Virginia Readers' Choice | Grades 3-5 |

Check out a recap video of our 2013-14 Virginia Readers' Choice Book Tasting where all classes grades 3-5 kicked it up "Food Network" style, and took on the roles of judges as they sampled book "dishes".  After tasting all 10 "dishes" the judges had to decide which titles would be "chopped", and which titles would go on to the next round of titles most likely to be read first!

VRC Book Tasting in the KES Library Learning Commons from Shannon Hyman on Vimeo.

You are challenged to read these 10 awesome titles! Simply read at least 4 of these books by March 23, 2015 to be qualified to vote in April!  Read more and you will be recognized on the morning show as well! You can find these books in our Library Learning Commons, the public library, or any bookstore! You can see the whole list here

Each time you read a book, click HERE to complete a quick form so we can keep track of your progress. 
Which one is your favorite?  (I know mine!)

Pssst! Hey 4th grade students! Several of these titles are also Book Celebration titles!  Whoop!  It's like a getting two for one!