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Ann Inoshita was born and raised on Oʻahu. Her poems, collected here in paperback form, have been written in a mix of Japanese 

pidgin and standard English. These poems take the reader through childhood and adulthood and strive for answers about identity 

and belonging within Hawaii. Juliet S. Kono, the author of "Hilo Rains" and "Tsunami Years" describes the images in Inoshita's 

poem's as "lively, yet beautiful in their rendering."

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Read a poem from Mānoa Stream here

“Ann Inoshita has a soulful ear, an intimate and a conversational voice, and a culturally astute touch in 
every poem in this wonderful new book. She shows us her idea of ‘home’ in Hawai‘i Nei and moves us 
deftly yet insistently into her family’s story. Ann Inoshita is an exciting poet and a great new poetic 
talent from Hawai‘i. I encourage you to read this book.”

Robert Sullivan, author of Star Waka and Voice Carried My Family

"Here is a new, energetic voice, full of insight and wisdom that is far beyond the writer's age.  The images 

in the poems are lively, yet beautiful in their rendering, the book an example of how craft and 

tenaciousness have been intertwined to create such lovely poems." 

Juliet S. Kono, author of Hilo Rains and Tsunami Years

“Rising out of an ocean of memory like a shimmering dream, Ann Inoshita's poetry takes us out of the real into the magical.  

Her vision follows a brilliant thread of observation.  Like the constant murmur of Mānoa Stream as it rushes toward the memory 

of the Pacific surf, her words mesmerize.  In their curious yet logical hold, the poems catch then release us.  They offer open 

access into the dream world journey, where only a secret voice can guide us through into light.”

Marie Hara, author of Bananaheart and Other Stories and Intersecting Circles

Ann Inoshita was born and raised on O'ahu. She has been published in Bamboo Ridge: Journal of Hawai'i Literature and Arts, 

Hawai'i Pacific Review, and has other publications forthcoming. She is in the M.A. program in English with a Creative Writing 

concentration at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. She is a 2006 recipient of the Myrle Clark Award for Creative Writing 

and a 2007 recipient of the John Young Scholarship in the Arts.