About me, and this site

My name is Kathleen Watson (usually Kath rather than Kaffles). I'm a thirty-something Librarian, employed by the University of Canberra since 2000.  My online presence goes back to about 1994, and you can still find some terribly embarrassing postings that I made to such things at the Press Gang Mailing List floating around (the attractiveness of Dexter Fletcher, etc).

The main purpose of my original pages were to put up some info about my mostest favouritest authors, who at the time had very little in the way of web presence: R.A.MacAvoy and Graham Oakley.  I added links to Amazon so that I could legally include cover art on the pages, and was pleased to find that I earned approximately enough in referral fees each year to get a free book (not a hardcover, however).

Things I love:

  • Words. Their origins, the relationships between languages (I speak a tiny bit of French and Spanish), how they sit on the page or roll off your tongue. I write a bit, but mostly only when I have particular inspiration, and then rarely show anyone...
  • Cats. Who can get past those cute ears? And purring in the middle of the night, when you're all alone otherwise - they're lovely!  Dogs I can take on a case-by-case basis.
  • Speculative fiction ie. science fiction and fantasy. Authors who build a whole world for you or recreate this world with a minor, but vital, change.  Things that make you think and question.
  • Music. There's always the piano, which has been part of my life since I was about 7 - it comes and goes a little in importance. I also dabble a little in things like the guitar and recorder, and at the time of writing have taken up singing lessons.  I am generally fairly reserved, and I really feel that people can only really know me, the inner me, after they've heard me play. Of course, I don't make my friends listen to recitals - does this mean that they haven't really met me yet?
  • My Fad of the Moment. I'm only happy when I have an obsession, which I give myself up to for a while then move on to the next thing. Past fads have included herbal medicine, popular psychology, origami, comparative religion....