What Are Knowledge Resources?

The notion of' knowledge asset' is well established in literature 1

Knowledge Assets are 'Resources' (the preferred term in our research) 

used to support the storing, sharing and reuse of organisational/project knowledge.

Nonaka and Takeuchi group Knowledge Assets into four categories, two tacit and two explicit, as illustrated in the image below.

The two explicit assets are directly relevant to KAF inventory template  2 :

A - Systemic Knowledge Assets, Combination, Systematizing (Virtual collective): Explicit, codified, systematic, descriptive, complete, comparative, evaluative. EXAMPLE: DOCUMENTS, SPECIFICATION, MANUALS

E – Conceptual Knowledge Assets, Externalization, Originating (Face-to-face individual): Symbols, concepts, brands, styles, metaphors, analogies, emergent, developmental. EXAMPLE: PRODUCT CONCEPTS, DESIGNS

2 De Geytere, T. (2005) “SECI model (Nonaka Takeuchi)” [Web Page]. URL http://www.12manage.com/methods_nonaka_seci.html [2005, October 29].