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Idiot’s Guide:

A guys perspective on losing weight

 Sunday March 18, 2007

By Kai Liu

I'll have a more detailed guide as soon as my friend helps collaborate with me in writing all this down.

One thing to remember is that, there are tons of websites that list how to diet and how to workout, but everyone’s body composition is different so people have different exercise routines, not to mention people get fit for different reasons. So find information from places which are solely focus on fitness otherwise you might not get the most useful and beneficial information.

The One simple way to lose weight is to have motivation to get fit!

Without the motivation you’re just dragging yourself nowhere

With motivation it should lead you to learn about all the benefits as well as the correct ways of a healthy lifestyle.

As long as you’re determined, you won’t have trouble, because like any other addiction, the first time to recovery might not always work. You need to keep working at it and eventually you’ll not only be fit, be knowledgeable and have more confidence, but you’ll live longer too!

First off if you’re not as fit as you should be and you wish to lose weight, start with getting into the mood. Say to yourself that it’s necessary to lose those pounds.

Whether it is for:

1. Losing weight

2. Health problems

3. Appearance

4. Competitions

5. Better Performance in your business or personal life

You need to realize that it’s not some easy goal which once you feel as you achieved your goal you can stop. It’s a lifetime goal of getting fit and staying fit. Although I’m not extremely experienced on Competition wise training, I can say through experience of wanting to get fit for the pure good feeling it gives you and the confidence and power you feel gained. You know you accomplished a feat of changing not only your physical appearance but also your personality of discovering the pure joy of becoming healthier. Most times I won’t have exact tips but rather talk about different strategies with links to their proper source. From the years I’ve read different articles about weigh loss and nutrition I’ve compiled my own tips for what should be done. 


You Are What You Eat
By Geoff Caplan

We’ve heard it all before: you are what you eat.

It sounds funny, but there really is a lot of truth in that statement. After all, food fuels the body and the type of food we eat affects our body’s metabolism, digestive processes and overall well-being.

It’s not a reach, then, to realize that the type of food eaten directly affects our health.

Love tomatoes? Plenty of good nutrients there. Trying to reduce carbohydrates and add more protein to your diet? Not a bad idea if the balance is right. After all, you don’t want to fall into the danger pit that fad diets bring to the table (if you’ll excuse the pun).

Next to water, food is one of the essential fuels of life. So why is what we eat so important?

It’s all about balance. That’s one of the key reasons programs like the phenomenally successful eDiets system work. It addresses meal planning, exercise, motivation and a comprehensive lifestyle approach that is easy to use in your everyday life.

Love potatoes? They sure are tasty as part of a balanced meal plan. But you had better watch those portions and the toppings, too.

Have you ever noticed how sluggish and heavy you feel after eating fried foods? Your body is definitely telling you something. “This is wrong. This is unhealthy. This is not good for the body.”

Likewise, how about the good feelings that originate with low-fat foods? Or after some consistent exercise with those low-fat foods? Wow! The combination of endorphins and good nutrients packs an incredible punch.

There have been some interesting case studies about diet and behavior. Foods such as whole grains, beans and vegetables are rich in complex carbohydrates and increase the brain's supply of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is believed to induce calm and relaxed mental states.

Eggs and other animal food increase the levels of acetylcholine, another neurotransmitter. That may help explain why people who consume grains and vegetables with little or no animal food often seem calm and even-tempered in comparison to those who consume plenty of meat and other animal foods.

The low levels of serotonin that result from a diet high in animal foods may also contribute to impulsive behavior. Studies of prison inmates conducted in Finland have shown that those with the most impulsive behavior patterns were found to have the lowest levels of metabolized serotonin in the spinal fluid when compared to non-impulsive prisoners and controls.

The impulsive inmates were also found to have low blood sugar levels. Researchers found that 81 percent of repeat offenders had abnormally low blood sugar levels. Low levels of serotonin, together with low levels of blood sugar, characterized 84 percent of the repeat offenders studied.

Diet affects the body's secretion of hormones, and these influence behavior. In a study conducted at Yale, the intake of refined sugar was found to dramatically increase blood levels of adrenaline in children. In children who were tested after being given an amount of sugar equivalent to two cupcakes, levels of adrenaline increased 10 times. Adrenaline, secreted by the adrenal glands during times of stress, initiates the "fight or flight" response. It produces such effects as rapid heartbeat, quick shallow breathing and nervousness.

High adrenaline levels lead to anxiety and make it difficult to think clearly. Parents often notice that children behave in an aggressive, hyperactive and erratic manner after eating plenty of sugary foods, and this study offers a possible biochemical explanation for this reaction. Researchers are realizing that diet has a profound effect on the brain and nervous system, and thus on our mental and emotional condition.

Source -


Dieting alone does not help

That’s of course if you don’t want to just become an unhealthy skeleton. Never go on a diet consisting of starving yourself because the end result leads to nothing. The first few days to a week might be good while you experience weight loss, but at the same time you will have malnutrition. After the first few days your metabolism will slows down because it senses you need to hold the energy you have for use, which causes you to hold the fat within your body. Not only that but it also comes along with many bad side effects. It’s called anorexia. Don’t try it!

The best thing to do and to remember is that you should eat good Carbs

And try to have a lot of foods in high protein

Its not that you should avoid carbs, it’s not bad for you but just realize what carbs do. Carbohydrates give you energy so you should eat them when you need energy. Don’t overdose on carbohydrates because if you do have too much and can’t burn them off, the result is energy from carbohydrates turning into useless fat that stays in your body.

Protein is always good and really no bad side effects, for a full list of its benefits check

Along with these two nutrients, things of high fiber always helps you feel full so next time when your looking for breads or cereal try for those with high fiber.


For a complete list of the food pyramid and other useful nutrients check these sites



Pills alone do not help

The reason why they have listings of many beneficial effects and why their tests run to prove weight loss is because you don’t read the fine print. Next time check out the * which says that usually the displayed results are the best results they had gotten, the average being lower, and results will vary. As well as * saying that pills are to be used with moderate dieting and exercising. So dieting and exercising cannot be excluded from your fitness plan. I’ve tried different pills and although I can’t tell much of a difference between the different brands I can tell you how it feels. First off you start becoming more energetic, the pills feel like you drank cups of coffee and energy drinks. They give you an overall buzz which can make you jittery. Some of the side effects are insomnia. That’s all due to the fact that they increase your heart rate through different chemicals within their ingredients. From the increased heart rate your body works harder, which in turn raises your metabolism level. High metabolism and energy is what most brands list as good side effects. Never however try to overdose, because there are bad side effects usually listed on the label. However sleep is an important component on losing weight and recovering and building muscle. When you take too many pills, your body becomes abnormal with too much jittery energy that does not allow you to have proper sleep, causing havoc for you the next day.

What I would recommend from what I’ve already tried before are these, note that there are plenty of different pills out there that you can try or have people recommend to you from places like GNC or Market America but I liked


Hot rocks

I couldn’t really see the difference in those two but they give you a nice boost of energy in your everyday life and for an energy drink addict like me, pills are more useful than drinks because pills give you a direct effect, costing less and also containing less useless ingredients such as calories and sugar.

I would also recommend water loss pills because it removes the excess water in your body accumulated from either eating too much salt or drinking too much water.


One ingredient to losing weight is always drinking the necessary amount of water. At times though you need to drink water that has salt, so substitute water with performance drinks such as PowerAde or Gatorade.

The recommended amount is 8 fluid ounces 8 times per day. One observation I made is that most of the people I’ve seen that are pretty thin or in good shape always are carrying a bottle of water with them all time. Try this.



10 Reasons to Drink Water

Water is absolutely essential to the human body’s survival. A person can live for about a month without food, but only about a week without water.

Water helps to maintain healthy body weight by increasing metabolism and regulating appetite.

Water leads to increased energy levels. The most common cause of daytime fatigue is actually mild dehydration.

Drinking adequate amounts of water can decrease the risk of certain types of cancers, including colon cancer, bladder cancer, and breast cancer.

For a majority of sufferers, drinking water can significantly reduce joint and/or back pain.

Water leads to overall greater health by flushing out wastes and bacteria that can cause disease.

Water can prevent and alleviate headaches.

Water naturally moisturizes skin and ensures proper cellular formation underneath layers of skin to give it a healthy, glowing appearance.

Water aids in the digestion process and prevents constipation.

Water is the primary mode of transportation for all nutrients in the body and is essential for proper circulation.

Source -


A few sites on this topic


Sleep is a necessity

Perhaps some of you believe that sleeping less can let your body work longer letting it burn more calories. Perhaps some of you believe that sleeping is a useless part of everyday life. The fact is that the less you sleep, the less your body can recover from the previous day. Sleeping does cause your metabolism to slow down, but also sleeping is the time that your body builds more muscle on top of the ones you burned off from the previous day’s workout. Try to use the recommended about of sleep which is 8 hours. It has been proven in studies that the more sleep you get, the drowsier you are in a day, and the same applies to less sleep. If you have gotten accustomed to less sleep, try to change. There are several of ways to try to change the habit. There are some articles which stress the need to lower the volume before sleeping. You should use dim light before you sleep. Do fewer things that require thinking. Try to do things that make your heart rate slow. Try not to eat or drink before you sleep because you don’t want to gain energy before sleeping.

One way of relieving stress that I have come across in my reading is a simple method of tightening and loosening your body.

Here are 3 ways of becoming relaxed before sleeping, could be considered yoga.

1. Deep breathing, take a deep breathe, don’t just hold it in your stomach, let it fill your chest as well, until your completely filled with air. Then hold for a few seconds, and then breathe out slowly. Make sure that your surroundings are quiet so you aren’t bothered. Now concentrate on the sound of yourself breathing in and out. Keep repeating and practice until you feel really relaxed. This should cause you to have an easier time to sleep.

2. Before sleeping try concentrate on deep breathing, with that try to image a peaceful place or time in your life. Try to imagine yourself floating on water, or lying in snow. Try to picture yourself flying in the sky over the night sky. Imagine yourself getting tanned in the hot sun with children’s laughter, waves crashing, music all around, and random chatter surrounding you. Imagine a scenario where you were once completely relaxed, then paired with deep breathing; you’ll fall asleep in no time.

3. one way to relieve the stress in your body that I’ve read is tensing and relaxing your muscles. Start with your feet and tense them up, keep them tense for a few seconds and let go, and then tense your calves, and keep going in this fashion up your body. Tense for a few seconds, let go for a few seconds then move up. Your entire body will feel extremely relaxed.

Working Out:

There are just too many ways and methods on working out. The best idea if you’re trying to lose weight and get fit is to try a personal trainer because they will give you specific tips tailored to your needs. But besides that I can only give your general tips, only you know what you want and where you want to target. One specific thing is that you cannot target any part of your body directly like turning your tummy fat into abs.

Here are descriptions of each and websites which have guides that are much more useful and direct than me explaining it.

One thing to always remember is that stretching is very important before and after working out. Stretching helps you warm up so that your muscles don’t tear, then after working out so that the next day you won’t feel sore from tight muscles. One way to get yourself warmed up first is to first run/jog a few laps so that your body is warmed up for stretching and so your heart rate speeds up readying you to get a good workout.

There are two types of working out:

Cardiovascular aka conditioning: usually if you’re trying to lose weight and want to have the best results, start with cardio. Cardio helps you tone down, burn fat, add endurance, build speed, decrease normal heart rate, lower chances of certain illnesses, and if you do enough cardio such as running you might experience something called a “runner’s high”

For a more complete guide and tips on getting started check these websites Try printing out the information and keeping it for reference. - check out this article and other articles on working out - 7 cardio mistakes - a Guide - Cardio Conditioning - Eat before or after working out? - Cardio Machines,,4s53,00.html - Cardio Workouts


Strength Training: Helps you build muscle, makes you stronger, builds confidence, greater strength

For a more complete guide and tips on getting started check these websites Try printing out the information and keeping it for reference. - a useful website in general different informational guides all about strength training - Strength Training Muscle map - Différent exercises - warm-ups before Lifting - an old site, but has interesting articles about the effects of strength training

A couple of good links to check out and perhaps bookmark are: