Translations: We strive to reach a global audience that spans many borders. If you would like to participate as a translator, we welcome you to do so at our translations page, which is powered by the open source Pootle platform.

Development: KA Lite is an open source project, and interested developers are encouraged to get involved. We welcome those at any proficiency level, from novice to expert, as long as you have a passion for providing free universal education and a desire to learn. 

Testing: It is crucial to test various features of KA Lite on many different platforms in order to ensure that everything is running smoothly. If you would like to get involved by helping in this regard, you will first want to check out our Google groups page and also download and set up KA Lite.

Seeding the content: One of the downloading options for KA Lite is BitTorrent, and we are always looking for individuals who would be willing to seed the torrent download. We will tweet when new torrents are up (so follow us on Twitter).