Culturally Diverse Novels

Last updated: November 2008
Dear KADE Educators,

      Below is a reading list of culturally diverse novels which was generated from KADE educators across the state.  This list contains high interest novels with appropriate readability for developmental students.  If you would like to add to this list, please e-mail the name of the novel and the publishing information to Jessica Bryant at  The KADE Cultural Diversity Committee wishes you the best in encouraging your developmental students to become life long readers.

KADE Cultural Diversity Committee Members:
Marlisa Austin, Jessica Bryant, Pat Holler, Amy Kreiter, Jude Roy, and Evelyn Silliman

                                        SUGGESTED READING LIST
Albom, M. (1997).  Tuesdays with Morrie.  PA: Double Day.

Butler, O. E. (1979). Kindred. NY: Doubleday.

Cisneros, S. (1991). The House on Mango Street . Vintage.
Conley, D. (2000). Honkey. Los Angeles: University of California Press.

David, S., Jenkins, G., & Hunt, R. (2003). The pact. NY: Riverhead Books.
Dawson, G. (2000).  Life is so good.  NY: Penguin.

Ehreneich, B. (2001). Nickel and dimed. NY: Henry Hold & Company.

Gaines, E. (1993).  A lesson before dying.  NY: Random House.
Gaines, E. ( 1983).  A gathering of old men. NY: Random House.
Grealy, L., (1995). Autobiography of a face. NY: York: Harper Collins.
Grisham, J. (1998). The street lawyer. NY: York: Dell.

Haddon, M. (2003).  The curious incident of the dog in the night time.  Double Day Publishers.
Hickam, H. (1998). October sky. NY: Dell.
House, S. (2001). Clay’s quilt.  NY: Ballantine Publishing Group.
House, S. (2002). Parchment of leaves.  Chapel Hill: Algonquin Books.
House, S. (2004).  The coal tattoo.  Chapel Hill:  Algonquin Books.

Kidd, S. M. (2002).  The secret lives of bees.  NY: Penguin Group
Kingsolver, B. (1994). Pigs in heaven. NY: Harper Perennial.
Kingsolver, B. (2002). Small wonder. NY: Harper Collins.
Kingsolver, B. (1988). The bean trees. NY: Harper Torch.

McBride, J (1996). The color of water.  NY: Riverhead.
Morrison, T. (1970). The bluest eye. NY: Random House.

Peck, R. (1986).  Remembering the good times.  NY: Dell.
Pelzer, D. (1995).  A child called it.  Deerfield Beach, FL: HCI.

Sebold, A, (2004).  Lovely bones.  Boston: Back Bay.