Too hot to cook

Today, it was too hot to cook. I had some cooked oats and wheat groats mixed, and some left-over cooked pork. This recipe is quite flexible, I'll keep updating this as I figure out more versions.  

Version 1 (May 31)
Cold boiled grains, drained.  Really best to rinse them off so they don't turn into glue :)
I added sour cream and a little shredded/grated dry cheese (in my case parmesan), and seasoned with salt and a little cider vinegar.  I used some of the delicious raspberry vinegar. I added chopped dried cherries, fresh peas, and small cubes of cooked pork. 

Things that would be delicious in this:
Chopped hazelnuts

This stuff is REALLY filling, and very nutritious. 

 Version #2 

Cooked wheat berries, sour cream, finely chopped celery and parsley, fermented carrots, finely flaked kippered herring. 

Version #3! (Sept. 24)

This dish passed a whole bunch of tests: the boy who dislikes most vegetables, the "able to feed lots of people without a ton of work" (it is FILLING!), and though he mostly just flung it around (and smeared it on the dog) even the 8 month old baby ate it!

Boiled barley, drained and chilled. I then added skyr, crumbled feta, finely chopped parsley, smoked salt, and finely flaked smoked salmon.