Welcome to KalaDoll

Hello fellow doll lovers! I'm excited to start blogging about my obsession with fashion dolls. There are LOTS of doll blogs, don't get me wrong - but I've yet to find one that focuses on Monster High doll collectors, and since that's MY obsession, I thought - why not get blogging?

Now, there are loads of Monster High blogs, and that's NOT what this is. It's a doll review blog focused on collectors who, like me, got into dolls via MH and are looking to branch out into similarly priced doll collections.

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls!

Now, I came over to Monster High from the world of My Little Pony, and I am definitely not alone! TONS of my pony friends have been introduced to the wonderful world of dolls by getting hooked on the truly addictive Monster High series. And since we've been collecting these fangtabulous ghouls for several years, we've started branching out into other kinds of dolls.

Blog time!

So this blog is going to focus on the types of dolls that will appeal to My Little Pony fans and Monster High fans: exciting, colorful dolls with an affordable price point. No $400 BJD reviews here - much as I'd love to own a doll like that! I'll also be reviewing customs by various artists, which is something I haven't seen before!

And YES, I'll DEFINITELY be reviewing new Monster High dolls and Ever After High dolls!


If you have a review request, PLEASE let me know!