Kaerlighed's Lineages
A website for all my personal lineages on Dragon Cave

A little about me:

Origin of 'kaerlighed':




I am Canadian. I started DC back in December of 2008 catching a Mint as my first ever dragon. Since then I have been quite active and distance on DC depending on the time of year.

The word is Danish, meaning love; correct spelling is kærlighed. I do not know any danish other than this word. I actually found it by looking up translations of love in google translator. I did this to see if I could find a cool looking name for my scroll. Since then, I've been using the word kaerlighed all over the net for different websites. 

Requesting an egg from my lineages is 100% awesome. However, you can only request eggs from my finished lineages and please use this form: The Form. That way It'll be much easier for me to add you to the requesting list found in the tabs above. 

All of my lineages are made from my own ideas and not copies of anyone else's. I would appreciate if people asked me before taking my ideas, however, I know that I cannot stop others from copying them. If I have copied other people, I by any means, didn't mean too.