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New : Kafe Koefet Septet !

In 2017, Kafe Koefet will be 
10 years old !

"Kafe Koefet, Bretons in Paris" (2013)

Next dates

Saturday, 26 of may 2018
Breton ceilidh - Brittany Fest
St Peter's Episcopal Church - Edinburgh
At 19h30
With : Kafe Koefet trio, Felder / Rohaut and local musicians

Sunday, 1st of July 2018
Undàrius Festival - Girona (Catalunya)
Kafe Koefet Quartet
Undàrius is a summer festival in Girona with a cross-border focus and on Catalan and Occitan popular and traditional culture. It is open and connected to other European cultures. Workshops, courses, concerts, dances and shows!