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Contains Recent Highly Downloaded and Useful Programs that are on the web today and free of charge! 

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Most of you guys know that internet explorer isn't the safest and most secure web browser around, Firefox has been leading the way for easier more convienent and safer webbrowsing. Its also completely free. Check it out! Click the button below

Google Pack

 Another good package to consider is google's combined package which includes many essentials for everyday life on the computer including Google Desktop which I have myself. Also has photo editor and alot of other cool stuff. If you got got the space download it!


Added May 2, 2007

freedownloadmanager- The best download manager out there right now

Added April  13, 2007

ZoneAlarm - Protect your Internet connection from hackers and other security breaches.

Trillian- This is like the online version meebo except its a download that is a combination of all your favorite messengers put into one program such as aim, msn, and yahoo

FLV Player - Play Flash video (FLV) files. After downloading videos from youtube or some other video sharing website you use this player to play it.

Morpheus - Search multiple P2P networks including BitTorrent to download MP3s, videos, and games.

Avast-Home-Edition- Scan your computer for viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.

WinRAR- you know that usually you can open zip files but when you have trouble with those pesky rar files as well, then this program helps you alot

BearFlix- One of the fastest video downloading programs out there today

ICQ- classic messaging service

BitComet - another p2p sharing program for torrents although the newest Limewire also supports torrents as well

Limewire- the regular version of one of the best p2p sharing programs out there today

Added March 17, 2007

FlashGet- a free download manager that has gotten pretty good reviews about its service.

"I think it is the best FREE download manager out there. It works pretty well. Downloads pretty fast."

CoffeeCup - A free Ftp Program


Added March 16, 2007

American Army - Official U.S. Army Game

PySol v4.82 - 300 versions of solitaire
Super Mario: Final - Classical Mario Game
Doom -do i need to say anything else?
(Original shooting game)

Added March 15, 2007 

RegClean-Cleans your Window Registry

Windirstat- helps you root out the biggest files you have and sorts out your hard disk for later disposal

Ccleaner-Helps remove useless files from your hard disk

AVG Anti-Virus - Antivirus Program to help get rid of viruses

Ad-Aware SE Personal-Free adware removal

Spybot Search & Destroy- Free spyware removal
Clean System Directory 1.7 - Remove stray DLL's from system
LimeWire Basic - Filesharing for music, movies, files, programs and other random things
WinPatrol 2007 - remove adware, spyware, worms
RamBooster - Boosts your Ram

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