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About me:

m a very affable person..m on cordial terms wid everyone i know...
me a gregarious kind aa person..but dere r d times when i luv 2 be in solitude..
i alwayz vigil life az a an amalgamation of present n future...farsighted n prudent i am..n very observant too...
i alwayz think before acting..
very inquisitive personal..m inclined 2warsd appraisals!! 
me a debatable person too..luv arguin.... i believe in maself but sumtimes underestimate ma own capabilities..
i even become impatient at times.. ..impulse iz also dere in ma character..
most of d times..mah decisions r my own ..dnt like 2 take anyones consent...
ma emotions r hard 2 predict..i can be sad this minute..n hilarious in d next one..
luv mah family n friens a lot...but m not very expressive 2 dem..
i start feelin nostalgic,if m away frm home even 4 a single day..i dnt knw hw i will manage...!!
m hostile 2 petulant behavior n hypocrisy...
i dnt like people who r frivolous towards dere work>>
I hold a staunch belief in GOD...i believe HE haz planned everythin 4 u..all u need iz 2 be just assertive n industrious in all ur deeds.. 


 Ek sundar kavita...