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14 Sept.2015

- Kajal Kumar

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TV Channel, Car Model, Gun, Ladies Tailor

Octopus, Pakistan, Pak Rupee, Mother

Wagon-R, Shashi Tharoor, Budget new

NGO, Cricket, Phone Tapping, Stealth Fighter,new

Rising GDP and Blogging new

Terrorist, Australia, Blogger, Election new

Pakistan, Bus, Shiv Sena, Brave Indian,

Cricket, Strike, Inflation, Review 

Astrology, Twitter, Inflation, Poor 

Daughter, Pakistan, Omen, GDP 

Politicians, Cartoonists 

TV Channel, Car Model, Gun,

Ladies Tailor 

 Time Pass, Environment, Air India,

Bank Loan

News Channel, Solar Energy, Voter 

Culture, Diwali, Flood 

20-20, Air Hostess, Cat 

 Water Scarcity, Fashion,AdSense, Injured Cricketers 

Arrest, Car, Election, Prime Minister 

Arrival, Pollution, Michelangelo 

Author, I overlooked no-smoking sign 

Bank Loan + Rest 

Beard, Rickshaw, Bird, Teeth 

Benazir in Pakistan 

Blogger, Sweet, Meltdown, Fee 

Blogging & Announcing 

Blogging, Newspaper, Blogger, Breaking News 

Boss, Data Safety, Stock Market, Live TV 

Breaking News, News Channel, Singer, Sting operation 

Bull, Meetings, Reporter, Paperless 

Bush+Blair, Birdy 

Car Parking, News Announcer, Pollution, Vice President 

CBI, Music, NRI, RWA 

Child Welfare, Community Hygene 

Cockroach,  Fish vs. Fish 

Constitution, Al-Quaida 

Corruption, Music 

Cricket, Cricket Appeal 

Cricket IPL, Taliban, Osama & Zardari 

Dentist, Dacoit 

Disagreement, Burqa 

Domain Name, Gold Chain 

Election, Efficiency, Horn, Literacy 

Election, Weight Loss 

 Fake Currencey, Jinnah, Security, Tyre Caste 

Fashion-Fashion, Fear 

Fine, Investigate 

Fishing, Football 

Fishy, Sumo's day out 

Fresh Food,  Hopping Car 

Global Meltdown, Pollution, Somalia 

Harappa,  Train Food 

Hindi Orders, Tax Office, Printer 

Horse Rider, Human Rights 

Hotel vs. Hospital, Begging, Shop vs. Temple 

Wrtite, Indian Idol-1 

Indian Idol-2 

Interview, Waiting 

Intellectual, IRS Income Tax 


Jail for Sale, Police & Dacoit 

Justice Justice 

Kid Criminal, License 

Leader, Obama, Critic, Pakistan 

Liiterary, Economy 

Literary Agent 

Little Petrol, Remote Friend, Itching Record, Petrol Robbery 

Medicine, Monkies 

Neighbor, Prize, Traffic 


Nothing to Hide, Plane 

Office Office 

Police, Privatization 

Politics, Production 

Price Rise, Marathi Marathi 

RADIO, Retirement 

Rome, DancersSchool, Fire Station 

School Security, Small Car 

Secular, Security 

Security, Terrorist Weapons 

Sex Education, Agriculture Income Tax 

Singers & Singers 

Sweat,  University, Terro-Terro 

Taliban, Blog Piracy 

Teacher's Day 

Television Reporter, Lawyer 

Terrorist, Literary Agent 

Toll Tax, Economy Class 

Unparliamentary Language, Schooling 


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