Kaiser  - Horace vom Dume Klemmer

"Kaiser" Horace vom Dume Klemmer is the name of our dog. Well, his real name is only Horace vom Dume Klemmer - but we have decided just to call him Kaiser. 

He was born on the 20th May 2011 in Ratingen, Germany. Together with his 6 other sisters and one brother.  

His mother is Eloa vom Dume Klemmer (06.05.2007) and his father "Ailton vom Lotter Kreuz" (called Billie)  (10.04.2004).


The breed is a German Pincher.



Live in Denmark

He came to Denmark with his new family the 26th July 2011. Where we all went down and visit his "old" family and the day after drove back home to Denmark, where he now live. 

The drive took - 10 hours including the all rests. And we got all very familiar that day. He took it so all well and for every stop he made his pee, despite he is only 9½ week old.