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(All decals sold out. ACCEPTING ONLY BULK ORDERS ONLY. Inquire for discount pricing)


Hi, welcome! this is a simple site where you can request custom decals and services.
If you are part of DAC at www.diecastaircraftforum.com you will get the latest updates to new decals i offer. I am b-16707, find me there! Old timers know me by the name "kai."


The idea to do detail decals came out of my own frustrations of airplane model manufacturers not including all the details possible on their releases. I also noticed other collectors having the same frustrations so i am doing this to serve the community so we can all have the best models possible and sometimes, models that will never be produced too!

Yes and no. Ill do custom stuff under any one of these conditions:
1. If you rally more than 10 people who want the set you want
2. If you want to compensate me in full for my labor and print
3. If i already have the artwork for it but is not shown here

-$1 to ship almost any amount of decals to you, worldwide first class letter post.

-required before product ships via paypal GIFT


-all my decals are scaled to 1:200 scale and are model/manufacturer specific. they may or may not fit others.
-i do not scale smaller than 1:200. i have done some 1:100 and 1:144
-i dont have a large stock of my decals as i am basically a small nobody trying and dont have the capital to do so

There will definitely be more stuff ill offer in the future. If you have any suggestions, please do join the forums and help make it a better place where collectors can come together and talk about airplane models. Make this hobby work for us! Contact me at kaitanium@yahoo.com.


If you feel my services have helped you enjoy your models more and that it is essential, feel free to donate  to support me so that i can keep offering new things.


1. See what you need and use the "order form" link above (sorry i dont have a formal checkout page)
2. You will receive a followup email from me. give me some time to check these as i dont check everyday

3. Pay via paypal or agreed upon payment
4. Orders wil be ignored if they do not meet the bulk order reqirements. Special pricing available. Email to inquire.
note: prices on this site may change without notice.


1:200 747 detail decals (BULK ORDERS OF 25x or more only. Inquire for discount pricing)

 Hogan and Risesoon, coroguard and detail set
 Hogan and Risesoon detail set only
$ 7
 Hogan and Risesoon coroguard set only
$ 8
 1:144 detail set only (fit not guaranteed) special order $13
 1:144 coroguard set  only (fit not guaranteed) special order $15
 1:144 coroguard and detail set (fit not guaranteed) special order $20
 1:100 coroguard and detail set (fit not guaranteed)
 special order. $22
 1:100 detail set only (fit not guaranteed)
 special order. $16
 1:100 coroguard only (fit not guaranteed)
 special order. $17
its been a long time since we have seen a good 747 detail set after Liveries Unlimited went bust. this set comes with alot of stuff to get your models detailed up nicely!
included are also freighter cargo doors too since some risesoon models dont have them printed on (why? dont ask me). why is the coroguard set $8 for 4 decals you may ask? coroguard takes up alot of space on the decal print, more than the detail decals do; space = $$$.

information/photos: http://www.diecastaircraftforum.com/1-200-scale-model-aircraft/82465-1-200-747-detail-decals.html

(click for larger pic)

COROGUARD SET (can be ordered without "no step" wording):
2x wing coroguards
2x horizontal stabilizer coroguards

DETAIL SET for -100/200/300/400/combi 747s:
10x door gutters
8x cut here in emergency large size
2x cut here in emergency small size for upper deck
10x door hinges
10x door details
2x upper deck door details
10x under door detail
1x cockpit door details
1x side combi cargo door with details
2x main cargo doors with 1x small cargo door
nose cargo door detail lines
windshield wipers
door#2 under markings (dont know what this is called) both in red and gray sets of 2
2x under horizontal stab detail lines
ADF teardrop antenna detail
2x sets of head lights
apu air inlet
2x pressure release valves
3x ram air intakes
3x under belly squares (dont know what this is called)
4x PW/GE classic engine red markings
8x PW/GE classic engine details sets
engine anti noise panels (must be custom cut and fitted to your model)
bunch of random different circles
4x sets pitot tubes

1:200 Boeing 777-300ER upgrade detail decals (BULK ORDERS OF 50x or more only. Inquire for discount pricing)

 Hogan and Risesoon models
 Hogan and Risesoon models, discounted mini sets. includes only wingwalks and black alignment lines $3.50
 1:100 mini sets. includes only wingwalks and black alignment lines special order. $5
 1:144 (fit not guaranteed) $13

these are my most popular selling decals. get them while i still have stock! these decals can also work for 777-200(ER/LR) models. i have only tested these to work on risesoon and hogan models. there are 4 wingwalks in a set but one set fits on a hogan model the other fits a risesoon model. some people are fitting these to JC wings models nowadays too.

video how-tohttp://www.diecastaircraftforum.com/1-200-scale-model-aircraft/68147-1-200-boeing-777-300er-detail-decals-instruction-videos.html
*note i am NOT clear coating the decals anymore as i have found that that is unnecessary.

(click for larger pic)

-4x cut here in emergency signs
-2x exit paintings on the wings
-2x ADF antenna (black teardrops on top of the fuselage)
-2x black alignment warning stripes for the wings
-2x headlights for the wingroots
-2x white swirls for the engine fan cones
-2x set of black lines + no step wording (see picture #2 of the standard hogan 773ER wing) for wings and horizontal stabs
-red line for engine nacelles and front gear doors
-2x of gray engine rectangle, I have no idea what to call this (you can see it here in this picture, that gray rectangle with a black circle on the bottom)
-2x GE logos and random engine cowling/nacelle details

1:200 Emirates Germany FIFA 2006 773ER logo (SOLD OUT)

$4 for Risesoon models and others
why in the world did emirates not release this model? no idea but i have done the artwork for it!

information/photos: http://www.diecastaircraftforum.com/1-200-scale-model-aircraft/80878-risesoon-emirates-777-300er-germany-2006-a.html

2x entire Germany 2006 Official Partner logo
registration decals

1:200 Airbus A380 F-WWOW add-on decals (SOLD OUT)

$7 for Hogan models
these decals take the existing Hogan  corporate colors F-WWOW model and adds extra decals to it. this is NOT a full decal set, you MUST have that model to use these decals. these could fit the risesoon/skymarks version but i havent tested it

information/photos: http://www.diecastaircraftforum.com/1-200-scale-model-aircraft/81555-bored-your-models-just-add-decals.html

2x greener cleaner quieter smarter
door gutter detail decals (extras included)
blue door overhead decals
red windows on the prototype plane to replace current windows (extras included)
2x airline logos
2x red decals for forward belly, have no idea what these are called
2x front gear door red decals

1:200 Airbus A300 Beluga F-GSTA, F-GSTF decals (SOLD OUT)

 F-GSTF $13

these decals are to customize risesoon's beluga into the toulouse 2013 colors F-GSTF. this bird only had the colors printed on one side but i am including two sets of the logo in case you want to do both sides. Risesoon also never produced #1 F-GSTF in the newest livery so here are the decals to customize that bird too. included are some extra details also, especially the red outlined door that risesoon never printed on their models.

information/photos: http://www.diecastaircraftforum.com/1-200-scale-model-aircraft/75190-risesoon-custom-airbus-a300-600st-beluga-1-f-gsta-5-f-gstf-toulouse-2013-a.html

a300 beluga F-GSTA decals

4x windshield wipers
3x numbers
2x sets of reg and gear door reg
1x cargo bay door
1x underside red square
1x door
4x GE engine logos
2x gray rectangle sensors
8x red circle sensors
2x red line markings

2x toulouse 2013 graphics
2x tail art

1:200 Singapore Airlines + Great Wall Cargo Hybrid 9V-SFE (SOLD OUT)

$5 for Risesoon models
these decals take the existing Risesoon Great Wall Cargo 747F model and adds extra decals to it. this is NOT a full decal set you must have the original model. also note that you must be able to obtain a singapore tail decal (not very hard) or a 747 tail from risesoon, this decal set does not come with it. Risesoon made this model and it was a easy job to customize it into the hybrid scheme.

information/photos: http://www.diecastaircraftforum.com/1-200-scale-model-aircraft/75535-risesoon-custom-singapore-airlines-cargo-747f-great-wall-hybrid-9v-sfe.html

singapore great wall 747 cargo decals

2x singapore cargo titles
2x registration sets, gear door reg sets
1x underwing reg

singapore great wall cargo 747 hybrid decals