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2013-03-11 Google Mini Summit

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Chad Kafka works as a Technology Integration Specialist for Franklin Public Schools. Outside of Franklin, he enjoys presenting, teaching and networking with educators at the state and national level. Chad has presented in the past for WEMTA, SLATE, CUE, the Midwest Google Summit and various school districts.  Last May, Chad and other passionate educators put on Wisconsin's first edCamp in the form of edCamp Milwaukee and we're gearing up for our 2nd Annual edCampMKE this May 11th! Chad is very proud to be a Google Certified Teacher, Google Certified Trainer and Apple Distinguished Educator and enjoys learning and networking with members from these groups. He hopes to challenge you through this workshop to do what you can with these great tools to make your workflow with students more efficient and engaging.

Chad Kafka
Technology Integration Specialist, Franklin Public Schools

Upcoming Presentations: WEMTA 13 | WI Lutheran Google Summit | edCampMKE

9:45-11:00am / Room: Sandstone 8/9

Description: Hop into the Drive-r’s seat!  Now that you and your students are using Google Drive/Docs, what’s the best way to navigate these open roads of files?  How should you share files to students?  How should students turn in files to the teacher?  How is it best to manage files on a large scale for your school/district?  And what about all those ‘3rd Party Apps’ you keep hearing about that now work with Drive? Come to this session where we’ll explore answers to all of these questions.  Resources, Handouts and Videos will be shared that you can take back to use or inspire in your district.

    • 1. Use the STAR system ( video )
    • 2. Understand the UPLOAD Settings and set them to make sense for you ( video)
    • 3. Know that 'trashing' something is a 2-step process. Check trash for 'missing' items
    • 4. When naming files, name them as IF you plan to share them so others know what the file is
      (ex: Not just "Agenda" but maybe "Tech Coach Agenda 2012-2013)
    • 5. When naming files, leave SPACES in the file name ... makes SEARCHING a whole lot easier.
      (Ex: Searching for parts of a file name like 'media' or 'screencast' to find files named New Media Screencast Script vs NewMediaScreencastScript)
    • 6. When searching in Google Drive, use the 'arrow' on the search bar to really NARROW your search by file type, who shared, or other choices
    • 7. If you share files with a lot of people, try using ACTIVITY more to see who edited what most recently (Bonus tip: Make a BOOKMARK to this in Chrome so whenever you go to "Drive" it starts at your ACTIVITY page)
    • 8. Enable OFFLINE Docs AND add the Drive specific apps in your Chrome browser (Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms, Sheets, Drawings).  Makes it super efficient to create files
    • 9. Add the "Save to Google Drive" extension
    • 10. Set default margins for ALL DOCS bigger than they are.  Start new blank Doc. Go to FILE > PAGE SETUP. Change Margins & Click SET AS DEFAULT (.5?)  All new documents going forward will start with those margins.

    • 11. See where in a Google Drive file a collaborator is by clicking on their 'color box' on top right (Example below)
    • 12. Paint Format tool - great for 'marking' up documents quickly and efficiently ( video)
    • 13. Add comments with shortcut keys - allows you to move quicker through the document
      • Mac: highlight text, Command+Option+M to start comment, Control+Enter to complete & close comment
      • Windows: highlight text, Control+Alt+M to start comment, Control+Enter to complete & close comment
    • 14. Shift-Click to 'check' multiple Google Drive files in order ( video)
    • 15. Set your Default fonts in Google Drive ( video)
    • 16. Add Fonts in Google Drive files!  Go to font list in a Google Drive file and go to ADD FONTS at bottom of list... (tip: Don't go crazy!)

    • 17. Assign files to more than one folder in Google Drive ( video)
    • 18. Can now attach Google Drive files right in Gmail. (blog post)
    • 19. Miss the Google Template Gallery choice in the newly updated CREATE menu of Drive?  Add it back in with the Google Template Gallery app from the Chrome Web Store.
    • 20.  Prevent others from downloading a video you put in Google Drive (great to protect your work or copyrighted work if need be).  At the video go to FILE > PREVENT OTHERS FROM DOWNLOADING THIS VIDEO.
    • 21. Set a NOTIFICATION for when a Google Form/Spreadsheet is updated, changed, submitted, or altered. In Spreadsheet file, go to TOOLS > NOTIFICATIONS RULES.

 20ish Second Tech Tip Playlist of Videos Chad & other Tech Coaches are creating

 Student Management Guide - methods/tips/suggestions for managing Drive with students
    • 1. Make a system and if possible, get that system consistent in your building or grade level
    • 2. If you're not familiar with Google Groups, get familiar with Groups -- this will make your sharing & emailing with students WAY easy
    • 3. Have students name files with a consistent naming convention. (Ex: Hour Lastname Assignment like 4 Smith Script & leave spaces in there!)
    • 4. Very helpful to make a 'turn in form' for students to fill out when they have FIRST shared the assignment to you and it's ready for the teacher to look at or grade. Embed this on a page of your website or wiki so it's easy to get to and part of normal class workflow.
    • 5. Create a spreadsheet of your students (or have someone at the district level pull data from your Student Information System) that has columns for First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Class Hour, Grade.  There are SO many things you can do quickly if you have all student data in a spreadsheet that you can copy from quickly.

Resource:  Doctopus Walkthrough on Video (script from Andrew Stillman @astillmann) 

NEED PARTICIPANT HELP.  Go to (or scan the QR code) to supply your name & Google email account as part of the Doctopus live demo.

(Live Demo)

This script is part of Doctopus and allows the teacher to add a rubric to each student's document for ease of grading.  You need to work in Chrome and you also need to Install Goobric Chrome Extension
Resource:  Goobric Walkthrough Video from Jay Atwood @jayatwood
(Live Demo)

  • Google Apps Marketplace (for Organizations) Vs. Chrome Web Store (Individual)
  • Google Drive Apps Personally I'm Using!
    • Pixlr Editor
    • LucidChart (video)
    • SlideRocket EDU

11:15-12:30 / Room: Sandstone 8/9
Description: Heard about Google Hangouts but not sure what a "Hangout” is?  Come learn how to connect with others personally and professionally.  How can you use Hangouts to connect with your Professional Learning Network or just to have a virtual online meeting space?  Learn how you can create a ‘show’ of your own that streams live to YouTube.  Chad Kafka will share how he uses Hangouts to and some tips with setting yourself up to "Hangout."
Session Materials:

2:45-3:45 / Room: Sandstone 8/9
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Description: Love for our internet browsers isn't weird, is it?  Chrome as a productivity tool offers so many great features and tricks that it's impossible to relate to others why we get so fired up about all things we can do.  During this session, we will explore apps, extensions, tips and tricks that will help you to turn Chrome into an awesome productivity tool for yourself personally and professionally.  Already using Chrome? Share a tip with others to make Chrome work for all!

Session Materials:
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