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Just some interesting news or websites that I wanted to share that have been prettty interesting


Posted by Allen Stern | 12/12/2006

A site launched today called "" It is a site based purely on looks. Doesn't matter if Betty Jean has no education, is an absolute moron or can't tell you the capitol of NY, as long as she has big hoohas, a nice rump or long legs, she is in! What about Jake, if he has a 6 pack, lots of tats, or big biceps, he too is in. Doesn't matter that he is a jerk and a loser, as long as he is "sexy" he is in.


Check out the article about it here, and visit the site if you think you look good, test it out. I found this hilarious, but I'm self-absorbed so I'm giving this a test haha... lets see what I get rated


By Kai

If you are asian, or perhaps were interested in Dance Dance Revolution, this game is an awsome alternative for those who perhaps weren't the best at using their feet resorting to the controller instead. Its a free game online that allows you to build rank, gain credits for new songs, and practice your arrow key skills. Its pretty cool in that you play to music matching to the beat.

Another good one that you can play on your computer that is also freeware is Stepmania, so check for that online except that it might be a large download for all of the songs that it includes.