"Health Care for the Poor by the Poor"

Based in a rural Bangladeshi village, Kailakuri Health Care Project serves three different groups - Bengali Muslims, Mandi tribal Christians, and Borman tribal Hindus, with over 42,000 outpatient visits/year. 
We employ local staff with few if any formal qualifications, who are trained on-the-job as paramedics - and offer low-cost treatment to poor patients who cannot afford to pay for medical care elsewhere. 

Poverty is a major cause of illness in Bangladesh, and Kailakuri treats many patients with conditions such as malnutrition, ulcers, asthma, epilepsy, skin infections, anemia, respiratory infections and burns.  

We also work alongside government agencies and other NGOs, especially in the treatment of diabetes and tuberculosis. 

Because patients cannot afford to pay the full costs of treatment, we rely on generous donations from others to help fund our running costs.