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 The ultimate application

SerK is a easy to use, multi purpose program that will keep you easily connected to everthing you do. All you have to do to find/open/close/define or even translate is type in the SerK box and press enter.

Heres a list of what you can do:

-Search on Google

-Find locations 

-Find a movie (on IMDB)

-Define any word, or look up its synonyms.

-Translate words or phrases

-Open or close any program installed

-Directly open a desired webpage

-Make your own shortcuts

 To show off your playing music in facebook, get fuziK!

For a whole facebook in your desktop, get fdK!

 Like movies? restaurants? books? Check out

Latest build : May 22th, 2008 - Updated

New Features: Twitter Status updates                                             (twitter: "your status here") - Configure user and pass in Config

One of 10 skins included (Black Perl)

Click here to see how to configure SerK.

I have just finished making Serk Lite (it is for people who do not have .Net framework) So check out the download page!

New Features:

-Google maps added (command "gm:")

This is the main SerK window. It is very simple to use. You can minimize the window to the system tray. The system tray icon is a "K".

Searching with Serk is meant to be the easiest thing ever! You don't have to open a web browser and go to the specific search engine your looking for. You just type the one-letter command for what you're looking for (click her for the list of commands) and type the thing you're searching for.

To search for a movie, just type in "m:" (the command for movie) and then the movie you're looking for. Press enter to submit your search. Instantly, you'll be taken to the search result.

To open a website or a program, you can use create your own short cuts (type "internet" for firefox web browser or "msn" for instant messenger) or type in the web address ( or or the application name (firefox.exe)

 Questions or comments? reach me kailashrocks[at]