MSN BOT Hosting Issues-Requirments and Limitations

Well, I am having hosting issue for this bot on the machine. The bot which is actually a Windows NT service running on a dedicated server of my friend in US. He's now planning to move on to shared hosting due to some financial issue. $250/month was not being easy target for him. In shared hosting, there are chances that I will not be allowed to run a NT service on machine and ultimately I would have to shutdown this service permenantly or would rewrite either in Java or C++ so that I could host on Linux machine. So my question for anyone who's reading this and a subcriber can host this bot on his/her machine then kindly contact me at; replace At with @ .

Requurments are:

1) .Net framework 1.1[ freely available]
2) Mysql 4/5 [freely available]
3)A machine which is online all the time and on some high broadband service. there are aroun 300 messages/day are send to this bot.
4)Machine using Static IP[not necessary but I need it anyway-Contact me to know further details]

Many emailed me to help me when in need so I think it's time that some of IT geek or anyone who has a personal windows server online contact me to resolve this matter. I will be waiting for your response. I personally wish that server should be hosted on some remote machine rather on machine of some invidiual who is using broadband and have bandwidth since there are chances that service might go offline when they for vacation or any other reason so if anyoe who already have a dedicated windows based hosting can afford this then it would be great. Due to my personal financial issues, I can't afford a dedicated windows machine at the moment


I started this service  for  a noble cause,spreading awareness about Quran among Muslims. I also believe that only way to  face western  propaganda  is education and our own Media so that we could promote positive Image of Islam as well as educate our own children and peole about Islam. I recieved many encouraging emails in which people gave me lots of Duas[prayers] and appreciated me by giving several suggestions. I think we all muslims should use our skills in respective field to serve for Islam and It's not a difficult task. What all is required an urge to work for Islam by utilizing our skills. It was really nice feeling when I recieved an email by a person who started reading Quran on MSN because It was easy for him. This is great, this is what I wanted.

I know this is an unexpected setback is not a good thing but Inshallah I hope It would get resolved since  I am doing something for sake of Allah and He would definately help me out.

I also recieved lots of good suggestions. I assure you that this is not a final version neither it was the first and last project related with Islam. There are few others things in my mind as well and If people like you keep appreciating me then I am sure I would make them reality too.

Many people asked about Arabic text,  I know the importance of Orignal text but due to some technical limitation which i mentioned here and limited time, I couldn't research much about it but Inshallah I am  with few other people planning to solve this issue, I am also planning to contact few Islamic websites who are already on same track, to promote Islam and hope I would find some solution Inshallah.

Last but not least, don't get worried if this service go offline for few days/weeks. Also keep this thing in mind that protesting with violence can't solve our issues. The only way we can battle with enemies is to use same tool which they use against us, that is education and use of technology in positive manner. Looks todays jews rule in the world because of  technology and education and their sincerity  for their religion and state, though they are merely 20 million something in the world but they rule over billions of people just because they had realized that only education could make them live among muslims. They also know that they are not so strong in religious belifs and they comitted crime thoousands of years back by rejecting  laws of God. They also know strength and Importance of Islam more than  us hence they keep try to  torture us by different means and unfortunately we easily become victom of them.

Please remember me in prayers and do stick with your religion Islam and pray that this service is up all the time-ameen.

In case if anyof of you is intresting to know details about the service can visit the following page:


Adnan Siddiqi