Chapter 3

Raison D’etat of World Civilizations

“Global Clash of Races-Diplomacy of Civilizations” © (2006) Kalki Gaur

3(0) Purport

(1) Hindu and Protestant Civilizations

Principle of Raison D’etat states that nations and civilizations should promote the secular national interests even at the cost of sacrificing religious interests of the dominant religion of the civilization. The principle of Raison D’etat states that great civilizations should join forces with the second most powerful civilization to maintain peace and order and balance of power among civilizations. Protestant United States should align with India, the Second Power to counterbalance China in Asian balance of power of civilizations. Hindu India should align with Protestant civilization to counterbalance Catholic civilization in the European balance of power of civilizations.


(2) Sustainable Balance of Concert of Asia

The de Richelieu Raison D’etat Concert of Asia, seeking a sustainable triangular continental Asian Balance of Power, among China, India and Japan with United States as the maritime Balancer shall maintain peace in Asia and realize the dream of Century of Asia. The post-Napoleonic Concert of Europe (1815-1914) maintained peace in Europe between several European powers with Britain as a Balancer.

One. The strategic goal of Bush-Rice foreign policy is to create a sustainable balance of power in Asia, so Asian countries can continue to liberalize, progress and develop in the 21st Century of Asia. If the focus of USA-India strategic ties in Asia is containment of rising China vis-à-vis the United States and India, the historic model is Europe circa 1914, with China in the role of Germany.

Two. If the geopolitical balance of power focus in Asia is widened out to include Hindu India and Buddhist Japan along with Buddhist China, then the more congenial triangular Asian balance of power or Concert of Asia might be Europe circa 1815, with a stable balance of power between several Asian world powers, throughout next 100-years of the 21st Century and the Protestant United States as balancer as Britain was during Concert of Europe (from 1815 to 1914), with very little cost to Christian United States.

Three. The Triangular Balance of power in Asia requires United States should undertake preemptive attacks to demilitarize nuke-seeking Iran.


(3) Destruction of Civilization Not an Option

The Richelieu’s Raison D’etat seeks to develop sustainable balance of power among major world civilizations, namely civilizations of India, China, America, Europe, Islam and Africa, by coalition of civilizations to empower the second most powerful civilization counterbalance the first most powerful civilization, so that predominant civilization might not attempt the destruction of any weaker civilization.

These are the arguments author develops in this Chapter.


3(1) Talking Points

(0) Philosopher Vs Prophet

The goal of the philosopher is to explore the query to solve the riddle, to help the leaders of friendly as well as enemy nations make just decisions. The purpose of the prophet is to lead his chosen people to the grandeur path. Philosophy seeks to provide individuals the analytic tools and reasoning for improving their understanding of any issue. Prophecy seeks to declare the future to come or the future to be built, or Kingdom to be conquered, or the description of the golden age of the past or the golden age of the future to be sought. Philosopher, on the contrary, believes that mankind would find its golden age appropriate for every generation and every age. While the Prophet provides the purist solution, the philosopher provides the eclectic solutions of the multifaceted problem. The philosopher believes that only thing constant in the world is change, anything that is stagnant becomes stale and putrid. To an eclectic mind every new generation is advancement over the older generation. To a fundamentalist purist mind, the new generation must adhere to the purist code enacted centuries ago, even if these codes are outdated for the modern age. In general the Oriental mind, Hindu and Buddhist mind and reformed Protestant Christian mind more eclectic than the Occidental mind, Judeo, Islamic, Catholic and Orthodox mind.


Nature of New World Order

First, President Bush ushered in the new Age of Colonial Empires, when America, Britain, Spain, Italy and Poland, with the consent of Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and most of the Semite Wahhabi world, most of the Christian Protestant and Catholic world, invaded Iraq to establish American Oil Colony in March 2003. Dr. Henry Kissinger forecasts that 21st Century new world order shall be strikingly similar to the European colonial international system of the 18th and 19th centuries.


(2) India & China are leading World Powers

Second, the top eight world powers in 2003 in the declining order are: United States, Russia, India, China, France, Britain, Germany and Japan. The world’s top five economies in declining order are: United States, China, Japan, India and Germany. By 2050 the top three economic and military and political powers in the world shall be: United States, India and China, representing White Christian, Brown Hindu and Yellow Buddhist Civilizations. There shall never be a Muslim great power in the top 20 ranks. The top five world powers shall be: United States, China, India, Russia, and France. In the year 2000, India’s population crossed one billion. India had been the richest nation in the world. India produced one fourth of the world’s manufactured output in 1750, one-fifth in 1800 and one-sixth in 1830. It is only when India came under British crown in 1857 that India’s share fell precipitously. England is responsible for India’s poverty.


National Vs Religious Interests

Third. Principle of Raison D’etat states that nations and civilizations should promote the secular national interests even at the cost of sacrificing religious interests of the dominant religion of the civilization. The principle of Raison D’etat states that great civilizations should join forces with the second most powerful civilization to maintain peace and order and balance of power among civilizations. The Richelieu’s principle of Raison d’etat obliged diplomats to pursue the national interests of the secular state, even at the cost of the interests of Papacy, Clergy and Church. Statesman and diplomats should conduct diplomacy to formulate foreign policies and to promote the religious interests of their dominant national Religion or promote the national interests of the State defined in terms of national Power. Would United Germany promote the national interest of Protestant Germany or the religious interests of former Holy Roman Empire and Roman Catholic Church? Catholic France shall join forces with Protestant Europeans to contain the possible rise of Catholic hegemony in Europe. The European Union shall promote the interests of the Reformation not the interests of Counter Reformation. President Chirac opposed Protestant Bush and followed Pope John Paul II and opposed USA in Iraq War. Germany and Italy partitioned Yugoslavia to carve out Catholic Slovenia and Croatia under influence of Papacy.


Woodrow Wilson Vs Theodore Roosevelt

Fourth, President Theodore Roosevelt was the warrior-statesman; President Woodrow Wilson was the prophet-priest. Statesmen and even warriors focus on the world in which they live. To Prophets the real world is the one they want to bring into being. Woodrow Wilson transformed what had started our as a reaffirmation of American neutrality into a set of prepositions laying the foundations of the Wilsonian foreign policy for the global crusade of the United States. In spite of the moral pretensions of Woodrow Wilson, Wilsonian foreign policy was simply a ruse, which camouflaged the Roosevelt’s Realpolitik in the make believe garb of the moralistic idealistic pretensions. President George W. Bush did the similar Wilsonian diplomatic coup, when he exploited the world sympathy for 9/11 Saudi Wahhabi terrorist attacks on America, to bring about the unprecedented expansion of Nato to Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South Asia, without hurting even a single Saudi Wahhabi Taliban terrorist leader. Secretary Colin Powell successfully brought about this ingenious diplomatic coup d'etat during first term of the Bush administration, without losing a beat. President Theodore Roosevelt was a Freemason and Freemasonry influenced the foreign policy of United States during Roosevelt Administration, and provided the crucial difference between the articulation of foreign policy objectives of President Woodrow Wilson and President Theodore Roosevelt.


(5) Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy

Fifth, the Semite Jewish Orthodoxy, Semite Wahhabi fundamentalism, Papal fundamentalism, have joined forces to capture the policy making of the Protestant WASPs Oval Office to sabotage religious Reformation agenda in the Judaic, Islamic and Christian worlds. Pope Paul II cemented Vatican-Mecca Axis of Iconoclast Monotheism to harness the power of Wahhabi Islam and Catholic Christianity to undermine Idolatry and paganism in Africa and Asia. American oil colonialism and British spy Colonel Lawrence of Arabia developed the concept of Mecca-led Wahhabi fundamentalism to catapult Mecca Caliphate as successors to Ottoman Caliphate in exchange for American monopoly over Arabian oil and gas reserves. Zionist Cabal conspired with Mecca’s Semite Wahhabi Bedouin to militarily impose Wahhabi Cult over secular, liberal Muslim states, namely, Iraq, Syria, Aden, Iran, Libya, Algeria to loot the oil wealth of the progressive, secular, liberal Muslim nations. Damascus Jews had financed the Arab raiding parties to profit by the loot of Christian Egypt, Syria, Libya and Algeria. Semite Israelis teamed up with Semite Saudi Arabians and American Big Oil to jointly loot the riches of non-Semite liberal secular Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Iran.


(6) Mafia Church Politicians Unholy Nexus

Sixth, the unholy nexus between Mafia, Church and Legislators threatened the descent of the looming New Global Dark Age on the world. Italy became the first country in the world to jail seven-time Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti and crime boss Gaetano Badalmenti for 24 years, in the same trial for the same crime. The unholy nexus of Mafia and Church has destabilized post-War governments in Italy and imposed a Mafiosi Giulio Andreotti, head of Christian Democrats seven times prime minister of Italy. Christian Democrats was a party of Mafia, Church and Crook politicians.


Cocaine Influences Diplomacy like Oil

Seventh, the humble Coca and Opium influences diplomacy and world politics no less than the Crude Oil and Gas. Cocaine and Heroin historically financed international covert operations of foreign secret services and consolidated the stronghold of American Oil Colonialism throughout oil-producing nations. Global drug trade strengthens the stronghold of American Oil colonialism worldwide.


(8) Role of Women in Religion

Eight, the question whether God is a Man or a Woman, and whether male God or female Goddess is the Almighty influenced the query whether woman can lead the world religions or whether Patriarchal religions of God superior to Matriarchal religion of Goddess. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are patriarchal Monotheistic iconoclastic religions and do not accept woman’s leadership role as priest, and consider woman inferior to man, and abhor idolatry and paganism. Hinduism and Buddhism are matriarchal religions, they accept the concept of Goddess and believe that God is a Man as well as a woman, and accept equality of man and woman and tolerate paganism and idolatry. Vatican-Mecca Axis of Iconoclastic Monotheism and Semite Judeo-Wahhabi Axis of religious intolerance mobilized Occidental religions to wage wars on Oriental Religions of Goddess, namely, Buddhism, Hinduism and Paganism.


(9) Resurrection of Ancient Religions

Ninth, Christian ancient religions of Pharaoh’s Egypt, Persia, Classical Greece, Roman Empire, Inca, Maya, and Aztec Civilizations were similar to Hindu religion and all these ancient religions would stage a come back in the 21st Century in their traditional habitat. Just as Jews returned to Israel to reclaim Holy Land for Jews, the Goddess Isis would reclaim Egypt. God Zeus would reclaim Greece. God Jupiter would reclaim Rome. Communism would fall in China and China would become Buddhist and Taoist Civilization and join forces with Hindu India to propagate matriarchal Hinduism and Buddhism worldwide and challenge the domination of patriarchal Christianity and Islam. Inca, Maya and Aztec religions would stage a comeback in Andean and Latin America during 21st Century.


(10) Power of Big Conspiracy

Tenth, the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes. One must investigate, who are the real rulers in the world. The ‘Hidden Hand of the Proverbial Snake’ described in the ‘The Protocols of the Meetings of the Elders of Zion.’ Big Financial Frauds have the destructive capacity of Weapons of Mass destruction. Big conspiracy presents the greatest menace to the Civilization.


(11) Big Frauds as Financial Services WMD

Eleventh, the United States 1999 GDP ($8.7 trillion), value added by Services (72%, $6.2 trillion). The financial frauds perpetrated by WorldCom, Global Crossing, Enron, and Arthur Andersen inflated the market values of these companies and showed profits in billions when there was loss. It helped the overall market capitalization of NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies and helped suck the foreign capital into American capital markets and pushed the exchange rates of US$ vis-à-vis other currencies. But for the rampant financial Big Frauds the GNP of United States might have bee appraised by World Bank no more than $5 trillion in 1999 and no more than $ 6 trillion in 2002, and the Dow Jones Industrial average Index would have hovered around 5000 in April 2003.


Diplomacy Deception Doublethink & Newspeak Policy

Twelfth, American Foreign Policy always had problems with diplomats because of its insistence of saying ‘up is down’ and ‘black is white,’ as part of its diplomacy of deception, doublethink and newspeak. The State Department’s Orwellian propensities have long been apparent to anyone following its pronouncements. The State Department’s Orwellian tactics don’t stop with doublethink; they also include newspeak, the redefinition of words rule out disloyal thoughts. American control over world media seems to get away by pronouncing policy of war as policy of peace; policy for slavery as policy for freedom. State Department periodically asserts without any opposition by the media that War is peace, Slavery is freedom, and Ignorance is strength and get away with it. American diplomacy of deception employs doublethink and newspeak as essential components of the Western policy of Divide & Rule. America frequently makes ‘chocolate-is-vanilla’ claim and uses its brute force to get it accepted.


US Oil War or Mecca’s War

Thirteenth, world powers, France, Germany, Russia, India would accept secular capitalist American Empire and American Oil Colonial Empire so long as it established Protestant Capitalist Empire but oppose American oil imperialism if it tried to establish the Wahhabi Caliphate or Pope’s Empire or Jews Empire. India would support American Oil Colonialism but oppose Wahhabi colonialism. India would support American oil colonialism, if America wanted to conquer Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE and pay to Arabs no more than $2 per barrel for the oil it would extract from Arab oil fields. India would also support America if America wanted to impose Christianity over Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Syria and Turkey. However, India would not support, albeit oppose America, if after the conquest of Iraq, America attempted to impose rule of Semite Wahhabi Mecca Caliphate over Syria, Yemen and Iran.


New Age of Colonial Empires

Fourteenth, the world we have created is the product of our thinking and it cannot be changed without changing our thinking. However, when the dominant thinking of the leading power changed, the world and the world order also changed. Without passing moral judgment of President Bush’s actions, the dominant thinking of the Bush Administration has the power to create a new world, a new world order, where Colonial Empires, not the smaller independent sovereign states would be the actors and entities of the international system. President Bush’s America has the moral authority and military power to impose a new order and once it becomes a stable world order, it would acquire a legitimacy of its own.


End of NATO

Fifteenth, Untied States historically pursued the policy of Geopolitical dominance in Europe, Middle East, Americas and Africa. The historic purpose of the NATO had been to Chaperon Western Europe, especially France, Germany and Italy. United States should adopt the new Diplomacy of Offshore Balancing which would recognize the rise and fall of nations and allow regional powers to maintain peace and security in their regions, where they would be allowed to exercise regional dominance, in exchange for their consent and acceptance of American oil colonies over oil-producing OPEC countries. When the American invasion of Iraq ended in the victory of American and British colonialism, America realized that the diplomatic divide that opened up between the United States and continental Europe, brought the NATO Atlantic alliance to a definitive end.


Americans Created Semite Wahhabi Cult

Sixteenth, British M1 and American secret services nurtured, designed and propagated the concept of Semite Wahhabi Sunni fundamentalism to mobilize the support of illiterate, semi-civilized nomad Bedouin tribes to Arabia to wage secessionist movements in erstwhile Ottoman Empire, so that America could control Saudi Arabia oil and Britain could control Iraqi oil.


Oil Colonialism Means Death to De Beers Diamond Colonialism

Seventeenth, only one sword can fit in one sheath and Africa is not big enough for American Oil Colonialism to coexist with De Beers Diamond Colonialism. In exchange for American oil monopoly, United States may agree for the nationalization of the assets, property, mines and industries controlled by De Beers Cartel and its myriads of front companies. Advent of American Oil Colonialism means the end of the De Beers Diamond-Gold-Mining Colonialism throughout Black Africa.


25-member European Union

Eighteen, the enlarged Europe would rival United States as world power, and Nato would become the first casualty. A wonderful dream is coming true. For nearly 50 years, the heart of Europe was split between the democracy and dictatorship in a balance of terror. The fracture that started in Europe spread across the entire planet. It was a debt that destiny is paying back to the East Europeans that United States forced into the bondage of the Soviet Union at the Yalta Conference. The present rotating six-month presidency of the EU should be abolished in favor of a more permanent position, or by the Joint presidency shared by France and Germany. During a momentous ceremony in Athens, the cradle of democracy, on April 16, ’03 the leaders of 10 countries signed treaties to join the 15-member European Union, extending its reach to a broad swath of Europe once allied with the Soviet Union. The 10 future members-Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia-will formally join the European Union in May 2004. The political fall out of the expanded European Union would make decisive impact on the role United States, Papacy and Jews would play in the 21st Century. The expanded European Union would be more anti-Semitic than the present, because Hungary had undergone the same cycle of Marxist Jews oppression as its neighbors, since 1940 was ruled by Matyas Rakosi, an Orthodox Stalinist, a protégé of Lavrenti Beria, to set up a system of repression that was considered severe even by Stalinist standards. The European Union would not be a pawn in the hands of Pope. Though 25-member European Union represented the Roman Empire of 21st Century, it would be governed by French Richelieu’s Raison d’etat not by the dictates of Papacy. With the entry of numerous Orthodox Christian nations, united for the first time the Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Europe. European Union would never again target an Orthodox nation as a war coalition of Western Christendom. It is possible that Russia may join European Union as the associate member to break European Union’s ties with United States. The US-led Nato would be the first casualty of expanded EU. The political stand European Union and Papacy would take on the destruction of the pagan artifacts at Baghdad Museum would determine the religious dimension of European diplomacy. The principal policy of the European Union would be to hold United States in check. The European Union would employ Richelieu’s principle of Raison d’etat, Balance of Power, and Concert of Europe Congress System to tame and neutralize the preponderance of United States by aligning with rival world powers, namely, Russia, China, India and Japan. India should also apply for membership of the European Union as it shared principles of democracy and freedom and wider knowledge of English language. India should become the 26th member of the European Union. Maritime Britain has no future in European Union. Britain should secede from European Union and join the NAFTA along with United States, Canada and Mexico. The term North Atlantic Free Trade Association makes sense only when it has Britain as the member of NAFTA. Germany and France would lead the European Union. Britain has better future with Canada and NAFTA than with European Union. Britain is a misfit in Europe and it should stop being the Trojan Horse in European Union. The demise of Nato is in the cards. Germany France and India military pact can provide European Union the military muscle it required to become great military power. The impact of the Enlarged European Union shall be: exit of Britain from the EU, the demise of Nato, decline of Papal influence over EU affairs, greater EU role in the oil-rich Middle East, and closer ties with Russia, India, and Japan to hold America in check. Britain would realize that it should seek political union or confederation with Canada and apply for membership in NAFTA and severe its ties with European Union.


Barbarians Invaded non-Semite Iraq

Nineteen, at the beginning of the 21st Century the Semite Jews, Semite Wahhabi Muslims, and American Judeo-Christians joined the ranks of uncivilized barbarians when they burnt the Baghdad Museum. Barbarian Julius Caesar had burnt the library of Alexandria, when he invaded Alexandria. At the end of 4th Century Semite Hellenic Jews burnt the pagan Hindu temples of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome along with fundamentalist Christians that took control over Rome during Theodosius I, when in 393 by Roman Royal Edict Christianity became the sole official religion of Roman Empire. Then 300 years later during 7th Century the Damascus Jews joined forces with fellow Semite Muslim Bedouin to loot and burn the Christian temples of Egypt, Syria and Libya, Tunisia and Algeria.


Did Semite Israeli, Semite American Jews, Semite Saudis and iconoclast religious right conservative conspiracy renewed the global axis of iconoclast monotheism to burn the pagan artifacts that established the Babylon was advance modern Civilization at least 5,000 years before Jews, Semite race and the Judeo Christians became civilized and moved out of their animal like living in the caves? Damage in Baghdad as "truly a world heritage loss. But for Iraq, this is Year Zero; with the destruction of the antiquities in the Museum of Archaeology on Saturday and the burning of the National Archives and then the Koranic library, the cultural identity of Iraq is being erased. Why? Who set these fires? For what insane purpose is this heritage being destroyed? Library books, letters and priceless documents are set ablaze in final chapter of the sacking of Baghdad on 14 April 2003. It was the final chapter in the sacking of Baghdad. The National Library and Archives, a priceless treasure of Ottoman historical documents, including the old royal archives of Iraq, were turned to ashes in 3,000 degrees of heat. Then the library of Korans at the Ministry of Religious Endowment was set ablaze.


Semite barbarian looters took or destroyed 170,000 items from Iraq's National Museum, which had housed a priceless collection of masterpieces and memorabilia dating back across human history from the time of the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Sumerians, the Medes, the Greeks and the Persians. Marble carvings, stone tablets, clay pots and tablets containing some of the earliest known examples of writing were destroyed or stolen. The pillaging of the Baghdad museum represented far more than an Iraqi loss. It was a blow to "the world's human history. Noting that the museum's collection included some of the earliest examples of mathematics and some of the first legal codes ever written. It was a truly a world heritage loss.


Items that survived 7,000 years of human history were lost on April 2003 in a city controlled by forces under the direction of Donald Rumsfeld. Yet Rumsfeld refused to take any responsibility. "We didn't allow it," he said. "It happened." But did it have to happen? Thousands of the finest soldiers in the world were in and around Baghdad. "Stuff happens," and then, when pressed, put a happy face on the looting by saying, "It's untidy. And freedom's untidy. And free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes."


When American journalist Robert Fisk caught sight of the Koranic library burning, flames 100 feet high were bursting from the windows, he raced to the offices of the occupying power, the US Marines' Civil Affairs Bureau, who shouted to a colleague that this guy says some biblical library is on fire. Robert Fisk gave the map location, the precise name in Arabic and English. Journalist said the smoke could be seen from three miles away and it would take only five minutes to drive there. Half an hour later, there wasn't an American at the scene, and the flames were shooting 200 feet into the air. Looters were holding in hands the last Baghdad vestiges of Iraq's written history. But the older files and archives were on the upper floors of the library where petrol must have been used to set fire so expertly to the building. The heat was such that the marble flooring had buckled upwards and the concrete stairs had been cracked.


King Faisal of the Hejaz, the ruler of Mecca, whose staff are the authors of many of the letters I saved, was later deposed by the Saudis. His son Faisel became king of Iraq ­ Winston Churchill gave him Baghdad after the French threw him out of Damascus ­ and his brother Abdullah became the first king of Jordan, the father of King Hussein and the grandfather of the present-day Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II. For almost a thousand years, Baghdad was the cultural capital of the Arab world, the most literate population in the Middle East. Genghis Khan's grandson burnt the city in the 13th century and, so it was said, the Tigris River ran black with the ink of books. On 4/14/2003, the black ashes of thousands of ancient documents filled the skies of Iraq. Why? 


Why the cultural identity of Iraq is being erased? Semite Jews, Semite Saudis and Judeo-Christians burnt the Museum to erase the cultural identity of Iraq. Why? Who set these fires? For what insane purpose is this heritage being destroyed? Again, standing in this shroud of blue smoke and embers, Robert Frisk asked the same question: why? The answer is very simple: The barbarians invaded Iraq to destroy the cultural history of Hindu Iraq, which boasted advance rich wealthy Goddess worshipping civilizations at least 20,000 years before the ancestors of nomadic Semite Jews and cave-dwelling Christians became civilized or learnt to speak or write. The America’s war on Iraq is it Clash of Races, the War in which barbarian Semite Saudi Wahhabi Muslims and Semite Israeli tribes joined forces to destroy the Hindu traditions of Iraq, which for thousands of years worshipped Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The Ancient Kingdom Of Mittani worshipped Hindu gods of Varuna and Indra. Kali and Durga were the main reigning goddesses of Babylon revered as Goddess Innanna and Astarte. What should be the military response of Hindu India, Buddhist China and Japan to the Semite destruction of cultural identity of Iraq? What role iconoclast Semite conquest of non-Semite Iraq play in the Global Clash of Races, and Wars of Religions and the Clash of Civilizations in the 21st Century?


Barbarian Semite Saudi Wahhabi iconoclast burnt the Baghdad Museum to burn the proof that Wahhabi cult was created by Jews and spy Lawrence of Arabia to justify the Mecca’s revolt against Ottoman Caliphate. It contained the details of the correspondence of the court of Sharief Hussein of Mecca, who started the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Turks at the advice of Lawrence of Arabia. Lawrence of Arabia promised to make Mecca the seat of future Caliphate of Islam in exchange for their revolt against the Ottoman rulers of Baghdad. Jewish control over American media misled the American WASPs to wage war on oil-rich Iraq to promote the iconoclastic monotheist agenda of Semite Jews, Semite Wahhabi Muslims and Semite Judeo-Christians and Semite Neo-conservatives. The response to the destruction of Baghdad Museum would determine the warring parties in the global clash of civilizations and global clash of religions and races. Would European Union be on the side of the parties that burnt the Baghdad Museum?


Role of Religion in America’s Wars

Twentieth, what was the role of religion in America’s War on Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti? Do the religious interests and foreign policy interests and perspectives of Protestants and Catholics, Semite Israelis and Semite Saudis, Religious right Conservatives and Neo-Conservatives, Republicans and Democrats in America coincide or conflict? Would American Oil Empire be more a Protestant Empire or Catholic Empire? Would America’s wars on Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq promote the global alliance of iconoclast Semite Monotheism fundamentalism? Would America’s victory over Iraq represent the victory or defeat of Semite totalitarian Wahhabi fundamentalism? Would Islamic terrorist attacks on India, Russia and China result in Indian Russian and Chinese Pact to crush Islamic terrorism? What country would become the next target of American aggression: Saudi Arabia or Iran? Would global war between Christian world and the Islamic world help or harm the Hindu and Buddhist worlds? Would Protestant America target Aryan Shiite Iran, or Orthodox Russian Siberia, or Hindu India or Buddhist China after conquering the Islamic oil-producing world? Would American economy collapse if OPEC countries switched US dollar with Euro for fixing OPEC oil price for oil? What role $750 billion incomes of the global drug trade in heroin and cocaine in world economy and world politics?


What role India can play in Arabian Gulf, Caspian Central Asia and Oil Colonialism? Are United States, Russia, China and India, the world’s top four world powers? Would 8-world powers, namely, United States, Russia, China, India, Britain, France, Germany and Canada create Concert of World Powers to hold United States in check? Would the religions that expand and propagate by sword die by the sword? Does the American conquest of Iraq signal the decline or rise of Islam? Could pre-Islamic Christian Civilization and religion stage a come-back in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Tunisia in the first half of the 21st Century, as the result of the Christian American conquest of oil-producing OPEC countries in the New Middle East? Would Saudis, Israelis or Christian rule and dominate the New Middle East? Should Hindu India join on the side of Muslims or join on the side of Christians in the looming global war among Christian and Islamic nations? Should brown Hindu and yellow Buddhists join forces to support either Christians or Muslims in the Christianity’s Crusades on Islam? Would Semite Wahhabi Cult enable Mecca conquer and subdue the Arab Islamic world or enable America conquer the Arab OPEC world? Does Wahhabi fundamentalism represent the strength of Islam or weakness of Islam? Would OPEC income make Islam the dominant religion of the world? Or would the oil wealth of militarily weak OPEC nations make Arab nations oil colonies of great powers? Would other great powers, namely, Russia, China, India, France and Germany cooperate with American oil colonialism, if President Bush agreed to share Iraqi oil loot with them? Due to America’s victory over Iraq, would Iraqi women forced into the bondage and servitude by Shariah, or Saudi women would gain freedom and rights under American laws? Is the President Bush’s war on Iraq a victory or defeat of Semite Wahhabi Shariah laws? How should Hindu India and Buddhist China respond to the threats of Semite Wahhabi terrorism? Could Christian Religious Right Conservatives and Republican Neo-Conservatives join forces with Hindu India and secular Turkey to promote Christianity in Arab North Africa and Mediterranean Arabia? Could America’s Clash of Oil Imperialism transform into Clash of Races or Clash of Civilizations or Clash of Religions?


3(2) New Colonial World Order

First, Dr. Henry Kissinger did forecast that 21st Century new world order shall be strikingly similar to the European colonial international system of the 18th and 19th centuries. Second, the Atlantic partnership and NATO and Monroe Doctrine met the precipitous end with the advent of the new Age of Oil Colonial Empires. During Colonial age West European white Christian colonial powers ruthlessly competed with one another other in pursuit of colonial expansions. United States went to war against Spain over Cuba, Philippines and Puerto Rico at the turn of the Century during McKinley Administration. Woodrow Wilson warned maritime Britain and claimed America’s domination of the Seas. The Westward expansion of United States was at the expense of England, Canada, France, Spain and Mexico. Maritime Britain replaced Spain and France as the dominant colonial power of the world. Similarly, maritime United States competed with and replaced European colonial powers, namely, Britain, France, Spain, Portugal and Germany as the dominant power of Europe, after the Second World War. The great power rivalry among West European powers, suppressed by United States during Cold War, lied dormant throughout the Cold War to resurface in its fury during the post-Cold War era.


Third, which World Powers would play major imperial role in the new Age of Neo-Colonial Empires? The leading eight world powers in the post-Cold War new world order are: United States, Russia, China, India, Germany, France, Japan, and Britain. Fourth, the raison d’etat principle would oblige Germany, France, Japan, Canada and India to seek military alliances with second-strongest Power to tame, check and balance the military preponderance of the United States in the world. The diplomacy and statecraft of the post-Cold War new world order shall be in total contrast to the diplomatic conduct practiced during the bipolar world during Cold War. The new world order is a multipolar world, led by two blocs, first Bloc headed by United States and the Second Bloc shall be led by a coalition of world powers, uniting to check the hegemony of the United States.


Fifth, the art and craft of Diplomacy revived in the post-Cold War age, which had atrophied during the bipolar Cold War balance of terror. Canada, France, Germany, Japan and India would explore new alliances with one other and with regional powers like Peru, Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina in South America, and Congo, Nigeria and South Africa in Africa, and Vietnam, and Indonesia in Southeast Asia, and Iran, Libya, Algeria, Syria and Yemen, and Post-Saddam Iraq in the Middle East, to tame and neutralize the predominance of the United States, to restore equilibrium in the world order. The post-Cold War age shall be the Golden Age of Diplomacy.


Sixth, the principle of Raison d’etat obliges the diplomats of Germany and France to oppose the domination of the United States by seeking alliances with less strong Powers to contain the hegemon power. Would former European colonial powers after the decline of Russia and unification of Germany redefine their national interests and the role of United States in NATO in terms of Raison d’etat and balance of power, which obliges the diplomats to seek alliance with the less strong Power to contain the hegemon power?


Seventh, the principle of Raison d’etat would undermine the rigid fixed static diplomacy of fixed camps, and create a new dynamic, changing balance of power system. In the multiple great power system would, every European power would employ Raison D’etat diplomacy to restore balance of power, and seek new alliances with the less-strong Power in the respective balance of power triangles, to check, contain and balance the regional dominant hegemon, which would require constant monitoring, and result in overlapping coalitions and alliances. The rigid fixed static diplomacy of the fixed two-camp Cold War world, would give way to the dynamic, changing diplomatic alliances in the post-Cold War world system. The world powers of the new world order shall be: United States, European Union, China, Russia, India and Japan. This rigidity of the two hostile blocs of the cold War era will be replaced by the “Great Power Non Aligned System” where India, China, Germany, Japan and France would explore new alliances with major regional players in South America, Asia and Africa to tame, check, contain and balance the dominant hegemon United States.


Eight, unlike the Cold War diplomacy, European powers would periodically compete violently with United States to secure their national interests. The 18th & 19th centuries witnessed intense rivalries among West European colonial powers.


Ninth, the twin menaces of Bolshevism and Soviet Empire induced West European powers become the satellite of the United States in NATO and curb European rivalries. The European rivalries were forcibly curbed by the fact of overwhelming superiority of the United States in the NATO and the constant menace of the expanding Communism and the ever-creeping Soviet Union. However, after the end of Cold War, disintegration of Soviet Empire, the decline of Russia and the Unification of Germany, the former Great Powers of Western Europe have no need to play second fiddle to the former colony of Britain an upstart, which joined the Aristocratic club of European great powers only after the First World War. There is no reason that Germany and France should feel inferior to United States. In the new world while former adversaries Russia and China may join as allies to the United States, the former Atlantic Allies, may become adversaries and compete headlong in the New World and Southeast Asia. In the post-Cold War new world order United States and China may constitute the First Bloc. The Second Bloc would comprise India, France, Germany, Canada and Japan.


Tenth, with the expansion of NATO to include new East European members, NATO expands to 26-member Alliance. United States-led NATO with 26 members, no longer needs the continued support of France and Germany to station troops in Europe. It may be in the interest of Germany and France to leave NATO and to focus on creating and independent European military capability.


Eleventh, the military interests of European Union are in direct conflict with the national interests of the United States that leads NATO. European Union wants to use its enhanced economic power to become independent of the United States. However, the expansion of European Union to include East European states harmed military ambitions of the European Union.


Twelfth, the East European countries have affinity with Unified Germany, but the fear of the future Russian imperialism would keep them firmly in the USA-led NATO, as they have scant regard for the military capability of the European Union. European Union has committed hara-kiri by allowing expansion of the European Union, and permitting the East European states to join European Union as well as NATO.


Thirteen, the solidarity of the Western Christendom under USA-led NATO, NAFTA and Organization of American Unity (OAU) is weakened after the end of the Cold War, simply because France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy would compete rather than cooperate with United States in the New World and Hispanic America. In the new world order France and Germany would seek military alliances with India and Japan to enhance the independent deterrent of Western Europe. France, Germany and Japan would conclude by applying principles of Raison D’etat that only after lowering or severing military ties with United States would they become Great powers in their own right and succeed in carving out specific spheres of influence in certain specific geographic region. So long as Japan and Germany remain tied to the Untied States and American occupation troops remain on their soil, neither Japan nor Germany can become Great Powers. In the eyes of most of Germans and Japanese nationalists the presence of American military bases on their soil symbolizes American colonial troops, stationed to keep Germany and Japan under check, respectively.


Fourteen, the Post Cold War new world order would consolidate into two rival blocs: United States, China, Britain and Australia will be the Maritime First Bloc, and Germany, Japan, France, Russia and India may be the Continental Second Bloc. The purpose of the America-led coalition shall be to further partition Russia and to expedite the secession of Siberia from Russia. France and Germany would realize that the national interests of European Union conflicts with that of USA-led NATO. United Germany has come into age. Germany is no longer willing to play second fiddle to Yankee America. German minister compared the tactics of President Bush to that of Adolf Hitler, to announce that new Cold War has begun, between United States the dominant power of the New World, and the dominant economic power of the European Union.


Eleventh, the Atlantic Alliance will also split as a result of the collapse of the Union. After the decline of Russia the NATO has lost its raison d’etre. The expansion of Nato signals to the world that geopolitical hunt to cut up the lame sick Giant Russian Bear has begun. How would the cornered nuclear Russian Bear respond to the American hunting party, which has already captured its 10 cubs? Should India, France and Germany and Japan join the USA-China Bloc to end the white man’s colonial occupation of Asian Siberia? Or should India, Germany, Japan and France come to the rescue of Russia and for reasons and for what benefits?


3(3) Rise of Raison d’etat Decline of Ideology & Religion

Hidden Hand of the Real Rulers

The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scene. Let us attempt to understand the strategies and the mindset of the behind-the-screen rulers, governors and manipulators of the world. The author though not part of the corridors of power, uses reasoning to understand the mechanics underlying the big picture. Being an outsider has better view of the big pictures, because even the top diplomats and foreign ministers of the world, lack the intellectual acumen to understand the dynamics of the big picture. Almost 99.99 percent of the diplomats of the world lack the intellectual capacity to understand the big reality and they concern primarily with the worldly rewards that being in the corridors of power provides them. Most of the diplomats and presidents and prime ministers in the world are merely puppets playing their designated role to safeguard their place in the corridors of power.


Raison D’etat

With the concept of unity under Papacy, the emerging states of Europe needed some principle to justify their foreign policy independent of Papacy. Cardinal de Richelieu, the First Minister of Catholic France found it in the concepts of Raison d’etat and the balance of power. Each depended on the other. Raison d’etat asserted that the well being of the state justified whatever means were employed to further it. The national interest supplanted the medieval papal notion of universal Catholic morality. The state need not formulate the foreign policy to promote the religious interests of Roman Catholicism and Christianity. The purpose of the Diplomats pursuing the raison d’etat is to pursue national interests of the State neither the ideological goals nor the papal religious Christian interests. The Raison d’etat principles made the diplomats free from any obligation to the Pope and Roman Catholic Church. Richelieu came into office in 1524, when the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II was attempting to revive Catholic Universality, stamp out Protestantism, and establish Holy Roman Empire’s control over the Protestant princes of Central Europe. This process, the Counter Reformation, led to Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), which turned into one of the most brutal and destructive wars in the history of mankind. By 1618, the German-speaking territory of Central Europe, most of which was part of the Holy Roman Empire, was divided into two-armed camps- the Protestants and the Catholics. By the time the war ended in 1648, Central Europe had been devastated and Germany had lost almost a third of its population. Catholic Cardinal de Richelieu supported the Protestant princes of Germany and opposed the Catholic Holy Roman Emperor in the Counter Reformation War from 1624 to 1648. French First Minister de Richelieu grafted the principle of raison d’etat onto French Policy, a principle that the other European states adopted in the century that flowed.


Balance of Power & Hegemony

Diplomats should seek alliances with second-strong Power to balance the hegemony of the top strongest power. The Raison d’etat defines the cardinal principal of balance of Power as the diplomats’ moral imperative to seek alliances with the less-dominant power to check, tame, and balance the dominant hegemon in every region. The United States is the dominant hegemon in the world. Bush Doctrine 2002 declares as the principle objective of the Untied States to militarily and otherwise foil the attempt of any power, hostile of friendly, to equal or surpass the military power of the United States. President Bush wants to use force to maintain the present military, social, political and economic preponderance of the United States, which United States achieved simply because its adversary the Soviet Union collapsed. In reality it was not the victory of the United States, rather the defeat of the fellow white Christian Super Power Soviet Union. India accepts that United States has all rights in the world to force fellow West European powers, including European Union to attempt equaling or surpassing the military, economic and cultural might of the United States. The Bush Doctrine 2002, openly challenged European Union that if EU continued to set its goal to become equal or surpass the military and economic capability of the United States, then United States would use military force to force EU back down. Bush Doctrine 2002 declares emphatically that any power, whether friendly or hostile, that dreams to either equal or surpass United States in military and economic, then the military capability of the USA-led NATO which now has 26 members including former members of the Eastern Bloc, then the NATO would use force against it. The Bush doctrine is an advance warning to the European Union, not to dream equality with United States.


Ideology shall play less significant influence over the foreign policy making of the great powers. The leading eight world powers in the post-Cold War new world order are: United States, Russia, China, India, Germany, Japan, Britain and Canada. The raison d’etat principle would oblige Germany, France, Japan, Canada and India to seek military alliances with second-strongest Power to tame, check and balance the military preponderance of the United States in the world. The diplomacy and statecraft of the post-Cold War new world order shall be in total contrast to the diplomatic conduct practiced during the bipolar world during Cold War. The new world order is a multipolar world, led by two blocs, first Bloc headed by United States and the Second Bloc shall be led by a coalition of world powers, uniting to check the hegemony of the United States. Germany, Japan, France and Canada would determine their national policies towards United States, to promote their respective national interests, not to promote the ideological interests propounded by the Wilsonian foreign policy. The balance of power shall be the guiding principle of the diplomacy among Christian nations, as it was during 18th and 19th century.


India, China and Japan do not accept that United States enjoys such preponderance in military and economic power of the world, as no other country would be able to overtake it in any foreseeable future. While it is true that no white, European Christian European nation would ever be able to match United States or present any serious challenge to the United States, it is not true for China, Japan and India. World Bank Report 2002 lists the world’s top four largest economies by size in terms of GDP (GNP at PPP) as: United States, China, Japan and India. China has set its economic goal of quadrupling its GNP in ten years, to reach the GDP of $16 trillion in 1999 dollars by 2012, which would be double the present day GDP of United States. China is likely to overtake United States as dominant economic power of the world before 2012 AD. Experts of Geopolitics and war do not accept the Pentagon thesis that the American military technology revolution has given unprecedented lead to the American Armed forces, which is not likely to decline or lessen the lead over other potential adversaries. Geopolitics dismisses this claim of Pentagon. The brilliant military technology innovation of Precision Guided Munitions, which resulted in the development of $12,500 GDAM kit that made all Vietnam era dull bombs into smart bombs which guided the flight of the bomb while falling gravity to the changing targets guided by GPS technology. PGMs made US Air Force powerful and it has demoralized ground-based troops, which lack any protection against smart bombs dropped 36,000 feet high. Geopolitical argument is that the military technology of Precision Guided Munitions is a double edged sword, which while enhancing the power of US Air Force has also made US Navy and US Aircraft Carriers highly vulnerable to the Precision Guided Munitions and GPS technology equipped anti-ship cruise missiles, which can track the changing mobile target after its launch. India and Russia jointly mass producing Supersonic Brahmos Anti-Ship Cruise Missile with a range of 300 miles, which can sink aircraft carriers. India does not accept the American assertion that white Christian United States has any just right to use military force against India, China, Japan, France and Germany, if these countries form military, economic or political coalitions seeking to challenge the hegemony of the United States. The very principle of Raison d’etat and balance of power obligates every diplomat of the great powers to seek alliances to check, tame and balance the dominant hegemon, the Untied States, present sole super power of the world. The forcible enactment of the Bush Doctrine to punish nations, which seek to equal United States in terms of military and economic power, would make it more likely that anti-US coalition would form to overthrow the domination of the Untied States.,


The recent decline of Russia and Unification of Germany makes it the moral imperative of the diplomats of Germany and France to forge a 2nd force, the “Non-Aligned Great Power Bloc,” which is neither aligned to the United States nor to the Soviet Union, the staple definition of the Non-Aligned Movement. Joseph Stalin had sent a Peace Note to the West after the outbreak of the Korean War, which offered the Unification of West and East Germany, provided the rearmed United Germany declares itself to be a Non-Aligned Nation, neither part of the Western bloc nor part of the Eastern bloc. United States, France and Britain rejected this idea, fearing that it Germany as Non-Aligned nation would give great boost to the Non-Alignment. Had United Germany joined the ranks of the Non Aligned Nations in 1950s, the Non-aligned Bloc led by Germany, India, Yugoslavia, Egypt, and Indonesia would have become the major force in world politics.


The unchallenged one-superpower system could tempt United States dream world conquest. United States used the bogey of soviet menace and threatening onward march of the Communism to browbeat West Europeans into servitude and bondage of the United States. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, United States may use Bush doctrine to impose American hegemony worldwide, just as Brezhnev Doctrine used by Soviet Union to impose Soviet hegemony throughout Soviet Empire. It is very arrogant for United States to claim that White America is the sole military power of the world, when it had lost the Vietnam War and White Soviet Union lost the Afghanistan War. The failure of the American Armed Forces to capture Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda leadership in Afghanistan casts doubts upon the military capability of the United States. United States buoyed by the Bush doctrine 2002, might overextend itself and disintegrate just as Soviet Union over-extended itself after it declared Brezhnev Doctrine after the America’s defeat in the Vietnam. The principles of Raison d’etat and balance of power requires that great powers, namely, France, Germany, India, and Japan seek military and political ties with regional powers to balance the predominance of the hegemon America, so that United States may no dream world conquest. It is no accident that German minister compared President Bush to Hitler during German elections 2002.


It is likely that United States, China, Britain and Australia would formalize long-term security ties to create USA-China bloc. United States wants China to invade Siberia, and this had been the principal goal of Secretary Henry Kissinger. United States wants China to expand northward to avert Chinese invasions of Australia and New Zealand. East European Allies would come solidly behind United States to protect their freedom against future German or Russian expansion. Secretary Kissinger developed strategic ties between Judeo-Communism and Judeo-Christianity, iconoclast Christianity and iconoclast communism to undermine Buddhism in China, and Indo-China and this alliance continues till today, as evidenced by West’s acceptance of the Communist suppression of Falun Gong Buddhist movement in China. The Western Christendom’s Alliance is cemented by common anti-Buddhism objectives.


The two Asian giants Japan and India would be forced to take counter-measures to form the anti-China coalition in Asia, which would include besides India and Japan, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Taiwan. Germany, France and Russia may also join the India-Japan Bloc to check Chinese invasions of Eastern Siberia, and it would form a 2nd Bloc. Germany and Japan would demand that America vacates its military bases from German and Japanese soil. Hindu India and Buddhist Japan would play a leading role in organizing the Buddhist nations of Asia. India and Japan would form the Organization of Buddhist States to include India, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka to create a common Hindu-Buddhist front against iconoclast the West and iconoclast Communism. The main objective of this coalition would be to help Buddhists overthrow the communist regime in Communist China.


3(4) Post Cold War World Order

Geopolitical Hunt & Secession of Siberia

Geopolitical Hunt has begun. The maritime Hunter has cornered the sick Giant Bear into the tight corner. The Hunter has got hold of 10 Cubs, who have joined the hunt on the side of the Hunter. The Nato in 1999 admitted Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. The Nato in November 2002 formally invited Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia the former parts of the Soviet Union, and Slovenia, Romania, and Bulgaria the former members of the Warsaw Pact to join Nato. The former satellites of the Soviet Union, the wounded bear have voluntarily become the new satellites of the adversary United States, the hunter, and may be looking forward for war with Russia to settle old scores. Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic and Slovakia bear grudge against Russia, which may prove costly to Russia in the event of any future Russia’s war with enlarged Nato. Nato has developed bases in the southern frontiers of Russia in Georgia, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. United States and China may enter into long-term strategic pact in near future. United States, China, and Britain pact would create the First Bloc in Asia and threaten Russia’s hold over Eastern Siberia. Under Mongol Empire Russia and East Europe was part of Mongol Empire. Russia usurped Siberia, which should have gone to China after the collapse of the Mongol Empire. Siberia has the population of 14 million, bordering overpopulated China. Russia’s population is in decline and it would decline from present 147 million to 141 million in ten years. Militarily, short of nuclear war, Russia cannot hold on to Siberia. The land of Siberia can easily become home to more than 300 million Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Indians. What diplomatic and geopolitical options nuclear but weakened Russia has, in face of the tightening noose in Siberia? Should brown India support the continued white occupation of Asian Siberia? Would liberation of Asian Siberia from the clutches of white Christians, and its subsequent occupation by yellow Buddhists in the religious interests of Hindu India? What would India gain by militarily opposing the Chinese invasions of Siberia? If the West fails to partition Russia to break its hold over Siberia before 2010 AD, then resurgent Russia may embark upon the territorial expansion, and the Siberia would never get the chance again to secede. Chinese invasions of Russia are not in the national interests of India, Japan, Germany and France. In response to the threat posed by the First Bloc


Looking Back at 20th Century

The Americans developed nuclear weapons and missiles with the help of German Jews and Hitler’s scientists. American communists sold the Atom bomb secrets to Soviet Union. With the Atom Bomb started Cold War and Bipolar system. After the decolonization Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru launched Non-alignment Movement and transformed the Bipolar world into Tripolar world of two super power blocs and the Non-Alignment Movement. From 1950 to 2000, the main job of the Western and American diplomats has been to win over selected third world nations away from Non-Alignment. India as the principal force behind Non Alignment has been a principal adversary of the United States in 1945-2001 period, in the eyes of the White House. United States promoted China as power to take away India’s leadership of the Third World Non Alignment. India is the real voice of the Third World Non Alignment. It is in this light that three real world-players of the 1945-1965 Era have been John Foster Dulles, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Nikita Khrushchev. As the leader of the Non Aligned world, as late as 1962, India represented the Third Pole of the bipolar world system. The Western diplomacy’s principal focus in the 1945-2000 period had been to erase Non Alignment Movement’s Third Pole. After 1998 nuclear explosions Nuclear Hindu India emerged as the Third Pole in the new world order. Nehru had been a real major player in the 1950-1965 era.


Six World Powers

In the 21st Century the classical European nations, namely, Germany, France and Britain do not have the economic and military resources to play traditional role as world powers, outside the European Union framework. “In the post-Cold War world, the traditional European nation-states-the countries which formed the Concert of Europe until the First World War – lack the resources for a global role.” (Kissinger, Diplomacy, p807) World Banks “World Development Report 2000-2001” ranks world’s top Seven largest economies in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GNP at PPP) at 1999 dollars as follows: (1) United States ($8.350 Trillion), (2) China ($ 4.112 Trillion), (3) Japan ($ 3.043 Trillion), (4) India ($ 2.144 Trillion), (5) Germany ($ 1.838 Trillion), (6) France ($ 1.294 Trillion), (7) United Kingdom ($ 1.234 Trillion), (10) Russia ($ 929 Billion). The problem of the 21st Century is: How to integrate China, Japan and India to play legitimate Great Power role commensurate with their economic status as world’s top four economic power in terms of the size of the economy. The principle problem of the diplomacy is how to integrate India and China into the Super Power Club. Germany, France and United Kingdom would never be able to match India and China in terms of the size of the economy and military capability.


India is equal to China economically and militarily. The recent leap China made over India resulted from the Most Favored Nation Status it enjoyed with United States. United States promoted China to meet the challenge of Japan. Unprecedented FDIs foreign direct investments in China and unfettered access to American markets allowed China to pull ahead of India, but India would soon catch up. In 1990 the Goss Domestic Product of China was 109.9% of India’s GDP, and India’s GDP was 91% of that of China. Then China leaped ahead of India, in 1999 the GDP of China was 215.6% of India’s GDP, as China’s GDP increased by 279.5% during 1990-1999 period. India’s GDP in 1999 was 46.38% of China’s GDP in 1999, and India’s GDP increased by 142.5% during 1990-1999 period. In 2002 China’s GDP is 191.8% of India’s GDP, and India’s GDP in 2002 is 52.14% of China’s GDP. China overtook India only because of Most Favored Trading Nation’s (MFN) status with United States and by the merger of Hong Kong into China and that too only during 1990’s. India has all potential to catch up with china to eventually overtake China. Economically and militarily India and China are equal and shall play equal role in the world politics. 


The major Six World Civilizations are Indian Hindu Civilization, Chinese Buddhist Civilization, Western Christendom Civilization, Orthodox Slav Civilization, Persian-Arab Islamic Civilization, Inca/Maya/Aztec Indian Civilization, and Black African Pagan Civilization. It is no accident that India and China are fourth and second largest economies of the world in 2002, respectively. Even in 1750 AD India produced 24.5% of the world’s total manufactured goods, and China produced 31.5% of the world’s total manufactured goods. The Western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, the entire Western Christendom in 1750 produced only 18.2 percent of the world’s total manufactured goods. (Paul Bairoch, “International Industrialization Levels from 1750 to 1980,” World Bank Report) India and China have regained what has historically been their status and role in the world. The problem of the diplomacy is how to reform world institutions to recognize the role of China and India.


Decline of European Colonialism

In the 21st Century New World Order the major powers will be- United States, European Union, China, Russia, India and Japan. The purpose of the author is to provide guidelines for Indian statesman to articulate Hindu Indian national interests and worldview to the world powers. “In the post-Cold War world, the traditional European nation-states- the countries which formed the Concert of Europe until the First World War- lack the resources for a global role. United Europe will continue as a Great Power; divided into national states, it will slide into secondary status.” (Kissinger, Diplomacy, p. 807)


19th Century Balance of Power

“Victory in the Cold War has propelled America into a world which bears many similarities to the European state system of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The absence of both an overriding ideological or strategic threat freed nations to pursue foreign policies based increasingly on their immediate national interest. In an International system characterized by perhaps five or six major players and a multiplicity of smaller states, order will have to emerge as it did in past centuries from a reconciliation and balancing of competing national interests.” (Kissinger, Diplomacy, p 805) “On the level of the relations among states, the new order will be more like the European state system of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries than the rigid pattern of the Cold War. It will contain at least six major players- the United States, Europe, China, Japan, Russia, and probably India- as well as a multiplicity of medium-sized and smaller countries.” (Kissinger, Diplomacy, p23) “India dabbled in the nonaligned movement during the Cold War. But it has yet to assume a role commensurate with its size on the international political stage.” (Diplomacy, p26)


Three Post 1945 World Leaders

The real major players of the 1950-1965 era have been: (a) John Foster Dulles, (b) Nikita Khrushchev, (c) Jawaharlal Nehru. Secretary John Foster Dulles influenced the American foreign policy just as Secretary Henry influenced the American policies. The major American player that influenced the history after the Second World War had been Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and Henry Kissinger, more than any elected President of the United States. Dulles and Kissinger created the ideological basis of US foreign policy that their successors copied and implemented. The US foreign policy pursued by Secretary Zbigniew Brzezinski and Secretary Madeleine Albright bear distinct Kissinger’s stamp and promoted the foreign policy interests of Catholic Religious Right Conservatives in total negation of the Realpolitik foreign policy of John Foster Dulles. Catholicism and Judaism replaced eclectic Protestantism as the driving force in Department of States during and after Secretary Henry Kissinger. Kissinger’s role in history is that he integrated the victims of Holocaust and the 2nd class citizens of 1950’s into the dominant social, political, and economic power in United States. The selection of Senator Joseph Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew as vice Presidential running mate of Al Gore in 2000 elections, election victory of Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and multitudes of Jewish Senators and Congressmen indirectly own their exalted status in United States, no to insignificant extent to Henry Kissinger. There has never been a Jew in 20th century more powerful and influential than Secretary Henry Kissinger during Nixon and Ford Administration, except Bolshevik Jew Lavrenti Beria, head of Joseph Stalin’s secret services. Lavrenti Beria and Henry Kissinger have left indelible imprints on Russian and American societies respectively. Lavrenti Beria brings out the true image of the Stalin’s Communist regime. Eichman brings out the true image of Hitler’s Nazi Third Reich. Henry Kissinger brings out the true image Nixon & Ford administration.


3(5) Role of Religion in Politics

Hindu Eclectic Vs West’s Purist View

Clash of Civilization is the Clash of fundamentalist totalitarian Vs eclectic liberal religions. Hindus, Buddhists and non-denominational Protestants, normally do not hold religious beliefs with unbridled fundamentalist passion, because they value the eclectic view of life and feel that purist fundamentalism is the curse on ‘Our Universal Civilization.’ It explains that United States, India, Canada and Britain positively encourage multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-linguistic, and multi-religious society. Does it make Hinduism, Buddhism, and non-denominational Protestant Christianity lesser a truth than fundamentalist Islam and conservative Catholicism? Are we-are communities – as strong only as our beliefs? Is it enough for beliefs or ethical view to be passionately held? Does passion give validity to the ethics? When you are with Hindus, Buddhists and non-denominational Protestants, you realize that you are among people whose identity is not confined to and not contained in their faith and religion, even when they may be very religious and firm believers of their faith. Hindus, Buddhists and non-denominational Protestants do not want to recreate the golden age of the past, but discover the new future. They look at the future with an open mind. Hindus and Buddhists do not want to conquer other countries and do not want to make religious converts.


The 900 million Hindus and 1400 million Buddhists believe that there are infinite ways to reach divine and every person can contact the divine directly without need of intermediation by clergy, priests, mullah or pujari. Non-denominational Protestant Christians, representing more than 200 million citizens of the United States do not want to proselytize unlike like 15 million Evangelicals and 35 million Catholic Americans. This eclectic worldview and eclectic religious views is held by more than half of the mankind. In terms of economic resources and military power this eclectic half of the world, enjoys overwhelming preponderance over the other half of than mankind, which supports militant intolerant fundamentalism and abhors the tolerant eclectic worldview.


In contrast when you are with Wahhabi Arabs, Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims, and Catholic Christians, you find yourself among people whose identity is more or less contained in their faith and religion. Islam, Judaism and Conservative Catholic Clergy teach its believers that their communities are as strong only as their beliefs? Fundamentalist religions, Islam, Judaism and Catholicism teach their believers to passionately hold their beliefs and ethical views, including the suppression of women. Fundamentalist religions and militant cults force their believers to passionately hold their beliefs as it allows them accept and validate even archaic ethical view, such as suppression and servitude of women. Islam, Judaism and Catholicism want to recreate the pristine past of the golden age and they want to put the clock back and impose inequalities on their women.


Wahhabi Sunni Arabs wants to reenact the 7th century military victories of Prophet Mohammed, when a small group of Arab warriors conquered, massacred and enslaved the black and brown races of Egypt, Syria, Libya and Algeria.


Pope John Paul II in essence declared during 1999 Synod of Asia in Delhi that Catholic Church would succeed in making Asia a Catholic continent just as it made the New world, South America, North America, and Central America Christian during the 2nd Christian Millennium. This declared unbridled ambitions of Wahhabi Sunni Mecca and Catholic Vatican threatens world’s geopolitical stability and geostrategic balance of power and the principal cause of the looming Clash of Civilizations, World War of Religions, Global Clash of Races, and White Iconoclasts’ wars on brown, black & yellow idolaters. Fundamentalist militant Wahhabi Sunni Islam and Catholic religious right conservative Church united in their efforts to promote anti-women, anti-abortion fundamentalism throughout Asia and Africa.


What is the Global Axis of Evil?

The Clash of Civilization is the Clash of the Good Nations and Evil Nations. Which nation is part of the Axis of Evil? Is Islamic terrorism an evil? Is Islamic Atom Bomb an evil? Why do Catholics desert Protestants in President Bush’s war on terrorism? Was 9/11 attacks an opening move of War of Islamic Jihad on Protestant United States? Why do Sunni Wahhabi Arab terrorists attacked on White Protestant WASP America, not on Catholic Europe? Should Hindu India wholeheartedly commit to support Protestant America’s war on Wahhabi Islamic terrorism and Islamic Atom Bomb? Would Protestant America and Hindu India be on the same side of the battle lines in the Third World War?


Iraq, Iran and North Korea are parts of the Axis of Evil, said President Bush in 2002. The author offers the explanation that core of the evil in Iraq lies in the domination by Sunni Arab, who represent only 16 percent of the population of predominantly Shiite Iraq. The core of evil in Iran lies neither in Shiite Islam nor in Aryan Iran but in the anti-women Islamic fundamentalism, the political precursor of Wahhabi Sunni anti-women fundamentalism. The core of evil in North Korea lies in the Judeo-Communism, which denies Buddhists to rule North Korea.


Incidentally the West imposed the dictatorship of Sunni Arabs in Iraq after the overthrow of the Aryan Ottoman Empire as well as imposed the dictatorship of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. President Jimmy Carter overthrew Shah of Iran and imposed the theocracy of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. President Bill Clinton and Secretary Madeleine Albright imposed the Taliban/ al Qaeda theocracy over Afghanistan. The West also destroyed the political power base of Buddhists in North Korea, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Burma, which allowed Judeo-Communists into power in the overwhelmingly predominant Buddhist world in general and Kim Jong II in North Korea. President John F. Kennedy invaded Vietnam not to contain Communism, but to annihilate Buddhism in order to proselytize Indo-China. Catholic religious right conservatives and Evangelical religious right conservatives have supported the anti-women Wahhabi Sunni in the Arab world and Ayatollah’s Shiite fundamentalism in Iran, as well as the Judeo-Communism in the Buddhist world.


The growing nexus of anti-women Arab Sunni Wahhabi fundamentalism, and anti-women Catholic fundamentalism, and anti-Buddhist Judeo-Communist fundamentalism, and organized crime of Catholic Cocaine & Sunni Heroin cartels, successfully exploiting their control over political campaign donations and vote banks to hijack the political leadership of Protestant WASP United States.


The question is whether the Axis of Evil succeeds in hijacking the White House, to destroy its WASP character, just as its predecessor Emperor Theodosius II (d. 395) destroyed eclectic Roman Empire after he became the Emperor of Rome? Would United States meet the fate of Roman Empire of 410 AD, where religious leaders supported the conquering barbarian Germans, and after some decades anointed the barbarian leader as the King of Holy Roman Empire? The WASP’s United States is victim of the ongoing Counter Reformation War.


The 20th century revolution in communication, transportation and warfare, which resulted in transforming the planet earth into a ‘Global Village,’ has also exposed the existence of secretive ‘Global Axis of Evil.’ The Six Faces of the Axis of Evil are: (a) Anti-women Religious Fundamentalism, (b) Totalitarian Religious theocracies, (c) Organized Crime & Drug Cartels, (d) Military Coups, (e) Violent Religion backed Terrorism, and (f) Oil & Diamond Cartels. The growing nexus of religious fundamentalism, religious totalitarianism, organized crime, and religion-backed violent terrorism represents the classical invasions of Civilizations by barbarians, and threatens to impose new Global Dark Age on Islamic and Christian worlds in 21st Century. The Wahhabi Mecca, Totalitarian Vatican, Organized Crime, Military Coups, Wahhabi Terrorism, OPEC/DeBeers represents six facets of Axis of Evil in 21st Century.


The Global Axis of Evil seeks to forcibly impose barbaric Wahhabi Shariah Law, by replacing the civilized western civil and criminal code, to impose medieval culture, society and customs even on modern and liberal Islamic nations, namely Nigeria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Bosnia, and Albania, even when majority of Muslim men and women hate Wahhabi Shariah laws. The Axis of Evil conspires to force women worldwide into servitude to men, just as Semite patriarchal religions destroyed the matriarchal religions of the Occidental world.


The Axis of Medieval legitimized the West-inspired military coups to overthrow the democratically elected governments after 1945, in Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Greece, Congo, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, and Colombia just to name the few in Third World. To promote proselytizing of predator religions, the Axis of Evil after 1945, destroyed the monarchies in South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Nepal, Tibet, Greece, Iran, and Afghanistan. The Axis of Medieval waging war of religion on the Buddhist world in Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Tibet, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. The Axis of Medieval promoting riots and secession throughout multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-linguistic liberal democratic societies, namely Russia, United Kingdom, United States, and India.


Eclectic Non-Denominational Churches

The fundamentalist conservative Catholics and Evangelicals impose passionate beliefs, believing the passion give validity to the ethics. The voice of 200 million eclectic non-denominational American Protestant Christians is drowned in the noise caused by 35 million American Catholics and 20 million American Evangelical Protestants. Do the voices of the majority, who represent the eclectic worldview, fail to influence the reigning Clergy in Vatican and Rome, because Islamic and Catholic religious institutions organized as totalitarian dictatorial regimes? Is the recent attempt of the Roman Catholic Church to purify the Catholic theology, customs and practices represent modernization of the Church or making it more backward and archaic.


It is wrong to recast the Catholic believers, as people whose identity is more or less contained in the conservative Catholic faith, defined by anti-women, anti-abortion and pro-life dogmas. The Church censorship of academic research undertaken at Catholic educational institutions, could make such Catholics people, who have been stripped by their Catholic faith of all that expanding intellectual life, all the varied life of the mind and senses, the expanding cultural and historical knowledge of the world. Protestant Americans would one day find themselves among Catholic people whose identity was more or less contained in their Catholic faith. Soon Protestants would be among Catholic people who wished to be pure, unadulterated by thoughts not sanctioned by the Catholic Church.


The desire of the Catholic religious right conservatives to be pure creating a divide between the ‘pure Catholic conservatism’ and the ‘Protestant eclecticism’, which fast growing into a clash of civilizations, if not the renewed Counter Reformation War. The secession of Catholic Ireland in 1919, when Britain was the leading world power, exposes the Achilles Heels of the Protestant-majority United States. Would the rising tide of political victories of the pro-life and anti-abortion forces result in the Ireland-type pro-secession movements in Catholic-majority Southern areas in the United States. Could the Catholic-majority areas carved out of Canada and United States to join Catholic Mexico to create the new sovereign state of “the Catholic United States” in North America? Like Catholic Ireland, Catholic Czech Republic, Catholic Slovenia, Catholic Croatia, the Catholic United States, could become a political reality in the 21st century, if the Catholic religious right conservative conspiracy succeed in capturing the Oval Office, by virtue of their control over political donations, mass campaigns and vote-banks.


The global clash of predator proselytizing fundamentalist religious sects versus eclectic religions represents the classical barbarian invasions of civilizations. It necessitates the united Civilizations’ response to the terrorism of the predator religious cults, which threatens the war of religious sects, on world religions. The leaders of the world Civilizations must not give up the option to militarily annihilate the barbarian predator religious terrorism worldwide.


Just as Church of Rome spearheaded the Catholic-Protestant riots in Ireland, when Britannia ruled the world, the Vatican supported pro-Life, anti-Abortion movement has subverted the democratic political process in the United States, resulting in the takeover of political bureaucracy of Democratic Party as well as Republican Party by Christian religious right wing conservatives. Just as Catholic Patrick Buchanan hijacked the leadership of the Reform Party, similarly the judicious use of campaign donations and vote banks and political volunteers allowed religious right conservatives hijack the leadership of Democratic Party and Republican Party as well as Southern Baptists Convention. The anti-women Christian movements threaten the wall between the State and the Church in the WASP United States. The Catholic religious right conspiracy intend to destroy the secular character of WASP United States, just what Roman Emperor Theodosius I (d. 395) destroyed the eclectic secular Roman Empire and Roman Civilization. The ongoing Neo-Counter Reformation War threatens to bring down the wall that separates the State & the Church in the United States. The multi-ethnic, multi-religion and multi-cultural civilizations like WASP United States and Hindu India must join forces to develop common Civilizations’ response to the barbarian fundamentalist purist religious cults and sects that threaten to impose the fundamentalist theocracies on the free world. Protestant Christianity and Hinduism are on the same side of the battle lines in the growing divide between the clash of civilizations between forces of eclecticism and fundamentalism.


Why Democratize World Religions?

The non-democratic, totalitarian organized religion presents threat to the democracies of the world. Democratic nations should pass legislation to impose democratic reorganization of the religious Churches and clergy. The Church and Clergy must be accountable to the laity and general public in democracy. People must control the Church and the Clergy and have a final say on the Liturgy, in the democracy. Theocracy has no role in a democracy.


Why shouldn’t the religious leadership of Catholic Church of Rome and Muslim Mosque of Mecca, directly elected by the believers? Theocracy is the mortal enemy of democracy. Totalitarian religions seek to undermine democracy to subvert the State to the Church. It is no accident that Church of Rome and Mafia of Sicily joined forces to elect Italy’s Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti, a Mafiosi as the 7-time prime minister of post-war Italy to keep Italy week and submissive to the Church and Mafia.


Italians realize that Church of Rome had been a curse of Rome and caused the destruction of ancient Roman Empire and present-day political instability in Italy.


Greeks realize that Orthodox Church has been a curse on Greek Civilization, and hinders the revival of the ancient Greek culture and civilization in the present age. Egyptians realize that Islam has been a curse on the great Egyptian Civilization, and hinders the revival of the ancient Egyptian culture and Civilization.


Persians realize that Islam had been a curse on Persia and hinders the revival of the ancient Persian Civilization and culture. If Greeks, Italians, Egyptians and Persians given the choice, they would overwhelmingly vote to expel archaic, fundamentalist religious clergy out of their lands and impose State supervision over Religion, religious institutions and religious workers.


It is no accident that popular House of Savoy, King Victor Emmanuel II in 1870 entered Vatican and succession of Popes remained prisoners of the Vatican from 1870 to 1929. Mussolini paid for his mistake of releasing Pope from captivity by his life.


The Clash of Theocracy and Democracy is the principal facet of the ongoing Clash of Civilization. Nationalist Italy will subvert the Vatican, Papacy and the Church of Rome. Nationalist Greece will subvert the Orthodox Church. Nationalist Egypt will subvert the Mecca. Nationalist Persia will subvert the Mecca. Perhaps President Bush should appoint Secretary of Religion, who should take over all assets of the Roman Catholic Church and manage them in consultation with Italy’s Minister of Religion. Democracy shall triumph over theocracy during 21st Century. Remnants of fundamentalist religious theocracies are the greatest menace in the modern age.


The growing global nexus of totalitarian fundamentalist global religions, global organized crime and global drug trade and global terrorism presents great dangers to multi-ethnic democracies, namely, United States and India. It threatens to descend a new global dark age during 21st Century.


The fundamentalist Iconoclast religious sects wages wars on brown, black and yellow idolaters worldwide. United States invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to impose democracy on the hitherto totalitarian dictatorships. Should Protestant United States and secular government of Italy join forces to impose democracy on the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Did the recent incident of pedophile Catholic clergy expose the inherent corrupt practices of the Church? Perhaps the absolute power enjoyed by the Pope and the Cardinals in the affairs of the Church resulted in making the Catholic Church absolutely corrupt? What options do the democratically leaders have to reform the Catholic Church? Should we encourage the return of the House of Savoy as the new ceremonial King of Italy, who is likely to abolish the sovereign status of the Vatican and who may force non-Italian Pope to leave Rome? Majority of Italians love the Ex-King whose forefathers had liberated Italy form the yoke of Popes and united Italy.


Totalitarian theocracy has no place in the modern world in 21st Century. Archaic totalitarian religious institutions, organized on pattern that suited 1500 years ago, must under organizational, theological and managerial changes to meet the requirements of the democracy and freedom, equality of women and men and equality of clergy and laity. In the modern age the common man, laity would directly elect, control and supervise the clergy, including the highest religious leaders and hold them responsible to the public opinion.


Religious leaders of Protestant Christians, Orthodox Christians, Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jaina and Zoroastrians should be directly elected. The theocratic dictatorships and religious totalitarianism has no place in the democratic 21st Century. Theocracy has no place in democracy.


Can Women lead World Religions?

Why women, representing half of the mankind forced into servitude to men and not allowed to hold top religious positions? The wars of religions and clash of races is fought on the issue of the role of women in a society. Should women be equal to a man or be in bondage and servitude to men, determines, which side of the battle lines one nation is?


Catholic women have fundamental right to be elected as Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Archbishops and Priests. The shaving of the head of the Nuns violates the human rights and represents the slavery of females in the Catholic Church. In the ancient matriarchal world, only female priests controlled the temples. Then male eunuch religious workers joined as assistant priests. Then came the patriarchal revolution when male priests took over and used female religious workers as temple prostitutes. The United Nations Human Rights Commissioner should undertake investigation to find whether the female religious workers Christian Churches, Jaina temples and Buddhist temples forced into servitude and slavery and forced to save their hair against their wishes.


The forces of matriarchy are in clash with the archaic forces of patriarchy that seeks to force women into servitude and bondage. The ongoing political clash of anti-women pro-life anti-abortion forces with those of pro-women, pro-choice and pro-women forces represents the ongoing historical battle of pro-patriarchy and pro-matriarchy forces. The goddess is making a surprise comeback in the 21st century throughout the Third World, which may result in the resurgence and return of the ancient goddess religions in Egypt, Persia, Greece, Italy, Peru, Mexico and Sub-Sahara Africa.


The conflicts over the role of women in Islamic, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist societies shape the Global Clash of Races. Iconoclasts have historically forced their women into bondage and servitude to men, while idolaters have historically given high social status to women in their societies. Pope John Paul II has consistently criticized the American Bishop’s views on women’s role in Catholicism.


Growing Power of Axis of Good

The forces of good enjoy overwhelming superiority in terms of economic power, military power and manpower, over forces of evil, represented by the Axis of Evil. Protestant United States, Buddhist China, Buddhist Japan and Hindu India shall determine the outcome of the president Bush’s war on Islamic terrorism and Islamic Atom Bomb. With or without the support of European nations, president Bush and its Asian allies can inflict total defeat on terrorists and denuke Islamic Atom Bomb. United States, India and Japan represent the Axis of Good.


India had been the richest nation in the world. India produced one fourth of the world’s manufactured output in 1750, one-fifth in 1800 and one-sixth in 1830. It is only when India came under British crown in 1857 that India’s share fell precipitously. England is responsible for India’s poverty. India’s share of the world manufacturing output was in 1750 (24.5%), 1800 (19.7%), 1830 (17.6%), 1860 (8.6%), 1880 (2.8%), 1900 (1.7%), 1913 (1.4%), 1928 (1.9%), 1938 (2.4%), 1953 (1.7%), 1963 (1.8%), 1973 (2.1%) and 1980 (2.3%).


The World Bank’s World Development Report 2000/2001, lists the world’s top economic powers in terms of 1999 Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is the Gross National Product (GNP) measured at Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) as follows: (1) White Protestant United States ($8,350 Billion), (2) Yellow Buddhist China ($4,112 Billion), (3) Yellow Buddhist Japan ($3,043 Billion), (4) Brown Hindu India ($2,144 Billion), (5) White Protestant Germany ($1,838 Billion), (6) White Catholic France ($1,294 Billion), (7) White Protestant Britain ($1,234 Billion), (8) White Catholic Italy ($1,196 Billion), (9) White/Mulatto Brown Catholic Brazil (1,062 Billion), (10) White Orthodox Russia ($929 Billion), (11) Mestizo Brown Mexico (752 Billion), (12) White Protestant Canada ($726 Billion), (13) Yellow Buddhist South Korea ($686 Billion) White Catholic Spain ($659 Billion), (15) Brown Muslim Indonesia ($505 billion), (16) White Protestant Australia ($426 Billion), (17) White Catholic Argentina ($426 Billion), (18) Brown Aryan Muslim Turkey ($394 Billion), (19) White Protestant Netherlands ($364 Billion), (20) Brown Buddhist Thailand ($345 Billion), (21) Black Protestant South Africa ($353 Billion), (22) Brown Shiite Aryan Iran ($325 Billion), (23) White Catholic Poland ($306 Billion), (24) Brown Catholic Philippines ($293 Billion), (25) White Protestant Belgium ($247 Billion), (26) Brown Aryan Muslim Pakistan ($238 Billion), (27) White Catholic Colombia ($237 Billion), (28) Brown Sunni Muslim Arab non-Semite Egypt ($206 Billion), (29) White Protestant Switzerland ($196 Billion), (30) White Protestant Austria ($193 Billion), and (31) Brown Muslim Bangladesh ($188 Billion).


It is interesting to note that Protestant United States is the only White nation, and the only Christian nation among top four largest economic powers of the world, which includes two Yellow Buddhist nations China and Japan and Brown Hindu India. There is no Catholic nation among top five largest economies. There is no Muslim nation among top 14 largest economies. There is no Wahhabi Arab nation and no Arab nation among the top 27 largest economies. The ranks of civilized Muslim nations are Indonesia (15th), Pakistan (26th), Egypt (28th), Bangladesh (31st), and all these nations rank higher as economic and military powers than all Wahhabi terrorism supporting nations, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Yemen and Iraq.


The combined GDPs of China, Japan, India and South Korea ($9,985 Billion) exceed the combined GDPs of United States, Canada & Mexico ($9,828 Billion). The combined GDPs of China and India ($6,256 Billion) exceeds the combined GDPs of Germany, France, Britain, Italy, & Spain ($6,222 Billion). India’s GDP ($2,144 Billion) exceeds the combined GDPs of Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal and Sweden ($2,089 Billion).


The 21st Century is clearly the century of Asia and the Century of Buddhist nations. China has inherited the patrimony of the Buddhist Mongol Empire. The Islamist Wahhabi Arab terrorists, maddened by the sudden influx of oil-incomes may expedite the End of Islam, and the demise of the Arab race if Wahhabi terrorists continue to attack Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist and Orthodox civilizations. Bluntly put, the anti-women Wahhabi militant Islamic, and Catholic conservative fundamentalist powers have no chance of victory in the Third World War. Islamic Ottoman Empire had been the world power for centuries after the conquest of Constantinople, till the end of the First World War. However, no Islamic nation is likely to join the ranks of top 10 economic and military powers in the 21st Century. Barbarian Islamic terrorists may be digging the grave of Islam itself, during 21st Christian Century or 15th Islamic Century Hijra, if they continue to undertake terrorist attacks with impunity on targets in civilized Protestant United States, Hindu India, Buddhist China, and Orthodox Russia.


Even when Catholics outnumber Protestants in the world, no Catholic nation is likely to join the ranks of top 5 military and economic powers of the world in 21st Century. In spite of all publicity that the Arab OPEC nations enjoy, no Arab Sunni nation likely to challenge the military capability of Shiites in the Middle East. With the rise of Shiite powers the Shiite Islam would gradually overtake Sunni Islam in the Middle East. With the rise of Protestant powers and the decline of Catholic powers in the world, the Protestant Christianity would gradually overtake Roman Catholic Christianity in Central America, South America and Africa. With the rise of Mahayana Buddhist powers the Mahayana Buddhism would overtake Hinayana or Theravada Buddhism in Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka. With the rise of English-speaking Protestant United States as the unrivalled super power of the world, the English language will replace Spanish language as lingua franca of Central and South America in 21st Century. Similarly, Protestant Church will replace Roman Catholic Church throughout the Third World as the predominant Christian sect in the 21st Century, especially in the Southern Hemisphere. The rights of women even in the fundamentalist societies would be safeguarded worldwide in near future, and definitely after the third world war, because world’s four largest economies (USA, China, Japan & India) and four largest military powers (USA, Russia, China, India) sincerely believe in the women’s rights and equality of men & women.


3(6) India as World Power

USA China Japan India 4 Largest Economies

The seven largest ranking economies of the world are: United States, China, Japan, India, Germany, France and Britain, in descending order in terms of Gross Domestic Product, the GNP at PPP. India share of the world’s manufactured goods in 1750 AD was 24.5 percent and China’s 31 percent. India and China will be major world powers in the 21st century. The leaders of United States, China, India, Japan and European Union will decide the future of the world in the 21st century. Asia will play more important role than European Union in the 21st Century.


Treason of British & Indian Diplomats

The job of a Diplomat is to promote his nation’s national interests defined as national power, never the orderly management of the decline of national power. Did the Diplomat foreign policy makers of Britain and India, after 1945, promote the secret agenda of the Hidden Hand of some foreign potentate, to harm the national interests of the nations they worked for? Whether Britain and India declined after 1945 due to the treason or incompetence of their diplomats? Why? The decline of Englishman and British Empire has always troubled military thinkers: Why did British Empire disintegrate? Why did Britain join European Union and scuttled Commonwealth of Nations? Why didn’t Britain transform Commonwealth of Nations into Commonwealth Common Market to rival European Union and NAFTA? Why did Britain give independence to United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Brunei, when no leader of these oil-rich Sheikhdoms wanted or sought independence from Britain? Why did British Diplomats make British Monarch the celebrated Head of the Commonwealth of Nations into a Maid of German Chancellor in European Union? Did foreign spies and foreign Church conspire to defeat Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s defeat in the parliamentary elections? Should Britain reorganize its Diplomatic cadre de novo and order new recruitment for its Foreign Office?


Did the departing officers of the British Civil Service, known in India as Indian Civil Service (ICS), planted similar spies as foreign secretaries, joint secretaries and ambassadors, whose task was secretly redefined the orderly management of the decline of the “Indian Empire” after the partition of India? Cabinet Secretary William Armstrong revelation about secret task of the British Civil Service as the orderly management of the decline of Britain is an eye-opener, and points toward the web of high treason that permeated throughout British Civil Service, Indian Civil Service (ICS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS). It is very likely that all Indian Diplomats, members of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) could also be traitors and foreign spies like their counterparts in British diplomatic cadre.


Since when, the task of Diplomats became the orderly management of decline? Was the policy of orderly management of decline, an act of British statesmanship or an act of high treason by British diplomats? Was the Parliament or the public informed that the Exchequer paying top salaries to the elite diplomats, not for promoting British national interests and national power but to undermine British national interests and national power?


At the time of Britain’s entry into the European Community in the 1970s, William Armstrong, then Cabinet Secretary described the task of the British Civil Service as the orderly management of the decline, (Financial Times, 10/18/2002, p 13, quoted by John Plender, “Britain no longer requires rescuing, john.plender@ft.com)


Who gave the orders to the British Diplomats that their task is not to enhance the national power of Britain, even when in 1971, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Brunei, were colonial possessions of Britain and there was virtually no demand for independence. Why did Prime Minister Harold Wilson in early 1970s declare that Britain would withdraw from possessions east of Suez?


Indian Foreign Service has historically formulated Indian foreign policy to scuttle India’s national interests and to promote the national interests of its enemies. Why did India give Tibet to China and why didn’t India fight China on Tibet, as China was involved in Korean War and India would have defeated China in Tibet? Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru gave Tibet to China because Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was imprisoned in China after his plane crash at the end of Second World War? Had China released Netaji Bose, he would have become the Prime Minister of India on his arrival. Indian Foreign Service conspired to destroy the Tibetan Buddhism by destroying the rule of Dalai Lama, the sovereign ruler of Tibet, under advise of the Papacy. Indian Foreign Service engineered the independence of Bhutan, gave Coco Islands to Burma, around the time British Foreign Office gave independence to oil-rich United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Brunei. Did the spies of the same foreign power and foreign potentate jointly worked to engineer the decline of British Empire and Indian Empire respectively?


Geopolitical Destiny of India

In spite of all problems the democratic India in 2002 is the fourth largest economy of the world in size, and with second largest population. World Bank recognizes India to be the world’s fourth largest economy, after USA, Japan and China. The World Bank’s “World Development Report 2000/2001” ranks the world’s leading economies in terms of Gross National Product (GNP) measured at Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) as follows: (1) United States ($8,350 Billion), (2) China ($4,112 Billion), (3) Japan ($3,042 Billion), (4) India ($2,144 Billion), (5) Germany ($1,838 Billion), (6) France ($1,294 Billion), (7) United Kingdom ($1,234 Billion), (8) Italy ($1,196 Billion), (9) Brazil ($1,062 Billion), (10) Russia ($929 Billion). The leading economies in terms of GNP ranking are: (1) USA ($8351 Billion), (2) Japan ($4,079 Billion), (3) Germany ($2,079 Billion), (4) France ($1,427 Billion), (5) UK ($1,338 Billion), (6) Italy ($1,136 Billion), (7) China ($980 Billion), (8) Brazil ($743 Billion), (9) Canada ($591 Billion), (10) Spain ($506 Billion), (11) India ($442 Billion). This is caused by the artificially devalued currency of India. One Indian Rupee valued in terms of US $ valued in 1965 ($0.21), 1975 ($0.12), 1985 ($0.08), 1990 ($0.06), 1991 ($0.03) and in 1999 ($0.023). One US Dollar valued in Indian rupees in 1965 (Rs. 4.70), 1975 (Rs. 8.40), 1985 (Rs. 12.33), 1990 (Rs. 17.49), 1995 (Rs. 32.41), 1999 (Rs. 43.13), 2000 (Rs. 45.00), and 2001 (Rs. 47.04). Indian currency is highly undervalued, and it gets reflected in lower estimation of GNP. The four greatest military powers of the world are: (1) USA, (2) Russia, (3) China, and (4) India. The three largest populous nation of the world are: (1) China (1,250 million), (2) India (1,000 million), and (3) USA (273 million). The population of pre-partition India, South Asia (1,329 million) exceeds that of China. The nuclear weapon powers of the world are ranked as: (1) Russia, (2) USA, (3) China, (4) United Kingdom, (5) France, (6) India, and (7) Pakistan. The leading Civilizations of the world are: (1) Yellow Buddhist Chinese Civilization, (2) Brown Hindu Indian Civilization, (3) White Christian European Civilization, and (4) Brown Arab Muslim Civilization. The major races of the world ranked by population are: (1) Brown race, (2) Yellow race, (3) White race, and (4) Black race.


India would reestablish in 21st century India’s historical dominance in the world economy, which it enjoyed until 1750 AD. India had been the richest nation in the world. India produced one fourth of the world’s manufactured output in 1750, one-fifth in 1800 and one-sixth in 1830. It is only when India came under British crown in 1857 that India’s share fell precipitously. England is responsible for India’s poverty. India’s share of the world manufacturing output was in 1750 (24.5%), 1800 (19.7%), 1830 (17.6%), 1860 (8.6%), 1880 (2.8%), 1900 (1.7%), 1913 (1.4%), 1928 (1.9%), 1938 (2.4%), 1953 (1.7%), 1963 (1.8%), 1973 (2.1%) and 1980 (2.3%).

The World’s GNP at PPP in 2001 ($38,805 Billion), and India ($2,144 Billion) represents 5.53% of the world’s GNP at PPP. South Asia’s GNP at PPP ($2,695 Billion) represents 6.95% of world’s GNP. South Asia poised to overtake Japan as the third largest economy of the world during this decade. Of the four largest economies of the world, three are non-white nations of Asia, namely China, Japan and India. The combined GNPs at PPP of China, Japan and India ($9,299 Billion) exceed that of USA ($8,350 Billion). The GNP at PPP of South Asia ($2,695B) exceeds the combined GNPs of Middle East & North Africa ($1,338 Billion) and Sub-Sahara Africa ($929 Billion) as well as that of Europe & Central Asia ($2,654 Billion).


The Combined GNPs at PPP for South Asia, China & Japan is $9,850 Billion, more than NAFTA’s GNP $9,828B the combined GNPs of USA ($8,350 Billion), Canada ($726 Billion) and Mexico ($752 Billion). The India’s GNP ($2,144B) exceeds the combined GNPs of 10 European nations ($2089 Billion), of Spain ($659 Billion), Portugal ($151 Billion), Belgium ($277 Billion), Switzerland ($196 Billion), Austria ($193 Billion), Denmark ($129 Billion), Finland ($110 Billion), Norway ($118 Billion), Sweden ($184 Billion), and Ireland ($72 Billion). The South Asia’s GNP ($2,695 Billion) exceeds the ($2,528 Billion) combined GNPs of France ($1,294 Billion) and United Kingdom ($1,234 Billion), and also ($2,498 Billion) combined GNPs of Germany ($1,839 Billion) and Spain ($659 Billion). Combined GNP ($6,256 Billion) of India ($2,144 Billion) and China ($4,112 Billion) exceeds ($6,222 Billion) combined GNPs of Germany ($1,839 Billion), France ($1,294Billion), United Kingdom ($1,234 Billion), Italy ($1,196 Billion) and Spain ($659 Billion), the five largest economies in the European Union.


In 1990 the GNP of China ($355 Billion) not more than that of India ($323 Billion), and India had higher per capita GNP. However, in 1999 the GNP of China ($991 Billion) leaped over that of India ($460 Billion), primarily because of Most Favored Trading Nation (MFN) Status accorded by United States. India’s GNP in 1999 was 46.4% of China, and 52.1% of China in terms of India’s (2,144 Billion) GNP at PPP. Pre-Partition India, the South Asia’s ($2,695 Billion) GNP at PPP in 1999 was 65.5% of China. The population of South Asia (1.329 Billion) exceeds that of China (1.250 Billion).


No other nation other than India can overtake China in GNP at PPP in first half of the 21st Century, to become the 2nd largest economy in the world. No doubt Hindu India, Brown Aryan India, the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious secular India is the major player in the Global Clash of Races, the Clash of Civilizations and the Clash of World Religions in the 21st Century.


India Asserts Preemptive Strikes

India supports Bush Doctrine of Pre-Emptive Strikes, the Right of Self-Defense to deny further sponsorship, support and sanctuary to terrorists by convincing or compelling states to accept their sovereign responsibilities to combat terrorism. India agrees that all acts of terrorism are illegitimate so that terrorism will be viewed in the same light as slavery, piracy, or genocide: behavior that no responsible government can condone or support and all must oppose terrorism. India shall militarily help United States disrupt and destroy terrorist organizations by direct and continuous actions using all the elements of national and international power. India will not hesitate to act alone, if necessary, to exercise its right of self-defense by acting pre-emotively. India will convince or compel states to accept their sovereign responsibilities to deny further sponsorship, support and sanctuary to terrorists. India will use the full influence of media and political movements to make clear that all acts of terrorism are illegitimate so that the terrorism will be viewed in the same light as slavery, piracy, or genocide. India will convince and compel all state sponsors of terrorism that no respectable government can condone or support terrorism and all Arab states, including Saudi Arabia must oppose Wahhabi terrorism. Arab Wahhabi states must pay sufficient economic reparation for the damage caused by Wahhabi Al-Qaeda terrorists in United States, India and worldwide. According to the Bush doctrine, the nation’s right of sovereignty can be abrogated if any Islamic nation continues to sponsor, support and provide sanctuary to terrorists. India reserves its right to invade the Source of Islamic terrorism in Arabian Peninsula, as Arabian Gulf had been Indian Empire’s Lake during 18th 19th Century and early 20th Century. Kuwait, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman had been part of the Indian Empire. Indian Rupee had been the official currency in these countries up to 1965. The military occupation of Wahhabi Heartland in Arabian Peninsula, by civilized Turkey, Pakistan or Egypt not against the national interests of secular India. India supports the attempts of Turkey, or Egypt or Pakistan become the custodian of the Holy cities of Mecca & Medina, as a permanent solution to the menace of Al-Qaeda Arab Wahhabi terrorism. India asserts its right to undertake pre-emptive strikes against Arab terrorist nations to protect Hindu India against Wahhabi terrorist attacks. Like United States, India also asserts its right to undertake preemptive strikes against state sponsors of terrorism. There is no other way in this changed world, to deter those who hate India, United States, democratic freedom and everything for which these two largest democracies stands.


Preemptive Nuclear Counter Proliferation

India accepts that Islamic Atom Bomb is the greatest threat for the Christian Civilization. India supports Bush doctrine that shifts American military strategy towards pre-emptive strikes against hostile Arab states developing weapons of mass destruction. The Doctrine of Counter-Proliferation should replace most nonproliferation treaties. India and United States should join forces to forcibly denuke Islamic nations and to forcibly dismantling Islamic nuclear weapons and their components, and nuclear-capable missiles in Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and even Pakistan. India agrees with United States that Islamic Nuclear Weapons threatens the very survival of the human race, as Arabs are not amenable for the logic of deterrence of Mutual Assured Destruction doctrine. United States, India, and Israel should join military forces to undertake pre-emptive military strikes to forcibly dismantle Arab nuclear, biological and chemical weapons or their components, or their precursors. Arab Muslims invaded India in the history and Hindu India cannot sit idle and allow rise of any military power in the Islamic world. India would welcome the subjugation of the Islamic world by Protestant and Catholic powers to ward of the Islamic threats to Hindu world. Hindu India would militarily support Christian Coalition in their war on Islamic terrorism and Islamic Weapons of Mass Destruction. India should join forces with United States to develop National Missile Defense Shield. The military occupation of Iraq by United States, and the subsequent portioning of Iraq to carve out independent Kurdistan, and Shiite Iraq not against the national interests of Hindu India. India supports the looming US invasion of Iraq, so long as Wahhabi fundamentalists do not sneak into power in Iraq, after the ouster of Saddam Hussein. India will support United States to forcibly dismantle Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, if General Pervez Musharraf’s dictatorial regime falls, and if there is any threat of take over of power by fundamentalists in Pakistan. Even at the cost of limited nuclear exchange, India must never allow the political takeover of nuclear Pakistan by Islamic fundamentalists.


War of Ideas on Terrorism

India supports Bush doctrine that outlines that United States will also wage a war of ideas to win the battle against international terrorism. This includes supporting moderate and modern government especially in the Muslim world, to ensure that the conditions and fundamentalist ideologies that promote Islamic terrorism do not find fertile ground in any nation. India like United States reserves the right to wage a war of ideas in the Islamic world to win the battle against international terrorism, which is based on the terrorist subjugation of women under the garb of Wahhabi fundamentalism and Shariah. India will wage a war of ideas to convince or compel Muslim nations to realize that the brutal Wahhabi subjugation of women will be viewed in the same light as slavery, piracy, or genocide, a behavior that all civilized nations must oppose. India accepts that United States has a right under international law to militarily intervene to compel Muslim nations replace Shariah laws with modern secular western civil and criminal law. India and United States may join forces to impose Turkish secular laws in Saudi Arabia, Arabian Peninsula and rest of the Islamic world. Since Christian culture and civilization superior to that of Islamic culture and Arab civilization, it is inevitable that under distinctly American internationalism, American value system, freedom of women and American legal system could be imposed upon semi-civilized Arab societies, to guarantee the freedom of Arab women. Just as the slavery abolished against total opposition of the slave traders and slave owners, similarly the Wahhabi subjugation of Muslim women, should be outlawed in the same light as slavery, piracy, or genocide, a behavior that no respectable nation can condone or support and all must oppose. India and United States should join forces to militarily guarantee the freedom and rights of Arab women, to drive the final nail in the coffin of Wahhabi AlQaeda terrorism. India supports the Bush doctrine that advocates the preemptive strikes to wage a war of ideas to win the war against Islamic terrorism. Representing the religious right conservative conspiracy, President Jimmy Carter legitimized Islamic fundamentalism by engineering the fall of Pahlalvi Monarchy in Iran in 1980’s and accession of arch-fundamentalist Ayatollah Khomeini into power that dismantled the most modern Persian Islamic society, which had made Tehran the Paris of Asia. The “National Security Strategy of the United States” in 2002 laid the foundation of war of ideas against Islamic fundamentalism, to undo the wrongs perpetrated by President Jimmy Carter and President Bill Clinton.


Hindu-Vatican Conflicts

It is no accident that leading American media seems to downplay threats of Islamic terrorism, by equating it with Hindu fundamentalism. Catholic Religious Right Conspiracy, projects Hindu fundamentalism as more dangerous to the West than the Islamic terrorism. It does so primarily to weaken American Protestants’ resolve to destroy global Islamic terrorism. American Protestants realize that America’s war on terrorism undermines growing theological alliance between apocalyptic Catholicism and apocalyptic Islam. Catholic fundamentalists especially targeted Sikhs to generate India’s reaction against Christian attacks on Muslims. Catholic Religious Right Conspiracy intends to target multi-ethnic liberal democratic India, to attempt carving out Catholic States of Northeast India, just it carved out Catholic Slovenia and Croatia from Yugoslav Federation. It is no accident that Catholic terrorists in northeast India have developed close military ties with Wahhabi terrorists and Pakistan’s secret services ISI. Catholic press seems to make villain of Hindus and denigrate Hinduism, while promoting Wahhabi fundamentalism in better light.


Hindu Response to Papacy

Should India follow Communist China’s lead and ban the role of the Pope and Vatican in Indian Roman Catholic Church? Perhaps India and China join forces and elect an Asian Pope and demand that the Colonial Empire of Roman Catholic Churches be dismantled. Should India break ties with Vatican, because secular India should not maintain any ties with a theocratic Vatican State? Should India and China demand that Native Catholic Churches break ties with the Vatican? Unless Catholic laity directly elects Pope and Bishops by direct elections, the Vatican colonialism would continue.


Hinduism is World’s Largest Religion

Hindus identify themselves as Hindus, and do not identify themselves by sects, and every Hindu can worship his God at any Hindu temple, or Buddhist temple, or Sikh temple of any sect. As a result Hindus outnumber Catholics and Sunnis in the world. Chinese Mahayana Buddhism and Hinduism are the two sides of the same coin. Before 2100, Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism would merge into one other and form the greatest religion of the mankind, representing half of the world population. There are more Hindus in the world than Catholic Christians, and the population of Hindus growing faster than that of Catholics.


Whichever Christian and Muslim sect Hindus support would emerge victorious in the Christian wars of Sects and Islamic wars of Sects. If Hindus support Russian Orthodoxy, or American Protestant Christianity, then 600 million Roman Catholics could convert to embrace Protestant and Orthodox Christianity in 21st Century. If Hindus support Islam against Catholicism, then 200 million Catholics would convert to Islam in Africa and Asia, before 2100 AD. If Hindus support Iranian Sufi Shiite Islam, then 200 million Sunni Muslims would embrace Shiite Islam in Asia and Africa, and Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan would rule the Islamic world from Rabat to Islamabad.


If Hindus support Roman Catholicism, then before 2100 Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Tunisia would become Catholic Christian nations. If Hindus support Russian Orthodoxy then these Mediterranean African and Arabian countries could become Orthodox Christian nations before 2100. If Hindus support mystic Kabbalah (Cabala) Judaism, then 200 million Christians would convert and embrace Judaism before 2100.


If Hindu India supports eternal Religion of Incas, Mayas and Aztecs then 60 million Mestizos, Mulattos, Amerindians, Incas, Mayas, Native Americans and Australian Aborigines would reject Christianity and embrace Inca Religion to worship God Viracocha, before 2025 AD. It is a political decision that the political leadership of Hindu India would make time to time, as Hindu India has no permanent friends and no permanent enemies in the wars of civilizations, it has permanent Hindu Civilization’s interests. Hindu India would not directly intervene in the Christian religious wars among Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Christians. Hindu India would not militarily intervene in the Islamic religious wars between Sunnis and Shiites. However, Hindu India and Buddhist China would provide military, material, political and proselytizing support to one or more warring Christian and Muslim Sects, to promote Hindu, Pagan and Buddhist Civilization’s interests, from time to time.


Indian Output was 1/4th of World

Moderate Protestants and Mestizo Catholics should support the presidential candidate that treats India as equal to China. In the year 2000, India’s population crossed one billion. India had been the richest nation in the world. India produced one fourth of the world’s manufactured output in 1750, one-fifth in 1800 and one-sixth in 1830. It is only when India came under British crown in 1857 that India’s share fell precipitously. England is responsible for India’s poverty. India’s share of the world manufacturing output was in 1750 (24.5%), 1800 (19.7%), 1830 (17.6%), 1860 (8.6%), 1880 (2.8%), 1900 (1.7%), 1913 (1.4%), 1928 (1.9%), 1938 (2.4%), 1953 (1.7%), 1963 (1.8%), 1973 (2.1%) and 1980 (2.3%). The West Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand comprising Western Christendom’s share of world manufacturing output was in 1750 (18.2%), 1800 (23.3%), 1830 (31.1%), 1880 (68.8%), 1900 (77.4%), 1913 (81.6%), 1938 (78.6%), 1953 (74.6%), 1963 (65.4%), 1973 (61.2%), and 1980 (57.8%). (Source Paul Bairoch, “International Industrialization levels from 1750 to 1980.)


Indian civilization during Roman Empire represented around 40 percent of the world’s arable fertile agricultural lands. India supports 16 percent of the world population in less than 2.5 percent of the world’s landmass, and it the principal cause of India’s poverty. Throughout history, India has never used military forces to conquer wealthier nations to promote Hinduism or to occupy their lands. Even when Indian Empire’s 3,600,000 Indian troops, were instrumental in Allied Victory in the Second World War, the British rulers separated Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh from India. Indian population is more than one billion. Indian Subcontinent’s population is more than that of China.


The redistribution of the world’s continent would become the principal issue in the World War Three. Australia and South America would cease to be white man’s continent in the early 21st Century. Hindu India should undertake necessary economic and political measures so that India’s GDP/GNP again represent 24 percent of the world’s GNP before the end of the 21st Century. India and China should represent 50 percent of the world’s GDP in foreseeable future.


Islam to Die If Pakistan Nukes India

There is no fear of India Pakistan nuclear war, because Pakistan realizes that attack on Hindu India would mean the end of Islam as religion, and Pakistan conspiring to take over Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates in the pretense of leading Islamic Jihad. It is very likely that Musharraf Dynasty would replace Al Saud dynasty of Saudi Arabia, and Al Sabah dynasty of Kuwait and Wahhabi Emirates of UAE.


Sunni Arab Race and Sunni Islam Religion would cease to exist if Muslim Sunni Pakistan undertakes preemptive nuclear strikes against Hindu India. Muslim nuclear attack one billion Hindu India would result in the destruction of Sunni Islam and Wahhabi Arab race. In retaliation of preemptive nuclear strike, Indian second strike nuclear, and biological retaliation would nuke Mecca, Medina, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Rabat, Tunis, Islamabad, and Lahore. India would not nuke Karachi, land of Sindhis and Mohajirs.


Post-nuclear attack India would be forced to resettle 400 million Indians in Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. Muslim nuclear attack on one billion-strong Hindu India would result in annihilation of Islam in North Africa and Arabian Peninsula and eradication of Wahhabi Sunni Islam in North Africa and Arabian Peninsula. India would partition Pakistan into separate sovereign states of Sindh, Baluchistan, and Pakhtoonistan. India can easily absorb destruction of 25 million Hindu lives by 25 Muslim nukes, but in retaliation would be legally entitled to hang 250 million Sunnis and Wahhabis and supporters of AlQaeda and Taliban. Prophet Mohammed had forecast the End of Islam in 15th Century Hijra, the present Islamic century. The Source of evil is not in Pakistani race, who are of Aryan descent, but Evil Wahhabi Sunni cult of Saudi Arabian origin, to which terrorist Osama bin Laden belongs. Perhaps Afghans, Pathans, Shiite Iranians and Shiite Saudi Arabians would join forces with Hindu India to eradicate the evil Wahhabi Sunni cult from North Africa and Arabian Peninsula.


Pakistan is a civilized nation, and brothers of Indians, so the civilized Pakistani leadership would overthrow Musharraf and reinstall the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Nawaj Sharief. President Pervez Musharraf would be executed by firing squad by patriotic Sindhis, Baluchis and Pathans.


There is no fear of India Pakistan nuclear war. Islamic nuclear weapons would be used against Catholic Rome, as a prelude to recreation of Islamic Ottoman Empire under the leadership of nuclear Pakistan. Pakistani Ottoman Empire would extend from Morocco to Islamabad. Pakistan would control the Islamic Holy sites in Mecca and Medina. Pakistan has emerged as leader of Islamic world, and hence the Saudi provinces of Mecca and Medina should be handed over to Pakistan and half of oil incomes of OPEC nations reserved for Pakistan as tribute. Pakistan has inherited the Islamic Ottoman Empire, and all the oil wealth of OPEC nations, North Africa and Arabian Peninsula belongs to Pakistan as a matter of right of the Caliph of Islam. India supports the Pakistani conquest of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE, as a bargaining chip to avert nuclear Holocaust. India supports the Chinese conquest of Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia as a bargaining chip to gain Chinese support in case of India-Pakistan War.


There is no fear of India Pakistan nuclear exchange, even if India attacks Pakistan and conquers Pakistan. After conquering Pakistan India would make Pakistan the Caliph of Islam and help create Pakistani Ottoman Empire, extending from Morocco to Islamabad.

Orthodox Russia & Hindu India

Hindu India and Orthodoxy’s citadel Russia would form Civilization’s alliance to reclaim North Africa and Arabia for Apostolic Orthodox Christianity and to checkmate Catholic religious right wing conspiracy. Many Americans would like to forget about Rape of Russia, and the NATO's infrastructure air war on Orthodox Slav Serbia, as they forgot the Yellow Orange clouds over Buddhist Vietnam and Christian Pot Pot's massacre of 2 million Buddhists. However, Americans cannot afford to forget nuclear Russia. The Cold War may be over, Soviet Communism is dead, but Russia's nuclear arsenal is more threatening, and Russian Orthodoxy has replaced Communism as the Slav race's exportable ideology in the 21st Century.


Russians like Indians simmer with resentment about America and the Western alliance. Russians and Indians believe that they saved the Western world from fascism and got little in return. Indian Empire supplied 3.5 million soldiers in contrast to 7.5 million American troops for allied powers. Orthodox Russia is proud nuclear giant that feels poorer, weakened, misunderstood, humiliated, neglected and betrayed. Hindu India is a proud nuclear power that feels aggrieved that Christian United States gives Most Favored Nation's status to anti-Buddhist Communist China and supports the fundamentalist Islamic nations that promote drug trade.


The new Russian president, Vladimir Putin, faces the challenge of managing a super power in decline. Hindu Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee faces the challenge of legitimizing a superpower on the rise. That is why both Mr. Putin and Mr. Vajpayee so frequently invoke patriotism to stabilize the political foundations of their regimes. Putin and Vajpayee are trying to create a sense that they dedicated to returning Russia and India to international eminence as Soviet Union and British Indian Empire respectively.


In the 1990's, Russian Jews led corrupt oligarchs engineered the flight of $180 billion capital out of Russia. Now Russian funds are flowing out at the rate of $2.5 billion a month. United States has become the heaven for Indian black money. It is no wonder that $750 billion earned by global drug cartels gets recycled in US economy, which has become the Mecca of dirty black money form world over. Putin's Russia might expel 3 million Russian Jews to check the flight of Russian Capital.


Russia and India are equally peeved that United States supports the terrorist, fundamentalist, Muslim separatists in Chechnya and Kashmir inspire of their record of crime, abuses, kidnapping, drug trafficking and murders of Orthodox Christians and Hindus respectively. The visit of President Bill Clinton to India failed, and convinced Indians that United States would support China against India. President Clinton failed to explain why United States gives MFN status to China, who fought Korean War and Vietnam War against United States, massacre Buddhists in China, while economic sanctions are in place against India.


India and Russia have realized that Protestant United States formulates its foreign policy towards Orthodox Russia and Hindu India, not to promote the national interests of the United States, but to promote religious interests of the Vatican. India and Russia have no option but to sign Mutual Defense Pact, allowing permanent Indian military bases in Kaliningrad, Chechnya, and Vladivostock. After the fall of the Russian Communism Russia would become the favored destination of Indian emigration, whenever Russians modify their citizenship laws. It is possible that 30 million Indians would emigrate to Russia and Siberia during 21st Century. White Slav Russia realizes that its heritage lies in Asian Mongols and Eastern heritage, not in the Western Europe who were barbarians in 714 AD. Unrestricted Indian emigration to Russia and Siberia would make Russia again the Super Power, allowing Russian economy to overtake American economy before 2020 AD.


India and Russia political and economic union would eclipse United States, European Union and NAFTA. President Vladimir Putin would expel Russian Jews en-masse and allow unlimited Indian emigration to Russia. The civilization’s alliance of Slav, Aryan and Dravidian races and religious alliances of Eastern Orthodoxy, Hinduism and Buddhism would meet the threats of Western Christendom headlong.


Hinduism and Buddhism belong to the universal Pagan religions of Africa. Black Pagan Syrians and Egyptians have hired bought and sold German and French white Slaves for thousands of years till 714 AD. Arab slave traders, destroyed superior black Pagan African civilization in sub-Sahara Africa. Egyptian Civilization was pagan black-brown non-Semite non-Arab civilization. Arab Muslims kidnapped black women. Hindu India would


Rise of Idolatry:

Holy Gita justifies the worship of Gods and Goddesses and deities. Holy Gita is the scripture of Idolaters in their war against Iconoclasts. The political use of Gita lies in raising an army of Hindu Militia Army to fight Islamic Mujahideens. Gita is an instrument of mass mobilization of Hindu Militia for overseas military operations.


Right Pole of Indian Polity:

Holy Gita defines the right wing, right-pole of Hindu political spectrum. Hinduism is world’s most advance religion. No religious scripture can compare with Sri Bhagwad Gita. The purpose of this book is to outline the essential principles of Hinduism to define Hindu polity. God Krishna revealed Gita to explain Arjuna's religious dilemma at the beginning of War at Panipat. Arjuna reasoned that how would he avoid the reactions of the Karma by killing his closest relatives in the War. God Krishna declared that if he kills his enemies as a duty to Krishna then the reactions of killing would not bind him. The Religious-War, the Dharma-Yudha is the open door to heaven-Svarga. God Krishna warned Arjuna that the path that avoids the Dharma-Yudha would lead to Hell. The purpose of Gita is to motivate soldiers in the war. Gita advocates the formation of Hindu volunteer Militia to fight the menace of Afghan Islamic Mujahideens. Hindu soldiers should fight Islamic Mujahideen as a part of their religious duty, without any hope of salary.

India has No Permanent Enemy:

NO PERMANENT CIVILIZATION’S ENEMY: There is no Permanent Enemy of Hindu Civilization in the looming Civilization’s war. Hindus would align with Christians to overthrow Evil Communist Empire in China, to install a Buddhist government in China, headed by Dalai Lama and Li Honghzhi. Proselytizing Hindu India could align with Vatican to propagate Hinduism and Catholicism among atheist Chinese Communists. Hindu India could align with Iran to promote Sufism as the predominant religious sect of Islamic world, to convert Sunnis to Sufism. Hindu India could align with Sunni Pakistan to create a Pakistani Islamic Empire that includes Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, U.A.E. and Turkey, to decisively shift the center of Islam to Islamabad. Hindu India could align with Sunni Saudi Arabia to keep Christianity out of Asia and Africa. India could align with Atheist Communist China to limit the influence of Pope over Indian and Chinese Christians. Hindu India could support Chinese invasions of Eastern Siberia and Australia. Hindu India would support the selection of ethnic Chinese as the future President of Indonesia, future Prime Minister of Malaysia, and future President of the Philippines. Hindu India could support the expansion of China, provided China goes Buddhist. It estimates that future Chinese Empire would include Eastern Siberia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia. Hindu India could support the anti-Arab revolution in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, by non-white Brown peoples of non-Semite races. Hindu India could support Brown Mexicans, who represent 85 percent of Mexican population, to expel White Spaniards and white Hispanics from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Hindu India would support the reestablishment of Inca civilization in Peru, where unmixed Inca Indians represent 53 percent of Peru population. Hindu India has no permanent enemy in the Civilization’s war. Hindu India will support a civilization and oppose other civilization to promote the Civilization’s interests of Hindu India, as defined by the Geopolitical Theory of Civilization’s Interests in the World Politics.

India's Permanent Civilization’s Friends

Only Hindu and Buddhist civilizations are permanent friends. Communist China is the Civilization’s enemy of Hindu civilization. The civilizations of Lamas Tibet, Sufi Iran, Zoroastrian Persia, Aryan Kurds, and Pharaohs Goddess Isis worshipping Egyptians, Zeus worshipping Greeks, Jupiter worshipping Romans, Borobodur worshipping Indonesians, Angkor Wat worshipping Cambodians, Incas, and Mayas are permanent Civilization’s friends of Hindu civilization. All ancient civilizations that worshipped ancient Gods and goddesses are all permanent Civilization’s friends of Eternal Hindu civilization. India would go to war to reestablish ancient civilization and ancient religions in Egypt, Greece, Peru, Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma, Tibet, and Laos.

Beyond Good and Evil

Prophet Zoroaster was the wisest of all Prophets of the world. Philosopher Nietzsche wrote in 1883-85, ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra.’ These excerpts show the way out of the civilization’s war and religious wars looming on the horizon of the mankind. Prophet Zarathustra was the Father of all the occidental Prophets of the Middle East. The religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the offshoot of Zoroastrian Religion. The idea of Monotheism and the concept of Devil took birth in the lands of Iryan, now called Iran, inhabited by the Airyan people, now known as Aryans. The people of Iran and Punjab gave birth to Oriental as well as Occidental religions. The Clash of Civilizations is the result of the eschatological, apocalyptic and teleological reasoning.


THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA: Many lands and many peoples did Zarathustra see. Thus, he discovered the goods and evils of many peoples. No greater force did Zarathustra find on earth, than the good and evil? No people could live unless it had values, but if it wants to preserve itself, it must not have the same values as its neighbor. Many things that one people call good other people may call that thing ridiculous and shameful. Many things Zarathustra found, which in one place were evil and bad, but which in another place were adorned with purple honors and called virtuous and good.

Secession of Tibet:

"Nuclear Geopolitics and Future of War," concludes that the recent technological revolution in Precision Guided Munitions and information technology transforms the balance of power in high mountain warfare in favor of light mobile infantry commandos. China would lose the war in Tibet. Indian and Tibetan commandos can easily disrupt the vehicular transportation in Tibet. Tibet will fall and secede from China. The reestablishment of Buddhist Lama government in Tibet would be the crowning feature of the next decade.

Who will Open Time Capsule in 3000 AD?

Who or What will open the Time Capsule a Thousand years hence in 3,000 AD? Correct predictions considered the ultimate tests of the hard sciences like physics and chemistry. For those in the soft sciences, historians and evolutionists, the predictions constantly derailed by independent variables and the impact of unpredictable events. This observation applies to the soft-science that may be called Time Capsule Apertology, the science of opening, from the Latin apertus, meaning open, and the Greek logos meaning thought.

China in 1000 AD

Just imagine the apertologist in the year 1000 AD trying to predict who would end up opening a capsule in 2000 AD. That would have been a no-brainer: the Chinese, of course! China was the world's largest, most powerful, most technologically advanced empire. China had world's biggest and best ships, equipped with Chinese inventions like magnetic compasses, sternpost rudders and watertight bulkheads. The long list of other Chinese firsts included canal lock gates, cast iron, deep drilling, gunpowder, bamboo guns, kites, paper, porcelain, printing, and wheelbarrows. At the dawn of this Millennium in 1000 AD, China seemed poised to colonize and conquer the world- as well as to open the Kaifeng Time Capsule in 2000 AD.


In fact, as we know, preeminence of China was transient. Few ignorant Chinese Emperors undid whatever China accomplished by reaching out to overseas civilizations, in early part of the second Christian Millennium. Emperors in 15th century banned oceangoing ships, clocks and water-powered machines throughout China. Mongols had conquered China. Mongols were land powers and Mongol military mobility based on horses. The maritime mobility of warships threatened the integrity of Mongol Empire, as it allowed Chinese warlords to challenge the horse-based mobility of occupation Mongol forces.

21st Century Not a China’s

China by banning Falun Gong Buddhist Law has done the similar disastrous move. Communist China is finished. Buddhist Revolution will overthrow the Evil Communist regime in China, and publicly hang 30 million Chinese Communists before 2010 AD. Cannibal Mao Zedong could massacre 60 million Buddhists under anti-Left Campaign launched in 1957. There are 100 million followers of Falun Gong Buddhists. Current President of China has embarked on anti-Buddhist policies in China in alliance with Vatican. 1,300 million Chinese have a sudden awakening that Communist Party is the party of the foreign westerners, imposed by the Western powers. Chinese Buddhists, who number more than 800 million realized that Evil Karl Marx was not an economic philosopher, but a genocidal mass killer, the Elder of Zion, out to implement Jew World Plot. Communists like Karl Marx, represent Devil, and seek to destroy the non-Judaic non-Semite religions and civilizations. The Third Millennium shall not be the Chinese Millennium.

3rd Millennium Not America’s

The China's decline only recently reversed was the modern apertologists that the West's leadership for the last 5 centuries may also prove to be transient. Germans and French were barbarians in 415 AD when they conquered the Roman Empire, after the death of Evil Emperor Theodosius I who imposed Christianity by sword on predominantly Hindu populations in Egypt, Syria, Greece, and Rome. Around 1000 AD, white Slaves were openly sold and bought in the slave markets of Istanbul. Before 715 AD, the economy of barbarian Western Europe depended on the export of White German, Frank, Vandal Slaves to the slave markets of Alexandria and Damascus. The Byzantine blockaded the lucrative White Slave Trade via Mediterranean to harm the economies of Egypt and Syria, which had come under the Muslim swords of Arab nomads. At the beginning of the Second Millennium in 1000 AD, white West Europe was under Dark Age. God punished barbarian conquerors of Hindu Roman Empire, for destroying Hindu Greek Civilization that White Europeans had to undergo the torture of Dark Ages and Inquisitions. United States would cease to be White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) nation. Vatican would occupy the Oval Office. The rising cost of US Presidential elections would allow foreign investors and Drug Cartels buy US Presidency. Nuclear Canada and nuclear Quebec would challenge American hegemony in the Northern Hemisphere.

3rd Millennium Not European Millennium

The Colonial Empires of Europe have vanished. The dismal performance of Western Europe during Kosovo War exposed the military vulnerability of White Western Europe. Without the support of United States, many nations of Western Europe would become colonies or slaves of non-Europeans after the Third World War. Western Europe can never become a major military power. Western Europe is now the proverbial Golden Bird ripe for conquest and colonization by non-European powers, provided USA abstains from the war. Both India and China can conquer and enslave many nations of Western Europe, and loot them. Third Millennium cannot be West European Millennium. It is possible that Catholic-Orthodoxy War will result in Serb Nuclear Bomb launched on Vatican and Naples. Round Two of Catholic-Orthodoxy War will be nuclear, and Serb Nuclear devices would flatten Italy and Germany. Pakistani nuclear bombs can destroy Mediterranean metropolitan targets. Europe cannot and must not dream creating European Empires in 21st Century.

Hindu’s Third Millennium

The whole world was Hindu in 500 BC, before the birth of Gautam Buddha. The religion of Egyptian Pharaohs, ancient Greeks, ancient Rome, ancient Babylon, ancient Persia, Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs was Universal Hinduism. Indian civilization and religion united the pre-Christian world. Indian Civilization and Religion transformed the civilization of China, Japan and Southeast Asia. India spreads its religion and civilization without sword, because it believes that God does not need sword and guns to propagate the God's religion among its children. Hindus believe that only Devil uses sword to impose the religion of Devil over peoples of god. All religions that propagated by sword and guns are religions of Devil and false. Next Millennium is Hindu Millennium. India shall be the dominant economic, political and military power of the third Christian Millennium. False religions would vanish from the face of the earth in the first century of the Third Millennium. Among Occidental Religions, only one Religion will survive in the 22nd Century. Only One Religion will survive from amongst Catholic, Protestant, Orthodoxy, Gnostic, Sunni, Shiite, Judaism, and Zoroastrians. Whichever Sect Hindu India supports would survive the 22nd Century, others would perish. Hindu India would remain neutral in the Wars of occidental Religious Sects, which would cause more than 200 million deaths in Christian and Islamic worlds, before 2,100 AD.

Book of Life Genome Decoded

BOOK OF LIFE HUMAN GENOME: After 10 years' effort, Genome mapping Team achieves Sequence of a Human Chromosome 22, contains 43 million units of DNA, of which scientists have decoded 33.5 million. Scientists have decoded the sequencing of BOOK of LIFE. Unfortunately, the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE of GOD forbidden to Semites and Christians of Old Testament kept Christians in dark about the true knowledge of god. Prophets of Old Testament denied this knowledge to Semite race. They feared that in BUSINESS of GOD, believers if directly able to understand the nature of GOD through the theology of Immanence, would not offer GOLD to learn about GOD. This is the cause of Civilization’s war in the present age.

Tree of God's Knowledge

The purpose of this book is to allow direct access to the knowledge of God to decode the BOOK OF SPIRIT, which documents the total spiritual history of the mankind. When every person in every country has open access to the total spiritual knowledge of the mankind, there would be no more any civilization’s war. The priests unleash the Wars of religions in the Business of God who forsakes GOD for their lure of GOLD. No nation can control the flow of spiritual knowledge in the age of Internet. Many false religions will disappear in the 21st Century. Only one Oriental religion and only one Occidental religion would survive the 2100 AD. Hinduism would merge with all other Oriental religions to form a single Oriental religion. Perhaps either Catholic Christianity or Sufi Shiite Islam would lead the Occidental religions in the next century.

Religion is the Basis of World Politics

REVENGE OF ANCIENT EGYPT AND PERSIA: Most of the wars of the first and second Christian Millennium were the result of the wars between barbarians and civilizations and wars among religions. Roman Christian Emperor Theodosius (died in 395 AD) issued an Imperial Edict that imposed death penalty the performance of religious worship of God Mithra, God Zeus, God Jupiter, Goddess Isis, Goddess Innanna, Goddess Athena, and other ancient Gods and Goddess. Jews and Christians took advantage of this addict to burn and loot ancient temples in Greece, Italy, Syria, and Egypt. Jews also financed the Muslim Arab invaders of Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Persia to share in the loot. Ancient civilizations in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Persia were destroyed and conquered by the Semite Bedouin horse-riders, who massacred the ruling elite brown Dravidian race with straight hair, abducted their women and destroyed ancient religions and civilizations. Third World War may begin with militarily powerful civilizations of Iran, Egypt and Pakistan claiming their right to rule the Islamic world and the OPEC nations. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE do not have historical rights to the lands of Arabian Peninsula, as they are artificial political entities. The lands of Arabian Peninsula belong to either Egypt or Persia. Civilizations have the right to take back the properties looted by barbarians in the past. Egypt, Syria and Mediterranean North Africa do not belong to fair skin Moors or white Arabs, but belongs to brown Dravidian and black Africans. Pharaohs belonged to a brown Dravidian race with straight hair that originated in South India. Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Ancient Greece, Indus Valley, and Tamils belonged to the Universal Hindu Civilization that had brown skin and straight hairs and united by maritime commerce. Ancient Egypt, ancient Assyria, ancient Babylon was Hindu and worshipped Shiva, Vayu, Mithra and Indra.

Disband Indian Foreign Service

Indian diplomatic services are not suitable to play real politics in the age of Clash of Civilizations. Indian diplomats have consistently failed to promote Indian Civilization’s interests. Diplomats of Indian Civil Service, and Indian Foreign Service cadre during 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's promoted Chinese national interests at the cost of Indian national interests. Perhaps majority of Indian diplomats, under influence of Socialists and Marxists formulated Indian Foreign Policy to undermine Indian Civilization’s interests and promoted China. Author advocates that senior ICS and IFS officers that during 1950 to 1998 formulated pro-China, anti-Tibet, anti-Cambodia, and foreign policies could be investigated, to find whether they were Chinese or Communist spies. Hindu government should disband Indian Foreign Service as cadre and merge it with IAS cadre. Pakistan's diplomats are more patriotic than Indian diplomats are. The monopoly of IFS cadre in Indian foreign policy making threatens India's national security. China has undermined India's role in the post-second world war era by manipulating India's foreign Policy through its Communist spies in Indian's Ministry of External Affairs. Indian diplomats that formulated during Prime Ministers Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and Rajiv Gandhi pro-China, anti-India, anti-Hinduism, anti-Buddhism, anti-Taoism, and anti-Tibet foreign policies should face investigations for treason and foreign espionage.

Kaliyuga Ends on 22 Dec 2012

HINDU FOUR YUGAS: Kali Yuga started on 11 February 3120 BC. The Total Kali Yuga period is around 5133 years. Kali Yuga will end on 22 December 2012 and the divine Age of Sat-Yuga, or Krita-Yuga, will begin to take place. Hindu age is 6480-year cycle. The end of Kali-Yuga will bring about the return of the Krita Yuga. Krita Yuga is the perfect first age in which man is so saintly that he need not perform religious ceremonies. The Krita Yuga was without disease. There was no lessening of the years. There was no hatred, or vanity, or evil thought whatsoever, no sorrow, no fear. The age of Krita-Yuga followed by following ages, Treta-Yuga, Dvapara-Yuga, and Kali-Yuga. Present age is the Kali-Yuga. The end of each age accompanied by catastrophes. In Hinduism and Buddhism, there is a distinctive understanding of moral decline as a process of forgetting one's true-identity and purpose due to the distractions of the physical world.

Promote Protestantism & English in Hispanic America

The geopolitical national interest of United States demands that Protestant America should expand southward to propagate Protestantism and English language in Central and South America. There is no Catholic Super Power in the world. It is the manifest destiny of the Protestant United States that being the sole super power of the world, the White House should appoint Pope and manage the Vatican.


Hispanic language and Catholicism should give way to English language and Protestantism. United States should propagate reformed Christianity of Apostles and bring Judeo-Christianity under the control of Christianity. Judeo-Christianity and Christianity are engaged in the mortal combat in the New World. Jesus Christ and Apostle James, Apostle Paul and Apostle Peter had rejected Jewish Law and Old Testament. After the eighth Century Hellenized Jews hijacked the leadership of Roman Catholic Church and imposed Old Testament in the Christian Bible, transforming the anti-Judaic Christianity of the Apostles into Judeo-Christianity of Catholicism. Lutheran and Protestant revolution sought to purify the Catholic Church reforming it to purge Judaic influences. United States took birth to provide safe heaven from the Papal repression and freedom of Religion.


Vatican aims to Catholicize United States by hoodwinking Protestants in the United States. Catholic Reverend Daniel Coughlin appointed as Chaplain of the US House of Representatives, by House Speaker Dennis Hastert. It was done to woo Catholic votes in the election year, and to bring a sense of pride to the millions of Catholic men and women, who have had legitimate feelings of past discrimination. Pope John Paul II apologized for Catholic sins against Jews and Muslims, however, did not apologize for Catholic sins against Protestants, during Counter Reformation Wars, which continues to the date.


Southward expansion of Protestantism and English language in the Hispanic Central and South America would ignite the Counter Reformation Wars, between Christianity and Judeo-Christianity, between Protestantism and Catholicism. Hinduism and Eastern Orthodoxy would support Protestant Christianity in wars against Judeo-Christianity of Catholicism, throughout Southern Hemisphere.

India vs. United States in WW III

There are only three vibrant civilizations in the world- Western Christianity, Sunni Islam and Hinduism. Judeo-Communism of Soviet Union destroyed the power base of vibrant Russian Eastern Christian civilization. Judeo-Communism of China destroyed the Chinese Buddhist civilization. Sunnis have undermined the power base of Shiites except in Persia. India is the only bastion of Hindu, Buddhist and Pagan civilizations. Sunnis have aligned with Western Christianity to dream the preponderance of the Judeo-Christianity-Islam. United States is the leading power of the Western Christianity. Saudi Arabia the leader of Arab Sunnis is American-satellite and puppet. United States represents the combined leadership of Protestantism, Catholicism, Judaism and Sunni Islam. India represents the combined leadership of Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Sikhism, Jainism, and all ancient religions. India and United States have been involved in undeclared Civilization’s war after the Second World War. India supplied 3.5 million soldiers to fight alongside Allied Forces in the Second World War. What did India receive for its share of the spoils of war, besides the partition of Indian Empire that cost 5 million lives?


Why did Catholic President John F. Kennedy send US troops to Vietnam? United States sent troops to Vietnam to undermine Hindu Civilization’s influences in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma, which historically had never been part of Sinic Chinese Civilization. India and United States could be adversaries in the Third World War. United States represents the Asuri Nature, while India represents the Daivi Nature, in the three modes of material nature. Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan and Orthodox Civilizations would join Civilization’s resources and respective populations to defend their civilizations against Catholic Christian and Sunni Islamic invasions.

Vietnam Type War in Colombia

United States entering Vietnam type War in Colombia, to maintain the monopoly of White Catholic Colombian Cocaine Cartels, against incursions of Mestizos-owned independent Cocaine producer-distributors. Unmixed White people of European ancestry are in minority, representing less than 15 percent of Colombian population. However, White Catholic Colombian Drug Cartels earn more than $350 billion annually by drug trade, which when invested by the Wall Street fuels economic boom in the United States. The Colombian Mestizos, the people of mixed Indian and European ancestry, represent 60 percent of Colombian population. Mestizo Cocaine producers challenge the monopoly of the White Catholic Cartels over global Cocaine trade. United States would spend billions of dollars to help Colombian army and its national police fight the independent Cocaine producers to reestablish the monopoly of the White Colombian Cartels in global drug trade. United States entered the Vietnam War to reestablish the monopoly of Catholic Drug Syndicates over production and distribution of Heroin and Opium in the Golden Triangle. Similarly, United States could get involved in the Colombian War, on the side of unmixed White Catholic Cocaine Cartels. Mestizos represent the majority of Colombian population and are majority in the Colombian Army. Mestizos like Viet Cong of the Vietnam War would inflict decisive defeat US propped up unmixed white regimes in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.

Hindu Geopolitical Options

Catholic-Orthodoxy Wars and Catholic-Protestant Conflicts provide great geopolitical opportunities to Hindus. Hindu India should secure military ties with Orthodox Russia, Greece and Yugoslavia to secure permanent military bases in European soil. Catholic wars against pagans in Congo and Angola provide new geopolitical opportunities to Hindus. Hindus and Buddhists are also Pagans. Though Pagans represent more than 50 percent population of Africa, no Pagan is the president and Prime Minister in any African state. Christianity and Islam have joined forces to eliminate Pagans in Africa. India should militarily support African Pagans and engineer the secession of the Pagan-majority regions to carve out Pagan-led states in Africa. The disintegration of Indonesia provides an opportunity to make Indonesia a Hindu nation. Indonesia and Malaysia are heading for disaster and unless led by ethnic Chinese Buddhists, they cannot become prosperous again. Communism would fall in China and china would become Buddhist state with Dalai Lama as the Chairman and Li Hongzhi as the President of Buddhist China.


Muslim Attacks on India & Israel

The author advocates Hindu-Jewish-Protestant, and India-Israel-America joint front to fight against global Islamic terrorism. Perhaps many white Christian co-collaborators of Wahhabi Muslim terrorists continue to conspire to weaken and undermine President Bush’s war on global terrorism. Perhaps influenced by the legacy of President Clinton, President Carter, Secretary Albright, Secretary Kissinger, and Secretary Brzezinski the incumbent Secretary Colin Powell appears to renew ties of the United States and the CIA with Al Qaeda, Taliban and similar Islamic terrorist organizations in Pakistan, Israel, Kashmir, Algeria and Egypt. President Bush must clarify the stand of the United States towards Islamic terrorism. Otherwise, the world would suspect that Christians conspired with Saudi terrorists to undertake Sept. 11 attacks primarily to justify the eastward expansion of NATO in South Asia and Central Asia. It would be foolish for Protestants to overlook the looming Islamic terrorist threats to United States, lest next time Muslims undertake nuclear attacks on Protestant Christian targets. The war on terrorism is not the CIA’s hobnobbing with Islamic terrorists as usual, but is a barbarian invasion of cataclysmic consequences, which may threaten the very existence of the Civilizations. Hence barbarian terrorist invasions should result in decisive Civilizations’ response, to destroy and annihilate the barbarian’s heartland.


For the first time, after the 9/11 attacks, Protestant Americans realized the murderous potential of global terrorism. Americans realized the terrorism is rooted in religion and Wahhabi Islam is the source of global terrorism, which is funded by the growing nexus of Catholic Cocaine Cartel, Wahhabi Heroin Cartel. Just as Karl Marx legitimized the genocide of Bourgeoisie by the comrades, Wahhabi Islam legitimized the suppression of women genocide of infidels by Mujahideens. President Carter opened the Pandora Box by legitimizing the Islamic extreme conservatism and militant fundamentalism in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Rather than promoting modernization, liberal Western values, United States trained and equipped Muslim terrorists to destabilize civilized world to promote short-term US national interests, and subsequently harm long-term national interests and civilization’s interests of the WASPs United States.


Legitimization of Islamic militant fundamentalism has gone full stream, and resulted in the direct Christian support to the Palestine terrorists at the cost of the security of the State of Israel. Even after the terrorist attack of 9/11, the Vatican called for caution so that the 9/11 events might not conflagrate into war of religions. Had President Clinton been the president, United States would have refrained from taking any war on global terrorism. Christian world supported Albanian Muslims destabilize Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia, even when Macedonia supported NATO’s air war on Serbia. Christian world supports Islamic militants in Kashmir. Western world supports militant fundamentalist terrorists in Algeria and Egypt. Why should United States expect to gain sympathy of the world for 9/11 terrorist attacks, when it continues to support Muslim terrorists even when they launch terrorist attacks in Israel, Chechnya Russia, Kashmir India, Xinjian China, Algeria, and Egypt? After invading Afghanistan for punishing Al Qaeda, United States has refused to punish any single Al Qaeda leader for war crimes or crimes of genocide. On the contrary, USA wants to prosecute Northern Alliance for crimes against Taliban and Al Qaeda.

India Israel Civilization’s Pact

Hindu India must support territorial integrity of Israel. Hindu India opposes the demand for the creation of the separate state of Palestine. Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy, and Pope John Paul II leading efforts to force Israel hand over Orthodox Christian Holy Land, including Bethlehem to Muslims so that Catholic could takeover Orthodoxy controlled Holy Christian Church properties, as Catholic are vastly outnumbered by Orthodoxy in the Holy Land. India and Israel should support the demand for the creation of sovereign Orthodox Christian of Christine in Holy Land and the expulsion of all Muslims from the Holy Land, just as non-Muslims not allowed in Mecca & Medina. Hindu India should develop permanent military bases in Israel and militarily defend Israel from Islamic terrorist attacks. Hindus and Jews would be on the same sides of battle line in the War of Religions. Hindu India, Buddhist Asia, Protestant United States, and Jewish Israel would be on the same side of the battle lines in the Third World War. Papacy played direct role in destabilization of Yugoslavia, Ethiopia, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal and now targets Israel for disintegration. India can’t tolerate partition of Israel.



Hindu India wants to know: Whether Christian United States would formulate its policies towards Pakistan, India and China, by Raison d’etat, or Balance of Power, or Christian religious interests? Whether 26-member NATO, USA-Pakistan Alliance, and USA-Pakistan Alliance could become a threat to Hindu India in future? Whether United States favors India because of Wilsonian foreign policy, which seeks to promote democracy worldwide? Could Nato and America’s alliance with China and Pakistan present military threat to India, once the West and China succeed in secession of Siberia from Russia? Should India explore military ties with Japan, Germany, North Korea, Iran and Syria to balance the Nato-Pakistan-China threat to India?


This book is an attempt to present Hindu viewpoint to the Western intellectual world and to the diplomats of the world, to facilitate in the conduct of their diplomacy and statecraft. The stated purpose of the books it to avoid the looming Third World War and to take countermeasures to the designs of the Axis of Evil, which seeks to bring down to descend on the earth the New Global Dark Age, no very different from the Medieval Dark Age that Christianity caused in the Europe. Looking from the eyes of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Incans and Mayas, the Islam had been curse on Egypt and Persia, and Christianity had been a curse on Greece, Rome, Incas, Mayas and Incas. However, if one were to believer the Arnold Toynbee, the ancient world, ancient religions, ancient civilizations and ancient gods and goddesses may stage a comeback and reclaim their ancestral lands, just as Jews came back 2,000 years of Diaspora to regain the land of Israel? If Jews can come back to their ancestral lands then others can also stage a comeback, as the military power of the descendants of the barbarian invaders has weakened in the 21st century.


3(7) Iconoclasts’ Wars on Pagans Idolaters

Iconoclasts Vs Idolaters Clash

The monotheism Vs paganism clash is the principal focus of the Global Clash of Races: White Iconoclasts’ Wars on Brown, Black, & Yellow Idolaters. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Shintoism and Sikhism will join forces to defeat coalition of Iconoclasts, Monotheism, Islam and Christianity to safeguard the civilizations of pagans, idolaters, tribal and indigenous beliefs. The growing coalition of Protestants, Hindus and Orthodoxy against Islamic terrorism, would cement the ties of Hindu India with Protestant United States, in the Clash of Civilizations, and it would cause great dismay to the Catholic Religious Right Wing Conspiracy.


The Second Christian millennium witnessed the clash of Christianity Vs Islam, the clash of Papacy Vs Protestantism, and the clash of Christianity Vs paganism. The First Christian millennium witnessed the clash of Polytheism Vs Monotheism, the clash of European barbarians Vs civilized Hindu Romans, and the clash of barbarian Muslim nomad Arab Bedouin Vs civilized brown Hindu Egyptians, Libyans, and Syrians.

Pagan Africa's First World War

Pagan black Africans rejecting the religion imposed by slave-traders. More than 50 percent of population in every African country worship ancient Egyptian, pagan, animist gods and goddess. However, not even one black pagan is the president or prime minister of any African state. Christians have monopolized political power in black Africa. Christian missionaries have embarked upon program to eliminate paganism from Africa. Pagan constitute majority of population in Congo and the neighboring nine nations, who sit on what may be the richest patch of Earth, with rich deposits of diamonds, Oil, uranium, gold, plentiful water, fertile land and exquisite wild life. The Christian Tutsi-led Rwanda and Uganda have invaded Congo to loot the mineral wealth of pagan Congo and to Christianize Congo. India has legitimate security interests in Africa as Indians were expelled from Uganda, where they had settled 300 years ago. Indians controlled more than 70 percent wealth of Uganda before Idi Amin backed by Tutsi Army expelled them in early 1970’s. Hindu India has a religious interest in promoting pagan animist Africans. Hindu India would secure for pagan Africans, a fair share of political power in Congo-Zaire, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. Black Pagan Africans worship pagan gods who are very similar to pagan Hindu Gods. Hindus worship monkey-god Hanuman, elephant-God Ganesha, phallus-deity Shiva, cow-goddess Kamadhenu, snake goddess, and mother goddess Kali. Highest gods in Hindu pantheon are all black; God Krishna, God Shiva, God Rama, and Goddess Kali were all persons of dark complexion. Hindu god Hanuman is similar to Egyptian monkey-god Thot. Hindu cow-goddess is Egyptian goddess Hathor. Hindu phallus-god Shiva is the very same Egyptian god Ossir, Phoenician god Adonis and Greek god Dionysus. Hindu bull-god Nandi is same as Canaan god Baal. Hindu India would join forces with pagan black African and Orthodox Russia to meet the Challenges of Catholicism, Protestantism and Sunnism in Africa. Hindu India would enter the Africa's First World War in Congo to secure for pagan Tribal their birthright to rule the lands of their ancestors and to practice the religion of their ancestors. North Africa was Gnostic, Arian and Orthodox Christian before Islamic invaders imposed Islam over Orthodox Christian Egypt, Libya, and Algeria. North Africa belongs to the brown-black peoples, not the Semite Arabs. Hindu India would empower black pagan Africans regain sovereign control over the entire continent of Africa including Mediterranean North Africa. Rhodesian Colonial rulers handed power to Christian Robert Mugabe in 1979, to ensure that 4000 White commercial farms would continue to own 70 percent of Rhodesian/Zimbabwe fertile agricultural lands.

Pagan Inca War in Peru Ecuador

On Friday, January 21, 2000, in the morning Ecuador's unmixed pure Inca-Indians accomplished what is the greatest news of the 20th Century. Mr. Antonio Vargas, President of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador, the country's principal Indian Group, led Indian protestors marched on the National Congress in Quito, Ecuador, on Friday morning. Indians entered and seized control of offices there and proclaimed the overthrow of President Mr. Mahuad, the dissolution of the Congress and the Supreme Court, and their replacement by a "People's parliament." With television cameras broadcasting the takeover, Mr. Antonio Vargas announced the formation of a new Governing Junta, composed of Mr. Antonio Vargas, Colonel Gutierrez, and Carlos Slorzano. Later on General Mendoza joined the Triumvirate, replacing Colonel Gutierrez. Unmixed pure Inca Indians make up more than one-third of Ecuador's 12.5 million people, around 5 millions. Ecuador's new President Gustavo Noboa, took power on Saturday after the collapse of the Indian-military Junta, acknowledged past injustices to indigenous peoples. The indigenous theme is longstanding and hereditary. The fact is that Indians have been deceived for centuries and their demands are right in part. January 21, should be celebrated as the day Inca Indians in overthrew the government in Quito, Ecuador. Indians in south Asia are very proud for this great achievement of Inca Indians. This act indicates that indigenous Indians in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Amazonas, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras would gain sovereign independence status during next few decades in the new Century.


Pagans in South America are rising in revolt against Catholicism. There are more than 15 million unmixed pure Inca Indians in Peru. Inca Indians constitute more than 75 percent populations in Ecuador and Bolivia. Spanish origin people constitute less than 5 percent population of Peru. Unmixed Incas and Mestizos account for more than 90 percent of Peru population. The total area of Peru is 482,258 sq. miles. Colombia monopolizes the Cocaine production of the world, which finds its way to United States via Mexico. United States is supporting Colombia and it would ignite the First World War of South America. Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Amazonas province of Brazil and Colombia would be engulfed in Congo type war. In Africa's First World War in Congo, the Pagan tribal Africans are fighting war unleashed by Christian Tutsi militia backed by Rwanda and Uganda. Similarly, pagan Inca Indians of Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia are fighting war unleashed by genocidal white imperialists and Cocaine Cartels. South America's First World War caused by the White Plot to deny the right of self-rule by Inca Indians, in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, even when Inca's represent majority of total population in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. Pagan Hindus and Pagan Buddhists would join forces with Pagan Inca Indians to claim for Inca Indians their birthright of Freedom, Independence and Equality. Orthodox Russia would also support the rights of majority Inca Indians in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. United States entered Vietnam War, not to oppose Communist China, but to destroy pagan Hindu and pagan Buddhist Civilization’s influences in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma. Similarly, United States is providing military support to Colombia to legalize Colombia's Cocaine trade monopoly. White Catholic Colombian Cocaine Cartels, financing the genocide of Inca Indians in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. Drug Cartels in Afghanistan and Colombia are destroying ethic people to monopolize their hold over global drug trade and shipments to the United States. South America's First World War would begin in Andean states of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia.


During Cold War, the armies of Latin America enthusiastically embraced the anti-Communist doctrine of national security, originally developed by American policy makers, as justification for their repeated intervention in the political process. South America is coming under the spell of an old ideology that is being dressed up in new clothes. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, calls it "Bolivarismo," after the 19th-century liberator Simon Bolivar, and posits a system in which the armed forces bypass traditional political parties seen as corrupt and ally themselves directly with the masses. It is possible that South American military could align with Indigenous Indians to restore Inca rule in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Amazonas.

Pagan Buddhists' War on Communism in China

European Catholics support the genocide of Falun Gong Buddhists by Westernized Communists in China, dreaming that the massacre of Chinese Buddhists would expedite the Christianizing of China. Christian Communist Mao Zedong murdered more than 60 million Chinese Buddhists. Christian Communist Khmer Rouge Militia murdered more than 2 million Cambodian Buddhists. China is heading towards Buddhist-Communist Civil War. India would provide military support to Buddhists in Tibet, Qinghai, Yunnan, and Sichuan provinces of China. The Buddhist vs. Communist Civil War, Capitalists vs. Communists Revolutionary War, and Mountain peoples vs. Han people’s civilization’s war would result in the partition of China and rise of Buddhist China. Catholics aligned with Communists to suppress Falun Gong Buddhists, as a prelude to Christianize China. Should not Buddhists support Communists suppression of Papal role in the appointment of Catholic Bishops in China without the consent and approval of the Pontiff?

Paganism vs. Catholicism World War of Religions

The basic goal of the Catholics in the Third World War shall be to eliminate Pagan Religions from Africa and Asia. European Catholics support Christian Tutsi Plot for depopulating pagans in Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and Uganda. European Catholics supported the Christian Khmer Rouge's Plot to massacre 2 million Cambodian Buddhists. It is the reason that Catholics oppose the trial of Khmer Rouge soldiers for War Crimes in Cambodia. Pagans of the world must unite, otherwise Catholics would massacre them and eliminate them to clear the real estate of the pagan world. White Catholic Militias depopulated North America, South America and Australia during Colonial era. In post-Colonial era, European Catholics have invaded Congo, Rwanda and Burundi to wipe out pagan peoples from Central Africa. Christian Tutsi soldiers during Idi Amin massacred one-fourth population of Uganda, mainly pagan tribes in Uganda, as a part of Christianizing of Uganda Plot.


Pagans of the world must unite and jointly face the menace of iconoclast Catholics. World coalition of Pagan civilizations, including Pagan Black Trebles, Pagan Hindus, Pagan Buddhists, and Pagan Incas, Mayas and Aztecs would be allies in the Third World War. Due to NATO war on Yugoslavia, Orthodox Russia would join the war on the side of pagan world. The Catholics, Protestants, Sunnis and Jews would join hands to create the iconoclast world coalition and shall be allies in the Third World War. Communist China would join the Catholic-led Iconoclast coalition. The Buddhist China would join Hindu India-led Pagan Coalition. Communist China may also join Pagan Coalition to justify Chinese invasions of Australia and New Zealand. Faced with NATO bombing of Orthodox Yugoslavia, secular Russian leaders suddenly transformed into expansionist, fanatic Orthodox politicians. It is likely that Chinese Communists may overnight become Buddhists, to continue their hold over power, otherwise 800 million Buddhists would lynch them alive. Global alliance of pagan Buddhists, pagan Hindus, pagan Incas, and pagan Africans would give fatal blow to the Iconoclast coalition of Catholics, Protestants and Sunnis.


3(8) Wilsonian Camouflage

US-Led Nato An Empire of US

Bush Doctrine’s explicit insistence on predominance would gradually united the world against the United States and force it into impositions that would eventually leave it isolated and drained. The road to American empire leads to domestic decay because, in time, the claims of omnipotence erode domestic restraints. No empire has avoided the road to Caesarism, except British Empire, wrote Dr. Henry Kissinger (Does America Needs a Foreign Policy). However, India would welcome America as an Empire, because the any increase in the power of the United States would come at the expense of the European Union. The share of the total power of the white nations is a zero sum game, and any increase of American power would come at the expense of the Europe, and any increase in power of European Union comes at the expense of United States. It is in the national interest of India to join forces with the hegemon America to keep European Union tamed and under check.


Rise of American Colonial Empire

The power distribution between European Union and United States is a zero sum game. Any gains of the United States in terms of national power results in the corresponding decline of the power of the former European colonial powers. In the global balance of power any net gains to the United States results in the net loss to the Europeans. The overall population of the White race is stagnant, so any increase in the white European immigration to United States results in the net decline of the white population in Europe, Central America and South America. If America succeeds in creating American Colonial Empire, it would put brake on any European dream to recreate European Colonial Empires in the 21st Century. Any increase of the American influence in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait, came at the expense of historical influence of Britain in the Arabian Gulf, which decline with the rise of American influence. UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar were British colonies before 1971, when British Prime Minister Harold Wilson decided to withdraw its troops from East of Suez, and grant independence to the Trucial States.


Great land of Canada failed to realize its true potential because United States ate into the vitality of Canada leaving only the shell in Canada. The population of white race underwent decline in post-war era and the emigration to United States sealed the fate of even the largest European economies, namely, Germany, France, Britain and Canada. The rise of United States inevitably results in the decline of Western Europe. It is no wonder that European Union resents the colossal power of Hegemon USA. The drive for creating American Colonial Empire will destroy the infant dreams of every Europhile in European Union to recreate European Colonial Empires in 21st Century.


Possible rise of America’s Colonial Empire in the 21st Century would be good for rest of the World. Historically, every white colonial empire that arose caused precipitous decline of one or more white Christian colonial of its time. The American colonial empire in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines, US built during President William McKinley Administration (1897-1901), came at the expense of Spanish Empire. The rise of United States as the Super Power after the Second World War came at the cost of demise of the European colonial empires of Britain, France and Holland. The crowing of United States in 1990 as the sole super power of the world came after the demise of the Soviet Union. Europeans have succinctly realized that any relative gain in the world influence of United States, whether in United Nations or NATO come at the expense of the Europeans, either West Europeans or East Europeans and Russia.


United States became a colonial power at the turn of the 20th century. American Imperialists believe that the American history as the history of expansion. The near-simultaneous imperial leaps into the Caribbean Cuba and the Pacific Philippines in 1898, were the logical steps in American expansionism of the 18th century imperialist moves into Tennessee and Ohio. American imperialists led by Theodore Roosevelt and Admiral A.T. Mahan had none of the anti-colonial squeamishness about expansion that religious right conservatives feel today, about President Bush’s preemptive strikes for anti-terrorism and counter-nuclear proliferation purposes. Europeans were never comfortable with the idea of American Colonial Empire. President Truman asked Prime Minister Winston Churchill to hand over half of the British Empire to the United States, in exchange for the British war debts. Winston Churchill refused to cave in and preferred to grant independence to the colonies, rather than hand them over to the United States, as it did in the case the Diego Garcia, which had been a part of Mauritius.


The major lessons of the American Colonial War of 1897-1901 are that United States prefers imposing colonial rule in newly seized territories. United States may impose colonial rule in Afghanistan after liberating it from Al Qaeda & Taliban, arguing that imperial takeover of Afghanistan is desirable, otherwise some other power take it over. American imperialism in Afghanistan and Iraq at the beginning of the 21st century, like the American imperialism in Philippines and Cuba at the beginning of the 20th century, was not an accident, a reluctant byproduct of the 9/11 terrorist events. It was there from the beginning. It can even be argued that some one may have planned the terrorist attacks to justify the eastward expansion of NATO to control as a prelude to control the recently discovered oil reserves in Uzbekistan.


The national interests of the future American Colonial Empire do not clash with national interests of India as growing world power. Any increase in the global influence of the United States would result in the similar decrease in the influence of the European nations, which is good for India, as it translates into greater influence of India in the world affairs. United States presently control major Muslim oil-producing countries, namely, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, so any increase in influence over Iraq, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan would weaken Islamic world as a whole, which is good for India. Any war and confrontation between United States and the Muslim world is good for the Hindu world.


Europeans realize that any increase in American influence in Iraq, would adversely harm the national interests of oil-hungry Europeans. It explains that France and Germany are opposed to the US invasions of Iraq. The US invasions of Iraq would enhance Indian national interests if it results in the creation of independent or semi-autonomous Shiite Iraq and Sunni Kurdistan. The independence of Shiite Iraq would weaken Wahhabi Arab nations. The independence of Kurdistan is good for India, as Kurds belong to the Aryan race and speak a language similar to Persian and Sanskrit, radically different from Arab language and Arab culture. In exchange for the share of the spoils of the Imperial expansion, India should be willing to provide troops and diplomatic support to create Pax Americana. The emergence of the United States as a world power and imperial power in 1900 and in 1945 and in Afghanistan war of 2002, was a culmination, of imperialist lobby’s game-plan, not the aberration of the unforeseen terrorist attacks of 9/11. American Colonial Empire in the oil-producing Islamic world would be welcome news for Indians and millions of Muslim women suffering from bondage and servitude to men. Any colonial expansion of Christian nations in the Muslim world is not bad for the Hindu world, unless the West trains Muslim terrorists for attacks of iconoclast Hindu India.


Good-Guy Vs Bad Guy USA

Is America a Good-Guy or a Bad-Guy in the eyes of the world? Can America be simultaneously be Good-guy and the Bad-guy, as it is multi-ethnic and multi-religion melting pot? If pro-Abortion be good-guy then should anti-abortion by logic be Bad guy? Are secular WASP Americans better than pro-Papacy Catholic Americans? What is the perception of the world regarding the sole superpower United States? The prevailing common perception of the world about the nature of the United States is that of a super power with two heads that operate independent of each other. One head is that of the Protestant WASPs, which to non-Christian world represents the ‘Good Guy USA.’ The second head of the United States is that of the Evangelical and Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy, which to the world symbolizes the ‘Bad Guy USA.’ To rest of the world, United States represents a two-headed monster, a split personality that switches its personality traits without any warning. Both Good-Guy and Bad-Guy coexist in the American body politik, White House and the Capitol, and only with the benefit of the hindsight can one distinguish one from other.


United States formed in 18th century represented the Good-Guy WASP United States. However, especially during the Pontificate of former Bolshevik Polish Bishop, Pope John Paul II, the 2nd longest serving Pope in the History, the ‘Bad-Guy’ image of the United States becoming increasingly vociferous. President Bush represents the interests of the Good-Guy Protestant United States. However, ‘Good-Guy’ USA’s good-policies and good-intentions are sabotaged at the implementation level, by the sleeping agents of the “Bad-Guy USA” implanted during the successive Kennedy, Carter and Clinton Administrations. Secretary Henry Kissinger, Secretary Zbigniew Brzezinski and secretary Madeleine Albright implemented a series of foreign policy measures that fits the description of ‘Bad-Guy’ America. The raging political war between the pro-life anti-abortion forces and pro-women, pro-choice, pro-abortion forces represents the ongoing battle between ‘Good-Guy USA’ and ‘Bad-Guy USA.’ The very foundation of the United States Constitution based on protecting the secular, Protestant character of the United States from the ulterior designs of the Popes and Catholic agents.


While Good-Guy Protestants joined the clarion call of the president Abraham Lincoln to join the draft to fight war to abolish Slavery in the South, The Catholics organized draft riots from Monday, July 13, through Wednesday, July 17, 1863, because they supported slavery and opposed the freedom of blacks, as Catholics feared freed blacks would then come and take the jobs of the Irish Catholics. Just as Catholics opposed the national Conscription Act of 1863, the present day pro-life, anti-abortion Catholic Religious Right Conspiracy secretly opposes the Protestant Bush’s war on global terrorism of militant fundamentalist Islamism. Similarly, Catholics oppose the Protestant’s pro-women, pro-choice and pro-abortion policies in the United States. It is no accident that Catholics have strenuously strived to derail the President Bush’s war on terrorism, fearing it would undermine ongoing Papal theological alliance with Wahhabi fundamentalists worldwide. It is no accident that Hindus are willing to work with the ‘Good-Guy WASP USA’ to support president Bush’s war on Islamic terrorism. Just as Catholics failed to avert the Protestant’s victory in war on Slavery, their present day descendents would also fail to derail the Protestant’s victories in war on Islamic terrorism. Good-Guy always ultimately wins the war over the Bad-Guy, in all wars whether secular or cosmic.


US Federal Election Commission

The essential prerequisite of democracy is the free and fair election process, supervised by the Federal Election Commission How come United States does not have an Federal Election Commission, responsible to conduct and supervise the entire election process for Federal, State and local elections. United States Constitution drafted before the French Revolution, created elected Bourbon Aristocracy, more similar to the Roman Senate, than the Indian Parliament. The election process in India, Canada and Australia superior to the Canvassing Board controlled election process in the United States. The incumbent Senators, Congressmen and Governors are elected term after term, without any surprises because the party politicians control the 4,000+ County Canvassing Boards, responsible to conduct election process in the counties. Should United States set up the independent Federal Election Commission and abolish County Canvassing Boards to join the ranks of the Democratic nations of the world. Presidential Election process rigged at the level of 4,000+ County Canvassing Boards, by thousands of small cuts, to deny Third Party presidential candidate a fair chance for the Oval Office.


Deception of Wilsonian Ideology

The Diplomacy of Deception, Divide & Rule, and foreigner-inspired military coups, communist revolutions, Islamic fundamentalist takeovers of the power in states have become legitimate in the 21st Century. European colonial powers had manipulated dynastic succession and coups for colonial expansions. United States after the Second World War perfected the art of staging military coups in the Third World. Cover Operations have become legitimate instruments of diplomacy and statecraft. “In those days, Washington still considered covert operations more legitimate than military intervention.” (Kissinger, Diplomacy, p 524) India needs to acquire ability for covert operations to check the emergence of Islamic terrorism.


3(9) Reformation of Papacy

Response of Christianity

Jews & Vatican Target Oval Office

Counter Reformation Axis of Vatican-Tel Aviv- Mecca has unleashed Counter Reformation War on Protestant White House to military crush the demand for religious democracy. The fundamentalist Vatican, Israel and Mecca jointly waging Counter Reformation wars on Protestant White House to destroy the forces of religious Reformation in Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Semite Israelis and Semite Saudis bribed Bush Administration with lure of Iraqi oil loot to bring secular Iraq under control of Mecca Caliphate and to protect the security of Israel against suicide attacks. The Vatican controlled American policy makers with the lure of Catholic campaign donations and vote banks and endorsements from the pulpits. The Jews might take over Oval Office to use America’s military might to loot Arab oil wealth. The Semite Wahhabi Saudi Arabia bribed America policy makers to invade secular liberal Muslim nations to impose barbarian Wahhabi fundamentalism in exchange for American monopoly over Arab oil resources. The Vatican might aims to impose the domination of the Christianity in the post-Cold War age, by hijacking the presidency of the United States. The Theopolitical conspiracy has begun to gain control over the Oval Office, the most powerful center of power in the Western Christendom, rivaling that of the Roman Empire.


Theodosius in the Oval Office

The Christian Religious Right Conspiracy implanted Emperor Theodosius I (d. 395) as Emperor of Roman Empire, who banned all ancient religions except Christianity, and caused the destruction of the Roman Empire and Roman Civilization and Roman Religion. Christian Religious Right Conservatism has acquired unprecedented political power because of its control over political campaign donation and vote-banks. It had been the great fortune of United States that President George W. Bush was the president on Sept. 11, 2001, when terrorist struck the citadel of Protestant power on earth. President George W. Bush, like President H.W. Bush and President Richard Nixon is not member of the Christian Religious Right conservative Conspiracy. It would be the sad day for the world if the world’s most powerful nation misused the might of America to promote the religious interests of Christianity.


Response of Reformation

What options do the Hindu India, Buddhist Japan and Orthodox Russia have to neutralize the Christianity’s expansionism in the Hindu and Buddhist Asia? Historically Roman Catholic Church has joined forces with Sunni Muslims to support Islamic invasions of ancient Gnostic, Apostolic Arian Christian lands of Egypt, Syria, Libya, Jordan and Lebanon. Church of Rome supported the Ottoman Turk invasions of Byzantine Orthodox Christian Constantinople. Vatican has joined forces with Wahhabi fundamentalists to impose barbaric Shariah Law to replace the modern European colonial law in place in Africa, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia. In the post-Cold War era, the anti-women, anti-abortion, pro-life Catholic and evangelical conservative forces have joined hands with the anti-women pro-Shariah Wahhabi forces worldwide, to impose fundamentalist conservative governments in the Christian and Muslim worlds. How should pro-Choice, pro-abortion, and pro-Women Protestants, Hindus and Buddhists respond to the growing nexus of anti-women Catholics, Evangelicals and Wahhabi Muslims? Could the theopoltical ambitions of Catholic conservatism and Wahhabi fundamentalism result in the war of religion in the early 21st Century?


Pedophile Clergy Issue

American Protestants and Catholics are aghast that the Vatican refused to expel the Catholic clergy guilty of pedophilia and for protecting the pedophile priests. The American court cases against pedophile judges has given rise to demand that world’s most powerful Christian nation must undertake legislative and diplomatic measures to force Vatican’s totalitarian theocracy become modern and democratic to meet the needs of the 21st Century. Should United States force the sovereign state of Vatican, to allow the direct elections of the Pope, Cardinals, and Bishops for a fixed period term, for a 5-year term period by the Catholic laity worldwide? How can United States allow the Vatican to deny its believers the right to elect its leaders by direct elections? White Catholic Cocaine Cartels control the global Cocaine drug trade and Sunni Heroin cartel controls the global Heroin trade. Mafia and Church nexus allowed it to implant Mafiosi Giulio Andreotti as the seven-time prime minister of Italy. Italy has historically been at the forefront of the Christian State asserting its power over the Church. In 1870, the King of Italy, King Victor Emmanuel II, of House of Savoy Monarchy, unified Italy for the first time after the collapse of the Roman Empire, and entered Vatican and divested Pope of all temporal and secular powers, and successive Popes remained prisoners of the Vatican from 1870 to 1929. Just as Chinese abolished the Dalai Lama theocracy in Tibet, it is possible that the secular government of Italy may reform or democratize Papacy, allowing laity greater control and supervision of religion. It is very likely Italian public would rise and demand the direct election of the Head of the State of the Vatican and the direct elections of Bishops and the Cardinals by Catholic laity worldwide, on the principal of one-man one-vote.


Vatican is World Power like Baring Bank

Baring Bank was a world power during seventeen and eighteen centuries as it financed colonial expansion of European colonial powers. Vatican has acquired political clout because of it ability to influence political campaign contributions. Vatican has greater influence in world politics than France or Germany. The Vatican has emerged as great power in the 21st Century, due to the revolutionary ultra-conservative polices of Pope John Paul II and his ability to influence the succession of Pope. Roman Catholic church is world’s largest employer. The Vatican and Catholic religious right conservative conspiracy played significant role in the formulation of American foreign policy.


Doctrine of Sacrament & Pedophile Priests

The cause of the moral decline in the Catholic Church resulted because of Catholic Church’s doctrine of Sacrament, which denied the Donatist view. The Catholic doctrine on Sacrament declared that personal piety of Priests is not necessary for the sanctity of Sacrament further accumulated evil in Church. Black Christianity believes that Christian Sacrament also depends for its validity for the priest that administers it. The Sacrament administered by dirty; non-pious, evil priests cannot secure the Grace of Jesus Christ. Just as corrupt politician can never become a good leader, similarly an unholy, non-ascetic, immoral, greedy Christian priest cannot and should not administer Christian Sacrament. Jesus Christ gives grace only when both the person seeking Sacrament and the person administering the Sacrament are holy, ascetic, moral and persons of high character. Sacrament is not the dinner that you pay for in the restaurant, administered and served by any priest.


Donatist argument turned on the question as to whether a sacrament depends for its validity on the spiritual state of the human being that administers it. Donatists argue that Christ works by his example, the sacraments functioning not as power but as teaching. Since Catholic doctrine of sacrament doesn’t require priests to be pious and have moral character, they may as well be pedophile and immoral. Only when the theological doctrine of Sacrament is amended and Donatist view upheld, the problem of ‘Pedophile Catholic Priests’ would get resolved. The Catholic theology and the organizational structure of he Church are to blame for the moral fall of the pedophile Catholic priests.


The United States conference of Catholic Bishops approved a zero-tolerance policy on sexually abusive priests in Dallas last 2001 June. In Oct 2002, in a one-page letter to the American bishops, the Vatican insisted on major revision. Dallas agreement called for review boards made up of lay people, including psychologists and other professionals, to help the bishops weigh the credibility of charges against the priests. The agreement also established a national commission of laymen to make sure that the bishops do their job. The Vatican is worried that this review structure requires the bishops to cede too much influence and discretion to the laity, in turn threatening the Vatican’s own authority. It is high time that the Senators and Congressmen of the most powerful Christian nation on earth must force the modernization and democratization of the Catholic Church, empower Catholic laity to exercise direct control and influence over the Catholic Church. If Vatican can dismiss with impunity the just demands of the American Catholic Bishops, then it is high time that American Catholic Church may adopt the doctrine of Americanism and reorganize American Catholic Churches independent of the Vatican.


Decolonization of Overseas Empire of Catholic Churches is the paramount need of the day. American Catholic churches should be organized on pattern of ‘Nativist Church” or ‘Americanism’ and the Vatican should not have any control over the property, selection and discipline over Catholic churches in America. American Bishops shall be directly elected by the American laymen and shall organize and lead the American Catholic Church and be answerable to the American Catholic laity, who would directly elect them for a period of 5 years.


China is within its rights to deny any role to the Vatican over the selection, discipline of the Chinese Catholic clergy and Bishops. Secular socialist India should follow the lead of its socialist brother China and break diplomatic ties with the Vatican and bring Indian Catholic Church under control of Indian clergy, without any interference of the Vatican and Pope. Papal control or influence over Indian and Chinese Catholic church harms the national interests of India and China respectively.


The WASPs in the United States believe that the Papal influence and control over American Catholic Church also harms the WASPs civilization’s interests. Pope John Paul II has refused to punish and expel the American pedophile priests, in spite of wide spread protests in the United States. American Catholic Church should seriously consider adopt ‘Americanism’ and reorganize American Church on lines of Nativism, independent of Papacy.


The support to Catholic Americanism and Catholic Nativism would reform Catholic Church. Catholic Nativism and Catholic Americanism is an attempt to adopt Catholic Church doctrines to modern American culture. Native Catholicism and American Catholicism developed after 1920. During 1900’s American Catholic Church came of age. American Catholic Bishops formed Catholic National conference in 1917, 1919, 1922 and 1966. Many native-born American Catholics subjected many Catholic immigrants from Germany, Poland, Austria, and Hungary to a form of prejudice called Nativism. Native-born Anglo Saxon Catholics questioned the patriotism, morals and religion of pro-Pope Catholic immigrants from Poland, Austria, Hungary and Germany, fearing that their loyalty to Pope overrides America’s support to the Reformation. India and China should learn from the experience of American Native Catholicism to form independent Native Catholic Churches in India and China, free from the control, influence and discipline of Pope.


Papal Threats To American Secularism

The Vatican under the conservative leadership has implanted highly conservative Catholic leaders in American Church, to destroy what he calls the heresy of ‘Americanism,’ ‘De-Christianization,’ ‘Secularization,’ ‘Americanization of the World,’ ‘religious tolerance,’ and ‘strict separation of church and state.’ The American bishops appointed by Pope John Paul II, unlike Jesuit John Courtney Murray, are like kids who owe their allegiances to the foreign potentate, even at the cost to the national interests of the United States. Pope John Paul II has appointed many American Bishops more for their adherence to his ultra-conservative views than for their spirit of independence, to ensure his succession and to guarantee that conservative policies adopted by the next Pope that follows. This presents a great danger to the secular America, as the large number of newly appointed American Bishops may use their power and influence to break the wall that separates the State and the Church in the USA.


The view of Vatican in the last fourth quarter of the 20th century and for Pope John Paul II, is that America is the essence of ‘secularization.’ The fact, which most strongly influences Pope John Paul II, is: ‘Dechristianization, secularization, what many would call the Americanization of the world,’ says German scholar Hansjakob Stehle. There has always been trouble between the Vatican and American bishops, as traditionally there was a big lack of understanding, said Rev. Gerald P. Fogarty, author of, ‘The Vatican and the American Hierarchy from 1890 to 1965’.


Pope Leo XIII (died in 1903 in captivity at the Vatican) hated religious tolerance and strict separation of power. For him America meant first, ‘religious tolerance’ – a rare and suspect commodity in the 19th-century Vatican, and secondly, ‘strict separation of church and state. Pope Leo XIII had scant use of any suggestion that the Catholic Church shouldn’t rule in temporal, as well as spiritual, realms. In the 1890’s, Pope Leo XIII, dispatched two letters to the American hierarchy condemning what he called the ‘heresy of Americanism.’ Pope Leo inveighed against ‘the passion for discussing and pouring contempt upon any possible subject, the assumed right to hold whatever opinions one pleases upon any subject and to set them forth in print to the world. This was the view of the Vatican in the 19th century.


During the Cold War, during Reagan Administration, the Papacy and the White House found a common enemy in atheistic Communism, especially after President Reagan condemned the Soviet Union as the ‘Evil Empire.’ Bishop Wojtyla has assimilated the Reagan style. In the late 1940’s and 1950’s, Catholics admired Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty of Hungary and Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski of Poland, who resisted early papal openings toward the Communist world, risking both Vatican displeasure and Communist persecution to do so. Bishop Wojtyla enjoyed the trust of both the Communists and the conservative Vatican. It explains the Catholic ultra-conservatism and Judeo-Communism are comrade-in-arms. Totalitarian Catholicism developed secret ties with the Judeo-Communism to tolerate permanent Catholic religious White House in exchange for promoting anti-freedom ideas of Judeo-Communism in the Judeo-Christian Church. It reminds one of the Papal pact with the German barbarian invader of Rome, as a result Pope agreed to help legitimize the barbarian kingdoms in exchange for Papal control over Rome. It resulted in the destruction of Roman Empire, but soon after gave birth to ‘Holy Roman Empire’ of the German barbarians in the German lands. The President Reagan developed a pact with Polish Bishop Wojtyla to join the resources of the CIA and Polish Catholic Church, to bring down the evil secular regime of atheistic communist Poland and communist East Bloc. It is possible that the combined resources of the CIA & Catholic Church, like the CIA-trained Taliban terrorists of Afghanistan, are now working for secret plans to destroy the Protestant, secular character of the United States. Is it an accident that Mr. Deutsch the former Director of the CIA lost his security clearance? What is the guarantee that the CIA-trained Christian conservative religious fundamentalists that brought down the secular atheistic Poland and entire Soviet Bloc, including the Soviet Union, may now be working for the ‘Hidden Hand of the Proverbial Snake’ mentioned in the ‘Protocols’ to bring down the last bastion of ‘Neo-Paganism of American origin,’ and the heresy of ‘religious tolerance,’ ‘Separation of Church and State,’ heresy of Americanism,’ ‘heresy of DeChristianization,’ ‘heresy of Americanization of the World,’ ‘heresy of Secularism,’


If the Vatican has its difficulties with American Catholicism, for American Catholics the papal regime can be a conundrum. Pope John Paul has appointed many American Catholic leaders more for their adherence to his views than for their spirit of independence. The American Catholic leaders have given up the essential element of the American ethos individual responsibility. Present day American Catholic leaders came to Rome like kids asking grandpa, ‘What should I do?’


Pope John Paul II’s bitterness with American secularism may stem from America’s role in transforming the societies of Central Europe, including Poland, which fell under what he regards as a form of ‘neo-paganism of American origin.’ He criticized American Catholicism in 1989, for views on women’s role in Catholicism, for high number of marital annulments dispensed to American Catholics, and for general laxity regarding basic tenets of the Catholic faith. He criticized the early 1960’s, the Second Vatican Council, helped by American thinkers like the Jesuit John Courtney Murray, which brought a new tolerance to Catholicism’s relationship with the secular world.


If the Vatican has its difficulties with American Catholicism, for American Catholics the papal regime can be a conundrum. Americans fear the Vatican as a kind of autocratic permanent White House, free of System of Separation of Power and Checks and Balances.



Hidden Hand of the Proverbial Snake

World Powers must undertake counter-measures to check the menace presented by the ‘Hidden Hand of the Proverbial Snake’ described in the ‘The Protocols of the Meetings of the Elders of Zion.’ We salute the author of the Protocols, for giving words to the Mind of the World Ruler. Any person who dreams world conquest must worship every world of the Protocols. It is simply the product of one of the finest brains of the 2nd Millennium.


Hidden Hand of the Real Rulers

The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes. Who are the real rulers in the world? Do the president of United States and Pope rule the world, or are ruled by those who elect them and control them by ‘hidden hands of the Protocols.’ The gift of dispersion or Diaspora, is viewed by others as weakness, becomes the source of all strength, which can allow the secret societies reach the threshold of sovereignty over the world. Baron Bank became the European Power at par with leading European powers, because of its ability to finance wars and colonial expansion. Similarly, Semite Diamond Cartel, Semite Oil Cartel and Catholic Drug Cartel joined the ranks of the world powers, because of their ability to finance the election campaigns for tope politicians in the Western Christendom. De Beers diamond Cartel caused the civil wars in Namibia, Angola, Congo, Sierra Leone, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa to maintain its diamond monopoly in Africa. Saudi Arabia financed Arab fundamentalists embarking upon the depopulation of pagan Africa in Sudan and Nigeria in alliance with Evangelicals and Catholics to deny the black Africans control over the economic resources of Africa.


President Bush must not underestimate the brainpower of the adversary he faces in the war on terrorism. Terrorist Osama bin Laden may turnout to be a ‘Petty Servant’ of the ‘Hidden Hand of the Proverbial Snake’ the acronym of the unseen World Ruler. Protestant United States and Hindu India must deploy all their resources to hunt the ‘Hidden Hand of the Proverbial Snake’ mentioned in ‘the Protocols of the Meetings of the Elders of Zion.’ Author is of opinion that Jews are not the authors of the Protocols, because it would foolish for them to write an inflammatory masterpiece and leave their name card on the tile of the book. Perhaps a Secret Society of unknown allegiance based in Rome could be the author of the Protocols.


US Presidential Elections 2004

Any failure of President Bush to win the reelection in 2004 would have disastrous impact on America’s war on global terrorism, with cataclysmic impact on global coalition on war on terrorism.


It should not be overlooked that President Bill Clinton and Secretary Madeleine Albright had rewarded the terrorist Osama bin Laden, with the Kingdom in Afghanistan in 1995, for carrying out violent terrorist attacks on American Embassies at Nairobi and Dar es Salaam few years earlier in early 1990s. It should not be forgotten that President Clinton ordered the military coup against Prime Minister Nawaj Sharief, just 15 days before he was to arrest Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and to extradite him to USA.


It would be in the common interest of ‘Our World Civilization’ that we get President George W. Bush reelected in 2004 presidential elections. It is expected that Christian religious right wing conservatives would not vote for president Bush in Elections 2004. Perhaps WASPs should come out openly in favor of President Bush and harness the political power of the non-denominational Protestant Christians whose number is estimated to exceed 200 millions in the United States. The Christian Religious Right Wing Conservatives represents less than 20 percent of the Christian population in the United States. The Global Clash of Races: White Iconoclasts’ War on Brown Yellow Black Idolaters, wholeheartedly endorses President Bush in 2004 Election.


 (13) Karl Marx as Prostitute Philosopher

Marxism is Devil’s Religion and Communism is Prostitute philosophy. Bolshevik Jew spymaster L.P. Beria and Georgian Joseph Stalin murdered 30 million Orthodox Russians. Christian Mao Zedong arranged death of more than 60 million Buddhists in China. Christian Pol Pot murdered 2 million Buddhists in Cambodia. Why Communism, Marxism, Stalinism, and Maoism not condemned as evil isms, like Nazism and Fascism? Why murder of 30 million Orthodox Russians given similar exposure and condemnation than the murder of 6 million Jews in Nazi Holocaust. Why did Russian Holocaust, Chinese Buddhist Holocaust, and Cambodian Holocaust at hands of Communists and Marxists escape condemnation by those who criticize Jewish Holocaust? Why did Bolshevik Jews responsible for the Beria-led genocide of Orthodox Russians escape prosecution by War Crime Tribunal at Hague? Had Bolshevik Jews prosecuted for the genocide of 30 million Orthodox Russians, then Mao Zedong and Pol Pot wouldn’t have murdered 60 million and 2 million Buddhists respectively, in years to follows. Should doctrines of Marxism, Communism, Leninism, Maoism banned worldwide and Communists, Marxists, Maoists, Leninists prosecuted worldwide.


Bolshevik Jews knew that Karl Marx was a prostitute philosopher, hired by Vatican to produce a philosophical concoction, which may justify the destruction of Russian Aristocracy and Russian Orthodox Christianity. Bolshevik Jews knew that the ‘Protocols of the Meetings of the Elders of Zion (1905)’ represented the secret manual to interpret Marxism and Communism. Bolshevik Jews in alliance with Papacy destroyed Russian Aristocracy, overthrew Mensheviks and established the totalitarian rule of Bolshevik Jews by Bolshevik Revolution, represented by the massacre of 30 million Orthodox Russians at the hands of Bolshevik Jew spymaster L.P. Beria (1898-1953). Bolshevik Jews in alliance with Vatican against engineered the fall of Communism in the Eastern Bloc and the Soviet Union.


The political ties of Bolshevik Jews with Papacy and Republican Party provide the basis of pro-China policy of the United States in numerous succeeding US Administrations. Dr. Kissinger had close ties with Bolshevik Jews. Secretary Henry Kissinger succeeding in convincing Chairman Mao Zedong that the US military intervention in South Vietnam did not harm Chinese strategic interests as it was against the national interests of Buddhists, Hindus and India. Christian Mao Zedong, Christian Sun Yat Sen, and Christian Chiang Kai Sheik were all buddies and were picked up and supported by Soviet Union, before United States began supporting Chiang Kai Sheik. The Buddhism had been the common enemy of Christian Mao Zedong, Christian Sun Yat Sen, and Christian Chiang Kai Sheik. Chiang Kai Sheik handed over the power to Communist Mao Zedong a fellow Christian so that Communist Mao could launch anti-right campaign to starve to death 60 million Buddhists. It is high time that the Communists, Marxists, Maoists are brought to trial in Russia, China, India, Britain and Israel for war crimes.


3(10) Mafia-Church-Money Nexus

Papacy and Mafia have joined forces to sabotage the parliamentary system of government in Italy. Italy became the first country in the world to jail seven-time Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti and Mafia crime boss Gaetano Badalmenti for 24 years, in the same trial for the same crime. Italy in 1870, at the orders of King Victor Emmanuel II, had also become the first country to imprison Pope in the Vatican and divesting him of all temporal and secular powers. What de Richelieu was for France during Thirty Years Wars, the Counter Reformation Wars, King Victor Emmanuel II was for Italy’s unification in the late 19th Century. The unholy nexus of Mafia and Church has destabilized post-War governments in Italy and imposed a Mafiosi Giulio Andreotti, head of Christian Democrats seven times prime minister of Italy. Christian Democrats was a party of Mafia, Church and Crook politicians. Like a bombshell on the political circles, the Appellate court in Italy sentenced in Nov. 2002, former prime minister of Italy Giulio Andreotti to 24 years in prison, over the 1979 murder of Pecorelli. Mafia killed journalist Mino Pecorelli on Adreotti’s orders, because he was about to publish damaging revelations about Giulio Andreotti. The Court also jailed Mafia boss Gaetano Badalmenti for 24 years for the same killing.


Menace of Mafiosi President

WASPs should take precautions lest the drug cartels manipulate American election process to place Mafiosi President in the Oval Office with the backing of Church and corrupt politicians. India faced similar threat. The global organized crime enriched by global cocaine and heroin drug trade, which generates $700 billion in annual incomes to the organized crime, half of which is generated in America. The rising cost of elections has made politicians of Japan, Italy, Russia, India, America and Britain very corrupt. The rising cost of elections allowed Mafia to buy political influence and huge incomes allowed Mafia-prime Minister become 7-time prime minister of Italy. Japan experiences political instability like that of Italy, because of the evil nexus of organized crime and corrupt Japanese politicians. It is high time that Indian courts should also award 24-year jail terms for corrupt Indian politicians.


Role of Dirty Money in Elections

American legislators and Presidential candidates frequently sold their soul to raise donations to finance ever-rising campaign costs. Rising cost of election campaigns makes politician vulnerable to political bribes and campaign donations. The advent of television and the effectiveness of media campaign in TV and print media allowed billionaires win elections, without the need of grass root political workers. Mike Bloomberg’s election as the New York Mayor is a turning point in American democracy. Billionaire can get elected to a political post, by money power without any need of political experience. Would it result in the death of democracy itself? Ross Perot could have become the President in 1992, had he persisted strong enough, and promoted the whole slate of candidates for other political offices also. United States is ripe for the victory of the Third Party presidential candidate to occupy the Oval Office.


3(11) Return of Ancient Religions

Dravidians Ruled the Ancient World 50,000 to 5000 BC

In the beginning there was one people perhaps no more than 2,000 strong, who acquired an amazing gift, the faculty for complex language. Favored by the blessings of speech, their numbers grew from their cradle in Indian Deccan Plateau, they spread far and wide throughout the Eurasian-African continent first by coastal Dravidian maritime routes and later by Aryan war chariot driven routes. Around 50,000 years ago, Tamil spread by maritime routes and Sanskrit spread by Aryan war chariots. Tamil-speaking Dravidian black race with straight hairs procreated with locals in Egypt, Libya, ancient Indus-Valley, Sumer, Babylon, Madagascar, Australia and Pacific Islands. All European languages grew out of Sanskrit transmitted by warring Indo-Iranian Aryan tribes that overthrew the goddess worshipping Dravidian civilizations of Indus Valley, Babylon, Sumer, and Pharaohs. From 50,000 BC to 5000 BC, goddess worshiping, Asuri race, Tamil-speaking Dravidians of South Indian origin, ruled all the five continents, Old World and the New World. They wielded hand-held weapons and excelled in maritime commerce and agriculture.

Indo-Aryans ruled the Ancient World 5000 to 500 BC

From 5,000 BC to 500 BC Aryan Race, originating in mountain regions of Northern India, Afghanistan, and Iran perfected War-chariots and Archery as weapons of War, to cross the mountains, inhospitable terrain and deserts. Aryan War Charioteers emerged out of the wilderness Heartland to attack maritime, goddess worshipping agricultural civilizations of Indus-Valley, Nile Valley, Babylon, Sumer, Kurds, and ancient Greek. Indian Aryans imposed patriarchal Vedic gods, and fire worship over matriarchal goddess worshipping agricultural civilizations in North Africa, Middle East and Greece. Aryan invasions civilized the barbarian tribes of West Europe. Aryan tribes from North India and Iran spread variations of Sanskrit, cremation of dead, civilization among barbarian Western Europe. The history of Southern Asia, Europe, and Asia is better understood, as historical rivalry between Black Dravidian Goddess worshippers and Brown Aryan Vedic god worshippers. Black Asuri Dravidian Goddess worshipping agricultural civilizations on one hand ruled the world 50,000 years ago until 5000 years ago. Brown Aryan patriarchal, male Vedic God worshiping Vedic Aryans unleashed war on the Asuri Dravidians. This clash has been a recurring phenomenon in Hindu mythology.

Ancient World Was Hindu World

Ancient world was cosmopolitan. Every religion of the ancient world was a part of Hinduism. Hinduism has borrowed from them. We can say that pre-2000 BC world was a Hindu world, 4,000 years ago. Only Indian and Chinese civilizations survived centuries of foreign rule, because of their large population base and fertility of their womenfolk. India represents the civilizations of the past. Every religion of the past had its origin from Hinduism, its traces found in Hinduism. The term 'Hindu' & 'Hinduism' is not an Indian term. All religions that took birth in India are Dharma, the generic Sanskrit term ‘Dharma' meaning 'Religion.' Hindu scriptures do not use the term Hindu.

Every ancient God-Goddess was Hindu God

Hindu civilization will organize a coalition of non-Christian, non-Islamic and non-Judaic religions under the umbrella of Universal Hinduism. Hinduism is an all- inclusive religion. God Krishna declares in Gita that all religious streams and rivers find their fulfillment in the vast expansion of Great Ocean of Eternal Religion. The thesis is that every god and goddess of every ancient religion of the world is a Hindu god and a Hindu goddess.


Goddess Worship 30,000+ Years Old:

ANTIQUITY OF GODDESS WORSHIP: From roughly 30,000 to 3000 BC, men and women honored the Great Goddess in all the five continents of the world. Women and men lived in partnership rather than domination. The conquest of the Aryan male horse-riders that originated in Iran and Punjab subjugated the Goddess civilization of India. There was not any female Goddess in the Vedic Hindu pantheon. Iranian Aryans led the conquest of patriarchal Zoroastrian religion to overthrow the matriarchal agricultural civilizations of Babylon, Mesopotamia, and Egypt.


Post-Aryan Resurrection of Kali in India

The Goddess worship of Mahakali, Durga, Devi, Lakshmi became popular in India. Hindus accepted the philosophy of Vedas and resurrected the pre-Aryan Gods and Goddess. The rise of Goddess in India caused the split in the split between Hinduism and Zoroastrianism, between Deva and Asura. Deva came to represent trickster in Zoroastrianism. Similarly, Asura came to represent demoniac in Hinduism. Prophet Zoroaster is the Patron-Prophet who laid the spiritual foundation for the peoples of the book. Prophet Moses and Prophet Jesus studied the Zoroastrian scriptures.

Devil derived from Devi

The term ‘Devil’ derived from Hindu term for Goddess ‘Devi.’ From the Christian perspective the civilization’s war between forces of God and Devil, will take the form of war between God and Goddess. In the early Christianity, Mary the Mother of God was worshipped in the Church and had equal status with Jesus Christ. During Inquisition era, ‘within a period of a few centuries, an estimated nine million (9,000,000) women, men and children were executed as witches.’ (H. I. Austen, The Heart of the Goddess. p40) The West Europeans worship Hindu Goddess and God Mithra in Europe until the Inquisition era. The Catholic condemnation of Goddess worship as Witchcraft could ignite Third World War. Hindu India demands that in exchange for allowing Christian missionary activities in India, Hindu missionaries should be permitted to preach worship of Goddess Isis, God Zeus, God Jupiter and God Mithra, in Italy and Egypt.


Southern Baptists

Southern Baptists in October 1999 published a pamphlet asking its laity to pray for the conversion of Hindus during Diwali. The pamphlet begins by saying, "More than 900 million people are lost in the hopeless darkness of Hinduism. Pray that Hindus who celebrate the festival of lights would become aware of the darkness in their hearts that no lamp can dispel." Southern Baptists have launched programs aimed at converting Hindus to Christianity. This book is a response to the Southern Baptists. The author presents the response of the Hindu Buddhist civilization to the theological religious wars launched by Christians. In the nutshell the Hindu response is that the whole world was Hindu 3000 years ago and may be before the end of the twenty-first century the whole world would be Hindu again. Prophet revealed Religions would merge into the Universal Eternal Religion of Hinduism, just as rivers that take birth on the snow clad mountains merge into the vast expanse of the ocean at the end of their journey through the land. Perhaps new religions have a life of 1500 years to 2000 years. Hindus desire to declare that Hinduism has existed from the beginning of the history and would continue to exist even when this creation dissolves in Pralaya at the End of the Time. Hindu scriptures revealed in the minds of the seekers at the beginning of the new cycle of creations. Hindus have accepted the challenge of Christian Southern Baptists. Perhaps Protestant Southern Baptists have mistakenly elected a Catholic Spy as the top leader of the Southern Baptists. Papacy intends to destroy Protestantism from the face of the earth. Papal Spies elected as the top official of Protestant denominations could make Protestants pariah of the world. Once Protestantism loses the sympathy of rest of the world, then it would be easy for Counter Reformation Papacy, to eradicate the menace of Protestantism and Reformation from the face of the earth. American Protestants should realize that Catholics have hijacked the top leadership of many leading Protestant denominations. Catholic Spies pretend to be pure Protestants by taking extreme provocative stance against non-Christians to sideline the primary anti-Catholic agenda of Protestants. Catholic spies have hijacked Protestant Southern Baptist leadership and diluted anti-Papacy agenda of Southern Baptists under instructions of their Vatican masters. Catholic-Spies leadership of Southern Baptists hoodwinking Protestants by leading them on disastrous wars against Jews, Hindus and Buddhists, hoping that the exhausted Protestantism would be gobbled up by Papacy at the end of the war.

Who Looted the Temples in Greece, Italy, Syria, & Egypt?

After the defeat of Mark Antony and death of Cleopatra, in 27 BC Roman rulers were given the title Augustus the Emperor. Alexandria was the center of Civilization even when Greek Emperor Alexander conquered Egypt. Neither Athens nor Rome could ever compete with the opulence of Alexandria and splendor of Egyptian civilization. Julius Caesar burnt the world famous Library of Alexandria to blunt the splendor of the East. Roman Emperor Theodosius (d. 394 AD) issued the Devil's Edict that banned the practice of ancient religions, religions of Pharaohs, and Hinduism in the entire Roman Empire. Emperor Theodosius II and Jews organized private raiding parties to loot the opulent Hindu temples in Greece, Italy, Syria, Egypt, and Asia Minor. After 640 AD, Jews financed the Arab Muslim raiding parties to loot the

Gnostic, Arian Christian Churches in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Libya. Jews financed Arab invaders to loot Zoroastrian temples in Iraq, Kurdistan, and Persia. Jews and Arabs financed the Muslim raids to loot the opulent Hindu Somnath Temple at Dwarka. Emperor Aurangzeb financed his rise and conquest by looting the Southern Hindu temples and kingdoms. During last two millenniums Jews, Christians, and Muslims looted opulent Hindu temples in Greece, Italy, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Persia, and India. Sword historically used against Hindus by invading Jews, Christians, and Muslims, eliminated Hinduism from North Africa, Western Europe, Arabia, and West Asia. Pope John Paul II's declared in the Synod of Asia that Asia would become Christian during third Christian Millennium. Synod of Asia inspired Hindus to reclaim Greece, Italy, Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Iraq back into the folds of Hinduism by reviving the Pharaoh's religions, Greek religions and Zoroastrian religion in Mediterranean world and West Asia.


Rise of Idolatry:

Holy Gita justifies the worship of Gods and Goddesses and deities. Holy Gita is the scripture of Idolaters in their war against Iconoclasts. The political use of Gita lies in raising an army of Hindu Militia Army to fight Islamic Mujahideens. Gita is an instrument of mass mobilization of Hindu Militia for overseas military operations. Idolater Hindus and Buddhists would inflict defeat on iconoclast religions.

Right Pole of Indian Polity:

Hinduism is world’s most advance religion. No religious scripture can compare with Sri Bhagwad Gita. The purpose of this book is to outline the essential principles of Hinduism to define Hindu polity. God Krishna revealed Gita to explain Arjuna's religious dilemma at the beginning of War at Panipat. Arjuna reasoned that how would he avoid the reactions of the Karma by killing his closest relatives in the War. God Krishna declared that if he kills his enemies as a duty to Krishna then the reactions of killing would not bind him. The Religious-War, the Dharma-Yudha is the open door to heaven-Svarga. God Krishna warned Arjuna that the path that avoids the Dharma-Yudha would lead to Hell. The purpose of Gita is to motivate soldiers in the war. Gita advocates the formation of Hindu volunteer Militia to fight the menace of Afghan Islamic Mujahideens. Hindu soldiers should fight Islamic Mujahideen as a part of their religious duty, without any expectations of salary.

Superior Ancient Black Civilizations

SLAVERY & GENOCIDE OF BLACK AFRICANS: Islamic conquest of North Africa was spear headed by Semite nomads Bedouin of Saudi deserts. Before Islam entire Africa, North Africa, West Africa, East Africa worshipped Goddess Isis, Hathor and God Ossir, and Horus. Semite Bedouin camel riders massacred the brown civilization of North Africa. Arab used the economy of Slave Trade to massacre the superior civilization of Nubia, West Africa and East Africa, to destroy the superior religion, civilization, economy, kingdoms, and culture of Black West Africans. The ancient civilization and religion of West Africa was superior to Arab civilization and Arab religion. Arab civilization of Saudi nomad Bedouin was a barbarian civilization when compared to the advanced, wealthy civilization of West Africa that worshipped the Egyptian Gods and Goddess. Black race had hired, bought and sold White slaves and Semite slaves for thousands of years. Black African race was far richer and more advanced than the Arab Bedouins before the rise of Islamic Empires were. Black African race was far richer and more advanced than the West Europeans before the rise of Roman Empire. Ancient Religion of West Africa is the adaptation of religion of Pharaohs and to them is more advanced than Christianity and Islam. Black Africans are determined to reject Christianity and Islam and resurrect the ancient Religion of Goddess Isis and Hathor, God Ptah, Asur, and Horus. Hindu and Buddhist Idolaters could militarily align with Black Negro Tribal idolaters to protect Africans from the religions imposed by descendants of slave traders. Goddess Isis will again rule Africa after the looming Civilization’s world war. The wars raging in Africa are the result of the conspiracy of the Christians and Muslims to impose Islam and Christianity over Tribal Africa that worships Goddess. The civilizations of Idolaters should military confront the civilizations of Iconoclasts to protect Africa’s Black Tribal Civilization. This book seeks to develop the Idolaters’ worldview, to help India, China, Hindu and Buddhist nations formulate common Civilization’s foreign policies to protect the interests of Idolaters worldwide.


Barbarians' Millennium & White Man’s Slave Trade of Black Slaves

Why is Second Millennium Barbarians' Millennium? The barbarian tribes of Western Europe, Ostrogoths, Franks, Vandals, conquered and destroyed the Roman Empire. Roman Empire was a Hindu Empire, and the religion of Roman Empire was Hinduism. The Goddess Isis, God Zeus, God Mithra were the reigning Gods of Roman Empire. Romans cremated their dead. Roman Emperor Theodosius (died 395 AD) issued the Christian Edict that imposed death penalty on Roman Citizens to worship ancient gods and goddess. West European barbarian savages conquered Roman Empire in 415 AD. It ushered in the era of Dark Ages, which continued until the sack of Constantinople by Ottoman Muslims. As late as 714 AD the White Slaves from Frank lands and German lands provided the main source of income for the barbarian tribes of German lands and Frank lands. Black and Brown races, Hindus and Christians have traded in Semite Slaves and White West European Slaves for over 10,000 years. For over 5,000 years the German, Frank, Ostrogoths, and Vandals, White Slave Women served as concubines and housemaids in the Black and Brown households in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Babylon and Persia. The White Slave men and women were openly sold in the slave markets of Alexandria, Damascus, and Constantinople. The incomes from the lucrative trade in White European Slaves fuelled the economy of Egypt, Syria, and Persia. During 714 AD the Byzantine Navy blockaded the Mediterranean trade in White Slaves to sabotage the economies of Egypt, Syria and Persia. Byzantine Empire began harvesting Eastern Europe and Slav lands for the supply of White Slave Girls and White Slave Men. The trade in White Slave Girls was so widespread and continued for thousands of years that the dominant Black African and Brown Dravidian race became fair in complexion in North Africa. After the fall of Hindu Rome at the hands of European Barbarians, the Barbarians' Millennium descended on the earth. Barbarian descendents after 15th century massacred the advance civilizations of Aztecs, Mayas, Incas, and Amerindians in the New World.

Role of Dravidians Aryans Jews

The history of Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam explained as historical interaction and competition among Dravidian, Aryan and Semite races, in the ancient history. Dravidians a brown-black race with straight hair live in southern part of the Indian Subcontinent. The ancestors of the Goddess worshipping Dravidians were in maritime contact with the maritime civilizations of Indus Valley, Egyptian Pharaohs, Babylon, Polynesians, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, Korea, Australia, South and North America. Dravidians built megaliths in Britain and Western Europe. Dravidians were sea faring peoples, worshipped goddess, and developed agricultural economies. Egyptian Pharaohs, Babylonians, Phoenicians, were of Indian Dravidian origin. Ancient Egyptians, Libyans and Ethiopians belonged to Dravidian races. Hand-held weapons, Sword, and spears were their principal weapons.


Fair skin Aryan race originated in Punjab, Afghanistan and Iran, and they worshipped male-only Vedic gods. Aryans expanded by land, southward in India, northward to Eastern Europe, and westward to Egypt, Greece, and Asia Minor. Classical Greek and classical Roman civilization was Hindu Aryan civilization. Punjab, Afghanistan, Iran, Asia Minor, and Greece interconnected by continuous stretch of land were part of Aryan civilization. Aryan civilization was the civilization of cow-herders, sheepherders and hunters. Aryans worshipped male gods, and the highest god was the god of thunder and god of sun. Vedic God Indra, Greek God Zeus, and Roman God Jupiter were kings of gods, god of thunder, and carried similar thunderbolt. The military weapon platform of Aryans was war-chariot, and archery was the main weapon. Projectiles and arrows were their principal weapon. Aryan cow-herders were not tied to the lands and their mobile economy coupled with the mobility of war charioteers allowed them to selectively attack and destroy goddess worshipping, Dravidian, agricultural townships at will with devastating results. Hykos, Mittani, Assyrians were Aryan people. Aryans destroyed the hegemony of ancient Egyptian Empire.


Semite people were the desert nomads, who served as slaves under Egyptian Empire. After the exodus from Egypt under the leadership of Moses, they became military power under the leadership of Prophet Joshua. The sheep-herding economy of Jews allowed them unprecedented mobility, and polygamy, as every woman was very productive as sheep-herder. It allowed Jews to afford large harems. Every male member of Jews became a trained soldier, ready to organize raiding parties to surround and conquer, the agricultural oasis, and to loot and capture the women of the defeated peoples. The constant mobility of the shepherd Jews allowed them protection against retribution. Desert became their defensive shield, as agricultural societies could not sustain hot-pursuits in deserts.


Diaspora Jews established Jewish settlements throughout the known world, after the destruction of the first temple by Babylon Empire in 567 BC and after the destruction of the second temple by Roman Empire in 70 AD. Shepherd Jew warriors became the Afghan warriors of the ancient times. Every Afghan male has become the warrior for hire and Opium and Heroin allows him financial stability during warring campaigns. Nomad Jew Warriors became a menace to the settled agricultural communities, just as the Afghan Mujahideen terrorists finance their worldwide terrorism by global Opium-Heroin trade.

Ancient Egyptian Religion Alive

In the Clash of Races, Hindu India would help black African pagans resurrect the glory of their ancient religions. India will protect pagan religions and defend them against the iconoclast Islam and Christianity. Even in 2002, more than half of the black population of Africa south of Sahara practice Egyptian Nubian religions and worships Egyptian gods and goddesses, but they call them by different names.


Ancient Religion never dies. Goddess Religion is Eternal. Ancient religions are well, alive and staging comeback worldwide. Ancient goddess religions are eternal religions and ancient goddess immortal and present great challenge to Judaism, Christianity and Islam in 21st Century. Dozens of women flock to Cactus Springs, Nevada temple of ancient Egyptian leonine goddess Sekhmet the ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility and rage. The religious rituals of the Temple draw many dozen white women devotees. The temple built by millionaire Genevieve Vaughan and has a full time priestess Patricia Pearlman. The growing popularity of the ancient Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet is testimony that ancient goddess religions are alive and staging comeback throughout the Christian world. Ancient goddess religions will win the allegiance of the European and American women, who would reject Christianity and convert to the ancient goddess religions, which they gave up, when threatened by persecution by Emperor Theodosius and Catholic Inquisition. Neither Islam nor Christianity has put an end to the ancient religions of Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Babylon. In the ancient time, 3,000 years ago, the entire world was Hindu. Humans worshipped Goddess 35,000 years ago, while the very concept of God as man emerged with the rise of Aryans, and propagated by Zoroastrians among Semite Jews. Hinduism, Taoism, and ancient religions of Egypt, Babylon, and Incas believe that God is a woman, Creator is a woman, Almighty is a woman.

Why Jews Killed Jesus

Jews killed Jesus Christ and Apostle James the elder brother of Jesus in 65 AD, because the Christian religion preached by Jesus and James, represented great influences of Hindu, Buddhist, Maggi and Mazdak religions. Jews killed Jesus and Apostles to impose Torah on Christian Bible, even when Jesus had explicitly rejected the Torah and the Jewish Law.


Gospel in Christian Holy Bible depicts Jews as jealous villains who plotted against Christianity, against Christianity's founder, his brother James and his Apostles. The St. John Passion, refer to evil role of Jews from the text of John. For centuries, the Good Friday liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church included prayers for the perfidious Jews. Historically, until Second Vatican Council in the mid-1960s, Catholic Church fervently believed in the concept of deicide, a term historically associated with Jews as Christ-killers.


The New Testament cast the Jews as enemies of Jesus Christ and of the Church. Serious conflicts arose between Christians and Jews late in the first Century AD, when the Christian Gospels were being written and Christianity was evolving from a messianic Jewish sect into a predominantly gentile religion. Jesus was arrested by order of the Jerusalem Jews High Priest Rabbi, who accused him of blasphemy. Jesus was tried before the Sanhedrin, a council of Jewish officials. In 62 AD, Ananus, the new high priest, seized Apostle James, the brother of Jesus and the head of the Christian Church in Jerusalem, along with some of his followers. Rabbi Ananus brought Apostle James before the Sanhedrin, where they condemned Apostle James for breaking Jewish Law, as they had earlier accused Jesus for blasphemy. Rabbi Ananus led Jews took Apostle James and others outside, and stoned them to death publicly. Apostolic Council decided that Christians had no need to observe Jewish Law.


Apostles' Christianity was free of Jewish ethnicity. Apostles created the new religion of Christianity borrowing the religious traditions of Gentiles. In the first Century AD, when the Gospels were being written, the Apostolic Christianity was more a gentile religion than a messianic Jewish sect. Gospels testify about Jewish responsibility and Roman innocence about the murder of Jesus Christ and Apostle James the brother of Jesus. Apostolic Gospels confirms the gentileness of the Jesus Christ and the gentileness of the early Christianity. Jesus Christ and Apostles James, Paul, Peter, John, Mathew had all rejected Jewish Law, Torah, Old Testament, circumcision and ban on pork. Jesus had summarily rejected Torah and Jewish Law.


Jesus was fundamentally a gentile prophet. Jesus went to Jewish people, calling for the reform of Judaism to include Hindu concept of God as Father. Jesus wanted Jews to adopt superior gentile religious beliefs. Jewish leaders murdered Jesus and James as he threatened the dominance of Pharisees in Judaism. Jesus generated intense dislike among Jews Pharisees priests, because he told Jews Rabbis that God wants something different from what they know and have long striven to do. Prophet Jesus challenged established sacred teachings of Torah and Jewish Law on his own authority as self-designated spokesman for God. According to Gospels, Jesus accused Pharisees of hypocrisy, challenged the Sadducees' theology, and espoused unconventional interpretations of the Torah. Jesus threatened to destroy the 'Second Temple of Jerusalem.' Gospel of Mark quotes a prediction of Jesus that the Temple would destroy. "Do you see these great buildings? Not one stone will be left upon one another; all will be thrown down."


Romans did not persecute Christians. Jews persecuted and stoned to death thousands of Christians from 1 AD to 70 AD. Romans destroyed the Second Temple at Jerusalem in AD 70, to protect Christians from murderous Jews and to punish Jews high priest Rabbi Ananus and Jews Sanhedrin, who stoned to death Apostle James, the brother of Jesus in AD 62. Roman Empire did not persecute Christians. Jews alone persecuted Christians. Rodney Stark, in The Rise of Christianity, writes, "the truth is Roman government seems to have cared very little about Christian menace. There was surprising little effort to persecute Christians. Thus for rank-and -file Christians the threat of persecution was so slight as to have counted for little among the potential sacrifices imposed on them," (p.180). Hindu Roman Empire did not persecute Christians, rather protected Christians from persecution and genocide at hands of murderous Jews, during first two centuries of Christianity.


Christianity of Jesus Christ and 12 Apostles during first century was not a Jewish sect but a distinctly gentile Religion. Apostles drew Christian cannon not from Torah, but scriptures of gentile goddess religions of goddess Isis, Astarte, and Innanna. Compared with the New Testament, the Old Testament and Torah seem to be talking of a quite different God. Apostles wanted to drop Old Testament from the Christian cannon entirely. Bishop Marcion dropped Torah from New Testament entirely. After Bar-Kokha revolt and between 145 and 170 AD Christianity formally abandoned its Jewish connections. Christianity was absorbed in a sea of Gentile converts, who hated Jews and Judaism. It was unacceptable for Apostles to observe Jewish Law, and Torah.


Early Christianity attacked Orthodox Judaism as Christ-killers who consorted with demons. Christians during First Crusades massacred every Jew and Muslim in the city of Jerusalem. True Christianity and Judaism are engaged in 2,000-year old mortal combat. Christianity does not belong to patriarchal Semite religions, which includes Judaism and Islam. Christianity belongs to Zoroastrian, Mazdak and Maggi religions of Persia. Jesus Christ preached the teachings of Persia's Zend Avestha and Ahura Mazda and rejected Jews Torah and Yahweh. Hindu India and Buddhist China would form Civilization’s alliances with Protestants to convert Catholics to reformed Christianity of Apostles.

World Before & After Jesus

What was Jesus up to? We should retell the story of the world. There has never been any suggestion for replacing Jesus as the Icon of the West. Historians should study the cultural impact of Jesus. The great question about Jesus must always be: Did he make a difference? Let us conceptualize the phenomenon of Jesus, as experienced by those who knew him best and by the first generations of his followers.


Herodian kleptocracy in Judah had poisoned the atmosphere of the Jews holy temple. Second temple held hostage to a gang of Jews priest-pretenders who like so many Renaissance cardinals, had little interest in God or prayer. Jews priest-pretenders' interest in wealth and ignorance of religion led them to take rigidly conservative positions. Jews priest-pretenders' piety was not so much suspect as nonexistent. Thomas Cahill argues as follows. Christians have been far more successful at rejecting Jesus than any Jew has ever been.


The original idea of Christianity had rejected Jewish Law, Torah and Jewish concept of Yahweh. Christianity of Jesus Christ and 12 Apostles was the total negation of Judaism. The original idea of Christianity, presented God as father, and only Hindu concept of God Krishna, come closest to it. The resurrection of Jesus was rebirth of the Isis-Ossir concept, and the ritual regicide of Babylonian worship of Goddess Innanna. True Christians should expunge Old Testament from Christian Holy Bible, and include Zend Avestha to be part of Christian Bible. Prophet Jesus was a Zoroastrian, Maggi yogi who taught Jews the wisdom of the East. That is why Jews high priests crucified Jesus, and stoned to death Apostle James and thousands of Christians, during first 70 years of Christian era, before Romans destroyed the second temple to protect Christians from murderous, marauding Jews. Jews stoned to deaths tens of thousands of Christians for blasphemy during first Christian Century.


Romans did not persecute Christians. Romans protected Christians from marauding Jews. Obviously, those Christians who venerate Old Testament would not gain the grace of Jesus Christ to enter heaven. Protestants correctly argue that Judeo-Christianity of Roman Catholics is not Christianity, but Christianized Judaism, the religion of Jews and the religion of Christ-killers in the bottle of Christ.


Protestant Christians and Orthodox Eastern Christians would jointly oppose the Catholics and Jews in the looming world war of religions. Muslims would join the war on the side of Jews and Catholics. Hindus, Buddhists and Pagans would join the world war on the side of Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestant Christianity. North Africa, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, and Asia Minor were Orthodox Christian nations during 640 AD. Syrian Jews financed the Arab armies that imposed Semite Islam upon Christian North Africa and Mediterranean Arabia, in exchange for a share of the loot of Christian properties. Egyptians, Libyans, Algerians, Tunisians, Palestinians and Syrians hate Saudi Bedouin leadership of Islam, and identify themselves with Mediterranean rather than Arabian heritage. North Africa and Mediterranean Asia would become either Orthodox Christian or Judeo-Christians during 21st Century. Nuclear Orthodox Russia would reclaim Byzantine patrimony over North Africa and Arabia; with the same fervor Soviet Union propagated Socialism and Communism. End of the Second Christian Millennium is the turning point in history.


Religion of Zeus would Resurrect

What is the true Religion? Whether Catholicism, or Protestantism, or Apostolic Gnosticism real Christianity of Jesus Christ? Whether Sunni, Shiite, Sufi or Wahhabi sect of Islam true Islam? Would the religions or sects that expand and propagate by sword also die by the sword? Are the religions and gods of the ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Incas and Mayas dead? Can religions of God Zeus, Jupiter and Ossir, resurrect in Greece, Rome and Egypt after the lapse of 1,300 years, when Jews could reclaim Israel after the exodus of 2,000 years? Can a suppressed religion resurrect? Why civilizations of Greece and Rome failed to blossom and flourish under Christianity? Would Egyptians someday reject Islam and resurrect the ancient Egyptian religions of God Ossir, Horus, Thot and Goddess Isis, Hathor and Nut? Would ancient Inca civilization and religion resurrect and flourish in Peru and Ecuador? Would Maya civilization and religion resurrect in Mexico? Historian Arnold Toynbee emphatically declares that ancient civilization do not die after conquest by barbarian invasions. Civilizations learn the military technology of the barbarians and defeat the barbarian rulers and resurrect the Civilization. The ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Inca, Maya, and Aztecs will make a comeback in the 21st century and reestablish ancient civilizations in its ancestral lands.


Mediterranean Trade in White Slaves

William H. McNeil’s “Rise of the West” explains that the dominance of the white race is the phenomenon primarily of the 2nd Christian Millennium, an accident of history, because of the discovery of the New World. Rise of the continental Western Europe in the Second Millennium is remarkable, since German, Frank, Goth, Vandal white slave men and slave women were sold in the slave markets of Alexandria, Damascus and Constantinople, as late as 715 AD, when Mediterranean White Slave trade banned at orders of the Byzantine Navy, to harm the economies of Alexandria and Damascus. In the ancient world, black and brown masters bought, hired and traded in White European slaves in Africa’s slave markets. The land of North Africa, Egypt, Libya and Algeria belonged to the black Christians before Muslim Arab invaders occupied these lands. Would Arabs some day vacate North Africa and hand it over to black Arabs and black Negroes? North Africa does not belong to the White Arab Muslims, it belong to black Arab Muslims and black Christians.


EGYPTIAN CIVILIZATION: President Hosni Mubarak in Oct 2002 dedicated the Fourth Pyramid, the new Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the long-awaited successor to the world’s great Library of Alexandria. Some future Egyptian president would dedicate the Temple of God Ossir, Horus, and Goddess Isis, Hathor, Nut to show Egypt’s openness to the West and contribution to the world culture. More than 100 million black Africans follow the ancient Egyptian religions in sub-Sahara Africa even today. The non-Christian, non-Muslim pagan peoples of Africa represent more than 50 percent of the population in many African states. Redraw the colonial frontiers of Africa to carve out 20+ new pagan States in Africa. The percentages of population pagans represent are, Angola (47%), Benin (70%), Botswana (50%), Cameroon (51%), Guinea-Bissau (50%), Liberia (70%), Mozambique (50%), and Togo (70%). Create separate sovereign states of pagans by partitioning the above countries.


3(12) Response of Islam

Pakistan New Caliph of Islam

Nuclear Pakistan has emerged as the New Caliph of Islam. Islamabad Caliphate should become the custodian of the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Pakistan has inherited the patrimony of the Ottoman Empire. Pakistan can conquer all Islamic nations from Morocco to Iraq. Pakistan should intermarry with 20 million Arab women. Hindu India would support the westward expansion of Pakistan. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have never existed as nation in history, and Arabian Peninsula has historically belonged to Egypt, Persia or Turkey. As a new Caliph of Islam, Pakistan has a right to conquer the lands of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq.


NATO and USA supports Turks who massacred 400,000 Armenian Christians during 1920s and who continue to massacre Aryan Kurds. The Fascists of Western Europe and United States continue to discriminate against Aryan Romany and Aryan Kurds. NATO bombed the US helicopter, which ferried five top Kurd leaders of Iraqi Kurds, tricking them into believing that United States supports their demands for secession from Iraq. The CIA kidnapped top leader of Turk Kurds Mr. Ocalan. United States provides arms and materials to Islamic drug traffickers, fundamentalists, and terrorists in Chechnya and Afghanistan. Hindu India, Shiite Iran and Orthodox Russia could join forces to military support Kurd rebellion to carve out sovereign, independent states out of Kurd-majority areas in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Aryan Islamic Kurdistan would extend from the mouth of Persian Gulf to Mediterranean Coast and connect with Black Sea.


War-trained Afghan rebels have grown into experienced mercenary army, and could play roles similar to that of Aryan invasions of ancient Babylon and Pharaoh's Egypt, and Muslim invasions of 7th Century. Every Afghan has become a trained warrior, itching for winning war booty everywhere in the name of religion. Hindu India should militarily support Aryan Afghan fanatic mercenaries to conquer Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Afghan mercenaries should team up with Palestinians and Lebanese Shiites to conquer and loot Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Taliban-Palestine regime in Saudi Arabia would promote peace and prosperity in the Islamic world. Arnold Toynbee in the Study of History postulates that war-weary barbarians conquer the wealthy, but promote peace by defending the wealthy civilization, from attacks from other contenders. Non-Semite Afghan Aryans would civilize the Islamic world. Afghan tribes should vacate the lands of Afghanistan and move en masse to settle in the rich lands of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and marry Arab women. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq never existed as nation in history. The lands of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have traditionally been part of Egyptian and Persian Empires. Afghan Aryans have inherited the patrimony of Persian Aryans over Arabian Peninsula during Persian Empire.


Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria were prosperous Gnostic and Orthodox Christian nations, before Muslim invaders conquered them after 640 AD. Muslims fear that Vatican conspiring to bring Holy Land, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia under Catholic rule during 21st Century. Pope John Paul II's Synod of Asia, declared to bring Asia under Catholic sway during third Millennium. Orthodox Russians could aspire to bring Turkey, Syria and North Africa under rule of Orthodoxy during 21st Century. Civilized Egyptians, Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Turks, Iraqis and Persians are united by their common hatred of uncivilized barbarian nomad Bedouin of Saudi Arabia. Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia identify them as Mediterranean nations, and considered Greece, Italy and Asia Minor as their maritime neighbors. The desert frontiers were inaccessible for civilized peoples who were expert maritime navigators of Nile River and Mediterranean. Egyptians, Libyans, Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians would militarily join forces with Christians to destroy the hegemony of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in the Middle East. Egypt, Persia, Iraq and Afghans are likely contenders for the conquest and permanent occupation of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. However, nuclear Pakistan could recreate Islamic Empire with Islamabad as the center of the Islamic world. Either Pakistan would conquer the Middle East, or Egypt, Libya, Syria and turkey would become Orthodox Christian nations again during 21st Century. Malaysia, Indonesia, Albania and Turkey would become either Catholic or Protestant nations during 21st Century. Neither the Christianizing of North Africa, nor the Afghan Taliban conquest of Saudi Arabia threatens India's national interests.


Christening of Mediterranean Islamic World

Religion would be the cause of the WW III. World War would start due to Vatican's dreams, emboldened by victory in the Kosovo, to Christianize Asia and North Africa in the 21st Century. Pope John Paul II, declared in New Delhi at the conclusion of Synod of Asia that Catholics would Christianize Asia in the third Christian Millennium. Vatican dreams to bring pre-Islamic Christian nations of Arabia and North Africa back into the fold of Christianity. Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey were Christian nations for centuries before they fell before the swords of Semite Arab Muslim invaders. Mediterranean Christian nations forced to become Muslims under the threat of death. Catholic victory in Bosnia, Kosovo, and East Timor and military predominance of the Western Christendom encouraged the Vatican to Christianize North Africa and Mediterranean Arabia.


CHRISTENING OF MUSLIM WORLD: Only one religion will survive the end of twenty-first Century. Catholic concept of Holy Trinity is the total negation of Judaic concept of Yahweh and Islamic concept of Allah. Catholics have castrated the Islamic world. The rich oil-producing nations are under the patronage of Christian nations and survive at the sweet will of the United States. Catholics would Christianize Muslim girls in Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania. American troops helped Christianize process in the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Christians represented in South Korean population 3 percent in 1951 and 50 percent in 1980. Bosnia, Kosovo, and Albania will become Catholic nation before AD 2015. Majority of Muslim women in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey would prefer to marry Christians if allowed to do so. Indonesia still has Hindu culture, under Islamic camouflage. Indonesia is heading towards disintegration. Indonesia women would marry Hindus, Buddhists and Christians if allowed to do so. Christianizing of Indonesia is a distinct possibility. The rising trend of anti-women Islamic fundamentalism is the result of increased challenges posed by educated Muslim women. Educated Muslim women will bring down the Islamic world if supported by Christians. It is likely that 300 million Muslim women could marry Christians and other non-Muslim men before AD 2020, provided the Western military bases in Muslim nations encourage the modernization of Muslim women. Hindu India and Buddhist China could support the Vatican in the future Christianizing of the Islamic world. Muslim Women in Kuwait, Bahrain, Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia would lead other Islamic nations in marrying Christian men. Islamic Civilization is based on the suppression of women. Role and Status of women provide the foundation stone for Islamic civilization. Afghan and Iranian women were very modern and liberal during the rule of Shah of Iran. It explains why Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran and Taliban in Afghanistan subjugated Muslim women to servitude, to consolidate their political power base. In the looming civilization’s war, the Christian armies help Muslim women exercise freedom of choice in marriage. Islamic civilization would crumble, whenever Muslim women acquire the freedom to choose and marry the men of their choice.

Redirecting Islamic Terrorism

India should redirect Afghan menace westward to overthrow Semite monarchy in Saudi Arabia. Afghan-Kurd Taliban monarchy of Saudi Arabia and Iraq, would better use the Saudi and Iraqi oil incomes for economic development of the Muslim world. Afghan Mujahideens would easily conquer Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates. Aryan Afghan conquest would undermine Zionist control over the incomes of Arab OPEC nations. Only when Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations ruled by Afghan Mujahideens, that the OPEC oil wealth promote prosperity of Muslim nations. India and Russia should provide military support to Afghan Mujahideens to conquer Kurdistan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. After the total conquest of Saudi Arabia, Afghans would vacate the land of Afghanistan to Sikhs and relocate in the oil-rich lands of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait. Warlike barbarians after conquering wealthy civilizations, redirect their warlike energy towards maintaining peace and prosperity of the civilization. After the conquest of Saudi Arabia, Afghan fundamentalist Taliban would cease to be the menace to the world. United States financed Afghan rebels to destabilize Asia, especially Hindu India, and secular Central Asia. Afghans had been rebels throughout history. Hindu India should raise anti-Taliban Afghan Army to destabilize and conquer Arabian Peninsula and to expel Wahhabi from Arabia.


Afghans are Aryans. The term 'Aryan' derived from the Sanskrit term 'Arja', lord. Aryan is the scientific tribal name applied to certain people of the Punjab and of the Iranian plateau. The term 'Aryan' also refers to the Indo-Iranian language-speaking group. Sanskrit and ancient Persian tongues considered Aryan languages. Nazi Germany, by extension came to consider Aryans the forefathers who civilized barbarian German tribes. Thereby, Hitler declared that due to Aryan ancestry of Germans, they were superior to 'non-Aryans', the people of Semitic especially those of Jewish descent, West European, and Slav peoples. (World Scope Encyclopedia, vol. 1, 1962)


Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq never existed as independent nations and civilization throughout history. Eastern regions of Saudi Arabia bordering Persian Gulf, Kuwait and Iraq belong to Persia. Western and southern region of Saudi Arabia bordering Arabian Sea belongs to Egypt. Partition Saudi Arabia between Persia and Egypt. Afghanistan, Persia, and Pakistan should join the confederation. Kurdistan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia belong to Aryan Persia. India supplied 3.5 million soldiers to allied forces, which amounted to half of total 7.5 million American troops during Second World War. Indian Empire rewarded not with new possessions and mandate territories but partition and secession of Burma, Sri Lanka, Diego Garcia, Mauritius, Maldives, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Oman, Trucial States and Kuwait. Indian Rupee was the official currency of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Yemen and Oman as late as 1966. Dravidians from South India have ruled North Africa, Egypt, Babylon for thousands of years before Christ. Pharaoh of ancient Egypt belonged to Dravidian race, brown people with straight hair. Pharaohs of Egypt were Dravidian not Negro. The Asura, the Dravidian Rakshasha maritime race ruled the seas in the ancient world as Polynesians. Hindu India would reclaim its Civilization’s role throughout the lands of the ancient civilizations. Indonesia and Malaysia would rejoin Hindu civilization during 21st Century.

War on Islamic Terrorism

What impact does the Protestant America’s War on global terrorism have on Global Clash of Races? Catholic President John F. Kennedy invaded Vietnam primarily to pursue Vatican’s proselytizing goals in Buddhist Indo-China, but justified it in terms of America’s opposition to southward expansion of Communism. Christian Mao Zedong and Christian Chiang Kai sheik were comrade-in-arms not enemies, and they conspired to eliminate Chinese Buddhists from political equation in China. United States NATO invaded and partitioned multi-ethnic democratic Yugoslavia, primarily to implement the agenda of Pope John Paul II to carve out two independent Catholic states of Slovenia and Croatia, and justified it in terms of protecting Muslim lives from the slaughter of Serbian Orthodox Christians. Would United States exploit the September 11 attacks to justify the expansion of American Empire? Or would United States exploit the issue of Wahhabi Al Qaeda to eradicate the Wahhabi menace and Wahhabi domination of Mecca & Medina and promote Turkey-type secular civil laws in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait? Does Islamic terrorism reflects the growing power of Islam, or exposes the military weaknesses of Islamic nations, who depend on their very survival on United States. Would United States allow the foreign conquest of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE by some non-Muslim Christian nation? The real motives of the United States in the ongoing war on terrorism can be understood, by analyzing the Clash of Races, Clash of Religions and Clash of Civilizations.


Saudi Arabia is the Womb of Axis of Evil

President Bush’s characterization of North Korea, Iran and Iraq as three Axis of Evil is not very correct. Neither North Korea, nor Iran, nor Iraq provided any of the 19 Arab Wahhabi hijackers that launched 9/11 attacks. Saudi Arabia provided and financed 15 of the 19 hijackers of 9/11, including the leader of terror, Osama bin Laden. The foundation of Saudi Arabian monarchy and Saudi society based on the Wahhabi doctrine, which advocates terrorist attacks to bring down modern, civil, liberal Islamic regimes. Just as Roman Catholic Church waged incessant wars on Orthodoxy Church and Protestant Church and Apostolic Gnostic Arian Church throughout the history of Christianity, the Wahhabi sect representing only 2% of Muslims of the world, wages terrorist attacks on Muslim leaders of other sects worldwide.


The foundation of Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi sect is the womb of terrorism. The Arab Bedouin of Arabian Peninsula at the time of Prophet Mohammed were uncivilized barbarians, jealous of the advance civilizations of Egypt, Syria, Baghdad and Persia. The barbarian Arab Bedouin warriors attacked the Civilizations and after conquest either slaughtered the men or enslaved them, and took over all their women and wealth. Wahhabi Bedouin as late as 1965, were uncivilized barbarians and terrorists.


Arnold Toynbee in Study of History describes that barbarians succeed in destroying Civilization, whenever Civilization does not prepare for the counter offensive against barbarians in the very heartland of the barbarians’ den. Wahhabi cult and Saudi Arabia is the “womb of Wahhabi’ and ‘womb of barbarian terrorism’ and the civilization’s response to the barbarian terrorism that originated in Heartland of Arabian Peninsula, should be to invade and destroy the breeding ground of the terrorists so that successive waves of terrorists do not rise from the breeding ground of terrorism to attack the civilizations, in the succession of barbarian attacks. Civilizations’ have the inherent right of pre-emptive strikes against the ‘womb of wahhabi terrorism’ the Saudi Arabian Peninsula to hunt and neutralize Wahhabi fundamentalists to deny the social, economic, religious support to Wahhabi terrorists.


Catholic Sunni Alliance

The author seeks to understand the implications of the Wars of Christian Religious Sects. What is the conspiracy, that Roman Catholic Church put its total weight in support of Albanian Muslim terrorists to destroy and partition multi-ethnic Yugoslavia, ruled by Christians. Was it to carve out Catholic Slovenia and Croatia out of Yugoslav Federation? Or was it to destroy Orthodox Christian power in the Adriatic Sea? It cemented the ties of the West with the Fundamentalist Islam. President Jimmy Carter arranged the overthrow of secular liberal Shah of Iran and replaced it with arch fundamentalist Ayatollah Khomeini. President Bill Clinton supported the takeover of secular liberal socialist Afghanistan by arch fundamentalist Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, in 1995 financed by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, even when Al Qaeda had bombed US embassies in East Africa.


It was no accident that President Jimmy Carter overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and replaced it by President General Zia ul Haq, who imposed Shariah in Pakistan and made Pakistan a leading Heroin trafficker. Why did United States destroy the liberal traditions of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and replaced liberal secular leadership with arch fundamentalist leadership who imposed Shariah law? Now President Bush planning to invade secular, liberal Iraq. It raises doubt whether United States waging wars on liberal, secular modern Islamic states, primarily to promote ultra-fundamentalist Wahhabi Islam throughout Islamic world. Why does United States target only liberal modern Islamic nations, namely, Algeria, Syria, Iraq, while supports ultra-fundamentalist Islamic nations, namely, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, etc. Whether United States supports ultra-fundamentalist Muslims and destabilizes modern secular liberal Islamic regimes, influenced by Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy? Why USA, NATO and the West enemies of modern, secular, liberal Islamic nations and friendly to only ultra fundamentalist Islamic nations? Why West rather than attempting westernization of the Islamic world, seeks to transform modern Islamic nations into ultra fundamentalist Wahhabi nations that replaces modern Western laws by Shariah laws?


Catholic Wahhabi Alliance

Catholic religious right conspiracy historically supported fundamentalist Islam, even against fellow Christians. British agents capitalized on Wahhabi Islam to weaken the hold of Ottomans over Arabian Peninsula. It was no accident that Church of Rome militarily and diplomatically supported the Ottoman Turks’ invasion and conquest of Constantinople and Byzantine Eastern Roman Empire. It was no accident that Church of Rome didn’t oppose the Muslim conquest of Christian Egypt, Syria, Libya and Algeria I, in seventh century. Throughout history, Church of Rome aligned with Sunni Islam to gain victory over Apostolic Christianity, Orthodox Christianity, and Protestant Christianity. Is very likely that in the global Clash of Civilizations, Catholics would join on side of Wahhabi Islam of the battle lines. It explains why Pope John Paul II gave only muted criticism of Wahhabi terrorists responsible for 9/11 attacks. Was it an accident that white Christians, primarily Catholics are suspect in the Anthrax attacks on leading Senators and other politicians, immediately after the 9/11 attacks? It raises very disturbing possibility, whether 9/11 attacks jointly conspired by Wahhabi Saudi Muslims and white Catholics? Is it a coincident that Muslim terrorists undertake no subversive acts in Catholic Europe against non-US targets? American Protestants of WASPs United States have started to investigate the role of white Catholic fundamentalists in the Anthrax attacks on Senators, which took place immediately after the 6/11 attacks, as if the Catholic terrorists had preplanned to attack protestant targets as a part of the global fundamentalist conspiracy against multi-ethnic, liberal, secular nations of the world. Anthrax attack was definitely not an Islamic attack, and no Protestant suspect for Anthrax attack has been indicted or identified.


Is Islam, Barbarian or Civilized?

From 7th Century to the 15th Century, the Mediterranean Islam represented the Civilization, while Christian Continental Europe represented barbarianism. White men and women from German lands and Frank lands sold as slaves in the slave markets of civilized Alexandria, Damascus and Constantinople. Only after 715 AD, the Mediterranean trade in white European slaves banned by Byzantine Navy to cause economic damage to Islamic Alexandria and Damascus. Indian Empire and British Empire before the First World War harnessed the power of the nomad Bedouin in Arabian Peninsula to force secession of Arabian Peninsula from the yoke of Ottoman Empire. President Jimmy Carter harnessed the power of militant Shiite Islamism to bring down the government of liberal Shah of Iran in 1979.


The Roman Catholic Church and the West legitimizes Wahhabi barbarian fundamentalism and Shariah as correct form Islam, primarily to brand Islam as barbarian religion in the eyes of the world, so that world may forget that from 7th to 15th Century, Islam represented Civilization, while Western Christianity, Roman Catholic Civilization represented barbarianism during Dark Age of Medieval Europe.


Arab Wahhabi Islam represents barbarian Islam, while Egyptian, Turkish and Pakistan’s Islam represents Civilized Islam. The minority Wahhabi Arabs, representing less than 2 percent of the Muslims of the world have launched the barbarians’ Wars of Religious Sects on other civilized Muslim sects. Barbarian Wahhabi Arabs are menace to the civilized Islamic world.


Civilized Pakistan has become the “New Caliph of Islam” by virtue of its military prowess as the most powerful Islamic nation in the world. Islamic Mystic Sufi sects as well as Indian Sunni sects are superior to Arab Wahhabi Sunni sect. Pakistan should protect the future of Islam, by taking over the control over Islamic cities of Mecca & Medina lest predator Wahhabi terrorists cause irreparable harm to Islam by their acts of terrorism and fundamentalism. Pakistani men should marry 20 million Arab women to give birth to Arab-Aryan race of Muslims.


Civilized Muslim nations, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Indonesia and Turkey should become the custodian of the Islamic Holy cities of Mecca and Medina to allow all sects of Islam equal access and exposure in Islam’s birth place. Mecca and Medina must be declared ‘International Cities’ where every Muslim clergy should have unfettered right of residence.


Predator Asian northern snakehead fish is a nasty-looking fish with a nasty name and a nastier reputation. The voracious snakeheads eats their way through the pond, then walk on their fins on the land, until they chewed their way into another lake, as it can survive more than two days without water. To treat Asian northern snakeheads humanely means the genocide of other peaceful species of fish. Wildlife officials have determined that snakeheads have to die, which can be done, either by explosives, or electricity or by poisoning. Elimination of predator fish Asian northern snakehead, whether by explosives, or by electricity or by poisoning of the lake, would kill many other fish also, even then it would be more humane then allowing predator Asian northern snakehead fish to let live.


Like predator Asian northern snakehead fish, the Sunni Wahhabi Cult practices by merely 2% Muslims of the world, about 20 million in Arabian Peninsula, is a ‘Predator Religious Sect,’ which civilized Muslim world’s leaders believe determined to conquer the Islamic world, by forcing its way through the Muslim world by anti-women religious fundamentalism and terrorism Islamism, funded by Heroin drug trade and OPEC oil-incomes.


Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Sunni sect followed by less than 2 percent of the Muslims of the world represents barbarian predator religious sect that embarked genocidal attacks on civilized Muslim societies of the world. The Saudi Arabia based Wahhabi terrorists embarked on the genocide of moderate liberal Muslim women worldwide, Including Kashmir India. The barbaric acts of pro-Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Muslim terrorists causing Holocaust of Muslim Women, which is much more barbaric than the Holocaust of Jews by Nazi Germany. Should civilized international community join military forces to invade barbarian Saudi Arabia to militarily neutralize Wahhabi fundamentalists to protect Muslim women from genocide perpetrated by barbarian Wahhabi Muslim fundamentalists. To start with Afghan women should be given legal right to hang all such Wahhabi Taliban fundamentalists in Afghanistan that forced Afghan Muslim women into bondage and servitude during Taliban rule. Three Muslim girls killed by barbarian Wahhabi terrorists for not wearing veil-Burqa in Kashmir. On December 19, 2002, pro-Saudi Wahhabi Muslim terrorist militants shot dead three girl students in Rajouri district of Jammu region late on Thursday night. These killings linked to the alleged campaign by Wahhabi militants to enforce the veil (burqa) for Muslim women. The Wahhabi militants swooped on the house of Mohammad Sadiq in Hasyote village of Thannamandi area and shot dead his daughter, Noureen Kousar. Then they barged into the house of Khalil Ahmad in the same village and kidnapped her daughter Tahir Parveen (18), a 12th Class student, and later beheaded her. Continuing their killing spree, Wahhabi Islamists entered the house of Mohammad Rafiq and shot dead his daughter, Shehnaz Akhtar. A little known Wahhabi group, “Lashkar Jabbar” pasted on the walls of two senior secondary schools in Rajouri town and neighboring villages threatening girls to wear "burqa" or face the consequences. The entire civilized society would condemn such inhuman acts of pro-Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Islamist terrorists. Woman beheaded in J-K for not wearing burqa in Jammu, on December 20, 2002, close on the heels of the killing of three girls for not wearing burqa, militants beheaded another woman in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir on Friday night for the same reason Wahhabi Islamic Militants barged into the house of Jan Begum, 43, in Darhal area and beheaded her. Perhaps the destruction of Wahhabi Sect in Saudi Arabia alone could solve the problem of Islamic terrorism worldwide. Civilized Hindu India should explore joint military operations with civilized Egypt, civilized Turkey, civilized Syria and civilized Afghanistan and civilized Iran against barbarian Wahhabi Saudi Arabia for the permanent eradication of evil Wahhabi fundamentalism from the Arabian Peninsula. The Evil Wahhabi that nurtures in Saudi Arabia represents predator sect that aims at the genocide of the moderate Muslim women worldwide unless checked militarily. Wahhabi Holocaust of Muslim women could be many times more heinous than the Nazi Holocaust of Jews. Like the evil Nazism the evil Wahhabism must be militarily destroyed to save the impending genocide of moderate Muslim women.


War n Islamic Terrorism

The Arab Muslim terrorist attacks on the citadel of Protestant Christian power at Pentagon and World Trade Center on Sept 11, 2001, highlighted the dangers of religious terrorism. Suddenly Protestant Americans realized the folly of Christian CIA training Sunni Muslim terrorists for destabilizing liberal Muslim nations worldwide. President Jimmy Carter legitimized Islamic fundamentalism arguing the Ayatollah’s fundamentalist Islam preferable to the secular, eclectic liberal modern regime of Shah of Iran. President Carter forced military generals and democratically elected Prime Minister Bani Sadr to bow down, America ruled out the alternative of secular Iran under military dictatorship or Presidential democracy was rule out. President Carter can be recognized as father of Islamic political Fundamentalism. The pro-Shariah policy of the West continues to this date. It is a good fortune of the Unite States that President Bush was the president on 9/11/2002 and that he had gone out to Florida. Had President Clinton been the president on 9/11, his response would have been similar to that after the bombing of US embassies in Nairobi and Bombing of Destroyer Cole. Interestingly, President Clinton had rewarded Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda in 1995 with the dominion over Afghanistan. Were Bin Ladens and Wahhabi terrorists expecting rewards for 9/11 attacks just as they were rewarded for Nairobi US Embassy attacks?


3(12) Response of Christianity

Raison d’etat Tamed Church

Neither President George W. Bush nor former President George H. W. Bush ever belonged to the Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy. The problem for Bush Administration is to cleanse the bureaucracy of the State Department so that the vestiges of the previous administrations may not internally sabotage the implementation of President Bush’s War on Islamic terrorism. President Bush launched the war on global terrorism, not to promote the religious interests of Christianity, but to promote the national interests of United States by increasing its domestic defenses against acts of terrorism and by undertaking preemptive strikes against foreign countries that harbor and sponsors global terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda. No body should allege that President Bush would promote the religious interests of the Church at the cost of the national interests of the State. President George W. Bush is not Pope’s President, as President John F. Kennedy was. It could be the reason that fundamentalist hijackers targeted the person the President during 9/11 attacks on Washington DC. The secular Bush Administration would tame the Church. It is the reason that America’s Roman Catholic bishops issued a statement that America’s War on Iraq cannot be called a Just War. The problem President Bush faces is how to change the culture of American diplomats that have traditionally promoted Christian religious interests under the garb of Wilsonian ideological foreign policy. President Reagan and Polish Bishop, the present Pope John Paul II, had agreed to unite the resources of the Polish Catholic Church and the CIA to destabilize Communist government in Poland. This policy resulted in considerable Papal influence over foreign policy making in the US State Department. The main problem Colin Powell faces is how to implement secular foreign policy of the United States, when a sizeable part of the Bureaucracy trained for the Wilsonsian Christian foreign policy. United States policy toward India clouded by the American foreign policy baggage of Wilsonian Christian policies. It is high time that President Bush and Secretary Colin Powell appoint secular officers in charge of India-desk so that WASP’s United States formulates its policy towards India, based on geopolitics, raison d’etat to promote the national interests of the United States, not the religious interests of the Papacy.


State & Laity to Control & Reform Clergy:

Organized religions led by priests exercised political powers in the ancient world. Church of Rome is organized religion, follows the administrative system of the Roman Empire. The Cardinals of the Vatican are Princes. The Church of Rome consolidated its hold over political power by cementing ties with the barbarian German tribes leaders to recognize their kingdom as the Holy Roman Empire, based on German lands as the legitimate successor to the Rome-based Roman Empire, in exchange for the barbarian German tribe’s support for the Papacy in exercising control over the Rome. Papacy built up Papal Empire over the corpse of the Roman Empire. Italy was reunited under the Monarchy of House of Savoy, King of Italy Victor Emmanuel II entered Vatican and divested Pope of all temporal and secular powers and forced Pope to become the prisoner of the Vatican. Successive Popes remained prisoners of Rome from 1870 till 1929, when King Umberto II and Benito Mussolini released the Pope from the captivity and recognized the sovereignty of the Vatican. What Cardinal Richelieu was for France, King of Italy of House of Savoy was for Italy in 1870, when he United Italy. Italy would reinstate the descendants of King Victor Emmanuel II, who was forced to resign and monarchy was abolished. Modern Italy would curb the power of Pope using the principles of Raison d’etat.


Foreign Policy in Medieval Dark Age

During Counter Reformation Thirty Years War (1618-1648) Papacy and Holy Roman Empire joined forces to impose Universal Christian Ideology throughout Europe, which was opposed by Protestant princes of Germany and Catholic Kingdoms of France and Spain. After the Unification of Germany and the expansion of the European Union similar threat to the hegemony of European Union and Papacy exists, if European Union becomes a willing propagator of Papal religious goals worldwide. United States could be hoping to become the New Holy American Roman Empire in alliance with the Universal Catholic Church. President Bill Clinton is on record to have said that Holy Father is the representative of God on earth. It may be the political objective of Christian Religious Right Conservatism to make WASPs United States the bastion of the American Holy Roman Empire to make United States the hegemon of the secular world and Pope the ruler of the religious world. The European balance-of-power system emerged in the 17th century from the final collapse of the Papacy’s medieval aspiration to universality- a concept of world order that represented a blending of the traditions of Roman Empire and the Catholic Church. The world was conceived as mirroring the Heavens. Just as one God ruled in Heaven, so one emperor would rule over the secular world, and one pope over the Universal Catholic Church. In this spirit, the feudal states of Germany and Northern Italy were grouped under the rule of the Holy Roman Emperor. In the 17th Century the Holy Roman Empire had the potential to dominate Europe. France and England were periphery to it. Had Holy Roman Emperor ever succeeded in establishing central control over Germany and Northern Italy, the relations of France and England to it might have been similar to those of China’s neighbors to the Middle Kingdom, with France comparable to Vietnam or Korea, and England to Japan. For most of the medieval period, however, the Holy Roman emperor never achieved that degree of central control over feudal Germany and Northern Italy. (Kissinger, Diplomacy, p. 56-9) At the fringes of Europe, France, England, and Spain did not accept the authority of the Holy Roman Empire and Papacy, though they remained part of the Roman Catholic Church. In the first half of the sixteenth century, emperor Charles V revived the imperial authority to a point, which raised the prospect of a Central European Empire, composed of what is today Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Eastern France, Belgium, and the Netherlands- a grouping so potentially dominant as to prevent the emergence of anything resembling the European balance of power. However, the Reformation Movement and rise of Protestantism weakened the Papacy and thwarted the prospect of a hegemonic European Empire. It meant the end of the Papal medieval aspiration to universality, a concept of the world order that represented that one Holy Roman Emperor would rule over the secular world, and one Catholic pope would rule over the Roman Catholic Church.


Raison D’etat

With the concept of unity under Papacy, the emerging states of Europe needed some principle to justify their foreign policy independent of Papacy. Cardinal de Richelieu, the First Minister of Catholic France found it in the concepts of Raison d’etat and the balance of power. Each depended on the other. Raison d’etat asserted that the well being of the state justified whatever means were employed to further it. The national interest supplanted the medieval papal notion of universal Catholic morality. The state need not formulate the foreign policy to promote the religious interests of Roman Catholicism and Christianity. The purpose of the Diplomats pursuing the raison d’etat is to pursue national interests of the State neither the ideological goals nor the papal religious Christian interests. The Raison d’etat principles made the diplomats free from any obligation to the Pope and Roman Catholic Church. Richelieu came into office in 1524, when the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II was attempting to revive Catholic Universality, stamp out Protestantism, and establish Holy Roman Empire’s control over the Protestant princes of Central Europe. This process, the Counter Reformation, led to Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), which turned into one of the most brutal and destructive wars in the history of mankind. By 1618, the German-speaking territory of Central Europe, most of which was part of the Holy Roman Empire, was divided into two-armed camps- the Protestants and the Catholics. By the time the war ended in 1648, Central Europe had been devastated and Germany had lost almost a third of its population. Catholic Cardinal de Richelieu supported the Protestant princes of Germany and opposed the Catholic Holy Roman Emperor in the Counter Reformation War from 1624 to 1648. French First Minister de Richelieu grafted the principle of raison d’etat onto French Policy, a principle that the other European states adopted in the century that flowed.


Canada, Germany, and France will not conduct diplomacy to promote the proselytizing religious interests of Christian Church. Their diplomats shall promote secular national interests and develop ties with other nations, without being concerned whether they are Christian or non-Christian nations. Ideology shall play less significant influence over the foreign policy making of the great powers. The leading eight world powers in the post-Cold War new world order are: United States, Russia, China, India, Germany, Japan, Britain and Canada. The raison d’etat principle would oblige Germany, France, Japan, Canada and India to seek military alliances with second-strongest Power to tame, check and balance the military preponderance of the United States in the world. The diplomacy and statecraft of the post-Cold War new world order shall be in total contrast to the diplomatic conduct practiced during the bipolar world during Cold War. The new world order is a multipolar world, led by two blocs, first Bloc headed by United States and the Second Bloc shall be led by a coalition of world powers, uniting to check the hegemony of the United States. Germany, Japan, France and Canada would determine their national policies towards United States, to promote their respective national interests, not to promote the ideological interests propounded by the Wilsonian foreign policy. The balance of power shall be the guiding principle of the diplomacy among Christian nations, as it was during 18th and 19th century. The Catholic states of Italy, France and Spain may work towards curbing the role of Papacy in the formulation of their national foreign policies. Traditionally Catholic nations, namely, Italy, Spain and France have opposed Papal ambitions in the secular affairs of the state, while Protestant-majority nations, namely, Germany has historically supported the political ambitions of the Papacy, because Papacy anointed Germany as the seat of the Holy Roman Empire as the manifestation of universal secular Empire. During administrations of President John F. Kennedy, President Jimmy Carter, President Ronald Reagan and President Bill Clinton, the Vatican appeared to have identified Protestant United States as the American Holy Roman Empire. Papacy has influenced the foreign policy of the Protestant United States, more than it has influenced the diplomacy of Catholic Italy, France and Spain. Why diplomats of Protestant powers influenced more by the Vatican than the diplomats of the Catholic nations?


Manifest Destiny of America

The southward propagation of Protestant Christianity and English language is the manifest destiny of the WASPs United States. The State of the United States shall control and supervise over the Christian Churches of all denominations and sects, within United States, so that Church may not subvert the power of the State. The Manifest Destiny of the United States in the 21st Century is to expand southward from River Rio Grande at the Mexican border to Cape Horn at the southern tip of the Chile, to propagate English language and Protestant Christianity throughout Hispanic America. Protestant United States created the wall to separate the affairs of the State and Church in the 18th Century, to protect the new country from the ravages of Papacy. However, in the 21st Century, the Protestant super power United States shall bring Church under the supervision of the White House and the Capitol so that seat of the political, economic and military power of the Christian world, also becomes the seat of the Christian Churches. Under the leadership of the United States English language shall replace Spanish language, as lingua franca of the Hispanic America and Protestant Christianity shall become the predominant Christian sect in the Hispanic America. The civilizations of Spain and Portugal are no match to the vibrant English-speaking Protestant civilization of the United States. More than 400 million Spanish and Portuguese speaking Catholics shall embrace non-denominational Protestant Christianity in the first half of the 21st Century, to remake Hispanic America the image of United States. The Manifest Destiny of the United States in the 19th Century had been to expand westward from New York to Los Angeles, to occupy the lands of the American Indians. The Manifest Destiny of the United States in the 20th Century was to make United States a global power and to subjugate the European Colonial powers into the subjugation of the US-led Atlantic Alliance. Habsburg Holy Roman Empire failed because Holy Roman Emperor didn’t want to control the Church, and was happy to remain subordinate to the Church. In the age of Wars of Religious sects, unless White House and the Capitol take control of all Christian Churches-Roman Catholic Church, Major Denominational Protestant Churches, Non-denominational Protestant Churches-United States would lose the historical opportunity it enjoys now, to indefinitely perpetuate its hegemony as the leading super power. Washington should aim to become the Christian Civilization’s principle center of secular and religious power. The entire Christian Church of all sects and denominations must accept the leadership of the White House, Congress and the Senate. The White House and the Capitol should jointly become the Caesar and the Pharaoh, to create the single seat of secular and religious power of the Christian world, by making Church subordinate to the State, to neutralize Church-led conspiracy to subordinate the White House to the Church. In the Medieval Dark Age the Church controlled and influenced the State. In the modern world the State shall control and influence the Church. State shall have the authority to impose democratic elections in the Church, so that laity directly elects the religious leadership of the Church for a fixed period of five years by direct elections.


Rebirth of Apostolic Christianity

History as a conflict between ancient religions of Goddess of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China and India and recent Prophet revealed iconoclast Occidental Religions revealed in the desert lands of Arabia. Hindu India after 700 years of Muslim rule and 200 years of Christian rule has emerged as the greatest military power from Morocco in Atlantic to Australia in the Pacific. It raises the issue would the ancient Christian lands of Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, also succeed in overthrowing the yoke of Islam, imposed by sword and resurrect Gnostic, Arian, Apostolic Christianity in North Africa and Arabia? Since now the sword of Christianity more powerful than the sword of Islam, so would it be moral or justified, if Christians used brute force to impose Christianity throughout lost Christian lands, as happened in Spain & Portugal? Author suggests that it is moral imperative of the Civilizations that all religions imposed by sword should die by the sword. Chinese Mongol Empire had ruled over Islamic world, including Iran, Iraq, Arabia and part of Egypt. Should Orthodox Russia, Buddhist China & Hindu India militarily intervene in Arabia and North Africa and militarily overthrow the yoke of Islam and reestablish the rule of the ancient Gnostic, Arian Apostolic Christianity throughout Islamic Mediterranean world?


The unprovoked terrorist attacks of 9/11 would encourage Protestants join the New Crusades of New Millennium and make Middle East the seat of Christian Civilization again, as it was before Muslim nomad Bedouin imposed Islam by sword. The non-Arab brown and black race inhabited the Middle East, and it is imperative that non-Arabs regain their ancestral lands in Egypt, Syria, Libya, and Algeria etc. It is moral imperative that Christians should use sword to regain for Christians the ancient Christian lands lost to Islam, in the Middle East.


3(13) Clash of World Religions

Which Religion Can Die in 21st Century

The author reflects upon the possibility that some or many of the present world religions may not survive the Third World War and may not outlive the 21st Century? Which world religion likely to emerge triumphant after the war and why? Which world religion likely to perish in the world war and why? After Third World War, only two of the present many World Religions may survive. All existing world religions would get merged into either of the two world religions after the war. The age of multiplicity of world religions would end soon after the Third World War. Whether only One Oriental Religion and one Occidental Religion would survive after the third world war? Would Islam takeover Christianity? Would Christianity takeover Islam? Would Christianity takeover Buddhism? Would Hinduism takeover Buddhism? Would all Oriental Religions merge to form a single World Religion? Would all Occidental Religions merge to form a Single Word Religion with a single Scripture and single Prophet? Would all Occidental & Oriental Religions merge to form a single eclectic Mystic World Religion? Would Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon become Apostolic Gnostic Christian nations again, since Arab Bedouin conquered these Christian nations and imposed Islam by sword after 640 AD? Would the religions that expanded by sword destined to die by the sword? Whether God or Devil would propagate its Religion by sword? Would the ancient gods, goddesses and religions of Egypt, Greece and Rome resurrect, replacing Islam & Christianity? Would pagans and idolaters defeat the iconoclast armies? Would the Eternal Religion defeat the Prophet revealed religions during Third World War?


War of Virtue Vs Evil

The author contemplates on the nature of good and evil. What is Virtue and what is Evil? What is called Virtue in one civilization could be considered Evil in other civilizations? Is the fundamentalist terrorism propagated by Osama bin Laden and Wahhabi Arabs, allegedly to implement the dictates of Jihad mentioned in Koran, represent Good or Evil? Did the breaking of 2,000-year old Holy Bamian Buddha statutes in Afghanistan, by Sunni Wahhabi Taliban, represent Good or Evil? Did the military expansion of Islam’s iconoclast armies to destroy Zoroastrian temples in Iran, Buddhist Pagodas and Hindu temples represented good or evil? Did the massacre of 30 million Orthodox Christians by Bolshevik Jew spymaster L.P. Beria represent good of evil? Did the massacre of 2 million Buddhists at hands of Christian Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge represent good or evil? Did the massacre of 90 million Inca, Maya and Aztec Indians, American Indians, Canadian Indians and Australian Aborigines by white European Christians an act of virtue of an evil act? Is the propagation of religion by sword a virtuous act or an evil act? Is the subjugation of women an evil act or a virtuous act? Whether to oppose the women’s right of Abortion, right of choice, right to demand equality with men, a act of virtue or an evil act? Was the imposition of Christianity by Roman Emperor Theodosius I in 395 AD, throughout Roman a virtuous act or an evil act? Was the massacre of Orthodox Christians in Constantinople after the conquest by Ottoman Turks a virtuous act or an act of evil? Was the massacre and enslavement of the black & brown Egyptians by Arab Muslim invaders after 640 AD, an act of virtue or an evil act? Whether virtuous or evil civilizations propagate its religion by sword in foreign lands? Whether the murder, torture and burning at stakes of over 80 million white European women, men and children by Roman Catholic Church during Inquisition an act of virtue or an evil act? Was the black slave trade by Arab Muslim slave traders and European Christian slave traders acts of virtue or evil acts? Was the murder of Prophet Ali by Sunni Muslims a virtuous act or an evil act? Was the murder of millions of white Protestants by Catholics in Counter Reformation Wars, a virtuous act or an evil act? Was the Holocaust of Jews by Hitler and the mute consent of Pope Pius XII a virtuous act or an evil act? Was the forced disintegration of Yugoslavia by NATO to carve out Catholic states of Slovenia and Croatia, a virtuous act or an evil act? Was saving the lives of Al Qaeda Taliban terrorists at hands of Northern Alliance a virtuous act or an evil act? Was the massacre of pagans by Christian Tutsi Army in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi a virtuous act or an evil act? Does the murder of Hindus in Kashmir by Muslim terrorists and murder of Hindus by Catholic terrorists in Northeast India, represent a virtuous act or an evil act?


Goddess Vs God Vs Devil Wars

The author studies the concept of God, the concept of Goddess and the concept of Devil. There is no concept of Devil in any Hindu scriptures. Whether Brahman, Buddha, God, Yahweh, & Allah all represent God? Why do Christians, Muslim and Jews denigrate Pagan gods & goddesses? Is Almighty God a man or a woman? Which religions are the religions of Devil? Whether Almighty God as a man, more powerful than Almighty Goddess as a woman? Whether God as a man or god as a woman gives birth to the entire Creation? Whether the matriarchal ancient religions that worshipped Almighty Goddess, the God as a woman, predated patriarchal Occidental religions by over 100,000 years? Whether ancient idolater religions or recent Prophet revealed iconoclast religions expound real truth? Whether the Koran’s assertion is true, which declares that Christians lost their original Bible, hence Christianity is false religion? How to identify, which world religion is a religion of Devil? Which religion is more likely to use military force to propagate itself: the religion of God or the religion of Devil? How can Catholics prove that Pope is the representative of God on earth? Why did President Bill Clinton declare during the visit of Pope John Paul II to USA, that Holy Father Pope is the representative of God on Earth? How can any Prophet claim that he is the last Prophet on earth? Which religions would be carrying the banner of Devil in the Third World War? Is Communism a Religion of Devil? Did Karl Marx found a new world religion of Devil? Is Devil a man or a woman? Do the followers of God have a legal right to hang followers of Devil? Did Inquisition represent an act of God or an act of Devil? Did the massacre of highly civilized Inca, Maya and Aztec Indians at hands of Europeans, represent an act of God or an act of Devil? Did the destruction of ancient religions of Inca, Maya and Aztecs by European Christian Church, an act of God or an act of Devil?


Apocalyptic End of Time Teleology

 The author studies the apocalyptic, teleological End of Time doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, to identify impact it may have on West’s role in the third World War. Pope John Paul II firmly believes in the End of Time Doctrines. Is it the Catholic Church’s belief in the apocalyptic teleology that cements the theological alliance of Arab Islamic Wahhabi fundamentalism with Catholic Religious Right Conspiracy? Foolhardy attack of 6/11 suggests that Catholic and Wahhabi religious fundamentalists guided by End of Time doctrines may undertake more desperate measures to bring about End of Time Holocaust, just to prove the potency of the Biblical forecasts. Protestant United States should carefully watch the apocalyptic Catholics, since they are highly vulnerable and receptive to Wahhabi propaganda advocating the joint Wahhabi-Catholic measures to expedite the End of Time Holocaust.


WASPs Distrust Pope John Paul II

The failure of the Vatican to address the socially volatile issue of pedophile Catholic priests undermined the credibility of the Catholic Church. Protestants fear that if Vatican can shield pedophiles, it could be shielding criminal priests too. Christian Denominational Conflicts influence Elections in USA. The roots of American politics lie in the ongoing conflicts between WASPs and Irish and East European Catholics from as early as 1850 to present day. The evolution of the politics and political parties in the United States rooted in the Catholic-Protestant conflicts. Pope was to Americans was a symbol of oppression. Clearly, Catholic immigrants lurked at the heart of the vast plot against the United States, owing allegiance to a foreign potentate, the Pope, so asserted the inventor of the telegraph, Samuel F. B. Morse, in "Foreign conspiracy Against the United States." "Popery threatens to swallow up America, springing its shuttle of death across America's shores its pants to be able to water its steed in America's great Mississippi," Ms. Anna Ella Carrol wrote in 1856 in "The Great American Battle."


The older inhabitants of the United States, later known as WASPs, but during 1850s proud to be called "Native Americans." Native American Protestants outraged when from 1845 through 1854 some 2.9 million immigrants, including 1.2 million Catholic Irish and more than a million German immigrants streamed into seaboard cities like Boston and New York.


Is intrusion of religion into politics dangerous? Why shouldn’t one raise religious convictions and religious apprehensions in academic circles and journalism? Didn’t so-called secularists use secularism to destroy Hinduism & Buddhism to propagate Christianity and Islam? The legitimization of the Catholic policies in the American academic circles brought about by the Papal decree in 2000 that made it obligatory for every faculty member of the Catholic Universities, Colleges and Schools to promote Vatican’s policies. Vatican has imposed virtual censorship even on professors and research faculty, virtually outlawing of any discordant academic opinions by faculty members of Catholic educational institutions. Protestants argue that it is violation of principal of academic freedom of expression. Unless this Vatican policy is repealed, all Catholic academic research may begin to smell like rotten Bolshevik propaganda.


New Global Dark Age Looming

The author wants to explain to the ruling elite of the world powers in the terminology of Geo-Politics that religious fundamentalism is the core of the global terrorism, and the Core of the Axis of Medieval. The purpose of the Axis of Medieval is to put the clock back, and make 21st Century the beginning of a New Dark Age. Unless world leaders take precautionary steps, the growing nexus of the Cocaine, Crime, Corruption and Conservatism, threatens to engulf the world in a New Dark Age, just as the fundamentalism of Christian Emperor Theodosius I destroyed the Roman Civilization, and the Dark Age descended over Christian Europe, which lasted over 1,000 years. The destruction of the American Civilization becomes a distinct possibility, whenever in future an agent of the religious Ultra-conservatism succeeds in occupying the Oval Office. It happened in Roman Empire, Soviet Empire, and it can also happen in the United States. Just as predator land crawling snakehead fish is a danger to the other species of fish, similarly predator land crawling anti-woman fundamentalist cults presents mortal danger to the human race.


Christian Medieval Dark Ages

Christianity destroyed Europe’s Roman Empire and Roman Civilization and the Dark Age descended on Europe. Islam destroyed the great Egyptian and Syrian Civilization. Eternal Rome and Italy could not resurrect itself after the fundamentalist rule of Christian Emperor Theodosius II. The Alexandria and Cairo could not become great again. Aryan Iran and Aryan India has emerged as great powers. No subsequent Christian European nation could rival the glory of ancient Greece and ancient Rome as seat of a civilization. Similarly, no Islamic nation in North Africa and no Arab nation in Arabian Peninsula could again rival the glory of ancient Egypt. Would Europe have been greater today, had Christianity not destroyed the Roman Civilization? Would North Africa and Arabian Peninsula have been greater today had Islamic invasion not destroyed great Egypt? The Wahhabi Sunni fundamentalism seeks to destroy the modern, liberal Islam and destroy the modern Islamic civilization, and impose the barbarian Islamic society in the modern age. Similarly, Christian Religious Right Ultra-Conservatives seeks to turn back the clock and impose New Dark Age on Europe. Was Christianity a boon or curse on Roman Civilization? What options do the present day Italians have to restore the glory of ancient Rome? What options do the modern Egyptians have to restore the glory of ancient Egypt? What options do the modern Greeks have to restore the glory of ancient Greece? What options do the modern Iranians have to restore the glory and power of ancient Persia? What options do the modern Indians have to restore the glory and power of ancient India? What options do the modern Peruvian Inca Indians have to restore the glory and power of Inca Empire? What options do the modern Mexicans Maya Indians have to restore the glory and power of the ancient Maya Empire? Would in the 21st Century the God of Greeks Zeus, God of Romans Jupiter, and God of Persia Ahura Mazda, and God Ossir of Egypt resurrect and reclaim their lands lost to Christians and Muslims? Should Hindu India and Buddhist China help the revival and resurrection of ancient gods and ancient religions?


Restore King Umberto II’s Monarchy

Hindu India should play an increasing role in the Italian elections, and work for the restoration of the monarchy of House of Savoy, King victor Emmanuel II, who had unified Italy and imprisoned the Pope in the Vatican from 1870 to 1929. When Pope Pius XII had played an active role in the Holocaust of Jews, then why was King Umberto II, exiled from Italy, and prohibited by law from ever returning to Italy. Restoration of House of Savoy in Italy would tame Catholic Religious Right Conspiracy. Popular movements in Italy could result in the subordination the Catholic Church to the secular Italian government. Proud Romans realize that only when fundamentalist Theodosius I imposed Christianity throughout Roman Empire by force, resulted in the destruction of the Roman Civilization and the conquest of Rome by German barbarians. King Victor Emmanuel III reigned from July 100 to May 1946 and King Umberto II reigned from May 1946 to July 1946. If the King victor Emmanuel III’s support to Fascism and Jewish Holocaust justified his abdication and permanent exile from Italy, then Papacy should have been curbed also, as Pope Pius XII indirectly supported the Jewish Holocaust, as alleged by Jews historians. Pope John Paul II’s open support for State of Palestine, reminds Jews of the Pope Pius XII’s support to Hitler. Would Catholic Church become silent witness to the massacre of Jews in Palestine State?


Menace of Evangelization Proselytizing

The old and profound question that gains urgency in times of conflicts that emanate the odor of war of religions. Which religion has the Truth? If my Christian religion is true one, then how can yours be? How can other religions be true, if my religion is true? Oriental religions believe that there are more paths to God than one. Hindus acknowledge that other people have a valid claim to the Truth in addition to Hindus claim to the Truth, and it does not mean giving up their claim to truth. To acknowledge that other people have a valid claim to God in addition to yours is not your giving up your truth. It’s acknowledging that there are more paths to God than yours, and that’s what is important. Occidental religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism caused war of religions in history, by their insistence that only their religion provides the only mediation between people and God. This posture gives birth to global terrorism in the 21st Century. Religious terrorism will be viewed in the same light as slavery, piracy, or genocide: behavior that no respectable government can condone or support and which all nations must oppose. The menace of proselytizing evangelization should be banned in the 21st Century. Religious conversions should be banned.


Roman Catholic assertion that only their religion is true, and other faiths are not true, is the root cause of the Global Clash of Races. The Vatican Document “Dominus Jesus” (“The Lord Jesus,” issued by Congregation for the doctrine of Faith in 2000, declares that followers of other religions are in grave deficient situation in comparison with those who, in the Catholic Church have the fullness of the means of salvation. Jesus is the only mediation between people and God. It makes triumphalist claims to Jesus as the only way to God. Protestants’ Southern Baptist Convention said, “Asking Christians to abandon evangelism, even for a single ethnic group, is akin to asking Jews to eat ham and cheese sandwiches. To deny Jews access to evangelization was theological discrimination.” Only when Catholic Church and Protestant evangelization agree that as Christian religion is true, then other religions and faiths can also be true, can the Global Clash of Races be averted. Roman Catholic Church, Protestant Evangelicals and Wahhabi Sunnis must acknowledge that there are more paths to God then theirs. There is not much difference between the Vatican’s fundamentalism, Wahhabi fundamentalism and Evangelical fundamentalism. The root cause of the looming Third World War is the insistence by Christian Religious that only their religion is true and that other religions are in a gravely deficient situation and that Jesus is the only mediator between people and God.


Law of Natural Racial Selection

The dislocating sweep of the Global Clash of Races is the discovery of Natural Selection of Races. The austere logic of the Rise & Fall and Clash of Civilizations and Clash of Races, spans three seemingly unbridgeable metaphysical chasms. Kalki Zeus shows how the clash of races, civilizations and religions unites the nonliving national resources and the living populations, the nonhuman geopolitical forces and human ingenuity, and the physical technological advancements and the mental philosophical evolution into a single fabric of intelligent material causation and resulting diplomatic and political responses of the ruling elites of the world. If one could accept the prize, the prize is principled explanation of the world history from antiquity to the present time, and a logical geopolitical design of world politics, diplomacy and foreign policies of the major world powers.


Anti-women Christian, Muslim religious fundamentalists, may find the geopolitical restructuring of the world politics as unacceptable, as it seeks to redesign the architecture of the diplomats mind, based on the cherished mind not the soul as the naturally selected product of the organized matter, organized state and organized diplomacy. The mind of the diplomats and world leaders with its moral sense should be taken out of the authoritative domain of clerics and philosophers. For Kalki, the responsibility for its investigation and policy formulation should be in hands of trained geopoliticians, neither clerics nor illiterate politicians, nor dictators. The investigation and advice of the geopoliticians should carry no prior guarantees that their findings would respect what society and religion held sacrosanct.


Although many Protestants welcome the discrediting of a static Genesis Creation described in the Old Testament and later adopted in Christian Bible and Muslim Koran, they still demand a intellectual universe in which their Christian values, capitalist democratic ideologies, white identities and geographic expansion are ratified and reinforced by some cosmic, philosophic and intellectual sanction.


Throughout 2nd Millennium, for European Marxists and capitalists, anarchists and imperialists, Catholics and Protestants, White humans were to be the summit, the goal around which life and history progress. Despite many attempts, no compromise was possible between this need for ideological affirmation of the white dominance and the logic of the geopolitical worldview. In a world governed by geopolitics, physics and selection of the fittest nation, the present day dominance of the WASP’s United States is just a chance, that presented itself after the Second World War, consolidated by the ingenuity of the immigrant German and Jewish scientists that gave United States as well as the Soviet Union, their first Atom Bomb and Missiles. The present predominance of the United States is the result of chance mechanical invention, and there is no necessary progression, so it is absurd for President Bush to declare that United States will never allow its military supremacy to be challenged it was during the cold war.


United States became the sole superpower by default, after the Second World War as well as after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The collapse of the Soviet Union does not hide the fact that China and India emerged during 2001, as the world’s 2nd and 4th largest economy of the world respectably, as documented by the World Bank. China and India would soon replace United States as seamlessly as United States replaced British Empire and Germany as leading world power after 1945. White Christian race can no longer enjoy dominance over yellow Buddhist Chinese race and brown Hindu Indian race, during 21st century. The decline of the Russian economy to 16th largest economy of the world, with GNP ($332B) and GNP at PPP ($929 Billion), even when Russia owns 17 million sq. kms of surface land area 12.8 percent of world’s total land mass, broadcasts the inevitable decline of the white race in the world and the subsequent rise of yellow and brown races in the world. There is no way white race would succeed to hold on to what it has now, in terms of its share of world’s resources, trade and surface area, after 2050 AD. The goal set forward in the Bush Doctrine 2002 is unwise in light of geopolitics. United States shall fail to stop the rise of either China or India. It is likely that US Dow Jones Index could fall below 6,000 in not so distant a future.


Papacy is an Empire not Religion

Historian Arnold Toynbee and philosopher Thomas Hobbes have repeatedly argued that Roman Catholic Church is an Empire not a religious organization. Pope is the world's largest employer, and they are personally loyal to Pope. Pope is richer than Bill Gates, the richest man in the world. Papacy is the world's largest colonial empire. Vatican recognized under International Law as sovereign state. Vatican treated as normal sovereign independent state. As a sovereign state, Vatican should honor sovereignty of other nations. As sovereign state, Papacy cannot conduct any business in other sovereign states without the consent of the sovereign states. As sovereign state Vatican cannot own any property overseas, and cannot appoint clergy in foreign churches without the consent of the host nations. No foreign Catholic Bishops, Archbishops and Cardinals could be more loyal to Pope than to the President of their nation. Every nation has the right under international law to regulate the management, control and recruitment of the national Catholic Churches. The writ of Pope cannot override the legislative and administrative authority of host sovereign states. Every sovereign nation has full freedom to ban Vatican's interference, influence over management of Church property, recruitment and promotion of Catholic clergy. Every Catholic Church, Clergy, Bishops, Archbishop, Cardinal should be answerable to legal authorities of the sovereign state where they are located. Pope as head of the Vatican has no right to claim as the supreme leader of the Catholic Church worldwide. China correctly rejects the role of Vatican in Chinese Catholic Churches. Catholic Church leadership committed high treason when they aligned with CIA to overthrow the Communist regime in Poland. Polish Communist leadership could have hanged Polish Catholic Clergy for high treason. Indian and Chinese authority have constitutional rights to expel the entire Catholic clergy, if CIA's links with Catholic Church is proved in India and China.


Since Vatican recognized as sovereign independent state, so it is imperative that the political leadership of Vatican should seek mandate of the Catholic laity by means of free and fair elections. The Catholic laity should directly elect Pope, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and Priests for fixed term of five years. Female Pope should serve five-year term, after every 5-year term of male-Pope. Failure to the Vatican to directly elect the head of the Catholic Church by Catholic laity worldwide, give weight to the Protestant propaganda that Catholic Pope is more the ‘Godfather’ of the Catholics, rather than the ‘Representative of the God on Earth.’


Anti-Catholic animus rooted in the theological polemics of the 16th-century Reformation still exists in the United States. However, the anti-Catholic animus rooted in the political polemics of the 18th-century Enlightenment and the cultural polemics of the 19th-century American Nativism have long since taken over all the traditional themes. These are, (1) The Catholic Church is an authoritarian monolith. (2) Catholic doctrines are hopelessly pre-Modern. (3) Catholic rites are colorful but mindless. (4) Catholic congregation are anti-Semitic and racists. (5) Catholic priests are harsh and predatory. (6) Catholic grip on the minds of believers is numbing.


The support to Catholic Americanism and Catholic Nativism would reform Catholic Church. Catholic Nativism and Catholic Americanism is an attempt to adopt Catholic Church doctrines to modern American culture. Native Catholicism and American Catholicism developed after 1920. During 1900’s American Catholic Church came of age. American Catholic Bishops formed Catholic National conference in 1917, 1919, 1922 and 1966. Many native-born American Catholics subjected many Catholic immigrants from Germany, Poland, Austria, and Hungary to a form of prejudice called Nativism. Native-born Anglo Saxon Catholics questioned the patriotism, morals and religion of pro-Pope Catholic immigrants from Poland, Austria, Hungary and Germany, fearing that their loyalty to Pope overrides America’s support to the Reformation. India and China should learn from the experience of American Native Catholicism to form independent Native Catholic Churches in India and China, free from the control, influence and discipline of Pope.


World in 30, 375, 640 & 2000 AD

The history is the record of ongoing conflict between Barbarian forces and the forces of Civilizations. Barbarians invaded and destroyed the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The destruction of Isis civilization of Egypt in 100’s, Mithra-Jupiter civilization of Rome in 400’s, and destruction of Gnostic Arian Apostolic Christian civilization in Egypt, Libya and Syria in 640’s represented the destruction caused by barbarian forces. Pharaoh belonged to a brown race with straight hair, currently found in South India as Dravidians and Malayans who traded by maritime coastal routes. Ancient Egyptians and South Indian Dravidians were of same racial stock. Ancient Greeks, Babylonians, Assyrians belonged to the Aryan nomad tribes belonging to Iranian and Punjab racial stocks, whose lines of communications were across lands by war chariots. Ancient Egyptians, ancient Babylonians were Hindus and followed Hindu matriarchal religion of Goddess. Ancient Assyrians, Greeks, and Romans were Hindus and followed the patriarchal Hindu Aryan Vedic male Gods. The whole world was Hindu at the beginning of the First Christian Millennium, except 5 million Jews.


Overthrowing the rule of Pharaohs by Romans after the death of Cleopatra represented the victory of barbarians over Civilization. On the eve of Cleopatra’s death Alexandria was the greatest and the most prosperous city in the Western world. Athens and Rome could never compete with the glory and splendor of Alexandria. Macedonian Greek Emperor Alexander the Great made Alexandria the center of Greek Empire. Roman rulers Julius Caesar and Mark Antony preferred the civilization of Alexandria, to civilization of Rome. After the death of Queen Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh Emperor of Egypt, the Roman Emperors sought to destroy the Egyptian civilization, fearing that Rome could not compete with Alexandria as premier center of Western Civilization. Eastern Roman Empire established Constantinople (Byzantium), now Istanbul the capital of Eastern Roman Empire, realizing that only Asian city could compete with African Alexandria for the coveted glory of the premier center of civilization. Alexandria, Antioch, Byzantium, and Rome were four premier centers of Christianity. Church of Alexandria and Church of Jerusalem propagated Mystic, Gnostic, Apostolic and Arian Christianity, and rejected Judaic Law and Old Testament. To early Christians, the Resurrection justified the Divinity of Jesus, as the continuation of Isis-Ossiris religion of Pharaohs. The African Christians outnumbered the Christians in Turkey, Asia Minor represented by Church of Constantinople and Christians in Syria represented by Church of Antioch. The Christians of Church of Rome represented very small percentage of Christians in the world. Prophet Jesus was a Hindu Yogi who preached Hindu system to directly connect with Divine without the intermediacy of the Jewish Rabbi.


Early Christianity, Gnostic Apostolic Christianity, African Christianity of Church of Alexandria represented the forces of Civilization, and it was overthrown by the join barbarian invasions by Arab Bedouin and Damascus Jews. Hellenized Jews, who numbered around 6 million, hijacked the leadership of Church of Rome and Church of Constantinople and imposed the Old Testament over Apostolic, Gnostic, Arian Christianity, which had expunged Old Testament from Christian Bible. The conflict between Semite Christians and non-Semite Gentile Christians resulted in the takeover of the Christian Church leadership in Rome and Constantinople, by Hellenized Jews. Just as Catholic Patrick J. Buchanan hijacked the leadership of the pro-Abortion, pro-Choice, pro-Women, anti-Pope Reform Party and imposed pro-Life, anti-abortion, anti-Women, and pro-Vatican agenda over the Reform party, he was not even the member even a year earlier. Christians represented Egyptian population’s 18 percent in 313 AD, when it was granted freedom of religion in Rome by the Eastern Roman Empire. Christianity was an urban movement. Gospel of Matthew was composed in Antioch. Early Christians were drawn from urban circles of well-situated Gentile artisans, merchants and members of liberal professions, and they adopted many customs of the Isis religion into Christianity, while rejecting Judaic Law and Old Testament. The ecclesiastical History of Christianity during first 700 years explained as attempts by Church of Rome and Church of Constantinople to snatch the leadership of Christianity by declaring the religious practices of Church of Alexandria as heresies, to undermine the Gentile Christians of Africa. Roman Catholic Church supported the conquest of African Christian nations in North Africa by coalition of Semite Arab Bedouin, Damascus Jews and Semite Christians. The animosity shown to African Apostolic Gnostic Christianity by Constantinople's Eastern Orthodoxy and Rome’s Roman Catholicism reflects the historical animosity of Athens, Rome and Constantinople to the glory and splendor of Alexandria, the Capital of the world.


Koran declares that Christians lost the original Bible revealed by Prophet Jesus (Isa). The term Isa (Jesus) means the son of Goddess Isis. Islamic Holy Book Koran documents the loss of the original Bible of Apostolic Gnostic Christians by Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians. Jews Rabbi agree with Koran, that Christians lost the original Bible of Christian Apostles, thereby Christianity could not Prophet Jesus preach a true religion. Koran declares the superiority of Islam over Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Koran declares neither the Bible of Roman Catholics nor of Eastern Orthodox Christians is true Bible, which has been lost. This argument of Koran does not apply to Protestant Bible, which aim to return to the Apostolic Christian Bible taught by Christian Apostles. That Protestant Christianity is superior to Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy can be documented by references to Koran. Damascus Jews and urban Arabs had first hand knowledge about the manner Hellenized Jews hijacked the leadership of Christian Church. Similarly, Catholic Patrick J. Buchanan hijacked the anti-Pope Reform Party, imposing Catholic political agenda over Reform Party. Just as the agenda of Buchanan does not represent the ideals of “United We Stand,” similarly Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy is the religion of ‘Christ-killers’ and ‘Apostle-killers.’ Protestant victory over Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy would reestablish the religion of Jesus Christ. Hindus, Buddhists and Pagans agree with Protestants and Muslims that Roman Catholic Bible and Eastern Orthodox Bible, not the ‘Original Bible’ preached by Jesus and 12 Christian Apostles. Thereby, only Protestant Christianity should use the brand name of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. Protestant Christian world power in alliance shall reestablish Apostolic Gnostic Protestant Christian Civilization in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Sudan and Ethiopia. Apostolic Gnostic Protestant Christianity, Shiite Sufi Islam, Kabbalah Mystic Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism represent the forces of Civilizations in world history.


3(14) Third World Oil War

WW III Oil War or War of Religions

Looking at the dark clouds of the Third World War, philosophers contemplate whether the ensuing World War would be “the Clash of Civilizations,” or “War on Terrorism,” or “the War of World Religions” signaling the “the End of Time;” or “the War of Jihad” waged by Wahhabi Sunni Islam, or “the War of Christian Crusades” to reclaim Christian Lands lost to Islam; or “the War of Races” seeking destruction of non-white races; or “the Iconoclasts’ War on Pagans” seeking destruction of pagan religions; or “Population War” for empty Australia; or “the God Vs Devil War,” or “Good Vs Evil War,” or “Goddess Vs God War,” or “Occidental Vs Oriental War,” or “Religion Vs Secularism War,” or “Fundamentalism Vs Liberalism War,” or “Democracy Vs Totalitarianism War,” or War for women’s equality with men.


Multi-Front World War

Philosophers study the possibility that the Third World War may witness many of these wars or all of these wars in different time sequence and in different geographic regions. Only thing certain in the uncertain world is that the 21st Century would change the balance of power among world’s Civilizations, races, religions and continents. The ‘change’ is the only certainty about the 21st Century. It is very difficult to foresee the outcome of the Third World War, because the coalition of the two warring side would depend on how the world looks at the conflict. It is certain that the Third World War would be the combination of War of Races, War of Religions and Clash of Civilizations. The Occidental World comprising Christian and Islam nations waging wars on Oriental World comprising Hindu, and Buddhist nations. The Occidental iconoclast Religions waging wars on Oriental religions of idolaters. White race wages on brown, yellow and black nations. Under-populated nations may launch preemptive attacks on overpopulated nations, to deny redistribution of the world’s continents. There would be no permanent allies and no permanent enemies in the Third World War. The shifting fortunes of war would continuously change the composition of warring coalitions. Many nations, races and civilizations would shift allegiances and the cross the battle lines during the course of the Third World War. This WW 3 would be a long drawn war and may continue longer than a decade, and it would truly be first inter-continental war. The Third World War would be a non-nuclear war. The weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons would not be used in the world war. However, the limited use of Biological and Chemical weapons may take place. The human race would not end due to Third World War. The Third World War would begin a few years before 2012 AD. The 28,000-year-cycle Maya Calendar foretells the change of new Age on 25th December 2012 AD. The Third World War would promote unprecedented prosperity and progress in the world. The world war would be good for the world and for the forces of the good. The good or virtue will triumph and bad or evil will lose. The God will be victorious and Devil will meet defeat. The Religions of God will emerge victorious and the Religions of Devil would face annihilation.


Civilization States’ Alliances

Catholic Religious Right Conservatism Conspiracy and Arab Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalism joined forces to destabilize multi-ethnic democratic societies like United States and India and Israel. Roman Catholic Church declared its support for the independent Palestine immediately after the 2000 presidential elections. It is no accident that the Vatican recognized the Jewish State of Israel only in 1995. Pope John Paul II has lent support to Muslim terrorists in Kashmir, perhaps to buy security for Christians in Pakistan. Hindu India, Jewish Israel and Protestant United States should coordinate religion-to-religion ties to undermine the growing nexus of Catholic & Sunni Drug Cartels, Fundamentalists, and terrorists. Just as Wahhabi Islam representing only 2% of the world’s Muslim population, seeks to hijack the leadership of Islam, similarly Catholic Church in the United States representing only 35 million Catholics, representing only 13 percent of the US population, seeks to hijack the leadership of Christians in WASPs United States. India and Israel should develop religion-to-religion ties to meet the common threat of Catholic fundamentalism and Wahhabi terrorism. India, USA and Israel should work jointly to erode the political support of Papacy in Italy by directly influencing elections in Italy, to help anti-Papacy politician become the Prime Minister of Italy. With the decline of the political support of Papacy in Italy the Catholic Religious Right conspiracy would lose its raison d'etre.


India-American Axis of Virtue

Protestant President Bush should not worry about the opposition of the Muslim nations as well as opposition of the Catholic nations, as neither Catholic nations nor Muslim nations possess any significant economic and military power in the world. Future of the world and the outcome of the war on Islamic terrorism and Islamic WMDs would be determined by the leaders of the Protestant world, Buddhist world and Hindu world. English-speaking Protestant world, namely United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and English-speaking Hindu India should deploy military forces worldwide to dismantle global networks developed by the Axis of Evil. The alliance of English-speaking United States and the Commonwealth of Nations overwhelmingly favored to win the Third World War. The emerging geo-political strategic alliance between Washington and New Delhi represents the Axis of Good in the world. British Empire made by Indian soldiers and India’s support to the Protestant United States makes USA-India Axis of Good the Hegemon of the world, and it would be good for the world civilization.


Future of World in 2050

Half a Century from now, in 2050 AD, what will the map of the world looks like? The Economist, did a survey of the new Geopolitics, the road to 2050, in July 31,1999 issue. The future world shall comprise solely of seven or eight lumbering- cultural monsters. People are moved to action in the world by connections of blood, faith, instinct, color and race. In the coming century, big powers will compete, clash and coalesce with each other in various permutations and combinations. The post-modern system, will takeover, and the descendants of the European people who invented nation-state will themselves have invented a new multilingual political entity that covers most of non-Orthodox Europe. In which case that global state-hood tally will come down again, with a bump. Taking the lead from Germany-France leadership of European Union, China and India would unite the nation states in Asia and Africa to form the ‘Union of Asia, Africa & Australia’ acronym UAAA. The Union of Asia Africa & Australia would unite the Black, Brown and yellow worlds, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist and Hindu worlds. The Asian conquest of Australia and Siberia would unite Yellow, Brown and Black races.


The third World War will be first truly intercontinental war and determine whether White race continues to occupy Siberia, Australia, Africa and South America. The gains white Europeans made during the colonial era would be redistributed among more populated nations. Africa belongs to black Africans. Australia belongs to Asians. Siberia belongs to Asians. South America and Latin America belongs to brown Mestizos and Mulattos and unmixed white Spaniards and Portuguese would give up their dominance and hand over the power to Mestizos and Mulattos.


Half a century from 2000 the world will be unrecognizably different from the place it is. The new pattern will become known only when the two main questions of the next decade or so are answered. First question is whether the United States and European Union continue their present partnership in NATO? The Atlantic democracies can keep their armed forces working together only if the NATO’s purpose is redefined and Germany recognized as equal to the United States. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the consolidation of European Union make United States the principal threat to Germany and European Union. In exchange for limited-joint control over part of Russian nuclear arsenal, Germany and France would consider expelling United States and inviting weakened Russia into NATO as an equal, to balance overwhelming superiority of the United States.


The second question waiting for an answer is which of the five or six possible competitor will actually decide to join in the struggle and be first to step on the world stage to compete headlong with the United States? The major world powers are six only, namely, United States (272 million, GDP $7,834 billion), China (1,244 million, $902 billion), India (1,000 million, $382 billion), Russia (148 million, $447 billion), European Union (374 million, $8,091 billion), NATO (718 million, $16,255 billion) and Japan (126 million, $4,190 billion). The major independent world powers are four only, namely, United States, Russia, China and India, because European Union and Japan accept the leadership of United States. The steady decline of Russia’s population and the dysfunctional economy rules out Russia as the major world player and India and Russia would form coalition-world power. China is firmly in the American camp, because so long China remains Communist, the simmering Buddhist threat of Civil War forces China to seek alliance with Western Christendom. India emerges as the principal competitor to the United States. India and United States suffer from sibling rivalry and both are democratic, multi-ethnic, pro-diversity continental size civilizations. Aryan India represents the Oriental religions and Hindu-Buddhist-Pagan civilizations. Anglo Saxon United States represents the Occidental religions and Judeo-Christian Western Christendom. United States and India representing mutually hostile Occidental and Oriental worldviews heading for clash of civilizations during next few decades. Slav Orthodox Russia would rediscover its Asian roots, and its Mongol legacy to give birth to new Asian super power, which would eclipse the glory of Great Mongol Empire. It is worthy to note that during 1200’s Mongol Empire that extended from Chinese coasts to Danube River on borders of Germany and Arabian Sea. Tibet’s Dalai Lama was the spiritual head of the entire Buddhist Mongol Empire that encompassed the entire Orthodox Christian, Shiite Islam and most of Sunni Islamic world. Political and military union of India and Russia would recreate Great Mongol Empire. Military alliance of India, China and Pakistan would create the political union of Asia, Africa and Australia. Military alliance of India, Peru, Venezuela and Guyana would result in the expulsion of unmixed white Spaniards from Latin and South America and install brown Mestizos-led governments throughout Hispanic America. Military alliance of India, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Somalia would result in the expulsion of whites from the continent of Africa. Military alliance of India and United States could create worldwide Pax Americana. Military alliance of India, Britain, Canada and Australia could recreate mighty British Empire, where sun never set. Hindu India’s religious pact with Protestant Christianity would convert 500 million Roman Catholics to Protestant Christianity before 2050.

Diamonds Cause of Africa War

Hindu India opposes the misuse of the United Nation’s offices for banning the free trade of diamonds produced in Congo, Angola, Ivory Coast and Ghana. De Beers hatched a sinister plot to engulf black Africa in civil war to maintain its monopoly over diamond trade worldwide.


Jews enjoy monopoly over Diamond jewelry trade, which generates $50 billion in retail sales annually. Jews have unleashed Africa's First World, engulfing Congo, Angola, Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda. De Beers openly bought the Unita's diamonds from Jonas Savimbi. Whites and Jews supported Unita against pro-Soviet government in Luanda. Unita, having exhausted the easy pickings in Angola's alluvial mines and having lost considerable territory to Luanda government, could no longer disrupt the world diamond markets with high-quality rough diamonds. Then Jews have taken control of the Luanda government-owned diamond mine at Catoca. United States has imposed the embargo only on the only rebel-mined diamonds of Unita controlled Angola. Jews De Beers buying rebel-mined diamonds from Congo and Sierra Leone, openly.


Botswana, Namibia and South Africa are under the neo-Colonial occupation of apartheid whites and Jews. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe controls the Mbuji Mayi diamond mines in Southern Congo. It is no wonder that Apartheid Rhodesia's leader Ian Smith is happy in Zimbabwe and 70,000 white settlers continue to occupy 50 percent of fertile agricultural lands in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia. Indians who lead the world outcry against Apartheid Rhodesia and Apartheid South Africa ostracized under black-controlled South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, white the erstwhile Apartheid exploiters are venerated.


India should militarily intervene in Africa's First World War and send 100,000 well-trained Hindu mercenary troops to Congo-Zambia, to help Pagan Africans capture political power in Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria. India should organize OPEC type cartel of black African Diamond producing nations to challenge the Jews De Beers Cartel. Organization of Diamond Exporting Countries (ODEC) should directly mine rough diamonds, polish rough diamonds, make diamond jewelry and retail diamond jewelry. India is the leader of the diamond-polishing nation, would provide leadership to the diamond producing nations to lead anti-De Beers diamond cartels.


United State's should support Indian efforts as De Beers has run afoul of antitrust laws in the United States, and an outstanding antitrust indictment charges De beers with fixing the prices of industrial diamonds. Historically Indians have controlled the economy of black Africa. Africa could become the future home of over 100 million Indians, 30 million Pakistanis and Bangladeshis during 21st Century, as Africa might become depopulated by Belgium-spread AIDS epidemic.


Nelson Mandela, and Robert Mugabe are the stooges of the colonial white Empires, implanted by colonial Apartheid rulers to protect the interests of the White colonialists during post-independence era. British colonial rulers handed over power to Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Solomon Jayawardane, and Harry Lee Kwan Yew to protect the Civilization’s interests of white Christian Empires in India, Sri Lanka and Singapore respectively. Gandhi, Nehru, Jayawardane, Lee, Mandela and Mugabe were all spies of British Empire, who betrayed the trust of the peoples, who venerated them. People should not venerate them as Fathers of Nations, but stone them for being traitors to their indigenous civilization, religion and culture, in which they took birth.


India should lead black Africans and pagan Africans and empower them to expel Whites, to confiscate the property, mines and lands controlled by the whites, and to install Pagan Africans into corridors of powers throughout Africa. The continent of Africa including North Africa, belongs only to Pagan Black Africans. Africa would again become the cradle of human civilization, with the rebirth of the ancient Pagan Egyptian Religion of Pharaohs. Black Africans would militarily expel white Jews, white Europeans and white Arabs from the continent of Africa before the end of the 21st Century, with the blessing of Hindu India, Buddhist China and Orthodox Russia.

Cocaine Cause of Andean War

The net effect of President Bill Clinton’s “Plan Colombia” had been the consolidation by White Catholic Cocaine Cartels over global Cocaine trade. United States would intervene in Colombian white versus Mestizo Civil War, to protect the monopoly of the white Catholic Cocaine-Heroine cartels. Colombian Cartel seeks to ensure that Colombia alone supply 90 percent of the global demands of Cocaine and 50 percent demand of the Heroine. United States economy has become dependent on the annual infusion of $700 billion incomes of the global drug cartels. Without the annual infusion of drug-tainted capital, the Wall Street might lose its winning streak, and the $5,000 billion of Drug-tainted capital might find safe heaven in European Union, Russia, China or India. Pentagon provides military aid to Colombian Army, in opposition to the Leahy Amendment. American anti-narcotic campaigns in Andean seeks to maintain status quo of the white, Catholic, Colombian Cartel's monopoly over global cocaine-heroine trade, so that $700 billion annual drug incomes continue to fuel American economic growth. The US Congress passed Leahy Amendment in 1997, which prohibited Pentagon from providing assistance to any Colombian military unit that had links with right-wing paramilitary white Catholic death-squads.


Orthodox Russia would intervene in the South America's First World War, to promote Eastern Christianity among Mestizos and Mulattos, and to force global drug cartels invest at least 25 percent of their annual incomes in Russia. Russia, China and India could finance the cost of their military involvement in the Third World War by controlling the rebel-controlled regions in Andean that grow illicit Coca and Poppy, and process them into Cocaine and Heroine. Indian Empire waged Opium War against China in the mid-Nineteenth Century. Hindu India, Buddhist China, and Orthodox Russia could join forces to break the White Catholic Cartel's monopoly over global Cocaine-Heroine trade, which generates $700 billion in incomes for white Catholic organized crime syndicates worldwide annually. India, China and Russia shall finance their Defense Budget, for Third World War by their share of profits of Mestizo-led brown drug cartels. They could force Mestizo Drug Cartels invest their future incomes from drug trade in Indian, Chinese and Russian banks. New Drug Cartels should also transfer their drug-tainted investments from United States to Asian stock exchanges. Cocaine would cause and fuel the Third World War. Cocaine would finance the Third world War. South America's Third World War would be the first self-sustaining full-scale war, where all adversaries finance their military operations by their share of the global drug trade. The global drug income would finance the worldwide mobilization of military forces. The $700 billion annual income of the global drug trade could finance the Third World War ad-infinitum. United States would meet the Vietnam-type total defeat at hands of brown-Mestizos and brown Inca Indians. The defeat of the United States in South America, would expedite the mass-expulsion of all unmixed white peoples of European ancestry, from Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, and other countries in Central America and South America. The incomes of the Casinos on Native American Reservations improved the prosperity of Native Americans. The incomes of the Cocaine and heroine would make Mestizos, Mulattos and Inca Indians prosperous in South America, and result in the fall of the white-led governments in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico and Brazil.


The incomes of the diamonds mined in rebel-controlled Africa would bring down the white-dominance in Africa. Non-white control over rough Diamonds, Cocaine, Heroine, and crude Oil signals towards the decline of the White race and rise of Brown and Black races. White peoples shall move out of the continents of Africa and South America. South America and Central America belong to Mestizos, Mulattos and Indians. Africa, including North Africa belongs to black pagans, whites, Jews and Arabs should move out of Africa. White Europeans rejoiced when during early 1970s, Idi Amin expelled 50,000 Indians from Uganda and confiscated all Indian property and lands. Hindu India would support blacks in Zimbabwe to confiscate all white-owned farmlands and expel 70,000 whites from Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. India would encourage the expulsion of DeBeers from Africa, and organize African Diamond Producing nations to form, the ODEC, the "Organization of Diamond Exporting Nations," in direct competition of De Beers Cartel.


Pope Humbly asks forgiveness

With his special Mass at the Vatican on Sunday, March 12, 2000, Pope John Paul II has done what none of his 262 predecessors felt called to do. Pope apologized for historical transgressions committed by Roman Catholic in the name of Catholicism and Church of Rome and Papacy. Pope begged forgiveness for forced conversions of Indigenous Americans and Africans, Inquisition and Crusades. The Pope apologized for the role of Pope Pius XII, in the German Holocaust.


However, Pope did not apologize for Counter Reformation Wars of Religions. More Protestants have died at the hands of fellow Christian Catholics than died at hands of Muslims, Orthodox, Hindus, Buddhists and Pagans. Catholicism, Protestantism, and Orthodoxy are separate religions at war with each other. War of religions becoming bloodier in the 21st Century, as they realize that only one Christian sect would survive the 21st Century in the information Age. How can three mutually hostile and exclusive religions- Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Protestantism- could all claim to be the true representatives of Jesus Christ, Apostle James, Apostle Paul and Apostle Peter? African Christianity, Gnosticism, Marcionism and Arianism argue that Jesus Christ, Apostle James, Apostle Paul, Apostle Peter, and Apostolic Council rejected Judaic Law and Old Testament. Hellenized Jews infiltrated into Church of Rome, hijacked the leadership Church of Rome, and succeeded in implanting Old Testament into Catholic Bible. It explains why Hellenized Jew led Church of Rome, brutally burnt million of pious Christians to impose its brand of Judeo Christianity. Catholics have massacred more than one-fourth of the world population. No wonder that American Protestants are demanding the democratization of the Papacy and Vatican, so that Catholic laity not the clergy, elects by direct elections, bishops, archbishops, cardinals and the Pope.


Vatican has retaliated by buying out the allegiance of the Protestant leadership, by hijacking Protestant denominational elections, to implant Catholic agents as leaders of Protestant denominations. Pope John Paul II's apology is not complete unless Papacy apologizes for Counter Reformation. Besides Vatican should pay suitable financial reparation for the Errors of Catholic Church, to the descendants of the victims. The descendants of all those forced to become Christians, during last 2,000 years should be allowed to return to their ancestral faiths and practices without any fear. The Vatican should pay to rebuild their ancient temples and holy sites. Pope John Paul II has admitted the Crimes against Humanity committed by Roman Catholic Church. United Nations should award the suitable punishment on the Roman Catholic Church to restitute the wrongs of the past 2,000 years. The Civilization’s crimes have no statute of limitations. Failure of the Vatican to pay reparation for its historical crimes would start world war three.

Catholic Crusades War in USA

Protestant Senator McCain, during Republican Presidential nomination process declared that neither the Republicans nor Democrats should be defined by pandering to the outer reaches of American politics and the agents of intolerance, whether they be Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton on the left, or Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell on the right. The Catholic Rev. Jerry Falwell declared that United States needs to reclaim itself as one nation under God. Protestants fear that Papacy is misusing the democratic freedom in the United States to carve Catholic United States, undermining the Protestant's hold over WASP's America.

Vatican Causing World War III

The purpose of this book is to study the impact the leading world Religions would play in the looming Third World War. Catholic-Protestant NATO's barbaric air war and destruction of industrial infrastructure has ignited Great Schism into full-blown Wars of Religions that might lead to Belgrade-Rome thermo-nuclear exchange. United State's military intervention in Vietnam influenced by Catholic conspiracy to Christianize Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, which historically had been part of Hindu civilization. India realized too late that Vietnam War was a Christian War on Hinduism and Buddhism. British partitioned India in 1947 to expedite the Christianizing of Sri Lanka and Burma. Had India not exploded nuclear device in 1998, then NATO might have invaded India either in Kashmir or in the Northeast after air war in Kosovo. Hindu India needs to reexamine 20th Century International Relations to identify the impact of Clash of Religions and Clash of Civilization on world diplomacy. World is heading towards the World War III, which may be take place before 2012 AD. Religion would cause World War III. Apocalyptic Century: Catholics and Protestant dreams of Christianizing Asia. Hindus can sabotage the Catholic and Protestant dreams by developing Civilization’s alliances with Greek Orthodox Church. Hindus would meet the proselytizing challenge of the Vatican by reviving ancient religions of Egypt and Greece. Goddess Isis, God Zeus, God Mithra, and god Jupiter would join forces with Hindus to meet the Evangelical challenges of the Vatican. The entire Asia has historically been a part of Hindu-Buddhist Indian Civilization. Hindu India intends to reclaim Asia for Hindu Indian Civilization in the 21st Century.

Christening of Mediterranean Islamic World

Religion would be the cause of the WW III. World War would start due to Vatican's dreams, emboldened by victory in the Kosovo, to Christianize Asia and North Africa in the 21st Century. Pope John Paul II, declared in New Delhi at the conclusion of Synod of Asia that Catholics would Christianize Asia in the third Christian Millennium. Vatican dreams to bring pre-Islamic Christian nations of Arabia and North Africa back into the fold of Christianity. Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey were Christian nations for centuries before they fell before the swords of Semite Arab Muslim invaders. Mediterranean Christian nations forced to become Muslims under the threat of death. Catholic victory in Bosnia, Kosovo, and East Timor and military predominance of the Western Christendom encouraged the Vatican to Christianize North Africa and Mediterranean Arabia.


CHRISTENING OF MUSLIM WORLD: Only one religion will survive the end of twenty-first Century. Catholic concept of Holy Trinity is the total negation of Judaic concept of Yahweh and Islamic concept of Allah. Catholics have castrated the Islamic world. The rich oil-producing nations are under the patronage of Christian nations and survive at the sweet will of the United States. Catholics would Christianize Muslim girls in Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania. American troops helped Christianize process in the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Christians represented in South Korean population 3 percent in 1951 and 50 percent in 1980. Bosnia, Kosovo, and Albania will become Catholic nation before AD 2015. Majority of Muslim women in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey would prefer to marry Christians if allowed to do so. Indonesia still has Hindu culture, under Islamic camouflage. Indonesia is heading towards disintegration. Indonesia women would marry Hindus, Buddhists and Christians if allowed to do so. Christianizing of Indonesia is a distinct possibility. The rising trend of anti-women Islamic fundamentalism is the result of increased challenges posed by educated Muslim women. Educated Muslim women will bring down the Islamic world if supported by Christians. It is likely that 300 million Muslim women could marry Christians and other non-Muslim men before AD 2020, provided the Western military bases in Muslim nations encourage the modernization of Muslim women. Hindu India and Buddhist China could support the Vatican in the future Christianizing of the Islamic world. Muslim Women in Kuwait, Bahrain, Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia would lead other Islamic nations in marrying Christian men. Islamic Civilization is based on the suppression of women. Role and Status of women provide the foundation stone for Islamic civilization. Afghan and Iranian women were very modern and liberal during the rule of Shah of Iran. It explains why Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran and Taliban in Afghanistan subjugated Muslim women to servitude, to consolidate their political power base. In the looming civilization’s war, the Christian armies help Muslim women exercise freedom of choice in marriage. Islamic civilization would crumble, whenever Muslim women acquire the freedom to choose and marry the men of their choice.


Cause of Third World War

First cause of the Third World War shall be the mortal combat of White Western Christendom and White Orthodox Eastern Christianity. The Second Cause of the World War shall be the result of unholy nexus of Communism, Catholicism, Organized Crime and Cocaine Cartels. The Third Cause of the World War shall be the result of Catholic wars on Pagan Africans, pagan Buddhists, pagan Incas, and pagan Hindus. The Fourth Cause of the World War shall be the revolt of Inca-Indians in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Honduras. The Fifth Cause of the World War shall be the Chinese invasions of Australia and New Zealand.

Coalitions in the World War III

Hindu Civilization might support the spread of Catholic Holy Trinity Concept of Godhead in North Africa and Mediterranean Asia. Alarmed by the rise of Fundamentalist Islamic Terrorism, Hindu India might militarily support Vatican's invasions of North Africa and Mediterranean Arabia. The hatred of Egyptians, Syrians and Palestinians towards Semite Bedouin Saudi Arabians and Kuwaitis is widely acknowledged by military strategists. The anti-Islamic goals of First Crusaders became anti-Orthodoxy and anti-Byzantine by the Fourth Crusades, when Catholic Crusaders looted Byzantine Empire. Pro-Muslim and anti-Orthodoxy First Bosnia Crusades and Second Kosovo Crusades became anti-Islam Third East Timor Crusades. The subsequent Fourth Catholic Crusades in the early 21st Century target the Christianizing of Muslim Indonesia. Fifth Catholic Crusades would target Christening of pre-Islamic Christian nations of North Africa and Mediterranean Arabia. Islam imposed on these nations by sword, and with the decline of Islamic sword and the rise of Catholic sword, it is inevitable that Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey, and Lebanon would rejoin their Civilization’s brothers across the Mediterranean. Christian Arabs would lead the invading Catholic Crusaders to re-Christianize North Africa and Mediterranean Asia in the early part of the new Century. Should Hindu India align with Vatican or with Muslims? Should India support Egyptians or Saudi Arabians? Should Hindu India remain neutral in Catholic-Sunni Wars?

Victory of Pagans in Africa's First World War

Christian Tutsi Army men of Rwanda and Uganda unleashed a reign of terror in Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo perhaps to depopulate the pagan populations of Africa. Animist Pagan Tribal Africans account for more than 50 percent of Africa's population. Around 50 percent of the African nations should be led by pagan black Africans. Not even single African State led by pagan animist leaders. The War in Congo, the Africa's First World War caused by invasions by Christian Tutsi Army-men of Rwanda and Uganda. Hindu India would deploy Hindu mercenary troops in Africa to secure for pagan tribal African leaders their fair share of political power in Africa. Hindus worship pagan gods Hanuman, Ganesha. Hindu monkey-god Hanuman, cow-goddess, bull-god Nandi, phallus-god Shiva, are similar to pagan African phallus-god Ossir, Egyptian monkey-god Thot, and cow-goddess Hathor. In the Clash of Civilizations Hindu India would cast its lot with animist, pagan tribal Africans who represent more than 50 percent of the total population of Africa. Hindu India would adopt the pagan gods and propagate the worship of pagan Hindu gods in Africa. Pagan Hindu Africa is the future of Africa. Africa south of Sahara would propagate pagan gods and pagan religion to replace Catholic and Protestant Christianity. Hindu scripture Ramayana explains how Hindu God Rama organized the Army of monkeys to defeat the great Rakshasa army of Ravana. Nuclear India would deploy private army of mercenaries, who would finance the war by exploiting and developing mineral resources of Diamonds, Uranium, and gold. Pagan tribal should govern and rule more than 50 percent of African States. Pagan Hindu India would not permit the continued exploitation of pagan tribal Africans by Christian leadership in Africa. Pagan Africans would exercise their right to secede from Christian-ruled states in Africa. Redraw the national frontiers in Africa to carve out pagan majority regions, to carve out new Pagan sovereign independent states. Without the direct military participation of Hindu India in African War, the pagan tribal Africans could face massacre at the hands of Christian armies. Christian Tutsi army-men massacred the one-fourth population of Uganda, mainly the pagan Ugandans as part of conspiracy to Christianize Uganda, during the regime of Idi Amin. Indians have lived in East Africa for more than 300 years and controlled more than 70 percent of total wealth of Uganda, before they were evicted from Uganda. India should deploy mercenary troops to protect pagan tribal and to secure Indian control over the properties they owned and controlled before 1970. India would conduct military operations in Africa, drawing on the military strategy and diplomacy espoused in Hindu epic Ramayana. Hindu India would conduct its diplomacy and plan its war strategy on the Ramayana War. Ramayana War was a Clash of Civilizations and Hindu India would ensure its victory in War, drawing on the wisdom of Ramayana.

Depopulation of Western Europe

Some Russian military thinkers may argue that Russia could use Neutron Bombs to depopulate Catholic-Protestant Western Europe, allowing Orthodox Serbia and Russians occupy the Western industrial infrastructure without Western population. Batu Khan was the nephew of Agate who in 1229 succeeded Genghis Khan as the ruler of Mongol Empire. In 1236 Batu Khan led an invading Army into Europe and reached Danube River. He had planned to cross-Danube River to conquer German tribes and depopulate the region, to empty the lands for grazing purpose for feeding Mongol horses. English absentee landlords had also removed Irish farmers from Irish lands, to raise grass for Sheep farming. Mongol Batu Khan had planned to massacre the entire German race in 1230's, just as Spaniards massacred the Native Americans. Had Batu Khan invaded German lands, then the conquest of South and North America by White Europeans would not have taken place. Mongols would have resettled Chinese peoples in Europe. Mongol Emperor Agate died in 1241 by bacterial infection caused by excessive drinking of Beer made from barley malt rather than mare milk. Plague helped Europeans kill 90 million Native Americans. The bacteria of barley malt poisoned Emperor Agate that aborted 1241 planned invasions of Germany, which might have depopulated the German nation. Islamic Atom Bomb raises the specter of Mongol Batu Khan. The religion of Mongol Empire and Batu Khan was Buddhism and a form of Hindu nature worship.


Malthusian Overpopulation & WW III

The growing population of Asia shall cause World War Three. The crucial issue of the 3rd Millennium is: How legitimate is the White Man’s conquest of the continents of Australia and Americas? Indigenous American Indians accounted for more than 20% of world population in AD 1500. At the time of the first European contact, in AD 1500, North America & South America may have been peopled by more than 90 million American Indians: about 10 million in America north of present-day Mexico; 30 million in Mexico; 11 million in Central America; 445,000 in the Caribbean Islands; 30 million in the South American Andean region; and 9 million in the remainder of South America (Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia, Vol. 2, P. 21). World population totaled about 500 million in AD 1650, and 275 million in AD 1000 (The World Book Encyclopedia, 1987, Vol. 15-P.597).


Should White race handover at least the continent of South America to Native Americans in exchange for the lands of the Incas, Mayas, Aztecs and Native Americans that European Christians occupied after 1500 AD? The continued occupation of Australia and Eastern Siberia by white race is virtually impossible after 2050 AD. Australia and Siberia could be the cause of the Third World War. The White farmers in Zimbabwe must also vacate their holdings and hand over the lands to the Africans. The issue of the redistribution of the world’s lands in the age of growing world population becomes the most volatile political issue of the 21st century. Dr. Henry J. Kissinger had been advising China to expand northward in Eastern Siberia, hoping China’s expansionist military power will get blunted in the quagmire of the Siberian War, as happened to Napoleon, William Kaiser and Adolf Hitler. Would China be stupid enough to invade Eastern Siberia and meet the fate of Adolf Hitler and Napoleon?


Perhaps China may find defenseless Australia’s empty continent with only 25 million people an ideal home to resettle 400 million Chinese immigrants to solve the problem of overpopulation of China, which has crossed 1.2 billion. Would China invade Australia in the first half of the 21st Century or later? What should the role of India be in the event of Chinese invasions of Australia or Eastern Siberia? Would United States support China in the event of China’s invasions of Eastern Siberia?

Russia, Australia, Canada and United States should handover all their agricultural lands to Indians and Chinese and this gift of agricultural lands would not cause any loss to their GNP and on the contrary would increase the size of their economies and increase their per capital incomes. Indians and Chinese can make a better use of the agricultural lands of Australia, Canada and United States. Agricultural sector contributed only $65 billion only 7% of the $929 billion GDP of Russia. The Agriculture Sector contributes only $13 billion only 3 percent towards $427 billion GNP of Canada in 1999. The Agricultural sector contributed only $167 billion only 2% towards $8.4 trillion GDP of USA. Agricultural sector contributed only $22 billion only 3% of the $726 billion GDP of Canada. The Australia has the surface area of 7.74 million sq. km. and China with population of 1.25 billion has 9.6 million sq. km and India with population of 1 billion has 3.3 million sq. km surface area. Australia has the population density of 2 persons per km, China (134) and India (336). Obviously the problem of overpopulation of Asia and the very high density of population makes the need of equitable redistribution of the world’s continents the dire need of the 21st century.


The principal cause of the poverty of South Asia is the fact that the density of population is world’s highest at 278 persons per sq. km. The population density are India (336), Bangladesh (981), China (134), South Asia (278), East Asia & pacific (115), Europe & Central Asia (20), Middle East & North Africa (26), Sub-Sahara Africa (27), High Income nations (27), Low and Middle Income nations (51), Australia (2), Canada (3), and Russia (9). The problem of overpopulation of Asia, and inequalities in the population densities of nations can be resolved by allowing the unfettered immigration from overpopulated nations to the under populated nations, like Australia, Canada and Russia.

The Religion Wars

In 1960, having assured Southern Protestants that he would not take his orders from the Holy Pope, the Church of Rome, and John F. Kennedy became the United States' first Catholic President. However he became President, he forgot his pledge to the Southern Protestants and under instructions from Archbishop of Vietnam imposed Christian President Diem as President of South Vietnam and invaded Vietnam to promote Catholic interests in Vietnam. Sen. McCain denounced the twin pillars of the Christian Catholic religious right, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, as agents of Intoleration. New York Times Editorial (3/2/2000) writes that Catholic Christian religious right wing is as much a political force as a religious movement. Catholic priests use Catholic bloc voting and substantial financial resources to single out politicians who do not share their religion-based views. The emergence of the Catholic religious right has undermined the political influence of the Protestant Conservatism, and has skewed the Republican Party's Primary nomination process and Republican issues base and eroded the spirit of tolerance that United States was formed. Catholic politicians and Catholic religious right take their orders from the Church of Rome that President John F. Kennedy had promised he would not do. It appears that Vatican has stealthily unleashed the Counter Reformation War of Religions to hijack the Protestant domination of the WASP America. Protestants and Catholics could exchange the clash of arms over Protestant proselytizing of South and Central America. Bob Jones University is an evangelical institution that has long been necessary stop on the court-the-conservatives circuit. Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, Dan Quayle, Alan Keyes and Pat Buchanan all stumped at Bob Jones University. Bob Jones University's Web page refers to Catholicism and Papacy in the harshest terms, labeling Pope as the anti-Christ.

Great Schism Could Cause WW III

The principal cause of the Third World War shall be the Great Schism of Roman Catholic Church and Greek Orthodox Church, the mortal combat of White Western Christendom and White Orthodox Eastern Christianity. Nuclear Russia under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin would embrace Orthodoxy and set the goal to reclaim Algeria, Libya, Egypt, and Syria into the folds of Eastern Christian Orthodoxy in the early part of the 21st Century. Catholics have their own designs to Catholicize North Africa and Mediterranean Asia, as enumerated in the Synod of Asia 1999. The Vatican would challenge the rise of Orthodox Church in Egypt, Syria and Ethiopia. Russian Orthodoxy would retaliate by joining force with India and China to engineer the expulsion of Catholic and Protestant Churches from Asia, Africa, and Australia. The purpose of the third World War could be to roll back the gains made by Catholics during 2nd Christian millennium and to regain for Eastern Christianity the predominance in North Africa and Mediterranean World during 1st Christian Millennium.


It is due to the influence of Vatican that Emperor Napoleon, Emperor William Kaiser, and Adolf Hitler invaded Russia. It was Vatican influence that Catholic President John F. Kennedy escalated Cuban Missile Crisis to attempt destruction of Orthodox land Soviet Union by nuclear weapons. Vatican influenced the Bolshevik conspiracy to overthrow Czarist Monarchy in Russia, while it was engaged in war against Germans, in First World War. Vatican influenced Irish-origin President Ronald Reagan, in disintegration of Soviet Union, by resorting to Star-Wars. Vatican influenced the Catholic President John F. Kennedy's intervention in Vietnam War as prelude for the Christianizing of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Putin's Russia realizes that Vatican is the principal enemy of Orthodox Russia. Catholic Germany and Vatican played very important role in the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the NATO air-war on Serbia.


3(15) Menace of Big Frauds

Break-up Citigroup To Save USA

The Citigroup conglomerate result of merger of large Insurance company Travellers Group, large bank the Citi Corp and large Investment Banking and Securities Broker Dealer could threaten the national interests of United States, if it fell in the hands of the crooks, like those who defrauded WorldCom, Enron, Andersen, etc. The system of Separation of Power and Checks and Balances defines the polity of the United States, and similar Separation of economic power of Insurance, Banking, Broker-Dealers and Accounting alone could restore the faith in the US economy. The legislation passed by Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin becomes suspect, since he became the sole beneficiary of these legislative horse-trading. The resignation of Co-Chairman John Reed, former Chairman of Citicorp, necessitates the need to breakup Citigroup. If WorldCom could show profits in billions of dollars, which never existed, then how can we be sure of the Citigroup’s financial Statements? Only Separation of Economic Power of Insurance, Banking, Broker-Dealer and Accounting industries would function as the capitalist Checks and Balance in the Free Enterprise world. If the control of the Citigroup were to fell under the some Hidden Hand of the Unknown World Ruler then it can manipulate the capital markets to force United States to bend on its knees, in spite of its being the sole super power of the world. Why should 200 million non-denominational Protestant Christians allow a select group of individuals, so much economic power and leverage, which could threaten the financial future of the WASPs United States?


In the days of global economic interdependence and the free flow of capital, the consolidation of Insurance, Retail Banking, Investment Banking, and Securities Broker Dealers under any single corporate entity, such as Citigroup presents unprecedented dangers to the United States and to the American economy. The Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin during Clinton Administration passed the necessary legislation to break the wall that separated the Insurance industry, Banking industry and the Broker Dealer Industry. The motives of Secretary Treasury Robert Rubin are suspect as he arranged the necessary legislation and then left his job in Clinton Administration to join Sanford Weill in the Citigroup.


The resignation of Co-Chairman John Reed, former Chairman of Citicorp, in February 2000, a Protestant by belief signals the decline of the power of Protestants in the WASPs’ United States. Protestants are losing the grip over financial levers of power in the United States. Protestants are losing tug of war to Jews in the financial world. Employees from Travelers Group, which merged with Citicorp in 1998 to from Citigroup, had taken the most important jobs and the control of the global organization had been thoroughly concentrated in New York. A handful of the individual senior managers, with multiple responsibilities have become more powerful and almost all of them are trusted aides of Chairman Sanford I. Weill from long before Citigroup. The former Protestant employees, especially those from the former Citicorp, have a perception that the highest echelons of the Citigroup are now closed to them because of the dominance of the Jews in Citigroup, who are systematically engineering the exit of the Protestants from top echelons.


The financial monopoly of the Citigroup threatens the well being of the United States, more than the monopolies of the Microsoft operating system. Judge Jackson did a yeoman’s job in ordering the breakup of the Microsoft. The breakup of the Citigroup would help the Wall Street. Co-Chairman Robert Rubin, former investment banker, misused his fiduciary powers when he encouraged the passage of legislation that allowed the mergers of large banking, securities and insurance companies. People accepted the merger as Citigroup was to be managed jointly by Jewish-Protestant co-Chairman. Hoping to cash his political favor, Robert Rubin, former U.S. Treasury Secretary, joined Citigroup in 1999 as Co-Chairman. Until February 2000, Jewish Sanford I. Weill ran the Citigroup conglomerate jointly with Protestant John Reed. The elimination of the power-sharing arrangement that originally existed at the very top of the Citigroup organization ended when Protestant John Reed, the former chief of the Citicorp forced to retire, due to conspiracy hatched by Mr. Weill. The fiduciary separation of banking from speculative Securities industries, and insurance got undermined; Chairman Sanford I. Weill monopolized the moment corporate powers. It is the proverbial case of foxes guarding sheep and chicken.


Protestant Bill Gates should not be singled out for punishment for Microsoft Monopoly, when Semite-led financial monopoly of Citigroup, Semite-led diamond cartel of De Beers, and Semite-led OPEC Oil Cartel are given free hand to exploit the world and enrich the ruling political elite of the Western world. The Citigroup has acquired the power to bring down the economy of the United States. It is dangerous for any single company to have so much financial power, in Insurance, Retail Banking, Investment banking and Broker Dealer industry. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Travel Insurance group, and the Citi Bank group should be separated from the Investment banking division. The System of Separation of Power and the System of Checks and Balances that defines American political process must also define the American capitalist economy.


The Hidden hand of the Elders mentioned in the Protocols could be conspiring to militarily disturb the existing social and cultural system and destroy the old order in India, Peru, Colombia, Congo, Uganda, Sudan and South Africa. The hidden hand destroyed Russian monarchy, Ethiopian monarchy and Tibetan theocracy. It destroyed Buddhism in Burma, Laos, Cambodia, South Vietnam, and China. Four Cartels-Diamond, Cocaine, Oil, and Religion- have emerged as the four beasts threatening the future of multi-ethnic United States, in the coming elections, during to the escalating costs of the media in elections, which forces politicians to sell their soul for campaign donations and vote banks. Would rising cost of elections, doom the idea of democracy itself? The economic collapse resulted in the collapse of Communism in Soviet Bloc.

Marxism Communism Was Vatican's Plot

Prostitute-Philosopher Karl Marx was the most loyal dog of the White Colonial Empires. Western Imperialists hired prostitute-philosopher Karl Marx to produce the secular philosophic concoction that would justify the destruction and looting of non-Catholic and non-Judaic civilizations. Prophet Karl Marx produced Communist Manifesto to empower Bolshevik Jews loot the property of Orthodox Russians. Joseph Stalin massacred more than 30 million Orthodox Russians. Christian Mao Zedong murdered 60 million Chinese Buddhists and present evil regime in China would murder millions of Falun Gong Buddhists, unless world bring down the evil Communist regime in China. Christian Pol Pot murdered 2 million Cambodian Buddhists, more than one-fourth of the Cambodian population. Hitler's Pope, Pope Pius XII, supported Hitler, fearing that Soviet victory would embolden Joseph Stalin and German Jews, to massacre Christians in Eastern Europe after the War. War Crime Tribunal should investigate the deaths of 30 million Orthodox Russians, 60 million Chinese Buddhists and 2 million Cambodian Buddhists, during the Communist regimes of Catholic Joseph Stalin, Christian Mao Zedong and Christian Pol Pot, respectively. Why leftist-controlled Western media eulogizes cannibal Joseph Stalin, cannibal Mao Zedong and cannibal Pol Pot and demonizes right-wing politicians in Europe, namely Jorg Haider. The seminal treatise, "The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion" explains that Karl Marx revealed oral instructions to loyal Communists that outline the hidden iconoclast agenda in the Communist Manifesto. The real meaning of Communist dogma, that Religion is the opiate of the masses, is that non-Judaic, non-Catholic religions are the opiate of the masses. It explains why Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Pol Pot massacred millions of their subjects, even when they posed no political threat to them. The genocide and looting of private property is the sole purpose of Communism, similar to the massacre and looting of indigenous civilizations in North America and South America. Perhaps it meets the test of Western Justice, if future Buddhist government of China hangs 10 million Chinese Communists, President Putin hangs 2 million Russian Communists, and Cambodia hangs 1 million ex-members and supporters of Communist Khmer Rouge. Ethiopians could prosecute and executing the Communists that destroyed the 5,000 year-old Monarchy of Orthodox Emperor Haile Selaisie. Laotians should prosecute and execute the Communists, who destroyed Hindu monarchy of Laos. Burmese should also prosecute and execute the Communists, who overthrew the Buddhist government of U Nu.

Communism is Genocidal Organized Crime

Karl Marx was neither a philosopher nor an economic thinker. Karl Marx was a prostitute-philosopher hired by organized crime to produce secular concoction, to justify the massacre of Orthodox Russians, looting Russian private property and destruction of Russian civilization and Aristocracy. Like the Catholic manual that justified Inquisitions, Communist Manifesto and Das Capital, allowed Mafia and Bolshevik Jews loot the property of Russian Aristocracy, destroy Russian Orthodox Church, and imposed the worship of Devil in Russia through the political Commissars. The purpose of Communist system was to destroy Religion in Russia by massacring 30 million Orthodox believers in Russia during Catholic Joseph Stalin. Why did Stalin murder 30 million orthodox Russians, even when they did not pose any political threat to Stalin? Why did Catholic Mao Zedong cause the deaths of 60 million Buddhists under Anti-Right Campaigns of 1957, even when Buddhists presented no political threat to Communist regime? Why did Catholic Pol Pot cause the murder of 2 million Cambodian Buddhists, one-fourth of the total population, even when Buddhists posed no political threat to Khmer Rouge? Why did communists murder the Hindu royal family and King of Laos?


3(16) Response of Buddhism

Chinese Zhong Gong Buddhist Sect

Communist China has closed down 100 offices of Zhong Gong group, with similarities to the banned Falung Gong spiritual movement, after declaring it a cult. Police began the crackdown on Zhong Gong group in November 1999 after president Jiang Zemin attacked the Zhong Gong Group, which has more than 10 million practitioners. Buddhism is alive in China and enjoys millions of following. Hindu India should provide military support to Buddhist revolutionaries, to overthrow evil Communist regime.

Chinese Communism is Devil's Religion

COMMUNISM IS ICONOCLASTIC GENOCIDE: Prophet Karl Marx produced a philosophic concoction to provide a secular doctrine to implement Prophet Joshua’s genocidal doctrine of annihilation of non-Judaic civilizations. Communism is not a political doctrine; it is a genocidal religious doctrine to provide a secular justification of massacre of the Right and confiscation of the private property to enrich the Jewish invaders. Catholic Joseph Stalin murdered 30 million pious Orthodox Christians. Catholic Mao Zedong murdered by starvation 60 million pious Buddhists. Catholic Pol Pot murdered 2 million pious Buddhists including 50000 Buddhist monks. Religions of the world should unite to overthrow the Evil Empire in China to install a Buddhist government in China. President Jiam is conspiring to massacre millions of followers of Buddhist Falun Gong. President Reagan revolutionized warfare by showing how dictatorial Communist regimes would fall when confronted by organized religion. The fundamental purpose of Indian Foreign Policy shall be to overthrow the Communist Regime in China and to install Dalai Lama and Li Honghzhi led Buddhist government of China. Mao launched anti-Right Campaign in 1957 to punish millions of Buddhists for not what they did, but for what they believed, even when they posed no political threat to the Communist Rule in China. Should the God’s believers launch Anti-Left Purges to prosecute Communists in Russia, China, India, Korea, Laos, Cambodia and Burma. India supports the establishment of International Criminal Tribunal for Communist Crimes to prosecute Communists worldwide, including China.

Chinese Communism as Cause of WW III

Communist suppression of Falun Gong could trigger 3rd World War. Buddhist Law Falun Gong is legitimate Mahayana Buddhist religious organization engaged in the worship of God Buddha. Falun Gong has more than 100 million ardent Buddhist followers in China. China is heading for Civil War due to the failure of the Evil Communists to hand over political power to legitimate Buddhist leadership. Li Hongzhi the leader of Falun Gong should become the President of China and Dalai Lama should become the Chairman of China. Hindu India should militarily support the Buddhist revolution in Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan, and Yunnan Provinces. Buddhists shall form rebel governments in the mountainous regions of China inhabited by minorities, who account for 10 percent of the population, and occupy 60 percent of the land of China. The revolution of military technology in the areas of Precision Guided Munitions, global position satellite technology, Internet, shoulder carried anti-tank missiles allows Tibetan revolutionaries disrupt the vehicular transportation in Sinkiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. China would lose the Tibet War. The secession of Tibet would galvanize Chinese Buddhists in Hong Kong, Macao, Canton, Taiwan and Singapore. Capitalist Southern China would secede from Communist Mandarin dominated Northern China. Warlords would rule China again as they ruled it during 1920's. India should engage in Ramayana type War on Communist China, to overthrow the Evil Communist regime and to install Buddhist government in China. Buddhist-Communist War in China could trigger Third World War. It is possible that Chinese Communists could suddenly embrace Buddhism and discard Communism. Communist China could follow Russian example to discard iconoclast Communist philosophy and adopt Buddhist ideology. China would soon realize that as Buddhist super power, China would play very important role in the world.


3(17) New Global Alliances

USA-UE-Russia Triangular Balance

The disintegration of the Soviet Union, the rapid decline of Russian economy, the eastward expansion of NATO, and the European military weaknesses revealed during NATO air war on Yugoslavia has opened a new chapter in United Europe. Germany and France would challenge the Monroe doctrine and the American preponderance in South America. United Europe would play more assertive role in South America and Quebec to counter-balance United States. United Europe would develop strategic relations with weaker Russia to curb rising influence of the United States in Europe. Henry Kissinger exploited the rumor of impending Soviet preemptive nuclear strikes on China to wean China away from Soviet Union. Russia would play a similar card to exploit German fear of American preemptive nuclear strikes against revived militarist Germany to develop closer strategic alliance with United Europe. United Europe is heading towards the policy of equidistant from United States and Russia. India could provide nuclear umbrella over United Germany against American preemptive nuclear strikes. Rise of United Europe and independent United European military capability would limit role of United States and Pentagon in NATO and cause fissures in trans-Atlantic strategic relationship. India should develop close military relationship with France, Germany and Greece to check the preponderance of the United States.

Challenging Monroe Doctrine

President James Monroe feared Russia colony of Alaska. Troubling moves by Moscow in the Pacific persuaded President Monroe to issue the Monroe Doctrine in 1823, which warned European states not to consider American hemisphere, including North and South America, any longer open to colonization. When Russia offered to sell Alaska and leave the hemisphere permanently. United States paid $7.2 million in 1867 to remove another powerful rival. President Kennedy in 1962 threatened to use nuclear weapons, unless Soviet Union removes the alleged nuclear missiles from Cuban soil. The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis diffused only when Khrushchev agreed to remove Soviet military hardware. President Putin could deploy Russian nuclear weapons in Cuba to deter NATO's eastward expansion. United States had deployed thousands of nuclear warheads worldwide, outside the United States during Cold War. Would America risk a nuclear war, if President Putin establishes nuclear and military bases in Yugoslavia and Cuba?

United Europe Challenging Monroe Doctrine

Monroe Doctrine perpetuated the Catholic domination of South America. It banned and restricted the southward spread of Protestantism. France resents America for opposing the secession of French-speaking Quebec from Canada. United States had threatened Britain in 1895, to agree for arbitration between Venezuela and British Guyana. London ceded to the American demand and Washington had achieved its century-long quest- total domination in its own hemisphere. United Europe would demand open access to South America. United Europe would align with Russia to secure uninterrupted entry into South America. Monroe Doctrine establishes that United States is the principal adversary of United Europe in South America. United Europe would expedite the secession of Quebec and establish military bases in South America.


3(18) 2012 New Historical Age

Present Age Ends on Dec 22, 2012 AD

At the end of the second Christian millennium mankind is on the verge of an astonishing transformation. Every historical cycle known to man is entering a new phase or about to come to a shuddering halt. The calendar of the ancient Maya, the world's most advanced civilization in astronomy, is about to run out. Maya calendar, extending millions of years into the past, comes to a sudden end on 22 December 2012 AD. World is in the dying days of Hindu's Kali Yuga, a period of 6,480 years, the last and most degenerate stage of a recurring cycle in which mankind descends into darkness. We are in the twilight of Greek Age of Iron, and a new Age of gold beckons. Shortly after the year 2000, the Age of Pisces, which dictated the violent content of the history for two Millennia will end. The new Age of Aquarius, a millennium of wisdom and light will begin. Greek Goddess Gaia, the earth Goddess, the living organism of the earth, may take a revenge soon on the mankind, for the damage reflected on her. The number of year 1999, when reversed and turned upside down signifies both the Christian number ‘666’, of the Beast and the Divine ‘1’ One. No human civilization could compare to the Maya Civilization, in their accurate calculations of 'Pi', Time, Astronomy, Astrology, Numerology, and Mathematics. Maya Civilization was more advanced than Christian, Islamic, Judaic, Buddhist, and Hindu civilizations.


What is a Civilization? What had been the major Civilizations in history? How does one differentiate the national interests from the interests of the Civilization? Whether interests of a Civilization more important than the national interests of a nation, that forms part of the Civilization? How can the diplomats of a nation state be patriot or loyal, if the foreign policies they formulate, supposedly to promote the national interests viewed from the perspective of the realist theory, positively harm the Civilization’s interests? How can Indian diplomats claim to be patriotic, when the foreign policy of India, they formulate consciously harm the Civilization’s interests of Hindu Civilization and Indian Civilization and Hinduism? How can Communist China’s foreign policy be patriotic, when it consciously harms the religious, cultural and civilization’s interests of Buddhist Civilization and Buddhism? Mughal Empire during Muslim rulers and Indian Empire under British rule, promoted the economic and military power of India, but consciously harmed the interests of Hindu Civilization and Hinduism. That is why Mughal period is called India under foreign rule. Similarly, Communist Party’s rule over China would be listed as period when China remained under foreign rule.


ROLE OF PHILOSOPHICAL GEOPOLITICS: The job of a philosopher is to ask questions about major issues facing the mankind and then attempt find solutions to the questions. The very process of investigation of questions posed goes towards finding solution to the intractable problems facing mankind. The questions raised remain relevant, even if the discussions result in contradictory conclusions.


The job of a geopolitician is to forecast the various outcomes of military, geo-strategic and diplomatic moves, especially in times of world wars. The author is world’s top authority in geopolitics, and may result at times in very forceful forecast of the outcomes of various conflicts. Philosophy of History allows historians interpret historical events in terms of framework, to make historical data intelligible and understandable. The author adopts the conspiracy theory of history, where historian attempts to identify the hidden hand the real rulers of the world, or “Hidden Hand” of the “Proverbial Snake” as defined in the “Protocols of the Meetings of the Elders of Zion,” or the hidden hand of the Catholic Right Wing Conspiracy. Like crime detective, investigating the murder, historians unravel the hidden face of the history, where history is like a nesting-doll- a conspiracy theory within a conspiracy theory.


Geo-Politics attempts to foresee the future. Geopolitical study of future World Wars is similar to the scientific study that predicts the Volcano eruptions and flow of hot molten lava. Science cannot avert Volcano eruptions, though it can avoid disasters by forecasting the flowing pattern of molten lava to plan evacuation routes. Similarly, Geopolitics identifies the simmering Civilization’s conflicts that are likely to flare up into world wars. Geopolitics cannot avert the World Wars, though it can contain world wars by charting out the battlefronts and probable coalitions. Nation States have weapons of mass destruction and any world war without clear-cut objectives goals and exit strategy would cause unnecessary slaughter. World Wars fought on moral issues, makes World Wars into Wars of Religions as well as Civilization’s wars.


Philosophy of History

Thinking about history involves both an intellectual consideration of conflicting interpretations, emotions and images of the past. One's knowledge, images, and emotions regarding the past have an impact on future actions. Individuals often make decisions based on what they believe to be the historical purposes and goals of the religion, civilization, culture, nation, race and tribe. Variety of interpretations presented in this book provides the reader with an opportunity to judge past events the past, consumers of history have their own political and social opinions. By engaging in an intellectual dialogue with the historical text, readers should be able to clarify their opinions about Constitution and the relationship of political institution to religious and social events. There is no correct or right interpretation of history. There are no right answers but only differing opinions, about which historical interpretations are correct. Every reader must make the decision based on his or her own social and political values.


The author’s goal is to provide a variety of ways of viewing history. Readers might find some of these interpretations personally offensive, but it is good because it will result in critical thinking about history, religion, culture and Constitution. Kalki Zeus's framework of interpreting world history includes, along with cultural domination, ideological management, racism, overpopulation, and economic issues. However, the final decision about the meaning of national history and world history belongs to the reader.


THEORY OF CIVILIZATION’S GEOPOLITICS: Author purports to present a ‘Theory of Civilization’s Geopolitics’ as a better tool to study World Politics and the Global Clash of Races, the Clash of Civilizations and the War of Religions. The test by which such a theory judged is not a priori and abstract, as historical, empirical, and pragmatic. Judge the theory of Civilization’s geopolitics by its purpose to bring order and meaning to the mass of daily world news, to explain the rise and fall of civilizations and world powers. The Civilization’s geopolitical eyewear allows the Diplomats and Rulers to bring order and meaning to the daily world events, in light to its impact on civilizations, world order, religion, culture, economy, and technology.


Myopic Realist Theory of World Affairs

The Diplomats trained in the Realist theory of International politics failed to foresee the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Realist theory explains the behavior among nations, but fails to grasp the long-term impact of the state behavior on the state itself. The myopia of the “Theory of Political Realism” brought the world to the brink of a world war. The term ‘World Politics’ emphasizes major events affecting the future of the world. The term ‘International Politics’ concerns international behavior of nations, and overlooks the long-term impact of the diplomacy, other than its impact on national security. The term ‘International Affairs’ also includes events other than behavior of states. The main signpost that helps political realism to find its way through the landscape of international politics is the concept of interest defined in terms of power. The Realist Theory cannot help the partitioned nations define their world role in the light of their common historical experience. Realist theory cannot help India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh diplomats draw upon the historical legacy of British Imperial Policy to define their present day policies. Similarly, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan are baffled in using the wisdom of Czars and Soviets to present day diplomacy.


Major Civilization’s Players

Major geopolitical players in the world are namely, (1) Protestant United States, (2) Catholic Vatican, (3) Orthodox Russia, (4) Hindu India, (5) Buddhist China, (6) Shiite Persia, (7) Sunni Saudi Arabia, (8) Zionist Communism, (9) Pagans, and (10) Cocaine-Heroin Cartels. The global wars of religion caused by the Vatican's wars on Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestants. There is no common Christian fraternity. Catholics are at war with Protestants and Eastern Orthodoxy. Catholic Papacy aligned with Ottoman Turks to destroy Eastern Orthodox Byzantine Empire. Catholics and Jews aligned with Semite Muslims invaders to loot and destroy Christian Algeria, Libya, Egypt, and Syria after 640 AD. Catholics joined forces with Protestants to carve out Catholic and Muslim majority areas out of Yugoslavia. Catholic Drug Cartels are now major player in world politics, just as Baring Bank recognized as world power in 19th century Europe. Catholic Drug cartels generate for Catholic organized Crime more than $700 billion per year, according to Financial Times of London. Zionist Communist aligned with Vatican to destroy the Orthodoxy in Russia, and loot the property of Orthodox Russian aristocracy. Bolshevik Jews massacred 30 million Orthodox Russians, and Catholic Nazis murdered 6 million Jews. Catholic Maoists and Mao Zedong murdered 60 million Chinese Buddhists. Catholic Pol Pot and Christian Khmer Rouge massacred 2 million Buddhists in Cambodia. Catholic President Kennedy sent US troops in Vietnam not to promote US national interests but to promote Catholic interests in Vietnam. United States intervened in Cambodia and Laos to destroy Hindu Civilization’s interests. United States intervened in Haiti to impose Catholicism over predominantly Voodoo religion in Haiti. United States led NATO air war in Kosovo not to promote US national interests, but to promote Vatican's Catholic interests in the Orthodox Yugoslavia. Communism and Catholic Cocaine Cartels have joined forces with Catholic Papacy to undermine Buddhism in China, and Protestantism in the United States. Catholic Pope John Paul II publicly begged forgiveness for Catholic Crimes of Inquisition, forced conversions of Indigenous Americans and Africans, and Pope Pius XII's role in the Catholic Nazi massacre of Jews in Germany. Catholic-Protestant rivalry in the US Presidential elections ignited fears of Catholic takeover of the United States. In near future, Protestants may join forces with Hindus, Buddhists and Orthodoxy to expel Catholicism from Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. China has denied Papal control over Chinese Catholic Church properties and over appointment of Chinese Bishops and Archbishops. India and China might join forces to hand over the properties of Catholic churches to Protestant and Orthodox Churches. Protestantism could overtake Catholicism as the dominant sect of Christianity by supporting Protestant-Hindu-Orthodoxy alliance. American Protestants demanding that henceforth all Catholic Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals and Pope directly elected by worldwide Catholic laity. On Sept. 20, 1870, Italian King Victor Emmanuel II entered Rome, and stripped Pope of all temporal power. The Pope lived in seclusion in Vatican, as prisoner of Vatican, until 1929. During the looming Civilization’s war, the Pope would aim at the conquest of the world with the help of NATO. The coalition of Protestants, Orthodoxy, Hindus, Buddhists, and Pagans would join forces to tame Papacy, and to impose democratization of Vatican, and to end lifetime tenure of Archbishops, Cardinals and Pope. The 21st Century may witness a Female Catholic Pope and democratically elected Papacy.


Dawn of New Age
Revolution in Science & Knowledge

Archaic religions and backward civilizations will disappear in the modern information age, as new scientific discoveries are demolishing old concepts and old icons. Scientific knowledge is fast expanding and human frontiers of knowledge breaking all barriers. The slowing of the speed of Light, decoding of Human Gnome, and the astronomical insights revealed by Hubbell's Telescope and Chandra X-Ray Observatory from their orbit in space have opened the horizon of human beings on the earth. The Religions, Religious Scriptures, Religious leadership should keep pace with the explosion in information and knowledge. It is likely that many of the World Religions, Occidental as well as Oriental Religions, would disappear from the face of the earth during 21st Century. Perhaps only one or two Sects of World Religions would survive the 2100 AD mark. True Religion would survive and False Religions would vanish during 21st Century. The Third World War unleashed by the Devil to perpetuate the Devil's Religions on the Earth. God does not need sword to propagate God's Religion within God's Creation. Devil can propagate his False Religion only by sword. However, peoples of God would take up arms to defend the God's Religion. The False religions would disappear in the age of Internet and Information Age, as the free flow of scriptural knowledge worldwide would cause demise of false Religions. Even Devil cannot stop the spread the message of Gods in Internet Age, as Evil Communist China recently discovered to its dismay. All False Religions, Irreligion, Devil's Religions would disappear from the face of the earth before 2100 AD, due to the information revolution of the Internet.

World Brain & Nonzero Final Destiny

This is a time of confusion and alienation; yet paradoxically there is also a sense of time running out, an imminence, as if we are on the threshold of a new order. Hindus, Buddhists, Incas, Mayas, Aztecs, and Apaches believe that Barbarians' Millennium would give way for the return of the Age of civilizations and, by implication the Revenge of Civilizations against Barbarians who destroyed the civilizations in the past. The human society is on the verge of unprecedented evolution and progress. Many world religions that refuse to adapt to modern science, equality of man and woman and restrict the direct worship of God without the intermediacy of priests may disappear from the face of the earth in the 21st Century. The power of "Information" in the Information Age of Internet would be the magic glue to bind all humanity, and "Internet" will be the actual realization of a Global Mentality, the "Noosphere." The spreading electronic web is very similar to the tangle of neurons that makes our brain. Perhaps God one day may take control of the world to eliminate the Irreligion and Devil's Religions. It may be, that a mysterious unfolding will occur on a given date and time every computer in the world would simultaneously print out the electronic equivalent of Universal Scripture. Evolution seeded with inevitabilities, cultures have common trajectories. Human history has seen great hopes and terrible crimes but is capable of achieving a final destiny. Human beings are a product of evolution, and Free will gives us choice and responsibility. Western thinkers' imagination that human destiny is entirely mundane may be one of the most peculiar errors of the moderns. The fundamental error of the Catholics lie in their belief that the universe is embedded in a teleological matrix, an overreaching design that houses an implicitly and eventual endpoint. Catholics believe that human race has a transcendental destiny in which shopping and human choice is unlikely to play any part. Human history is not one damn thing after another, but has a direction, purpose and, by implication goal. Free Will gives us choice and humans can shop for different goals, directions and purposes. Human morality is the result of divine spark as well as genetic evolution. However, Prophet Zoroaster the Divine teacher of all Prophets of Jews and Christians declared long ago that the Values that are considered Evil in one Culture could be highly honored with purple colors in other Cultures. There is no predetermined moral architecture in the universe, which could be the source of Catholic teleological instinct. Hindu God Almighty did not create the Creation of Sleepwalkers. There is no predetermined destiny, for human beings, nations or civilizations. Human Free Will determines whether History would go forward or backward or in cycles. Civilization emerges as a series of cultural stages. For all its richness and diversity humankind is on a trajectory toward a common goal. The next stage of human history is with the globalization of trade and communications. Human race must accommodate with its inevitable destiny. The Per Capital Income of equally qualified engineers and farmers in India and China can no longer be lower than engineers and farmers in United States, Australia and Canada. The tensions of rabid nationalism, environmental and demographic perturbations may divert, delay, or postpone the onward march of the human race, but even in the medium term, the outlook is rosy. The redistribution of World's continents, and the open, and unlimited Asian immigration to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, and Siberia would allow the prosperous West accommodate with populous, academically and technically qualified Asia. Failure of the White to Anglo-Saxons to allow unlimited Asian immigration to Australia, New Zealand could cause Third World War. Ultimately White Portuguese and Spanish races would be forced out of South America, to regions north of Mexico. Robert Wright writes, in Nonzero, The Logic of Human Destiny that those who lack technology might perish, freeing up real estate. There had been many piles of corpses dotting the historical landscape. Catholic Spaniards and Portuguese massacred more than 90 million Native Americans in North and South America, accounting for more than one-fourth of the world population in 1500 AD.



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