Ayurveda is defined as the science of life.  It draws upon 7 systems of Indian philosophy including Gautama's Buddhism and Patanjali's Yoga.  Ayurveda is a vast and ancient discipline that focuses on creating balance and harmony in the individual as well as in the world. Healing begins within us and Ayurveda lends us tools to recognize when balance has left our body and how to bring us back into a state of health.   Implementing dietary and lifestyle modifications based on the needs of the individual, the season, and the climate will help bring the elements of the body to equilibrium.

Kaita offers Ayurvedic consultations which include an in depth intake of the client's lifestyle and dietary choices and a discussion about what can be implemented to allow the individual to feel at ease in their body and mind.  Remember, health is not only the absence of disease, but a feeling of freedom from mental and physical discomfort and fatigue as well.