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White Iconoclasts’ Wars on Brown Yellow Black Idolaters


“Global Clash of Races-Diplomacy of Civilizations” © (2006) Kalki Gaur

Contents                                  2148


Preface                                    2

Foreword                                 35

Chapter 1                                 80

Clash of Races

Chapter 2.                                143

Civilization’s Geopolitical Theory

Chapter 3                                 188

Raison d’etat of World Civilizations

Chapter 4.                                263

Clash of Civilization Remaking World

S. P. Huntington’s Clash of Civilization

Chapter 5.                                296

Civilization’s Wars

India USA in Civilization Wars

Chapter 6                                 383

PGM Weapons Revolution

What ifs in Military History of Wars

Chapter 7.                                429

Putin’s Russia

Rise of Russia on Oil Incomes

Chapter 8.                                451

Papacy Is An Empire

Crusades of Democracy in Papacy

Let Laity Elect Cardinals & Bishops

Chapter 9                                 490

Buddha Vs China

Rise of Buddhist Taoist China

Chapter 10                               510

Decline of Islam

Return of Colonialism in Mid East

New Age of Petro Colonialism

Chapter 11                               569

Treason of Rulers Diplomats Presidents

Chapter 12                               603

Global Power India

Nuclear India’s Policy Options

Chapter 13                               725

Clash of Philosophy

Sword of Hegelianism Idealism Neoconservatism Protestantism

Chapter 14                               782

Clash of Civilization

Chapter 15                               850

USA’s Diplomacy of Deception Newspeak

Chapter 16                               873

Axis of Evil Vs Core of Axis of Medieval

Chapter 17                               902

Is USA Democracy?

Neo-Cons Constitutional Reforms


END VOLUME ONE                940




White Iconoclasts’ Wars on Brown Yellow Black Idolaters

VOL. 2




Content                                    2148

Preface                                    944

Foreword                                 965

Chapter 18                               981

American Empire

Global Crusades of Democracy

Chapter 19                               1036

India USA Nuclear Tango

USA-India Civilian Nuclear Deal

Chapter 20                               1082

Indo-US Geopolitics

USA-India Strategic Alliance

Chapter 21                               1101

Neo-Conservatism for Political Parties

Manifsto of Neo-Conservatism

Chapter 22                               1162

War on Terrorism

India’s War on Islamism-Maoism

Chapter 23                               1198

Gas Cocaine & Incas

Rise of Inca Indians on Gas Oil Cocaine

Chapter 24                               1258

Rise of Pagan Africa

Oil & Diamonds Revive Pagan Gods

Chapter 25                               1324

NATO is American Empire Not Alliance

Bush Doctrine 2003 Geopolitics

Chapter 26                               1377

Raison d’etat in 2003

Euro-Asian Concert of World

Chapter 27                               1419

Balance of Power in 21st Century

Chapter 28                               1473

Central Asian Oil

Geopolitics of Oil-Gas Pipelines

Chapter 29                               1546

Sino-Indian Détente

India China in Concert of Asia

Chapter 30                               1581

France & Germany

Rivalry of Euro Vs US Big Oils

Chapter 31                               1675

US Conquest of Iraq

New Age of Petro-Colonialism

Chapter 32                               1757

Colonial Oil Politics

Rivalry of Petro Colonial Empires

Chapter 33                               1803

Wars for Big Profits

Invasions for Colonial Empires

Chapter 34                               1870

Indo-Pak Détente

Reunification of India Pakistan

Chapter 35                               1913

Global Power India

Indian Empire or Pax Americana

Chapter 36                               2011

Concert of World

Eight Power Concert of World

Chapter 37                               2072

Denuke Pakistan

Specter of Iran Saudi Pak Nukes

Taming Islamic Nuclear Proliferation

Chapter 38                               2087

Bush-Rice’s Agenda of Neo-Conservatism

Revolutionary 2nd Bush Term

Chapter 39                               2110

New Cold War

New Colonial Empire’s Cold War

Appendix                                 2132

Contents                                  2145







VOL. 1




Contents                                  2149


Preface                                    2


Foreword                                 35

(1) Clash of Civilization is Real

(2) Clash of True-False Religions

(3) Civilizations Cannot Clash

(4) Value of Indian Perspective

(5) Will the U.S. Exist in 2025?

(6) Future of Oil Colonialism

(7) Clash of Sects, Castes & Classes

(8) Clash of Modernity Vs Barbarism in Islam

(9) Clash between Religious Sects, Clash between two Opposites, Clash between two Eras, Clash between Civilized and Primitive, Clash between Barbarity and Rationality, Clash between Spiritualism and Rituals, Clash between Old and New, Clash of Generations.



Chapter 1.                                80
Clash of Races

(1) Talk Points

(2) Outline of Clash of Races

(3) Post Cold War World Order

(4) Ideology Declined in New Age of Raison d’etat

(5) Raison d’etat Tamed Church



Chapter 2.                                143
Civilization’s Geopolitical Theory

(1) Talk Points

(2) Civilization’s Foreign Policy

(3) Raison d’etat of Civilizations

Ten Principles of Civilization’s Geopolitics

(4) 1st- Ancient Civilizations are Eternal

(5) 2nd- Wars of Religions              

(6) 3rd- Threat of Barbarians

(7) 4th- Rise Fall of Weapon Systems

(8) 5th- Rewrite Civilization’s History

(9) 6th- No Permanent Enemy

(10) 7th- Ancient Vs New Religions

(11) 8th- Communism Is Iconoclast Religion

(12) 9th- Natural Law of Racial Selection

(13) 10th Raison d’etat Diplomacy

(14) Hindu Geopolitical Realism

(15) Realist Theory Inadequate



Chapter 3.                                188
Raison d’etat of Civilizations

(1) Talk Points

(2) New Colonial World Order

(3) Rise of Raison d’etat and Decline of Ideology

(4) Post Cold War World Order

(5) Role of Religion in Politics

(6) India as World Power

(7) Iconoclasts’ War on Pagans Idolaters

(8) Wilsonian Camouflage

(9) Reformation of Papacy: Response of Christianity

(10) Mafia-Church-Money Nexus

(11) Return of Ancient Religions

(12) Raison d’etat Tamed Papacy: Response of Christianity

(13) Clash of World Religions

(14) Third World Oil War

(15) Menace of Big Frauds

(16) Response of Buddhism

(17) New Global Alliances

(18) 2012 AD New Historical Age Begins



Chapter 4.                                263
Clash of Civilization Remaking World
S. P. Huntington’s Clash of Civilization

(1) Talk Points

(2) Clash of Civilizations Remaking World Order

(3) Vatican Waging Religious Wars     

(4) Fading of the West

(5) New Orthodox Bloc

(6) Chinese Invasions of Australia Indonesia

(7) Islamic Civilization’s wars

(8) Western view of India’s Role in War

(9) Civilization’s war by the West for AD 2010

(10) Conclusion



Chapter 5                                 293
Civilizations’ Wars

(0) Talk Points

5(1) Rise of Ancient Civilizations

(1) Decline & Rise of Ancient Religions

(2) Toynbee on Clash of Religions              

(3) Rise of Ancient Religions of Egypt, Greece, Persia, Inca & Maya

(4) Hindu Retaliation for Islamic Invasions of India

(5) Rebirth of Inca, Maya, Aztec Empires

(6) Coming Asian Century

God is a Woman. Universal Pagan Religion

(7) Ancient Goddess World Will Resurrect Sez Cyclical view of History

5(2) End of Barbarian’s Second Millennium

(1) Barbarian Conquests of Hindu Inca Maya Civilizations

(2) Western Barbarian Empires

(3) Decline of Barbarians            

5(3) Causes of Wars

(1) Social Causes of Wars

Issue of Cow Slaughter, Circumcision, Genital Mutilations, Cremation or Burial

(2) Economic Infrastructure Wars

(3) Linguistic Warfare

(4) Demo political Wars

(5) Cocaine Opium War

5(4) Looming World War

(1) Clash of 21st Century

(2) Outcome of Millennium World War

(3) World War II in 2012 AD (Maya Forecast)

(4) New War Alliances

(5) Vatican & Mecca Cause Wars

(6) Catholic Protestant Wars on Orthodoxy

(7) Vatican Threatens Islam

5(5) Predator Intolerance

(1) Role of Slave Trade

(2) Edict of King Theodosius I

(3) Predator Wahhabi Cult

(4) Devil & Southern Baptists

5(6) Buddhism Vs Communism in China
5(7) Punish Civilizations’ War Crimes

Black Book of Communism

5(8) Controlling Wars

(1) Taming Wars of Religion

(2) Zoroaster’s Compassion

(3) Taming Civilization’s Wars

(4) China Tamed Vatican

(5) Sri Aurobindo on Mahatma Gandhi

5(9) Raison d’etat Vs Church

(1) Raison d’etat not Religious Diplomacy

(2) Primacy of Religious Interests

(3) Proselytizing Vs National Interests



Chapter 6                     380
Weapons Revolution
6(1) Rise and Fall of Weapon Platforms & Military Technology

(1) Shifting balance of Sea Powers vs. Land Powers

(2) Future of Weapon Systems                

(3) America's Role in Future Religious Wars

(4) Cyber Geopolitics

Internet Revolution is Real Turning Point in History.  IT Economy Creates Real Economic Goods in Society-

Overpopulation & lack of Natural Resources No Liability in Information Economy-

Software Not Hardware Can Revive Russian Economy

(5) Cyber Virus Weapons

Virus Vulnerability of Wired-Wireless Internet World -

Love Virus Exposed Achilles’ Heels of the West

Filipino David Defeats Goliath by Love Virus

(6) New Warfare in Cyber Age

(iii) Defeat of Fundamentalism in Information Warfare

(6) Age of Covert Operations

(7) Air War on Economic Infra structure

(8) Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA)

(9) Decline of American Sea Power

(10) Geopolitics of World Wars

6(2) What ifs in Military History of Wars

(1) Charles V Sacked Rome in 1526

(2) Two Chinas in the Mainland in 1946

(3) 1242 Mongol Invasion of Europe

(4) 410 Barbarian Conquest of Rome

(5) Military Blunders of Hitler 1941

(6) 1521 Conquest of Tenochtitlan by Cortez



Chapter 7.                                429
Orthodoxy Russia
7(1) Eastern Orthodoxy vs. Papacy

Russia Empowering Eastern Christianity

Orthodox Russia to Destroy Judeo-Communism Worldwide

Rebirth of Russian- Byzantine Empire in 21st Century

India-Russia Defense Treaty

7(2) War on Orthodoxy

Catholic Orthodoxy Wars

Rise of Greek Orthodox Christianity

7(3) Clash of Russia

Assertive Orthodox Russia 

Russia in Age of New Colonial Empires

Russia Opposed Clinton's doctrine of War for Human Rights

7(4) On Russian Leaders
7(5) Future of Slav Russian Civilization



Chapter 8                                 448
Vatican’s Empire



Chapter 9                                 487
China & Buddha
9(1) Sinic Buddhism vs. Judeo-Communism

(1) Rise of Buddhist Law- Falun Gong

(2) Christian threats to Buddhist Civilization

(3) China's Future Buddhist-Taoist Govt.

(4) End of Communism in China

(5) Chinese Invasions of Australia & Indonesia

(6) Disintegration of China

(7) Secession of Tibet

(8) Partition China on basis of Religion

(9) Rise of Taoism

(10) Catholic Designs on Buddhism

9(2) Clash of Chinese Communism    

(11) Marxist Jew World Plot

(12) Chinese Genocide of Buddhist Falun Gong

(13) Christians Support Ban on Falun Gong

(14) Religions vs. Devil's Communism

(15) Cambodia Property Titles



Chapter 10                   507
Decline of Islam

21th Century Decline of Islam

Mongol Rule Over Islamic World (1231-1295)

(1) Talk Points

(2) Tame Semite Islam

Twelve Motives of US in War on Islamic Terror

Non-Military Weapons in War on Terrorism

(3) Women Achilles Heel of Wahhabi Terrorism

Defend Muslim Women’s Rights to Defeat Al Qaeda

Women Achilles Heel of Wahhabi Terrorism

Empower Women to Destroy Islamic Terrorism

(4) Mecca Source of Terrorism

Islamic Terrorism Threatens Civilization

Is Osama Bin Laden A CIA Agent Now?

Vatican-Mecca Nexus is Axis of Terrorism

Mecca Is Source of Wahhabi Terrorism

Saudi Liability for Wahhabi Terrorism

(5) Diplomacy of Terrorism

Geo-Political Realignments After Terrorist Attacks on Pentagon

Return of Pahlavi Monarchy in Iran

President Bush Changed the History

Geopolitics of War on Terrorism

Islam to Die as Religion If Muslims Nuke India

Christian State of Holy Christine in Israel

Destroy Shariah in Nigeria

Afghanistan Must Not Disintegrate

No Body should Nuke Afghanistan

(6) Menace of Islam

Arab Vs Rab Wars

Islamic Threat to World

Future of Semite Wahhabi Islam

Menace of Predator Wahhabi Cult

Islamic Terror Wars

(7) Decline of Islamic Nations

Secession of Muslim Eastern Turkistan

Looming Third World War

Age of Civilization’s wars       

Taming Islamic Jihad

OPEC Cause of World War Three

(8) Future of Islam

(8) Clash of Modernity Vs Barbarism in Dr. Wafa Sultan’s Forecast

(9) Conclusion



Chapter 11                   566
Traitor Presidents and Diplomats
11(1) Diplomat Traitors of Britain & Japan

(1) Treason of Diplomatic Cadre

(2) Bribing Prime Ministers & Presidents

(3) UK’s Orderly Management of Decline?

(4) To Bribe Diplomats or Pay for Coups?

(5) Bribing Yugoslav Elections

(6) Disband Indian Foreign Service (IFS)

(7) IFS is Indian Fossil Service

On Japanese Diplomats

(8) On Canadian Diplomats

(9) On Russian Diplomats

(10) On British Diplomats

(11) On Turkish Diplomats

(12) Mafiosi Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti

11(2) Treason of Gandhi Nehru
Rewrite History of Indian Civilization

(1) Treason of Diplomats

(2) Traitors in Indian History

(3) Christian Communist Plot

(4) Why India gave Tibet & Why India never competed With China

(5) Treason in Nehru’s Foreign Policy

(6) Indira Gandhi’s Treason

(7) Nuclear India’s New Diplomacy

(8) Treason of Anti-Hindu Mahatma Gandhi

(9) Spies of Colonial Empire as False Fathers' of Nations

(10) Sri Aurobindo on Mahatma Gandhi



Chapter 12                               600
Global Power India
Nuclear India’s Policy Options

Talk Points

(1) India’s Allies & Wars

Nuclear Powers' Overseas Regional Wars

Nuclear India’s New Alliances

Wars of Civilizations

Aryan state of Kurdistan

(2) Indian Nuclear Diplomacy

Peaceful Nuclear Explosions

Post Atom Bomb Defense Policy

Taming Islamic Atom Bomb

(3) India Overtaking China

Chinese Nuclear Spies

India China Rivalry

India China War Likely

Falun Gong to Rule China- President Li Hongzhi

Anti-Buddhist UNO

(4) New World Order

Hindu Atom Bomb made Tripolar World System

Nuclear India is Now 2nd Super Power: India USA Balance of Power

India America heading for Clash

Indian H-bomb makes Tripolar World System

Only India can be 2nd Super Power

India and United Europe Can Contain USA

Yeltsin Tamed Clinton

USA & India Clash or Alliance.

(5) India in Hindu Southeast Asia

India Reclaims Role in ASEAN

India should join ASEAN

Catholic War Crimes in Cambodia & Vietnam

Indianize Thailand Burma Laos & Cambodia

Vietnam War Was Christian War on Buddhism

Aum Shinrikyo Siva Sect

(6) India is 4th World Power

Nuclear India’s New Allies

India's New Wars & Civilization’s Allies

Historical Factor  

Geopolitics Basis of Indian Policy   

India's New Emerging Alliances

Future Flash Points of Third World War

China may invade Siberia.

India-China War.

Afghanistan. Burma War. Pakistan War.

Cambodia War. Vietnam. Laos. Taiwan. Indonesia. China may invade Australia. Thai Kra Canal.


Nuclear India’s Civilization’s Allies

Historical Factor in Diplomacy

India in Third World War

Catholic-Sunni Dream of World Conquest

Indian Nuclear Diplomacy

Balance of Power of Civilizations

Commonwealth of Nations

India China Balance of Power

Native American States

(7) Denuke Islamic Nuclear Weapon

Pakistani A-bomb not a Threat to India

Islamic Nuclear Threat to India

Pakistan can conquer Islamic World

India responds to Islamic Nuclear Threats

Disintegrate Pakistan Peacefully

Islamic Wars on Christianity

Pakistan is New Caliph of Islam

(8) Catholic Global Ethnic Cleansing

(9) Oil is Key to India’s Status as World Power



Chapter 13                               722
Clash of Philosophy

(1) March of Philosophy

(2) Anti-Papacy Protestant Hegelianism

(3) Wahhabism is Zionist Plot

(4) Marxism is Vatican Plot

(5) Holy Roman Empire

(6) Conclusion



Chapter 14                               779
Clash of Civilization

(1) Talk Points

(2) Hindus Vs Christian West

(3) US & India Rivals in Clash

(4) Future of Islam

(5) Nature of Clash of Religions

(6) Illusory Clash of Civilization

(7) Patriotism in Civilizations

(8) Evil Religious Intolerance

(9) European Clash of Races



Chapter 15.                  847
USA’s Diplomacy of Deception Newspeak

(1) Diplomacy of Deception

(2) Expansion By Deception.

Afghanistan Geopolitics

Role of Secret services in Policy of Deception

Why Iran Iraq N. Korea Axis of Devil?

(3) India’s Response to West's Diplomacy of Deception

(4) America Murders Democracies

CIA Menace to Freedom & Democracies in 3rd World

(5) Empires of 21st Century

(6) US Seeks Colonial Empire



Chapter 16                   870
Axis of Evil Vs Core of Axis of Medieval

(1) Intolerance’s Axis of Evil

(2) Dancing With Dictators

(3) Axis of Medieval

(4) Is US Core of Axis of Medieval?

(5) Axis of Evil.

(6) ‘Good Guy USA’ Vs ‘Bad Guy USA’

(7) Defining Evil in 9/11

(8) Bush’s Neo-conservatism

(9) Taming New Axis of Evil

(10) Taming Intolerant Theocracies



Chapter 17.                  898

17(1) Is USA Democracy?

Talk Points

(1) US Election Process Unfair

Why No Election Commission?

Vulnerable US Election Process

Crime Politics Nexus    

Bribing Election Campaigns

3rd Party in Elections 2004

US Federal Election Commission Needed

Gerrymandering & Decay of Democracy

Faulty US Election Process

(2) Protestant Catholic Clasbh in US Elections

Clash of Christian Sects in US Elections

Christian Conflicts & Elections

Cultural domination as central theme in US History

Pagan Deculturalization War

(3) True Nature of USA

Is USA the Core of Axis of Medieval?

Is USA Enemy of Freedom & Democracy?

Does US Wants to Create Colonial Empire?

When did US Realize Threat of Wahhabi Terrorism?

Why does US supports Wahhabi?

History of White Slavery

Non-European Essence of USA  

(4) Will USA Split like USSR?

Why did USSR disintegrate?

(5) Isms in Election 2004

Future of Bush 2004 Campaign

New Dark Age

Are Republicans Racists?

Republican Dixiecrats

Paleo-Conservatism,TraditionalConservatism, Neo-Compassionate Conservatism, Neo-Conservatism.

17(2) Third Party in USA

No Hidden Agenda

Pro-Right wing Politics Era in World Politics

Third Party is Viable in USA

3rd Party for Women, WIMP, WASP

Demand for New Foreign Policy of USA

Pro-Women and Pro-Immigrant Party

4 Factors in Elections 2000

Buchanan Rapes Reform Party

Jewish Factor in US politics

17(3) Conclusion





VOL. 2





Table of Contents Vol. 2            2130


Preface                        944


Foreword                     965

(1) Big Picture

America Europe Asia Triangular Balance

Omni Rich god of Oil

What the world thinks of America?

Reformation of World Order

India China Japan Common Market

Decline of Russia

Global Drug Trade’s Share of World’s GNP

Non Aligned Defense Pact

Precision Guided Munitions

21st Century of Asia

Oil Pipeline Diplomacy

Political Nature of Civilizations

USA in Papal Catholic Eschatology



Chapter 18                   981
American Empire

Geopolitics Chess Game Post 9/11

(1) Post 9/11 World Order

(2) USA’s Manifest Destiny

(3) Canada as World Power

(4) New Empires of 21st Century

(5) Loss of Yankee Hegemony

(6) Wilsonianism Goes Naked

(7) NATO Eyed Siberia

Admiral Kolchak’s 1917 Siberian Government

(8) US Covert Operations

(9) Pakistan as New Caliph of Islam

(10) Clash of Religions

(11) Mecca-Vatican Axis

(12) Shiite Control of Arabia

(13) Mercosur Market

(14) Black Voodoo Haiti’s Toussaint L’Ouverture

(15) Rise of Inca Indian Government in Ecuador

(16) Enigma of Henry Kissinger

(17) Commission on 9/11 Failures

(18) European Union is pro-Papacy Habsburg Holy Roman Empire. Rejected Turkey’s application.

(19) Bush’s Idea of Oil Empire

(20) Conclusion



Chapter 19                   1036
India USA Nuclear Tango
USA-India Civilian Nuclear Deal

(0) Talking Points: 

(1) Deal is Turning Point in History

(2) Why Nuclear Deal Clicked?

(3) Dr. Rice’s 21st Century

(4) Nuclear Deal’s Outline

(5) Looming Wars for Energy Security

(6) Nuclear Key to Hydrogen Economy

Nuclear Industry’s Revival

(7) Deal is Good for NPT

Deal helps Denuke Iran

(8) Deal Balances China

(9) Ratification of Deal

(10) Conclusion



Chapter 20                   1082
Indo-US Geopolitics
USA-India Strategic Alliance



Chapter 21                   1101
Neo-Conservatism for Political Parties
Manifesto of Neo-Conservatism

(1). Catholics, Communists, Coups, Crime, Cocaine

(2) War of Ideas less a War of Arms

(3) Karl Marx Prostitue Philosopher

(4) Populist Militia Collectives

(5) Populist Social Modernization

(6) Cause of Russian and Indian Poverty

(7) Anti-Islam Hinduism-Buddhism-Orthodoxy Axis

(8) Modernization of Economy

(9) Modernization of Agriculture

(10) Populist Doctrine of work

(11) Populist Political System



Chapter 22                   1162
War on Terrorism
India’s War on Islamism Maoism

(0) Talk Points

(1) Hindu India Protestant USA

India USA Two Poles

(2) Future of Hindu India          

Aryan Geopolitics, India in 1750 & 2050 AD

(3) Future of Irreligion in India

Secularism Vs Hindu Polity in India

Future of Hindu Militia

Private Militia for Anti-Terrorism Wars

Future India Israel Pact

(4) Indian View of Select World Leaders

(5) Future Clash of Religions

(6) Civilizations’ Response to Muslim Terrorism. Hindu-Christian Response to Islam. Saudi Arabia is Womb of Evil and America’s Worst Ally. Wahhabi Terrorists behead Muslim girls in Kashmir

Wisdom of Zoroaster

22(2) Taming Terrorism

(1) Taming Terrorist Islamism

(2) Rise of Shiite Kurds

(3) Taming New Dark Age



Chapter 23                   1198

Gas Cocaine & Incas

Rise of Inca Indians on Gas Oil Cocaine

23(1) Cocaine Geopolitics

(0) Talk Points

(1) Cocaine Corruption Nexus

(2) Ronald Reagan & Cocaine

(3) CIA & Gold Triangle Heroin

(4) NATO & Albanion Heroin

23(2) Inca Oil by Cocaine
Clash of Inca Indians

Latin America’s First World War

Birth of Red Indian American States

(0) Talk Points

(1) Ecuador Inca Indian Revolt

(2) Birth of Red Indian States

(3) South Asian Origin of American Indians.

(4) Cocaine’s World War

Catholic Cocaine Mafia

Heroin Cocaine Jihad

Andean Cocaine War

(5) Colombia Can be Vietnam

(6) Inca Cause of War

(7) Protestantizing Hispanic America

(8) US Threats to Hispanics

(9) Pro-Cartel Plan Colombia

(10) India & Birth of New Red Indian States.

(11) Australia belongs to Aborigines

(12) Catholic Church Exploits Native Indian Schools

(13) New Independent States of Europe & America



Chapter 24                   1258

Rise of Pagan Africa

Oil & Diamonds Revive Pagan Gods

24(1) Diamond Cartel’s Civil Wars

(1) Oil Tamed Diamond Cartel

(2) America’s Oil Colony Angola

(3) De Beers Diamond Colonialism

(4) Conflict Diamonds

(5) Angola’s Diamond War

(6) Congo’s Diamond War

(7) Sierra Leonne Diamond War

(8) Liberian Diamond War

(9) American Oil Colony Guinea

(10) De Beers is Fugitive in USA

Canadian Ekati Diamond Mines

Lev Leviev Israeli Russian Diamond Cartel

Libya’s Diamond Love

Organization of Diamond Exporting Countries (ODEC)

Pagan Africa Raped
24(2) Rape of Africa

(1) Confiscate White Farmlands

Idi Amin or Robert Mugabe

(2) Hindu Geopolitical Options in Black Africa

(3) Christian Raping Patrice Lumumba's Congo

(4) Ramayana Strategy in Pagan Congo War

(5) Clash of AIDS-HIV

(6) Edward Hooper’s “The River”

(7) AIDS is White’s Bio-Weapon

24(3) Rape of Paganism
Wars on Paganism

(1) Birth of Tribal Nations 

Disintegration of Indonesia

Birth of 50 New States

Peru-Guyana Railway

2nd Rise of Inca Peru Empire

Genocide of Pagans

(2) Comagene Kurd Kingdom 162 BC-AD 72.

(3) Yoruba Kingdom

(4) Library of Timbuktu

(5) Pagan Africans reject Both Islam & Christianity

(6) Genocide of Pagan Religions

(7) Global Unity of Pagan Religions

(8) Christening Islam

24(4) Pagan Geopolitics



Chapter 25                   1324
NATO is American Empire Not Alliance
Bush Doctrine 2003 Geopolitics

Talk Points

25(1) NATO Colonized West Europe

(1) America’s Colonial Empire

(2) Asia’s Geopolitical Complexity

(3) European Balance of Power

(4) Paradox of US hegemony

Dump Kissinger’s Diplomacy

(5) USA will Split like USSR

American Clash of Civilizations

(6) Changing White Man’s Map in World

(7) United States Would Disintegrate like USSR

(8) Cause of Soviet Union’s Disintegration

(9) Protestant Catholic Conflict Disintegrating USA

(10) Cause of Disintegration of USSR

25(2) Bush Doctrine of Pre-Emptive Strikes

(1) Pax Americana               

(2) Defense Policy Guidelines DPG 1992

(3) Decline of Superpowers

(4) Lessons of Afghan War

(5) America’s Imperial Ambition

(6) National Security Strategy of USA

(7) US Lost Afghan War

(8) Is Bush Hitler of WW 3?

(9) Treason of Globalcrats           

(10) Americanism Unilateralism

(11) How to define USA National Interests?

(12) National Strategy to combat WMDs 2002

(13) Demise of NATO Alliance



Chapter 26                   1377
Raison d’etat in 2003
Euro-Asian Concert of World

(1) Talk Points

National Interest or Ideology

Foreign Policy in Medieval Dark Age

(2) Richelieu’s Raison D’etat Diplomacy

Geopolitical Balance of Power

National Interests in new World Order

(3) India as World Power

India as 2nd Super Power in 21st Century

India’s role in Global Balance of Power

Realpolitik of India’s Non Alignment

Parallel Interests of India and America

(4) USA Europe Russia Polity

Europe Russia New Balance of Power

USA-Russia-Europe Balance of Power

Turning Point in World Order

(5) Balance of Power

Bismarck As Incarnation of Evil

European Union’s Balance of Power

Raison D’etat Diplomacy of Richelieu

Guiding Principles to Restrain Self Interest

(6) India’s Raison D’etat Diplomacy

Asia’s Geopolitical Complexity

Northeast Asia Balance of Power

Balance of Power in Korea

Containment of China

India’s Role in Balance of Power

(7) Raison D’etat in 21st Century

(8) Five Power New World Order

(9) China as World Power, Chinese Invasions of Australia, Empty Lands of Australia & Siberia Causing War, China Tames Vatican

(10) Eurasian Balance of Power,

USA EU Interests Conflict,

USA-EU-Russia Triangular Balance

Challenging Monroe Doctrine

India will overtake China

(11) Conclusion



Chapter 27                   1419
Balance of Power in 21st Century

(1) Geopolitical Hunt & Secession of Siberia

(2) Rival Two Blocs in the New World Order

(3) Post-Cold War New World Order

(4) Raison D’etat or Ideology

(5) Raison D’etat or Religious Wars

(6) King Victor Emmanuel II’s Raison D’etat

(7) End of the Age of Ideology

(8) Germany & Europe to Tame America

(9) 21st Century similar to 18th & 19th Century

(10) Impact of Reunification of Germany

(11) France’s Raison D’etat

(12) Asian balance of Power

(13) Role of History

(14) International Criminal Tribunal

(15) USA Adversary of European Colonial Powers

(16) Military force of United Europe, India France Military Pact

(17) Europe’s Hostility to America

(18) Post cold War Yellow Peril

Balancer in Balance of Power

(19) Diplomacy for Raison D’etat not for Religion

(20) Britain as Balancer in Balance of Power

(21) India as Balancer in Balance of Power

(22) Possible Demise of European Union

(23) Britain France & Germany Balance

(24) Geopolitics of Expansion of NATO

(25) Demise of Monroe Doctrine

(26) Demise of Wilsonian Doctrine

Yalta Conference. Why India not in Four Policemen?

(27) Truman Doctrine

(28) How Europe became American satellites?

(29) South Atlantic Treaty Organization SATO, Asian Organization of Buddhist States, Commonwealth Common Market

(30) Chinese Invasions of Siberia

(31) Realpolitik without Reaity

(32) Conclusion



Chapter 28                   1473
Central Asian Oil
Geopolitics of Oil-Gas Pipelines

(1) 21st Century Oil Colonialism

(2) Caspian Oil Diplomacy

(3) Barbarian Catholics’ 1st Crusade on civilized Islam

(4) History of Oil wars

(5) America’s Oil War or War on Terror

(6) Turkmenistan Oil Reserves

(7) Oil Pipeline Diplomacy

(8) Oil Pipeline via Iran

(9) Geopolitics of Central Asia

(10) Geo-Economics of Oil Pipeline

(11) Oil Fuels Chechnya War in Russia

(12) Oil Factor in Iraq War

(13) 2001 World Oil Reserves Production Consumption

(14) Geopolitics of Oil Wars

(15) Kazakhstan Oil Game

(16) Oil Colonialism in Clash of Races

(17) Big Oil & Militant Islam

(18) Decline of British Oil Empire

(19) Had Hitler attacked Syria Iraq Iran?

(20) Big Oil Empire aids Dollar

(21) Conclusion



Chapter 29                   1546
Sino-Indian Détente
India China in Concert of Asia

(1) Talk Points

(2) Elephant Courts Dragon

(3) Tibet & 1962 War

(4) Great Eurasian Game 2003

(5) India can overtake China

(6) Weak Capitalism in China

(7) Conclusion



Chapter 30                   1581
France & Germany
Rivalry of Euro Vs US Big Oil

(1) Anti American 21st Century

(2) Bush’s Neo-Conservatism

(3) Pew Global Attitude Survey on Anti Americanism

(4) France Tamed America

(5) Pentagon’s New War Map

(6) France Tamed East Europeans

(7) Post Iraq Saudi Reforms

(8) Third World Oil War

(9) World Oil Powers

(10) France’s True Goal

(11) Bush’s Oil War on Iraq

(12) Oil is Bush’s God

(13) Bush’s Iraqi Oil Colony

(14) Pro-Wahhabi US Oil Colonialism

(15) Third World War For Oil

(16) American Oil Colonial Empire in Iraq

(17) Russian Diplomacy of Greater Europe

(18) Conclusion



Chapter 31                   1675
US Conquest of Iraq
New Age of Petro-Colonialism
31(1) US Conquest of Iraq

(1) Halliburton Islamic Caliphate

(2) American Caliphate or Halliburton Caliphate of Islam or New Age of Oil Colonialism

(3) Zionism & War on Iraq

(4) Oil Lured Anti-Bush Camp

(5) Oil Colony or Vietnam

(6) Oil Colony or Democracy

(7) New Middle East Order (NME)

(8) Is Iraq War Apocalyptic?

(9) Bush Overextended USA

(10) Pax Americana Dream

(11) 1966 JASON Study on Tactical Nuclear Weapons

(12) Anti-Terror Alliance Treaty Organization ATATO

(13) Role of Kurds in Iraq War

(14) Saudi Arabia-Israel Confederation or Tel Aviv –Riyadh Pact

(15) Chirac is Bush’s Nemesis

(16) Colonial Oil Lebensraum

(17) Profitable Oil Colonialism

(18) Liliputians Chain Bush

(19) Capitulation of Arabs

(20) Unmighty Dollar’s Fall

(21) Great Scramble for Oil Colonies

(22) Conclusion

31(2) Burning Museums is War Crime

(1) Kulturcide Is War Crimes

(2)) Responses of India China

(3) Iconoclasts Burnt Museums

(4) Wars of Intolerance

(5) War Crime of Millennium

1. Baghdad’s Antiquity Thieves were Ready

2. Raiders of the Lost Art

3. Foreign Looters had Keys to Iraqi Museums

4. Treasures Looted

5. Treasures Looted? Stuff Happens

6. Looting Was Work of Organized Looters

7. A Cultural Casualty of War

8. Ancient Wonders are History as Mob Plunders Iraq Museums

9. Expert Thieves Took Artifacts

10. Iraq national Museum Treasures Plundered

11. Looters have destroyed Priceless Cuneiform Archive

12. Our Heritage is finished at Baghdad’s Antiquities Museum

13. Pentagon was told of Risk to Museums.

14. Archeologists Accuse US of Crime of the Century.



Chapter 32                   1757
Colonial Oil Politics
Rivalry of Petro Colonial Empire

(1) Post-Saddam New World Order

(2) Turk’s Neo-Ottoman Dreams

(3) Regime Change in Iraq & Arabia

(4) Arabian Gulf Is Yankee Lake

(5) US Policy of Geopolitical Dominance

(6) NATO was Chaperon of Germany & Europe

(7) Offshore Balancing is Concert of World Powers

(8) Imposing Democracies in New Middle East

(9) Iraq is Mogadishu or Lebanon of 2003

(10) Nations Must Decide on World Order

(11) Response of India & China

(12) Conclusion



Chapter 33                   1803
Wars For Big Profits
Invasions for Colonial Riches

(1) Bush’s Pax Americana?

(3) American Oil Colonialism

(4) America as Banking Super Power

(5) Big Frauds as Instruments of American Imperialism

(6) Larry Silverstein’s $ 7 billion WTC Insurance

(7) Zionist Cabal & Iraq War

(8) Tommy Franks’s Iraq War Doctrine

(9) Regime Change’s Strategy

(10) Iraqi Couldn’t Fight

(11) Demise of NATO Alliance: NATO Lies in Rubble of Baghdad

(12) Demography of Oil Warfare

(13) New Great Power Clubs

(13) Demise of Religion As a Basis of State Principle

(14) Conclusion



Chapter 34                   1870
Indo-Pak Détente
Reunification of India Pakistan

(1) Talk Points

Pakistan Roadblock to World Power India

(2) Pakistan’s Covert Dreams

Rebutting Pakistan’s Main Arguments

Vajpayee-Jamali Summit

India China Alliance

Pakistan is habitual liar

(3) Sino-Indo-Pak Oil Interests

Indo-Pak Diplomacy of Oil Interests

Oil Colonialism Partitioned India

New Caspian Great Game

Sino-Indian Caspian Oil Game

Heroin Factor in Caspian Oil Game

(4) Covert Operations

Covert Operations are Legitimate

Specter of Pakistan’s Ethnic Separatism

Kashmiri Insurgency Can’t Succeed

Neutralize Saudi Wahhabi Terrorists

India Can Defeat Insurgents

Kashmir is not Afghanistan

Promote Secession of Baluchistan

(5) Clean History’s Baggage

Geopolitics of History Writing

Gandhi Nehru Responsible for Partition

Rewrite History for Indo-Pak Detente

Hindu-Muslim Indo-Pak Detente

Assert India as Educational Super Power

Decline of Punjab and Bengal

White Paper on 1947 Partition Riots

Two Nation Theory-Smaller State Theory

Ruling Elite Unfit to Rule

History Affects Indo-Pak Options

(6) Checkmate Pakistan

Neutralizing Islamic Strategic Depth

Afghan Kashmir Terrorism Linkages

Afghanistan Factor in Kashmir

India’s Pushtunistan Card

India-Iran Detente

(7) Great Power Détente

Pakistan Crated Sino-US Detente

Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan & Kashmir

Caspian Great oil Game

(8) Nationalism & Religion



Chapter 35                   1913
Global Power India
Indian Empire of Pax Americana

(1) Talk Points

India’s Options in Post Iraq War Order

(2) WASP’s Secular Oil God

New god of Oil and its Oil Lobby

Decline of Islam

Decline of Papacy

Clash of World Religions

(3) Omni-Rich Oil Lobby

New Colonial World Order

Decline of OPEC & DeBeers Cartel

Decline of Semite Marxism & Communism

Decline of White Christian Europe

Precision Guided Munitions Revolution

MOAB is Weapon of Mass Destruction

(4) India in New World Order

Rise of Nuclear Hindu India

United States China India Troika

Alliance of Oil Hungry Great Powers

India-USA-Israel Defense Pact

(5) Rape of Justice

(6) Iraq’s Occupying Powers

Occupying Power Status is Colonialism

Bush Trading Old Allies with New Allies

Germany & France Envy Poland

Send Indian Troops to Iraq

India’s new Diplomatic Posture

(7) Hindu Shiite Alliance

(8) Mistaken Axis of Evil

(9) G-8 Should Include India

(10) India & Multipolar World Order

(11) India Brazil South Africa

(12) Indo-US Military Relations

Expectations & perceptions

(13) Supremacist America

(14) India Iran Oil Geopolitics

(15) Conclusion



Chapter 36                   2011
Concert of World
Eight Power Concert of World

(1) 2003 New Concert of Europe

(2) Civilizations’ Oil-Colonialism

(3) Concert of Europe 1814-1914

(4) American Oil Colonialism

(5) 21st Century World Order

(6) Response of Plural Civilizations

(7) Civilization State Principle

(8) Nexus of Crime & Corruption

(9) War on Religious Intolerance

(10) Vatican Mecca Intolerance

(11) Taming Saudi Intolerance

(12) Taming Vatican Intolerance

(13) $750 Billion Drug Trade

(14) Yankee Oil Colonialism

(15) The Civilization Empire Strikes First

(16) Old Europe Tamed Bush

(17) Clash of Cultures Rejects Bush’s Moral Imperatives

(18) Old Europe Not Problem

(19) Euro Oil Colonialism

(20) 4-Power Eurasian Pact or Quadruple Alliance

(21) TNCs’ FDIs Capital flows to China not to India

(22) American Oil Colonialism fuels Concert of World Powers

(23) Multipolar World

(24) Conclusion



Chapter 37                   2072
Denuke Pakistan
Specter of Iran Saudi Pak Nukes
Taming Islamic Nuke Proliferation



Chapter 38                   2087
Bush-Rice’s Agenda of Neo-Conservatism
Revolutionary 2nd Bush Term



Chapter 39                   2110
New Cold War
New Cold War Colonial Empires



Appendix                     2132

(1) Pagan Populations in the World

(2) Share of World’s manufactured Goods 1750-1980

(3) The Commonwealth of Nations

(4) Presidents of Countries

(5) Population of American Indians in 1500 AD

(6) Historical Indian Rupees & US Dollar Exchange Rates

(7) Control over Iran & Iraqi Oil


Table of Contents            2148
End                              2162

















































































































































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