Chapter 16

Axis of Evil Vs Core Of Axis of Medieval

“Global Clash of Races-Diplomacy of Civilizations” © (2006) Kalki Gaur

16(0) Purport

(1) Petro-Colonialism Prevents Apocalypse

Thesis: Axis of Medieval seeks to descend in the 21st Century the New Medieval Dark Age on the world civilizations, just as it succeeded in imposing the Medieval Age on Europe after the demise of the Roman Empire. Christian and Islamic End of Time eschatological teleological doctrines foretells Christian-Islamic Armageddon wars and Apocalypse, which America can prevent by establishing American Colonial Empire throughout Islamic Oil-producing countries. One. Neo-Conservatism advocates that President Bush should establish Petro-Colonial Empire in Iraq, Iran and other parts of the Middle to checkmate the looming specter of Apocalypse and Armageddon in the Middle East, a region that caused rising oil prices, rising Islamic terrorism and presently seeks nukes to undertake preemptive nuclear strikes against Christian targets to win Armageddon Wars in favor of Islam.

Two. The endorsement of apocalyptic end of time eschatology by Roman Catholic Church and Pope John Paul II (1978-2005) raises the specter of Christian-Islamic Wars of Armageddon in the oil-rich Middle East. Iranian Mullahs seeking nuclear weapons to undertake preemptive nuclear strikes against Christian targets to win the Armageddon in favor of Islam.

Three. The Partition of Oil-Producing Nations into colonies of world powers shall prevent the looming specter of Apocalypse and thereby Petro-Colonialism is a lesser evil than the Clash of fundamentalist Religions of Swords.

Four. The 21st Century shall be similar to the 18th and 19th Centuries, and Colonial Empires will regain its historic roles as the principal actors in the International system. In 21st Century more than 120 sovereign independent countries shall lose their independence and become part of the Colonial Empires led by world powers, such as the United States, China, India, Japan, Germany, France and Britain.


(2) Sword of tolerant inclusive Protestantism

Thesis: Historically the dominant Christian Kings have had defacto leadership of the Church of the Religion of sword. Rise of Protestant United States as the new Hegemon of the world in 21st Century, shall also result in the dominance of Protestant Church over Roman Catholic Church. The Constituional Wall in the United States should be amended to provide for White House leadership of Universal Christian Church. In 21st Century the Sword of inclusive tolerant Religions and democratic Ideologies is stronger than the Sword of exclusive intolerant iconoclast religions and murderous ideologies. In the 21st Century the civilizational Sword of diversity inclusion and tolerance namely, the Sword of Protestant America and the Sword of Hindu India in 2006 mightier than the Sword of Papacy as well as the Sword of Islam.

One. Neo-conservatism advocates that the King of Reformed Christianity residing at the White House must leverage the might of Sword of inclusive tolerant Christianity to enforce reforms in Papacy, Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Christian Church and Protestant Church to make Christianity inclusive tolerant religion again, as it was during the times of Jesus, Apostles and Gnostic Apostolic Christianity, to avert the specter of Apocalypse and Armageddon in the 21st Century.

Two. Neo-Conservatism wants the Christian hegemon at the White House to enforce that Gnostic Apostolic Gospels, such as Gospel of Judas, Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Philip, Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Gospel of Sofia of Jesus Christ and Gospel of Truth are recognized as canonical Gospels in the Universal Christian Holy Bible. The Gospel of Judas resurfaced first time in 1700 years and for the first time the Protestant King is the preponderant Christian King of the world.

Three. Neo-Conservatism seeks to amend the US Constitution, to modify the Constitutional wall separating the State and the Church in favor of the State, so that President residing at the White House recognized as the titular Christian King and Head of Western Christianity and Universal Christian Church of all sects and denominations, including Catholic Church, Protestant Church and Non-Denominational Church. The White House should have a final say on all aspects of Christian theology, liturgy, dogmas, canonical Gospels and contents of the Christian Bible.

Four. In the 21st Century a global alliance of the swords of inclusive tolerant religions and eclectic ideologies shall break the swords of exclusive intolerant religions and murderous ideologies, to give deathblows to forces of extremism, fundamentalism, murderous intolerance and tyrannies.

Five. Neo-Conservative Republican United States is not the core of Axis of Medieval. These are the arguments the author makes in this chapter.


16(1) Talk Points

(1) Intolerance of Medieval Fundamentalism

First. The United States during second Bush administration is no longer the core of Axis of Medieval. The United States during Ford Administration, Carter Administration and Clinton Administration was the core of the Axis of Medieval. The Mecca fundamentalism and Vatican fundamentalism are the two sides of the same coin of fundamentalism, extremism and iconoclast patriarchy. The medieval fundamentalism Wahhabi Islam and American Kissingerian realism are the two sides of the same coin of American diplomacy. United States imposed Islamic fundamentalism, the Islam of Medieval ages, over modern secular liberal Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia. American President Bill Clinton put Saudi Wahhabi fundamentalist Osama Bin Laden in 1995 into power in Afghanistan, in alliance with Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan to protect the interests of American Oil colonialism in Afghanistan and over Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India oil and gas pipelines and to provide safe passage to Wahhabi terrorists who faced sure death at hands of Northern Alliance troops. President Bill Clinton ordered military coup against democratically elected Nawaj Sharief because he threatened to arrest Osama Bin Laden and challenged American Big Oil in the oil pipeline project. President Bush invaded Iraq to establish American oil colony over Iraq, and to eliminate Iraqi threat to Saudi Arabia and New Mecca Caliphate. President Jimmy Carter organized public unrest against Shah of Iran and overthrew the democratically elected government of prime minister Bani Sadr to install arch fundamentalist Ayatollah Khomeini into power, to eliminate the threat of Imperial Iran to Saudi Arabia and Mecca Caliphate. Just as Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda became rulers of Afghanistan, the Wahhabi clergy and Halliburton Big Oil would become de facto if not de jure rulers of Iraq and other Arab OPEC nations in the first few decades of the 21st Century as the result of American wars of Oil colonialism in Iraq. American oil colonialism and Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalism are the two sides of the same coin of American Diplomacy that America pursued in the Middle East to eliminate the threat French and British oil colonialism posed to the American Big Oil in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen and Oman after the First World War that ended in 1919. Neoconservative United States and the ultra-conservative Vatican represented the Axis of Medieval. Pope John Paul II cemented the Vatican-Mecca Axis and Catholic-Wahhabi Axis of Fundamentalist Monotheism to combine the proselytizing assets of militant fundamentalist Islam and fundamentalist Catholicism and Evangelical Protestantism to destroy paganism in Africa primarily oil-rich Nigeria and Sudan.


President George Bush called Iraq, Iran and North Korea as members of the Axis of Evil. Pentagon’s war on Iraq is the war fought by American soldiers to promote the economic interests of American Big Oil and religious interests of Wahhabi Mecca Caliphate. President Bush’s war on Iraq is not the war of Christian Crusades against Islam. President Bush waged war on Iraq to eliminate Iraqi threats to the rising Mecca Caliphate. President Ronald Reagan had called the Communist Soviet Union an Evil Empire to secure the alliance of the Roman Catholic Church and the CIA to destabilize communist world. President Bush called Iraq and Iran as members of Axis of Evil to eliminate Iraqi and Iranian challenges to Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and Mecca Caliphate. Logically Wahhabi Saudi Arabia represented the Womb of the Evil.


(2) United States as Core of Axis of Medieval

Second, American oil colonialism would not promote Western Civilization and Western laws in the Islamic world and Arab world especially OPEC nations. America promoted fundamentalist Shiite Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran and Wahhabi Sunni fundamentalism throughout the Islamic world. Sunni Wahhabi Clergy of Mecca and House of Al Saud signed a pact with American oil colonialism to transfer all property rights over Arab oil and gas resources to the American Big Oil in exchange for America’s support to Wahhabi sect and Wahhabi Shariah. United States became an Axis of medieval as diplomatic considerations forced United States to advocate the imposition of Shariah laws over Western laws in Nigeria, Sudan, Pakistan, and other secular, liberal modern Islamic nations.


(3) Christian Religious Right Conservatism

Third, under the influence of Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy United States became the Core of the Axis of Medieval, when American diplomats and foreign policy of the State Department formulated US foreign policies not to promote US national interests but the Christian and Papal proselytizing interests. United States invaded Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Haiti not to promote the national interests of the United States but to promote the religious interests of Christianity and Papacy. United States destroyed the Buddhist monarchies in China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to undermine Buddhism, not to promote US national interests. United States allowed Mao Tse Tung (Mao Zedong) to take over China without any opposition from United States, at the suggestion of Christian missionaries in China, who preferred iconoclast Judeo-Communist Mao over the other Buddhist claimants to power in China after the downfall of Chiang Kai sheik. United States and specially Henry Kissinger pursued pro-China and anti-India policies simply because China is anti-Buddhist and India is Hindu and pro-Buddhist. The essential characteristic of the Medievalism and Dark Age is the subordination of the national interests to the religious interests of Christianity and Papacy. United States in conspiracy with Maoist China overthrew the Buddhist monarchy of Norodom Sihanouk and allowed Judeo-Communist Pol Pot who every body knew would massacre Buddhists in Cambodia as a prelude to Christianize Cambodia. Even after the genocide Untied States and papacy have consistently opposed the war crime trial of Khmer Rouge leaders who have become leaders of the Cambodian Christian Church. United States pursued iconoclast Christian interests in favoring Pakistan over democratic India. United States should reject the Medieval Dark Age Diplomacy that promoted Christian interests, and instead focus on promoting US national interests determined by the principle of Raison D’etat.


(4) Foreign Policy in Medieval Dark Age

Fourth, the European balance-of-power system emerged in the 17th century from the final collapse of the Papacy’s medieval aspiration to universality- a concept of world order that represented a blending of the traditions of Roman Empire and the Catholic Church. The world was conceived as mirroring the Heavens. Just as one God ruled in Heaven, so one emperor would rule over the secular world, and one pope over the Universal Catholic Church. In this spirit, the feudal states of Germany and Northern Italy were grouped under the rule of the Holy Roman Emperor. In the 17th Century the Holy Roman Empire had the potential to dominate Europe. France and England were periphery to it. Had Holy Roman Emperor ever succeeded in establishing central control over Germany and Northern Italy, the relations of France and England to it might have been similar to those of China’s neighbors to the Middle Kingdom, with France comparable to Vietnam or Korea, and England to Japan. For most of the medieval period, however, the Holy Roman emperor never achieved that degree of central control over feudal Germany and Northern Italy. (Kissinger, Diplomacy, p. 56-9) At the fringes of Europe, France, England, and Spain did not accept the authority of the Holy Roman Empire and Papacy, though they remained part of the Roman Catholic Church. In the first half of the sixteenth century, emperor Charles V revived the imperial authority to a point, which raised the prospect of a Central European Empire, composed of what is today Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Eastern France, Belgium, and the Netherlands- a grouping so potentially dominant as to prevent the emergence of anything resembling the European balance of power. However, the Reformation Movement and rise of Protestantism weakened the Papacy and thwarted the prospect of a hegemonic European Empire. It meant the end of the Papal medieval aspiration to universality, a concept of the world order that represented that one Holy Roman Emperor would rule over the secular world, and one Catholic pope would rule over the Roman Catholic Church. Roman Catholic Church and Papacy in the 21st Century seeks to descend on the world looming new Global Dark Age by creating a global Mecca-Vatican-Beijing Axis of Medieval. The Axis of Medieval is the global nexus of religious extremist fundamentalism and murderous ideologies that seek to turn the clock backward to descend Medieval Dark Age over a Civilization as happened to Roman Empire and Roman Civilization circa 415.


(5) Raison D’etat

Fifth, with the concept of unity under Papacy, the emerging states of Europe needed some principle to justify their foreign policy independent of Papacy. Cardinal de Richelieu, the First Minister of Catholic France found it in the concepts of Raison d’etat and the balance of power. Each depended on the other. Raison d’etat asserted that the well being of the state justified whatever means were employed to further it. The national interest supplanted the medieval papal notion of universal Catholic morality. The state need not formulate the foreign policy to promote the religious interests of Roman Catholicism and Christianity. The purpose of the Diplomats pursuing the raison d’etat is to pursue national interests of the State neither the ideological goals nor the papal religious Christian interests. The Raison d’etat principles made the diplomats free from any obligation to the Pope and Roman Catholic Church. Richelieu came into office in 1524, when the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II was attempting to revive Catholic Universality, stamp out Protestantism, and establish Holy Roman Empire’s control over the Protestant princes of Central Europe. This process, the Counter Reformation, led to Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), which turned into one of the most brutal and destructive wars in the history of mankind. By 1618, the German-speaking territory of Central Europe, most of which was part of the Holy Roman Empire, was divided into two-armed camps- the Protestants and the Catholics. By the time the war ended in 1648, Central Europe had been devastated and Germany had lost almost a third of its population. Catholic Cardinal de Richelieu supported the Protestant princes of Germany and opposed the Catholic Holy Roman Emperor in the Counter Reformation War from 1624 to 1648. French First Minister de Richelieu grafted the principle of raison d’etat onto French Policy, a principle that the other European states adopted in the century that flowed.


(6) Clergy As Axis of Fifth Column

Sixth, patriotic Clergy could guide rulers create empires and expand the dominion. Traitor Clergy could also help foreign conquerors establish domination over the local populations. Religious leaders can preside over expansion of imperialism as well as act as fifth columnists for legitimizing foreign rulers and foreign occupying powers. Ayatollah Khomeini promoted by France toppled the liberal monarchy of Shah Reza Pahlavi and imposed Islamic laws on Iran. Saudi Arabia trained a large number of students in Islamic fundamentalism that might take up arms at the suggestion of Saudi clerics and militants based in Mecca and Medina. Traditionally Wahhabi clergy in Mecca at the suggestion of British spy Colonel Lawrence of Arabia mobilized Bedouin nomads to lead rebellion against Ottoman rule in the Arabian Peninsula. The Wahhabi clergy in Saudi Arabia traditionally supported the American oil comolonialism in the Arabian Gulf. The prieists of the Roman Catholic Church in league with Pope John Paul II, in Poland, Czechoslavakia and East Germany, worked hand in glove with the CIA to undermine and to overthrow the Communist tyranny. The fundamentalist clergy received their pound of flesh by forcing the American oil colonialism to promote fundamentalist agenda as the mainstream agenda in the Western Media. The pro-fundamentalism agenda in the Ameican media developed a logic of its own and brought about the alliance between the Catholic religious right conservatism and Sunni Wahhabi intolerant fundamentalism, which aimd to impose the Medieval agenda over Nigeria, Sudan to force pagan Africans choose either monotheist Islam or monotheism Catholicism. America could wean Iraqi Shiites to favor American invasion forces by offering the Shiite clergy to impose Islamic fundamentalism on Iraqi women. To further the fundamentalist agenda the fundamentalist clergy willing to act as fifth column agents of the foreign interests.


(7) Military Coup, Mafia & CIA Nexus

Seventh. The White house, the CIA and the Pentagon find more convenient to deal with the military coup leaders that overthrew the democratically elected governments, and directed the terrorist organizations and developed direct ties with the organize crime and used Mafia for covert operations of the secret services. White House had been the menace to democracy in Pakistan. Bush Betting on Terrorist General

Gen. Pervez. Musharraf's willingness to cooperate with the Pentagon and CIA, The Washington Post (June 30, ’03) in its editorial comment, may be enough to convince many in the Bush administration that the general is their best chance in an unstable and dangerous country with its own nuclear arsenal. President Bush has placed another huge stack of chips on Gen. Pervez Musharraf, the self-appointed president of Pakistan, which since 9/11 has become the world's single largest haven of Islamic terrorists, including most likely the fugitive Osama bin Laden. Mr. Bush in June 2003 invited Mr. Musharraf to Camp David and offered him $3 billion in military and economic aid over the next five years, as well as what a White House briefer called "a long-term commitment to build a relationship." That is a huge boost for a man who overthrew Pakistan's last elected civilian government in a military coup, presided over his country's delivery of nuclear weapons technology to North Korea, directed its last military offensive against India and broke his promises to restore democracy and crack down on extremist Islamic groups.  By inviting Gen. Pervez to Camp David he gave south Asia its due. The official alliance of the Pakistani secret services ISI with the CIA that brought under the CIA banner ISI’s terrorist links with Muslim Organized Crime and Drug Syndicates notably Dawood Ibrahim, presents the great danger to India. The CIA might be acquiring the covert operations capability to manipulate India’s next general elections by recruiting Indian Mafia don Dawood Ibrahim’s Indian criminal network to further the covert operations capability of the CIA in India. It is high time that India should lay its eggs in the basket of the democratic forces in Pakistan and work towards overthrowing the military regime of Pervez Musharraf.


(8) Womb of Evil and Axis of Evil

Eighth. Saudi Arabia is the womb of evil and core of the Axis of Evil. United States is the core of the Axis of medieval. Intolerance is the primary characteristic of the medieval fundamentalism. The Vatican-Mecca Axis seeks to harness the power of iconoclast monotheism to give deathblow to the paganism in Africa, where pagans outnumber Christians and Muslims. The Washington-Riyadh Axis guarantees American monopoly over Arabian oil and gas resources in exchange of American support to medieval Wahhabi fundamentalist Sunni sect over the Islamic world. President Bush wrongly included Iran and North Korea into the Axis of Evil. President Bush is the second most conservative president of the United States and his use of the value laden term Evil injected Catholic apocalyptic doctrine of evil in conduct of US diplomacy. In spite of the use of the term Evil president Bush embarked upon the conquest for oil colonialism not for the Christianization of the world. The motives of President Bush should be discussed in terms of oil interests not proselytizing Christian interests.


(9) Kissinger-Albright’s Axis of Medieval

Ninth. Bush administration and Republican Neo-Conservatism denounces the iconoclast patriarchal religious hidden agenda implemented by Secretaries Kissinger, Brzezinski and Albright during Presidents Ford, Carter and Clinton Administrations that made the Capitol Hill and the White House the core of the Axis of Medieval. Republican Neo-Conservatism rejects former Secretary Dr. Henry Kissinger’s claim that the diplomacy he pursued represented realism as defined by Richelieu’s Raison D’etat, because Secretary Kissinger implemented the hidden religious agenda of amoral iconoclast patriarchy in garb of Realism. While Cardinal Richelieu opposed Papal designs in the 30-year Counter Reformation Wars and subordinated the Papal Catholic interests to the national interests of France, Secretary Kissinger promoted anti-Buddhism Papal interests in Cambodia, Laos and South Vietnam to the detriment of national interests of the United States. Secretary Zbigniew sacrificed national interests of the United States to promote Papal monotheist interests by overthrowing Shah of Iran to impose the theocracy of Ayatollah Khomeini. Secretary Madeleine Albright sacrificed the national interests of the United States when she promoted Papal interests to disintegrate Slave Orthodox Yugoslavia to engineer the secession of Catholic Slovenia and Catholic Croatia from Yugoslavia. The diplomacy of Kissinger-type Realism promotes the national interests of the iconoclast patriarchal Vatican at the cost of the national interests of the United States. Secretary Condoleezza Rice is a true Realist in terms of the Richelieu’s Raison D’etat. Secretary Rice’s Realism rejected the Kissinger-type Realism, because the realism of Raison D’etat requires that Diplomat must not use the foreign policy to promote any hidden iconoclast patriarchal religious agenda. Raison D’etat requires that foreign policy conduct of a Diplomat must only promote the national interests of a nation, and must never use the foreign policy apparatus of a nation for promoting the interests of a Church or Papacy, even when the interests of Papacy may coincide with that of the State. Secretary Kissinger followed the policy of Balance of Power but misinterpreted the Realism. Secretary Kissinger put upside down the Richelieu doctrine of Raison D’etat and used it to promote the religious interests of the Papacy and religious right conservative conspiracy but justified it in terms of the balance of power interests of the United States. In nutshell the foreign policies of Secretary Kissinger, Secretary Brzezinski and secretary Albright used the Richelieu’s doctrine of Realism to promote the religious interests of the Papacy and religious right conservative conspiracy, but used the Richelieu’s doctrine of Balance of Power to justify the implementation of hidden religious agenda through the foreign policy apparatus of the White House. In short Secretary Kissinger, Secretary Brzezinski and Secretary Albright acted as the spies of the Pope inside the White House and caused great harm to the national interests of United States defined in terms of secular power. When policies of Secretaries Kissinger-Brzezinski-Albright judged in terms of secular national interests defined in terms of national power then they might have inadvertently committed high treason against the United States, as they misused the infrastructure of the United States to promote the hidden agenda and interests of the religious right conservative conspiracy and Papacy. These are the arguments author makes in this Chapter.


16(2) Intolerance’s Axis of Evil

(1) No State or Civilization Can be Evil

State cannot be an Axis of Evil, the evil religious intolerance and ideological intolerance can be Axis of Evil. War for oil imperialism is not evil but war for intolerant religious imperialism is evil. To wage wars for oil imperialism and to please god of oil is not evil, but to support and nurture religious intolerance to pursue oil intolerance could be an act of evil. Intolerant Wahhabi Saudi Arabia is a greater Axis of Evil than Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Evil is a religious concept and it manifests in the modern world by means of religious intolerance and ideological intolerance. Intolerance is the essential characteristic of Evil. America’s Wars for Oil colonialism would not represent the evil wars so long it did not have any religious agenda, and if it solely concerned about establishing America’s control over oil resources of the Arabian Gulf and Caspian basin. American Oil Wars could become evil wars if it sought to realize any hidden religious agenda, whether religious agenda of Christian religious right or the agenda of the Wahhabi religious intolerance. Hindu India rejected born-again Christian George W. Bush’s characterization of Iraq, Iran and Korea the seat of ancient civilizations as Axis of Evil. The leader of the nation that had not even existed 400 years ago has no right to condemn the political entities of the ancient seats of human Civilization as seats of Axis of Evil.


(2) Evil has Fungus Like Quality

The truth about evil religious and ideological intolerance that needs attention now is its shallow, deadly, fungus quality, which allowed the evil perpetrators of intolerance as respected leaders of the society, whose words sought as guiding principles for the new age by their followers. The legitimization of the evil under the garb of religious and ideological intolerance increased the powers of the Devil manifold, so that virtuous people at time doubted whether God would be able to defeat the devil or evil in the 3rd Millennium.


(3) Evil is Religious Intolerance Extremism

Evil exists and perpetuates as religious intolerance as well as ideological intolerance. It is as fatuous to deny the existence of Evil, as it is to toss the word around irresponsibly. The use of the term ‘Evil’ as instrument of politics and instrument of diplomacy violated the strict wall that the Constitution of the USA established.


(4) Evil for Bush is Lucifer-like Defiant

President Bush uses the word ‘Evil Axis’ in a born-again Christian manner that takes its resonance from a long Judeo-Christian tradition that sees radical evil embodied in heroically diabolical figures. This personalized evil is the kind that is insinuated by the sauntering Tempter in the first scene of the Book of Job, when God and Satan speculate. In Bush's usage, Axis of Evil has the perverse prestige of Milton's defiant Lucifer, as if Evil in the Axis of Evil emanated, implicitly, from a devilish intelligence, Devil with horns and a tail, an absolutely malevolent personality, represented in the form of State of Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Bush made the leaders of Iraq, Iran and North Korea personification of Devil with horns and a tail. Devil in Judeo-Christianity is God's rival in the cosmos, condemned to eventually lose the fight with God, but Devil is very powerful in the world almost a rival to God. George Bush use of term evil to denigrate Iraq, Iran and North Korea is a primitive, frightening and atavistic use of a medieval term that should probably be banished from civilized discourse in a multicultural world in the 21st Century, especially in the Untied States, with a Wall that separates Church and the States. The diplomatic usage of the term Evil, as instrument of diplomacy can s can only cause mischief in international affairs as the evil is a very elusive term and has a way of evaporating or turning into something else as time passes. Even if Evil is elusive and even if the term is used brainlessly, evil is still there and Evil exists in multitudes. The rampant existence of evil among multitude of intolerant religious leaders and political leaders and intolerant terrorists is a mystery, a mysterious black hole into which reason and sunshine of tolerance vanishes but nonetheless there exists intolerant Evil.


(5) Evil of Endarkenment

The experience of Enlightenment brings individuals closer to the Divine and allowing them to understand the attributes of Almighty intuitively. The experience of Endarkenment brings individuals closer to the Evil and makes them the instrument of Evil intolerance. The children of the Enlightenment sometimes have an inadequate understanding of the possibilities of the Endarkenment.


(6) How Evil Exists & How Evil Works?

The question is how evil exists, how it works. Prophet Zoroaster said what is evil in one society could be good in other society. Religious intolerant fundamentalist cults define their own concept of good, and condemn all other differing sects as inherently evil, whose followers deserved to be killed by sword or whipped for following their separate path to divine or separate path of economic and political development or cultural expression. Evil religious intolerance is extreme and possesses neither depth nor demonic dimension, but it can outgrow and lay waste the entire Islamic world, because it spreads like a fungus on the surface, which to an onlooker looks spiritual and representative of divine. It is wrong to condemn a nation or culture or religion evil. The term "the banality of evil" suggested that the evil is born and represented separate identifiable people.


(7) Normality of Evil

Evil is never 'radical,' that it is only extreme, and that it possesses neither depth nor any demonic dimension. Evil can overgrow and lay waste the whole world precisely because it spreads like a fungus on the surface, which to the onlooker might not appear benign and malevolent. Evil is unspectacular and always human, Evil shares our bed and eats at our own table. The normality of evil makes evil greatest menace to the world. Evil could be shallow, deadly, fungus quality. Normal nice leaders often presided over evil deeds, especially in a global village, multicultural world in which different civilizations inhabit in different centuries, the seat of evil moved from Civilization to the Civilization. It is not right to demonizing Iraqi, Iranian or North Korean people as being inherently evil, as Satan is inherently evil. Every nation, religion, culture and society could become the temporary seat of the Evil in the modern age and people of that nation may not ever realize it before it is too late. Religious evil, ideological evil, evil intolerance, evil fundamentalism are forms of opportunistic evil that passed like an electric current through the world and through people, and wandered like an infection that took up residence in individuals political leaders or cultures from time to time. Bad acts of particular leaders didn’t permanently inflict that nation with evil. However certain secret societies could be permanently evil, if it carried out its evil acts over longer period of history.


(8) Evil Ideologies

Evil ideologies caused genocide of 30 million Orthodox Russians under Stalinist Soviet Union and 60 million Buddhists under Maoist China and 2 million Buddhists under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge. The evil Wahhabi Taliban murdered hundreds of thousands of Shiites in Afghanistan. Evil politicians holding high political positions in important countries could cause more harm than the heinous perpetrators of evil in the past. Transportation revolution enhanced the power of the evil rulers, as earlier the evil could cause devastation in limited area. Even in the 15th Century the European immigrants could wipe out the entire population of North America and South America, which represented one-fourth of the world’s population in 1500 AD. Distance once helped dampen the effects of human wickedness, and weapons once had limited range.


(9) Globalization of Evil

The globalization allowed the evil religious intolerant cults cause global harm. The miniaturization of weapons allowed the evil terrorists religious fundamentalists acquire quantum leap in their power of destruction. Intolerant fundamentalist evil has burst into a new dimension in the 21st Century. The globalization, democratization and miniaturization of the instruments of destruction, namely shoulder carried high explosive weapons, miniature homemade bombs, nuclear nukes or their diabolical chemical-biological stepbrothers, meant a quantum leap in the delivery systems of evil, which could destabilize Civilizations. This levels the playing field for the competing advocates of the evil religious intolerance and evil ideological intolerance and evil political intolerance, and the level field can cause immense destruction to the society and culture because it could be unleashed by unsuspected terrorists, who misused the democratic freedom to destroy the freedom itself.


(10) Micro Evil & Macro Evil

The evil lurks not in nations but in the intolerant ideologies and intolerant religious cults. Whenever individual evil the micro-evil acquired control over intolerant religions and intolerant ideologies the micro-evil of intolerance threatened the very existence of the human Civilization. Every advocate of religious intolerance and ideological intolerance with access to modern lethal weapons becomes a potential world-historical force with more discretionary destructive power at hand than the great old monsters, from Caligula to Stalin, ever had. Advocates of Religious intolerance have acquired the means to commit mass genocide of the people that dare to practice a different form of faith or ideology. The micro-evil of organized crime joined forces with the macro-evil of religious intolerance and ideological intolerance to commit genocide of masses in the 20th Century. In the new dimension, micro-evil (the dark impulse to rape or murder, say) and macro-evil (the urge to genocide) achieve an ominous reunion to conspire the teleological, apocalyptic End of Time scenario. Religious intolerance and ideological intolerance is the real evil that is going around in the age of Oil Colonialism. America could threaten the future of human Civilization if it continued to support intolerant Wahhabi sects. The micro-evil of terrorist drug dealers joined forces with the macro-evil of religious and ideological intolerance to cause havoc on the Civilizations in the 21st Century.


16(3) Dancing with Dictators

(1) America a Butcher of Democracies

The guiding principle of second Bush administration is the Crusades for democracy worldwide, to export Democratic Utopia worldwide, including Middle East, Papacy and China. Previious American Administrations ordered CIA-led covert operations to Butcher democracies of the Third World as India-led Non-Aligned Movement meant that any self-respecting democracy in the Third World would be anti-American by its very nature. For a nation that honors democracy and freedom, the United States has a nasty habit of embracing foreign dictators when they seem to serve short-term American interests and long-term Christian proselytizing interests. It is one of the least appealing traits of American foreign policy. Like their predecessors, President Bush and is Secretary Colin Powell falling for the illusion that tyrants make great allies. If Mr. Bush is not careful, Washington will be mopping for years from the inevitable foreign policy disasters that come of befriending autocrats who maintain a stranglehold on their own people. Just like Secretary Henry Kissinger undermined the foreign policies of President Nixon, to implement the agenda of Christian religious conservatism, present Secretary Colin Powell, may scuttle the non-conservative agenda or neo-conservative of President Bush, under the influence of Christian religious right conservative conspiracy and Papal Christian conservative extremism.


(2) Killed Democracy for Strategy-Religion

When unsavory governments control strategic locations or resources, the impulse to join hands with them can be irresistible. In some cases, there may appear to be nor practical alternative. But there is a difference between making alliances of convenience and uncritically working with dictators. Washington should not repeat the mistake it has made so often in the past by muting its support for democracy and human rights in these societies, under the influence of Christian Religious Right Conservatism. Global terrorism will retreat where democracy advances, not where autocrats muzzle political expression or buy peace at home by financing violence abroad. When Washington preaches democracy while tolerating the tyranny of the allies, and while destabilizing democratically elected regimes, America looks double-faced. The world can see through the American diplomacy of deception. A long, unhappy history illustrates the cost of cozying up o dictators.


The blank checks Washington wrote to Gen. Zia ul-Haq of Pakistan in 1980’s helped nurture what later became Al Qaeda. Decades of misguided American support for Gen. Suharto in Indonesia and Mobutu Sese Seko Zaire, now Congo, left both countries a legacy of debt, violent ethnic conflict and weak institutions. Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines was another painful embarrassment.


The Bush Administration seems to have learned little from these early costly mistakes. Meeting America’s short-term military and diplomatic needs, and the proselytizing needs of the Church, should not require America abandoning its democratic principles. If world perceives that America has lost its commitment to the Democracy and Freedom, or that its talk about democracy and freedom just another Policy of Deception, then United States would lose its core moral foundation of power, and become another Hitler’s or Stalin’s America. It is the perception that United States stood at higher moral ground than Hitler and Stalin that world joined the Allied Coalition. Christian Religious Right Ultra-Conservative Conspiracy may succeed in transforming United States in to an Evil Empire, whenever get control over the Oval Office. Then United States would become the Core of the Axis of Medieval and a threat to the world. The concept of power embraces much more than what is known as military and economic power. Nazi Adolf Hitler lacked that moral component of power, which caused his doom in the Second World War. United States would lose the Third World War if it abandons the moral foundation of power, under the influence of Religious Right Conservatism. The world would consider United States a Hitler of the 21st century, and gang against it to defeat it in the Third World War.


It is diplomacy of deception for America to say that only dictator Pervez Musharraf could have allowed United States bases to attack Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. On the contrary, President Clinton helped overthrow the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, because he had offered to United States its co-operation to arrest Osama bin Laden. Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif would have helped, may be far better, to destroy Taliban and Al Qaeda.


It is diplomacy of deception fro America to say that only Saudi royal family would have ensured a steady flow of oil to the West during most of the last 60 years. Anybody who leads an oil-producing country would love to cultivate its largest customer, because unless they sell oil, how would they eat.


United States embraces dictators because the 1787 constitution of the United States created a partly elected Aristocracy, because of its faulty election process, which is controlled by 4000+ County Canvassing Boards. All dictators of the world have been able to muzzle the voice of the people, by adopting United States Election process, where local bullies allowed subverting the election process, much like the autocracy of the County Canvassing Boards in the United States. Christian Religious Right Conservatism supports fundamentalist regimes in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, because of its close theological ties with militant, anti-women, fundamentalism Wahhabi Islam. Christian Ultra-conservatism and Wahhabi fundamentalism are two sides of the same coin of fundamentalism.


(3) International Criminal Court (ICC)

Why is United States scared of International Criminal Court? When United States wants ICC to prosecute Yugoslav president Slobadan Milosevic at ICC then why it doesn’t want to submit to the jurisdiction of the ICC. Either United States submits to the jurisdiction, or establishes a US-ICC to try US war criminals, it lacks moral authority to demand the prosecution of Milosevic by ICC. Senator Bob Kerry has been indicted by American media as war criminal guilty of war crime in Vietnam. Atlease United States should allow the prosecution of indicted war crikinals in US courts, if it doesn’t want ICC to have control over US war criminals.


United States wants to control the ICC to prosecute the enmies of the United States, without allowing it to prosecute US war criminals. It could transform the ICC to a Kangaroo Court or Catholic Inquisition. Italy and Britain support the American effort to exempt Americans from the ICC. Italian Prme Minister/Foreign Minister Silvio Berlusconi said,”each European country can decide on its own on bilateral agreements to exempt Americans from the ICC.


Bush Administration fears that Americans, because of their country’s global role and reach, coul dbe unfairly singled out in politically motivated prosecutions. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, during August 2002, asked European governments to avoid a united stand on the ICC issue and urged them to sign separate accords with the United States under a European Union treaty clause that, the United States contends, allows the negotiation of immunity of forces on a bilateral basis. Germany argues that such bilateral agreements while possibly legal under the treaty they were incompatiable withits spirit and sense. Romania, Israel, Tajikistan and East Timor have signed bilateral accords with the United States on ICC issue.


16(4) Axis of Medieval

(1) Axis of Evil Vs Axis of Medieval

What should be nuclear Hindu India in the looming clash between the Axis of Evil and the Axis of Medieval? Should nuclear Hindu India join the Axis of Evil or the Axis of Medieval in the third World War? Which coalition would be known as Allied Powers, whether the coalition of Axis of Medieval or the coalition of the Axis of Evil?


President George W. Bush condemned North Korea, Iran and Iraq as “Axis of Evil.” Somehow United States has “become the Core of an Axis of Medieval.” “President Bush is putting the U.S. on the wrong side of the battle lines,” warned Nicholas D. Kristof (New York Times 8/16/2002). The core issue that characterizes the Axis of Medieval is the issue of Women’s Rights. The central moral struggle of the 19th century concerned slavery. Central moral struggles of 20th century were Colonialism, Imperialism, Fascism and Communism. The four preeminent moral challenges of the 21st century are Rights of women, Reformation of Religions, Poverty and Overpopulation. The Axis of Medieval opposes the rights of women in society, religion and economy. The Axis of Medieval opposes the redistribution of world’s lands and continents and opposes the immigration from overpopulated nations.


(2) Axis of Medieval

The Axis of Medieval seeks to put back the clock, just as the Christian Emperor Theodosius I (d. 95 AD) destroyed the Roman Civilization and ushered in the 1000 years Dark Age throughout Europe. The Church of Rome responsible for ushering in the Middle Age, the Medieval Age and Dark Age in Europe that resulted after the destruction of the Roman Empire and Roman Civilization at the hands of Roman Catholic Church. Papacy, Vatican and Germany and Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy would be the Core of the Axis of Medieval. The defining principal of the Axis of medieval would be denial of rights of women, justifying the subjugation of women by men in the Christian and Muslim worlds. Thus Wahhabi Arab Muslims would be close allies to the Axis of medieval. Thus Sunni Muslims, Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy, Vatican, Germany would be the four pillars of the Axis of Medieval. The Axis of Medieval could resemble the Axis Powers of the First World War, coalition of Austro Hungarian Empire and Ottoman Empire. Saudi Arabia is the sick man of Arabia, just as Ottoman Empire was the sick man 19th century Europe.


The author disagrees with the above assertion, and opines that United States is not the Core of the Axis of Medieval, because President George W Bush does not belong to the Axis of Medieval. Unless Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy could occupy and control the Oval Office, there was no fear of United States entering the third world war on the side of the Axis of Medieval. President George W. Bush does not support the Axis of Medieval, even if some members of Bush Administration may pursue Christian right conservative agenda. America’s wars for oil colonialism didn’t represent the Axis of Medieval, unless American colonialism imposed the rule of Wahhabi fundamentalism over secular Iraq.


(3) Geopolitics of Islam circa 640

GEOPOLITICS OF 640 AD PAPACY: A study of geopolitics of the source of Islam, Mecca & Medina during circa 640 and the geopolitics of Church of Rome and western Europe suggests striking similarities, which explains the 21st century theological alliance of militant Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalism and Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy. It explains why Wahhabi Islam and Catholic fundamentalism are twin foundations of the Global Axis of Medieval in 21st century. The historical comparison is relevant because the principal objective of the Wahhabi Sect is to restore Islam to its pristine glory of the first century of Hijra, when small group of Muslim raiders could conquer and enslave much larger Egypt and Syria. Similarly, Pope John Paul II attempts to do to the leading Christian power United States what Christian Emperor Theodosius II (d. 395 AD) did to the Roman Empire.


Sunni Wahhabi fundamentalism attempts to recreate 7th century for Islamic world, which resulted in the destruction of Egyptian Civilization and Syrian Civilization. Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy attempts to recreate fourth century for the Christian world, which resulted in the destruction of the Roman Empire and Roman Civilization. Rome and Italy could never again recover its past glory it lost due to the acts of Christian Emperor Theodosius II. The present day Wahhabi fundamentalists, who represent only 2% of the total Muslim population, conspire to overthrow liberal secular Islamic societies of Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia. The Catholic Religious Right Conservatives represents no more than 12 percent of the population in United States conspire to undermine the secular system in place, which respects the wall between church and state.


In the seventh century, Mecca based Arab Muslim warriors and White German Christians represented the historical force of barbarism, blessed with better and more mobile military technology. The superior military technology allowed mobile camel-riding Arab warriors conquer agricultural civilization of Egypt. The brilliant military innovation of using petroleum-loaded passenger airline airplanes as guided cruise missiles, piloted by suicidal hijackers, allowed Wahhabi terrorists inflict unprecedented economic damage to the West. Emboldened by the success of the Sept. 11 attacks on civilian targets, Wahhabi terrorists would undertake many terrorist attacks on Protestant United States? How many more Wahhabi terrorist attacks could American economy bear, before the flight of foreign capital to Germany and European Union becomes a stampede?


Urban Jews of Damascus and Medina after 640 AD financed and provided markets for the loot to the Arab raiding parties, allowing them to cash the loot after they returned from victory. Similarly, the financial leaders of Germany may support the continuation of terrorist attacks against sole super power United States, because European Union profits by flight of capital presently invested in Wall Street. The Sept. 11 weakened United States vis-à-vis European Union. If Wahhabi terrorist attacks on Protestant USA continue than economic balance of power would shift to European Union and Euro could replace Dollar as the World currency.


The OPEC nations might be investing a portion of their oil incomes to bet against dollar and Dow Jones Index future, using insider information about future terrorist attacks. Al Qaeda could finance its entire operation by selling dollar and Indexes Put Options in futures markets, using inside information about future terrorist strikes. European financial speculators could be financing the Al Qaeda operations, because it allows them make billions of dollar in the Commodity & Financial Futures markets. Just as Damascus Jews after 640 AD financed Arabian raiding parties embarking on their military missions in Egypt, some Europeans may finance Arab terrorist attacks on United States to destabilize dollar and to expedite flight of Arab capital to Europe.


(5) Vatican-Mecca Axis in Yugoslavia

Germany and Catholic religious right conservatives conspired the religious riots in Yugoslavia to engineer the secession of Catholic Slovenia and Croatia and entered into a profitable alliance with Albanian terrorists and drug dealers in the process. That Hidden Hand which destabilized Yugoslavia may have shifted its focus to target Protestant United States, the only power that could oppose them in the new age of Colonial Empires. It is no accident that the Anthrax attack that targeted leading Protestant Senators was a White Christian conspiracy. German authorities have discovered that the terrorist attack of Sept 11, 2001 was planned as early as November 1999, not long after the NATO air wars on Yugoslavia. Were Sept 11 terrorist attacks partly supported by the “White Hidden Hand” based in Europe, hoping it would result in the Rise of Europe and the Decline of the WASPs United States. Terrorist attacks can make billions for financial speculators. Would the organized crime step in to rake in the loot? It is no wonder that Wahhabi Heroin cartels and gold smugglers respected as legitimate businesses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Dammam and Kuwait.


(6) Democracies don’t destroy Democracies

Free, liberal and open civilizations should learn not to destabilize fellow democratic societies. Twin Tower attacks have exposed the Achilles’ Heel of the United States, and the Sharks have tasted blood and it crashed US financial markets. United States realizes that foreign powers could destabilize American economy and free society just as easily as the CIA can destabilize foreign free societies like Yugoslavia, Pakistan, and India. Democratic free secular Hindu India cannot allow terrorist forces and foreign agencies exploit democratic freedom to attempt destroy the freedom and democracy in India. The Western Secret Services organized the Godhra massacre in Gujarat, where 58 Hindu train passengers returning from Ayodhya were burnt to death, when Muslim terrorists stopped the train and burnt the train. Catholic Religious Right Conservative conspiracy had arranged many similar acts of violence in Bosnia and Kosovo, to justify NATO’s invasion of Yugoslavia.


What should be the response of India, Russia and China, if the West continued to support to Muslim terrorists in Kashmir, Chechnya and Xinjian? The world leaders might stop sympathizing with the US loss of Sept. 11, if United States continued to praise and approve similar terrorist attacks by Muslim terrorists in other parts of the world? United States cannot remain a close friend and supporter of Al Qaeda Wahhabi terrorists, engaged in acts of terrorism in Kashmir, Chechnya, Xinjian, Macedonia, Kosovo, Egypt and Algeria and expect the sympathies of these victim nations, when Al Qaeda terrorists turn against United States.


Rather than prosecuting Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists for crimes of genocide and war crimes, United Nation investigating the mishandling of Taliban prisoners of war by Northern Alliance soldiers, who helped United States win the war in Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden was an important CIA operative. Not one of the captured Al Qaeda terrorists is prosecuted for war crimes. Why Afghans denied the opportunity to prosecute Taliban & Al Qaeda terrorists in Afghan courts? Rather than punishing Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists captured in Afghanistan, United States supports the prosecution of Northern Alliance leaders who helped United States by militarily defeating the Taliban in Afghanistan. It raises doubt that United States invaded Afghanistan because Al Qaeda’s former CIA operatives had gone independent and Taliban had stopped the cultivation of Opium Poppy in Afghanistan. Would United States become friendly to Osama bin Laden if he leads his band of terrorists who were former CIA operatives again toe the CIA line?


(7) Global Nexus of Cocaine-Crime-Clergy

It is no accident that all close allies of the United States are important players in global drug trade, namely, Mexico, Colombia, Pakistan and China. India feels that United States does not want closer ties with India, because Indians do not monopolize drug trade, and hence Indian crime syndicates cannot afford to buy influence in United States for India. Pakistan’s and Arab drug cartels have invested large sums in United States to swing American policies in favor of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The growing nexus among drug cartels, organized crime, religious fanaticism, corrupt politicians and immoral religious leaders, causing a New Dark Age to descend over the world. The Rome-Mecca Alliance cemented by Catholic Cocaine’s alliance with Wahhabi Heroin. Muslim Wahhabi fundamentalist politicians have aligned with Catholic Religious fundamentalist politicians influenced by campaign contributions by drug cartels. The growing nexus politicizes the crime, criminalizes the politics, and legitimizes the crime by their support to fundamentalism. A known criminal becomes a good man, when he advocates extreme fundamentalism. Political influence and religion’s blessings allow criminals to masquerade as religious politicians.


(8) Catholic Cocaine-Sunni Heroin Axis

The Christian Religious Right Conservatism has joined forces with Islamic Wahhabi Sunni militant fundamentalism. This alliance of two religious sects made possible by the global alliance of White Catholic Colombian Cocaine Cartels and Arab Wahhabi Sunni Heroin Cartel and Arab Sunni Gold Smugglers. The Mafia of organized crime joined forces with Church or Religious leadership to destabilize political governments by promoting anti-women fundamentalist conservatism, and finance it by the incomes of the global drug trade. By sponsoring fundamentalist religious orthodoxy Catholic drug cartels, Wahhabi Heroin cartels and organized crime syndicates acquire political, social and religious credibility.


Cocaine and Heroin are two of the world’s most valuable commodities. It is a fact of American life, a business bigger than the ford Motor Company. No bigwig drug dealer has been arrested in United States, even when drug trade generates more than $400 billion in incomes to organized crime in the United States and similar amount to European organized crime. At the highest levels the Drug Cartel is supremely efficient marketing organization, men with clean fingernails in expensive suits who discuss matters politely. With such fabulous sums at stake, whole governments can besought and sold, and almost every man has a price.


The white Catholic cocaine cartels that control he cocaine trade are now so entrenched, rich and powerful that they are a powerful political force in the American hemisphere. They have set up bases in the Caribbean and Central America. They have paid millions in bribes to corrupt officials and governments. Similarly Sunni heroin cartels have set up bases in Dubai, Arabia, and the Europe.


The profits from Cocaine-Heroin trafficking can buy widespread silence in the West, even in the United States. The so-called friendly nation, Mexico flagrantly facilitates the flow of cocaine into the United States and get away with it. During Clinton Administration American government declared a total war on drugs and is losing the war. The white Catholic Colombians who dominate the cocaine trade do so from within the borders of Colombia. Colombian government does not disturb the Cartel but only disturbs the non-cartel traffickers, because of Colombia’s importance to the Colombian economy. The Plan Colombia made Catholic Cocaine Cartel richer, because Plan Colombia only eliminated the non-White traffickers. There are regions of Colombia and Pakistan where the traffickers command more power and respect than the central government. Sunni Heroin Cartel launders billions of dollars through financial institutions based at UAE and Saudi Arabia.


The Gold smuggling to India created vast incomes to the Dubai based smugglers, who have now diversified into heroin trade. The bootlegging, illicit liquor and gold smuggling created organized crime syndicates in India. The white Catholic Cocaine syndicates have joined forces with the Arab Heroin cartels to bring about the political alliance of the Wahhabi fundamentalism with Catholic religious right conservatism. Religious organizations have become conduits to launder billions generated by drug incomes. Money, of course is at the root of Cocaine & Heroin trafficking- sums of money so vast as to be almost meaningless. Global drug trade generated in 1997, around $700 billion dollars in incomes to the organized crime, half of which generated in USA, rest in Western Europe, according to the Financial Times of London. America’s war on terrorism influenced by the interests of the Heroin cartels in Afghanistan.


16(5) Core of Axis of Medieval

(1) Bush’s USA not Core of Axis of Medieval

President Bush has hitched rising India to the United States by convincing India that the United States during second administration no longer the Core of the Axis of Medieval. Nuclear India as a world power has no option but to oppose the Axis of Medieval in the Global Clash of Races. In the looming Clash of Civilizations, India and United States were adversaries, so long as United States remains the Core of an Axis of Medieval as it was during Ford, Carter and Clinton Administrations. 


(2) Why was USA Core of Axis of Medieval?

Why good America is the core of an axis of Medieval? America is on the wrong side of the battle lines. In Bush vs. Women, Nicholas D. Kristof (NYT 8/16/02, p A17) laments, “somehow we (USA) have become the core of an Axis of Medieval.” “Alas, this summer President Bush is putting the U.S. on the wrong side of the battle lines.” On the key issues of the 21st Century, namely, women’s rights, military coups, and drugs; due to the conspiracy of the religious right wing conservatism America’s might is misdirected on the wrong side of the battle lines.


It may not be in the long-term national interests of the United States, if in the world view of the non-Christian and non-Islamic world, Hindu and Buddhist world, brown and yellow world, the sole super power of the world perceived as the core of an axis of Medieval. It might affect world’s perception of real motives underlying the President Bush’s declared war on Wahhabi terrorism. This perception or misperception might affect the warring coalition in the looming Third World War, albeit the Global Clash of Races and Clash of Civilizations. The geopolitics of the Axis of Medieval shall influence composition of global alliance in future wars. United States must not forget that Germany and Japan lost the Second World War because rest of the Third World perceived them to be an Axis of Evil, while murderous Western colonial powers perceived as Alliance of Good. But for this perception India would not have supplied 3.5 million soldiers for Allied Powers, even when neither Germany nor Japan had done any harm to India.


(3) 6 Central Moral Struggle of the Century

The Central Moral Struggle of the 19th and 20th Century concerned: (i) Slavery, (ii) Decolonization, (iii) Military Coups, (iv) Women’s Rights, (v) Drugs, (vi) Terrorism. The central moral struggle of the 19th century concerned Slavery. The central moral struggle of the first half of the 20th century concerned Decolonization and Freedom of Colonies. The central moral struggle of the second half of the 20th century pitted Democracy against Nazism, Communism, other Despotic Isms and Military Coups. The central moral struggle of the 21st century concerns Women’s Rights, global Terrorism and global Drug Trade. The key issues of the 19th, 20th and 21st century in nutshell concerned Slavery, Decolonization, Despotic Isms, Military Coups, Women’s Rights, Drugs and Terrorism. United States has been on the wrong side of the battle lines on issues concerning slavery, decolonization, military coups, women’s rights, and drugs. It raises doubt whether United States also on the wrong side of battle against terrorism, since after invading Afghanistan the heroin production has zoomed in Afghanistan, and not even one Taliban and Al Qaeda leader has been hanged. These are the reasons that third world perceives United States as the core of the Axis of Medieval.


(4) USA on Slavery Issue

SLAVERY: On the issue of slavery United States has a tainted record, as it continued to support slavery long after Britain and Canada abolished slavery. Abraham Lincoln waged war against Confederates during Civil War not to guarantee rights of the blacks, but to preserve the Union. Blacks outnumbered white settlers in the United States and had Civil War not taken place, United States would have become a black-majority nation not different from South Africa. It is no accident that as late as 1965, blacks suffered discrimination under Apartheid-type system in United States, not different from what blacks suffered in South Africa, before Nelson Mandela became the Prime Minister. India refused to enter into defense pact with USA, after the Second World War, primarily because of the pro-white, anti-black Apartheid policy in practice in USA. Blacks under Hitler’s Germany enjoyed more freedom and rights than blacks enjoyed in contemporary United States.


(5) USA on Decolonization Issue

DECOLONIZATION: President Truman demanded half of the British Empire as part payment for American war loans to Britain. Only when Prime Minister Churchill refused to handover half of the British Empire that United States became a supporter of decolonization. United States removed the natives of Diego Garcia reminiscent of the removal of Native Americans. The America’s first colony witnessed unprecedented genocide perpetrated by American soldiers at the beginning of the 20th century in the Philippines.


(6) USA on Military Coups Issue

MILITARY COUPS: Just as Muslim terrorists attack women, the weakest part of society, similarly the CIA eliminates the hostile democratically elected leadership by engineering the military Coups, and guaranteeing to provide escape route and protection, in the event Coup attempt fizzles out.


United States became the greatest menace to the freedom and elected democracies throughout newly independent states in the Third World, due to the CIA’s penchant for engineering military coups. The CIA periodically engineered military coups in (i) Pakistan, (ii) Bangladesh, (iii) Indonesia, (iv) Congo, (v) South Korea, (vi) Greece, (vii) Chile, (viii) Uganda, (ix) Rwanda, (x) Burundi, (xi) Myanmar (Burma), (xii) South Vietnam, (xiii) Laos, (xiv) Cambodia, (xv) Ethiopia, and (xvi) Venezuela to name the few. The CIA’s penchant for directly supporting the military coups against democratically elected governments in the Third World, threatens the new world order.


United States engineered the murder of President Anwar Sadat of Egypt, murder of Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba of Congo, murder of President Salvador Allende Gossens of Chile (1970-Sept 1973), and murder of Prime Minister Mujib Ur Rahman of Bangladesh. United States engineered the overthrow of Emperor Shah of Iran (Jan 1979), and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan in 1999. The CIA engineered the military coups of Congo’s President Mobutu Joseph-Desire Sese Seko (1961-1997), Indonesia’s President Suharto (1967-1998), Iran’s Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (Feb 1979-June 1989), Pakistan’s President General Mohammed Ayub Khan (1958-Mar 1969), President General Mohammed Zia-ul-Haq (1978-Aug 1988), President Pervez Musharraf (Oct 1999-contd), Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein at-Takriti (July 1979-), Chile’s President General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte (1973-Mar 1990). Western power’s role is suspected in the murder of India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister (1966-March 1977), Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, and massacre of the Nepal’s King and Royal family. The CIA overthrew the elected government of U Nu in Burma. United States engineered the military coup against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in 2002, which failed and planning a new coup.


It is the perception in the Third World the CIA and Pentagon have engineered many if not all of the military coups to overthrow democratically elected governments throughout the Third World after 1950 to this date. After United States acquired the status of a Super Power after the Second World War, the CIA has been the principal cause of political instability throughout the democratically elected free world.


COUP IN PAKISTAN: United States during Clinton Administration conspired to overthrow the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, even when he had agreed to arrest Osama bin Laden and handover to USA. Gen. Pervez Musharraf had been directly involved in pro-Taliban operations prior to his becoming President. Former prime minister Benazir Bhutto and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif demand restoration of democracy in Pakistan, but United States continues to destroy democratic aspirations of the people of Pakistan by legitimizing the military regime of General Pervez Musharraf, which has systematically provided sanctuary to Osama bin Laden and other Taliban leaders, because it was Pakistan which has operated under guise of Taliban in Afghanistan. The opium cultivation banned under Taliban has gone in top gear in Afghanistan and 4,000 tons of Heroin stored in caves remain untraceable after US troops started searching the caves for Taliban troops. People of Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Iran beginning to suspect that United States exploited the Sept 11 attack to justify the extension of NATO troops to Afghanistan and to jump start the Opium cultivation in Afghanistan. Why doesn’t United States allow Indian troops to monitor anti-Taliban operation in Afghanistan? Why doesn’t Secretary Colin Powell demand the restoration of democracy in Pakistan, when both Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto extend full cooperation to United States in war against terrorism?


(7) USA on Cociane Heroin Issue

DRUGS: White Catholic Cocaine cartels control the global cocaine drug trade. Catholic Cartels drug income is laundered through Catholics owned financial institutions. Global drug trade generates more than $800 billion in incomes to the organized crime. Until recently Catholics controlled the heroin trade in the Golden Triangle of Burma, Laos and Cambodia. Now Golden Crescent Heroin/Opium trade controlled by Wahhabi Sunni Drug cartels, which launders is drug incomes through Dubai and Dammam based Arab financial institutions. Catholic Cocaine drug cartels and Wahhabi Heroin drug cartels have joined forces, resulting in global anti-women alliance between Catholic religious right wing conservatism and Sunni Wahhabi conservatism.


Catholic Cocaine Cartel

Clinton Administration’s Plan Colombia sought to consolidate the stronghold of white Catholic cocaine cartels over global drug trade; by allowing white catholic death squads eliminate anti-cartel independent drug traffickers. When United States willing to permanently damage the agricultural lands growing Coca the cash crop, used for commercial chocolate production, by spraying insecticides by air, then United States should also be willing to destroy 2 trillion dollar worth economic assets presently owned by drug cartels in the United States and Europe. After invading Afghanistan, United States accused Uzbekistan government for violating the human rights of the heroin/Opium traffickers that deliver Afghan and Pakistani Heroin to European markets. The end result of the Plan Colombia had been that Colombia emerged as the world’s monopoly producers of raw coca as well as processed Cocaine. Plan Colombia allowed Colombian white Catholic drug cartels improve their profit margin, due to their monopoly over raw coca and refined cocaine production, and by elimination of independent traffickers. Financial analysts argue that without the cash injection into US economy, by Drug cartels to the tune of $400 billion annually, for number of decades, the US stock markets may not have shown so great a performance at it did.


Sunni Heroin Golden Crescent Cartel

It was no accident that President Zia ul-Haq, awarded top United Nation’s award for anti-Drug operations, even when it was widely known that he made billions through Heroin trade. President Zia allowed Pakistan’s secret service ISI use incomes generated by drug trade to finance ISI’s covert operations.


Catholic Golden Triangle Cartel

Catholic Chinese controlled the Heroin trade of “Golden Triangle” and Pakistan controls the heroin trade of the “Golden Crescent” while Indians have never played any role in global drug trade. One wonders whether pro-China and pro-Pakistan tilt of the White House influenced by the lobbying efforts of the Chinese and Pakistani drug cartels.


(8) USA on Despotic Isms Issue

DESPOTIC ISMS: United States prefers totalitarian regimes over democratically elected regimes. United States accorded Most Favored Nation’s Status (MFN) to despotic Communist China, despotic Taiwan, and despotic Indonesia, while disregarding the interests of democratic India. Many if not all of the totalitarian despotic regimes of the world owe their origin and survival to the blessings of the United States. United States supports the fundamentalist regimes in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar. United States supported the coup of Idi Amin and overlooked the genocide committed by Tutsi Army in Uganda. United States helped Christian Pol Pot of Khmer Rouge acquire power in Cambodia, and blocked the dissemination of any news of massacre of 2 million Buddhists by Christians in Cambodia and Laos, so long Pol Pot remained in power, though western media knew all along about the ongoing genocide of Buddhists.


(9) USA on Women’s Rights Issue

WOMEN’S RIGHTS: The worldwide campaign launched by Pope John Paul II for abolition of women’s right of Abortion has traumatized American Presidential elections. Political groups, those who are for abortion and those against abortion can sum up American presidential election campaign. The religious right wing conspiracy sabotaged the candidature of Bob Dole since he supported women’s right to choose abortion. President Clinton, President Carter and President Kennedy represented the interests of the religious right wing conspiracy. Neither ex-President George Bush (father) nor President George Bush (son) belongs to the religious right wing conspiracy.


However, religious right wing conspiracy demanding their pound of flesh, for their electoral support of by demanding that Bush Administration should formulate policies on all international issues as well as international treaties related to the rights of women, on the assumption that in all these cases the fundamental issue is abortions or sex. It appears that just as Wahhabi fundamentalists of Mecca impose policies on Saudi government, similarly religious right conspiracy issuing Catholic "Fatwa" on Protestant Bush Administration. President Bush should resist pressure, lest he is forced to launch Jihad against women of the world, for propagating Vatican’s anti-women policies. It would be sad that Oval Office becomes a willing tool misused by religious right wing conspiracy to subjugate women of the world to propagate Papal anti-women policies, which are no different than promoted by Saudi Wahhabi fundamentalists. United States would lose its leadership in war against Islamic terrorism, if White House leads the world in imposing terror on women of the world. Papal and Saudi anti-women policies and Wahhabi/Taliban terrorism are the two sides of the same coin. The failure of Pope to denounce anti-women policies of Islamic Wahhabi/Taliban sects raises doubt whether anti-women Catholic religious right wing conspiracy joined forces with Islamic Wahhabi religious right wing conspiracy. Vatican conspiring to put United States on the wrong side of the battle lines, in the Women vs. Fundamentalism war, on the side of anti-women forces like Saudi Arabia, Taliban, al Qaeda and Vatican. It would be a sad day for the world and for the human rights if under influence of Pope, the White House becomes a tool for the subjugation of women.


(10) USA on Islamic Terrorism Issue

WAR ON TERRORISM: President Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright rewarded terrorist Osama bin Laden, consenting Al Qaeda takeover of Afghanistan in 1995, as a reward for terrorist bombing of world Trade Center, bombing of US Embassies in Kenya & Tanzania in 1998 and for bombing USS Cole in 2000. Why did Clinton reward Osama bin Laden for crimes committed against USA? Similarly, did President Bush allow the leadership of Al Qaeda and Taliban escape Afghanistan? Would Osama bin Laden become the King of Saudi Arabia, as a reward for Sept 11 attacks? Either the United States Army too weak and timid to catch Taliban and Al Qaeda leadership in Afghanistan, or it provided Osama bin Laden safe passage and safe home, to secure Saudi support against Iraq.


(11) Third world suspects American Motives

Third World beginning to suspect the real motive of the United States in launching war on Afghanistan, because no Afghan was ever involved in the Sept. 11 attacks. United States should have invaded Saudi Arabia, as most of the hijackers were Saudi citizens. Most of the Taliban soldiers and supporters were Pakistani citizens, which makes USA-Pakistan anti-terrorism alliance a suspect. It is no accident that not even one Taliban leader captured by American troops. On the contrary, reports suggest that American and Pakistani troops provided safe passage and heaven to Taliban terrorists and protected from prosecution by Afghan authorities.


Osama bin Laden rumored to be involved in the bombing of the world Trade Center, and U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, and destroyer Cole during Clinton Administration. Then why did President Clinton decline the offer of Sudan’s President to arrest and hand over Osama bin Laden to United States? President Clinton and Secretary Madeleine Albright punished Al Qaeda terrorists by arranging the takeover of Afghanistan by Al Qaeda. Taliban and Al Qaeda could never have capture political power in Afghanistan without the explicit consent of the United States. It is no accident that President Clinton consented for the overthrow of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief’s government, just after he had promised to arrest and extradite Osama bin Laden. Gen. Pervez was directly in-charge of pro-Taliban and pro-Al Qaeda operations in Pakistani Army. President Clinton consented for the military coup led by Gen. Pervez Musharraf. One shouldn’t forget that the CIA created, trained and financed Osama bin Laden in the past. Did United States invade Afghanistan to militarily force Al Qaeda terrorists rejoin the CIA? Was Osama bin Laden and other Taliban leaders provided safe passage from Afghanistan? Failure of the United States to extend the war on terrorism by invading Saudi Arabia raises doubt that the real motive of United States is not to destroy terrorism, but to force terrorists rejoin the CIA, to conduct future terrorist acts, only for promoting national interests of the United States.


Even the preposterous thesis propagated by Muslims that religious right wing conspiracy planned Sept 11 attacks, makes sense, as without the white man’s support the simultaneous Anthrax letter attack might not have taken place. It is impossible to believe that without the prior consent of someone big in the White world, the weakling Arabs won’t have dared to attack Twin towers, Pentagon, White House, and the Capitol. Did the leaders of the Axis of Medieval conspire the Sept. 11, attacks.


The refusal of the United States to allow Indian troops conduct anti-Taliban operations in Afghanistan, and help rebuild Afghan Army raises doubt, whether United States fighting for or against Islamic Terrorism. It is a well-known secret that Osama bin Laden is well and safe in Pakistan, and United States pressured Afghanistan to release thousands of Pakistani-origin Taliban troops imprisoned after the war, ready to rejoin Al Qaeda network in Pakistan.


The WASPs United States heading for disintegration, if United States continues to be the Core of the Axis of Medieval. Then India and United States would be adversaries on the opposite sides of the battle lines, drawn by the Axis of Medieval, in the Clash of Civilizations.


16(6) Axis of Evil

(1) Is Iran-Iraq-North Korea Axis of Evil?

Why United States didn’t include any Wahhabi Arab nation that supported and continue to support Wahhabi Al Qaeda terrorist groups? Why United States targets Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and North Korea, and all these four countries had no role in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks? Is it the policy of deception that United States and NATO misusing Sept. 11 attacks and war on terrorism to settle old scores. Why United States does not attack any Wahhabi Arab state?


United States had supported Iraq in Iran-Iraq War and knew about the use of poisonous gas against Kurds and Iran. US Ambassador to Iraq had hinted that United States might not retaliate if Iraq attacks Kuwait. United States has maintained military bases in South Korea primarily to convert Buddhist girls to Christianity, as 50,000 troops are rotated every six months. United States has condemned North Korea to justify US military bases in South Korea. United States has decided to invade Iraq, sometime in near future. United states has military capability in South Korea to undertake military operations against North Korea at short notice.


(2) India Response to Axis of Evil

INDIAN RESPONSE IN USA-IRAQ WAR: What should be India’s response towards US invasion of Iraq? India had long-term close political ties with Iraq. Iraq has been and continues to be an active leader of Non-Aligned Movement. India cannot be the silent spectator to the United States invasion of Iraq. Either India should join United States in the invasion of Iraq, or create a counter coalition to oppose the US invasion of Iraq. India would support US invasion of Iraq, if it results in the partition of Iraq and creation of independent State of Kurdistan and the independent state of Shiite Iraq. India would oppose the US invasion of Iraq, if United States intends to establish fundamentalist Islamic regime in Iraq. In return for supporting US military action in Iraq, India should get permanent military presence in the Arabian Gulf. Hindu India considers fundamentalist Saudi Arabia a greater evil than secular liberal Iraq.


INDIA’S NORTH KOREAN POLICY: The continued presence of United States military bases in South Korea and Okinawa severely damages the civilization’s interests of Buddhism in Korean Peninsula. The presence of US troops in South Korea resulted in US-backed military coups in South Korea, led by Christian soldiers and undermined the Buddhist leadership of South Korea. Presently 49% population of Buddhist South Korea converted to Christianity after the Korean War. India should develop ties with South Korea and North Korea to promote Buddhism in Korean Peninsula and to stop any further religious conversions.


INDIA IRAN DEFENSE PACT: Aryan India should develop close military and political ties with Aryan Iran. India Iran Defense pact would make India a major player in the Arabian Gulf. India cannot permit US invasion of Iran. President Jimmy Carter overthrew the government of Shah of Iran and imposed the Ayatollah Khomeini’s regime in Iran, virtually warning Iranian Army not to take over power in Iran. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated in 1984 during Reagan Administration, after Regan-Pope alliance to join the resources of Catholic Church and the CIA. Did Italian Sonia Gandhi, Italian Mafia and Papacy play any role in the murder of Indira Gandhi as it allowed Italian Sonia Gandhi a power behind the throne in India? Western powers conspiring to eliminate leadership of major Asian powers, namely, Iran, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. How come the great leaders like Anwar Sadat of Egypt, President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan, Prime Minister Mujibur Rahman of Bangladesh, Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, were murdered while in the office, and ex-Prime Minster Rajiv Gandhi murdered while contesting new elections, obviously with direct or indirect involvement of foreign secret services. Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have become the target of destabilization.


President Bill Clinton ordered the overthrow of Prime Minister Nawaj Sharief, because he wanted to arrest Osama bin Laden and extradite him. Pakistan’s President Gen. Pervez Musharraf is the CIA agent, because he owes his position to the CIA. President Pervez had been directly aiding and abetting Osama bin Laden while he was the Chief of Staff. The USA-Pakistan anti-terrorism alliance is suspect, because both Gen. Pervez and the CIA had been great supporters of Osama bin Laden in the past.


(3) Russia & Axis of Medieval

Russia won’t join the Third world War on the side of Axis of Medieval, because the civilization’s interests of the Catholic right conservatism directly conflicts with those of Orthodoxy, the dominant religion in Russia. Russia’s President Vladimir V. Putin in August 2002 capped a month long series of contacts with the countries of President Bush’s “Axis of Evil.” First, Moscow announced a plan to build five nuclear reactors in Iran. Iran is the geopolitical anchor of the Persian Gulf. Increased Russian and Indian influence in Iran may offset the strategic gains made by the NATO in Afghanistan.


Russia stands to lose all its influence in Iraq, if United States invades and succeeds in overthrowing the secular regime of Saddam Hussein, replacing it by Wahhabi fundamentalist regimes. In Iraq, unlike the repressive Saudi society, women enjoy freedom, alcoholic drinks openly available. Russia can greatly undermine America’s influence in the region by supporting the secession of Kurdistan. Kurds are Aryans by race and ethnicity and Kurd language very similar to Persian. Aryan India has ethnic interests to support the secession of Kurd-majority regions from Turkey and Iraq. Then Russian officials disclosed in August 2002 plans to sign a five-year, $40 billion economic pact with Iraq.


Extension of the Trans-Siberian Railroad through North Korea to connect South Korea, would transform the geopolitics of Asia. The rail transportation of goods, for South Korean containers to continental European destinations, would cost only half the price of the sea transportation cost. It has the potential to turn the scales in favor of land powers against sea powers. President Vladimir V. Putin met in Vladivostok Kim Jong II, North Korea’s leader to hammer out a timetable for linking the Trans-Siberian Railroad with the booming industrial powerhouse that is South Korea. Moscow stands to reap billions of dollars in transit fees once North Korea opens its part of the railway and South Korean goods start pouring into Europe across Russia. With an economy 27 times the size of North Korea’s South Korea is the real prize on the Korean peninsula. A rail route through North Korea would cut costs and shipping times in half for containers that now go by sea from South Korea to Europe.


Given the choice, Japan would not support Axis of Medieval in the Third World War. Prime Minister of Japan Junichiro Koizumi made history when he met North Korean leader Kim Jong II on Sept 17, 2002, in a Summit meeting in Pyongyang. Japan opposes President Bush’s possible invasion of North Korea, because it would indefinitely extend the United States Military bases in South Korea and Okinawa. Japanese people hate American military bases at Okinawa, but can’t do anything about it. Japan’s Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong II created lots of uneasiness for South Korean President Kim Dae Jung and President Bush. It raises the prospect of a thaw in Japan-US relations, despite the Bush Administration’s efforts to isolate North Korea, Iraq and Iran.


Russia’s overtures to ‘Axis of Evil” nations strain its ties with the West. As Bush warms to Russia, Russia warms to America’s foes. A flurry of Russian overtures to Iraq, Iran and North Korea- nations the United States called an Axis of Evil- exposed strains in newly forged relationship between presidents Bush and Vladimir V. Putin. During August 2002, Mr. Putin’s government has conspicuously pursued a range of economic and diplomatic accords with all three countries- from proposals to drill for oil in Iraq and build nuclear reactors in Iran to a warm meeting between Mr. Putin and Mr. Kim Jong II, in Vladivostok on August 23. The Russian overtures to the Axis of Evil have surprised and angered Bush Administration, which seems frustrated that warmer relations with Mr. Putin’s Russia have not translated into support to American goals regarding Iraq and Iran. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld warned that Russia’s relations with nations the United States considers enemies threatened to erode its diplomatic and economic standing. To the extent that Russia decides that it wants to parade its relationship with countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria, Cuba and North Korea, it sends a signal out across the globe that that is what Russia thinks is a good thing to do, to deal with the terrorist states. Russia has defended the overtures. Mr. Putin’s government is simply pursuing its own diplomatic and economic interests. Russia shares a border with North Korea and has longstanding ties with it, as well as with Iraq and Iran.


Russia’s overtures reflect a struggle over the direction the country will take. As Mr. Putin tried to turn Russia to the West, he buffeted by nationalistic forces eager to differ with the United States, industrial leaders eager to find markets and ministries that sometimes work at odds with one another.


(4) USA Lost War on Osama bin Laden

United States is slouching towards 9/11. If United States remembers the dead of Sept. 11 vividly, it is gradually losing sight of those who carried out their slaughter of 9/11, namely the Wahhabi terrorists. Was it not President Bush’s mission to track down Osama bin laden and Al Qaeda, dead or alive, before they struck again? United States is now gearing up to fight another war that has been grand fathered into the war on terrorism. While war on Iraq too targets an unambiguous evildoer, it is a different mission that is already obscuring the first mission against terrorism and may yet defeat it.


Former vice president Al Gore correctly commented in Sept 2002, at Commonwealth club in San Francisco that those who attacked United States on Sept 11, have thus far gotten away with it. “The vast majority of those who sponsored, planned and implemented the cold blooded murder of more than 3,000 Americans are still at large, still neither located nor apprehended, much less punished and neutralized.


Did United States provide safe heaven to Al Qaeda terrorists, when it denied the right of Northern Alliance to try them, and instead transported them to Guantanamo Base? Did Saudi Arabia force Untied States release Al Qaeda terrorists? Did the terrorists succeed by buying their way out of Afghanistan, by bribing Pakistan or Commandoes? How can United States explain that of the 600 prisoners from 43 countries at Guantanamo yielded not one senior Al Qaeda leaders whatsoever? Why were their names and nationality not disclosed at the time of their arrests? Were real terrorists allowed to escape? The Los Angeles times has reported that 600 prisoners from 43 countries being held in the U.S. military custody at Guantanamo Bay have yielded no senior Al Qaeda leaders whatsoever. The Washington Post found that two of those missing are operating at full tilt out of Iran, where they are directly involved in planning Al Qaeda terrorist operations, despite the Pentagon’s announcement that one of them had been killed in Afghanistan in January. The Bush Administration’s blanket secrecy has les to do with the legitimate good of protecting American security than with the political goal of burying its own failures against terrorists.


(5) “New War” Gives way to “Newer War”

Now “America’s New War” on global Islamic terrorism is about to give way to America’s Newer War on Iraq. While it may also target an evildoer it is already obscuring the first mission against Wahhabi terrorism, as Iraq is totally opposed to Wahhabi Islam. The war on modern, secular, pro-woman Iraq already obscures the war on anti-women fundamentalist Wahhabi terrorism and may yet defeat it, if United States imposes Wahhabi regime in Iraq after it uproots secular Saddam Hussein regime. President is taking a backdoor route into pre-emptive warfare. It is very reassuring to those who would package Iraq war into a media event, just as media blitz of Kosovo war eclipsed Cox Report, which exposed the scandal of the Chinese theft of nuclear weapons designs at Los Alamos Labs.


Fox has titles its 9/11 special “The Day America Changed,” and those looking for an alternative can surf to “The Day that Changed America” on CBS. But here is one way America has not changed. American history still repeats itself first as tragedy and then as farce, but most of all as entertainment, with a full line of merchandise and an undertow of nostalgia. Only the time frame has been compressed.


If the terrorists’ aim was in part to wreck America’s premier export- American culture and America media blitz- we can say with confidence that they have not won. It is wrong to grandfather the war on Iraq, into the war on Wahhabi terrorism.


16(7) Good Guy-Bad Guy USA

(1) USA is two-headed Monster

United States represents a two-headed monster, a split personality that switches its personality traits without any warning. India like the face of WASP USA, which is a Good Guy America and India dislike the face of religious right conservative conspiracy America, which is the bad guy America. The prevailing common perception of the world about the nature of the United States is that of a super power with two heads that operate independent of each other. One head is that of the Protestant WASPs, which to non-Christian world represents the ‘Good Guy USA.’ The second head of the United States is that of the Evangelical and Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy, which to the world symbolizes the ‘Bad Guy USA.’ To rest of the world, United States represents a two-headed monster, a split personality that switches its personality traits without any warning. Both Good-Guy and Bad-Guy coexist in the American body politik, White House and the Capitol, and only with the benefit of the hindsight can one distinguish one from other.


(2) WASP USA is Good Guy

One head is that of the Protestant WASPs, which to non-Christian world represents the ‘Good Guy USA.’ United States formed in 18th century represented the Good-Guy WASP United States. However, especially during the Pontificate of former Bolshevik Polish Bishop, Pope John Paul II, the 2nd longest serving Pope in the History, the ‘Bad-Guy’ image of the United States becoming increasingly vociferous. President Bush represents the interests of the Good-Guy Protestant United States.


(3) Religious Right is Bad Guy USA

The second head of the United States is that of the Evangelical and Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy, which to the world symbolizes the ‘Bad Guy USA. However, ‘Good-Guy’ USA’s good-policies and good-intentions are sabotaged at the implementation level, by the sleeping agents of the “Bad-Guy USA” implanted during the successive Kennedy, Carter and Clinton Administrations. Secretary Henry Kissinger, Secretary Zbigniew Brzezinski and secretary Madeleine Albright implemented a series of foreign policy measures that fits the description of ‘Bad-Guy’ America. The raging political war between the pro-life anti-abortion forces and pro-women, pro-choice, pro-abortion forces represents the ongoing battle between ‘Good-Guy USA’ and ‘Bad-Guy USA.’ The very foundation of the United States Constitution based on protecting the secular, Protestant character of the United States from the ulterior designs of the Popes and Catholic agents.


(4) South Koreans Hate US Military Bases

South Koreans are united in their opposition to continued US military bases in South Korea. Koreans believe that US troops in South Korea are a mistake of history and Korea won’t be one country until American troops leave South Korea. Most ordinary Koreans, believe that the US troops are actually in South Korea to promote American imperial interests and to convert Korean Buddhists girls to Christianity by route of prostitution around the military bases, where young unmarried soldiers are rotated every six months. The underlying reason that Uncle Sam is about as popular as the plague in South Korea is because of the paradigm shift in the minds of a new generation of South Koreans who regard the US troops as colonial presence. The recent music video by popular all-girl Korean band S.E.S., features cowboy-booted Americans being beaten up, fed to dogs and tossed off buildings. Nearly half of Koreans approved the February trashing of the US Chamber of Commerce in Seoul, and that 60 percent of Koreans don’t like America. In South Korea, for the first time, anti-Americanism is no longer a fringe emotion, fashionable on the political extremes. It has become a mainstream current of respectable opinion. Faultfinding with America is becoming an instrument of national solidarity, especially among university students, who think older generations that fought alongside US troops had been brainwashed.


South Koreans resent the US, because it acts as if it is the boss of the world. The US military bases in South Korea are to keep Korea divided. The United States wants Korea to remain partitioned and remain week. The US troops are not in south for the security of South Korea, they are foreign occupation force.


(5) Europeans View US as a Rogue State.

After September 11, French paper declared, “We are all Americans.” As the sole superpower during 1990’s, America was already retooling its relationship with the rest of the planet before Sept. 11, but the attack on America accelerated the change. The diplomats in Europe view that the US is now perceived as arrogant. In France there is a growing tendency in public opinion to view the US as a rogue state, warns Dominique Moisi. A Europe-wide poll in 2001 by the Pew Research Center found that 85 percent of Germans, 80 percent of the French, 73 percent of the Italians felt that Washington was acting mainly on its own interests in the “War on Terror,” and only 20 percent of Europeans thought United States was taking European allies’ views into account. The view from the Old World seems to be that president Bush’s war on Islamic terror is an American war on American enemies, not a universal struggle against evil. Behind that view, which is common outside Europe too, lies a sense that Bush has not offered the world a vision of what he wants everyone to fight for, beyond asking them to fight against “evil.” In its pursuit of terrorists worldwide, America has lost its sight of its larger role as a global leader.


(6) Unilateralism of Good Guy USA

One of the things that George Bush has been discovering is the extent to which he no longer needs the mandate of the rest of the world to pursue his foreign policy and defense goals. United States government earlier did recognize the interests of other nations and did see itself as one amongst many that had to take other interests into account. Now the Bush Administration is beginning to feel its won strength, to recognize just how powerful it can allow itself to be. As such Europeans now fee that United States is becoming a threat to the rest of the world. Americans realize that America’s readiness to go it alone a dangerous tendency, but European diplomats are not sure that Americans are prepared to act on it to rectify it in time. America seems to be relying on the notion that if they do go it alone, other nations will see which way power is disposed and will follow. This unilateralist policy generating great deal of resentment among people in many parts of Europe.


(7) Deliver the World from Evil

President Bush believes that United States as a savior has come to deliver the world from evil. There is a feeling in Europe that the events of 9/11 have given the Bush Administration a license it didn’t feel it had before to take a much more proactive and unilateral approach to world affairs. One fear a lot of people in Europe have entertained in Europe is that Afghanistan would be just the beginning of a wider conflict, and Iraq at this stage seems to be the next act in this drama. The Bush Administration has become in its own eyes the world’s greatest victim but also sees itself as the savior of the world. President Bush believes that United states as a savior has come to deliver the world from evil. The grandeur of that aim is exceedingly dangerous. What we see developing is almost a messianic cult. There is a strong feeling in the United States about the wickedness of the people who attacked on 9/11, and president Bush is responding to that feeling and feels it himself. The strength of the feeling about the wickedness of the 9/11 attacks is dangerous because it calls for strong responses that could be massively disproportionate to what was done to the American people.


(8) Wear Velvet Glove over fist of Power

Europeans are not sure what the “war on terror” means. Does it mean war on IRA, for example? Americans are worried about the twin towers of course, but there are other terrorists in the world that others of Europe believe are just as wicked and evil, whom Americans are not concerned with, and many of these evil terrorists were trained by the CIA and continue to be trained by the CIA. Is war on terror limited to military response against only those terrorists that attack United States?


United States must learn to wear a velvet glove of mulltilateralism over the iron fist of their power. American must realize that their interests have to be mediated by the interests of other nations. Otherwise, American unilateralist approach in promoting American national interest will be an ever-increasing threat to the interests of other nations.


16(8) Defining Evil in 9/11

(1) Catholic & Protestants differ on Evil

While Protestant Americans condemn 9/11 attacks as evil acts of Wahhabi Arab Muslims, the Catholics treat 9/11 attacks as the consequence of more fundamental evils: those created by American imperialism and Western power, but which lack the biblical notion of evil. While Protestant Christians expect Catholics to join in their war on Wahhabi Sunni Islam, the Catholics would prefer to join the war on the side of Sunni Arabs, especially regarding the definition of the term ‘evil.’ Only American Protestant Christians and Hindu Indians accept that the acts of Arab hijackers of 9/11 be described as ‘evil acts,’ while Catholic clergy would not prefer to use the term ‘evil’ against Wahhabi Sunni Arabs, who Catholics respect as fellow monotheists.


(2) For Papacy the 9/11 Not an Act of Evil

Can the despicable acts of Arab Wahhabi Sunni hijackers of 9/11 called ‘Evil Acts’ with its full Biblical significance. Catholic would rather condemn a Protestant as an evildoer than call a fellow fundamentalist Wahhabi Arab an evildoer. To an ardent Catholic theologian a protestant is more likely to be condemned as an evildoer than the fellow fundamentalist Wahhabi Sunni militant. Even today Catholic scriptures describe Protestant Christianity and Reformation as heresy and Sunni Muslim religion as bona fide monotheist religion. Catholic Inquisition has burnt on stakes many Protestants but never a Sunni Muslim.


If Protestant Bush forces Pope John Paul II to choose between anti-women Wahhabi Arab fundamentalists and pro-women, pro-Abortion, pro-choice Protestants, then most likely Vatican would choose the side of Wahhabi fundamentalists and vehemently oppose the Protestants-led Crusades against Wahhabi Sunni Arab Muslims. To a devout Catholic a Protestant Christian is more likely to be an evildoer, than fundamentalist Wahhabi Sunni Arab. It is very likely that Anthrax attack on Protestant America conspired and implemented by white Catholic terrorists not Muslim terrorists.


(3) For Protestants the 9/11 is act of Evil

President Bush has inadvertently opened the long-simmering Neo-Counter Reformation Wars in the New World. Only Hindus accept protestant Bush’s characterization of Wahhabi hijackers acts as evil acts, with its full religious connotations. In the War of Religions, Catholic Christians would join the side of Wahhabi Sunni Muslims and fight against heretic Protestant Christians. The Protestant War on Islamic terrorism may turn into Neo-Counter Reformation Wars. However, Hindus and Buddhist civilizations would join the Clash of civilizations on the side of white Protestant Christian civilization. Protestants and Hindus say yes, without doubt. Catholics and Sunni Muslims, say no way, as the evil can only describe the acts on followers of non-monotheist religions.


(4) For Mecca the 9/11 is Holy Act

To Muslims the acts of Arab hijackers of 9/11, was honorable good act worthy of universal respect, martyrdom and sainthood. Muslims responded to the speech of President Bush, arguing that the 9/11 attacks were the consequence of the American sin. Did President Bush, who immediately called the 9/11 acts evil, suffer from a simple and demonic view of evil, one encouraged by watching ‘old westerns.’


(5) Buzzwords: Evil or Regime Change

Consider the power of the word ‘evil,’ fast edging out ‘regime change’ as the diplomatic buzzword of the year 2002. The word ‘evil’ can stop objection to preemptive strikes cold; it can taint as coward those accused of failing to grasp the identity of ‘evil nations.’ “We (USA) refuse to ignore or appease aggression and brutality of evil men,” said president George W. Bush. How can anyone disagree with that?


(6) 21st Century Counter Reformation War

However, Catholic clergy refuse to accept Protestant Bush’s characterization of 9/11 as evil acts, because Catholic clergy would like to limit the usage of the term ‘evil’ to Biblical definition. In the wars of Monotheism Vs. Paganism fundamentalist Vatican considers Wahhabi fundamentalists comrade-in-arms. Catholics would call Protestant Christianity an evil sect, rather than fellow fundamentalist Wahhabi Sunni Arab the evil people. Catholics would not permit Protestants use the emotive term ‘evil’ to justify Protestant Crusades against Wahhabi Islamism. It should not be forgotten that after Third Crusades, the Catholic Pope organized Catholic Crusaders to attack and capture Orthodox Christian capital Byzantine. President Bush’s war on Islamic terrorism and use of tem ‘evil acts’ to describe the terrorist acts, reopened the wounds of ‘Counter Reformation Wars.’ The President Bush’s war on Islamic terrorism may result in to Neo-Counter Reformation Wars of 21st Century, where Catholic Religious right Conservatism may align with Wahhabi fundamentalism to protect Wahhabi Arabs against Protestant retaliation for 9/11 attacks. In the America’s war on Wahhabi terrorism, Vatican is indirectly on the side of Arab fundamentalists.


(7) USA Rejects Jewish Concept of Evil

But what exactly does United States mean by ‘evil’? President Bush, a born-again Christian, has borrowed his conception of good and bad from the Bible. Many Protestant Americans reject the definition of ‘evil’ implied by the Jewish Old Testament and Christian New Testament, because Old Testament accept as good things many Americans now view with horror: genocide. Old Testament glorifies for example the Israelites’ slaughter of Amalekites, and prophet Joshua’s massacre of the Goddess-worshippers. Catholic scriptures glorifies the murder and rape of more than 9 million men and women as witches during Catholic Inquisition, and the massacre of more than 90 million Red Indians, Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. Koran glorifies the massacre of Egyptians and Syrians, the leading civilization of the world, for more than 10,000 years. Jew’s Torah, Muslim’s Koran and Catholic Synods have historically glorified, many acts of genocide and massacre as good things and acts that greatly please their God.


Judeo Communists, Marxists and Catholic scholars justify the mass murders of more than 30 million Orthodox Russians by Bolshevik Jew Spymaster L.P. Beria, and Georgian cannibal Joseph Stalin, as well as the genocide of 2 million Buddhists in Cambodia and Laos, as necessary collateral damage. Catholics justify the massacre of 2 million pagan Ugandans during Idi Amin’s regime by Catholic Tutsi soldiers.


(8) Problem of Evil is fundamental question

The problem of evil will be the fundamental question of postwar intellectual life in Europe, said Hannah Arendt in 1945. Despite the horrors of the 20th century, including the Gulag, massacre of 30 million Russians by Bolshevik L.P. Beria, massacre of 60 million Buddhists by cannibal by Christian Marxist Mao Zedong, massacre of 2 million Buddhists by Catholic Pol Pot, massacre of 2 million pagan Ugandans by Christian Tutsis, massacre of 400,000 Armenians by pro-West Turks, executions of native Indians by Judeo-Marxists and pro-West Christians in Guatemala during 1970s and 80s, massacre of Kurds by Iraq and Turkey, rape of Afghanistan by Arab Wahhabi Taliban, the problem of ‘evil’ began to seem somewhat quaint and unimportant. It is as if the language of evil has been dropped from contemporary moral and ethical discourse.


(9) Evil signals the Moral absolute

In fact, when the world evil was used by President Bush to describe the terrorist attacks, it was partly because it was an anachronistic term, pre-modern in its force. George W. Bush seemed deliberately to seek an antique religious aura, asserting the existence of moral absolutes in an era that doubted the existence of moral absolutes. The concept of evil is not simple. The concept of evil is so important that much of the Western philosophy is an attempt to comprehend the concept of evil.


(10) Theodicity rejects god created evil world

Philosopher Leibniz in 17th century invented the term ‘theodicy’ to describe his defense of God accused of creating an evil world. The word theodicy later came to mean an attempt to account for evil itself. Leibniz argued that we really live in the best of all possible worlds. Bad things seem to happen to good people because we lack God’s omniscience. In the 18th century, philosopher Rousseau replaced theology with history, by suggesting that evil and suffering were the results not of original sin but of error and misguided civilization. Philosopher Hegel turned history into theodicy by explaining all suffering and evil as unavoidable elements of evolutionary process. Karl Marx responded with an economic theodicy- an account of societies and their evils – complete with prescriptions for healing suffering. Freud turned inward, tracing evil and suffering to thwarted infantile desires and to civilization’s inevitable discontents. These varied theodices tried to account for evil, to make it comprehensible, at times even to dismiss it. By the first part of the 20th century, ‘moral evil,’ like ‘natural evil’ before it, had come to seem almost a banal idea, little more than another element of the natural world or a reflection of psychology or economics. The problem of evil began by trying to penetrate God’s intentions. Now it appears that we cannot make sense of our own.


(11) Moral Evil or Natural Evil is Banal Idea

In the pre-modern era, evil referred as much to natural catastrophes as to willful acts. People apply the concept of ‘evil’ after all, when we cannot make the sense of a horrific event. Evil is not just an ethical violation; it is an epistemological violation; it disrupts and challenges our interpretations of the world. One of the tasks of philosophy and religion was to interpret such cataclysms. So human suffering in Bible became a result of original sin. Prophet Joshua, Prophet Moses and Prophet Mohammed explained the defeat and resulting genocide and enslavement of the defeated peoples and nations as justified retribution of the God. However, the writings of Kant, Rousseau and Voltaire on the 1755 earthquake in Lisbon, seemed to alter Christian prevailing views of evil, natural evil and moral evil. By the first part of the 20th century, ‘moral evil’ like ‘natural evil’ before it, had come to seem almost a banal idea, little more than another element of the natural world.


(12) To Pope 9/11 Validates Apocalypse

Catholics have shunned Protestant president Bush’s characterization of 9/11 as evil, because it contradicts Vatican’s belief in Fatima’s prophecy and papal apocalyptic teleology. Catholics refuse to condemn Arab Wahhabi Sunni terrorists as representative of Evil, fearing it would jeopardize growing theological alliance of Catholic Religious Right Conservatives with Arab Wahhabi fundamentalism. Protestants condemned the Wahhabi Sunni perpetrators of the 9/11 as Evil, and Vatican responding by holding high-level meetings with leaders of Wahhabi Sunni religious leaders at the Vatican, to warn that protestant responses to 9/11 attacks must not escalate into Christian Crusades against Islam. Catholic leadership refuses to characterize the acts of Wahhabi Arab hijackers as ‘evil acts,’ fearing Muslims would interpret it, as condemnation of Wahhabi Islamism as ‘evil.’ Pope John Paul II’s would never agree that 9/11 act was an evil acts committed by Wahhabi Sunni Muslims, as suggested by Protestant leadership, because Vatican engaged in formalizing alliance with Wahhabi militants to bring about apocalyptic End of Time to the non-Catholic and non-Sunni worlds. Catholics seem to accept the Wahhabi assertion that 9/11 attacks were the consequences of American sin or albeit Israeli sin. No amount of diplomatic camouflage would hide the growing Protestant-Catholic rift, arising out of Protestant attempt to condemn 9/11 attacks as acts of evil Islamism. During Counter Reformation Wars Papacy condemned Protestant Christianity as evil. However, never in the history Papacy ahs condemned any act of Sunni Muslims as evil. It is very likely that Catholics would desert president Bush, if he continues his wars against terrorism, as war on evil. Catholics fear that if once Protestants allowed to condemn Wahhabi Sunni acts as evil acts then Protestants may some day use this term ‘evil’ to condemn other numerous evil acts of the Catholic Church. It was no accident that a select group of Catholic anti-abortion group explained the horrors of 9/11, by means of ‘Crude forms of Theodicy,’ as justifiable consequences of the American sin of allowing abortion rights.


(13) Wahhabi conscious of Wickedness

Wahhabi Osama bin Laden fully conscious of his wickedness, not deluded by his belief that he was doing good, justified by Koranic justification of Jihad and massacre of unbelievers. If we accept that Arab Wahhabi hijackers were deluded by wrongful readings of Koranic prescription of Jihad, then we would have to exonerate them. If we don’t believe in ordinary, knowing wickedness, then we can’t condemn Christian Adolf Hitler, Bolshevik Jew L.P. Beria, Christian Pol Pot, Sunni Idi Amin, and Christian Mao Zedong for anything more than well-meaning ideological mistakes or Osama bin Laden for anything more than a well-meaning religious mistakes.


(14) Oppose Evil if you see Evil Man

The key term here is ‘well-meaning.’ We will fail at our duty to oppose evil if we see evil individuals, in so kindly a light. But, what if it could be provided that Wahhabi Osama bin Laden did, in fact, mean well as a pious Wahhabi Sunni, and did what Koran expected him to do to further the cause of Islam? Would that make him honorable Wahhabi Sunni Saint, Mufti and Martyr, worthy of respect and emulation by fellow Muslims? Just as the Vatican protects and honors the pedophile Catholic clergy, who have been condemned and prosecuted by secular American courts, similarly Mecca’s Wahhabi Muftis and Maulanas applaud and protects the name, property and social image of all perpetrators of 9/11 attacks, even when Protestants condemn them as evil, and their act as and an evil act. Mecca’s Wahhabi clergy believes that all 15 Saudi hijackers out of 19 hijackers and Osama bin Laden believed in all their sincerity that when they blew up the world Trade Center and the pentagon, they were acting for the benefit of Muslim Ummah, or thought they were following Allah’s orders. Arab Wahhabi clergy accept that Osama bin Laden and 19 Wahhabi hijackers were well meaning and their intentions were pious and noble, even when their acts violated the norms of the civilized Christian society.


(15) Wahhabi Sect good or evil

What is Sunni Wahhabi sect? Within a century after the death of Prophet Mohammed the Bedouin Arab clans of Mecca and Medina lost all privileges they had previously enjoyed during Mecca Caliphate, when Baghdad Caliphate replaced Damascus Caliphate. The purpose of Wahhabi sect is to use the financial power of the OPEC nations as well as its control over Islamic holy cities of Mecca & Medina, to allow Saudi Wahhabi clergy usurp the religious leadership of in Egypt, India, and Pakistan, even when Wahhabi sect followed by only less than 2 percent Muslims of the world. Wahhabi Arabs waging wars of Islamic religious sects over far more numerous Islamic sects in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Egypt and Nigeria. The majority of the Sunni Muslims in the world follow the Islamic mystic sect known as Sufism, and the number varies from 50 to 60% of the Muslim population in South Asia and Southeast Asia. More than 500 million Muslims follow Sufism and Islamic mysticism. Should military representatives of Muslim mystics and Sufis exercise the right of pre-emptive strikes to occupy Muslim holy cities of Mecca & Medina to expel terrorist Wahhabi sect from Arabian Peninsula? To the pious Sufi Muslim mystics, barbarian Bedouin Wahhabi Arabs represents evil. Majority of the Muslims of the world willing to cooperate with Protestant United States to reorganize Mecca & Medina into International Islamic cities, jointly governed by religious leaders of all leading Islamic sects. Vast majority of the Muslim clergy and Muslim common men and women believes that Saudi nomad Wahhabi militants represent evil and must be suppressed by force to allow moderate civilized Islam prosper. Moderate civilized Muslims from all over the world ready, willing and capable of taking arms to defeat death blow to Arab Wahhabi fundamentalism. Ask any Afghan and he and she wants to hand all Wahhabi terrorists. Wahhabi fundamentalism living on borrowed time and they dug the grave of their minority sect by their brazen attack on Protestant super power of the world on 9/11. The reactions of 9/11 attacks could bring about the prophesy in Koran that Islam might end in the 15th century Hijra, the very forecast that emboldened a Saudi religious sect occupy the Grand Mosque of Mecca on the first day of 1500 Hijra in 1979.


(16) USA-India is Axis of Good

Protestant President Bush should not worry about the opposition of the Muslim nations as well as opposition of the Catholic nations, as neither Catholic nations nor Muslim nations possess any significant economic and military power in the world. Future of the world and the outcome of the war on Islamic terrorism and Islamic WMDs would be determined by the leaders of the Protestant world, Buddhist world and Hindu world. English-speaking Protestant world, namely United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and English-speaking Hindu India should deploy military forces worldwide to dismantle global networks developed by the Axis of Evil. The alliance of English-speaking United States and the Commonwealth of Nations overwhelmingly favored to win the Third World War. The emerging geo-political strategic alliance between Washington and New Delhi represents the Axis of Good in the world. British Empire made by Indian soldiers and India’s support to the Protestant United States makes USA-India Axis of Good the Hegemon of the world, and it would be good for the world civilization.


(17) Beyond Good & Evil of Zarathustra

“Many lands and many peoples did Zarathustra see, thus he discovered the goods and evils of many peoples. No greater force did Zarathustra find on earth, than the idea of good and idea of evil. No people can live unless they have values, but if it wants to preserve itself, it must not have the same values as its neighbor. Many things that one people call good another call ridiculous and shameful. Many things Zarathustra found, which in one place condemned as evil, was in another place honored with purple colors as virtue. Truly-men gave themselves all what they call good and evil. Truly they did not take the things good, evil, they did not find it, and it did not drop on them as a voice from the heavens. Things had no value until man put them there for his self-preservation. Man created an aim, a meaning for things, a human aim and meaning. That is why he calls himself ‘man,’ that is, ‘value-giver.’ To give value is to create. Note it, you creators: the man. Value giving is itself is the most valuable and precious jewel of all things that has value. Values are the result of value giving. Without the act of value giving, the nutshell of existence will be hollow. Note it, the man, the creator. The transformation of values means transformation of creators. Whoever of necessity creates, of necessity destroys. It is lovers and creators, who create good and evil. Burning love and burning anger radiate from the names of all the virtues. Zarathustra saw many lands and many peoples; he found no force on earth greater than the creations designated ‘good’ and ‘evil’- the creations of love.”


Prophet Zoroaster was the greatest Prophet of Occidental Religions. As a philosopher Prophet Zoroaster was greater than Prophet Moses, Prophet Mohammed and Prophet Jesus as he represented the civilization of Persia, the greatest civilization of all times. The religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity have borrowed extensively from the “Zend Avestha” the sacred scripture of Zoroastrians. Only if Occidental Religions could return to the very root of their religions in Zend Avestha and learn the wisdom of Zoroaster, that the apocalyptical teleological End of Time for Islam and Catholic Christianity would be averted. The wisdom of Prophet Zoroaster can avert the looming Clash of Civilizations and War of World Religions and Global Clash of Races. Let us all pray that the wisdom of Zoroaster, Father Prophet of Occidental Religions, gets transmitted to the present believers of Occidental Religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.


16(9) Bush’s Neo-Conservatism

(1) Sharp Rhetoric defeats Rotten Regimes

Neo-Conservatism advocates the use of sharp rhetorics to mobilize the nation to support the turning points in the foreign policy. President Bush declared that America was in a showdown with Islamic terrorist evildoers. President Reagan’s sharp rhetoric of 1983 that Soviet Union is an Evil Empire, helped in the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991. Sharp rhetorics make the foreign policy case loudly, cogently and persistently. Sharp rehetorics summons the people to meet the foreign policy challenges. The Neo-Conservatives (NeoCons finally found their president in George W. Bush, who after Sept 11, 2001 decided to make the case loudly, cogently and persistently, to summon the American people to meet the challenges of global leadership, by arguing that America was in a showdown with Islamic terrorist “evildoers” led by Osama bin Laden as well as the “evildoers of the Axis of Evil that included Iraq, Iran and North Korea.


(2) Soviet Union an Evil Empire declined

The diplomatic lesson of the 1980s is that under certain circumstances, sharp rhetoric, and a big military, and just as important, a willingness to talk and negotiate with the adversary could succeed in peacefully brining down a rotten regime, the regime of the Soviet Union. President Reagan used the “evil” word, the Evil Empire, and ushered in a new era of American foreign policy making. During Reagan Administration, America undertook little direct military action, and none against the Soviet Union. Twenty years ago, speaking to the national Association of Evangelicals on March 8, 1983 the 40th president Ronald Reagan denounced the Soviet Union as the “evil empire.” The Christian pro-Papacy audience loved it, of course, but critics loathed it. To the secular audience, it was the worst presidential speech in American history. The fear was that Reagan’s seemingly apocalyptic rhetoric, plus his Pentagon buildup, was taking the world toward war. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved the hands of its nuclear doomsday clock to just three minutes to midnight, the most ominous time since 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. The purpose of the apocalyptic rhetoric “Evil Empire” was to mobilize the Catholic assets in the Eastern Block to bring about the Doom of the Communism in the Eastern Bloc. The Ronald Reagan the Gipper’s moral clarity had done the trick. It showed that the American people could be summoned to meet the challenges of the global leadership if statesmen make the case loudly and clearly, with moral and strategic clarity.


(3) Apocalyptic Rehetoric & Religious Assets

Though the apocalyptic rhetoric and mobilization of religious assets brought down the Evil Empire, because it had become the Rotten Empire. Evil Soviet Union would have survived the Reagan-Bush onslaught had it not become a Rotten Empire. The CIA staged the Military Coup as the backlash of the Soviet communist conservatives, which motivated patriotic Boris Yeltsin to break up the Soviet Union to maintain the white Slav Russian monopoly over power in Russian Federation. But then something happened that few had foreseen, during the President Bush’s 41st Administration (1989-1993). The Berlin Wall fell, peacefully in 1989 and two years later in 1991, the Soviet Union the Evil Empire itself imploded, without America firing a shot. Indeed, starting in 1985, Reagan decided that he could work with the new Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev and Foreign Minister Eduard Sheverdnadze. President Reagan had exploited the polish Pope to unite the resources of Polish Roman Catholic Church and Church in other east European Catholic countries to unite the resources of the Church and the CIA to bring down the Communist regimes. This end game was perfectly executed by President Bush, the former Director of the CIA. One may even argue that even Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev (March 1985-August 1991), and Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Sheverdnadze could pass as the CIA agents.  


(4) Idea of Sticks & Carrots to Adversaries

The Right-Wing Reaganites took away only part of the Reagan’s common sense. They embraced Reagan’s idea of sticks, but neglected the point about carrots and bribes to the adversaries. The Christian Religious Right giddy ideologues, drunk on their own triumphalism, spoke grandiosely of the “American Sole Super Power Status” in the post Cold War, as if the collapse of one noxious ideology of Communism and the demise of the rotten economy of the Soviet Union, was going to cause every nation in the world to want to be just like Americans and accept the unquestioned hegemony of the United States. Well India and China want to be the neighborhood bully like the United States. Well India and China may also like to carve out Oil colonies following the footsteps of the American Big Oil Colonialism in Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


(5) Pope drunk on his own Triumphalism

American Neo-conservatism, these American new ideologues are very much different from traditional conservatives, hence the term, ‘Neo-conservatism.” Republican Neo-Conservatives had the word “neo” on their brain when they searched the globe looking for enemies, in the post Cold War age, that would bring back to them the thrill of past wars, hot and cold. These giddy ideologues, drunk on their own triumphalism, spoke grandiosely of the ‘End of the Time,” “End of the History,” “End of the Ideology,” “End of the Communism” as if the New Millennium would herald the demise of all other non-Catholic world religions like the demise of the Soviet Union, and even Pope John Paul II declared it to be the goal of the Catholic Church in the Third Christian Millennium in the 1999 Synod of Bishops in New Delhi.


(6) Clinton chased Secularism out of Islam

The neo-Reaganesque rhetoric employed by President Clinton and Secretary Albright sought to chase the secular, liberal devils out of the Islamic world. And the foreigners didn’t want to be like America. Well then, Neo-Conservatives, the new right-wing thinking held that America should force them to be free. The Neo-Conservatives, promoted the Neo-Reaganite Foreign Policy and they praised Ronald Reagan for his pro-Papacy, pro-Christian moral clarity and demanded the end of the tepid spirit of the President Clinton’s Administration. The NeoCons wanted enemies to smite, and wanted struggle and wars for the sake of struggle and wars. NeoCons devised a plan to turn up the neo-Reaganesque rhetorical volume to high pitch to mobilize peace-loving Americans, who simply wanted to be left in peace, to join the war bandwagon. The neo-Reaganesque rhetoric employed by President Clinton sought to chase the secular, liberal devils out of the Islamic world, to impose the rule of Wahhabi fundamentalists throughout the Islamic world.  


(7) Bush’s America at war on Evildoers

The NeoCons finally found their president in George W. Bush after Sept. 11, 2001, who was seized with the idea that America was in a showdown with “evildoers” – not just Osama bin Laden, but also Iraq, Iran and North Korea, the rest of the “Axis of Evil,” and that all the nations of the world had better get on the board with the United States to establish American Oil colonies or else. Once again, in 2003 like in 1983, many Americans cheered their president, but this time most other countries booed. Bush’s response was to become even more bombastic and exposed naked imperialism of American Oil Colonialism, which eroded the moralistic veneer of the Bush’s war on terrorism. Now President Bush has talked the United States into a corner; and the only way out is war. Which is of course, is what Ronald Reagan avoided, even as he got what he wanted. More than a decade after Ronald Reagan left the Oval Office in 1989, he still has plenty of detractors. But as 43rd President Bush’s Oil Administration prove, the greatest threat to the 40th President Ronald Reagan’s good memory is the crude attempt to duplicate his success, using a lot more rhetoric and a lot less common sense and carrot. The greatest threat of 41st president Bush’s good memory is the crude attempt to plan an invasion not for moral objectives like liberation of Kuwait, but the crude imperial war for Oil Colonialism in Iraq.


(8) Papacy anti-White House anti-Kremlin

The 41st President George Bush (1989-1993) capitalized on the combined resources of Roman Catholic church and the CIA to bring down the Communism the in the Eastern bloc. The 43rd president George Bush (2001-) doesn’t realize that the combined resources of the Roman Catholic Church and the CIA led by Pope John Paul II could be working against United States in the 2003 to bring down the Protestant hegemon to expedite the secession and liberation of the Catholic States from United States. The Vatican conspired to expedite the secession of Catholic Ireland from Britain in 1919, secession of Catholic Slovenia and Croatia from Yugoslavia in 1990’s, and secession of Catholic Czech from Czechoslovakia. Vatican leads the world on America’s war against Iraq. The Catholic Religious right conservative conspiracy value theological alliance with Wahhabi fundamentalism more than the war on terrorism and greed for American oil colonialism. Roman Catholic Church, which cooperated with the CIA to bring down the Communism and the Soviet Union, now joined forces with Germany, France and Belgium to bring down the hegemony of the United States. The political base and international support of pro-oil colonialism American Neo-Conservatives greatly undermined by the opposition of American Catholic religious right conservatism who want to dump Bush’s war on Islamic terrorism to renew the theological pact of Catholic fundamentalism with Wahhabi fundamentalism. Catholic religious right would not jettison its pact with Wahhabi fundamentalism in favor of American oil colonialism. To the religious right the religious interests outweigh the oil colonial interests. America would lose the war on terror as well as the war for American oil colonialism, because its support among Christian religious right conservative conspiracy has greatly weakened because of his war on Islamic terrorism.


16(10) Taming New Axis of Evil

(1) Evil lurching in Iraq

Iraq, Iran and North Korea are parts of the Axis of Evil, said President Bush in 2002. The author offers the explanation that core of the evil in Iraq lies in the domination by Sunni Arab, who represent only 16 percent of the population of predominantly Shiite Iraq. Incidentally the West imposed the dictatorship of Sunni Arabs in Iraq after the overthrow of the Aryan Ottoman Empire


(2) Evil lurching in Iran

The core of evil in Iran lies neither in Shiite Islam nor in Aryan Iran but in the anti-women Islamic fundamentalism, the political precursor of Wahhabi Sunni anti-women fundamentalism. West imposed the dictatorship of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. President Jimmy Carter overthrew Shah of Iran and imposed the theocracy of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. The core of evil in Afghanistan lies in the Wahhabi Taleban fundamentalism. President Bill Clinton and Secretary Madeleine Albright imposed the Taliban/ al Qaeda theocracy over Afghanistan.


(3) Evil lurching in North Korea

The core of evil in North Korea lies in the Judeo-Communism, which denies Buddhists to rule North Korea. The West also destroyed the political power base of Buddhists in North Korea, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Burma, which allowed Judeo-Communists into power in the overwhelmingly predominant Buddhist world in general and Kim Jong II in North Korea. President John F. Kennedy invaded Vietnam not to contain Communism, but to annihilate Buddhism in order to proselytize Indo-China.


(4) Anti-Women Mecca-Vatican Axis

Catholic religious right conservatives and Evangelical religious right conservatives have supported the anti-women Wahhabi Sunni in the Arab world and Ayatollah’s Shiite fundamentalism in Iran, as well as the Judeo-Communism in the Buddhist world. The growing nexus of anti-women Arab Sunni Wahhabi fundamentalism, and anti-women Catholic fundamentalism, and anti-Buddhist Judeo-Communist fundamentalism, and organized crime of Catholic Cocaine & Sunni Heroin cartels, successfully exploiting their control over political campaign donations and vote banks to hijack the political leadership of Protestant WASP United States. The question is whether the Axis of Evil succeeds in hijacking the White House, to destroy its WASP character, just as its predecessor Emperor Theodosius II (d. 395) destroyed eclectic Roman Empire after he became the Emperor of Rome? Would United States meet the fate of Roman Empire of 410 AD, where religious leaders supported the conquering barbarian Germans, and after some decades anointed the barbarian leader as the King of Holy Roman Empire? The WASP’s United States is victim of the ongoing Counter Reformation War.


(5) Six Faces of Axis of Evil

The 20th century revolution in communication, transportation and warfare, which resulted in transforming the planet earth into a ‘Global Village,’ has also exposed the existence of secretive ‘Global Axis of Evil.’ The Six Faces of the Axis of Evil are: (a) Anti-women Religious Fundamentalism, (b) Totalitarian Religious theocracies, (c) Organized Crime & Drug Cartels, (d) Military Coups, (e) Violent Religion backed Terrorism, and (f) Oil & Diamond Cartels. The growing nexus of religious fundamentalism, religious totalitarianism, organized crime, and religion-backed violent terrorism represents the classical invasions of Civilizations by barbarians, and threatens to impose new Global Dark Age on Islamic and Christian worlds in 21st Century. The Wahhabi Mecca, Totalitarian Vatican, Organized Crime, Military Coups, Wahhabi Terrorism, OPEC/DeBeers represents six facets of Axis of Evil in 21st Century.


(6) Sword of Tolerance to Tame Evil Axis

The Global Axis of Evil seeks to forcibly impose barbaric Wahhabi Shariah Law, by replacing the civilized western civil and criminal code, to impose medieval culture, society and customs even on modern and liberal Islamic nations, namely Nigeria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Bosnia, and Albania, even when majority of Muslim men and women hate Wahhabi Shariah laws. The Axis of Evil conspires to force women worldwide into servitude to men, just as Semite patriarchal religions destroyed the matriarchal religions of the Occidental world. The Axis of Evil legitimized the West-inspired military coups to overthrow the democratically elected governments after 1945, in Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Greece, Congo, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, and Colombia just to name the few in Third World. To promote proselytizing of predator religions, the Axis of Evil after 1945, destroyed the monarchies in South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Nepal, Tibet, Greece, Iran, and Afghanistan. The Axis of Evil waging war of religion on the Buddhist world in Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Tibet, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. The Axis of Evil promoting riots and secession throughout multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-linguistic liberal democratic societies, namely Russia, United Kingdom, United States, and India.


16(11) Taming Theocracies

(1) Menace of Proselytising Religions

The predator proselytizing religious cults are the greatest threat to the mankind in the 21st century, and like predator Asian northern snakehead fish would breakout of it confined space and eat its to destroy and conquer other species. Civilizations should undertake decisive counter measures to meet the barbarian menace of the anti-women predator terrorist proselytizing religious sects.


(2) Predator Cults & Predator Fish

Predator Asian northern snakehead fish is a nasty-looking fish with a nasty name and a nastier reputation. The voracious snakeheads eats their way through the pond, then walk on their fins on the land, until they chewed their way into another lake, as it can survive more than two days without water. To treat Asian northern snakeheads humanely means the genocide of other peaceful species of fish. Wildlife officials have determined that snakeheads have to die, which can be done, either by explosives, or electricity or by poisoning. Elimination of predator fish Asian northern snakehead, whether by explosives, or by electricity or by poisoning of the lake, would kill many other fish also, even then it would be more humane then allowing predator Asian northern snakehead fish to let live.


Like predator Asian northern snakehead fish, the Sunni Wahhabi Cult practices by merely 2% Muslims of the world, about 20 million in Arabian Peninsula, is a ‘Predator Religious Sect,’ which civilized Muslim world’s leaders believe determined to conquer the Islamic world, by forcing its way through the Muslim world by anti-women religious fundamentalism and terrorism Islamism, funded by Heroin drug trade and OPEC oil-incomes. The Predator Wahhabi Cult propagated by terrorists throughout Islamic world, has broken out of its native habitat in desert lands of Arabian Peninsula and walking to other secular, moderate civilized Islamic societies, emptying the Islamic nations of much more pleasant, presentable, civilized, liberal and moderate Muslim clergy. United States humanely but mistakenly supports and backs Saudi Arabia the ‘Womb of Terrorism,’ indirectly allowing it to legitimize, promote and propagate Wahhabi fundamentalism worldwide. Predator Wahhabi Cult like its cousin Predator Asian northern snakehead fish, must be destroyed by brute force to stop them from eating their way, emptying it of much more pleasant and presentable sects and species. The terrorism of predator fundamentalist Wahhabi Islamism deserves no mercy, and it must be militarily eradicated worldwide. Predator Religious Cults must be destroyed militarily, before they destroy the peace among religious sects and peace among world religions. Predator Religious Cults promote violent terrorism to browbeat and terrorize into submission the moderate religious leaders and women.


(3) Divide Between Pure and Eclectic:

The global clash of predator proselytizing fundamentalist religious sects versus eclectic religions represents the classical barbarian invasions of civilizations. It necessitates the united Civilizations’ response to the terrorism of the predator religious cults, which threatens the war of religious sects, on world religions. The leaders of the world Civilizations must not give up the option to militarily annihilate the barbarian predator religious terrorism worldwide.


(4) Predator Religions Cause Big Clash

The clash of civilizations caused by the predator religious cults seeking to impose primitive, pure, pristine, non-tolerant faith-based ethics on multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic, multi-racial and multi-national world religions. The Catholic religious conservative conspiracy legitimized by Pope John Paul II seeks to subvert the ongoing process of Reformation of Christianity and seeks to create political divide between tolerant Protestants in WASPs United States, to sow the seeds of secessions of Catholic-majority regions of the United States. Just as Church of Rome spearheaded the Catholic-Protestant riots in Ireland, when Britannia ruled the world, the Vatican supported pro-Life, anti-Abortion movement has subverted the democratic political process in the United States, resulting in the takeover of political bureaucracy of Democratic Party as well as Republican Party by Christian religious right wing conservatives. Just as Catholic Patrick Buchanan hijacked the leadership of the Reform Party, similarly the judicious use of campaign donations and vote banks and political volunteers allowed religious right conservatives hijack the leadership of Democratic Party and Republican Party as well as Southern Baptists Convention. The anti-women Christian movements threaten the wall between the State and the Church in the WASP United States. The Catholic religious right conspiracy intend to destroy the secular character of WASP United States, just what Roman Emperor Theodosius I (d. 395) destroyed the eclectic secular Roman Empire and Roman Civilization. The ongoing Neo-Counter Reformation War threatens to bring down the wall that separates the State & the Church in the United States. The multi-ethnic, multi-religion and multi-cultural civilizations like WASP United States and Hindu India must join forces to develop common Civilizations’ response to the barbarian fundamentalist purist religious cults and sects that threaten to impose the fundamentalist theocracies on the free world. Protestant Christianity and Hinduism are on the same side of the battle lines in the growing divide between the clash of civilizations between forces of eclecticism and fundamentalism.


(5) Democratization of World Religions

Totalitarian theocracy has no place in the modern world in 21st Century. Archaic totalitarian religious institutions, organized on pattern that suited 1500 years ago, must under organizational, theological and managerial changes to meet the requirements of the democracy and freedom, equality of women and men and equality of clergy and laity. In the modern age the common man, laity would directly elect, control and supervise the clergy, including the highest religious leaders and hold them responsible to the public opinion.


Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Jaina, Buddhist, and Zoroastrian religious institutions must be reorganized and general public should direct elect the clergy and religious leaders. The property of religious institutions should not be misused by clergy as their personal property, but managed as the public property owned by the believers and general public.


(6) Democratization of Papacy:

On the orders of King of Italy the Popes of Roman Catholic Church remained the prisoners of the Vatican from 1870 to 1929 AD. In 1950, Dalai Lama of Tibet enjoyed more political and military power, wealth and influence than Pope of the Vatican. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Vatican is a sovereign state, and Pope is technically the King of Vatican, who rules the far-flung empire of Catholic Churches with the help of Prince Cardinals, appointed by the Pontiff. The alleged murder of the Pope John Paul I by Vatican insiders, and the selection of the Bolshevik Bishop of Poland as the Pope, represented the revolutionary radical change in the Catholic Church that nullified the progressive Catholic Christianity enunciated in the Synod of 1965. Just as Bolshevik coup against Mensheviks distorted the Russian Revolution, or Patrick Buchanan’s takeover of the Reform Party distorted the Third Party, the enthronement of non-Italian ex-Bolshevik Pope John Paul II in 1978 represented the revolutionary radical change in the traditional Roman Catholic Church. His long tenure of 24 years, the fifth longest pope’s reign in history, and his appointment of unprecedented number of Cardinals, who would determine the succession and the selection of the new Pope, necessitates the political and organization reform of the Roman Catholic Church.


The political and diplomatic status and role of the Papacy as the head of a sovereign state, “the State of Vatican” should be distinct and separate from its ecclesiastical role as the leader of the Roman Catholic Christianity. As the member of the sovereign fraternity of nations, other sovereign states should have the freedom to declare war on the Vatican if the acts of the Church impinge on their national sovereignty and harms their national interests. Vatican can’t hide behind its shield of a religious Church, if it’s diplomatic and foreign policy harms the national interests of other sovereign members of the Untied States. The Pope as the head of the Vatican States and Bishops and Cardinals as political office bearers should be responsible for any role Catholic Church played in the genocide 2,000,000 Buddhists monks and laymen in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, and the genocide of pagans in Uganda during Idi Amin’s regime.


The totalitarian regime of Vatican, organized on the pattern of totalitarian Roman Empire, is unsuitable for the 21st Century. All officers of the Church, including the offices of Pontiff, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, and the ordinary laymen should directly elect priests for the period of four years.


(7) Decolonizing Roman Catholic Church

Decolonization of Overseas Empire of Catholic Churches is the paramount need of the day. American Catholic churches should be organized on pattern of ‘Nativist Church” or ‘Americanism’ and the Vatican should not have any control over the property, selection and discipline over Catholic churches in America. American Bishops shall be directly elected by the American laymen and shall organize and lead the American Catholic Church and be answerable to the American Catholic laity, who would directly elect them for a period of 5 years. China is within its rights to deny any role to the Vatican over the selection, discipline of the Chinese Catholic clergy and Bishops. Secular socialist India should follow the lead of its socialist brother China and break diplomatic ties with the Vatican and bring Indian Catholic Church under control of Indian clergy, without any interference of the Vatican and Pope. Papal control or influence over Indian and Chinese Catholic church harms the national interests of India and China respectively. The WASPs in the United States believe that the Papal influence and control over American Catholic Church also harms the WASPs civilization’s interests. Pope John Paul II has refused to punish and expel the American pedophile priests, in spite of wide spread protests in the United States. American Catholic Church should seriously consider adopt ‘Americanism’ and reorganize American Church on lines of Nativism, independent of Papacy.


(8) Direct Elections of Clergy Priests Pope

Religious leaders of Protestant Christians, Orthodox Christians, Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jaina and Zoroastrians should be directly elected. The theocratic dictatorships and religious totalitarianism has no place in the democratic 21st Century. All world religions and cults and sects must undergo democratic reorganization to meet the requirements of the 21st century, otherwise politically elected national legislatures must pass necessary legislations to force religious institutions comply with the new needs of the modern age. Archaic, totalitarian religious sects and denominations have no right to exist in the modern age. Democratic politicians have amoral right to force democratization on all religious institutions. State has a moral responsibility to reform the Church in the 21st Century. All property owned by the religious institutions, Churches, Temples, Mosques and Synagogues belong to the society, to be owned and managed by the elected religious representatives of the believers. Neither the property of the Christian Church belongs to the Pope or Bishops, nor the property of Muslim mosques belongs to any Mullah, nor the property of any Hindu temple belongs to any Pujari priest. The clergy and religious leaders cannot be the owners of the religious properties, as all these properties belong to the believers and the society. Theocracy has no place in democracy.


(9) Role of Women in World Religions

Catholic women have fundamental right to be elected as Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Archbishops and Priests. The shaving of the head of the Nuns violates the human rights and represents the slavery of females in the Catholic Church. In the ancient matriarchal world, only female priests controlled the temples. Then male eunuch religious workers joined as assistant priests. Then came the patriarchal revolution when male priests took over and used female religious workers as temple prostitutes. The United Nations Human Rights Commissioner should undertake investigation to find whether the female religious workers Christian Churches, Jaina temples and Buddhist temples forced into servitude and slavery and forced to save their hair against their wishes. The 50% of the properties owned by the Chrisitan churches, Muslim mosques, Hindu temples, Sikh temples, Buddhist temples, Zoroastrian temples and Jewish synagogues worldwide should be set aside to be managed, controlled and operated by female religious workers belonging to these religions, sects and denominations, without any interference of their male counterparts. Women religious workers and leaders have a right of equal opportunity in all religious institutions. The 21st Century would witness a Woman Pope as head of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome, the Woman Grand Mufti of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the Woman head of the Shiite sect in Iran, the Woman President and head of the Southern Baptist Church, as the woman head of leading Hindu sects in India, and as woman head of leading Buddhist sects in India, China, Japan, Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka. No world religion would continue to deny the rights of woman believers to head the religious institutions. The forces of matriarchy are in clash with the archaic forces of patriarchy that seeks to force women into servitude and bondage. The ongoing political clash of anti-women pro-life anti-abortion forces with those of pro-women, pro-choice and pro-women forces represents the ongoing historical battle of pro-patriarchy and pro-matriarchy forces. The goddess is making a surprise comeback in the 21st century throughout the Third World, which may result in the resurgence and return of the ancient goddess religions in Egypt, Persia, Greece, Italy, Peru, Mexico and Sub-Sahara Africa.


16(12) Conclusion





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