Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy for KaKa MaMa Studios

User Privacy is our priority and we respect the privacy of our users. This document contains all the information about user privacy policy and it implies to all our apps.

Personal Information:

We do not collect, share or use any personal information. We respect our users and we only provide the services which user requires from our apps.We are using adds in our apps and we use Google Admob, Facebook Audience Network and StartApp for that purpose, you can search and read about admob policies on this link " " we have included other ads networks privacy policy links below. we may use some data to produce and provide you with relevant ads only, your data is fully secure and safe if you don’t agree to our privacy policy then you can stop using our services anytime. This is for the all the users including EAA, EU and every other part of the world. Feel free to ask questions and your privacy is very important to us and we respect that in all ways. You can contact our data protection officer on the email address provided in this document

We use Facebook Audience Network for advertising in our Apps. You can search and read about polices of Facebook products on the following link


We also use StartApp for advertising in our Apps. You can search and read about polices of StartApp ad network on the following link


2. Storage

We use storage to save Pictures and videos made by the users only. We don’t access any personal data and we do not use any personal data. It’s only used to provide the App functionality to the users.

3. Camera

We use camera as the part of the App functionality only. It is only used by the users to take pictures and make videos for their own use. and its used in our's two Apps as a scanner only.

4. Audio

Audio recording is used when user records video for their own use.

Read Google services configuration: This information is used to acquire the advertising ID we provide user with better advertising service by using such anonymous ID

5. Accessibility service

This permission is required just by one App ( Auto Tap Tapper ) just to click on your selected area, otherwise we strictly don't take any personal information or user data because we are very concerned and careful about user privacy.

This section if for the residents of Switzerland, European Union, European Economic Area or any other country in the world.

We may process your profile data or the information of your device to provide you with the services you need and make them better and improve them by using our Apps you agree to these terms and conditions otherwise you can always leave and stop using our Apps any time, we may provide your information to third parties which are Google and Facebook advertising networks only to provide you with relevant and personalized ads only. Other than that, that information is not used for any other purpose. We don’t collect or use your personal information like pictures, Videos, call records, phone book data, text messages etc.

Subject to your choices you make when registering and in the settings. We may use the information as we have earlier described about advertising to deliver and serve you with more relevant ads. Other information we may collect are for the monitoring the performance of the Apps and Apps analytics

Another subject is about the cookies and the use of the cookies, they are mainly used by the websites. They don’t identify the user but only the systems they use to access the websites. The cookies allow us to manage the state of the order and can provide special offer to the customers. When you use our service we collect some technical information to check and analyze the usage of our services. We and the services providers we have on our apps like Google analytics may use the technical information to process to provide App analytics. You can control the cookies in most browsers through their settings but that will not mean that you will stop seeing ads, but the ads you will see then will be not personalized or relevant ads.

We may disclose personal information if it is necessary to comply with the law or during any legal process but that will be in according to the law and it will be legal to protect the members of the public and any other legal process. We may also process your information to third parties located outside your home country so that we can provide you with the services. You information will never be used for any illegal activity or personal use.  Information collected within Europe may be for example transferred to countries outside Europe which may not have the same level of data protection as in the Europe. We have the legal mechanism to the international transfer of the data to the third parties which are then located in a country outside the Europe. We have implemented and will take all necessary measures to ensure that the data will not be used illegally. If we store any information then it will be stored in legal secured servers but nothing on the internet is 100% secured weather it is storage or data transmission.

We are available to answer all of the questions, if you have any question please email us at