Chapter 11

Treason of Rulers Diplomats Presidents

“Global Clash of Races-Diplomacy of Civilizations” © (2006) Kalki Gaur

Throughout history empires ruled colonies by appointing rulers either openly or by deceit by influencing the succession in colonies or rival empires. Many of third world leaders that took power after gaining freedom were former spies of the colonial powers. Traitors succeed in acquiring political power by succumbing to the influence of foreign powers. World is ruled by traitors and enemies of the people. It has been the standard CIA policy to implant into power the puppet leaders by financing their democratic campaigns and by endorsing their military coups. The CIA could achieve by investing only $35 million in Yugoslav elections that the Serbia’s Prime Minister cooperated with the CIA to handover Slobadan Milosevic to he Hague Tribunal. Gen. Suharto of Indonesia, Gen. Zia ul Haq of Pakistan had been loyal puppet rulers. It raises doubt that many of the national leaders, prime ministers and Presidents might have been foreign agents during the freedom struggle days before they were honored as Fathers of Nations or national figures.  It would be instructive to study which of the top world leaders were in fact foreign spies and they served the interests of their foreign masters.


11(1) Traitors of Britain Japan

(i) Diplomat Traitors of India Britain Japan


The 99 percent of incompetent and corrupt diplomats bring bad name and dishonor to the rest 1 percent. Why did Britain after 1945, lost the will to maintain British Empire? Why Indian Diplomats didn’t follow foreign policy of British Indian Empire in Asia and Arabian Gulf? Why did Soviet diplomats allowed Germany to unite without any return favors? The policy of deception allowed Western powers implant traitors in decision-making positions in India, Japan, Canada, and Britain to cause fundamental damages to the future of these nations. The diplomacy of the 21st Century will be similar to the diplomacy of the 18th and 19th century, and totally different from the Cold War diplomacy. Should the rulers in India, Japan, Russia, Britain, summarily dismiss their entire diplomatic cadre, from Foreign secretary to the junior officers and order fresh recruitment of the diplomatic cadre? The permanent cadre of diplomats makes them ideal targets of foreign secret services. New cadre of diplomats would formulate better foreign policy than the incumbents.


16 (1) Diplomats For Sale

Diplomats of many countries including those of major powers and even super powers are often available for sale and vulnerable to bribery and intimidation. Foreign governments, foreign potentates, foreign lobbyists develop cozy relationship with diplomats and upper reaches of the executive branch and bureaucracy and influence foreign policy making by plying diplomats with substantial sums or money, either at the time or after they government service. A culture of corruption pervades the upper reaches of the Ministry of External Affairs and State Departments of most if not all countries, including diplomats of super powers. Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevernadze most probably was a CIA agent as was Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai. Obviously, President General Zia Ul Haq and President Pervez Musharraf were CIA agents, and hence foreign spies that masquerade as Presidents. Perhaps it is unfair to blame diplomats for treason when the President itself had been a foreign spy.


Power-Money Nexus in US Executive Branch

Pro-Saudi Arabia and pro-China bias in the American foreign policy based neither on the geopolitics nor Raison d’etat, but on the bribe-money that Saudi Arabia and Communist China paid to the American decision makers, to Democrats and Republicans alike, during Republican and Democratic administrations. Saudi bribe-money presently targets towards derailing President Bush’s war on Islamic terrorism. It is likely that Saudi bribe money could redirect President Bush’s war against fundamentalist Wahhabi militant Islamic terrorism, towards reestablishing the fundamentalist Islamic government in post-Saddam Iraq. The second phase of the war on Islamic terrorism, may result into the victory of the militant Islamic fundamentalism in post-Saddam Iraq. Would it be a case of US diplomacy of deception designed to conceal US national interest under the camouflage of Wilsonian rhetoric, or policy of Newspeak devised by corrupt diplomats to cover up their links to the foreign benefactor. Pro-Saudi Arabian foreign policy of the Untied States harms the national interests of the United States, and this policy is the product of the substantial bribe money that Saudi Kingdom pumped into American political system, on both sides of the aisle in the Senate and Congress and into the executive branch, Democratic and Republican administrations alike. Hindu and Buddhist civilizations have suffered at the hands of the US State Departments because they failed to match the bribe-giving culture of the Islamic world. Prime minister Benazeer Bhutto of Pakistan is on record to have offered President Bill Clinton many million dollars to meet his rising legal costs during impeachment proceedings. Prime Minister Nawaj Sharief of Pakistan reportedly officially allowed Pakistan’s secret service ISI to use proceeds of the incomes of the Heroin/Opium trade to finance covert operations, including payment to foreign lobbyists.  


United States pro-China tilt could have been influenced by the bribe-money that Communist China routinely pumped into the American political process. Any rational and sensible foreign policy of United States would promoted India as the leader of Asia not China. Hindu India should develop covert operations capability, and learn to bribe foreign diplomats and foreign politicians to promote pro-India foreign policy trend among major world powers. India should learn to beat China in the game of buying foreign influence. Secretary Henry Kissinger’s Kissinger Associates, Inc. has been the beneficiary of substantial consulting fees from government-owned Chinese companies after he left government service, and it helped China secure Most Favored Trading Nation (MFN) status in United States. Chinese lobbyists financed by Chinese government have used campaign contributions to American politicians – Democrats and Republicans alike – to buy political influence and which perhaps resulted in Chinese spies stealing classified nuclear weapon designs from Los Alamos Labs in New Mexico. Since 1945, U.S. politicians, diplomats and lobbyists have enjoyed a cozy relationship with their counterparts on the Saudi side, who reportedly bribed diplomats. Saudi Arabia’s tie with top US diplomats is premised on American diplomats – Democrats and Republicans alike- accommodating the Wahhabi Saudi kingdom’s wishes and in return, being plied with substantial sums of money, either at the time or after they leave government. US politicians, diplomats, flag officers and lobbyists have enjoyed a cozy relationship with their counterparts on the Saudi and Chinese side. The tie is promised on Americans- Democrats and Republicans alike- accommodating the Saudi Kingdom’s and Communist China’s wishes and in return, being plied with substantial sums of money, either at the time or after they leave government service. “The culture of corruption, in other words, pervades the upper reaches of the White House and several departments. Their difference highlights a problem that needs addressing through congressional legislation; ways to prevent undue Saudi and Chinese influence through the spread of their money. The problem of the cozy power-money nexus in the US executive branch, where US officials tap into Saudi funds after they retire from government service, succinctly highlighted by Daniel Pipes. (“Govt. for Sale: Outlaw Saudi payoffs to high U.S. officials,” NY Post, 11/20/02)


Dr. Henry J. Kissinger had a hold over President Nixon Kissinger became Richard Nixon's National Security Adviser in 1969. It was testament to his mastery of political infighting and his increasing hold over the president that, in all but the final year of the Nixon presidency, he ran foreign policy over the head of the Secretary of State, William Rogers. By this policy, he made the world a safer place. He negated the Communist threat in America's back yard, most notably in Chile. Kissinger as National Security Adviser, hogged the media limelight because of his ties to the Jewish-controlled media, and as a result Secretary of State William Rogers became a non-entity in foreign policy making. The de facto down grading of the Office of the Department of State demoralized the American diplomatic services. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser followed in the bureaucratic turf-war the strategy of Dr. Henry Kissinger and ran the Carter’s policy towards China over Secretary of State, to the similar disastrous results.


In United States the spoils system allows every new administration to bring in its staff to top positions in the State Department and it causes the break in the continuity of the foreign policy. When Secretary Henry Kissinger moved out at the end of the Ford administration, he took all foreign policy related papers out of State Department, so that the Carter administration had no clue, about the ongoing foreign policy of the United States as related to China. Carter administration had to start on a clean slate as all relevant documents had been removed from the State Department. At the end of the Clinton administration, the outgoing Secretary of State didn’t inform the Bush administration about the extent of the involvement of the CIA and the State Department with Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network. The revolving chair system of the foreign policy decision makers absolves all policy makers of any consequences of their acts. It appears that only permanent influence in the State Departments of successive administrations had been that of the CIA and the Vatican. The revolving chair system of the State Department makes them vulnerable for the tempting offers Saudi Kingdom and China make, and they agree to accommodate Saudi Kingdom’s and China’s wishes and in return, gets gifts of substantial sums of money, either at the time or after they leave government service. Military dictators like General Pervez Musharraf, General Zia Ul Haq and General Augusto Pinochet got their wishes accommodated by making tempting offers to the concerned officers. Diplomats world over are corrupt and the practice must end as it adversely affect the future of the world, if the evil dictators and evil regimes could win the affection and the support of the world’s greatest military power and greatest democracy by bribing the Diplomats of that power. Just as the CIA bribes the foreign diplomats, foreign potentates and foreign governments bribe US diplomats to earn the favor of the United States and to influence its diplomacy.


16 (2) Treason of Diplomatic Cadre

The problem of corruption we find among United States diplomats that resulted in pro-Saudi Arabia and pro-China policies of the White House became an epidemic in Indian Foreign Service. Perhaps more than 99 percent of Indian diplomats are either foreign spies or on foreign payroll or loyal to some foreign potentate. Concerned thinkers have argued that Indian Foreign Service should call its cadre Chinese Foreign Service, because while on the pay of government of India, the Indian diplomats of the Indian Civil Service and Indian Foreign Service cadre have misused their monopoly over foreign policymaking, to consistently promote the national interests of Communist China, the national interests of Pakistan, and religious interests of the Vatican. Perhaps there may be one or two patriotic diplomats still around in the Indian Foreign Service, but they are definitely not in any decision making position, to be sure. Indian prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and President APJ Abdul Kalam should disband the Indian Foreign Service by a Presidential order and reconstitute the Indian diplomatic cadre from other branches of Indian bureaucracy and academics. It is high time that the governments of India, Japan, Russia, Britain, Germany and Canada should dismiss their entire diplomatic cadre, and clean their foreign ministries of all the diplomats’ horse shit, clean the stables and recruit new diplomats. Since the post-Cold War new order in 21st Century replicates the Raison d’etat and balance of power, the nature of diplomacy would be totally different from that in the bipolar Cold War era, hence any diplomatic experience of the Cold War era would be counter productive. It is high time that the entire diplomatic cadre, from the foreign secretaries to clerks are given pink slips and removed from foreign ministries in the governments of India, Japan, Russia, Canada and Britain. It is true that 99 percent of corrupt and incompetent diplomats bring bad name and dishonor to other 1 percent Diplomats, who are competent and honest.


Whether the Diplomats of many countries betrayed the countries they represent to promote its national interests defined as national power? The author ponders: Why the diplomats of India, Britain and Japan failed to promote their states’ national interests and national power, after the second world war? Why was the task of the British civil service, officially defined as the orderly management of decline, rather than enhance the national power of the Britain? Was it an act of wisdom or treason? Did Indian Foreign Service have similar secret agenda, the orderly management of the decline of great Indian Empire?


Is it possible that one or two nation’s Foreign Service cadre, its entire diplomatic cadre may be working under-cover to harm the national interests of the very nation they are supposed to uphold and promote? Any student of Machiavelli’s “The Prince” knows that the task of the Diplomat is to make diplomatic moves to enhance the national interest of the nation he represents. Hans J. Morgenthau’s Realist Theory states that the purpose of the nation states formulate foreign policies and conduct diplomacy to enhance their national interests. Diplomats are supposed to bribe other diplomats to induce the other diplomat adopt diplomacy that harms the national interest of his government. The isolated cases of diplomat’s treason occur and may result in prosecution if exposed. Is it possible that some foreign organized Church or foreign organized crime syndicates may succeed in infiltrating and thus succeed in buying the loyalties of majority of the diplomat decision makers and enforce silence on others by their control over discipline, rewards, promotions and transfers.


The author suspects that most of the diplomats of Indian Foreign Service are either foreign spies or work for some hidden power, or foreign state or foreign organized religion. Indian Diplomatic cadre has consistently formulated such foreign policy as harms India’s national interests and promoted the national interests of China, Pakistan and the Vatican. One wonders why India refused to become the Permanent Member of the UN Security Council in early 1950s, when Secretary of State John Foster Dulles offered in writing to Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, to transfer the Permanent Seat of China in the Security Council to India? Why did India give Tibet to China, when India could have defeated China in Tibet, while it was fighting Korean War? Why did India give independence to Bhutan? Why did India give Coco islands to Burma? Why did India bring Kashmir issue to United Nations, when Indian troops would have taken over whole of Kashmir? Should Indian Foreign Service (IFS) renamed Chinese Foreign Service, as Indian diplomats while drawing Indian salaries have only promoted the national interests of China? There is no doubt that Pakistan’s diplomats are more patriotic and promote Pakistan’s national interests than their Indian counterparts. Why the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) that attracts the best brains that India produces, manages to formulate disastrous foreign policy for India? Either every Indian diplomat is an idiot or a traitor, otherwise how could every one consistently formulated anti-Indian foreign policy for India? Nobody would call IFS cadre morons, so we should investigate: whether most of the Indian diplomats supplement their meager salaries by working as spies for foreign powers or foreign institutions? Should Indian Foreign Service dismantled as a civil service cadre and new recruitment ordered? How come Indian has failed to produce even a single outstanding diplomat with solid understanding of geopolitics and geostrategic strengths of India and Indian Civilization? Should many of the Indian diplomats, foreign secretaries and foreign ministers prosecuted for high treason for their consistent failure to formulate pro-Indian foreign policy of India after gaining independence? Why did India give up the implementation of the foreign policy of the Indian Empire, as India had inherited the assets and responsibilities of the Indian Empire after 1947?


Great powers, organized Religion and organized Crime have historically bribed and blackmailed to buy the allegiance of the rulers and the diplomats to blackmail these diplomats formulate foreign policies that severely undermine the national interests and national security of the nations they purport to protect and enhance. Diplomats serving the successor sovereign states of the great powers, namely British Empire, Indian Empire, Ottoman Empire, and Imperial Japan have consistently adopted diplomatic postures and foreign policies that greatly undermined and harmed the national interests, geopolitical interests and civilization’s interests of these erstwhile great nations.


16 (3) Declinist Debate

British declinists such as Correlli Barnett and Patrick Huber were vociferous in the declinist debate. It was in 1978 that Barnett referred apocalyptically to the “bleak and even terrifying reality of Britain’s fallen place in the world.” The declinist debate in Britain emphasized on economic structural problem. The real cause of the decline of Britain had been the failure to address the bureaucratic structural problem, which allowed incompetent and less patriotic British civil servants monopolize plum diplomatic assignments and foreign policy decision-making apparatus. The new heads of the governments in India, Britain, Japan, Russia and Canada should undertake drastic over-haul of respective Foreign Service cadre and hire new diplomatic personnel.


Bribing Prime Ministers & Presidents

World powers, throughout history gained influence over other nations by implanting their stooges as the rulers in other nation states, kingdoms or dependencies. United states could engineer the transfer of Slobadan Milosevic to war crime tribunal by investing only $35 million in the earlier elections in Yugoslavia. Almost every elected official is for sale. In United States the donors donate for election campaigns and succeed in buying out presidential pardon, as happened on the last day of Clinton Administration. The Congressional Cox Report alleges that Chinese campaign donations to the Democratic Party and Republican Party may have facilitated the Chinese theft of sensitive nuclear weapon designs from Los Alamos Labs. Non-democratic Communist China exposed the Achilles Heels of the expensive American election process, which make every ambitious politician vulnerable to campaign donations. American Presidents, Senators and Congressmen are no less vulnerable to bribes and campaign donations then their counterparts in India, Russia, Britain, Japan and Canada. Every democratically elected politician is naked during elections. What United States can do to buy political and diplomatic influence by bribing the politicians during elections, other nations do to American politicians? The ever-rising cost of American election campaigns and media blitz makes American politicians more vulnerable to blackmail be donors. American politicians are no saints and Indian politicians are not greater sinners.


It is well known that the dictators that acquire power after foreign-inspired military coup are known-spies of the foreign powers. However could it be that the democratically elected prime ministers and presidents are foreign spies as they depended upon foreign money to secure electoral victory?


Indian Prime Minister Morarji was documented as having been on the payroll of the CIA. It explains: Why Indian Prime Minister allowed Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to die at hands of General Zia Ul Haq, without even threatening war? Why he declared that India would not make Atom Bomb even if Pakistan makes Atom Bomb? Whether Morarji Desai or Indian diplomats were traitors? Soviet President Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev (1985-91) and Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Sheverdnadze formulated such disastrous foreign policies that harmed the national interests of the Soviet Union that one wonders whether Gorbachev and Sheverdnadze or the Soviet diplomats were foreign spies and traitors.


Orderly Management of Decline

The decline of Englishman and British Empire has always troubled military thinkers: Why did British Empire disintegrate? Why did Britain join European Union and scuttled Commonwealth of Nations? Why didn’t Britain transform Commonwealth of Nations into Commonwealth Common Market to rival European Union and NAFTA? Why did Britain give independence to United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Brunei, when no leader of these oil-rich Sheikhdoms wanted or sought independence from Britain? Why did British Diplomats make British Monarch the celebrated Head of the Commonwealth of Nations into a Maid of German Chancellor in European Union? Did foreign spies and foreign Church conspire to defeat Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s defeat in the parliamentary elections? Should Britain reorganize its Diplomatic cadre de novo and order new recruitment for its Foreign Office? Did the departing officers of the British Civil Service, known in India as Indian Civil Service (ICS), planted similar spies as foreign secretaries, joint secretaries and ambassadors, whose task was secretly redefined the orderly management of the decline of the “Indian Empire” after the partition of India? Cabinet Secretary William Armstrong revelation about secret task of the British Civil Service as the orderly management of the decline of Britain is an eye-opener, and points toward the web of high treason that permeated throughout British Civil Service, Indian Civil Service (ICS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS). It is very likely that all Indian Diplomats, members of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) could also be traitors and foreign spies like their counterparts in British diplomatic cadre. Thousands of heads of Indian Diplomats should roll and guillotined if the prosecution turns out the similar evidence that the task of Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and Indian Civil Service (ICS) had been redefined as the orderly management of the decline of Indian Empire, under the influence of some person, foreign power, or foreign agency.


At the time of Britain’s entry into the European Community in the 1970s, William Armstrong, then Cabinet Secretary described the task of the British Civil Service as the orderly management of the decline, (Financial Times, 10/18/2002, p 13, quoted by John Plender, “Britain no longer requires rescuing, john.plender@ft.com)


Since when, the task of Diplomats became the orderly management of decline? Who gave the orders to the British Diplomats that their task is not to enhance the national power of Britain, even when in 1971, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Brunei, were colonial possessions of Britain and there was virtually no demand for independence. The question is whether all British diplomats and foreign secretaries that formulated British policies after the Second World War were traitors or foreign spies, working for some foreign powers, conspiring to expedite the decline of Britain? Why did British diplomats conspire to manage the decline of the British Monarch, the Head of Commonwealth of Nations become the Maid of German Chancellor in European Union? Should all Diplomats and Foreign Secretaries of post-war Britain that conspired the permanent decline of Britain, even when Britain was the head of the Commonwealth, prosecuted for high treason and executed if found guilty? British Civil Service had been a curse on Britain and British Empire. Even if any incumbent prime minister gave orders to redefine the task of British Civil Service as the orderly management of the decline of Britain, that that prime minister or cabinet minister should be put on trial and hanged if he or she is found to have given these orders. Unless the task of British Diplomats redefined as orderly management of decline, approved by legislation of the incumbent Parliament, and singed into law by the Monarch, it should be prosecuted as high treason, and all guilty persons, whether political appointees, elected officials or civil servants, all must face mandatory imprisonment or death penalty.


Indian Foreign Service has historically formulated Indian foreign policy to scuttle India’s national interests and to promote the national interests of its enemies. Why did India give Tibet to China and why didn’t India fight China on Tibet, as China was involved in Korean War and India would have defeated China in Tibet? Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru gave Tibet to China because Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was imprisoned in China after his plane crash at the end of Second World War? Had China released Netaji Bose, he would have become the Prime Minister of India on his arrival. Indian Foreign Service conspired to destroy the Tibetan Buddhism by destroying the rule of Dalai Lama, the sovereign ruler of Tibet, under advise of the Papacy. Indian Foreign Service engineered the independence of Bhutan, gave Coco Islands to Burma, around the time British Foreign Office gave independence to oil-rich United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Brunei. The spies of the same foreign power and the foreign Church betrayed the trust in Britain and India, and they jointly worked to engineer the decline of British Empire and Indian Empire respectively, and so far have escaped the hangmen’s noose, which should be the result of the prosecution for high treason. The goal of the Theory of Geopolitical Realism is to identify such traitor diplomats as harm the national interests and civilizations interests because of their allegiance to hostile foreign powers and hostile foreign Church. The primary purpose of this book, GLOBAL CLASH OF RACES: White Iconoclasts’ War on Brown Yellow Black Idolaters is to create a new intellectual foundation of Indian Foreign Policy and also the new foreign policies of Britain, Canada, Japan, Russia and United States.


16 (4) To Bribe Diplomats or Military Coups?

The author wants to study to find out whether the diplomats working in the respective ministry of external affairs in India, Japan, and Canada formulate their foreign policies to promote their respective national interests, or serve to promote the national interests of some foreign power guided by hidden foreign hand, which has hijacked the bureaucracy.


United States has perfected the art of acquiring influence over foreign countries by engineering the military coup, to teach lesson to erring democratically elected president and prime ministers of the Third World. United States brought into power successive military dictators in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Congo, Indonesia, Chile, Venezuela, to name a few. Similarly former colonial powers and United States perfected the art of promoting political stooges as leaders in various Third World countries. Britain imposed Prime Minister Nehru on India.


16 (5) Bribing Yugoslav Elections

CIA BRIBED YUGOSLAV ELECTIONS: During Yugoslav elections held in the fall of 2000, the CIA used declared slush funds of minimum $35 million to implant Voijislav Kostunica as the President of Yugoslavia and Zoran Djindjic. The Yugoslav elections were more fair and transparent than the presidential Election of Nov. 2000. If the elections of Yugoslavia held after the counting irregularities of Florida in the presidential vote count, then even today Slobadan Milosevic would be the President of Yugoslavia. It is worth noting that in the oncoming Yugoslavia’s Sept. 29, 2002 Elections, the forces and politicians from the old regime of Slobadan Milosevic don’t stand a chance. What tens of billion dollars spent on NATO’s air war on Yugoslavia failed to achieve in Yugoslavia was achieved by the policy of deception and bribe money of $35 million during Yugoslav elections fall 2002. During the NATO’s war on Yugoslavia, The CIA financed the maverick Indian politicians, resulting in the fall of the Government of Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, at that crucial juncture, by one vote. India was preparing for the mid-term poll while war was going on in Yugoslavia. It is for this reason that United States allowed its stooge President General Pervez Musharraf, acquire dictatorial powers, so that the results of the elections in Pakistan may not disturb US-Pakistan Alliance.


The example of the CIA’s role in restructuring Yugoslav politics illustrates the ability of former colonial rulers to implant their stooges as prime ministers and diplomats in India, Japan, Canada and Britain. Just as President Vojislav Kostunica and Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic implanted by the CIA in Yugoslavia, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was implanted by Britain, and Edwina Mountbatten regularly paid for the political expenses of Nehru. Similarly, Gen. Macarthur created a corrupt political system and bureaucratic structure to guarantee that Japanese diplomats would not promote nationalistic expansionist policies. It is possible that the CIA and the Vatican may have implanted certain politicians and bureaucrats into power in Britain and Canada, who would consciously undermine the nationalism and great power status of Britain and Canada respectively. Who sabotaged Canada and Japan’s nuclear weapon’s programs? Why British Prime Minister Harold Wilson gave independence to Trucial States in 1971, the predecessor state of United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar, as rulers of these Sheikhdoms never wanted independence? Why did India not pursue the imperial policy of British Indian Empire?


It is no longer possible to believe in the moral integrity and patriotism of the diplomats and political leaders, as they could have been implanted by foreign secret services. When Soviet President Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev (Oct 1988-Aug 1991) could be suspected of being a CIA spy then every other political leader in the world, could be a spy implanted by foreign secret services. The Cox Report on China’s theft of nuclear weapon designs from Los Alamos Labs raises doubt that successive Administrations allowed China steal sensitive military technology, influenced by Chinese campaign donations. China reportedly spent huge money to secure Most Favored Trading Nation’s (MFN) Status shortly after having fought Vietnam War against United States. Is Dr. Henry Cosigner’s pro-China advocacy partly influenced by the consulting fee he receives from the Chinese companies? When consulting fee could influence Arthur Anderson, formerly one of the top six accounting firms, to approve fraudulent corporate balance sheet, then poorly paid diplomats can be excused if they formulate foreign policy to promote the interests of those who pay them bribes.


The author is of opinion that some foreign agency paid the successive governments and foreign ministry officials in India, Japan, Canada and Britain to stage-manage the foreign policies of these countries, designed to destroy their power potential and made them lose many strategic opportunities. It is high time that the patriotic leadership in these countries should dismiss the entire cadre of diplomats and order new recruitment to reformulate their foreign policies based on the geopolitics of these countries. The author is the world authority in Geo-Politics and can help the prime ministers of India, Japan, Britain and Canada redraft their foreign policies, to undo the harm their incompetent diplomats, foreign ministers did to their countries.


Point to be noted is those democratically elected officials and the salaried diplomats in every country vulnerable to campaign donations and bribes worldwide. It is true now and historically. It is as true to India, China, Russia, Britain, Canada and Japan as it is to United States. Washington’s Lobbyists have perfected the art of influencing the US policies and Senate and Congress legislations by legal contributions. It is wise to caution that United States should not attempt bribing Indian politicians, because India can also bribe American politicians as quid-pro-quo. It is wise for democrat nations to agree not to bribe other democracies, lest the dictatorships and monarchies buy political influence and hijack foreign policymaking of these countries. Saudi Arabia can pump in lots of money in worldwide to influence policies.


16 (6) Disband Indian Foreign Service IFS

After gaining independence India’s Deputy Prime Minister Sardar Patel made a fundamental mistake, allowing the colonial civil service “Indian Civil Service” (ICS) to control the bureaucracy of independent India, resulting in the distortion of the Civilization’s Goals pursued by Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS), the top bureaucracy of independent India. Foreign powers have used the lure of bribes to compromise the integrity and patriotism of Indian diplomatic cadre, the Indian Foreign Service. There are a couple of thousand IFS officials and they monopolize policy formations and they formulate foreign policies to promote the national interests of Communist China. Indian Foreign Service should appropriately be renamed, Chinese Foreign Service. Indian Ministry of External Affairs has consistently promoted the national interests of Communist China and the Vatican. It is high time that new political leadership of India should disband Indian Foreign Service, and merge it with the general bureaucracy, so that diplomats could be recruited from the vast pool of Indian bureaucracy. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had abolished the successors of the Indian Civil Service in Pakistan. Pakistan’s diplomats are more loyal and patriotic and they efficiently promote national interests of Pakistan. Either due to treason or bribes, Indian diplomats historically implemented foreign policy that undermined Indian’s National Interests and promoted the national interests of China. Indian diplomatic cadre should be drastically reorganized. The author has discussed the history of Indian foreign policy to conclude that many if not all diplomats, members of Indian Foreign Service, though highly competent as individuals, serve to promote the national interests of the Vatican and China, and consciously harm the Civilization’s interests of India, Hinduism, Buddhism and overseas Indian community worldwide. Diplomats of Indian Foreign Service, in one word are traitors and foreign spies, and they should all be dismissed and Indian Foreign Service should be disbanded.


16 (7) IFS is Indian Fossil Service

Indian Foreign Service is Indian Fossil Service. It is high time that Indian Foreign Service (IFS) is disbanded and merged into Indian Administrative Services (IAS) cadre. Indian Foreign Service (IFS) India’s diplomatic cadre called ‘Indian Fossil Service” by editor Shekher Gupta should rather be called “Chinese Foreign Service” as Indian diplomats consistently formulated foreign policy to harm India’s national interests and to promote the interests of the foreign potentates. Many of India’s past Foreign Secretaries and Joint Secretaries should face the Special Tribunals for High Treason. Indian Fossil Service acronym IFS service cadre that monopolizes the Indian bureaucracy’s diplomatic cadre, dominated by foreign spies on the pay roll of China, Pakistan and United States. Most of Indian diplomats are traitors and foreign spies and they consistently promoted national interests of foreign powers and harmed the national interests of India. Many of India’s Joint Secretaries, Foreign Secretaries in MEA could be liable for prosecution for high treason as foreign spies and traitors. It is high time that the entire IFS cadre should be disbanded and fresh recruitment ordered. Journalist Shekher Gupta called Indian Foreign Service (IFS) the “Indian Fossil Service” but the appropriate term should have been “Chinese Foreign Service.” Diplomats of IFS cadre on Indian government’s payroll served the national interests of the foreign potentates even at the cost of the Indian national interests. The Indian Foreign Service (IFS) the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the mai-baap sarkar’s most pampered, most underachieving kid and many diplomats of IFS cadre could be foreign spies on payroll of foreign powers. The appropriate name of the IFS is what journalist Shekher Gupta called, Indian Fossil Service. Indian Foreign Service (IFS) is the least modernized, globalised and reformed part of Bharat Sarkar, the Indian Government. The Indian Foreign Service is the most conservative and puritanical, most resistant to change, new ideas and thinking, most zealous and also most successful at protecting its turf, privileges and, even if that one word is such a giveaway, immunity. It is high time that Lokpal should form special prosecution panel to investigate the charges that most if not all diplomats of Indian Foreign Service are foreign spies and traitors that consistently formulated India’s Foreign policies to promote the national interests of foreign powers they were on the payroll of. It is high time that many of the past Foreign Secretaries and Joint Secretaries face the special Tribunals set up to investigate the acts of Treason if any committed by the top diplomats of India in 1950 to 2000 period. The Indian Foreign Service is the one part of the mai-baap sarkar that has the least to speak of by way of achievement except status quo, sitting in policy trenches and bunkers, which have grown deeper by the year. To the credit of IFS, one could say that IFS have never given an inch. The IFS diplomats haven’t taken one from anybody either. The Ministry of External Affairs is also unique in achieving more or less nothing but making its living out of organizing “highly successful” wastage of national resources by the Indian diplomatic missions, who conduct business other than of diplomacy. If the IFS cadre diplomats were all along how smart, intellectually superior and strategically all-conquering our own foreign service has always been, then why Indian foreign policy totally failed in 1950-2000 period.


Just as under the influence of the CIA Pakistan refuses to budge to entreaties by India to develop closer economic and diplomatic ties with India, similarly under the influence of the CIA Indian foreign Service diplomats refused to develop closer economic and diplomatic ties with China even when China wanted to open trade border routes from Sikkim’s Nathula Pass as early as 1997. Ex Foreign Secretary Vajpei acknowledged in his article in Foreign Affairs that India-China couldn’t improve India-China relations earlier, because IFS foolishly refused to normalize relationship with China and increase India-China trade unless China first resolved the border dispute to India’s satisfaction. This is exactly what Pakistan has been doing on Kashmir issue. Just as Pakistan sends saboteurs in Kashmir, India had been doing the same in Tibet. The IFS diplomats did not tell any Indian leaders, and least of all to the fellow-travelers of the MEA press corps, that the idea of opening trade along the Sikkim border was floated by the Chinese as far back as in 1997 and it was our foreign policy establishment that had been stalling it on grounds of security one day, and on the argument that India should settle for nothing short of a formal Chinese acceptance of Sikkim’s accession and not indulge in “sophistry” on the other. Now, with pressure from the political leadership, particularly the prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee mounting to show some movement, The IFS diplomats delivered this lemon in form of the successful China visit and wanted Indians to believe it was such a great achievement of Indian diplomacy.


It had been India’s great misfortune that Home Minister Sardar Patel allowed the continuation of the Indian Civil Service cadre and it allowed the lackeys of the British colonialism ICS cadre to poison the national objectives of the younger generation of the Indian Foreign Service officials. The pro-British pro-Christianity ICS cadre imbibed anti-Indian anti-Hindu and anti-patriotic culture in the Indian Foreign Service that rewarded treason more than patriotism that motivated the IFS young recruits barter patriotism for treason for furthering their professional career. How can you otherwise explain that the best brains India produced and selected by the UPSC selection process produced consistently anti-Indian foreign policy that harmed national interests of India? Since these bright IFS diplomats were not idiots or dumb wits they could only be traitors and on foreign payroll and these should meet the fate of traitors and foreign spies to the maximum punishment permitted by law in India.


Political leadership and Foreign Minister should decide the direction of India’s Foreign Policy and IFS diplomats should implement it professionally. The foreign policy is one area where our much-maligned political class has been a lot more progressive and flexible than the professional policy-makers. The major foreign policy initiatives or shifts of the past decade or so have all come from very determined political leaders who, in each case, have had to defy not just cynicism and bureaucratic stalling but also sabotage.


Stupid IFS diplomats rejected the offer of US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles during 1950s to replace Taiwan’s Veto-holding Permanent Membership of the UN Security Council with India. Stupid IFS diplomats gave independence to Bhutan and transferred Big Coco Islands to Burma. Stupid IFS diplomats failed to promote closer cultural and religious ties with Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Nepal and South Korea to serve their foreign potentate in Vatican. Stupid IFS diplomats gave Tibet to China, and refused to develop closer economic ties with China for four decades. Stupid IFS diplomats supported the military coup that briefly toppled the government of Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. Narasimha Rao was almost done in by his Moscow mission, then loaded with Leninists, into taking a suicidal “this is a lesson for reformers in a hurry” line the day Gorbachev was removed in a coup. Our mission in Moscow was jubilating, presuming that the communists had struck back and the old glory days of the revolution would be back again. But editorials on Rao’s grand statement had not even been written when politics radically more reformist than Gorbachev’s was taking over Moscow and pulling down the statues of revolutionary leaders. Stupid IFS diplomats supported the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990.


Stupid IFS diplomats failed to bargain the war goodies that India deserved to get from victorious Allied Powers for supply 3,500,000 soldiers to the Allied forces During the Second World War. Stupid IFS diplomats failed to secure for India the great power status that world would have accorded to India had India merely asked for it. Narasimha Rao had the intellect and determination to recover and to also succeed in pushing a more affirmative policy towards the US and opening up to Israel. Narasimha Rao faced much stalling and resistance from the same Indian Foreign Service that now wallows in the glory of the new equation with the US, the growing relationship with Israel.


Inder Kumar Gujral dared to be different and he tried to open out to Pakistan but it was then open knowledge in South Block how his initiatives were being sabotaged, to the extent of senior officials not merely leaking information with damaging spin to the media but also reaching out to leaders of the BJP, which was then poised for power, to prevent the “sellout”. Even when he became prime minister, his policy of reaching out to the other neighbors, or the so-called Gujral Doctrine, was openly sneered at and sabotaged.


That Jaswant Singh was able to succeed with his Washington initiative is more a tribute to his own intellect, conviction and persistence than any evidence of winds of change blowing in South Block. The foreign policy establishment’s more ossified worldview became evident even much afterwards in the line on Iraq policy after the War. India’s Iraq policy is hopelessly confused. The IFS diplomats foolishly offered to USA the use of Indian military bases without getting the prior consent and reciprocity from the Pentagon after the Sept. 11 attacks. 


The stupid IFS diplomats failed to take the lead after the bold initiative announced by Prime Minister Vajpayee at the Srinagar. The IFS diplomats tardily moved after the prime minister’s Srinagar initiative, and it is only one example of how unprofessional and incompetent foreign policy-makers are in keeping pace with policy guidelines issued by top politicians.


Of all wings of the government, including the defense forces, the one to have traditionally got the friendliest press is the Ministry of External Affairs. There are two reasons why the Indian Foreign Service is able to keep the media so captive and friendly. The MEA and IFS has been able to win the allegiance of the Indian press and media due to their ability to reward the sycophancy and


The Marxists control the editorial board of many newspapers, determined to promote the interests of China at cost of India. Many owners of the Indian newspapers are controlled by political and foreign interests, which imposed hidden censorship and prohibited patriotic foreign policy writings from getting published in mass circulated newspapers. Many Indian journalists are not trained in foreign policy and International relations and not ready to do any basic research, even cull the wisdom routinely available in the latest issue of Times, Newsweek, Foreign Affairs or articles circulated by the CIA. Indian journalists’ keyhole view of the big, wide world comes from that unique institution called the “briefing” at the MEA. The briefings at the MEA consist of some silly questions dismissed and even sillier questions answers at the MEA spokesman’s office. The more enterprising or the friendlier journalists are accorded the privilege of a briefing by the relevant foreign policy a desk at the MEA. Very easily almost the entire media swallows the line thrown by them by the MEA briefings. Indian journalists are very gullible because many times Editors of Indian newspapers refuse to hire academically qualified opinion makers for their foreign policy reporting.


Academic institutions should provide half of the Ambassador positions. Every diplomat must serve for one year in academic institution after a foreign assignment. There is no institution like Rand Corporation and Brooking Institute in Indian that produce policy papers on foreign policy issues. No diplomats while in the service had the competence or courage to write any book on diplomacy or foreign policy. Perhaps Indian diplomats have no time to read any academic work on diplomacy or foreign policy as they are busy in their cocktail circuit. The Indian Foreign Service does have some very fine minds, and individually, so many Indian diplomats rank among the best in the world and individually, they also have bright ideas, a sense of where the world is headed and how and where India should get on to this train of change. But, institutionally, the Ministry of External Affairs is not merely caught in a time warp, it has also built this formidable immune system that strikes out the moment it is infected with change. At a time when the rest of the world is dismantling border checkpoints, when there is more to-and-fro from academia to diplomacy than ever, our MEA and IFS establishment is unique in curtailing even its own members’ participation in international seminars for fear of contamination.


The academic and intellectual capability of Indian diplomats is deplorable. Nothing short of the complete cleaning of the stables at the MEA and IFS can reform the situation. IFS and MEA has resisted approaches from foreign services of other countries notably Britain to routinely send officers on exchanges even while the defense forces continue sending officers to each other’s premier academic research institutions. At a time when international trade and diplomacy are converging, our Indian Foreign Service officials are fighting over who should represent India at the WTO.


The MEA should handover the responsibility of Passport Offices to the Home Ministry. Many of the Passport officials are on the payroll of the crime syndicates became common knowledge when the file that issued passport for mother of Mafia Don Dawood Ibrahim disappeared from the MEA. The MEA is also unique in running such a huge bureaucracy not merely overseas but all over the country in the form of the regional passport offices, a job that is best left to the Home Ministry. If you want to see the difference between its institutional commitment to the nation’s image and their own privileges and perks, visit any Indian mission overseas and see for yourself the difference in the way the chancery and the ambassador’s residence are maintained.


Indian Foreign Service should be disbanded and merged with the Indian Administrative Services. How come that the retiring foreign secretaries discover so many new ideas of change, join political parties, control the opinion industry on our editorial pages and lecture us on everything we should be doing that these ex-foreign secretaries didn’t do when they were in service leading the Ministry of External Affairs. It is high time that the entire IFS cadre should be transferred to work in the districts and IAS officers should each and every foreign service assignment in MEA and diplomatic missions worldwide. Every one of IFS official should be shunted out of the MEA either to the universities or to the IAS.


16 (8) On Japanese Diplomats

Recently the women Foreign Minister resigned because of the non-cooperation by the vested foreign ministry diplomats, who were unwilling to change the direction of the Japanese foreign policy as desired by the Foreign Minister. Japanese Prime Minister should dismiss all Japanese diplomats and hire new officers, to weed out the vested interests in the Diplomatic cadre.


ARE JAPANESE DIPLOMATS TRAITORS? General Macarthur who wrote the Constitution of Japan, created new Civil Service for Japan, and he designed such a bureaucratic fiefdom in Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as guarantees that all future Japanese Diplomats would work towards accepting the dominance of the United States. Why Japan does not promote Buddhism worldwide? Why Japan does not develop nuclear weapons? Why Japan does not develop military ties with Hindu India and other Buddhist nations? General McArthur created a corrupt democratic political infrastructure for Japan. Is it an accident that both Italy and Japan have parliamentary democracies and are political highly instable. Japanese and Italian governments change very frequently, allowing foreign powers pull strings, through their henchmen and stooges in the Ministry of External Affairs. Japanese diplomats have failed to promote the Civilization’s interests of Mahayana Buddhism, Shintoism and Japan. Recently Japanese people came to this realization that Japanese diplomats could be traitors, when a female Foreign Minister of Japan, resigned charging Japan’s Diplomatic cadre of undermining Japan’s Foreign Policy to maintain their bureaucratic turfs. Foreign agencies could have compromised the loyalty and patriotism of Japanese diplomats. The Emperor should dismiss the Japanese Diplomatic cadre and recruit new diplomats, to promote the national interests and civilization’s interests of Japan, Buddhism, and Shintoism. Japan’s foreign policy needs a total overhaul to prepare Japan for the Third World War and the looming Clash of Races. Japan should develop nuclear weapons and sign defense pact with India. Japan and India should jointly promote the “Organization of Buddhist States.”


16 (9) On Canadian Diplomats

ARE CANADIAN DIPLOMATS TRAITORS? Canada has the landmass bigger than that of the United States, but due to the treason of the Canadian diplomats, Canada has compromised its national security. Canada has no army and boasts of 50,000 troops, a ridiculously low figure of the size of the United States. During early 1950s, Canadian aerospace industry more advance than that of its southern neighbor. It appears that under the influence of Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy, Canada gave up its nuclear option and refused to develop Army. Only traitors would keep conspire to keep national frontiers vulnerable to conquest, even by the police force of New York State. What India is to Pakistan, the United States is to Canada? Nuclear weapons equalized Pakistan and India, similarly development of nuclear weapons would protect Canada from any future invasions from its big brother in the South.


Canadians do not forget that most of the land conquered by the colonialists of the 13 Colonies of the United States, came from lands that technically belonged to Canada. Geographical expansion of United States had been at great cost to Canada. Perhaps foreign agencies and Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy has eaten into the vitals of Canada, making it vulnerable to the conquest by its southern neighbor. It is possible that the secession of French-speaking Quebec might result in the merger of English-speaking Anglo-Canada into the United States. Unless Canadian public elects a new government of Canada, which would reformulate a new foreign policy of Canada, the sovereign state of Canada might become a dominion of the United States before 2050 AD. Why no Canadian diplomat and academics make a forceful plea for Canadian Nuclear arsenal? Canada should buy nuclear missiles from United States, similar to what Britain did, when it bought Trident missiles. Why United States does not share its nuclear weapon and nuclear missile technology with Canada as it does with Britain? The national interests and Civilization’s interests of Irish-predominance United States fundamentally differ from the national interests civilization’s interests of Anglo-Canadians. Patriotic Canadians should organize political campaigns demanding development of credible deterrent of Canadian nuclear weapons and deployment of delivery system. India and Canada would be on the same side of the battle-lines in the Clash of Races because of the common English language and similar political and legal system. India and Canada should sign joint Defense Pact, and work towards Commonwealth Common Market and Commonwealth Defense Pact.


16 (10) On Russian Diplomats

TRAITORS OF THE SOVIET UNION: It is likely that Soviet President Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev (march 1985-August 1991), was a CIA agent and worked towards the disintegration of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze may also be a foreign spy. It explains why patriotic Russian president Boris Yeltsin (June 1991-Dec. 1999), decided to break-up Soviet Union, fearing that any delay would cause the break-up of the Russian Federation itself. The treason of President Gorbachev and Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze represented the vulnerability of politicians facing democratic elections. President Putin plans complete overhaul of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze had compromised Soviet security, when he committed to reduce the deployment of Soviet troops in southern part of the Soviet Union. The example of Eduard Shevardnadze should be an eye-opener to all leaders of the world. They should screen foreign policy making to guard against foreign spies making important foreign policy decisions.


The CIA pumped in $35 million in Yugoslav elections and secured for Vojislav Kostunica the presidency of Yugoslavia and made Zoran Djindjic the prime minister of Serbia. Similarly, Western support to Mikhail Gorbachev made him what he became. When the CIA could succeed in compromising the loyalty of Soviet President Gorbachev and Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze, it is likely that the loyalty and patriotism of Indian, Japanese and Canadian diplomats could be similarly compromised. Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai was known to be a CIA spy for long.


Democratic powers should refrain from pumping illegal funds in foreign election campaigns. There is an old saying that those who live in glass houses do not throw stones at windows of their neighbors. Nothing can stop neighbors from stoning your glass house. It would be suicidal for the democracy if the CIA continues to bribe foreign election campaigns, because foreigners can also buy political influence by bribing election campaign donations in USA. China and Vatican has perfected the art of buying political influence by campaign contributions. Just as CIA could buy the allegiance of top politicians, similarly it is possible that foreign nations, or Christian Religious Right conspiracy could have bought the loyalty of various institutions in the United States. What CIA could do to buy political influence by financing foreign political campaigns, the foreigners can also do the same in the United States. An injection of foreign fund, say $200 million can significantly affect the outcome of the presidential elections in United States. Foreign interests, namely, Vatican and Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy may determine the outcome of presidential elections in United States, by manipulating their vote banks and their ability to raise campaign donations, legal as well as illegal contributions. The pro-OPEC tilt in the White House and the President Clinton’s support for Palestine State attributed to the increased Arab campaign donations. China, India, and even drug cartels can buy political influence by manipulating their campaign donations, just as easily that the CIA can do during elections in India, Yugoslavia and Russia.


16 (11) On British Diplomats

At the time of Britain’s entry into the European Community in the 1970s, William Armstrong, then Cabinet Secretary described the task of the British Civil Service as the orderly management of the decline, (Financial Times, 10/18/2002, p 13, quoted by John Plender, “Britain no longer requires rescuing, john.plender@ft.com)


TREASON OF BRITISH DIPLOMATS: Why has British power declined so precipitously after the Second World War? Why Britain refused to consolidate the Commonwealth into “Commonwealth Common Market” and “Commonwealth Defense Pact?” Why did Britain give independence to Trucial States, the predecessor to United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Qatar? Was British Prime Minister Harold Wilson so stupid or a traitor? Had Britain retained control over Trucial States, and exploited the oil-wealth of UAE, Bahrain and Qatar, it could have become Super Power? Did the CIA bribe British Prime Minister and British diplomats to arrange the decolonization of Trucial States, so that United States could move in? The Trucial states, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar would have been happier under British colonial rule, and perhaps it would have promoted democratic traditions in the Arabian Gulf region. Why did Britain surrender its historic ties with Canada, Australia and New Zealand, allowing United States replace Britain as the dominant power and dominant trading partner. It is possible the internationalists, those who opposed the glory of nationalist Anglican British Empire, retained by hostile Vatican or United States, to weaken the resolve and self-esteem of Britain. Internationalist Catholics in Britain, opposed to Imperial England may have joined forces with these foreign agents to weaken the resolve of the pro-Empire Anglicans; to support Irish Catholic dominated United States.


Indians feel great pain, when they see British Monarch serve under German Chancellor in the European Union, while she destroyed the Commonwealth’s potential. Indians have hard time believing that these weakling English had ruled India for 200 years. Perhaps only when England–born Indian becomes the prime minister of Britain, that the Britain would be able to recreate British Empire and stop being weakling power humbly serving the Yankee grandmaster. Sometime the author wonders if he had married Princess Diana, and then he could have won the parliamentary elections and become the prime minister of Britain with Princess Diana as his first lady. Indian soldiers created British Empire and Delhi paid for the salaries of the 80,000 English soldiers worldwide. English now realizes that without the power of Indians behind them, Britain would continue to remain a second-rate power in the world.


16 (12) On Turkish Diplomats

DIPLOMAT TRAITORS OF TURKEY: Kamal Pasha Ataturk was a British spy hired to destroy the imperial heritage of Ottoman Empire. It was high treason that Turkish diplomats gave up their influence over Saudi Arabia and other parts of Arabian Peninsula. British Indian Empire drummed up anti-Muslim leadership of Turkey, just as they drummed up the support to anti-Hindu Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of independent India.


Kemalist policies and Turkey’s secular laws and emancipation of women, would be ideal anti-dote to the evil Wahhabi fundamentalism in Saudi Arabia. After joining NATO Turkey should takeover of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and impose secular Turkish laws over Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have never existed in history, and are artificial creation. The land and resources of Arabian Peninsula had been parts of either Egyptian Empire, or Persian Empire or Ottoman Empire. Turkey enjoys a historical right to the lands and resources of Arabian Peninsula. Turkey had been and should again become the custodian of Mecca & Medina. United States should allow one of its allies, either Turkey or Pakistan takeover Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq and impose modern secular Turkish laws over Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.


16 (13) Spy Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti

The seven-time Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti is the classic example that a Prime Minister of a major power could be working for organized crime and organized Church. Can there be greater shame on Italy and on Italians descendents of the Great Roman Civilization that they elected a foreign spy and Mafiosi as the seven-time Prime Minister of post war Italy? Giulio Andreotti makes Mussolini look like anointed Saint.


Italy’s seven-time Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti was a foreign spy working for the foreign sovereign state of Vatican and organized crime. It is an eye-opener for the democracies of the world, as its exposes the Achilles Heels of the election campaign dependent parliamentary democracies, where funds could buy out the allegiance of the members of parliament to bring down the governments of prime ministers, as parliamentary system depends on the continued majority of the MPs in the Parliament.


Giulio Andreotti the seven times Prime Minister of Italy, believed to be the Sicilian Mafia's main protector in Rome and the front-man of the Roman Catholic Church. Mr. Andreotti was the power broker of the Christian Democratic Party, which governed Italy for almost 50 years.


Theocracy is the mortal enemy of democracy. Totalitarian religions seek to undermine democracy to subvert the State to the Church. It is no accident that Church of Rome and Mafia of Sicily joined forces to elect a Mafiosi as the 7-time prime minister of post-war Italy to keep Italy week and submissive to the Church and Mafia. Italians realize that Church of Rome had been a curse of Rome and caused the destruction of ancient Roman Empire and present-day political instability in Italy. If Italians given the choice, they would overwhelmingly vote to expel archaic, fundamentalist religious clergy out of their lands and impose State supervision over Religion, religious institutions and religious workers. It is no accident that popular House of Savoy, King of Italy in 1870 entered Vatican and succession of Popes remained prisoners of the Vatican from 1870 to 1929. Mussolini paid for his mistake of releasing Pope from captivity by his life.


Great ancient civilizations of Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome would make a comeback whenever the totalitarian religions of the invaders imposed upon them gets tamed by their democratically elected governments. Italy wants to control Papacy than be controlled by Papacy.


It is no accident that historically the Church of Rome and Orthodox Church and Mecca have collaborated with foreign enemies to the harm the national interests and civilization’s interests of Italy, Greece and Egypt respectively. Do the democratically elected governments of Italy have the legitimate power to put on trial the religious leaders of their national churches for high treason and bring them under direct control of the State? Public opinion and democratic traditions allow democratic governments sovereign control over the Church. The Clash of Theocracy and Democracy is the principal facet of the ongoing Clash of Civilization. Nationalist Italy will subvert the Vatican, Papacy and the Church of Rome. Democracy shall triumph over theocracy during 21st Century. Remnants of fundamentalist religious theocracies are the greatest menace in the modern age. Italian Foreign policy makers and diplomats should reject the influence of Pope and the Vatican over the conduct of Italian diplomacy.


 11(2) Treason of Gandhi Nehru

Rewrite History of India

11(i) Treason of Diplomats

The decline of Englishman and British Empire has always troubled military thinkers: Why did British Empire disintegrate? Why did Britain join European Union and scuttled Commonwealth of Nations? Why didn’t Britain transform Commonwealth of Nations into Commonwealth Common Market to rival European Union and NAFTA? Why did Britain give independence to United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Brunei, when no leader of these oil-rich Sheikhdoms wanted or sought independence from Britain? Why did British Diplomats make British Monarch the celebrated Head of the Commonwealth of Nations into a Maid of German Chancellor in European Union? Did foreign spies and foreign Church conspire to defeat Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s defeat in the parliamentary elections? Should Britain reorganize its Diplomatic cadre de novo and order new recruitment for its Foreign Office? Did the departing officers of the British Civil Service, known in India as Indian Civil Service (ICS), planted similar spies as foreign secretaries, joint secretaries and ambassadors, whose task was secretly redefined the orderly management of the decline of the “Indian Empire” after the partition of India? Cabinet Secretary William Armstrong revelation about secret task of the British Civil Service as the orderly management of the decline of Britain is an eye-opener, and points toward the web of high treason that permeated throughout British Civil Service, Indian Civil Service (ICS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS). It is very likely that all Indian Diplomats, members of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) could also be traitors and foreign spies like their counterparts in British diplomatic cadre. Thousands of heads of Indian Diplomats should roll and guillotined if the prosecution turns out the similar evidence that the task of Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and Indian Civil Service (ICS) had been redefined as the orderly management of the decline of Indian Empire, under the influence of some person, foreign power, or foreign agency. Since when, the task of Diplomats became the orderly management of decline? Was the policy of orderly management of decline, an act of British statesmanship or an act of high treason by British diplomats? Was the Parliament or the public informed that the Exchequer paying top salaries to the elite diplomats, not for promoting British national interests and national power but to undermine British national interests and national power?


At the time of Britain’s entry into the European Community in the 1970s, William Armstrong, then Cabinet Secretary described the task of the British Civil Service as the orderly management of the decline, (Financial Times, 10/18/2002, p 13, quoted by John Plender, “Britain no longer requires rescuing, john.plender@ft.com)


Who gave the orders to the British Diplomats that their task is not to enhance the national power of Britain, even when in 1971, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Brunei, were colonial possessions of Britain and there was virtually no demand for independence. Why did Prime Minister Harold Wilson in early 1970s declared that Britain would withdraw from possessions east of Suez?


The question is whether all British diplomats and foreign secretaries that formulated British policies after the Second World War were traitors or foreign spies, working for some foreign powers, conspiring to expedite the decline of Britain? Why did British diplomats conspire to manage the decline of the British Monarch, the Head of Commonwealth of Nations become the Maid of German Chancellor in European Union? Should all Diplomats and Foreign Secretaries of post-war Britain that conspired the permanent decline of Britain, even when Britain was the head of the Commonwealth, prosecuted for high treason and executed if found guilty? British Civil Service had been a curse on Britain and British Empire. Even if any incumbent prime minister gave orders to redefine the task of British Civil Service as the orderly management of the decline of Britain, that that prime minister or cabinet minister should be put on trial and hanged if he or she is found to have given these orders. Unless the task of British Diplomats redefined as orderly management of decline, approved by legislation of the incumbent Parliament, and singed into law by the Monarch, it should be prosecuted as high treason, and all guilty persons, whether political appointees, elected officials or civil servants, all must face mandatory imprisonment or death penalty.


Indian Foreign Service has historically formulated Indian foreign policy to scuttle India’s national interests and to promote the national interests of its enemies. Why did India give Tibet to China and why didn’t India fight China on Tibet, as China was involved in Korean War and India would have defeated China in Tibet? Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru gave Tibet to China because Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was imprisoned in China after his plane crash at the end of Second World War? Had China released Netaji Bose, he would have become the Prime Minister of India on his arrival. Indian Foreign Service conspired to destroy the Tibetan Buddhism by destroying the rule of Dalai Lama, the sovereign ruler of Tibet, under advise of the Papacy. Indian Foreign Service engineered the independence of Bhutan, gave Coco Islands to Burma, around the time British Foreign Office gave independence to oil-rich United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Brunei. The spies of the same foreign power and the foreign Church betrayed the trust in Britain and India, and they jointly worked to engineer the decline of British Empire and Indian Empire respectively, and so far have escaped the hangmen’s noose, which should be the result of the prosecution for high treason. The goal of the Theory of Geopolitical Realism is to identify such traitor diplomats as harm the national interests and civilizations interests because of their allegiance to hostile foreign powers and hostile foreign Church. The primary purpose of this book, GLOBAL CLASH OF RACES: White Iconoclasts’ War on Brown Yellow Black Idolaters is to create a new intellectual foundation of Indian Foreign Policy and also the new foreign policies of Britain, Canada, Japan, Russia and United States.


11(ii) Traitors in Indian History

It is reasonable to assume that colonial rulers more intelligent than those they rule. Colonial rulers traditionally hand over power to those who promise to protect their interests, long after their departure. Apartheid leader of Rhodesia Ian Smith handed over power to Robert Mugabe, only when he promised that 70,000 white farmers would continue to own more than 50 percent of fertile agricultural lands in Rhodesia. Colonial Rulers promoted as Father of Nations, Christian Kemal Pasha Ataturk of Turkey, Christian Mahatma Gandhi, Christian Sun Yat Sen, Christian Harry Lee Kwan Yew, and Christian Solomon Jayawardane. Kemal, Gandhi, Sun Yatsen, Lee, Yayawardane became leaders in Muslim Turkey, Hindu India, Buddhist China, Buddhist Singapore and Buddhist Sri Lanka respectively to promote and protect civilization’s interests of Christianity in former colonies. Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru were agents and spies of British Empire, and like Robert Mugabe protected the Christian interests of the British Empire at the cost of Hindu civilization’s interests. Gandhi and Nehru were responsible for India's partition. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose secured freedom for India and declare him as the Father of Indian Nation. Sri Aurobindo ten times more advanced in spiritual matters than Mahatma Gandhi was. Honor Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi neither as Mahatma nor as the Father of the Indian Nation. Rewrite Indian history and give due recognition to hot-blood Congressmen. They were real freedom fighters. The Cold Blood Congressmen delayed independence.


BRITISH PROMOTED TRAITOR INDIANS: British Empire governed its colonies by bestowing honors and wealth on such subjects as were loyal dogs of the Empire, enemies of their fellow subjects, haters of their ancestral culture and religions. British historians and media promoted traitors, anti-Hindu leaders. The Congress Party formed and financed by the British Empire, was a vehicle to promote such leaders as would sabotage the freedom movement. The truckloads of people were transported to shout slogans to promote the leadership of Gandhi during Congress Party session. Nehru, Indira, and Rajiv continued to practice of truck loading supporters for photo opportunities.


TREASON IN INDIAN BUREAUCRACY: Home Minister Govind Vallabh Patel made a fundamental mistake in inducting Indian Civil Service (ICS) to govern India in the post-independence era. The ICS office cadre trained to promote imperial interests at the cost of India. Indian bureaucracy during Jawaharlal Nehru failed to promote Indian national interests in 1950s and 1960s.


TREASON OF COMMUNISTS: Karl Marx was a prostitute-philosopher hired by Vatican to produce iconoclast philosophy to undermine non-Catholic religions. Communists opposed India’s Freedom movement. Communists consider Buddhism, Hinduism, and Orthodox Christianity, as their principal enemies. It is no accident that in India, the Communists, Muslim League aligned with Congress Party in the post-independence era. Jawaharlal Nehru was implanted by the British Empire to undermine Hinduism and to weaken the power of India in the post-independence India.


CHRISTIANIZED LEADERSHIP OF COLONIES: Harry Lee of Singapore, Solomon Bhandairnaike were Christians who adopted the indigenous names and religion to capture political power, but both remained loyal to their Christian roots and undermined Buddhism in Sri Lanka and Singapore. Similarly, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mohandas K. Gandhi, pretended to be Hindus to capture the admiration and leadership of Hindu India. They misused the trust of the Hindus to undermine Hinduism and to promote the enemies of India. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk of Turkey, Sun Yatsen, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, were either Catholics were under the Catholic influences, and they all promoted the Catholic interests. They were financed and promoted by

Catholic interests.


ANTI HINDU CONGRESS LEADERS: Every Hindu leader promoted during British rule had openly undermined and criticized Hindu God Krishna, and condemned Hinduism. Mohandas K. Gandhi condemned Holy Gita and God Krishna for justifying violence. Gandhi had not studied Hindu scriptures. Gandhi read Gita first time only when he was in England. British media promoted M.K. Gandhi as Mahatma Gandhi to undermine the growing influence of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh. Christian Empire promoted Gandhi as Mahatma to insult Mahatma Buddha. Gandhi did not deserve the title of Mahatma, which means equal to Christian Prophet. Gandhi took meat in his early childhood. Gandhi did not like the Vaishnava faith. Gandhi did not worship in temples. It is fair to say that Mohandas was not a Hindu. He was not fit to be a Hindu Mahatma, as he slept naked with many underage girls for many years. Christians anoint Gandhi as Catholic Saint, Christian Prophet or as Messiah. they should not insult Hinduism by calling him a Mahatma, the highest honor that Indians reserve for Mahatma Gautam Buddha. Christian British Empire promoted Dr. Raja Mohan Roy, Founder of Brahmo Samaj, and Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Founder of Arya Samaj, only when they made derogatory statements against Hindu God Rama, Krishna publicly. Mahatma Gandhi was similar to Swami Chandraswami. Swami Chandraswami was a Jain, not a Hindu, but promoted as tope Hindu saint by Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao. It is very likely that Mohandas K. Gandhi was either a Jain or a Christian. Godman promoted by Indira Gandhi, Dhirendra Brahamchari, matched the sexual brahmacharya experiments of Mohandas Gandhi.


VATICAN CONSPIRED TO PARTITION INDIA: Muslims were not the cause of the Partition of India in 1947. Every Muslim leader voted to keep India united. The partition of Yugoslavia by Vatican exposed the real culprits of the partition of 1947, which caused loss of 500,000 Indian lives. Edwina Mountbatten, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, and Mohandas K. Gandhi were directly responsible for the partition and for the communal riots that followed.


SONIA GANDHI AND MADAM MAO: India should put on trial the members of Nerhu-Gandhi dynasty. Chinese people put on trial Madam Mao after the death of Mao Zedong and awarded life imprisonment. Sonia Gandhi was directly involved in the murder of Sanjay Gandhi and Indira Gandhi. In Hindu epic Ramayana Vibhisana the brother of Ravana, advised Rama that Ravana would not die as long as he has ambrosia in his navel. Similarly, Congress Party will die a natural death once the treason of Mahatma Gandhi and Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru become a common knowledge.


OPERATION AKBAR & NORA HARRIS OF MI: The British secret service MI had conspired that India was to be divided on religious lines between Hindus and Muslims and the operation was codenamed Akbar. Mahatma Gandhi and Mohammed Ali Jinnah directly supported this conspiracy hatched by secret service MI. Ms Nora Harris (Noor Inayat Khan) was a remarkable woman in more ways than one. Nora was transferred to India on a top-secret assignment on the MI project code named Akbar. At times like this she needed her godfather's advice. She spoke to Professor Cecil Townsend and invited herself to Cambridge. "Why is Churchill so obstinate when it comes to the issue of India?" Nora asked. The professor laughingly told Nora the first thing wrong with his friend Winston was he was from Oxford and not Cambridge. But on a more serious note, Professor Townsend felt imperialists did not understand the British Empire, though won by the sword, had survived due to the British spirit of liberalism, their strong sense of justice and fair play. "While the rapacious Spanish colonies revolted, the British rule continued to flourish," he pointed out. "It is the lack of understanding of this ethical dimension by individuals like Churchill that make them ignore the reality. Even Warren Hastings, nearly a century-and-half ago, clearly saw the British rule over India was transitory." On hearing this, Nora told the professor the terrible secret she had learnt at MI. India was to be divided on religious lines between Hindus and Muslims and the operation was codenamed Akbar. Nora could take the liberty of sharing this secret with the professor as she knew he had worked for MI in an advisory role throughout the war. Townsend wryly noted that naming the operation after one of the greatest promoters of peace between Hindus and Muslims showed a typical Churchillian sense of humor. He was not surprised at what Nora told him. He could see it coming since 1942 when Gandhi launched the Quit India movement at a most awkward time for the British and drove them into Jinnah's arms. "Churchill and England do not realize they are creating a Frankenstein," the professor said. It was at that very moment she made a decision; she, the great granddaughter of the Tiger of Mysore, was going to stop it from happening. She made up her mind to accept the assignment and do everything within her power to undermine Operation Akbar.


11(iii) Communist Christian Plot

COMMUNIST CHINA BANS FALUN GONG: Communist Chinese Government has banned the Buddhist Law, Falun Gong organization in China. Suddenly a billion Chinese people have realized that China is rule by an anti-Buddhist, anti-Taoist, and anti-Religion Government. Virtually Communist rule in china is a foreign rule and India should provide financial, media and religious support to Chinese Buddhists and Taoists, to expedite the overthrow of the atheist Communist Government of China. Communist China will join the Catholics in the civilization’s wars. Buddhist China will join Hindu civilization in the civilization’s wars. The Buddhist Hong Kong and Buddhist Taiwan will help Chinese Buddhists overthrow the Communist regime in China, to herald a new Buddhist age in China.


INDIA CHINA CLASH OF CIVILIZATION: India and Christian led China would be enemies in the Clash of Civilizations. India and Buddhist China would be great friends in the Clash of Civilizations. The Vatican prefers Atheist Communist China to Hindu India, because the Vatican wants to promote a Christian government of China in the post-Communist China. The Vatican employed and supported the Communists to destroy the Orthodox Monarchy in Ethiopia, Buddhist Cambodia, Buddhist Laos, Buddhist Burma, Buddhist North Korea, and the Buddhist Vietnam. India could scuttle the anti-Buddhist conspiracies of the Vatican and the Communists, by promoting a Buddhist alternative to China.


VATICAN COMMUNIST CONSPIRACY: South China was under the sphere of influence of British Indian Empire. The Government of Indian Empire, in Delhi was responsible for launching the Opium War against China. There was very substantial Indian community in Burma, Malaysia, and Singapore, and Indian community was very powerful. Subash Chandra Bose organized Indian National Army (INA), by mobilizing the expatriate Indian community in Southeast Asia. British government forced every Indian family to leave Mandalay on the eve of Japanese invasions of Burma. British’s have systematically undermined the influence of Hindu Indian community in Malaysia, Singapore, and Burma. Vatican lobbyist preferred China to India, because Christian Chiang Kai Sheik was the President of China. Independent India inducted the officers of the Indian Civil Service (ICS) of British rule into the Indian bureaucracy of independent India. Pro-Vatican lobby joined hands with pro-China lobby to scuttle the rise of Hindu India.


INFLUENCE OF BRITISH SOCIALISM: The Vatican supported the Indian socialist leadership over Hindu leadership, because socialists were willing to promote the national and political interests of the Soviet Union and China, over Indian Hindu interests. Communist Party of India opposed the Indian Freedom movement and worked for the British Indian Empire. Imperial government rewarded the Communists. It is no wonder that Communist Party, Muslim League, and Congress Party remained friends throughout post-independence era. Vatican used Socialists and the Communists in the Soviet Union, as a tool to scuttle the power base of Orthodox Church. The Vatican had aligned with Sunni Ottomans to destroy Eastern Church. The Vatican supported Bolsheviks to overthrow the Czar Monarchy and to undermine Orthodoxy. Atheist Bolsheviks overthrew Orthodox Church of Moscow- the third Rome, just as Muslim Ottomans overthrew the Eastern Church of Byzantine, the second Rome. The Vatican supported the Mao and Communist takeover of China. The main objective of the Vatican was to sabotage any plan to form a Buddhist government in China after the fall of the fall of Christian Chiang Kai sheik government. The Vatican prefers the government of Atheist communists to undermine the political power of Orthodox, Buddhist, and Hindu politicians. Common animosity to non-Catholic religions has united the pro-Vatican and pro-China lobbyists in India. Chinese Communists fear the mass appeal of Buddhist organizations in China, similarly Congress party and Leftist parties in India fear the power of Hindu organizations in India. Mao banned the Buddhist organizations in China. Christian Church in China could not have been happier. Communists could afford to take blatantly anti-Buddhist postures, which even a Christian Chinese government would not dare. From the perspective of Religious wars, the Vatican preferred Communists. Similarly, Prime Minister Nehru banned Hindu organizations including Rastriya Swayam Sevak Sangha (RSS). It appears that the Communists and Socialists worked to promote the iconoclastic agenda of the Vatican. The Communists and Socialists that did their best to destroy Buddhism in China and Hinduism in India protected the Christian turf in China and India in the name of protection of minorities. Socialists, Communists, and Vatican Clergy became strange bedfellow as they had the common enemies, Orthodox, Buddhist, and Hindu opposition. It can be convincingly argued that the Vatican indirectly financed or supported Karl Marx and Frederick Engels so long as they condemned every Eastern Religion (but not the Judaism and Catholicism) as the opiate of the masses. Could Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, be the philosophers for hire, who produced a secular philosophical concoction, to help the iconoclasts and Catholic missionaries bring down the Orthodoxy, Buddhism, and Hinduism. The Communist Manifesto was the secular weapon, to burn down the religious temples of Orthodoxy, Buddhism, and Hinduism.


VATICAN AND COMMUNIST THREAT TO THE WORLD: The Communism and the Vatican are the two principal threats to the Orthodox, Buddhist, and Hindu civilizations. The Vatican lobbyists conspired to transfer Tibet to China, undermined Hindu community in Burma and Sri Lanka, and separated Bhutan from India. The Vatican and Socialist lobbyists promoted Chinese interests in Burma, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, Laos, Cambodia, at a great cost to India and to Hinduism.


VATICAN LOBBY SABOTAGED HINDU POLITY: India had retained Indian Civil Service (IS), which had traditionally been Pro-Vatican. Before independence, the Communist Party of India opposed the Indian movements for freedom, and supported the continuation of the British rule in India. In India and China Communists had common national interests with the Vatican. The Communist and the Vatican lobbies promoted similar policies in India. Pro-China and pro-Vatican lobbyists jointly conspired to promote foreign policy that was as follows. (1) Anti-Hindu and anti-Buddhist; (2) Pro-Christianity; (3) Pro-minority community and anti-majority community; (4) Against the expansion of India’s power; (5) Pro-China; (6) Iconoclastic; (7) Pro-English language; (8) Anti-Hindi language; (9) Anti-deity worshiping; (10) Pro-foreign rulers; and (11) Pro-foreign ideologies.


PRO-VATICAN SPIES IN INDIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY: The pro-Vatican, pro-Britain, pro-Christianity and pro-Empire lobbyists sabotaged the power of India after independence. In the Second World War more than three (3) millions soldiers fought for the Allied Powers. The Indian Naval Mutiny showed the power of Indian Navy and Army. India was the world’s sixth largest industrial manufacturing power at the end of the Second World War. Indian Army and Indian Air Force had combat experience in South China on Burmese-China frontiers. Pro-Vatican policy makers carved out in 1935 from the Indian Empire the Buddhist Burma and the Buddhist Sri Lanka, to weaken Buddhist influence over India. Pro-Vatican lobbyists carved out Tibet and handed it over to the Atheist Communist China, as it would weaken Buddhist influence over India. Pro-Vatican lobbyists carved out Buddhist Bhutan and made it an independent country. Pro-Vatican policy makers condemned Buddhists in the Chittagong Hill tracts to the Muslim East Pakistan, now part of Bangladesh. Pro-Vatican policy makers sabotaged Hindu India’s relationship with Buddhist Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Mongolia, and Korea. Pro-Vatican policy makers never promoted Hindu influences in Southeast Asia. Pro-Vatican policy makers neglected close relationship with Hindu Bali Islanders. Pro-Vatican policy makers sabotaged India’s cultural relationship with Indonesia and Malaysia, even when Bhasa Indonesia has more than 30% vocabulary from Hindi and Sanskrit. Pro-Vatican lobbyists never promoted the Indonesian and Philippine versions of Ramayana, and Cambodia’s Angkor Wat Temple and Indonesia’s Borobodor Hindu temples to Indian people. Pro-Vatican lobby never allowed the wider circulation of the history of Indian empires in Southeast Asia. Pro-Vatican conspirators squandered India’s influence at the 1955 Bandung Conference. Pro-Vatican lobby refused to develop closer cultural relations with Buddhist nations. Pro-Vatican Lobby and Pro-Vatican spies have hijacked Indian policy-making process. Pro-Vatican Lobby has conspired with pro-China lobbies to promote anti-Hindu and anti-Indian policies through their stronghold over the bureaucratic policy process.


VATICAN-COMMUNIST ALLIANCE IS ANTI-BUDDHISM: The Communist leadership in China has entered into a long-term conspiracy with Christian missionaries and the Vatican Church to undermine Buddhism and to promote Christian conversions among Chinese people. In South Vietnam the Christian President destroyed Buddhist temples and imprisoned Buddhist monks, so that Buddhists would not gain political power. In Cambodia Christian leaders of the Khmer Rouge massacred Buddhist monks and Buddhist leadership so that Buddhists may not acquire political power. In Laos Christian leaders of the communist movements massacred Buddhist leadership.


Buddhist and Taoist religion is in danger in China. Communist Chinese leadership starved more than 50 million Buddhists in China in 1950s. No western media highlighted the news that China murdered by starvation more than 50 million Buddhists in China during 1950s. Maoist Communists murdered no Chinese Christian for religious reasons. The Christian bureaucracy of Chiang Kai sheik transferred its loyalty to Communist Mao. Christian bureaucrats of Communist China implemented the draconian anti-Buddhist policies of the Communist China. Two Christian presidents, Sun Yatsen and Chiang Kai sheik governed China from 1907 to 1948. Christians dominated in the Chinese bureaucracy and most of them remained in the mainland to work under the Communists.


TREASON COST INDIA GREAT POWER STATUS: India lost its great power status to China due to the treason committed by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. China blackmailed Nehru to hand over Tibet. A pro‑China lobby and socialists controlled Indian policy-making. The West should judge India by its Geopolitical potential, and by the foreign policies of the first Hindu Nationalist Government of India headed by Atal Vajpayee. Nuclear Hindu India would demand its fair share under the sun. The world should not judge India by the stupid policies adopted by earlier Socialist Governments. Hindu Nationalist Parties consider China is an enemy of India. Nationalist Indians would no longer abandon Indian national interests to placate China.


CHINA AND WARS OF RELIGIONS: The Vatican is aligning with Communists to undermine Buddhism by promoting a secular doctrine of Confucianism. The Vatican hopes to convert Chinese after weakening their Buddhist beliefs. Catholicism and Communism have formalized an alliance to undermine Buddhism and Hinduism in Asia. India’s response should be to undermine the support base of the Communist Party by promoting Buddhism and Taoism in China. A Hindu government is in power in India after 50 years of Socialist and Leftist misrule, similarly it is likely that Buddhist government would acquire power in post-Communist China. The Vatican is sabotaging the democratic process in China. The post-Communist China will have a Buddhist government. India can overtake China by training one million Buddhist missionaries. India should exercise the weapon of Buddhism to overthrow the Communist regime in China and to undermine Christianity in China and in Southeast Asia. The Buddhist scriptures will devastate the Communists hold in China. China fears Indian Buddhist monks more than Indian nuclear weapons.

Disband Indian Foreign Service

Indian diplomatic services are not suitable to play real politics in the age of Clash of Civilizations. Indian diplomats have consistently failed to promote Indian civilization’s interests. Diplomats of Indian Civil Service, and Indian Foreign Service cadre during 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's promoted Chinese national interests at the cost of Indian national interests. Perhaps majority of Indian diplomats, under influence of Socialists and Marxists formulated Indian Foreign Policy to undermine Indian civilization’s interests and promoted China. Author advocates that senior ICS and IFS officers that during 1950 to 1998 formulated pro-China, anti-Tibet, anti-Cambodia, and foreign policies could be investigated, to find whether they were Chinese or Communist spies. Hindu government should disband Indian Foreign Service as cadre and merge it with IAS cadre. Pakistan's diplomats are more patriotic than Indian diplomats are. The monopoly of IFS cadre in Indian foreign policy making threatens India's national security. China has undermined India's role in the post-second world war era by manipulating India's foreign Policy through its Communist spies in Indian's Ministry of External Affairs. Indian diplomats that formulated during Prime Ministers Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and Rajiv Gandhi pro-China, anti-India, anti-Hinduism, anti-Buddhism, anti-Taoism, and anti-Tibet foreign policies should face investigations for treason and foreign espionage.


11(iv) Who Gave Tibet to China?

Why India Never Competed with China?

INDIA WAS MORE POWERFUL THAN CHINA: India lost its World Power status to China, because of the High Treason committed by Indian Prime Minister Nehru. India had been and would always be more powerful than China. Indian Empire was more powerful than China. India played more important role in the Second World War. Without the supplies dropped by Indian Air Force during the Second World War, Chinese resistance would have surrendered to Japan. India had effectively waged Opium War against China. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru sabotaged India’s Great Power status to promote China because China had captured Netaji Bose. Nehru gave Tibet to China. Nehru refused to accept Permanent Membership of the UN Security Council, because of Chinese blackmail over Netaji Bose. Had China released Netaji Bose Indians would have kicked Nehru out of power to install Netaji Bose as the Prime Minister of India. Nationalistic Hindu Government of Atal Vajpayee would reclaim India’s Great Power status, which naïve Jawaharlal Nehru surrendered. India should discard the foolish foreign policy it has adopted during last 50 years. Hindu Nationalist Government should discontinue the foreign policy traditions of Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Morarji Desai, and Rajiv Gandhi. The nations that continue to underestimate India looking at India of the past, not India of the present, would commit grave error and harm their national interests.


PERMANENT MEMBERSHIP OF SECURITY COUNCIL: During early 1950’s the US Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, had offered to India a Permanent Membership in the UN Security Council, by replacing Taiwan with India. Nevertheless, the stupid Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru refused this gracious offer, under pressure from China.


TIBET WAS A PART OF INDIA: Tibet was never a part of China. Dalai Lama was the Spiritual head of the entire Mongol Empire. India could have defeated China in Tibet in 1951, as there were no road connections to China. More than 3,000,000 Indian soldiers fought in the Second World War and India would have defeated China in 1951 in Tibet. During 1950s, China was in no position to fight India in Tibet.


INDIA WOULD OVERTAKE CHINA: Indian Marxists stage‑managed India’s defeat in 1962. The collapse of Communism in China due to capitalistic influences would disintegrate China. India would lead Asia, rather than China. India would defeat China in Burma and Cambodia.


CHINA WOULD INVADE AUSTRALIA: In spite of United States coaxing China to invade Siberia, China would use US technology to invade Indonesia and Australia. India would be militarily involved in the containment of China.


INDO‑TAIWAN NUCLEAR PACT: Chinese transferred to Pakistan, the long-range nuclear weapon capable missiles and working model of Atom Bomb, to change the strategic balance in the Subcontinent. To China, Pakistan is the Israel of China. India would transfer to Taiwan IRBM Missiles, capable of carrying nuclear weapons. India should retaliate to Chinese transfer of nuclear technology to Pakistan. India should provide a nuclear umbrella to Taiwan, to deter Chinese Invasion of Taiwan. India would militarily oppose Chinese occupation of Taiwan and Mongolia or invasions of Siberia. India could be neutral in case of Chinese invasions of Indonesia or Australia.


INDIA NEVER COMPETED CHINA AFTER 1962: India refused to compete with China after 1962 debacles. India never competed with China. India has played a second fiddle to China. We never projected China as a threat to India. It was an act of high treason that no Government in India ever sought equality with China.


DEFEAT IN 1962 WAS A MARXIST CONSPIRACY: Before 1962, India had more prestige and more influence in the world than China. Chinese victory in 1962 was the result of treason of Marxist Defense Minister V.K. Krishna Menon and incompetence of Nehru. We should have publicly hanged the architects of India’s 1962 defeat, but India never punished them. Nehru continued as the Prime Minister even when he suffered a paralysis. Perhaps God rightly punished him with paralysis for being a traitor to India. Krishna Menon had conspired to weaken India’s defense preparedness to help China win the 1962 War. Krishna Menon and Nehru deserved to severe punishment for India’s debacle in Indo-China War. The loyalty of the Marxist and Socialist lobby, who formulated the Indian Foreign Policy under Nehru, is in doubt. These deeply entrenched Indian Marxists were a part of the spy network of International Communism fiercely committed to promote Chinese national interests. Internal investigation should identify all such officers or advisers that formulated pro‑China Foreign Policy during the last 50 years. Those found guilty should die.


CHINA PRESENTED AS A FRIEND IN MEDIA: No Indian leader, before George Fernandez ever thought that China was India’s Number One Enemy and that India should do all what it can to compete with China. The India’s press ridiculed George Fernandez as a maniac who needs to be disciplined, when he made a statement as a Defense Minister that China is India’s potential enemy number one. India should identify all such people from Indian media, academics, and bureaucracy that ridiculed the Defense Minister after his speech. Marxist conspirators have presented China to the people of India, as a potential friend and not a threat. Investigate the policy makers, who presented Pro‑China briefs to previous Prime Ministers. The pro‑China lobby in Indian bureaucracy presents a threat to Indian security. Identify and prosecute pro‑China lobbyists in Indian bureaucracy.


INDIA GREATER THAN CHINA BEFORE WW II: The Indian Empire was more powerful than China before World War II. India was a greater international power in the world than China, even before India became an independent nation in 1947. Indian Empire during British rule had been a world power in its own right. Chinese people collaborated with Japan in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. China did not contribute even a single soldier for Allied Victory in the World War II. India saved China from a total rout by opening a new airborne supply route to South China, operating from North Burmese airports of Putao and Myitkyina. India’s role in the World War II was far more important than that of China. China had been under Japanese occupation. Why was China not India made a Permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council? Singapore today would have been under Indian rule rather than Chinese, had Britain not tricked Indians to leave Singapore for India, after the Second World War.


INDIA DEFEATED PORTUGAL IN GOA: Goa was the first case of Decolonization by Force. India created history by being the first newly an independent nation to conquer a European Colony. India was more important in the post World War world than China. Indian military forces liberated Goa, the Portuguese Colony in 1962. Liberation of Goa will rank as the only instance in the post world war world, when a third world nation, liberated a European Colony by the use of military force. Indonesia also used force to occupy Jaya Irian from the Netherlands. Liberation of Goa by military intervention ranks as the first victory of a nonwhite power over European colonial power. India’s image in the world shot up after Goa. It had scared China as India had emerged as the dominant Asian power. China could never dream of liberating Macao from Portugal and Hong Kong from Britain. The West understands the inherent weakness of China that is why the West promotes China as a counterbalance to Hindu India. During 1945-1962, India was a bigger international player than China, and India had more power and influence in the world. Indian should aim to regain a superior status in the world than China.


INDIA PARTITIONED PAKISTAN IN 1971: The Birth of Bangladesh was the first case of redrawing of Post World War II frontiers by force. India created history in 1971, by partitioning Pakistan by force. Bangladesh became the first nation in the world, created after the Second World War by the use of military force by a newly independent nation. During 1971, India redrew the frontiers of Pakistan and India got the distinction of being the only country in the post world war era that redrew the post second world war Colonial Frontiers by military force. Pakistan’s use of force to keep West Pakistanis under subjugation justified India’s military intervention in Bangladesh. No country in the world before 1971, had successfully used force to create a new nation by partitioning an existing state.


INDIA’S SILENCE ON CHINESE THREAT: Even after a decisive victory in 1971, and an underground nuclear explosion in 1974, India continued to play a second fiddle to China and never competed with China. Defense Minister George Fernandez deserve very high compliments that he took the political risk of stating the obvious. All previous Defense Ministers kept quiet on Chinese threats to India.

Treason of Pro‑China Lobby

INDIA PROMOTED CHINA: It is a case of High Treason in Indian Foreign Policy making that Indian Foreign Service attracts the best brains that India produces, still during last 50 years, Indian Foreign Policy has consistently promoted Chinese national interests. Indians squandered many diplomatic opportunities that could have catapulted India into a great power status. Senior offices in Indian Foreign Service could be Chinese Moles. Punish those who were responsible for the formulation and implementation of making pro‑China policies. The Marxists had hijacked the decision‑making apparatus of Indian Foreign Policy. Marxists have been lurking behind curtains, in corridors of power in India. We should prosecute those who held the real decision making power in the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, misusing it to implement pro‑China policies. India should identify the China Lobby, to put them on trial for high treason.


IT WAS A HIGH TREASON: Let us make a brief survey of Indian Foreign Policy of the post independence era from Nehru to Goral. Let us study whether India had been a victim of organized Marxist conspirators, or Vatican’s spies, who hijacked the foreign policy decision making process and conspired to formulate pro‑China policies in Indian Foreign Ministry! These policies promoted Chinese national interests and Christian interests at the cost of Indian national interests. These acts of Pro-China and pro-Vatican lobby are cognizable offence of high treason.


WHY CHINA WAS NOT A THREAT? Before the anti‑China statement of the Defense Minister George Fernandez, no Indian politician, no Indian Foreign Minister, and no Indian Diplomat warned about the Chinese threat to Indian security. No one in the government ever advocated the deployment of Nuclear Weapons after the 1974 nuclear explosion to meet the nuclear threat of China. Why everybody kept quiet?


WEED OUT CHINA LOBBY: The purpose of this exercise is not to launch a witch‑hunt of Marxists in India, but to identify and isolate the Pro‑China Lobby that may be deeply entrenched in the higher echelons of bureaucracy in India. The purpose is to help Atal Vajpayee develop a patriotic Policy making mechanism, free from Chinese implants, so that India would formulate and carry out Pro‑India Foreign Policy. It would never harm a nation to be vigilant against foreign spies. The purpose is to weed out the Pro-Vatican and pro-Britain lobbyists in Indian bureaucracy.


11(v) Treason of Nehru

Nehru Was a Chinese Spy

INDIA PROMOTES CHINA: How would the History evaluate the performance of Indian Foreign Policy during the governments of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi? History would record that Socialist policy makers of Indian Foreign Policy consistently promoted Chinese national interests, at the cost of Indian national interests. It appears that Indian Foreign Service had been working to promote the interests of the Government of China. A study of Indian policy would sustain this seemingly outrageous statement. History would record that Pro-Vatican lobbyists scuttled Hindu and Buddhist influence over Indian foreign policy.


TREASON OF THE SOCIALISTS: Jawaharlal Nehru formulated Indian Foreign Policy to promote Chinese national interests. Socialist advisers of Nehru were either traitors or idiots. One could argue that Nehru’s Communist advisers were Chinese Spies. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi followed Nehru’s pro‑China and anti‑India policies out of dynastic compulsions. Communist advisers that surrounded Indira Gandhi could be Chinese Spies, and by Vatican’s lobbyists. During Rajiv Gandhi’s term, pro-Vatican lobbyists formulated the policies.

China Imprisoned Bose

NETAJI BOSE ARRESTED IN CHINA: To understand the motives of Nehru, we should understand the political situation in 1947, on the eve of India’s Independence. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose had emerged as the greatest leader of all Indians. He had organized Indians in Singapore and Malaysia to raise Indian National Army (INA) and waged a war against the Allied Powers in the Second World War. Netaji Bose tried to liberate India militarily, from British rule in alliance with Japan. Netaji General Bose fought British in Burma and lost the Battle of Assam and then he took a plane to go to Japan. Netaji Base’s plane crash‑landed in China and imprisoned in China. China blackmailed Nehru on Netaji Bose and demanded Tibet. Otherwise, China threatened to release Netaji Bose. The people would have forced Nehru to step down as the Prime Minister of India in favor of Netaji Bose, had Netaji Bose returned to India alive. Nehru was so afraid of the return of Netaji Bose that he gave Tibet to China. The Chinese shifted Netaji Bose from China to the Soviet Union, after Nehru agreed to hand over Tibet to China. The following events indicate that Nehru was a foreign conspirator. India did not fight China in Tibet. India gave Tibet to China. India never searched for the remains of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Nepal's Merger in India

NEPAL WANTED TO MERGE WITH INDIA: During early fifties the father of King Brenda of Nepal escaped from the tyranny of Rajas, who were the Prime Ministers and he sought asylum in Indian Embassy in Katmandu. King of Nepal wanted to merge Nepal with India. Prime Minister Nehru foolishly refused to accept the offer of King of Nepal to merge Nepal with India, saying that India would have to feed Nepal. Nehru and his advisers committed high Treason by rejecting the King of Nepal’s offer to join the Indian Union. Nehru and his advisers refused to exploit the common Hindu traditions between India and Nepal to develop close defense relationship between two countries.

Permanent Seat in UN Council

PERMANENT MEMBER OF SECURITY COUNCIL: India would have become the Permanent Member of the Security Council in early 1950’s. The US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles had invited India to replace Taiwan, as the Permanent Member of the Security Council in early fifties. Nehru refused this offer. Nehru did not want to offend China or compete with China. China could blackmail Nehru that India gave up the excellent opportunity to become a Permanent Member of the Security Council forty years ago.


TIBET WAS A PART OF INDIA: Nehru gave Tibet to China. Nehru should have fought a war with China in 1951, when China invaded Tibet. India would have easily defeated China in Tibet during 1950’s, as China had not built roads connecting Tibet to China, while good roads linked India to Lhasa. Nehru gave Tibet to China because Nehru was opposed to Buddhism.


RESETTLING SIKH REFUGEES IN KENYA: Britain had offered to resettle Sikh Refugees from Pakistan in the East Africa. East Africa was then under British rule, as it would have improved the law and order situation. Nehru rejected the British offer to resettle Sikh refugees from Pakistan in Kenya and Uganda.


PACT WITH AYUB KHAN: Nehru rejected the offer of Pakistan President Ayub Khan of Indo‑Pakistan Security Pact for defending the northern frontiers of the subcontinent. Pakistan’s President Ayub Khan had offered India a pact to protect the northern frontiers of the subcontinent against the southward expansion of China. Nehru rejected the offer of President Ayub Khan outright. Prime Minister Nehru foolishly rejected the offer of Pakistan to develop an Indo‑Pak Alliance to check southward expansion of China. India should not mind if Pakistan developed close defense links with China, after India had refused Pakistan’s offer to have anti‑China Alliance.


PACT WITH USA: Nehru rejected the offer of the President D. Eisenhower of America-India military alliance. Nehru had supported Indian Army fighting for allied powers during the Second World War even when India was under the British rule. Nevertheless, Nehru refused to align with the United States to reap the rewards of the Allied Victory in the World War II. More than three million soldiers had fought for the Allied forces in the Europe and Africa during the Second World War. India should have demanded its share of the spoils of the War.

Buddhist World

RELATIONS WITH BUDDHIST WORLD: Nehru was perhaps anti-Buddhist. Nehru avoided Buddhist nations in Southeast Asia. Nehru never developed close ties with Buddhist Southeast Asian nations that had historic links with India. Nehru never protested against mistreatment of Balinese and Lombok Hindus in the Bali and Lombok Island of Indonesia.

Failure at Bandung

BANDUNG CONFERENCE: Nehru scuttled India at the Bandung Conference. At Bandung Conference India was a real star. During 1950s India was the undisputed leader of the Third World and the Non‑Aligned World, while China was a Pariah and an isolated nation. Jawaharlal Nehru promoted China at the Bandung Conference. The United States had isolated China in the United Nations. Nehru harmed India’s national interests by promoting China at Bandung Conference. Rather than introducing Chou Enlai to Asian leaders at the Bandung Conference, Nehru should have used the Bandung Conference to promote India’s closer ties with the Southeast Asia. Nehru was a novice in realpolitik. Nehru failed to realize that Indian Foreign Policy should not promote the national interests of China. India should promote India’s national interests. The moment China ceased to be a pariah nation in Asia, Chou en Lai conspired to isolate India in Asia. Pro-China and pro-Vatican lobbyists were responsible for formulating this disastrous policy.

Treason of China Lobby

ENTRENCHED CHINA LOBBYISTS: Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru harmed India, by packing his foreign policy decision-making team with many avowed Marxists, who were loyal to China and formulated pro‑China foreign policy of India. India should weed out Marxists holding high positions in India. India should identify and remove pro‑China lobbies from positions of power. Jawaharlal Nehru did not understand the nuances of the international politics and failed to exercise India’s power in promoting India’s national interests. Atal Vajpayee’s Foreign Policy should discard many of the policies advocated by Nehru. India should discard Nehru’s policies simply because they harmed India and failed to promote India’s national interests.


EXPEL PRO-CHINA LOBBYISTS. Nuclear Indian Foreign Policy should make a clean break with the Nehru Model of Indian Foreign Policy. Atal Vajpayee should reevaluate every aspect of Nehru’s Foreign Policy. Only a total reversal of Nehru’s Policy would promote India’s national interests. India should transfer from the Foreign Ministry all members of the China‑lobby to less sensitive post.


EXPEL PRO-VATICAN LOBBYISTS: India should identify and expel all the pro-Britain and pro-Vatican lobbyists from Indian policy process. Pro-Vatican lobbyists present a serious threat to India’s security.


11(vi) Indira Gandhi’s Treason

MACHIAVELLIAN INDIRA: Indira Gandhi was a ruthless Machiavellian and master strategist in realpolitik. A Machiavellian Indira Gandhi failed to promote Indian national interests. Indira Gandhi continued to promote China at the cost of India’s national interests.

Illiterate Machiavellian

AN ILLITERATE INDIRA GANDHI: Indira Gandhi lacked formal college education so we cannot accuse that she formulated pro‑China policies on her own without the help of Marxist policy advisers. Indira Gandhi was illiterate and not educated enough to understand the nuances of international politics. Indira Gandhi never attended any college, but the Tagore’s Shanti Niketan retreat. Indira Gandhi was also a victim of the organized conspiracy of China‑Lobby, which formulated and implemented pro‑China Foreign Policy of India at a great loss to India’s national interests. Let us discuss how, where and why Prime Minister Indira Gandhi failed in promoting Indian national interests.


CHINA LOBBY FOOLED AN ILLITERATE INDIRA GANDHI: The blame for wrongful formulation of foreign policies during Indira Gandhi’s tenure as PM resides squarely on the anti‑India Marxists that dominated Indian policy making during Indira Gandhi’s Government. Pro‑China lobbies deeply entrenched in Indira Gandhi’s Government, repeatedly formulated Indian foreign policies to harm the national interests of India and to promote the national interests of China.


PRO-VATICAN LOBBY SABOTAGED INDIAN POLICY: Mafia and pro-Vatican lobbyists had become deeply entrenched in the Prime Minister’s household. An Italian born Sonia Gandhi implanted Vatican’s spies in Indian government. Pro-Vatican spies were responsible for the mistreatment of Hindu women in Bangladesh, and the mistreatment of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Under the influence of Vatican lobbyists, Indira Gandhi took over the management of most of the important temples, to guarantee that the incomes from the temples will not promote Hindu scriptures. Pro-Vatican lobbyists developed such a strong hold over policy making that Hindu perspective was sidelined in favor of promoting Vatican’s interests in Asia and Africa.


DISCARD INDIRA’S POLICIES: Indira Gandhi was very ruthless and shrewd Machiavellian Manipulator in domestic politics, but she formulated foolish foreign policies that immensely harmed the national interests of India. Sri Atal Vajpayee is very highly educated and he should reassess the policies formulated by semi‑literate Indira Gandhi and should discard wrong policies.

Stupid Peaceful Explosion Policy

STUPID PEACEFUL NUCLEAR EXPLOSION DOCTRINE: Indira Gandhi called the 1974 Nuclear Explosion a Peaceful Nuclear Explosion (PNE). India did not conduct any farther nuclear tests after 1974. India failed to make any diplomatic gains out of the 1974 underground nuclear explosion. India failed to make any diplomatic use of India’s nuclear capability to secure international recognition of India’s predominance in the subcontinent. India allowed Pakistan to catch up with India in nuclear weapon and missile technology race. India failed to respond, when Pakistan secured the latest Uranium enrichment plant technology, designed for producing a weapon grade Enriched Uranium. India did not take any step to counter, Pakistani bilateral exchange of its Uranium Enrichment Technology for Chinese missile and nuclear weapon technology. Pro‑China Marxists and Socialists controlled policy planning in Indian Foreign Ministry.


Indira Gandhi’s Peaceful Nuclear Explosion (PNE) Strategy lacked the understanding of nuclear weapons doctrine and nuclear strategy. Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Strategy harmed India by its failure to declare the 1974 explosion an Atom Bomb. The PNE Strategy of India inspired China and USA to push Pakistan into a situation of nuclear parity with Hindu India, while India remained sleeping. India’s underground a nuclear explosion conducted during 1974, was an Atom Bomb. India should have declared 1974 Peaceful Nuclear Explosion as a Bomb, then China and USA would have forced Pakistan to accept a subordinate role in South Asia. Pakistan had miserably surrendered during the 1971 War. Then today the world will not have faced the looming threat of fanatic, the terrorist Islamic Nuclear bomb.


Both China and USA would regret the day, they decided to transfer nuclear weapon technology to Pakistan. Pakistan’s Islamic Atom Bomb would some day land on Israel or USA, thanks for US‑China conspiracy to provide nuclear technology to Pakistan. Indira Gandhi’s failure to declare India as a nuclear weapon power in 1974 created the problem of Islamic Nuclear Bomb in 1998. Indira Gandhi did not understand the nuclear weapon strategies, and then she would have declared the Pokharan explosions as an Atom Bomb. Then the Islamic Bomb would never have become the reality. Indira Gandhi deliberately underestimated the threat of Islamic Atom Bomb, so as not to antagonize the Muslim votes.

Betrayal of Shah of Iran

SHAH OF IRAN’S ASIAN COMMON MARKET: The Shah of Iran was one of the most enlightened Muslim leaders of the 20th Century. Shah of Iran repeatedly proposed the notion of “Asian Common Market” (ACM) comprising of Iran, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Nepal, during early seventies. Asian Common Market could have expanded to include Iraq and Turkey also. The Emperor Shah of Iran was willing to finance Asian Common Market, the predecessor of SAARC. Indira Gandhi rejected this Asian Common Market offer of Shah of Iran, because she felt herself inferior to Shah and feared that Shah would dominate the ACM.


INDIA DID NOT OFFER ASYLUM TO SHAH OF IRAN: Indira Gandhi lost an historic opportunity to unite India and Iran, by refusing to provide asylum to Shah of Iran on the eve of his departure from Tehran. The Shah of Iran would have agreed to merge Iran with India, in exchange for Indian military intervention in Iran for suppressing the revolt of Iranian Mullahs. Iran during Shah’s time was one of the most advanced countries in the world. Iran like India was a secular nation. The shah of Iran had promoted Zoroastrians in Iran. India has to lower its head in shame, for not offering political asylum to Shah of Iran, after he left Iran, at the time of his greatest need. Hindu India must offer an official apology to the surviving son of Shah of Iran, that Indira Gandhi did not offer political asylum to Shah of Iran. India made a blunder, especially when he had more than $10 billions in foreign banks, excluding 51% ownership of the Panam Airways.


COURTED FANATICS NOT LIBERALS: Indira Gandhi neglected alliance with enlightened Muslim leaders like Shah of Iran, but chose to develop close ties with fanatic Muslim leaders. Indira Gandhi caused incalculable harm to India by her foolish refusal to grant political asylum to Shah of Iran. What motivated Indira Gandhi to deny asylum to Shah of Iran? Why Indira Gandhi refused to align with the Shah of Iran? Indira Gandhi harmed India by preferring fanatic Muslim leaders to moderate secular modern Muslim rulers.


INDIA HUMILIATED BY ISLAMIC (OIC): Indira Gandhi insulted India by applying for a membership of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) at most humiliating terms. Indira Gandhi applied for the observer’s status in OIC and even sent Indian delegation to Rabat, Morocco conference without even a confirmed invitation.


NEVER PROMOTED BUDDHIST TIES: Indira Gandhi never emphasized Hinduism and Buddhism for promoting close political ties with Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bali Islands.

Ethnic Cleansing in Bangladesh

ETHNIC CLEANSING IN BANGLADESH POLICY: India failed to realize any strategic advantage of Victory in the 1971 Indo‑Pakistan War, due to the faulty policies of Indira Gandhi. The Hindus are 25% of East Pakistan population in 1971 according to Pakistan Census. Hindus are less than 12% of Bangladesh population now. What happened to those Hindus? Bangladesh have systematically expelled Hindus from Bangladesh.

Illegal Bangladeshis in India

ILLEGAL BANGLADESHIS IN INDIA: Indira Gandhi harmed India’s national interest by failing to repatriate Bangladeshis who crossed over to India during or after the 1971 War. Indira Gandhi allowed more than 15 million Bangladeshi nationals, to stay in India illegally, to gain their votes in Indian elections.


SECULARISM IN BANGLADESH: India did not promote Secularism in Bangladesh during 1971. India did not protest the mistreatment of Hindu women in Bangladesh. India did not secure proper political representation of Hindus in the Government of Bangladesh.


ETHNIC CLEANSING IN BANGLADESH: Bangladesh has confiscated the assets of Bihari Muslims and confined them to Camps. Mistreatment of Bihari Muslims in Bangladesh is a clear case of Crime against Humanity. Awami League government should stand on trial for Crime against Humanity. Bihari Muslims of Bangladesh were of Indian origin and their mistreatment would be an insult to Indian race. India should not allow Bangladesh to torture and mistreat Bihari Muslims in Bangladesh. Bihari Muslims were the citizens of Pakistan and they should get Bangladeshi Citizenship as they repatriated from India to Pakistan after 1947. India should have linked the transfer of Bihari Muslims to Pakistan with the return of Pakistani POW’s. India should oppose the denial of property rights to Bangladeshi Bihari Muslims, who are of Indian origin. India remained a silent spectator to ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh. Muslim Bangladesh embarked upon ethnic cleansing of Bihari Muslims and confiscated their properties in Bangladesh. Bangladesh also embarked upon ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has forcibly converted Hindu women into Islam and confiscated the properties of Hindus.


INDIA’S MILITARY BASES IN BANGLADESH: Failure of Indira Gandhi to develop a coherent foreign Policy deprived India of a permanent military base in Bangladesh. India should have kept permanent troops in Bangladesh. India should have disbanded the Pakistani Army (renamed Bangladesh Army) after the 1971 liberation. India should have secured river navigation rights for Indian shippers in Ganges/Padma River for Indian Ocean going vessels.


MURDER OF MUJIBUR RAHMAN: India lost all what it gained by the emergence of Bangladesh, due to the failure of Mrs. Indira Gandhi to send troops to Bangladesh immediately after the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Indian troops would have released the top five (5) leaders imprisoned in Dhaka Jail and reestablished the rule of the democratically elected government in Bangladesh. Indira Gandhi’s failure to intervene in Bangladesh cast great doubts about her leadership quality. Pakistan negated by the assassination of Mujibur Rahman, India’s influences in Bangladesh. The failure to respond immediately after the assassination of Mujibur Rahman suggests that Indira Gandhi was not a great leader.


ETHNIC CLEANSING BY IDI AMIN: Due to the inaction of Indira Gandhi in protecting the interests of Indian business community in Uganda, Indian community lost more than $10 billion worth of assets in Uganda. India should have taken military action to protect the rights of Indians in Uganda, by taking military action against Uganda’s Idi Amin. India could have sent commandos and organized a Coup to replace the barbarian Idi Amin. India should have complained to the International Court of Justice, when Muslim Idi Amin hired the Christian Tutsi Tribesmen in Ugandan Army to massacre around 15% population of Uganda, specifically targeting non‑Muslim non‑Christian Ugandan tribes that worshiped tribal gods.

Secession of Bhutan

SECESSION OF BHUTAN: Bhutan is the gateway to Lhasa and Tibet. The separation of Bhutan from India, by Indira Gandhi was an act of high treason. Indira Gandhi betrayed the trust India placed in her. India should never have declared Bhutan an independent nation and a full member of the United Nations. Nehru agreed to First Partition of India that created Pakistan. Indira Gandhi by declaring Bhutan an independent State caused the Second Partition of India. Geopolitically Bhutan is very important to India, as it lies on the routes to Tibet. Members of the Nehru Dynasty are traitors and they have conspired to partition India repeatedly. Pro-Vatican lobbyists and Marxists controlled India’s policy-making, and impressed upon Indira Gandhi to adopt anti‑India but pro‑China policies. India should hang the Socialist traitors for this crime against India. Indira Gandhi was fooled by Chinese spies in separating Bhutan from India, and she wanted to oblige China for Communist support to her government during the emergency. Nehru Family is very liberal in handing over parts of India to foreigners. Nehru partitioned India and gave Tibet to China and her daughter Indira separated Bhutan from India. India should punish Nehru Dynasty for their crime against India.


LIBERATION OF KASHMIR IN 1971: India should have liberated Kashmir after Pakistan had surrendered in 1971. We totally demoralized Pakistan in 1971 and India would have liberated Kashmir very easily and with very little loss of lives. Indira Gandhi deliberately failed to resolve the Kashmir issue even when India had the upper hand, due to her electoral calculations of its impact on Muslim votes.


11(vii) India’s New Diplomacy

CLEAN SLATE: Nuclear India should write its Foreign Policy on a clean slate. Nuclear India should not carry any of the socialist baggage of Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and Rajiv Gandhi. The BJP led; Hindu Nationalist Government should create a new decision making mechanism of the Foreign Policy.


COMPETE WITH CHINA: The fundamental edifice of Indian Foreign Policy should be competition with China. India should demand parity with China at every International Forum.


DEFEND BUDDHISM IN FAR EAST: India should watch out if the United States and Vatican arrive at any strategic plan to promote Christianity in the Buddhist and Hindu worlds, as it would require a religious response to the West. If China aligns joins with the Vatican to promote Christianity in China, then China threatens India. The Vatican-United States would even consent for Chinese expansionism in Asia, provided China provides infrastructure support to Christian missionaries for converting Chinese Buddhists.


THIRD WORLD WAR ON AUSTRALIA OR SIBERIA: Australia and Siberia would be the main theaters of wars in the 21st Century. United States is inciting China to invade Siberia, as Russia is very weak and headed by a weak Prime Minister. China would take the bait and invade Siberia. The main thrust of British and US Foreign policy in pre World War Two eras was to encourage Germany to expand toward Russia, to avoid the direct invasion of the British Isle. Similarly, the main thrust of the United States policy is to direct Chinese expansionist drive toward Siberia, away from Indonesia or Australia.


PURSUE CONCRETE ADVANTAGES: New Indian foreign Policy should secure concrete advantages than pursue lofty goals. India should develop a sensible foreign policy by reversing many policy decisions of the previous Socialist Governments.


NAM DEFENSE PACT: India should redirect the Non‑Alignment Movement (NAM) toward a military and /or economic Alliance among NAM nations. Nehru committed a great mistake by refusing to accept the Nasser and Tito Plan to convert NAM nations into a form of security Alliance. India should develop Defense alliances with more than 25 countries to develop many overseas military bases, so that in case of attack on mainland India, overseas bases could inflict decisive damage to the Allies of the adversaries. Nuclear India should pursue the policy of Multi‑Alignment rather than Non‑Alignment.


REGIONAL INTERVENTION: India should demand a special role in Afghanistan and Burma. India should establish a military presence in Cambodia. India should influence the domestic politics in Indonesia by developing a powerful naval base in Andamans & Nicobar Islands and by financing rebel forces in East Timor, Sumatra, and Jaya Iriyan.


INDIA SECOND SUPER POWER: India would be more important actor in world politics than China. China overtook India due to the acts of treason committed by pro‑China Socialists in India. India would overtake China soon.


EFFECTIVE CHINESE SPY NETWORKS: Chinese control over International Labor/Trade Unions and Overseas Communist Parties has in the past enabled China to plant secret agents in Indian Foreign Ministry, who conspired to carry out Pro‑China foreign policies. Pro‑China Marxist lobbyists dominate Indian Ministry of External Affairs. Chinese spy network in the United States developed in close coordination with Henry Kissinger, who also appears to have hijacked the American policy making at the White House. China stole sensitive military and missile technology by means of selective Democratic and Republican Party campaign donations. President Clinton authorized the illegal transfer of sensitive Missile, satellite, and avionics technology worth billions of dollars, presumably for Democratic Campaign donations. China has stolen every nuclear weapon secret, from the United States nuclear Labs. China by nuclear espionage has eroded the military edge that the United States enjoyed over China.


BETRAYAL BY INDIAN LEADERS: China had influenced Indian political leadership during the Governments of Prime Ministers Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, who adopted disastrous foreign policies to promote the national interests of China and harmed India. The new nationalist Hindu government of Atal Vajpayee would presumably reverse Indian Foreign Policies and compete headlong with China. India would overtake China as a military power whenever Indian political leadership decides to take affirmative actions. India’s incompetent Foreign Policy has let India down.


INDIA – CHINA COMPETITION WORLDWIDE: Indian Army would compete with Chinese Army in Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Angola. China plans the encirclement of India by means of alliance with Burma, Nepal, and Pakistan etc. India should develop close Defense lies with Vietnam to encircle the South China. India should develop close Defense ties with Taiwan and promote One-China and One-Taiwan Policy. Indo‑Taiwan Nuclear Pact would checkmate China‑Pakistan nuclear alliance.

Global Drug Cartels

CHINA CONTROLS GOLDEN TRIANGLE DRUGS TRADE: The secret of the power of China is the Chinese control over narcotic drug trade of Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and North Thailand, known as the Golden Triangle. China is reputed to earn around $70 Billion annually by drug shipments worldwide. Chinese Mafia controls the 50% Heroin distribution in New York. Chinese economy would crash if use of force throttled the Drug income of China. The organized crime in the United States earns $300 billion annually by Drug trade and it explains the close economic linkages between Chinese drug barons and American Mafia. American Drug Mafia finances pro‑China lobbyists and Pressure Groups to promote pro‑China Legislation and pro‑China Policies. India should attack the Drug lifeline of Chinese economy to overtake China. India should encourage Indian Organized Crime to compete with Chinese Organized Crime Gangs worldwide.

Buddhist Government in China

PROMOTING BUDDHIST GOVERNMENT IN CHINA: India should use the power of Buddhist Religion to overthrow the atheist Communist regime in China. Buddhist Monks should organize mass movements to overthrow an evil communist regime of China. Buddhist China would align with India. Hindu‑Buddhist‑Taoist Civilization would challenge the Christian and Islamic Civilizations in the looming Conflict of Civilizations.


DO NOT JUDGE INDIA BY NEHRU’S POLICIES: The world should not judge India by the foolish policies carried out by earlier Governments headed by Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Nationalist Hindu Government of Atal Vajpayee has staked India’s claim under the Sun. Now China will not be able to fool nuclear India as it had done in the past. Pro‑China lobbies should no longer determine Indian Foreign Policy. It is new India led by nationalists. The world should judge India by its geopolitical potential, not what its socialist leaders accomplished during the last 50 years. Nationalist Hindu India would overtake China within five years. Nationalist Hindu India could even overtake the United States before 2020 AD as the premier economic and military power of the world. India should stake its claim to be the Second Super Power of the World. India should claim 21st Century to be an Indian Century.


NUCLEAR DETERRENT OF BUDDHIST MISSIONARIES: China fears India’s religious leadership of Buddhism more than Indian nuclear weapons. India can make China a Buddhist super power, and the Communist regime of China will fall. India should provide full recognition and support to the Buddhist Law Society (or Falun Gong) headed by Li Hongzhi. India should promote the political alliance between Li Hongzhi and Dalai Lama. India should promote Dalai Lama as the spiritual President of China, supporting the Buddhist government of China headed by Li Hongzhi. India should support the democratic movements in China. India should supply Mandarin translations of Buddhist scriptures to Chinese people at low cost. India should train Chinese Buddhist monks and Buddhist teachers.


PURGE INDIAN LOBBYISTS OF VATICAN AND CHINA: India should identify and expel the deeply entrenched pro-Vatican and pro-China lobbyists from corridors of power in India. The Vatican has aligned with Communists and Sunnis to isolate Hinduism in the region. The Vatican’s agents have undermined the economic and political status in Burma, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. The Vatican’s agents have curtailed Hindu influences in Northeast region, which has become a Catholic majority region. These agents engineered the expulsion of Hindus from Bangladesh and their illegal stay in India. These agents engineered the illegal flow of Muslim Bangladeshis in the northeast region and Assam to create demographic imbalance in northeast states. India should promote Hindu interests in the region and promote Buddhism in China.


11(viii) Treason of M.K Gandhi

GANDHI A FAILURE IN SOUTH AFRICA: Mahatma was failure in S Africa. Nobel laureate V S Naipaul declared at the three-day NRI convention, in Jan 2003 that Mahatma Gandhi was a "failure" in South Africa. The 20 years spent by Gandhi in South Africa ended without any success. "Mahatma Gandhi was a failure in South Africa. The positive aspect of the failure was that Gandhi clearly saw the emergence of an independence movement in India and returned home on January 9, 1915. V.S. Naipaul regretted that many from the Indian Diaspora, who could have contributed in a multi-faceted way in nation building turned away by the British. We should stop blaming the British for everything and look inwards. Naipaul dropped a stone hoping it would create ripples.


HINDUISM NEVER APPEALED TO GANDHI: ‘From my sixth or seventh year up to my sixteenth I was at school, being taught all sorts of things except religion. Being born in the Vaishnava faith, I had often to go to the Haveli (Temple). But, it never appealed to me. I did not like its glitter and pomp. Also, I heard rumors of immortality being practiced there, and lost all interests in it. Hence, I could gain nothing from the Haveli.’ (Gandhi, p.31). ‘ Butt he fact that I had learnt to be tolerant to other religions did not mean that I had any living faith in God. I happened, about this time, to come across Manusmriti. The story of the creation and similar things in it did not impress me very much, but on the contrary made me incline somewhat towards atheism.’ (Gandhi, p.34) . Gandhi was not a believer in Vaishnavism. Gandhi never went to Hindu temples to worship. Gandhi did not respect and faith in Krishna.

Gandhi hadn't Read Gita

GANDHI HAD NOT READ GITA: Gandhi had not read Gita in India. ‘Towards the end of my second year in England I came across two theosophists, they talked to me about Gita. They were reading Arnold’s The Song Celestial. I felt ashamed, as I had read the divine poem (Gita) neither in Sanskrit nor in Gujarati. I was constrained to tell them that I had not read Gita.’ (Gandhi. P.67) Gandhi started reading about Hindu scriptures only in 1903, at the age of 34 years. Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869. It is wrong to call Mr. M.K. Gandhi since he had no knowledge of Hinduism. Gandhi was not a practicing Hindu.

Scuttled Cow Protection

COW PROTECTION & KHILAFAT MOVEMENT: Moslem leaders had agreed to accept the ban on Cow slaughter in exchange for the Hindu support for the Khilafat movement. Swami Shraddhanandji had secured a deal between Hindu and Muslim leaders. M.K. Gandhi sabotaged it by offering Hindu support to Muslims for Khilafat movement without Muslim support for Cow Protection. ‘ I received a letter of invitation to be present at a joint conference of Hindus and Musalmans that was to meet at Delhi to deliberate on Khilafat question. Swami Shraddhanandji was to be the vice-president of the conference. The conference was on the question whether the Hindus and Musalmans should take part of the peace celebrations. The invitation said that the question of cow protection would be discussed. In my letter in reply to the invitation, I suggested that the two questions, Khilafat and cow protection should not be mixed up together or considered in the spirit of bargain. I contended that it would ill become the Musalmans to offer to stop cow slaughter as a price for the Hindus’ support on the Khilafat question. But in spite of my (Gandhi) warning Maulana Abdul Bari Saheb said, no matter whether the Hindus help us or not, the Musalmans ought, as the countrymen of the Hindus, out of regards for the latter’s susceptibilities, to give up cow slaughter.’ (Gandhi, p. 479)


Mr. Gandhi had sabotaged the Hindu-Muslim agreement to ban cow slaughter on the eve of Khilafat movement. Mr. M.K. Gandhi arranged the support of the Hindus in Khilafat movement, which was not for the independence of India, but for the destruction of the independent state of Kurdistan that Britain had promised after the First World War. Without the shrewd manipulation of Gandhi Hindu-Muslim, leaders would have agreed for the ban of cow slaughter. Had ban on cow slaughter accepted before Khilafat movement, then there would have been no Hindu-Muslim riots and there would have been no partition? In this manner, Mr. M.K. Gandhi was the cause of Hindu-Muslim riots.


Mr. M.K. Gandhi systematically undermined the leadership of pro-Hindu liberal Hindus and promoted the fanatic Muslims that exacerbated Hindu-Muslim conflicts. Gandhi sidelined Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, Khan Abdul Kalam, and type patriotic Muslim leaders with large mass support. Gandhi supported anti-Hindu Muslim leaders like Mohammed Ali Jinnah who had not mass support.


DEATH OF BARRISTER-POLITICIANS: On his return to India, he felt jealous of prominent lawyers who had roaring practices. Gandhi conned lawyer freedom fighters by asking them to give us practice of law. This destroyed the financial base of the barrister-freedom fighters. Gandhi did not have a very good command of English language; even his autobiography was translated from Gujarati by Mahadeve Desai. Among practicing lawyers in India, Gandhi ranked very low. By destroying the financial base of the lawyer-politicians, he weakened their financial base, allowing British Empire to hire many freedom fighters as British spies.


SABARMATI ASHRAM: Gandhi had no source of income. Gandhi set up the Sabarmati Ashram not as a Hindu Temple, but as an Ashram where widows from Saurastra could live. While better-qualified Barrister-freedom-fighters had financial, problems Gandhi could hire dozens of young girls as secretaries. This obviously enhanced the national image of Gandhi. It is rumored that Gandhi practiced Experiments on Brahmcharya by sleeping naked with under-teen girls in Sabarmati Ashram. Should any person that sleep naked with six under-teen girls called a Mahatma? Mahatma is a very pious word, normally associated with Mahatma Buddha. It will be fair to suggest that Mr. M.K. Gandhi was not a Mahatma. Had M.K. Gandhi been in United States then he would have been prosecuted for mandatory rape and sentenced for life imprisonment. To honor M.K. Gandhi with statues, if he slept naked with under-teen girls, is an insult to the women of the world and an insult to Hinduism. According American Law it would be correct to call Gandhi a rapist. Please suggest which religion encourages a religious, or social leader to sleep naked with unmarried under-teen girls in a closed room, years after years, even if to experiment brahmacharya. Did Christian pick an immoral imposter and promoted him as a Mahatma to poke fun at the licentious of Goddess worshipping Hindus. A Muslim Thanedar, police inspector, of Sabarmati, who immigrated to Pakistan, wrote a book, in 1950s, describing the Sabarmati Ashram. He wrote that the widows residing in Sabarmati Ashram had the habit of making extra money by indulging in prostitution with the rich textile owners, who incidentally were just the boat ride away on the other side of Sabarmati Ashram. This was one of the very few books banned in India.


GANDHI RECRUITER FOR BRITISH ARMY: British hired Gandhi to help recruit soldiers for allied troops. Why Gandhi appointed the sole delegate to the Second Round Table Conference? The purpose of the Gandhi’s autobiography was to explain to the Christian British rulers that he is a very loyal servant of the British Empire. Gandhi proved his credentials to the Christian employers that he has no faith in the archaic Hinduism, so he will be an asset to the Christian crusade. Gandhi’s Christian employers advised him to remain Hindu, as then he would better protect the cause of Christianity and the Empire. Once secret files are declassified the world will be shocked to learn that MK Gandhi was the world’s most famous British Spy of all times.

Sabotaged 1945 Naval Mutiny

GANDHI SABOTAGED INDIAN NAVAL MUTINY: India supplied 3,000,000 soldiers in the Second World War. Indian Navy controlled Aden, Muscat, Dubai, Kuwait, Singapore, and Hong Kong. After the War Indian Navy mutinied and wanted to declare independence. Had it happened then India would have remained united and Aden, Oman, Dubai and Kuwait would have become a part of India? British Navy and British Army could not defeat Indian Navy. Mr. MK Gandhi proved his allegiance to his British masters by persuading naval mutineers to surrender. Gandhi was instrumental in arranging that no Indian boat supplied water to Indian Naval ships. India is ashamed of this act of treason of Gandhi. However, for the high treason of Gandhi, Burma, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait will have become a part of India, as Indian Empire ruled these territories. Had Indian Naval mutiny succeeded then India would have emerged as the Super Power of the world. Had Indian Naval Mutiny of 1945, then India could have taken over British Empire and reconsolidate Commonwealth under Indian Empire. Indian Naval Mutiny failed, without any intervention of the British Navy intervened. Gandhi was the principal cause of the failure of Indian Naval Mutiny, by organizing Congressmen in denying water to the Indian Navy. Indian Navy wanted to bomb Bombay to secure supplies, fuel and water. Gandhi appealed to their nationalism to surrender.


GANDHI PROMOTED TEXTILE INTERESTS: Gandhi supported Allied Forces during Second World War to promote the sale of Ahmedabad textile to allied forces. No Gujarati ever volunteered to join Allied Forces. Gandhi made tons of money as recruiting fee for recruiting non-Gujaratis for Allied Troops. Gandhi earned good money by settling industrial unrest. The Salt movement developed the Salt industry in Saurastra and financially rewarded him. Gandhi was a traitor who systematically financially strangulated the barrister-politicians, while running profitable Ashram and strike resolution consultations. Christian Empire selected Gandhi because he belonged to Saurastra, which lacked any large population base, and as a Gujarati leader, he would be a counterweight to the dominance of the Bengal and Punjab. Most of the Hot Blood Congress leaders were from Punjab and Bengal.

Organized Khulna Riots

GANDHI & KHULNA RIOTS: Gandhi started his fast unto death against the riots in Chittagong Hill tracts, where Buddhists wanted to join India. Gandhi allegedly consented to the conspiracy to cause riots in Khulna to murder Hindus and Marwaris. It is because of Gandhi that Khulna became a part of East Pakistan. Gandhi had partitioned India. Gandhi sabotaged India’s independence in 1945, Indian Naval Mutiny. Gandhi, Jinnah and Nehru were British spies that partitioned India.

Sabotaged Hot Blood Congress

British Secret Services recruited MK Gandhi to sabotage hot blood Congress leaders. British murdered Lala Lajpat Rai the top leader of the Congress, by beating him with sticks during demonstration. Gandhi sabotaged the election of Subash Chandra Bose as the president to Congress. British secret services used to arrange the truckloads of delegates to attend Congress sessions in support of Mahatma Gandhi.

Boycott of Bar Practice

Most of the freedom movement leaders were barristers, having graduated from prestigious colleges with very good command of English. Gandhi conspired to demand that every Congressman should give up the practice of law. This ingenious move eliminated the financial security of every lawyer-freedom fighter. Then onwards only those freedom fighters who were on the payroll of the British secret services, namely, Nehru, and Gandhi could finance their political activities. Gandhi organized the Sabarmati Ashram and he could support number of beautiful female employees while other Lawyer-politicians had lost their sources of income.

Swadeshi Movement

Mahatma Gandhi by advocating Swadeshi movement exposed his treason. Gandhi advocated setting up modern textile mills in Bombay and Gujarat but eliminated their competition in India, by imposing Charkha throughout India. Birla and Bajaj textile groups permanently hired Gandhi as legal adviser, to break strikes in textile industry. It was stupid for Gandhi to require that Congressmen should weave yarn on Charkha 10 hours a day. Gandhi is responsible for the decline of textile industry in India.

Salt Movement

Gandhi promoted Salt disobedience movement primarily to promote Salt industry in Kutch and Saurastra.

Female Employees in Sabarmati

 Mohandas K. Gandhi's practice of sleeping naked with more than 6 under teen girls for many years, casts a great blot on the name of Hindu Mahatma. It is argued that Mahatma Gandhi was greater a womanizer than Maharaja of Patiala. Promoting a womanizer as Hindu saint has been standard Congress practice. Mrs. Indira Gandhi also promoted Dhirendra Brahamchari, who practiced the Ayurvedic system of diagnosing female diseases. He measured by thread the length of distance of tips of female nipples, from tip of their clitoris. Mahatma Gandhi practiced Brahamcharya by sleeping naked with naked girls for years, to test his power of self-control.

Sabarmati Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi practiced liberal sex codes as liberal as those practiced by Acharya Rajanish.

Harijan Conspiracy

Mahatma Gandhi was not a Hindu Saint but a Christian missionary, masquerading as Hindu holy men to mobilize non-upper caste Hindus under common identity of Harijan. Before Mahatma Gandhi, the lower castes had no sense of commonness with other lower castes. Gandhi under instructions of his Christian masters, created permanent schism in Hindu society, by mobilizing them under a common platform of Harijan, so that could be easily Christianized. Swami Chandraswami promoted as great Hindu Swami, by Congress Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao, even when Chandraswami was a Jain not a Hindu. Mahatma Gandhi was not a Hindu, but a Christian missionary.

Neither Mahatma Gandhi nor Swami Chandraswami was Hindu, however they masqueraded as Hindu holy men, to cheat and mislead Hindus. To call Mohandas K. Gandhi a Hindu Mahatma insults Hinduism. To honor Mohandas K. Gandhi as father of Indian Nation insults Subash Chandra Bose. To honor M.K. Gandhi as freedom fighter insults the real patriotic freedom fighters of India. Christian Mohandas K. Gandhi joins the ranks of Colonial foreign spies, namely Christian Sun Yat Sen of China, and Christian Kemal Pasha Ataturk of Turkey.


Gandhi Nazi Ploy

Most common propaganda device that turns up in western reporting may be what Dr. David Frawley termed: “Gandhi-Nazi Ploy.” It is deliberate Western attempt to discredit certain Hindu groups under the guise that they are abandoning Gandhi and non-violence and have Nazi sympathies and tactics instead. The implication is that such Darth Vader Hindu Fascists should be opposed at all costs and prevented from gaining power for the sake of India’s Gandhian legacy, religious tolerance and secularism and all other wholesome values. To try to support or defend them, on the other hand is to be a Gandhi murderer and Hitler admirer. So it is quite politically correct to raise any objections in their favor or even to try to qualify this wholesale condemnation of them. Such anti-Gandhian pro-fascists Hindu groups are usually said to include BJP, RSS and VHP, who are blamed for having murdered Gandhi and having long been nazi supporters. The labeling one’s enemies as fascists is the oldest leftist and communist propaganda ploy there is. These Marxists have called Veer Savarkar, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Dalai Lama, Sankaracharya, Aurobindo Fascists and they supported the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. Most westerners don’t even realize that Sonia Gandhi’s Gandhi name is just a coincidence and has no real connection to the Mahatma Gandhi, but arises from Indira Gandhi who married a Parsi whose name happened to be Gandhi also. .


11(ix) Spies of Colonial Empire or Fathers' of Nations

Gandhi-Kemal-Sun Yatsen

The Vatican hired Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to develop a non-Islamic successor to Ottoman Empire. Ottoman Empire ruled the Islamic world. Christian Spy Kemal Ataturk abolished Caliphate, abolished Islamic education, and adopted Roman script. Spy Ataturk transformed the wealthiest Islamic civilization into a beggar seeking entry into NATO the European Club. Kemal Ataturk has harmed Turkey. Turkey deserves the leadership of Islamic fundamentalist leaders. Spy Sun Yat Sen was hired by Vatican to overthrow the Buddhist Monarchy of China, to install a Christian government in China. Sun Yat Sen talked about nationalism to weed out Buddhists from positions of power and influence in China. During the reigns of Sun Yatsen and Chiang Kai sheik China was ruled by Chinese Christians to promote the national interests of overseas Christian powers. Similarly, Christian British Empire hired Spy Gandhi, to undermine the power base of Hindus in Indian politics, and to isolate Hot-Blood Congress leaders. Gandhi scuttled the power base of Bengal and Punjab, to arrange the recruitment drive for allied troops in the Wars, and to partition India. Gandhi, Ataturk, and Sun Yatsen preferred Christianity against their own religion.


NEHRU-HARRY LEE- BHANDARNAIKE-JINNAH: Jawaharlal Nehru, Harry Lee, Solomon Bhandarnaike, Mohammed Ali Jinnah were all Westernized, Christianized Anglicans. Nehru never went to a temple. Harry Lee was a Christian. Solomon Bhandarnaike was a born Christian. Jinnah never prayed in a Mosque. Nehru was not a practicing Hindu. Lady Mountbatten had effectively Christianized him. General Chiang Kai Sheik converted to Christianity due to the influence of his wife.


They all were functioning as Christians. Jinnah was a committed secularist. Christian Empire hired them as Spies and instructed them to revert to their ancestral cultures, to lead their nations. Westernized Christianized Jinnah became the fanatic supporter of Islamic State, even when he had never been to the mosque before. Jinnah harmed Hindus and supported Christian interests. The Christian Bhandarnaike converted to Buddhism and appealed to Simhala nationalism to massacre Tamil Hindus. Bhandarnaike did not promote Buddhism. He undermined Buddhist political organizations. Bhandarnaike financed Christian missionaries. He caused Buddhist-Hindu riots in Sri Lanka, expediting Christian conversions. Anglofied Harry Lee learned Mandarin and became Lee Kuan Yew. Lee continued to promote Christianity, undermine Buddhism and Taoism. Lee convinced Chinese Communists to support Confucianism and Christianity in China. Lee aligned the forces of Confucianism, and nationalism, to undermine Taoism and Buddhism. Similarly, Christianized Nehru used the minority religions to harm Hinduism and Buddhism. Nehru gave full protection to Christian missionaries. Like Christian Sun Yatsen and Chiang Kai sheik, Christianized Nehru used nationalism and secularism to undermine Hinduism. Nehru was a very frequent visitor to Lady Edwina Mountbatten. Nehru was working for Edwina to promote British imperial interests in the Congress Party. Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad regretted that he nominated Nehru to become the President of Congress Party. Azad called this mistake the greatest mistake of his political life. Nehru partitioned India to become the Prime Minister of India. Nehru liked to be called Pandit Nehru. Nehru caused partition of India. Nehru gave Tibet to China, to undermine Buddhism in Tibet. Nehru refused to accept the offer of King of Nepal to merge with India. India is suffering the after effects of the Christian conspiracy.


11(x) Sri Aurobindo on Gandhi

CONGRESS PARTY: Aurobindo said about Congress that its aims are mistaken, the spirit in which it proceeds towards their accomplishments in not a spirit of sincerity. The leaders in whom Congress trusts are not the right sort of men to be leaders. (Aug 28, 1893, p.10)

Riddle of Mahatma Gandhi

Regarding the historical role of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi. There are two divergent, mutually hostile ideological perspectives in Indian historiography of twentieth century. The Christians, Communists, Congress, and Leftists honor Mahatma Gandhi as the Christ of the Modern times, holy as Christian Apostle, holy as Virgin Mary, holy as the anointed Pope of the twentieth century. Hindus and ultra rightists denounce M. K. Gandhi as Charlatan, a British spy, an imposter, a rapist who occasionally slept naked with dozens of unmarried under-age girl employees in Sabarmati Ashram, for many years to practice the Brahamcharya and Celibacy. Rightists condemn Mahatma Gandhi for: delaying India's Independence; sabotaging 1942 Quit India Movement; organizing Khilafat Movement; opposing Cripps Mission; sabotaging Indian Naval Mutiny of 1945; causing the partition of India in 1947; organizing communal riots in Khulna to force the transfer of Khulna to Pakistan; and for rejecting the pro-Indian demand of Buddhists in Chittagong and Afghans in Frontier Provinces. Rightist Indians condemn Gandhi and Nehru for the death of millions during the Partition. Leftists consider Mahatma Gandhi the true Saint of the Millennium, and the Rightists condemn Gandhi as the evil Devil of the Millennium. Mahatma Gandhi is a demigod for Leftists, Christians and Congressman. Rightists condemn him as Devil. The truth may lie somewhere in between. Let us study the writings of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh the most enlightened soul in the world in twentieth Century. India's Rebirth, Out of the ruins of the West, is the selection of Sri Aurobindo's writings, talks and speeches, published by Institut De Recherches Evolutives, Paris & Mira Aditi, Mysore, 1993, pp 271.

Gandhi as European Christian

Sri Aurobindo said that Gandhi is a European-truly, a Russian Christian in an Indian body. There are some Indians in European bodies. Is Gandhi a European? Yes. When the Europeans say that he (Gandhi) is more Christian than many Christians (some even say that he is 'Christ of the modern times') they are perfectly right. All his preaching derived from Christianity, and though the garb is India, the essential spirit is Christian. Gandhi may not be Christ, but any rate he comes in continuation of the same impulsion. Gandhi is largely influenced by Tolstoy, the Bible, and has a strong Jain tinge in his teachings; at any rate more than Indian scriptures, the Upanishads or the Gita, which he interprets in the light of his own ideas. Many educated Indians consider him a spiritual man. It is so, because Europeans call him spiritual. However, what Gandhi preaches is not Indian spirituality but something derived from Russian Christianity. I am not right in saying that Gandhi is a Russian Orthodox Christian, because he is very dry. Gandhi has the intellectual passion and a great moral will-force, but he is drier than the Russians are. The gospel of suffering that Gandhi preaches has its root in Russia and other Christian nations do not believe in it. When Gandhi's movement started, Aurobindo said that this Movement would lead to either fiasco or to a great confusion. Aurobindo saw no reason to change his opinion. Only he liked to add that it has led to both fiasco and confusion. (Sri Aurobindo, p 175-6)

Gandhi not a Mahatma but could be Christian Christ, Saint or Apostle

It is reasonable to advise European Christians that they are fully justified in calling Gandhi the Christ of twentieth Century, as he was a Christian not a Hindu. Perhaps Christians should worship Gandhi as Gandhi Christ, on the same pedestal as Jesus Christ. However, European Christians have no right to impose a Christian Gandhi as the Mahatma over Hindus, as he preached not Indian spirituality but Christianity. Gandhi was a Christian in Indian body and dress. Gandhi studied Gita only when he was in England. Hindus are willing to respect Gandhi as Gandhi Christ, and support the demand to worship him in Christian Churches as equal to Virgin Mary, as anointed Christian Saint, and/ or as Christian Apostle. Hindus demand that the name of Mahatma Gandhi changed to either Christian Saint Gandhi, or Holy Gandhi Christ. Hindus demand that Mohandas Karamchand is unfit to be called Mahatma, since only Sakyamuni Gautam Buddha is entitled to use this high title. However, Indians have no objection, if Christians worship Gandhi as Saint Gandhi, Gandhi Christ, or Apostle Gandhi. Christian propaganda machinery should refrain from imposing Christian preachers in Indian body as Hindu Mahatma. Perhaps all statues of Mahatma Gandhi removed from public places and honored in Christian Churches as Gandhi Christ. Christian missionaries have no right to confer on a Christian preacher a Hindu religious title of Mahatma, however they are free to honor Gandhi as Christ, Saint or Apostle.

Role of Gandhi & Aurobindo in History

Congress Party promoted the Mahatma title on Sri M.K. Gandhi to present on of their leaders as a religious leader to compete with the growing popularity of the spiritually advance Sri Aurobindo. Gandhi was a full time politician and he lacked spiritual depth and had shallow understanding of Hindu scriptures. Sri Aurobindo was the world's greatest authority on Hinduism. A general public debate should be held to identify whether Aurobindo or Gandhi deserved the title of Mahatma. The title of Mahatma for Hindus and Buddhists cannot be lightly awarded. Mahatma for Hindus and Buddhists means what Christ means to Christians. Pius Christians would be disturbed if popular politician President Clinton is declared to be Christians' New Jesus Christ by Hindu Indians. Similarly, atheist Congressmen, Communists, and Christians should not insult one billion Hindus by misrepresenting politician M.K. Gandhi as the religious leader of Hindus by making him a Hindu Mahatma. M.K. Gandhi was a successfully manipulative politician, brilliantly served the cause of Christian Empire, by delaying India's independence, and weakened the political power of Hindu civilization. Hindu Indians respect Gandhi as a great politician, and would like to call him Mr. M.K. Gandhi, and desire that the prefix Mahatma should be deleted from Mahatma Gandhi from history books in India and from public statues. A historical commission should be established to establish the role of following leaders in Indian history, namely, M.K. Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Lajpat Rai, Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekher, Sri Aurobindo, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, and Sardar Patel.

Gandhi-Bose-Aurobindo Film

A privately funded big budget film project should be produced, to present in multimedia Film and Television medium, the roles the Christianized westernized leaders like, M.K. Gandhi, J.L. Nehru, Solomon Bhandarnaike, Harry Lee, Sun Yat Sen, and Kemal Pasha Ataturk played in promoting Christianity, Western imperialism and to undermine the native culture and civilization. All these thoroughly westernized leaders adopted the local dress and names to promote their political future to promote the spread of western civilization and Christianity. Bhandarnaike, Lee, and Sen damaged Buddhist civilization, and Kemal Pasha damaged Islamic civilization. Gandhi and Nehru damaged Hindu civilization. The continuing debate of the religious role of Mahatma Gandhi is an effective ingredient of Clash of Civilizations.


GITA ON WAR: A certain class of minds shrinks from aggressiveness as if it were a sin. Their temperament forbids them to feel the delight of battle and they look on what they cannot understand as something monstrous and sinful. The Gita is the best answer to those who shrink from battle as a sin and aggression as a lowering of morality. The sword of the warrior is as necessary to the fulfillment of justice and righteousness as the holiness of the Saint Ramdas is not complete without Shivaji. To maintain justice and prevent the strong from despoiling, and to prevent weak from being oppressed, is the function for which the Ksatriya was created. Therefore, says Sri Krishna in the Mahabharat, God created battle and armor, the sword, the bow and the dagger. (p. 46-47). It is an error to think that spirituality is a thing divorced from life. It is an error to think that the heights of religion are above the struggles of this world. The recurrent cry of Sri Krishna to Arjuna insists on the struggle; "Fight and overthrow thy opponents!" "Remember Me and fight!" "Give up thy works (karma) to Me with a heart full of spirituality and free from craving, free from selfish claims, fight!" Let the fever of thy soul pass from thee." (June 19, 1909, p 51)

Sanatan Dharma

SANATAN DHARMA: When it is said that India shall rise, it is Sanatan Dharma that shall rise. When it is said that India shall be great, the Sanatan Dharma shall be great. When it is said that India will expand and extend itself, the Sanatan Dharma shall expand and extend itself over the world. It is for the Dharma and by the Dharma that India exists. What is the Hindu religion? What is this religion, which we call Sanatan, eternal? That which we call the Hindu religion is the eternal religion, because it is the universal religion, which embraces all others. If a religion is not universal, it cannot be eternal. Hinduism is the one religion, which impresses on mankind the closeness of God to us and embraces in its compass all the possible means by which man can approach God. Hinduism is one religion, which insists that He (God) be in all men and all things and that in Him (God) we move and have our being. Hinduism is one religion, which enables us not only to understand and believe this truth but also to realize it with every part of our being. Hinduism is one religion, which shows the world what the world is, that world is the Lila of Vasudeva. Hinduism is one religion which shows us how we can best play our part in that Lila, its subtlest laws and its noblest rules. Hinduism is one religion, which does not separate life in any smallest detail from religion, which knows what immortality, is and has utterly removed from us the reality of death. Sanatan Dharma for us is nationalism. The Sanatan Dharma, that is nationalism. (Aurobindo, May 30, 1909, p. 49). There is a great principle of human evolution, a body of spiritual knowledge and experience of which India has always been destined to be guardian, exemplar and missionary. This is the Sanatana Dharma. (Aurobindo p.51). Spirituality is India's only politics, the fulfillment of the Sanatana Dharma its only Swaraj. Veda is to be the foundation of the Sanatan Dharma. It is to be the concealed divinity within Hinduism, but a veil has to be drawn aside, a curtain has to be lifted. The future of India and the world depend on its discovery and on its application, not to the renunciation of life, but to life in the world and among men. (Aurobindo, p. 94) Aptavakyam, authority is one kind of proof; it is not the only kind: Pratyaksa (direct knowledge is more important. (Aurobindo, p. 95)


11(xi) Atal Behari Vajpayee

Special care must be taken to protect the Life of Prime Minister Vajpayee: Prime Minister Vajpayee must never visit Pakistan as he would meet the fate of Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. It is no accident that India’s three Prime Ministers were albeit murdered and the murder influenced the succession and certain Indian politicians and diplomats had played important roles in these three deaths of Indian Prime Ministers. Special care should be taken to protect the life of Mr. Vajpayee in the year of the elections, as political leaders in the government and bureaucracy might become inadvertent accomplice in the grand plan.


1965 DEATH OF LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI: Communists killed Lal Bahadur Shastri. It is no accident that the first call that Soviet government made in Delhi was at the residence of Mrs. Indira Gandhi not India’s President to convey the news of death of India’s Prime Minister. The members of Indian delegation were not the first to inform Indian government about the death. It is rumored that Mr. Indira Gandhi and Sardar Swaran Singh and communists had some hand in it. The death of Lal Bahadur Shastri was supposed to bring into power either Morarji Desai (opposed to Nuclear weapons) or Indira Gandhi (the choice of the communists). Indira Gandhi paid her dues by devaluing Indian currency by 35% and by giving independence to Bhutan, gave Coco Islands to Burma, which China took over. The plane crash of India’s nuclear scientist Homi J. Bhabha was a Western plot to sabotage India’s nuclear weapon program, because Prime Minister Shastri had given the green signal to develop nuclear weapons. Dr. Bhabha had declared after Chinese nuclear explosion that India can do the same and India can test the atom bomb in tubes. It is possible that Islamabad Summit of SAARC may become the repeat of the Tashkent Summit and Prime Minister Vajpayee may die in Islamabad. The death of Mr. Vajpayee in Islamabad would start the communal riots in India and India may witness the disturbance what happened in Yugoslavia. The CIA had developed closer institutional ties with Pakistan’s ISI and Dawood Ibrahim to influence India’s General elections. The death of Vajpayee in Islamabad would set off the chain reaction that the foreign agencies orchestrated to fine details.


1984 MURDER OF INDIRA GANDHI: Indira Gandhi was murdered by the Western powers that hired the Sikh killers. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. R.K. Dhawan were alongside Indira Gandhi when she was gunned down, and they were not at all hurt. Indira Gandhi’s death made husband of Sonia Gandhi, Sri Rajiv Gandhi the prime minister of India. Sonia Gandhi became the suspect because she became the direct beneficiary of the death of Indira Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi was made the PM without being the MP as killers of Mrs. Indira Gandhi feared any interim prime minister would expose the role of Sonia Gandhi in the murder of Indira Gandhi. Mrs. Gandhi was taken at the back of the Ambassador Car while ambulance with wireless stayed at the PM’s house and the AIMS was not even informed about the arrival of Indira Gandhi. Injured Indira Gandhi was in back seat and rested her head on the lap of Sonia Gandhi. Why killers of Indira Gandhi didn’t kill Sonia Gandhi. The clones of R.K. Dhawan in Indian bureaucracy would support the scheme hatched by Sonia Gandhi’s clique. The vested interests in IFS might not like the foreign policy initiatives of Mr. Vajpayee and might conspire the return of Congress Rule. If Mr. Vajpayee is murdered then Mrs. Sonia Gandhi might become the Prime Minister of India as according to the Congress, Mr. L.K. Advani would fail to lead the coalition, simply because he is a Sindhi. The western powers would like Sonia Gandhi to be in power in India just as they want Christian Suu Kyi to be in power in Burma (Myanmar).


FIRST WORLD WAR: The murder of Crown Prince of Austro Hungarian Empire in Sarajevo started the First World War similarly the murder of Vajpayee would start the Indo-Pak War and communal riots in India. This is exactly the West wants to eliminate India the potential super power. Murder of Vajpayee in Islamabad would guarantee that Gen. Pervez remained in power for next 5 years and destabilize the prime Minister of Pakistan.


MURDER OF RAJIV GANDHI: LTTE had no role in the murder of Rajiv Gandhi. Anybody could have hired the Tamil killers for a fee. The Western powers murdered Rajiv Gandhi to end the Congress Rule so that coalition government Prime Ministers would fail to have the courage to develop Atom Bombs. Political beneficiaries of these three murders had some direct or indirect role in the murders of PMs Shastri, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. PM’s life is in danger as it could install Sonia Gandhi in power in India in the eyes of Pakistan and the West.


CHALLENGE OF L.K. ADVANI: Certain vested interests are promoting the candidatures of Sri L.K. Advani as the future Prime Minister. These vested interests had promoted the dreams of becoming Prime Minister harbored by Sri Charan Singh and Sri Chandra Shekher. It is standard Congress Party’s ploy to give indirect support to the political ambitions of the Deputy Prime Minister to overthrow the government of the incumbent Prime Minister. The silly statements of VHP and other Hindu organizations asking Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee to step down are playing into the hands of the Western powers. There is serious attempt to destabilize India after the conquest of Iraq and disintegration of Yugoslavia, and many secular leaders and officials are working for foreign interests.


NUCLEAR ISSUE, CHINA ISSUE: India and China emerged as Super Powers in 2003. Disintegration of India would allow USA to rule the world. Assassination of Prime Minister Vajpayee would destabilize India. Special care should be taken to protect the life and person of Indian Prime Minister in 2003 and 2004. The foreign power might rope in the political leaders and officials that might profit by his death.


MURDER OF NEPAL ROYAL FAMILY: The Christian powers and the Pakistan’s ISI murdered the entire Royal Family in Nepal while Prime Minister Vajpayee lay unconscious in the Hospital in Bombay just a few weeks before his scheduled visit of Gen. Pervez Musharraf to India. The Christian and Pakistani agents gained entry to the palace of the Crown prince saying it was a regular drug shipment, just as the Bombay bomb last transported the explosives saying it was the gold shipment to the corrupt policemen. Western powers murdered the Nepal’s Hindu royal family and laid the blame on the Crown Prince, who was also shot. Any murder plot in India by foreign agencies could lay the blame of murder on fanatic Hindus, who supposedly were annoyed by not making temple in Ayodhya or the political ambitions of Deputy PM Mr. L.K. Advani, and this insinuation would destroy the reelection chances of Sr. L.K. Advani as well as that of the BJP. Just as Prime Minister Nehru banned RSS after the murder of Mahatma Gandhi, the new Indian government could ban the RSS and VHP by blaming them for the murder plot of Sri Vajpayee.




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