Kakurady do a lot of stuffs beside studying (actually Kakurady don't study at all). Most of things I do has something with computers or translation.

Active/Recent Projects


WaterPool (see below) powered by PHP and MySQL. A practice in the WAMP app stack. Using MySQL is a bit overkill really.

Mabinogi Wiki Renaissance Guild


Inactive Projects

A Relevant Article That Create The Theme

StepMania theming handbook translation. 

Past Projects

Web for Yan'an High School Class Three of Year 2006

Minisite designed for our class. 

Has a lot of jokes and a nice gallery.

See it online


Custom message board application written in ASP, uses valid CSS and generates valid HTML 4.01 transitional markup.

Has no spamproof functionality (C.A.P.T.C.H.As, IP bans, content filters...) whatsoever; currently suffered from a massive amount of R rated spams.

Plain text verification system added for WaterPool/20061116.

Now cracked because of school's ridiculously insecure admin passwords.

Read the spam


A polling system designed to be used with the Minisite.


Planned / Unstarted Projects

StepMania NoteChart Generator

A stepchart generator for .sm and .dwi files using PHP and GD. Now I'll just need to figure out how to parse .sm files...


Main Article: TailWeavers

TailWeavers would be a custom-made doujinshi RPG about me (Kir) and my former classmates Kyle and Bloodmage, plus some parodies thrown in randomly.

The name is a spoof on Tales Weaver, an online game produced by Nexon.

Due to Kakurady's Lazyness and the sequel of CrossGate, Concerto Gate, coming out, and my copies of Visual Basic (6.0 and 2K5 Express) broken it is unlikely that TailWeavers would come into existance any time soon...

"But when I finish it, it will be epic!"

The MowAmp / The MowPlayer

Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures skin for WinAmp/ Windows Media Player.

Amber herself did one, but it's one of those "classic" skins (where the position of the UI is strictly defined).


A program written to upload pictures. With a logo that looks not really like wing but cabbage.

GSMTools / QTSMTools /wxSMTools / SwingPackage

StepMania Tools for Linux. I'm not doing this; I do not have that much free time.

... and there's no way I'm writing this in Java.