentalism to break up the liberal modern Ottoman Empire to engineer the secession of oil-rich Saudi Arabia and Iraq from Ottoman Empire after the First World War. American oil colonialism bribed British Labor Prime Minister Harold Wilson to declare that Britain will unilaterally withdraw from oil-rich colonies east of Suez after 1968. American oil colonialism created OPEC Cartel to dominate the world oil trade and to make US dollar as the official currency of the oil trade. The CIA engineered the downfall of the Shah of Iran to force the decline of Aryan Iran and enhance the greater leadership role of Wahhabi Saudi Arabia in the Islamic world and oil producing world. The CIA financed and armed the Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan to oppose the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan that resulted in the defeat of Soviet forces in Afghanistan. The United States conspired with Saudi Arabia to lower the prices of oil in 1980s to dry the foreign investments in the development of Soviet Siberian and Central Asian oil fields by making them non-remunerative. The steep fall of the oil prices in 1980s resulted in the demise of the Soviet Union and the secession of the oil-rich Central Asian republics of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan from the Soviet Union. United States, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan financed and supported Osama Bin Laden acquire political control over Afghanistan, hoping Osama would help American Oil companies build Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan oil gas pipeline to transport Caspian oil to world markets.


President Bush misused the foreign public sympathy for Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to wage war on Afghanistan, in the name of America’s War on Terrorism, but in reality to establish American oil colony over Afghanistan to control the oil and gas resources of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. United States supporting the Muslim terrorists in Chechnya to undermine Russian rule over Groznyi and Chechnya to foil Russian attempts to build Russian oil and gas pipeline to transport Azerbaijan oil and gas reserves northward using Russian pipeline networks. Terrorist Osama Bin Laden had been a former CIA operative. Most of the Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists arrested by the American forces in Afghanistan have been released. It gave rise to speculation that President Bush sent troops to Afghanistan not to destroy Al Qaeda terrorists, but to provide safe passage to the Al Qaeda terrorists from sure deaths at the hands of Northern Alliance soldiers in Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden is safely operating from Pakistan under the protection of Pakistan with open knowledge of American CIA and troops. Only actions of the White House would help discern the real motives of the United States in President Bush’s declared war on Islamic terrorism and Osama Bin Laden. Bush Administration deployed the Wilsonian camouflage the Rooseveltian real politics to establish American oil colony in Afghanistan and Caspian oil basin, in the name of America’s War on terrorism.


India is very concerned about the failure of the United States to arrest even a single leader of Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorist organization. India is concerned that Osama bin Laden is alive and hiding in Mecca and continues to wage terrorist attacks worldwide, with the consent of the Wahhabi regime of Saudi Arabia. India asserts the right of preemptive strikes against Wahhabi Arab terrorist states. India suspects that United States could be promoting Islamic Wahhabi fundamentalism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey in garb of fighting war on fundamentalist Islamic terrorism.


(5) Islamic Barbarism threatens Civilizations

The religious terrorism has emerged as the greatest barbarian threat to civilizations of modern age. Islamic terrorism justified and encouraged by Islamic Wahhabi religious leaders as pious obligatory acts, to create a large army of Jihadi martyrs, willing to attack infidels without any provocation. Second, religious terrorism requires determined response of the Civilizations, to destroy the breeding ground home base of the Wahhabi terrorists. Nuclear India has emerged as the 2nd pole in the post-Cold War new world order. Germany France Japan and Russia would join India to consolidate the 2nd pole in the new world order as the Second Bloc. Hindu India and Protestant United States shall join forces in the America’s war on Islamic terrorism, provided United States doesn’t exploit the war of terrorism to justify the eastward expansion of NATO to Central Asia and South Asia.


(6) Terrorism attacks weakest section

Religious terrorism attacks the weakest section of the society, the women forcing them into servitude to men. Civilization’s response to the religious terrorism shall include the empowerment of Muslim women, by repealing national laws especially Shariah laws that subject women into bondage and servitude. Fifth, religious terrorism in pagan Africa forces pagan men and women into slavery to forcibly convert them to Semite religions of Islam and Christianity. Sixth, Catholic religious right conservatives have joined forces with Wahhabi Sunni militant fundamentalists to enforce Muslim Shariah laws over Africa to brutally force the religious conversions of Africa’s pagans, who represent more than 50 percent of the population in Black Africa south of Sahara. Hindu India supports the demands of the pagan majority states in Africa to carve out the sovereign pagan states in Africa.


(7) Catholic Terror targets Hindus Buddhists

The Christian religious conservatives cause religious terrorism in the Buddhist states of Asia. Christian conservatives have joined forces with extreme Judeo-Communists in Maoist China and Pol Pot’s Cambodia to brutally suppress and murder Buddhists. Hindu India would align with the Buddhists to meet the threat of Christian religious terrorism in the Buddhist world. Eight, President Bush outrightly condemned Iraq, Iran and North Korea are the three heads of the Axis of Evil. However, Wahhabi Saudi Arabia is the core of the Axis of Evil the very Womb of the Axis of Evil. The Saudi Arabia is what Laurent Murawiec of Rand Corp. calls “the Kernel of Evil, the prime mover, the most dangerous opponent in the terror game.”


(8) Secular Military Coups in Arabia

The CIA-led secular military coups or secular Marxist military coups in Wahhabi Arabian Peninsula and Iran would solve the problem of Islamic terrorism. The problem of the Wahhabi terrorism can be eradicated permanently, if United States encourages the General of Saudi Army to stage a military coup, followed by the abolition of the House of Al Saud Monarchy. The problem of Wahhabi terrorism can be solved, if either Pakistan or Turkey occupy Saudi Arabia and imposes Turkish secular laws over Saudi Arabia. The problem of Wahhabi Sunni terrorism can be eradicated if the West encourages Shiite Iran’s takeover of Mecca & Medina. Tenth, throughout 19th and first half of 20th Century the Arabian Gulf had been an Indian Lake and Navy of Indian Empire reigned supreme. The problem of Islamic terrorism can be solved if India colonizes Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.


(9) Christian Colonial Rule in Arabia

The problem of Islamic terrorism can be resolved if the Western colonial powers could bring the entire Arab oil-producing world under European colonial rule. The loss of the sovereignty of a dozen Arab nations is not an awesome price to pay for the successful eradication of the menace of Islamic terrorism. Twelfth, Wahhabi Saudi Arabia is the Achilles Heel of Islamic terrorism. Menace of the Islamic terrorism will die a natural death, whenever the theocratic Wahhabi regime of Saudi Arabia replaced by secular modern westernized military regime, which guarantees the freedom and rights of Saudi women. The destruction and conquest of Saudi Arabia is the cheapest and best means to permanently eradicate the menace of Islamic terrorism. Thirteenth, Buddhist China, Orthodox Russia and Hindu India would provide military troops to Western Christian Crusades on Saudi Arabia.


(10) Saudi Womb of Islamic Terrorism

The Saudi Arabia based Wahhabi terrorists commit genocide of moderate liberal Muslim women worldwide, Including Kashmir India. The barbaric acts of pro-Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Muslim terrorists causing Holocaust of Muslim Women, which is much more barbaric than the Holocaust of Jews by Nazi Germany. The civilized international community should militarily invade barbarian Saudi Arabia to militarily neutralize Wahhabi fundamentalists to protect Muslim women from genocide perpetrated by barbarian Wahhabi Muslim fundamentalists. To start with Afghan women should be given legal right to hang all such Wahhabi Taliban fundamentalists in Afghanistan that forced Afghan Muslim women into bondage and servitude during Taliban rule. Perhaps the destruction of Wahhabi Sect in Saudi Arabia alone could solve the problem of Islamic terrorism worldwide. Civilized Hindu India should explore joint military operations with civilized Egypt, civilized Turkey, civilized Syria and civilized Afghanistan and civilized Iran against barbarian Wahhabi Saudi Arabia for the permanent eradication of evil Wahhabi fundamentalism from the Arabian Peninsula. The Evil Wahhabi that nurtures in Saudi Arabia represents predator sect that aims at the genocide of the moderate Muslim women worldwide unless checked militarily. Wahhabi Holocaust of Muslim women could be many times more heinous than the Nazi Holocaust of Jews. Like the evil Nazism the evil Wahhabism must be militarily destroyed to save the impending genocide of moderate Muslim women. This is the argument author makes in this chapter.


22(3) Hindu response to Terrorism

(1) Nuclear India as the Second Pole

Nuclear India emerged as Second Pole of the emerging Bipolar World, challenging the sole super power status of the United States. Russia (the successor to the Soviet Union) seeks strategic partnership with Europe rather than confrontation with the West, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and after the unification of the European Union, and emergence of the Euro the single currency of Europe. The Orthodox Church of Russia seeks peaceful coexistence with, after the defeat of Yugoslavia, just as Russia sought to consolidate its hold over Eastern Europe and Eastern Siberia, after the citadel of Orthodox Christianity in Constantinople conquered by Aryan Ottomans with tacit support of the Roman Catholic Church. Communist China is solidly aligned with Christianity, to conspire joint attacks on Buddhism the religion of one billion Chinese. Japan can’t afford to defend Buddhism against the onslaught of Christianity, even when no more than 3% of Japanese and Chinese people are Christians.


(2) Response of Hindus Buddhists

India has no option but to join the Clash of Civilizations on the side of Hindu, Buddhist, and Pagan civilizations, to ward of the invasions of Occidental Christian, Islamic and Judaic civilizations. India would join the War of Civilizations on the side of equality of woman and man, and the equality of brown and yellow races with white races. India the home of around one billion Hindus is the only power left in the world to challenge the White Iconoclasts’ Wars on brown, yellow and black idolaters, to defend the civilization interests of brown and yellow races, Hindu & Buddhist civilizations in the Global Clash of Races. Hindu India is the sole power in the world, on the side of Almighty Goddess, the idea of God as a Woman, in the Global Clash of Religions, the ongoing wars between patriarchal Occidental Religions and matriarchal oriental Religions.


India would join forces with pro-Women Hindus, Buddhists, Shiites, Orthodoxy and Protestants would align to form a global coalition of Good Powers to wage wars on the counter Evil coalition of anti-women Sunni Wahhabi Fundamentalism and Catholic religious right wing conspiracy.


(3) India opposes Papal Axis of Medieval

India likes and wants to have strategic ties with the United States that is an Axis of Good Midernityas, but India is scared of and would oppose the United States that is the Axis of Medieval Christianity. United States promoted Wemite Wahhabi fundamentalism in the Middle East and Semite Bolshevik genocide in East Europe. “Somehow we (USA) have become the core of an Axis of Medieval”, wrote Reporter Nicholas D. Kristof, (Bush vs. Women, New York Times, Op-Ed, 8/16/02 p. A17). He lamented that president Bush is putting the U.S. on the wrong side of the battle lines. Hindus & Buddhists, brown Indian and yellow Chinese races, representing half of the peoples of the world, believe that WASPs-led secular USA has somehow become the core of an Axis of Medieval, due to the Papal Religious Right Wing Conspiracy, seeking to subvert the Good United States in the first half of the 21st Century, just as Catholics subverted the Good Roman Empire circa 385, when under the similar Religious Right Wing Conspiracy, Roman Emperor banned traditional, ancient religions and religious practices. It resulted in the conquest of Roman Empire by German barbarians, and resulted in 1,000 years of Dark Ages, that included Inquisition. Pope John Paul II conspiring to use the assets of the Roman Catholic Church and the loyalty of the Catholics to destroy the secular foundations of WASPs United States just as Catholic Church worked towards the destruction of the Communist society in Poland. After the destruction of the Soviet Union, and end of the Cold War, the Axis of Medieval and the Proverbial Snake mentioned in the Protocols f the Elders of Zion, conspiring to Carve out a Catholic nuclear state, out of the three states of North America. Hindu India cannot remain silent spectator to allow religious right wing conspiracy hijack the Oval Office and repeat in early 2000’s what happened to Roman Empire circa 385, when fanatic Catholic became the Emperor of Rome.


(4) Pro-WASP and Anti-Papacy India

The White Anglo Saxon Protestant American represents the constructive Forces of Good, while Catholic Religious Right Wing Conspiracy represents the destructive Counter Force. The very idea of United States based on the concept of the separation of State and Religions, primarily because the founders wanted to check Papal goals to undermine the Protestant foundations of the United States. In the Christian world three top powers are Protestant powers, namely, United States, Britain, Canada and Australia. No Catholic power is a nuclear power, even nuclear France opposed to the Papacy. The purpose of ‘GLOBAL CLASH OF RACES: White Iconoclasts’ Wars on Brown, Yellow & Black Idolater” is an attempt to explain the good Protestants of the United States, that in the War of Religions, pro-women Protestants will join Hindus, Buddhists to jointly face the anti-women, fundamentalist coalition of Sunni Wahhabi and Catholic Religious Right Wing fundamentalists. The liberals of the world unite, and let the women of the world unite, to wean the United States away from the alliance with the Axis of Medieval, which would usher in Third Millennium of Dark Age throughout the Christian world, similar to the First Millennium of the Dark Age in the Christian West, that descended because of the Axis of Medieval that capture the throne of the Hindu Roman Empire during 385 AD. It is neither in the interest of the white race nor Protestant Christianity that Catholic Axis of Medieval should dominate White House and the Capitol in the United States. The Axis of Medieval seeks to derail Protestant president Bush’s war on Islamic Terrorism. India helped the Allied Forces win the First World War and the Second World War and had India supported the Axis Powers than the Allied Powers would have lost both the world wars. India fought for Allied Powers and supplied 3,500,000 soldiers to the Allied Forces in the Second World War, and 1,650,000 soldiers in the First World War. Even then after the independence India launched Non Aligned Movement to wean the Third World away from joining either American or Soviet Camp. India can rise again and lead the third world to check imperial tendencies of the Axis of Medieval Christianity.


(5) Vietnam War of Oil & War of Papacy

The Vietnam War became a testing ground for the growing alliance of Ashkenazi Judeo patriarchy, Masonic Lodge, Papal eschatology to create foreign policy of religious right conservative conspiracy that united Judaic, Protestant and Catholic fundamentalism under the leadership of Ashkenazi Secretary Henry Kissinger and it was coopted by Secreetary Brzezinski and Secretary Albright. The Vietnam was American invasion to protect Malaysian and Indonesian oil from communist invasions of China. The Vietnam was a Pope’s war on Buddhims in Indo-China. The post-Vietnam Cambodia war was an iconoclast patriarchal Catholic conspiracy to massacre Cambodian Buddhists to establish Pope’s rule in Cambodia and Laos. President Kennedy didn’t attack Vietnam to contain Communism, but to destroy the Buddhist and Hindu civilizations of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand. Dr. Henry Kissinger presided over the Catholic Pol Pot, Khmer Rouge regime of Cambodia and consented over the genocide of 2 million Buddhists in Cambodia and Laos. Dr. Kissinger punished China for defeating United States by offering China Most Favored Nation (MFN) status. It explains that the purpose of the Korean War and the Vietnam War was to destroy Buddhism in Asia. It explains why United States overthrew Buddhist leaderships in Burma, Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam, imposing Christian leaderships even when Christians numbered less than 10% in South Vietnam, less than 5% in Burma etc. Similarly, the purpose of the American military bases in South Korea is not to fight North Korea but to expedite the conversion of Buddhist girls to Christianity by route of prostitution around military bases. Permanent military base of 50,000-soldiers who rotate every six months, has been instrumental that presently around 49% of the population of South Korea is Christian.


United States lost the Vietnam War because it failed to promote pro-US Buddhist leadership of South Vietnam. United States sacrificed its military and political goals, to promote Papal Christian proselytizing interests in Indo-China during Vietnam War. It appeared that United States fought the Vietnam War to promote military and political interests of Communism. Similarly, Indians wonder whether United States waging War of Terrorism on Afghanistan to promote the interests of Heroin/Opium Cartel and to justify the expansion of NATO to Afghanistan. United States failed to capture any leader of the Al Qaeda and Taliban, and protected these terrorists from retributions at hands of the Afghan people after the downfall of Taliban.


(6) Evil Terrorists of Axis of Medieval

The womb of the Axis of Medieval gave birth to evil Islamic terrorists. Semite Israel, Semite Saudi Arabia, Bolshevik Papacy, and Semite Republican Neo-conservatism represented the Global Axis of Medieval. Arabia the country, which provided majority of the hijackers and majority of the finance, raises doubt about American ulterior motives in Afghanistan. Why United States doesn’t demand that democracy be restored to Pakistan, when Benazir Bhutto and Nawaj Sharief, the two ex-Prime ministers demand the restoration of democracy. United States conspired to topple the democratically elected regime of President Hugo Chavez, and when the Coup fizzled, conspired to protect the culprits, and presently again conspiring to stage a second coup against Hugo Chavez. Hindu India needs to be doubly vigilant against the policies of deception by United States and Britain. Durig Clinton administration, United States as the Core of the Axis of Medieval might have attempted to undermine the democratic government of Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, just as President Clinton OK’d the coup of General Pervez Musharraf to overthrow of the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. It is no accident that Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee’s government fell by one vote while Bill Clinton bombed Yugoslavia.


So long as WASP United States remained the Core of an Axis of Medieval, under influence of the Catholic Religious Right conspiracy, then it raised the doubt that President Bush’s War on Global Islamic Terrorism, might be a ploy to promote Islamic terrorism with a difference, to support them only when they promote American national interests as mercenary terrorists, as not long ago Osama bin Laden was a CIA operative. It would not be in the long-term national interests of the United States to promote in the guise of war on terrorism, the Christian interests of the Axis of Medieval and Religious Right Conspiracy. It should be noted that while Democratic Administrations of President Jack Kennedy, President Jimmy Carter, and president Bill Clinton represented the interests of the Religious Right Conspiracy, neither President Bush (1988-1992) nor President Bush (2000- ) belong to the Christian Religious Right Wing Conservative Conspiracy.


22(4) Rise of Hindu India

(1) India is a Global World Power

India is the world power, onne of the top five world powers, namely, United States, Russia, Eeurope, China and India. India would reestablish in 21st century India’s historical dominance in the world economy, which it enjoyed until 1750 AD. India had been the richest nation in the world. India produced one fourth of the world’s manufactured output in 1750, one-fifth in 1800 and one-sixth in 1830. The 21st Century is the Century of Nuclear Hindu India. Nuclear India in 2050 AD will regain its natural historical place under the sun role that it had enjoyed for thousands of years.


World Bank recognizes India to be the world’s fourth largest economy, after USA, Japan and China. The World Bank’s “World Development Report 2000/2001” ranks the world’s leading economies in terms of Gross National Product (GNP) measured at Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) as follows: (1) United States ($8,350 Billion), (2) China ($4,112 Billion), (3) Japan ($3,042 Billion), (4) India ($2,144 Billion), (5) Germany ($1,838 Billion), (6) France ($1,294 Billion), (7) United Kingdom ($1,234 Billion), (8) Italy ($1,196 Billion), (9) Brazil ($1,062 Billion), (10) Russia ($929 Billion).


The leading economies in terms of GNP ranking are: (1) USA ($8351 Billion), (2) Japan ($4,079 Billion), (3) Germany ($2,079 Billion), (4) France ($1,427 Billion), (5) UK ($1,338 Billion), (6) Italy ($1,136 Billion), (7) China ($980 Billion), (8) Brazil ($743 Billion), (9) Canada ($591 Billion), (10) Spain ($506 Billion), (11) India ($442 Billion). This is caused by the artificially devalued currency of India. One Indian Rupee valued in terms of US $ valued in 1965 ($0.21), 1975 ($0.12), 1985 ($0.08), 1990 ($0.06), 1991 ($0.03) and in 1999 ($0.023). One US Dollar valued in Indian rupees in 1965 (Rs. 4.70), 1975 (Rs. 8.40), 1985 (Rs. 12.33), 1990 (Rs. 17.49), 1995 (Rs. 32.41), 1999 (Rs. 43.13), 2000 (Rs. 45.00), and 2001 (Rs. 47.04). Indian currency is highly undervalued, and it gets reflected in lower estimation of GNP. The four greatest military powers of the world are: (1) USA, (2) Russia, (3) China, and (4) India. The three largest populous nation of the world are: (1) China (1,250 million), (2) India (1,000 million), and (3) USA (273 million). The population of pre-partition India, South Asia (1,329 million) exceeds that of China. The nuclear weapon powers of the world are ranked as: (1) Russia, (2) USA, (3) China, (4) United Kingdom, (5) France, (6) India, and (7) Pakistan. The leading Civilizations of the world are: (1) Yellow Buddhist Chinese Civilization, (2) Brown Hindu Indian Civilization, (3) White Christian European Civilization, and (4) Brown Arab Muslim Civilization. The major races of the world ranked by population are: (1) Brown race, (2) Yellow race, (3) White race, and (4) Black race.


India would reestablish in 21st century India’s historical dominance in the world economy, which it enjoyed until 1750 AD. India had been the richest nation in the world. India produced one fourth of the world’s manufactured output in 1750, one-fifth in 1800 and one-sixth in 1830. It is only when India came under British crown in 1857 that India’s share fell precipitously. England is responsible for India’s poverty. India’s share of the world manufacturing output was in 1750 (24.5%), 1800 (19.7%), 1830 (17.6%), 1860 (8.6%), 1880 (2.8%), 1900 (1.7%), 1913 (1.4%), 1928 (1.9%), 1938 (2.4%), 1953 (1.7%), 1963 (1.8%), 1973 (2.1%) and 1980 (2.3%).


The World’s GNP at PPP in 2001 ($38,805 Billion), and India ($2,144 Billion) represents 5.53% of the world’s GNP at PPP. South Asia’s GNP at PPP ($2,695 Billion) represents 6.95% of world’s GNP. South Asia poised to overtake Japan as the third largest economy of the world during this decade. Of the four largest economies of the world, three are non-white nations of Asia, namely China, Japan and India. The combined GNPs @ PPP of China, Japan and India ($9,299 Billion) exceeds that of USA ($8,350 Billion). The GNP at PPP of South Asia ($2,695 Billion) exceeds the combined GNPs of Middle East & North Africa ($1,338 Billion) and Sub-Sahara Arica ($929 Billion) as well as that of Europe & Central Asia ($2,654 Billion).


(2) Aryan Geopolitics: India in 1750 & 2050

The 21st Century is the Century of Nuclear Hindu India. Nuclear India in 2050 AD will regain its natural historical place under the sun role that it had enjoyed for thousands of years, as late as 1750 AD, before East India Company’s victory in the Battle of Plassey in Bengal in 1757 AD. Throughout history as late as 1750, in mid-eighteenth century India had accounted for nearly 25% of the world’s manufacturing output (and similar proportion in terms of national income) while China accounted for over 30% of the world’s manufacturing output and world’s national income. During 18th century United States and Western Europe together accounted for less than 10% of the world’s manufacturing output. India produced more than three times the total manufactured output produced by Western Europe and United States and Canada. It is no wonder that as late as 1965, world had three world currencies, and three currency zones. There was Dollar currency zone, Pound Sterling Currency zone and Indian Rupee Currency Zone. India rupee was the official currency of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Yemen, India, Nepal, as late as 1965.


(3) Dominance of India and China

India and China destined to rule the continents of Asia, Africa, Australia and South America for thousands of years to come. Before the end of the 21st Century, Asia shall replace Europe and North America as the economic, political and military fulcrum of the world. Before 2100 AD brown and yellow races, Hindu and Buddhist nations shall overtake Christian and Muslim nations, White and Arab races as predominant race of the planet earth. Before 2100 AD, the religions of Goddess will overtake the religions of God, and vast majority of world’s population will accept Almighty God as a Woman, and Almighty Creator as a woman. The patriarchal world will give way to matriarchal world.


The Battle of Plassey (1757), allowed bandit Robert Clive of East India Company to conquer Bengal just as Cortez conquered the Aztec Empire and Maya Empire and Pizzaro conquered the Inca Empire in 16th Century. The advance technology transfers and gold of Aztecs, Mayas and Incas allowed barbarian European Christians conquer Hindu India, the Golden Bird. The military might of Indian soldiers of economic resources of Indian Empire created British Empire. The Incas, Mayas and Aztecs belonged to brown Indian race and their gods and religion was and is identical to polytheist Hinduism. It is no wonder that they are called Indians. The peoples of India and those of Incas, Mayas and Aztecs are racially of the comillionon stock and belonged to the single universal Hindu civilization that encompassed the entire planet earth for thousands of years before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the so called New World. England had thought of annihilating Indians in India, but gave it up because there were too many Indians. Spaniards and European Christians massacred more than 90 million brown Native Americans, Aztecs, Mayas and Incas, more than the entire population of contemporary Western Europe. White race has at certain period in history showed genocidal tendencies.


Robert Clive after the victory in Battle of Plassey (1757) ordered to cut the thumb of every master weaver and destruction of sophisticated handlooms throughout Bengal. Dhaka Muslin was the most sought after textile product in the world and in Europe at that time. Even as late as 1857 India enjoyed trade surplus and there was net inflow of gold from Europe to India, as European bought more Indian goods than it sold to India.


Even in 1947, after the end of the Second World War, India was the sixth greatest industrial power of the world, and had significantly contributed to Allied victory in First & Second World Wars, as it supplied 3,500,000 soldiers during Second World War and 6,500,000 soldiers during First World War. Had Indian Empire supported Hitler during Second World War then Axis Powers would have won the Second World War. Nazi Army had reached Stalingrad (Volgagrad) and Northern Iran and Japanese Army had reached Burma and Assam, and Indian Empire alone separated the Nazi and Japanese Armies. India was been cheated out of its rightful share in spoils of wars in First & Second World Wars. Rather than rewarded with new mandates over former colonies, Indian Empire was partitioned into five parts, namely, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, & Burma (Myanmar).


In spite of all these hostile acts, 700 years of Muslim rule and 200 years of Christian rule, Nuclear Hindu India, home to one-sixth of the mankind has emerged as the fourth largest economy of the world by World Bank Report. The world’s largest economies are United States, Japan, China, India, and Germany. Militarily India can conquer by every nation in the continent of Africa, and all nations from Morocco on the Atlantic coast to Australia in the Pacific, if United States doest not get involved on their side. By all measures the Subcontinent of South Asia, the home of one-fourth of the world’s population, emerged as preponderant power in Africa and Indian Ocean Region.


Nuclear India inherited the legacy of the British Indian Empire. Indians controlled the economies of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe in Eastern Africa after Second World War just as Chinese presently control the economies of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. It is because of the diplomatic efforts of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru that newly independent states acquired freedom during 1960s and 1970s. Without determined India’s opposition European Colonial Empires in Africa wouldn’t have disintegrated during post-Second World War era.


Rise of nuclear Pakistan enhances rather than lower the claim of Indian Subcontinent as a dominant player in the world. Pakistan could control the Islamic world extending from Morocco to Iran, while India reasserts its historical dominant role in Greater India in Southeast Asia extending from Burma to Australia. Nuclear India would welcome the rise of nuclear Pakistan as the seat of Islamabad Caliphate, to bring entire Middle East and OPEC world under control of Aryan Pakistan. Rise of nuclear Pakistan as the dominant military power in the Islamic world, reasserts the predominance of the subcontinent in Islam. The number of Muslims in the Indian Subcontinent outnumbers the number of Muslims in rest of the world. Around 50 million Muslims each from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh could be resettled in North Africa and Arabia.


Even Pakistan can single handedly conquer every Islamic nation from Afghanistan to Morocco. Nuclear Pakistan has replaced Ottoman Empire as the New Caliph of Islam, and thus inherited the legacy of Islamic Ottoman Empire. Islamic Pakistan would one day become the custodian of the Islamic Holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Rather than allowing Osama bin Laden becomes the King of Saudi Arabia, the West may consent for Pakistani takeover of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. By all calculations no Arab or Islamic nation would ever be able to match Pakistan’s military capability. Since Islam or Koran does not believe in separate nation states, it is inevitable that Arab Islamic world would become part of Pakistani Empire. It is remarkable coincidence that Pakistanis and Ottoman Turks belong to the same Aryan race, as Babur the Turk from Samarkand created Mughal Empire in India. Suleiman the Great who established Ottoman Empire and Emperor Babur were both Turks from Central Asia. Catholic Spaniards created a mixed race of Mestizo by inter-marrying Maya, Aztec and Inca Indians. Similarly Pakistani and Bangladeshi men after conquering Arabian Peninsula and North Africa may take 20 million Arab women as second, third and fourth wives. It is very likely that Urdu, the language of new Caliph of Islam would replace Arabic as the lingua franca of the Islamic world. Rise of Pakistan as the dominant ruler of the Islamic Arab world is in the national interest of India and all Aryan nations of Central Asia.


(4) Pakistan is no match to India

Geopolitically speaking Aryan Pakistan is a geopolitical partner with Aryan India, as they both profit with any increase in military and economic power of the Subcontinent in the world. In the absence of Pakistan as the nuclear threat, nuclear India had abandoned its nuclear weapon development program after conducting Pokharan Test in 1974. Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee renewed testing in 1988, and ignited the nuclear race with Pakistan. Nuclear India realized in 2002 that nuclear weapons equalized Pakistan and India even when Pakistan is one-sixth of India in every measure. Suddenly nuclear India had Enlightenment about nuclear weapons’ equalization potential, meaning that nuclear weapons equalized India with other nuclear powers namely, China, United States and Russia. Nuclear competition with Pakistan allows India to enhance its nuclear deterrent capabilities to acquire nuclear parity with United States before 2015 AD.


Further development of Indian nuclear arsenal and growing Indian economy allows India to replace Russia as the rival pole in the world order. Nuclear India is the Second Super Power and the Second Pole, challenging the dominance of the United States in the world. Indian economy has overtaken the Russian economy. In the new age of Cold War, Nuclear India emerges as the leading Super Power challenging the preponderant dominance of the United States. Nuclear India’s nuclear doctrine aims nuclear parity with the United States, since President Richard Nixon and Secretary Henry J. Kissinger had threatened to use nuclear weapons against India, after the defeat of Pakistan, during Liberation of Bangladesh, had Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had attacked West Pakistan to liberate Kashmir, during 1971 War. Nuclear India realized during the 2002 stand off with Pakistan, that Pakistan could threaten to use nuclear weapons at the very start of the war with India, at the very United Nation’s podium, claiming its military weakness allows it the right of preemptive nuclear strikes. India suspected that United States might nuke Indian target, while laying the blame on Pakistan for preemptive strike. India also suspected that China also has the design to use nukes against India during Indo-Pak war, and subsequently blame it on Pakistan’s preemptive nuclear strikes on India.


It leaves India with no option but to upgrade its nuclear arsenal and national missile defense shield to acquire nuclear weapon parity with United States. India should aim to have the arsenal of 7,000 nuclear weapons, including 500 ICBMs, SLBMs, MIRVs & MARVs, and reliable Second Strike capability. India should also acquire the technology for national anti-missile defense shield. India’s Second Strike nuclear capability aims to neutralize three-way nuclear attacks on India, from Pakistan, China and USA. Indian nuclear arsenal should not be less than the combined arsenal of Pakistan, China and USA. India may neutralize Chinese nuclear threat to India, by signing nuclear defense pact with Taiwan. India may neutralize Pakistan by acquiring permanent military bases in Afghanistan and by engineering the secession of Baluchistan and NWFP from Pakistan, a replay of what India did in 1971. India may neutralize NATO by acquiring permanent military bases at Kaliningrad-Russia. India may neutralize American nuclear threat to India, by encouraging Japan, Germany, Canada and Mexico develop and deploy nuclear weapons and delivery systems.


(5) Non-Aligned Movement Treaty Organization (NAMTO)

During 1950’s Indian Prime Minister Nehru foolishly rejected the suggestion of Yugoslavia’s Marshal Tito to transform Non-Alignment Movement into a Third World Defense Pact. Egyptian President Nasser had welcomed the idea of the Pact. India had launched the Non-Alignment Movement (NAM) to tame the arrogance of Super Power United States after the Second World War. After the demise of the Soviet Union and the Capitalism’s victory over Communism in Cold War, nuclear India should reorganize Non-Alignment Movement into a form of Third World Defense Pact to check the imperial ambitions of Sole Super Power United States. Brown Hindu India should lead for the formation of NAM Defense Pact, uniting brown, yellow and black races, and Hindu and Buddhist nations of Asia. Then only the Asia, brown & yellow races, Hindu & Buddhist nations would replace white Christian nations as the dominant powers of the world.


(6) India China Allies or Enemies in WWIII

In the event of the Third World War, India and China may be on the same side of the war. Geo-politically speaking while anti-Buddhist Communist government of China remains an archenemy of India, the fall of Communism in China, and the rise of any Buddhist government of China would transform China into the closest military ally of Hindu India, as civilizations and religions of China and India have been intimately inter-linked for thousands of years. Communist China is on the side of iconoclast White Christians in the Global Clash of Races. The Judeo-origin of Communism and Bolshevik Jews transformed Communist China as most loyal ally of the White Iconoclast Christians in their conspiracy to destroy Buddhism in Asia. China is neither free nor independent under Communist rule. Communists are foreign rulers exploiting Buddhist China to promote the interests of foreign colonial rulers. It explains why Communist China never opposes the persecution of Buddhist Chinese people in Malaysia, even when Chinese account for 26% of the population of Malaysia. It explains that Communist China didn’t oppose the genocide of Chinese Buddhists in Indonesia after the fall of Sukarno.


(7) Crusades of Democracy in Buddhist China

India is willing to go to war with China to reestablish Buddhist government in China. Christian Chiang Kai-sheik and Christian Mao Zedong had conspired to steal Chinese Buddhists’ patrimony to rule Buddhist China. Buddhist Chinese are exploited as if under foreign rule, during the Communist rule. Hindu India must militarily support the indigenous Buddhist uprising in Communist China to establish Buddhist Government in China. Hindu India must help establish Buddhist government in China, so that brown India and yellow China may become allies rather than enemies in the ongoing Clash of Races. India might encourage the Chinese conquest of Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia, so that 500 million Chinese could settle down in Australia. Australia & New Zealand can no longer remain white man’s empty continent when 2.4 billion people are crowded in China and India. India and China shall demand the redistribution of the world’s continent, so that white races vacate the continent of Australia and South America, allowing Indians and Chinese peoples to emigrate and develop these empty lands, which had earlier belonged to native Indians, who practiced goddess religions similar to that of Hindus.


(8) Redistribution of Empty Continents

The demand for the redistribution of the world’s Continents and demand for white colonialists vacate vast lands that they continue to control and occupy in the third world as in Zimbabwe, could ignite Third World War and Global Clash of Races. Hindu and Buddhist nations should declare in unequivocal terms that White Christian and Muslim iconoclasts couldn’t win wars of religions on brown, yellow Idolaters, Hindus, Buddhists and pagans. Military balance of power of the world decisively shifted in favor of non-white Hindu Buddhist nations and idolaters. White iconoclasts no longer enjoy the military advantage they have historically enjoyed over idolaters.


22(5) Future of Irreligion in India

(1) Secularism Vs Hindu Polity in India

The forces of tolerant inclusive Hindu religion shall defeat the forces of intolerant Irreligion in India in first two decades. India’s policies would reflect the interests of Hinduism and Buddhism in the 21st Century, Just as United States promoted Chrisian interests. In United States 82 percent of Americans thought of themselves as Christians, 10 percent belong to other faiths and 8 percent are atheists or agnostics. When United with only 82% Christians promotes Christianity in a big way, even while being a secular state with strict wall between Church and State, then why shouldn’t democratic India with over 82% Hindu population, promote Hindu values and Hindu polity. Secular forces in India that criticized Hindu fundamentalism also supported Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy and Wahhabi fundamentalism and condoned the massacre of 2 million Buddhists at hands of Christian Khmer Rouge and remained silent about the Sunni Muslim Taliban destruction of 2000 years old Holy Bamian Buddha statues. Secularism in India used for Hindu bashing and even justifying the murders of Hindus by Muslims in Kashmir and by Sikhs in Punjab and by Catholics in Northeast.


Religion has been re-entering the public arena in United States and India in complex and unforeseen ways. Why should Hindus denied the freedom to go out of their way to talk about religion? When president Bush can talk about the Christian faith-based initiatives to disburse state grants for welfare activities, then why should Hindu Prime Minister feel shy about supporting Hindu religious organizations for promoting Hindu welfare programs? However, Catholic and Evangelical Christian right conspiracy has increased influence over Secretary of State Colin Powell. Perhaps Colin Powell realizes that only by being a pawn in the hands of Catholic and Evangelical Christian Right Conservative Conspiracy could he ever realize his life-long ambition to enter the race for Presidency of the United States. The electoral base and fund raising capability of Religious Right Conservatives tempt seekers of political office to toe their line, in hope of getting donations and votes in the future.


It is perfectly all right for Indian Hindu religious right fundamentalists to seek Hindu votes and Hindu campaign donations in exchange for promising to implement Hindu agenda in national politics. Whatever is good enough for the Protestant President of the United States should also be good enough and legitimate enough for the Hindu Prime Minister of India also. Hindu India should learn form the example of the Christian United States that it is the responsibility of the democratically elected leaders to project the political and religious aspirations of the majority religious community of the nation. Hindu politicians should not shy promoting religious interests of Hindus in India after all it is their duty to service the majority of the populace. Neither the Congress party nor the Communists criticized neither Taliban for destroying the Bamian Buddha statues, nor Christian Khmer Rouge for murdering 2 million Buddhists in Cambodia. None of the secularists criticized Muslim terrorists who burnt to death Hindu pilgrims traveling by train at Godhra Gujarat.


Karl Marx was the prostitute philosopher hired by the Vatican to produce a philosophical Devil’s Brew good enough to justify the massacre of Orthodox Christians and to loot their properties. Even today Orthodox countries including Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia do not recognize Hinduism as a religion, while they recognize Islam and Christianity. It means that secularism for Marxists, Socialists and Communists, Bolsheviks, Khmer Rouge, Maoists and Viet Cong meant the destruction of Hinduism and Buddhism, while protecting Christianity and Islam. It is no wonder that Congress Party and the Communist Party used Secularism primarily to placate Muslims and Christians and to denigrate Hindus.


Hindu Religious Right Fundamentalism represents force of good and virtue; Buddhist Religious Right represents force of real good and piety; Protestant Religious Right Fundamentalism represents the force of good and Reformation; the Catholic Religious Right Conspiracy represents evil and destruction of Counter Reformation Wars and evil Inquisition; and Wahahabi Islamic Religious Right Fundamentalism represents pure evil and genocide that accompanied Islamic Jihad. Hindu-Buddhist Religious Right Fundamentalism seeks to usher in the age of Satya Yuga and Buddha Land, the anti-women Catholic-Islamic Religious Right Fundamentalism seeks to subjugate women to bondage and religious wars in the world.


In the Global Clash of Races and War of Religions Hindu, Buddhist and Protestant Civilizations would be on the side of virtue and liberty and Reformation. On the other hand Catholic and Islamic Civilizations would be on the wrong side of the battle lines, on the side of evil, bondage, genocide and Counter Reformation. Hindu, Buddhist and Protestant Religions do not believe in the apocalyptic, teleology of End of Time, as Hindus and Buddhists believe in cyclical theory of history. The Third World War could result in the End of Time for the religions of Islam and Catholic Christianity. It is an historical truth all such religions as expanded and propagated by sword would die by the sword. It is very likely that the ancient religions of Inca, Maya and Aztec Civilizations and ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and ancient Rome would resurrect giving deathblows to Catholic Christianity and Sunni Islam. If ever the war of religions forced upon Hindu and Buddhist Civilizations then Hindu India and Buddhist China would organize 2,500 million people and take war to the hinterland of Islam in Arabia and hinterland of Catholic Christianity in South America and inflict total defeat on Wahhabi Sunni Islam and Roman Catholicism and Papacy. Neither Mecca nor Vatican has the population base to fight long-term wars with Hindu India and Buddhist China. Mecca and Vatican can attack Hindu & Buddhist heartlands in Asia, but would meet sure death, whenever Hindus and Buddhists counter-attack in retaliation.


22(6) Future of Hindu Militancy

(1) Hindu Militia for Anti-terror Wars

Hindus have the manpower to organize large army of Hindu volunteers to undertake direct military attacks on Islamic Mujahideens worldwide and against Maoist terrorists in India and Nepal. India should organize private militia to wage global war on the Islamic terrorists. Private militia would be more effective against terrorists. The Clash of Races, Clash of Civilizations, Wars of Religion, are not fought by the regular armies. Separate bands of Arab Bedouin warriors attacked the Egypt and defeated the well-organized Egyptian Army. Wahhabi Militia or Al Qaeda Mujahideens or Terror Army works on separate cells, who get specialized training in the use of modern arms and explosives and set loose to live among the people they would one day desroy. Arab Muslims settled down in large numbers in Iraq and Iran before they launched massive attacks and brought down the Zoroastrian Persian Empire.


Hindu India should make military service compulsory and every able-bodied man and woman should get military training and serve for the minimum period of five years. It would allow India raise a 10-million strong private Militia Army. India should license Private Army, as political corporations, on lines of East India Company, Chartered by English Monarch, which after Battle of Plassey of 1757 AD, ruled Bengal, the Eastern part of India. Al Qaeda and Taliban recognized by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan as the effective de facto government of Afghanistan, provides the legal pattern that would be followed worldwide in future wars. Private Militia should have authority to levy custom duties, and collect taxes and administer justice and administer the territories. Private Militia should intermarry with the local population to develop permanent social linkages in the society. One Militia Army should consist of 50,000 soldiers and 50,000 support staff and family members. The Size of the militia should be large enough to establish a small township.


India should deploy Private Militia Armies to: Congo, Ivory Coast, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Algeria, Madagascar, Mozambique, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Hindu Militia would hunt and capture Muslim terrorists worldwide, in Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.


President Jimmy Carter overthrew the secular, liberal government of Shah of Iran and Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan and imposed the theocratic regimes of Ayatollah Khomeini and General Zia Ul Haq, who imposed ultra-conservative Shariah laws in Iran and Pakistan. United States supports the theocratic fundamentalist opposition to the liberal governments in Egypt and Algeria. India should deploy Militia Army in Algeria and Egypt to check the proliferation of fundamentalists in Algeria and Egypt. Hindu Militia Army should be ready to fly to oppose Islamic militancy and insurgency worldwide.


(2) Papal Takeover of Christian Holy Land

Hindu India opposes the Papal design to take over control of Jesus era Christian Churches and artifacts in the Holy Land that are presently under the control of Orthodox Chuch.  The lands of Holy Land beonged neither to Jews nor Muslims, it belonged to Apostolic, Gnostic, and Arian Christianity that established the Early Christian Churches in the Holy Land during and after the Crucifixion. Holy State of Christine should be created in the Holy Land. Pope conspired to handover the Christian religious properties to Islamic Palestine so that Muslms might desecrate the Orthodox Christian Churches. 


Vatican attempted to gain control over Christian properties in the Holy Land, presently under control of Orthodox Christians. Catholics are distinct minority in the Holy Land. Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy declared its unequivocal support for the creation of Muslim Palestine State in Holy Land, so that Sunni Palestinians would hand over the control of Christian properties to the Vatican, after expelling Orthodox Christians. Why Papacy does not support the rights of Christians in the Holy Land and Lebanon to have a separate Christian State of Christine. Vatican recognized Jewish State of Israel only in 1995. The Vatican played significant role in the destruction of Hindu-Buddhist society of Laos, Cambodia, South Vietnam, Tibet and Burma. The Vatican played direct role in the destruction of Orthodox civilization of Ethiopia that ended the 5,000-year monarchy of Emperor Selaisie. The Vatican played a role in the deaths of Hindu royal family of Nepal. Vatican’s threat to the partition of Israel is real and could ignite the Clash of Civilizations. Rather than criticizing the desecration of Holiest Christian Church of Nativity in Bethlehem by Muslim terrorists who barricaded in the Church, the Vatican vehemently criticized Israel.


Just as Pope Pius XII consented for the Jewish Holocaust by Nazis, it appears that Pope John Paul II may hint his consent for the future Holocaust of Jews by Muslims, if ever the Muslim State of Palestine is established in Israel. Hindu India should declare total support to Israel against Muslim Palestine terrorism.


Hindu India should sign Defense Pact with Israel and develop permanent military bases on the borders with Syria and Jordan and near Al Aqabah. If ever Wahhabi terrorism threatens India, then India should explore the option to invade Saudi Arabia from the bases in Israel and Gulf of Aqaba. India should provide nuclear umbrella over Israel. India and Israel should jointly develop National Missile Defense to protect Israel and India from Islamic missile attacks. Geopolitics of Israel makes it the on the ideal military base, as from the bases in Israel a land power may invade Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Hindu India must never allow the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel. In the Global Clash of Races, Hindu-Jews Civilization’s alliance and India-Israel security alliance provides the bedrock of the civilization’s response to the Islamic barbarian terrorist invasions.


22(7) India has World Leaders

(1) Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh

The rise of a Sikh as a prime minister of India, reflects the strength of Indian democracy, when Sikhs represents only two percent of the population of India, and when Sikh bodyguards in 1984 assassinated Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. India is very fortunate tohave the world’s most educated Head of the Government Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh as well as the world’s most educated Head of the State President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.


(2) President A. P.J. Abdul Kalam

The election of the missile scientist A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, during July 2002 as the President of India is a great historical event. India now has the privilege to have a head of the state, who is more qualified and better educated than any other incumbent president and prime minister of any other country of the world. It is India’s in terms of academic competence of its leadership. Indians are very proud of the academic and scientific achievements of its President. The election of Bhairon Singh Shekhawat the pro-Hindu Vice President of India is good news as it promotes stability in India and strengthens India’s resolve to promote the interests of Hindu, Buddhist and pagan civilizations in the ongoing Global Clash of Races.


(3) Ex-Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee

Of all prime ministers that occupied office after Independence, Atal Behari Vajpayee enjoys maximum respect by the educated people of India, primarily because of his decision to develop and deploy nuclear weapons and nuclear missiles. Present Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, carved out his name in history by conducting second series of Indian nuclear tests in 1988, within weeks after his assuming his oath of the office. During his earlier stint as Prime Minister of India that lasted only 21 days, he want to conduct nuclear tests, but scientists ruled out the possibility of the nuclear tests in such a short time. India has joined the ranks of super Powers, thanks to Atal Behari Vajpayee. Under Prime Minister Vajpayee Hindu India would continue to play leading role to protect Hindu, Buddhist and pagan civilizations against onslaught of iconoclast Muslims and Christians.


(4) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Had Netaji Subash Chandra Bose returned to India, after Second World War, Jawaharlal Nehru would never have become the Prime Minister of India and India would have joined the ranks of super power before 1955, under prime minister Subash Chandra Bose. Britain implanted Nehru as a prime minister of India, realizing that he would harm Hindu interests of India and promote Christian interests in India.


(5) Jawaharlal Nehru

Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru remained prime minister of India from Jan 1949 to May 1964, and he was the architect of India’s defeat in India-China war. Nehru betrayed India’s interests and handed over Tibet to China, because Communist China had captured Subash Chandra Bose after his plane crashed in China. Nehru also sabotaged Indian Army’s conquest of Kashmir and took the issue to United Nations. Nehru foolishly brought China into world community by introducing Chou En Lai at Bandung Conference. Nehru proved to be the most incompetent foreign minister of the world in 1950’s, and he squandered India’s economic and military lead, to promote his family interests in politics. After the defeat in India-China War in 1962, Indian parliament should have put on trial Mr. Nehru for high treason, and hang him if he was found guilty of high treason in India-China war and for handing over Tibet to China. Mr. Nehru hated Hinduism and Buddhism. However, it goes to the credit of Nehru that black African colonies became independent in 1960’s. Mr. Nehru guilty of high treason when he foolishly rejected the offer of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles to elect India as the Permanent Member of the Security Council, replacing the seat then occupied by Taiwan. Nehru foolishly rejected the offer of Pakistan’s President General Ayub Khan, for a joint defense pact to check China’s southward expansion. It is only when Nehru foolishly rejected this offer, that President Ayub Khan agreed to handover to China the northern regions of Kashmir, bordering China. History records Prime Minister as great fool and a traitor, who consistently promoted Chinese national interests at great cost to India, Hinduism and Buddhism. Any impartial tribunal would have found Prime Minister Nehru guilty of high treason and sentenced him to death. Nehru was known to be an agent of Edwina Mountbatten, who gave him cash to sabotage India’s freedom Movement. Mr. Nehru used to frequently visit Edwina Mountbatten in the Governor’s House, not as a lover, but to report to his handler. Patriot Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad regretted that he proposed the name of Nehru as the President of the Congress Party. Mr. Azad called it the greatest mistake of his political life, as it allowed the British to implant their stooge as the prime minister of independent India. In the Clash of Races, Nehru supported Christianity against Buddhism and Hinduism.


(6) Lal Bahadur Shastri

The short reign of Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri from June 1964 to Jan 1966, created great impact on India. Prime Minister Shastri was murdered in Taskent, after Taskent Conference, a conspiracy hatched by Soviet Communists, Indian Communists, Swaran Singh and Indira Gandhi. It was no accident that Soviet government informed about the death of Shastri first to residence of Indira Gandhi, before informing President of India. Prime Minister Shastri had given green signal to Homi J. Bhabha to develop nuclear weapons to meet the threat of Chinese nuclear explosion. Murder of Shastri was followed by the murder in airline crash, of Homi J. Bhabha the head of the nuclear program in India.


(7) Indira Gandhi

In 1966, the exchange rate of India rupee was Rs. 4.60 for one US Dollar. The first stupid act of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was to devalue Indian rupee by 37%. Before that infamous devaluation, the countries of Indian Rupee zone, namely, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Trucial States, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain kept their foreign exchange reserves in Indian Rupee. The stupid act of devaluation ended the Indian Rupee Zone. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ruled from Jan 1966 to March 1977, and again from Jan 1980 to Oct 1984. Indira Gandhi was the first illiterate prime minister of India, as she had never been to a college. Foreign interests that conspired to murder Lal Bahadur Shastri supported election to Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi continued the anti-Hindu anti-Buddhist and pro-China policies of her father Prime Minister Nehru. India Gandhi responsible for many deaths of Hindus at the hands of her close associate Sant Bindrawala. Indira Gandhi responsible for numerous Hindu deaths at hands of Bhindrawala’s supporters in Punjab. However, the breakup of Pakistan, and the creation of Bangladesh was her greatest accomplishment. Indira Gandhi made India a nuclear power, by undertaking underground nuclear explosion in 1974. However, Indira Gandhi couldn’t resist western pressure and refused to conduct any further nuclear weapons tests. Indira Gandhi committed high treason by allowing the secession of Bhutan, and making Bhutan a member of United Nations. Just Nehru gave Tibet to China and Kashmir to Pakistan the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi gave Coco Island to Burma and a big Island to Sri Lanka. Indira Gandhi should have been prosecuted for high treason for the secession of Bhutan and Coco Islands. Indira Gandhi’s murder at the hand of bodyguard was conspired by Western secret services. The direct involvement of Sonia Gandhi and R.K.Dhavan is suspected, because they were not hurt during the murder of Indira Gandhi, even when they were standing besides her. Sonia Gandhi could have also strangulated Sonia Gandhi while taking injured Indira Gandhi by private car to the hospital, even when ambulance was at the premises. People suspect that Sonia Gandhi conspired the murder of Indira Gandhi to enable her son Rajiv Gandhi become the Prime Minister of India. India should set up a new commission to investigate the murder of Indira Gandhi and the possible role of Sonia Gandhi and R.K. Dhawan in the murder. Sonia Gandhi is a suspect in the murder of Sanjay Gandhi the younger and more powerful son of Indira Gandhi. Had Sanjay Gandhi been alive, Rajiv Gandhi would never have become the Prime Minister of India. Had Sanjay Gandhi become the prime minister of India, he would have made India a great power. Unlike Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Nehru, Sanjay Gandhi was a Hindu and loved Hinduism. People of India loved his dare acts and he would have become a very strong leader. Sanjay Gandhi murdered by the members of the Gandhi family.


(8) Morarji Desai

The Prime Minister Morarji Ranchodji Desai ruled from March 1977 to July 1979). Desai insulted India by propagating the medicinal value of urine. Desai is regarded as the father of organized Crime and father of gold smuggling in India. India became the heaven of gold smugglers because of the India Gold Control Act passed by Mr. Desai as the Finance Minister. Mrs. Desai didn’t do anything to forestall the execution of Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Mr. Desai was named to have been the CIA’s spy before he became the Prime Minister. Mr. Desai declared that India wouldn’t ever make nuclear weapons even if Pakistan develops nuclear weapons. Many people believe that Desai had lost his mental balance due to excessive urine drinking. To reward gold smugglers for their financial support to Janata Party in post Emergency election, Morarji Desai arranged to clear police cases of all leading smugglers of India. What else one can expect from the father of organized crime? No wonder Pakistan awarded its highest civilian award to Desai the award of Nishaan-e-Pak. Desai was a disgrace to the office of the Prime Minister. Stupid Desai auctioned 400 metric tons of gold in Indian treasury to India jewelers to empty Indian gold reserves. History would record Morarji Desai as “Gold smugglers’ Prime Minister- the Urine Drinker.”


(9) Rajiv Gandhi

Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi governed from Oct 1984 to Nov 1989 after the death of Indira Gandhi, what some suspect by the palace conspiracy. Gandhi family, including Sonia Gandhi played very dirty role in organizing murders of Sikhs during riots instigated by the Congress Party after the death of Indira Gandhi. The pro-Congress arsonists even tried to break the car of President Zail Singh, to browbeat him to appoint Rajiv Gandhi as the Prime Minister even when he wasn’t even a Member of Parliament. Under the influence of a Christian wife, Rajiv Gandhi aligned with Buddhist Sri Lanka and sent troops to crush the rebellion of Hindu Tamil LTTE rebels. Rajiv Gandhi was an illiterate like her mother Indira Gandhi as both had never been to any college for studies. Rajiv Gandhi murdered by Western secret services and Sri Lanka government, who hired Tamil suicide bombers. It is wrong to argue that LTTE, Tamil Tigers or Vijay Prabhakaran was involved in the murder of Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi was murdered to weaken India. Rajiv Gandhi stupidly refused to conduct new nuclear tests and develop nuclear weapons, influenced by foreign powers.


(10) Devaluation of Indian Rupee

The IMF and foreign powers have bribed Indian leadership to devalue Indian currency, without any consequent increase in exports from India. The average Exchange Rate of Indian Rupee per US dollar was Rs. 840 (1975), Rs. 12.33 (1985), Rs. 17.49 (1990), Rs. 32.41 (1995), Rs. 43.13 (1999), Rs. 45.00 (2000), and Rs. 47.04 (2001). When Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister of India in 1966, the Indian Rupee Dollar Exchange rate was Rs. 4.70/$ in 1966, and when she left the office it became around Rs. 8.40/$ in 1975 and Rs. 12.39/$ in 1985. Because of the stupid economic policies of Indira Gandhi and Morarji Desai Indian rupee declined in value from Rs. 4.70/$ in 1966 to Rs. 12.39/$. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ruled from Jan 1966 to March 1977, and again from Jan 1980 to Oct 1984. The Prime Minister Morarji Ranchodji Desai ruled from March 1977 to July 1979). One Indian rupee was worth $0.21 in 1965, $0.12 in 1975, and $0.08 in 1985.


Indian Rupee Dollar Exchange rate declined from Rs. 8.40/$ in 1975, to Rs. 17.49/$ in 1990. Prime Minister Charan Singh governed from July 1979 to Jan 1980; Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi governed from Oct 1984 to Nov 1989; and Prime Minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh governed from Nov 1989 to Nov 1990. One Indian rupee was worth $0.08 in 1985, $.06 in 1990.


Indian Rupee Dollar Exchange rate declined from Rs. 17.49/$ in 1990, to Rs. 32.41/$ in 1995. Prime Minister Chandra Shekher governed from Nov 1990 to June 1991; and Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao governed from June 1991 to May 1996.One Indian Rupee was worth $0.06 in 1990, $0.03 in 1995, and $0.023 in 1999.


Indian Rupee Dollar Exchange rate declined from Rs. 32.41/$ in 1995, to Rs. 43.13/$ in 1999, to Rs. 45.00/$ in 2000 and Rs. 47.00/$ in 2001. Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda governed from June 1996 to April 1997; and Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral governed from April 1997 to March 1998). Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee became prime minister in March 1998. One Indian rupee was worth $0.023 in 1999, $0.022 in 2000 and $0.021 in 2001. India should confiscate Black Money and impose stringent penalty for tax evasion and end export of legal and illegal capital from India. Indian currency has been devalued due to tax evasion by businessmen and by injection of fake Indian currency in Indian markets by China and Pakistan. Purchasing power of Indian rupee in real terms equals $0.25/Rs., meaning that Rs. 4.00 equals one $. United States Dollar is highly over rated due to the flight of hard currency capital from rest of the world and the $400 billion drug incomes injected annually in American economy. Under a good Prime Minister Indian rupee would get revalued and rupee dollar exchange parity would get stabilized at 1$=Rs. 4.00 or 1Rs=$0.25, upward from the present prevailing price in 2002 of Rs. 47.00/$ or 1Rs=$0.021 almost a 10 times revaluation of Indian currency. The United States, European Union and IMF waging financial war on India by encouraging flight of hard currency and forced devaluation of Indian currency by bribing Indian Finance Ministers. The War of Exchange Rate is manipulated strongly in favor of white iconoclast Christians.


22(8) India in Clash of Religions

(1) Hindu-Protestant Axis of Tolerance

In the Global Clash of Races, Oriental World Religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Jainism, Sikhism, Sufism, Bahai, Zoroastrianism, representing around 55% of the world’s population, shall form the coalition of Orientals, Idolaters and pro-woman and pro-Goddess civilizations. Sunni Islam and Catholic Christianity would lead the coalition of Iconoclast, anti-women fundamentalists. When the curtain rises on the global war on Islamic terrorism, the pro-woman Protestant Christians and Orthodox-Christians would oppose the fundamentalist, theocratic and anti-women coalition of Catholic and Islamic nations.


CATHOLIC-PROTESTANT CLASH: The global war against Islamic terrorism splits the white Christian Camp, and Neo-Counter Reformation Wars could flare up among Catholic and Protestant nations, or among Catholics and Protestants in the New World. Church of Rome militarily and financially supported the Muslim conquest of Orthodox Christian Constantinople at hands of Ottoman Turks. Pro-Monotheism linkage binds fundamentalist Vatican and Wahhabi Mecca. It is likely that Protestant United States, Hindu India, and Jewish Israel would be on the same side of the battle lines in the War on Terrorism and Clash of World Religions. American Protestants suspect that without the consent of the white Catholic interests, Wahhabi Arab Muslim terrorists could not have darted to attack United States on Sept. 11, with such impunity. The leading suspects in the Anthrax attacks that followed Sept. 11, raises suspicion that White Catholic terrorists might have been hand-in-glove with Arab terrorists to undermine the leading Protestant power of the world. These attacks have succeeded in derailing the US economy and caused more than $5 trillion in loss of wealth to American investors. Vatican has secretly launched a war against the citadel of Protestant Christianity, as it had destroyed richer Byzantine Christianity by secretly aligning with the Ottoman terrorists. European Union appears to have arrived at some understanding with Wahhabi Arab terrorists, to provide sanctuary to terrorists in Europe in exchange of promise to avoid Europe as target for terrorist attacks. Muslims in the United States have more freedom and rights than what they enjoy in France, Germany and Italy, then why was United States singled out for terrorist attacks, when the very survival of the OPEC nations depend upon continued support of the United States. Hindu India should exploit widening Catholic-Protestant divide in the ongoing War on terrorism, to develop strategic ties with the United States.


BUSH’S WAR ON GLOBAL TERRORISM: President George W. Bush changed the course of history by declaring total war on Islamic terrorism. India wholeheartedly supported American invasion of Afghanistan, hoping it would result in the eradication of Al Qaeda terrorists. However, India was disappointed as neither United States nor Pakistan could capture even a single leader of Taliban and Al Qaeda. The US could kill only anti-Taliban warriors only throughout their war on terrorists in Afghanistan. It appears that religious right wing conspiracy sabotaging the WASPs war on Islamic terrorism, by using it as a pretext for the NATO expansion towards India.


India now suspects that NATO conspiring to exploit the war on terrorism in Afghanistan, to conspire Yugoslavia-type destabilization policies in South Asia. Secretary Collin Powel’s statement on Kashmir that India should release political detainees in Kashmir, suggests that United States & CIA attacked Afghanistan only to recruit Al Qaeda terrorists to conduct terrorist attacks at behest of the United States. If US troops are helpless to capture Al Qaeda terrorists, then United States should invite Indian troops to hunt and capture Wahhabi terrorists worldwide. United States should declare in unequivocal terms whether it waging War against Islamic terrorism or for Islamic terrorism. Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Muslim terrorists conspired and executed the terrorist attacks, then why Saudi Arabia not punished. Perhaps United States should allow India, China and Russia invade citadel of Wahhabi terrorists to flush out terrorists hiding in Saudi Arabia. Failure of the United States to target Saudi Arabia based Al-Qaeda terrorists makes United States a suspect. It is an open secret that the entire gang of Wahhabi terrorists including Osama bin Laden hiding in Mecca and Medina. It is high time that US troops start searching for terrorists in Mecca & Medina.


IRAQ: India should support US invasion of Iraq, only if the objectives of the invasion are: to create the sovereign state of Sunni Kurds and to create a new sovereign state of Shiite Arab Iraq. Iraq should be trisected to create three independent states, Sunni Arab Iraq, Shiite Arab Iraq, and Sunni Kurdistan. India should play an effective role in the war against Iraq and India would towards the creation of Aryan Kurdistan, as Kurds are neither Arab nor Turk but Aryan. Compared to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman.


Unlike Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the Iraq, Syria, Libya and Algeria are highly civilized and modern society and it boasts more modern legal system. Iraq didn’t follow barbarian Shariah laws adopted by its neighbors. Failure of the United States to clear doubts about the real motive of the United States in Afghanistan and its policy towards Wahhabi terrorism, might force India, Iran and China undertake defensive measures during American invasions of Iraq. India should demand specific sphere of influence in the- Arabian Sea coastlands to consent to US invasions of Iraq. India could also sign a defense pact with Aryan Iran to secure permanent military bases on the Baluch coast adjoining port Bandar Behesht. However, Hindu India might consent for the US occupation of Iraq, as it would signal to the Islamic world that OPEC nations would have to become colonies of the West, in the new age, which will witness the age of the colonial empires.


Should India, China and Russia militarily enter the war in Arabian Gulf on the side of Iraq? Otherwise after conquering Iraq, United States must promise to impose Iraq-type liberal society over Saudi Arabia. Should Hindu India, Communist China and Orthodox Russia send troops to fight for Iraq, because it would destabilize the Middle East, and allow India, China and Russia develop permanent military bases in the Middle East?


President Jimmy Carter conspired to overthrow government of Shah of Iran and replaced it by theocratic regime of Ayatollah Khomeini. Why has United States targeted the only remaining liberal society of the Middle East, namely Iraq, where drinks are available in the bars and women do not wear burqa and consensual sex allowed? Would United States promote a theocratic regime to replace Saddam Hussein? India should vehemently oppose invasion of Iraq, if would replace Saddam by Saudi-type fundamentalist regime. The Islamic society, laws and customs in Iraq are the model for Islamic societies throughout the Middle East. Rather than invading Iraq, the United States should engineer military coups in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to replace these Wahhabi regimes by Kemalist Westernized military dictatorships.


IRAN: Hindu India cannot accept the US invasions of Iran unless it seeks to establish the Pahlevi Monarchy, and enthrone Shah Mohammed Riza Pahlevi as the ruler or President of Iran. India cannot accept the US invasion of Mullah-led theocratic Iran, if its objectives are to weaken the power of Shiite Muslims vis-à-vis Sunni Wahhabi Arabs. For Hindu India, Iranian Shiite fundamentalism is lesser an evil than Sunni Arab Wahhabi fundamentalism. Arabian Sea had been an Indian Lake throughout 19th and early part of the 20th century. Aryan Hindu India would have to reassert its historical role and renew its historical ties with Aryan Iran, Aryan Afghanistan, and Aryan Central Asia. Unless compensated otherwise, Hindu India should develop strategic ties with Shiite Aryan Iran to check the menace of Sunni terrorism. The India-Iran Defense Pact would promote Hindu-Shiite military influence over Wahhabi Sunni Arabian Peninsula, and restore the Subcontinent’s preponderant role in the Persian Gulf, and could result in Shiite Iran become the custodian of Holy cities of Mecca & Medina. United States should support the Shiite take-over of Mecca & Medina to root out the very source of the Wahhabi terrorism.


22(9) India Vs Muslim Terrorism

(1) Hindu-Protestants Attack Islamic Terror

Barbarians are able to conquer peace-loving wealthy civilizations, because barbarians enjoy inherent ability to modify weapon technologies to ruthlessly gain military advantages. Barbarians after conquering civilizations, become part of the civilizations, to enjoy the fruits of the civilization. However, Civilizations learn from the barbarians and mass produce the newer weapons and unleash massive counter retaliation against barbarians and defeat them, and regain control of the lands, wealth and resources of the erstwhile civilizations that had been occupied by the barbarians. Professor Arnold Toynbee in “the Study of History” declares that Civilizations ultimately come out victorious.


Islamic terrorist attacks on United States and Kashmir, revitalized the resources and resolve of Hindu Civilization to give deathblow to Muslim barbarians that destroyed Zoroastrian civilization of Iran and ruled Hindu India for centuries. Nuclear Hindu India has reemerged as the greatest military power from Morocco on the Atlantic to the Indonesia on the Pacific. In response to the terrorist Muslim attacks on Hindu civilization, Hindu India would mobilize its military capability and recover the lands of the ancient Christian and Hindu civilizations of Egypt, Syria, Libya and Algeria, from the control and occupation of Muslim barbarians. Hindu civilization has acquired greater military power and capability than barbarian Muslims, giving India the military edge that may result in the India’s occupation of the Middle East and the total destruction of barbarians.


Should the response of the Indian civilization for the barbarian Muslim invasions of India that resulted in the barbarian rule for 700 years, be that Civilization should not military expel barbarian Muslims from North Africa and Arabia to reestablish the Christian and Pharaoh’s religion and civilizations throughout North Africa, Arabia, Iran and Asia Minor. In the Clash of Races Hindu Civilization would rollback the territorial gains made by Muslim barbarians after 640 AD, and reclaim on behalf of the Apostolic Christian and Pharaoh and Zoroastrian Civilizations all the lands extending from Morocco to Iran, and reestablish the ancient religion, culture and civilization.


Prophet Mohammed declared in a well-known Sura in Holy Koran that during 15th Century Hijra, Islam would undergo grave tribulations and it might go under. It stands to reason, after studying the Study of History that Muslim Wahhabi barbarians that created great empire by sword in short time, could face catastrophic defeats at hands of resurgent civilizations, that may cause the End of Civilization of Islam in the current 15th Century Hijra, before the end of the 21st Century. Should Hindu India, Buddhist China, Protestant United States and Jewish Israel pool the civilizations’ resources to give befitting deathblow to the barbarian empire of Islam? Islamic world extending from Morocco to Iran is ripe for foreign occupation and subjugation.


There are no more than 30 million Wahhabi Sunni Muslims in the world. The continued barbarian Wahhabi terrorism against Hindu, Jewish and Protestant and Orthodox Christian Civilizations, might ignite a common Civilizations’ response against barbarians, resulting in the conquest and subjugation of the Islamic barbarian world at the hands of the civilizations of the world. Hindu Indian Civilization stakes its claim to rule the Islamic world for next 700 years, as Civilization’s retaliation against barbarian invasions. The Civilizations’ response against Barbarian invasions, ignited by the Wahhabi Muslim terrorists attacks on Protestant’s Pentagon and Twin Towers could result in the total annihilation and subjugation of the Middle East and Arab race and end of Islam as a religion. Barbarians that expand by sword and conquer civilizations by sword, ultimately die by Civilizations’ Swords.


It is inevitable and predestined that in the Global Clash of Races, the Clash of Civilizations, and the War of World Religions, the barbarians would die at hands of the Civilizations and Coalition of civilizations would recover and restore to the ancient Civilizations all the lands barbarians had conquered and occupied in the past. All the lands of North Africa, Arabia and Asia Minor would be restored back to those civilizations that lost lands at the hands of barbarians after 640 AD. Gnostic, Arian Apostolic Christianity would regain its pristine glory in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Asia Minor, in the 21st Century. It would make Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary and twelve Apostles very happy in the heaven. Amen. Eternal Law of Karma states that Religions that expand and propagate by sword also die by the sword, resulting in the resurrection of the old eternal Religion in the wake. It is predestined and inevitable that Apostolic Gnostic Christianity shall replace Islam in Egypt, Syria, Libya and Asia Minor. History would some-day record that the barbarian attacks of 6/11 on the Protestant Civilization, resulted in the resolute Civilizations’ response to the barbarian that caused the End of Islam and resulted n the resurrection of the ancient civilization of Egypt and Gnostic Apostolic Civilization in North Africa and Arabia.


The military alliance of Protestant Christian Civilization with Hindu Civilization would guarantee that barbarians would never be able to threaten any other civilization in foreseeable future. History is grateful that President George W. Bush is the President of the United States now, neither Al Gore nor Bill Clinton. World history would have taken a wrong course had Democrats won the presidency of the United States in the Elections 2000. Republican victory in presidential Election 2000, by very small vote margin, resulted in the presidential victory for Bush, who is destined to become the greatest President of the United States, greater than even Abraham Lincoln, if he continues his war on global terrorism, unfazed by the machinations of the Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy. Had Clinton or Carter been the president on Sept. 11, they would have rewarded Osama bin Laden with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, just as President Carter rewarded Ayatollah Khomeini with Iran, and President Clinton rewarded Osama bin Laden with dominion over Afghanistan. God had been good to America that Al Gore lost the presidential election in 2000. It is a well-known fact that neither President George W. Bush nor Condoleezza Rice belongs to the Religious Right Wing Conspiracy.


22(10) Islamic Nuclear Terrorism

DEPOPULATION OF NUCLEAR AGGRESSOR (DNA) DOCTRINE: Pakistani Atom Bomb developed with the help of China, Germany and Holland would not be a threat to India. India would effectively deter Pakistani preemptive nuclear strikes against India, by promulgating Depopulation of Nuclear Aggressor Doctrine. Indian Nuclear Weapons Doctrine unequivocally declares that in the event of any future Islamic nuclear attack against India, India would occupy Pakistan by conventional weapons, publicly hang its entire male population, and take over its lands, resources and women.


WOULD ISLAM BECOME A DEAD RELIGION IF MUSLIM PAKISTAN NUKES HINDU INDIA? There is no fear of India Pakistan nuclear war, because Pakistan realizes that attack on Hindu India would mean the end of Islam as religion. Sunni Arab Race and Sunni Islam Religion would cease to exist if Muslim Sunni Pakistan undertakes preemptive nuclear strikes against Hindu India. Muslim nuclear attack on one billion-Hindus’ India would result in the destruction of Sunni Islam and Wahhabi Arab race. In retaliation of Pakistani preemptive nuclear strike, India’s second strike nuclear, and biological retaliation would nuke Mecca, Medina, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Rabat, Tunis, Islamabad, and Lahore. India would not nuke Karachi, land of Sindhis and Mohajirs. After nuclear attack, India would be forced to resettle 400 million Indians in Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. Muslim nuclear attack on one billion-strong Hindu India would result in annihilation of Islam in North Africa and Arabian Peninsula and expulsion of all Wahhabi Sunni Muslims from Arabian Peninsula.


22(11) Saudi Womb of Evil & America’s Worst Ally

Why is the world’s freest country, its greatest democracy, tied to the world’s least free country, where there is no democracy at all? Saudi Arabia supports America’s enemies and attacks America’s allies. The Saudis are active at every level of the terror chain, from the planners to financiers, from cadre to foot soldier, from ideologist to cheerleader. Saudi Arabia is the “kernel of evil, the prime mover, the most dangerous component” in the terror game, spawning evil doers from Osama Bin laden to 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers. (Laurent Murawiec, Rand Corp.)


Why does United States support feudal, fundamentalist elements in the Middle East who are trying to stave off the march of Democracy? Northing has subverted Middle East democracy than the OPEC oil. When DeBeers and the West could exploit the diamond and mineral resources of Angola, Congo, Zambia while keeping the Africans in abject poverty, then why not the same mechanism applied for Saudi Arabia so that Western oil companies could keep the oil incomes and Arabs forced to live in poverty like mineral-rich Congo, Angola, Zambia and South Africa. Why does the West that exploits Black Africa’s mineral wealth, while keeping the Africans poor and hungry, refuses to colonize militarily week OPEC nations. Why did Britain gave independence to United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, even when they had not asked for the independence in 1971, when Prime Minister Harold Wilson, decided to withdraw all bases east of Suez. Arab Muslims have no more right over their oil resources than Africans have in Congo, Angola and Zambia. Those who continue to exploit the mineral wealth of black Africa shouldn’t hesitate to exploit the oil wealth of the Middle East. Why should Arabs get special treatment, any different that West gives to the black Africa?


What sort of leverage do the foreign powers enjoy to destabilize the OPEC nations to exploit the oil-wealth of the Arab world? Foreign powers can exploit Shiite-Sunni conflict to engineer the Shiite takeover of Mecca & Medina. Foreign powers can militarily support Iranians and Shiite inhabitants of the Al Hasa to partition Saudi Arabia into Shiite Saudia and Sunni Saudia. Saudi Arabia can be partition into five independent states, namely, Kingdom of Riyadh, Kingdom of Jeddah, Kingdom of Al Khobar, Shiite Kingdom of Al Hasa, and Kingdom of Mecca & Medina. The Shiite represents 65% population of Iraq. Shiite Muslims of Iran and Iraq can conquer Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Shiite conquest of the Saudi Arabia and Kuwait would bring down the oil prices to $5 per barrel.


Pakistan has emerged as the new Caliph of Islam, and acquired the patrimony of the Ottoman Empire. The West should encourage the Pakistan’s conquest of Saudi Arabia and declare Pakistan as the custodian of the Islamic Holy cities. Pakistan has the military capability to conquer every Muslim country from Morocco to Iraq. The total population of the Middle East is less than the population of Pakistan, thus Pakistani men should marry 20 million Arab women as 2nd, 3rd and 4th wives. Inter-marrying of peoples of Pakistan and Arab world would eradicate the Wahhabi terrorism. About seven million barrels –equal to almost 10 percent of world consumption – pass through Saudi export facilities every day. Iraq’s official oil reserves are 112 billion barrels, the second largest in the world, a little bigger than Kuwait’s, but only about 40 percent of Saudi Arabia’s. Would the West agree to let Pakistan occupy Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, on the condition that it would sell 10 million barrels to the West at $5 per barrel? Why should the West that ruthlessly exploits and loots the Black Africa’s mineral wealth, feel shy in exploiting Arab mineral and oil wealth? Colonial exploiters should not play favorites. Foreign powers have the resources to destabilize the Middle East, and arrange foreign occupation of the OPEC oil fields so that the West could endlessly exploit its resources as it does in Africa and South America. Why should terrorist Arab nations get any special consideration from the West, which the West doesn’t give to the Africans? Colonial occupation of Arabia would solve the menace of Wahhabi terrorism. Four-way partition of Saudi Arabia would eliminate the problem of Wahhabi terrorism.


Failure of the United States to neutralize and prosecute Taliban Wahhabi Sunni terrorists allowed Wahhabi terrorists escaped sure slaughter at the hands of Northern Alliance soldiers and allowed the Taliban terrorists slip into Kashmir under the nose of Pakistan and US military troops. Wahhabi Sunni Muslim terrorist militants, belonging to the Saudi Arabia based Wahhabi religious organizations killed three young women in their homes just days after posters appeared in Thanamandi area of Rajouri district in Jammu division, ordering women to wear the burqa. Two of the women, both aged 21, were shot dead in their house in the Rajouri district on Thursday night, on December 19, 2002. The third woman, 22, was taken away and beheaded. "These killings are linked with the diktat on dress code. We have sent a police party." Posters signed by a little known group, Lashkar-e-Jabbar, an offshoot of the Lashker-e-Taiba, had been appearing in educational institutions in Rajouri district for the past one-week, asking Muslim women and girls to wear burqas and strictly follow the "purdah" system. The outfit has also asked teachers to wear sherwani and threatened to take action against those who did not follow their directions. Should Muslim women given legal powers to prosecute, punish and execute such Wahhabi fundamentalists as attempt to force Muslim women into servitude and bondage? Christian civilizations should militarily intervene throughout Islamic world, especially in Saudi Arabia and Arabian Peninsula to secure for Muslim women the rights that Christian women have in Europe. United Nations should guarantee the rights of Muslim women to convert to Christianity, if they do not want to accept the bondage and servitude that Islam imposes on Muslim women.


Prophet Zoroaster was the greatest Prophet of Occidental Religions, greater philosopher than Prophet Moses, Prophet Mohammed and Prophet Jesus as he represented the civilization of Persia, the greatest civilization of all times. The religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity have borrowed extensively from the “Zend Avestha” the sacred scripture of Zoroastrians. Only if Occidental Religions could return to the very root of their religions in Zend Avestha and learn the wisdom of Zoroaster, that the apocalyptical teleological End of Time for Islam and Catholic Christianity would be averted. The wisdom of Prophet Zoroaster can avert the looming Clash of Civilizations and War of World Religions and Global Clash of Races. Let us all pray that the wisdom of Zoroaster, Father Prophet of Occidental Religions, gets transmitted to the present believers of Occidental Religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.


What is good for Muslims, namely, ‘martyrdom by Jihad’ is evil for Christians, Jews and Hindus. Islam propagated by sword and should it die by the sword. Muslim terrorists killed innocent Jews in Israel, and Hindus in India and Americans on Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Pentagon. The solution could be that all religious scriptures are edited to expunge all undesirable ideas that conflict the ideals of the modern age. So long as published scriptures contain objectionable ideologies and concepts the menace of religious terrorism would continue. The State should take control over the Church and religious theology. The secular State should gain control over Religion, Church and Theology. The secular State should edit the religious scripture and publish edited versions o scriptures so that religious scriptures no longer become instruments of the propagation of religious terrorism. Every age must redefine the universal concept of Good and Evil and religious scriptures should be amended accordingly. In this manner the menace of religious terrorism will be eradicated from the face of the earth.


22(12) Taming Islamism Terror


Wahhabi Saudi Arabia represented womb of the Islamic terrorism and presented great threat to the civilizations, just as Muslim raiders of Mecca in the 7th Century presented great threat to the Egyptian and Syrian Civilization. The Axis of Evil must be tamed as early as possible. Iraq, Iran and North Korea are part of the Axis of Evil, but Saudi Arabia is the core of the Axis of Evil. United States must enforce structural changes in the Saudi society and Saudi government to guarantee that it stops being the breeding ground for Wahhabi terrorism. Thanks to the thefts of the nuclear weapon designs from Los Alamos Labs in New Mexico and the Most Favored trading Nation (MFN) status, Communist China, the world’s second largest economy emerged as principal threat to Southeast Asia and Siberia. United States emerged as the Core of the Axis of Medieval due to the influence of Christian religious right conservative conspiracy, which has also stymied America’s war on Islamic terrorism. America failed to capture and neutralized even one leader of Al Qaeda terror network, in spite of all the military power and airpower it deployed in Afghanistan. United States should be doubly vigilant in taming Saddam Hussein and it would be irony if United States replaced modern secular regime of Saddam Hussein with theocratic regime representing interests of fundamentalist Islam. Theocracies, whether based at Mecca or Vatican should be tamed as theocracies have no role in the modern world. The Hidden Hand mentioned in the Protocols of the Meetings of the Elders of Zion, appears to acquired considerable power every where and diplomats must be ever vigilant to take counter measures, to meet the threat of the Hidden Hand of the Real Rulers of the world, which Protocols claims has thousand eyes and thousand hands like Hindu God Vishnu. The problem of overpopulation of China and India, the world’s second and fourth largest economies and military powers, need to be addressed properly. Should white race give up Australia and Siberia to overpopulated Asians to redress the Malthusian problem of overpopulation? The emergence of financial cartel in the form of Citigroup presents great security threat to the United States, in the times of accounting frauds. The principles of checks and balances and separation of power demands the breakup of the Citigroup into four or more companies.


Just as no smaller animal would directly attack lion in face in a jungle, unless it is a part of the conspiracy, similarly it is inconceivable that 15 Saudi Wahhabi Sunni hijackers would have dared to attack WASP USA, Pentagon and twin towers, without some support and understanding with non-Protestant white Christians. Weak nation like Saudi Arabia can’t produce such attacks, unless it was part of the larger War of Religion. Was 9/11 the manifestation of the death wish of Islam?


During 1979, on the first day of Hijra 1500, a group of devout Saudi Arabians occupied Mecca and declared the End of Islam, and demanded the overthrow of the Al Saudi Monarchy in Saudi Arabia. They quoted a verse from Al Koran that stated that Islam during 15th century Hijra might come to end. The burning of the US Embassy in Pakistan in 1979 followed it.


Sunni Wahhabi Arab Muslim terrorists attacked seat of military and economic power of the Protestant United States, to duplicate the victories of Sunni Ottomans over Orthodox Christian Byzantine Empire, and the victories of barbarian Saudi Bedouin tribes over civilized Apostolic Gnostic Christian Egyptian Empire. Many Protestants suspect that some European Catholic groups may have lent indirect support to the Wahhabi plot against Protestant USA, just as Rome lent support to the Ottoman attacks on Byzantine, and encouraged Catholic conquest of Byzantine after 3rd Crusades. Sunni Wahhabi Arab terrorists have been emboldened by convergence of the anti-women fundamentalism of Wahhabi Islam and anti-abortion Catholic Religious Right Conservatism. Taking into account the relative level of social modernization of Italian and Saudi societies, the anti-women fundamentalism of Vatican under Pope John Paul II, no more liberal than the Wahhabi fundamentalism of Mecca. President Jimmy Carter became the father of Islamic fundamentalism, when he engineered the fall of liberal, secular, modern regime of Shah of Iran replacing it by archconservative fundamentalist Ayatollah Khomeini.


The Wahhabi Sunni Arabs lead terrorist Islamism, and long-term eradication of Islamic terrorism, requires the taming of the Wahhabi cult in Saudi Arabia. Christian clergy conservative Baptist Rev. Jerry Falwell said, “I think Muhammad was a terrorist.” He had concluded from reading Muslim and non-Muslim writers that Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, “was a violent man, a man of war.” Islam like most faiths, has a fringe of radicals, Saudi Wahhabi Sunni, representing less than 2 percent of the Muslims of the world, primarily located in the Arabian Peninsula only, why carry on bloodshed wherever they are. Wahhabi Sunni Arabs do not represent Islam, even when Saudi Arabia continues to politically control Mecca and Medina, the Islam’s holiest sites.


Problem of fundamentalist Islamism is inherent in Islam itself. One thing stands out from 9/11, it’s the fact that the terrorists originated from the least globalized, least open, least integrated corners of the world: namely, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. Countries that don’t allow freedom to their people, also not tend to trade in ideas, pluralism and tolerance. The unpleasant fact is that no Muslim society offers their people rule of law, democracy, civil liberty and freedom of women. Perhaps United States and India should join forces to impose Kemalist Constitution and Turkish Laws throughout the former territories of the Ottoman Empire, including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Good Kemalist Constitution and Turkish secular laws are right anti-dote to the barbarian Wahhabi Shariah fundamentalism. The society of Saudi Arabia should be remodeled on Kemalist Turkey. Egypt, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan should be declared as the new Custodian of the Islamic Holy cities of Mecca & Medina. Declare Mecca and Medina as the Common Heritage of the Islamic mankind, where all Muslim could immigrate without any restriction whatsoever. Half of the oil-incomes of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and UAE reserved to pay for the upkeep of Muslim mosques worldwide. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have never existed as a nation in human history, and this land had successively been part of the Egyptian Empire, Persian Empire, and Ottoman Empire.


Saudi Wahhabi Sect is Predator Barbarism

Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Sunni sect followed by less than two percent (2%)of the Muslims of the world represents barbarian predator religious sect that embarked genocidal attacks on civilized Muslim societies of the world. The Saudi Arabia based Wahhabi terrorists embarked on the genocide of moderate liberal Muslim women worldwide, Including Kashmir India. The barbaric acts of pro-Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Muslim terrorists causing Holocaust of Muslim Women, which is much more barbaric than the Holocaust of Jews by Nazi Germany. Should civilized international community join military forces to invade barbarian Saudi Arabia to militarily neutralize Wahhabi fundamentalists to protect Muslim women from genocide perpetrated by barbarian Wahhabi Muslim fundamentalists. To start with Afghan women should be given legal right to hang all such Wahhabi Taliban fundamentalists in Afghanistan that forced Afghan Muslim women into bondage and servitude during Taliban rule. Three Muslim girls killed by barbarian Wahhabi terrorists for not wearing veil-Burqa in Kashmir. On December 19, 2002, pro-Saudi Wahhabi Muslim terrorist militants shot dead three girl students in Rajouri district of Jammu region late on Thursday night. These killings linked to the alleged campaign by Wahhabi militants to enforce the veil (burqa) for Muslim women. The Wahhabi militants swooped on the house of Mohammad Sadiq in Hasyote village of Thannamandi area and shot dead his daughter, Noureen Kousar. Then they barged into the house of Khalil Ahmad in the same village and kidnapped her daughter Tahir Parveen (18), a 12th Class student, and later beheaded her. Continuing their killing spree, Wahhabi Islamists entered the house of Mohammad Rafiq and shot dead his daughter, Shehnaz Akhtar. A little known Wahhabi group, “Lashkar Jabbar” pasted on the walls of two senior secondary schools in Rajouri town and neighboring villages threatening girls to wear "burqa" or face the consequences. The entire civilized society would condemn such inhuman acts of pro-Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Islamist terrorists. Woman beheaded in J-K for not wearing burqa in Jammu, on December 20, 2002, close on the heels of the killing of three girls for not wearing burqa, militants beheaded another woman in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir on Friday night for the same reason Wahhabi Islamic Militants barged into the house of Jan Begum, 43, in Darhal area and beheaded her. Perhaps the destruction of Wahhabi Sect in Saudi Arabia alone could solve the problem of Islamic terrorism worldwide. Civilized Hindu India should explore joint military operations with civilized Egypt, civilized Turkey, civilized Syria and civilized Afghanistan and civilized Iran against barbarian Wahhabi Saudi Arabia for the permanent eradication of evil Wahhabi fundamentalism from the Arabian Peninsula. The Evil Wahhabi that nurtures in Saudi Arabia represents predator sect that aims at the genocide of the moderate Muslim women worldwide unless checked militarily. Wahhabi Holocaust of Muslim women could be many times more heinous than the Nazi Holocaust of Jews. Like the evil Nazism the evil Wahhabism must be militarily destroyed to save the impending genocide of moderate Muslim women. Just as civilized world united to militarily defeat Nazism similarly the civilized religions must unite to militarily defeat evil Saudi Wahhabism. Wahhabism presents the greatest barbarian threat to the Civilizations.


22(13) US Motives in India Eye

(1) US Motives in War on Islamic Terrorism

India want to understand what is the real motive of the United States in the war against global terrorism. India wants to know whether America’s war on global Islamic terrorism just a sham operation to justify NATO expansion in Asia, riding on the bandwagon of Asian sympathy for Sept. 11 attacks. If United States could come to terms with Taliban-Wahhabi terrorists in Afghanistan, then should India also explore avenues to use the Wahhabi terrorists to overthrow Al-Saud monarchy in Saudi Arabia?


(1) DID WHITE CO-CONSPIRATORS LEAD ARAB TERRORISTS? Many Muslims argue that the Sept. 11 terrorist attack was a Judeo-Christian-Zionist plot to justify American-NATO imperialism. It just went astray and caused more damage than what its white conspirators intended? Osama bin Laden was earlier a CIA spy, does he continue to be a CIA spy? Did some white Christian co-conspirators help Osama bin Laden in carrying out these attacks? Arab nations can't even learn how to use US-supplied weapons, so were there white co-conspirators responsible for Set. 11 attacks? Arabs can never become brilliant strategists. Let us identify the white Euro-American co-conspirators and punish them.


(2) SADDAM HUSSEIN: Just as US Ambassador to Iraq, convinced Saddam Hussein that USA will not intervene if Iraq invaded Kuwait, and then United States used the pretext of Iraqi invasion of Kuwait to justify the permanent military presence in Kuwait. Saddam Hussein was a CIA spy when he overthrew the regime of King Faisal, does he continue to be CIA spy? Did someone goad Arab terrorists to cause destruction? Are these white conspirators supplying weapon grade Anthrax to the terrorists? Should India and USA joint forces to partition Iraq and carve out sovereign, independent Kurdistan in Iraq, with a direct outlet in Arabian Gulf. Why United States did not support the son-in-law of Saddam Hussein who had defected to Jordan? India and USA should promote a Shiite or Christian ruler of Iraq, replacing evil Saddam Hussein.


(3) VIETNAM & CAMBODIA: Catholic President Kennedy joined Buddhist South Vietnam to fight the alleged terrorism of Communist Vietnam. But Christian USA installed Christian South Vietnamese into power and deserted them, resulting in the massacre of one million Buddhists in Cambodia and deaths of more than 5 million Buddhists in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. While leaving Vietnam, USA joined alliance with Khmer Rouge, Communist China and now with anti-Buddhist Communist Vietnam. American religious right conspiracy sabotages the war crime trial of Christian Khmer Rouge mass-killers in Cambodia, why? United States destroyed the neutral, Non-Aligned nations Laos and Cambodia by imposing the rule of genocidal Christian Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.


India should have sent troops to defeat Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and Laos. Vietnam War was not a Capitalist war against evil communism, but a Christian plot to massacre Buddhists in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in Christian-Communist joint venture efforts. Should India and USA join forces to prosecute evil Khmer Rouge forces in Cambodia and Laos?


(4) CARTER OVERTHREW SHAH OF IRAN: President Carter helped CIA agent Ayatollah Khomeini overthrow the enlightened regime of Emperor Shah of Iran, the most loyal ally of the United States, and gave birth to the age of Islamic terrorism. Why United States does not bomb Iran to install Crown Prince Riza Pehlavi as the Head of State in Iran? Do Ayatollahs continue to be CIA spies now? Should India and USA join forces to overthrow the Mullahs in Iran and install Crown Prince Riza Pahlavi as ruler of Iran? Should India support Shiite leaders of Iran, replace Wahhabi domination of Mecca-Medina by Shiite domination of Islamic holy sites.


(5) PAKISTAN: Prime Minister Nawaj Sharief supported CIA plot to capture Osama bin Laden, but CIA used this cooperation to gain support of the Islamic fundamentalists in Pakistan for the overthrow of the government of Nawaj Sharief to place CIA spy General Pervez Musharraf into power in Pakistan. Did United States use the pretext of the Arab terrorist attacks on New York to justify the permanent military presence in Pakistan and to support the illegitimate military regime of Pervez Musharraf? Should India destabilize Pakistan so that either Nawaj Sharief or Benazir Button forms the next government of Pakistan? Since Gen Musharraf came into power to oppose the kidnapping of Osama bin Laden by CIA, then perhaps US support to him suggests that Osama would remain safe. CIA brought down Prime Minister Nawaj Sharief, and its present support to Pervez, might mean that Osama bin Laden and its Wahhabi Arab terrorists and Taliban supporters would continue to live happily ever after.


Did CIA hype the allege role of AlQaeda only to justify the military expansionism of NATO? Would CIA install bin Laden as future ruler of Saudi Arabia, just as it installed CIA spy Ayatollah Khomeini as ruler of Iran, and organized the downfall of Pahlavi Monarchy? India should actively work towards overthrowing the terrorist regime of Gen. Pervez and select the national government of Pakistan jointly headed by Nawaj Sharief and Benazir Bhutto. India should also support Mohajirs, seeking independent statehood in Sindh and Karachi. India should also support the secessionist demands of Baluchistan and Pakhtunistan.


(6) TALIBAN: Secretary Colin Powell hinted that Taliban would continue to play important role in new government of Afghanistan. United States can strike a deal with Wahhabi Taliban-AlQaeda combine in Afghanistan. Should India open direct channel with AlQaeda and Taliban, offering its military and political support to help overthrow the Al-Saud Monarchy in Saudi Arabia and to install Wahhabi House of Bin-Laden as new rulers of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar. Since Saudi Arabia Al-Saud monarchy destined to fall like Iran's Pahlavi Monarchy, it may be in India's interest to help Taliban-Bin Laden dynasty acquire power in the Arabian Gulf, perhaps in exchange for a share of oil-revenue. India should help partition Saudi Arabia into four separate states, the State of Jeddah, State of Dammam, State of Riyadh and State of Mecca-Medina. India could also support the secession of Shiite Saudis and Shiite Emirates and Shiite Bahrain. If Saudi Arabia continues to support terrorists in Kashmir then India should support anti-monarchy forces in Saudi Arabia.


Since Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar supports Taliban and Mujahideen terrorists in Kashmir, so it would be justified if India provides safe heaven and military support to the Taliban, Wahhabi forces seeking overthrow of Wahhabi Monarchy in Saudi Arabia, and Wahhabi Sheikhdoms in UAE, Bahrain and Qatar. In exchange for India's support in overthrowing Al-Saud Monarchy in Saudi Arabia, replacing it by Bin-Laden Monarchy, would transform Muslim Mujahideens most loyal friends of India overnight. India can also play the terrorism game.


(7) SHIITE SECESSIONS: Should India militarily intervene in Afghanistan War on the side of pro-Iran Shiite forces in Herat, aiming to carve out a independent Shiite Afghanistan in the Western regions of Afghanistan? Should India militarily support non-Pathan tribes in Northern Afghanistan to carve out Turki Afghanistan? Pakistan and Sunni Pathans must realize that they cannot crust the political aspirations of non-Pathan and non-Sunni Afghans. Should India militarily intervene in Afghanistan and help install a women-dominated government of Afghanistan? India cannot allow the permanent presence of American troops in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Uzbekistan. Sunni Arab nations should learn that Shiite Iran is the leader of the Islamic world and Shiite Arabs have right of secession and leadership role in Mecca & Medina.


(8) PROVERBIAL SNAKE OF THE PROTOCOL: Is WASP United States under attack of the "Proverbial Snake" described in the "Protocols of the meetings of the Elders of Zion" which claimed to have destroyed the vitals of the ancient pagan Hindu Pharaoh Egypt, Pagan Hindu ancient Hindu, pagan Hindu Roman Empire, Arian Gnostic Christian civilization of Egypt and Syria, Orthodox Byzantine Empire. The European powers that conspired to bring down the Soviet Union could be conspiring to disintegrate WASP super power United States, hoping that its decline would herald the rise of European Union as super power. Which organization presently represent the Hidden Hand described in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, as it cannot possibly be Israel, as they won't be foolish enough to write a manual and implicate themselves. Who is that secret society that could threaten the civilized world?


(9) KOREAN WAR: Why does United States keeps its troops in Buddhist South Korea and Okinawa, especially when Dr. Kissinger developed USA-China ties after Vietnam War? Is it to Christianize South Korea? Why is USA promoting Christian as the future leader of Buddhist Burma?


(10) YUGOSLAVIA: Catholic Germany and Italy engineered the secession of Catholic Slovenia and Croatia from Yugoslav federation and cemented ties with Islamic terrorists and drug dealers to destabilize Balkans as a prelude to promote secession of Muslim Albanians in Kosovo and now Macedonia. Did Catholic extremist co-conspirators aid and support Wahhabi Islamic terrorists, as a prelude for extension of NATO forces in Southern Asia?


(11) ISLAMIC COUNTER REFORMATION WAR: The 10 million strong Wahhabi Clergy of Mecca seeking to win over 1000 million Muslims, to duplicate the success of Church of Rome in Counter Reformation Wars. Catholics and Wahhabi terrorists have joined forces to impose anti-women Wahhabi Shariah over Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia, as prelude to impose anti-women laws over Western Christendom. Vatican and Mecca are allies in their global war against Feminism, anti-Abortion and rights of women. Taking into account the racial and cultural differences, the anti-women fundamentalism of Catholic religious right conservatism equals to that of Wahhabi religious right conservatism.


Would Christian extremists conspire creating chaos in United States to cause Catholic-Protestant Counter Reformation conflicts, by failing to denounce Islamic terrorist attacks on New York & Pentagon? Jews call Pope Pius XII as Hitler’s Pope for his failure to denounce Catholic Nazi’s Holocaust of Jews. Silence of Pope John Paul II on September 11 attacks, might prompt moderate Muslims call Pope John Paul II as Bin-Laden’s Pope. By raising the issue of Palestine statehood, and Kashmir immediately after President Bush’s declaration of war on global terrorism, suggests that continental Europeans view that their national interests differ from that of maritime Protestant nations. In the global Clash of Civilizations, and looming world War of Religious Sects, and Civilization’s war on Barbarian terrorism, the sovereign states of Vatican, German, Italy, and France have different worldview than United States, Britain, India, Russia and China.


(12) ISLAM'S END OF TIME PROPHECY: The Al Qureish Tribe of Mecca, to which Prophet Muhammad belonged believe that a specific Sura in Holy Koran prophecy that Islam as a religion might end during present 15th Century Hijra, (it started in 1979 AD) after the Arab race becomes wealthy. On the first day of 15th Century Hijra, the Wahhabi fundamentalists captured the Holy Mosque of Mecca and it led to major fight and Pakistani Army intervened and government control over Mecca was restored. The Catholic believers of End of Time Apocalyptic teleological doctrines find common cause with Islamic Wahhabi End of Time doctrine declared in Holy Koran. It is no accident that Maya and Aztec civilization foretold of the End of Time in Dec. 23, 2012 AD. It is very likely that Osama bin Laden represents the evil destined to bring the End of Islam as fulfillment of End of Time doctrines. Islamic End of Time doctrine foretold end during 15th Century Hijra, Catholic End of Time doctrine foretold end during the beginning of Third Millennium, and Maya and Aztec civilization's 28,000 year long calendar foretold End of Time during December 2012. It is true that President Bush's declaration of war on global terrorism changed the course of History and might result in the fulfillment of End of Time for evil terrorists. Hindu scriptures foretold of the end of Kaliyuga and beginning of new age of Satyuga during 21st Century.


(13) Did the United States enter the Afghanistan war to provide safe passage to Pakistan from Afghanstan to Wahhabi Taliban Muslim terrorists who wouldhave otherwise died at the hands of Tajik & Ujbek Northern aalliance soldiers? Failure of the United States to neutralize and prosecute Taliban Wahhabi Sunni terrorists allowed Wahhabi terrorists escaped sure slaughter at the hands of Northern Alliance soldiers and allowed the Taliban terrorists slip into Kashmir under the nose of Pakistan and US military troops. Wahhabi Sunni Muslim terrorist militants, belonging to the Saudi Arabia based Wahhabi religious organizations killed three young women in their homes just days after posters appeared in Thanamandi area of Rajouri district in Jammu division, ordering women to wear the burqa. Two of the women, both aged 21, were shot dead in their house in the Rajouri district on Thursday night, on December 19, 2002. The third woman, 22, was taken away and beheaded. "These killings are linked with the diktat on dress code. We have sent a police party." Posters signed by a little known group, Lashkar-e-Jabbar, an offshoot of the Lashker-e-Taiba, had been appearing in educational institutions in Rajouri district for the past one-week, asking Muslim women and girls to wear burqas and strictly follow the "purdah" system. The outfit has also asked teachers to wear sherwani and threatened to take action against those who did not follow their directions. Should Muslim women given legal powers to prosecute, punish and execute such Wahhabi fundamentalists as attempt to force Muslim women into servitude and bondage? Christian civilizations should militarily intervene throughout Islamic world, especially in Saudi Arabia and Arabian Peninsula to secure for Muslim women the rights that Christian women have in Europe. United Nations should guarantee the rights of Muslim women to convert to Christianity, if they do not want to accept the bondage and servitude that Islam imposes on Muslim women.


(16) CONCLUSION: With the election of President Bush, the Christian religious right conservatism and Islamic fundamentalists lost their hold over White House. Did they join forces as co-conspirators in Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Pentagon and Anthrax bio-warfare? Shouldn’t efforts made to arrest white Euro-American Christian co-conspirators and expose their beliefs that promoted such inter-faith inter-racial collaboration among terrorists.


Secretary Colin Powell should explain the geo-Political motives of the United States in Pakistan and Afghanistan. India feels that United States misusing India's support to USA against terrorism, in creating permanent presence in Asia. India's national interests should be safeguarded in Afghanistan. Christian religious right conservatives conspiring to weaken Protestant President Bush's resolve to punish Islamic Arab terrorism, into proselytizing wars against non-Abraham religions.


Perhaps India should become actively involved in the global art of cultivating terrorists for promoting Indian national interests. India can buy the friendship of anti-monarchy rebels in Arabian Gulf to retaliate against Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, by offering Wahhabi rebels the chance to rule Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Iran and Qatar. If United States can befriend terrorists than India should have no reservation in providing sanctuary and safe heaven to the rebels determined to overthrow Wahhabi regimes in the Arabian Gulf. It is very likely that Bin Laden Monarchy would overthrow the Al-Saud Monarchy in Saudi Arabia. It would be much easier to overthrow the monarchy and Sheikhdom in Arabia than it would be for Muslims nations to cause the secession in Kashmir. Perhaps while protecting Indian sovereignty in Kashmir, India might end with an empire in the Middle East. After the US attacks on Afghanistan, India has also acquired rights to intervene in Middle East to punish the pro-terrorism Arab nations.


Osama bin Laden could bring about the End of Time for Islam during 15th century Hijra, if he continues to wage terrorist attacks on WASP United States, Hindu India, Buddhist China and Orthodox Russia. Fundamentalist Wahhabi Sunni Muslims, representing only 20 million Arab Muslims, should not hasten their demise and demise of Islam, by waging wars on 500 million moderate liberal Muslims, 1000 million Hindus and 1300 million Buddhists, 140 million Orthodox Christians and 230 million Protestants. Global balance of military power has decisively shifted against Islam in 21st century. Unless Islam begs forgiveness from Protestant United States, it might cease to exist as a religion on earth as foretold in Holy Koran in 15th century Hijra. Christian swords and Christian God is mightier than Islamic sword and Christianity superior to Islam. Islam was imposed by sword on Christian Egypt, Syria, Libya and Turkey by sword, would Christian again recover Christian lands by sword in 21st Century as they regained Spain and Portugal after 800 years of Muslim rule. Wahhabi Osama bin Laden might cause the End of Islam in 15th Century Hijra.


22(14) Mughal Caliphate of Islam

(1) Pakistan as India-backed Caliph of Islam

Aryan Pakistan is Hindu India’s close ally in the Global Clash of Races and the Clash of Civilizations. Pakistan like India is a part of Aryan Civilization. In spite of all wars and nuclear rhetoric, Indians love Pakistan and wish them good luck. Pakistan is a civilized nation and destined to lead the Islamic world. India accepts nuclear Pakistan as the new Caliph of Islam, and thus Pakistan inherits the patrimony of the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East.


The population of Pakistan (135 million) outnumbers Saudi Arabia (21 million), Kuwait (2 million), Algeria (30 million), Iraq (23 million), Libya (5.4 million), Egypt (62 million), Iran (63 million), Bahrain (0.7 million), Oman (2.3 million), Qatarr (0.7 million), UAE (2.8 million), Morocco (28 million), Tunisia (9 million) and Turkey (64 million).


Pakistan’s Army can single handedly conquer all Islamic nations from Iran to Morocco. It is the sacred duty of Pakistan to consolidate all Islamic nations from Iran to Morocco under the leadership of Pakistan. India would welcome the westward expansion of Pakistan to create Pakistani Islamic Empire based on Islamabad. Islamabad Caliphate extending from Islamabad to Rabat will be in the long-term national interest of India, as it would eradicate the evil of Wahhabi terrorist Islamism.


As new Caliph of Islam, Pakistani men should marry 20 million Arab women as 2nd, 3rd and 4th wives to create an Urdu-speaking Pan Islamic multi-ethnic race, to herald Islamic Golden Age. India welcomes Pakistan’s westward expansion to create Holy Islamic Empire in the Middle East. Oil-rich Pakistan would pose no military threat to India.


The elections of 342 Members of Parliament (MPs) scheduled for October 2002, disqualifies any MP candidate who lacks a bachelor’s degree. In the local elections being held alongside the national ones, the government has allotted one-third of all seats to women. The national balloting has been altered to abolish a long-criticized system under which religious minorities, Christians, Hindus, and Zoroastrians voted separately for a handful of special parliament seats, but they were denied the right to cast ballots for ordinary candidates. The so-called separate electorates for minorities and Muslims helped create a two-track Pakistani society in which overwhelming Islamic majority could safely dismiss the views of Christians and Hindus. Kemalism is a good solution to Pakistan’s chronic problems of militancy and fundamentalism. Perhaps United States should encourage the military General in Saudi Arabia take over government to replace Kemalist dictatorship replace Al Saud Monarchy and Turkish secular laws to replace Wahhabi Shariah laws of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. Just as military coup of General Pervez Musharraf, checked the evil of fundamentalism and militancy in Pakistan, similar military coup in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait would modernize barbarian Saudi Arabian society, laws and culture.


(2) US War on Terror is a War on Islam

Arabs feel that the war on terror is a war on Islam. From Morocco to Medina and beyond the idea of America as the “good guy” is considered laughable. On he contrary, parts of Osama bin Laden’s message resonate, even with people who deplore almost everything about Al Qaeda. Muslims in Turkey feel that the current US policy of war on terror is a war against the Muslim people.


(3) Pakistanis Hate America

In 1979, the false rumors of American involvement in an attack on the Grand Mosque at Mecca, at the start of the 15th Century Hijra, inspired a Pakistani mob to invade the embassy compound and set it alight, using gasoline from the motor pool.


India’s belief is that American wants to stay in Pakistan for long haul and Central Asia for two reasons: to put pressure on Iran and to assure access to the petroleum potential of the region. If that is true and you are looking westward and northward from Pakistan, we have no cause to worry, but it would be another matter if you decide to strengthen Pakistan against India, said, Brajesh Mishra, India’s National Security Adviser. Alarm bells are ringing in India following a US mission to the Pakistan capital of Islamabad in late July 2002 to reestablish a Pakistan-US defense Consultative Committee. United States is overestimating General Musharraf’s ability to help in crushing Al Qaeda. Islamic extremist influence is entrenched in the Pakistani armed forces, police and intelligence agencies. Above all, whatever help Pakistan can provide in the short run in overshadowed by the compelling long-term US interest in improving relations with India, the world’s fourth largest economy in size, in GNP at purchasing power parity, more than the combined GNP of Germany and Spain, or Britain and France.


(4) Don’t Fear Arab Armies

Arab nations including OAPEC nations have no capacity for economic warfare. The Arab nations are mostly fiscal basket cases. The combined GNP (GNI) at 2000$s of all Arab nations is just $550 billion, Algeria ($48 Billion), Egypt ($95 Billion), Iran ($107 Billion), Jordan ($8 Billion), Kuwait ($36 Billion), Saudi Arabia ($150 Billion), Syria ($15 Billion), Tunisia ($20 Billion), about the size as Spain’s GDP ($659 Billion), GNP ($595B). Every major Arab country is deeply in debt and their fiscal stability is in the hands of the IMF, World Bank and donor countries. If these props were suddenly kicked out from under them, they’d plunge into economic chaos.


The Oil Weapon is dead and its time has passed. In constant dollars, the Arabian Gulf States sold $150 billion of oil in 1980, but are only averaging $80 billion in recent years. Saudi oil earnings are about equal to what Americans spend on cigarettes. With 60 percent of the Saudi population under age 25, their economy needs to grow 6 percent a year just to employ all those entering the job force. Since 1980, they have eked out a meager 1.5 percent growth. Unemployment is already at 15 percent and rising rapidly. Using the oil weapon would be economic suicide, and lead directly to the demise of every tyrannical government in the Arab world.


Arab armies have limited war-fighting capabilities. Arab militaries’ only proven value has been for maintaining internal order by brutal intimidation. The Arab world, except Iran, has no significant military power to speak. The Arab states are not a credible conventional threat to American military power, or they ever likely to be, given the sad state of their economies. Arab war might have a statutory effect of clearing decks for a popular movement toward democracy.


22(15) Let’s Conquer Arabia

(1) Shiite Iran to Tame Wahhabi Terror

Shiite Islamism could join forces with Protestant Christians to tame Arab Wahhabi Sunni terrorism, in exchange for better social, political and economic rights of Shiite Iraqis, Shiite Kuwaitis, and Shiite Saudi Arabians. European Catholics have joined forces with Wahhabi Sunni Arabs and Shiite Iranians and Shiite Iraqis looking for closer ties with Protestant America to turn the tables against Gulf Wahhabi Sunni Arabs, who launched 9/11 terrorists attacks on United States. Islam is not a monolithic bloc, Sufi Shiites looking forward a decisive battle against Sunni Wahhabi Arabs. Arab Shiites and Iranian Shiites looking forward for closer military ties with Protestant United States to inflict decisive defeat on barbarian terrorist Wahhabi Sunni Arabs, who provided all 19 terrorist-hijackers of 9/11.


The terrorism and militancy of Wahhabi Sunni Arab Islamism reflects not the military prowess of Sunni Muslim nations, but rather the military weakness and vulnerability of Wahhabi Sunni Arab nations. The Shiite Muslims represent majority in the dominant Middle East powers, namely Iran and Iraq. Shiite Iran and Shiite Iraq can easily conquer Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and remove Wahhabi Sunni fundamentalists from Mecca and Medina. Shiite control over Islamic holy cities would permanently cripple the ability of Wahhabi Sunni Arabs to export terrorism. Shiite Iraqis and Shiite Iranians ready to join forces with Protestant United States to destroy the Wahhabi Sunni terrorism.


(2) Kemalism in Wahhabi Arabia

Civilized Turkey is the future of Saudi Arabia and Wahhabi Arabian Peninsula. The secular, liberal and modern Turkish civil and criminal laws should replace Wahhabi Shariah laws of Saudi Arabia and Arab women guaranteed rights. The veils and burqa banned throughout Arabian Peninsula and violators punished. The Turkey, successor to the Ottoman Empire should get special sphere of influence over Arabian Peninsula, to weaken power and influence of Wahhabi militancy, fundamentalism and terrorism. A decade of Kemalist secular dictatorship in Saudi Arabia would give deathblow to the Islamic terrorism and allow United States win the war on global terrorism.


(3) Arab Wahhabi First Axis of Evil

Wahhabi Arabian Peninsula is the Womb of Evil Terrorism. Saudi Arabia is the fulcrum of Axis of Evil. Saudi terrorists after 640 AD had destroyed the Christian Civilizations of Egypt-Syria, Zoroastrian Civilization of Persia, Buddhist Civilization of Afghanistan and Central Asia, and conquered Hindu Civilization of India, because the civilizations failed to undertake counter-measures against the rising terrorist threat, by invading the very breeding ground of barbarians at Mecca. President Bush’s doctrine justifies the Civilizations’ preemptive strikes against Wahhabi heartland in Arabian Peninsula to destroy and neutralize the breeding grounds of Wahhabi barbarians. It is the moral imperative of the 21st century that Protestant and Hindu civilizations join forces to undertake decisive preemptive attacks on the breeding grounds of Wahhabi terrorism in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait to hunt and neutralize Wahhabi fundamentalism. All civilizations have the inherent right of preemptive military strikes against the breeding grounds, the heartland of barbarians and to hunt and neutralize the nation of barbarians to preserve the civilizations of the human race on planet earth.


Arab Wahhabi 9/11 attacks on Protestant Civilization was the first shot by the Barbarians on the dominant Civilization, just as after 640 AD, Arab Bedouin launched the attacks on the then most advance Civilization of the world, the Egyptian Civilization. Suddenly at 4.55 pm in September 2002, at Swaminarayan Aksardham Temple, in Gandhinagar, the Capital of Gujarat, two Muslim assassins started firing and throwing grenades at the people killing at least 37 persons. It reminded the Mohammed Ghouri band of 27 riders that suddenly appeared at Somnath Temple at Dwarka in Gujarat and broke the idol and looted more Gold. Many similar incidents occurred after 640 AD in Hindu-Christian Egypt, and Zoroastrian-Hindu Persia. Muslims assassins gathered and stopped the train at Godhra and burnt it to kill Hindu passengers returning from pilgrimage. After 640 AD Arab Bedouin had similarly looted the caravans in Egypt and Syria to disrupt the very lifeline of the Civilization.


What should be the Civilization’s response to the renewed attacks of Arab barbarians that after 7th Century had destroyed great Civilizations of Christian Egypt and Zoroastrian Persia, Buddhist Afghanistan and conquered Hindu Civilization?


Just killing the predator terrorists does not solve the problem of breeding ground of Wahhabi terrorism, which presently under protection of Saudi ‘Arabia. Protestant, Egyptian, Persian and Indian Civilization have a right to undertake pre-emptive strikes against the very breeding ground of the Wahhabi terrorism, in the Wahhabi heartland of Arabian Peninsula.


(4) Saudi Arabia is Axis of Evil

President Bush’s characterization of North Korea, Iran and Iraq as three Axis of Evil is not very correct. Neither North Korea, nor Iran, nor Iraq provided any of the 19 Arab Wahhabi hijackers that launched 9/11 attacks. Saudi Arabia provided and financed 15 of the 19 hijackers of 9/11, including the leader of terror, Osama bin Laden. The foundation of Saudi Arabian monarchy and Saudi society based on the Wahhabi doctrine, which advocates terrorist attacks to bring down modern, civil, liberal Islamic regimes. Just as Roman Catholic Church waged incessant wars on Orthodoxy Church and Protestant Church and Apostolic Gnostic Arian Church throughout the history of Christianity, the Wahhabi sect representing only 2% of Muslims of the world, wages terrorist attacks on Muslim leaders of other sects worldwide.


The foundation of Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi sect is the womb of terrorism. The Arab Bedouin of Arabian Peninsula at the time of Prophet Mohammed were uncivilized barbarians, jealous of the advance civilizations of Egypt, Syria, Baghdad and Persia. The barbarian Arab Bedouin warriors attacked the Civilizations and after conquest either slaughtered the men or enslaved them, and took over all their women and wealth. Wahhabi Bedouin as late as 1965, were uncivilized barbarians and terrorists.


Arnold Toynbee in Study of History describes that barbarians succeed in destroying Civilization, whenever Civilization does not prepare for the counter offensive against barbarians in the very heartland of the barbarians’ den. Wahhabi cult and Saudi Arabia is the “womb of Wahhabi’ and ‘womb of barbarian terrorism’ and the civilization’s response to the barbarian terrorism that originated in Heartland of Arabian Peninsula, should be to invade and destroy the breeding ground of the terrorists so that successive waves of terrorists do not rise from the breeding ground of terrorism to attack the civilizations, in the succession of barbarian attacks. Civilizations’ have the inherent right of pre-emptive strikes against the ‘Womb of Wahhabi Terrorism’ the Saudi Arabian Peninsula to hunt and neutralize Wahhabi fundamentalists to deny the social, economic, religious support to Wahhabi terrorists. Total destruction and annihilation of the Wahhabi is the moral imperative of the human race in the 21st century. Egypt, Persia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh have the moral duty and right of preemptive strikes against Arabian Peninsula and rule the region for next 800 years as reparation for the damages and destruction the Arab Bedouin brought to the great Civilizations of Egypt, Syria, Libya, Persia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Wahhabi Arab attack of 9/11 justifies the retaliation of Egypt, Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India on Wahhabi heartland of Arabian Peninsula. Hindu Civilization accepts the Bush Doctrine of preemptive strikes against terrorism and seeks Civilization’s Alliance with Protestant Civilization to permanently eradicate the Wahhabi terrorism worldwide. A Study of History, by Arnold Toynbee conclusively proves that Civilizations succeeds in destroying the Barbarians, when they take the war to the very breeding ground of the barbarians and to destroy and neutralize the very Womb of Barbarians. Civilizations must not allow the Barbarians the Freedom inherent in the civilized societry to destroy the very Civilization and civil society itself. Saudi Arabia should be held responsible for all acts of international terrorism committed by Wahhabi Muslim terrorists worldwide. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, and Qatar should also pay $1,000 billion damages to the victims of 9/11 in United States.


From 7th Century to the 15th Century, the Mediterranean Islam represented the Civilization, while Christian Continental Europe represented barbarianism. White men and women from German lands and Frank lands sold as slaves in the slave markets of civilized Alexandria, Damascus and Constantinople. Only after 715 AD, the Mediterranean trade in white European slaves banned by Byzantine Navy to cause economic damage to Islamic Alexandria and Damascus. Indian Empire and British Empire before the First World War harnessed the power of the nomad Bedouin in Arabian Peninsula to force secession of Arabian Peninsula from the yoke of Ottoman Empire. President Jimmy Carter harnessed the power of militant Shiite Islamism to bring down the government of liberal Shah of Iran in 1979. The Roman Catholic Church and the West legitimizing Wahhabi barbarian fundamentalism and Shariah as correct form Islam, primarily to brand Islam as barbarian religion in the eyes of the world, so that world may forget that from 7th to 15th Century, Islam represented Civilization, while Western Christianity, Roman Catholic Civilization represented barbarianism during Dark Age of Medieval Europe.


22(16) Rise of Shiites & Kurds

(1) Shiite Control of Arabian Peninsula

The Shiite control over Mecca and Medina may solve the menace of Sunni Wahhabi terrorism. United States should help transfer of power in Iraq and Saudi Arabia to Indian and Pakistani Arab Shiite Muslims. Non-Muslim nations should employ the diplomacy of Divide and Rule to support Shiite Arabs to tame the menace of Sunni Wahhabi terrorism. Saudi Arabia historically had either been part of Egypt or Persia. The Arab Shiites in Iraq represent 65 percent of Iraq, while Sunni Arabs represent only 15 percent of the Iraq’s population. In the oil-producing Al Hasa province on the Gulf Coast of Saudi Arabia, the Shiites are in majority. By transferring the political power in the Arabian Peninsula to Arab Shiites, the menace of Sunni Wahhabi terrorism can be tamed, albeit eradicated. In terms of military capability Shiites could easily takeover Sunnis in the Arabian Peninsula. Sunni Kurds would also join alongside Shiites to wage wars on Sunni Wahhabi Arabs. The grand coalition of Shiites, Kurds, Turks and Afghans could overthrow the oppressive pro-terrorism Wahhabi regimes in the Arabian Peninsula.


Bush administration promotes Shiite cleric Ayatollah Muhammad Bakir al-Hakim as the likely ally in the post-Saddam regime of Iraq, who has been living in Tehran for more than two decades and is backed by the Iranian government. His father once gave sanctuary to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the fiery anti-American cleric who later rose to supreme power in Iran’s 1979 coup. United States and the Shiite cleric are in the process of forging a political alliance of convenience. It is an arrangement that is strongly supported by Kuwait, America’s staunchest Arab ally in Bush’s campaign to dislodge President Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Kuwait, for its part, has encouraged the Bush administration to work with Ayatollah Hakim, who is a regular visitor to Kuwait.


The USA-Ayatollah Hakim alliance is also quietly backed by Iran, a subtle signal that Tehran seems prepared to offer a modicum of cooperation to Amrica’s war efforts, if the Bush administration mounts a military campaign in Iraq. The Iranian Navy has moved to close its territorial waters to smugglers going to and from Iraq. Ayatollah Hakim’s Iran connection has a benefit. It gives Iran a stake in the future Iraqi government and helps encourage its neutrality or even cooperation if the Untied States attacks Iraq.


“Supreme Assembly of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq” is the political organization headed by Ayatollah Hakim. “Badr Brigade” is the Ayatollah’s guerrilla army. Ayatollah Hakim and the Bush administration agree that their common job right now is to change the current regime of Saddam Hussein. It is very important that there is an understanding between the Iraqi opposition and the United States. Bush administration organized on Dec. 10, 2002 meeting of Iraqi opposition leaders in London. The purpose of the session was to endorse a set of democratic principles for governing Irtaq, if Saddam Hussein was deposed and to commit successor government to destroying Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. The Iraqi oppostion leaders were also asked to reaffirm Iraq’s territorial integrity. The reason the Bush administration wants Shiites at that meeting was that while Iraq was politically dominated by Arab Sunni Muslim minority, representing 16 percent of the population, an estimated 55 percent of the Iraqis are Shiites. Bush administration wants new governing structure in Iraq: a system in which Shiites would be represented but in which fundamentalist Islam would not become the dominant religious or political ideology of Iraq. Muchof Baghdad is populated by Shiites, and they also dominate southern Iraq, the principal invasion route that America troops would take if they moved on the capital. The Bush administration is eager to obtain the Ayatollah hakim’s political support, but has not indicated any interest in forging a military alliance with the ‘Badr Brigade,’ which numbers several thousand, and is trained, equipped and influenced by Revolutionary Guard of Iran. Ayatollah Hakim seems prepared to work with Bush administration, if an American invasion enables him to secure a plce in new power structure in Iraq, but would like to see American forces leave as soon as possible. Ayatollah Hakim represents fundamentlist Islam, which does not allow any democracy.


Shiite Iraqis are suspicious of American motives, and see it as a dark conspiracy to keep Shiites in their place in Iraq. President H. W. Bush didn’t come to the aid of the Iraqi Shiites after the 1991 Persian Gulf War. When the Iraqi Army was routed, the Shiites in the south Iraq rebelled, but the president Bush decided not to intervene. Difficult situation became worse when, as part of the cease-fire arrangements, Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf acceded to the Iraqi military’s request that their pilots be allowed to operate helicopters. The Iraqi military later used helicopters to attack and kill Shiites. Washington did not impose no-flight zone in southern Iraq for more than a year after 1991 war. Americans helped Saddam Hussein regime wage war on Shiites after the 1991 war. Bush administration has also invited Mr. Chalabi, head of the ‘Iraqi National Accord’ an organization that includes former Baath Party members, a group that wants to restore the monarchy in Iraq. The two leading Kurdish groups, the organizations that represent the Turkoman and Assyrian minorities in Iraq are also invited.


America’s war on terrorism demands that United States should use Iraqi Shiites to give fitting blow to the Wahhabi Sunni Arab terrorists. Under the influence of Catholic Religious Right Conservatives, and Jews, Christian power have promoted Arab Wahhabi Sunni Muslims over Shiite Arabs and Aryan Iranian Shiites, as a prelude to favor Semite race over Aryan race. American officials have long been reluctant to work with Iraqi Shiites out of fear that Shiites might be too close to Iran. President Jimmy Carter Jews, Catholics and Evangelicals conspired to overthrow the secular, liberal modern regime of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, to overthrow the dominant Islamic power of the world, to make way for the rise of barbarian Wahhabi Sunni Saudi Arabia as leader of the Middle East.


American should support Arab Shiites in Iraq and Kurd Sunni to remove pro-Saddam Arab Sunni from positions of economic, political and military power in Iraq. Islamism Terrorism originates in Arab Sunni Wahhabism. Kurd Sunnis, representing 20 percent of the population are mortal enemies of Wahhabi Arab Sunnis and Arab Iraqis, who represent only the 16 percent of the population of Iraq. Arab Shiites represent 65 percent of Iraq population and sworn enemy of Arab Sunni Muslims, who are hand-in-glove with Saudi Wahhabi terrorists.


After the overthrow of Saddam Hussein the power should be handed over to the coalition of the Arab Shiite leadership and Sunni Kurds, who represent 85% of the population of Iraq, to atone for the decades of the suppression of Shiites and Kurds by the entrenched Arab Sunni minority. The Arab Sunni triangle extends from Baghdad, Mosul and Jordan border with Ramadi as the center of the Arab-Sunni triangle should form Sunni Iraq. The northern Kurdish-majority mountainous region and southern and southeastern Shiite majority region should form Shiite Kurdish Iraq. The bifurcation of Iraq to carve out a separate Sunni Iraq, out of Arab-Sunni triangle with Baghdad, Mosul and Jordan border as points and Ramadi as center would serve the aspirations of Sunni Arabs.


22(17) Partition Iraq Iran Saudia

(1) Partition Iraq

The Arab Saddam Hussein was backed by the support Sunni Arabs only that represented less than 15% of the population, primarily Arab Sunni Muslims who number only 3.6 million, and 20.4 million Sunni Kurds and Arab Shiite majority hate him and would love to participate in his overthrow. The ethnic breakup of Iraq (population of 24 million) is as follows: 65% Shiites (15.6 million), Sunni 35% (8.4 million), Arab 75% (18 million), Sunni Kurd 20% (4.8 million), Arab Sunni 15% (3.6 million) There are without question scores to be settled in Iraq. The Kurds have not forgotten the chemical attack that Saddam Hussein visited upon them 14 years ago in 1980s, an indiscriminate assault that killed thousands and left thousands more maimed and ailing. The Shiite majority nearly 65% of the population has long resented its historical persecution and exclusion from power.


Basra located in the oil-rich southeast is almost wholly Arab Shiite. Nassiriya has been a center of discontent in the past it was also the site of a rebellion against the British by Shiite Muslims 80 years ago and against Saddam in 1991. The marshes surrounding the Nasiriya home for Shiite nomads. Najaf and Karbala have strong ties to Iran. Najaf houses the tomb of Imam Ali. Karbala, one of the holiest Shiite holy places, contains the tomb of Hussein. The Arab Shiites are in majority in region east and south of Baghdad. Sunni Kurds are Aryan by race, distinct from Arabs. Dohuk controlled by Kurdish Democratic Party. Kirkuk is the center of Iraq’s oil industry in the north. Kirkuk claimed by Kurds, and Turkmen Kurds. Turkey opposes any kind of autonomy to Kurds in Iraq, for fear of stirring its own Kurdish population, some 20 million strong.


Iraq should be partitioned into two states, on Arab Sunni Iraq, comprising 15% of the landmass and 15% of the population. The second state of Shiite Kurd Iraq comprising 85% of the land and 85% of the population should be created comprising of Kurd-majority areas and Arab Shiite majority areas. Religion and race is the basis of the partition of Iraq. Arab Shiites Iraqis and Sunni Kurds have nothing in common with the Sunni Arabs Iraqis. The partition of Iraq is the only solution of the Iraq. India supports the partition of Iraq to create a new federal state of Shiites & Kurds.


President Bush and Secretary Colin Powell, making great mistake by remaining closest to Sunni Arabs (16% of population), and by neglecting Shiite Arabs (64% of population) and Sunni Kurds (20% of population). Sunni Arab Iraqis dominate central Iraq as far south as Baghdad. Sunni Kurds, make up 20 percent of population are concentrated in the mountainous north. But nearly two-thirds of Iraqis are Shiite Muslims, and they populate the slums of Baghdad as well as the south of Iraq, the marshlands and coastal regions.


Saddam Hussein creating rifts among Shiite clergy, and was instrumental in the shooting spree beginning in 1998, when one top Iraqi Shiite cleric after another was gunned down. Iraq’s last grand ayatollah, Mohammed Sadiq al-Sadr, was murdered with his two sons on a road near Najaf. Another powerful cleric, Hussein Bahr al-Uloom died under mysterious circumstances in 2001. The Shiite uprising in the south was far more dangerous than the Kurdish insurgency in the north. Shiites made a mistake not organizing Shiite uprising in south to coincide with the Kurdish uprising in 1996 in the north. In 1996, Shiite rebels attacked Saddam Hussein’s eldest son, Uday, in 1996 and crippled him. In 1998, Shiite freedom fighters attacked Hussein’s second in command, Izzat Ibrahim.


Under the influence of Catholic Religious Right Wing Conservative Conspiracy, Bush Administration continues to neglect the Arab Shiites, who prefer Mystic Sufism, and focuses on working only with Arab Sunni factions. US State Department is closer to the Iraqi National Accord, and Pentagon is closer to Iraqi National Congress, and both groups dominated by minority Iraqi Sunni. Al-Sharif Ali Bin al-Hussain announced his proposal to restore the Iraqi monarchy, which was installed by Britain & Indian Empire in 1921 and lasted 37 years. United States may favor Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim, head, Supreme Assembly for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, based in Iran. Post-Saddam Hussein Iraq shall be a decentralized state with considerable regional autonomy, including the division of oil revenues to ensure adequate budgets for provincial development. Iraq is a Shiite nation and it would be a diplomacy of deception, if under the garb of waging a war on Sunni Wahhabi terrorism, United States sidelines the Shiite leadership of Iraq. Shiite Muslims would join forces with Christians to destroy the power base of Sunni Wahhabi terrorism throughout the Occidental world.


(2) Independent Sunni Aryan Kurdistan

Kurds are Hindu India’s Civilization’s allies in the Global Clash of Races. India should be willing to enter the war on Iraq to create a sovereign state of Kurdistan. Kurds are Aryans and part of Indian Civilization. Kurds, the largest ethnic group in the world without their own country, were briefly promised independence in the Treaty of Sevres after World War I. However, under the influence of Catholic religious right conservative conspiracy, Kurdish lands were carved up between Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, because Kurds are Aryans and speak Sanskrit-Persian related language, different from Turkey and Arabic. Catholic conservatives wanted to promote the Semite Arabs, who had recently become independent of Ottoman rule. Jews and Catholics hate Kurds because Suleiman the Great was a Kurd leader who recaptured Jerusalem, which had been occupied by Crusaders after First Crusade. Unlike weak Arabs the Kurds are great fighters. Britain gave land of Israel to Jews, but betrayed the Kurdish people and carved their lands among the Arab Sunni nations of Iraq and Syria and balance between Turkey and Iran. Protestant United States should invade Iraq and grant rights to Kurds and create independent Kurdistan, as was promised by Allied Powers after the World War I. Arab states of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq never existed in history as these lands had been parts of either Egyptian Empire or Persian Empire or Ottoman Empire. However, Kurds had distinct history dating back to 10,000 years and many great Kurd Empires had existed on their lands. Christian Civilization is jealous of the great history of Kurds, so conspire to Kurds down and weak.


Iraq’s four million Kurds are the largest organized opposition group in Iraq and with tens of thousands of men under arms, could be a significant force in any ground war with Saddam Hussein’s forces. The leaders of two rival Iraqi Kurdish factions, Massoud Barzani, leader of Kurdistan Democratic Party, who governs the area in the mountainous northwest Iraq, and Jalal Talabani, leader of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, who governs Kurd region in southeast, both came to the opening of the Kurdish parliament in Erbil, a Kurdish-controlled city about 60 miles northwest of Kirkuk, in October 2002 to endorse a Draft Constitution that would formalize a Kurdish Federal State based in Kirkuk. Kirkuk province holds important oil fields and is now controlled by Saddam Hussein. The Kurds have enjoyed self-rule in northern Iraq for more than 10 years.


Power should be transferred to Shiite Arabs and Sunni Kurds after the removal of Saddam Hussein regime, supported by minority Sunni Arabs. Secular, liberal regime of Iraq must never be replaced neither by fundamentalist Sunni Wahhabi nor fundamentalist Shiite regimes. Unless President Bush agree to replace Arab Sunni domination in Iraq, where minority Sunni Arabs represent only 16 percent of the population, by Shiites Arab representing 64 percent of population and Sunni Kurds representing 20 percent of the population, no good would come out of America’s war on Iraq.


(3) Partition of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates are artificial creation, as it never existed either as a nation, or a state in the history. Sunni and Shiite sects have at war with each other and it is true that these two sects cannot remain under one political authority in Saudi Arabia. Wahhabi Sunni exploit and terrorize Shiites in Al Hasa region that borders Arabian Gulf. Shiite Al Hasa should be carved out as independent state. Since Muslims believe that Religion is the basis of state, then Shiite Muslims have an inherent right to form a Shiite State in Al Hasa region of Saudi Arabia, free from the Wahhabi Sunni influences.


Saudi Arabia’s control over the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina is the cause of global terrorism. Mecca & Medina should be declared International cities and new sovereign state of Mecca & Medina carved out, which should be jointly governed by Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Half of the oil revenues of Saudi Arabia set aside for the maintenance of Muslim mosques worldwide. Every Muslim clergy should have a birthright to become the citizen of Mecca & Medina.


(4) War on Iraq’s Cost to Freedom & Modernity

United States would lose the War on Islamic Terrorism, if America’s invasion of Iraq, results either in the pro-Wahhabi Arab fundamentalist or pro-Ayatollah Shiite fundamentalist regime. If Wahhabi fundamentalist regime replaces Saddam Hussein, would mean that America is fighting the war for Wahhabi terrorism, not against Islamic terrorism. America’s war on Afghanistan simultaneously opened up new opportunities for change, as in Afghanistan, and close others, as in Pakistan. The net result of America’s war on Afghanistan had been a great defeat for the cause of Freedom, Democracy and Liberalism, as Pakistan with the population of 135 million ceased to be democratic. President Clinton and Secretary Madeleine ordered the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Nawaj Sharief, just 15 days before he would have arrested Osama bin Laden to extradite him to United States. America destroyed democracy in civilized Pakistan. America lost the war in Afghanistan because it failed to catch even a single leader of Taliban and Al Qaeda, not to mention Osama bin Laden. America’s so-called commitment to fighting Al-Qaeda has understandably defined America’s current relationship with Pakistan in a way that has caused White House to put aside democratic values in order to achieve more vital national goals defined in terms of war on terror. However, even after sacrificing democracy in the top Muslim power in the world, United States failed to catch even one Al Qaeda Arab terrorist in Afghanistan. The White House caused more harm to the cause of democracy in the nuclear Muslim Pakistan than the gains it made on the war on terror front. Catholic religious conservative conspiracy destroyed democracy in Pakistan and sabotaged Protestant President Bush’s war on Wahhabi terrorism.


One of the most appealing thoughts about a possible war with Iraq is that it could help spread Freedom and Liberalism, eliminate militant Islamism and Wahhabi terrorism, by eliminating the biggest Arab military power, transforming the rotten social, cultural and political order in Arabian Gulf. But more likely, due to the influence of Catholic religious right conservative conspiracy, America’s war on secular Iraq would made Wahhabi fundamentalists more powerful in Arabia, women face more oppression, Arab Shiites and Kurd minorities more marginalized, and Arab theocratic regimes more repressive and unstable than it is today. America’s war on secular terrorist Iraq could result in the imposition of barbarian Sunni Wahhabi fundamentalist repressive regime in Iraq, just as Bush’s War on Afghanistan resulted in the elimination of Benazir Bhutto and Nawaj Sharief as political force in Pakistan. The political order in the Arab world is bankrupt today, because of the influence of Wahhabi Islamism. The change is necessary for he good of the Arab people and Arab women. The use of military force may be necessary to replace barbarian Shariah law by modern, secular liberal civil and criminal laws of Turkey. Turkish Kemalism is anti-dote to Wahhabi Shariah.


After the War, Heroin production has zoomed in Afghanistan and United States reprimanded Uzbekistan government for violating the human rights of Muslim drug dealers, responsible for Heroin drug trafficking. United States would greatly harm the cause of the Civilization, if it promotes the interests of Wahhabi militant fundamentalist barbarians through its invasion of Iraq. United States must not wage a War of Deception, Newspeak and Doublethink on Iraq. War on Iraq must result in transfer of power to moderate liberal Arab Shiites and Sunni Kurds and drastic reduction of the Sunni Arab power base in military, economic and social arena.


The central question being put to President Bush is this: Is your purpose in Iraq limited to the destruction of all its present and potential weapons of mass destruction? Or is your goal ‘regime-change’ –to overthrow Saddam Hussein, liberate the Shiite Arabs and Sunni Kurds and remove the threat of Arab Islamic terrorism planned against the United States? The answer I hope Bush will give is that the two purposes are inseparable; one cannot be achieved without the other. The militant Wahhabi Islamism is greater threat than that of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Catholic religious right conservatives conspiring to replace evil regime of Saddam Hussein by greater evil of Arab Wahhabi fundamentalism in Iraq, even when Sunni Arabs represents only 16 percent of the population of Iraq, which is 64% Shiite and 20% Kurd. President Bush must remember that Wahhabi Saudi Arabia is greater evil that Saddam Hussein.


22(18) Taming New Dark Age

World Civilizations are under violent attack of the terrorist Barbarians, and this threat is real and grave, because the barbarians backed by the nexus of fundamentalist world religions, global organized crime, and oil-wealth. The nexus of Fundamentalism, Crime, Terrorism and Oil threatens to descend new global barbarian Dark Age on the Civilized world. The barbarians are able to gain access to weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. The Civilizations should undertake preemptive military measures to destroy the breeding ground of the barbarians in the barbarians’ heartland itself, namely Arabian Peninsula. The nexus of Wahhabi fundamentalism, heroin drug cartel, Oil-incomes and access to nuclear weapon technology threatens the very existence of Civilization.


The First Axis of Evil rests on totalitarian organized religion like Wahhabi Sunni fundamentalist militant Islamism. The Second Axis of Evil rests on the nexus of global organized crimes and drug cartels. The Third Axis of Evil is the violent barbarian terrorism, which exploits the freedom of the Civilization to destroy the Freedom and the Civilization itself. The Fourth Axis of Evil is the OAPEC monopoly over exportable crude oil necessary for Western, American and Japanese economies. The Second Axis of Evil is the Wahhabi Heroin and Catholic Cocaine Cartel. The first leg of the tripod of Global Axis of Evil rests, on the global nexus of the global totalitarian fundamentalist religious institutions, like Mecca-based Arab Wahhabi Sunni organizations. The second leg of the global Axis of Evil rests on nexus of global organized crime, including Arab Heroin Cartel, Catholic Cocaine Cartel, and Italian Mafia. The fourth leg of the Global Axis of Evil rests on the economic cartels like OPEC oil cartel and De Beers mining cartel. The totalitarian organized fundamentalist religions, the global organized crime, the violent barbarian terrorism and the oil cartel are the four axes of evil.


It has been the accident of history that the world’s most backward of all nations got most of the crude oil underground. However, can golden bird remain free for long? Foreigners attacked India because India had been the richest country in the world. Throughout history, richer nations behaved properly and took extra care not to indulge in terrorism. However, the Wahhabi OAPEC nations have done a great mistake to openly support the Wahhabi Militant terrorism, worldwide in their mistaken belief that religious fanaticism would divert the attention of the masses so that the select elite could continue hoarding the economic wealth, religious power, social influence and political power. Because of the inherent weakness of the ruling elite in the OAPEC nations, the Wahhabi political ruling elite became hostage to the Wahhabi terrorists and Wahhabi theocrats.


Saudi royal family does not permit any political freedom. Only under the camouflage of the religious discourses and religious movements that a political movement could be organized and sustained in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. As a result the royal families of OAPEC nations became directly involved in the financing and operation of the global Wahhabi terrorist networks. Wahhabi organized crime, Wahhabi global terrorism, Wahhabi religious fundamentalism, and Wahhabi royal families are all part of the same interwoven web, making the OAPEC royal elite beneficiary as well as benefactor to Wahhabi terrorism and Wahhabi drug trade. Arabian Peninsula is the Womb of Heroin Trade, which launders drug incomes through Arab financial institutions. Arabian Peninsula is the Womb of Terrorism, as Saudi Arabia finances the militant fundamentalist Wahhabi Sunni Islamism worldwide, by financing the global network of Islamic Madrasas, which teach only Koran, the breeding ground of global terrorism.


The totalitarian militant fundamentalist religion is the First Axis of Evil. The global organized crime and drug cartel is the Second Axis of Evil. The global violent terrorism, supported by militant fundamentalist religions and global drug cartels is the Third Axis of Evil. The global nexus of Totalitarian Religion, Organized Crime and violent terrorism constitute three legs of Global Axis of Evil.


The anti-women Wahhabi Sunni fundamentalist Islamism and anti-women, anti-abortion Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy entered into theological alliances to form the Religious foundation of the Axis of Evil. The white Catholic Cocaine cartel and Sunni Heroin cartel and Christian organized crime have joined forces to form the Criminal foundation of the Axis of Evil. The Arab Wahhabi Al Qaeda Sunni violent terrorists have joined forces with Wahhabi Arab religious leaders and Wahhabi Arab OAPEC nations to use force, bribery and intimidation to impose Wahhabi sect currently practiced by only 2% of the Muslim population, over majority of Muslim nations. The defining principle of the Axis of Evil is to undermine, modernity, liberalism and rights of women in the Muslim world to impose new era of Barbarian Dark Age throughout the civilized Islamic world.


If Iraqi regime is able to produce, buy or steal an amount of highly enriched uranium a little larger than a single softball it could have a nuclear weapon in less than a year. And if the civilizations allow it to happen, a terrible line would be crossed. Saddam Hussein would be in a position to blackmail anyone who opposes his aggression. Iraq would then be in a position to dominate Middle East. Iraq could decide only any given day to provide a biological or chemical weapon to a terrorist group or individual terrorists. Alliances with terrorists could allow the Iraqi regime to attack America without leaving any fingerprint. Some have wrongly argued that confronting the threat from Iraq could detract from the war against terror. To the contrary, confronting the threat posed by Iraq is crucial to winning the war on terror. Once Iraq is neutralized, all other pro-terrorism Arab states could be crushed easily. The preemptive strike for nuclear counter-proliferation purpose is a very valid goal. Islamic Atom Bomb presents barbarian threat to the civilized Christian world. India supports the counter-proliferation measures to denuke Islamic Atom Bomb, because no Muslim nation can be trusted with nuclear weapons. India supports the American invasion to denuke Iraq.


22(19) Protocols of the Meetings of the Elders of Zion

Protocols of Elders of Zion is Masterpiece

The mysterious publication “Protocols of the Meetings of the Elder of Zion” represents the excellently written account of the Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy, and explains how United States could be under attack of the ‘Hidden Hand of the Proverbial Snake’ mentioned in the Protocols. The Protocols ranks with Machiavelli’s “The Prince” one of the finest masterpieces of Art of Statecraft and Diplomacy. The Protocols was originally composed by one of the genius Diplomat. We salute the author of the Protocols, for giving words to the Mind of the World Ruler. Any person who dreams world conquest must worship every world of the Protocols. It is simply the product of one of the finest brains of the 2nd Millennium. The occupant of the Oval Office must read 'The Protocols' to understand the mind of the adversary determined to bring down the Hegemon US to its knees in near future. The brilliance of the 9/11 attacks that used the military innovation of using commercial jetliner as the military Cruise Missile, most probably was the work of a strategist, who was familiar with the Protocol. Perhaps the ‘Proverbial Snake’ mentioned in the Protocols is the very same mastermind that planned the 9/11 attack on the Protestant Super Civilization of the world, as the opening round of the cataclysmic attack underway. President Bush must not underestimate the brainpower of the adversary he faces in the war on terrorism. Terrorist Osama bin Laden may turnout to be a ‘Petty Servant’ of the ‘Hidden Hand of the Proverbial Snake’ the acronym of the unseen World Ruler. Protestant United States and Hindu India must deploy all their resources to hunt the ‘Hidden Hand of the Proverbial Snake’ mentioned in ‘the Protocols of the Meetings of the Elders of Zion.’ Author is of opinion that Jews are not the authors of the Protocols, because it would foolish for them to write an inflammatory masterpiece and leave their name card on the tile of the book. Perhaps a Secret Society based in the Vatican could be the author of the Protocols.


THEORY OF SECRET WORLD PLOT: The updated map of the course of the Symbolic Snake of the Jesuit-Jew World Plot could be as follows.


(1) GREEK EMPIRE: The first stage in Europe was 429 BC in Greece, about the time of Pericles. Iconoclast forces first started eating into the power of Hindu Greece.

(2) ROMAN EMPIRE: The Second stage was in Rome in the time of Emperor Augustus, about 69 BC. It encouraged the rulers of Roman Hindu Empire to scuttle the civilizations of Alexandria.

(3) DEMOLITION OF ANCIENT TEMPLES: The Third stage was Syria in the time of Emperor Theodosius when fanatic armies destroyed the Hindu Temples of ancient Gods and Goddess in Syria, Egypt, and other parts of Roman Empire. It weakened the military power of prosperous Egypt under Roman rule.

(4) ROMAN EGYPT: The Fourth Stage was Egypt in 600 when Egypt was very prosperous under Roman rule and Christian Church of Alexandria was in full glory. It sabotaged the power of Egypt so that it fell under the sword of Islam.

(5) HISPANIC EMPIRE: The fifth stage was in Madrid in the time of Emperor Charles V, in AD 1552. It encouraged Spanish Monarch to massacre the civilizations in North and South America.

(6) FRENCH EMPIRE: The sixth stage was in Paris about 1790, in the time of Louis XVI. It organized the French Revolution. It encouraged Napoleon to sell its possessions in North America to the United States for $45 million. It encouraged napoleon to invade Russia.

(7) BRITISH EMPIRE: The seventh stage was in London from 1814 onwards after the downfall of Napoleon. It persuaded Britain to hand over its empire in North America to the United States, south of present day Canadian borders.

(8) GERMAN EMPIRE: The Eight stage was in Berlin Germany after the Franco-Prussian War. It encouraged the German invasions of Russia during First and Second World War.

(9) RUSSIAN EMPIRE: The Ninth stage was in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1981. It concentrated all efforts to undermine Russia. It organized the Bolshevik revolution and supervised the massacre of 30 million Orthodox Russians.

 (10) BUDDHIST CHINA: The Tenth stage was in China after the Boxers Revolution. It brought down Buddhist monarchy and promoted Christian Sun Yatsen as the father of Modern China. Catholics destroyed the Buddhist Civilization's power structure, and hired Chinese Christians to keep Buddhists out of the corridors of power. It encouraged the anti-Right Campaign of 1957 that resulted in the death of 60 million Buddhists in China.

(11) OTTOMAN EMPIRE: The Eleventh Stage was in Constantinople in after the break up of the Ottoman Empire. The rise of Jewish Revolution of Young Turks forbade Turk’s supports to the cause of Islam. Catholics destroyed the citadel of Islamic Caliphate and hired Turks to subdue Islam.

(12) INDIAN EMPIRE: The Twelfth stage was in India around 1920 when Catholics hired a spy Gandhi to sabotage the leadership of hot blood Congressmen, and to promote anti-Hindu leaders of India. The Jesuit-Zion Elders have aligned to bring down the goddess worshipping civilizations. It conspired to organize ethnic cleansing during 1947 partition of India.


(13) CAMBODIA-LAOS: The Thirteenth stage was in Cambodia and Laos in 1970 when it overthrew the Hindu Buddhist Monarchies and encouraged Cchristian Pol Pot to massacre 2,000,000 Buddhists.


22(20) New Balance of Power

The global balance of economic and military power is overwhelmingly in favor of forces of good and against fundamentalist terrorist forces. The Global Axis of Evil has no chance of victory in the Third World War. India and the United States, Hindu and Protestant worlds are on the same side of the battle lines in this against Axis of Evil. Any war between the Christian world and Islamic world is good for the Hindu and Buddhist world. Hindu India would support President Bush’s war on Islamic Wahhabi terrorism as well as Protestant America’s war on Islamic Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) and War on Iraqi Nuclear weapons.


(1) Top Economic Powers of the World

The World Bank’s World Development Report 2000/2001, lists the world’s top economic powers in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is the Gross National Product (GNP) measured at Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) as follows: (1) White Protestant United States ($8,350 Billion), (2) Yellow Buddhist China ($4,112 Billion), (3) Yellow Buddhist Japan ($3,043 Billion), (4) Brown Hindu India ($2,144 Billion), (5) White Protestant Germany ($1,838 Billion), (6) White Catholic France ($1,294 Billion), (7) White Protestant Britain ($1,234 Billion), (8) White Catholic Italy ($1,196 Billion), (9) White/Mulatto Brown Catholic Brazil (1,062 Billion), (10) White Orthodox Russia ($929 Billion), (11) Mestizo Brown Mexico (752 Billion), (12) White Protestant Canada ($726 Billion), (13) Yellow Buddhist South Korea ($686 Billion), (14) White Catholic Spain ($659 Billion), (15) Brown Muslim Indonesia ($505 Billion), (16) White Protestant Australia ($426 Billion), (17) White Catholic Argentina ($426 Billion), (18) Brown Aryan Muslim Turkey ($394 Billion), (19) White Protestant Netherlands ($364 Billion), (20) Brown Buddhist Thailand ($345 Billion), (21) Black/White/Brown Protestant South Africa ($353 Billion), (22) Brown Shiite Aryan Iran ($325 Billion), (23) White Catholic Poland ($$306 Billion), (24) Brown Catholic Philippines ($293 Billion), (25) White Protestant Belgium ($247 Billion), (26) Brown Aryan Muslim Pakistan ($238 Billion), (27) White Catholic Colombia ($237 Billion), (28) Brown Sunni Muslim Arab non-Semite Egypt ($206 Billion), (29) White Protestant Switzerland ($196 Billion), (30) White Protestant Austria ($193 Billion), and (31) Brown Muslim Bangladesh ($188 Billion).


It is interesting to note that Protestant United States is the only White nation, and the only Christian nation among top four largest economic powers of the world, which includes two Yellow Buddhist nations China and Japan and Brown Hindu India. There is no Catholic nation among top five largest economies. There is no Muslim nation among top 14 largest economies. There is no Wahhabi Arab nation and no Arab nation among the top 27 largest economies. The ranks of civilized Muslim nations are Indonesia (15th), Pakistan (26th), Egypt (28th), Bangladesh (31st), and all these nations rank higher as economic and military powers than all Wahhabi terrorism supporting nations, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Yemen and Iraq.


The combined GDPs of China, Japan, India and South Korea ($9,985B) exceed the combined GDPs of United States, Canada & Mexico ($9,828B). The combined GDPs of China and India ($6,256B) exceeds the combined GDPs of Germany, France, Britain, Italy, & Spain ($6,222B). India’s GDP ($2,144B) exceeds the combined GDPs of Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal and Sweden ($2,089B).


The 21st Century is clearly the century of Asia and the Century of Buddhist nations. China has inherited the patrimony of the Buddhist Mongol Empire. The Islamist Wahhabi Arab terrorists, maddened by the sudden influx of oil-incomes may expedite the End of Islam, and the demise of the Arab race if Wahhabi terrorists continue to attack Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist and Orthodox civilizations. Bluntly put, the anti-women Wahhabi militant Islamic, and Catholic conservative fundamentalist powers have no chance of victory in the Third World War. Islamic Ottoman Empire had been the world power for centuries after the conquest of Constantinople, till the end of the First World War. However, no Islamic nation is likely to join the ranks of top 10 economic and military powers in the 21st Century. Barbarian Islamic terrorists may be digging the grave of Islam itself, during 21st Christian Century or 15th Islamic Century Hijra, if they continue to undertake terrorist attacks with impunity on targets in civilized Protestant United States, Hindu India, Buddhist China, and Orthodox Russia.


Even when Catholics outnumber Protestants in the world, no Catholic nation is likely to join the ranks of top 5 military and economic powers of the world in 21st Century. In spite of all publicity that the Arab OPEC nations enjoy, no Arab Sunni nation likely to challenge the military capability of Shiites in the Middle East. With the rise of Shiite powers the Shiite Islam would gradually overtake Sunni Islam in the Middle East. With the rise of Protestant powers and the decline of Catholic powers in the world, the Protestant Christianity would gradually overtake Roman Catholic Christianity in Central America, South America and Africa. With the rise of Mahayana Buddhist powers the Mahayana Buddhism would overtake Hinayana or Theravada Buddhism in Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka. With the rise of English-speaking Protestant United States as the unrivalled super power of the world, the English language will replace Spanish language as lingua franca of Central and South America in 21st Century. Similarly, Protestant Church will replace Roman Catholic Church throughout the Third World as the predominant Christian sect in the 21st Century, especially in the Southern Hemisphere.


(2) USA-India Alliance is Axis of Good

Protestant President Bush should not worry about the opposition of the Muslim nations as well as opposition of the Catholic nations, as neither Catholic nations nor Muslim nations possess any significant economic and military power in the world. Future of the world and the outcome of the war on Islamic terrorism and Islamic WMDs would be determined by the leaders of the Protestant world, Buddhist world and Hindu world. English-speaking Protestant world, namely United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and English-speaking Hindu India should deploy military forces worldwide to dismantle global networks developed by the Axis of Evil. The alliance of English-speaking United States and the Commonwealth of Nations overwhelmingly favored to win the Third World War. The emerging geo-political strategic alliance between Washington and New Delhi represents the Axis of Good in the world. British Empire made by Indian soldiers and India’s support to the Protestant United States makes USA-India Axis of Good the Hegemon of the world, and it would be good for the world civilization.


(4) Neo-Con Republican President 2008

However Hindu India and Protestant United States must deploy all their resources to track and hunt the ‘Hidden Hand of the Proverbial Snake’ mentioned in the ‘The Protocols of the Meetings of the Elders of Zion’ as the Hidden Hand has targeted eclectic multi-ethnic democratic United States and India for destabilization, to impose looming New Dark Age on the World, emboldened by the growing nexus of the fundamentalist organized totalitarian religions, global organized crime and global terrorism. The victory of the Axis of Good, represented by Protestant United States and Hindu India is preordained. It is great fortune of the United States that President Bush happened to be the president of the United States on 9/11, otherwise incumbent Democratic president wouldn’t have declared all out war on global Islamic terrorism. Neither president Bush, nor his father President Bush, nor any member of Bush Administration belongs to the Religious Right Wing Conspiracy, in spite of the common perceptions to the contrary. However, President John F. Kennedy, President Jimmy Carter, Secretary Dr. Henry J. Kissinger, Secretary Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Clinton and Secretary Madeleine Albright belonged to the Christian Religious Right Wing Conservatism.


Any failure of Republican President to win the presidential election in 2008 would have disastrous impact on America’s war on global terrorism, with cataclysmic impact on global coalition on war on terrorism. It should not be overlooked that President Bill Clinton and Secretary Madeleine Albright had rewarded the terrorist Osama bin Laden, with the Kingdom in Afghanistan in 1995, for carrying out violent terrorist attacks on American Embassies at Nairobi and Dar es Salaam few years earlier in early 1990s. It should not be forgotten that President Clinton ordered the military coup against Prime Minister Nawaj Sharief, just 15 days before he was to arrest Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and to extradite him to USA. It would be in the common interest of ‘Our World Civilization’ that we get Neo-Conservative Republican Presidential ticket with black women Condoleezza Rice as Vice Presidential running mate elected in 2008 presidential elections. It is expected that Christian religious right wing conservatives would not vote for Republican presidential candiate in Elections 2008. Perhaps WASPs should come out openly in favor of President Bush and harness the political power of the non-denominational Protestant Christians whose number is estimated to exceed 200 millions in the United States. The Christian Religious Right Wing Conservatives represents less than 20 percent of the Christian population in the United States. The Global Clash of Races: White Iconoclasts’ War on Brown Yellow Black Idolaters, wholeheartedly endorses Neo-Conservative Republican Presidential ticket with black woman Condoleezza Rice as vice presidential running matein 2008 Election.



22(21) Conclusions





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