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Since joining #twokinds, Kakurady have became an IRC whore. 

For those who have no idea what IRC is, it's short for Internet Relay Chat, a chatroom protocol. It's widely used in the western online communities and is as often used for collaboration just as often as random chatter.

Here's a list of channels Kakurady am usually idling in, and statstics he maintains (not really) for those channels. Stats are generated with a lightly hacked version of pisg (standing for "Perl IRC Statistics Generator").

(Note that “all time” in the below table means all the lines Kakurady have been retaining which only goes as early as the beginning of 2007 for select channels)

#twokinds NightStarbiweekly | all time
#demonpopbiweekly | all time
#mabinogi PPIrCbiweekly | all time
#furthiahigh FurNetbiweekly | all time
#wikifur FreeNode see below


Channel for the webcomic TwoKinds. Unofficial mantra being "we do not talk about TwoKinds here".


Channel of Mabinogi World, a north American online community about Nexon's online game Mabinogi.


Channel for the webcomic Furthia High. A webcomic with interesting characters.

But with a pretty wee channel with all things considered.


Channel of WikiFur, the Furry Encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

The founder of the site, GreenReaper,  runs his own stats for this channel, which can be found on his personal website.


You can't get songs here, don't ask | This isn't the channel you are looking for, try #stepmania-devs | You can't get songs there either.


Channel for Stepmania, the rhythm game simulator / rhythm game engine. Tagline: "Beyond Simulation".


One of the heavy talker of #twokinds, Orochi, has a pet manga / doujinshi project named Demonpop (Yomi no Ehon 黄泉の絵本 Hell's Sketchbook) and this is the discussion channel for it.

Sadly there's no one in here...