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Table Of Contents (目录)

  • Miscllanious (其他)
  • Mabinogi (洛奇)
  • PangYa (魔法飞球,aka Albatross18)


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Mabinogi is an online roleplaying game developed by Korean company Nexon's devCAT studio.

Avatar try-outs using Pseudo Mabinogi Character Simulator


PangYa is an online fantasy golf game. It is released as Albatross18: The Realms of PangYa in America. But I don't live in America, so I get PangYa.


StepMania is an open-source rhythm game engine as well as a simulator for two games in the panel dancing genre, namely Konami's hit arcade Dance Dance Revolution and Andamiro's Pump It Up.

Roxor Games, Inc have persuaded Chris Danford, the Project Lead, to change the license from GPL to MIT-Style copycenter license, so they can use the StepMania code to make an arcade game. That game is In The Groove. 

In The Groove and it's sequel, In The Groove 2, are very welcomed in the western panel dancing fans, as it took what DDR is Excellent in and made it Fantastic (or Perfect and Marvelous, if you like it that way). Sadly,  Konami acquires In The Groove from a court ruling. 

However this "copyrighting" (switching from copyleft to copycenter) had already spurred a number of arcade projects that are based on the StepMania engine.

Roxor Games also allowed ITG hackers (allow me to call them that) to merge some of the ITG code back to SM (even after Konami acquires ITG - as ITG is owned by Roxor (now Konami), but the code is owned by individual developers, licensed to Roxor).