Mike's Mental Awareness Journey

    Mental Awareness is critical to overall Wellness in one's life.  I find that looking inward is not always easy, but is the best path toward a healthier lifestyle.    In this blog, I would like to share some of myself with you in terms of some of the challenges that I have faced with gaining a better insight into mental awareness through exercising and other various activities that I have tried.  Like I said on the front page in the "Kaiser Wellness Center Statement," we are "real" people with struggles and successes like anyone else.  Below are a list of my previous posts, click on one to read to learn more about my struggles and progress:

(1) 22nd of May 2012 @ 2230: The past and beginning of a path toward Wellness.

(2) 26th of May 2012 @ 1353: Initial successes that lead to more awareness of wellness.

(3) 2nd of June 2012 @ 2241: Awareness starts to generate ideas at my work.

(4) 6th of June 2012 @ 2356: Reporting on the installation of a superconducting magnet.

(5) 26th of June 2012 @ 2200: Beginning to let a little time pass to generate progress.

(6) Year 1 -- Update: After a year of injuries and periodic failures, time to get serious about Wellness.

(7) 3rd of November 2013 @1800: Stop drinking alcohol and move towards a bicycle commuting lifestyle.

(8) 4th of January 2014 @1700: Report on bicycle commuting lifestyle and the new year.

(9) 4th of May 2014 @1400: So far so good -- bicycle commuting lifestyle plus additional sporting activities.

(10) 10th of August 2014 @ 2000: Summer of Realizations Regarding Wellness of Both Body and Mind.

(11) 10th of November 2014 @0700: Advocating for increased bicycle infrastructure in Los Angeles County.

(12) 21st of November 2014 @2000: Riding with heroes: 'Ride 2 Recovery'.

(13) 4th of Feb 2015 @1700: Small changes in habit lead to large reduction in stress.

(14) 23rd of June 2015 @1500: 2 Years of Sobriety has solidified 'active transportation' in my daily life (my methodology).

(15) 8th of August 2015 @1500: Why choose to locally source your food?  i.e. a farmers market.

(16) 20th of August 2015 @2200: Meet Carlos -- Car commuter turned blended commuter.

(17) 14th of December 2015 @ 1800: Where has the year gone?  Some retrospection is needed.

(18) 6th of January 2016 @ 1200: Disconnecting from my devices with a bicycle and train!

(19) 30th of April 2016 @ 2200: Time to take action and our health to the next level -- update!

(20) 8th of June 2016 @ 1500: How do you optimize your mind?

(21) 14th of June 2016 @ 1500: How does a mental dialogue help or defeat a person?

(21) 11th of October 2016 @ 1300: Finding inspiration can be a busy process and stressful: My Summer Adventures!

(22) 8th of January 2017 @ 1300: Accepting your extreme behavior and making small adjustments to your life.

(23) 25th of May 2017 @ 1800: Have you changed your environment lately. Read about my change.

(23) 16th of June 2017 @ 1500: Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work?  Yes, read to find out.

(23) 8th of September 2017 @  2100: Why do I feel overwhelmed and anxious with change? read to find out.


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