10/10/2010 - 11181, 10967, "Aggie Peak" & Reservoir Benchmark

From Fort Collins, I drove north on US-287, west on CO-14, south on FR 740, southeast on FR 758 and south on FR 758.1A until I no longer felt comfortable continuing further on street tires. I continued up the road on foot to the Jack Park TH, crossed the unnamed creek and continued up the Parika Trail to Jack Park. I left the trail and ascended 11181’s south ridge to its summit. Next, I descended to the 11181-10967 saddle and ascended 10967’s east slopes seeing a black bear en route. From the summit, I descended back to the saddle, then east and northeast down to Jack Creek; the bushwhacking was not as bad as I had expected. Crossing the creek did not look good on the snow covered rocks, so I followed the creek for a bit east until I found a downed tree to cross. I ascended from the creek to the road finding a modern cabin en route. On the way back to Fort Collins I climbed "Aggie Peak" and Reservoir Benchmark in better conditions.

Heading up CO-14

Modern cabin just north of Jack Creek

FR 758 & 758.1A intersection on my return; the tracks are all mine. No one else was up there.

11181 & 10967  Map

Reservoir Benchmark Map: 1.12 miles with ~500' elevation gain roundtrip

"Aggie Peak" Map: 0.4 miles with ~110' of elevation gain roundtrip