Date: 11/6/2010

Distance: ~17 miles

Elevation Gain: ~3800'

From Fort Collins, I drove south on I-25, west on CO-66, north on CO-7, south on CO-72 and west on Brainard Lake Road to the winter closure. I biked up to the Long Lake Trailhead over snowpacked and icy sections of road without incident. I locked my bike at the trailhead and hiked up the Pawnee Pass Trail. I put snowshoes on just after the Pawnee Pass-Isabelle Glacier Trail intersection and left them on all the way to the summit of Pawnee Peak. I descended down to Pawnee Pass, then followed the ridge to the summit of Shoshoni, enjoying the mild scramble at the summit. I followed my ascent route back to the Pawnee Pass Trail.

A section of trail between the Long Lake Trailhead and the Indian Peaks Wilderness boundary

Navajo Peak and Apache Peak, from left to right

Pawnee Peak

Shoshoni Peak

The final slope up to Pawnee Pass

Little Pawnee Peak


Shoshoni Peak

Mount Toll, Paiute Peak, Longs Peak & Mount Audubon, from left to right

Pawnee Pass


Shoshoni Peak summit


Shoshoni Peak summit


Navajo Peak & Apache Peak, from left to right, from the summit of Shoshoni Peak


Shoshoni Peak summit on the downclimb