Clash of Religions is Real

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(1) Clash moves the History forward

One. Clash among World Religions is real and threatens world peace. Clash inside world religions is real and represent the battle of religious sects for leadership of religion. Clash of religious clergy is real and represents the conspiracy of clergy to establish theocracies. Dominant religion of a civilization defines the civilization itself. Diplomats promote the interests of the civilization. Many diplomats also promote the interests of the Religion more than the interests of the nation or civilization.


Hegel’s doctrine is a philosophy of history in which every new phase of human development is thought to be an improvement over whatever had come before. World history is the record of the everlasting clash of civilizations. Clash of Civilizations is the reality of the world. The clash of civilizations, the clash of races, and the clash of religions, are sometime violent and sometime peaceful competition of civilizations, religions and races and have long been the reality throughout world history. Throughout history the clash of civilizations resulted in the demise of many defeated races in various parts of the world. Which race, religion or civilization likely to become extinct as a result of the ongoing Clash of Civilizations in the 21st Century? The ongoing clash causes change. The clash provides the energy, the force for change, which makes the history, civilization and mankind go forward. History can move forward and also move backward. The clash, change, civilizations and religions work in space, energy and time continuum. The clash like change is an eternal reality, which transcends time and space. The clash of civilizations, the clash of religions, the clash of races and the clash of nations represent clash with outsiders. The clash in civilizations, the clash in religions, the clash in races and the clash in nations represent clash with insiders. Without change or without clash the history and civilization becomes stagnant, dormant and descends into decline and demise. Wahhabi Sunni fundamentalism, Ayatollah’s Shiite fundamentalism, Papal fundamentalism and Communist fundamentalism seeks to push the civilization, religion and culture backward and represents negative progress, which can only lead to Apocalypse, Armageddon or Rapture.


(2) Mecca-Vatican-Beijing Axis in the Clash

Two. The Mecca, Vatican and Beijing have emerged as the focal of Islamic fundamentalism, Catholic fundamentalism and Communist fundamentalism that joined forces to defeat the modernist, progressive, democratic forces worldwide. Islamic fundamentalists, Catholic fundamentalists, Communist fundamentalists represent the global alliance that seeks to descend the New Dark Age in the world in the 21st Century. The civilized Europe after the demise of civilized Roman Empire and Roman Civilization descended into the Dark Age, the Medieval Age because of the conspiracy of the fundamentalist Roman Catholic Christian Church and Papacy. The Christian Western Europe could smell the Renaissance and modernization only after the Ottoman conquest of Byzantine East Roman Empire. Can one argue that had Ottoman Muslims not destroyed the Byzantine East Roman Empire, the Western Christian Europe would have remained in the Dark Age or Medieval Age even in the 21st Century? Should Christian allow Papacy to turn the clock back again? Should Muslims, who feel proud that Islam represented civilization and progress while Christian Europe remained for 1000 years during the Dark or Medieval Age, in the 21st Century allow barbarian Bedouin of Wahhabi Saudi Arabia to turn the clock back? Mecca-Vatican-Beijing Axis of fundamentalism became evident during Protestant President George Bush’s visit to India to sign the nuclear deal. Only Muslims, Catholics and Communists demonstrated against President Bush, even when entire India loved and welcomed him for the civilian nuclear gift he gave to India. How come Catholics opposed Bush’s visit when Sonia Gandhi the leader of the ruling party is an Italian Catholic, unless they expressed the desire of fundamentalist Papacy. The Mecca-Papacy-Beijing Axis responsible for the ongoing genocide of non-Muslim non-Arab Nubian black Africans in oil-rich Darfur South Sudan. The Mecca-Papacy Axis is responsible for the genocide of pagans in Nigeria. The Mecca-Vatican Axis was responsible for the genocide of pagans in Uganda during Idi Amin. The Vatican-Beijing Axis responsible for the genocide of 2 million Buddhists in Cambodia, during the rule of Judeo-Christian Pol Pot.


(3) Christian Clash of Civilization

Three. The Christian Clash of Civilizations is the Clash inside the Christian Civilization, inside the Christian Church, a battle for the future of Christianity and the Christian world as well as a struggle of ideas. Christian Clash of Civilizations is the clash between Papal mentality that belongs to the Dark Age, the Medieval Age and another modern Christian mentality that belongs to the 21st Century. The “Christian Reconstructionists” believe in a “Taliban-like” reversal of women’s rights, who call openly for a theocratic government shaped by Christian doctrine, and who want to break the constitutional wall that separates the Church and the State. Prophetic Christians shape their view of politics and the world around signs identified as predictors of the Apocalypse. Perhaps fundamentalist Papacy and Prophetic Christians shall lose the battle for the future of Christianity and the Christian world to moderates and modernists. The Rise of Papal fundamentalism and the rise of pro-Papacy politics in the Christian world may make the Catholic Christian society, culture and civilization stagnant and backward and cause the decline or demise of Catholicism. The Clash inside Christian civilization involves the reinstatement of Gnostic Christian Gospels as canonical gospels of Christian Bible the Gospel of Judas, Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Philip and Gospel of Sofia of Jesus Christ. Protestant United States should enforce Universal Holy Christian Bible over all Christian sects, since now White House is the seat of hegemon Christian King. The rise of inclusive tolerant Protestant United States as the sole super power of the world, signals the victory of Protestant Reformation as well as the defeat of Catholic Counter Reformation. There is no possibility of the rise of any Catholic world power in the 21st Century.


(4) Islamic Clash of Civilization

Four. The Islamic Clash of civilizations is the Clash inside the Islamic Civilization, inside the Islamic sects, and between the Islamic sects, and clash between Islamic clergy and women, a battle for the future of Islam and the Islamic world as well as a struggle of ideas. Mediterranean Islamic world, for over 1000 years represented the civilization, culture and rationality; while the primitive barbarian Christian Western Europe represented the backwardness of the Dark Age or the Medieval Age. British and American secret services mobilized the Mullahs of Mecca and Medina and helped them mobilize the desert Bedouin tribesmen to seek secession from Ottoman Caliphate and form the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia organized around the Wahhabi orthodoxy, to mobilize he emotions of religion and rule by Mullahs to overthrow the rule of Ottoman Empire in Arabian Peninsula. Wahhabi Arabs represent only 2 percent of world Muslim population, but trying unsuccessfully to force Islamic world into the barbarian Bedouin social traditions, aided by Saudi oil incomes. Perhaps Wahhabi fundamentalists shall lose the battle for the future of Islam and the Islamic world to moderates and modernists. The Rise of Wahhabi fundamentalism and the rise of Wahhabi terrorism in the Islamic world may make the Islamic societies stagnant, backward and cause the decline or demise of Islam. The Holy Koran has warned Muslims that it is possible that Islam may end in the 15th Century Hijra. The clash of civilization inside Islamic civilization involves the emancipation of Muslim women as well as the leadership role for Mystic Islamic Sufism as the reigning religious doctrine of Islam in the 21st Century.


(5) Chinese Clash of Civilization

Five. The Chinese Clash of civilizations is the Clash inside Chinese Civilization, inside the Chinese Communist Party, and between the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Buddhism Confucianism and Taoism, and clash between Communism and democracy, a clash between Communism and Capitalism, and a battle for the future of China and Buddhism as well as a struggle of ideas. The clash of civilization inside China involves the rise of Buddhism and Taoism in China.


(6) Indian Clash of Civilization

Six. The Indian Clash of civilizations is the Clash inside Indian Civilization, Clash inside the Indian political process, and a clash between secular India and Hindu India and a battle for the future of India and a battle for the future of Hinduism as well as a struggle of ideas. The clash of civilization inside India involves the rise of Hindu India that had been suppressed throughout Islamic rule and Christian rule and post-independence secular rule. India must reject its outdated traditional culture and social norms and adopt modern imperialistic social norms that are more suited for exporting Indian society, culture and religion worldwide.


(7) American Clash of Civilization

Seven. The American Clash of civilizations is the Clash inside American Civilization, Clash inside the American political process, and a clash between secular United States with a constitutional wall that separates the State and the Church and on the other hand Papal America or America of Christian Reconstructionists, who call for a theocratic government shaped by Christian doctrine. American clash of civilization is a battle for the future of America and a battle for the future of secular liberal as well as a struggle of ideas. American Clash of Civilization is the clash of worldview of black woman Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Protestant President George Bush on one side and the Ashkenazi Judeo patriarchal worldviews of Secretaries Kissinger, Brzezinski and Albright and President Bill Clinton on the other side. American clash of civilization is a clash of Kissinger/Brzezinski/Albright’s America that murdered numerous third world democracies by covert operations or military coups in the name of Realism on one side and the America of Secretary Rice that seeks to harness the might and influence of America for crusades of democracy worldwide. American clash of civilization is the clash of ideas of Wilsonian President Bush who wants to use the power of America to bring about such change as is morally right versus the Roosveltian and Kissingerian realism that frequently sanctioned morally wrong acts and justified morally wrong acts in the name of national security or political expediency. The Clash of civilization inside United States involves the rise of Neo-Conservatism as the ruling ideology of America in the 21st Century.


(8) Wars and Direction of Civilization

Eight. The greatest lesson the history is that military success on either side of the battle lines has never determined the direction of the civilization in question for more than a century. This is the lesson of the Crusades and the Ottoman Empire. Catholic Crusades on Islam in the Holy Lands turned into Catholic Crusades on Orthodoxy in the Asia Minor and Constantinople. Counter-Reformation Catholic-Protestant Clash during 30-Years War caused more Christian deaths than in all Christian-Islamic wars. In the Clash of civilization Catholic Vatican and Muslim Mecca are on the same side of the battle lines in the clash of civilization, waging wars on Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist and Pagan civilizations. Catholic Spain just decades after it expelled Muslim Moors from Spain went on to establish Spanish empire in the New World.


(9) Iconoclast Monotheist Religions

Nine. Political scientist Samuel Huntington's book "The Clash of Civilizations," identified the commonality of the iconoclast monotheist authoritarian religions, namely Judeo-Christianity and Semite Islam and authoritarian Judeo Marxism. The purpose of Karl Marx and Judeo-Marxism was to undermine the anti-Papacy Hegelianism and to destroy the Russian Orthodoxy. The purpose of Semite Wahhabi Sunni cult is to undermine the Islamic secular state and to create Islamic Papacy, to establish the dictatorship of the Muslim priests in the Islamic world. Semite Wahhabi Mullah wants to rule over Sultan and become Sultan.


(10) Decline of Roman Civilization

Ten. Just as territorial imperial ambitions of Papacy resulted in the destruction of the Roman Empire, Roman Civilization and Roman religion, the political aspirations of the Semite Wahhabi Mullahs would result in the destruction of the Islamic states. Islamic Papacy aims to impose barbarian medieval dark age throughout the Islamic world, just as Papacy imposed 1,000 year long medieval Dark Age over Western Europe. Papacy determined to bring down the constitutional wall that separates the State and Church in the WASP’s United States, to bring United States into the framework of the Catholic apocalyptic end of time eschatology, whose end would lead to the inception of the Pope-ruled Kingdom of God in the New World of North America.


(11) Separation of State & Church

Eleven. Alabama Chief Justice Ray Moore serving the cause of those who want to destroy the constitutional wall separating the State and the Church in the USA, and he realizes that the Protestant United States would not survive long after the fall of the constitutional wall, just as Soviet Union and Communism didn’t survive long after the Fall of the Berlin Wall.


(12) Bush/Rice not Religious Right

Twelve. The presidential election in United States is battleground for the rival forces in the ongoing clash of civilizations. Protestant President Bush does not represent Catholic Christian religious right conservative conspiracy. President Bush does not support the concept of Pope-ruled Kingdom of God in New World and the dictatorship of the priests in the Christian and Islamic worlds. Papacy and Catholic religious right conservative conspiracy might not support President Bush in election 2004. The Protestant WASPs realize that Papacy presents greatest threat to the continued WASPs domination of the United States and the constitutional wall that separated the State and the Church in the United States. President John F. Kennedy, President Henry Ford, President Jimmy Carter, President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore belonged to the Christian religious right conservative conspiracy. The US presidential election 2004 is primarily a contest between pro-Papacy Christian religious right conservative conspiracy and pro-Oil Protestant WASP religious right conservative conspiracy. The outcome of the presidential election 2004 would determine whether United States would either lead pro-Papacy Christianizing of the world, or result in Protestant control over oil and gas resources of the world. Secular United States is the last bastion of secularism, tolerance and inclusion in the world that faced the specter of predatory religious intolerance and fundamentalism. Oil interests emerged as the Savior of the world and limited the power of apocalyptic eschatology and predatory religious intolerance. The outcome of the US presidential election 2004 would have major impact on the future of world civilization.


(13) Dictatorship of Oil interests

Thirteen. President Bush supports the dictatorship of the Oil interests in the world. The clash of oil has transformed the coalition of nations in the clash of civilizations. The Oil interests of the Protestant Civilization conflict with Christian proselytizing interests of Papacy and religious interests of Wahhabi oil-producing nations in the 21st Century. The Oil would determine and influence the clash of civilizations, clash of races and the clash of religions in the 21st Century. The oil factor replaced god factor in the clash of civilizations in the 21st Century, especially after President Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 2003. Diplomats in the 21st Century define the national interests of religions, states and civilizations engaged in the clash of civilizations in terms of oil interests. The wars among civilizations, religions and races in the 21st century would be waged to secure the oil and gas energy supplies for the energy-dependent industrialized world. A new Pagan god of Oil took emerged in the limelight during America’s war on Iraq in 2003, and it is foretold that all other gods of lobbyists, vested interests and politicians would serve the Omnipotent god of Oil in the 21st Century. The god of Oil companies competes with the god of Papacy and the god of Wahhabi Mullahs for influence over foreign policy makers and diplomats in the 21st Century. Clash of Civilization in the Middle East in the 21st Century is the clash of rival gods a clash between WASP’s god of oil and god of Catholics and god of Arabs. It is very likely that WASP’s god of oil would emerge victorious in the clash of gods.


(14) Clash of Petro-Imperialism

Fourteen. President Bush inadvertently unleashed the new age of colonial empires with his invasion of Iraq in 2003, and it is very likely that the clash of civilization of 21st Century would create large colonial empires, which would replace the independent states as units of the international system. The clash of civilization in the 21st century would be the clash of oil-importing industrialized nations to maintain oil colonies in the oil-producing world to secure the energy supplies of their oil-thirsty economies. Incas, Mayas, Aztec civilizations lost their freedom to feed the Spanish hunger for gold, similarly all the weaker oil-producing nations would lose their independence to quench the oil-thirst of the major industrialized economies in the 21st Century. Clash of oil is more humane and more moral than the clash of religion. The secular civilized nations would fight the clash of civilization to serve the interests of the Oil god rather than the gods of religions. President Bush created a new age of oil colonialism with his unabashed invasion of Iraq in 2003, camouflaging it as the Christian wars on Islamic terrorism and WMDs. President Bush’s Diplomacy of Deception and Newspeak during invasion of Iraq employed Wilsonian deception to camouflage the Rooseveltian real politic, to justify the Big Oil’s quest for new age of Oil Colonialism in the name of NeoCons Christian Clash of Civilization against barbarian terrorist Islam.


(15) Menace of Islamic Nukes

Fifteen. Protestant United States invaded secular Sunni-ruled Shiite-majority oil-rich Iraq presumably in the search of banned WMDs. Howsoever indefensible the President Bush’s invasion of Iraq might have been, the real good that came out of it was the discovery of the nuclear weapon’s designs and the complete Uranium Enrichment Plants that were supplied to Iran, North Korea, Libya, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s nuclear smuggling network that also included Japan, Germany and South Africa. Proliferation of nuclear weapon technology to oil-rich Aryan Iran, oil-rich Semite Saudi Arabia, oil-rich Arab Libya, oil-rich UAE and technologically advanced Malaysia presents greatest threat to human race as Iran is ruled by extreme Shiite fundamentalists and extreme Wahhabi fundamentalists rule Saudi Arabia and UAE. The Soviet-era scientists of oil-rich Aryan Muslim Central Asia, namely, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have nuclear expertise and they have racial and cultural ties with Iran.


Proliferation of nuclear weapon technology to oil-rich Shiite Iran and Wahhabi Saudi Arabia presents greatest strategic threats to United States, India and Russia in the 21st Century and transforms the Clash of Civilization into the Clash of the civilized world powers versus WMD-seeking fundamentalist Muslim Iran and Saudi Arabia.


The acquisitions of nuclear weapons by Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia are in the national interests neither of Protestant WASP United States nor of Hindu India and nor of Orthodox Slav Russia. United States, Russia and India, the leading Protestant, Orthodox and Hindu Civilizations have common national and civilization interests to wage war of civilizations on Iran and Saudi Arabia to militarily denuke and demilitarize Iran and Saudi Arabia to force the Islamic nuclear genie back into the bottle. Besides militarily stamping out the nuclear weapon programs of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, UAE and Malaysia, both the super powers should bring about the reunification of nuclear India and nuclear Pakistan so that Muslim Pakistan’s nuclear scientists no longer tempted to sell their nuclear expertise to the oil-rich Islamic nations.


(16) Why India-Pakistan Federation?

Sixteen. The Christian West would be forced to change its mindset vis-à-vis Muslim-Hindu clash of civilizations whenever the West realized that only reintegration of Aryan Muslim nation of Muslim Pakistan with Aryan Hindu India could possibly neutralize or tame the specter of Islamic Nuclear Weapon menace. Britain partitioned Indian Empire in 1947 to create artificial state of Pakistan as a buffer state to prevent India’s hegemony over Iranian and Iraqi oil fields as before 1947, Indian empire controlled 100% of Iranian Oil and 48% of Iraqi oil, and before 1965, Indian Rupee was the official reserve currency of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Iran, Jordan and Yemen. Western oil interests created Muslim fundamentalism to undermine the control of Ottoman Empire and Indian Empire over the oil rich Arabian Gulf and Iran respectively. Western nuclear non-proliferation interests would force United States and Western Europe to force Pakistan rejoin the Federation of South Asia with India. The Christian West created Hindu-Muslim Clash of Civilization to partition Indian Empire in 1947 to gain control over Muslim oil fields. The Islamic nuclear threat to the Christian West would undermine Hindu-Muslim Clash of Civilization and bring about closer civilization-level closer ties between India and Pakistan. The Christian West would need India to reassert its historical ties with Iran and Caspian Central Asia as Emperor Babur the founder of Mughal dynasty in India came from Samarkand. Only Aryan India can tame the nuclear weapon technology proliferation by scientists of Aryan Pakistan, Aryan Uzbekistan, Aryan Turkmenistan, Aryan Kazakhstan, Aryan Tajikistan, Aryan Kyrgyzstan and Aryan Kyrgyzstan and Aryan Azerbaijan if India is allowed to exercise closer cultural, racial and civilization ties with Pakistan and Caspian Central Asia. The Christian West’s national interests in securing Persian Gulf oil resources resulted in the partition of Indian Empire and Hindu-Muslim clash of civilization in 1947. The Christian West’s national interests in preventing the proliferation of Muslim Pakistan’s nuclear weapon technology to oil-rich Muslim Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, UAE and Malaysia would result in the reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in the early quarter of the 21st Century. Muslim oil resulted in the partition of Indian Empire. The menace of Islamic Nukes would result in the reunification of South Asia or Indian Empire before 2025 AD. Oil caused the Partition of 1947 and Nukes will result in the reunification and end the Hindu-Muslim clash of civilization during first quarter of the 21st century.


(17) Protestant USA Vs Catholic USA

Seventeen. Professor S.P. Huntington fears that the increased inflow of Catholic Hispanic immigrants from Latin America and the declining Anglo-Protestant immigration from Britain and Ireland resulting in the establishment of largely Mexican and Hispanic unassimilated enclaves in the United States. This dynamic is destined to create in the United States a “country of two cultures and two peoples” as America’s distinctive culture and The Creed atrophy. Huntington wants Americans should recommit themselves to Anglo-Protestant culture and force non-European Catholic immigrants from Hispanic America and immigrants from non-English speaking countries to learn English and accept Protestant beliefs in the separation of the State and the Church. The falling birthrates of European Anglo-Saxons and European Catholics coupled with the increased immigration from non-Protestant non-English speaking nations might result in the dissolution of the WASP’s United States before 2025 AD. The United States, as we know it might cease to exist in 2025, due to the falling European birth rates and the increased Catholic Hispanic immigration. WASPs of the United States took over by military force the states of Texas and California from Mexico in 19th century and the Spanish-speaking Catholics of Texas and California resents the annexation of Texas and California to this date. The population growth of the Hispanics as recorded in recent Census, made Catholic Hispanics outnumber Blacks in the United States. It is inconceivable that the white Protestant Anglo-Saxons would continue to dominate the polity, culture, economy and populations of the United States, Canada and Australia in the post-2025 age. The Goddess of fertility has sealed the wombs of white Protestants, white Catholics and white Orthodox Christians, to reclaim the lands of the Goddess that the swordsmen of the monotheist patriarchal religions of Christianity stole from the worshippers of the Goddess earlier.


(18) Universalism or Cultural Determinism

One. Republican Neo-Conservatism believes that history is not a prison of culture, though culture shapes people but cultures are changeable. Democratic institution is and instrument of change of Culture, Society, Politics and the Civilization. Neo-Conservatism believes that Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq are suitable for democracy and democratic institutions and political authority can tame and neutralize Islamic fundamentalism and suppression of women.


Two. Neo-Conservatism rejects the ideology of cultural determinism. The ideology of Cultural Determinism as well as Kissingerian Realism, simply camouflages the morally bad or immoral policies implemented by realists belonging to the Kissinger/Brzezinski/Albright camp who used CIA covert operations to engineer the military coups or ordered direct invasions to overthrow the democratically elected governments in the Non-Aligned Third World, and justified it in the name of realism, national security or cultural determinism.


Three. Bush/Rice have rejected these policies and argue that United States now onwards should use its resources to promote nation building and to undertake crusades worldwide to help the Third World reorganize into multi-ethnic, multi-religion democracies, copying the idea of Indian democratic model, as India is an Exemplar Democratic Model in the post-Nation State world order. The Confederation of European Union is not an Exemplar Model for democracy in the Third World.


Four. Cultural determinists look at Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations,” and argue that Huntingtonianism doesn’t advocate any changes in the Muslim world it just calls for a less contact with it. Republican and Democratic cultural determinists want to raise a high wall around the extremist fundamentalist society, to let them abuse woman and deny freedom to their people, so long as they do not come outside the wall to make terrorist attacks on America. Republicans advocates of cultural determinism are comfortable for using force abroad, but have little patience for a deep entanglement with the Muslim world, which they consider unredeemable, or at least not worth the strenuous efforts of trying to redeem. Republican cultural determinists look at car bombs and Prophet cartoon riots and wonder whether Islam is really a religion of peace. They look at the mayhem in the Middle East and just want to withdraw.


(19) Afghan Christian Abdul Rahman’s Trial

One. If Muslims want to ban the conversion of Muslims to another religion then Muslims must not try to convert Hindus and Buddhists to Islam. Islamic world is a prison for Muslims, because they faced death sentence if they ever tried to convert to another religion.


Two. The fundamentalist Muslim clergy fears, the religion of Islam faces the threat of decline and believes that without the threat of death punishment for conversion to Christianity, Islam can’t face the flood of conversions to Christianity, because Holy Koran and Prophet had sanctioned the marriage among the peoples of the Book without converting the other spouse. If Muslim clergy want to hang Afghan man who converted to Christianity 15 years ago, then Muslims have no right to convert Hindus, or Buddhists or Christians to Islam. Holy Koran forecast the possible end of Islam as a religion in the 15th century Hijra around 14th century after the rise of Islam as a religion. Christian Abdul Rahman facing death for converting from Christianity in Afghanistan. Under conservative interpretation of Shariah, a convert can be sentenced to death.


Three. Experts estimate that many educated wealthy and educated Muslim girls in Saudi Arabia, United Emirates, Kuwait and Iran want to marry non-Muslims and convert to another religion, but afraid to do so because of the death threats and death punishment enshrined in the legal systems of Muslim nations for the crime of converting from Islam to another religion.


QUERY: The question for philosophical inquiry is: Is Islam so weak a religion that without threatening the converts from Islam to other world religion, the Islam could disappear as a religion in the modern age? Should Christian, Hindu and Buddhist civilizations pool their political, diplomatic and military power to secure for all such Muslim men and women as desire to convert from Islam to another religion? Should war on global Islamic terrorism and crusades for democracy include a provision to enshrine in every Islamic nation the right for universal democratic values and freedom, which include freedom of religion? How long can the extremist Muslim clergy prevent the decline of Islam to prevent the converting from Islam to another religion? Is Islamic world a prison of Islam, where Muslim people forced to remain Muslim and not convert to better religion, because of the fear of death sentences? Would World War III, break the prison walls of the prison of Islam in the Islamic world, like the fall of the Berlin Wall, where all Muslim men and women, enjoy unfettered freedom to marry non-Muslims and freedom to convert from Islam to another World Religion? Would the globalization and modernization of the Islamic world result in the demise of Wahhabi fundamentalist Islam? It is high time that the Muslim leaders and clergy of India, Pakistan and Indonesia rise to lead the Islam and define the reigning ideology of Islam in Mecca and Medina. The Indian Barelwi or Deobandi school of Islamic thought should replace Wahhabi extremism as the guiding principles of Islam. Is Islam a religion of sword that Muslim clergy fear without the continued use of sword Islam could disappear as a religion?


(2) Clash of True-False Religions

(1) Clash of Occidental Vs Oriental Religions

One. Throughout history there has been clash between tolerant, inclusive pro-diversity religions and intolerant, exclusive authoritarian religions, much like the proverbial on going battle between immortal god and immortal devil.


First. The authoritarian religions propagate by sword, while tolerant inclusive religions propagate by peaceful means. The Iconoclast monotheist Vatican and Mecca represent intolerant, exclusive authoritarian religions and Hinduism, Buddhism and Protestantism represent liberal, tolerant, inclusive religions.


Second. The major eight independent religions of the world with large population are: (1) Mahayana Buddhism, (2) Hinduism, (3) Roman Catholicism, (4) Sunni Islam, (5) Protestant Christianity, (6) Islamic Shiite-Sufism, (7) Hinayana Buddhism and (8) Paganism. The major five world civilizations are: (1) Yellow Buddhist Chinese civilization, (2) Brown Hindu Indian civilization, (3) White European Christian civilization, (4) white American civilization, (5) Islamic Middle East civilization, and (6) Pagan civilization.


Third. The inter-sect religious conflicts, the Catholic-Protestant clash, Catholic-Orthodoxy clash and Sunni-Shiite clash presents greater threat to world peace than the inter-religion conflicts. The American Protestant Crusades on Islamic terrorism and Islamic Jihad on Protestant America present greater threat to world peace than Islamic terrorism on Hindu India and Orthodox Russia. Islamic Jihad on Jewish State of Israel and Vatican’s support to Muslims against Israel undermined the coalition of the iconoclast monotheist religions. In the global clash of forces representing tolerance, inclusion, diversity, freedom, liberty and democracy versus the forces representing intolerance, exclusion, fundamentalism, extremism and totalitarianism the coalition of tolerance, inclusion and diversity would emerge victorious in the 21st Century.


Fourth. The top four world powers are: (1) USA, (2) China, (3) Europe including Russia, and (4) India. The top four largest economies of the world are: (1) USA, (2) China, (3) Japan, and (4) India. The top four largest populations in the world are: (1) China, (2) India, (3) USA, and (4) Indonesia. It is likely that Hindu India, Buddhist China and Protestant United States would be on the same side in the global clash of civilizations in the 21st Century.


Fifth. The philosophers studying the history of clash of civilization inquire into the riddle: Why would white Protestant United States join brown Hindu India and yellow Buddhist China on the same side of the battle line in the clash of civilization in 21st century? Why would Jewish Israel join Hindu India on the same side of the battle lines in the clash of civilization? Why would Sufi-Shiite Muslims join Hindu India on the same side of the battle lines in the clash of civilization? Why would Hindu India and Buddhist China become closest civilization allies in the clash of civilization? Why Muslim Aryan Central Asia, Pakistan, Tibet, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Madagascar, Malaysia and Indonesia are part of Hindu Indian Civilization? Why would brown Mestizos of Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Central America become integral part of brown Hindu Indian civilization in 21st Century? Which coalition of civilizations would emerge victorious in clash of civilizations in the 21st century? Why would the conspiracy to establish the dictatorship of the priests in the Catholic and Islamic world, fail? What religions would merge into one another in 21st Century?


(2) Hegel Doctrine of History & Religion

Two.. Protestant Republican Neo-Conservatism believes in Hegelian doctrine that philosophers are better qualified than priests to interpret Christian Bible. Religion is the field of philosophy. Religion is too serious to be left to priests alone.


First. Predatory intolerance in history attempted to impose evil as good, falsehood as truth, false religion as true religion. Philosopher finds the proof of his theory in history. True nature of the religion is known by judging the role various religious Church played in the history. History unmasks the true religion from the false religion. History unmasks the good from evil.


Second. Clash of Civilization in a nutshell is the clash among false religions and true religions. Philosophy alone can help a man discern true religion from false religion. Victory in the battlefield does not necessarily mean that the religion of the victor is better than the religion of the loser.


Third. The ongoing clash between Religion and Irreligion, the clash between civilizations and barbarians, and the clash between forces of tolerance and forces of predatory intolerance, provide the energy or gas or fuel for the engine of the history to move forward. The Religion is the thesis and Irreligion is the antithesis and the resulting synthesis of religion and irreligion is the synthesis. The resulting synthesis is higher form of religion if forces of religion emerged victorious or higher form of irreligion if the forces of irreligion emerged victorious. In religion this battle expressed as ongoing battle between immortal god and immortal devil. In religion this battles take place between tolerant matriarchal religions of goddess and the intolerant patriarchal religion of male gods. In society this battle expressed as ongoing clash between woman and man, between those who treat woman as equal to man and those that brutally subjugate and suppress women as servant of men. In society it is expressed as the conflict of generations, between the old order and emerging new order. In a tolerant society older generation periodically allows the younger generation to take over and accept periodic modernization of the old social order to keep it relevant to the present, which gives rise to higher synthesis peacefully. In an intolerant society the old order imposes its will on the new generation with the force of arms, which causes violent reaction as antithesis.


Fourth. Protestant Christian Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) was the last of the great philosophical system builder of modern times. Hegel’s works, following upon that of Immanuel Kant, Johann Gottlieb Fichte and Friedrich Schelling, marks the pinnacle of classical German philosophy, known as German Idealism. As an absolute Idealist inspired by Protestant Christian Reformation and Buddhist philosophical insights and grounded in the mastery of fantastic fund of concrete knowledge, Hegel found a place for everything logical, natural, human and divine, in dialectical scheme that repeatedly swung from thesis to antithesis and back again to a higher and richer synthesis. Hegel wrote an essay using Kantian theology to reinterpret the Gospel of Bible on Kantian lines. Hegel inquired into the question: How Catholic Christianity had ever become the authoritarian religion that it was, if in fact the teaching of Jesus was not authoritarian but rationalistic? Hegel argued that Jesus had originally taught a rational morality, reconcilable with the teaching of Kant’s ethical works, and Jesus taught a religion that unlike Judaism was adapted to the reason of all men. Religion is the stage of absolute knowledge or the spirit knowing itself as spirit. Religion is thus the field of philosophy. Every Prophet was a philosopher, and every true philosopher is a Prophet in the making.


Fifth. Every one of Hegel’s major works was a history. Philosophers enquire into religion and reinterpret religious scriptures and analyze the history from the perspective of a philosopher. Philosophy, religion and history become one in Total philosophy. History is the canvass on which philosophy and religion unfold and give out its secrets and religion’s teleological purpose.


Sixth. Hegel believed that Church and state, worship and life, piety and virtue, spiritual and worldly action could never dissolve into one. The wall that separates the State and the Church is the essential perquisite of the progress of the Civilization. The attack on the constitutional wall that separates the State and the Church by ultra-conservative and fundamentalist Catholic and Evangelical Christian religious right conservative is a revolutionary conspiracy to fundamentally alter the political character of the WASPs secular United States. American Protestants and Non Denominational Christians cannot allow the vocal minority of fundamentalist ultra-conservative Christian to change the founding principle of the secular United States. The Protestant Founding Fathers of the US Constitution created the constitutional wall separating the State and the Church to foil the future attempts of the Papacy to impose dictatorship of the Catholic priests in the United States. The dictatorship of the priests represents not the progress but the regress of the religion. Dictatorship of priests transforms any religion into authoritarian intolerant irreligion.


Seventh. History is the enactment of God’s purpose that is the gradual realization of human freedom. Hegel, Jesus, Apostolic Christianity, Hindus and Buddhists believe that God’s purpose and human history is a process through which mankind has been making spiritual and moral progress and advancing to self-knowledge. The ultimate knowledge is attained when man has a self-realization of the identity of his own Soul (Self Atman Purusha) with that of the Self of the Absolute God. The believers of this approach represent the global warring coalition of religions on one side of the battle lines in the Clash of Civilizations. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Shintoism, Taoism, Confucianism, Apostolic Christianity, Pharisees and Kabbalah Judaism, Sufi Islamic Mysticism and majority of Non Denominational Christians believe in the above approach. These people believe in principles of tolerance, inclusion, diversity, women’s rights and man’s ability to direct worship the Divine without the intermediacy of the priests. These people oppose authoritarian religious organizations and reject the concept of the dictatorship of the priests and the do not accept the infallibility of any religious leader.


Eighth. Hindu India is the leader of this coalition in the clash of civilizations and Protestant United States and Non Denominational Christians would be on the same side of the clash of civilizations in the 21st Century. These forces represent the coalition of tolerant, inclusive, rationalistic true religions. Whole of human history is a process through which mankind has been making spiritual and moral progress and it involved constant conflicts with the contrary forces that are opposed to mankind’s progress in spiritual and moral progress.


Ninth. Throughout history mankind’s quest for true religion faced violent onslaught of intolerant false religions that blurred the fine line distinguishing the true and false religions. Throughout history predatory intolerant false religion tried to destroy the true religion by violent terrorist means. The historical clash between true religion and false religion in history is known as the Clash of Civilization. The clash between tolerant inclusive pro-diversity religion and predatory intolerant fundamentalist religions continues in the 21st Century. The Clash of civilizations is the interpretation of the 20th century world affairs from the perspective of the clash of religions.


Tenth. The violent clash of tolerant liberal religion with predatory intolerant authoritarian religion provides the necessary petroleum energy for the engine of the human history to move forward. The violent clash between tolerant religion and intolerant authoritarian irreligion results in either higher synthesis of religion or higher synthesis of irreligion, depending upon whether religion or irreligion emerged victories in the clash. Victorious irreligion masquerades as true religion by force of arms and tries to convince the followers of religion that religion is in fact irreligion, because of the fact that it lost the war. The religion after its military defeat reinvigorates itself and becomes better religion and launches counter attacks on irreligion and after some time succeeds in conquering the irreligion, and establishes the higher synthesis of religion. Religion is thesis, Irreligion is antithesis and if Irreligion emerged victorious, the synthesis is higher Irreligion, which exercises predatory control over the civilization and becomes the thesis in the second cycle of the dialectics. The religion after defeat by irreligion, reorganizes and retaliates against entrenched Irreligion as antithesis, and if religion emerged victorious establishes the synthesis of higher religion and transforms the civilization of irreligion into the civilization of religion, and the cycle starts all over again.


Eleventh. Throughout history, the clash of tolerant matriarchal religions of Goddess with intolerant iconoclast patriarchal god as male only religion, provided the fuel energy for the engine of the history that propelled human history to move forward, which resulted in either higher synthesis of Goddess religion or higher synthesis of patriarchal religion. Hinduism, Buddhism and Paganism are matriarchal religions that may venerate the Divine through deity of gods, the idols. The clash of iconoclasts and idolatry in history provided fuel to the engine of history for human history to move forward. Jews followers of Moses and Sunni Wahhabi Muslims are true iconoclasts and totally opposed to any form of idolatry. In the past Jews worshipped the Golden Calf, the Cult of Baal of Phoenician origin. Shiite Muslims venerates the graves of Sufi saints and venerates the sacred Sufi graves no less fervently the than Hindus worship the idols of their gods. Catholic Christianity is primarily a matriarchal religion and worships idols of Jesus, Mary and Saints no different than the Hindus worship the idols of their gods. Technically Catholic Church practices idolatry. The Catholic concept of God as Father, Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and Immaculate Conception of Mary represents the Hindu concept of god and goddess that Catholic Church borrowed and incorporated in the Catholic doctrine. The ongoing clash between pro-woman forces and anti-woman forces provides the energy fuel to the engine of the history for the human history to propel forward.


Twelfth. Throughout history the mystics clashed with the priests. While mystics gave the knowledge of religion free to the people and taught the way to directly worship the Divine without the intermediation of the priests. Mysticism harms the priests business of god and undermines their political power and influence. If the people could directly reach divine then what would be the need of the priests and why should they pay the priests for the religious practices. Throughout history religious reforms took place motivated by the desire to curb the greed of priests for money and power. The Pharisees challenged the Jews Rabbi and demanded that Jews should conduct many religious ceremonies at home by themselves, which were done by the priests at the temple earlier. The Pharisees won the battle with Sadducees and Papacy type couldn’t develop in Judaism. More than 15% of Jews believe in the Kabala mysticism. More than 50% of Muslims, Sunni as well as Shiite, in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh believe in Sufi Mysticism and venerate Sufi Saints. The Mystic Gnostic Christianity was the dominant form of Christianity in the Church of Alexandria during Early Christianity of first three centuries. The human drive for Spiritualism clashes with the priests’ demands for money and power. The forces of Mysticism and Spiritualism in Christianity, Islam and Judaism would clash with the priests and challenge the monopoly of religion and the dictatorship of the priests. Throughout history the ongoing clash of Mysticism and Spiritualism with priests of authoritarian religions provided the energy fuel to the engine of the history to propel human history to move forward. The forces of Mysticism and Spiritualism would emerge triumphant in the 21st Century over authoritarian religions and intolerant priests.


Thirteenth. In the age of Internet, Globalization, Global Village and interconnected world, the authoritarian religions and intolerant priests would lose their grip over their believers and the mystics, spiritualists and pro-woman movements would emerge victorious. The religious esoteric knowledge, the secrets of religion would become accessible to all those who seek it without the intermediation of the priests. In the Information Age the business of authoritarian religious organizations would suffer and religious organizations would become flat and there would be no need to have a single leader of a religion. Improved means of communication, throughout out history provided the energy fuel to engine of history and human history made fast jump forward. The Clash of Civilization in the Internet Age, Global Village and Globalization would result in the victory of the forces of tolerant inclusive rationalist non-authoritarian religions and the victory of Mysticism and Spiritualism. The Globalization process would result in the decisive victory of the coalition of tolerant inclusive religions led by Hindu India and Protestant United States. The total victory of tolerance, inclusive and diversity is predestined in the 21st Century.


Fourteenth. The iconoclast religions conquered, converted and destroyed the religion and civilizations of pagan idolaters of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Syria, Persia, Incas, and Mayas in the past. Iconoclast Muslims conquered Hindu India and Buddhist Central Asia and militarily converted tens of millions to Islam. In the 21st Century the military balance of power shifted in favor of Protestant America, Buddhist China and Hindu India. There is no Catholic world power in the world. There is no Islamic world power in the world. In spite of military weaknesses Catholic Vatican and Semite Wahhabi Mecca waged proselytizing wars on Hindu and Buddhist nations. Wahhabi Muslim terrorists periodically launched terrorist attacks on Jewish Israel, Hindu India, Orthodox Russia and Protestant United States, even when the India, Russia and United States have the military power to undertake overwhelming military strikes against Islamic nations that harbor and sponsor terrorism. President George W. Bush propagated the principle of Preemptive strikes against terrorism in the Bush Doctrine 2002. Christian sword is more powerful than the Islamic sword in 21st Century. The moral question for the leaders of the Protestant, Orthodox, Hindu and Buddhist world power is: Whether military forces be used to reconvert North African and Arabian Muslims to the religion they had, before they were forced by Semite Arab swords to convert to Islam? Should United States, India, Russia and China use military force to end the Islamic terrorist menace by reconverting North Africa and Arabia to Christianity and religion of Goddess Isis and God Ossir that they practiced before Semite Arab Muslim imposed Islam by sword on their civilization? Should civilizations use the sword to bring down the barbarian religious empires that were established by sword? Should tolerant inclusive and pro-diversity civilizations use military force to bring down the predatory intolerant fundamentalist civilizations? Should the religions that expanded and propagated by sword made to fall by sword? Should Hindu India, Protestant United States and Orthodox Russia retaliate against the barbarian Wahhabi Muslim terrorism by undertake retaliatory attacks on the breeding grounds of barbarians deep in the Arabian lands? Diplomats of the civilized world should ponder over the issues in the Clash of Civilizations and take appropriate counter measures to protect their civilization from further barbarian terrorist attacks.


Fifteenth. Tens of millions worship Goddess Isis, God Ossir, God Zeus and God Jupiter even today. These ancient gods and goddess are alive and ancient religion of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Persia has survived and prospered in foreign lands and it is inevitable that the ancient religion of Pharaoh’s would stage a come back in Egypt, Libya and Syria and expel Islam form their lands. If Jews could return to Holy Land after the Diaspora of 2000 years long, then African pagan Nubians the believers of Goddess Isis, God Ossir and Apostolic Gnostic Christians can also reclaim the lands of Syria, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Morocco for their religions, following the path shown by the establishment of State of Israel in 1948. Establishment of the State of Israel gave hope to the conquered civilizations of Incas, Mayas, Aztecs, Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, Amerindians, and believers of goddess Isis, Hera, Shekhmet, Hathor, Athena and believers of god Zeus, Jupiter, Ossir, Ahura Mazda, Viraoccha that some day their religion and civilization would regain their ancient lands and their ancient civilizations and ancient religions would someday flourish, prosper and expand. If Jews, with a total worldwide population of 15 million could establish the State of Israel after the gap of 2,000 years then every once of the ancient civilization and religion has a chance to regain their ancient lands, where they would resurrect their ancient civilization. The success of Jews to reestablish the Jewish State of Israel presents greatest threat to the survival of Catholic religion in South America and survival of Islam in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Jordan, Persia and Turkey. The underlying idea of Israel that even after 2,000 years of Diaspora the defeated and displaced people bound by a common religion can recreate a lost language and establish a new state based on the ancient religion presents greatest threat to predatory Islam and Catholicism that expanded by sword and colonialism. Many ancient religions and ancient civilizations would follow the lead of Jewish State of Israel and reestablish their ancient religion and ancient civilization in their ancient lands. Hindu India must never allow the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel. Hindu India should help reestablish Pharaoh’s State in Egypt, Inca’s State in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, Maya’s State in Mexico, Aztec’s State in Guatemala and El Salvador, Aborigines’ State in Australia, Zoroastrian State in Persia, Hindu State in Malaysia and Indonesia, Zeus’s State in Greece, Jupiter’s State in Rome and Shaman’s State in Siberia. It is the manifest destiny of India, China and Japan to help the ancient religions and ancient civilizations reestablish their ancient way of life and culture in their ancient lands. India, China and Japan should come to the defense of paganism, pagans and tribal religions in the Clash of Civilizations.


(3) Menace of the Dictatorship of the Priests

Three. Protestant Republican Neo-conservatism rejects the notion of the dictatorship of Christian priests or the dictatorship of Pope.


First. Throughout history the clash of the High Priest and the King or military ruler provides the essential energy fuel for the engine of the history that moves political history of the mankind. Throughout Christian history Papacy conspired to establish the totalitarian dictatorship of the priests in Italy. Papacy destroyed Roman Empire, Roman Civilization and undermined the State of Italy by conspiring with the enemies of Italy, in exchange for their support to keep the state of Italy under the control of Papacy. The Wahhabi clergy of Mecca seek to create a Wahhabi Papacy, the rule of Ulema in Saudi Arabia. The dictatorship of the priests in Iran, the government of Ayatollahs was the first instance of the dictatorship of the priests in the Islamic world. Throughout Islamic history the secular Sultan ruled the Islamic Caliphate and presided over the Islamic clergy, who paid obeisance to the Sultan. Semite Wahhabi movement is a revolutionary doctrine that seeks to establish Iranian Ayatollah type dictatorship of priests in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman and Yemen. It is possible that United States might make Osama Bin Laden the priest-ruler of Saudi Arabia, just as it installed Ayatollah Khomeini as ruler of Iran in 1979. The specter of the dictatorship of the priests looms large over civilized world.


Second. The civilized forces of tolerance, inclusion and diversity are under violent attacks of the predatory religious intolerance and fundamentalism led by intolerant Vatican and Mecca in the clash of Civilization. Catholic priests of the Vatican and Wahhabi Mullahs of Mecca wants to establish the totalitarian dictatorship of the priests in the Catholic world and Islamic world respectively in the 21st Century, by jointly imposing predatory intolerant fundamentalism on tolerant diverse civilizations. Unless checked by the preemptive strikes of the civilization states, the predatory intolerant doctrine of the dictatorship of the priests could do more harm to the world civilizations in the 21st Century than the doctrine of dictatorship of the proletariats did to Russia, China and East Europe in the 20th Century. Religion is the field of philosophy. The clash of Civilization is the result of the religious revolution underway in the Vatican and Mecca, which unless checked threatens barbarian invasions of the Civilizations on unprecedented scale.


Third. The specter of Dictatorship of the Proletariat caused destruction and looting of the private property of Orthodox Russia and Buddhist China in the 20th Century. The specter of Dictatorship of Priests would cause the destruction and looting of the private property of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE and other Islamic countries. The Clash of civilization in the 20th Century had been the result of the assault by Vatican Papacy and Wahhabi Mecca to impose the dictatorship of the priests and religious separatism throughout Christian and Islamic world respectively.


Fourth. Papacy and American Big Oil conspired to engineer the rule of Wahhabi clergy in Mecca and monarchy of House of Saud and monopoly of American Big Oil in Saudi Arabia. Papacy and Catholic clergy consistently betrayed Roman Empire and Italy and joined forces with barbarian invaders to keep Italy down and to create Pope’s Empire in the Papal States and the Christian Europe, during last 1400 years. Mecca’s Wahhabi clergy betrayed Ottoman Empire and conspired with foreign invaders United States and Britain to undermine Ottoman rule in the Arabian Peninsula, and bartered all oil and gas resources of Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia and Iraq to American and British Big oil in exchange for Wahhabi clergy’s rule over Mecca & Medina and Wahhabi House of Al Saud monarchy in Saudi Arabia.


Fifth. Wahhabi clergy leadership believes like Pope Gregory VII (1073-85) that only the Pope might use the imperial insignia, only Pope might lawfully depose emperors but Pope himself should not be judged by anyone. Pope Innocent III argued that since Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne, he legally transferred the Roman Empire, the throne of the Caesars from the Romans to the Germans and that his successors could transfer it elsewhere if they so wished. King Fahd and House of Al Saud Monarchy in Saudi Arabia and other Wahhabi Sheikhdoms in Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE are in great danger of the usurpation of political power by Wahhabi clergy. The Clash of Civilization is the clash of secular philosophy of the political rulers and kings versus the theocratic philosophy of the rule of the priests and the dictatorship of the priests.


Sixth. The philosophy and doctrine of the Wahhabi dictatorship of the priests presents great political and revolutionary danger to the civilized world, as financed by Wahhabi Heroin Cartels it seeks to control the oilfields of the Islamic oil-producing nations. Mecca’s Wahhabi priests seek to create Islamic Papacy, so that in Wahhabi Islamic Caliphate the Ulema not the secular Sultan would rule the Islamic Ummah and Islamic Empire. Civilizations should neither allow Catholic Papacy nor Sunni Wahhabi to misuse the religious freedom in the democratic civilization to destroy the democracy, freedom, tolerance and diversity of the Civilization. It is the legitimate job of a philosopher to engineer the reforms of the religion and to reinterpret religious scriptures and dogma and beliefs.


(4) Destruction of Buddhist & Hindu Priests

Four. Protestant Republican Neo-Conservatism rejects the religious right conservative conspiracy to undermine Hinduism or Buddhist to promote the agenda of iconoclast patriarchal monotheism in India and China. After First World War the colonial powers guided by Christian clergy embarked upon the dual policy to empower Muslim clergy in the Middle East, India, Malaysia and Indonesia and to undermine and weaken Buddhist clergy in Japan, China, Korea, Burma, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and also to weaken Hindu clergy in India. The authoritarian religions of Christianity and Islam developed a common front, which encouraged ethnic separatism and rising power of Christian and Muslim clergy.


First. The Catholics and Evangelical Protestants, the Judeo-Christian religious right conservatives developed a political alliance with atheist Judeo-Marxists to undermine Buddhist and Hindu clergy in Asia. In southern states of India, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh anti-Brahmin political movements were started to undermine the position of Hindu Brahmins. The constitution of India at the instance of British rulers introduced the reservation on the basis of castes. The Communists greatly harmed the power and influence of Buddhism and Buddhist Monks, in China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The military regimes in South Korea, Burma and American rule in Japan greatly harmed the influence and power of Buddhism and Buddhist monks. Papacy and Evangelicals in alliance European colonial powers worked to organize Muslim clergy into a powerful bloc, and worked to weaken the Buddhist clergy and Hindu clergy in Asia and India.


Second. The clash of civilization is a conspiracy of Catholics and Evangelicals to support Islamic fundamentalism and rule of Islamic Mullahs in the Islamic world, and simultaneously to weaken and undermine the power and influence of Hindu clergy, the Brahmins in India, and to weaken the influence of Buddhist clergy, the monks, in the Buddhist world, namely, Japan, Korea, China, Tibet, Taiwan, Burma, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The Catholic Jesuits joined forces with Mao Tse Tung to undermine the rule of Christian Chiang kai Sheikh, because he was less hostile to Chinese Buddhists than Mao. The Judeo-Marxists, Judeo-Catholics and Semite Islam created a single bloc in the clash of civilization, which explains that the Communist government in West Bengal in India is anti-Hindu and pro-Christian and pro-Islam. 


Third. Catholic President John F. Kennedy invaded Vietnam not to oppose Communism or to contain the southward expansion of communist China to Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia, but to destroy the Buddhist society of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Jewish Henry Kissinger invaded Cambodia and implanted Judeo-Marxist Khmer Rouge regime over Buddhist regime of Prince Sihanouk, not to oppose Communism but to destroy Buddhism in Cambodia. Even after the defeat in Vietnam, the Christian objectives of the Vietnam War were realized with the imposition of the anti-Buddhist governments in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma. Destruction of Buddhism is the principal objective of the Catholics and Evangelicals in the clash of civilization.


Fourth. Hindu and Buddhist world is powerful enough to retaliate against the civilization attacks of the Christian and Islamic world, because of the size of its population, economy and army. Christians and Muslims stand no chance to defeat the Buddhists and Hindus in the clash of civilization. It is the manifest destiny of Hindu India and Buddhist Japan to come to the rescue of Buddhism in Asia by leading the multi-state Organization of Buddhist States (OBS), which would include, 1Japan, 2India, 3China, 4Mongolia, 5South Korea, 6North Korea, 7Taiwan, 8Thailand, 9Burma, 10Laos, 11Cambodia, 12Vietnam, 13Sri Lanka, 14Bhutan and 15Nepal. The 15-member Organization of Buddhist States would revive Buddhism, Buddhist civilization and Buddhist culture in Asia and cement closer civilization alliance with Hindus.


The Total GNP at PPP of OBS states is $ 10.667 trillion, comprising of Japan ($3.043 trillion), China ($4.112 trillion), India ($2.144 trillion), South Korea ($686 billion), Thailand ($345 billion), Vietnam ($136 billion), Singapore ($87 billion), Sri Lanka ($58 billion), Nepal ($28 billion), Mongolia ($4 billion), Laos ($9 billion), and Cambodia ($15 billion). The GNP at PPP of 15-member Buddhist-Hindu States ($10.667 trillion) is greater than the 3-country NAFTA GNP of  ($9.828 trillion) comprising USA ($8.35 trillion), Mexico ($752 billion) and Canada ($726 billion).


The Buddhist-Hindu OBS GNP is greater than the combined GNP ($8.947 trillion) of 15-member European Union and Russia. The total GNPs of 9 smaller members of OBS, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, Mongolia and Nepal is ($1.368 trillion), greater than the GNP of France ($1.294 trillion) or Britain ($1.234 trillion). The 3-country GNP of China, Japan and India of $9.299 trillion, is larger than the 2-country GNP ($9.076 trillion) of USA and Canada.


The 1999 population of Hindu Buddhist nations is (2.701 billion), representing 45.2% of world population in, comprising China (1.250 billion), India (1 billion), Japan (127 million), S. Korea (47 million), Burma (45 million), Thailand (62 million), Vietnam (78 million), Nepal (23 million), Sri Lanka (19 million), Laos (5 million), Cambodia (42 million) and Mongolia (3 million). Hindu India, Buddhist China and Buddhist Japan have the power, resources and knowledge to defeat the coalition of Catholics and Muslims in the global clash of civilization in the 21st Century. It would be unwise for Catholics and Arab Muslims to wage war of civilization on Hindu and Buddhist world, representing 45.2% of world population, simply because they would terribly lose the war of civilizations. The religious and political leaders of the Vatican and Mecca should make a self-assessment of military and economic capabilities of Catholic and Islamic nations, before they venture out to wage wars of civilizations on Hindu and Buddhist nations in Asia. 


(5) Matriarchal Vs Patriarchal Inheritances

Five. Patriarchal Christianity, Islam and Judaism took over the property of the matriarchal civilizations of Goddess worshippers, who inherited through female line. Patriarchal religions and civilizations took over the property of the matriarchal civilizations by intermarrying with the women of the matriarchal civilizations. Matriarchal nations inherited through female line, and the marriage of the men of the patriarchal clan with the women of the matriarchal clan, resulted in the matriarchal inheritances passing from matriarchal mothers to their half-patriarchal sons. Arabs from Egypt migrating to Nubian Sudan in 15th century, began intermarrying with the Nubians and introduced Arabic Muslim culture to the Nubian Christian inhabitants. The Arabs, who inherited from the male line, soon acquired control over property from Nubians, who inherited through female line, the Arab-Nubian intermarriages resulted in the Nubian inheritances passing from Nubian mothers to their half-Arab sons.


The clash of civilization in the final analysis is the clash of matriarchy and patriarchy. The clash of civilization is between forces that believe that God can only be a man, and those that believe that god is a woman as well as a man. The clash of civilization is the clash of patriarchy of god only as a male and Goddess. All ancient religions and ancient civilizations believe in the concept of Goddess and also were idolaters and believed in the concept of Soul which condemned as animism by Christians, and believed that God pervades the entire creation, the concept condemned as heresy of pantheism by Christians. The iconoclasts Vs idolaters and intolerant Vs tolerant represent two warring sides of the clash of civilization. The fundamentalists in the Occidental religions focus on the persecution of the weakest section of the society the women. The clash of civilization of civilization is directly the clash for persecution of Christian and Muslim women. 


(6) God Kalki & Apocalyptic Warrior Jesus

Six. Would Christian God Jesus in the Second Coming descending on white horse join forces with Hindu God Kalki also descending on the white horse and jointly destroy all those unbelievers that refuse to accept the Personality of God in their mistaken iconoclast monotheism? Conservative Christians portray the Warrior Jesus in the Second Coming of Jesus descending from the Clouds on a white horse with a conviction like a flame of fire and power to kill non-Christian unbelievers. Hindu scriptures talk about God Kalki, the then avatar of Maha Vishnu that would descend from the clouds on a white horse with a sword and who shall kill the evil people of the world. Christian concept of second coming of Jesus accepts the Personality of God and very similar to Hindu concept of God and fundamentally differ from Jewish and Islamic concept of god.


The warlike image of Jesus also fits with Protestant President George W. Bush's discussions of a godly purpose behind American military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. There are signs of the same shift in Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ," which dealt almost exclusively with the submissive Jesus of the Crucifixion. "When you see Jesus stand up at the end of the movie, he reminds you of Schwarzenegger of Terminator fame. “The Passion of the Christ” movie shows more of a macho Jesus, who, in this case, is brutalized instead of brutalizing. The pendulum is swinging toward a darker, more martial, macho concept of the Messiah Jesus in America. President George W. Bush, a born-again Methodist, has not talked publicly about Armageddon, but he has been unusually outspoken about the role of his faith in both his own life and his foreign policy, suggesting the United States was doing God's work by spreading freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq. President Ronald Reagan occasionally alluded to Biblical prophecies of a final battle at Armageddon, stirring fears among liberal Christians that he envisioned a nuclear showdown with the Soviet Union. "Tough love" Jesus might not please everyone. "Some people might say, 'We like thinking that Jesus is the man who spoke in paradoxes and beatitudes,' and they might not want to find out that Jesus is also the one who is going to judge at the end of the world: "But, of course, that is the way it is in the Bible." Until about 1970 years ago, evangelical Christians who leaned toward such views tended to shun engagement with politics or the larger culture as a little bit dirty and a little bit pointless. But that changed around the 1970's, when many conservative Christians began to feel that their traditional values had come under attack by the secular culture around them. Conservative Christians began to join the American culture war against secular WASP society and polity in 1970s. The wider acceptance of a more warlike Jesus reflects a dangerous tendency to see earthly conflicts in cosmic terms, and could be used by any secret religious society to misuse the power of the Oval Office to bring about Catholic End of Time apocalyptic teleological policies. A lot of American people are looking at contemporary conflict around the world and seeing world politics as a kind of Catholic religious war. There is no kind of conflict that becomes more intractable than when people are convinced that they alone have access to Catholic God's truth and the people on the other side are the people of Satan.


(7) Is Christian Europe a Colony of Islam?

Seven. A book by Oriana Fallaci accuses Christian Europe of having sold its soul to what she describes as an Islamic invasion. The book entitled "The Strength of Reason," ("La Forza della Ragione" in Italian 2004), also accuses the Roman Catholic Church of being too weak before the Muslim world. "Europe becomes more and more a province of Islam, a colony of Islam. And Italy is an outpost of that province, a stronghold of that colony." "In each of our cities lies a second city: a Muslim city, a city run by the Quran. A stage in the Islamic expansionism." Oriana Fallaci describes Europe as "Eurabia"- a mix of Europe and Arabia –the European continent "has sold itself and sells itself to the enemy like a prostitute." The Catholic Church keeps silent when its symbols offended by Muslims and keeps silent over Muslim practices of polygamy and torture of womenfolk. The current invasion, is not carried out only by the "terrorists who blow up themselves along with skyscrapers or buses" but also by "the immigrants who settle in our home, and who, with no respect for our laws, impose their ideas, their customs, their God."


(8) Political Views of Historians

Eight. Historians, like everyone else, have their own political views, but these should be kept separate from the scholarly role, which was to interpret and explain the past, to help better understand the future. Gathered in Boston MA in April 2004 for the annual conference of the Organization of American Historians (OAHU) Executive Board approved a resolution calling for a committee of historians to investigate supposed repression against historians who have been victimized because of their anti-war and anti-Bush views. The motion came from a group of Historians Against the War (HAW). The HAW is "alarmed" by massive "restrictions of research," "surveillance of library use" and by alleged suspension of teachers who let students talk against the war in their classes. HAW alarmed by "politicization of the grant process" at the National Endowment for the Humanities (NED). The NED panel rejected some of the antiwar historians' proposals for funding as a form of political repression. HAW protests "systematic denunciations of historians who have criticized government policy." That the OAHU Executive Board automatically accepted the counsel of a few leftists reveals how the profession itself has been captured by the far Left. That was not always the case. A similar resolution was voted down at the 1969 conference of the American Historical Association - after a debate that saw the then Marxist historian, Eugene D. Genovese, brand the anti-war radicals as "totalitarians" who were seeking to politicize the profession, and to read out of it anyone who disagreed with them. OAHU panel honored America's most left-wing and tendentious "historian," Howard Sinn, whose "People's History" of America has become the standard for those who want to paint our country as led by greedy, imperialist and racist leaders, who rule by repression over the oppressed majority who otherwise would rebel and create a equitable America. The outgoing OAHU President Eric Finer and the incoming OAHU President James Horton endorsed yet another HAW petition for consideration. This one states that "as historians, we oppose the expansion of the United States Empire," the doctrine of "pre-emptive war that have led to the occupation of Iraq" and the "distortion of history" that has "violated international law, intensifies attacks on civil liberties and reaches towards domination of the Middle East." It ends calling for "restoration of cherished freedoms in the United States," and an "end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq," which will be voted upon at the OAHU Board at the 2005 conference.


(3) Civilizations Cannot Clash

(1) Merger of Chinese & Indian Civilizations

One. The harmony of Indian and Chinese Civilization intercourse is the ideal that Occidental civilization should learn, in order to avoid the looming clash of civilization. The clash of civilization is the clash of Chinese and Indian, Buddhist and Hindu policy of tolerance and inclusion with those that promote intolerance and exclusion. Indian, Chinese, Japanese philosophers and religious leaders and Mystics developed unique civilization wide policy of tolerance, inclusion and active cultivation of diversity and religious innovation, while maintaining the sanctity of the ancient scriptures.


First. Indian and Chinese philosophic thought has been able to combine in an almost unique manner, conformity to tradition and adventure in thinking. If a Hindu Indian scholar is to be counted as a great master (Zachary), one has to write a commentary (Bushy) on the Sutras of the Dracaenas concerned, or one must comment on one of the Basis and write a sub-commentary (Tike). At any stage, a person may introduce a new and original point of view, but at no stage can he claim originality for himself. Even god Krishna while delivering Gait, said this is the ancient way (Puritan) which got lost due to the long passage of time. This is the essential reason that unlimited diversity strengthens rather than weaken India’s unity. The practice of not claiming originality in religious thought, allowed Indian philosophers and religious leaders combine in almost unique manner conformity to tradition and adventure in thinking.


Second. In ancient China, any new idea or discovery was phrased as “what the old masters really meant.” This ideology or rediscovery allowed the Chinese thought to combine in almost unique manner conformity to tradition and adventure in thinking. Confucianism is concerned with human society and social responsibilities of its members and Taoism emphasizes nature and what is natural and spontaneous. These two traditions, namely the Confucian tradition of ‘within society’ and Taoist tradition of ‘beyond society,’ balance and complement each other. 


Third. The affinities of Taoism Indian and Japanese religions are numerous. If one distinguishes between universal religions of salvation Buddhism, and the older more culture-bound, such as Japanese Shinto and Hinduism, Taoism belong to the second category, alongside Shinto and Hinduism. Indian Hinduism, Japanese Shinto and Chinese Taoism are almost identical to one another. If Mahayana Buddhism is 85% similar to Hinduism, the Shinto and Taoism are 95% similar to Hinduism. Chinese Buddhism is not a Sinified Indian religion but as flowers on the tree of Chinese religion that blossomed under Indian stimulus and that basically maintained their Chinese character. Indian religion was at first regarded as a foreign variety of Taoism. Early translators of Buddhist scriptures employed Taoist expression as equivalent for Buddhist technical terms. Thus, the Buddha, in achieving enlightenment (Bodhi) was described as having ‘obtained the Tao’, and Taoist ‘non-action’ was used to render Nirvana, the Buddhist state of bliss. A Joint sacrifice to Taoist Lao-tzu and Buddha performed by the China’s Han emperor in AD 166. Taoists believe Lao-tzu after vanishing into the West became the Buddha. By 4th century, there was a distinct Buddhist influence upon the literary form of Taoist scriptures and the philosophical expression of the most eminent Taoist masters. Taoists and Zen Buddhism adopted Buddhist techniques of meditation. The interaction of religion was mutual in China. Because of influence of foreign religion of Buddhism Taoism participated in the widening of Taoist thought. Chinese Buddhism underwent a partial Taoicization as part of its adaptation to Chinese conditions. The ultimate synthesis of Taoism and Buddhism was realized in the Ch’an tradition the Japanese Zen from the 7th century onwards, into which the paradoxes of the ancient Taoist mystics and Buddhism were integrated. The Three Religion movement (Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism) started in the T’ang dynasty and became popular in Sung and Ming China. The Three Religion Movement promoted as mixtures of Confucian ethics, the Taoist system of merits and the Buddhist concept of reincarnation.


Fourth. The similarity of mysticism in all religions, namely, Hindu Tantra & Yoga, Buddhist Tantra, Taoism, Shintoism, Kabbalah Judaic mysticism, Shiite Sufism, Christian mysticism & spiritualism, point to the fact that there is only one Inner Way of Mystics of all religions, though the experience of the mystics is expressed differently in the respective cultural and religious environment. Taoist Lao-tsu’s notion of the “the One,” which is not only primordial unity, but the oneness underlying all phenomena, the point in which all contraries are reconciled, is same a Hindu Upanishad concept of “the Brahman.” Western mystics Greek Plotinus (3rd century), and 15th century French philosopher Nicholas of Cusa spoke about the same Taoist ‘the One.’ The 16th century Spanish mystic Teresa of Avila spoke of the state where ‘soul is fully awake as regards God, but wholly asleep as regards things of this world and in respect to herself.’ Plotinus strove to ‘be deaf to the sound of the senses and keep the soul’s faculty of apprehension one-pointed.’ German mystic Meister Eckeharts described the ‘still desert of the Godhead’ similar to the Taoist ecstatic union with the Tao. Heinrich Suso described the union of the essence of the soul with the essence of Nothingness. Hesychasts, Greek Orthodox mystics of 14th century, used Buddhist respiratory practices and concentration on internal organs to prepare for the mental “Jesus prayer.”


Fifth. The Christian West, Arab Islamic Middle East and Jews should adopt the Hindu-Buddhist, Sino-Indian policy of inclusion, tolerance and acceptance of diversity of thought, actions and values as essential building bloc to check the menace of the Clash of Civilization in the 21st Century. Hinduism, Mahayana Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Shintoism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, paganism and animism should join forces to challenge the predatory religious intolerance and religious fundamentalism promoted by authoritarian iconoclast monotheist religions. India and china has shown the true way to escape the specter of the clash of civilizations.


(2) Barbarian Invasions of Civilization

Two. Form the perspective of tolerant, inclusive pro-diversity civilizations and religions the Civilizations never clash as they can only influence one another or merge into one another. Civilized Civilizations can only profit when they interact with one another. However the intolerant fundamentalist predator barbarian civilizations clash with tolerant liberal open civilizations and attempt to impose their version of predatory fundamentalism on the civilizations. The clash of civilization is the clash of civilized civilizations with barbarian civilizations. The Clash of Civilization is the result of the barbarian invasions of the Civilization. The thesis of historian Arnold Toynbee is: Barbarians improvise the Civilization’s military technology to wage terrorist attacks on civilizations and at time succeed in overwhelming the civilization, then barbarians protect the civilizations from further attacks of other barbarians and transform the civilization into barbarian civilization. The civilization learns the barbarian military technology and mass produces the military technology and succeeds in overwhelming the barbarians and reclaims the control over their civilization. The clash of Civilizations Vs Barbarians provides the essential energy fuel for the engine of the History for the Human history to move forward. Without the ongoing clash with barbarians the civilizations stagnate and die a natural death. The ongoing clash with barbarians invigorates the civilization and revitalizes it. The everlasting Clash of Civilization is a positive historical force and it benefits barbarians as well as civilizations. The evolution of civilization depend upon periodic clash with barbarians, otherwise civilization could become stagnant and lose its vitality.


(3) Priest-Rulers of Vatican & Mecca

Three. Neo-Conservatism rejects the Ideology of priest-king. Neo-Conservatism denounces the priest domination of black politics in the United States. Neo-Conservatism denounces the increased use of Church pulpit to influence elections.


The foremost cause of the Islamic Clash of Civilizations is result of the American and Papal support to the idea of the priest-ruler, the priest-king and temporal and secular powers of the religious clergy in the political realm in a society. Papacy represented the embodiment of the concept of priest-ruler that had been at war against the prevailing concept that Ruler is also the head of the Church. The concept of the priest-ruler had been at war against the American concept of strict separation of the State and the Church. The religious leaders, the pretenders of priest-rulers mislead the religious fervor of the people to wage wars of religions and clash of Civilizations to further their personal agenda of capturing political power.


Throughout history the politically ambitious priests have joined forces with foreign invaders to undermine the rule of the secular kings to catapult priest-rulers into political power. Pope John Paul II wants to rule the secular Catholic world. Wahhabi Clergy-King wants to rule the Islamic world as the Caliph of Islam. America’s Protestant religious right cannot allow Catholic Pope to rule the Christian world. Shiite Muslims especially of Iran cannot allow Wahhabi Caliph to lead the Islamic world. American wants Saudi Arabia to become the Caliph of Islam, because Saudi Arabia is militarily vulnerable and dependent on United States for its very survival.


Christian powers conspired to undermine the social role of Hindu priests the Brahmins in India, and undermined the social role of Buddhist monks in Buddhist nations, while promoting the social and political role of Christian priests and Muslim Mullahs in Asia and Africa. The Clash of Civilizations manifests in concerted moves to undermine the political role of Hindu priests the Brahmins and Buddhist monks, while increasing the political role of Muslim Ulema and Christian clergy.


(4) 3-Headed Beast of Clash of Civilization

Four. The Evil Beast of Clash of Civilization has three heads. Neo-Conservatism opposes the emerging nexus of Priest-rulers, Predator intolerance and Drug Cartels.


First, the three heads of the Beast of the Clash of the Civilization are: Priest-King, Predator Intolerance, and Drug Cartels. The first head is that of priest-king representing the menace of the religious clergy that conspire to undermine the political power of the secular King-President to install into power the Priest as the ruler. The second head is that of the Predator intolerance of religious fundamentalism that threatened multi-ethnic Civilization states. The third head is that of the organized crime Drug cartels that generates huge tax-free incomes to keep the evil leaders into power.


Second, the religious intolerance and predator fundamentalism of priest-kings of Vatican and Mecca made Catholic conservatism and Wahhabi fundamentalism the great menace to the civilized Civilizations.


Third, the white Catholic Cocaine Colombian cartel and Wahhabi Heroin Muslim cartel launder $700 billion annual drug incomes through Catholic and Sunni financial institutions. Fourth, the Catholic priest-king of the Vatican, joined forces with Sunni Wahhabi priest king of Mecca to wage Christian-Islamic wars on Hindu, Buddhist and pagan civilizations to proselytize Christianity and Islam. American oil colonialism supported the priest-king aspirations of Muslim clergy of Wahhabi Mecca to engineer the secession of oil-rich Muslim Arab states from the Muslim Ottoman Caliphate in 1920s and for the secession of Muslim Pakistan from Indian Empire in 1947. Fifth, the CIA used the incomes of the Heroin drug incomes of Taiwanese Kuomintang Army in Karen Province of Burma to finance anti-Communist wars in the Golden Crescent of Burma from 1945 to 1990, and would again make Myanmar the world producer of heroin if Christian Sue Kiwi ever became the President of Myanmar. To secure the control of oil of Colombia President Bill Clinton launched Plan Colombia in Colombia. President Bush invaded Afghanistan to secure control over Turkmenistan oil and camouflaged it by America’s war on Islamic terrorism. Sixth, the Vatican and Germany helped Vladimir Lenin acquire power in Russia to destroy Russian orthodoxy. United States helped Mao Tse Tung acquire power in China hoping communist rule would harm Buddhism China. United States supported priest-ruler aspirations of Mecca Caliphate, to secure American control over Saudi oil. Seventh, the United States supported the Wahhabi religious intolerance to empower Muslim clergy in the moderate liberal Islamic nations, hoping Wahhabi clergy would promote American oil interests. United States supported the Catholic Cocaine cartel to gain control over Colombian oil. United States supported the Muslim drug cartels in Albania, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to secure Muslim support for the disintegration of Yugoslavia, and conquest of Afghanistan and Iraq.


(5) Nexus of Drugs-Mecca-Vatican in Clash

Five. Neo-Conservatism opposes the growing nexus of Organized Crime, Drug syndicates, Islamic terrorism and Catholic fundamentalism. Catholics not the Protestants control the Colombian Cocaine Cartel and Golden Crescent Heroin Cartel.


The triangular alliance of Cocaine-Heroin Drug cartel, Wahhabi Sunni fundamentalism and Papal Catholic conservatism waged wars of Clash of Civilizations on pagans, Hindus, and Buddhist nations, during the 28-years pontificate of Pope John Paul II. The Vatican and Mecca waged Clash of Civilization on rest of the moderate world under the garb of global axis of monotheist religions. The Vatican-Mecca Axis of iconoclast Monotheism attempted to unite the Christian worlds and Islamic world in the 1945-2001 world to waged wars on pagan idolaters of Buddhist Asia, Hindu India and tribal Africa. After the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks of Protestant United States the Protestant United States led by President Bush opted out of Vatican-Mecca led Clash of Civilizations and rather led frontal attacks on Wahhabi Islamic terrorism. American Big Oil cemented ties with Wahhabi clergy of Mecca to help Wahhabi sect impose fundamentalism over moderate Islamic societies in exchange for American monopoly over Islamic oil resources.


America’s war on Iraq is the classical case of Clash of Civilizations, and represented the invasions on oil-rich secular modern Iraq by the White Christian colonial powers and Semite Wahhabi fundamentalists. The Catholic Civilization and Sunni Civilization represents the forces of fundamentalism, ethnic separatism, predator religious fundamentalism and rule of priests and leading the Christian and Islamic worlds to wage wars on tolerant, moderate, liberal, democratic, freedom-loving pagans, Hindus and Buddhists.


(6) Civilizations Collide to Merge Not Clash

Six. India’s secularism and Indian civilization’s policy of inclusion, tolerance, and acceptance of religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity presents oriental response to Oriental civilizations by arguing that all those seeking to mobilize the Occidental world to invade Oriental Civilizations of Asia might have inadvertently joined the side of barbarianism instead that might even destroy the Occidental Civilization itself in the 21st Century, just as Christian Emperor Theodosius I (d. 395 AD) destroyed Roman Empire and Roman Civilization by imposing fundamentalist intolerant Christianity over civilized Roman Empire and just as Islamic invaders destroyed the great civilization on ancient Greece, ancient Persia and Byzantium.


(7) Sword of Tolerance Diversity Inclusion

Seven. India’s response to the mobilization of Catholic and Wahhabi nations by forces opposed to principles of inclusion, diversity, tolerance, freedom is that oriental Civilizations do not believe that Civilizations can clash to destroy other civilizations. Any force that attempts to destroy another civilization by sword can only be Barbarianism and must not be honored by the title of Civilization. Civilizations per se cannot clash with one another rather interact and merge with one another. Only barbarian cultures clash with civilizations and attempt to destroy the Civilization. However after every attack or conquest by barbarians, the civilizations retaliate with renewed force and destroy the barbarians and take control over the destiny of the Civilizations. There cannot be any negative impact when two world civilizations interact and learn from one another or even compete with one another. Barbarians clash with civilizations.


 Civilizations do not clash they can only react with one another to create a merger, concert or confluence of the Civilizations. There cannot be any benign result out of the interaction of two world civilizations. An interaction between two civilizations could only for the better. Concert or Confluence of Civilizations will take place as Civilizations do not rather cannot Clash they can only merge into one another. The nations of the world should adopt India’s secularism for world peace and development. Mankind has been numbed by the daily news of violence across the globe.


(8) Concert of Civilizations not the Clash

Eight. Neo-Conservatism believes that the future of mankind would not be determined by a conflict among civilizations. Rather humanity's future will witness a concert or confluence of civilizations.


Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee Inaugurating an international conference on 'Dialogue Among Civilizations' in Delhi asked world governments to adopt "culture of dialogue" at home to resolve contentious issues amicably through talks. The world community should accept India's principle of secularism to establish a violence-free environment and ensure sustainable development. The principle of secularism enshrined in India's Constitution can be exported worldwide.


Tolerance should become a global ideal. This would go a long way in promoting understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples belonging to different faiths and cultures. The "culture of dialogue should begin at the national level" to resolve contentious issues through talks. The more a nation can resolve harmonies differences at home, the greater will be its ability to contribute to dialogue at the international level.


The much-debated thesis of an impending 'clash of civilizations' is "flawed and baseless, and its main fault was that it failed to recognize that "Civilizations do not, rather cannot clash. To be civilized is to abjure clashes and conflicts and to try to resolve all disputes and contentious issues through dialogue. Civilizations are anchored in a common set of values and ideals. And all civilizations have a civilizing influence on human beings. That is a part of the very definition of civilization.


(9) Dialogue Among Civilizations

Nine. The challenges towards development and establishing a violence-free society, India can get the answers to these questions by broadening, deepening and sustaining the dialogue process among world civilizations. The deeper and broader the dialogue among Civilizations, the greater is the understanding among civilizations and nations. The greater the understanding, the stronger is the cooperation and goodwill among nations. And stronger is the cooperation and goodwill among nations, the lesser is the need to spend huge resources on arms and military strategies.


(10) Clash of Civilization in Global Village

Ten. Neo-Conservatism believes that the concept of Clash of Civilization is irrelevant in Global Village. The major factor, which propelled India into this dialogue, was that the world now and in future would be "fundamentally different from the past. Trade and technology have broken old barriers between countries and cultures. The world has become a global village. Some would like to call it a global market place. More and more countries are witnessing an unprecedented activity on the economic front. There are two paradoxes facing the present situation, one was the "continuing wide gap between the unmet basic needs of the world's poor and the more-than-adequately-met wants of the world's rich", while the other was the "excessive focus" on man as a consumer instead of a complete human being. "With all the material progress, we acutely realize that there is something precious the human element lacking in this progress. A society in which man can experience peace within oneself and witness peace in the world, both of which are today eluding one. With daily violence around the world, "the modern man is searching for answers. Nations should incorporate the learning from the series of dialogues among civilizations in their foreign and domestic policies. "National parliaments and governments should be advised on how to incorporate these learning in their legislations and policy-making".


(11) Not Dominance but Blending of Cultures

Eleven. Neo-Conservatism believes that the World Culture would emerge out of the policy of inclusiveness, tolerance and acceptance of diversity and the broad inter-mixing of cultures, civilizations and religions on the principles of equality of civilizations, religions and races. Neo-Conservatism believes that the greatest enemy of dialogue is a closed mind, with the emergence of new threats, the traditional approaches and methods should be broadened and new perspectives evolved to meet them.


India opposes the export of so called dominant culture and dominant religions over lesser developed cultures and societies. Though the process of dialogue among civilizations started long before 9/11, these “horrific events alerted all concerned to work towards increasing global understanding. The World Culture "which is being generated today under the forces of international interchange should not be allowed to be a worldwide expansion of world culture. It should be the blending of many cultures worldwide, a blending that benefits from the wealth of diversity created over time throughout the entire world. He also pointed out that civilization "transcends barbarism and philistinism precisely because it promotes education, science and ethical and spiritual values. The dialogue of civilizations is required in the 'quest for new perspectives'.


(12) Specter of Intolerance

Twelve. Neo-Conservatism believes that the intolerance is the greatest menace to the human civilization in the 21st Century. Neo-Conservatism does not support the alliance with Wahhabi fundamentalist sect for promoting American oil imperialism in the oil-rich Arab world. Neo-Conservatism demands that Americans should demand that Pentagon should impose democracy over Saudi Arabia and insist that Saudi Arabia adopts the ideals that Untied States represents.


India should mobilize public opinion in the United States so that American public demand that America should not support the regimes that violated the principles of democracy, freedom, tolerance, inclusiveness and diversity. During the second half of the 20th Century Presidents cultivated the barbarian Sunni Wahhabi cult practiced by barbarian nomad Bedouin of Mecca & Medina to engineer the secession of oil-rich Arabian Peninsula, including Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait from Islamic Ottoman Empire. British and American oil-imperialism supported and extolled Wahhabi sect to break up the Ottoman Islamic Caliphate. America propagated the concept of ethnic separatism to promote the secession of Islamic nations from the multi-ethnic Ottoman Islamic Caliphate and Indian Empire to eliminate Turkey and India from competing with the American oil colonialism in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia the former areas of spheres of influences of Indian Empire and Ottoman Empire.


(13) Alliance of Tolerant Inclusive Nations

Thirteen. Neo-Conservatism advocates that to respond to the Clash of Civilizations the United States and India should lead a global alliance of nations and societies that advocate the principles of inclusiveness, tolerance, diversity, secularism, religious freedom and equality of men and women. The Clash of Civilization is the clash between nations and nations that advocate the principles of religious freedom, women’s rights, secularism, inclusiveness, tolerance and diversity and the nations and religions that advocate religious fundamentalism, predator religious cults, believe in exclusiveness, intolerance, non-diversity and iconoclastic monotheism and oppose religious freedom and suppress their womenfolk. India and the United States believe in the principles of inclusiveness, tolerance, diversity, freedom and democracy and would be on the same side of the Clash of Civilizations.


(14) Hindu & Buddhist Civilizations’ Merger

Fourteen. Neo-Conservatism accepts that Hindu India has a legitimate leadership role in Buddhism. India should lead the Buddhist world to develop patriotism to Buddhist civilization, rather than smaller nations that the Buddhist world is currently divided. India, China and Japan should work towards developing patriotism towards the supranational concept of Hindu-Buddhist Oriental civilization, just as Christian Europe came around the unified principle of white Christian European Civilization.


To meet the challenge of Clash of Civilizations India, China and Japan should lead the formation of Organization of Buddhist states (OBS). Buddhist nations of Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Japan, Korea and China are under Civilization's attack by Christians. India China Japan Korea should merge Hinduism and Buddhism to develop a common Oriental Civilization for 3 billion people more than 50% of world population. Hindu Buddhist Oriental Civilizations are pro-Goddess, liberal, secular and all inclusive Civilizations. Catholic and Sunni Wahhabi patriarchal civilizations are anti-women predatory, parochial and anti-woman and do not advocate freedom of religion. There are Five major civilizations in the World: 1) Indian Hindu 2) Chinese Buddhist, 3) European-Russia Christian, 4) Protestant American, 5) Arab Muslim. Pakistan, Central Asia, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, South Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Burma belong to Greater Indian Civilization. 


(15) Islands of Faiths to Come Together

Fifteen. Neo-Conservatism believes that the global clash of races can be averted only by honest Dialogue of Civilizations and by bringing the Islands of different religious faiths to come together for prosperous safe world civilization. Neo-Conservatism believes that the world religion and world culture and world civilization would emerge out of the mergers of major religions, cultures and civilizations of the world.


The United States and India destined to lead the world Civilization and world religion. With renouncing of ego, imbibing of innocence and profundity, islands of different religious faiths should come together for a prosperous, safe World Civilization and for the creation of a just and equal civil society. After visiting numerous religious leaders and religious shrines, one realizes that they are all beautiful but they are all islands. All these separate islands of religious faiths separated because of the conflicting business interests in the business of God. All these religious islands need to be inter-connected with love and compassion and understand the truth preached by other religions and religious faiths and sects.


Buddhism preaches the wisdom of secret of serenity lay in renouncing the ego, which leads to the removal of hatred and violence and foster peace. When there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in character. Leaders of the world should pool their resources to jointly build the temple of the world civilization brick by brick. India’s President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam called for the islands of different religious faiths to come together for prosperous safe India in July ‘03.


(16) Clash of Civilization is Dangerous

Sixteen. Neo-Conservatism opposes the formulation of American and European foreign policy based on the principles of Clash of Civilizations. The slogan of “Clash of Civilizations” as a basis of foreign policy could lead to chaos and catastrophe, unless it is tempered with a desire for dialogue among Civilizations.


We all are human beings and in spite of differences on the basis of religion, congregations, sects and races, there is more that unites a Hindu to a Christian and a Buddhist than divides. Once the religions and religious faiths cease to be islands in the age of globalization, the Clash of Civilizations would evolve into “Synthesis of Civilization.” India and Russia and China have common worldview regarding “Clash of Civilizations” as India, Russia and China are also Civilization States and actively protect diversity to realize the goals of unity in diversity.


Russia believes that the slogan of Clash of Civilization is dangerous. President Putin believes that the slogan 'clash of civilizations' is a dangerous one. “We are human beings and only after that are we of different religions, congregations, races, etc. If we look around at every one of us, there is more that unites us than divides us," said President Vladimir Putin when about Russia's role in the possible Clash of Civilizations. If American doctrine of preemptive strikes and unilateralism becomes the norm of international life it will lead to "chaos and catastrophe. Russia can play a very significant role to counter the dominant role of the US in the world. Russia and the USA today are the most powerful nuclear powers in the world. It should be stressed in the provision of global stability, the roles of Russia and the US are important.


(17) Axis of Iconoclast Intolerance

Seventeen. Neo-Conservatism fears that the Mecca and the Vatican might be conspiring to destroy the tolerant, inclusive civilizations of Asia just as Islam destroyed Egyptian and Persian civilizations and Christians destroyed the Inca, Maya and Aztec Civilizations.


(18) Predator Civilizations Are Barbarians

Eighteen. Neo-Conservatism believes that the predator religious cults and intolerant sects represent not the forces of Civilizations but the forces of barbarianism. Barbarianism historically invaded civilizations by camouflaging barbarianism under the garb of newer supposedly more vibrant Civilizations.


When Muslim Bedouin invaded Egyptian and Persian civilizations and Catholic bounty hunters invaded Inca, Maya and Aztec civilizations, these Muslims and Catholic invaders represented the forces of barbarianism. Present day Wahhabi fundamentalism represents not the Civilization of Islam, but the barbarians of Islam, as Wahhabi Sunni fundamentalism followed by only 2 % of the Muslim believers. Deobandi School of Islam condemns Saudi Wahhabi as Khabees, the uncivilized barbarians.


In the global clash of races the civilized moderate Muslims of Turkey, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Afghanistan would some day military invade Saudi Arabia and take control of Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina and expel Wahhabi clergy And Wahhabi believers out of Arabian Peninsula. Shiites Muslims and non-Semites should have fair share of control and power over Mecca and Medina. In the global clash of races the civilized, moderate, liberal Protestant Americans would militarily occupy Vatican and abolish Papacy and liberate Catholics from subservience to the foreign potentate and impose the principle of Nativism so that every national Catholic Church would organize its religious affairs free from any influence of foreign Catholic bodies.


(19) USA in Papal Catholic Eschatology

Nineteen. Neo-Conservatism denounced Pope John Paul II, when Papacy incited the dream of Christian American Empire in the minds of President Ronald Reagan and President Bill Clinton to wet their ecclesiastical greed, to use America’s military power for Christianization of the world.


Pope John Paul II during Regan and Clinton Administrations sought to bring United States into the framework of Catholic apocalyptic eschatology teleology, to declare that United States is the Third Rome, the last of the world monarchies, and end would mark the inception of the Catholic Kingdom of God ruled by priests in the 3rd Christian Millennium. The Protestant majority and the constitutional wall that separates State and Church in the United States, makes America the last obstacle in the realization of the dream of Papal Kingdom of God on earth in the 21st Century. Papacy engineered the demise of secular atheist Soviet Union, which had separation of State and Church. The disintegration of the United States would allow Papacy to carve out a Catholic super power in North America by combining Catholic-majority areas of Canada, United States and Mexico. It is likely that Papacy has secured nuclear weapons technology during the fiasco at Los Alamos weapons laboratory during Clinton Administration.


One. Catholic Papacy conspired to destroy Roman Empire to fulfill its apocalyptic eschatology as the end of the last of the world monarchies so that Catholic Empire of Kingdom of God ruled by Catholic-priests could come about. “Far more effective in the minds of the barbarian peoples of the West was the idea of the Imperium Christianum or Christian Empire, which took shape after the conversion of Constantine the Great and the reconciliation between Christianity and the Roman Empire. Not only did the Christian Church become a state church, including in its liturgy prayers for the empire and the emperor, but it also brought the Roman Empire into the framework of Christian eschatology, as the last of the world monarchies whose end would mark the inception of the kingdom of God.” Papacy conspired to bring about the end of the Roman Empire, right after Christianity became the official religion of Rome, hoping to recreate the new Papal empire out of the corpse of the Roman empire. Succession of Popes conspired with foreign German barbarian invaders to help the foreign invaders conquer Roman Empire, in exchange for the Catholic Church to rule Rome or Italy. Papacy gave kiss of death to liberal Roman Empire by misusing the Roman freedom of religion. Papacy after becoming the Roman State Church became fifth columnists and betrayed Roman Empire and conspired with German barbarian invaders, who conquered and destroyed Roman Empire. Pope helped create the barbarian German empire to keep Northern Italy under colonial occupation so that Pope could create Papal empire in Rome.


Two. Catholic Popes incited the imperial ambitions of Charlemagne in 800 and Habsburg Emperor in 1521, to secure the use of their military power for establishing the rule of Catholic Church throughout their dominions. Arian Christianity was dominant in Charlemagne’s empire and Protestantism was the dominant religion in the German lands of Habsburg Empire. Pope John Paul II incited the dream of Christian American Empire in the minds of President Ronald Reagan and President Bill Clinton to wet their ecclesiastical greed, to use America’s military power for Christianization of the world. Catholic President John F. Kennedy invaded Vietnam to impose the political rule of the minority Christians and to undermine Buddhism in Indo-China.


Three. Pope Leo on 25 December 800 deceptively performed coronation of Charlemagne as “Augustus and Emperor” during the ceremony Pope was to consecrate Charlemagne’s son as king. In 750 Catholic Roman See became the first metropolitan Church of Charlemagne’s dominion. Later on Pope Innocent III argued that Pope Leo III had transferred the Caesar’s Throne of the Empire from the Greeks to the Germans in 800 his successors could transfer it elsewhere if they so wished. Pope Gregory VII asserted that only the Pope might use the imperial insignia; Pope might lawfully depose emperor, but Pope himself be judged by none. Pope secured the full military support of the Habsburg Holy Roman Empire in Counter Reformation Wars, when Emperor Charles V, opening the Diet of Worms in 1521 declared that the “empire from of old had not many masters but one, and it is our (Habsburg) intention to be that one. 


Four. Pope John Paul II eulogized United States as Christian power during Reagan and Clinton Administration, and withdrew its support to President George W Bush after 9/11 attacks and during 2004 presidential elections, when President Bush wavered in its Crusades for the Christianization of the world, to protect the oil interests of American Big Oil. Papacy might mobilize its vote banks among Catholic Irish, East Europeans and Hispanic Americans to bring down the Republican presidential candidate in 2008 elections, if Republicans dared to favor pro-right conservative Protestants.


Five. Catholic Popes have historically given the kiss of death to the leading Christian Emperors and Empires and weakened the secular Christian authorities to strengthen the secular, temporal powers of the Pope. Pope conspired with Alaric the barbarian in AD 415 conquest of Rome. Pope conspired with Ottoman Suleiman during the conquest of Byzantine Empire and Constantinople. The Pope Pius XII conspired with foreign invaders against Benito Mussolini, the deuce of Italy during Second World War. Bishop of Poland and Pope John Paul II conspired with USA to bring down the Communist government of Poland. Pope John Paul II opposed President George W. Bush’s war on Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan and failed to vehemently condemn the 9/11 terrorist attacks on United States.


Six. President Bush’s invasion of Iraq transformed the religious interests of American foreign policy to oil interest based American policy. Protestant WASP interests and Oil interests dominate the American policy. America would pursue the policy of Clash of Oil to the detriment of Clash of Religion spearheaded by Vatican and Mecca. US Big Oil no longer needed the continued support of Wahhabi clergy for the control over Arab oil after the American conquest of Iraq. President Bush’s agenda of oil colonialism does not have any religious baggage, except to consolidate WASP control over Muslim oil resources. Protestant United States would retaliate against Papacy if papacy tried to bring United States into the framework of Catholic apocalyptic eschatology. WASP’s USA might even consider the abolition of the Papacy if it ever became clear that Catholics conspired to bring American Empire into the framework of Christian eschatology. Oil is the pagan god that would burn the Catholic apocalyptic end of time eschatology teleology. The 21st Century heralds the Clash of Oil and rebirth of the Colonial Empires.


(20) Direct Elections of Priest-Rulers

Twenty. Neo-Conservatism supports the demand of Christian laity to directly elect the priests, officials and leaders of the Christian Church. Neo-Conservatism believes that Christian Laity represents the best interests of the Christian Church and Christianity religion and laity should directly elect priest-rulers and the entire boy of the laity believers directly vote for the office bearers of the religious Church and institutions.

Neo-Conservatism advocates that all Christian Church property should be owned and managed by the elected representatives of the Christian laity and believers and Christian Clergy should serve at the pleasure of the Christian laity and believers.


The leaders and officers of the Sunni Wahhabi religious leadership and the Catholic Church should be periodically directly elected by the laity through a fair system of elections, imbibing the principle of one person one vote, and women should have equal rights to that of man. Since majority of Catholics are non-Whites, it is proper that half of the Cardinals should be non-Whites and non-white Catholic should be elected as the Pope, who should serve for a period of five years. In the global clash of Civilizations the women, the Hindus, Buddhists, Protestants and Shiites would be on the same side of the battle lines and support the principles of inclusion, diversity, tolerance, freedom, women’s rights and democratic elections of religious leadership including the top religious leadership by laity the common body of the believers.


Since the military balance of power favors the nations that believe in the religious tolerance, inclusion, diversity, women’s rights, freedom and democracy it is high time that the Civilizations jointly use massive force to destroy the breeding grounds of religious intolerance, fundamentalism, terrorism and religious separatism. The Civilizations of United States and India should not shy using preemptive strikes to eliminate the womb of terrorism and intolerance in the world so that free world culture might emerge by the collusion, merger and intermixing of competing world cultures.


(21) Rise of Fundamentalism in USA

Twenty-one. Protestant Neo-Conservatism deplores the rising trend of Christian fundamentalism in American polity. Neo-Conservatism warns against the rise of Prophetic Christians and religious right conservative conspiracy. The fundamentalism is in ascent in the US and the Islamic world.


First. The fundamentalism is in ascent in the Catholic Church and in Wahhabi Mosque. American Catholic market place became the magnet for the ultra-conservative policies of Pope John Paul II, and Catholic brand simple-minded religious fundamentalism is driving the expansionism of Catholicism in the United States. The United States is the only western country in which the role of religion and religious fundamentalism is increasing. The simple-minded fundamentalism is the brand of religion that is driving the growth of religion in USA, even when it barely exists in Europe. Second. The US is the most competitive of religious marketplaces. The competition stimulates innovation and growth among churches. Catholicism is a global brand and it competes with domestic Non denominational religious products. Methodism is a franchise operation that has global reach. Catholicism dominates the Southern Europe but Protestantism is strong in North Europe. Third. The US has never had a dominant church since the Pilgrim Fathers. The separation of Church and state in the US constitution was a conscious refusal to give any religious denomination regulatory advantage. Catholic Church in US was greatly helped by immigration of Catholic Polish, German immigrants. Fourth. The Southern Baptist is to religion what Wal-Mart is to retailing, and both have a simple formula: low prices for scriptural truths, and both have flat organizations and are focused on their customers. Catholic Church is like a monopoly, directed towards the needs of the priests (20) than laity, and unconstrained by democratic or market forces devotes energy for fundamentalist doctrinal niceties, to produce the opium of the masses. Fifth. The Vatican reforms of the 1960s did not arrest the declining observance of the 1960s in USA. Catholic religious right conservatives argue that the reforms of the 1960s by the 1965 Catholic Synod reduced the differentiation of the Catholic religious doctrine and diminished its competitive advantage. Conservatives argue that laity needs discipline from their priests and Church, as from their auditors. The religious marketplace favors not what laity ought to want, but what they do want.


Sixth. The Vatican Mecca Axis jointly promoting the wider acceptance of the rule of the priests and religious fundamentalism in the Christian and Islamic world respectively. Papacy leading the assault to break the wall that separates the Church and the States, hoping that end of the secular United States would result in the apocalyptic inception of the Pope-rule Kingdom of God in USA. Seventh. Catholic fundamentalism gained access in the US by simple-minded fundamentalism like anti-abortion pro-life movements. The Alabama Judge Ray Moore’s insistence for the Ten Commandment monument in the Federal court Building, is just another attempt to bring down the wall that separates the State and the Church. The Papal fundamentalism presents a very serious threat to the American civilization that values the separation of the State and the Church. Eighth. The forces of intolerance, exclusion and authoritarian religions, Catholicism and Evangelicals joined forces to implement the agenda of Pope John Paul II to break the wall separating the State and Church in the United States. The Clash of Civilization is severe and threatening the separation of church and the state in the US constitution, by judicial reinterpretation of the laws by conservative Judges. Ninth. The fall of the US secularism would cause more chaos in the world than the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The clash of civilization is very real and targeted secular WASPs United States, whose end would bring about the Pope-ruled kingdom of god in North America.


Tenth. The WASP’s United States shall be the principal theater of the Clash of Civilizations between the forces of tolerance, inclusion, diversity and rationalist religions against the coalition of forces representing predatory intolerance, exclusion, bigotry, fundamentalism, suppression of women and religious authoritarianism. Hindu India, Protestant United States, white Christian women and supporters of the wall that separates the State and Church would be on the same side of the battle lines in the global clash of civilizations throughout the 21st Century. President George W. Bush does not belong to the camp of Papal fundamentalism that seeks to establish the dictatorship of the Christian priests in the United States.


(22) Renaissance in India and China

Twenty-two. Neo-Conservatism welcomes the rise of India and China as new world powers with global responsibilities. Neo-Conservatism welcomes the fast-growing USA-India strategic ties and civilian nuclear deal with India. Neo-Conservatism accepts India and China as legitimate nuclear weapon powers and realizes that the rise of India is imminent as India and China produced in 1770, more than 25 percent and 30 percent of world’s total manufactured goods respectively.


The rise of the Christian Western Europe took the Islamic Ottoman Empire by surprise. The rise of India and China has taken United States, Russia, France, Germany and Britain by surprise. The rise of India and China is imminent not so much because of their nuclear and military power, but because of their educational, technical and engineering capabilities.


First. Clash of Civilization is the reality of the world. Whatever one thinks of political scientist Samuel Huntington's book "The Clash of Civilizations," a competition of civilizations it nevertheless is and has long been. And we need to know that history, if only to absorb its greatest lesson: Military success on either side has never determined the direction of the civilization in question for more than a century or two. That is the lesson of the Crusades and it is also the lesson of the great Ottoman Empire, which started to lose intellectual momentum in the 15th century when its military reach was at its zenith. German Nicholas of Cusa, who became a cardinal, argued that despite the differences between the faiths it had to be realized that human knowledge could never be more than conjectural. If there is a truth, it can be understood only by means of mystical intuition. These eternal questions of civilization are the ones we should be concentrating on. Which side is up and which is down in military balance in 2003 are, by comparison, truly ephemeral.


Second. White Western Europe was a barbarian uncivilized land throughout the Dark Age, due to the influence of Roman Catholic Church. Church imposed the barbarian Medieval Age on the descendants of the Roman Empire. In Charlemagne's Europe, in 9th century, reading and writing were not highly regarded, as they were in the Islamic world. The scientific, medical and philosophical learning of classical antiquity was almost entirely forgotten as Christian Church had burnt all Greek and Roman books, literature and closed the schools. Christian culture from 5th Century to 12th century was very backward and ultra-conservative, and intellectual life dominated by the Bible and the Latin fathers of the church, who imposed barbarian customs on Europeans. The Western Christian world didn't begin to regain its intellectual luster until the 12th and 13th centuries, when it borrowed back from the Islamic world the scientific and intellectual knowledge of Greeks and Romans it had forgotten about, because of the repression of Papacy.


Third. Yet even if the Christian West is now in the ascendancy, it has never come to terms with how much it owes Islamic civilization. It was the Abbasid dynasty, founded after an internal Muslim coup in the year 750, that absorbed the Hellenic legacy at a time when, under Charlemagne, Europe intellectually withered. The Mongol invasion of 13th Century destroyed the Baghdad Caliphate and depopulated parts of Baghdad and Baghdad ceased to the center of Islamic civilization. The president Bush’s conquest of Iraq would cause permanent damage to Iraq and Iraq would not play any important role in the Islamic world during next one century. Protestant American conquest of Muslim Iraq in 2003 destroyed Iraq no less ruthlessly than the Buddhist Mongol conquest of Iraq in 1258. Just as Islamic world started its intellectual decline when the Islamic empire was at its height of power in Europe, the Western world could also lose its intellectual stimulus, if it loses its perspective, at the time of its military superiority. After the 15th Century, the Western Europe started to modernize and the Islamic world started its intellectual decline. The intellectual life of the Ottomans was stagnant. While Europe began to rise the Ottoman Islamic world began its steady decline. Then the rise of the Christian West took the Islamic world by surprise. Once the 15th century was underway, Western Europe started to find its pace. This was the age of printing, exploration and Western hegemony. Even though the Ottoman Empire was emerging as the most powerful state in the world, after the conquest of Constantinople, Islam started to regress intellectually. Historians find it difficult to explain this contradiction, but it should act as a warning to Western hubris. The West, particularly the United States, is militarily strong today, yet it seems not to have the political leverage of only a generation or so ago. The United States is the preponderant military power of the world in 2003, yet it does not have the influence over world events as it enjoyed a generation ago in 1970s.


Fourth. All religions of swords die by the sword. Islam would also die by the Christian sword. Islam is a religion of the sword. Damascus Jews financed the Bedouin warriors to profit by their loot of the civilized world. Islam imposed by sword and Muslim warriors massacred the men or enslaved them and took over their women. Muslims burnt the literature and knowledge of the ancient world. It does not help Christian’s standing in the world to say that Islam is not a religion of the sword. George W. Bush and Tony Blair have, in a mistaken attempt to fudge history and appear conciliatory, have wrongly argued that Islam is not a religion of sword, hoping that it would discredit Muslim terrorists. In part Islam is a religion of the sword. Prophet Muhammad himself became a warrior, and within few decades (20 years) of his death the Muslims had captured most parts of the Roman and Persian empires. It is very possible that the dominant Christian power might liberate the Christian areas that Arab had conquered from Roman Empire and imposed Islam thereat. United States should use military force to reclaim Christian lands of Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Turkey for Christianity in the first quarter of 21st Century. The religion that expands by sword dies by the sword. Muslims of Spain converted to Christianity en masse once the Islam lost its power in Spain in 15th Century. 


Fifth. Hinduism and Buddhism are not the religions of the sword. America’s victory in Muslim Iraq established that Christian sword is mightier than Islamic sword and it might result in the liberation of the Christian lands of Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Syria and Jordan from the colonial occupation of the Muslims in the 21st Century. Given a chance most of the Muslim women from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE would readily marry European Christians if they were permitted to do so. True Christianity was not the religion of the sword. Catholic Christianity became a religion of sword and lost its truth when it entered into a Faustian pact for earthly dictatorship of the priests in the Papal States. Jesus Christ didn’t preach the religion of the sword. Christianity became the religion of the sword after 312 AD and continues to be the religion of the sword in 2003. Both Bush and Blair have wrongly implied that the actions of the West are motivated by its Christian principles. Christ, in marked contrast to Muhammad, was a man of nonviolence, as were his early followers. It was only when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire after the conversion of Constantine in 312 that it changed its philosophy and became the religion of the sword. Then it became, and has long continued to be, as much a warrior religion as Islam. In 2003 both Islam and Christianity are the religions of the sword. Catholic Church became the religion of sword and adopted imperial authoritarian organizational structure. Roman Catholic church organized on the pattern of the Roman Empire. Christianity as the religion of sword it has become, negated the religion preached by Jesus to Apostles. The Apostolic, Gnostic Arian Christianity was not the religion of the sword.


Sixth. The demise of the Soviet Union made United States the sole Christian power in the world. But the demise of communism and decline of Russia didn’t hide the fact that nuclear China and nuclear India are the world 2nd and 4th largest economies. The top three super powers of the world are: United States, China and India. Bush's and Blair's breath would be better spent educating electorates as to the likelihood of the Hindu and Buddhist world regaining its foothold in history and becoming again a mighty intellectual, scientific and inevitably, military force. Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was the most civilized of all Arab countries, and Iraq in possession of nuclear weapons would have been great threat to the world. Saddam Hussein was trying to bring about a renaissance Arab world by teaching them that the Wahhabi clergy are Zionist and Yankee agents determined to destroy the military, political and economic potential of the Islamic world. These are today's missteps, but this renaissance of Hinduism and Buddhism will come to pass in one not-too-distant day, if only because the roots of civilization in the Hindu and Buddhist world run deep. The brainpower is certainly there. It is just a question of the right political structures. In the modern world perhaps democracy can be the key to unlock the stored-up potential, as modern India, China and Japan seems to be demonstrating, and the West should unreservedly welcome it. It was important to find points of contact between Christianity and Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism, convergence, not divergence. It is very likely that Hindu India, Buddhist China, Buddhist Japan and Protestant United States would be on the same side of the battle lines in the global clash of civilizations in the 21st century.


(23) Oil Factor in Clash of Colonialism

Twenty-third. Neo-Colonialism advocates Petro-Colonialism and American Colonial Empire in the Middle East. Neo-Conservatism believes that American Petro-Colonialism in the Middle East is morally good and right as it averts the looming specter of Christianity-Islam wars, and averts Apocalypse and Armageddon.


Clash of civilization is the clash of colonialism. Christian Crusades is the Christian plot to establish colonies in the oil-rich Islamic world. Wahhabi Jihad in Afghanistan, Chechnya is the Semite Saudi plot to take over Caspian basin oil resources in alliance with Yankee imperialism. American war on Islamic terrorism is to establish American oil colonies in the oil-rich Islamic world. American war on WMDs is the euphemism to establish American oil colony over oil-rich Iraq. The purpose of the Protestant Crusades against Islam is to bring the Arab oil-producers under the direct colonial occupation of the United States. United States would take over Muslim OPEC nations lest they fall under the colonial occupation of Germany, France, Russia, China or India. Muslim OPEC countries would be happier under Yankee colonial rule than under the colonial rule of any other great power. The oil and gas resources made colonialism profitable in the 21st Century. Because colonial powers can make profits by exploiting oil and gas resources of oil-producing nations, it is logical to argue that all weaker oil-producers would become the colonial possession of some great power in the 21st Century. The clash of civilization in the 21st century is the clash for oil colonies in the oil-producing world.


First. Land revenue were sizeable source of revenue only in agricultural nations, which provided only enough to pay for the cost of the budget of the Indian Army. Opium trade was the profitable trade that made profits for British colonial rulers. From 1850 to 1900, the major source of Indian Empire was land revenue, which as a percentage of the annual yield of Indian soil provided about half of British India’s gross annual revenue, or roughly the money to support the Indian Empire’s Army, which also paid the salaries of the British officers worldwide. The total cost of the Indian Mutiny of 1857-59 was British Pound 40 million equal to a normal year’s revenue, which was paid off from increased revenue source in four years. The second most lucrative source of revenue of British India was the government’s continuing monopoly over flourishing illicit opium trade to China. The third important source of revenue was the tax on salt, which was jealously guarded by the Crown as its official monopoly. In 1879 Viceroy Lytton eliminated Indian import duties on British manufactured cotton goods. In 1894 British mill owners forced Calcutta government to impose 5% excise tax on all India-manufactured cloth. India was the brightest jewel of the British Empire and it was highly profitable.


Second. India produced 24.5 percent of the world’s total manufactured goods in 1750 and India exported more to Britain than it imported from Britain, resulting in the net transfer of gold from Britain to India. After the Battle of Plassey 1787, Robert Clive ordered to cut the right thumb of all master weavers in Bengal in order to destroy the world famous Dhaka Muslin fine cloth.


Third. Haiti was the richest colony in North America and became the first country to become independent because of its sugarcane economy. Haiti contributed more towards the coffers of France as a colony than the total incomes of the 13 colonies of United States.   


Fourth. The discovery of oil and gas reserves in the Middle East and the Caspian Central Asia made the prospect of oil-colonies highly lucrative business and military venture. President Bush’s colonial occupation of Iraq, established the rationale of oil colonies. No wonder that most if not all oil-producing nations of the Middle East, Caspian Central Asia, West coast of Africa and Venezuela and Colombia would come under direct colonial occupation of the great powers in 21st Century. Every colonial power that establishes an oil colony stand to make big profit after deducting costs of military campaigns, military occupation force and colonial bureaucracy. The rising oil prices made the business of oil colonialism highly profitable in the 21st century and the market forces would bring all oil-producing nations under the colonial rule of one or another great powers. It is wisely said that Golden bird cannot fly free in air. Golden bird must find the safety of a benevolent cage to survive. Arab oil producing nations are golden bird that could survive only in the safety of American cage or the cage of another super power. The clash of civilization in the 21st century would result in the transformation of independent Muslim oil-producing nations into the colonial possession of Christian, Buddhist and Hindu great powers. Wahhabi religious intolerance, extreme fundamentalism and militant Islamic terrorism would bring about alliance of Christian, Buddhist and Hindu nations to bring the entire Muslim oil-producing nations under the framework of foreign colonialism


(24) Global Clash of Haves & Haves-Not

Twenty-four. Republican Neo-Conservatism invites India to join alliance with United States as alliance of Haves. Neo-Conservatism realizes that the clash of civilization in the Information age is led by aggressive Knowledge workers, who demand salary parity with their counterparts in the West in high tech industries worldwide. America realizes that India’s Knowledge worker and IT professional would no longer accept to be part of the world of have-nots.


Revolution in science has made great impact in the developing and developed world and the post-Industrial Information Age demanded that the artificial wall that segregates the world of haves and the world of have-nots must come down allowing the free flow of technology and technologists worldwide. Clash of civilization in the 21st century manifests as the clash of world of haves and the world of have-nots.


First. The globalization process and the outsourcing of the business processes and growth of service industry created a new force of Nomad Knowledge workers, which breaking the national barriers and bringing about concept of equal pay for equally qualified personnel worldwide. The knowledge workers create real economic goods and they could create goods any where in the world, while based in their home country. The wall that separates the world of haves and the world of have-nots would crumble due to the ongoing clash of civilization. The modern technology and the demand for knowledge-based service industry would bring down the racial, ethnic and religious walls that kept the world of haves and world of have-nots separate from one another. Hindu IT professional would join forces with Egyptian Muslim scientist and Chinese manufacturing engineer to bring down the wall that earlier kept India, Egypt and China in the world of have-nots. If the wall can’t be brought down peacefully then India, China and Egypt should not shy from using military technology to realize their goals. The specter of violent clash of civilization faced the world of haves, if they refused to co-opt the qualified personnel from populous nations into the world of haves.


Second. Whenever militarily more virile barbarians coveted the wealth of less virile civilizations, they invaded the civilizations and remade the civilizations in barbarians’ own image. Clash of barbarians and civilizations resulted out of differing military capabilities of the barbarians and civilizations. In the 21st Century the process of globalization made the differing salaries paid for similar qualifications caused the clash of civilizations. Why should equally qualified and equally competent engineers, scientists and technologists get lower salaries in India and Egypt, they their counterparts get in United States, Canada or Germany? Why should illiterate Saudis make more money than engineers in India and Pakistan? The world of haves and world of have-nots should not be based on ethnicity or nationality but on competence, knowledge and education. In the age of globalization, the world has become a village and it would no longer accept the differing standard of living in India and China on one side and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Australia on the other side, especially when India and China have the military capability to conquer many wealthier nations. The current clash of civilization is the result of the difference between the haves and have-nots, the argument developed by Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail.


Third. Nobel laureate Professor Ahmed Zewail rejects the view that the current state of the world is due to a clash of civilizations or a conflict of religions, and says the problem lies in the difference between the haves and have-nots. He suggests a concrete course of action for the world of the have-nots - a partnership between developed and developing worlds. Professor Ahmed Zewail discovered a measure of time called the femotosecond, a quadrillionth of a second. A recipient of the Nobel Prize in chemistry, he is a Linus Pauling professor of physics and chemistry at the California Institute of Technology, U.S. He is also director of the National Science Foundation's Laboratory for Molecular Sciences at Caltech. Zewail has also been awarded Egypt's highest state honor, the Grand Collar of the Nile. Born in 1946 in Alexandria, the capital of ancient learning in Egypt, Zewail is the first scientist from the Arab world to receive the Nobel.


Fourth. Nobel laureate professor Ahmed Zewail takes us on a Voyage Through Time in his Autobiography, “Voyage Through Time.” At a small but glittering function here at the Taj Mahal Hotel noted Indian scientist Raja Ramanna released a copy for South Asia of Voyage Through Time. The book is an "eye-opener to the developing countries. "Though the book is a technical one, it's written so simply that it makes even a common man understand what's happening inside a molecule." In this endearing expose of his life and work until his receipt of the Nobel in 1999, he draws lessons from his life story and meditates on the impact, which the revolution in science had on our modern world in both developed and developing countries. What makes his autobiography enchanting is Zewail's emphasis on the human dimension and his unique ability to paint the journey of life and science with insightful analogies and ingenious metaphors. Zewail or the "King of Femtoland", as he is called, integrates the two worlds he equally belongs to Egypt and America.


Fifth. It is no accident that the ancient civilizations that were conquered by the monotheist predatory invaders have come of age in the 21st Century and acquired the military and technological edge over their past conquerors, namely, China, India, Egypt and Iran. India is militarily more powerful than Britain as well as the Central Asian Muslims that invaded India. China is militarily more powerful than the Mongols and the Europeans that invaded China in the past. Persian and Egypt are militarily more powerful than Saudi Arabia, the land of Bedouins that conquered Egypt and Iran in 7th century and imposed Islam. Egypt and Iran would someday invade Saudi Arabia and destroy Wahhabi culture and impose Egyptian and Persian culture throughout Arabian Peninsula during first half of the 21st Century. Empires of India, China, Persia and Egypt would rise again and the barbarians that looted and conquered these nations in the past would get befitting overwhelming responses.


(4) Value of Indian Perspective

The worldview of the Neo-Conservatism is common to that of Republican Neo-Conservatives and Indians. The worldviews of Neo-Conservatism and Protestant non-denominational Christians is very similar to the worldview of Indians. Hindu Indian perspective to clash of civilization very similar to that of American Non Denominational Christians that support the constitutional Wall that separates the State and the Church. India is able to properly articulate the perspective of the civilizations that believe in tolerance, inclusion, diversity and the separation of the State and the Church, which is also the thinking of the secular, liberal, Non-Denominational Christians in United States that number more than 150 million.


First. In relation to Western perspective, Indian perspective offers both surprising points of affinity and illuminating differences. The differences highlight certain fundamentally new questions that Indian thinkers ask. The similarities reveal that, even when philosophers and thinkers in India and the West grapple with the same problems and sometimes even suggesting similar theories, Indian thinkers and philosophers advance novel formulations and argumentations. While discussing the Clash of Civilization, the problems that Indian philosophers and writers raised for consideration, but their Western counterpart never did, include such matters as the origin of the clash of civilization and the apprehension of truth regarding the true cause of the clash of civilization. Hindu Indian writings on Clash of Civilization provide the Christian Western thinkers and writers with a point of view that may supplement that gained from Western thought. A study of Indian perspective on clash of civilization reveals certain inadequacies of Christian Western world view and diplomacy, and makes clear that some concepts and distinctions may not be as inevitable as they may otherwise seem. In a similar manner, the Knowledge of the iconoclast monotheist Christian Western thinking regarding Clash of Civilization has also been advantageous to Hindu Indians and Buddhist Japanese and Chinese.


Second. There is greater freedom of thought in India than in the Catholic West and Islamic Middle East. An Indian thinker writing about religion, history, culture and diplomacy introduces a new and original point of view, but at no stage can he claim originality for himself, as he only systematizes the thought and insights of countless predecessors. Even God Krishna spoke in Holy Gita that was merely narrating the past wisdom of the religion, which got lost due to long passage of time. The development of Hindu Indian philosophical thought has thus been able to combine in an almost unique manner, conformity to tradition and adventure in thinking. Protestant Christianity, Sufi mystic Islam, Kabbalah mystic Judaism imbibed Hindu and Buddhist eclectic philosophy, Mysticism and Tantra and may be join Hindus in the same side of the battle lines in the global clash of civilizations.


Third. The philosophical question that arises in the inquiry into the clash of civilization is: Should reasoning be allowed freedom only as long as it does not conflict with religious scriptures? Clash of civilization is the result of the clash of the philosophy taught in the Christian, Islamic and Judaic scriptures with the philosophy taught in the scriptures of ancient religions of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Inca and Maya as well as the scriptures of Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Zoroastrians, Shintoists, Confucians, Taoists and Pagans. The clash of civilization in final analysis becomes clash of the Occidental religions and Oriental religions. Philosophers and mystics should be given freedom of reasoning even if it clashes with religious scriptures, because the clash of civilizations is the clash of scriptures of diverse civilizations. It is the responsibility of philosophers, diplomats, thinkers, political leaders and writers to secure freedom of reasoning to find solution of the intractable clash of civilization, if world is to avoid in 21st Century the replay of the catastrophic 1618-1648 Clash of Protestant and Catholic Civilizations during Counter Reformation Wars of Europe. Hindu leaders accept the wisdom of Protestant philosopher G.W.F. Hegel (1770-1831) that religion is the field of philosophy and philosophers should inquire into the conflicts of religion, civilization, culture and society with open mind even it conflict with religious scripture. The clash of civilization is the clash of Hegelian tolerance, inclusion and rationality with the forces representing predatory religious intolerance, exclusion and ethnic separatism.


Fourth. Hindu approach to clash of civilization accepts the wisdom of Prophet Zoroaster, the patron Prophet of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, that every civilization creates its specific concept of values, purposely making it different from that of its neighbor, to assert its separate identity as a separate civilization. Every religion creates separate value system to create separate identity of its followers. Pope John Paul II adopted the ultra-conservative Catholic dogma and creed and promoted the apocalyptic end of time doctrine teleological eschatology as part of the Catholic dogma, to create a separate brand identity of Catholic Church, as the Vatican Reforms of 1960s did not arrest the declining observance in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Reforms of 1960s had reduced the differential of the Catholic brand from rival Protestant and Non Denominational brand of Christian Churches. If ultra-conservatism and fundamentalism is in the ascendant in the US and the Islamic world, the lesson is that religious Church cannot buck the market. The United States is the only Western country in which the role of religion in social and political life is increasing. The brand of fundamentalist Christian religion, promoting simple-minded fundamentalism that is driving the growth of Church observance in US barely exists in Europe, especially in Catholic France and Italy. Vatican promoted Catholic religious right ultra-conservatism and Mecca promoted predatory anti-woman intolerant Wahhabi militant fundamentalism to make money in the business of god, to develop fanatic brand loyalty, to gain the support of zealots, and to establish the dictatorship of the priests in the Catholic and Islamic world in 21st Century. Authoritarian religions propagate predatory intolerance and militant fundamentalism to keep control over their believers, so that they may not convert to religions that promote tolerance, inclusion and doctrinal diversity. Neither the Papal ultra-conservatism nor the Wahhabi fundamentalism would unleash apocalyptic eschatological disasters in the world, as Vatican and Mecca purely promoting these doctrines to enrich the Cardinals the princes of the Church and the Wahhabi priest-princes respectively. The End of Time apocalyptic doctrines are false and simply Pope’s plot to make more money.


Fifth. The salient feature of the clash of civilization is the attempt of Papacy and Wahhabi clergy to establish the dictatorship of the priests, a form of the Papal Caliphate. Just as Dalai Lama was the theocratic ruler of Tibet before 1950 and Ayatollah Khomeini was the undisputed theocratic ruler of Iran in early 1980s, Vatican and Mecca wants to create an empire of their own led by priests. The Wahhabi Islamic terrorism and Vatican apocalyptic eschatology is an attempt to promote the brand identity of the Catholic Church and Wahhabi Mecca, so that Catholics might accept Papal Caliphate and Muslims might accept the Wahhabi Papacy. The Wahhabi clergy of Mecca wants to establish the Papacy-type theocracy in the Islamic world. The Catholic clergy of Vatican wants to establish Caliphate-type Pope-ruled theocratic empire in the Christian world. It is no wonder that Pope opposed Protestant President Bush’s war on Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan and Protestant Crusades over Islam in Iraq. Protestant America’s Crusades on Islam and America’s war on Islamic terrorism could undermine the Vatican-Mecca conspiracy to establish the dictatorship of priests in the Christian world and Islamic world respectively. President Bush is the 21st Century version of Habsburg Emperor Charles V, who while opening the Diet of Worms in 1521 declared, “the empire of the old had not many masters but one, and it is our intention to be that one.” Charles VI invaded Rome and made Pope the captive in 1526. President Bush and his Oil Administration declared that United States is the preeminent power of the world and oil and gas interests determine the national interests of the United States. Protestant United States would accept neither the dictates of the Wahhabi priests nor that of Papacy to determine the policy of the United States. United States is the preeminent Christian power in the world. American Big Oil is the preeminent oil monopoly in the Arab world, which controls the oil and gas resources of the OPEC nations. Protestant United States is dead against the Vatican and Mecca dreams of dictatorship of the priests. The Revolution of Ayatollahs in Iran changed the political dynamics of the clash of civilization and gave impetus to the political aspirations of the Vatican and the Mecca.


Sixth. Success of Jews to establish the Jewish State of Israel after the Diaspora of 2,000 years, gave great hope to the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs who lost their lands, religion and the civilization barely 500 years ago to the Spanish sword. During 21st Century the sovereign State of Inca will get established in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia as unmixed Inca Indians, where unmixed Inca Indians represent more than 50% of the population. Aztec religion, Aztec civilization and Aztec race would reclaim Central America to reestablish sovereign Aztec State. Maya people would establish the sovereign Maya State in Southern Mexico and Chiapas State. The success of Jews to reestablish the Jewish State of Israel in the Holy Land, which resulted in the expulsion of Muslims, raised specter of return of the worshippers of God Ossir and Goddess Isis in Egypt, return of worshippers of God Zeus in Greece and return of worshippers of God Jupiter and goddess Athena in Rome. It is no wonder that Vatican and Mecca opposed the Jewish State of Israel and Jews accused Pope Pius XII of complicity in the Holocaust of Jews. It is likely that Protestants and Jews would join Hindus on the same side of the battle lines in the clash of civilizations. India fully supports the aspirations of civilization of Jews, Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs to establish sovereign states. The establishment of the Jewish State of Israel after the Diaspora of 2,000 years is a revolutionary movement in history that gave new meaning to the clash of civilization and established the rule that ancient civilizations and ancient religions have not died they remain dormant and await their time for resurrection so that ancient religion and civilization could bloom again. Spain emerged as Catholic colonial power right after 800 years of rule of Muslim Moors. India emerged as Hindu super power in 1947 after centuries of Muslim and Christian rule. Those who support the revival of ancient religions and ancient civilizations would join Hindu India on the same side of the battle lines in the clash of civilization.


Clash of Western Agricultural Subsidies

United States pays $20 billion every year to subsidize farmers. The subsidized agricultural exports from Untied States and Europe destroy the livelihood of millions of farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Farm subsidies issue was the subject of negotiations at a World Trade Organization meeting in Sept. 2003 in Cancun, Mexico. World bank’s chief economist said that the wealthy countries should show leadership by reducing agricultural protection. Big industrial-scale American farms are collecting an ever-greater share of the farm payments. In 1995 they received $3.98 billion or 55% of all federal farm payments. In 2002, their portion increased to $7.8 billion, or 65 % of all federal farm payments. American farm subsidies distort global trade in agricultural commodities and represents price fixing. In 1999, the entire agricultural sector represented 2% of total GNP ($8.7 billion) of the United States and agricultural sector contributed only $174 billion. The $20 billion farm subsidies in the United States represented 11.5 percent of the Agricultural GNP of the United States. Agricultural subsidies of the Untied States are the principal cause of the clash of civilization in the world in 21st Century. Christian United States manipulates the Muslim OPEC oil cartel to push the world price of oil and gas and manipulates the Third World commodity prices downward by American farm subsidies. Europeans do the same by European Farm subsidies.


(5) Will the U.S. Exist in 2025?

Neo-Conservatism warns American public to remain vigilant against the conspiracy that engineered the secession of Catholic Ireland from British Empire in 1919, and caused the demise of Communism and the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991, as they are actively conspiring in 2006 to engineer the demise of the inclusive tolerant Protestant United States.


First. The title of the editorial article in the New York Post editorial by columnist Rich Lowry, “Will the U.S. Exist in 2025?” (NYT 4/26/’04) raises important issues that every liberal secularist should study to find ways as how to foil the conspiracy of the Anti-Protestant forces, led by Catholic immigrants to expedite the disintegration of the United States by undermining the Anglo-Protestant culture and the separation of the State and the Church. Professor S.P. Huntington perhaps has realized that the warnings of the Bob Jones University that Papacy determined to destroy the Protestant character of the secular United States has some merit, especially in the new age of increased non-English speaking immigration from Hispanic America, Catholic Eastern Europe and Far East. “Huntington’s prodigious credibility makes his warning of the possible end of the United States as we know it all the more alarming. Americans should recommit themselves to Anglo-Protestant culture and strict separation of the State and the Church. A world of grief awaits Professor Huntington.” The United States might disintegrate or cease to exist before 2025 AD, if it failed to foil the conspiracy of the Vatican and Mecca to break the constitutional wall that separates the State and the Church. The WASP leaders in the White House and the Capitol should increase the immigration of English-speaking immigrants from liberal secular countries to offset the increased immigration of non-English speaking Catholics and Muslims


Second. The foundation of United States rests on the bedrock of Anglo-Protestantism and strict separation of the State and the Church. The Creed that the United States based on the philosophic tenets of Hegelian philosophy that challenged the dictatorship of the priests, Papacy and claimed that philosophers not the priests should have a final say on the religious interpretations of the scriptures. The second foundation of The Creed is the denial of the political role of the priests especially the Pope. The United States might cease to exist, as we know it, if White Anglo Saxon Protestant leaders of the United States fail to tame the designs of the Papacy to bring down the wall that separates the Church and the State and undermine the Protestant culture of the United States.


Third. The ultra-conservative Pontificate of Polish-origin Pope John Paul II, leading Catholic forces to undermine the Anglo-Protestant Creed of the United States, so that superpower United States might disintegrate like Roman Empire. Papacy destroyed Roman Empire, by exploiting the religious freedom guaranteed in the Roman Empire, to implant Christian Emperor of the Roman Empire, Emperor Theodosius, who immediately after inauguration out rightly banned all other non-Christian religions and imposed Christianity by sword throughout the Roman Empire. The Protestants of the United States, Canada, Britain and Australia should unite their forces to tame Papacy and foil the ultra-fundamentalist conservative designs of the Pope John Paul II, seeking to impose new global Dark Age of fundamentalism over United States by securing the electoral victory of the conservative fundamentalist Semite or Catholic Presidential candidate in the Oval Office in US Presidential elections 2008 onwards. The coronation Christian Emperor Theodosius (died 415 AD) resulted in the imposition of Christianity by sword in Europe and resulted in the conquest of Roman Empire by German barbarians with the direct help of the Catholic Pope of Rome. Similarly, the electoral victory of Semite President or ultra-conservative Catholic President in full control of the Oval Office might result in the destruction of the secular Protestant United States, the Roman Empire of the 21st Century.


Fourth. “Few Americans now (in 2004) anticipate the dissolution of the United States as we know it. But few anticipated the collapse of the Soviet Union either. America is gripped by a crisis of national identity. What is that American identity? The Creed is the American belief in liberty, democracy, individual rights, etc. But The Creed has a particular source: America’s Anglo-Protestant culture, which includes the English language, Christianity, religious commitment, the responsibility of rulers and rights of individuals and dissenting Protestant values of individualism, and the belief that humans have the ability and duty to try to create heaven on earth. Throughout American history, people who were not White Anglo Saxon Protestants have become Americans by adopting Anglo-Protestant culture and political values. This is the argument for the importance of Anglo-Protestant culture, not for the importance of Anglo-Protestant people. The continued vibrancy of Anglo-Protestant culture is crucial for America’s future. Without Anglo-Protestant culture The Creed that sprang from it is in danger of collapsing, thus eliminating the two fundamental supports of America as it has been defined for centuries”, writes Professor S.P. Huntington, “Who Are We?” 2004)


Fifth. Throughout the 18th, 19th and early 20th century the political history of the United States colored by WASPs fear of ever increasing new arrivals of the Catholic non-Anglo Saxon immigrants from continental Europe, who WASPs feared to be the loyal follower of the foreign Potentate the Pope. After the rise of ultra-Pontificate of Pope John Paul II the WASPs fear that the Pro-life anti-Abortion movements led by the Roman Catholic Church is the euphemism or codeword for the establishment of the Pope’s rule in the secular WASPs United States. 


Sixth. The English-speaking WASPs could adjust with the new Catholic immigrants from because they agreed to learn English language and adopted WASP political values and agreed to the strict separation of the State and the Church. The English-speaking Anglo-Protestant culture of the United States has taken a pounding during 1970s, 80s, 90s and 2000s from multiculturalism, which rejects the idea of a dominant WASP culture of the United States. From the assertion of group identities based on race, ethnicity and gender, and from denationalized elites, hostile to secular Protestant America’s culture, the arch-conservative Catholics and Spanish-speaking Catholic immigrants and anti-women anti-abortionists have weakened the WASP United States ability to assimilate immigrants, just as it experiencing a massive, decades-long wave of immigrants. Feeling less pressure to learn English or naturalize, the new largely Catholic East European immigrants, Mexican and Hispanic immigrants and Chinese immigrants, and Muslim immigrants have been able to establish unassimilated ethnic enclaves.


Seventh. Unless United States recommits itself to increase the increased immigration from English-speaking countries like India and the Philippines and reemphasized the importance of the strict separation of the State and the Church, this dynamic of increased non-English speaking immigration could create in the United States a country of two languages, two cultures and two peoples and America’s distinct culture and 'The Creed' would atrophy. United States might experience the secession of the Catholic-majority regions that might rejoin the Catholic Mexico to create a new Catholic super power of the New World. The ultra Catholic conservatism might join forces with ultra-fundamentalist Semite Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalism to establish unassimilated Fundamentalist Conservative enclaves in the United States that would bring down the constitutional wall that separates the Church and the State to establish the dictatorship of the priests in the White House and the Capitol. The secular WASP’s United States might cease to exist in 2025, unless the English-speaking secular WASPs join forces with English-speaking secular Indians to increase the arrival of more English-speaking immigrants to strengthen the two fundamental anchor of The American Creed, namely, English language and the secular separation of the State and the Church. The decline of the European birth rate makes is imperative that United States allowed the unrestricted immigration of the IT-savvy English-speaking secular Indians, to prevent the disintegration of the secular WASP United States under assault of the Catholic conservatism and Islamic fundamentalism and Hispanic Catholic neo-colonialism.


Eighth. Professor S.P. Huntington and many WASP leaders have realized that the secular WASP’s United States engaged in the Mortal Combat with ultra-conservative Pontificate of Pope John Paul II that conspired to undermine the secular and Protestant character of the United States by misusing the myriad coalition of the Christian ultra-conservatism, anti-Abortion pro-Life political movements, and Catholic Hispanic immigrants. WASP leaders of the secular United States should join forces with English-speaking secular India to cement closer political and religious alliance of Anglo-Protestants and Hindu Indians to increase the odds in favor of WASPs by unrestricted immigration from South Asia and South East Asia. Faced with the declining birth rates in Britain and White Catholic Europe it is moral imperative that WASP leaders lobby for the unlimited immigration from secular India, to maintain the Anglo-Protestant heritage and English-speaking character of the United States, Canada and Australia.


Ninth. To win the Clash of Civilizations underway in the 21st Century the English-speaking peoples of Hindu India should join forces with the English-speaking Protestant Anglo-Saxons of United States, Canada, Australia and Britain to foil the designs of the fundamentalist conservative forces representing the dictatorship of the priests, religious fundamentalism and suppression of women orchestrated by the Vatican and the Mecca. In the ongoing Clash of Civilizations the Protestant and Hindu Civilizations and English-speaking nations of the world shall be on the same side of the battle lines. English-speaking Hindu India would join the War of Civilizations on the side of Protestant United States, Canada, Australia and Britain and foil the designs of ultra-conservative theocratic Vatican and Mecca. The global alliance of English-speaking civilizations led by Protestant United States and Hindu India shall defeat the forces representing the emerging alliance of Catholic ultra-conservatism and Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalism. The nations that support the rights of women and equality of women would enter into global political alliance to foil the new Dark Age that the Vatican and the Mecca conspire to impose on the civilized world in the 21st Century. The anti-Abortion pro-Life movement in the United States is the euphemism to destroy the rise of women and the religions of the Goddess in the world. The matriarchal religions of Hindu India and Buddhist China would join forces with Protestant United States to empower women in Catholic and Islamic world. The defeat of the anti-women Vatican and the Mecca would also result in the revival of ancient matriarchal religions of the ancient world that were defeated by the sword of the nomadic patriarchal religions. Fundamentalism and barbarian invasions destroyed the great Roman Empire and Roman Civilization and similar fate awaits the WASP United States, unless the secular forces take remedial measures in time before it is too late. Whether the United States exist in 2025 AD would depend on the counter measures the secular WASP leadership of the United States undertakes against the forces of religious fundamentalism and terrorism.


(6) Future of Oil Colonialism


First. Indian and American Neo-Conservatism believes in the concept of Imperialism and Oil-Colonialism because dominant powers have a divine right to rule over thinly populated oil producing nations. Just as Europeans justified the post-1500 European Colonial Empires, Neo-Conservatism justifies the post –2000 American colonial empires throughout the oil-producing world. Neo-Conservatism believes that Protestant United States has a divine right to rule the Middle East and own the oil resources of the Islamic world in the 21st Century, legitimized by the right due to the hegemon of the world. Neo-Colonialism advocates American Petro-Colonial Empire in the Middle East, as it would allow America to import Crude oil at less than $10 per barrel. Neo-Conservatism supports American Oil Colonialism so long as it reduces the retail price of the gasoline at the gas stations. Neo-Conservative model of oil-colonialism would cap the Arabian royalty fee to less than $3 per barrel of oil. Neo-Conservatism advocates the direct American Colonial Empire in the oil-producing Middle East and rejects the idea that America should allow American BigOil to rule the Middle East on behalf of the United States. Neo-Conservatism does not trust the loyalties of the BigOil in the age of global capitalism, as BigOil could easily be bought over by Saudi interests to harm the national interests of the United States. Neo-Conservative concept of American Oil Colonialism in the Middle East means that the oil and gas reserves of American oil colonies would belong to the United States not the Arabs. American Oil Colonial Empire shall treat Arabs and Iranians as colonial subjects. Neo-Conservatism accepts India’s right to control Iranian Oil and Iraqi oil. Before 1947, India controlled 100 percent of Iranian Oil and 48 percent of Iraqi oil. Neo-Conservatism accepts that India may have a legitimate right to rule over Islamic world for 700 years as Muslims had invaded and ruled India in the past for 700 years.


Second. The Clash of Civilization became uglier in the 21st Century because the Big Oil realized that their profits from oil colonies could increase manifold if they could either conquer and rule over the oil producing nations or could eventually depopulate the oil producing nation to give the Red Indian type destiny to the thin populations that currently populate the oil producing nations. Pentagon wars on Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 were neither Christian Crusades against Islam in the Clash of civilization nor the wars of democracies on autocracies, as they were simply the Pentagon’s wars to create American oil colonialism in the thinly populated oil-rich desert regions of Arabia and Caspian oil basin. President Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to impose the colonial rule of American Big Oil not the America’s War of Civilizations over Islam. In a nutshell the President Bush’s war on Iraq and Afghanistan was and continues to be the Clash of Oil.


Third. If Sudanese Arabs have no feeling when they commit genocide and enslave Africans in Sudan, then why should any world power feel any remorse or guilt when they invade oil-producing Arab world and Iran to take direct control of colonial oil and gas resources. Islam sanctions slavery. The genocidal acts of Arab Sudanese over non-Muslim Africans in South Sudan, would justify the colonial occupation and enslavement of Arab oil-producing nations. The oil-wealth of thinly populated Arab oil-producing countries in the age of rising oil prices makes economic justification of invasions and imperial occupation of the entire oil-producing Middle East and enslavement of the Arab race.


Fourth. The Crude Oil prices at $60 or $70 per barrel make Oil Colonialism a moral imperative for world powers. Rising oil prices justifies the brutal suppression of oil-producing nations by foreign imperial powers. American Colonial Empire must suppress oil-producing nations, no less than what Muslim women face from Muslim men in the oil-producing countries. The future of democracy and freedom in the oil-rich Arabian and Caspian world is bleak, because to safeguard American national interests defined in terms of American control over oil and gas resources of Arabia and Caspian basin, the Pentagon and the White House would barter away the democracy, freedom and women’s rights to win the trust and friendship of Arab autocrats. Democracy and the Freedom has no future in the Islamic world, simply because the White House would prefer to secure control over Arabian oil by developing closer political, military and diplomatic ties with oppressive arch-fundamentalist autocrats and suppressors of women and people. So long as oil remains important for world economy the democracy and freedom stands no chance in the Islamic world.


(1) Oil Killed Arab Democracies

First. Neo-Conservatism seeks to export Democratic Utopia to the non-oil producing Arab world and Islamic world. Neo-Colonialism believes that presence of Oil reserves makes oil-producing nations ideal candidates for Colonial Empires, as these Arab OPEC members are artificial entities carved out by American and British services out of the Ottoman Empire. American Empire should take over the former territories of the Ottoman Empire, as Arab nations do not have a developed and advance culture and are suited for colonialism.


Second. The United States historically employed the diplomacy of doublespeak when it historically supported autocracies and undermined democracies all in the name of Freedom and Democracy. Pentagon neither invaded Afghanistan to eliminate Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda nor invaded Saddam’s Iraq to eliminate WMDs, but invaded to establish oil colonialism in Caspian oil basin and oil-rich Iraq. United States imposed the rule of Taliban and Al Qaeda over Afghanistan to consolidate the American control over Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan oil pipeline. United States has no interest in promoting democracies in the Middle East as it would inevitably undermine the Al Saud Monarchy of Saudi Arabia and undermine American Big Oil’s monopoly over Arabian oil and gas resources.


Third. Neo-Conservatism advocates that Western Colonial powers should hand over the colonial administration to Arab women, who shall be more loyal to colonial rulers than Arab men. It is wrong to say that Arab women cannot provide leadership in the Arab world. It is wrong to say that the Islamic world cannot have democracy that required equality of man and woman. The Western Christian world strangulated the democratic aspirations of the former Ottoman territories prevent any nationalistic leader from inheriting the Ottoman Islamic Caliphate. To disintegrate the Ottoman Caliphate Empire, Christian colonial powers sowed the seeds of Western-style nationalism on one hand to lay the foundation of Arab League and Arab nationalism to carve out new nationalist states of Egypt, Libya and Lebanon out of Ottoman Caliphate Empire. United States and Britain jointly sowed the seeds of Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalism to carve out Wahhabi states of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Yemen, and Syria out of the Ottoman Caliphate.


(2) British Created Arab League

Arab countries are not fit to remain independent as they had never been a nation in the history and are better served under colonial administrations. Britain created the Arab League to undermine Ottoman Empire in Jordan, Syria and Egypt. Throughout the civilized parts of Ottoman Empire, new political leaders sought their political destinies defined in terms of the western ideals of nationalism and modernity. The Ottoman Empire was the Sick man of Europe and the Mid East throughout the 19th and early 20th century. The Ottoman citadel of civilization had become the decaying corpse of the autocracy. Many leaders in the erstwhile Ottoman territories envisaged the democratic alternatives in the Islamic world.


(3) Britain Created Wahhabi Muslim Polity

Third. British spy Lawrence of Arabia created national states of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan and Syria harnessing the political potential of fundamentalist Wahhabi clergy of Mecca to undermine the Islamic Ottoman Caliphate. Britain and the USA harnessed the power of Mecca's Wahhabi Orthodoxy to expedite the secession of Saudi Arabia, Trucial States and Iraq from Ottoman Empire. Most of the leaders in the Ottoman wanted to build future without basing their polity on orthodox fundamentalist Islam, except the US & Britain supported Mecca-based Wahhabi orthodoxy. Britain promoted secularism and military dictatorships in Turkey to destroy the Ottoman Caliphate. Britain and USA promoted the military dictatorships in Turkey to permanently destroy the Ottoman Caliphate imperial legacy in Turkey. Many democratic movements took birth in the 19th and 20th centuries, which witnessed the short-lived victory of democratic forces in both Turkey and Iran. Britain and the USA promoted the secular Ottoman nationalism to permanently destroy the Ottoman heritage of Turkey.


(4) Secular Socialism Created Nationalism

Four. British socialists and Bolshevik Jews joined forces to promote socialism as the alternative worldview permanently destroy the Ottoman Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East after the First World War. The Bolshevik Jews and socialistic Anglo Saxons influenced the political thinking of the new emerging political elites of the Islamic world that emerged independent after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Semite Marxist and Socialist intellectuals influenced the leadership of the Arab world. British labor movement and socialism the Arab leaders sought to develop their national identities out of the ashes of the Ottoman Empire. The Arab Islamic polity rejected the Ottoman heritage and sought to tie their national aspirations based on the ideals projected by nationalism and socialism. It served the national interest of Britain and USA to promote Arab nationalism and Arab socialism as it permanently ended the Ottoman Caliphate led pan-Islamism.


(5) Democracy Nemesis of Colonialism

Fifth. Neither Britain nor USA wanted any genuine democracy in the post-colonial world as true democratic leaders would have challenged the continued exploitation of their national resources by former colonial powers in the age of neo-colonialism. The socialistic leadership of Abdel Gamal Nasser and other Non-aligned leaders guided by Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru challenged the domination of the former colonial powers in the Third World


(6) West Eliminated Democratic Leaders

Six. Former colonial powers wanted to establish puppets in the newly independent nations and they conspired to keep truly nationalistic leaders such as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose from acquiring power in India. United States conspired to defeat the Kuomintang forces in China. The Untied States conspired to remove leading Non-aligned leaders e.g. Sukarno of Indonesia, Patrice Lumumba of Congo, Tsombe of Ghana and Anwar Sadat of Egypt. The CIA overthrew the Prime Minister of Iran and realized the geopolitical role the CIA spy agency could play in the overthrow of a democratically elected leader in the Third World. The CIA’s initiatives proved its merit of changing regimes by covert operations as diplomatically more acceptable than the Soviet way of imposing puppet regimes by force as they did in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and later in Afghanistan. 


(7) The CIA sabotaged Democracies

Seventh. Britain and United States destroyed the democratic governments in Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran and Bangladesh in 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s to implant pro-West puppet regimes in the Islamic world. From 1920s to 1970s the Arab nationalism led by anti-Ottoman socialistic leftism in Egypt, Syria, Libya and Algeria. But by the mid-1950s, there were hardly any genuine democrats in the Muslim world. The intellectual and political life in most Muslim countries was dominated either by Marxist or other advocates of leftist totalitarianism on one hand in Mediterranean Arabia or by conservative Wahhabi Islamic religious fundamentalist forces in Arabian Gulf Peninsula. In the 1960s and '70s, the left, including its nationalist version Baath or Nasserism was in the ascendancy in most Muslim countries, including Syria, Egypt, Libya, and Indonesia. From the late 1970s onward, fundamentalist Islamism, Wahhabism and in its different versions, emerged as the dominant political force, especially in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Iran, Pakistan and Egypt.


(8) Saddam - King Faisal - Osama

Eighth. Neo-Conservatism opposed Saddam Hussein, King Faisal and Osama Bin Laden because they challenged the imperial interests of the United States. Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gadhafy, Ayatollah Khomeini and Osama bin Laden had earlier been the CIA agent and initially worked to promote the imperial interests of America and America turned against them only when they became the enemies of the United States.


In terms of ideology and secularity the Saddam’s Iraq was far nearer to American secularity and women’s rights than any other Islamic nation. Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath secularism is the ultimate negation of Saudi Wahhabi fundamentalism. Saddam Hussein was a CIA implant in Iraq to undermine the rising power of Iran. The Iraqi Ba'ath represented the most radical version in the Muslim world of leftist nationalism, inspired by both Nazism and Communism. If anybody could have created the secular Arab nationalist Utopia, it was Saddam Hussein, but he ended up in a hole near Tikrit and was defeated by secular Americans. While the westernized secular Saddam Hussein bore the brunt of American aggression, while anti-women anti-modernity Saudi King Fahd became the top recipient of American largesse. 


(9) Overthrow of Secular Shah of Iran

Ninth. Neo-Conservatism denounces President Carter led covert operations to overthrow the secular monarchy of Shah of Iran to replace it by Shiite theocracy of Ayatollah Khomeini. United States should have replaced Shah Mohammad Reza Pahalavi of Iran by pliable military dictatorship rather than by Ayatollah Khomeini. President Carter and Brzezinski belonged to religious right conservative conspiracy and they engineered the overthrow of Shah of Iran to implement their hidden religious right conservative conspiracy agenda in Iran, which included the overthrowing secular non-fundamentalist regimes in the Middle East.


In terms of ideology, modernity and secularity the Emperor Shah of Iran was far nearer to American secularity and modernity than arch-fundamentalist Ayatollah Khomeiny. President Jimmy Carter imposed the rule of Ayatollah Khomeiny over secular modernistic Shah’s Iran. President Carter destroyed the Pahlevi monarchy in Iran and threatened Iran’s military leaders not to attempt the military takeover of Iran to keep Ayatollah Khomeini out of power in post-Shah Iran. United Stated destroyed the monarchy of Iran to prop up the monarchy of Saudi Arabia. While United States supported the fundamentalist Shiite Mullahs in Iran to overthrow the secular Pahlevi monarchy or Iran, it opposed Mecca’s Wahhabi Mullahs from attempting to overthrow the Al Saud Monarchy of Saudi Arabia. The United States overthrew the secular Pahlevi monarchy in Iran as well as overthrew the secular modernistic governments of Prime Ministers Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Nawaj Sharief of Pakistan, and had no hesitation in supporting the pro-Islamic successors in Iran and Pakistan respectively. In terms of fundamentalism, suppression of women, and violation of human rights and democracy Saudi Arabia and Taliban Afghanistan represented the extreme anti-thesis of the secular liberal United States. The Wahhabi Taliban in Afghanistan represented the ultimate "must" in Islamism and ultra-conservative fundamentalism and suppression of women. No one could claim to be more Islamist than Afghan Mullah Muhammad Omar and Saudi Osama bin Laden but they too, ended up hiding in Afghan borders defeated first by Northern Alliance soldiers and then by Americans.


(10) Saddam & Osama Laden as Paper Tigers

Tenth. Neo-Conservatism defends its dream of American Colonial Empire throughout former territories of the Ottoman Empires, based on the fact that Arab nations are weak and Arab armies are unfit to fight wars and Arab men have valor only good enough to beat their women into bondage and submission. One question that is asked is: Why did Islamic world react at the demise of the Taliban and the Iraqi Ba'ath with indifference verging on disdain? Why were the Afghanistan’s Taliban and the Iraq’s Ba'ath regime such easy pushovers? Have the Muslim world’s political systems have reached a dead end? It is no longer worthwhile to waste time for discussing the old debate on whether Islam is compatible with democracy. Young educated Muslims especially Muslim women realize that Islamic polity has become rotten and some form of democratization that draws on the democratic experience of India as the only way out for the Islamic Third World. The burning issue now is the necessity of democracy for Muslims rather than Islam’s compatibility with Islam. It is disheartening to watch that under the influence of fundamentalist conservative Papacy and Christian Neo-Conservatism, the might of the United States favors the suppressors of the women and oppressors of the human rights throughout the Islamic world especially in the Arab world. It is the sheer American apathy towards rights of Afghan and Arab Muslim women that appears to have rejuvenated the political fortunes of the Al Qaeda that the valiant warriors of Northern Alliance that destroyed at the eve of the arrival of American troops. A substantial body of opinion within the Muslim world regrets the collapse of the Afghani Taliban and the Iraqi Ba'ath, because the United States failed to leverage neither its victory over terrorism in Afghanistan nor its victory over authoritarianism in Iraq to promote the ideals of modernist Western liberal society and culture in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many Muslims felt humiliated because the regimes of Afghan Taliban and Saddam’s Iraq were overthrown by White Christian powers. Afghan Taliban regime was overthrown by the Afghani Northern Alliance, not by Americans. Why were the Afghan Taliban and Iraq’s Ba'ath such easy pushovers? Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden was an easy pushover, because President Bush sent American troops to Afghanistan not to kill Osama bin Laden but to provide safe passage to Osama and al Qadea and to avert their sure slaughter at the hands of victorious Uzbek and Tajik Northern Alliance troops.


(11) Depopulation of OAPEC Nations

Eleventh. Neo-Conservatism believes that United States must undertake preemptive attacks on oil-producing nations to establish permanent oil colonies, lest some other world power such as China may preempt United States and establish Chinese Colonial Empire in the Middle East, as China can move its armies to the Middle East through its land bridge in Pakistan and submarine base at Baluchistan port of Gwadhar.


All talks about American commitments to democracy and freedom look like empty rhetoric when viewed from the eyeglass of oil geopolitics even in the age of Clash of Civilizations. America would continue to pay lip service to the goals of Arab Muslim democracy and freedom so long as American Big Oil continue to enjoy total monopoly over oil and gas resources of OPEC, Arabia and Caspian Oil Basin. It is likely that Christian Big Oil might at some future date contemplate the depopulation of the thinly populated Arabian oil producers to impose Red Indian type fate on Arab race. In the age of oil colonialism the colonial powers would prefer to own and exploit the oilfields without having to take care of the populations over ground the oilfields.


The American war on Islamic terrorism could take the form of White Christian genocidal wars on Arab nations to depopulate the Arab world in name of the Clash of Civilizations, so that the so-called civilized Christian oil-powers could continue to exploit the underground oil and gas reserves of the Arab and Caspian oil-fields without having to take care of the bothersome people over ground over oilfields. The Clash of Oil could take the form of Clash of Civilization between White Christian and Islamic Civilizations that might result in the extinction of the Arab race, resulting in the total White Christian control over Islamic oilfields.


(12) Civilization Vs Barbarians War for Oil

Twelfth. Neo-Conservatism believes that to enforce stability in the American Oil Colonies the United States should not shirt using excessive force to maintain its colonial rule in oil-colonies.


One question that is seldom asked is: Would or should Hindu India, Buddhist China or Orthodox Russia remain mute witness if ever the Christian Clash for Oil in the Caspian & Arabian OPEC worlds conflagrates into outright genocide of Arab races for securing total control and occupation of the oil and gas fields. Unlike the old colonial economies the oil colonial powers no longer needs the colonial manpower to fully exploit the oil and gas resources of the oil colonies in the age of new colonial empires. Well then the colonial populations in the new age of oil colonialism could meet the fate of Red Indians of North America, South America and Australia. Would the Clash of Races in the 21st Century result in the depopulation of the oil-rich thinly populated oil-producing nations?


Ants develop wings and fly on the last day of its life, similarly the recent spate of Semite Islamic Wahhabi terrorism against Christian United States, Europe and Russia on one hand and against Hindu India and Buddhist China on the other might force the civilized world to retaliate against terrorist Islamic nations with such an overwhelming preemptive military force that the very existence of Semite Arab race might come into doubt. The question is: Would the Civilization of Arab oil-producing nations meet the fate of the Civilization of Red Indians, Incas, Mayas and Aborigines? Islam was imposed by sword over Christian & Hindu Egypt, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Lebanon and Jordan in the 7th Century, and since the religions that expand and spread by sword inevitably die by the sword, so it is likely that Islamic nations might meet the fate of Red Indians, as Christian sword is mightier than Islamic sword in the 21st Century.


The historical materialistic economic forces could gravely influence the ongoing global Clash of Races in the 21st Century. Big Oil would make much more profits from the underground oilfields, if the bothersome populations overland could somehow disappear. Would Christian war on Islamic terrorism conflagrate into the global war of Civilizations on nations that harbor terrorists and finance terrorism? Would someday Halliburton dynasty replace House of al Saud as the ruling royal family of Saudi Arabia and whether it would be a good for the civilized world? Whether Hindu India or Buddhist China or Orthodox Russia should support or oppose the Christian War of Civilizations against so called barbarian Arab terrorists? Would Arab nations give 50% of its oil resources to India and China for averting their sure slaughter at hands of civilized Christian colonialism? Would the white Christians that imposed their Christian Civilization by sword over the great indigenous civilizations of Native Indians in North America, South America and Australia, do the same by imposing the fate of Red Indians over Semite Arabs to gain total control and ownership over Arab oil and gas resources in the new age of oil colonial empires? If the unprecedented naked aggression of President Bush over Iraq is any indication for the future world, then it is possible that the lure of economic bonanza of oil-colonialism in the depopulated oil-producing world could bring about the End of Time teleological solution to the problem of Islamic terrorism at the hands of the civilized Christian West. The fate of the Islamic Civilization hangs on the decision that Hindu Indian and Buddhist Chinese Civilizations would take on the ongoing Christian-Islamic clash of Civilizations in the 21st Century.


(7) Clash of Sects Castes Classes

(1) Old Republicans Vs Christian Right

First. The fight of old-line Protestant Republicans with Catholic Christian conservatives date back to 1954 when Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon B Johnson, concerned about the threat of the Christian right-wing political groups, passed a bill barring political activity by tax-exempt organizations. In time, this was broadened to keep churches out of politics. Very violent Clash of Religion is brewing in Republican Party in USA. The internecine warfare has been underway in the Republican Party since 1954, which poses grave dangers for the Republican Party. The old-line Republicans resent Christian Conservatives who entered the Republican Party in 1980. The secularist Californian Protestant Congressman Bill Thomas represents this group.


Second. The President LB Johnson prohibition for political activity by tax-exempt Christian Churches has been in the Protestant legacy of the founder of the US Constitution who created a wall to separate the State and Church, fearing that the Catholic followers of the Pope might bring down the wall to undermine the basic foundation of the freedom in the United States. Catholic religious right conservatives and Protestant Evangelical religious right focused their attention to undermine this LBJ’s 1954 law to keep the Churches out of politics. President George W. Bush in 2003 passed Executive Orders that allowed Federal Funding to Churches. The old-line Republicans would make all out effort to expel these intruders, if George W. Bush is defeated for re-election in 2004. Christian conservatives claim to have been discriminated against by federal enforcers of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to muzzle clergymen who talk politics sin their churches. Catholic Congressman Walter Jones from Farmville NC represents this group and correcting LBJ’s 1954 legislation is his top priority.


Third. Ultra-conservative Pontificate of Pope John Paul II determined to bring down the wall that separates the State and the Church to complete his vision of victory of Catholic Church over Protestant Reformed Church in this 21st Century Counter Reformation War underway in the United States, and it could turn out to be the destructive Republican Holy (Civil) War for the Republicans in 21st Century. What is at stake is the very identity of the Free United States and the failure of the WASPs and Asian immigrants to checkmate this Unholy conspiracy of the Papacy might cause the descent of the New Dark Age in the New World. In the eyes of the Papacy all politics is Religion and the Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy hijacking the tope leadership and the election process in both the Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party to ensure that Catholic clergy and their allies Protestant Evangelical clergy are free to advance Pope’s agenda by talking politics from pulpit in their churches to bring about the ideal of the dictatorship of the Catholic priests in the Christian world. Papacy has lost its stronghold in the Old World, when French and Germans and vast majority of Catholic Europeans have rejected the political overtures of the Papacy in the European Union. However it is possible that Papacy might succeed to implant its agent in the Oval Office and then might misuse the fixed-tenure and political power of the US Presidency to bring about the transformation of the secular USA, not dissimilar to that brought about by the First Catholic Emperor of Rome (died 395 AD). Believers of the Fatima Prophecy and Catholic End of Time doctrine conspiring to occupy the Oval Office and if ever they succeeded, to use the 4-year fixed-tenure to bring down the secular super structure of the WASP-led United States, just as Catholic Roman Emperor Theodosius I caused the demise of Roman Empire and secular Roman Civilization and caused the descent of the 1000-year barbarian Dark Age in hitherto civilized Europe and Mediterranean world, that ended only after the fall of the Orthodox Christian Constantinople at hands of Sunni Ottomans in 13th Century. Would United States meet the fate of the Roman Empire? Vatican appears to have implemented the brilliant grand strategy outlined in the “Protocols of the Meetings of the Elders of Zion,” to ensure the demise of the greatest civilizations of the age and the victory of the proverbial snake that would eat into the vitality of the leading civilizations of the world. Catholic religious right conservative conspiracy presents the greatest threat to the secular infrastructure of the WASP-led United States of America. The clash of races in the United States is the ongoing clash between Catholics and Protestants.


(2) Marwaris Are the Mafia & Jews of India

First. Marwaris represent around 1% of the population of India around 10 million and control and own more than 50% wealth, property and businesses of India in 2004. Marwaris didn’t control and own more than 2% of wealth and property in Indian in 1947, when India became independent. Marwari Caste has been widely dispersed but cemented its underlying ties by closer marriages and policy of Marwari-only business partnerships that transformed the hitherto poor ethnic group of 1947, into the movers and shakers of Indian businesses and politics in India in 21st Century, creating the similar Caste conflicts in India not dissimilar to those that Hitler’s Germany faced before the Second World War. The question that arises is whether the public resentment against Marwaris in India would result in the Bolshevik-type uprising against Russian Tsars or Hitler’s Holocaust of Jews. The Marwari’s control over more than 50% of India’s total wealth and property even when Marwaris represent less than 1% of India’s population is totally unacceptable in any democratic society, and is the principal cause of clash of races in India. In the Indian psyche the Marwaris evoke the images of blood-sucking profiteers and black marketers who are determined to avoid taxes, hoard black money to loot India to enrich Marwaris.


Second. Just as Catholic Religious Right Conservatives or Jews acquired unprecedented influence over Republican Party as well as Democratic Party because of its control over political donations, similarly Marwaris in India have acquired unprecedented influence over Right-wing Bhartiya Janata party as well as secularist Congress parties and their allies, primarily because Marwaris can control corporate campaign donations, because Marwaris control 50% wealth of India even when they represent only 1% of the population of India. The socialistic Congress-party of bank nationalization fame protects the Marwari black money and tax evasions. Brahmins and the upper castes have lost their earlier influence in the Congress Party. The pro-Hindu Bhartiya Janata Party has ejected Brahmins from its top leadership and replaced them by Marwaris and Banias in its organizational structure. The trading class and the Marwaris have taken over the long-time pro-Hindu religion Bhartiya Janata Party transforming it into a political party led and organizationally controlled by Marwaris and Bania trader classes. Just as the Jews controlled the economy and politics of pre-Hitler Germany the Marwaris control the economy and politics of India. Just as Marxist Jews and Bolshevik Jews controlled the revolutionary forces in Tsar’s Russia, the Marwaris control the political agenda in India of 2004, which provides protection to the Marwaris black money and tax evasions and allows Marwari black marketers and profiteers suck the blood of Indian farmers and consumers with impunity. Marwaris (the Jews of India) have acquired the finesse of the Bolshevik Jews to develop working alliance with the Communists in India, so long the economic resources of India continue to be owned and controlled by Marwaris. The Marwaris (the religious right conservatives of India) have acquired de facto control over the pro-Right Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and kicked Brahmins and Upper castes from BJP’s organizational hierarchy to control the BJP from inside out. Marwaris control the tow main political parties in India, namely, Congress Party as well as Bhartiya Janata Party, just as Jews and Christian religious right conservative conspiracy control the Democrats and Republican parties in USA.


Third. The clash of races in India is also the clash among farmers producing agricultural commodities, and manufacturers producing industrial goods and traders or financial interests involved in the distribution of goods. The Marwari traders and financial interests have undermined the interests of Indian manufacturers by enacting policies that made imports of manufactured goods more profitable than the local manufacture of same goods. The Marwari control over Vegetable trade made the production of agricultural commodities loss making venture during crop seasons and the profits from the sale of commodities are not reinvested in the rural areas. Marwaris have made manufacturing plants sick and uneconomic and made financial bonanza by developing shopping malls on the former factory sites in metropolises. The interests of the industrial classes conflict with that of the Marwari trading caste. The interests of agricultural farmers conflict with those of the Marwari trading castes. The interests of the Brahmin clergy caste conflict with those of the Marwari castes. The interests of the industrial classes, farmers, religious Brahmins and upper castes unite to take a common stand against the Marwari caste that control and own 50% of total wealth of India while representing only 1% of the population of India. Marwari Conspiracy and its continued loot of Indian economy by rampant tax evasions and massive hoarding of the Black-money presents the greatest threat to Indian civilization. The global clash of races in Hindu India takes the form of the simmering demands for the Nationalization and confiscation of all wealth, property, businesses and industries owned and controlled by Marwari Caste members in India. The clash of races in India is the ongoing clash between Marwaris and non-Marwari classes and castes. In the eyes of vast majority of Indians, the Marwaris represent the blood-sucking Evil Beast.


(8) Clash of Modernity Vs Barbarism in Islam

CLASH BETWEEN MODERNITY & BARBARIANISM: First, “The clash we are witnessing around the world is not a clash of religions or a clash of civilizations. It is a clash between tow opposites, between two eras. It is a clash between a mentality that belongs to the Middle Ages and another mentality that belongs to the 21st century. It is a clash between civilization and backwardness, between the civilized and primitive, between barbarity and rationality,” said Dr. Wafa Sultan, a Syrian origin doctor.


“Muslim clerics, holy warriors and political leaders have distorted the teachings of Muhammad and the Koran for 14 centuries. World is not witnessing a clash of religions or clash of cultures, but a battle between modernity and barbarianism, a battle that the forces of violent, reactionary Islam is destined to lose. Muslim people are hostages to their own beliefs and teachings. Knowledge can release from this backward thinking. Some people have to help free the Muslim people from these wrong beliefs,” said Dr. Wafa Sultan.


“Jews have come from the tragedy and forced the world to respect them with their knowledge, not with their terror; with their work, not with their crying and yelling. We have not seen a single Jew blow himself up in a German restaurant. We have not seen a single Jew destroy a church. We have not seen a single Jew protest by killing people. Only the Muslims defend their beliefs by burning down churches, killing people and destroying embassies. This path will not yield any results. The Muslims must ask themselves what they can do for humankind, before they demand that humankind respect them.” “ Why does a young Muslim men, in the prime of life, with full life ahead, go and blow themselves up? In Muslim countries, religion is the sole source of education and is the only spring from which these terrorists drink until their thirst is quenched”, said Dr. Wafa Sultan.


WAHHABI ISLAM DESTINED TO LOSE THE CLASH OF BARBARISM VS MODERNITY: Second. Is the violent, reactionary Islam destined to lose the battle between modernity and barbarism, in the ongoing clash of religions or clash of cultures? The violent reactionary Islam, ultra orthodox conservative Islam, represented by Arabian Wahhabi sect was legitimized and promoted by the British and Americans to end the rule of Ottoman Empire over Arabian Peninsula, by harnessing the power of the Mecca and Medina based clergy. Ottoman Islam was neither violent, nor reactionary and Muslim clergy didn’t enjoy any significant political power, influence or wealth. Syria, Libya, Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt, India and Indonesia has historically practiced modern, liberal version of Islam, different from that Wahhabi Islam practiced and promoted by Saudi Arabia and Arabian Gulf states, which had been under colonial occupation of the British Indian Empire. The Wahhabi Islam, the violent reactionary Islam will lose the battle between modernity and barbarism, because followers of Islam as practiced in Indonesia, India, Syria, Libya, Turkey, Algeria and Egypt vastly outnumber the Muslims that follow Wahhabi Islam, as Wahhabi Muslims represent only two percent of world’s Muslim population. There are no more than 50 million Wahhabi Muslims in the world Muslim population of over 1.5 billion. Indonesia and India have the world’s largest and 2nd largest Muslim populations in the world. In the Clash of cultures, the clash of modern Islamic culture versus barbaric Wahhabi culture the modern Islam practiced by Indonesia, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and India would give a resounding defeat to the violent forces of barbarism represented by the Wahhabi Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Oman and Yemen, during first quarter of the 21st Century. Wahhabi clergy have misused the Saudi Arabian control over Holy cities of Mecca and Medina and Saudi Al Saud family have leveraged the oil income to bring Muslim clergy worldwide under the influence of Wahhabi clergy to legitimize Wahhabi sect, which has failed to gain converts in any free modern populous Islamic nation.


Third. Wahhabi Islam, the religion of original desert Bedouin practiced in first Islamic Century, during Mecca Caliphate. During Damascus Caliphate Saudi Bedouin tribes didn’t enjoy any preferential role in the Caliphate. During Baghdad Caliphate and Ottoman Caliphate, the Arab Bedouin tribes or predecessors of Wahhabi sect didn’t enjoy any political or religious role. The legitimization of the violent reactionary Islam, the ultra traditional Islam of desert Bedouin tribes, is a recent phenomenon, which started in the post First World War era, after the defeat of Ottomans in the First World War and took momentum after the post 1971 OPEC oil price rise. The legitimization of Wahhabi sect is the result of political imperial expediency of the United States and Britain, which is likely to change after the Sept 11, 2001 attack on world trade towers in New York and subsequent President Bush’s invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, as war on global terrorism.


Fourth. The Wahhabi fundamentalist extremism as a barbaric Puritanism is a force for the destruction of everything that stands in the way of happiness, liberty, freedom, progress, prosperity of the modern Muslims that are young or will be born in the oil-rich prosperous Arab nations. The extremist convictions of some of these Wahhabi Jihadis, clergy or terrorists, prefigures the Saudi Wahhabi Bedouins tragic aspirations to turn the clock back and force the modern Islamic nations into the barbarian, uncivilized social and cultural life that existed in desert lands of Arabia among Bedouin tribesmen. The great danger of such zealots, such as Osama Bin Laden, and Mecca’s Wahhabi clergy is their willingness to carry out, in the name of humanity and in the name of Allah, the most grotesquely inhuman acts. Wahhabi Islam unless checked militarily by modern Muslim forces, will continue doing what it does best: Consuming its own. Unless modern Islamic powers take preemptive strikes against the seat of Wahhabi barbarism and modernize Islamic society, the Muslims of the world in general and Islamic nations in particular would cease to be significant military, economic and cultural power in the 21st Century.


Fifth. The sale of nuclear weapons technology, uranium enrichment process and missile technology orchestrated through the Nuke bazaar of Dr. A. Q. Khan of Pakistan, the father of Pakistan’s Atom Bomb, threatens the spread of nuclear weapons to the oil-rich Wahhabi Arab states and mullah-led Iran. A study of world history reveals that whenever barbarians gained access to military technology they have used it to destroy the civilizations. The world is facing a dilemma, should it sit idle and allow terrorist, barbarian nations gain access of nuclear weapons, which would allow them to destroy densely population civilizations, or should the civilizations join forces and undertake preemptive military strikes against the barbarian terrorist nations before these extremist terrorist nations gain access to nuclear weapons. Should United States invade Iran to keep Nukes out of the hands of Iran? It is one of the most important diplomatic and political issues facing the White House during President Bush’s second term. Obviously, Nuclear Iran is definitely not in India’s national interest, albeit it may become a geopolitical nightmare. Indian Empire exercised gunboat diplomacy to keep Iran and Iraq under check, and it is high time that India exercises its diplomatic options to resurrect gunboat diplomacy again in the volatile Persian Gulf in the first quarter of the 21st Century.


$533 BILLION OPEC SURPLUS IN 2006: Sixth. The International Monetary Fund has noted that the world’s fuel-exporting nations will have a $533 Billion current account surplus in 2006, fuelled by rising crude oil prices. That’s a half-trillion dollar for the oil producers of the Middle East to invest in the Western economies. The United States runs a gigantic trade deficit, some $723 billion in 2005, which means that United States exported huge amounts of capital. But the foreigners who receive all these dollars in exchange for oil or manufactured goods are no longer content to park these greenbacks in US government bonds, when US Treasuries give a mediocre 4.5% returns over 30 years, when they can instead get higher returns on investments if they buy US corporations, factories, real estate etc. Open borders and the free flow of goods and services have created the conditions of Selective Globalization Syndrome to spread. Like gravity, globalization has come to be seen in recent years as an unstoppable force of nature. If the world is flat, capital, goods and services can go wherever they want. Wahhabi leadership could control their women, when they were poor and living in deserts. Islam allows women to have property rights and women can own and operate businesses. It is inconceivable that women of oil-rich OPEC nations would accept the status of servitude to their men, when OPEC nations become very prosperous and succeed in investing their surplus income in the West. Selective Globalization Syndrome and the growing prosperity of Wahhabi oil-producing Arab nations would undermine the servitude of Wahhabi women, who shall revolt and demand equality to men. The pouring of the wealth in the Wahhabi Oil-rich nations would result in the revolt of Wahhabi women in the Arabia, which no amount of force would succeed in subduing. The inevitable rise and revolt of women in Wahhabi Arabia shall change the course of events in oil-rich Arab world, Malaysia and Indonesia. The wealth of the Wahhabi oil-producing nations, itself would cause the revolt of Wahhabi women, and Wahhabi world will have to make a crucial choice between Wahhabi fundamentalism and wealth. Oil wealth would cause the decline and demise of Wahhabi cult and result in the rise of women in Arabia.


(9) Clash between two Opposites


CLASH REGENERATES HUMAN HISTORY: First. Clash causes Change. The constant Change is the only reality. Opposites attract and clash and change the Old into New. The Clash between Thesis and Antithesis creates a new synthesis. The Thesis and Antithesis are two opposites and attract each other and clash to form a union, which results in synthesis. Clash generates the driving force of history, civilization and mankind. Thesis and Antithesis clash at micro level as well as macro level. Thesis as well as Antithesis influenced by internal clash of opposites at micro as well as macro level, thus Thesis as well as Antithesis undergo constant change. The world changes all the time and clash of Opposites is the driving force of history. History moves forward by the energy generated by the series of clashes. The Clash between two opposites creates the crucial Shakti, the driving force of history, which propels the history to move forward or backward. Without the continuous clash between two opposites the history will not progress and the civilizations become stagnant and dormant heading towards self-destruction, decline and nemesis.


ETERNAL CLASH & CONSTANT CHANGE: Second. The world is facing Clash between two Opposites, Clash between two Eras, Clash between Civilized and Primitive, Clash between Barbarity and Rationality, Clash between Spiritualism and Rituals, Clash between Old and New, Clash between New and Old Generations, Clash between Religious Sects.



Third. The opposites attract and mate to produce new synthesis. In an Atom, the negatively charged Electron circulates around Proton. In an Atom negative electron moves around a circle of a Proton but does not collide with Proton, and when it does collide, the positive energy of proton neutralizes the negative energy of electron, and forms Neutron, which is neutral and has no charge. Neutron represents the liberal democratic societies such as India and the United States, where opposites can live peacefully with one another in a same and contribute to the growth of economy, society and civilization. It is constructive clash of opposites and does not cause destruction, but increases the entropy of the civilization and increases the mass and population of the civilization. The peaceful coexistence of opposites, the coexistence of positively charged proton and negatively electron in negatively charge neutron, allows large numbers of neutrons to grow into large mass. This explains why India, China and United States have such a large populations, and smaller nations split up because of ethnic civil wars and communal riots. Pakistan in 1971 broke up and Bangladesh was born, while India remains united.


CLASH BETWEEN NEW & OLD: Four. The Time like Space is one of the Dimensions of the Universe. The Space in the Universe, expands, contracts and wobbles. The Great Time or “Maha Kaal” is one of the names of God as described in Hindu holy-scripture “Bhagwad Gita”. The Time continuously regenerates the universe by continuous clash between Old and New. The New forces continuously challenge the Old order and result in the reforms that may result in either progress or regress. The society may either go forward or backward. The clash between new and old either results in the modernization or backwardation of the society or civilization. 


WAHHABI MEDIEVAL AGE IN 21ST CENTURY: Five. In the 21st Century the Wahhabi Islamic Civilization is going backward towards Middle Ages. Muslim people have become hostages to their own beliefs and teachings, which though relevant to the desert tribesmen 1400 years ago, are totally out of date in the 21st Century. Somebody has to help free the Muslim people from these wrong beliefs such as Wahhabi Sunni fundamentalism and Ayatollahs Shiite fundamentalism and restore the purity of Islam led by the divine spiritualism of Sufism, the true form of Islam. Unless Sufis replace Sunnis as well as Shiites as dominant force in Islam, the Islam in general will face decline in the 21st Century. The violent, fundamentalist Wahhabi Sunni Islam as well as Ayatollahs’ Shiite Islam is destined to lose the ongoing battles against Spiritual Sufi Islam and Sufism in the first half of the 21st Century. Spiritual Sufism shall gain total domination over Sunni sects as well as Shiite sects in the ongoing clash of Sects within Islam, in the first half of 21st Century. The oil-wealth of Wahhabi Sunni Arabia and Shiite Iran will cause the decline of Sunnis as well as Shiites and result in the triumphant rise of Sufism and then onward spiritual Sufis shall lead and represent Islam in the world. The Clash of Religion in the Islamic world is the Clash between Sunni and Shiite, between Sunni and Sufi and between Shiite and Sufi. In the Clash of Religious sects in Islam, the forces of Spiritual Sufism shall emerge triumphant and inflict mortal defeat on Sunni and Shiite forces.


CATHOLIC MEDIEVAL AGE IN 21ST CENTURY: Six. In the 21st Century, after the rise of Pope John Paul II in 1978, the Papacy is leading the Catholic Christian Civilization back to Middle Ages, when Roman Catholic Church and Papacy succeeding in imposing the Dark Age, the Medieval Age right after the end of the glorious Roman civilization, simply to enrich Papacy at the cost of European Civilization. Western Europe could end the Dark Medieval Age only when the Muslim Ottomans destroyed the Byzantium, the seat of Eastern Roman Empire, and the intellectuals of Byzantine moved north to Western Europe and unleashed the New Age of Renaissance. The Papal ultra-conservatism and fundamentalism was spearheaded after 1978 by ultra-conservative Pope John Paul II, who turned upside down the modernization doctrines of 1965 Synod, and who replaced modernist Pope John Paul I, allegedly murdered by Vatican insiders in 1978 just after few days of his Pontificate. The ardent followers of Pope John Paul II, threatens to descend a New Dark Age over Christian Western Europe, no different than the Dark Age of the Medieval Age. The Papal ultra-conservatism threatens to undo the gains Europeans made under Renaissance and Reformation and impose new Dark Age influenced by the End of Time Teleology and the Fatima Prophecy. Unless western Europeans rise as one man and check the growing ambitions and aspirations of the ultra-conservative Papacy in time, the European civilization shall irrevocably decline, cause misery and suffering in Europe and West Europeans shall cease to be force of good or force of progress in the world history. Papacy conspiring the decline of Europe in 21st Century to increase the power and wealth of Papacy, just as Papacy conspired with barbarian invaders of Roman Empire, and helped barbarians destroy Roman Empire and Roman Civilization, in exchange for Papal recognition of barbarian King as Holy Roman Emperor.


CLASH OF RELIGION SECTS IN CHRISTIANITY: Six. Throughout Christian era three Christian sects have been continuously at war with one another, namely, Orthodox Church, Catholic Church and Protestant Church. The 21st Century shall witness the revival and rise of Apostolic Christianity, Arius Christianity, Gnostic Christianity, the Early Christianity, the true Christianity that Jesus Christ and Apostles preached, led by Apostle Mary Magdalene as Jesus had built the Christian Church on the bedrock of Mary Magdalene. Prophet Jesus had rejected Jewish Law and Scriptures and Torah. Christianity as preached by Jesus was a matriarchal religion, where God was a woman, and Christianity of Jesus and Mary had totally rejected Judaism and imbibed the doctrines of ancient matriarchal religions of Egypt and philosophy of Buddhism. Jews do not accept Jesus Christ, as one of the Jewish Prophets and Jesus is not mentioned in Jewish scriptures. It stands to reason that when Jews do not accept Jesus as one of their Prophets, the Jewish scriptures, Torah and Old Testament should not be part of Christian Bible, as Prophet Jesus revealed a new world religion, totally divorced from patriarchal Judaism. The divinity of Jesus was promulgated in the 4th century when Roman Emperor placed the order for 400 copies of Bible. The doctrines declared heresy by Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church staging a comeback as the original conservative doctrines of Early Christianity and Apostolic Christianity and Gnostic Christianity in the 21st Century.


RISE OF MATRIARCHAL CHRISTIANITY: Jews that converted to Christianity hijacked the leadership of Christian Churches, just as Catholic Patrick Buchanan entered the Reform Party of Ross Perot and hijacked the leadership of the Reform Party during 2000 and changed it entire political manifesto.  Jews inserted Old Testament as part of the Christian Bible, when Roman Emperor in the 4th century, placed a very lucrative order to inscribe 400 copies of the Christian Bible. In fourth century there was no consensus among Christians as what should Bible include. In the first three centuries of Christianity there were around 300,000 Christians, while there were more than 6 million Jews. In the 21st Century, the Gnostic, Arius, Apostolic Early Christianity shall make a triumphant rise and the Gospel of Apostle Mary Magdalene, who was the wife of Jesus Christ, shall enjoy its holy prominence. The concept of Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary shall find its fulfillment in Christianity, where God will be conceived and worshipped as a woman and the concept of God and Goddess shall become interchangeable and synonymous.


GOSPEL OF APOSTLE MARY MAGDALENE: Jesus established Christian church on the bedrock of Mary Magdalene. Apostle Mary Magdalene leader of all Apostles was first among equals. Women presided over Passover dinner during first three Christian centuries. Jesus had married Mary Magdalene and the couple’s descendants are sill flourishing. The concept of Holy Grail is not a vessel or chalice, but a bloodline of Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene. Gospel of Apostle Mary unearthed in Egypt in early 1940’s describe the Gospel of Mary and the Christian Bible was developed around it. Christianity as revealed by Jesus of Nazareth was a matriarchal religion, totally divorced from patriarchal Judaism, Torah and Law.


CLASH BETWEEN CIVILIZED & PRIMITIVE: Seven. The world is facing clash between civilized and primitive. The old vested interests invoke the legitimacy of tradition fundamentalism to impose primitive practices and beliefs to check the inevitable triumphal rise of civilization. Any clash between civilized people and primitive people, the clash between civilized beliefs and primitive beliefs shall ultimately result in the victory of the civilization, even when the primitive barbarians may succeed in their in their conquest of civilization, due to their propensity to use violence and repression. In the clash between Civilizations and Barbarians, in the final round the Civilizations shall emerge victorious. The Civilizations would ultimately overpower or conquer barbarians or transform barbarians to adopt them into civilization. The civilized world should not hesitate to use overwhelming preemptive strikes against such barbarians as declare open war on civilizations. The civilizations should not allow barbarians to exploit the freedoms of the civilization to destroy the civilization itself. The use of overwhelming force by civilizations to invade and destroy the citadels and homelands of barbarians in preemptive strikes is a noble and moral act and justified on grounds of law, reason, ethics, religions and morality.


BAN CONVERSIONS & REFORM RELIGIONS: Eight. The clash of religions is fueled by the drive of zealots to make new converts to their religion. The Islamic drive to convert Hindus, Buddhists or Christians to Islam creates backlash against Islam. The Evangelical drive to convert Hindus and Buddhists to Christianity creates a Hindu backlash against Christianity. There are four world religions and two Occidental Religions are Christianity and Islam, and two Oriental Religions are Hinduism and Buddhism. Ban Inter religious conversions by law. The Clash of Civilization and the Clash of Religions would transform into co-operation of civilizations and co-operation of religions, if Muslim focus on reforming Islam, Christians focus on reforming Christianity, Hindus focus on reforming Hinduism and Buddhist focus on reforming Buddhism.


DEMOCRATICALLY ELECT CLERGY: Nine. Inter-religious Clash of Religions is the result of conspiracy hatched by religious clergy in world religions, who are threatened by the spread of scriptural and religious knowledge among educated young generations, who are challenging the incompetence and moral degradation of the older religious clergy and established vested interests. Political leadership should impose democracy in religious institutions, so that only the most competent among the believers hold higher religious positions of power and influence in religious institutions. The direct elections of Catholic Pope, Cardinals, Bishop and Princes of Papacy by the Catholic laity worldwide shall solve the problem facing Christianity. Holy cities of Mecca and Medina should be declared International cities and the Muslims of the world should directly elect the religious clergy of Mecca and Medina. Directly elected nominees of the Hindu and Buddhist believers worldwide should control the property and have Hindu and Buddhist temples and religious institutions. Clash of religions shall disappear if the leadership of the world religions and religious institutions directly elected by the believers, time to time.


IDENTIFY THE TRUE CAUSE OF THE CLASH: Ten. It is a undeniable truth that the world is facing Clash between two Opposites, Clash between two Eras, Clash between Civilized and Primitive, Clash between Barbarity and Rationality, Clash between Spiritualism and Rituals, Clash between Old and New, Clash between New and Old Generations, Clash between Religious Sects. It is counterproductive to deny the existence of the Clash, whether at the micro level or at macro level. The purpose of this book it to study the nature of the Clash and identify the roots or cause of the Clash and then to sit and think about possible solution of the problem, so that the world civilization may emabark upon the path on unprecendented prosperity, development and progress. The Clash of Religions and the Clash of Civilizations is an undeniable world reality and is a for of a disease that inflicts the human race. It is the job of philosophers, thinkers, politicians and historical persons to study its nature, identify the source of the problem and suggest the solution or remedy of the problem.



(10) Blacks Need a Culture War

SUPERIOR BLACK CIVILIZATIONS: The Black Africans of ancient Egypt and ancient Ethiopia led the world as standard bearers of world civilization and world religion. The sword of Rome put an end to the great Pharaoh dynasty of Egypt and Julius Caesar burnt the great ancient library of Alexandria. The sword of barbarian Arab desert Bedouins imposed by sword Islam over blacks-led Egypt, Libya and Algeria, massacred or enslaved black men and took over black women and imposed Islam by sword. Present day Africa has more military power than that of Arabs. Black African sword is mightier than that of Arab Muslim sword in the 21st Century. Should black Africans join forces with Christians to jointly wage wars of Armageddon and Apocalypse to reclaim from Arab Muslims the black lands of Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco in the 21st Century? American Neo-Conservatives’ global war on Islamic terror provides an opportunity to reclaim ancient black lands of Mediterranean North Africa from the occupying Arab Muslims and turn the tables against Islamic terrorism.


BLACK AMERICA NEEDS A CULTURE WAR: The clash of civilization impacts the black Americans by making them realize the importance of black-led War of Cultures against White Christian culture as well as against Arab Islamic culture, to restore Black Nubian Pharaoh Culture and Religion among blacks in America and Africa. Black structural inequalities aggravated by an implicit acceptance within black American communities of a lot of joblessness, criminality and other negatives that lied behind the statistics of black backwardness in America. Black middle class should lead intellectual and pro-active mass movements to do open combat against the rise of an ancient enemy: a black street culture that exalts lawlessness, addiction, pimping, sexual promiscuity, ignorance, personal selfishness and denigration of ancient black African religions and black civilizations of ancient Egypt, Nubian and Ethiopia. Throughout history Black African civilization and religion had been superior to those of white Europe and Arabs. Arab Muslims used sword to take over Mediterranean Africa from black races and used guns to sell black Africans as slaves to Christian Europeans and Arab Muslims. Black Africans should reject the culture and religions imposed by slave traders and conquerors. Black Americans and Black Africans should reject white domination as well as Arab domination. Blacks should reject Christianity as well as Islam and convert back to ancient Egyptian or ancient Ethiopian Nubian religion.


THE STATE OF BLACK AMERICA 2006: The 2006 edition of “The State of Black America” published by National Urban League contained in 250-pages parade of charts, tables, essays and the factoids amount to the six words that most people already knew would capture the state of Black America in 2006: Not so great, could be better.


BLACK’S INFERIORITY COMPLEX: Black Americans need to talk more about Culture. Black leaders need to fight over Black Culture. Black American leaders tend to gloss over a split that has run through Black American Culture throughout 20th Century, and the study of clash of civilizations may provide explanation of the black Americans’ cultural attributes, its distinctive attitudes, values and predispositions and the resulting behavior of its members. After the end of the Slavery the white Christians succeeded in making black Americans accept the idea of inferiority of the blacks to whites as a race as well as the inferiority of black Nubian religion to Christianity. Pro-slavery Democrats after the victory of anti-slavery Republicans continued to dominate the Southern States and conspired to keep poor and backward.


ARAB GENOCIDE OF BLACK AFRICANS: Throughout Islamic history including present day Arab invaders Sudan used sword to force black African Nubians accept the idea of inferiority of black race to Arab race and the inferiority of pagan polytheist Egyptian Nubian religion to Islam. Arab slave traders throughout history burnt African villages, massacred African males sold Africans as slaves and stole African women and girls and took over Africans lands, and it continues to this day in Darfur Sudan. Arab Muslims took over black and brown pagan African lands of Mediterranean North Africa, including Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Sudan. Black pagan religion is the great religion of ancient Egypt that is Hinduism of goddess Isis, Nut, and god Ptah, Amienteph, Thoth and Horus.


(11) Outline of Clash of Races

(1) Geopolitics of Religion

Geopolitics looks at the emerging future in the 21st Century to get the big picture of the Third Millennium having the benefit of the hindsight of the First and Second Millenniums. History is cyclical. The geography, natural resources and population have permanent impact on the history, politics and diplomacy. Religion, Race and Civilization determined the 20th Century. The 1945-2000 history diplomacy and politics of the world summarized as the Clash of Civilizations, Clash of Races and Clash of Religions. The subtitle of the Global Clash of Races may be Geopolitics of Religion. Religion determines the nature of Civilization. The world politics represents the eternal incessant rivalry among four races, namely, White, Brown, Yellow and Black races. The world diplomacy witnesses the jockeying for power among Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic Civilizations. The world led by five continental-size giants, namely, United States, European Union, China, India and Russia. Throughout 20th Century the United States formulated its foreign policy towards China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma to promote the religious interests of Christian Evangelical missionaries and proselytizing Papacy.


(2) Geopolitics of Oil

Oil determined the Clash of the 21st Century. The Geopolitics of Oil and Gas would determine the 21st Century. The subtitle of the Global Clash of Races, Vol. 2 is Geopolitics of Oil. Wars shall be fought for control over the oil and gas resources of the Arabian Gulf and Caspian Central Asia, which lie in the backyard of India. The World War III would start in Arabian Gulf. Some strategists believe that the 2003 Iraq War heralded the outbreak of the WW 3. India and China would conduct diplomacy to secure its oil interests in Arabian Gulf and Caspian Basin. Oil god is the presiding deity in the 21st Century in the conduct of diplomacy and world politics.


The principle questions of the 21st Century are: How the entry of China and India into the exclusive Top-3 super power club of the world in 2003, affected the role of Christianity and white Christian nations in the world? How the victory of United States in the Iraq War caused the decline of Russia as world power and precipitated the demise of the Atlantic partnership of NATO? How the failure of the G-8 Summit in Evian to cement ever widening rift between United States and France resulted in the emergence of a new G-3 Southern Bloc of India, Brazil and South Africa that invited China and Russia to join it so that G-5 Bloc could present serious challenge to the G-8 Group of eight industrialized nations. In what manner the clash of races and clash of religions influence the new Age of Colonial empires that ended the post-1945 De-Colonization process in 2003? The 21st century modern world we have created is the product of our thinking and when the dominant thinking of the leading powers changed, the world, the international system and the world order also changed. Whenever two leading powers of the world decide that in the post-Iraq War world, the colonial empires could become the units of the international system, then would be governed by new rules in the new age of Colonial system, and it would be as legitimate and as moral as the international system it replaced.


(3) Right Perceptions

One. The five great powers of the world are, namely, United States, Russia, China, India and Europe, in the 21st Century. The United States, Russia and European Union belong to the Christian Civilization. Nuclear China and nuclear India belong to Buddhist Civilization and Hindu Civilization respectively. Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist represent four distinct worldviews and frequently they look at the same reality with diametrically opposite perspectives. Diplomats need a new theory of international politics, which would allow them to look at the world from the perspective of other civilizations. Diplomats need a new theory to separate the religious factors from the geopolitical factors influencing the foreign policy of other great powers. Just as 1956 Suez Canal War exposed to the world that Britain and France no longer great powers, the 2003 Iraq War exposed that Russia as well as France no longer world powers. The Top three world powers in 2003 are: United States, India and China. Russia, France and Germany would pool their national resources to emerge as the European power, the joint-fourth power of the world. No Islamic nation likely to join the ranks of great powers in the Third Millennium. There are four distinct world perspectives: American, European, Indian, and Chinese perspective or worldviews.




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Kalki Gaur Books are as follows:

Kalki Gaur, “GLOBAL CLASH OF RACES” (2006)






Kalki Gaur, “GNOSTIC BIBLE” (2006)

Kalki Gaur, “POPULIST MANIFESTO” (2006)

The complete text of 5,000 pages of Books by Kalki Gaur available for free download at following Kalki Blogs for academic and non-commercial usage.

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