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Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation

Susan Mills - Fibre Art Teacher 

Hairlock Paintings by Gale Bellew - Event Organizer 



Mission Statement

Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation, a collective guild in Bermuda, is  dedicated to the creation and education of art in an environment that is inspiring and accessible to the entire community.

Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation undertakes to:

✽ Provide a diverse range of year-round classes for all age-groups, from two years of age to adult, at reasonable prices (in accordance with the Foundation’s not-for-profit status).

✽ Develop Bermuda’s first art guild, housing artist studios and gallery spaces alongside classrooms to form a cohesive, organic environment where professionals and students inspire, and learn from each other.

✽ Create a sanctuary where all members of the community can relax surrounded by the arts, in the Sculpture Garden, coffee shop, gallery spaces and playground.