Chapter 7

Rise of Oil-rich Putin’s Russia

“Global Clash of Races-Diplomacy of Civilizations” © (2006) Kalki Gaur

7(0) Purport

(1) Asian Balance of Power

Russia accepts the decline of Russia and accepts the predominance of the United States, the rise of China and rise of India as world powers. The 21st Century is an Asian Century and India and China are the leaders of Asia. The trend lines in terms of economic and military power all say “Asia,” Hindu and Buddhist Asia, and the future is happening in Asia, for better or worse. The geopolitical stakes in Asia are much higher than the stakes in Europe. The top world civilizations and top world powers of the 21st Century are: Protestant United States, Buddhist China, Hindu India, Buddhist Japan, Western Christian European Union and Orthodox Russia.


(2) Oil Conspiracy Partitioned Soviet Union

Russia wants to punish those that partitioned the Soviet Union to loot the oil and gas assets of the Caspian Central Asian Republics. The oil-interests prompted the wider conspiracy that resulted in the demise of the Soviet Union and the emergence of oil-rich Caspian and Central Asian Republics as independent countries in 1991. The Big Oil bribed British Labour Prime Minister to unilaterally withdraw from all British colonies east of Suez in 1971 that gave birth to United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar. The Big Oil bribed Soviet President Gorbachev, Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Foreign Minister Eduardo Sheverdnadze to partition the Soviet Union and allow the secession of the oil-rich Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Krygyzstan. Because of the bribes and conspiracy hatched by Big Oil British Empire walked out of Arabian Gulf in 1971 and Slav Russians walked out of Caspian Central Asia in 1991, just 20 years later. The Big Oil formed the OPEC oil cartel in 1971 to profit by oil price rise. The Big Oil conspiracy caused the petro-imperialist invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and petro-imperialistic invasion of Iraq in 2003. The Big Oil have conspired planned the petro imperialistic invasions of Iran in 2006.


One. The Big Oil conspired to engineer the independence of Arabian oil producing nations and established OPEC in 1971. Twenty years later in 1991, the Big Oil engineered the secession and independence of Caspian oil and gas producers. Twenty years later in 2001 the Big Oil engineered the invasion of Afghanistan to control the pipelines from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. American Petro-Imperialism bribed British Labour Prime Minister to unilaterally give independence to oil-rich Persian Gulf colonies in 1971. American petro-imperialism bribed Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Sheverdnadze to unilaterally give independence to oil-rich Caspian Republics. American Petro-Imperialism secured unilateral independence of Arabian oil-producers from British Empire in 1971 and secured unilateral independence of Caspian oil-producers from the Soviet Empire in 1991, only to start the process of bringing them under colonial yoke of American petro-colonialism with the invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and invasions of Iraq in 2003 and likely invasions of Iran in 2006.


(3) Russian Population Decline

Russia accepts the decline of Slav Russian population has affected the power of Russia. Israeli agreed to partition of Israel to keep fast multiplying Palestinians from becoming Israeli citizens. President Boris Yeltsin agreed for the secession of non-Slav Muslim Central Asians, fearing that Slav Russians might lose the levers of power in the Soviet Union, because of the population decline of the Slav Russians. Russia declined in 21st Century, because of the decline of Russian population and Russians can do nothing about it. Russians presided over the disintegration of the Soviet Union hoping to control the lands and resources of Russian Federation and to avert the secession of Eastern Siberia would itself be a daunting task for Russians. Had Soviet Union not disintegrated, non-Russians might have gained control over Soviet Union as well as Russian Federation. Russia’s population in 1989 was 147.3 million and in 2003 stands at 145.5 million, the decline of 1.3 million in 13 years. Russia’s population declined due to the lower birth rate and decline in overall health. Russian women outnumber men and Russia has 54 percent women to 46 percent men. However during 1989-2002, Russia lost 7.4 million people in 12 years, around 61,6000 per year. Russia's population has declined sharply since 1989 but an influx of migrants helped to partially fill the gap, according to preliminary census data reported in April 2003. The population shrank by 1.3 percent, about 1.8 million people, and now stands at 145.5 million, according to preliminary results from October's census. Russia's last census in 1989, two years before the Soviet Union collapsed, counted 147 million people. Officials had earlier predicted a sharper decline, to 143.4 million, due to Russia's minuscule birth rate and an overall decline in health following the Soviet collapse. However, a wave of migration partially filled the gap, according to the census data. Russia lost 7.4 million people but more than 5.5 million migrants entered the country. Russia now has the seventh largest population in the world, after China, India, the United States, Indonesia, Brazil and Pakistan. Some 73.3 percent of Russia's population lives in cities, and women outnumber men 54 percent to 46 percent. The October census was originally scheduled to take place in 1999 but was delayed three years due to lack of funds. Critics have questioned whether the head count was capable of providing an accurate snapshot of the nation, given Russians' traditional distrust of authorities. Many were wary of letting strangers into their homes or revealing information about themselves. Many Russians have unofficial side jobs and do not pay taxes on their wages. Others break regulations that require official registration at their place of residence. Russia's breakaway republic of Chechnya, where officials say the population has grown since 1989, despite two wars in the last decade and a mass exodus of civilians. Russia ceased to be a world power because of the steep decline of the Russian population. Boris Yeltsin deliberately conspired to breakup the Soviet Union, fearing that non-Russian could take over the Soviet Union and remove Russians from position of power in the Soviet Union. The partition of the Soviet Union allowed the Russians to control the lands of the Russian Federation.


(4) Partition of Oil-Producers into Colonies

Russia wants to join the United States, India, China, Germany, France, Britain and Italy to formally partition thinly populated oil-producing nations into colonies of the great powers. Like the 1885 Partition of Africa, the great powers should negotiate and arrive at Partition of Oil Producing Middle East, Central Asia and Africa among major oil importing industrial powers, namely, United States, China, India, Japan, Germany, France, Britain and South Korea. The colonial occupation of thinly populated oil-producing nations by populous industrialized nations is lesser an evil than the disruption of the industrialized economies that would result, if the oil-producing nations continued to manipulate oil prices. Partition of Oil-Producing Nations into colonies of world powers is a moral imperative otherwise the civilized world shall face the specter of $100-a-barrel oil prices, which could translate into a $6-a-gallon gasoline and heating oil and worldwide Depression and end of the Industrial Civilization as we know it.


(5) Russian Colonies in Africa

It is neither in the interest of India nor of China nor of the United States to consent for Russian occupation of any former Soviet Republics in Caspian Central Asia. However, Russia could make colonies in oil-producing regions of Africa. 


(6) Problem of Immigration Illegal Aliens

Russia is scared of Chinese invasions of Eastern Siberia with or without the support of the NATO. Russia understands that the empty continents of Siberia and Australia just adjoining overpopulated China and India portends Malthusian Wars in the 21st Century.


Two. Russia agrees that the Anglo-Saxons should open up the empty continents it acquired during 18th Century, namely Australia and Canada to welcome increased immigration from India and China, to avoid Malthusian disaster in the world. The Malthusian problem of overpopulation reopens the question of the redistribution of the world’s continents.

Russia wants the Anglo Saxons should allow unlimited Asian immigration to Australia as well as vacate African farmlands in Zimbabwe and South Africa.


Three. Russia wants China should invade Australia rather than invade Eastern Siberia. In the eyes of the billion plus Chinese the empty continent of Australia, with a population of 25 million and landmass equal to China, can no longer remain under Whites-only rule in the 21st Century. In the eyes of the billion plus Chinese the empty continent size Siberia with only 40 million people, can no longer remain under whites-only rule in the 21st Century. In the eyes of the billion plus Chinese the empty continent size Middle East with only 100 million population can no longer remain under Arab-only rule in the 21st Century. The 21st Century is the Malthusian Century and overpopulation shall determine the world politics.


Four. Russia agrees that Pox-Americana Petro-Colonialism seeks underground oil and gas resources and happy to let colonial people develop agricultural lands and mines of the nations. American Petro-colonialism allows neither agricultural colonialism nor evangelical colonialism.


Five. Russia favors the amnesty to illegal aliens in the United States, since United States advocates the rights of non-Slav Muslim immigrants to Moscow. The problem of Immigration reforms in the United States, the country of Immigrants, is part of the global problem of overpopulation and the legitimacy of the post-1500 Christian colonial occupation of the Americas and Australia. The problem of Immigration and 10 million Illegal Aliens in United States has reopened the broader issue of illegal occupation of world’s continents. Neo-Conservatism agrees with President Bush that it is not realistic to deport 10 million illegal aliens present in the United States.


Six. Russia would welcome that United States give up the lands it occupied during 19th Century, just as the Soviet Union gave up the territories it acquired during 19th Century after the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991. The British Proclamation of October 1763, prohibited American colonists from settling west of Appalachian Mountains until treaties might open up areas there. There are 20 million illegal Aliens from Bangladesh in India. In the eyes of the Native Indians the post-Columbus illegal Aliens in the New World should return back to Europe. In the eyes of the Pagan Africans the white Arab invaders must vacate the black lands of Mediterranean Africa, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Tunisia.

These are the arguments author makes in this chapter.


7(1) NATO Threatens Siberia

Barbarian Invasions of Siberia

The historic Rome Constantinople conflict, the Great Schism, the balance of terror of Cold War, would revisit Orthodox Russia, in form of Chinese invasions of Eastern Siberia with the full support of the NATO and former Warsaw pact members. Orthodox Russia has no option but to have military alliance with India and deploy millions of Indian troops in Siberia to ward off the NATO invasions and Vatican’s invasions for the destruction of the Russian Orthodoxy Church. United States would like to use former military units of the Warsaw Pact to maul and defeat Orthodox Russia to force the secession of Eastern Siberia and to permanently control oil and gas fields of Caspian Central Asia. Geopolitical Hunt has begun. The maritime Hunter has cornered the sick Giant Bear into the tight corner. The Hunter has got hold of 10 Cubs, who have joined the hunt on the side of the Hunter. The Nato in 1999 admitted Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. The Nato in November 2002 formally invited Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia the former parts of the Soviet Union, and Slovenia, Romania, and Bulgaria the former members of the Warsaw Pact to join Nato. The former satellites of the Soviet Union, the wounded bear have voluntarily become the new satellites of the adversary United States, the hunter, and may be looking forward for war with Russia to settle old scores. Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic and Slovakia bear grudge against Russia, which may prove costly to Russia in the event of any future Russia’s war with enlarged Nato. Nato has developed bases in the southern frontiers of Russia in Georgia, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. United States and China may enter into long-term strategic pact in near future. United States, China, and Britain pact would create the First Bloc in Asia and threaten Russia’s hold over Eastern Siberia. Under Mongol Empire Russia and East Europe was part of Mongol Empire. Russia usurped Siberia, which should have gone to China after the collapse of the Mongol Empire. Siberia has the population of 14 million, bordering overpopulated China, with the population of 1,250 million. Russia’s population is in decline and it would decline from present 147 million to 141 million in ten years. Militarily, short of nuclear war, Russia cannot hold on to Siberia. The land of Siberia can easily become home to more than 300 million Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Indians. What diplomatic and geopolitical options nuclear but weakened Russia has, in face of the tightening noose in Siberia? Should brown India support the continued white occupation of Asian Siberia? Would liberation of Asian Siberia from the clutches of white Christians, and its subsequent occupation by yellow Buddhists in the religious interests of Hindu India? What would India gain by militarily opposing the Chinese invasions of Siberia? If the West fails to partition Russia to break its hold over Siberia before 2010 AD, then resurgent Russia may embark upon the territorial expansion, and the Siberia would never get the chance again to secede. Chinese invasion of Russia is not in the national interests of India, Japan, Germany and France. In response to the threat posed by the Maritime First Bloc, the continental land powers would organize the Continental Bloc.


Chinese Invasions of Siberia:

The economic dynamism of China has spilled over to Siberia. Russians in Siberia increasingly see their economic future connected to East Asia rather than to European Russia. More threatening for Russia is Chinese immigration into Siberia, with illegal migrants there purportedly numbering in 1995 three (3) millions to five (5) millions, compared to a Russian population of about seven (7) millions. The Chinese are in the process of making a peaceful conquest of Russian Far East, Russian Defense Minister Pavel Grachev warned. Russia must resist Chinese expansionism, warn Russian immigration officials. Chinese expansion via immigration could also become expansion by the military, if China decided that it should attempt to reclaim Mongolia, which the Russians detached from China after World War I, and which was for decades a satellite. At some point, the yellow hordes, which have haunted Russian imagination since the Mongol invasions, may again become a reality. (S.P. Huntington, The Clash of Civilization, p. 243)


United States is goading China to invade Siberia to divert Chinese invasions of Australia. United States has transferred sensitive nuclear weapon designs of neutron Bombs, Trident II missile warheads to China to help China upgrade its nuclear weapons, nuclear missiles at par with that of the United States. Chinese nuclear deterrent would now deter Russian nuclear retaliation for Chinese conventional invasions of Siberia. United Sates wants that China should use stolen American nuclear weapon warhead technology, to launch massive invasions of Eastern Siberia. Only India could help Russia check Chinese invasions of Siberia. Russia should immediately allow the immigration of more than five (5) million Indians in Eastern Siberia, to match more than five (5) millions migrant illegal Chinese workers in Siberia. Russia should deploy five (5) million Indians, mercenary soldiers as well as workers, in Mongolia and Eastern Siberia along Chinese frontier.


Orthodox Church’s Role in Soviet Demise

Russian Orthodox Church played no less a role in the demise of Communism and the demise of Soviet Union, than the Polish Catholic Church in the demise of Communism in Poland. Russian Orthodox Church like Polish Catholic Church aligned with WASPs CIA to undermine Communism in Soviet Union and Poland respectively. Greek Orthodox Church aligned with Muslim Ottoman rulers to gain political control over Greek society in exchange for submission of Greece to Ottomans. Russian Orthodox Church secretly aligned with the enemies of the Soviet Union to destroy the power base of Soviet Union from within, hoping to play greater political role in the weakened divided Russia. Russian Orthodox Church, during Gorbachev rule aligned with corrupt politicians, organized crime and western secret services to destroy Soviet Union from within, hoping to restore Orthodox Church’s pre-Revolution era power and influence in post-Soviet weakened Russia.


Would Russian Orthodox Church yield to Papacy and develop common Catholic-Orthodox policies towards non-Christian societies? Why Russian Orthodox Church, Georgian Orthodox Church and Armenian Orthodox Church refuse to recognize Hinduism as legitimate religions, while it accept Islam and Buddhism as legitimate religions? During presidency of Boris Yeltsin, Russia developed anti-Hinduism policies. What should be suitable Hindu response to the religious intolerance of Russian Orthodox Church and what countermeasures India and Hindus should take to tame the religious intolerance of Orthodox Churches in Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, and Belarus? Would Russian Orthodox Church influence Russian foreign policy to undertake anti-Hindu stand, in its wars against Islam and Catholicism?


Russian Orthodox Church consolidated its monopoly over religion throughout Russia, under Bolshevik rule that proclaimed Religion is the Opiate of the Masses. Russian Orthodox church claimed the patrimony of the Byzantine Eastern Roman Orthodox Church after Muslim Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople and massacred Christian residents. Russia and East Europe had historically been the land of goddess worshipping Hindus and pagans, and Siberia had been the lands of Buddhism. Chenghis Khan’s Mongol Empire was the Buddhist Empire and Dalai Lama of Tibet was its chief religious leader. Russian Orthodox church conspired with Church of Rome to support the Muslim invasions of Alexandria and Damascus to secure for Russia its claim as the Third Rome of Christianity. The seat of Christendom shifted from Rome to Constantinople after the partition of Roman Empire into Western Roman Empire and Eastern Roman Empire, and Constantinople became the Second Rome. The Seat of Christendom shifted from Constantinople to Moscow, and Moscow is known as the Third Rome. However, Church of Rome asserts that after the fall of Constantinople the Seat of Christendom shifted to Rome.


The Orthodox Christianity of Orthodox Christian Churches of Egypt, Syria, Ethiopia, Lebanon are closer to Russian Orthodoxy then it is to the Roman Catholicism. President Putin wants to reclaim the Russian patrimony over the Orthodoxy’s religious properties in the Holy Land. Roman Catholics are minority among Christians in the Holy Land, where Orthodoxy outnumbers Catholics many times. Vatican supports the secession of Muslim majority regions from Israel, so that Christian Holy properties come under the political control of Muslim Palestinians. Orthodox Russia should divide three-way partition of Israel, namely, Jewish Israel, Muslim Palestine, and Orthodox Holy Christian State of Christine.


How does Russian Orthodoxy influence the foreign policy of Putin’s Russia? Would the diplomats of Communist Russia promote the religious interests of Russian Orthodoxy to reclaim Orthodox religious properties in the Holy Land, Egypt, Syria, and Ethiopia and to reassert Russian role in the Orthodox Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Ethiopia. Just as Saudi Arabia influences the politics of countries, which have Muslim minorities, Orthodox Russia intends to do the same in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. Russian Orthodox Church does not recognize Hinduism as valid religion, while it recognizes Islam and Buddhism. Why Russian Orthodoxy does not recognize Hinduism as legitimate religion in Russia? Why do Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine do not recognize Hinduism as valid religion? What should be Hindu response to the non-recognition of Hinduism by Orthodox Christianity? India is concerned whether Russian Orthodox Church may join forces with conservative Vatican to join anti-Hindu coalition against India. How India can exploit the Great Schism between Catholicism and Orthodoxy to promote the religious interests of Hinduism?


Geopolitics of Future Wars

Geopolitical study of future World Wars is similar to the scientific study that predicts the Volcano eruptions and flow of hot molten lava. Science cannot avert Volcano eruptions, though it can avoid disasters by forecasting the flowing pattern of molten lava to plan evacuation routes. Similarly, Geopolitics identifies the simmering Civilization’s conflicts that are likely to flare up into world wars. Geopolitics cannot avert the World Wars, though it can contain world wars by charting out the battlefronts and probable coalitions. Nation States have weapons of mass destruction and any world war without clear-cut objectives and goals would cause unnecessary slaughter. World Wars fought on moral issues, makes World Wars into Wars of Religions as well as Civilization’s wars.

7(2) India-Russian Defense Pact

1907 Anglo-Russian Pamir Settlement

British Indian empire and Russian Empire settled their differences in the Central Asia by 1907 Anglo-Russian Treaty that delineated the frontiers of the Russian and British-Indian Empire. It would be in the national interest of Russia to promote greater role for India in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Afghanistan had traditionally been a part of Sikh Empire of Ranjit Sinh. Emperor Babur, the founder of Mughal dynasty came from Samarkand, Uzbekistan. India's occupation of Afghanistan would be in the national interest of Russia. Both Russia and India face the common threat of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. It is not in the national interest of Russia, to allow the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in ex-Soviet Muslim Republics. Frontiers of India should meet the Russian frontiers to check the eastward expansion of NATO. India should establish military bases in Chechnya to nip the Islamic terrorism in the bud. India should develop military settlements in the Caucasus Mountains bordering Caspian Sea and Black Sea to play active role in Islamic politics. India and Russia shall judiciously use military force to bring order to the turbulent, fundamentalist Islamic world and to eradicate the evil of Islamic terrorism. British Indian Empire and Russian Empire jointly guaranteed the peace and order in Nineteenth century. Persian Gulf was an Indian Lake. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Trucial States, Oman used Indian Rupee as their national foreign reserve currency, until 1966. India and Russia should join forces to enhance their sphere of influence in Central Asia. In exchange for enhanced Indian role and immigration, India would not oppose enhanced Russian role in Central Asia.

Indian Emigration to Siberia

Russians realize that only by allowing massive Indian emigration to Siberia, could Russia defeat Chinese invasions of Siberia without resorting to nuclear weapons. Russia has bigger landmass and more natural resources than United States. Whenever, Russia allows 20 million Indian emigration to Siberia, it would cease to be dependent on Russian Jews, who are more likely to be loyal to America. Majority of Russians who emigrated to the West was Jews, and they aligned with the West to steal $200 billion Russian capital and foreign exchange. Indian would replace Jews in Russia and reorganize Russian economy, making it a world-class economy that would challenge and overtake United States. Immigrants built United States into super economic power. Indians would build Russian economy. In exchange for 20 million Indians emigration to Russian Siberia, India would discontinue the use of English as medium of instruction and replace it with Russian. Future of Russia depends upon open immigration policy.

Indian Military Bases in Kalinigrad & Sakhalin

India shall seek Indian military and naval bases in Kalinigrad in the Baltic Sea and Sakhalin in the Sea of Japan. India seeks military bases in Dagestan and Chechnya in exchange for maintaining law and order in Chechnya. India shall provide soldiers to suppress Islamic terrorism in the Chechnya and other Muslim areas in Russian Federation. India's military bases at Kalinigrad would allow India projects its military power in Western Europe in the Baltic region. India's military bases at Sakhalin would project India's Naval and military power in Pacific Asia and deter Chinese invasions of Siberia. The phenomenon of global warming, and 20 million Indian immigrants to Eastern Siberia, would productively harness agricultural and natural resources of Siberia. Indians would protect Russia's eastern frontiers from hostile Chinese invasions. India-Russia Union would surpass European Union and North America Free Trade Association (NAFTA). India and Russia should lead the Asian Common Market (ACM) that would include besides India and Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tibet, Afghanistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia. India would have very close military, economic and political alliances with an Orthodox, non-Communist, Capitalist Russia. The national interests of imperial expansionist Russia do not conflict with the national interests of Hindu India. Russia would support India-Ukraine Defense ties, as it weans Ukraine away from Western Camp. Russia would welcome India's military presence in Black Sea, Caspian Sea and Sea of Okhotsk.

Clinton-Nato Wars for Human Rights

THE AGE OF HUMAN RIGHTS: The Age of Human Rights is upon us. In the spring 1999, the United States fought a war in the Balkans in the name of human rights and humanitarian imperatives. It was the first war in recent memory, waged in the name of values rather than strategic interests, said President Clinton. It is a new internationalism based on values and rule of law, said British Prime Minister Tony Blair. No longer does national sovereignty provide blanket protection for human rights abusers. The old assumption that national sovereignty trumps all other principles in international relations is under attack as never before. President George Bush proclaimed a decade ago a ‘political New World Order’. There is emerging a ‘New World Moral Order,’ one ruled by ideas like civil society, humanitarianism and, human rights. This revolution in human concerns arises out of the indivisibility of human interests and needs in an interdependent world.

Reagan-Pope-CIA Alliance in Poland:

REAGAN DOCTRINE: The Reagan administration played the central role in legitimizing the American human rights movement. Reagan represented the confrontation between the U.S. and the Soviet Union as one between a totalitarian system and one based on civil liberties. However, United States had to be hypocrite in pretending every one on its side of the Cold War was not violating human rights.

Clinton's Doctrine

CLINTON DOCTRINE: Despite the triumph of Kosovo, the human rights movement during the 1990s suffered an equally important defeat: the Clinton Administration’s policy towards China. It was Clinton, after all, who severed the link between progress on human rights and most-favored-nation trading status. Many fear that future Western Governments will be willing to uphold Human Rights principles only when economically unimportant countries are concerned. Non-Catholics fear that United States and Western governments will not oppose human rights violations of Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu and Orthodox people. United States has supported the violations of human rights in the torture of Kurds by Turkey and Iraq. The US supported the torture of Buddhists by Communist China, Cambodia, Burma, and Laos. The US supported the torture of Tamil Hindus by Buddhist Sri Lanka, murder of Hindus by Muslim terrorists in Kashmir, and murder of Hindus by Catholic terrorists in North-east India. The US supported the torture of Indigenous Indians by Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Colombia. Falun Gong, Tibet, Kurds will test the reality of New Moral World Order.



7 (iii) Clash of Russia

The disintegration of the Soviet Union and the dismantling of the Communist system resulted in the resurrection of Imperial Orthodox Russia. President Putin shall be a Czar like the Peter the Great, and resurrect Orthodox Russian Empire. President Putin realizes that Russia should dump Communist policy of reliance on heavy industries. Russia would become prosperous by rejecting the Hardware route and by following the Software route. United States, Russia and India have world's three largest reservoir of technically skilled manpower. Russian software engineers and programmers shall create Russian Software superpower, leapfrogging over Germany, Japan, China, Britain, and Ireland.


India and Russia would sign Defense Pact and Russia would allow unlimited Indian emigration to Siberia, to rejuvenate Russian economy. India-Russia pact deters looming Chinese invasions of Siberia. The geopolitical destiny of India and Russia interlinked as land powers, in constant rivalry with Western maritime powers. India should deploy troops to Kalinigrad and Vladivostok to protect Russia from foreign aggression. India and Russia should promote Asian Collective Security in Central Asia. Rise of imperial Russia is in the geopolitical interest of India. Rise of imperial India is in the geopolitical interest of Russian Empire. The permanent most favored nation status to China establishes de facto US-China Defense Pact. India and Russia should form Asian Common Market, Asian Collective Security and India-Russia Pact to neutralize the threat of USA-China alliance. India and Russia should send troops to participate military in the looming War in Colombia, the Latin America's First World War.


Assertive Orthodox Russia

After the fall of Communism, Indians have nothing to fear from Russia. India should promote emigration to Russia. President Putin realizes that Bolshevik Jews massacred 30 million Orthodox Russians, and Glasnost Jews siphoned away $200 billion Russian capital to Western banks. Russia would promote Orthodoxy to reclaim Byzantine patrimony in pre-Islamic Christian civilizations in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Syria and Lebanon. India and Russia should form Defense Pact and deploy 200,000 Indian troops in Kaliningrad. Russia should expel 3 million Russian Jews and import 20 million Indian immigrants to Siberia. India-Russia Pact would turn tables on NATO. This is the argument author make in this section.

Putin's New Nuclear Doctrine

Boris Yeltsin is basking in the glory of Orthodoxy's Knight of Holy Sepulcher. Yeltsin's heir apparent Vladimir V. Putin, as new boss of Kremlin issued a National Security Strategy for 2000. Yeltsin is preparing Eastern Orthodoxy in its mortal combat with Western Christendom. Putin is protecting Russian sphere of influence from the menace of NATO and United States. New Russian Nuclear Doctrine 2000 replaces the previous Russian doctrine, issued in 1997, which allowed the use of nuclear arms, only in case of a threat to the existence of the Russian Federation.

Reinvigorate Nuclear Forces

In his first official trip since being elected president, Vladimir V. Putin visited one of Russia's leading nuclear weapons design centers and vowed to preserve Russia's nuclear might. Putin's goal of a more efficient nuclear program includes consolidating production, not increasing it. Russia declared that it must increase the efficiency of its nuclear potential. Mr. Putin signaled that he was prepared to support both the weapons arsenal and the scientists who have developed it. Set in the town of Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk-70 is one of the 10 closed nuclear cities, where some 70,000 Russians live. It was established in 1955 as a backup and competitor to Arzamas-16, the Soviet Union's first nuclear weapons design center. Mr. Putin repeatedly pledged to strengthen Russia's military-industrial complex. He outlined 10-point plan for improving military production. He has increased spending for weapons production by 50 percent.

Expansionist USA

New Russian Nuclear Doctrine inveighs against an expansionist Europe and United States and contemplates the use of nuclear weapons in war if all other means of resolving the crisis have been exhausted. The "Concept of National Security" was signed into law, by Acting President Vladimir V. Putin on Monday 10 January 2000 and published on 14 Jan. It reviews not just foreign threats but also a sweeping array of internal dangers, from organized crime to separatist movements like that of the militants in Chechnya. The revised language governing nuclear weapons is a subtle but unmistakable stiffening of the previous strategy issued in 1997. New Doctrine incorporates changes in military and political doctrine approved over the last year. Russian doctrine represent a new view of the world by Russian leaders, one in which the West is no longer benign, but is a competitor that benefits from and even schemes to ensure the weakness of Russia and Eastern Orthodoxy. The deputy chief of the Russian Defense Ministry's general staff, Col. Valery Manilov, said today that the new strategy's apparent suspicion of Western intentions should not be blown out of proportion. The changes in the new doctrine, was a codification of something that's really already been pretty well cemented in the Russian psyche, at least among Russian security planners, says Bruce G. Blair, of Brookings Institution in Washington. The new military doctrine for the first time formulated concrete military threats to Russia. The new security concept, with which the military doctrine is being dovetailed, makes it clear that the main military threats to Russia comes from the U.S. and other Western nations. For the first time, Russia has identified regions of the world where it claims to have strategic interests. The security doctrine says Russia feels threatened by attempts of other states to prevent it from asserting its national interests in Europe, West Asia, Trans-Caucasus, Central Asia and the Asia-pacific region.

NATO's Air War on Yugoslavia Prompted New Doctrine

Little of this bleak picture is new to the Russian people who have watched Russia's elite, average citizens, and Orthodox Christians alike turn against the West and the Vatican, after the NATO bombing campaign against Orthodox Yugoslavia in spring 1999. Orthodox Christians worldwide blame Pope and Vatican for the disintegration of Yugoslavia and for $40 billion industrial infrastructure damage of Yugoslavia. NATO bombing of Yugoslavia has widened the Great Schism between Catholicism and Orthodoxy and transformed every Russian into fanatic Orthodoxy's Warrior ready to engage Catholicism into mortal combats in Asia and Europe. NATO's barbaric bombing of Yugoslavia guarantees that European Catholic-Orthodoxy's divide shall become the theater of the Third World War. Russia's attitude to the West has hardened following the eastward expansion of NATO and the Alliance's intervention in Yugoslavia. The idea of Russia's partnership with United States has vanished, said Sergei Sokut, at Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper, which published the entire doctrine in its weekly military supplement.

Similar Russian American Nuclear Doctrines

United States also periodically redraws its security landscape, in exercises similar from that of the Kremlin. United States traditionally has been more hawkish about the first use of nuclear weapons than has Moscow. America's policy during Cold War was never to renounce the first use of nuclear arms, but to counter a Russian invasion of Europe with nuclear force, if necessary. Russia had renounced the first use of nuclear missiles for some years but, worried about China, abandoned the pledge in 1993. By then, however, it viewed itself as an ally of the West. In that sense, the Kremlin and White House nuclear policies are not all that far apart. Russia's new stress on nuclear weapons sounds like NATO's own doctrine. Publications of the new doctrine comes at a time when relations between the United States and Russia have soured, with sharp differences over Washington's desire to amend the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. United States wants to develop Star War weapons to make United States invulnerable of second-strike retaliation. Russia claims that pulling back from the 1972 ABM Treaty, risk upsetting the strategic nuclear balance and could unleash a new arms race. While Mr. Yeltsin's strategy, declared nuclear weapons could only be used if the very existence of the Russian Federation as a sovereign state is threatened. Mr. Putin's doctrine lowers the nuclear threshold to repelling armed aggression if all other means of resolving a crisis situation have been exhausted or turn out to be ineffective.

Risks of False Alarms

However, in terms of security, the Russian and American nuclear forces are now far apart. While American nuclear forces are under tight control, the control of Russian Nuclear missiles is more problematic. Russia forced to rely more and more on its nuclear force to deter threats, because its conventional forces no longer are able to repel an outsider. That requires keeping nuclear arms on high alert, and that invites mistakes in a system where missing radar and balky satellites already provide only spotty warning of incoming missiles. The situation may also increase the chance of false alarms.

Igor Sergeyev's Threat of First Use

Russia has increasingly shown its nuclear card in recent years, more as a reminder of its potential to wreck havoc and to command respect, than as any threat. Only in December 99, President Boris N. Yeltsin, startled American leaders when in response to American criticism, he tartly reminded President Clinton that Kremlin controls an arsenal of nuclear missiles and does not brook attacks. In June 1999, the Russian military unveiled its response to the West's bombing of Yugoslavia by staging the largest military exercise since the collapse of the Soviet Union. It carried out mock nuclear strikes on an unspecified, but inarguably Western, enemy. The plan for the exercise envisioned a Kremlin unable to repel Western forces with its cash-starved army, and thus forced to resort to nuclear weapons. Russian defense Minister, Igor D. Sergeyev, said, "The exercise tested one of the provisions of Russia's military doctrine concerning a possible use of nuclear weapons when all other measures were exhausted. Russia did pursue a nuclear option. All measures were exhausted. Our defenses proved to be ineffective. An enemy continued to push into Russia. In addition, that is when the decision to use nuclear weapons was made. The Putin's Nuclear Doctrine 2000 is hardly as apocalyptic, as enunciated above by Igor D. Sergeyev in June 99.

NATO is No. 1 Threat to Russia

The NATO's military activities outside the bloc's zone of responsibility are identified as the No. 1 military threat to Russia. Russian Doctrine warns that United States and United Europe is bent on global hegemony and thwarting Russia's ambitions. It warns that some countries are trying to dominate the flow of information worldwide and to force Russia out of the information market. NATO's decision to use force outside its borders, as occurred in Yugoslavia, is a threat of destabilization of the whole strategic situation. It accuses the United States of trying to weaken Russia and become the world's dominant power.

Concept of National Security

The most significant change in the "Concept of National Security," which covers two full newspaper pages, concerns the use of Russia's powerful nuclear arsenal. In a section called "Ensuring the National Security of Russia," the new doctrine would allow Russia's leaders to use all existing forces including nuclear weapons to oppose any attack, nuclear or conventional, if other efforts fail to repel the aggressor. The previous 1997 doctrine stated that Russia would use nuclear weapons only in cases when its national sovereignty was threatened. The level and scale of military threat is growing, the new doctrine said, as if to justify its emphasis on the potential use of nuclear weapons. The shift was due to the tremendous weakness of Russia's conventional forces, which might not be able to defend Russian Siberia against Chinese attacks, and NATO invasions of Chechnya. It widens the range of Russia's use of nuclear weapons. It is a guarantee that Chinese would not dare to attack Eastern Siberia. It guarantees that NATO would not attack Russia demanding secession of Muslim territories. It is guarantees that Vatican would not plan the destruction of Eastern Christianity, by buying out the loyalty of Orthodox Churches in Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Macedonia, and Montenegro.

Militarizing Russian Society

Mr. Putin, a former Lieutenant colonel in the KGB is rapidly remilitarizing Russian society. Mr. Putin's second decree established a new Russian military doctrine abandoning the old no-first-strike policy toward nuclear weapons. Putin’s decree re-established mandatory training exercises for reservists. His government's first legislative action re-established military training in secondary schools, both public and private. Russian teenagers will again become intimate with the Kalashnikov. The Ministry of Education's plans to expand the school curriculum to 12 years will also have a military impact. Boys will graduate from High School not at 17, as now, but at the conscription age of 18, and will not have time to try to gain acceptance to colleges that could grant draft exemptions. On Jan 27, 2000, Mr. Putin's finance minister announced that defense spending would increase by 50 percent. From now on military detachments will be encouraged to adopt boys 14 and older who are orphans, or have single mothers. Russia's remilitarization signals a return to the besieged, us-against-the-world mindset that Russia had begun to change.

Multi-polar world

The bipolar confrontations of the cold war era have been replaced by a conflict of two mutually exclusive tendencies. Russia and other countries seek to establish a multipolar world, based on the multi-sided control of international processes. Second trend is promoted by U.S.-led Western nations trying to use military force to decide essential international problems in circumvention of international law. The doctrine identifies two "mutually exclusive" trends in international relations following the end of the bipolar world at the end of the Cold War. One trend is an attempt to create a multipolar world, which United States is scuttling, aiming to dominate the world.

Russia, India, China Strategic Partners

Russia has updated its military and security doctrines, naming India and China among its allies and strategic partners and pointing to the West as the source of potential military threats. The earlier version of the military doctrine approved in the late 1993 mentioned only former Soviet Republics, allied with Russia in the commonwealth of Independent States, as priority partners for military-technical cooperation. However, the new doctrine extends the same status to Russia's allies and strategic partners, China, India and other countries. Russia, China, India and France have all opposed what they call U.S. hegemony following the Cold War and have attempted to create a counterbalance.

Russian Military Bases

In another sign of Moscow's revived assertiveness, the security doctrine declares the need for military presence of Russia in some strategically important regions of the world. Moscow says the deployment of limited military contingents on the basis of agreements, should help Russia honor its obligations, promote a stable military-strategic balance of forces in regions and enable Russia respond to any crisis situation at an early stage.

Islamic Terrorism as National Security Threat

Moscow's strategic shift has been largely sparked by NATO's air war against Yugoslavia and the West's strong criticism of Russia's anti-terrorist campaign to bring the breakaway province of Chechnya back into its fold. Chechnya has prompted the Kremlin to list terrorism as a national security threat for the first time. International terrorists have unleashed a blatant campaign to destabilize the situation in Russia.

Russian Bases in Yugoslavia

The new doctrine prepares the ground for the Union of Russia-Belarus-Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia Parliament has passed Parliamentary Act proposing Yugoslavia's participation in Russia-Belarus Union. Russian Naval Base in the warm water ports of Adriatic Sea and Montenegro would threaten NATO domination of Adriatic Sea. Russia-Yugoslavia-Yugoslavia Union would allow Yugoslavia access to Russian nuclear technology and nuclear weapons components. Putin's nuclear doctrine would deter NATO's machinations for the secession of Montenegro from Yugoslavia. Russian naval, nuclear and military bases in Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea and Yugoslav bases on the Adriatic Sea would encourage Greece to opt of NATO. Russian Naval Base in Greece would undermine Catholic and Protestant domination of the Mediterranean Sea.


Putin's new doctrine paves the way for Russian support to Kurd revolutionaries. India and Iran would support the secession of Kurdistan. Kurdistan shall be the theater of NATO's clash with Orthodoxy and Aryans. Secession of Kurdistan would create a permanent geopolitical barrier in the Asian expansion of Catholic-Protestant European NATO. Sovereign Kurdistan would secure for Russia direct geopolitical access to Mediterranean and Persian Gulf. Kurdistan interconnects three seas, the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf.

Eastern Orthodoxy Challenges Western Christendom in Asia

Russian Orthodox patriarch, Aleksy II, had blessed the transfer of power on the New Year Eve, from Mr. Yeltsin to his Prime Minister, Vladimir V. Putin. Boris Yeltsin replaced Communist's loyalty to Soviet Union by Russian patriotism for Russia. Boris Yeltsin named Knight of the Holy Sepulcher by Patriarch Diodoros I, at the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, in Jerusalem at Christmas services. The new Russian nuclear doctrine allows, President Putin use nuclear weapons to protect Orthodox Christianity to meet future Catholic menaces. Buoyed by Russian nuclear backing Greek Orthodox Patriarchs would increasingly challenge Catholics and Protestants in winning Christian souls in Asia. Asians are rejecting Catholic and Protestant Christianity as religion imposed by oppressive colonial rulers. Greek Orthodox Church does not suffer from the legacy of Catholic Inquisition and Catholic massacre of indigenous Americans. Eastern Christianity is superior to Catholic Christianity and Protestant Christianity. Orthodoxy spiritually more advanced that Catholicism and Protestantism. Orthodox Cannon and dogma are superior to those of Catholics and Protestants. There is no Catholic nuclear power in the world. Russians shall lead the Orthodox missionaries to reconvert Christians in Asia to Greek Orthodoxy. Russia's strategic partnership with India and China shall convert Indian and Chinese Christians to Eastern Christianity. Putin's Russia would militarily support the propagation of Eastern Christianity in Asia. Catholics and Protestants in India, China, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Burma would reject Western Christianity and convert to Eastern Christianity. Russia shall one day amend its Security doctrine to include the propagation of Greek Orthodoxy as the principal foreign policy goals of nuclear Russia. India and China can transform global military balance by organizing mass conversion of Catholics and Protestants in Asia to Orthodoxy. Western Christendom would lose its Civilization’s and cultural leadership of the world, whenever India and China put the Civilization’s weight of Hinduism and Buddhism behind Orthodoxy in the proselytizing wars among Christian sects. Eastern Christianity has the potential to overtake Catholic and Protestant Churches in Asia. Should India and China pass legislation to transfer the Catholic and Protestant Church property and assets to Greek Orthodox Church?



7(4) Russia in New Age of Colonial Empires

The history is cyclical. The 21st Century would resemble 18th Century, which will witness the reemergence of Empires and Colonies. The birth of the new states that took place during 1960s at the end of the Age of Colonial Empires heralded the new Age. The gains of the newly independent nations of Asia and Africa, took place due to the decline of European colonial powers could be reversed during 21st Century. NATO air war on Serbia heralds a new age of Colonial Empires. More than 50 newly independent states would lose independence and sovereignty during first 4 decades of the 21st Century. Hindu India, Buddhist China, Buddhist Japan and Muslim Pakistan, Egypt and Persia should create their own Empires during the 21st Century. India and China should not miss the colonial opportunities in the new age of Colonial Empires during 2000's. Ancient civilizations should recreate ancient empires. India and China need large colonial empires to undertake mass-migrations of Indians and Chinese peoples to Australia, Africa, and South America. In any event, this is the argument the author makes in this section.


GLOBALISM IS NEOCOLONIALISM: President Mohammad Khatami of Iran, compared globalization to colonialism. Globalization was a destructive force threatening dialogue between cultures. The dialogue between cultures should be based on respect for equality. The new world order that certain power, is trying to make Iran accept, in which the culture of the entire world is ignored. The new world order, promoted by America and NATO, looks like a kind of neocolonialism. This imperialism threatens mutual understanding between nations, and communication and dialogue between cultures. Members of the People's Mujahideen of Iran, an opposition group with an Army in Iraq, hit Mr. Khatami's car with paint-filled eggs. President Mohammad Khatami is the moderate Iranian leader, and seeks to define publicly where Iran was headed, and hinted how far he could go toward his goal of dialogue with the West.


POST CTBT WORLD: The US Senate has rejected the ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. The CTBT is dead. India, China and Pakistan are free to conduct underground nuclear tests. United States plans to renegotiate the 1972 Antiballistic Missile Treaty, which prohibits the development of missile defense systems. United States sabotaged the UN Permanent War Crimes Tribunal, to avoid the prosecution of US personnel for War Crimes. However, United States stage-managed a sham War Crime Tribunal to indict Slobadan Milosevic of Yugoslavia, during NATO air war against Serbia. United States desire to play a Rambo role in the future world, where it would use forces against weaker nation at will.


21ST CENTURY SIMILAR TO 19TH CENTURY: The NATO invasions of Serbia indicates that Western Europe itching to recreate colonial empires that it lost after the Second World War. United States is an imperial nation. From 1840, onwards the United States has been on an expansion mode. United States wants to create Pax Americana by exploiting its sole Super Power status. India may be willing to help United States in its quest for a global American Empire in exchange for a share of the proposed Empire. Indian soldiers built British Empire, where sun never went down.


END OF THE AGE OF SEA POWERS: The recent advances in the military technology of Precision Guided Munitions make maritime assets, aircraft carriers, frigates, ships, tankers easy targets to smart missiles. Land powers can easily cut sea-lanes and sink civilian merchant ships, naval assets to end the age of Sea Powers. The 21st Century will witness the rise of land powers. The Precision Guided Munitions heralds the age of light, mobile, lethal super Infantry. The PGM armed soldier against becomes the main asset of the modern warfare. It gives the nations with large educated populations great strategic advantage. The space age warfare requires the development of new technology and India's solid background in mathematics and physics makes India a winner in the Information and space age. India will be the Super Power in the coming Century.


CHINESE INVASIONS OF AUSTRALIA: China would occupy Australia and Siberia in the first half of the coming Century. Precision Guided Munitions would allow Chinese missile frigates to neutralize the Seventh Fleet. The end of the Age of Aircraft Carriers would result in the eviction of whites from Australia and New Zealand. India would support Chinese occupation of Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, in exchange for Tibet, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Bali and Jaya Irian.


THE WAR OVER PEACE: The key to the 20th century is not the three world wars (I, II and the cold war) that punctuated it, but rather how great powers designed the peace that punctuated these wars. The peace of Versailles was mishandled. The peace after World War II was well managed. British Premier Churchill refused the demand of the U.S. President that Britain should hand over half the British Empire to America as payment for American contribution toward the Allied Powers' victory. Had Britain agreed to share the British Empire with United State, the colonial Empires would have survived the demise of the Cold War. In 1919 and 1945, America wanted to change the world, and the world was reluctant. However, in 1999, the world is eager to change, along the lines being defined by America, but now America is reluctant. Why it is so? If one looks at the world that has developed since the end of the cold war, it based in many ways on American ideas, American values and American products. The reason is that America wants to create American Colonial Empire. America failed to create Colonial Empire in the post-second world era, due to the threat of Soviet nuclear retaliation. Had there been no Soviet nuclear deterrent, America would have used nuclear weapons to carve out an American Colonial Empire. The demise of the Soviet Union, and the end of the Cold War, forced Russia to accept that it is not in the national interest of Russia to neutralize American imperial colonial ambitions by resorting to Soviet military power. Russia has given a green signal to United States that it would no longer mind American Colonial Empire, so long as Russia may do the same. Russia kept quiet while NATO destroyed Serb civilian infrastructure. America would keep distance, whenever Russia decides to bomb Chechnya. Like the gentlemen's agreement during colonial era, the great powers would not help colonies become independent. The United Europe intends to carve out the colonial empires in Africa and South America.


7(5) Russia Opposed Clinton Doctrine of War for Human Rights

NATO Wars for Human Rights

THE AGE OF HUMAN RIGHTS: The Age of Human Rights is upon us. In the spring 1999, the United States fought a war in the Balkans in the name of human rights and humanitarian imperatives. It was the first war in recent memory, waged in the name of values rather than strategic interests, said President Clinton. It is a new internationalism based on values and rule of law, said British Prime Minister Tony Blair. No longer does national sovereignty provide blanket protection for human rights abusers. The old assumption that national sovereignty trumps all other principles in international relations is under attack as never before. President George Bush proclaimed a decade ago a ‘political New World Order’. There is emerging a ‘New World Moral Order,’ one ruled by ideas like civil society, humanitarianism and, human rights. This revolution in human concerns arises out of the indivisibility of human interests and needs in an interdependent world.


REAGAN DOCTRINE: The Reagan administration played the central role in legitimizing the American human rights movement. Reagan represented the confrontation between the U.S. and the Soviet Union as one between a totalitarian system and one based on civil liberties. However, United States had to be Hippocratic in pretending no one on its side of the Cold War was violating human rights.


CLINTON DOCTRINE: Despite the triumph of Kosovo, the human rights movement during the 1990s suffered an equally important defeat: the Clinton Administration’s policy towards China. It was Clinton; after all, who severed the link between progress on human rights and most-favored-nation trading status. Many fear that future Western Governments will be willing to uphold Human Rights principles only when economically unimportant countries are concerned. Non-Catholics fear that United States and Western governments will not oppose human rights violations of Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu and Orthodox people. United States has supported the violations of human rights in the torture of Kurds by Turkey and Iraq. The US supported the torture of Buddhists by Communist China, Cambodia, Burma, and Laos. The US supported the torture of Tamil Hindus by Buddhist Sri Lanka, murder of Hindus by Muslim terrorists in Kashmir, and murder of Hindus by Catholic terrorists in North-east India. The US supported the torture of Indigenous Indians by Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Colombia. Falun Gong, Tibet, Kurds will test the reality of New Moral World Order.


KOSOVO’S COSTLY DISORDER: If the criminal violence pervading Kosovo does not end soon, then the Kosovo’s economic assets will be controlled by ruthless and heavily armed criminals and drug Mafia. Fair elections will become impossible. Kosovo’s economic recovery and return to self-government will be indefinitely delayed. Kosovo will become a huge plantation for producing raw Opium; similar to Afghanistan and Muslim Drug cartels will join Italian Mafia to monopolize drug trade in United Europe. NATO should not have driven Slobodan Milosevich’s Army out of Kosovo to allow a new era of disorder to continue. Muslim drug cartels will gain a bigger slice of $600 billion dollar drug trade market.


AIR WAR IN KOSOVO: During 1999, the First Kosovo War was the ‘Rambouillet Peace Conference’ that NATO lost. The USA fought the Second Kosovo War to prevent the destabilization of Southern Europe and to save NATO’s credibility. The whole debate around the Kosovo War was about the means that United States should use in the War- air power or ground troops. The political ends of the war were very vague. It turned out that the only way NATO could sustain this war was by not asking too much of its own citizens and by relying on air power alone. NATO and USA fought the Kosovo War skillfully, given these constraints. Air power alone worked. NATO won the Kosovo War # 2. However, air power worked not because NATO bombed all the Serbia troops out of Kosovo but because it bombed all the jobs out of Belgrade, crushing its economic infrastructure.


TWO ALBANIA OR ONE LEBANON: Now NATO is in Kosovo War #3. The NATO alliance intervened in a civil war and defeated one side. After the victory, NATO has embraced the position of the Serb party it had defeated on the issue over which they fought the war. We can have democracy and a small NATO presence only if we give up the multi-ethnicity and divide Kosovo. Partition Kosovo into Serbia Kosovo and Albanian Kosovo. The Albanian Kosovo and Albania should merge. Serbia Kosovo should merge with Serbia. A similar partition of Bosnia into Serbia Bosnia and Muslim Bosnia will also solve the problem in Bosnia. The NATO will lose its moral leadership if it allows the KLA to drive out all Serbs from Kosovo. NATO had helped Croatia expel Serbs from Krajina, where Serbs had lived for many centuries. If NATO does it then it will lead to the Kosovo War # 4. The notion of multi-ethnic democratic Kosovo is possible, if the Non-Aligned Nations provide the peacekeeping role in Kosovo. The NATO will make Kosovo a Lebanon of the Balkans if remain partial in Kosovo.

Russian Navy in Adriatic Sea

SEPARATION OF MONTENEGRO: In a prelude to independence, Montenegro said that it wanted to abolish its federation with Serbia in Yugoslavia in favor of a loose partnership that will allow each republic to go its own way. A draft plan approved on August 5, 1999 will give it a right to maintain its own army, foreign ministry and currency while remaining loosely linked to Serbia in an “Association of the States of Serbia and Montenegro.” Montenegro Prime Minister Filip Vujanovic said the plan enables Montenegro to secure democratic and economic development and join European and world institutions without harming Serbia. Montenegro, with a 630,000 people and Serbia with 10 million are the only two republics left in Yugoslavia which began to disintegrate in 1991.


GEOPOLITICS OF MONTENEGRO: Yugoslavia has signed a Union with Russia and Byelorussia. It will allow Russia Navy a foothold in the war waters of Adriatic Sea. Russian navy based at Adriatic Sea transforms the maritime balance of power in Europe. Russia accepted the humiliation of Slobadan Milosevic to secure a foothold in the Adriatic Sea for Russian Navy, currently bottled up in Black Sea. If Montenegro joins NATO then Serbia becomes a land-locked nation and Russia will lose its opportunity to secure a foothold in Adriatic Sea. Perhaps Russia shall exercise its nuclear deterrent to maintain the integrity of Yugoslavia and secure for Russian Navy a naval base in Adriatic Sea. The Montenegro accounts for 6 percent of Serbia population, and 5 percent of Yugoslavia population. Principle of the secession of minority representing nation’s 5 percent population, if upheld will destabilize the world order. France should then allow the secession of Muslims that represent 8 percent of the population. The United States should allow the secession of Blacks and Hispanic people. Russia should exercise its nuclear deterrent to deter NATO destabilizing the integrity of Yugoslavia.


Yeltsin's Nuclear Deterrent

Russia's leader said that the U.S. cannot dictate to the world. Russia complained that the United States was not treating Russia with the respect due a nuclear power. President Clinton permitted himself to put pressure on Russia. Yeltsin reminded that it has never been and never will be the case that he will dictate to the whole world how to live. Russia rejects the unipolar world and declares that the present multipolar world is the basis for everything. We (Russia) will dictate to the world. Not him (Clinton), not him alone. Russia, a faltering world power, and China, an aspiring on, are united in fear of American domination, and the Russia-China statements issued emphasized their shared support for a world with no single preeminent power. Russia-China signed two new border agreements and reaffirmed the strategic partnership they have extolled in summit meetings over last several years, an effort to erase past tensions and counter American power. Russia and China shared opposition to American plans for an antimissile defense system, which they say, will set off a global arms race.


Clinton seems to have forgotten what Russia is-that it possesses a complete arsenal of nuclear weapons. It did not happen and will not happen now that Bill Clinton would alone dictate how to live, how to work, and how to rest. We will dictate how to live m not him. These were the eruptions of Boris Yeltsin in Beijing on 8th December 1999, after Mr. Clinton said Russia would cold pay a stiff price for the high rate of civilian casualties in Chechnya. The Russian-Chinese communiqué fairly bristled with resentment toward American policy and civilization. Boris N. Yeltsin during official visit to China rattled Russia's nuclear saber at President Clinton, and denounced American culture, values and military dominance.


In its relentless military campaign in Chechnya, Russia is duplicating the NATO bombing of Kosovo. Yet, the West has found it cannot do anything to stop the excesses of the Russian drive against the Chechnya rebels. It shows the limitation of the humanitarian-intervention policy used by President Bill Clinton to justify NATO's attacks on Serbia. Russia declared that America should not forget that Russia is a great power that possesses a nuclear arsenal. Russia told America that America alone cannot dictate how the world should live, work and play. It is Russia, who will dictate, how the world should live, work and play. These remarks may not be subtle, but are effective in taming Bill Clinton and castrating the humanitarian-intervention policy used by America and NATO to justify attacks on Serbia.


7(iv) On Russia’s Leaders


“Religion is the opiate of the masses,” said Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto. Secretly, Karl Marx interpreted it as, “Non-Judaic and non-Catholic religions are opiate of the masses.” In the Global Clash of Races, the Communist Russia supported wars on Orthodoxy, Buddhism and Hinduism, and supported Catholic attacks on pagans and Idolaters. Communist regimes destroyed Orthodox Church, but didn’t destroy Communist Church. In China Communists destroyed Buddhism but not Christianity. In India Communists undermined Hinduism but protected Christianity. Perhaps Karl Marx like prophet Joshua wanted to destroy goddess religions and promote patriarchal religions.


The Capitalist Russia should order mass executions of a few million ex-Bolsheviks in Russia to punish them for the harm they did to Russia. Communism, Marxism and Bolshevism greater evil than Nazism and Fascism, simply because the Holocaust of 30 million Orthodox Russians by Bolshevik Jew L.P. Beria was far more cruel and reprehensible than the Holocaust of 6 million Jews by Catholic German Nazis. Bolshevik Jews have escaped punishment at Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal. Karl Marx justified the massacre of innocent individuals based on the writings of prophet Joshua in Torah and Old Testament. Because Bolshevik Jews escaped punishment at hands of Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal for the Holocaust of Orthodox Russians, its descendants Christian Bolshevik Mao Zedong murdered by starvation 60 million Buddhists in China, and Catholic Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge murdered 2 million Buddhists in Cambodia. Perhaps Capitalist Orthodox Russia should hang a few million ex-Communists to punish Bolsheviks for their War Crimes and Crime of Genocide against Mother Russia. Karl Marx was a bastard philosopher hired by the Vatican to produce a shit philosophical concoction, to justify the confiscation of wealth of Czars and to massacre millions of Orthodox Russians. All the Jews of world pooled their intellectual powers and control over media to dress up the shit philosophy of Karl Marx as world-class philosophy.


“In an ironic sense Karl Marx was right. We are witnessing today a great revolutionary crisis, a crisis where the demands of the economic order are conflicting directly with those of the political order. But the crisis is happening not in the free, non-Marxist West, but in the home of Marxism-Leninism, the Soviet Union,” said Ronald Reagan.


LAVRENTI .P. BERIA Bolshevik Jew

Bolshevik Stalin and L.P. Beria were cannibals as well as war criminals and disgrace to human society. Stalin was the evil face of the Marxism and Communism. Bolshevik Jew spymaster L.P. Beria and Stalin murdered more than 30 million orthodox Christians, in the Soviet Unions, to fulfill Karl Marx’s supposed promise to the Vatican, that Communist Manifesto would destroy Orthodoxy and pagan religions. Secretary General Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin ruled with iron fist and bloodshed from Dec. 1922 to March 1953, after the death of Lenin. Adolf Hitler became so scared of the genocidal tendencies of the Bolshevik Jews personified by L.P. Beria that he decided to exterminate Jews, lest they begin to exterminate Germans, just as what they did to Orthodox Russia. German won’t have followed Adolf Hitler had they not feared the genocidal tendencies of Bolshevik Jews. War Crime Tribunal should order that graves of all Bolsheviks that joined L.P. Beria in the murders be exhumed and the dead bodied hanged. Similarly, all Communist Chinese that helped murder any of 60 million Buddhists that died due to the conspiracy of Mao Zedong must face death penalty for their Crime against Humanity. All supporters of Pol Pot and Khmer rouge in Cambodia must also face death penalty without any exception. The body of Joseph Stalin should be publicly hanged for the crime of genocide. Future Buddhist government should also hang the embalmed body of Mao Zedong as punishment for the genocide of 60 million Buddhists in China.



Premier Khrushchev understood the political role of nuclear weapons, and he explained it by thumping his shoes on the podium of the UN General Assembly. Khrushchev warned Britain and France to withdraw from Suez Canal otherwise Russia would blow up Paris and London. Khrushchev showed how weak and unimportant in the 1950’s Britain and France had become after the Second World War. Secretary General Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev governed from March 1953 to Oct 1964, after the death of Stalin for a period of 11 years. Khrushchev was wise enough to realize that China and Soviet Union are poised for confrontation that is why he supported India during 1962 India China War President Brezhnev continued the policies of Khrushchev. Leonid Ilich Brezhnev served as Soviet President from May 1960 to July 1962, and from June 1977 to Nov 1982, and as Secretary General from Oct 1964 to Nov 1982, after Khrushchev was ousted.



After the death of President & Premier Brezhnev, Yuri V. Andropov served as president from June 1983 to Feb 1984 and as Secretary General from June 1983 to Feb 1984. However he was medically unfit to govern and Russia suffered a great deal under his short reign.



Skeptics argue that President Gorbachev was a CIA agent, to explain that he foolishly worked towards the disintegration of the Soviet Union. As the President Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev served from Oct 1988 to Aug 1991. As Secretary General Gorbachev served from March 1985 to August 1991. Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze was a CIA agent without any doubt. How could CIA brainwash a ruler of a Super Power to become a pawn in the hand of the West?



President Boris Yeltsin left his indelible mark on the world history by transferring levers of the political power of a Super Power to the new generation, not related to him. We salute Boris Yeltsin for his contribution towards the transfer of power to the new generation. Boris Yeltsin would be honored for this great act of patriotism. Boris Yeltsin is a great patriot. As the Russian President Boris Yeltsin governed from June 1991 to Dec 1999. Boris Yeltsin gave Yegor Gaidar and Sergei Kiriyenko a chance to become rulers of Russia, but they failed to rise to the occasion. As Russia’s Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar served from June 1992 to Dec 1992. Veteran Viktor Chernomyrdin replaced him and served as prime Minister from Dec 1992 to March 1998. Then Boris Yeltsin again gave a chance to hand over power to the young generation. As Russia’s Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko served from March 1998 to Sept 1998 and he failed. Veteran leader Yevgeny Primakov served as Prime Minster from Sept 1998.



Boris Yeltsin gave young man Vladimir Putin chance to become Prime Minister of Russia, and he successfully controlled and managed levers of power in Mother Russia. Then suddenly Boris Yeltsin announced his retirement and transferred power to Vladimir Putin as President of Russian Federation on Jan 2000, so that Russia could be led by a new generation in the new Millennium. No body could ever doubt that the CIA would be able to hire Vladimir Putin. Destiny of Mother Russia is safe in the capable hands of President Putin. India and Russia will sign defense Pact and check the unbridled power of the United States during the Presidency of Vladmir Putin. India and Russia would be on the same side of the Global Clash of Races. Weak Russia is neither in the interest of India nor in that of the Third World. Russian people though traumatized by the collapse of the Soviet Union are proud of Vladimir Putin. Indians wish Russians bright future and Russia’s equality with United States.

Christian State of Holy Christine

RUSSIAN JEWS: Russian Jews provide the common linkages to Russia, United States and Israel. Russian Jews helped United States disintegrate the Soviet Union and became a conduit for the flight of hard currency to European banks, which made Russian economy insolvent. United States won over the loyalty of Russian to offer in return the facilitation of the emigration of Russian Jews to the West and the United States. Ashkenazi Jews or East European descent galvanized the West to wean East Europe away from the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, most of the Russian emigrants to the West happened to be Russian Jews, and it put Orthodox Russians in a great disadvantage. Bolshevik Jews dominated the Soviet polity, because Jews were the first converts to Karl Marx, thereby they maintained their political grip during early period of Soviet history. The grip of Bolshevik Jews over Soviet polity declined precipitously, when the horrors committed by Bolshevik Jews under spymaster L.P. Beria became public knowledge. However, dominance of Russian Jews in the realm of business and arts continued unabated. United States and the CIA could tap its reservoir of emigrant Russian Jews to destabilize Russia.


HOLY STATE OF CHRISTINE: However, recently Russian Jews realized that Russia not United States would protect the national interests of Israel. President Clinton started the ball rolling, by declaring the need to set up an independent Palestine State in Israel. President Bush supports the creation of the State of Palestine, carved out of Israel. Immediately after the US Presidential Elections 2004, the Catholic Synod in United States declared total support of the Roman Catholic Church for the creation of the independent State of Palestine. The religious right wing conspiracy, and the Vatican influences the Oval Office to expedite the creation of the State of Palestine, which would inevitably result in the annihilation and destruction of the Jewish State of Israel. Catholic Pope John Paul II supports the creation of the State of Palestine, to bring Christian Holy Land under Catholic control, presently under control of Orthodox Christians. It explains that Pope didn’t vehemently criticize Muslim terrorists, who occupied Holiest Christian Church, the Nativity Church and defecated near the sacred altar. How would the world react, if Jews barricaded inside the Golden dome Mosque, had defecated inside the Dome Mosque in Jerusalem. Rather than criticize Muslim desecration of the Holy Church of Nativity, Vatican criticized the Jews.


President Vladimir Putin would demand the creation of the independent State of Christine, in the Holy Land, Bethlehem and other Holy Christian cities associated with Jesus Christ. Israel should expel Muslims from Christian Holy Land, just as non-Muslims prohibited from entering Muslim Holy cities of Mecca & Medina. Holy Land had been seat of three world religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Orthodox Christians outnumber Catholics in the Holy Land, by 20 to one. Russian Orthodox Church would align with Israel, to engineer the birth of the first Orthodox State in the Middle East. It would expedite the birth of a Maronite Christian State in Lebanon.


Since most of the Arab Muslim nations have joined United States-led alliance, Orthodox Russia led by pro-Orthodoxy President Putin will support the Creation of Holy State of Christine in the Holy Land, to derail the Western demand for the creation of State of Palestine. Hindu India and Buddhist China would openly support the creation of the Holy State of Christine and the expulsion of Muslims from the Christian Holy Land. After the defeat of white United States in the Vietnam War, the Pentagon and the CIA have come to depend on the Muslim mercenaries to fight the covert wars for protecting American national interests, as evident in Yugoslavia War, where Muslim Albanian Drug traffickers paid the West protection money by serving Western interests.


The religious right wing conspiracy seeks to consolidate global alliance of Catholic & Sunni Mafia, Catholic & Evangelical & Sunni theocracy and fundamentalism, to destabilize democratic, multi-ethnic, liberal, free societies. The Catholic Religious Right Wing Conspiracy, and the Proverbial Snake mentioned in the Protocol of the Elders of Zion, destroyed the ancient Egyptian Civilization, ancient Greek Civilization, ancient Roman Civilization, Orthodox Russian civilization, Anglican British Empire, multi-ethnic Soviet Union, multi-ethnic Yugoslavia. It targets liberal democratic Israel and multi-ethnic democratic India. The Christian religious right wing conspiracy, Sunni Wahhabi fundamentalism united by their common opposition to the multi-ethnic societies, democracies, freedom and women’s rights. India, Russia, China and Israel are multi-ethnic societies and they all face the common enemy of theocratic Islamic fundamentalism. Israel, India, China and Russia should join forces to enter into defense pact to militarily root out the evil Islamic Wahhabi terrorist fundamentalism from Arabian Peninsula. When United States could feel free to invade Afghanistan, albeit to flush out Saudi and UAE based Wahhabi terrorists, then India, China and Russia justified in invading Arabian Peninsula to flush out Wahhabi terrorist fundamentalism. Hindu, Buddhist, and Orthodox nations have the necessary military strength to eradicate the evil Wahhabi terrorism from Middle East and Asia.


In the Global Clash of Races, Hindu India, Buddhist China and Orthodox Russia should support the creation of the Holy State of Christine, on the Holy Land of Christianity. Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria had been the seat of Orthodox, Apostolic, Gnostic & Arian Christianity. It was no accident that Chinese Mongols had conquered the Islamic world and ruled over Iran, Iraq, Arabia, Syria and Turkey. Russia is the seat of Orthodox Christianity now, after the overthrow of Communism in the Soviet Union. Orthodox Russia should reclaim its patrimony in North Africa and Arabian Peninsula. Muslim invaders imposed Islam on the Apostolic Orthodox Christian North Africa and Arabia by sword, enslaved men and forced women to join harem. Orthodox Russia and Russian Jews of Israel should enter into Defense Pact to reclaim for Christianity the lands it lost to Islamic sword after 640 AD. North Africa and Arabian Peninsula should again become Orthodox Apostolic Gnostic Arian Christian nations in the 21st Century.


7(v) Future of Slav Russia

Civilization’s Shift in Russia:

Professor S.P. Huntington’s “Clash of Civilization” makes many incisive comments on the future of Russia, future of Orthodoxy, and whether Russia should consider itself to be part of Europe or Asia. Russia has been a torn country for several centuries since Peter the Great, divided over the issue whether it is part of the Western civilization or core of the distinct Eurasian Orthodox civilization. There is a danger that Russia may become Western, and the Orthodox civilization may cease to exist, it Vatican succeeds in its scheme. During 1689-1725, Kievan Rus and Muscovy existed separately from the West and had little contact with the West, Roman Catholicism, Feudalism, the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Enlightenment. The Classical Greek legacy, which came to Russia via Byzantine, was quite different from Greek legacy that which came to the West directly from Rome. Russian civilization is a product of its indigenous roots in Kievan Rus and Muscovy. Peter the Great was determined to modernize and Westernize Russia. Following the Petrine model, Lenin, Stalin, and to a lesser degree Catherine II and Alexander II, tried to modernize and Westernize Russia.


Democratizers & Westernizers:

The Democratizers in Russia are usually Westernizers, but Westernizers are not Democratizers. The lesson of Russian history is that the centralization of power is the prerequisite to social and economic reform. Gorbachev became misfit because the glasnost created economic liberalization, and in the absence of centralization of power, the Soviet Union broke up. Gorbachev undermined Orthodox heritage of Russia.



In Russian history Peter became the hero of the Westernizers and the Satan of their opponent, and traitor of the Eurasians of the 1920, who hailed Bolsheviks for rejecting Westernization and challenging Europe. Bolsheviks argued that Russia was different from the West because it was more advanced than the West. Westernizers argue that the sun is the sun of the West and Russia must use this light to illuminate and change its inherited institutions. Slavophile argues that Europeanizing efforts distorts the Russian life, replacing its forms with alien forms, and view Russia through a glass fashioned to a Catholic angle of refraction.


Bolshevik Jews' World Plot:

Soviet Bolsheviks made Russia more a part of the West than of Asia. Bolshevik recast Slav Russia that grew out of Asian Buddhist Mongol Empire, as part of the Christendom. Marx and Engels were Germans. Most writers of Bolshevik views were West Europeans. Bolshevik Russia became closer to and more intimately involved with the West than any previous time in Russian history. Although the ideologies of liberal democracy and communism differed greatly, both parties speak the same language. The Vatican and the Bolsheviks, Catholics and Communists had the same common enemy, the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church.

Catholics Hired Karl Marx:

It is very likely that Karl Marx and F. Engels were hired by Vatican to write iconoclast philosophy to undermine the Orthodox and Buddhist civilizations. Karl Marx was a philosopher-prostitute who wrote a philosophy to serve the ends of Vatican and Western Christendom. It can been argued that Communism and Catholicism are the two fundamental enemies of the Hindu, Buddhist and Orthodox civilizations. The main purpose of the civilization’s wars shall be to bring down the Communism, Socialism, and Catholicism. A Western democrat can carry on an intellectual debate with a Soviet Marxist, Chinese Marxist, and Indian Socialist. It is impossible for the Western diplomats and democrat to accept the perspective of a Russian Orthodox nationalist, Chinese Taoist-Buddhist nationalist, Indian Hindu nationalist.


India & Slavophiles:

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the debate over Russia’s true-identity reemerged in full vigor. Should Russia become a part of the West? Alternatively, does Russia embody a distinct Orthodox and Eurasian civilization with a unique destiny to link with Asia and link Orthodox civilization with Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic civilizations? India should support Slavophiles, nationalists, Euro-Asianists and derzhavniki. India should oppose Westernizes, cosmopolitans, and Atlantists. India should convince Boris Yeltsin that Russia should reject the Atlantist course, and promote an appreciable redistribution of Russian resources, options, ties, and interests in favor of Asia in the eastern and southern direction. Russia is a unique Eurasian civilization. Eastern Christian Church should develop closer spiritual links with Hinduism, to join forces to bring down the worldwide dominance of Catholic Church.


Russia should cooperate with Hindu India against the West. A Hindu-Orthodox alliance will bring back Muslim Central Asia under the Russian influence. India is willing to help Russia recreate Soviet Union and reunited Yugoslavia. The national interests of Hindu Nuclear India and Orthodox Russian imperial nationalists coincide in Asia and Europe.


GORBACHEV WAS A CIA SPY: The CIA and American Jews have implanted spies among Russian policy making elite that subordinating Russia’s interests to those of the West, sabotaging Russian military strength, siphoning away Russia’s capital overseas. Gorbachev could have been a CIA spy who broke up the Soviet Union.


PAPACY’S CIVILIZATION’S WAR ON ORTHODOXY: The Emperor of the Western Roman Empire hated the Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, because the residents of Constantinople called the inhabitants of the Western Empire, barbarians. Alexander the Great, representing the Greek Empire conquered the world but removed his capital to Alexandria because Egypt was the cultural center of the world. In rage, Julius Caesar ordered the Great Library of Alexandria to burn, to destroy the opulence and knowledge of Egypt. Why otherwise any civilized person leave Alexandria to live in barbarian Rome. Princess Anna Comnena observed, when the First Crusade reached Constantinople. It seems like the entire West, including all the tribes of the barbarians living beyond the Adriatic Sea to the Pillars of Hercules started a mass migration. They are on the march, bursting forth into Asia in solid mass, with all its belongings. (Arnold J. Toynbee, Study of History (London, 1954) VIII, p.30) & (The Clash of Civilization, p. 211)


Orthodox Alliance:

Pan European Orthodox Alliance is needed. The Vatican Pope has emerged as the principal threat to the Orthodox world. The pope has brought down the Eastern Bloc and the Great Schism would resurface as the Vatican-Orthodoxy World War in the decade of the next millennium. The Pope was central to ending the communist regime in Poland. (The Clash of Civilization, p.114) The Catholic countries, Poland, Hungary, Czech republic, former Warsaw Pact members, have joined the NATO. During Cold War, Greece and Turkey were in NATO. Bulgaria and Romania were in the Warsaw Pact. Yugoslavia was Non-Aligned. Now these Cold War alignments are giving away way to Civilization’s ones rooted in Orthodoxy and Islam. Balkan leaders talk of crystallizing a Greek-Serb-Bulgarian Orthodox alliance. The Balkan wars have brought to the surface the resonance of Orthodox ties. This is a bond. It was dormant, but with the developments in the Balkans, it is taking on some real substance. The situation in southeastern Europe will soon require the formation of a new Balkan alliance of Orthodox countries, including Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece, in order to resist the encroachment of Islam. With the disappearance of the Soviet threat, the unnatural alliance between Greece and Turkey becomes essentially meaningless. The conflicts intensify between them over the Aegean Sea, Cyprus, their military balance, their roles in NATO and the European Union, and their relations with the United States. The Balkans again partitioned along the religious lines. Two axes are emerging, one dressed in the garb of Eastern orthodoxy, one veiled in Islamic raiment and the possibility exists of an ever-greater struggle for influence between the Belgrade/Athens axis and the Albanian/Turkish alliance. (The Clash of Civilization, p.126-7)" In the former Soviet Union, Orthodox Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine gravitate toward Russia. Orthodox unity was cemented by the fact that the Vatican and Germany were the first to incite Catholic Croatia to separate from Yugoslavia. The barbaric bombing of Orthodox Belgrade by Catholic and Protestant nations resulted in Serbia joining the union of Russia and Belarus. Because of this Serbia joining the Belarus and Russia Union, the Russian Navy would secure a foothold in the warm water ports of the Adriatic Sea. Once Greece joins the orthodox alliance; Russia would again become a significant European military power. Under Serb Generals, the Russian Army would become a lethal military force again. Geopolitical balance would shift in favor of Orthodoxy, once Greece leaves NATO to join an alliance with Serbia, Bulgaria and Russia. It would result in the dismemberment of Turkey and the birth of the Kurdistan State.


Catholicism Eastern Frontiers:

During the Cold War, Europe as a whole did not exist. Catholic Poland, Hungary, East Germany and Czech Republic were in the Warsaw Pact. Establishing the eastern borders of the Catholic-Protestant civilizations has been the principal challenges confronting the West in the post-Cold War world. Who is a European and hence as potential member of the European Union, and NATO? The most compelling and pervasive answer to this question is provided by, the great historical line that has existed for centuries separating Catholic-Protestant Christianity from Orthodoxy and Sunni. This line dates back to the division of the Roman Empire in the fourth century and to the creation of the Holy Roman Empire in the tenth century. It has been in roughly its current place for at least five hundred years. Beginning in the north, it runs along the borders between Russia and Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. The Eastern boundary separates western Belarus from Orthodox eastern Belarus, separates Uniate West Ukraine from Orthodox eastern Ukraine, and separates Transylvania Romania with Catholic Hungarian population from Orthodox eastern Romania. The eastern boundary separates Catholic Slovenia and Catholic Croatia from Orthodox Serbia, Montenegro, and Muslim Bosnia. In the Balkans, this line coincides with the historical division between the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires. It is the cultural border of Europe. In the post-Cold War world, it is also the political and economic border of West and the East.


The Civilization’s paradigm thus provides a clear-cut and compelling answer to the question, confronting west Europeans: Where does Europe end? Europe ends where Western Christianity ends, and Islam and Orthodoxy begins. It is necessary to recognize the distinction, blurred during the Soviet years, between Central Europe and Mittleuropa and Eastern Europe proper. Central Europe includes Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland and eastern Germany. The term Eastern Europe should be reserved for nations under Orthodox Church, European part of the Soviet Union, Bulgaria and Romania, and Balkan Orthodox Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.


New Fault Line:

A new fault line is emerging, a basically cultural divide between Western Europe marked by western Christianity (Roman Catholic or Protestant), on the one hand, and the Eastern Europe marked by eastern Christianity, on the other. The new cultural division in Europe is replacing the Iron Curtain as the ancient cultural fault line between East Europe and West Europe. It places the lands of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, as well as Poland and the Baltic States within the Western Europe. It places the Balkan Orthodox countries in the Eastern Europe. This is a great religious divide between the Eastern and Western Churches. Broadly speaking, between those people who received their Christianity from Rome directly or through Celtic or German intermediaries, and those in the East and Southeast to whom it came through Constantinople (Byzantine). (The Clash, p.160)


Expansion of European Union:

The identification of Europe with Western Christendom provides some clear criteria for the admission of new members to European Union (EU). The European Union would ultimately accept Visegrad states (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary), the Baltic republics (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia), and Balkan states (Slovenia, Croatia) and Malta as new members. The European Union (EU) would not accept Romania and Bulgaria as new members.

Rebirth of Greek Civilization

The Cold War antagonist of the Soviet Union is evolving into the post-Cold War ally of Russia. Greece is not part of Western civilization, but it was the home of classical civilization, which was an important source of Western civilization. Greece is also an anomaly, the orthodox outsider in Western organization. Greece has never been an easy member, of either the EU or NATO. The behavior of Greece, as the President of the European Union Council in 1994 exasperated other members and Western European officials privately label its membership a mistake. Greece has mutual interests with Russia in opposition to their common enemy, Turkey. It has permitted Russia to establish a significant presence in Greek Cyprus. Because of their shared Orthodox religion, the Greek Cypriots have welcomed both Russians and Serbs to the Island. Overall, Greek foreign policy has assumed a heavily pro-Orthodox orientation. (The Clash, p.163) The Vatican's goal is to transform the European union into Holy Roman Empire as a bastion to promote Christianity under Papal leadership. The Vatican would engineer the isolation of Greece in NATO and European Union, exacerbating Greek dissatisfaction with the Catholic-Protestant alliance. Russia may also gain a foothold in Greece.

Orthodoxy Rule in Istanbul:

Ideally Istanbul/ Constantinople should be the northern frontier of the Islamic Turkey. Russian foothold in Serbia and Montenegro would wet Russian appetite for Constantinople/ Istanbul in the event Kurds succeed in destabilizing Turkey. NATO invasions in Kosovo provided Russia with a foothold on the Adriatic coast. The Kurds rebellion in Turkey would give Russia a foothold in the strategic strait connecting Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, and Istanbul/ Constantinople. Russia comes out a clear winner in the Balkan War.


New Russian Orthodox Bloc:

Overall Russia is creating a bloc with an Orthodox heartland under its leadership. A surrounding buffer of relatively weak Islamic states, which it (Russia) will in varying degrees dominate and from which it will attempt to exclude the influence of other powers. Russia also expects the world to accept and to approve this system. Foreign governments and international organizations (as Boris Yeltsin said on February 1993) need to grant Russia special powers as a guarantor of peace and stability in the former regions of the USSR. While the Soviet Union was a superpower with global interests, Russia continues to be a major power with regional and Civilization’s interests. (S.P. Huntington, The Clash of Civilization, p.164)


Russia & Central Asia":

The successor to the Czar and Communist empire is a Civilization’s bloc. At the core, Russia links to an inner circle of Belarus and Moldova, Kazakhstan and Armenia. Belarus have little sense of national identity. Belarus in effect is a part of Russia in all but a name. The Russians constitute the 40 percent population of Kazakhstan. Georgia is overwhelmingly Orthodox. Armenia has historically identified its interests with Russia. Russia has prided itself as the defender of Armenia against its Muslim neighbors. The strategic interests of Armenia and Russia converge. Georgia was an independent country until 1801 when its ruler, King George XIII, asked for Russian protection against Turk. Serb request for Russian help against NATO invasions may result into Serbia becoming a part of Russia. President Gamasakhurdia of Georgia was violently overthrown. President Eduard A. Shevardnadze faced the separatist movement in Abkhazia. Emulating King George, he concluded that he did not have a great choice. Georgia joined CIS in 1994.


Russia & Black Sea Fault Line:

The Civilization’s fault line between the West and Orthodoxy runs through its heart and has done so for centuries. In Moldova the secessionist movement started in the Russified east Moldova, to check the sentiments of western Moldova's merger with Romania to create Trans Dniester Republic. Moldova has joined CIS. At times in the past, western Ukraine was apart of Poland, Lithuania, and Austro-Hungarian Empire. A large portion of west Ukraine population, speaks Ukrainian, and follows the Uniate Church. The Uniate Church practices Orthodox rites but acknowledges the authority of the Pope. The people of eastern Ukraine are overwhelmingly Orthodox and speak Russian. The Crimea is seventy (70) percent Russian. Russia has close relationship with Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Cyprus. Russia has and somewhat no so good relations with Romania. Serbia has joined the Russia and Belarus Union. India should develop close military relations with Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria. Indian military bases on the Black Sea ports would secure supply routes to Kurds in Turkey.

Nuclear Bombs Equalizers

The nuclear weapons during Cold War caused the fragmentation of the international system, in which great powers play a reduced role. The role of the nuclear weapons for the West in the post-Cold War world is thus the opposite of that during the Cold War. During Cold War, the western nuclear weapons compensated for Western conventional inferiority vis-à-vis the Soviet Union. The western nuclear weapons were the equalizers. In the post-Cold War world, the United States has unmatched conventional military power, and now Russian nuclear weapons equalize Western conventional superiority. United States has unmatched conventional military power, and now India its potential adversary has deployed nuclear weapons. Western nuclear powers would end up being the equalizee in the twenty-first century.


Now Russia has emphasized the role of nuclear weapons in its defense planning. Now Russia says after the Cold War that it needs nuclear weapons to compensate for Western conventional superiority. This is exactly what America used to tell Russia in 1950s. During Cold War, the United States for the purpose of nuclear deterrent refused to renounce the first use of nuclear weapons. In keeping with the new deterrent functions of nuclear weapons in the post-Cold War world, Russia in 1993 in effect renounced the previous Soviet commitment to no-first-use. Simultaneously China in developing its post-Cold War nuclear strategy of limited deterrence also began to question and to weaken its 1964 no-first use commitment. (The Clash, p.187)






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