About Me

Kyle and DMACC President Rob Denson

        My name is Kyle. I'm a student at Des Moines Area Community College in the Information Technology Network Administration (ITNA) program. The ITNA program is a two-year program that splits into two branches for the second year, Linux and Microsoft. This program prepares you to work with servers and how to create and maintain an information network. I am currently working on the Linux branch and will finish in Spring 2014. I plan to complete the Microsoft one the following year. I am also in the Honors program, Vice President of Scholarship for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and President of the DIS-Adversity club.
    I have loved working with computers since I was ten. I started out creating web pages on a laptop when my mom was given one for work. I slowly branched out into related areas, such as cell phone and gym equipment repairs.
     I met my fiancee online in 2008, and we will be married in the Summer or 2015. I plan to live and work in Iowa as a network administrator, Linux administrator, web developer or another IT-related field.
    I am also an animal lover, the only one in my family. I have one guinea pig named Paddington. I volunteer at the Animal Rescue League regularly and help out with their small animals. My fiancee is also an animal lover, and we plan to have a zoo.