Preface Vol. 2

“Global Clash of Races-Diplomacy of Civilizations” (2006) Kalki Gaur

(1) Talk Points

(1) Asia is the Future and Europe is Old

In geopolitical terms, all of Europe is old, the world’s most tourist friendly museum piece. In the mind’s eye of the Neo-conservatives, Europe should be hung with an enormous sign: “The future used to happen here.” It is wrong to say that Germany and France is Old Europe, while former Soviet colonies the East Europeans or Poland represent New Europe, as the whole Europe is old, with ageing population and declining birth rate. The trend lines in terms of economic and military power all say “Asia.” The future is happening in Asia, for better or worse. The geopolitical stakes in Asia are much higher than the stakes in Europe. The top world civilizations and top world powers of the 21st Century are: Protestant United States, Buddhist China, Hindu India, Buddhist Japan, Western Christian European Union and Orthodox Russia.


(2) Sustainable Balance of Concert of Asia

The post-Napoleonic Concert of Europe (1815-1914) maintained peace in Europe between several European powers with Britain as a Balancer. The strategic goal of Bush-Rice foreign policy is to create a sustainable balance of power in Asia, so Asian countries can continue to liberalize, progress and develop in the 21st Century of Asia. If the focus of USA-India strategic ties is containment of rising China vis-à-vis the United States and India, the historic model is Europe circa 1914, with China in the role of Germany. If the geopolitical balance of power focus is widened out to include Hindu India and Buddhist Japan along with Buddhist China, then the more congenial Asian balance of power might be Europe circa 1815, with a stable balance of power between several Asian world powers, throughout next 100-years of the 21st Century and the Protestant United States as balancer as Britain was during Concert of Europe (from 1815 to 1914), with very little cost to Christian United States.


(3) Oil Prices Justifies Petro-Colonialism

The European Union portends the days of nation states nearing its end in 21st Century. OPEC was created by conspiring American Big Oil to profit by artificial price rise by artificially production manipulation by OPEC oil producers. American and British secret services mobilized Bedouin Wahhabi clergy to engineer their secession from Ottoman Caliphate. The CIA supported Islamic fundamentalism in Central Asia to engineer the secession of Muslim republics from the Soviet Union. United States engineered Shiite fundamentalism to overthrow Shah of Iran. United States engineered the Taleban rule in Afghanistan with direct help of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan. However, the Sunni terrorist attacks of 9/11 and price gouging by OPEC nations to cross $70 per barrel gave a new age of Oil Colonialism. The civilized world feels that ever rising oil price rise justifies the return of new age of Oil Colonial Empires in terrorism prone Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. Colonization of thinly populated oil-producing countries in the Middle East and Central Asia by leading oil-consuming nations and industrial powers shall provide for energy security in the populous civilized world, while causing some hardship for colonial populations in the oil-producing world. Unchecked oil-price rise shall cripple the economies of the industrialized world. The post-1500 European Colonialism was the direct result of European powers to escape from Ottoman price gauging for Indian spices essential for European meat preservation during winter months. The post-2003 new age of Oil Colonialism is the direct result of the price gauging of the Middle Eastern OPEC that artificially manipulated the price for a barrel of crude oil to triple in three years, from $25 in April 2003, to over $72 in April 2006. It would be cheaper for the United States, Germany, France, China and India to invade, occupy and administer as colonies selected oil-producing OPEC nations than paying for the imported oil bill. Thinly populated wealthy oil producing has signed their death warrants by hiking up the oil prices. The terrorism promoting oil-producing nations has signed their own death warrants failing to stop the terrorist attacks on the United States, Russia, India and China. Like the 1885 Partition of Africa, the great powers should negotiate and arrive at Partition of Oil Producing Middle East, Central Asia and Africa among major oil importing industrial powers, namely, United States, China, India, Japan, Germany, France, Britain and South Korea. The colonial occupation of thinly populated oil-producing nations by populous industrialized nations is lesser an evil than the disruption of the industrialized economies that would result, if the oil-producing nations continued to manipulate oil prices. Partition of Oil-Producing Nations into colonies of world powers is a moral imperative otherwise the civilized world shall face the specter of $100-a-barrel oil prices, which could translate into a $6-a-gallon gasoline and heating oil and worldwide Depression and end of the Industrial Civilization as we know it.


(4) Petro-Colonialism Prevents Apocalypse

Neo-Conservatism advocates that President Bush should establish Petro-Colonial Empire in Iraq, Iran and other parts of the Middle to checkmate the looming specter of Apocalypse and Armageddon in the Middle East, a region that caused rising oil prices, rising Islamic terrorism and seeking nukes to undertake preemptive nuclear strikes against Christian targets to win Armageddon Wars in favor of Islam. The endorsement of apocalyptic end of time eschatology by Roman Catholic Church and Pope John Paul II (1978-2005) raises the specter of Christian-Islamic Wars of Armageddon in the oil-rich Middle East. Iranian Mullahs seeking nuclear weapons to undertake preemptive nuclear strikes against Christian targets to win the Armageddon in favor of Islam. The Partition of Oil-Producing Nations into colonies of world powers shall prevent the looming specter of Apocalypse and thereby Petro-Colonialism is a lesser evil than the Clash of fundamentalist Religions of Swords. The 21st Century shall be similar to the 18th and 19th Centuries when Colonial Empires were the principal actors in the International system. In 21st Century more than 120 sovereign independent countries shall lose their independence and become part of the Colonial Empires led by world powers, such as the United States, China, India, Japan, Germany, France and Britain.


(5) Sword of tolerant inclusive Protestantism

In the 21st Century the sword of inclusive tolerant World Religions and Civilizations namely, the Sword of Protestant America and the Sword of Hindu India in 2006 mightier than the Sword of Papacy and the Sword of Islam respectively. Neo-conservatism advocates that the King of Reformed Christianity residing at the White House must leverage the might of Sword of inclusive tolerant Christianity to enforce reforms in Papacy, Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Christian Church and Protestant Church to make Christianity inclusive tolerant religion again, as it was during the times of Jesus, Apostles and Gnostic Apostolic Christianity, to avert the specter of Apocalypse and Armageddon in the 21st Century. Neo-Conservatism wants the Christian hegemon at the White House to enforce that Gnostic Apostolic Gospels, such as Gospel of Judas, Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Philip, Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Gospel of Sofia of Jesus Christ and Gospel of Truth are recognized as canonical Gospels in the Universal Christian Holy Bible. The Gospel of Judas resurfaced first time in 1700 years and for the first time the Protestant King is the preponderant Christian King of the world. Neo-Conservatism seeks to amend the US Constitution so that President residing at the White House recognized as Head of Universal Christian Church of all sects and denominations. In the 21st Century a global alliance of the swords of inclusive tolerant religions and eclectic ideologies shall break the swords of exclusive intolerant religions and murderous ideologies, to give deathblows to forces of murderous intolerance.


(6) Maoist Terrorism Threatens India

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, “A war being waged by Maoist rebels represents the gravest threat to India's internal security since independence. The Naxalite movement had evolved into a major force that threatened "our democracy, our way of life. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the problem of Naxalism is the single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country. There seems to be unanimity on the fact that we need to give the problem a very high priority. China finances Indian Communist parties and Maoist terrorism in Nepal, India, Burma, Laos and Cambodia to create a Red corridor in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Geopolitically the war being waged by Maoist rebels represents the gravest threat to India's internal security and democracy since independence in 1947. The Maoist Terrorism in India like the Islamic terrorism in the United States had evolved into a major force that threatened "Indian democracy and Indian our way of life. The strategic alliance of inclusive tolerant democratic Protestant United States and Hindu India is a turning point in history, and seeks to counterbalance the global alliance of murderous ideology of Communist China and Islamic intolerance extremism and fundamentalism, by undertaking crusades for democracy in China and in the Islamic world. It is no accident that only Muslims, Communists and Catholics opposed President Bush’s March 2006 visit to India and continue to oppose Bush’s nuclear deal in the US Congress and Senate. In the clash of civilizations the Protestant United States and Hindu India are on the side of the inclusion tolerance and democracy. Those who are not on the side of inclusion tolerance and democracy are against it and against United States. The growing Nexus of Beijing-Mecca-Vatican threatens to descend New Global Dark Age on the Earth and undermine the dominance of the Protestant United States, the sole super power of the world in 21st Century. President Bush (aka W’s) wise Indian outreach has hitched a rising India to the United States, as India is where future is, as in first half of the 21st Century Communist China either could break up into feuding fiefdoms or replaced by Buddhist China. Democratic tolerant inclusive India is the Exemplar State in the post-Nation State international system of the 21st Century. Neo-Conservatism is the reigning ideology of the 21st Century. The United States as well as India is the Agency of History in the 21st Century destined to export Democratic Utopia and Crusades of Democracy to Beijing, Mecca, the Vatican and worldwide.


(2) Crusades for Democracy

(1) A Turning Point in US Foreign Policy

INDIA-USA ALLIANCE IS TURNING POINT: One. The United States and India separated by half the globe are closer than ever before, and the partnership between our free people has the power to transform the world. As a global power, India has a historic duty to support democracy around the world. Secretary Rice jettisoned erroneous worldview former Secretaries Kissinger-Brzezinski-Albright and impressed upon George Bush to publicly demonstrate tangible progress in diplomatic ties to India, as a geopolitical hedge and as a counterweight to China's rising military power. India not European Union is the Exemplar model in the post-national state world order. The post-colonial nation states in the Third World were adapted from European nation state model that became popular in the Concert of Europe that replaced the imperial world order in Europe. Secretary Condoleezza Rice realized that only when democratic India is firmly in American camp could this new vision of the hegemon become a diplomatic easy sell. It is this vision of a democratic peaceful world thriving under the benign tutelage of the United States. United States and India have the political capital to export Democratic Utopia worldwide to enforce regime changes in the last remaining totalitarian dictatorships in the world and may see democratic revolutions in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Papacy. In the 21st Century clash of civilizations secular democracies of Protestant United States, secular Hindu India shall be on the same side of battle lines against Islamic terrorism, religious fundamentalism, and Communist totalitarianism. The Washington-New Delhi Alliance may respond to the growing Beijing-Mecca-Vatican Axis of Medieval.


USA-INDIA COUNTER-BALANCE CHINA: Two. In the 21st century, emerging countries like India and China are increasingly shaping the course of history. China has stolen top-secret nuclear weapon designs and nuclear warhead secrets and related technologies as detailed in 1999 Congressional Cox Report. China fast catching up with the United States in advance military technology and overall military capability and threatens Taiwan, ASEAN and continued white rule over Australia. Only India can checkmate overpopulated China’s conventional military invasions of thinly populated Australia and Southeast Asia.

BUSH MADE HISTORY: Three. USA-India civilian nuclear deal is truly a history making deal that catapulted President Bush, Secretary Rice and Prime Minister Singh into the ranks of great world leaders.


(2) Bushian Universalism

HISTORY TRANSFORMS CULTURE: One. History is not a prison of Culture. Culture shapes people, but cultures are changeable, and the cultural melting pot of America and India proves it. In 2005, at second inauguration speech, President Bush spoke that freedom is God’s gift to humanity that people everywhere hunger for liberty. Democracy is an instrument of change of Culture, Society, Politics and the Civilization. Neo-Conservatives do not buy the logic of “Cultural Determinists” that want to raise a high wall around the extremist fundamentalist Islamic society in the Middle East, to let them abuse woman and deny freedom to their people, so long as they do not come outside the wall to make terrorist attacks on America.


NOT A WILSONIAN PLOY: Two. If Bushian Universalism or Crusades for Democracy, simply a Wilsonian foreign policy camouflage to cover up the CIA-sponsored urban demonstrations to legitimize the “Mob Rule” or the “Dictatorship of the Mob” to overthrow democratically elected popular prime ministers and the Presidents in the Third World, then India would oppose it.


USA RE-ELECTIONS FOR ELECTION FRAUDS: Three. President Bush would not have agreed to hold the presidential elections again, if the world leaders demanded or if the demonstrators demanded that the results of presidential elections 2000 or elections of 2004 because of election frauds or faulty election machines. It raises a disturbing issue, Bushian Universalism could be just a Rooseveltian camouflage to justify the CIA-funded mob demonstrations to bring down democratically elected governments, such as in Thailand, Philippines, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and other nations. If it were so then India would have nothing to do with Bush/Rice led crusades for democracy. President Jimmy Carter had used the idea of Human Rights to bring down the Pahlevi Monarchy of Shah of Iran and imposed the rule of Ayatollahs in Iran. Critics argue that Bush’s crusades for democracy simply Wilsonian ruse to bring down democratic governments by mob-demonstrations funded by CIA-covert operations. The covert operations against democratically elected governments have the support of the CIA, and the CIA-sponsored military coups have taken second life in form of CIA-sponsored mass demonstrations. The choice is for President Bush and Secretary Rice to make, and this choice shall determine their place in history.


MENACE OF PAPAL ESCHATOLOGY: Thee. President Bush does not believe in Papal Catholic doctrines of eschatology, Apocalypse or Armageddon. Armageddon and Apocalypse foretells the imminent Christian-Islamic religious wars that results in the demise of Islam and Christening of the Islamic Middle East. Neo-Conservative Petro-Imperialism in the oil-rich Islamic world provides a secular alternative to avert imminent Apocalypse and Armageddon, by establishing American colonial empire throughout Islamic oil-producing nations. Muslim women will bless America for freeing them from Wahhabi bondage and servitude and marry Christian soldiers en masse, thereby fulfilling the Apocalypse and Armageddon prophesy by peaceful means. The philosophical principle underlying the doctrines of Apocalypse and Armageddon is that all religions of sword shall perish in the New Millennium. The world civilizations face the problem of murderous ideologies and how to combat them.


MECCA-VATICAN-BEIJING NEXUS: Four. The growing nexus of Semite Wahhabi-Judeo Christian Papacy- Judeo Communist China Axis of extremism, totalitarianism and fundamentalism presents great challenge to the democratic secular Protestant United States and Hindu India. It is only after the First World War, Pope was released form the imprisonment at the Vatican, as succession of Popes had been the prisoners confined to the Vatican from 1977 to 1929. It is only after the First World War and the defeat of the Ottoman Empire that British and American secret services mobilized the barbarian Bedouin dacoits of Mecca regions into a political grouping based on the Wahhabi sect of Islam that prospered only during Meccan Caliphate of first Islamic century. The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was a German plot to install German Spy Vladimir Lenin as ruler of Soviet Union to destroy Russian Romanov Monarchy. The American General conspired to install Mao Tse Tung as a Communist Ruler in China, because he was anti-Buddhist. Global alliance of pro-Saudi Wahhabi-Shariah parties, pro-Papacy Christian fundamentalist parties and pro-China Communist/ Socialist/ Leftist political parties emerged as significant electoral force throughout the democratic world. It is no accident that during 2006 President Bush’s trip to India, only Catholics, Muslims and Communists opposed the trip, and continued to do so even after nuclear deal with India. It symbolizes the war waged by Mecca-Vatican-Beijing Axis of fundamentalism over new emerging Washington-Delhi Alliance.


DEMOCRACIES MUST EXPORT DEMOCRACY: Five. Just as Saudi Arabia exports Wahhabi-Shariah polity and China exports Communist polity, India and the United States should jointly export democratic capitalist polity based on the democratic experience of India and the United States, as they both are the Exemplar States in the post-nation state world order. Neoconservative policy to promote democracy worldwide and to modernize backward traditional fundamentalist regimes by social engineering and nation building is a revolutionary foreign policy agenda of President Bush and Secretary Condoleezza Rice and marks a striking break with the Kissinger-like patriarchal amoral realism.


EXPORT DEMOCRACY TO CHINA & MID EAST: Six. India has never thought about exporting democracy and Indian version of democracy even in its neighborhood, while Saudi Arabia filled the vacuum and implanted Shariah laws and Islamic societies in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Central Asian Aryan republics of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan would have readily liberal democratic Indian-type political system, had India learnt from Republican Neoconservatives to export democracy, at least in its neighborhood in Asia? India and the United States should actively promote democratic Neoconservatism as a guiding principle to establish Buddhist Capitalist Democracy in China by engineering the downfall of the repressive Han-dominated Communist rule in China.


(3) Clash of Democratic Ideas

CLASH FOR FUTURE OF CIVILIZATION: One. The global war on Islamic terrorism is not a clash of civilizations. It does, however, reveal the clash inside a civilization, a battle for the future of the Muslim world. This is a struggle of ideas and this is an area where America and India must excel.


BUTCHER NOW MOTHER OF DEMOCRACY: Two. It is in the national interests of India and other Non-aligned Nations to support this tectonic transformation of America from being the “butcher of democracy” to American being the “mother of democracy” especially in the erstwhile Non-aligned Third World, and actively contribute towards American Crusades for democracy worldwide, especially in the Middle East, which emerged as the homeland and motherland of global terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism. Bush/Rice Crusades for democracy could be the defining movement in world history, unless it is a surrogate to Papal designs to Christianize Buddhist Myanmar or Hindu Nepal. President Bush should focus on crusades for democracy in the oil-producing Middle East, from Iran to Morocco, Muslim world including Pakistan.


VICTORY OF LIBERTY DEFEAT OF TYRANNY: Three. The great struggles of the twentieth century between liberty and totalitarianism ended with a decisive victory for the forces of freedom, and a single sustainable model for national success: freedom, democracy, and free enterprise.” For most of the twentieth century, the world was divided by a great struggle over ideas: destructive totalitarian visions versus freedom and equality. That great struggle is over. The militant visions of class, nation, and race, which promised utopia and delivered misery have been defeated and discredited.


FREEDOM AT WAR AGAINST TERROR: Four. Throughout history, freedom has been threatened by war and terror; it has been challenged by the clashing wills of powerful states and the evil designs of tyrants; and it has been tested by widespread poverty and disease. Today, humanity holds in its hands the opportunity to further freedom’s triumph over all these foes. Freedom is the non-negotiable demand of human dignity, the birthright of every person, in every civilization. The United States and India, the world’s oldest democracy and world’s largest democracy respectively welcome its responsibility to lead in this great mission to export Democratic utopia worldwide to China, Papacy and the Islamic world.


DEMISE OF COMMUNISM: Five. The demise of the Soviet Communism and East European Communism represented the victory of the liberty and the defeat of the totalitarianism. It established that freedom and democracy is a single sustainable model for national political, social and cultural success.


DEMISE OF CHINESE COMMUNISM: Six. The demise of the totalitarian communist economic system in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe established that free enterprises, laissez faire economy and capitalist system economy is the single sustainable model for national economic success. The Communist System in Communist China is likely to meet the fate Communism in the Soviet Union. Communist China, Communist North Korea and Communist Cuba are the three Communist systems awaiting their fate at the hands of capitalism, democracy and lure for private property and freedom. Communist China might have delayed but not permanently averted the demise of communism, because of massacre of the pro-freedom demonstrators at the Tiananmen Square. The rapid economic growth and prosperity brought by the foreign direct investment of the foreign capitalism has created huge disparity between average rural income and urban income. Since the 65 percent rural landmass of China inhabited by non-Han races, who have not benefited by coastal export oriented manufacturing economy. Chinese workers have no right to strike and foreign factories are profitable because of strike-free low-cost labor force in a totalitarian society. China is ripe for new revolution, a Buddhist Capitalist revolution, and a revolt of the rural countryside and revolt of the non-Han races.


BARBARIANS INVASIONS OF CIVILIZATIONS: Seven. Throughout history barbarians invaded civilizations, using terrorist means, avoiding the direct confrontation with the armies of the civilizations, with the intent to conquer the civilization by stealth. Such civilizations as acted against these emerging threats before they were fully-formed survived, rest fell victim to barbarian invasions and perished. Many secret agents of barbarians pretend to be loyal officials of the civilizations, but secretly scuttle civilizations’ counter barbarian measures, to weaken the civilization from within, allowing barbarians to attack and conquer the civilizations. This happened in the case Roman Empire, when agents of Papacy operated out of Rome compromised the security of Rome by conspiring with barbarian invader, Alaric the barbarian. Certain clique in post-communist Soviet Union, worked in tandem with the foreign forces and looted the resources and assets of the Soviet and conspired the demise of the Soviet Union, hoping the demise would allow them profits. 


CIVILIZATION’S WARS ON BARBARIANS: Eight. A study of world history reveals that such empires and civilizations as shun the use of preemptive military force to discipline the barbarians or terrorists, find themselves drawn into long duration of low intensity wars, which ultimately saps the energy of the civilizations and allow barbarians to emerge victorious, as barbarians gain the initiative to choose their time and place of invasion. The only defense against barbarians and terrorists is the preemptive strikes against the barbarians and terrorists in their home base to bring their home base under the direct military control of the civilizations.


FREEDOM BIRTH RIGHT OF CIVILIZATION: Nine. The United States and India will use this moment of opportunity to extend the benefits of freedom across the globe. The United States and India will actively work to bring the hope of democracy, development, free markets, and free trade to every corner of the world. The United States and India will stand beside any nation determined to build a better future by seeking the rewards of liberty for its people. Freedom is the non-negotiable demand of human dignity, the birthright of every person in every civilization.


DEMOCRATIC REGIME CHANGE IN CHINA: Ten. As a global power India has a historic duty to support democracy around the world. Communist China shall fail to unleash the potential Chinese people and assure their future prosperity, unless China shares a commitment to protecting basic human rights and guaranteeing political and economic freedom, as is the case in democratic India. Chinese people want to worship Buddha, own private property and want the right to strike to struggle for remunerative salaries in foreign owned factories in coastal China. It is the duty as well as the common calling of freedom-loving people of the United States and India to help freedom loving Chinese people gain the right of freedom and help them against their oppressors. It is the duty as well as the common calling of freedom-loving people of the United States and India to help Muslim women get education. Education of girls is the key to the modernization of the Islamic society in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and the Middle East.


MORALLY RIGHT FOREIGN POLICY: Eleven. One should not worry or consider undiplomatic or impolite to speak the language of right and wrong. Different circumstances require different methods, but not different moralities. Foreign policies of the United States and India shall be on a new course, the right course on the moral grounds, while the realist foreign policy practiced by Drs. Kissinger, Brzezinski & Albright was morally wrong.


REGIME CHANGE IN IRAN: Twelve. The regime change in Iran, to prevent Nuclear Mullahs is the moral imperative. Pro-democracy mass movements in Iran would drive all Mullahs out of Iran without much bloodshed. India and United States should pool their resources, military assets and political skills to bring about regime change in Mullah-led Iran, to undo the wrong President Jimmy Carter did to Iran. Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gadhafi had all been CIA implants. United States would be able to invade and occupy Mullah-led Iran without loss of much life, by harnessing the pro-democracy, pro-modernization, pro-monarchy youths of Iran, who would punish the Mullahs for the crime they committed after the overthrow of benevolent Monarchy in Iran. During Shah of Iran, Tehran was the Paris of the East, and it is possible that it would regain its past glory, after American and Indian troops reestablish democracy in Iran. The regime change in Iran and the containment of China had been two guiding principles, though unspoken that sealed the Bush’s civilian nuclear deal with India.


(4) Post-2000 New Age of Colonial Empires

MIDEAST SPICE & OIL CAUSED COLONIALISM: One. The post-1500 European Colonialism was the direct result of profiteering by Middle East's Ottoman for artificially hiking the price of Indian Spices, crucial for the preservation of meat in Christian Europe. The post-2000 Western oil-Colonialism shall be the direct outcome of the similar profiteering by Middle Eastern OPEC Oil Cartel Mafia.  Profiteering of the Ottoman Middle East and OPEC Middle East resulted in the post-1500 European Colonialism and post-2000 Petro-Colonialism. Neo-Conservative Americas unleashed the new Age of Oil-Colonialism with the invasion of oil-rich Iraq in 2003, just as Spanish unleashed the Age of Colonialism in 1500's with the invasion of New World Americas.


OIL PRICES JUSTIFIES PETRO-IMPERIALISM: Two. India's oil import bill for fiscal year 2004-05 jumps to $43 billion an increase of $14 billion over the 2003-2004 oil imports of $29 billion, far more than the entire defense Budget of India. Rising prices of crude oil by illegal OPEC Mafia, the homelands and breeding grounds of Wahhabi Islamic terrorists, undermines the energy security and economic security of the civilized world. Energy-hungry India's oil import bill has swelled to $43 billion in 2005-06 fiscal on the back of high global oil prices. India imports some 73 per cent of its crude oil requirement and also sources petroleum products like LPG from abroad. India's imports have grown 32 per cent and stand at $140 billion, but $43 billion is our oil bill." India's oil import bill in 2004-05 was close to $29 billion, with about $25 billion spent on import of crude oil alone. During the first 10-months of 2005-06 fiscal, India spent $31.2 billion on crude oil import and another $4.176 billion on importing petroleum products. It earned $8.27 billion from exporting petroleum products. Crude oil imports jumped 3.4 per cent to 90.34 million tons in April-February from 87.37 million tons in the same period of the previous year. Product exports rose 34.1 per cent to 10.22 million tons, while exports were up 20 per cent to 19.389 million tons. Artificially manipulated crude oil prices by criminal OPEC Mafia, which is no different than Diamond Mafia or Heroin/Cocaine Drug Mafia threatens the economies of the civilized world on one hand and financially rewards Arab Wahhabi terrorists and makes Islamic clandestine nuclear bazaar more lucrative.


MILITARILY BREAK-UP OPEC OIL CARTEL: Three. It is high time that the civilized world should outlaw the OPEC Oil Cartel. The insane increase in oil prices makes such philosophic arguments more appealing to great powers as favor return of colonial empires in the oil-producing Islamic world. Had India invaded, with the consent of the West, say Iran or Kuwait or UAE, the total cost of invasion, colonial occupation and colonial administration would not exceed $19 billion annually? In the age of ever increasing oil-prices the logic of Petro-Imperialism or Oil Colonial Empires or Oil Colonialism makes strategic sense to secure the energy security of the civilized world. It is no accident that oil-producing Arab OPEC nations ban democracy and democratic freedom and liberty, suppress women, support Islamic terrorists and promote religious extremism. India may support President Bush's crusades for democracy in the Islamic Middle East that includes free democratic elections, women's freedom and equality, and outlawing of OPEC Oil Cartel.


COLONIALISM BETTER THAN ARMAGEDDON: Four. American Petro-Colonialism in the OPEC Arab world shall protect the lives of Arab Muslims from imminent Catholic-Sunni wars of Armageddon and Apocalypse. Throughout world history the Religions of Swords died at the sword of rival religions whenever the sword of the rival religion of sword overwhelmed it in power. The Christian powers led by the Hegemon United States, presently enjoy the predominance in military, economic and political spheres in the world. The Sword of Christianity is mightier than the Sword of Islam in the 21st Century. Prophetic Christians and followers of late Pope John Paul II, believe in eschatological teleological doctrines of Apocalypse, Armageddon, Fatima Prophecy, and Rapture, which in nutshell foretells that in the 21st Century or at the beginning of the 3rd Millennium the entire Islamic Middle east would become Christian again. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 by Arab Muslim terrorists and clandestine acquisition of nuclear weapon technology by Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia raises the specter of annihilation of Christian Civilization in Europe and America. Christians would not let the Sword of Islam launch nuclear attacks on Christian civilization and may launch preemptive strikes on Islamic Arab lands to protect Christian world and to fulfill Prophesy of Apocalypse and Armageddon. Christian Petro-Imperialism or American Colonial occupation of the oil-producing OPEC nations provides a peaceful way out of Armageddon and Apocalypse. The oil-wealth of Islamic Middle East created oasis of opulence and wealth in the oil-producing Islamic nations. Islamic nations are no match to military preponderance of Christian industrial economies that are threatened by rising oil prices. American Petro-Colonialism in OPEC nations is lesser an evil that imminent Christian-Islamic Apocalyptic Wars, which would destroy Islam as a religion. To protect the world from looming Pope-sanctioned Apocalypse, Armageddon or Rapture, it is a moral imperative that secular India and WASP United States undertake preemptive strikes to defeat the menace of Islamic terrorism in its breeding grounds in OPEC nations to establish Pax Americana in the Arabian Middle East and foil the self -fulfilling prophesies of eschatological Papacy, Jihadi Wahhabi Mecca and Iranian Shiite Martyrdom. Neo-Conservative Protestant President Bush would do a great service to the Islamic world by militarily establishing American Colonial Empire throughout the Arab world to protect Arabs from imminent Armageddon and Apocalypse. Any Iranian or Saudi Arabian or Libyan attempt to develop nuclear weapons would expedite the descent of Apocalypse and Armageddon because Christian Civilization would not allow Sword of Islam acquire Nukes that would destroy the Christian Civilization just as Ottoman cannons destroyed the Eastern Roman Civiliation and Byzantine Empire.  Arab attacks of 9/11 was a warning to Christians that Arab Muslims conspiring to destroy Christian Civilization. Christians have legal rights to undertake preemptive strikes on the Sword of Islam in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Libya and throughout the oil-producing OPEC nations. Civilizations must never allow Barbarian Muslim Iran and Saudi Arabia acquire Nuclear weapons, unless corrupt politicians at helm of civilizations bribed by Sunni Heroin cartel deny threat of Barbarian Islamic invasions of civilizations.


(3) Big Picture

(1) Big Geopolitical Picture of Future World

First. Geopolitics looks at the emerging future in the 21st Century to get the big picture of the Third Millennium having the benefit of the hindsight of the First and Second Millenniums. History is cyclical. The geography, natural resources and population have permanent impact on the history, politics and diplomacy. The Geopolitics of Oil and Gas and Oil Pipelines would determine the 21st Century. The subtitle of the Global Clash of Races, Vol. 2 is Clash of Oil and Return of Colonialism. Wars shall be fought for control over the oil and gas resources of the Arabian Gulf and Caspian Central Asia, which lie in the backyard of India. The World War III would start in Arabian Gulf. Some strategists believe that the 2003 Iraq War heralded the outbreak of the WW III. India and China would conduct diplomacy to secure its oil interests in Arabian Gulf and Caspian Basin. Oil god is the presiding deity in the 21st Century in the conduct of diplomacy and world politics. Oil determines the national interests of the States in the International system. President Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 2003 gave birth to the new age of Colonialism. The unprecedented rise of predator religious intolerance in the oil-producing Muslim world gave birth to the oil colonial empires, to protect the oil and gas energy supplies of the oil-imports dependent civilized industrial economies.


(2) America Europe Asia Triangular Balance

Second. The Top-5 world powers are, United States (1st), China (2nd), India (3rd), Russia (4th), and European Union (5th). The Atlantic Partnership reversed and France, Germany and Russia would emerge as continental European, Catholic-Orthodoxy response to Protestant maritime camp led by United States, Britain and Spain. The 21st Century shall be similar to 18th & 19th Century, where colonial empires would replace smaller states as units of International system. Guided by the Richelieu’s Raison d’etat and Balance of Power the world powers would conduct diplomacy to hold United States in check, by joining forces with second superpower whosoever it may be time to time, to hold in check the preeminent superpower. The 21st Century shall be known as anti-American Century, just as 19th Century and 20th Century characterized by anti-French and anti-Germany centuries respectively. India should emerge as the Balancer between two hostile camps, one led by United States and Britain, and other led by France, Russia and Germany. Just as President Nixon cemented anti-Soviet strategic ties with China after the Vietnam War, President Putin cemented anti-American strategic ties with France and Germany after Iraq War 2003. The Atlantic rift is real and United States would remain hostile adversary of France, Germany and European Union for the first quarter of the 21st Century. The white Christian world is irrevocably split into two hostile camps, American New World and European Old World. European Old World after the consolidation of French-German-Russian strategic ties would evenly match the economic and military power of the American New world, in terms of GNP as well as nuclear and military capability. The Third Bloc, the Asian Bloc led by India, China and Japan would emerge as the Balancer in the American European balance of power in 21st Century. The consolidation of India, China and Japan Common Market with combined (3-country) 1999 GNP ($9.3 trillion), exceeds the combined (2-country) GNP of United States and Canada ($9.1 trillion), as well as the combined (15-country) GNP ($8.6 trillion) of Germany, France, UK, Italy, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal and Sweden. The Triangular balance of power between America, Europe and Asia would determine world history in 21st Century. It is high time that Buddhist Japan, Buddhist China and Hindu India conducted diplomacy to promote civilization interests of Buddhist and Hindu Civilizations and yellow and brown races in the looming global Clash of Races and Clash of Civilizations. The economies of Asian powers China, Japan, India, South Korea and Taiwan dependent on oil and gas imports. The economies of European powers Germany France Italy Spain dependent on oil imports. India, China, Japan, France, Germany should develop common diplomatic posture in the new age of clash of oil to secure the supplies of oil and gas imports to their economies. Asian and Eruopean oil importing nations should jointly acquire greater political and economic influence in the oil-producing Caspian Central Asia and Arabian Gulf. The national oil interests of India, China, Japan, France, and Germany coincide in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, KuwaIT, UAE and Libya. Control over oil and gas resources would determine the world balance of power throughout the 21st Century.


(3) Omni-Rich god of Oil

Third. A a new god of Oil raised its head in 2003 and diplomats believe that the Oil god of Oil Lobby became stronger than gods of all other lobbyists, pressure & interest groups, organized religious Churches and Political Parties in America. Oil determined world politics and diplomats defined their nation’s national interests in terms of oil interests. Oil became the god of Kings. The world politics and economy shall be determined and influenced by Oil, the black gold. Dollar became the most powerful currency because American dollar is the official currency of global oil, gas and energy trade. India should accept the reality that diplomats would define national interests in terms of oil interests in the 21st Century. Control over the oil and gas resources of Central Asia and Arabian Gulf is the Achilles’ heels of the superpower United States. As major importer of oil and gas resources the national interests of India, China, Japan, and South Korea coincide in Caspian oil basin and Arabian Gulf region. The major oil producing regions of the world are in the geographic vicinity of India, in the region where Indian Empire exercised decisive military and diplomatic influence, so much so that Arabian Gulf recognized as Indian Lake before 1947. India should reformulate its diplomatic posture in the 21st Century to safeguard Indian influence over oil-producing nations. Indian Empire before 1947 controlled 100% of Iranian oil and less than 50% of Iraq oil. British and American colonialism created the independent state of Burma and Pakistan to keep India away from the oil fields of Burma and Iran respectively. British spy Colonel Lawrence of Arabia promoted the Wahhabi concept of Arab nationalism to engineer the secession of sparsely populated Arabian Peninsula from Islamic Ottoman Empire, so that Islamic oil and gas resources could come under the monopolistic control of American oil colonialism in Saudi Arabia and under British oil colonialism in Iraq, Kuwait and UAE. Oil colonialism promoted the concept of Muslim ethnic separatism in the Islamic oil world to help Christian powers colonize, conquer and rule Islamic oil resources. Wahhabi fundamentalism and Islamic separatism would result in the enslavement, conquest and colonization of the Islamic OPEC nations by Christian powers, Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox. The oil riches of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan the lands of the ancestors of Emperor Babur of Mughal dynasty in India, would result in the reunification of Indian Subcontinent. Iranian Oil caused the partition of India in 1947; the Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan oil would cause the reunification of Indian Subcontinent. In 21st Century diplomats would redefine their national interests in terms of Oil. The diplomacy of 21st Century shall manage the problems arising out of Clash of Oil and Return of Colonialism.


(4) Reformation of World Order

Fourth, India should join forces with United States to influence American elections as well as American perception of the new world order so that America remains a force for the good in the world. United States wants to reorganize the Middle East in the image of the United States to permanently control the oil and gas resources of the region. The two characteristics of America are, the separation of the State and the Church and Democracy. United States should lead the world to end the role of the clergy in politics. It is in the national interest of United States to end the political role of Papacy and to expand the role of Protestant Church in the Central and South America. Decline of Papacy is in the national interest of Protestant United States of WASPs. After the consolidation of American oil colony over Iraq, United States no longer required the continued support of the Wahhabi clergy of Mecca for the control over Arabian oil and gas resources. Overthrowing the religious dominance of Wahhabi clergy would be in the long-term national interest of United States. United States should promote Pakistan as the new Caliph of Islam so that Pakistan becomes the custodian of the Holy Muslim cities of Mecca & Medina. Three-way partition of Saudi Arabia, into Sunni Saudi Arabia, Shiite Saudi Arabia and Mecca-Medina would secure America’s control over Arabian Gulf. America should lead the war against Islamic terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism and overthrow the domination of barbarian Wahhabi clergy. Indonesia is the stickman of Asia. Partitioning of Indonesia into three or four states would stabilize Asia. United States should lead the world and reform the Islamic world and purge Wahhabi fundamentalism. United States should lead the Christian world and abolish Papacy and to democratize the Papacy allowing Catholic laity to directly elect officials of the Roman Catholic church and the Vatican, including the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops for a fixed period of five years. United States should reform the political system in the Middle East by abolishing tyrannical monarchy of House of Al Saud. Saudi Arabian Monarchy should meet the fate of Iranian Pahlavi Monarchy. Muslim raiders in 7th Century conquered and imposed Islam by sword over Christian Egypt, Syria, Libya and Algeria. After the Christian conquest of Iraq is the manifest destiny of the United States to wage Christian Crusades over Islam to regain for Christianity the Christian lands of Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria so that the Arab women enjoy the same freedom enjoyed by European women. North Africa and Mediterranean Arabia should become Gnostic, Apostolic Christian lands again. American Caliphate can rule over the Islamic world. American conquest and colonial rule over Iraq, the most powerful Arab nation, would pave the way for the American colonial occupation of the entire Islamic oil-producing world. The dismal resistance of Iraqi army declared that the entire Islamic world ripe for foreign conquest and colonial occupation. In the global clash of races, Hindu India would militarily support the Christian conquest of Islamic oil producing world, unless Non-Aligned Islamic nations entered into defense pact with Hindu India and shared its oil wealth with India. It is the manifest destiny of United States to promote democracy, freedom of women, freedom of religion and liberal Islam in the Middle East. Hindu United States and Protestant United States should demand that every oil and gas producing Muslim nation must adopt strict constitutional separation of State and Church and also guarantees that religious intolerance and fundamentalism would not disturb future oil and gas upplies to the industrial world.


(5) India China Japan Common Market

Fifth, India should lead China, Japan and South Korea to establish Hindu-Buddhist Asian Common Market. Hindu India should declare that Hindu India won’t join any anti-China coalition proposed by Christian nations, simply because China belongs of Buddhist Civilization. Asian Common Market led by India, China and Japan would compete with European Union and NAFTA. The combined GNP of China, Japan, and India in 2001 was ($9.3 Trillion), larger than the combined GNP ($9.1 trillion) of United States and Canada; also larger than the combined GNP ($7.7 trillion) of European Union; and also larger than the combined GNP ($8.6 trillion) of European Union and Russia, vide World Development Report 2000-1. The GNPs of World’s largest economies are: United States ($8.4 trillion), China ($4.1 trillion), Japan ($3 trillion), India ($2.2 trillion), Germany ($1.8 trillion), France ($1.3 trillion), and Britain ($1.2 trillion). The GNPs of Germany, France, Britain, Italy ($1.196 trillion), Spain ($659 billion), Belgium ($277 billion), Switzerland ($196 billion), Austria ($193 billion), Denmark ($129 billion), Finland ($110 billion), Ireland ($72 billion), Norway ($118 billion), Portugal ($151 billion), and Sweden ($184 billion) added up to ($7.7 trillion) the EU’s GNP, and Russia ($929 billion), Canada ($726 billion). After 2001, the 21st Century became the Century of Asia after the combined GNPs of China, Japan and India exceeded the combined GNPs of USA & Canada and exceeded the combined GNPs of Europe and Russia. In 1750 India accounted for 24.5%, China for 32.8%, Western Europe for 18.2%, Russia and Orthodox Europe for 5.0% and Japan for 3.8% of the world’s manufacturing output. It is very likely that by 2050 India, China and Japan would account for over 50% of the world’s total GNP and 50% of the World’s total international trade. In 2001, India, China & Japan (3-country) equaled United States & Canada (2-country) and European Union and Russia (26 country) in GNP. Smaller economies (France, UK, Russia) have Veto powers but larger economies (Japan, India and Germany) do not have Veto in UNO. India, China and Japan have no option but to form Asian Common Market. In Military Capability India, China, Japan & Russia would match United States, NATO & European Union.


China wants to diplomatically break up the US-led re-conceptualization of the balance of power in Asia, by developing closer ties with India. China does not want to be victimized by the restructuring of power relationships in Asia. India does not want to be seen entirely going the American way. India would not like to become a cannon fodder to safeguard American interests in Australia and New Zealand in the event China decided to invade Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. The world's two most populous countries, China and India have a mutual interest in improving ties to keep US global dominance in check. India leaned towards Russia during the Cold War and transformed its relationship with Washington after the demise of the Soviet Union, especially during the Vajpayee Government, but India is very keen to ensure India’s ties with America does not limit India’s room for diplomatic maneuver. India-China Summit meeting 2003 is an equalizer in that sense. Beijing in turn is wary of Washington's ties with Delhi. The quickly improved relationship between New Delhi and Washington upset Beijing. Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee visited China from 23rd June ’03 for a weeklong 3-city visit for Summit level talks to give India and China an opportunity to assert their independence from growing American power and to implicitly lay the foundation of Asian Common Market. India and China should build trade links to bolster the economic clout of the two countries, which between them represent more than a third of the world's population. India should declare both to United States and China that India would not join anti-China coalition led by United States, simply because China enjoys the MFN status in United States and India doesn’t have the MFN status. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had rejected the offer of US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles to take Taiwan’s Permanent Seat in the UN Security Council in 1958. India might join forces with United States to establish Buddhist government in China, but should not join anti-China Camp led by USA.


(6) Decline of Russia

Sixth, the wider realization of the world community that Russia has declined to the 4th ranking world powers has been the most significant development of the 2003. The 2003 Iraq War declared that Russia ($929 billion GNP) was no longer a first grade World Power. The 1956 Suez Canal War declared that Britain and France were no longer great powers. Russia became the second rank great power alongside France and Britain. The Top Nine World Powers in declining order in 2003 are: United States (1st), China (2nd), India (3rd), Russia (4th), France (5th), Britain (6th), followed by Canada (7th), Japan (8th), and Germany (9th). The leading military powers of the world are: United States (1st), China (2nd), India (3rd) and Russia (4th) and no other nation in the world could ever become significant military power. France and Germany would form military and economic alliance with Russia because Russian could never decline below the 4th greatest military power. It is likely that Canada, Japan and Germany would deploy Nuclear Weapons before 2010. India and china have no option but to fill in the void left by the decline of Russia. India should support the new emerging alliance of France and Germany with Russia to hold America in check. However, there is not much India would gain economically by joining the France-Germany-Russia alliance. Because of the decline of Russia the goals of Asian powers in the Great Game of Asia have changed. It is not in the national interests of Russia, China and India to allow maritime United States develop military bases in the oil-rich Caspian Central Asia, Afghanistan, Tibet and Mongolia.


(7) Global Drug Trade’s Share of GNP

Seventh, Next to Oil the Drugs determines international investments, Foreign Direct Investments and influence diplomacy. The global drug trade in Heroin and Cocaine generated $700 billion annually for the organized crime in 1997 and half of it (around $350 billion) in the United States and other half in the Western Europe. Throughout 1990s the net addition to the Mutual funds in USA averaged $300 billion annually at the height of the Wall Street boom, which matched the drug incomes from heroin and Cocaine generated by US organized crime in 1990s. The net effect of President Bill Clinton’s Plan Colombia had been to consolidate the monopoly of Colombia drug cartels over Heroin as well as Cocaine, both for the finished heroin and cocaine As well as raw cocoa and opium. Mexico emerged as the top conduit of the drugs into USA because of the NAFTA. The CIA developed closer ties with Sicilian Mafia during Second World War to destabilize Benito Mussolini’s rule and the CIA-Mafia ties continued after the War and enabled the CIA to influence government making in post-War Italy. United States arranged safe heaven for the Fifth Army of the KMT Nationalist China in Burma after the 1950 Communist Revolution in China, after KMT Army abandoned Yunnan to Communist forces. Under the patronage of the CIA the KMT troops financed their operations by monopolizing Opium and Heroin trade in the Golden Triangle in Southeastern Burma and bordering Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. It is no accident that major allies of the United States, namely, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mexico and Colombia emerged as the monopolist controller of the global drug trade. The Opium production zoomed up after American occupation in Afghanistan during Bush Administration. The Cocaine and Heroin production zoomed up after Plan Colombia in Colombia during Clinton Administration. Indian diplomats grumble that perhaps United States doesn’t befriend India properly because Hindu Indian crime syndicates do not play significant role in global drug trade. The global trade in drugs could generate for the organized crime incomes of one trillion dollars in near future. Global narcotics trade became the second largest trade in any commodity or product next to global oil trade.


(8) Non Aligned Nations Defense Pact

Eighth. In the new age of colonial empires that ushered in after President Bush suc cessfully established an oil colony in Iraq, the Non Aligned Nations could face a specter of the loss of their sovereignty and independence, unless they signed Defense Pact with India, the father of Non Alignment Movement. Non Aligned Nations should not expect any help from India, in case United States and Western powers invade them to establish American colony, unless they sign Defense Pact with India as insurance against Western colonialism. Weakened Russia, France and Germany have no option but to join the America-led White Christian Euro-American Neo-World Order, where colonial empires might replace nation states as legal units of international system. For the first time in history the entire White Christian world, the Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox nations has united under the single banner of NATO and European Union. After East European countries joined 25-member European Union the Second World ceased to exist and became part of the First World. The world has been divided into two blocs, the White First world and the Non-White Second World. If Non-Aligned Nations desire to remain independent and avert the looming dark age of Colonialism, then Non Aligned Nations should form “Non-Aligned Defense Pact” (NADP) and “Non-Aligned Common Market” (NACM) as soon as possible, before it is too late. India must lead Non-Aligned Nations. India should lead the Non-Aligned Defense Pact and Non-Aligned Common Market.


(9) Precision Guided Munitions

Ninth, the Precision Guided Munitions technology equipped anti-ship smart missiles undermined the dominance of Western Navies and shifted the global balance of power in favor of Air powers, Space power and Land powers. American technological innovation of Precision Guided Munitions (PGMs) permanently transformed the warfare and enhanced US Air Force’s war fighting capability. The GPS technology equipped smart bombs precision bombs could precisely hit targets with lethal accuracy even when dropped from 35,000 feet high above ground even in bad weather. American Precision Guided Munitions revolution that made US Air Force Leviathan in warfare also made US Navy and Aircraft Carriers sitting ducks and vulnerable to attacks by Precision Guided Munitions and GPS technology equipped anti-ship cruise missiles and smart missiles. The Precision Guided Munitions Smart Anti-ship Cruise Missiles resulted in the End of the Age of Tanks, and End of the Age of Mechanized Warfare and End of the Age of Aircraft Carriers. Precision Guided Munitions helped the Air Force and caused the demise of Navy and Mechanized Warfare.


(10) 21st Century is the Asian Century

Tenth. The New Millennium heralded the New Century of Asia in 21st Century. India and China should become fast learners and act as legitimate super powers to stabilize the international system. India, china and Japan should form Asian Common Market to exploit the  (9) new economic opportunities that the Century of Asia presented to the Third World. The combined 1999 GNP of China, Japan, and India was greater than the combined GNP of United States and Canada ($726 billion). The GNPs of World’s largest economies are: United States ($8.4 trillion), China ($4.1 trillion), Japan ($3 trillion), India ($2.2 trillion), Germany ($1.8 trillion), France ($1.3 trillion), and Britain ($1.2 trillion). The 21st Century is the Century of Asia. Smaller economies should not keep larger economies, Japan and India and Germany out of UN Security Council. India, China and Japan should form Asian Common Market to rival European Union. Sino-Indian détente and Hindu-Buddhist unity is possible as India and China had been friends for over 2000 years. India accepts that overpopulated China has legitimate claims over the empty continents of Siberia and Australia, under colonial occupation of White Slavs and White Anglo Saxons respectively. India, China and Japan belong to the same Hindu-Buddhist civilization. Of the world’s total manufactured goods China produced one/third and India produced one/fourth in 1750. India and China had historically been great powers and it is very logical they India and China emerged as Super Powers in 2003 and member of the elite Top-3 world powers. India, China and Japan would form Asian Common Market and rival NAFTA and European Union.


(11) Oil Pipeline Diplomacy

Eleventh. The Great Game of Asia in 21st Century is to control and influence the oil and gas resources of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The oil and gas of land locked Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan requires oil and gas pipeline to become available for exports. The Caspian oil basin, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan would rival Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq in oil and gas reserves. Throughout 19th Century Indian Empire and Russian Empire competed for influence in the Central Asia that resulted in the 1909 Anglo-Russian Pamir settlement. Emperor Babur was the resident of Samarkand Uzbekistan, who established Mughal Dynasty in India. Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan had been part of the Indian Mughal Civilization and Buddhist Kaniska Kushan Civilization for Centuries and India has legitimate claims over oil and gas resources of Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. The oil pipeline connecting the oil/gas fields of Turkmenistan going southward through Afghanistan and Pakistan would find ready markets in India. The southward pipeline from Turkmenistan through Iran or through Afghanistan is in national interest of India. Russia wants the northward flow of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan oil to use the Russian oil and gas pipelines. Turkey and Europe wants the westward pipeline from Turkmenistan. China wants the eastward pipeline from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. West created ethnic conflicts in Kashmir to weaken India’s ties with the Central Asia. The West financing Chechnya Muslim rebels as Chechnya lies on the route of the oil pipeline that would connect Azerbaijan oil pipeline to the Russian oil and gas pipeline networks.  


(12) Political Nature of Civilizations

Twelfth. India and United States are the two sides of the same river that can never meet but destined to remain near to each other and could neither meet nor separate, so long as the river lives. India and United States represent two distinct Civilizations, the Indian Civilization and American Civilization. American Civilization is as much related to the European Civilization as Indian Civilization is related to the Chinese Civilization. The roots of American and European Civilizations are similar, but European Civilization represents the flowering of the Catholic Christianity and American Civilization represents the flowering of the Protestant Christianity and these two similar Civilizations however would go separate ways. Russian Civilization shall merge with the European Civilization, as Imperial Russia finds common synergy with France and Germany. European Union would emerge as the common White European Christian Civilization, where three principal rival sects of Christianity, namely, Catholicism, Protestantism and Orthodoxy would find common grounds and the New Constitution would adopt American innovation of the separation of the State and Church. Russia would no longer promote the interests of the Third World and jettison the Soviet traditions. Just as Mediterranean separates White Christian Civilization of Europe and North African Arab Muslim Civilization, the Rio Grande River separates the English-speaking White Protestant United States and Canada from the Spanish-speaking Brown Mestizo Catholic Latino Civilization. The major Civilizations of the world are: (1) Yellow Buddhist Chinese Civilization that includes Japan and Korea; (2) Brown Hindu-Buddhist-Muslim Greater Indian Civilization that includes India, Iran and nations of South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia; (3) White Christian European Civilization that includes Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia; (4) White Western Christian English-speaking American Civilization that includes United States, Canada, Britain, Ireland and Australia; (5) Brown Mestizo Latino Catholic and native American Civilization that includes Mexico, Central America, Andean America, South America and the Caribbean; (6) Arab Sunni Muslim Civilization that includes Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, the Middle East excluding Shiite Aryan Iran; (7) Black African Civilization that includes Christians, Muslims and Pagans in the entire continent of Africa. Brown Mestizo South American Civilization would gradually merge into the Brown Indian Civilization of Asia, because of common identity of the brown race and it would focus on the common interests of the Brown race. Brown Hindu Indian Civilization would gradually merge into Yellow Buddhist Civilization of China, because of common Hindu-Buddhist-Taoist-Shinto Culture and it would focus on the common interests of Asia and jointly herald the advent of the Asian Century in the 21st Century. English speaking Commonwealth of Nations could emerge as a distinct Civilization of its own because of the common language and similar political and legal system. Pan European Civilization shall emerge out of the synthesis of the Christian Catholic, Protestant and Orthodoxy cultures. Papacy would have very limited role in the Pan European Civilization that would focus on the common secular interest of the White European race. India and China are two new Super Powers and should develop Civilization diplomacy to project the influence of Hindu Civilization and Buddhist Civilization on rest of the world.


(13) USA in Papal Catholic Eschatology

Thirteen. Pope John Paul II during Regan and Clinton Administrations sought to bring United States into the framework of Catholic apocalyptic eschatology teleology, to declare that United States is the Third Rome, the last of the world monarchies, and end would mark the inception of the Catholic Kingdom of God ruled by priests in the 3rd Christian Millennium. Pope John Paul II incited the dream of Christian American Empire in the minds of President Ronald Reagan and President Bill Clinton to wet their ecclesiastical greed, to use America’s military power for Christianization of the world. The Protestant majority and the constitutional wall that separates State and Church in the United States, makes America the last obstacle in the realization of the dream of Papal Kingdom of God on earth in the 21st Century. Papacy engineered the demise of secular atheist Soviet Union, which had separation of State and Church. The disintegration of the United States would allow Papacy to carve out a Catholic super power in North America by combining Catholic-majority areas of Canada, United States and Mexico. It is likely that Papacy has secured nuclear weapons technology during the fiasco at Los Alamos weapons laboratory during Clinton Administration.


Catholic Papacy conspired to destroy Roman Empire to fulfill its apocalyptic eschatology as the end of the last of the world monarchies so that Catholic Empire of Kingdom of God ruled by Catholic-priests could come about. “Far more effective in the minds of the barbarian peoples of the West was the idea of the Imperium Christianum or Christian Empire, which took shape after the conversion of Constantine the Great and the reconciliation between Christianity and the Roman Empire. Not only did the Christian Church become a state church, including in its liturgy prayers for the empire and the emperor, but it also brought the Roman Empire into the framework of Christian eschatology, as the last of the world monarchies whose end would mark the inception of the kingdom of God.” Papacy conspired to bring about the end of the Roman Empire, right after Christianity became the official religion of Rome, hoping to recreate the new Papal empire out of the corpse of the Roman empire. Succession of Popes conspired with foreign German barbarian invaders to help the foreign invaders conquer Roman Empire, in exchange for the Catholic Church to rule Rome or Italy. Papacy gave kiss of death to liberal Roman Empire by misusing the Roman freedom of religion. Papacy after becoming the Roman State Church became fifth columnists and betrayed Roman Empire and conspired with German barbarian invaders, who conquered and destroyed Roman Empire. Pope helped create the barbarian German empire to keep Northern Italy under colonial occupation so that Pope could create Papal empire in Rome.


Pope John Paul II eulogized United States as Christian power during Reagan and Clinton Administration, and might withdraw its support to President George W. Bush during 2004 presidential elections, if President Bush wavered in its Crusades for the Christianization of the world, to protect the oil interests of American Big Oil. Papacy could mobilize its vote banks among Catholic Irish, East Europeans and Hispanic Americans to bring down the presidency of President George W. Bush in 2004, if he continued to favor pro-right conservative Protestants.


Catholic Popes have historically given the kiss of death to the leading Christian empires and weakened the secular authorities to strengthen the secular, temporal powers of the Pope. Pope conspired with Alaric the barbarian in AD 415 conquest of Rome. Pope conspired with Ottoman Suleiman during the conquest of Byzantine Empire and Constantinople. The Pope Pius XII conspired with foreign invaders against Benito Mussolini, the deuce of Italy during Second World War. Bishop of Poland and Pope John Paul II conspired with USA to bring down the Communist government of Poland. Pope John Paul II opposed President George W. Bush’s war on Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan and failed to vehemently condemn the 9/11 terrorist attacks on United States.


President Bush’s invasion of Iraq transformed the religious interests of American foreign policy to oil interest based American policy. Protestant WASP interests and Oil interests dominate the American policy. America would pursue the policy of Clash of Oil to the detriment of Clash of Religion spearheaded by Vatican and Mecca. US BigOil no longer needed the continued support of Wahhabi clergy for the control over Arab oil after the American conquest of Iraq. President Bush’s agenda of oil colonialism does not have any religious baggage, except to consolidate WASP control over Muslim oil resources. Protestant United States would retaliate against Papacy if papacy tried to bring United States into the framework of Catholic apocalyptic eschatology. WASP’s USA might even consider the abolition of the Papacy if it ever became clear that Catholics conspired to bring American Empire into the framework of Christian eschatology. Oil is the pagan god that would burn the Catholic apocalyptic end of time eschatology teleology. The 21st Century heralds the Clash of Oil and rebirth of the Colonial Empires.


(14) What the World Thinks of America?

Fourteenth. The majority of the diplomats and world public opinion expressed through PEW research surveys, in May 2003 feared that United States is not a force for the good in the world. It is no laughing matter. Post-Sept. 11 America was "a wounded giant, full of anger that feels it's got to exercise its power all over the world, that's becoming a frightening America. The Americans were judged to be a greater threat than Russia, China, Syria and two members of Bush's Axis of Evil Iran and North Korea. Forty-one percent agreed with Prime Minister Tony Blair's opinion that the United States is a force for good in the world, and 55 disagreed. Peoples of the world influence the US Presidential elections 2004 to ensure that a better person gets into the White House in 2009. Bush administration should realize that a superpower can always defeat its enemies, but it must persuade its friends. Bush administration has won a few allies, but not many friends and it is shortsighted. The hallmark of Bush foreign policy since its inception in 2001 has been that United States being so big and powerful that even the reluctant allies must blindly follow the lead of the US State Department that considers persuasion and consultation with allies and friends as merely waste of time and breath. America’s credibility as force for the good in the world is in question. If majority of the people continue to believe that United States is not a force for good in the world, would greatly undermine the superpower status of the United States. Germans equate President Bush with Adolf Hitler the Fuehrer. Would history record President Bush as 21st Century’s Napoleon Bonaparte or Adolf Hitler? Bush administration should not brush aside the questions about the credibility of United States as a force for the good as if the questioners had no standing at all. Bush administration has vindicated every European’s caricature of the arrogant American. The world and the diplomats have come to expect a certain take-it-or-leave-it attitude on the part of US State Department. It won’t promote the national interests of the United States if rest of the world viewed it as ‘frightening America.” America should not act, truly as if might makes right. Bush administration should go easy on the arrogance in the multipolar world lest fellow world powers, China, India, Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, Brazil and Mexico create Concert of World Powers in 21st Century, on the lines of 1814 Congress of Vienna that created Concert of Europe, to hold United States in check. Even giant Gulliver can be bound and made helpless by multitude of thin ropes thrown by Lilliputians. Over the horizon, in a place that will surprise and bedevil the giant Goliath, could come the new challenge in the form of David. Rather than going alone followed by greedy Lap Dogs and hounds, United States should develop strategic ties with Super Power India to that preeminent superpower United States, but less arrogant might rule the world while United States continues to be a force for good in the world. So long as Unitede States continue to control the oil and gas resources of Iraq, Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia it wouldn’t matter what rest of the oil-importing industrial societies think about America.


(4) Bush’s Nuke Pact with India

INDIA AS NUCLEAR WEAPON POWER: One President George Bush's Asian Road Trip to India engineered by Secretary Dr. Condoleezza Rice, to seal a nuclear pact with India, ranks higher in geopolitical significance that President Richard Nixon’s ground- breaking visit China to meet Mao Tse Tung, engineered by Secretary Dr. Henry Kissinger, after the humiliating defeat in the Vietnam War. Recent opposition to Bush’s nuclear pact with India, in American media and press simply expresses the agony, Dr. Kissinger’s coterie in media feel, when they realize that Kissinger’s era is finally over, and the foreign policy of United States would be guided by the legacy of Dr. Rice. While Dr. Kissinger opposed India, as he representing Occidental Jewish patriarchal worldview considered democratic, capitalist India as greater threat to Occidental world, than anti-Buddhist Mao Tse Tung. Secretary Kissinger had threatened India with nuclear attack, if India continued its advance on Western Pakistan and ordered aircraft carrier Enterprise to enter Bay of Bengal. Dr. Kissinger’s preoccupation with Occidental patriarchy resulted in American hysteria over Occidental matriarchy, and United States and India were polarized on the opposite side of the Clash of Civilizations. President Bush and Secretary Rice have brought India and United States, the world’s largest democracy and world’s richest democracy on the same side of the Clash of Civilizations. The deeply ingrained patriarchal bias worldview of Dr. Kissinger no longer clouds USA-India relationship.


Secretary Dr. Condoleezza Rice added the geopolitical wisdom, while redefining foreign policy and national interests of United States, which logically turned the Dr. Kissinger’s foreign policy assumptions upside down. It is no accident that Secretary Rice visited Chile to attend the inauguration ceremony of the female socialist President of Chile, where in early 70’s Secretary Kissinger had organized the coup of democratically elected socialist President Salvadore Allende and imposed the dictatorship of General Pincohet. The US foreign policy in the last quarter of 20th century was determined by Kissinger’s worldview, and now onwards it shall be defined or influenced by Dr. Rice’s worldview in the first decade of 21st century. Dr. Rice has outsmarted Dr. Kissinger, and replaced Jewish worldview with black race’s worldview.

In terms of geopolitics, President Bush's visit to India to sign a Nuke deal with India's Man Mohan Singh, arranged by Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, would rank higher than President Nixon's visit to China to meet Mao Tse Tung arranged by Secretary of State Dr. Henry J. Kissinger. If post Vietnam policies carried the imprint of Dr. Kissinger, it is very likely that 21st Century policies of USA shall carry the indelible imprint of Dr. Rice, in equally significant manner, from the perspective of geopolitics and world history. Secretary Dr. Kissinger has met his match in Secretary Dr. Rice. Oriental India likes worldview of Secretary Dr. Rice, a black and a woman. Geopolitically speaking, President Bush and Secretary Rice would go down in US history as most competent President and Secretary of State, respectively. Let Geopolitics and national interests define the foreign policy of the United States. President Bush effectively reshaping the 21st Century, by refusing to misuse the might of the United States to promote the Occidental patriarchal agenda of many previous Administrations.


President Bush's visit to India, the world's 4th largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity, enhanced America's national security by bringing nuclear India into the American Camp for the first time, and it generated the greatest amount of good will for USA among 1.1 billion people of India, more than one sixth of the mankind. Fourth. The spectacularly well conceived Bush's trip to India mobilized nuclear India on the side of USA to undo the damage done by Dr. Khan's nuclear bazaar and his sale of nuke technology to Iran and other terrorist nations. The US-India nuclear deal strengthened NPT, as without India as the recognized nuclear power, the NPT has no moral credentials of its own, as India had been a nuclear power since 1974, while NPT came into force in 1992. It is wrong to argue that Pakistan felt obliged to explode atom bombs within India's explosion in 1988, as atom bomb is not a fast food that can be built in few weeks. How come New York Times didn't know that Dr. Khan's nuke bazaar existed all these years?  Neither Pakistan nor Iran nor North Korea is any match to India. India's GNP in PPP dollars is more than the combined GNP of all Muslim nations of the world, including those of OPEC nations.


Congress, if is looks from the perspective of US national interests and geopolitics, then it must immediately ratify the Bush-Man Mohan Singh deal on Nukes, otherwise it shall harm the geopolitical national interests of USA, influenced by petty short term perspectives, e.g. Neocons or religious right.




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