My Spaceship

Jenna Leber

     My spaceship would be pink.  I would sleep in an upside down hammock with pink furry pillows that say things about space.  I keep food and water under my hammock so when I am hungry, I have food.  I would have a place to put my games and books.  My favorite place is my room.  It has  waterfall and ponds filled with fish.  There would be a place for me to sit and read booksor just have peace and quiet.

     I keep a notebook to write adventures that I go on.  Also, I might go on the moon and may find something new.  Looking out my window I see Mars.  I would have my own mall.  The mall would have all the things I need.  One store would sell air for my space suit when I step on the moon.  but I would make one store different; it sells school stuff. When I am in space, school is in the mall.  I would have a store that you get books and things to do.  My spaceship would be the best of them all.