A Very Weird Day

Krista Wycinsky

A few weeks ago I bought a puppet from the library.  I named her Sandy.  That night I was jumping around the house with her.  But then my mom told me to wash up for dinner.  Dinner was outstanding!  After dinner I ran to get Sandy.  She was by the steps.

"I wonder how she got there?"  I said.

Then it was time to go to bed. 

The next morning I skipped downstairs to see Sandy.

"Sandy!  Sandy!  SANDY!- Mom, where is my puppet from the library?" I called.

"I don't know sweetie.  Look around some more.  I'm sure you will find it." said my mom. 

So I looked around some more. 

"It's not up stairs; it's not downstairs.  It's not even outside.  Where else could it be!"  I said.

"Oh well, I will lok for it later." and I went to school.

At school I asked if anyone had seen a gold lion puppet, but they all said no.

After school my mom came over and said, "Okay, Krista, did you eat the leftover dinner from last night?"

"No I didn't, I promise."  I said.

"Then what happened to it?" My mom said. 

I went to the refrigerator to see.  There was only half of the second pork we ate last night.  Then I said, "Maybe Marissa or Lauren ate it."  Lauren and Marissa are my little sisters.  I asked them when they got home. 

"They didn't do it." mom said. 

"What about Dad or Shane?"  Shane is my dog.

"I called your dad and Shane can't open the fridge door."  said my mom.

BRRINNNG!  My phone rang.  It was Emily. 

"What's up?"

"I found a gold lion puppet under my couch when I got home from school.  Also with the puppet there was a big thing of pork."

"Oh my gosh!  That's Sandy and the pork from last night!  But Emily, how did they get over there?" I said.

"Oh well, I'll be right over."


"What is it, Emily?"  I yelled.

She said, "Sandy just said she wants to say 'hi'."

"What?"  I said.

"Here she is." said Emily.

"Hi, Krista." said Sandy. 

I walked over to Emily's so I could eat the pork by myself. 

"Okay come home now, Sandy."  I said.

"Okay." said Sandy.

"Bye." we said.

I took her back to the library.  I told them what happened. 

"Okay...alright...whatever..." they said. 

Then I went home and said, "I'm glad that's over!"