SerK - Configure

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 The ultimate application

You can use the Serk - Configure tool to configure the shortcuts for SerK. Even that is super duper easy.

 To show off your playing music in facebook, get fuziK!

For a whole facebook in your desktop, get fdK!

This is the original Serk - Config window. I have pre-loaded some shortcuts for you. To open these, just type name (left side) in Serk.







To add a new website, just type the short cut you want in the left side and the website address in the right. I am adding hotmail in the example.


After entering the new items, press the "Add" button. I got this (hotmail is added to the bottom) Now I can open hotmail by typing "hotmail" in SerK.

Be sure to save after adding entries. The settings will be saved to "an.ini" and "al.ini". DO NOT DELETE THESE FILES! You can browse for files using the "Browse for File" button.